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Indians are fighting against coronavirus and BJP IT cell is fighting against Indians

Amit Shah had once said BJP workers have the power to make anything go viral, even fake news. The IT cell is proving just that during a global pandemic.

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India is using all its resources to fight the deadly coronavirus. Hotels are being turned into hospitals. Trains are being converted into isolation wards. Leaders are becoming messengers. Police have taken the additional responsibility of keeping people inside their homes during the lockdown period. Opposition leaders are standing with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party to make sure that people follow the lockdown. All in all, India stands united. Except one group — the BJP’s IT cell.

In the midst of the Narendra Modi government’s war-like preparations to fight the coronavirus pandemic, the BJP’s IT cell continues to engage in spreading hate and misinformation. It seems that the IT cell has vowed to become an enemy of its own party and the country. Its troll armies have taken to the Covid-19 pandemic as if a Lok Sabha election was going on and they have to make sure the BJP wins, by hook or by crook.

In 2018, then BJP president and now Union home minister Amit Shah had said that his party workers are capable of delivering any message to the public. The BJP’s WhatsApp group has over 32 lakh subscribers. He recounted how an IT cell worker had once pushed a fake news about Akhilesh Yadav slapping his father Mulayam Singh, which went viral.

In his radio programme Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recounted several incidents over the years, marvelling every time how they would go viral on social Media. Both Modi and Amit Shah are very familiar with the idea, and the importance, of something going viral. So why is their IT cell not using its abilities to share with the masses correct and useful information on the ongoing health crisis instead of doing what it does best?

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What IT cell is doing now

The BJP’s IT cell head Amit Malviya is leading his pack from the front. Most of his tweets are ridiculous and hilarious. It appears that he wakes up every day with a mission to spread fake news. The resources of most websites involved in busting fake news are spent on misinformation that Malviya and his IT cell team spread when they could have been used to impart useful health-related information to deal with the ongoing pandemic that has locked more than a billion people inside their homes. Malviya’s Twitter timeline shows he isn’t much concerned about the coronavirus.

In February, when the whole world was figuring out ways to prepare for the coronavirus crisis, the BJP IT cell was busy telling people about the benefits of cow urine (gaumutra) and cow dung (gobar). WhatsApp groups were flooded with messages exhorting people to drink cow urine and lace their homes with cow dung; if they did that, the messages said, even coronavirus’ father wouldn’t dare come near them. Not only this, to make their propaganda seem credible and give it an Ayurvedic colour, they added basil and neem leaves. To attract the religious ones, a message was put out that if you light as many diyas as the number of sons you have, then the coronavirus will not come near you.

But what happened? By March, the coronavirus had spread to many parts of India. The number of cases started to double every five-six days. But for the BJP’s IT cell, which had until then been busy publicising US President Donald Trump’s rally and India becoming a ‘Vishwa Guru’, the pandemic was still a conspiracy by other countries. Until the Modi government announced a complete lockdown, the IT cell continued to mislead the public. It is quite possible that due to this propaganda, people also became casual and many stopped taking the situation seriously.

But it did not stop here. When Prime Minister Modi demanded a 14-hour Janata curfew and asked people to bang pots and pans, the IT cell spread the misinformation that the sound will dispel the threat of coronavirus. On Friday, when the PM asked the people to light diyas and candles “for nine minutes at 9 pm on Sunday”, the IT cell immediately started propagating the ‘scientific’ aspect of lighting diyas.

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The exodus of labourers

Even the poor, working-class labourers weren’t spared. After PM Modi announced the national lockdown with only four hours’ notice, thousands of labourers began walking home from different cities, hungry and without public transportation, to their villages hundreds of kilometres away. The Modi government has repeatedly asserted that the workers were given wrong information “that the lockdown would continue for more than three months” due to which this exodus happened. But who gave them this wrong information? Apart from the IT cell, no one is connected to the public on such a massive scale.

The rumour about the Delhi government planning to disconnect power connection in houses of migrant labourers if they stayed in the city further panicked them.

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Hitting the mother lode

And then came the Tablighi Jamaat. It was as if the BJP IT cell had struck gold. From the moment some coronavirus cases began to emerge among Muslims linked to Tablighi Jamaat, which had held a religious gathering in Delhi’s Nizamuddin Markaz in mid-march, the IT cell went into overdrive to shame the community and put the blame entirely on them — as if each Muslim in India was responsible for the foolishness of a group. The IT cell had been relentlessly targeting Muslims, even accusing them of “deliberately” spreading the coronavirus. There is no consideration for administrative lapse or behaviours common to all religions; it’s all hate.

Indians are fighting against coronavirus and the BJP IT cell is fighting against Indians on top of everything else it does, such as engaging in vendetta politics and spreading the daily dose of hate against India’s minorities. What can be achieved with this attitude? It is obvious that the well-equipped IT cell with deep pockets hates any semblance of peace in the country. The IT cell must be disbanded after every election because that is the only time when the BJP may claim any need of this machinery.

Not to say it isn’t so during polls, but beyond elections, everything the IT cell does makes it a permanent threat to Indians’ peace and security.

Views are personal.

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  1. The it cell is well entrenched biased and foolish entity but I know where they are coming from,Hinduism and terror by Paul,Jesus is saviour-hinduism.irg,Hinduism exposed-nastika mission,and rationalwiki-hindutva,aninews-hindu leader call for Christian death.its ur culture which is ruining your mind my boy.

    • What do you mean by your Culture ? Have you descended from the Moon, Mars or are a direct descendent of the Saudi Royal Family. You are just a Convert whose Forefathers by lure or fear accepted a foreign religion to save their lives or be in good books of the Invaders in the past. So what is your culture ? Turkish ? Malaysian ? Learn to differentiate between Religion, Traditions and Culture and also try to improve your knowledge, writing and Language skills while at it.

