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Stand-off with China in Ladakh is India’s worst border tension since Kargil in 1999

Chinese army has diverted about 5,000 troops, carrying out a massive exercise towards various points of the Line of Actual Control on its side.

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New Delhi: India is witnessing its worst-ever border tensions since the Kargil battle in 1999, with China bringing forward at least 5,000 troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh.

Transgressions have been reported at multiple locations in eastern Ladakh — three in the larger Hot Springs area and one in the ‘Finger’ area of Pangong lake.

Now, news agency ANI has reported that Chinese troops have moved in “nearly 10-15 km from the Indian post KM 120” in the Galwan Valley, and have pitched tents and stationed themselves close to the post. Post KM 120 lies on the strategic Shyok-Daulat Beg Oldi road whose inauguration last year caused much discomfort to China.

The report does not make it clear if the Chinese movement is within territory controlled by China or India. However, sources in the know maintain that there is no transgression here per se, even though troop build-up has taken place on the Chinese side.

Satellite imagery shared on social media by experts has shown that the troops are most likely within the Chinese Claim Line (CCL) in the Galwan Valley, where that line matches the Indian perception of the LAC.

The sources told ThePrint that while about 250 troops are deployed here on a regular basis, more troops have been brought in to counter the Chinese deployment. The sources insisted that this does not mean the KM 120 post is under threat, but that it is being used for deployment and logistics.

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Worst since Kargil

What is happening at the LAC in eastern Ladakh doesn’t resemble how things unfolded in 1999, but the fact that the troop build-up and transgressions are happening at multiple locations as far 200 km apart, makes this the worst border tensions India has seen since the Kargil battle.

ThePrint had reported earlier in the day that India is carrying out “proactive localised preventive deployment” at multiple locations along the LAC in eastern Ladakh, even as it has carried out “mirror deployment” in areas where it has been challenged by Chinese troops.

The ANI report said the Indian Army has increased the presence of its troops and patrolling in other areas of eastern Ladakh under the 70 Brigade, in the Himachal sector and the central sector of the LAC, including the border with Uttarakhand, to check any attempts by the PLA to transgress.

It added that the Chinese army has diverted its troops, carrying out a massive exercise on its side of the LAC, and deployed them at short notice across the LAC in the areas under the Indian Army’s 81 and 114 Brigades, deployed to counter the Chinese assertions from Daulat Beg Oldi and adjoining areas. The Indian Army has remained mum on the issue.

Here’s an account of what has transpired so far.

Fist fight on 5 May

On the evening of 5 May, a large group of Chinese soldiers, armed with sticks and stones, descended upon a group of Indian soldiers, who were taken by surprise and eventually hit back.

The fist fight and stone pelting continued for quite some time, injuring several soldiers on both sides. Some of the injuries sustained were so severe that some soldiers including officers had to be evacuated to military hospitals.

The Army has not spoken officially on the issue but has admitted “injuries to several” soldiers.

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Transgression in ‘Finger’ area

The 134-km Pangong lake’s northern bank juts out like a palm, and the various protrusions are identified as “fingers” to demarcate territory. While India asserts that the LAC starts at Finger 8, China claims it starts at Finger 2, which India dominates.

Two-thirds of the lake, which extends from Tibet to Ladakh, is controlled by China, while the LAC passes through the lake itself, because of which both sides patrol it on land and in the water.

Since the perception of LAC is different, the area has a history of scuffles between both sides.

During the Kargil battle, when troops were diverted from the area to fight Pakistan, China had stepped in and built a motorable road at Finger 4.

Sources said India has been trying to construct a road further from Finger 2 over the past few years, which would have provided soldiers with the capability to move in vehicles. The Chinese have, however, now brought in more soldiers and have set up bunkers near Finger 3 to prevent Indian patrols from going further.

This is a clear transgression, because Chinese troops are in what India claims is its territory. Both sides have increased the force levels in this area.

Galwan Valley tense with troop build-up

While the initial focus was on Pangong, it later emerged that China had objected to a series of construction activities being carried out by India about 200 km away, in the Galwan Valley.

Galwan has largely remained peaceful since the 1962 India-China war. It is one area where the Chinese Claim Line and the LAC match, and this has been the understanding for years now at the local level.

However, no maps have been exchanged in this area, which means any kind of understanding is not formal.

