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In Ladakh, like in Doklam, China must learn to deal with the assertive Indian soldier on LAC

By building roads right up to the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, India is changing the rules of the game that China has been unilaterally playing all these years.

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Are the Chinese taking revenge for the 2017 Doklam stand-off in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh?

Over the last fortnight, as Indian and Chinese soldiers beat each other up at a remote, god-forsaken site in the eastern part of the Union Territory, which also saw action during the 1962 border conflict, the world has speculated why Asia’s largest nations are squabbling in this unseemly way.

Here are five reasons why India and China are locked in a fresh ‘battle’ at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in this part of Ladakh.

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Changing times

First, because the world – read, the US – is exhausted with the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, China thinks it won’t be challenged in Hong Kong — where it recently announced new security legislation — Taiwan or Ladakh. Except, the Americans are fighting back, blacklisting an additional 33 Chinese firms for trying to access US technology, while the Senate last week passed a bill delisting Chinese companies.

Second, China is determined to expand influence in South Asia. Nepal’s recent act of releasing a new map showing disputed Lipulekh, Limpiyadhura and Kalapani as part of its territory is being widely seen in Delhi as Nepal Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli’s attempt at rebalancing the time-tested “roti-beti” relationship with India in favour of Beijing. None other than Chinese ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanqi is said to be behind this move.

Third, Beijing is smarting from being forced to return to the status quo in Bhutan’s Doklam plateau in 2017, after India moved its troops to stop Chinese soldiers from building a road that could have potentially compromised Indian security.

Four, on the eve of Health Minister Harsh Vardhan’s election as Chairman of the World Health Organisation’s Executive Board, India supported 62 other nations in moving a resolution that called  for an independent investigation into the WHO’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and the zoonotic origins of the coronavirus. The Ladakh face-off is said to be a warning shot to India to be careful in allying with Western nations like the US and Australia.

Five, the Chinese have been building border infrastructure for decades, all along the contested 4,206-km-long boundary from Ladakh in the west to Arunachal Pradesh in the east, making it easy for Chinese armour to roll across these highways if the need arises.

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A road got built, and China was put off

But when India took a leaf out of China’s book — by starting construction work on a feeder road that would connect with the road built last year from Darbuk-Shyok in Galwan Valley to the historic site of Daulat Begh Oldi in eastern Ladakh — Chinese soldiers saw red.

The Darbuk-Shyok-Daulat Begh Oldi road was rightfully hailed as an achievement. For several years, Indian soldiers had been thwarted by the fast-flowing Shyok river; but last year, the engineering corps managed to throw a bridge over the Shyok, immediately opening up access to Daulat Begh Oldi.

A road built by India between Durbuk and Daulat Beg Oldi in eastern Ladakh (representational image) | Photo: ANI
A road built by India between Durbuk and Daulat Beg Oldi in eastern Ladakh (representational image) | Photo: ANI

The importance of these new roads is that they have been built right up to the LAC; in fact, they run right along the LAC’s alignment in these parts. This is a far cry from the bad old days when it took several days for military help to reach in case of a face-off with Chinese soldiers.

That’s why the Chinese are angry in Ladakh. These days, when a Chinese PLA soldier looks through his binoculars, he spies the tents of Indian soldiers — on the other side of the LAC. Now, he must share the never-ending sky with them.

The great game in inner Asia is changing. The Silk Road town, Daulat Begh Oldi, is today an Indian military base, located just 8 km south of the Karakoram Pass, an all-weather route built by China for its all-weather friend and ally Pakistan.

It is also the highest airstrip in the world. It saw action during the 1962 conflict with China and was upgraded in 2008 to allow Russian-made An-32 planes to land and the much-larger US-made C-130J Super Hercules transport aircraft five years later.

And when the Darbuk-Shyok-DBO road was thrown open last year — merely two years after Doklam — allowing a brigade-strength of 3,000 Indian soldiers to be deployed right along the LAC, a sense of accomplishment was apparent in South Block.

The 1962 conflict is buried far too deeply for present-day politicians to experience emotions like humiliation. But as China not just grew in the intervening decades, but galloped and raced ahead on every socio-economic indicator in comparison to India, a sense of both fatalism as well as competition took clear shape.

Then came Doklam. India’s intervention on behalf of another country, Bhutan, laid to rest the ghost of another failed adventure in another country – Sri Lanka in 1990. It also took the sheen off China’s hubris as the second most powerful power in the world.

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Demarcating though stand-offs 

The problem with the ongoing face-off in Ladakh is that because the LAC is undemarcated, it’s not clear whether the Chinese are intruding into “Indian” territory or not. Both China and India have a claim line; both have their own perceptions of where the LAC is.

The blame for this lack of geographical clarity must be placed on China’s door. For 17 years, the Chinese have stalled the mechanism of the special representatives set up to discuss the boundary dispute in 2003, when then-Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee went to China. There has been no progress at all – or if there is, it has not been made public.

Beijing has resisted even exchanging maps on the Western sector, which encompasses the current site in Ladakh, as well as in the Eastern sector, which includes Arunachal Pradesh.

Maps have only been exchanged in the Middle Sector – incorporating the region in Uttarakhand where Lipulekh lies, but which the Nepalis, China’s new best friend, have now claimed in a new map.

You get the niggling feeling that the Chinese don’t want to settle the boundary issue with India, a country they perceive to be much poorer and far weaker. They don’t like the fact that Indian soldiers are ready to stand their ground, in Doklam and in Ladakh.

