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The Narendra Modi government announces a grand stimulus ‘package’ that it claims is worth Rs 20 lakh crore or ‘10 per cent’ of India’s GDP. But barely a fraction of it is new money being pumped into the economy. What is made to look like a stimulus is mostly a grand loan mela.

The Modi government is making hungry migrant labourers pay train fare. When this became a political hot potato, it said it was paying 85 per cent per cent of the fare and the state governments were paying the rest 15 per cent. Truth was that that 85 per cent was notional subsidy — in effect, the migrants were being charged the usual fare, and in some places, even more.

If no one else, at least the endless sea of migrant labourers would be able to see through the ‘85 per cent’ lie. It is curious that the Modi government openly lies — lies that are obvious and blatant. Just a few examples:

Narendra Modi said on the top of his voice that there had been no talk of a National Register of Citizens (NRC) in his government, when in fact both the President of India and the Home Minister had said it in Parliament.

Narendra Modi said the purpose of demonetisation was to destroy black money but when that didn’t work, his government kept changing goal-posts. Many lies to hide one truth: that demonetisation had failed.

Electoral bonds make political donations opaque, but the Modi government says they bring transparency. The full list of the Modi government’s lies could fill a library.

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The Modi government has made lying an art form. This non-stop obvious lying was described by George Orwell as doublethink: “Every message from the extremely repressive leadership reverses the truth. Officials repeat ‘war is peace’ and ‘freedom is slavery,’ for example. The Ministry of Truth spreads lies. The Ministry of Love tortures lovers.”

People are thus expected to believe as true what is clearly false, and also take at face value mutually contradictory statements. The Modi government talked about NRC, but it also did not talk about it. The Modi government is making migrants pay for train fares, but at the same time, it is not charging them. Doublethink also applies other Orwellian principles — Newspeak, Doublespeak, Thoughtcrime, etc.

But why do people accept it all so willingly? Why do the people who are lied to every day go and vote for the same BJP?

There are many obvious answers to this question: weak opposition, mouthpiece media, social media manipulation, and Modi’s personality cult that makes his voters repose great faith in him.

But the lies are so obvious, you wonder why anyone would lie so obviously. Surely, when someone is caught lying they can’t be considered credible anymore?

What’s happening here is the plain assertion of power. Our politics has become a contest of who gets to lie and get away with it and who will have to go on a back-foot when their lies are caught.

When the Modi government lies so blatantly, it is basically saying: ‘Yes we will lie to make a mockery of your questions. Do what you can.’

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Fire-hosing of falsehood

In 2016, Christopher Paul and Miriam Matthews wrote a paper for RAND Corporation, an American think-tank, in which they analysed propaganda techniques used by the Vladimir Putin government in Russia. They called it the “Firehose of Falsehood” (read it here). The Russian model is not to simply make you believe a lie — the lie is often so obviously a lie, you’d be a fool to believe it. The idea is to “entertain, confuse and overwhelm” the audience.

They identified four distinct features of the Putin propaganda model, all of which are true for the Modi propaganda machinery as well, as they are for Donald Trump’s.

1) High volume and multi-channel: The Modi propaganda machine will bombard people with a message through multiple channels. By “multiple” we really mean multiple — you will even see Twitter handles claiming to be Indian Muslims saying the same things as the far-Right Hindutva handles. Of course, some of the Muslim handles are fake. But when you see everyone from Akshay Kumar to Tabassum Begum support an idea, you’re inclined to doubt yourself. If everyone from Rubika Liyaquat to your WhatsApp-fed uncle is saying the same thing, it must be right. If so many people are saying the Citizenship (Amendment) Act will grant citizenship and not take it away, they must be right.

2) Rapid, continuous and repetitive: The hashtags, memes and emotionally charged videos will be ready before any announcement is made. The moment the announcement is made, both social and mainstream media will start bombarding you with messages in support of it. The volume and speed of the propaganda will barely leave you with the mind space to judge for yourself.

While the government will be careful to avoid saying it is not charging migrants, its deniable propaganda proxies will go around suggesting exactly that until the voice of the doubters has been drowned out. (A liberal journalist I know actually thought the migrants were not having to pay train fares anymore.)

3) Lacks commitment to objective reality: In other words, fake news. We know why fake news works: confirmation bias, information overload, emotional manipulation, the willingness to believe a message when it is shared by a trusted friend, and so on. There’s no dearth of this in the Modi propaganda ecosystem. There are countless fake news factories like OpIndia and Postcard News. Moreover, the mainstream media itself has been co-opted to manufacture fake news at scale, as the absolutely fictional charges of JNU students wanting India to be split into pieces (“Tukde tukde gang”) shows.

PM Modi himself is happy to lie for political posturing: from attributing a fake quote to Omar Abdullah, to saying there are no detention centres in the country, to exaggerating all kinds of data.

4) Lacks commitment to consistency: This is the bit where the fake news and claims are exposed, and yet they don’t hurt the leader. One day the Modi government says demonetisation is for destroying black money and next day it says it was to push cashless transactions, and third day it says the idea was to widen the tax base.

Ordinarily, such contradictions should hurt the credibility of Modi and his government. But, coupled with the three points above, the RAND researchers suggest, “fire hosing” manages to sell the changed narrative as new information, a change of opinion, or just new, advanced or supplementary facts presented by different actors.

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How to fight the fire-hosing of falsehood

The RAND corporation researchers also suggest five ways for the United States to counter the Russian “fire-hosing of falsehood”. These are applicable to any actor who undertakes this propaganda model, including Modi and Trump.

1. First Information Report: Try to be the first in presenting information on a particular issue. In shaping public opinion, the first impression can be the last impression. (With our lazy opposition, this ain’t happening, but the Congress party’s announcement of paying train fares for migrant labourers was one example of creating the first impression of an issue.)

2. Highlight the lying, not just the lies: The world needs fact-checkers, but they’re not going to be able to stop the fire-hosing of falsehood. That’s like taking paracetamol for Covid-19. You may need it for the fever, but it won’t kill the virus.What might treat the virus of fire-hosing, however, according to the RAND researchers, is to chip away at the credibility of the liar by simply pointing out that he’s a serial liar. M.K. Gandhi’s assertion of truth as the core of his politics, for example, served the purpose of painting the British colonial rule as being based on falsehoods.

3. Identify and attack the goal of the propaganda: Instead of simply fact-checking the propaganda, the political opponents need to understand the objective of the lies and attack those. So, if the objective of lying about migrants having to pay for train fares is to not let them travel for free, the opposition should spend great time and energy addressing migrant labourers about how the government is being insensitive to their plight. This will take a lot more work on the ground, and simply tweeting facts won’t be enough.

4. Compete: Across the world, fire-hosing of falsehood is becoming a powerful propaganda tool. Those who want to defeat such propaganda may have to do their own fire-hosing of falsehood. As the Hindi saying goes, iron cuts iron. When public opinion is being manipulated with fake news and lies, the opposition cannot win the game with mere fact-checking. It may have to do its own rapid and continuous misinformation with little regard for the truth. The RAND researchers suggest this is what the US should do against Russia.

5. Turn off the tap: Lastly, attack the opponent’s supply chain of lies. If opposition-ruled states are not cracking down on fake news and communal hate-mongers in their states, for example, they’re making a huge mistake.

The author is contributing editor to ThePrint. Views are personal.

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  1. Heavily biased and a defunct article.. Goes to show the rising impatience and lack of ideas in this camp. The history of fake and propoganda news travel Far in the past since independence when the great visionary Chacha of India wanted to remain on the seat and then followed by Beti… Times when all of these acted like paid agents of KGB… Destroyed the education system, created false narratives… All of that which was suppressed in the common is now finding expression, thanks to the counter balance of social media and the wave of rising nationalism…..

    if majority population is so swayed and impacted by fake news then how come leftist twitter handles and YouTube channels are widely followed and are flourishing…the real problem is you fools cut the branch on which you sit… You have become so blind in the hatred of Modi that you logical faculties seems to have been quarantined…the fake news that people like you have spread has led people to stop trusting you and your clan anymore….
    Jab Khud karo toh Mazza kahi aur se ho toh sazzaa….. Cmon champ go take a break and introspect while you still at home….

    • Well said..the cocktail parties of the so called intellectuals are closing down..that’s all..they have a right to moan and groan

  2. I love the way writer is saying to counter fake news opposition should also do the same.
    So this basically means morally every party is at the same level.
    Then why are you taking the moral high ground?
    It is very naive on your part to assume that only ruling party is doing it.
    PS. Watch Shekhar Gupta’s analysis (part1) after 2019 election, if it is still available online .

  3. The moment one sees Shivam is the author of the article, the reputation of him is that it will be a bundle of hate plus fake narratives and stories against BJP. The print should Introspect first whether you are not spreading lies and hatred in disguise in the name of journalism.

  4. One question I have when india became free who is our PM? Before modi which party rule in india?
    Why china become global leader when it got freedom in 1948.For good work, everything is liable.people are not fool. India is a democratic so telling lie is common in democracies . From Europe to america u see it. Tell me a Single name, single party name u can say that pure man( dudh ka dhula)? One man PM sir narshima rao doing great work for india . U know n…
    what he got. Congress fired him or u can tell even not give him ticket for next election because he didn’t listen congraes man order or works truly for india.
    Note hitler:- due to hittler germany is no. 1 economy of Europe. Germany is the most industrialized county of europe.
    Finally I can say we have many problems bt the leaders like MODIji , sarder patel etc likes always takes right decision for india . Whether the path is right way, wrong way ( saam , daam , dand bedh) etc.
    Bt it is always for india.
    Jai hind

  5. There are many commenters here who regard the Congress as corrupt & criminal. And rightly so ! I fully agree with intellectuals like Messrs. Sanja Sen, Raja B, Ranen Bhattacharyya, Pavan Noolvi when they accuse the Congress of being a corrupt party. In fact, that argument applies to not only the Congress but also the BSP, Shiv Sena, NCP etc. etc.

    Implicit in their arguments :

    1. The BJP is clean and only accepts clean candidates
    2. BJP candidates voted in as MPs are clean candidate

    Alas, these are anything but true.

    They seem to forget that many of the very same criminals from the Congress, BSP, NCP and other parties have now defected over to the BJP where they still continue their crimes. Defections to the ruling party have always helped criminal politicians escape the long arm of the law and also to continue their thuggish, thieving activities with impunity.

    Defections alone torpedo the claim that the BJP only accepts clean candidates.

    With regard to item # 2 above, an analysis of the current crop of BJP MPs voted in during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections reveals a disturbing prevalence of criminals becoming lawmakers. Research by the Association for Democratic Reforms in India published its report

    “Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Analysis of Criminal Background, Financial, Education, Gender and other details of Winners” *
    demolishes the claim that the BJP is any different from the Congress. Some findings:

    – 116 out of the 301 BJP winners i.e. 39% have criminal cases against them
    – 87 out of 301 BJP winners i.e. 29% have serious criminal cases against them
    – 5 BJP MPs have murder cases filed against them
    – 1 BJP MP has a charge of serious offences against women
    – 4 BJP MPs involved in kidnapping

    Indeed, the number of criminals in the Lok Sabha has steadily increased over the years: 30% in 2009 Lok Sabha; 34% in the 2014 Lok Sabha and 43% in the 2019 Lok Sabha. And party affiliations matter zilch – thugs move freely between parties and are welcomed by parties as they often bring with them money and muscle power. And Messiah Modi welcomes them with open arms. And follows many of these thugs on Twitter.