  2. Humans ! Stop fighting.The virus has shown you all your place.

    Silent reflection followed by energetic enthuistic action is the need of the hour.

    Mask your ego as well and join the army of silent workers

  3. Mr whatever you call yourself,

    Your line “…spreading the daily dose of hate against India’s minorities. ……” is a stupid biased comment which will furnish more anger in the “minority”. Please stop being a psuedo-secularist for the sake of bravo. The media and government allegations are solely pointing at the perpetrators who were flouting government orders (yes, I know your answer to this before you burst out) and the sheer infected numbers speak for themselves. Nobody, repeat, nobody has blamed the entire community per se. It has nothing to do with a certain community or as you say ‘minority’.
    Unfortunately – You are a perpetrator of hate, get some sense in your head please before you pour pepper on the wounds of the ‘minority’ so that they leash out against all and sundry. Twit.
    Regretfully, and it’s a damn pity, that people like you write articles to further worsen the situation between the two communities in question. Disgusting is the right word for your article.

  4. Does The print have any ethics of journalism.
    You, bloody substandard news channel creating a divide in the nation. Go to hell.
    Bloody shit.

  5. Writing this after going through several comments on article. Let’s begin.
    Disclaimer :I don’t subscribe to any political party. But I try to take down political workers masquerading the JOURNALISTS.

    1.Neutral media is a Myth. Everyone, I repeat everyone has an affiliation and agenda. Iam sorry to break it to you. If you don’t think so you are probably innocent or ignorant or idiot. Period.
    2. While there is an element of truth in the artical, it’s not complete. Picking up selected events spread over a considerable time line and extrapolating to the whole thing. For extralpolation the events picked up should be random. Moreover one can’t prove that the WhatsApp forwards are by one particular side. There is a possibility that the other side also may be doing to embarrass the former side.
    3 unfortunately all parties are guilty of this kind of actions. If one goes after Muslims others chase down any kind of hindu organizations expecially RSS. Hence this article can’t claim to be objective and unbiased.
    I can go on but that’s all for today. Ciao

  6. Writing this after going through several comments on article. Let’s begin.
    Disclaimer :I don’t subscribe to any political party. But I try to take down political workers masquerading the JOURNALISTS.

    1.Neutral media is a Myth. Everyone, I repeat everyone has an affiliation and agenda. Iam sorry to break it to you. If you don’t think so you are probably innocent or ignorant or idiot. Period.
    2. While there is an element of truth in the artical, it’s not complete. Picking up selected events spread over a considerable time line and extrapolating to the whole thing. For extralpolation the events picked up should be random. Moreover one can’t prove that the WhatsApp forwards are by one particular side. There is a possibility that the other side also may be doing to embarrass the former side.
    3 unfortunately all parties are guilty of this kind of actions. If one goes after Muslims others chase down any kind of hindu organizations expecially RSS. Hence this article can’t claim to be objective and unbiased.
    I can go on but that’s all for today. Ciao

  7. BJP thrives on illiteracy so BJP IT. Cell leader in fake news encashes the illiteracy with fake deshbhakti makes life easier for leaders in troubled times

      • YES…. we bongs are better and he may not be explicit but it is implied. In fact every time a bengali speaks this is what goes on in the mind of the non-bengali we can’t help it really 😀

    • Well said. We Indian should worry about this pendamic rather than spreading fake news resulting communal mishaps.

  8. If you are correct that BJP IT cell doing spreading wrongs, than if you have guts sue them in court. But All the good deeds information IT cell is giving is to create oneness and social awareness. And all mentioned items Gomoothra, Neem definitely have the powers to stop virus at beginning. It is part of Sanitization. Than what is wrong

    • Do u have proof? I give u a dare-drink gomutra 10 times a day and go out in public. If anybody stops you,tell them that you drank it.Let us see how many believe you.

  9. Why are personal views of an individual or an entity are being posted online by The Print so majority of its users and non-users can view them and make this their own business.

    Why are you guys always after BJP. All your articles are one-sided, everytime he does something good you guys are the only ones to follow it up with negations, why is that that whenever something good is said or done you guys have to be the one’s to put an article making it a joke.

    Get a new job guys, I can’t tell you to post anything as I am just an individual but just to get your own importance back, why not start posting a couple of positive things about Narendra Modi. Start with letting people know about the positive things he has done in the past 5-6 years along with all the negatives that follow him everywhere. It’s just that everytime you people write something it is to just negate one individual but what you guys don’t know is that you are in fact negating millions of people who voted for him to become our PM again.

  10. You are anti nationals and advocating the Jamaat culprits who conspired to mass infect India by the Pendamic virus. You are behaving like anti Indians. After all why not, you are being heavily paid for it. Best lack traitors.

  11. The Wire and The Print , both of these portal should be immediately banned in India.The wire is a very neutral and well informative print in US but not in India.
    For fake news in WhatsApp and tweeter like app there should very harsh punishment.

  12. Great article. Glad that someone wrote about this grave threat to peace and India. I’m confident that India will over come corona ( thanks to Surya bhagawan 🙏🏼 ), but BJP is the real virus threat of India. These guys are as corrupt as the previous governments, but their supports seem to be blind to these, just because they believe BJP is going to save them from the supposed mulsim threat. What Bhakts don’t realize is that the threat itself is manufacture by BJP. We cannot afford to have a government that seems to benefit from disharmony among communities. Jai Hind.

