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Delhi riots neither designed by Modi govt, nor Islamic conspiracy. It’s far more dangerous

Modi did not want, far less design, Delhi riots during Trump’s visit. His opponents were in no position to plan the violence. But this was no accident.

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Has the Narendra Modi regime normalised violence in a way that could hurt the Prime Minister himself? Has he created a Frankenstein monster that he cannot destroy?

That is the real question to ask, as we sit back and reflect on the Delhi violence that could have been a pogrom. It began on Sunday as a confrontation between police and protesters. After BJP leader Kapil Mishra’s provocation, it became a Hindu-Muslim riot on Monday. By Tuesday, it had become one-sided anti-Muslim violence that reminded everyone of 1984. I write these lines on Wednesday noon when there are some indications of the violence that engulfed the national capital for three days ebbing. Official death toll at this moment is 24 – informal estimates put it at double this figure – but there are no fresh incidents of murderous assaults of the kind we witnessed on Monday and Tuesday.

The violence that threatened to spread to other areas of East Delhi on Tuesday evening has been contained to the original hotspots in the northeast of Delhi. Mobs that were ruling the street Tuesday as Delhi Police personnel stood watching or joined them are finally being chased out. Our 24×7 crisis management and support team tells me that since Tuesday midnight, police are responding positively to their calls for help. The heroic 2 am intervention by the Delhi High Court to order police to allow safe passage so that the injured could be taken to the hospital has certainly helped. We may have just stepped back from the brink of another 1984-type pogrom in the national capital.

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Political will

What saved Delhi from a much bigger disaster? And what led us in that direction of the disaster in the first place? Delhi riots conform to the good old wisdom about mass violence in India: political will matters. Our police force is not such a professional organisation that can be trusted to combat violence, no matter what the regime is like. Sadly, our police force is very pliable. Non-transparent recruitment, poor quality of training, inherited prejudices, shoddy working conditions, and lack of mechanisms of autonomy or accountability have turned our police into a force that the ruling party can bend to its political requirements. The police cracks down or looks the other way depending on how the political masters want it to.

This begs deeper questions: why was Delhi allowed to burn for two days? What was the political logic behind this violence? And why were the brakes applied when they were?

There are two obvious theories that answer these questions. Many Modi critics believe that this was part of a grand political design by his regime to silence its critics and the anti-CAA protests. His supporters have floated a theory that this was a Muslim conspiracy to embarrass the regime when US President Donald Trump was visiting India. Neither of these theories fits the facts of the case.

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Who benefits?

Given the track record of Modi and Amit Shah (Home Minister), it is easy to believe in any conspiracy theory. But the fact remains that the timing of the riots made no sense from the Modi regime’s point of view. The Delhi election was over. The US President’s visit mattered a lot to the Modi government, and, cringingly so, to the PM personally.

This was also a moment for Modi to recover his image in the global media, something he craves for. The last thing anyone in his position would have liked to see was the national capital up in flames along the divide everyone suspects him to be fuelling. Yes, Donald Trump is not exactly a bleeding-heart liberal. And he could be relied upon to spout inaccurate inanities when asked questions about religious tolerance in the press conference. Yet there was no way the bitter and embarrassing truth could be concealed.

More than its religious intolerance, what came across was the Modi regime’s tolerance of street violence and hooliganism, right under its nose. To a foreign investor, India must have looked like Pakistan or Nigeria. This must be a nightmare not just for the diplomats, but also for the political class. So, as soon as Trump departed and the political attention was back on Delhi, orders were given to stop the violence from spreading further.

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Conspiracy angle

The idea of a grand Islamic conspiracy to malign India during Trump’s visit is even more ridiculous. The fact is that the call for a Bharat Bandh was for 23 February, a day prior to Trump’s landing in Delhi. The call was not on CAA-NRC-NPR, but on the issue of caste-based reservations. This was not supported by any major organisation or coalition involved in the anti-CAA protest.

Predictably, the Bandh failed. Only three out of nearly two dozen Delhi sit-ins responded to this call for ‘solidarity’ by blocking nearby roads. Most anti-CAA protesters kept away, if not dissuade the protesters who blocked the road in Jaffrabad area. The protesters could be accused of irresponsibility or adventurism, but it would take special imagination to read into this isolated act in a corner of Delhi a grand conspiracy to embarrass Modi during Trump’s visit. At any rate, such a ‘conspiracy’ would not have succeeded without active collaboration by BJP leader Kapil Mishra and the street goons shouting Jai Shri Ram. Islamic conspiracy must indeed be grand if it can rope in Sangh Parivar cadre at will!

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Three elements

My theory is relatively simple. Modi did not want, far less design, street violence in Delhi during the high-profile visit of Trump. His opponents did not – and were in no position to – plan or execute this violence. But this was no accident. It was the result of a package of explosives that this regime has assiduously stacked together.

This stack has three elements. One, there is a climate of hate. In recent times, top BJP leaders have injected an incredible amount of anti-Muslim venom, fanned by the BJP’s propaganda machine and disseminated by the obedient mass media. This provides for dry ammunition, ready for a spark. It also keeps opposition parties like the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) quiet, lest they lose Hindu sympathy.

Two, Modi’s BJP has also created an unprecedented career incentive for purveyors of political hatred. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s career graph shows a path to Kapil Mishras of the world. MP Pragya Thakur’s continuation in the party assures them of political immunity. Thus, there is a steady supply of adventurous ‘leaders’ ready to play with communal fire.