    Former editor Arun Shourie succinctly described the sole difference betweenthe Congress and the BJP as follows:

    Congress + Cow = BJP !

    So to assume that the BJP is any different is utterly wishful thinking. In fact, it is far more criminal than the Congress.

    *The Association for Democratic Reforms Report I cite is available at:

    • You are missing the big picture. The BJP has plans for those thugs. Their sins will be erased on the mere utterance of Jai Shri Ram. They will then be on a short orientation workshop that should cleanse their souls and render them worthy of running a corruption-free Hindu state where Modi will be the sole Prophet and no religions shall co-exist.

      • Brilliant sarcasm Mr Anurag !

        I suppose gomutra + Arogya setu will cleanse these saffron netas and make them into law abiding Modi clones ! Although that might entail garalanding murderous gaurakshaks like Minister Jayant Sinha did, worshipping Godse like Sadhvi Pragya Thakur does and tweeting threats to Muslims like Tejaswi Surya does – to name a few!

        The Prophet does have the necessary manpower for making India a Vishwaguru doesn’t he ?

        • Not only in a sarcastic sense, but he really might make India a world superpower, but at what cost? We know that.

          A.setu is one area that is debatable, more so because India is not the first country to adopt that solution. It is a Data disseminating app, and any such app is only as good as the data fed to it. It is a gamble, but one can never be convinced either way on the efficacy and accuracy. There are some loopholes in the very concept of the app, but I am not sure how far they go in impacting the output.

  6. M has perfected the art of lying and lying with super confidence , using strong scial media channels like the response in this column thro paid and super bhakts …………. fact is simple decison making in this govt over the last 6 years has been arbitrary and dramatic …….. leading to slow and gradual destruction of the economy and social harmony …f act is its never been so bad … and this handling of covid stuf is a horror movie form hollywood … leaving millions of hapless workers and daily wagers on the road to no where .
    it brutal , barbaric and senseless to do a nation wide lock down in 3 hours – 3 hours , boom ” you are in themiddle of nowhere ..
    is there a right or wrong is there any accountability for the ives and small business dead people loosing jobs for dont know how long

    how can any one justify this cruelty /// ??
    i pity the conciousness of this country intellectuuals …

    • The commenter here is so scared of being beaten up by Saffron-clad goons, he can’t muster the courage to spell the word Modi in Full. A testament to the fact that India is a terrorist state. Terror can take myriad forms. But Alas! Hindu terror has the unique distinction of being both fashionable and justifiable.
      The ruins of democracy and the plight of free expression are what remain of new India.

    • Very well analysed and an excellent, powerful comment Mr Sunil !

      Alas, when election time comes, many of these very same migrants who PM Modi has sentenced to death by slow starvation will vote for the man. The PM will play the “persecuted Hindu vs powerful Muslim” card, the Ram Mandhir card and many other markers of Hindu identity and lull the voter into voting for him. And then, the smart middle classes have always wanted what in many drawing rooms is referred to as a “benevolent dictator” and they see that in the man.

      One has seen that trajectory in many countries. In the US for instance, poor white workers who stood to lose their health care under a Trump Presidency nevertheless voted for Trump. Many poor people who lived in housing estates run by Jared Kushner and got a taste of what an exploitative landlord can be voted for Kushner’s father-in-law Donald Trump. Appealing to the white identity gets votes in the US as Trump has proved. Appealing to and stoking Hindu resentments, Ram Mandir, Corona jihad, love jihad and so on gets you the Hindu vote in India.

      Napoléon once said “An Army marches on its stomach”. In India, the voter does not always vote on the basis of who puts food in his stomach.

      Democracy works best if people hold their politicians accountable and throw polarising rabble-rousers into the rubble. That is not happening in Modistan.

  7. We are facing a serious crisis-human, economic, livelihood and public health. The Governnment appears clueless to tackle it. Its think-tank resources are confined to myopic retired bureaucrats with rigid partisan loyalties.
    There is nobody to protect the image of Prime Minister Modi even. Look at the announcement of coal block auction: Recall PM Modi’s pronouncement in the Paris Conference and the promises he made to the world on reducing carbon emissions, now he is led to turn to coal, what an irony!
    He is led to deliver on self reliance: then in next breath the announcement of opening up of India’s ace institutions and even the defence sector.
    Will any internationally reputed companies dare opening their shops in a country with 12 hours working days and abject labour exploitation provisions?
    Covid-19 is construed to be an aftermath of rampant biodiversity loss, especially the wild life component, as being admitted by researchers from China itself. The proposed new coal blocks and minerals happen to be in ecologically sensitive areas with lots of tribal populations. Is it not a failure of PM Modi’s advisors to properly enlighten him on the dangers of the pronouncement?
    Every time we may not get a Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as Prime Minister. A successful PM can always engage a good array of well meaning advisors, and emulate a luminary, and the contributions will be remembered for long.
    Lack of coherence in governance, clarity on internal and external issues and the built-in opposition to any thing well meaning when emanating from quarters opposed to the ruling dispensation are affecting India’s economic milieu and external standing. The much proclaimed 5 trillion economy is far far away, and we can take refuge in Covid – 19.
    Human suffering, partly depicted in pictures of trekking migrant labourers to reach their homes will remain a long lasting blemish on the efficacy of Indian democracy and its antipathy towards the downtrodden cutting across cast, creed and religion.

    • PM Modi’s advisors are only as educated as Modi is. Despite whatever little economic, scientific and technological might they possess, they are limited to and can not venture beyond the borders set by astrology and faith (based on Hindu teachings, I would be damned for not mentioning that).
      As far as China’s claims on the virus, yes, it is human activity that takes the blame. Specifically, the destruction of natural habitat through real estate expansion and deforestation. Perhaps, animals carrying millions of unknown strains of virus are forced to come closer to humans and cross-infect the human species. If we don’t make quick cognizance of this, more pandemics are imminent, some of them possibly having the potential to push us to the brink of extinction.

  8. Politics is very dangerous. The way the Citizens of this country are used for their benefits and left to survive on their own indicates that we are moving towards IAS and IPS based governance completely. The electoral machine should enable the following options

    Reject all, Ignore all
    Candidate wise, Accept, reject, ignore

    Rejection means they are sanctioned from contesting electing for the next 10 years.
    Ignore means the candidature is ignore for this life time.

    Reject all means all of them are rejected for 10 years.
    Ignore all means all of them are ignored for this life time.

    Only such option in Electoral machine and ECI can bring this change and can save this country.

  9. The Modi/BJP fans are reacting blindly, and with their usual entirely expected abuse. Actually, this is one of the most useful analyses of the propaganda strategy of the Modi govt that I have seen. I really hope the opposition read it and take the excellent advice to heart.

    • Indian: You can’t say much – leave alone argue. Although you do seem to have a talent for abuse.

      But I don’t blame you – intellectual impotence is neither curable nor treatable !

  10. Your one point agenda is to hate Modi and BJP government. Criticisin doesn’t require anything but negativity in everything done. Simply criticizing is meaningless and if you have guts come with concrete solutions ,otherwise shut your mouth.

    • Ashok Kambi: Your one point agenda is to defend Modi and the BJP government, regardless of the harm, violence and economic disasters it creates. India was facing one of its worst economic crises long before the COVID 19 crisis struck and much of it was self-made, or let us say, Modi made. Criticism of foolish and harmful government policies is a necessary condition for democracy to function. I suggest you go tell that you gauarkshak buddies in your shaka.

      • What solutions can one provide Mr Ashok, when the all-mighty, all-knowing and soon to be omni-present (Gods are everywhere, right?) prophet is all you need?
        When you have the audacity to enforce a nation-wide lockdown without access to real numbers and without any testing, how can one help? I am not saying lockdown was not necessary, it was. But, hey, how about some notice ? And planning? 75% of your brothers, some of then Hindu, live in cramped homes, that you call bathrooms. Any planning for them? Dont care?

        • Mr Anurag Sahay: To buttress your pithy but powerful arguments even further, it is the authoritarian streak of PM Modi that made the plight of migrants much worse than it need have been. India is a federation and states should have been taken on board such that a co-ordinated plan to run trains, buses, planes etc. to evacuate people back to their home states was realised. In any case, immediately after the lockdown, as migrants started to leave the metropolises, social distancing went for a toss as people fought to clamber onboard buses or other vehicles. And then what one witnesses is a Partition style exodus of poor people walking back home with no food, carrying their children and their weak. All that could have been averted by simply talking to states and getting the states to pitch in as well. But then, consultations with smarter people is not the modis operandi of the great leader.

          This lockdown was a replay of an equally ill-times and ill-judged move viz. demonetisation. Having realised that that act of cruelty did not yield any electoral penalties, the Great Gujarati Guru has realised that he can get away with muder as long as he can spread the “persecuted Hindu vs pampered Muslim” canard during elections. Sadly, even the poor as well as the middle classes buy that flawed argument and re-elect the man and indeed want him to be more authoritarian than before. They ought to remember famous quote from British MP Lord Acton (1834-1902):

          “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”

          History has shown that it holds true.

      • Hey Killi, I respect your hardwork despite not ascribing to your views. You are virtually replying to every comment.
        I guess it is lockdown effect.

  11. Very simple. If the opposition were not such a terrible band of criminals like the Congress they could have done something. The instant Rajiv Gandhi became PM The Congress became a most rapacious and criminal private enterprise. Who in the opposition will anyone listen to today? Sonia? Priyanka Vadra?

  12. This report is enough for others to decide on financing your corrupted stories. Never expected such a crap from self proclaimed learned and fare journalism. Shame on you for such illogical theory

    • Mr Keshav Dhyani: The article is chock-full of facts. And the Modi bhakth in you dooes not produce even a shred of evidence to bolster your puerile, knee-jerk claim that Mr Shivam Vij is lying.

      Take for instance the greatest economic self-goal scored by the Modi government and indeed a move that brought so much trouble and turmoil to most Indians who do not hold black money. Demonetisation crippled the informal sector, dealt a knock-out blow to the farming sector wiped off savings held in cash by many a thrifty housewife and caused incomes losses to people who had to stand for days in bank queues. And the results that Modi had to show for it: ZILCH. All the alleged black money was thoroughly laundered and returned to the RBI and none of the expected benefits of that harebrained policy came to fruition. Yet, middle-class Indians who did not have to stand in queues or suffer like most of the poor did lauded the Gujarati genius.

      Worse still, at a time when China was facing a downturn and oil prices were low, India did not seize the opportunity to spurring growth and capturing markets lost by China. Instead, under Modi’s watch, India committed hara-kiri and punched the poor under the belt. Indeed, Modi’s foolish economic moves are now being taught in economics classes as an example of unwanted “liquidity shocks” and their deleterious effects.

