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How India can prevent another Babri Masjid demolition

As a temple on a mosque site becomes a reality, it is important to look back and learn the hard lessons from history.

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Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. A case in point is former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Kamal Nath. The Congress leader is being vociferous in his support of the upcoming Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, to be built on the site of the Babri Masjid that was demolished by a Taliban-like act of vandalism on 6 December 1992.

Nath probably thinks his loud support for this symbol of repression of Indian Muslims will help him win the upcoming bypolls in Madhya Pradesh and return to power as chief minister. Such a calculation shows he has learnt nothing from history.

Kamal Nath’s fellow Dosco (as Doon School boys call themselves) Rajiv Gandhi made the same mistake when he was prime minister. Rajiv Gandhi first painted himself as an appeaser of Muslim clerics by supporting Muslim personal law over a progressive Supreme Court judgment. This was the ‘Shah Bano’ moment.

Realising that this was costing him votes, Rajiv Gandhi, advised by his disastrous aide Arun Nehru, decided to cynically use the Ram Mandir issue to make sure he doesn’t lose ‘Hindu’ votes. No, it wasn’t just blackmail in the face of a rising Ram Janmabhoomi movement. It was active connivance. He allowed the opening of the Babri Masjid gates and ‘shilanyas’ prayers to be held inside because he and his advisors thought it would help them electorally. It was this decision that the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) used to turn the Ram temple demand into a nationwide mass movement.

Apart from damaging Indian secularism, it also did not help Rajiv Gandhi politically. Thereon, followed by the Babri Masjid demolition under the watch of another Congress prime minister, P.V. Narasimha Rao, the Congress lost both ‘Muslim’ and ‘Hindu’ votes.

Today, Kamal Nath and Digvijaya Singh welcome the construction of the Ram Mandir because, they say, ‘Indian citizens’ and Rajiv Gandhi wanted it too. They are right. Rajiv Gandhi thought a functioning Ram Mandir could become a reality within the mosque premises. The mosque needn’t be demolished. But the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), VHP, Bajrang Dal and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had other plans.

Instead of learning from Rajiv Gandhi’s mistake, Kamal Nath and Digvijaya Singh want to repeat it. No wonder these are the same gentlemen who couldn’t even tell when the BJP pulled the rug from under their feet and dismantled their government.

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The next Babri demolition

The VHP always said Babri Masjid was merely a trailer. They have a list of thousands of mosques they want to demolish and build temples in their place. If we have to revive and save secularism, we have to confront Rajiv Gandhi’s mistake in the eye. We have to make the Congress and other opposition parties accountable for their role in the demolition of the Babri Masjid and the destruction of Indian secularism. We need to do so if we want to learn from our past mistakes and prevent the relentless rise of a majoritarian idea of India.

Mosques were vandalised even in the riots in Delhi this February. Metaphorically speaking, the Babri Masjid is demolished again and again. The lynchings of Muslims, the hate on social media and prime time news, the exclusion and marginalisation are felt by the community in the same way as the demolition of Babri Masjid.

The Babri Masjid demolition was a symbolic act signifying the idea that Muslims will be made second-class citizens in India. The idea could attain formal status if the “chronology” laws of NPR-NRC-CAA are implemented. As part of a diabolical plan, laws that seem harmless by themselves work together to strip countless Indian Muslims of their citizenship.

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1. Appeasement is suicide

If the Congress party thought it could appease Hindutva forces, and neutralise them by giving into their blackmail, then it clearly should have thought better. The Congress party’s Hindutva appeasement not only failed, it backfired. It then made the same mistake with the Lokpal movement in 2011. The party could have learned from the British, who tried the appeasement policy on Mahatma Gandhi following his agitations, and invariably failed.

The Congress could also look at how Prime Minister Narendra Modi handles a difficult situation. Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah tried to neutralise the anti-CAA protests by withdrawing from their position that the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) were inter-linked. And they did it without appeasing the protesters. They didn’t invite the grandmothers of Shaheen Bagh for talks. They said there was no proposal for an all-India NRC, but they didn’t rule it out. And they most certainly refused to back down on the CAA.

2. Erect a wall or be blown away by the winds

If you don’t appease, what do you do? Do you just sit by and twiddle your thumb? Not at all. You strike hard with an iron hand. That is what Lalu Prasad Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav did and look what happened: the Congress was wiped out of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Similarly, the anti-CAA protests were dissipated through violence — an engineered riot in Delhi even before the Covid pandemic struck. And the arrests of those involved in anti-CAA protests have been continuing relentlessly.

When faced with an oppositional movement, it is important to not fire in a way that the other side gets to play the victim card. But that does not mean one should resort to appeasement or sit idle either. Narasimha Rao could have easily saved the Babri Masjid by providing a stronger security cover around the mosque, and by arresting the movement’s leaders. Even after the demolition, the Congress did precious little to bring the perpetrators to justice, with a Liberhan Commission drawing on and on. What political benefit did the Congress get with such appeasement and inaction? Fifty-two Lok Sabha seats in 2019?

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3. Silence is golden

Narendra Modi is (rightly) criticised for his long silence on important issues. From around 2010, he decided he was not going to speak about the 2002 Gujarat riots no matter how much his critics and the liberal media tried. People wanted him to apologise and show contrition. But silence is golden. The idea is simple: you speak about things that help you. So, Modi chose to speak only on development because that is the image he wanted to create for himself at the time.

One must speak only if one can improve upon the silence, said a great thinker once. There is absolutely no need for motormouth Congress leaders to speak on Ram Mandir. Again, silence does not have to be appeasement. Hard actions against your opponent can go perfectly well with strong words in favour of one’s own agenda.

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4. Play on your own turf

Silence on Hindutva issues does not have to mean that the Congress and other opposition parties should speak on nothing at all. (Although, if you look at how little Sonia Gandhi speaks, you might be tempted to think her political strategy has been to not communicate with voters at all.)

Speak one must — on things that help one’s own cause. ‘Secular’ parties speaking on Hindutva is like playing on the BJP’s turf. Whether you oppose or appease Hindutva, it is Hindutva that gets to occupy people’s mind-space. People tend to think, ‘Aaj kal yeh chal raha hai. (This is what is working these days).’