The third element in this equation is a pliant police and bureaucracy. Systematic assault on autonomous institutions has ensured that no one speaks up. After the criminal assault on Jamia Millia Islamia and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), everyone in Delhi Police knows that it is wise to look away from violence perpetrated by goons affiliated to the BJP.

That is exactly what happened in northeast Delhi. BJP’s election campaign had spread hatred and distrust in the air. Kapil Mishra ignited it. The AAP government dithered. And the police looked the other way, even on a day that the PM may not have wanted this to happen. It needed a direct intervention from the very top to halt this normal pattern of violence from escalating further.

Come to think of it, this auto-triggered violence is more dangerous than a designed riot.

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  1. Yogendra Yadav is so liberal and democratic that he can’t even call spade a spade. If Modi and shah were so autocratic, this vulture would have been jailed long time ago. You should thank Modi and shah that you are still safe and spreading venom against the general public.

  2. Do you bother to explain how it was a anti Muslim movement, if protesters were Muslims, fighting for Muslims, extensively using catapults, stones and petrol bombs stored on rooftops, of buildings in areas with majority of Muslim population.

  3. I AGREE WITH YOU TO A LARGE EXTENT I think our education system failed to modernise the mindset of CHILDREN of how good.citizen not just Hindu or Muslim

  4. Yogendra yadavs analysis is very much influenced by the biases that exists with all so called pseudo secular. They fail to see the rise of this BJP fringe elements due to their propogation of bias in all matters related to minority


  6. These riots were well planned and timed during US president’s India visit. By the group that is protesting the CAA. Ironically they haven’t read it! The law passed by parliament, allows minority refugees from neighboring countries get citizenship & new life, not take it from anyone!

    Dozen of Hindus also brutally killed in the riots. Should talk about Ankit Sharma and police officer like Ratan Lall, we should also talk about muslim radicals such as Shahrukh, and Tahir Hussain who openly are seen with guns and leading mob. However no one is talking about the sufferings of hindus in these riots. I hope the truth about people behind these riots are found out and prosecuted and peace and harmony is restored back.

    Biased and motivated individuals creating hindu phobia, are the reason most people now don’t trust the main stream media anymore.

    • Very True..

      Yogendra Yadav is talking rubbish to save CONgress, AAP, Communists, Urban Naxals, LOOTyens, All Anti Indian elements combined to create ANTI CAA – ANTI HINDU GENOCIDE. – TAHIR HUSSAIN.. SHARJEEL IMAM – TUKDE TUKDE GANG..
      PFI – SOROS – Kapil Sibal – Money Links..
      Hundreds of Proofs have emerged on HOW & WHO DISTRIBUTED ACID, PETROL BOMBS..

  7. Problem in the theory that Modi govt didn’t want riots is that why it took them 3 days to give orders to the police to stop the riots?
    Surely Amit Shah couldn’t have been that busy or that inaccessible to spare 5 minutes for a phone call to order Commissioner of police to stop riots! And indeed if it’s so then even God won’t be able to help this country.

  8. Such a biased article.The trouble started due to the protest against CAA and all the hate speeches given by irresponsible opposition leaders,why don’t you emphasise on the fact that CAA doesn’t affect any legal Indian citizen but it is all about giving citizenship to oppressed minority from neighbouring countries,a move which has to be appreciated by sane people.In what way are the Muslims oppressed in this country they enjoy all rights like any body else,well as a common man all we can see is the hate for Modi which is driving everyone to this endless damage done to the country.

    • Totally agree with the assessment. The Print has all these reporters going out in the fields suppose to make unbiased reports. Nothing is mentioned about Shaheen Bagh so call protest where demonstrators block the main Delhi road for over 50 days and cause hardship to ordinary people. Also no mention about terror factory of creating live missile to hit ordinary people by senior AAM party member.

  9. I am just a common citizen, not of any religion .I want to go to work to earn for my family. If my path is stopped in metro, road or anywhere by a 2nd party who I don’t know, just because this 2 nd party is fighting with 3 Rd party, then what should I do?

    • The second party is protesting against the nefarious design of the clever usage of CAA and hinted proposal of NRC (by none other than PM and Home Minister in parliament. See Rajya Sabha footage) to create hurdles for Muslims in the country. Before, whenever people protested government of the day used to approach the protestors to take in theirs views (for ex. corruption protest during Anna Hazare movement). Therefore, citizens must request central government to address the concerns of the protestors and release the road for normal usage.

      • Justifying shaheenbag protest is ridiculous. It’s a factory of goons supported by so called communist brigade and tukde tukde gang, floating anti india and anti hindu slogans. Anger among common people against these jihadi talents kept on accumulating. Still, Hindus being most tolerant since thousand years, did not start the violance. However, the Shaheen bagh goons ventured to test the tolerance, damaged Hindus and their worship places and police failed to control that. Repercussion is before all of us. My point is, if a media takes a particular side and fortifying to bias, one has to believe that it is sold to the conspirators.

  10. Mr Yogendra Yadav is a failed politician and a failed anarchist. Now he is also a failed journalist. This is a meaningless article which does not detail Chandrasekhar Azad, Waris Pathan and Tahir Hussein!!!!!!!! This joker failed politician believes that there is no link between a call for violence on February 23,2020 and the riots beginning the same day!!!!!! This is so asinine that I question the editorial board of The Print for printing such utter gibberish.