  13. Really you print people you should be kicked out of India, a bunch of rascals and and you are

  14. I don’t understand thes news ” The Print” just trys to provoke the india people against the government. In this time of crisis they should be covering something better then playing the blame game. Just provoking the peole to create a spark and earn is not enough. When has the print spoken good about the BJP led government , I clearly shows its just one sided news always can’t trust these media guys.

  15. The print… Aur NDTV…. Wah bhai wah…
    From where do you get all these rubbishes… BJP IT cell is not misleading… It’s you who are misleading.

    Come on now… Publish some proper news…

    It is not BJP who are splitting Muslims from Hindus, it’s you and your TRP greed…

  16. STOP painting a target on heads of Hindus. STOP spreading hate. Its is because of ‘journalists’ like you that people like Kamlesh Tiwari are murdered by islamic fanatics. It is because of people like you that muslims went crazy in Delhi and murdered dozens of Hindus.

    I reality, it is people like you who spread hate and misinformation who are enemy of all civilization. May Jamatis show you the same grace they showed lady doctors and nurses.

  17. The Print , will go to any extent to write ant-India articles to please their missionary godfathers. Some journals like Washington Post, New York Times etc., are reportedly paying 1500 dollars per 1000 words of ant-India articles. Perhaps, The Print is supplementing their revenue by this kind of false news.

  18. The BJP does not have to fight any fake news or vivid 19as our PM has,, ,Nitro Dhanyavad,, said the virus has left,, India is now free from the virus thanks Mr N Modifying, from tomorrow India is back on its feet , just waiting for the PM, s call,, if he dates do it

  19. This paper is run by anti nationals. This gang is only there to spread hatred for Hindus. Seems they are funded by congress and ISI.

  20. The print is the misleading misinforming and anti national by posting such stuff on its online version. Keep your personal view to yourself. Thank you and Namastey.

  21. The print is the misleading misinforming and anti national by posting such stuff on its online version. Keep your personal view to yourself. Thank you and Namastey.

  22. It is very unlucky that the IT cell of the ruling party is competing to cook and spread fake news while a pandemic is around us. It is more unlucky that a higher proportion of Indians believe and spread that news. Not only unlucky, but also it is very dangerous too. Remember that ‘Sathyameva Jayathe’ is our slogan. But unfortunately, the rulers themselves are becoming the largest source of fake news.

  23. So all those social media videos of skull-cap wearing individuals claiming Corona is Allah’s NRC, saying that we will now rule over India etc are also the BJP’s IT Cell’s doing? Why doesn’t The Print talk about them? Why do you tuck your tails between your mangy legs when it comes to reporting these social media posts?

  24. Who is saying
    We will not obey supreme court
    Prime minister
    Understand they want to break
    This country
    Talibaniyon your game is over
    Obey the law or perish

  25. I am a common Indian. I fight against fake news, rumors, anti nationals and the writers in media who is only negative. For me, BJP IT cell is fighting against such anti nationals and negatives.

  26. Print,wire guardian,Bbc,ndtv etc.. are all top mis information givers particularly against indian ruling govt.
    Unethical journalism paid media houses. They are no good to India. Ban these from Indian soil

    • Print, Wire, Guardian and BBC are voices of sanity. I would not include NDTV in that list.
      They expose fake news and pseudoscience propagated by the government, which should be doing the opposite.
      If you don’t have sense to read facts, stick to your mindless jingoistic cow urine recommending publications.

  27. Jyoti Yadav is a congressi propagandist who is sitting at home and fabricating lies. Kitne paise mile honge is kutiya ko desh par apni tatti uchanlne ke liye?

  28. The existing PM relief Fund contain the Congress President as a member of the funds by statute, a clever manoeuvre by the congress to keep a hold in the fund even if they are not in power. Hence just to get rid of the mischievous Congress a separate fund is made and in this fund no such condition is put, irrespective of any party.

    • Why bjp It cell head still not arrested for spreading fake news it’s really danjarous virus for India

  29. I not representing any group. Article is right for the people who are spreading a fake news. But being unbiased how one can say the first two case were being spread by the IT cell. If you have the proof why are you still waiting to file a complain for spreading a fake new. In the last scenario I think you should not defend the Tabalagis. We all can see the consequences of that ‘illegal’ gathering, everything has been in news. You can not say it is fake. Now you may categorize this as bhakt’s comment as it is not in your favor. this article can be categorize as a anti BJP as nowhere it mentions the decision of Janta confew or lockdown was a perfect step to fight against Covid-19 pandemic. Both central and State Government are trying best to control the situation, everyone should cooperate.

    • Could you Pl explain me how the Jamaat congregation which between March 13 to 15 was illegal when India was working normally in that time?

      • Delhi Govt. had issued an order 7 days ago prohibiting a gathering over 50 people. Even someone like you can understand that the Jamaat which had well over 2000 bearded hairy fanatics, was well over that.

  30. Absolutely spot on the it cell heading towards self destruction wait and watch its own down fall good job the print

  31. Another WhatsApp says NASA has approved the 9pm 9 minute thing by their research. Now I thought NASA is a space research agency. What NASA has gotta do with so many things ?

  32. India under Morarjee were enamoured of drinking own urine. Modijee substituted it with Gaumutra :–)

  33. The comments make for a more ‘interesting’ read than the article itself…
    One very surprising observation… If this same sort of article appeared a few years back… would as many people be ‘daring’ enough to fearlessly highlight ‘undesirable items’ in the ruling Government’s Agenda?
    So is this Progression or Regression?… Have some acquired the ability to ‘challenge’ the hereto seemingly ‘unchallengeble’? Is there an urgent need for a ‘corrective’ fear ‘re-inducing’ strategy.
    Think about it…

  34. Perfectly right…in today’s tough time,in d wake of fake,paid and godi media this article clearly reflects how brave & independent you are.
    A big round of applause.