Instead, create your own turf. Your own ideology. Your own mass movement. Your own cause. Your own slogans. Again, that is what non-Congress secular leaders such as Lalu Yadav, Mulayam Singh Yadav and V.P. Singh did. They countered ‘Kamandal’ with ‘Mandal’ — caste.

But creating your own turf and cause requires you to be sure of your own ideological convictions. If you are doing ‘soft Hindutva’ today and ‘secularism’ tomorrow, nobody will trust you because people won’t know what you actually stand for. This is the mistake Rajiv Gandhi made — and this is the mistake Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is making.

People need some Kool-Aid to sip on. They need a cause, a movement, an ideology, a sense of purpose. The Congress and most opposition parties today are unable to give that to the people. What mass movement has the Congress party waged in living memory? Not one.

Apart from Mandal, another example of a non-Hindutva mass movement was the Lokpal movement. There is no shortage of causes that the public will be ready to rise up for: they could be about governance, economy, jobs, administrative reform, poverty, language, caste, regional identity, and labour rights, to count a few. The only things in short supply is imagination and political will.

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5. Sell inclusive nationalism

Looking back, it may look like a miracle that despite a violent Partition on religious lines, Jawaharlal Nehru was able to sell secularism to Indian masses. That is what Indira Gandhi did too. It was a politically naive Rajiv Gandhi who fell into the trap of inter-religious conflict. Even today, secularism can be revived and thrive if it is sold along with nationalism.

Nationalism is the glue that can sell anything. The RSS would not salute the Indian flag but at some point it started doing so. It realised how Hindutva and Indian nationalism can be easily fused. To prevent another Babri Masjid demolition, we have to revive secularism as a mass ideology and that can be done through nationalism. Jai Hind.

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6. Use religion and culture for inclusion

Going to a temple to pray is not ‘Hindutva’, not even ‘soft Hindutva’. It is just being Hindu, plain and simple. Religion is a part of our culture. By using religion as culture, the Congress and other opposition parties can re-establish a mass connect. Mahatma Gandhi held inter-faith prayers. He discussed the Bhagavad Gita. Yet, he was so ‘secular’ that a majoritarian fanatic assassinated him.

Rahul Gandhi’s temple visits were a step in the right direction. How do you label a man as anti-Hindu when he goes to temples and puts on a tilak? The problem is when Rahul Gandhi stops doing it once the election is over. The BJP does these things consistently because it understands that political connect with the masses is an ongoing process, not something you do only on election eve.

Similarly, opposition parties need to learn from the BJP how to use popular culture and cultural symbols to have greater influence on society. If not from the BJP, they could draw the same lessons from Mahatma Gandhi and Indira Gandhi. Folk music, street theatre, Sufi and Bhakti traditions, Kabir and Mirabai — culture is politics.

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7. Shift the Overton Window

The BJP makes unthinkable ideas real in a matter of decades, if not years. These ideas are first proposed by a radical ‘fringe’ and are normalised by sheer repetition. This process is the shifting of the ‘Overton Window’.

For the secular parties, this role of the ideological ‘fringe’ is performed by the much-maligned Left-liberas. And it has to be said — they do their job much better than these pusillanimous ‘secular’ politicians do theirs.

The author is contributing editor, ThePrint. Views are personal.

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  1. “If we have to revive and save secularism, we have to confront Rajiv Gandhi’s mistake in the eye.”

    Who is we? Bearded Taqiyya Shivam Vij? Shivam you are not us. You are Taqiyya trying to deceive us.

  2. I can’t expect anything else from so called liberal journalists(shekhar gupta Ravish kumar Barkha dutt) and their news channels. Use some burnol u will feel better. 🕉Jay Shree Ram🕉.

  3. Abe gadhe.. Mosque was built on the site of temple. We should restore our own cultural heritage. In the name of secularism, you people again want to sell India.
    I love this government for their efforts to restore our past, our culture, our Bharat.

    • Mr R Malhotra: You forgot to mention that constructing the temple will also solve the massive COVID crisis in the country and the impending collapse of many sectors of the economy. It would also unite Dalits, Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Parsis, South Indians, Lingayats and make them feel that they are a part of the upper caste India that the RSS& BJP are refashioning won’t it.

      Moreover, I am sure the temple will frighten the Chinese out of Galwan valley and they are going to scaper away with their tails between their yellow legs ! And Pakistan’s Imran Khan never saw this google and he will lose his middle stump shortly ! The temple will also solve the problems of rampant inflation, widening corruption, stop NPAs, crimes against women, poverty and so forth – just wait and see.

      I am reasonably sure that the temple in Ayodhya will also ensure that the much awaited Rs 15 lacs from overseas accounts of Indians that candidate Modi promised you will soon turn up in your Indian – not Swiss – account. The omens are good Mr Malhotra – when the 56 inch chested Gujarati can thrash the Chinese, he surely can make the Swiss too shiver can’t he?

      Why didn’t someone else think of this? All these economists and sociologists and other technocrats did not know the secret sauce for solving India’s problems: building a Ram temple in Ayodhya !

      You are truly a brilliant man Mr R Malhotra for having pointed out this elegant solution to Ram Rajya and Akhand Bharath !!!

  4. Sometimes nothing succeeds like success. Particularly electoral success makes dullards heroes. What has succeeded in Modi is majoritarianism. The heavy baggage of 70 years of Congress rule, its failures occasionally, push Rahul down. The opportunism of a section of media pushes him down too. Disunity between opposition ranks also add to this discomfiture of Rahul. He might not be as astute as Modi in his political moves. But slowly but surely he would get over this crisis over a period of time. Remember Vajapayee and Advan, they spent their entire youth as opposition leaders. Only at the fag end of his life Vajapee could make it to the PM position. But Advani couldn’t even make it. As I know, no one ridiculed them for that. Why ridicule Rahul then? He alone need not be a saviour of secularism in India. It is a combined fight of the awakened citizens.

  5. Ignore these cheap writers like Shivam Vij, they are liberal because they need attention, its like mid age crisis, par sunta inki koi nahi hai!! Rote rehte hai bus chhhati peet ke, loopholes ka use karke ek article khada kar dete hai!!! Gadhe!

  6. your personally counted that ? tell me the names of those 60000s ,tell me the population of India back in 1300s and 1400s and what was the sex ratio at that time ,what was India’s demographic were?