  11. Did Kapil Mishra spat venom ? How do you hold him responsible ? What about AAP leaders and a dozen others who were provoking majority Hindus like 15 Crores vs 100 Crores. Owaisi, Amanatulla, Gandhi family etc. Kapil Mishra simply states either the government removes protesters from road blockades or the suffering citizens would do it. The article ignores the preparations made by one particular community by assembling Syria style catapults, petrol bombs, acid bombs and bricks on top of their houses. Koran teaches them to be Jehadis. I have read it. Stop fooling us.


  12. I was expecting an article analysing the roots of the riots.If BOTH sides are not responsible who else is behind RIOTS Why did soe keeep bombs etc.under their custody.?.{1} He did not validate his argument to prove that Anti-Govt organisations had no hand in the RIOTs .Just because they did not give an open SUPPORT to Feb 23 rd Bundh,is not enough to say that they are innocent.The protesters had been using Jamia and JNU for months as a launching pad. To provide a silent support during TRUMP”s visit when the Govt will not be to able to intervene effectively was the easiest thing. Local BJP leaders speech converted “attacks” into a “riot”.
    The Print published the article just because it was written by mr.Yadav.

  13. Planning was not done after Kapil Mishra statement ,it is done very done as future gain coming Bihar Election . After gaining bumper victory , AAP more enthusiastic as National Hero projections . Areas where mostly labourers hindu & muslim live in cramped lane as renter targets to flushed out to return Bihar with bitter experience . Muslim voters wining population who cast their in favour of AAP . RJD now loosing ground as whole after family disturbance ( lalu jee) Bihar is facing huge Muslim ( Bangladeshi) migration in bordering areas . As a whole we are going a very wrong direction in name of CAA

  14. why is the govt so very interested inCAA helping ppl from other countries , when it is killing people who are current citizens of india. Is it their EGO , they dot want to let go.?

  15. As a outsider I can’t comment on how the Delhi riot got triggered. But I agree with the author that a atmosphere of hatred is there in India and it is not good for the country. I hope to see a peaceful atmosphere prevail here

  16. It’s a balanced article. I read most of the opinions. Some are bias and blindly in love with some political parties. In my opinion a leader of a state or nation who took oath to respect the Constitution of India should not behave or deliver speech like a religious leader.

  17. A lot of fanatic muslims created this Anti CAA issue to use it create it into an Islamic Fight against Hindus. Hindus tolerated all those Hate Speaches and Bus Burning and Constant Attacks coming out from Muslims and Leftists patiently for last 3 months. But there is always a limit. Hindus just did what was needed to stop this non sense when all political parties from those who supported it like Aap and Congress to those against it like bjp did nothing. People who call themselves Muslims must leave Islam and accept humanity as way of life. Otherwise they are just taking their next generation to Hate.

  18. Haha…so very much expected of you..u r sweet poison.. started off giving clean chit to modi and shah and ended blaming them for every thing. Way to go!

  19. I am neither Hindu nor Muslim. I am atheist or Naastik. The CAA was misunderstood by Muslim people and Maulvis fed their fear. The Muslim ladies sitting at Shaheen Bagh for over 60 days caused anger to all. They were being fed and paid to sit there.. Even today they sit there. Have not the riots taught them that people are fed up of their pseudo suffering mentality? Both Hindu and Muslim leaders have incited the mobs and are responsible. These ladies sitting on strike will again bring matters to a boil. It is easy to blame Modi and Shah. Members of both groups will die. We have not seen the end of this uprising. Beware. Let a senior government functioary go and disperse these ladies. No body will fall low if he or she explins to the protesters and disperses them. Even Modiji can go. He will rise in stature.

  20. A very well written article no doubt about that. On the face it seems like this is a partial washing of the theory that modi and shah wanted this, but on a much more broader understanding this article plays with the subconscious. In the overall you are twisted into thinking is this the bjp’s dark side adding pragya thakurs name to it was the master stroke and ending it with the line an automatic reaction instead of a designed one being more dangerous. From the view point of a novel reader fantastic. I’m seriously waiting for this person to write a novel or a movie script.

  21. On Benefit part, He didnt made any conclusion. knowing Riots in same city while US President and World media is covering, dont give BJP any extra leavrage, infact its a backfoot for BJP. but didnt made clear opposition will benefits it. Kapil Mishra is Mentioned but not AAP counselor. Totally Biased Respect for you biased media.

  22. This is written only to blame majority and smartly spare the mornorities.
    What is expected from Yusuf Yadav.?
    Actually, we should not read such newspapers and boycott it. And before reading, condirm the writer and then proceed to avoid loss of time. It is game big plan.

  23. The MOST absurd theory ive ever read! And the way you looked away at Muslim “Secular” leaders provocations of 15 cr vs 100 cr was expected! No doubts with such articles your credibility if completely ZERO!

    Plus naming Kapil Mishra and making him responsible is again absurd! His request was for cleaning of the roads off these so called anti CAA protesters. Can you comment whether it is LEGAL for these protesters to BLOCK roads and cause hardships to comman people??

    I cant say anything more than “A PAID Article”

  24. Is this a communist news print??? It got to be…So much hatred against ruling party…it’s people like this writer who are taking the country backwards

  25. The large-scale use of country made firearms seems to indicate a level of preparedness that the author is happy to ignore. The police may be sympathetic to a point of view, but they were armed well enough to have caused a vertiable blood-bath, had they chosen to. The restrain exhibited points to a maturing of the force and its ability to rise over personal biases. Obviously, both sides will then conclude that the police was ineffective and did a shoddy job.