The sources said what riled China in this area was a series of road construction activities, which are important to India from a military point of view, vis-a-vis the key base of Daulat Beg Oldi in sub-sector north in eastern Ladakh.

India’s Border Roads Organisation had built the Shyok-DBO road last year.

This road is at least 10 km inside the LAC at several points, and runs perpendicular to the Galwan river. To connect this road to the LAC, India was constructing feeder roads. This included a bridge over a nullah or rivulet, near the confluence of the Shyok and Galwan rivers.

The Chinese have been objecting to this, and following the Pangong clash, they decided to amp up their presence.

China brought in a large number of Border Defence Regiment (BDR) troops along the LAC to stop the Indian construction activity. They have pitched a large number of tents and set up associated logistics elements.

Taken aback by the Chinese objection to construction within Indian territory, India decided to “dig in” and do mirror deployment.

Hot Springs

Beside the build-up in Galwan Valley, Chinese troops have “come in” about 3 km into Indian territory south-east of the Galwan Valley, largely known as ‘Hot Springs’ area in eastern Ladakh.

The Chinese have come in near patrol point 14, 15 and the Gogra Post, which are 80 km south-east of the mouth of the Galwan Valley as the crow flies, and between the valley and Pangong lake.

Sources told ThePrint that the Chinese have not crossed the CCL in these areas, but did accept that these areas are about 3 km within India’s perception of the LAC.

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  1. If peace is achieved between India and Pakistan, how will Hindu extremist RSS and BJP take votes, and how will Hindu Army keep plundering the money from the nation in the name of teaching a lesson to Pakistan?

    Even world’s only second Hindu majority Nepal is not happy with land grabbing Hindu state ruled by minority Hindi establishment and their clown Modi whom they are using against Indian Muslims and Kashmiris.

    Vegetarian Hindus are otherwise very brave who lived under Muslim minority rule for 1200 years. It is in the gene of Hindus to not live in peace with neighbours.

  2. China has the lowest GDP in last 10 years. India has a trade deficit of 50 billion $ in favour of China. Indias average age is 50 % younger than India, These facts are good enough to show the teeth to China. If strike is te word, strike where it hurts.

  3. Some morron lebel terrorist as freedom fighters in their stupid ideology.
    India is secular country with ball religions living peacefully . Kashmir is part of India so why pakis jst like to jump on issue of Hindus .I suppose they r scared that if they accept India population of Hapy Muslims is more than unhapy population of Pakis muslims .Even pakistan illegally occupied kashmir will slip away so they keep on deviating frm national agenda to Hindus and Muslims

  4. Wow.. have read few posts of both sides.. Surprise no one representing china is there. But people loving Pakistan are getting crazy suppose they are going to see the cricket world cup.

  5. Whatever happens in border areas where there are no independent witnesses or media presence, cannot be verified. Both sides in propaganda warfare.

  6. Unfortunately china is begging Imdia again to donate some space for their population which is growing like dog herds. We are not intrested to give that. If its a war we shall take back both the COK and POK and teach china a lesson.
    And if its pakistan then we shall spare them seeing their pathetic situation and politicians who are selling their own country for military equipment and training terrorists.

    Ab tho shanthi manarahe hey, once its a war esbar dhono bagal deshomka chotiyakatdenge.

  7. Want to see a threatening posture from India against great China as it deploys against neighbours other than China .

  8. India is in most difficult situation now as China and its ally Pakistan are battle ready to eliminate India from world map. With GDP in minus and 12 crore army of unemployed youth which is growing every day like corona + cases poverty and hunger will kill crores of poor people than bombs or missiles.

  9. Really amused at the Pakistanis getting excited.
    Pakistan is irrelevant, a slave state just to feed its own inferiority complex vis a vis the grander civilizational entity of. India. Just let the big boys with grand old civilizations sort their problems, while Pakistan play the part of ugly cheerleaders. The latter neither have the history, nor the vision, nor the attitude to take leadership roles. They are destined to be slave boys.

    • Pakistan showed the worth of your civilisation on 27th February 2019. Now you are getting another beating from China.

      India should learn to live in peace, not fight with Pakistan, China, napal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. India has to vacate IOK,nothing to do with India.

  10. In view of all the conciliatory tactics going on, it all boils down to a single question : does Modi have the guts (like Indira Gandhi had) to wage war against China?