  7. MOSQUES were built on so many sacred temples and devoted places.
    More then 60,000 important temples were destroyed, murtis were broken, and these scared temples were CONVERTED to Mosques.
    FACTS AND TRUTH DOESN’T CHANGE even if you potray it.
    There were hindu temples proofs underneath the birth place of lord Ram.
    OMG Justice, faith, the fruits of 500 years of thriving,waiting, devotion has won
    Whole India is laughing at you dear Print , Grow Up:)

    • To Eminent (!) Historians (!) Ms Arati Miskin & Mr Neil:

      It is an honour for an humble clerk like me to be able to respond to eminent intellectuals who must arguably be the crème de la crème of historians viz. Ms Miskin & Mr Neil.

      But I have a problem with their assertions and I hope they will help me resolve it.

      Ms Miskin claims that 60,000 temples were smashed and made into mosques while Mr Neil claims that the figure is 30,000. And both can’t be right. Even Gujarati graduates of Delhi University will surely agree with me that at least one of them is plain wrong ! 30,000 # 60,000 !

      Apparently, depending on which illiterate, itchy-groined, private-parts-in-public-scratching gaurakshak happens to be the mentor of our commenters here, the figure seems to change !

      In any case, here are the figures from a historian, Richard M Eaton Professor of History, University of Arizona, who has actually researched the subject. Professor Eaton is able to document – I reiterate document – that 80 temples were destroyed or turned into mosques. That list of 80 temple is available in the publication “Temple Desecration and Indo-Muslim States”, ref:

      Since you two historians surely have access to much larger databases, could you perhaps point me to your sources please?

      And no, I do not consider, your itchy-groined gaurakshaks mentors with strong CVs from stints at the RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal or Hindu Yuva Vahini as historians.

      Merci beaucoup !

      • Those itchy groined gurakshaks made you their bitch fume and abuse as that’s what you are left with due to your impotence as pointed by author as well.If this people can sustain themselves for 70 years they are formidable.Your complaining is a sign they won again.

  8. Sir,
    With due respect to you, the temple is being built on a temple site, not on a mosque site.

    History does not end with Mughals & British.

    Haven’t Europeans restored churches on sites which muslim forcefully converted to mosques.

    As a non muslim, I am not allowed to enter the entire city of Mecca/Medina. Here you are mourning a justified & proud moment. You seems to be disconnected with sentiments of real India.

  9. Biased journalism, I agree with you Hindus have been marginalized, their temples were regularly broken even in India ( recently near all quilla) . Every now and then someone descrates Hindu idols as it is a favorite pass time of Muslims. We have let Muslims enjoy a rapid population growth from 8 to over 22%, whereas Pakistan decimated 28% Hindus to less than 1%. Being communist doesn’t give rights to authors like these to speak ill of anything about Hinduism. There is no fairness in these journalists, they are just trying to act as anti-Hindu and ignore the fact that several of Mosques were built on top of Hindu places of worship and were not a mosque but places of torture on Hindus

  10. Very depressing to read this article. (When will India be rid of such twisted minds?) Very heartening to read the comments.

  11. I wonder for how much this media handle is sold. Probably people should make a contribution and publish whatever the want.
    This is how these media, play with our history and make you feel ashamed for your hindusiam.

  12. What non sense Mr Vij? The real question should be how to prevent a babur from building a masjid over a temple again?

      • Not his ideology. Likes of him is one who has penned this propaganda in the name of the journalism. He couldnt see the supression of Hindutva and Hinduism for centuaries, but is worried with the uprise of them. Firstly, the Nation is not secular from its route but the term ‘Secular’ was added as late as 1976 in Emergency by Indira Gandhi. Further division of India was on religious lines and extremists of M community went to Pakistan whereas lenient Muslims agreed to continue enjoy the freedom n liberty in the India as per Indian Norms, culture and values. Wtf now you want to say ? They were given the opportunity to leave and if they didn’t that means they agreed to accept the T&Cs of India.

        • Mr Aditya: You get your history as well as your logic wrong.

          Partition, as it initially staretd out did not, repeat did not entail an exchange of populations. Neither Jinnah nor Nehru, Patel and others envisaged a massive transfer of populations. The violence and rioting that led to mass migrations were largely the result of the sudden, unplanned and chaotic departure of the British under Mountbatten’s unrealistic deadlines. British historian Jon Wilson in “TheChaos of Empire” pins the blame largely on the British colonial authorities.

          Additionally, Partition was largely a Punjab and to a lesser extent Bengal centric phenomenon. The bulk of India was untouched by it. For instance, Muslims in Kerala, Tamilnadu, Bombay, Andhra etc. knew very little about the Partition and anyway regarded the North of the country as another planet. They never felt the need to move, did not move and there was little violence in these regions. Your claim that Partition of the geography of India also entailed a transfer of population is sheer nonsense.

          Furthermore, most people moved unwillingly and many expected to be able to come back. Many Hindus in Pakistani Punjab and Muslims in Indian Punjab simply locked their houses, gave their keys to their Hindu or Muslim neighbours and told then they would be back. That of course did not happen.

          You claim that the nation is not secular. So what is it then ? A Hindu Rashtra i.e. a Hindu mirror image of Muslim Pakistan? And where does that leave Sikhs many of whom actually have violently demonstrated in the 80s and 90s that they don’t abide by the Terms & Conditions of a de facto Hindu Rashtra?

          And pray tell me, what are “Indian norms, culture and values”? Are they the same all over the country? After all, they do eat beef in Kerala and many North Eastern states don’t they ? Is Indian culture the same as Dalit culture ? And then what about the tribals many of whom indulge in polygamy? And what exactly are Indian values ? Are they the same all across the country?

          One size does not fit all – especially when it comes to India. About time Hindutvaists like you got that into your craniums.

  13. The author in his blind hatred of Modi and BJP is advocating starting a mass movement to exploit the caste issue.He is openly advising creating caste fault lines to spread anarchy in the country. This is the classic tactics of divide and rule that has been sued to suppress Hindus for so long. It is so easy to look through the real thinking of psuedo-secular and self hating Indians.

  14. Days of saving Mosques are gone.We will seek and destroy all mosques that were built on temple grounds.

    • Mr Sunil Chohan: So you have a database listing mosques that are built on temples ? And what if the intellectual equivalents of the Sunil Chohans of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka want to start destroying temples and make life difficult for Hindus in those countries ?