  26. Your analysis is fact less. U said when Kapil Mishra entered it became Hindu Muslim riot. Otherwise to if they have taken your house under CAA protest, that would also be peaceful? Block the road, burn the buses because I am not paying a single Penny as tax to countries growth.

  27. Disgusting reproduction of d typical Lobby spreading anti India n anti Hindu narrative…India has to filter out n take care of ppl like d author of this filthy narrative, till v dnt check such JaiChands…V have little hope. From Kashmir to Kerala to WB…same JIHADI narrative has been shielded by creating a Feeble binary of concocted Hindu aggression. Either v stop being forgiving to such Traitors harming d land which gave them refuge after religious partition of 1947 or v can continue being eaten from INSIDE.
    This article has made me sick with anger n helplessness as a Hindu.

    • Honestly Rahul, what are you helpless about. Who is attacking you. What is happening to you that’s making you feel so helpless and sad. You are the majority. Ruling party is in your favour. Why are you helpless?

      • Majority, but a fragmented majority. We are angry about the sham secularism. Profit making non-aided minority schools are exempt from RTE, but profit making non-aided schools by Hindus are not. Either exempt both are bring both under RTE. This is just an example of how secularism works. This so called government of the Hindus doesn’t even have a sense of fairplay leave alone favouring Hindus.

    • You are the problem – an ill educated, religious nutter who hails drinking urine and eating faeces (of the cow, admittedly). I bet your illiterate mother is proud of her ladla beta! The CAA is utter nonsense. Even the UN who has no skin in the game are denouncing. Hear this – India is NOT a Hindu nation, it will never be one! Shameless fellow! Defending violence! I bet you ran with the rioters in Delhi. Must have pleased your master, Mr. Amit Gunda Shah.

      • With due respects why call his mother illiterate? this ur culture? Further, eating cows flesh including its ass, buttoks doesnt bother u, killing a small calf in name of veil, without any mercy doesnt bother u..why just indulge in cow urine fight or dragging his mother? Further mind u, vegetarianism or veganism has nothing to do with religion..if so why vegetarianism is on rise in usa and aus and europe? Why chritianised ethiopia is a vegan friendly country

    He is with a good command on language and ability to poke holes in any thing and every thing.
    He is devoid of any managerial ability or skills.
    He never has a solution to any problem, he believes that asking questions is intelligence as the media thinks.
    Nobody will tolerate beyond a point but he makes good substance for a cock-fight or TAMASHA

  29. Wah…. Doest even allow to comment now?

    Btw..How much you charge per article to save AAP n put the blame on right wing n BJP?


  30. Half of these comments about how the author of the article blames Narendra Modi and his govt is ridiculous. I mean, please read through before making a comment, at least! And yes, it is a hate sponsonsed violence, something which our ruling party turned into a political campaign and you so naively agreed upon and voted him to power. Remember? At least, AAP is trying to mend it’s member’s prejudice and asking for a strict punishment for the accused. All BJP did was call a press conference and blame the opposition!
    This government has no consideration for it’s people who put it to power. All it works for is its own benefits, they don’t even try to do the minimal good to the citizens. Half of its schemes are unfulfilled, unorganized and leads to failure. It’s economic decision puts the country to shambles. And as if, all of it was not enough, it associates people to form IT cell, bribes the news media to spread more violence and arrogantly denies the blame. SHAME!

  31. SirJi. Why don’t you step back and start from AntiCAA protest and it’s side effects on general public ? Why don’t you look into the Hate speeches by so called liberals across India ? Why don’t you look into the planned murder of IB officer by AAP leader who amassed criminal weapons ?

    The problem with liberal is they turned off right side of the brain .

    We need Indian who demand for punishment to those who breaks law and order regardless of their affiliation.

    Unfortunately politics takes precedence over society and national interest .

    Till then we will always be in this situation

  32. It’s an unfortunate event where many government officials were killed most importantly the IB officer.
    But quint is either blind or one eyed when it said that it was Kapil Mishra from BJP who spun hatred.

    Now locals are saying that Tahir Hussain from AAP is responsible for the attack or riot.

    Now I think either it’s a plot of AAP or the Jihadi Organization who has a particular agenda on a particular issue..

  33. This yadav guy is one of the sickest person u will ever meet. He is so sick that even kejariwal had to shown him doors from AAP. Needs urgent treatment at NIMHANS Banglore.

  34. Yogendra Yadav just can’t do better. Lousy one sided concocted thought process. Lacks depth and substance and reeks of hatred towards the BJP.

  35. To an extent, the view is plausible, the gainers would have been the Left. Still the centre could have intervened and delay the transfer of Delhi HC Judge at this crucial juncture- signals are not right.

  36. It’s the same way left front leaders used to operate when they were in power in WB for over three decades. These were called “running shows” used to take place in different pockets. Now that they are not in power anywhere it seems , the Commies are staging these street dramas. As in earlier days innocent people got killed . Same thing is happening now.

  37. Our HM had said during electoral campaign that Press the Button So Hard here in Babarpur so that Current must be felt by Shaheen Bagh. So I think the Supporters of ruling party pressed the button.