  11. انتہائی باخبر ذرائع سے معلوم ہوا ہے کہ بھارتی حکومت اور بھارتی افواج کی ہائی کمان کے اجلاس میں موجودہ صورتحال کے تناظر میں فیصلہ کیا گیا ہے کہ لداخ میں چینی فوج سے مقابلہ کرنے کے لئے بھارت کی سب سے مضبوط اور خطرناک ترین فورس کو بھیجا جائے۔ اس فورس کی طاقت کا اندازہ اس بات سے لگائیں کہ آج تک جس مشن پر بھی یہ فورس بھیجی گئی وہ کبھی ناکام نہیں ہوا۔ پاکستانی سرحد پر کبھی حالات خراب ہوں یا کشمیر میں مجاہدین کے خلاف کاروائی درپیش ہو، یا پھر بیرونی دنیا میں بھارت کے مفادات کا تحفظ ہو اس فورس نے کبھی بھی بھارتی حکومت کو مایوس نہیں کیا۔ اس خطرناک ترین فورس کا نام “بالی وڈ فورس” ہے۔ اور اسکی کمان اسوقت جنرل اکشے کمار، جنرل سنجے دت، جنرل سنی دیول، بریگیڈئیر انیل کپور، بریگیڈئیر اجے دیوگن، بریگیڈئیر جان ابراہم (سپیشل سروسز)، بریگیڈئیر سنیل شیٹھی، کرنل ابھجیت بچن، کرنل ہریتک روشن، میجر سدھارت مشرا جیسے مایہ ناز افسران کررہے ہیں۔

  12. Leave the past, see the future, India is going to teach the lesson to china, who is stopping India to fight, I bet , India don’t have courage to fight with China.

  13. How india expect no reaction if it tries to access to karakuram highway, which is CPEC lifeline. Dont forget Pakistan already there. India has to remain like a state not savage, in order to remain a state. Or face if from all ots neighbours.

  14. How india expect no reaction if it tries to access to karakuram highway, which is CPEC lifeline. Dont forget Pakistan already there. India has to remain like a state not savage, in order to remain a state.

  15. Every time India receives slap from china and begs diplomacy and dialogue but why not go for dialogue with pakistan over kashmir for peace in the region. India occupied all states on principle of decision of people but why not she apply it on kashmir.

    • Really! Receive Slap? In your wet dreams, buddy.
      Pakistan is irrelevant, a slave state just to feed its own inferiority complex vis a vis the grander civilizational entity of. India. Just let the big boys with grand old civilizations sort their problems, while Pakistan play the part of ugly cheerleaders. The latter neither have the history, nor the vision, nor the attitude to take leadership roles. They are destined to be slave boys.

    • India continued spreading bullshit for long time against a simple economic project of CPEC just to appease USA.
      Now it is time to return India that bullshit with interest.
      We wish India threats great nation China in same language it uses against other neighbouring states.

  16. One can only laugh at the Pakistanis who are getting excited at this, of course they now have to outsource their aggression to China, as they have failed to take Kashmir an incredible 3 times!

    • So you want a tiny country to fail at seizing territory from ur aspiring super power country to feel good. How miserable ur life can be?? Indian dhotis were never so wet and smelly. What a horrible nation with such horrendous objectives.

  17. As far as border issues these should have been sorted till date by any govt with all the neighbouring countries with dialogue and even now it should be tried with dialogue and should be tried to make international borders whatever any one is holding to make peace to the mainkind and make happy every individual on earth irrespective of religion which we Indians always do but if someone who tries to disintegrate or make changes to our border should be destroyed with whatever might we have at the first very moment if they fight or try to cross our border even if we are destroyed but we should learn lessons from history of prithviraj chosen who has won most battles and forgiven the enemy which led to his life although he killed his enemy but we even today have to face his forgiven the mantra is first try with dialogue to settle what ever is with anyone to make every one happy and if someone attacks you inspite of your humanity destroy with whatever possible without thinking about first use consequences as if we are harmed every one should be decimated don’t waste your time in asking permission or Forgiveness. As this should be only the principal As everything is possible in love and war.I pray for peace but prefer to die to get ruled

    • forgiveness?? Pathetic soul, u cant fight with chinks. Dont u know pakis kill ur soldiers on willl on LOC and kshmir hinterland on will… On will… means whenever 5th corp lt general wants, ur soldiers will be killed by pak. So thats ur auqat,,,So come to earth.