      And then who is “we” ? The BJP will not support you in this endeavour because there are few electoral gains to be made by destroying more mosques in India. In fact, they will quietly get you arrested, sidelined or have you bumped off. Ask Babu Bajrangi and Dr Mayaben Kodnani of Naroda Patiya fame or even Praveen Togadia – they were all sidelined when they became liabilities.

      You have to bear in mind that your utility to those in power in the BJP is limited and you will be disposed off quickly if you cross the party lines. And as things stand, the BJP and PM Modi do not want all the negative publicity that comes with mosque destruction.

      • Hindu Sikh population Pakistan

        28 percent in 1947

        2 percent in 2020

        No of temples desecrated and converted to mosque 30000

        Gyanwapi masjid
        Krishna janamsthan masjid
        Atla Devi masjid
        Bindu madhav masjid
        Dhai din ka jhopda masjid
        Rudra mahalya jami masjid
        Adinath masjid
        Bhojshala masjid
        Bhadrakali masjid

        The list is endless. Encourage you to visit these and get first hand information.

        Even a blind will know just by name whether it’s a mandir or masjid.

        Hindu population in Bangladesh

        20 percent in 1971

        8 percent in 2020

        Now apply this fact to your logic.

        I am waiting for an answer and explanation for further discussion.

        • Neil: I have answered you and your fellow traveller Arati miskin above. My 2 birds with one stone philosophy you see !

          I am waiting for an answer and explanation for further discussion.

  15. This way such type of articles propels wrong judgment & airs false appeal on the whole scenario.

  16. Your appeal for subscriptions says: “At ThePrint, we invest in quality journalists.”. Indeed, you invest in journalists who can’t hide their prejudices, who have yet to understand what “objectivity” means, who incite unrest. And who churn out article after article as if there is no other writer available. Shekhar Gupta ji, I have said before: I will contribute anytime for you because I have grown up in the same period you did; I have seen your struggle, your hard work. Impossible for me to part with my hard-earned money for provocative people like this man – I hate the sight of his name now.

    • Mr Satyavrat Bhanot: Your anger at hearing Mr Shivam Vij’s views simply because they are at odds with your own views makes you come up with some fairly bombastic nonsense, cf. your claim:

      “.. you invest in journalists who can’t hide their prejudices, who have yet to understand what “objectivity” means, who incite unrest ..”

      Fact is, this article per se does not incite unrest. It merely talks of the propaganda and the hatred for Muslims that the BJP has successfully instilled in people and the resulting clamour for tearing down more mosques in India. During a recent visit to India earlier this year, I was amazed to see the extent of hate for Muslims in ordinary middle-class households. Quite a few spoke the language of Amit Shah, Yogi Adityanath and other BJP bigwigs that have essentially dehumanised Muslims and legitimised violence against them. Even very educated Indians and who never spoke the langauge of hate now pepper their vocabulary with “Muslim termites”, the need to throw out democracy and make Modi run the country as a “benevolent dictator” and of course to dump secularism and turn India into a Hindu country. Of course, these middle class types never wanted their progeny to remain in India is another matter.

      This article is essentially about the BJP’s successful transformation of many Hindu voters into people who vote for an ideology of hate rather than an ideology of development that I believe is going to tear India apart. But people like you refuse to see where this ideology is taking India. There is immense lost of soft power and esteem for India outside the country, fear is rampant in minorities and an utter lack of economic development in the country. Of course talking of such things makes one “prejudiced” and “inciting unrest” in your view.

      Wonder whether you hold similar views about Arnab Goswami and his many clones in India Mr Satyavrat Bhanot ?

      • Don’t justify the ridicule write up and biased mental approach of the Author. I could have contributed effectively but surely not for the cause of distorting the facts and creating a malicious propaganda against the most tolerant community on the planet earth. You kill their cows, whom they consider mothers and they are silent, you demolished their temples as recent as in Delhi few months back but they remain tolerant . I wonder why your journalism worms don’t bite you when a temple is demolished ? Hundreds of Hindu Girls are trapped in love jihad by these muslims, thousands of hindus are being lynched from Kasganj to Delhi. You are unfair unjust and biased .

        • Mr Aditya: You need to come out of the stupor induced by whatever you have been inhaling and debate on the basis of facts. And base your arguments, not on what your mentors Arnab Goswami, Yogi Adityanath, Sadhvi Pragya Thakur and that premature ejaculator Tejaswi Surya have dumped into your skull.

          Let me take apart some of your baseless claims.

          1: “malicious propaganda against the most tolerant community on the planet earth”.
          Are you trying to suggest that Hindus are the most tolerant community on the earth Mr Aditya? HAd a chat with Dalits ? The families of the many innocent Muslims who were lynched by your gaurakshak buddies?

          2a: “You kill their cows, whom they consider mothers”
          Plenty of Hindus in Kerala, Goa, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh consume beef. Indeed, in a fantastic example of hypocrisy, the BJP itself says that it has no objections to consumption of beef in the North-East !! So why are your friends in the BJP allowing the killing of cows, presumably their mothers ? And I am sure you will agree with me that you can’t get beef without killing cows right ?

          2b: Remaining on the subject of beef.
          Do you have any leather items like shoes, belts, bags, purses etc. ? Surely, they come from the slaughter of cows. And now tell me Mr Aditya, doesn’t your demand for leather not cause the slaughter of cows? Why do you kill your mother Mr Aditya? See the hypocrisy in your arguments?

          2c: Still remaining on beef:
          The Modi government, in its flagship Make in India initiative, promotes the Leather Sector as a particularly promising sector for investors. In its website, the BJP government brags:

          “.. The Leather industry in India is consistent in its high export earnings and is among the top 10 foreign exchange earners for India ..The Leather industry in India is an employment-focused industry, providing jobs to about 4.42 Mn people .. ”, ref:

          Why don’t you stop the leather industry Mr Aditya? Why don’t you throw an additional 4.4 million people out of work Mr Aditya?

          3: “.. Hundreds of Hindu Girls are trapped in love jihad by these muslims, thousands of hindus are being lynched from Kasganj to Delhi .. ”

          Care to cite reliable sources to back up your preposterous claims Mr Aditya ? Thousands of Hindus are being lynched in India? How come even bigots like Adityanatha & Arnab Goswami does not talk about that?