  38. Aam aadmi party is designer of this riot. Instead of free bijli pani they are giving free atankwaad.
    Police showed restraint to show humanity if they had orders to shoot it wouldnot have gone this far

  39. The only convincing and acceptable point in this article is that Mr Modi could not have instigated this due to his preoccupation with Mr trump. You have the power of the pen and reach of the media. What’s your contribution in dispelling myths about the misconceptions on NRC and CAA. People protesting against it have been uttering rubbish for so long. How can you forget those politicians who have been instigating such protests. Unless you mention about them, and hold them accountable as well your view cannot be considered balanced. What some politicians said during elections, however deplorable, was a response to a nonsense that was being orchestrated all over the country. You are completely silent about the root cause.

  40. I can only laugh on this article. .only bjp leaders speeches it mentions and forgets Owaisi jr ..Waris nuksan speeches…sarjel iman never said anything or that AMU president who tells we can destroy any country.. oppotition is not in can the author proove this…AAP leader is caught with all sorts of animation in his house used in riots.. first this author needs to be pulled up for writing such an article at this sensitive time. .

  41. Mr Yogendra Yadav is trying to blame Modi and BJP for Delhi riots, but failed. He says that the roadblocks by anti-CAA groups at Jaffrabad on Sunday before the day of Trump’s visit is irresponsibility. But he does not find fault with them. This is how the so called liberals(APP) and Left( Yadav) do politics in this country. They take the people of India to be foolish.

  42. The riots which happens in India at regular intervals cannot be expressed in words as to who is to be blamed. The government wanted anti-caa to be shut and doesn’t raise their voice. I am sure caa is beneficial for non-muslims but what about the muslims living in minority in burma and srilanka. Aren’t they persecuted over there. Are they all terrorists? The government must include muslim minority from these countries to balance the right of constitution given by the sovereignty of india.

    • CAA is a fully humanatarian law to protect Hindu’s etc in the hands of paki and bangla muzlims and there is no reason for agitation against it, other than jealousy and izlamic communalism, better acknowledge that hard truth Ansari mian.

    • so much concerned with the muslims in burma and Srilanka and so worried about them who cannot peacefully live with others in those countries that you don’t not mind creating disturbance much akin to lawlessness, hooliganism by creating agitation in your own country.
      if you are so magnanimous, why do not you raise your voice against atrocities on minorities in Pak and bangla.

  43. Was it pure coincidence that the real rioting began on the day the AAP MLAs took their oaths in the Assembly ? Someone seems to have been very angry about that.

  44. Typical of all Left-leaning journalists and magazines who have immediately started blaming Modi Amit Shaha and started making comparison with the Gujarat riots. Do you think they are fools to “engineer” riots when they are heading the Centre? Why do you guys in the mainstream media conveniently miss the omnious signs coming from so many people on social media that the AAP MLAs and MPs have been making threatening speeches, exhorting Muslima to gather, to kill Modi and Amit Shah? Who pays you to keep quiet about it? Whose payroll do you guys work on? It is time to ask some tough questions and investigate the so-called journalists and media houses who have been fanning flames all these months? You idiots never reported when those Muslim leaders and Imams made incindiery speeches, but the moment a BJP leader said something condemnable you were all out on print like pimps selling their wares- sorrt but that’s what you appear to us. The Centre has given a long rope to too many people. Time to clamp down and give them the rough end of the stick.

    • Keep crying while the country burns. These whatsapp idiots have no brain or logic. Can only vomit poison. Nobody cares about killing modi but the BJP leaders themselves wanted to sabotage him- that’s the irony which these saffronites will never accept

      • Dear Lallu LOL CAA is a fully humanatarian law to protect Pak and Bangladeshi Hindu’s etc in the hands of paki and bangla muzlims and there is no reason for agitation against it, other than jealousy and izlamic communalism, this is the main reason behingd Hindu anger, better acknowledge that hard truth.

    • You guys don’t have any reading comprehension skill. What author has opined and what you guys has inferred are contrasting. You guys need to re attend high school. Any article you guys read and if it has mention of BJP, You get offended, no matter what actually in it.

  45. Its the authors wild imagination to think that the countrys pm would want to engineer street riots in his backyard (but did not do it) . Infact no one in bjp would want rioting, that too in delhi during trumps visit?. ..this was surely engineered by other anti-social elements. The PFI angle should be invesitgated.

  46. Why pro CAA when the law is no way affects those for whom it has been framed. Blockade of roads for any non public service including religious should be objected, why only Shaheen Bagh. How many times parties have blocked trains etc. We the people should not get trapped by parties m

  47. It’s so easy to criticise bureaucrats and police sir but when one of the jawans police constables , dcp fighting for ur survival is attacked by mobsters with bricks and acid is from ur family u would understand the pain so please don’t misguide the people
    Speaking good English words won’t change he reality

    • Lol at this Sanghi ABC crying about jawans. Why werent you worried about the pressure this would put on our police when Kapil Mishra,Anurag Thakur and Amit Shah had been vomiting their poison and ruining us Delhiites’ election season? And what is your problem with his good English words? Why are you incels so anti intellectual? Maybe go and study yourself a little bit. You are not very different from the mullahs you hate so much.

      • Calling peole with other view point sanghi/bigit/fascist/bhakt seems rto be the fashion. But in reality what you are displaying is true intolerance that has now come out in the open

      • What about hate speech by Wris pathan 15 crores on 100 crores, junior Owaisi remove police for 15 minutes we will wipe out 100crores, hate speach of Owaisi. What about Snia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Mani Shankar Aiyar instigation for mass mobilization os Muslims. Please be impartial.