      • I have news for you.
        You are an idiot.
        Now before you blabber, prove that this news is fake.

      • So you want everybody to prove that the Print is fake. In your opinion the Print has no obligation to prove itself right! This is a true Pappu mentality. You remember “chowkidar chor” canard?

  35. Let the Hitler come to power democratically .the gobels is inevitable.History is repeating itself .The Islamic virus is overestimated .Itis just 15 corores.but the more dangerous saffron hindutva virus than the corona is,50corores exactly now think who is overpowering.Let them fight corona will certainly win over them and in the end the green and saffron viruses will be distributed by the humanity .

  36. To save the country from a divided country, at this time of National crisis, BJP IT cell should also observe total lockdown and IT Cell head Amit should be sent on leave

  37. Our so called secular infact sic’ular media always hides fact from the people about the atrocities committed by the fanatic Muslims thinking they will ultimately change with the time and telling about their pigheadedness will sow hatred in Hindus. But despite all mollycoddling and cajoling they do not change but only increase their pigheadedness every time and in every issue. When they are showing stubbornness in these challenging times as from the news coming from all over India about flouting lockdown why it should be hidden from everyone. If they being infected can keep the infection amongst them we would not give a damn, but that will be not the case. Their mentality is since Modi has told them to wash hands after defecating they would say” नही हम तो चाटेंगे”. We all know how they are misbehaving with doctors and specially nurses who are treating them. Why such demonic behavior should not be reported? I congratulate the BJP IT cell for showing us the true face of these demons.

  38. Even though BJP is short sighted, devoid of economic principles, they are keen on religious fanaticism. So, the opposition should not only to support the Govt but be careful of their parties MP/MLAs defection and stability of their Govts keeping an eye on the BJPs drama. Now, at this critical situation, they are concerned about their part of agenda, fully enjoying the 10% quota relaxing age to forward communities. That will be beneficial to brahmins. But in other community quotas, un filled vacancies are kept in backlocks. So also, the economic packages are mostly not from the exchequer but from bank sources. They are not still opened any packages on research to fight coronavirus. The Govt should immediately organise AYUSH committee for discussion on use of available medicines to control the virus spread, as our country has lot of Siddha like medicine from neem to turmeric even cowdung as antibiotic.

  39. There is some hope left in true journalism with few portals print is one among them who dares to highlight the facts in the interest of country and its people ,this is very difficult job under the present sceenerio, the main media is sold out, this is the defeat of democracy, were all constitutional pillars are gained over or blackmailed by the ruling party there is no constitutional authority Functioning independently they are under tremendous pressure to toe the BJP ideology throwing our constitution into dustbin, our country’s social fabric has been destroyed, the economy has been destroyed completely no future for young generations this has created chaos among the people don’t know what to do, our opposition parties have collapsed to safeguard the constitution, because they did not allow young talents to infuse energy that is the reason this country is paying the price under this autocratic government.

  40. The Print s top management is requested to undertake the impartial study of its readers profile. Most of them not sloganeering crowd that come out on roads to cheer their leaders who-so -ever brandish or distributes Rs. 500/ notes and bottles produced in factories of Mallyas of India. Most of them are here to read some informative articles on current political happening . They want to listen to both side of every story. They do not need pamphlets of a particular political parties. They immediately understand the road on which a political commentator is plying his automotive. It would be better if you use and employ some non-partisan retired bureaucrats, Professors of imminence ,armed forces veterans to write informed articles.Then you will be able to keep your presence intact. Otherwise Google Baba is their to give readers a big choice . Please write for your readers .Old habits are difficult to change. In the meanwhile, You can increase the share of articles by experts and allow your partisan journalists to enjoy their glasses of whisky for longer hours.

  41. Fact is SM has made MSM irrelevant.All these years MSM has been busy furthering anti Hindu agenda.It has met its match in these IT cells of BJP and other sister organisations.Rather than criticising these cells MSM should introspect about its attitude to Hindu society and Hindu values.

  42. We Indian should learn to live peacefully irrespective of religion, caste or creed or else we will be destroyed by ourself.

    The politican or political party are not interested in welfare of the people they only want power for their benefits and you die or you live they are not at all concern.

    I dont see many politician in this time of Covid-19 they should had been on the road like other essential services helping specially poor and hungry people.

    This is the Clever strategy of the ruling class by circulating fake news where people attention is diverted from the main issues.

  43. It’s true. BJP is full of venom and they only want to spread this hatred and violence towards minorities .

  44. Very rightly Said Mr author of the article. These two gentlemen leading the nation are misleading the whole nation, bhakts are included, I doubt the wellbeing of the Indian populace under the rudder less ship governed by feku navigators.

  45. The whole article is based on facts. She’s writing about some people romoting urine and shit as cure for viral deseas. There can be logic here too. A cow eats grass and wild plants and drinks water from nullah or gutter and thus ingests billions of various types of microorganisms including viruses. This must be producing antibodies in cow’s body. These must be getting expelled in urine and gobar. What geniuses work in the BJP IT cell. They should also consider dogs, cats, donkeys and ofcourse the humble goats which gives ready made palletised shit easy to use. World Food and water problem solved with gobar and urine.
    Many of the above comments have come from people who can write in English, what our indian education is producing – immature minds. No application of logic or ability to view things from different angles or introspection. Fixed view point, we cow urine people are right all others are wrong.