          Mr Aditya: You puerile, bizarre and downright idiotic claims could under most circumstances have been dismissed as the rantings of a single depraved soul. But alas, these days, your absurd views are getting to be more and more kosher, even among the educated middle classes. And that is frightening to say the least as people like you, are very likely to approve of violence.

          As the French philosopher François-Marie Arouet, better known as Voltaire said:

          “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”

          PS: Stop using leather before talking of cow slaughter will you Mr Aditya?

          • This is just your intellectual masturbation.If you can provide iron clad guarantees to protect Hindus from violence in case they become minority no one will have any prejudice.This black and white argument that somehow upper castes are prejudiced about muslims is nonsense similar opinions are held other minorities like Christian’s as well other castes are all idiots ?India did face Islamic terrorism partition you expect people who underwent partition to undergo the same today as well and suffer if you are so concerned provide guarantee about security. Indian state failed to provide any security for pandits in 1990 which raises serious doubts may be because they were upper caste.Muslims don’t need state security they have terrorist orgs to deter any violence against them look at the state of Hindus in Pakistan well no one in india also wants to end up in same position.Solve the above issues no one will have prejudice .Laws should be one for all all for one.

  17. You can’t fool everyone for long, all the structures of oppression has to come down. The Berlin wall came down, statues of communist regime came down in Soviet, statues of slave traders and white supremacists are crumbling down in United States, Its time for Indians to breakdown symbols of oppression built by invaders, it will happen sooner or later as the propaganda and a fort of misinformation the invaders and their leftist slaves have built is going to crumble down. You can’t fool people forever and bully them into submission.

  18. Again a leftist plus jehadi approach, number of temples destroyed in Jn K in last 30 years, leftist n congress are anti hindu, the day people understood that, leftist cant tolerate other ideology n islam cant accept other religion. History is proof n present islamic nation are also a slap on hindus.

  19. the author is biased against hindus. since the web site allows psudo secularist author who appears to be not familiar with history can publish this dis information to be in circulation. if living in muslim countries and writing against their religion would make him realise how tolerant is hindu religion against its critics. best to ignore

    • Mr Murthy: Since when did Muslim countries become the template to build India? After all, nobody – least of all the author – extolled the virtues of Muslim countries.

      Additionally, you conflate Hinduism with Hindutva. One is an old religion, the other is the hijacking of that religion by a political party and some cunning individuals to grab political power in India by exploiting gullible people like you. One is a few millenia old, the other is less than 100 years old and is the creation of one of the conspirators to assassinate Mahatma Gandhi, viz. Damodar Savarkar.

      You may call the author a “pseudo-secular” but at the very least, you may not be able to call him a pseudointellectual- And your vacuous, puerile post tempts one to accord you the latter title …

  20. The BJP would indulge in this kind of act only when it finds itself politically cornered and some political party challenging it! Currently, this scenario is far from visible.

    However, in case it’s political supremacy is challenged it can resort to another such act or a different act that it sees it able to coalesce the Hindu majority towards it.

    • Excellent analysis Mr Niraj Pant. You echo many of my own thoughts that you would find in a comment of mine below.

      More mosque destruction obeys the laws of diminishing returns for the BJP. Additionally, it puts the great Gujarati chowkidar in a alot of hot water internationally. India is in the G20, vies for more attention and authority in the UN, cannot afford to be seen as a China and so on. However, bhakths think that is the beginning of a “masjid thodo” spree that the BJP wants. And they are completely wrong. Unless as you say, the BJP’s political supremacy is challenged and it will use its mosque destruction credentials to tear down other mosques.

      Another scenario would be mosque destruction to keep people focussed on religion and to divert their attention from the imploding economy, the ravages of the COVID virus and other domestic problems stemming from the party’s and PM Modi’s incompetence. And again, I won’t be surprsied if people vote with their hearts and not with their heads. After all, many of the working class whites who voted for Donald Trump believing that he would save the white working class, were the very people that Trump threw under the bus.

      As French diplomat Joseph de Maistre said:

      “Every nation gets the government it deserves”

  21. Record of Congress party and its supporting journalists in opposing the Hindus interests is pathetic and condemn able. They will omit to project the wrongs done to the Hindus by Islamists, by the Britishers, , by the Congress itself. For that the party has been sent to dustbin of history by the voters of India. . No amount of falsehood by its sponsored media or sponsored journalist is going to revive dead corpse of Congress party. All those who still swear by the name of party are just wasting their time. The need of hour is to start a new political party with nationalist ideology and modern outlook to take on BJP in early forties. ( Post 2040 ) . Bjp too took 34 years to dethrone Nehruvian dynasty . Otherwise even in fifties and sixties of this century , people will be searching for viable alternative to BJP.

  22. The writer is delusional….Who were the people who gave this country a ‘secular’, liberal constitution… the majoritarian hindus… just see the percentage of hindus in the constituent assembly….that should give an idea…. if this were a muslim majority or even a christian majority country… would the constitution would be a secular, democratic constitution…. food for thought…. hindus are inherently secular… but our secularism is inclusion and acceptance of all religions….not exclusion…. in the twenty years since independence and thereafter, the entire polity seemed to be muslim centric… with most of the political parties being at the mercy of the muslim vote bank… the apogee of that was the overturning of the Shah bano Judgement… It is at that time Hindus realised that they counted for nothing in this country….. That was the beginning of the Ram janmabhoomi agitation…. During the entire period, the building of temple could have been negotiated…. but it did not happen….had it happened the mosque need not have to be demolished… so there it is ….

  23. Rabidly communal author has internalized the secularism of brand Congress that drips from his many writings for this publication.
    His dream project is to revive the ‘dead horse’ that is the Sonia Congress, also referred by harsher critics as the Vadra Congress. The theme is to portray Muslims as the victims of BJP/RSS, specifically the Modi Sarkar and admonish Hindus for letting it happen.
    In the spirit of making a positive contribution to his pet project, he is always trying to find prescriptive wisdom in the form of procedural steps that invariably are derived from the way BJP and Modi sarkar executes its game plan.
    To resurrect ‘Rahul’ as the dynamic and strong leader , Mr Vij, find the ‘magic massage’ that can transform a donkey into a horse !