      • ABC is another sango member who does not understand simple English, and who does not belive in peaceful living but one day when it comes to his personal life they will realize the mistake they have done but I hope it’s not too late then, Live and let live, make Delhi once again a beautiful place to live

      • Is #Shaheenbaug and minority community vomiting their poison against 100% humanatarian law CAA no factor? Sick minds see that way.

      • LOL Seems sick-u-liars have lost their mental balanceafter Delhi riot, so, they cannot see #Shaheenbaug and minority community vomiting their poison against 100% humanatarian law CAA, which is a major reason behind Delhi riot … Sick minds see that way.

  48. I pity on your thinking that you tired to diplomatically shift all the blame to the centre but didn’t mention the hate comment from the left-leaning panel and the maulanas… they all were responsible for this havoc… Kindly get out of your one side sucking ideology, if you are given a job to write on a panel where thousands of people are gonna read, at least try to be neutral in such occasions.

  49. This was in the making when the politicians instead of addressing the fundamentals of the proposed act make statements which are counterproductive.

  50. Mr. Yogendra Yadav, as a political analyst and practicing politician how can you pretend to be so naive to look at current violence in Delhi and design in so myopic manner. The designs by Modi-Shah in using Hindu mobilisation in Delhi elections and resulting violence is not planned for 7 LS seats but it is rolled out with eye’s on 294 seats spreading over UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, MP, Rajasthan and Gujarat. You just need to widen your view and see how the Delhi elections and the following violence is propagated by RRS-BJP combine in Areas referred earlier.

  51. Inaccurate. Liberals wanted to create nuisance on Trump visit so they got two more places to create two more Shaheen Baghs. They did not expect public retaliation, but wanted Government to take some action that they could cash in. General public was also fed up with the situation and road blockades. What was boiling bursted out. Nobody could have wanted the kind of violence that followed, but mob-psyche took over and situation turned too grave.

    • Boomer Chaacha, open your EYES. This country is crumbling faster than you can say Waah Modiji Waah. Your justifications for “mob psyche” need to be placed firmly at Modi-Shah and Rss’s door step. What was the need for CAA? Just give citizenship to the minorities from Pakistan! But nooo… you wanted to use this as an opportunity to make a point. Tell all your fellow whatsapp uncles and auntys to stop falling for propaganda. It’s time for the youth of this country to reclaim it back. And all the chaddis and sanghis and jihadis can please leave.

      • Uninformed and foolish and therefore dangerous. Just one example. Yousaid “just give citizenship to minorities from Pakistan.” Well that is what and that is all Mr. Modi is trying to do with the CAA. Same as Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru wanted. You are the one falling for the Left-Jihadi propaganda and you can see what it led to; the deaths of innocents is on your head.

      • India has the right to decide whom it will give citizenship or not. Does India have to ask its Muslims every time it frames a law? and as for Muslims getting upset, they always are. Just look at the western countries where they live comfortably but they are not happy there even. they want to change the world like their own countries they left behind.

        • Who is India if not it’s citizens? Indians doesn’t mean just BJP bhakts. It includes all of us. The CAA is simply unacceptable.

      • When u ask what was d need for CAA…u lost ur argument there itself…some empty headed Hindus has this habit of abusing their own in an attempt to buy peace from Animal cult…u r responsible for this brazen jihad by these elements as they know that v have ppl like u who dnt have d character to stand for what is right…but will suck up to those who will eliminate u d 1st instance they can get!!! Shame.

      • Agreed very clear and straight words. No Non-sense is required when country need employment, food, shelter, security then BJP wants to do CAA, NPR followed by NRC in the entire country. Basically Chaddi Gang followers are brainwashed escape goats who are fooled by their masters big time so that masters can enjoy luxury life and poor people bear all loss and pains.

  52. Why was Delhi police helping rioters and not doing anything to controlling it. Instead they gave safe passage to these goons.
    It was clearly state sponsored and home ministry planned it.

  53. This is interesting. You seem to be painting Modi as some sort of powerless wimp. And yes, if he couldn’t stop the Tiwaris of the world, then yes, he is a wimp. He – his henchie Shah and, by extension, he – is also squarely responsible for the violence. The so-called 56-inch chest can’t be a thing of convenience; he either has it, or he doesn’t.

  54. We are all real fools. Two guys named Kapil Mishra and Warris Pathan are working hard for their political future and we are falling prey to their machinations.

  55. I respect you yogendraji but your reflections are superfluous, The orchestrated arson has destroyed Muslim lives. The slogans have a pan India appeal. putative Hindu timidness is yet again invoked. Modi is but a Mukota as a wise RSS leader once portrayed Vajpayee. The true string controllers are in Nagpur. Do you mean to say the organised pogrom and its abrupt ceasing are without coordination and design? beatings destruction of Muslim property, burning an eighty-five year old woman are not just careerist ventures but malevolent design. This is the incipient brown shirt army taking centre stage in RSS politics. Amitsha and Modi have issued a warning to all anti CAA-NPR-NRC protests. In Dehi the bitter loss has spurred them more. I wonder what kind of advantage protesters could have gained with Trump visit? Vulgar display of vainglory at its best was already staged for media to feed on ignoring a burning capital!

  56. Madness is like gravity, all it needs is a little push. This quote from Dark knight describes the situation in Delhi. I disagree that it was not a conspiracy, as a lot of fake news and videos were circulated just before riots. Kapil Mishra’s audacity gave the gunpowder and social media gave the spark. It’s all upto some righteous people to contain the lunacy of mob and the invisible army fuelling it.