    • U r just a bull shit men indians u are brutally attack every day on kashmir and you say that u r the lover of peace its a nice joke

    • If a war with China starts, then its certain that India will fight with Pakistan also at the same time. Pakistan will be completely destroyed in a few hours time, once a war breaks between India and China.

      • It has to be done in hours so one side is safe and we can concentrate on China. Pak think two three terrorists takes hours of army,how can they fight main army. War and Hostages are handled separately. Noting is considered but destruction is the aim then

      • Had you stared war with both China and Pakistan in 1962?
        What about 1948? Included China?
        What about 1971, Kargil war? 😅

      • Firstly, make and learn how to use a toilet. Destroying Pakistan is just a stretch of your imagination.

  18. This is the time for pakistan to give a full blow to indian forces in j&K and leave aksai chin and laddakh to china

  19. The chinese are paper dragons..its time the chinese bluff was called…the chinese fall way short of intelligence. Strategies and tactics..and are not battle hardened…battles are not won on size..a factor which is always gloated upon by the chinese..they are won by effective strategies…tactics and bravado…all of which the chinese lack…the pm has indeed given Xi..a long rope…we need to be proactive in a offensive defensive mode and not a defensive offensive posture…border skirmishes will not result in anything but a loss for the they know …inspite of all their gloating…its “geography”…and “location” that goes against them…and thats what planners in the know how..will take advantage of….if….& when…the kettle boils over..

    • It was golden to see Indian Parliamentarian attending Tawiwan president elect sworn – in ceremony adding to the sequence of voting for inquiry for Chinese virus at world forum. PLA & CPC tantrums at borders did not make any difference to Modi gov decision making.

    • Who is going to bell the Chinese Dragon??

      Indian Generals may not be battle hardened but they are no fools……….Neither General Bipin Rawat, not any other General will dare utter a single word against China………Their careers & post retirement perks are at stake & they know it well !!!

  20. Hindus are not even happy with non-Muslim and irreligious Communist China. Hindus praise China when it maltreats Uighur Muslims. Hindus also bark about China taking over Pakistan one day. But what is this happening?

    Hindus rightly question Pakistani Prime Minister, a puppet of Pakistani establishment, Imran Niazi, whether why he does not speak over Uighurs’ persecution by China. Now will Hindus ask the same question from their Hindu establishment’s puppet Narendra Modi, whether why he is not giving threats to China?

  21. India is a bully…a good lesson for India so next time don’t bully your neighbouring countries .ss

  22. India is a bully…a good lesson for India so next time don’t bully your neighbouring countries

  23. The worst part in whole episode is Indian public does not know anything from govt.
    No minister is saying anything on it

  24. I don’t see any issue so long as Chinese are on their side and we are on ours. Any number does not matter and we should match the Chinese man for man and machine for machine. Chinese should know by now that we are there in full strength and any nonsense will be repulsed. While usual military and diplomatic consultations should and must continue, we need to hold on like we did at Dokhlam. Our press should not sensationalize the issue and follow the Dokhlam type forbearance in reporting. We are sure that Indian Army will handle it well on the ground.

  25. There is no solution to reducing population. Ensuring industries who develop technologies or any innovative scientific ideas get super extra benefits and are able to make money out of it . Undereducated jhollawallas must not be allowed to create disruption all the while. Also people who want to join POLICE or become JOURNALIST serve compulsory military terms giving them a sense of responsibility This will ensure that INDIA will become strong enough in a decade to face any external challenges.

    • You might lose your nose in return like 1962 when you attempted the “bloody nose” misadventure. Think 33 crore times before doing that again Bhai!
      While you are at it, can you also please stop murdering, torturing and raping my Kashmiri Muslim brethren in the name of your Hinduism or Bharat Mata or Akhand Bharat thing?

    • China is not like unarmed Indian Muslims and Kashmiris. Your dhoti army’s rear is torn apart there. You need to go and see there with your own instead of barking from behind the keyboard.

      • Last gasps from Pakistan, as the situation spirals in occupied Balochistan. You should remember your Kashmiri “brethren” turning away your infiltrators during Operation Gibraltar, how embarrassing that was for Pakistan!