  24. Old style Indian democracy of “taking everyone along” is not going to work anymore which is what Rajiv Gandhi govt tried to do. Nehru did not need to do that and Indira Gandhi did not believe in it. Rajiv probably wanted to compensate due to guilt complex of the Congress for the emergency and sikh riots. Shivam Vij as usual presents his ideas in a total muddled fashion so no one can make any sense whether he is a secret admirer of Modi or wishes to advice or ridicule the opposition.

    One point is clear though even if clumsily made by the author. You have to pick your positions and stick to them. Even if it means letting old friends go, losing election after election, getting ridiculed for it. Sooner the polity of this country will be left with only 2 choices – that is when the challenger will have a real shot at dethroning the present rulers.

  25. The only way I see avoiding Unislamic structure demolition is for the Indian Arabs is to give up Unislamic structure at Kashi, Mathura.

    Any community center built by destroying place of worship of other communities is Unislamic.

    Secondly any prayers offered at these Unislamic community center is not accepted by Arabic god.

    Even after knowing these facts if Indian Arabs offer prayer then it’s their zid.

    Truth comes out eventually with such force then you are left bewildered what just happened.

    The onus is now on Indian Arabs to do course correction otherwise it’s going to be very slow, long and painstakingly bumpy ride.

  26. It is unlikely that the Babri Masjid incident would be repeated again – at least not under the Modi watch. And that is not due to the fact that PM Modi or the BJP and the thuggish underbelly of the BJP has had a change of heart. It is simply because the electoral dividends of mosque destruction have peaked and it cannot be saturated anymore. But more importantly, the international fallout for jetsetter Modi is bound to be high and the man needs to be able hold his head high in G20 circles. And then there is the whole Middle East which is of immense economic importance to India and where upwards of 10 million Indians work.

    Hence, when BJP motormouths in India and overzealous Indians in the Middle East started venting their crude Islamophobia during the COVID crisis and during the CAA protests, India received stern warnings from governments in the region. The tweets and statements of nutcases like BJP MP Tejaswi Surya, that bigoted, vile CM of Uttar Pradesh Adityanath, BJP rabble-rouser Kapil Mishra, Amit Shah and so on laid bare the truth about the BJP and its equivalent of a “Final Solution” for Muslims in India. Indeed, Foreign Minister Jaishankar had to call his counterparts in the Middle East to calm things down. Even Narendra Modi, the deeply Islamophobic man who did nothing to stop a pogrom in 2002 and has silently applauded the gaurakshak violence against innocent Muslims was was forced to tweet on April 19, 2020:

    “.. COVID-19 does not see race, religion, colour, caste, creed, language or borders before striking. Our response and conduct thereafter should attach primacy to unity and brotherhood ..”

    Another round of mosque destruction in India is something the BJP and PM Modi can ill-afford. But PM Modi has started the ball of Islamophobia rolling and it has now snowballed into something that he himself may be unable to stop. A sample of the comments to this article will show that Hindutva inspired Hindus are unashamed about their open hatred for Muslims and wish to tear down mosques. And rally behind Home Minister Amit Shah when he yells that Muslim termites need to be dumped into the Bay of Bengal.

    PM Modi will be unable to dismount the tiger of jingoism and Islamophobia that he himself, the BJP and the RSS have unleashed upon India.
    As the Roman philosopher Seneca the Younger said:

    “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful”

    • Islamophobia…if at all….can be said to be there only in the last 3-4 months….. whereas Hinduphobia has been in existence for the last 1200-1500 years….i am sure you cannot even count the no of temples destroyed…Centres of learning destroyed….hindus converted or killed…. so friend who has a better score Hindus or…..

  27. I honestly wonder if such writings defuse or rekindle embers….Such writings and its publishing serve no real purpose; just gas…

    I would urge such “influential” writers to concentrate on helping the economically backward Indians – what is doen for them and what is not done for them and what can be done for them…..
    All else is just loose talk…when there is prosperity there is no remorse

    • Now time has come to ban this type of dividing news blogs, what you want is another pakistan? your dream will never come true.

      And one more thing shivam you should change your name to saleem, but who knows if you are using an fake name.

    • I agree Hindus have been marginalized, their temples were regularly broken even in India ( recently near all quilla) . Every now and then someone descrates Hindu idols as it is a favorite pass time of Muslims. We have let Muslims enjoy a rapid population growth from 8 to over 22%, whereas Pakistan decimated 28% Hindus to less than 1%. Being communist doesn’t give rights to authors like these to speak ill of anything about Hinduism. There is no fairness in these journalists, they are just trying to act as anti-Hindu and ignore the fact that several of Mosques were built on top of Hindu places of worship and were not a mosque but places of torture on Hindus

  28. This author is dangerous. What exactly is he trying to imply when he says Congress has to learn to merge religion with culture and invoke nationalism?? A pointed guide on how to pretend to be respectful of Hinduism. Visit temples and put a tika on your forehead not only before elections but throughout the year (!!); knowing full well that chaps who do it just before elections are doing it plainly for publicity, to right their wrong image. To top it off, he advises that this sham should go on all year round. How despicable! What a ghastly article meant to suggest dangerous strategist to people who have neither the brains nor the desire to do anything good for the country. Horrible. The population seems to have finally come to terms with the building of the Mandir. Don’t stoke negative emotions and fear by cheap articles of this kind. Goodness!! and this is allowed in the world of journalism!! shocking.

  29. Goebbels 2.0. Shivam, have you not learnt anything from the fate of Goebbels and his master? You might have had temporary victories by capturing institutions and repeating lies. You had a good run for 70 years. The Truth is now coming back to reclaim its rightful place, as it always does. The Truth will set you free soon, or set your ilk into oblivion.

    • Mr Bipin Das: Care to cite instances of Muslims destroying Hindu temples in independent India?

    • So you want Indian Hindus follo what Muslim invaders did hundreds of years ago and demolish places of worship of Muslims. Dear, please remember we are living under debriees and ruins of some structure or other, It can even be temple. What kind generation we want to leave, a generation who kill in the name of religion and allow politicians to exploit voters

  30. Very nice article 👍👍👍 , Congress should look their ideology and vision set up by Mahatma Gandhi & Nehru.

  31. The issues like good governance, economy, jobs, administrative reform, poverty, language, caste, regional identity, and labour rights are surely nice agendas to move with for our prosperous India.
    Let young leaders come forward with these agendas.