      So let me give you the advice you give to Mr Shivam Vij

      “Mr Keshav Dhyani: Grow up, remove your saffron blinkers, treat your tunnel vision and get yourself some basic education”

      • And perhaps the most hilarious part of that: these very grown-ups’, and I repeat, grown-ups, believed him when Modi promised – ok, let me use a better word, assured – that every Indian shall be credited with 15 Lakh Rupees (and the itch started right away, did it end yet?) when the exercise closes. He even let them break the law and shoot him on the street if they were not happy with the exercise (which he knew was never gonna happen). I mean, how can you dare think that the reform was a cheat? He is your Prophet! Ok, I concede that Tax filing was made less cumbersome and perhaps some loopholes were eliminated, but that is it.
        No wonder, he made his way into the modern textbooks, albeit for other reasons. The privileged middle class, especially the NRIs, had nothing to do with the suffering, and to this day, refuse to acknowledge it was a blunder, and a murder of democracy. They do have access to all the scum emanating from BJP though, on their iPhones and iPAds!! And they don’t put their 10 ounce brains to work before hitting that button. Politics aside, they even endorse fake pieces of medical advice, like the ones that claimed to be reliable and apparatus-free home tests to detect the Covid-19.

      • That (Mr Kehav’s and many others’) was only an involuntary response to the very sign of an attempt to question the methods of the ruling govt. Their intellectual inadequacies don’t allow for a constructive or at least a meaningful analysis.
        The same ‘grown-up’ Modi clan was led into believing, as bizarre as it sounds, that their accounts would be credited with 1.5 million Rs when the demonitization exercise is complete. 3 years on, they are still waiting for the Rs 1.5 million. Ok, even half of that would do. It can buy us a new electric car.

  13. Everyone only complains about others, you print people see and analyse many things, but you dont give IDEAS for the government just Blame or CRITICISE. List out and tell the government to do things that people want.

    • He does provide solutions. Are you just seeing the headline and heading straight for the comment box, realizing that it is an article targeting your Uncle Modi dadhiwala?

      • Brilliant retort Mr Anurag Sahay !

        The knee-jerk reaction of blinkered, blind bhakths like Mr Balu is to immediately rush to the defence of their beloved Führer at the mere hint of criticism of him. Sadly, these braying bhakths are not few in number – a testament to the fact that propaganda works well.

        As Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Josef Göbbels once said:

        “the rank and file are usually much more primitive than we imagine. Propaganda must therefore always be essentially simple and repetitious ..”

        Mr Balu proves that point.

        Once again, excellent comment Mr Anurag Sahay.

  14. Indians are not fools, stop your agenda, nobody cares about fucking pieces of shit from Print, your article shows your frustration, your corrupt funding have closed, India’s citizens are not fools they trust PM Modi’s actions & he is running corruption free Government opposite to UPA led by scamster.

  15. Typical lies by typical leftist paid propaganda outlet. Lying is the base foundation of these leftists, writing against a working government as their days of preferential treatment, free air travel, free booze, wheeling dealing income, free parties etc have all come to an end. The parasites are angry, very angry.

  16. Too many ANDHBHAKTs trying to shitter gulp modi and BJP. I fear these will be the responsible for the doom of India. Just ridiculous how even the educated middle class is so effortlessly brainwashed by BJP and Modi that they can’t discern between the truth and lies, this is the dreaded KALIYUGA where the people in general are blinded by the propoganda of the autocratic and the corrupt. God save this country. Or the middle class is going to be the new poor of this country.

    • Amit wardhan sir…i totally agree with your comments and also thankful for this article . Modi bhakts worried now ?

    • People like Shailesh, Bharatia, Sanjay and the rest are so frustrated, it shows in their desperate writing and bold words. Funny is the fact that the far right and brainwashed Hindus who are fuelling the Modi rollercoaster for 6 years now, are Actually from the elite middle class. So sorry that this is what their parents sent them to school for. They have glorified ignorance and stupidity. Common sense and logic are long extinct.

      • Mr Anurag Sahay: You hit the nail on the head Sir !

        It is the elite middle class that has completely ceased to think and has indeed outsourced their thinking to MoSha (Modi + Sha). Indeed, some even take this a step further and let their political views be decided by the ramblings and ravings of uncouth, violent individuals like Adityanath, Godse worshipper Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, Sadhvi Uma Bharti, leader of the Nazi lite organisation RSS Führer Mohan Bhagwat and so on.

        In this climate of Modi worship, it is impossible to talk critically of the man’s many political and economic follies, many of Tughlaqian proportions. For instance, it is impossible to reason with the middle-class bhakth that no economist of reputable standing would have endorsed demonetisation in cash centric, poorly banked India with poor financial literacy. And yet, the middle-class bhakth would say: “Don’t look at results, look at Modi’s intentions“ !!!! Thus the carnage wrought be demonetisation gets pooh-poohed and Modi lives to fool them another day with another botched scheme called GST !

        As the French diplomat Joseph de Maîstres (1753-1821) once said:

        Every country has the government it deserves !

        • Yes, Sadhvi the ‘Gundi’, and did you ever see Nitin Gadkari speaking during interviews?
          He is the unrefined, if I may use that word, version of Modi. All these guys are goons.
          And yes, the worst irony is indeed what you quoted about the typical middle-class bhakt “Don’t look at results, look at Modi’s intentions“ – A stark and chilling reminder that propaganda worked so perfectly that they are fooled in to believe they are acting and thinking on their own will. Some go a step further and say “Look at the results” and flash a long manufactured list of ”accomplishments’ they source from the BJP handle. They are not even remotely in a position to gauge ground reality and think they know all the ‘change’ and reform he is bringing. This is inevitable when you surrender your life to God, and allow a human to take God’s place.
          Actually, they choose not to listen to facts when we try to reason that 98% India (and still runs) runs on cash.

    • Indeed this is the age of blind faith and stupidity. People like Shailesh, Bharatia, Sanjay and the rest in this thread are so frustrated, it shows in their desperate writing and bold words. Funny is the fact that the far right and brainwashed Hindus who are fuelling  the Modi rollercoaster for 6 years now, are Actually from the elite middle class. So sorry that this is what their parents sent them to school for. They have glorified ignorance and stupidity. Common sense and logic are long extinct.  The Bharatiya Jaundiced party loyal approves legalised loot in the name of resurrection in 2017, and is somehow convinced he is indeed compensated for that. He forwards every bit of scum reaching his phone, terrorises the audience with all that scum, and feels accomplished. He screams victim and allows  the victim mentality to invade  his psyche and expects every Hindu to feel like a victim of Muslim atrocities of the long gone era. He doesn’t know or doesnt accept that it is our shortcomings and incompetence that allowed us to be invaded and tortured in the 13th, 17th, and 6th centuries. Had Hindus made the same conquests,  the same Modidiots would have justified it saying we were brave Kings.  He claps tirelessly , burns candles, and even confers the title of Prophet to Modi. He brings alive all superstitions that were slowly being forgotten. Yet, he is not convinced that wrong side is an offence, and a dangerous one that can cost lives. Because uncle Modi did not say so. He didn’t follow traffic rules,  but he ensures every family member has a mask. 

  17. I’m enjoying the frustration media houses like you’ll are facing, soon that Communist fund is gonna stop too or already has, and your master’s are gonna abandon you’ll, suggest you save up for that rainy day. There ain’t gonna be no Page 3 either for your rescue.

  18. Too many ANDHBHAKTs trying to shitter gulp modi and BJP. I fear these will be the responsible for the doom of India. Just ridiculous how even the educated middle class is so effortlessly brainwashed by BJP and Modi that they can’t discern between the truth and lies, this is the dreaded KALIYUGA where the people in general are blinded by the propoganda of the autocratic and the corrupt. God save this country. Or the middle class is going to be the new poor of this country.

  19. For hipocracy, this columnist takes the cake. The techniques of doublespeak, fire hosing etc were pioneered by the Bolsheviks at the time of Russian Revolution and was refined to a fine art and practised by Communists and their fellow travelers all over the world and prevented others from expressing their views. Now this columnist has no moral right to gripe when others have started paying back in the same coin.

  20. Why at all should the central government pay for the labour’s tickets.?

    6of our laborers have gone back to their place 3 Bengal 2 up and 1 jharkhand. all of them own mobiles worth 12000 – 14000 min and spend 2000 rs each on recharge and entertainment per month then why should the govt spend for them think assholes?

    • Why should the government do anything? They should stop doling out these economic packages of 20 lakh cr. Whats the point? People( migrants) already own mobiles of 12k-14k bucks, right? They dont need any more economic benifits. Instead, the government can build a statue of you and spend a few thousand cr bucks on that.

    • Mr Ravindra Naik: So do you want them to die of starvation and without a roof over their heads in the cities of India where they have toiled? And how the hell do you know that all migrants own expensive smartphones ? And even if they did own these smartphones, that was at a time when they had incomes to maintain the phones. Indeed, most migrants spend very little on themselves and instead remit money to their families in far away villages.

      As things stand, landlords have evicted them from their apartments, factories have stopped their salaries and these people are starving. And we have a callous, Modi inspired middle class bhakth called Ravindra Naik who wants to kick a man who is already down. And that too beneath the belt.

      Your contempt for your fellow Indians makes one want to retch. Wonder if your ilk are the real termites of India.

  21. Mr Vij would like you to presume that people are fools, they can think on their own. This premise itself is false. These authors/writers have a single point agenda and it is clearly visible to a naked eye. They won’t say a word on highly corruptible congress dispensation for long 60 years. Yes, no body should talk abot the past, but isn’t congress responsible for India’s miseries, migrant labour and lop sided growth, pathetic slum dwelling and the list goes on. They are talking about garib and muslims for 70 years and there is no change in their condition. Doling out money and make people come to them for succour is their feudal mindset of governance. They haven’t empowered people. That’s precisely the reason when Rahul Gandhi announced Rs 72000 cash tranfer in garibon ke khatein mein during last elections, people, even the garibs, didn’t believe him. They have lost credibility, they have destroyed India. And that’s why, except writers like you and the liberals, people trust Modi. People care a dam for what you write and say.

  22. Print should be closed along with all fake news media like Wire AltNews NDTV Scroll. They are dangerous weapons against Indian State

  23. Rahul Gandhi falsely linked PM for being a Modi. How is Lalit Modi in the good books of Congress suddenly. No moral ground to blame the govt on lies. It is unfortunate that despite being a 150 year old, INC has lost its credibility and fighting hard to gain confidence of people for mandate. No credible energetic leader either. The current govt is trying different ways to retain people confidence. Despite afew setbacks largely they are successful. Congress has to find a means to build credibility.

  24. The Modi and BJP lying machine works simply because lies are repeated all the time, there is virtually no freedom of the press in India and Modi knows how to stoke the Hindu middle-class victimisation grievances. The BJP IT Cell, outlets like Republic TV and its goon Arnab Goswami, Zee TV etc. etc. serve as megaphones of the Modi message. The middle-class, already having outsourced its thinking to the Delhi University graduate, laps up all this unquestioningly.

    Reminds me of what Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Josef Göbbels once said:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State”

    The many comments indulging in personal attacks on the author of the article confirm that the government has succeeded in convincing the middle-classes that any questioning of the Modi government’s policies is tantamount to sedition and an anti-national activity. Including, if that happens to be the truth.