        And likewise, Indian army is not like the knife-wielding Uighars or the poorly armed Balochis and tribals with which the Pakistan armed forces use drone strikes and tanks against.

        • Is that why Hindus do not hold plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir? And is that why Hindus applaud rogue Hindu Army for murdering Kashmiri Muslims and raping their women? Modi has locked them up by denying them access to internet and murder them every other day? You anti-Muslim Hindus murdered Indian Muslims in February 2020, in Delhia, and democratically elected butcher of 50000 Indian Muslims as your prime minister. But you Hindu fanatics who have never visited Jammu and Kashmir in your lifetime, assume that Kashmiri Muslims are fond of living kafir Hindus?

          Pakistani Armed Forces use drone strikes and tanks? Hahahaha. You are truly under cow muutra effect.

          Chinese forces broke necks, legs and arms of 100 Hindu soldiers, but nuclear-armed Hindu army, which is only good at killing unarmed Kashmiris, couldn’t even fire a single shot.

        • Yeah… very embarrassing that Hindu Modi has to impose curfew to visit Jammu and Kashmir. Your rogue military can only kill unarmed Kashmiris. Chinese forces broke their legs, necks and arms in Ladakh without firing a single shot, by beating them to pulp with nail-studded iron rods. Pakistani forces do not use drone and tanks against own people. But even if they do, at least they are not killing non-Muslims, just you Hindus defend Hindu terror sena for killing Muslim Kashmiris in world’s biggest democracy.

      • Talking about Kashmir, kindly remember “ethnic cleansing” in post independent India happened in only one place – the Kashmir valley where what you call the poor freedom fighters drove away half a million minority Kashmiri Hindus through violence, threats and rapes in 1990’s and thus removed from Kashmir valley the minorities. No systematic ethnic cleansing happened in any part of post independent India even in a village. These people had not done anything apart from following a religion different from Islam and apparently this was a crime in the eyes of the “poor freedom fighters”. The Indian army was deployed only after this and not before. This is a fact and a matter of record.

        • It is what is happening with Kashmiri Muslims. Mass rape of Kashmir women in Kunan and Poshpura villages of 1990s, and there are many such reports of human rights abuses by India’s rogue Hindu majority army inflicting crimes against Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir, purely on the basis of religious hatred. If such acts had happened with Hindus there, then you should ask from your 900,000 Indian Hindu Army which is deployed there since 1948. How come it happened under their nose? It did not occur. It was mostly Kashmiri Muslims’ ethnic-cleansing by Hindu Army – 500,000 of whom fled to Pakistani Azad Kashmir. Since 1948, Kashmiri Muslims have been suffering under brazen human rights violations by Hindu Army and bigot anti-Muslim Hindu extremist ruling BJP which has locked up millions of Kashmiris since last year.

        • You Hindus have twice democratically elected a mass murderer of 50,000 Muslims of Gujarat, as prime minister, purely on his hate speeches against Muslims of India. You Hindus recently burned alive 60 Muslims in capital Delhi of world’s biggest democracy. Do you Hindus have really no shame when taking use of a colonial English medium to whitewash your black face of bigotry and hatred which you speak straight from your tooth?

  26. May the diplomats in both countries succeed in defusing the situation peacefully. Fortunately EAM himself is an old China hand.

    • When it comes to mighty China, Hindus talk about diplomacy and peace, but when it comes to small Pakistan, Hindus stick their rear out to teach them a lesson.

      • Yes, this is why this honest nation of Pakistan was sending in infiltrators and soldiers in 1999 when Vajpayee and Sharif were making inroads to peace, seems ISI and Pakistan army got worried that their golden goose, Kashmir would no longer be theirs.

        Now we have the puppet Khan in power, he promised change but is just another stooge for the usual suspects, no worries, we Indians know Pakistan wants to destroy India because that is simply the nature of Pakistanis, who saw our weakness in 1947 and thought “maybe I can grab more”.

  27. The only difference is that, in 1999 Pakistan was on the other side, this time it is China that is on other side.

      • Why would Pakistan cave into to Bill Clinto when it was on the cusp of victory? Oh wait…

    • In 1999, it was freedom fighters inside the lands which Hindus claim to be its own, and in 2020, it is China which also inside the territory that Hindus claim as its own. China is not like those poorly armed freedom-fighters in Kargil, or unarmed Kashmiris or Indian Muslims.

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