  46. Truth is indigestible to modi bakths , why dont they do some self analysis what is true and what is false. I think they have lost their sense of analysing what is true

  47. A great salute as opened the masks of this IT cells…….a time will come, definitely, people knew everything…..they themselves disappear.

  48. Dilip Bhalerao. and others like you Shame on you. Critising the the jouranalist who bring out the truth unlike ur bikao Arnab. Ask yourselves(It cell of BJP) what good are you doing to the nation. Just for the sake of a few rupees dividing the nation. What good can be expected from people like you all. The nation is going through tough times. Instead of fighting this this disease together spreading the fake news of Tabligi Jamaat people. Where were your leaders sleeping when the other nationals entered our country. They were all having parties with Kanika Kapoor. Is this your leadership? Since the time this communal BJP has come to power what good have they done to the nation? Retrospect before you point out to others. Open ur eyes and see how many muslim brothers are helping out to people who are in need irrespective of religion. Shame on you!! Have some humanity. “Sudhar jao yaaron”.

  49. Mr.Amit Shah

    Probably, he does not know what
    discipline means.

    If you have a elected / appointed
    Leader, you should obey his
    Command, is the rule of Law
    World Over.

  50. theprint and the wire is also spreading negativity at time when everyone in fighting unitedly they are trying to divide kabhi diya ya mombatti ko diwali se jod kar to kabhi grid fail hone ka dar paida karke ( theprint & thewire
    BJP ka virodh aur congress ke saath sadev)

  51. Critics must in democracy. Those who oppose are of the same paid team. Now that there are no elections the resources are diverted.

  52. Very good article Bjp iT wing always spread falsehd fabricated news views of RSS and its politcs dvisive d hatred it soulf be banned for d sake of d nation truth always triumphs

  53. Not one word by mother and her son and daughter or AK AGAINST Tablig but CONGRESS SUPPORTERS are spewing venom against BJP. SO PLEASE KNOW WHERE THEIR SYMPATHY AND VOTE BANK LIES

  54. Amit Malaviya has been caught out making fake videos 19 times by and other fact check sites but no case filed against him. He is most dangerous virus and should be locked up so that no more divisive agenda is created by his IT cell.

  55. It is not whether one article is good or bad, ultimately what a matured journalism or IT cell of any political outfit must aim for is
    ” National Unity and Mutual respect for each other” Please listen to Sri SN Goenka’s speech given in the UNO.
    Our words (spoken or written) must be for peace and stability.

  56. We are heading backward I guess old policy divide and rule..If these news are true then God’s judgement is upon them..
    Every soul is important.

  57. Hello, JY, u concentrate on progressive issue which would benifit the country. If there was not lockdown . Maszid lockdown of 8000 terrorist mindset, ruthless, headless chicken would have been lynched. You bloody shut your mouth.

  58. This article is nothing but a textbook example of what poor journalism is. If the author of this article is claiming to be one. There is no basis for the deduction that any of the things that the author mentioned have originated from the IT cell handle or Amit Malviya’s handle. Similarly, don’t know how the author has arrived at the conclusion that all of this is against Indians. The author Will do well to do some exercises is logical reasoning. Throughout the entire article, there is one tweet of Amit Malviya which is referenced while many accusations are thrown about. Also it is interesting to see that people still live under the impression that every nationalistic post on social media is directly controlled by BJP’s IT Cell. Good for BJP and its IT cell -:)

  59. Modi resorted to lockdown in haste to counter steps taken by non bjp state chief ministers against corona. Many of the non bjp states had already declared lockdown before centre, now enforcing 3 weeks lockdown without planning bjp is only taking the credit for taking bold decision but all the ill effects and hardship to the citizen are being not highlighted by the opposition and media.

  60. As if no other party, or religious groups are not doing this. Funny you don’t have the guts to do the same article about others though. I think even this article is fake propaganda to malign BJP!

  61. Boycott Print… misleading and biased news against India. Spread lie in your own country. Indians dont want your fake news.

  62. Nowadays there are lies every where and no room for truth, great job done by the print. Time will come when the truth will be revealed by the almighty.

  63. Even Rahul Gandhi who would have been justified in telling Modi ‘I told you so’ is keeping politics aside.. Imagine if Modi was the opposition leader in his place.. how he would have milked the situation?!! How loudly he would have shouted!

    that the BJP is so narrowly focused on power, is the reason we are in this mess.. protective equipment manufacturers say they were waiting for 5 weeks to place the order.. but Modi and his party were so busy with MP and other political agendas, they failed to act!

    Sure the TJI did something stupid.. but what does their religion have to do with it? so many others did that too.. Christians in Italy.. if the Ram Navami Mela was scheduled for March 20, it would have taken place, because Nakli Yogi Adityanath cancelled it only on 21st. And the TJI event started on Match 13.. after the Janata Curfew, half the people left – 1500.. when the lockdown was announced, they didn’t get time to move, and respecting the order they stayed in place.

    The IT Cell is just trying to divert people’s attention from the fact that Modi had turned out to be the original Pappu!!

  64. I think the writer of this article is from tabligi jamat…Hiding his fault n blaming others….#biojihad

  65. What bjp it cell will describe for invitations of 1500 attendies in MP in which 11 persons r being infected by corona virus and second incident of gathering of people in temple for worship on Ram Navmi in Bengal

  66. A bull shit article…do not have to guts to write about tabhliki jamaat and al- quaida relations..just criticising bjp for no reason..

  67. Great Work…
    Print & some Independent journalism are the only hope to save the fourth pillar of our democracy.

  68. Shekhar Kapoor & his company seems terribly unwell at this point of time.There is complete sinister design by The Print to discredit & cause severe damage to the integrity to Modiji & BJP.But sorry your commercial interests are far behind the nation’s ptrsent agony.You stand exposed ,your timing is wrong.Better luck next time.