  25. Sadly, for the vast majority of Indians, particularly middle-class, urban Hindus, Prophet Modi can do no wrong, has never made any mistakes, and is God’s Gujarathi gift to India. And that this genius will be the sole provider of solutions to India’s myriad problems and must not be disturbed whilst he goes about deploying the Gujarat Model nationally. The great “aatma” is on a mission to transform India into a Vishwaguru and one must not bother him with reminders of petty peccadilloes like pogroms, hare-brained schemes like demonetisation & GST, lynchings of Muslims, the botching in Balakot, the authoritarian Sanjay Gandhi streak in the man, the contempt for Constitutional norms, the disdain for separation of powers, the dilution of federalism, the curbing of press freedoms, the slapping of sedition charges on journalists, the torpedoing of democratically elected state governments, the construction of concentration camps – err detention camps for Muslims, the tanking of the economy, the jobless growth, the widening inequality and many other features of the Gujarat model. One more thing – the utter, callous disdain for the very people who keep the engines of the Indian economy running smoothly viz. migrant workers.

    But what makes the situation in India dire and indeed sustains an authoritarian man like Modi in his drive to bulldoze democracy and leave behind a Hindu Pakistan or rather a Hindutva Pakistan is the fact that the urban, Hindu middle-classes have been lulled into becoming members of the Modi cult. And regard any questioning of the Gujarati Genius and his coterie of saffron advisers such as Baba Ramdev, Mohan Bhagwat, Amit Shah as tantamount to heresy. Thus, there has been an exodus of talented advisers and technocrats like Dr Raghuram Rajan, Urjit Patel and even a Modi economist like Dr Jagdish Bhagwati from key government roles and their replacement by saffronistas from Nagpur.

    But much worse, like the blasphemy laws of Pakistan where the mere allegation that somebody has spoken ill of the Prophet gets you lynched, in India, the average bhakth will not tolerate even an objective analysis of the Great Gujarati’s deeds and misdeeds. A cursory survey of the comments to this article will reveal that nobody questions the facts of the article. Instead, they question the temerity of The Print, author Shivam Vij or the few discerning commenters like Ms Anamika to question the fibs and economic destruction wrought by the Great Gujarati Genius.

    Admittedly, many middle class bhakths and devotees of the Modi cult won’t be out prowling in the streets and waiting to lynch Muslim cattle traders or dairy farmers – they never get their hands dirty. But they are far more dangerous than the average itchy groined gaurakshak of Adityanathisthan. Whilst the vile gaurakshak – tacitly supported by the BJP and the state apparatus – wields lathis, chain, swords and other manifestations of Hindutva brawn power, the middle-class bhakth castrates himself intellectually, demotes his brain power and surrenders himself to the Great Gujarathi as if in supplication. This middle-class deification of a highly flawed, polarising politician with a pogrom under his belt, violence in his wake and gross economic mismanagement as a trademark is a far greater threat to democracy than the thuggish antics of the scrotum scratching Adityanath clones who become gaurakshaks. Educated, middle-class bhakths are more dangerous simply because they allow themselves to be co-opted in carrying out the carnage of the Constitution.

    In any case, the constant stream of lies that emanate from the Modi government and the tendency of the middle-class to unquestioningly accept these lies as the truth proves what Josef Göbbels, Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister once said:

    “Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will”

    • It’s nothing to do with PM Modi or the BJP. The people. The people of India awoke to the mess the left liberal press and the thieving of Congress to say enough is enough.

      The people rules O.K !

      • Mr Ranen Bhattacharya: Has the thieving actually ended Sir ? After all, in keeping with the hallowed Indian tradition of “defections”, haven’t thieves from the Congress and other dodgy parties have moved to the supposedly highly honest, corruption free BJP where they nonetheless continue their theft ?

        The fundamental equations that drive Indian politics remain unaltered Mr Bhattacharya – you join politics to make a quick buck. To that end, you invest large sums of money to get elected and once elected, you do your utmost to get back that investment manyfold.

        Now tell me if the rules are different in the BJP.

        • Absolutely, the rules not any different. In fact, they (BJP) have a more potent formula that explains why Cong. is out of contention, and that formula is well-articulated in your preceding comments. Need we say more?.”Every country has the govt they deserve” what an apt quote.

      • And you have everything to do with stupidity and ignorance! You don’t even have a decent command of English.

  26. Fake news published,
    Mr Shivraj and print , disgusting article where there is no truth.
    Uou are a Mouth piece of communist and congress .

  27. “4) Lacks commitment to consistency: This is the bit where the fake news and claims are exposed, and yet they don’t hurt the leader. One day the Modi government says demonetisation is for destroying black money and next day it says it was to push cashless transactions, and third day it says the idea was to widen the tax base.”

    In the point above you say that the govt changed motives 3 times to justify demonetisation…..but ALL 3 of those motives were good & important reasons to take this step and lets admit it – the tax base has tremendously increased, the banking sector has become more solid with all the money that flowed in, and what is so bad with a cashless society really? Its easier to keep track of real economic growth…..and also easier and fairer to manage? We are not in the 15th century that people need to use cash…..currency can be faked too….having a cashless economy is far more secure than a cash society where so much counterfeiting can happen and people can cheat a lot. It seems your article is hell bent on “creating” faults where none really exist…and rather today’s india is getting developed faster, our infrastructure is getting stronger, at least for the first time we see a hope in the country? It is this hope that has created such a large fan following of Modi……whther its Putin or Modi or Trump….you can call them populist, authoritarian or whatever…but lets give them the credit….they are working really hard …would you be able to handle the stress and pressure of a job like that? I dont think so….its easy to criticise govts…and people aren’t fools as you claim…if Modi was really all that bad…then he would not be where he is today….you can fool a thousand people…or even 10,000….or ten million…..but if Modi actually managed to fool 1.4 billion people like you claim….them Hats off to him…….now lets see how many people get fooled by your article.

    P.s….I am no fan of any party nor remotely interested in Politics….I am interested in Humanity, economy and the good of everyone….and I believe that every single person deserves a basic decent life which is what the present govt of India is aiming to achieve and they are doing a fine job at it so far.

  28. It is fun to see the number of Modi’s troll army Shivam article attracts. They also apply the same technique of propaganda as described in this article. Keep on writing Shivam, we love your articles. So many trolls visit to spew their venom here is a testament to the amount of heartburn you cause to the fake news brigade and their bosses.

  29. Having long ago made a decent study of propaganda techniques, starting with the master/Goebbels, this attempt at interweaving of ill-fitting, however deep, concepts into the article is nothing short of amateurish and something one could expect from someone straight out of grad school with a quite hard earned B-, and full of textbook ideas that haven’t had sufficient thoughtful marination.

    Please stop and think before creating such intellectually distasteful fruit salads.

    Anycase, it is true that there have been certain flip flops by this government and, arguably, sound intent not followed by matching implementation rigor. There also has been few attempts at retrospective right-splaining. On the other hand, give the alternatives, one would rather have this govt then any other formation possible today. So, relax a bit and smoke the peace pipe with reality.

  30. While I am aware of the biased journalism by your team over the years I was hoping this time you’ll surprise with some good stuff but you fail miserably ‘theprint’. Your only motto and the only source of income to run your incompetent machinery is drawing up some fake narratives against modi government and make them sound genuine.
    Go get some life loosers!!

  31. I congratulate the writer that he have guts to raise these questions. Hacked media knows only Hindu, Muslim, Pakistan. I wonder if Pakistan is not on world map, then these media houses do not have any news. All the issues are rightly raised by the writer. Firstly I appreciate government for Demonetisation then with passage of time I realised how worst this decision for poor people and small businesses man. They are finished. GSt further falsen the matter. Government failed miserably on economics front. Now on corona in planned lock down kills not only migrant class but many small business owners are finished before opening business. A more thorough plan should be made. When cases are few then nation wide strict lock down and when cases are increasing lockdown opened. If lockdown is wisely made then economy as well as lives are saved. Corona cases increased inspite of lockdown. People stuck in temple, Gurdwaras, masjid, students in hostels, in marriage functions, person go to nearby station to appear in interview. Thousands cases are there of the people who stuck in lockdown. People in medical institute like PGI stuck in the journey. Only common man can experienced heat of this unplanned lockdown. Then hacked media singing Emperors songs and doing Hindu, Muslim, Pakistan. All the news are later on proved to be faked. Migrant problem has now shaken my entire confidence in this Govt.

    • I didn’t like demonitization from day 1. I knew it was a huge governance debacle, a ploy, a gameplan, a publicity exercise. Our words will not be heard. This is very sad. We are all traitors and we will be hanged if we speak up. But, it is surprising that you did have some faith in the Govt until now, as you mention in the closing sentence. Good that you are enlightened now. All the pro-govt news pieces that we see are faked, most notably those about the economy.

  32. Print write about the horrible COVID violence in Chandernagore in Hooghly dist West Bengal unleashed by the fasting hordes.

  33. Worthless article written by another shameless editor. The intent to clearly project PM in poor light with peddling lies is very evident!!!
    The more arrogant and pronounced these paid useless editors become the more definite positive vote for the BJP!!!

    Traitors of their own country in the garb of editors working for theprint-in… Shame on you!!

  34. Rightly expressed. But you see still fools in the comments that do not agree with whats happening. Its Shame. But a salute to you for expressing the facts. And now its to the people to understand or go on in the ongoing direction. Lets see where our country lands with so much hatreds. Before it was Hindus to muslims and now going on with migrants to the states. But at the end these migrants are suffers and this wont be felt as these are poors.

  35. I congratulate writer that he developed such a courage to write such a article. Otherwise electronic media is singing songs of Emperor..

    • Mr Gulshan Sharma: Loved your comment.

      Hopefully, the author of this excellent article will not be charged with sedition as is usually the case in Modistan.

  36. Well written. While; fighting falsehood with falsehood is definitely not a solution, this must be fought nonetheless.

  37. It is a known fact that BJP and especially Modi an his team get away by lying. They have only one agenda which is to change secular India to a Hindu nation. Even during this pandemic time all announcements are pro corporations . They are blind towards the struggling migrant workers within India and outside India. Kuwait wanted to send back the indian workers in their flights without any cost. India govt didn’t respond. But allows NMC CFO to go to Indua violating all norms of repatriation flights. Becoz NMC was instrumental in Modi event in Gulf


  38. The moment the PM and HM took over the BJP , the whole Party’s agenda has turned into lies , both have managed to turn the party into one big lie , and it’s been so smoothly done that they have managed to turn the most of BJP members to be great believers of lists , those who opposed have been retired ( kicked ) from the party , they have mastered the art of lying so much so that now Trump and Putin take lessons from their lying , not only that they have made Corores of people true believers of their lies , and of all the lies , they know for sure one thing with the Hindu people of India , is that the Hindus can be easily agitated just by having them opposite Muslims , helped by the fact that muslims play right into their hands , cause literacy and sensible muslims are very few , also muslims are religious fanatics which does not help their cause , the Hindus hate muslims , because the Muslims have been privileged in getting benefits for 60 years from the Congress compared to the Hindus , and this is the main factor PM and HM recognise and take full advantage of , which is why the Hindus blindly believe the lies of BJP leadership .

    • This Government only spread hatredness. Not even one brick is placed by this Government. The Government put economy on ventilator even before corona pandemic. Good work of Dr Manmohan Singh vanished in 6 years. Small business man and middle class suffered a lot.

  39. We must not forget one thing – that the battle is not between lies and more lies – it is between lies and the truth. Truth is unique, even if interpretations may be multiple – we need to re-learn to recognise reality and truth. So Bhakts and paid trolls ranting here, rant if you like and love Modi if you must, but don’t forget how to tell LIES from TRUTH.