  32. “Shoe I am “you STUPIDO. We need to reduce population with strict population control measures. We need to stop ethnic cleansing like we saw in Kashmir and RIOTS recently as in Delhi. We need to expose fake historical narrative that the FAMILY you are enslaved by wants to perpetuate.

  33. There should be an article that outlines “Now that Ayodhya is done, how can India claim Kasihi & Mathura back”.

  34. This wise guy should do some homework on facts. He need not trouble himself about how to stop demolition of a mosque. In August 1991, PVN government brought a law, which forbids any change in the place of worship. So a mosque will continue to remain a mosque and so will a temple.

  35. Shri Vij is desparately trying to be an advisor to Congress. Unfortunately for him, it does not seem that anyone in his family had held position of any importance in the dynastic party.

    • Mr Subhasis Ghosh: Rather than beating about the bush speculating on the motives of the author, why don’t you come up with arguments as to why you disagree with him? Or is that beyond your intellectual capabilities?

  36. Ill-will ll is the goal of this article that’s filled with enough inaccurate details.. “Delhi riots with mosque damage”, “caa for stripping citizenship for Muslims” …is there an editor for this website ??

    • No. He is too busy creating an alternative, avuncular and balanced image for himself in Cut The Clutter. Here he hires, Shivam Vij, DK Mandal, Zainab Sikandar, Bismee Taksim etc. Talk of split personalities.

  37. If all BJP leaders vanish today, Scamgress and Gandhi family will stop the Ram Temple construction in the name ‘secularism’. Hindus have realised this.

  38. I have gone through the article in detail ‘How India can prevent another Babri Masjid demolition’ and failed to appreciate whether the author is extolling the BJP style of working or advising the Congress to revive its copyright claim of so called Secularism. The word Secularism is not properly defined except to the extent that the state does not have a religion of its own. The successive Congress govts have been appeasing the minorities only, moreso the Muslims considering their vote banks by overturning the valid judgements in Shah Bano case, when it was not needed as they had 414 MPs, and openly announcing the first right on the resources of the country goes to minorities that is Muslims. Congress as the author points is the culprit of all malaise and now pretending to be snow white. Yes, the BJP backed by its mentor RSS stood on ground what it claimed it as their ideology, right from day one of its inception despite setbacks and I would give credit to it for resolving both long pending disputes in resolving the article 370 and RJB-BM issue within the constitutional framework without any bloodshed. One should be appreciative of their grit and determination to address a sensitive and hanging issue rather than picking holes in them.

    Why the atrocities on Hindus is not allowed to be raised. I regret the actions if the goons vandalize mosques, did you ever raise voice with the same pitch when the temples, Hindus brethren are mercilessly attacked, except making a cursory condemnation. This is where the Congress has lost its existence and trying to lean towards Hindus.
    If Makkah is dear and pious to Muslims, so is the birthplace of Shri Ram, the embodiment of 14 virtues. If Hindus speak for their brothers in the neighboring countries, you liberals attack by insensitive articles, but when the Muslims cry for Rohingyas for whose plight, India is not responsible, you don’t criticize their sympathy. Or else how can there be 90,000 Rohingyas refugees in Jammu whereas similar if not more number of Kashmir Pandits displaced from Kashmir. Never articles were written advising the J&K government to take them back, and hapless and helpless pandits are refugees in their own country.
    I for one disagrees with the views that Secularism is in danger. Secularism was added to Constitution in 1975 to suit the Congress needs and not for inclusive nature as propagated to be. Why it took 25 years for this, and none of the minorities including the Muslims are in danger in BJP ruled states.
    This is the only country where the photograph of Jinnah, responsible for division and genocide of Hindus in 1947 is allowed in a University, can you think of similar situation in Israel allowing the photo of Hitler?
    The heartburn and stomachache in the Indian Polity is that a party which daringly raise issues of Hindus did gain power and growing by the day while those who claimed proponents of Secularism are fading by the day.
    Prakash Rao
    Juba, South Sudan

    • I read your response and appreciate your thoughtful, accurate portrayal of the abysmal failures of Congress Party and the servile liberals. Your response is more thoughtful than the original article. The only way I can describe my feelings after reading this article is by quoting Judge Judy: “don’t pee on my leg and tell me its raining.” These people must think we are fools! By the way, greetings from America

    • Mr Prakash Rao: One presumes that not having received the Rs 15 lacs in your account that was promised to you by the great Gujarati chowkidar, you too, like millions of Indians, have decided to get your shot at “achche din” by your own little Quit India move! Presumably even war-torn South Sudan gives you better prospects than non-Akhand Bharat !

      With due apologies for my sarcasm, what both diehard Modi bhakths and Hindutva types like you and Congress supporters forget is that both parties use their ideologies to accumulate power – not to serve the people. The Congress used secularism in an opportunistic way to get votes and power; the BJP uses Hinduism in its own opportunistic way to secure and consolidate power. Indeed Indian politicians of all hues and stripes and all political affiliations are in the business of politics solely to maximise wealth and power. Any ideology or “ism” or cause they espouse will be discarded when it becomes a liability and any “ism” or cause that could get you votes will be readily absorbed. Thus, the Congress, comprehending the advantages of Hindutva, dilutes its secularism and embraces “Hindutva lite” whilst the BJP, recognising the pitfalls of “Hindutva extra strong” dials it down.

      But what surprises me is the even educated people like you fail to discern these machinations and allow yourselves to be duped by a bunch of semi-literate rabble rousers. All that a Modi, a Kapil Mishra or an Adityanath has to do is to pander to your prejudices about Muslims or Christians and you will then unquestioningly accept the agenda that they set. And the myths they propagate. For instance, in independent India, barring the ethnic cleansing of Pandits in Kashmir in the 1990s, most upper caste Hindus – I reiterate upper caste Hindus – do not face the violence, discrimination and uncertainty that Muslims and even Dalits face. In almost all riots in India, more Muslims have perished or have been subjected to rape, dispalcement etc. than Hindus. The Nellie massacre in Assam in 1983, the Godhra pogroms of 2002, the Bhagalpur massacre of 1989, the Bombay riots of 1992-93, the 1987 Hashimpura massacre, the Muzzafarnagar riots of 2013 and many others almost always had more Muslim victims than Hindus. Yet, a bunch of itchy groined, semi-literate BJP politicians from North India have duped and deceived an educated man like you into believing that Hindus are always victims !