  69. What bjp it cell will describe for invitations of 1500 attendies in MP in which 11 persons r being infected by corona virus and second incident of gathering of people in temple for worship on Ram Navmi in Benga

  70. It’s part and parcel of the job of BJP IT cell to spread misinformation and fake news as true among the Bhakts , also the Godi Media is eveready to propoganda the fake news for BJP all over the country , people are so blind that even when the truth is brought forward , they refuse to accept it , well three cheers to BJP IT cell.

    • There are lot of other truths which you refuse to acknowledge like Pandit exodus, temple destruction, eroding constitutional rights of Hindus.When you talk about this issue we may consider talking about your issue

  71. Yes all you BJP brainless fools…. drink cows urine and you might as well drink my urine too…. eat my shit as well Coronas grandfather also won’t come near you… And the way you idiots back up your bullshit with science is just mind boggling…. a rise in 9 degrees won’t do shit to a virus you fools…. the more and more I see these Sangi idiots boasting the more more I lose confidence in India becoming a developed country…. SMH

  72. I am not sure of what the IT cell of BJP can do or can’t. I am sure though that the author is not completely right. Much of the author’s writing seems more of personal views than facts.

    Would cow urine or dung cure you from Corona??? I know not… But, I have seen a friend of mine undergo cow urine therapy for his colon cancer and stabilize for some time atleast when he was totally written off..

    It’s best not to make fun of certain things without ascertaining facts. All said and done, one’s faith in some thing is something that can’t be questioned! Even the best of the allopath or his scientifically proven system can do nothing if any patient lacks faith in it.

  73. Yes, Modi IT Cell is working more than what they are paid…….. Our citizens are fooled by this group as they pose as common people.

  74. Totally biased and a stupid article without any background knowledge. Written in pure frustration rather than aiming to provide useful information. The comments before mine also summarise this morons’ IQ, who so ever has written it.

  75. Yes, Modi IT Cell is working more than what they are paid…….. Our citizens are fooled by this group as they pose as common people.

  76. Even a false said loudly is believed to be true. This IT’s monkers are aware about the same and as such irrespective of its consequences on the society and humanity does not stop to spread falsehood among the people and the society more particularly among the citizens. Honesty and truthfulness can build the nation and the mankind. The IIT ians should understand if u practice this type of falsehood u are not only damaging the society at large but showing a path to your next generation which will remember you for….

  77. Even a false said loudly is believed to be true. This IT’s monkers are aware about the same and as such irrespective of its consequences on the society and humanity does not stop to spread falsehood among the people and the society more particularly among the citizens. Honesty and truthfulness can build the nation and the mankind. The IIT ians should understand if u practice this type of falsehood u are not only damaging the society at large but showing a path to your next generation which will remember you for….

  78. BJP under Mr Modiji and Mr Amitshahji have done a wonderful job in controlling the virus.Some vicious people did try to block efforts of recovery by Indians. Always goodness and patriotism will win .India under Modiji is secure always

    • What is the good job you are referring to. Fortunately India, unlike US & Europe is a country with negligeble % of immigrants particularly Chinese. Also, in our country we don’t socialise much in crowds which again is at our advantage. We also had mire than 4 weeks to prepare ourselves for this pandemic vs other affected countries. Now come yo testing part & you know how badly we are doing on testing, worse than Pakistan. And on taking care of poor/marginalised and protecting their livelihood our govt failed miserably with zero tangible actions. I request you to share one tangible thing Modi has done in last 3 weeks except announcing lockdown with 4 hour notice when opposition was asking for this from 1st week of March. Every thing is for improving his personal ratings thru gimmicks & giving colour of majority religious traditions for what ever he is doing and publicising it thru IT cell.

  79. Today I got to know how biased you are,gotta unsubscribe your channel,yeah part of it like goumutra and all such shameful acts done by a few illiterates,I do agree,but blaming A party without any rational backing is shameful. If your stubborn mind can’t cover the entire story, don’t play such a stupid part to mislead the masses with an 1-D approach

  80. Your article is in extremely bad taste. Young lady lend a helping hand to the nation, rather than spewing hatred. May God give you good sense, which seems totally lacking in you.

    • The writer smacks of bias and prejudice. She shamefully argues that all misinformation are afloat in public owing to BJP IT cell. The workers from Delhi were planned to be thrown out of Delhi by AAP and its muslims wing as all were Hindus and running in lakhs. The news was spread by them that 1000 buses are ready to take them as was narrated by workers themselves. They have not been provided water and food and it was HM who asked AAP why the fund provided is not being used to provide food? Only then some gestures came out. In the country the public is seeing how best and unprecedented help and management BJP Govs are doing to all people. How are RSS & VHP too are distributing food pakts etc in each nook and corner. Of all Indian States , Yogi is doing unprecedented and wonderful works. He is doing yeomans service in each part and also putting nodal officers in each State for UP people there. Public is no longer fool or blind and they are seeing and experiencing what PM, Shah, and all BJP Govs are doing. They do not need any certificate from vested interest writer like the present and the Print for BJP invaluable help and excellent management across the country. The writer seems pretty bankrupt in her conscience and devoid of any poignant idea and worthy conclusions. Quite shameful article indeed!

  81. Maximum comments are coming from these son of corona Sanghi’s,because they cannot digest truth.
    Their all predictions comes from NASA directly, because there are big connection between Moot and Gober.