  40. Can’t understand what you mean by ’85 percent is notional subsidy’.I it’s a lie then you need to explain it rather than a blatent statement like that

    • he is congrress piad presstitute like the liar shekar coupta being paid by congress to spread fake news abyt gen v k singh sending troops

  41. This article depicts the art of spreading misinformation using half the truth and conveniently hiding some important facts and mixing apple and oranges to confuse the matter further. It’s called as manipulation of data and facts to further one’s agenda.
    Yeah the govt lies on many things but this article is an exaggeration beyond limits.
    Looks like shekhar gupta is back to licking congress boots and dynastic slavery after gaining some viewership by being neutral for little time.
    I was considering of making financial contribution to the print but looks this they are getting enough money from the dynasty party. This article depicts the art of spreading misinformation using half the truth and conveniently hiding some important facts and mixing apple and oranges to confuse the matter further. It’s called as manipulation of data and facts to further one’s agenda.
    Yeah the govt lies on many things but this article is an exaggeration beyond limits.
    Looks like shekhar gupta is back to licking congress boots and dynastic slavery after gaining some viewership by being neutral for little time.
    I was considering of making financial contribution to the print but looks this they are getting enough money from the dynasty party. This article depicts the art of spreading misinformation using half the truth and conveniently hiding some important facts and mixing apple and oranges to confuse the matter further. It’s called as manipulation of data and facts to further one’s agenda.
    Yeah the govt lies on many things but this article is an exaggeration beyond limits.
    Looks like shekhar gupta is back to licking congress boots and dynastic slavery after gaining some viewership by being neutral for little time.
    I was considering of making financial contribution to the print but looks this they are getting enough money from the dynastic party.
    The print is becoming just another ndtv with one and only agenda of modi bashing.

    • I think you copy pasted the forwarded message more than once. Also there are no datapoints here insteaf of a simple rant.

  42. This article depicts the art of spreading misinformation using half the truth and conveniently hiding some important facts and mixing apple and oranges to confuse the matter further. It’s called as manipulation of data and facts to further one’s agenda.
    Yeah the govt lies on many things but this article is an exaggeration beyond limits.
    Looks like shekhar gupta is back to licking congress boots and dynastic slavery after gaining some viewership by being neutral for little time.
    I was considering of making financial contribution to the print but looks this they are getting enough money from the dynasty party.

  43. If one were the accept the central thesis of the author’s argument for a moment, that the Indian voter can be swayed by falsehoods, then Shivam through this article comes across as being condescending towards Indian electorate. He thinks so less of us all, that he thinks he knows whats best for us more than us ourselves.What a snobbish rant.

    I am not surprised though since this attitude is common amongst Lutyen fake intellectuals. People like me will keep voting for BJP just so that we can cock a snoot at guys like you.

    So keep writing such bull and we’ll enjoy knowing that guys like you are in misery.

  44. Infact migrant crises has more to do with ‘CON’-gress than Bjp which has lied people for 6 decades in name of ‘Garibi Hatao’ which has done more damage to India than
    Modi communalism

    • Mr Pavan Noolvi: Did the lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri by your BJP & RSS friends also have to do with

      “‘CON’-gress than Bjp which has lied people for 6 decades in name of ‘Garibi Hatao’ which has done more damage to India than” ?

      And finally, if the BJP is clean and the Congress is corrupt, why does the BJP warmly encourage some of the worst Congress thugs to defect to the BJP?

  45. Infact the migrant crisis as little to do with BJP and more to do with ‘CON’-gress which has fooled people for almost 6 decades in slogan of ‘Garibi Hatao’ it has done more damage to India then Modi’s Communalism

  46. Shri Vij is the only intelligent person in Bharat. He does not get hoodwinked by the Modi Govt. He is the only one who knows the truth. He is correct in believing that Modi won two conclusive and decisive victories because the people of Bharat are stupid.

  47. 1. Will you also write on the lies of the communist party of China in the starting days of the infection?

    2. Or on the first batch of the india cluster – Tabligh jamat?

    Imagine if those two were BJP or some Satsang ….ThePrint will write only of those two.

  48. A very good article. I have also read the comments. It has become a trend to tag someone anti-national if he/she criticizes the govt policies. Please question the govt servants, it is your right. They are making policies for us, the common people, so it is very natural that one ask whether any rule or law is how good or bad.

  49. The write up is a bold attempt to discredit the government with a series of assertions claimed to be contrary to the truth. But sad to note that not a single piece of empirical evidence has been included in support of the assertion to lend credibility to the contents. In the age of RTI the author had all the time to get some replies from the authorities respecting the real facts. The same would have sustained the allegations/charges framed by the author. I wish the author had observed the minimum courtesy of sharing incontrovertible facts in support of his claims.

    • This fellow never writes articles. He writes his thoughts. He’d make wild claim without any substantiation. He produces excrement and flatulence.

  50. Loved the reference of 1984.. right now it’s not completely like that but I don’t think it won’t be if Modi ever came in power again.. keep doing the great work of bringing out the truth and standing up against these so called patriots.. we as people of this country have right to criticize our government and you are doing right and great thing by debunking their side of truth

  51. Wow. “Opposition needs to do its own rapid and continuous misinformation with little regard for the truth. ”
    Yeah we know you’ve been doing that.
    Thank you for confirmation.
    Now go bow in subservience to your ‘SG boss’.

  52. Print can do only Modi-bashing for all incorrect reason… Indians know what kind of brazier lies this print Gupta can give to Indians … So just chuk this wanker

  53. Print can do only Modi-bashing for all incorrect reason… Indians know what kind of brazier lies this print Gupta can give to Indians … So just chuk this wanker

    • RAHI: Incidentally, are you capable of anything but extolling Modi’s supposed and utterly imaginary accomplishments?

  54. One question to this print idiot whoever published it, if Congress govt was so good then why people removed it 🤔 Congress criticizing stimulus package what they did during famine days in India, what they did in Rae Bareli and Amethi, it is their seat for last few decades why people are still poor over there why zero development, every govt lies but atleast there are no scamsters in cabinet minister at this moment

  55. Wonderful article ,we live in a world where lie is become a part of life, everyone knows why modi was bought to power but no one accepts, everyone is damaged by unnecessarily govt acts be it demonetizing, gst, petrol diesel price,current scenario of 20lkh cr but still we are ok with it because we still believe in lie of Modi and govt. It will be very late by the time we will realise what mess we have created for future generations.

  56. Today majority of people vote on Hindu Muslim agenda. So the issue of fact, lies does not matter to them. It is similar to the situation twk decades back when people in Hindi heartland were voting on caste agenda which gave leaders like Lalu, Mulayam, Mayawati etc. Over a period of time they realised the voting on caste line is of no use. The same realisation will come to people over a periof of time , may be by anothe 5 to 10 years. After that we may move to issue based politics. Till then it will continue.

  57. Why do people vote for BJP? How much did the opposition pay you to write this? Rahul Gandhi is a loser and will remain one. He does not have the courage nor the confidence to run a country.

  58. Dont fool people with bad articles. I dont want money to be print . Loans with concessions encourages citizens to work hard.

  59. Every single adult on planet earth should read this. Beautifully said, Mr. Vij. I always wondered why they don’t even bother to pretend – now I know. A must read for opposition leaders and civil society dissenters. We must not forget one thing – that the battle is not between lies and more lies – it is between lies and the truth. Truth is unique, even if interpretations may be multiple – we need to re-learn to recognise reality and truth.

    • Beautifully written? Either you are way too ignorant or downright an imbecile. Either ways pity your lack of intelligence!

    • An article full of shit and lies. An anti modi channel this so called journalist stay silent on the attacks on Arnab Goswami and Sudhir Chaudhary but jump up their seats if a terrorist is called. THE PRINT IS THE PART OF SOFT JIHAD

    • RAHI: Incidentally, are you capable of anything but extolling Modi’s supposed and utterly imaginary accomplishments?

    • Ms Anamika: As always, I completely agree with your insightful comment. For the vast majority of middle-class Indians, Messiah Modi is the infallible Tarzan who not only never makes mistakes but also must never be criticised. If the Messiah says 2+2=5, the middle-class Indian will accept that as the Gospel truth and even go around thrashing people who say that 2+2 =4. Truth is of no use in cults where you outsource your thinking to the cult leader.

      Sad, but true.

    • superbly moronic … this presstitute wants opposition to create fake news to counter fake news ? hahaha no doubt you scumbags get the whooping on electronic media everynow n then … what a abunch of losers…

    • The print is a shit newsmaker. The scores and the managemwnt shows tje success of the govt in handling the pandemic. You are paid by deshdrohi left ans socialist who want to desteoy India and its harmony. You see Modi is a tough leader with veru good team around him. You can not say all the 70% population backing to him is a fool. Modi will take up India again finamcially to the top of the world. If you have to tell people the teuth then tell about how Nehru purposely help in making Indias base brittle. Tell about how Pakistan is cultivating terrorism. Tell about how 5 lacs Hindus repelled out of Kashmir in their own country when congress was ruling.. You useless print guys…

  60. How much the opposition paid you/your company to write the article.
    Modi government is doing reforms with good intent while past congress governments were all about corruption. Its a fact
    The biggest liar is you

    • They’re using the exact plan that they’ve stated. Lie. Tell indian muslims constitution is in danger. Every bloody person will keep crying constitution is in danger. 48+% of them are notbeven leggible to read the constitution let alone be understand and saving it. The left is crooked. You’ll see this in the next 4 years. Things are gonna get worse. Worst? they’ll make raga a competent candidate. And badaamtass. We’re back at being slaves of the nehru kings.

  61. This entire article is nothing but lies. Very clear about their anti Modi and anti national rhetoric. Shame on the print.

  62. No one would dare to comment on above points or put a like symbol as again my comments might be treated as a militants view or an anti nationals with due respect to our democratic society those are elected ones to rule with all their lies till they are exausted Jai Hind

  63. @ Shivam,

    Kudos for presenting a good framework for fighting ‘fake news’ (irrespective of its origins/intent)
    # 3 in response (to fight falsehood): keyword is groundwork organization. Most have zero presence on the ground. Unless that changes, the response will always be passive. Eg: Palghar Lynching (which was criminal and not communal and the act was itself based on fake news).
    # 5 in response (to fight falsehood): it can be started immediately at the state-level. Hope powers-that-be can read your article and study hat RAND Corp. paper.

    • Infact migrant crises has more to do with ‘CON’-gress than Bjp which has lied people for 6 decades in name of ‘Garibi Hatao’ which has done more damage to India than
      Modi communalism

  64. No one would dare to comment on above points or put a like symbol… as again my comments might be treated as a militants view or an anti-nationals..with due respect to our democratic society….those are elected ones to rule with all their lies till they are exausted …Jai Hind

  65. What the hell is this article,have some standard…
    This is the worst news obtaining source.
    All u guys do is just condemn modi and bjp,u guys got no better job. Get a life and put some constructive articles and not these poisonous articles which is just based on some stupid opinions and not facts. U guys think u got intp brain,what a group of fools.
    Stop embarrassing urself and put some informative articles.
    The quality of the articles u guys put is shit and put hatred in others head…U guys must be brought to court for putting hate in everyone’s head.
    Criticism is good if it got some base and validity.
    U guys are so busy in criticizing modi, u have forgotten about journalism.

    • Instead of being abusive explain exactly why the points raised are not the truth, point by point. That is what journalists do.