  57. Wire kab tak chupna hai sab kuch
    ISLAMIC mobs burned my activa
    it was a palnned riot by islamic mobs
    as they did in 2008 when Obama came india and he commented on it back in those days
    They alway does it in 1984 in 2008 and again now
    Islamic mobs were responsible for it and

    • Very true brother….yeh toh hum log bich bich mein thora taquat ki azmayish kar lete hein taki zang na lag jaye….lol

    • hahah, sick-u-liar comment in sick mind for LIP SERVICE by those who oppose 100% humanatarian law of CAB, we cannot be brothers dear joker.

  58. It is amazing how the author has made no mention of the inflammatory speeches and calls given by various muslim leaders.
    What is happening to journalism? I fail to understand why the Muslims are pampered and cajoled by the mainstream media

    • Media in India tries to prove their neutrality by siding with the minority (apparently weaker group) against the majority ( the stronger group and so needs no support) for establishing righteous journalism. Absolute fake and foolish really.

  59. This is a total absurd article written by a frustrated out of work politician. His comments on after his Kashmir visit was abetting violence in Kashmir. He needs to put behind bars.

  60. maine 2 paragraph padhne ke baad kis jaahil ne likha hai…. fir upar naam padha: yogendra yadav.
    kaise kaise jaahil log hamare desh me intellectual bane fir rahe hai….

    • absolutely fantastic analysis…without MHAs approval nothing moves. infact even after the incidents, no one has arrested this Kapil guy, absolutely no plan to prosecute him, he actually served as mouth piece of BJP….god save my india…

  61. Somehow, the two months long rising crescendo of anti CAA protestors going on the rampage, destroying public and private property, holding cities and law abiding citizens to ransom, and worst of all, snuffing out the lives of scores of innocent people appears to have happened on another planet.
    What Shaheen Bagh has done is separate the wheat from the chaff with a spell binding clarity for those hundreds of millions of ordinary Indians buried unceremoniously under a deluge of a dense academic rhetoric by our Globally feted public intellectuals and influencers. And these supposedly dumb millions very well know that the hands that once rocked a cradle are today dipped in the blood of innocents. And blood speaks to blood across centuries, and that is the worrisome part that should engage our sincere deliberations as citizens of this inclusive nation of ours.
    Apart from a feeling that the riots in NE DELHI is being treated as ‘ done and dusted’ by some, this article conveys nothing of note.

    • Who told you 22 out of 27 victims were Hindus? Why are you making stuff up? This is the kind of crap which other Indians can’t take from bjp supporters.

  62. Worthless commentary without substance. It’s indeed absurd to argue that central regime has no role or interest in these one sided ghastly acts of murders and rioting. It’s laughable to argue that such things can happen in Delhi without willful nod of PM-HM duo or they couldn’t have checked it within minutes. Three days long silence is itself a greatest proof of complicity and design.

  63. We may never know the whole truth but circumstantial evidence does point to the ruling party and the flavour of 2002 is unmistakable.

  64. This country is gone to dogs under Modified rule. India has turned into a most unsafe destination.

  65. The writer was same who on 31 jan was doing drama of jun gan man and was saying CAA was anti Muslim. Such misinformation was spread just to settle scores with BJP. Now bear the brunt…When such Hippocrates blames police, media, army , courts , parliament , elections commission and trying to build narrative that all the institutions is subservient to government that rule of law breaks down. The experiential of liberals like writer has costed 24 life and counting…..Stop mid information and educate to ignorant people sitting on road than only scarified of life will not go in vain….

    • Who will educate people sitting on road ? Kapil Mishra, Anurag Thakur ? Isnt Narendra Modi PM of all 130 Crore people ? What effort has he made to engage a dialogue ?
      Amit Shah conveniently used Shaheen Bagh in Delhi Election but yeah it is fault of YY …

  66. Well, if Modi or Shah wanted to stop the violence, and they must have done it if this was not compatible with their strategy – short term, or long-term, then one simple sentence from either of them would have forced the police and administration to bring the violence to immediate halt.
    So, this logic of our respected analyst does not go much far.

  67. This violence may have been auto-ignited or unplanned but all the three elements that you have mentioned can’t work without Modi’s approval.

  68. Dear Yadav Sir, You must put the facts in correct perspective and correct sequence. The build up began with Shaheen Bagh. The atmosphere of hate began there. Rogue elements in JNU and Jamia were waiting for a chance to disturb the tranquility. Only responsibility of students and those who were masquerading as students was to study and promote knowledge. That they had forsaken. It is better to close down these two institutions, as they are a heavy burden on the national exchequer. Massive loss of life and colossal destruction of properties deserve to be condemned unequivocally. Human life is precious – and hatred generated at Shaheen Bagh has recoiled – that is very bad. Who has financed Shaheen Bagh? Who has orchestrated Shaheen Bagh? How can a 2 year old child participate – and died in the process? Were they not a part of rent – a-crowd? From where the funds have come? Why the students were there? These are the questions you should ask – instead of philosophising the whole unfortunate episode.
    a . k. pattabiraman, Madipakkam, Chennai