    • Just like camel came on donkey from Arabia.You can also go on flying donkey to moon.Even I will convert to this modern religion.Seeing jamaat I can imagine now how characterless person pub was

  82. Bjp and it’s it cell is playing with the lives of Indians. The are spreading hates among communities which is more dangerous than COVID 19. This article appeay the best.

  83. Print….take a break.,..look at your country n comment n print on dat please….leave India n our PM alone!!! Take a walk ..n do not come back!!!

  84. Seeing at the comments on the page I understand the reason for the article.. Seems like some people think that saying somethings or anything again and again would make it truth.. Any party with an IT Cell should be responsible, else it’s not too far they lose their so called following..

  85. Print is again at it what it does best. Serving it’s masters and bashing BJP. It’s a rubbish article.

  86. What’s your problem mr wire any of your brain would have been disconnected plz check v have elected 354 MPs to make laws not for 51 so plz shut your asshole

  87. Modiji’s decision of total shut down ofIndia to control covid19 without required ground work and deliberation will one day prove to be very unpopular and incorrect like his decision of demonitisation; his good intentions notwithstanding. We fail to understand why he did not take states and Indian expert doctors and virologists in to confidence before hurrying to declare corona virus as epidemic for India necessitating total shut down for a long 21 days.Unless he makes some course correction at the earliest viz : reduce the duration of shut down as death rate is abnormally low in Indian perspective and high rate of recovery in patients amidist aabysmal mismanagement in takeling the problem : his popularity with common men will surely nosedive in coming days.

  88. Since the election of this bjp india has committed itself for self destruction. While the world is possesed into electing idiots as tgeir leaders it draws a bleak picture of the future. Even in this difficult times when unity is important to save the mankind,our media seeks to target certain groups by blame game in order to ignite racial tensions and not only that even the leaders spew venom to keep the charge within their lawless armies. I am lucky that i do not live in this slow dying democracy
    Where one admired the culture of a great civilisation being destroyed on a religious matter rather then colour.

  89. Wonderfully written…RSS is innately anti-national..whatever they do there is divisive agenda…

    • You are antinational you criminal. Go and lick the boots of Islamic jihadists. RSS is an patriotic organization, got it you Islamic atankwadi.

  90. Idiots write like this. They don’t find fault with tblig meeting. If anyone question it they become non secular, shame on his part. Why can’t he advice Muslim people to come forward at testing center’s for check up

    • Why most of the Hindus are hiding in thier homes? Why dont they go for the test? Hindus were too gathered at several places at that time and I know lot of people there were from foreign. You just love to hate Muslims. Get well soon. Bhakt.

  91. The concern authority should take strict action for any one who spread fake news irrespective from any sector from A to Z.
    From Media to Politicians and from politicians to common people.
    Fact hai
    Jagoo mere pyare Hindustani Jagoo
    Abhi nahi to kabhi nahi

  92. Good article. Much needed news of the hour. Those who are saying that these are personal views, please look at how republic tv’s Arnab Goswami is propagating personal views always and trying to shut down people from making statements in his show.

  93. All The Bias and Fake News Exposed in one article. Leaders of Which Party talk about any community like these BJP Hate Mongering Leaders Do. I am surprised No indian questions this.

  94. BJP and its allies are taking India to the medieval age, there’s no doubt about it. BJP IT Cell is full of communal people lead by Amit Shah & Group.

  95. What happening with print? Have main authors are in home and left stupid articles to be written by Interns?

  96. Shame on you Print and your so called whoever the journalist is for printing news against India and being and Indian…

  97. Lol anyone reading this, this is just a glorified user post, no true journalism. Read the address, there is this /opinion/, another angry liberandu lmao

  98. everyone knows theprint credibility which is known for fake news…chor ko sab chor nazar aate hai

  99. Indians are fighting against corona except the Indian born pieceful Arab community which is waging corona jihad from within against India and Indians.

  100. Not a single bit of evidence to back her claims. Obviously written in frustration. The intention is to deflect attention from you know what?

  101. This article has been written by a journo with an agenda, refusing to see the writing on the wall. More over at this juncture the writer should focus on more significant events. Today, I heard an Italian doctor who justified timely actions by Modi govt against covid 19. The doctor was talking from personal experience in Italy and with reference to US. Journo ki sui abhi bhi Modi and BJP par atki hui hai while the whole world is appreciating timely actions taken by the Indian govt in their fight with corona. Behna, jaago,utho samay ki pukar hai, rise to the occasion and apna journalism ka dharm nibhao. The print should avoid publishing personal views of journos.
    Modi bashing men andhe mat ho jao desh ka mood samjho. Ok tell me, nizamuddin se nikale logon nen 34 percent corona cases badhae hain ki nahin? Kya ismen The Print ko koi agenda najar nahin aata?

  102. This is such a poor attempt at journalism. Did the author pass Bachelors with the minimum grade?

  103. They are telling the truth which you all so called secularist not dare to say. You only blame RSS and allied but you never saw 92 years old organisation TABLIGHI. What it does, from where they get funds, what is their moto, etc. RSS always worked in national crisis. Which other religious organization doing so? Stop helling Hindus and don’t overlook what muslims are doing to health workers in Indore, Delhi, Maharashtra. Out of 2090 cases so far 1023 are of Tablighi. Central and State governments are doing their best to control Corona and tablighies fleeing from quarantine.

  104. Such a biased article, the writer didn’t care to show the trends fired from the other side, she conveniently ignored it when there are several such tweets against Modi, RSS, BJP, Ramdev, Temples, etc daily sometimes tweeting over 100,000 tweets

  105. BJP IT cell r a notorious lot. Masters in spreading fake news. Only aandh bakhts feel happy.

  106. Libtards. pseudo secus and assorted Khan market types are running like headless chickens!!
    NOTE: the leftist liberals (the older bunch) are shitting their pants since the virus preys on the elderly — all of them seem to have come in support of the 3 week shutdown. JAAN SABKO PYAARI HAI!!!