    • I congratulate The Print for their guts to call a liar – a Liar , no matter how charismatic one is . Truth must be brought out again & again as we’re experiencing hate speeches , false promises , false packages , lies , deceit again & again .
      The poor starving destitute migrants still as yet have not received foodgrains or a little cash even after 50 days . This is absolutely inhuman , heartless & definitely anti people .
      Who’s responsible – definitely the ruling government & they should be accountable .
      High time the judiciary should have the courage to order an enquiry & punish those responsible for the deaths of citizens who voted this crooked , crafty government to power .
      The people will never forgive or forget that this government left them to starve on the roads especially during this Deadly Coronavirus pandemic . Many have lost their family members despite repeated lies of supplying foodgrains & cash . The government has received thousands of crores as donations but these heartless crooked politicians don’t want to give cash to the destitute & dying except for lies & false hopes & big talk of packages .

  66. Mr Shivam Vij, , if you think that People can be fooled by lies/fake video Post, you are a biggest fool/idiot Journalist to assume such Perception. Congress fooled people for decades & decades, now People won’t believe Congress even they tell truth hundred time. Look at Ra Ga & his sold out chronies /Journalists shouted over a lakh time day & night,24×7, 365 days that “Chowkidar Chor hai” in Rafale case. What happened? Modi got more Votes & more seats in 2019 Election. Your advise to spread more fake news/fake media will make Modi to get over 400 seats in 2024 Elections & send all Opposition parties into dark age period. Ask Congress to throw out sycophant old coterie who are useless ( they can not win their own MP seat) & encourage honest,hard working younger leaders to lead from front. Change structure of Congress from Dynasty Rule to a true Democratic Party. Let Congress work hard & don’t go for short cut methods like spreading lies or posting fake video as suggested by immature Journalist Shivam.

    • he is asking the opposition to use TRUTH. he is asking people to learn to tell the difference between TRUE and FALSE. A LIE and the TRUTH. ok? it is not lie v/s lie – try to be honest at lest with yourself!

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  68. To be or not to be… Everyone knows that everything what Modi Government say is not right and nor does the opposition? It’s very hard now a days to tell which news agency is transparent and if they are talking on behalf of people or some political party, media needs to reinstate trust else people will keep selecting wrong candidates and you will continue writing such articles forever.

  69. The print always come out with articles which has very little sense. I have strong feeling print is funded by Chinese / Pak media as only Modi is able to give strong reply to these india betters. If the funding is not from these, then print should introspect and stop weakening India.

  70. If every word or act of this central government would have been a lie, then how come such a government be elected twice.
    Why people have faith in PM modi even if his government has poor home work.

    Are really all Indians who elected the government are fools.
    I opinion about this article is just to give a bad image of a government. Or it should be an article of perfect opposition party.
    One thing I can proudly say, “A man with sprint Eye is better than the blind”.
    If our 50 year + ruled government would have been right now – guess what would be the package.

    Money in every hand of labourer(may be 5000 or 6000) per family.
    Some more small incentives to the very poor.
    And what about the middle class, upper middle class families. And the big one.

    50 years +ruled government is ruled by a family with selfish needs.
    How come one blame blindly, what ever modi government does or act is a Jumla.
    Now people are no more illeterate.
    They may be poor educated, but can smell the greedy minds of opposition.

    • Mr Bhuvan Kumar: Adolf Hitler too was elected to power democratically. Indeed, even until the very end of the Third Reich, people trusted and were willing to give their lives for that Nazi führer. Playing on the German “Aryan” identity against the Jewish one was a great mobiliser in Germanyway back in the 1930s and 1940s.

      Likewise, many poor whites who knew they would suffer if Trump got elected, voted for Trump. He played on the white fear of becoming a minority in the US, blacks, gays, Jews and so on and won. Indeed, in one BBC interview, a sick coal miner and his wife who were utterly dependent on Obama care to the tune of $ 6000/month voted for Trump who promised to remove Obama care !!

      Democracy requires a certain degree of awareness and holding politicians accountable for what they promise and what they deliver. But votes in India are often bought for grinders, flatscreen TVs, cash and so on. And identity politics matters more than basic needs for many voters, especially when politicians couch the message cleverly. “You are hungry because Muslims steal from you” gets you votes in India. “People in Bombay suffer because the kaala madraasi steals jobs from the “marathi manoos” and disr-respect him” fetched Bal Thackeray votes.

      Votes matter in a democracy and voter decisions must be respected. But voter decisions may not always be respectable.

  71. I request Govt.please do not discourage the poor migrant labourers ? stop lies , we have been hearing only lies for last 6 years from Modi Govt. During this danger time Govt. making fool to poor and playing political game with us.

  72. This is danger for Indian democracy for which only opposition or its opposition citizens to be blamed.
    Second very dangerous trend is BJP can do anything until it followers are happy that the Muslims are insulted on every nook and corner of Indian Soil.
    Third very very dangerous is there is no democracy within the BJP party that there are no personalities who can question the policy of its own government.
    I still feel India is a free country where one can express freely his or her ópinion and correct the Democratic process of governance.

  73. All American so called Think Tanks never want to engage in realism of other countries.They always want to nock it down.Trump keeps making q=weird decision even when his own chosen people give him good advise?Americans will try to make divisions with other countries. Why do you not mention stimulus American package?You have your own agenda?There is No opposition in India just DOGS Barking from Congress who do not bring anything construtive to table for real discussion.Congress wants to steal all the gold from Hindu Mandirs to pay for stimulus?How about Churches,Mosques and others?I think you are being handsomely paid by Congress and its Master Shekar Gupta?

  74. You please check the information correctly and then post it okay. Don’t try to make fools to people. Those migrants came from other state to their home please take information from them. This data is given by opposition team. You please check information

  75. No one is 100% right ..but the wiser thing is compare him to all his previous successors and then decide..
    Compare the policies for now and the past and then decide ..
    Some may be good and some may have turned bad …
    Look at the larger impact , net off – positive or negative …
    We are not talking about a mohalla , it’s about a country
    It’s a balance of all ..
    These are my personal views and not advocating any political party or any ideology whatsoever

  76. Thanks for the eye opening article.
    But I think nothing done by the government will ever be enough for ” The print”

    Any article on how people were affected due to the protests on road against Kashmiri issues.
    Shaheen baug in short.

  77. The reason why people keep on voting for the BJP again and again is because 1) They want to protect the 5,000 year old Indian civilization, culture, race, and religion from Muslim invaders (who are not Indian), and 2) They want free market economic reform in labor markets, land markets, and capital markets to drive industrialization and manufacturing sector led growth.

    Hindutva + Free Market Capitalism is why I support the BJP.

    • Finally Solving the Katua Problem (India was Katua Free before 1200 AD) + Developed, Industrialized India with a GDP per capita above $40,000 is possible by the end of the 21st century.

  78. How do you know what is fake news and what is true news? Is true news news that glorify Sonia Maimo? Congress stooge Shivam Vij is a pathetic loser who thinks he can tell what is “fake news” and what is “true news.” Apparently, according to him, anything that glorifies the BJP or Modi is “fake news.”

  79. Article is shitting all around with stink of hatred, helplessness and series of lies one bigger than the other. Indians are lucky to have an absolutely uncorruptible PM and most uncorrupted Govt. at Delhi. For swindlers such times are opportunity to loot at will. No one accepts your shit because truth prevails all around.

  80. Point no. 2 on “how to fight this fire hosing” made my heart sink. I just realised that I could not get a stronger reason to mourn for the state of my country today after knowing that some well accomplished American research organisation has to tell me how to fight falsehood with Gandhain principles.
    We really failed you, Bapu !!

  81. Another Congress stoog at work… Atleast the author went to grammar school… The only feather to this worthless piece of journalism..

  82. I will tell you one more example of double think.
    Government wants to scientifically study alternative medicine.
    But it will ignore any studies that say they don’t work.
    For them, science is not a tool for truth, it is a tool to twist to rationalize false beliefs.

  83. How ” The Print” get away with false news and manufactured news??
    And how the government can fix these media brokers.

    • Mr Sriram: Do you have similar opinions of platforms like Republic TV which only sing praises to your beloved Gujarati genius?

      • Arnab does it in the most entertaining way 😉 Rewriting the textbook of Journalism with his inimitable style. I avoid watching that, but I happened to stumble upon one day, or rather tune in out of curiosity and what I find is he is yelling at someone and saying ” APOLOGIZE APOLOGIZE!! NOW!

  84. Obviously Vij’s lies, and the opposition’s fire- hosing of falsehood is not working, as they should. People still believe the opposition to be corrupt along with hangers on like Vij and his ilk. Bash on regardless, for who knows? This may result in a change after 25 – 30 years? Maybe? Huh?

  85. A government b which lies to its people, is shameless, useless, incompetent which can only bring disasters, hunger, destructions

  86. So you are saying CAA takes away citizenship? Please kindly provide proof of it (the protestors at Shaheen Bagh are not a proof). Please provide documentary proof and wordings in the Act please. TIA.

    • Take simple example of Assam. 20 lakh people have been classified as doubtful citizens out of which there are 5 lakh Muslims and 15 lakh Hindus. Based on NPR and NRC, all of them should ideally be sent out of the country. Now comes the game changer in CAB. All religions except Muslims will be granted citizenship of India without documents if they are foreigners. Hence all the 15 lakh doubtful Hindu citizens will get the citizenship back based on CAB and the remaining 5 lakh Muslims will be asked to leave the country. Now, no country will accept these 5 lakh Muslims and these Indian citizens will be treated like refugees and put into refugee camps taking away all their rights as Indians. This is the grand scheme of BJP and RSS which is clearly visible to people who are just and want to open their eyes and look at things without where religious glasses.

      Hope humanity within you and your religious teachings remind you how wrong this is…

  87. #trajectoryofdefeat#
    It appears that PM Modi has abandoned “the path that India had taken with our limited resources” that had “become a topic of discussion in the entire world” (PM Modi 14 April 2020). With the current north-east trajectory of Covid-19 cases, India appears set to go past Italy Spain France and Germany in June, and compete with the United States for the top spot in July. This ’trajectory of defeat’ in the comparative race to control the spread of the virus was clearly visible when PM decided to loosen Lockdown3 wef 4th May, proclaiming that complete lockdowns had served the purpose of arresting the spread of the virus. The concealment of the spread during the complete lockdown through low testing for one reason or the other is evident from increase in testing since the beginning of May, which led to an escalation in number of cases. The low rate of testing was possibly meant to highlight the success of the complete lockdown.
    While the increase in testing and simultaneous restart of economic activity may explain the increase in number of positive cases, if fatalities also increased it would compromise PM Modi’s apparent stance that no cost was high if lives could be saved.
    So the focus now is not so much on controlling the total number of positive cases, but rather to restart the economy without substantially increasing the aggregate fatalities or the fatality rate. As lockdown 4 approaches, talk about embracing some sort of ‘herd immunity’, envisaged much earlier by Dr Muliyil of CMC Vellore, appears to be gaining momentum in informed circles and media. The default option of herd immunity was always available.
    The danger of increase in fatalities due to increase in number of cases on account of a more liberal Lockdown4 is especially important in the context of the contested euphoria around the 20 lac crore self-reliance package and the congratulatory messages to PM Modi from friend like Bill Gates. If India were to reach the number 2 or No 1 spot even for total positive cases it would be a huge setback for India and for PM Modi’s self-crafted image ‘Modi hai to mumkin hai”. It could also lead to reimposition if lockdown in the nature of Lockdown3.
    The possible move towards some sort of herd immunity without endangering the security of senior citizens with co-morbidities in a climate of liberalised economic activity, is a difficult path. PM Modi will have to clearly spell out the delicate path while ushering in Lockdown4.