So, are the Chinese taking revenge for Doklam in the Galwan valley of Ladakh? One thing is clear: In both places, Indian soldiers have quietly asserted themselves and claimed the high moral ground.

Views are personal.

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  2. First of all india fought more wars than these Chinese,they last fought in 1962,and also they don’t have any armed organization’s or intruders inside their country,meanwhile after 1962,india fought three major wars and till date indian army is having fights with the terrorists and all which makes the Indian army more experienced and more active than those chinese.just like a boxer who trains himself 24×7 for so many years and never does a fight inside the ring ,the Chinese are just showoff and nothing else.

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  10. Nepal has neutral stance to both China and India. Both are our neighbours . We r a sovereign nation . Don’t make us look like servant of either. Recently India has loads of things against us Nepalese. When we don’t say anything against India we r good but when we fight for our rightful things we r traitors? Why is India having border disputes with all it’s neighbours coz you guys encroach. The said land of kalapani lipulekh was allowed to have Indian army stationed by our then king as India asked if they can have it for their border security. Then king allowed stationing of Indian army then which was India is saying it was theirs to begin with. We do have roti n beti relation with India in south. But we do have similar relation with China on north albeit less. But please respect Nepal as well. We may b small but we r not subservant.

    • Who encroached to whose territory? Read the the Sugouli Treaty of 1816 carefully, then 1865 final resolution as part of Sugouli Treaty. In 1865 British and Nepali Monarch came to the conclusion that the western Indo,- Nepal border would be where watershed flows to Kalapani river and not the headway to Kalapani river. Since then up to 1947 and from 1947 uptillnow the area under dispute is under India’s possession. Often you people cite Sugouli Treaty of 1816, but do not mention the next resolution with Nepal’s Monarch in 1865.

  11. India should avoid two front war………….IAF will not exist 48 hours in a such a scenario !!!!

    • To fight with India, China has to mobilize 8 times more force to defeat India, as China has to mobilize all its force and air attack through the inhospitable terrain of Himalayan range. Strategically India is in a much better position than China. In sea front also if India thinks it can block Malacca strait to block Chinese fleet to move to Indian ocean.

  12. Expected better than this from Ms. Malhotra. Chinese have intruded at 4 places according to ‘The Print’ itself. Could they have done this is the Indian soldier had been assertive?

  13. India should initiate a surprise and a major all-out two-front war in the very near future with whatever resources it has. Arrogant China knows that the rest of the world is weak and distracted and therefore using this opportunity to expand its influence and territory. India should scuttle China’s plans by giving China a bloody nose with everything India has got. Whether India wins or loses, devastate China to the greatest extent. Yes, China’s economy has become five times bigger than India’s, but that also means that China has a lot more to lose than India. For every $1 that India will lose, China will lose 5$. The devastation for China will be much more when USA, Taiwan, Japan, and others join the war. After seeing India’s bravery, if these other anti-China countries join in, then for every $1 that India will lose, China will lose $100. 

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  16. An article on the feelings of Indian political parties looking after the interests of China in India is long overdue. They will try their level best to create unrest inside India on one pretext on the other. Imagine what would happen if USA is creating such ruckus.

  17. Jyoti, your write
    “The blame for this lack of geographical clarity must be placed on China’s door. For 17 years, the Chinese have stalled the mechanism of the special representatives set up to discuss the boundary dispute in 2003, when then-Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee went to China. There has been no progress at all – or if there is, it has not been made public.”

    The same applies in India’s high-handed approach to Nepal. Nepal has been requesting India to settle boundary issues for years but India has been putting it into the backburner. It has taken Nepal as granted or to borrow your own words, as “a country they perceive to be much poorer and far weaker.”

  18. India must show China where it stands. India is powerful enough to mess up with.
    For China’s best interests, let things move along nicely, n cheers for good times

  19. People Liberation Army will take the Tatti Indian Army to the cleaners and unlike Pakistan, China will not return the Abhinandan. And this third-rate Indian Army was talking about the two-front war!

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  21. Just to let the author know that there is no town at Daulat Beig Oldi, it is a hight altitude plateau desert.
    Doklam was a defeat for India, the Chinese are in occupation and massive infrastructure has been built there.
    The Chinese presence at Gulwan confluence, with Shyok river (close to the LAC) is there to cut the road in time of war.
    Why would we want to contest DBO during war when an Indian force could so easily be cut off from supply lines.
    These areas are worthless both for China or India, a 11,000 feet altitude arid area, with no population.
    India should not have spent A huge amount of money building infrastructure to protect a waste of space.
    It’s not barren land that makes a country powerful, it the collective education and health of its population.
    Look at Singapore the size of Bombay and Wealthy as 25% of India.
    The money should have been spend in improving education and health and the standard of living of our population.
    Now india has built this infrastructure on the barren mountains, what next? Are we now to station troops there who would live in miserable hostile conditions like those on the Saichen glacier for years at the cost of Universities and hospitals on the plains.
    The Chinese are not INTRESTED in invading India via these harsh mountains, they can invade India with their goods and technology .
    The economic battles for markets is the real war, remember the E India Company, we win these wars with a,superbly educated and healthy population. INDIA SADLY HAS LOST THIS WAR, AND SO BEHIND IT IS TECHNOLOGICALLY AND IN WEALTH TO CHINA WHOSE ECONOMY IS FIVE TIMES THAT OF INDIA, THAT WE WILL LOSE BADLY A REAL WAR.
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  23. After all the time taken in writing the piece, the last line undid everything ‘high moral ground’. Seems ghost of Nehru has yet to leave. China and Morals is like Mao revelling at his 50 million victims

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