  107. The print is clearly the most Pro-Muslim and Anti-India media agency the nation has ever seen. Thank you for posting only Half-Truths all the time.

    • you shoud have better said print is desh drohi.and as such print should be banned for being pro muslim and being snti national as per your wisdom

      • Sorry Sajid if I hurt your feelings. We both agree that it is the most Anti-India press agency and works to instigate the people of India. It doesn’t deserve any attention.

        • Then why are you paying so much attention?!

          It must hurt to learn that your master Modi is the asli Pappu!!

  108. How to stop this juggernaut called BJP? Armed with money and a huge IT cell, it has a strangle hold on the masses and is controlling the narrative. God save the republic.

  109. Economy is already collapsed pre carona Bjp government is failed on all fronts In the history of India this government name will be written in black words

  110. what the hell was that are you mad. Is this an article or some lies on paper. Get some tips from Arvind Kejriwal regarding politics and opposing the government. You are pathetic than even Jawaharlal.

  111. And the jehadi media is suffering from verbal diahorria. This paper along with wire, and some other ones will leak swine’s butt if Modi forbids them to do this. This has become a gang of anti national people.

  112. मुझे आश्चर्य होता है जब सामने का देखा,कुछ लोगो के लिए अनदेखा हो जाता है।
    पत्र कारिता का कर्म सत्य वाचन है।
    बीजेपी आई टी सेल देश से लड़ रहा है,तब्लीगी देश प्रेम कर रहे हैं।
    इंदौर,मधुबनी, मुजफ्फरनगर, कन्नौज़ आदि जगहों में प्रेम गीत ही गाए जा रहे हैं।
    सारे लोग , चाहें बौद्धिक ही क्यों ना हो, सब बीजेपी के मूर्ख है।
    और आप विद्वान से परे महा विद्वान!!!

  113. Intriguing.

    At forst glance it looks like a thinly veiled attempt by an obscure greenhorn journo to attain fame and credibility by bashing the BJP IT Cell.

  114. Running agenda can be learnt from author and not from bjp. I checked all your articles and finds all of them against bjp. Have you ever praised bjp?? Don’t tell me that there is nothing to praise.
    Don’t wanna tell that there is IT cell in Congress and AAp too. They are also doing the same. If you have guts them tell the whole truth and not the half truth. ,

    • is there anything that njp has done praiseworthy see what i fia has become during the last six years should we praise it doing riot hindu muslim hatred lynching . sna tching jobs of of million and millions of people . maming mess of economy .slreadi g anarchy in the coutry mske it one of the most danerous country in tbe world the list is long

      • You need to do introspection truth cannot be hidden by fake narrative what was Shahin Bagh Jamia and JNU where Muslims demanded Azadi and Jinna wali azadi and take history of communication riots in India 99.999 have happenedin Muslim majority areas also the basic ie Quran preaches hate and violence against against non-muslims

    • If you have guts speak the truth. Bjp spoiled the nation and all institutions and blaming congress for 70 year development. Can you tell the nation what is the hidden agenda of PM cares fund as a charitable trust wben PM Relief fund is already there fir decades? How long BJP will cheat the people? Can you tell the nation why yogi was in ayodhya when nation was locked down? Does he respect PM?

  115. While the whole of India is busy fighting the dreaded virus, Ms. Yadav is busy defaming, vilifying and denigrating the BJP. For her and others of her ilk, peddling their dubious ideology and agenda is the first and foremost prerogative.

  116. The Print must avoid presenting personal views of any author. This is not journalism at all. the author is as biased and as misinformed as any. Please avoid these jokers.

  117. As per it cell everything is certified by NASA, even the supernatural powers of gaumutra and gobar. Why this NASA fixation.?

    • That’s how trolling works. You take a source that has name recognition but has nothing to do with the issue at hand (NASA deals with physics, space and engineering sciences, not medical), and see how many take the bait. A lot of the masses in India know of NASA by name but not really much else, and they serve as easy bait. If you do know and speak out, they have the perfect excuse to call you a liber***u and dismiss you. It’s a win-win.

    • Let the Hitler come to power democratically .the gobels is inevitable.History is repeating itself .The Islamic virus is overestimated .Itis just 15 corores.but the more dangerous saffron hindutva virus than the corona is,50corores exactly now think who is overpowering.Let them fight corona will certainly win over them and in the end the green and saffron viruses will be distributed by the humanity .

    • Sir, I differ.

      It does not take courage to write nowadays.

      You think that Modi will send CBI after Yadav because of this stupid trashy article?

      What will she be scared of while writing?

      • “Even a false said loudly is believed to be true” IIT’ ians well aware of the same has chosen a social media platform to spread it without there being any authenticity and people blindly believe it, that is the fate of our country. If the same is continued u will build a house now but future generations will lose much in terms of honestly, truthfulness. humanity etc…

      • IT cell trolls ofcourse.. Doxxing her threating her.. You think the Prime Minister of India (the greatest Democracy in the world ) will sully his hand ??? Ofcourse no, He has got his army of trolls to do that.. And honestly they do a pretty good job

  118. The normal presumption in economics is that if something is being produced, there must be a demand for it. Think of the endeavours of the IT cell as the icing on the cake of performance and delivery.

    • Do u know what Conscientiousness is, Sir ?

      Less educated people who wanna do the right thing for, and not GET STUPID RIGHTS ONLY are who consume their content.

      Which Tactical force is optimal ? War is war.

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