    • While your aforementioned analysis is very complicated, I have no reason to reject it. I don’t like to believe that the people running the govt and driving the these decisions would have forethought on that scale, especially the part where you mention that testing (lack of) could have helped fake the numbers.
      If India does outnumber Russia, it should not be a setback. The PR guru would find a clever excuse, in that India is tenfold more populous than Russia.


    • The reason why people keep on voting for the BJP again and again is because 1) They want to protect the 5,000 year old Indian civilization, culture, race, and religion from Muslim invaders (who are not Indian), and 2) They want free market economic reform in labor markets, land markets, and capital markets to drive industrialization and manufacturing sector led growth.

      Hindutva + Free Market Capitalism is why I support the BJP.

      • Sanja Mishra: According to you, Muslims who live in India presently – 200 million of them – are invaders. And they are not Indians according to you. So what does your Hindutva brain – which incidentally is no different from that of a rabid Al Qaeda Islamist brain – suggest that one does to the 200 million Muslims ? Put them in concentration camps and exterminate them like what Adolf Hitler, the proponent of Nazism and the main source of inspiration for Hindutva did ? After all, your man Amit Shah has called them termites hasn’t he? Or should they be thrown into the sea as he has also suggested ?

        And then what should be done to Christians – they too are invaders aren’t they ? And they too threaten the 5000 year old Indian civilisation don’t they ? And then Sikhs – did they not kill many, many Hindus during the Khalistan struggles when they wanted to leave India and carve out a separate state? And then we have Parsis, Jains, atheists, tribals etc. etc. What do you want to do to them Mr Mishra ? Are they cockroaches ?

        Also, what should be done to the tribes of Andaman Islands? Any plan you might have for the chaps in Sentinel Island? They are certainly not Hindus Mr Mishra and they are bloody aggressive towards Indians and even missionaries, last time I checked.

        Care to update your plans for all these bloody non-Hindu invaders of the 5000 year old civilisation Mr Mishra?

        • It pains me that religion forms the basis of most of our decisions and serves as the single-most parameter to assess someone’s character. How is one religion better or worse than the other? It is all about competition. The whole concept is evil and unnecessary. In all probability, religion was invented as a tool to evade adversities and nature’s atrocities. Any new paradigm gives birth to competition, and that’s why multiple religions. You all harbor so much humility for your ancestors who were possibly deceived, invaded and humiliated. If they were strong enough, they wouldn’t have been. Let’s show some compassion for the living Hindus, and if you like, Muslims too, who walked and are walking barefoot across borders to reach home. Rant not about a 1000 year old past.

  88. Whatever media says about Modi, the fact is he is still today the most favorite and dependable leader of common man in India. Period

      • Nothing with facts in your article you are only crying that Modi government lying and lying no evidence at all by the way you don’t know CAA and pain of people who faced life threatening situations in South asian Muslim countries. Indian Govt passed CAA too late.

  89. I started reading the article with an open mind. i was expecting some really hard facts with data which would be convincing and tease my thought process to read more and collect more info. But the complete piece is so subtle , superficial that it made me feel as a wastage of time . The writer should make it more data based and analytical .

    • Totally agree with you. You can expect Op-eds to be divisive and maybe even controversial. But this is neither… Not thought provoking enough to garner a debate. Ridicule? Perhaps yes. Not well written or supported for sure. Writer needs to learn his craft better.

  90. So according to theprint sonia gandhi shid be the pm and govern the country who is just the muslim head. Fuck this. MODI KI JAI

  91. A “chittingbaz” Sarkar from top to bottom!1 It has no morality…no character….just doing false promise and showing Lolypop to the public1 And every one…from reporter…to judges…to acamedicians…to cinema idols are dancing to the tunes of Namo !! Worst Sarkar in the history of India!! Personally…I switch over to other foreign channel whenever the politician’s figure s comes up as image!! I hate them !!!

  92. You are a great preacher and I am very happy and proud that you are able to write this big article on Modiji scheme. It’s great that you have understood what Modiji means and now it’s confirmed that you are the next pappu who is always making great contributions for breaking the economy and using divide and rule in this crisis time also as his forefathers did because they are scavengers like you

  93. Superr….. We hope Congress as a whole especially their spokespersons should take this tuitions….. Cut the supply chain of the liar party BJP and it’s head master Narendra Modi.
    Wake up RG… Stop firstly mentioning about NM….

  94. Dont talk nonsense, as if you and me are not liars. Opposition is liars and cheats and anti nationals. So chose between the devil and deepsea. What choice do u have. In other countries it is equally bad or worse. World had changed brother. Thank you

  95. Do you get paid in peddling lies and hatred day in and day out ? Did some one tell you that you and your views are obsolete and not relevant. But anyways , so write more. It is entertaining and keeps you busy 😂

  96. Why do the people who are lied to every day go and vote for the same BJP?

    The answers given are all true, but there’s one more. The fact that the Hindutva-pushers and the Parivar-wallahs have got a sure-shot supporter that will help their agenda

  97. Agree with most of the points. However, I do not agree with the ‘compete with fake news peddler’. It might work for international relations perhaps, but still countries shouldn’t do it on pronciple. The common people will be battered by a typhoon of fake news, not knowing what to trust, polarizing opinions, making them cynical and forcing them to trust on reactionary instincts like xenophobia. Also it’ll lead to loss of credibility of the opposition. Also there’s the problem which progressives face and which is amplified by social media – the very act of progressive work brings contempt and derision from community at large. In this, they should use social media, creatively and qualitatively, competing with them in volume, to spread their policies, reasons for change, obstacles one encounters, with ideas and leaders that common people can look up to. Not peddle fake news of their own.

  98. If you think that respected prime minister modi Jim’s government is making lies then keep it for yourself ,many of the migrant workers in our locality came safe and sound with no cost ,not everyone is suffering and there should be a proper reason for govt to charge fare , why dont tou donate money for it? Every celebrity and an employee helping people and covid victims stop blaming and start saving the people , seems like someone tipped the money to make this againt modi ji

  99. Shivam Viz openly lies in writing; he is FAKE NEWS. He is just trying to get his 15 seconds of fame by abusing India. Sad, but true.

  100. Forget about Modi Lies. At the end of the day he is our own Prime Minister and we need to allow him time to recover from this unprecedented pandemic. He and his Goverment is doing its best.

    But why don’t you expose the biggest lie of the century – The Corona Virus Hoax. That there is neither any Cororna Virus nor any Corona infection or Corona death – but it is a massive hoax to vaccinate 135 crore Indians as well as the rest of the world and make all of us ill and survive for rest of our lives on vaccines ???

    Instead of wasting your energy in exposing the lies of our Government, why don’t you go after Bill Gates and Tony Fauci and Terdos Adhanom and the fraudulent pharmaceutical companies which have allegedly conspired to shut down the world and have destroyed our lives ???

  101. Forget about Modi Lies. At the end of the day he is our own Prime Minister and we need to allow him time to recover from this unprecedented pandemic. He and his Goverment is doing its best.

    But why don’t you expose the biggest lie of the century – The Corona Virus Hoax. That there is neither any Cororna Virus nor any Corona infection or Corona death – but it is a massive hoax to vaccinate 135 crore Indians as well as the rest of the world and make all of us ill and survive for rest of our lives on vaccines ???

    Instead of wasting your energy in exposing the lies of our Government, why don’t you go after Bill Gates and Tony Fauci and Terdos Adhanom and the fraudulent pharmaceutical companies which have allegedly conspired to shut down the world and have destroyed our lives ???

  102. Looks like Print going back to its hate speech and leftist propaganda with cheap journalism. I had just high hope of balanced viewpoint, criticize where wrong and praise where right.

    This article, with its highly inflammatory headline, is actually against current government policy in its delivery of relief package; which is criticizes because free money was not given. Where print itself in its various article has praised the governments strategy.

    Its ok to present both side of arguments, but not like this; with such a clickbait inflammatory headline.

    Seriously, this is one day after I headed Mr. Gupta’s appeal for donation and donated INR 5,000/- as I believed that Print was giving balanced viewpoint without resorting to cheap journalism. Print, please tell me how can I take my donation back

  103. Print is the most anti national and biased media.

    Anyone here please don’t take them seriously and try to avoid there news.

  104. Only ignoramuses waste time to peruse such puerile Desh Drohi stuff. To me the headline and intro suffice. You are a gang of hard-boiled alligator eggs.

  105. All very well said! But the solutions presented are like setting a thief to catch a thief. The way that the present government went about it was first decimating the UPA. They destroyed their credibility to the extent that people just didn’t vote for them. So well the BJP played the propaganda game that the voters still don’t believe the UPA leaders. In BJP ‘s defence it can be said that the UPA didn’t bother to change the tainted faces. Look at Chidambaram’s column in a respectable newspaper, which to my mind is written in simple lucid manner, for a common man to understand complex financial issues, but the comments column is just full of abusive references to his incarceration in Tigard and not a word of the matter on hand.Then the government went about starving the opposition of funds while enriching its own offers and setting UPA formidable disinformation department. Nobody can rival that today. The solutions offered by RAND are largely based for an educated, politically savvy populace and not for the Indian masses who are just striving for their next meal. The only thing we can hope for is that the litany of broken promises turns the tide against theBJP. Remember, theFrench Revolution was a result of centuries of oppression.

  106. Your article is biased.

    The Modi Government in India is doing an excellent governance for India as well as the entire world.

    You should write facts

  107. Selectively quoting Gandhi for your own purposes ignoring his quote “ An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. You, Sir, are the very embodiment of false monotheism waiting to destroy the peace loving polytheism and God lovers in this country.

  108. Yes i see that you r asking the readers to believe that modi gvt lies but the article isnt laid out w facts and its very hard to follow. It feel like its ridden w just conclusions and no backed up evidence laid out.
    Maybe if you cn go 1 theu 10 points where it lied it would. e easiar to understand

  109. Fully agree! Great article. Indian needs more writers like you Shivam who bring the reality to the masses. Respect.

  110. Most articles put out by this organisation ,give the impression that the owners of this site have a myopic view of the present government .It appears the Print had at some stage some personal axes to grind with the persons presently in government and these government persons did not succumb to their corrupt and yellow journalist practices. The view of the Print does not matter to the average person in this country

  111. I see lies spread equally by the other side as well. Big names like, Washington Post, BBC, have lost any credibility with their skewed and fact distorting reports. I guess, motivated, well financed anti-India propaganda by vested interests, ISI not excluded could be at play. So believe what you want to including this article.

  112. 1. ‘Rohini Singh’ shared image of moulds growing on leather goods in Malaysia & called it India’s.

    2. ‘Vinod Dua’ shared image of Rohingya in Bangladesh, called him migrant worker.

    3. ‘Punya Prasun Bajpai’ shared image of Pak children’s rough feet, called them Indians’.

    4. ‘Salman Nizami’ changed his Twitter Profile photo with a Rohingya Girl from 2017 projecting her as Migrant.