      But then, as the Italian political philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli said:

      “One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived”

    • Mr Prakash Rao: It is quite disturbing to see an erudite man ditch his education, discard his formidable intellectual abilities and unquestioningly allow the propaganda and crude hate speech of the BJP to shape his worldviews. In the process, he is no different from the semi-literate, itchy-groined gaurakshaks of North India who go about lynching innocent Muslims and acting on their prejudices and hatred of Muslims in villages and cities across North India. The Prakash Raos of this world presumably draw inspiration from people such as hate-speech maestro Yogi Adityanath, rabble rouser Kapil Mishra, BJP’s premature ejaculator par excellence Tejaswi Surya, Godse worshipper Pragya Thakur and others of that ilk. The Prakash Raos of this world may not get their fingers dirty and indulge in physical violence – they only spread and justify hate on digital platforms. And their education lends a veneer of credibility to their nasty views. Thus, they succeed in convincing and corroborating the bigoted views of commenters like Messrs. Subhasis Ghosh, Kai Proctor, Bibi, Sid and surely many more.

      I refer to your claim below Mr Rao:

      “.. none of the minorities including the Muslims are in danger in BJP ruled states ..”

      Well, a wealth of evidence from Indian and foreign sources shows that it is simply not true. Here are some sources you might wish to check out:

      1: 84% Dead In Cow-Related Violence Since 2010 Are Muslim; 97% Attacks After 2014, ref:
      2: Violence in India Threatens Its Global Ambitions, ref:
      3: Indian minorities panel faults police role in Delhi riots targeting Muslims, ref:
      4: Mobs are killing Muslims in India. Why is no one stopping them? Ref:
      5: India: no country for Muslims, ref:
      6: “Shoot the Traitors”: Discrimination against Muslims under India’s New Citizenshop Policy, ref:
      7: Man Accused Of Carrying Beef Killed, Police Says ‘Premeditated Murder’, ref:
      8: Muslim man lynched in BJP ruled Manipur state, ref:
      9: 15 Year Old Boy Set On Fire For Refusing To Chant Jai Shri Ram Slogan, ref:
      10: Tabrez Ansari Lynching: Why the ‘Accused’ Won’t Be Charged With Murder, ref:
      11a: Rajasthan ‘Love Jihad’ Murder Video, ref:
      11b: Rajasthan Man Regar Who Killed On Camera Makes New Hate Videos From Jail, ref:
      11c: Ram Navami Tableau In Rajasthan Glorifies Man Who Killed On Video, ref:
      11d: Man Killed a Muslim Worker, Burned His Body and Filmed It to Raise Money and ‘Become a Hindu Hero’, ref:

      NB: Items 7 to 11a are distressing to watch videos of lynchings caught on tape. Items 11a to 11c are about Shambulal Regar, the Rajasthani man who hacked to death and set on fire a poor Bengali labourer called Afrazul. 11d is about the support that Shambulal Regar receives from ordinary Hindus and the money they have donated – approx. Rs 3 lacs – for his defence.

      So tell me Mr Rao, aren’t ordinary, law-abiding Muslims in danger in the India that the BJP and PM Modi have created? Indirectly aided and abetted by people like you who turn a blind eye to the fascist violence that has been unleashed upon innocent people ?

      The BJP’s ability to convince and hoodwink educated people like you reminds me of a quote from to the American author Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988)

      “You can sway a thousand men by appealing to their prejudices quicker than you can convince one man by logic.”

  39. Babari Masjid was itself build by Babur by destroying a hindu temple, which the author fails to mention.

  40. Your narrative seems to be d same . Secularism of Nehru failed. U only mention babri demolition which is national shame and others to come, how comfortably u forgot temples being vandalized then and now in delhi, Bengal, and innumerable places leave apart paki and bangladesh. I really find The Print to be totally and vociferously anti Hindu, pro muslim in d garb of secularism. U r totally biased, hypocrite in nature. I want to unsubscribe now itself.

    • Hilariously enough, Nehru wasn’t even alive to read the letters “Secularism” in the Constitution. In fact, he was part of the machinery which decided against using the word “Secularism” in the Constitution. All these utopian biased “opinion makers” suffer from extreme levels of selective bias. They gloat over Ambedkar’s contribution to the Constitution but easily and conveniently forget the repeated discussions in the Constituent Assembly about the inclusion of the word “Secular” in the Preamble which to this day and will forever remain the bedrock of Indian Consitution.

  41. With deep respects to the treatise:
    Where parents slaughter their children as sacrifice to appease Gods.
    Where a widow is considered an ill omen while a widower is not.
    Where we sprinkle sindoor (vermllion) on Rafale Fighter jets and place nimboos (lemons) at its wheels.
    Where mob lynching by vigilantes and Bashing youngsters with rods and sticks for celebrating Vallentine Day.
    Where Leaders REFUSE to comment on gruesome murders as Honour Killings under Khap Panchayats.
    Where Corona can be destroyed by Black-outs, Clapping and Banging Utensils – it seems a far fetched Utopian dream to talk sense about rationale in religion when all are out to exploit it to the hilt.

    • “Rajiv Nehru” – nice choice for a “name”. You forgot to add, the only civilization that withstood forces of two of the most virulent, proselytizing religions the world has ever seen. Greek, Roman, Scandinavian, Maya, Inca, Animists all disappeared in the name of One God and One Book. This civilization stood like a bulwark between the West and the East. But then this is too uncomfortable for you.

    • What about Poly gamy
      What about Triple talaq
      What about Shameful Halala
      What about killing innicent animals in a gruesoe manner as festival
      What about depriving idenity forceful BURKHA
      What about Syria, Afghan,Pak
      Hee Hee
      Understand where r u from

      • what about sati pratha?
        what about jaativaad?
        what about untouchability?
        what about Billions of superstition?
        what about the blind promotion of stupidity (cow urine cures cancer)?

        –polygamy is allowed in hinduism , how many wives shivaji had? or arjuna or krishna?
        — what about gungat and dahej ?
        — what about marry your daughter to dogs?
        — what about forcing your wife for agni pariksha?

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