    5. ‘R. S. Surjewla’ shared Migrants image from Chattisgarh (Congress Govt) in order to target Modi.

    6. ‘D’alit Congress’ twitter shares 2017 image of Rohigya’s, projecting them as Migrant Indian Labourers.

    7. ‘Prashant Kanaujia’ share paper cutting of 2 years old news of R’ape of Dalit Girl amid Covid19 crisis.

  113. SHIVAM VIJ has to be complimented… In fact make him the PM of our beloved Country. I’m sure he will do better than his sponsors —-Sonia & RaGa. The likes of Shekgar Gupta & his creation—Shivam Vij(The Print) should be thrown in either of the Oceans, adjoining our Country shores OR sent to China /Pak to settle down. They will enjoy their Profession with their Sponsors….. They are cheap/ gutter Press.
    Jai Hind

  114. Fake news inventor bhai koi naukri karlo koi constructive kaam karlo…this bloody fake article in your broken english full of grammatical mistake doesn’t suit you kitne paise mile is anti india article ke

  115. After a long haul, found a serious & an unbiased writer. Your article is truly realistic and has the potential to open minds of our Indian people. I’m a common man of India & I truly appreciate your efforts to ignite this real fire into me & people like me.

  116. Ubmake the stupidest of arguments. All that u say thet MODI does is what you have done. Blatant lies and contradictions galore. You must look in the mirror before showing it to someone else.

  117. Shivam vij is dangerous sudheer journalist and
    His views are shortsighted and hate mongering
    Against nation .Hating modi is single point agenda in this article nothing else to read .don’t publish in THE PRINT. PEOPLE LOOSE FAITH IN SEKHAR GUPTHA

  118. Bottom line is Russian leader has a degree in law, has worked in secret service and uses his resources well, your comparison of him with Indian leader is faulty at the base here- no education and no professional work history. RAND is well known for its anti Russia writings. Where is the comparison with American leader- All well said but for the RAND biased shade.

  119. ”Why do the people who are lied to every day go and vote for the same BJP?”
    Because your pappu is a duffer and you congies are a bunch of thieves. Because Rahul is a donkey and will never be horse.
    Do you understand this you chaprasi?

  120. What kind of skulduggery is this? this man is asking the opposition to indulge in misinformation against an elected government,which they anyway do, thanks to people like this author.
    n then they ask what is going wrong withthis country, i believe it’s true when they say pakistan is not our enemy, such douche bags have taken the task all on their ownself.

  121. There is a difference on what is seen as lying and what is seen as failed sales promotion.

    BJP/Modi: They oversell a concept/project like a greedy salesman. When the project succeeds, they take the credit 100%. When it fails (as in demonetisation), they try firefighting to cover for their lofty promises.

    Whereas what the opposition (congress party) does is manufacturing lies, in an attempt to discredit the persona of Modi. example: “Chowkidar Chor Hai”.

    In the days of social media, (or WhatsApp university as you disparagingly call) people can see the difference between lying and sales promotion. When they see one person doing lofty sales pitches and the other person openly lying, they start trusting Modi even more.

    It is the duty of the opposition to earn the trust of the people first.

  122. I was arguing with all the critiques vehemently after day 1 announcement which was on liquidity for MSME required to get them back in their feet. I insisted them to wait for remaining announcements. I am utterly disappointed when next announcement is made to be a Best Example and a case study ever for what a Jumla can be. For decades but come this Govt has offered a case study of political economic blunder. This is a shocking revelation that how Govt can remain so much disconnected with the ground reality. How the can believe that a “package” of such a scale for a largest democracy in the world can be without a strand of truth, strain of honesty more importantly not even an iota of empathy to either industry, labour. Now I am terrified to know what they are going to do for demand side. They will ask people to scrap their existing cars mandatorily… In a recessionary economic situation buying a new car can be an unnecessary expense and especially for people who maintained it well for many years. What wrong when my vehicle is not polluting to run it without affecting environment. This government is going to use the environment as an alibi to push demand in every sector. They should convert all govt buses into electric first. What I have stated is a kind of approach they are going to use for pushing demand. This government lacks imagination and humility required to manage the unprecedented crisis.

    All that I can say now is Consumers Beware of your wallet ! Pick pockters and thief’s around.

    I am constrained to express my anguish and disappointment better.

    Jai Hind !

    • Perhaps you wish Chidambaram had been the Finance Minister under the able guidance of Economic Strategist Rahul Gandhi. His economic acumen would surely have improved after a brief refresher training course in Tihar university.

  123. The article is packed with all shorts of lies and author thinks that he will get away with those lies very easily.

  124. Blatant lies by all BJP masters will be their downfall in the next elections,,, they have insulted,, robbed and betrayed migrant labourers by making them suffer and in turn make them pay for their own misery

  125. This author is so ” honest “. Your impartiality is now well known. If you were to use your real identity of being Congress spokesman, atleast it would be honest.
    Shame on a biased person and biased article.

  126. You seem to be a hardcore Gandhian. Going to the extent of suggesting all Muslims back the Congress or other parties does you a disservice. Do give them some credit of recognising true leaders that have absolute and no nonsense approach to governance . Plenty of Muslims and other minorities support BJP whole heartedly and reject constant comnunalist narratives of lesser parties – be aware , not intolerant dear shivam vij

  127. Don’t know what type of propaganda the print wants to promote…and what wold you gain from it, but i would say you are one of the most biased media outlet
    All you do is vomplain and spread negativity in society …and whats your problem with the government giving loan….if the government justs keeps on influxing money and won’t take any of it back ….then you would realize what had happened to Venezuela will happen to us tooo……surely then to u would say that the modi government crippled the economy….just consult economist before u beg for free money

  128. The author is a dead beat. All he can offer is hatred towards BJP & our highly respected and very capable Prime Minister.
    Get lost Shivam Vij. The nation is tired of haters like you & monkeys like RahulG.

    • Of course the Congress party is coming forward to help migrants and also gives more suggestions to improve the nation,as this ruling party BJP every time promise to do this do that can’t even stand on oath, I feel ashame of every time that he promises & not seen his promise come true;when can I see it except from the BJP 👎👎👎👎

  129. When it comes to you it is, blood and to modi it is red chatni.
    Which political leader is perfect.
    Atleast this guy wants India to prosper and nobody to loot.
    So keep quiet et. Or keep barking finding loopholes.

  130. I cannot comment on the Russian situation since I am not quite tuned to it, but I can say that the reason why Modi gets away with falsehoods is the Indian public. Indians (even educated Indians) lack critical thinking skills. They are unable to evaluate for themselves whether something which is said to them is true or false purely on the merit of the argument (witness most of the comments against the writer) without bringing into account extraneous factors like if they belong to his religion or caste or state or social standing. For example, some Indians will believe Modi simply because they like his macho image or for his anti-minority stance or his upper caste bias. Gujaratis will believe Modi simply because he is one of them. In other words, they don’t care even if he lies on some issue as long as they approve of his stance on other issues.
    Americans or other Westerners have people with better critical thinking skills as a percentage of their population, hence when Trump lies, he gets caught out (mostly by white, rich, college-educated people like Trump himself). This is something which is inculcated in childhood in their society – individualism and enterprise. They will not accept anything as gospel truth even if uttered by someone of their own demographic. In India there is uncritical acceptance of ideas and words of elders, teachers and father figures. Hence these authority figures get annoyed if you question them (reason why Modi dislikes press conferences). Conversely most western authority figures will take time out to try and answer your critical questions (Trump attends almost all pressers even if critical questions are thrown at him). Since it is something which is a cultural construct even adult Indians turn out quite poor at critical thinking – they have never been exposed to that concept in their formative years. This is also the reason many scientific discoveries are pioneered by Westerners – critical thinking is essential if you have to change old ways and discover something new.
    The cure is simple. Everything that Modi (or any government for that matter) says should be assumed as lies unless proven otherwise. Look for evidence that he is lying – immediately you’ll start questioning the govt more and in that process be a more informed citizen.

    • We all have vested interest in supporting whom we support and we believe what we want to believe. That’s the truth.

    The Print which is not a print IS THE BIGGEST LIE….LIKE THE HINDU WHICH IS NOT A HINDU….!!

    The writer is confident that the ‘ migrant ‘ FIR of the congress has created the best impression….BUT WHO SAID first impressions are always the best..?

  132. “Shoe I am ” you STUPIDO . I grant that you are loyal to the family . All YOU corrupt ” journalist and jhollawallas ” are standing by me during this trying times . You are all much better THUGS than ITALIAN MAFIA. YOU must criticise the government and ensure that you shed crocodile tears for the poor . Remember to eat PASTA and pizza. Please do so from the SAFETY of posh residences of your illgotten wealth you made working as middlemen for my corrupt regime. Last but not the least MAMMAMIA.

  133. Mr Vij, I am actually worried about your health. You must be leaving a tortured life when nothing is going as per your wish and your team i.e modi-opposers are so weak. A suggestion. Start your own party and fight against Modi. Atleast you will be able to do everything, you are asking all these weakliings to do.

    • Infact the migrant crisis as little to do with BJP and more to do with ‘CON’-gress which has fooled people for almost 6 decades in slogan of ‘Garibi Hatao’ it has done more damage to India then Modi’s Communalism

    • Indeed. Shailesh, Bharatia, Sanjay and the rest are so frustrated, it shows in their desperate writing and bold words. Funny is the fact that the far right and brainwashed Hindus who are fuelling the Modi rollercoaster for 6 years now, are Actually from the elite middle class. So sorry that this is what their parents sent them to school for. They have glorified ignorance and stupidity. Common sense and logic are long extinct.

  134. Most of the articles i read on this platform is against bjp. I know that package is not that great what they told us but i find it much better to the scams done by previous government. In this time of crisis where the government is also under pressure what more can we expect from them!

  135. How do you manage to twist everything and portray a negative image of the country and the administration all the time?

  136. Every dog has its day. Lying repeatedly may have been mastered by the present dispensation ably supported by the media. We cannot redicule the opposition for each and every mistake of the government. People are not fools.They realise what is happening. But they have no option. They have to bear with what they have selected till the time gets matured.

  137. When Shivam Vij and the like minded team of journalists is there with The Print, how is it possible that Modi lies all the time? And how is it that opposition can not pick up cues from Shivam every time Modi lies and exposes such lies politically? If Shivam needs support, he ask Rand Corporation guys to do a report on Modi government similar to one they did on Putin and let some opposition party pay the bill.

    clearly, Shivam is so peeved with Modi (as is the case week after week) that he is just resorting to wild imaginations! It will be interesting to wait for next week when one more article comes up against Modi.

  138. Shivam Vij’s nonsensical opinion posts suggest that Modi haters are restless and having sleepless nights. All their propositions based on opinionated facts feed to manufacturing of fake stories and fake news. In YouTube videos Shekhar does the balancing act while his army of Modi haters do sinister job of creating hate propaganda against Modi, RSS and Hindus.

  139. You mean by lying even more blatantly, like your writing has deteriorated recently? What are you being paid by the corrupt relics of the dynasty to do their hatchet job?

  140. Your very opposition ruled states are taking money from labourers for their train rides. Look at what MH and Rajasthan are doing.

    • So the only migrants who paid for their fare were from opposition ruled states…

      But what about the “Sonia Gandhi will pay migrant train fares”… Wasn’t that a “lie”


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