    • Shaheen bagh has been a peaceful protest.Give an example of a single hate speech made there.So its absolutely hilarious to say that the atmosphere of hate began there.And students are the future of the country.If they don’t become politically conscious,then who will?? Education doesn’t mean studying from thick books and earning a degree.It also includes becoming socially perceptive,fuelling rationalism and developing a good conscience against whatever is wrong.Youths cannot remain blind when the country is burning.Its their future,so they have to hit the streets.Not just JNU and jamia,but students across all IITs,IISc bangalore,Delhi university,reputed colleges and universities in kolkata,have been protesting against the suffocating atmosphere of hatred in the country.So what do u suggest?? Close all these premier institutions?? The more bjp will try to choke the voice of millions of youth,the more ways we will come up with to voice our dissent.And we have this right.As long as the constitution of india doesn’t reduce to ashes.But the constitution has already caught fire.And it is the duty of all the citizens to open their eyes to the anarchy,get rid of the blind allegiance to the gov,clear their conscience and douse the flames slowly engulfing India

      • Ant-CAA protests are inhumane and Shaheen Bagh protest is not peaceful by any bewildered stretch of imagination. Get your facts straight there have been anti nationalists anti Hindu slogans raised not only by the political parties leaders but also by little kids. Get your head out of sand. Bharat is going through revolution and it’s time for bigots liberals like yourself who cannot see what’s happening in Bharat right in front of their very eyes to open your eyes and ears and see for themselves the leftist nexals radical Islamic ideology is taking over India and making it a muslim state that has no place for you me and the humanity itself. Got it

  69. All this analysis not needed. Modi and Amit Shah did not restrain people like Kapil Misra who ignited the flame. As the top two who COULD have prevented it, but didn’t, they are directly responsible for the deaths. They have blood on their hands.

  70. Now this non entity, has come out with his two cents of wisdom.
    No mention of Shaheenbag, Waris Paathan , Amanullah khan and assorted AAP muslim goons.
    One Shahrukh Khan, waving his pistol, on the face of a policeman, A police person, died in shooting on very first day, has been conveniently , nay, deliberately ignored. Shame on him.

  71. This is written by a Leftist shithead. No mention of Owaisi Pathan and co. Such a shitty post by a shitty writer on a shitty media. The Print you suck!!

    • so only Hindus are not allowed but rest all the religions are allowed through traffic ? have they appointed PM at check point to identify people by clothe and then give them way ?
      I love Bhaktology !!!!

      • well few people think they are smart, But believe me you are an idiot if you see coin from one side. everyone knows The Print has a set of Audience we know what they like to call themselves. i dont like few people. give them what they want. thats what The Print is doing. well When it comes to Road Blocking Believe me Road Block for one community or everyone. isnt a good thing. you wanna protest do it but somewhere other people dont get uncomfortable, why they are blocking Roads? i know the Answer To gain media Attention both Type of Media give them what they want attention, one is negative other is positive. more than Politician media has become untruthful. so please do some investigation before going to a conclusion.

  72. there appears to be some naivety on the part of  srii yadav, generally a very wise man! i can not fathom the reasons!delhi police or any police in india are generally of mercenary nature.they know which side of their bread is faithfully and how inhumanly, how stoically they behaved in the presence of sri yadav at jnu? it was sheer grace of the gods above and some pity on the part of thugs marauding in around jnu that sri yadave kept his life and limb. we are grateful for both for leaving us in the possession of such a noble soul!the police simply fallow orders. they have lost all vestiges of humanity, piety and emotion,  leave alone allegiance to the republic or the constitution or rule of law.the are very well aware of their powers. they always exercise more powers and no powers they have! they are a law unto themselves. the care a hoot for the courts or evidence or witnesses. they can erase anything or never happened in the memory of any police in delhi that gun trotting and firing marauders went with impunity.  police allowed every one of the marauders to go and burn, kill, shoot doing nothing. and they joined the marauders on occasions we need know proof of this. we have seen live videos and other reliable footage including confirmed footage from alt news. the police did it because they were given crystal clear orders, though in a silent, nothing in writing, nothing loudly spoken clandestine manner. police have basic training. they cant let anyone burn and kill and beat up innocents. they not only allowed, but participated.police are petty scum in India. who else would allow such things or do such things/ forces opposing government may be arrested, false cases foisted, bail May be denied. but not what delhi police have been doing since last many years in delhi, or what they did in delhi now.they are very faithful to the masters and did not choose to act as per the law they know, despite horrible obnoxious things happening in front of their eyes. modi and amit  shaw are great men and men of great stature. how can shri yadav or any foll like us readers expect such great men think of issuing orders to do anything one way or the other.these great men have their lowly minions, the heartless, the soul less and the law less despicable scum squirting around. it is they who give the signals, the feelers or the hushed orders, directly or euphemistically. the police simply fallowed them. and things took their own course. it is possible that what happened is not what modi might have wanted personally. can we think of a more despicable politician than trump? this guy could not speak against the similar american scum of white supremacists, the shooters, the domestic terrorists, the trigger happy white police thugs shooting down black or Hispanic people of usa. why would he not like similar despicable character and practices of his indian counter parts.i wonder if the burning and killing delhi did not please trump.
    let us admit the delhi government has no powers over police. but delhi has a government and shri kejriwall presides over that.what did delhi government and workers of aap do to have the complaints, alerts and sos messages and calls of the suffering people of delhi received, collated and forwarded to the union government, to home ministry, to LG, to delhi police and then ask them about action and inaction? why could not delhi government engage one of the call centers to recieve and record and document all calls, complaints, alerts and sos distress calls from people who were affected?why could they not arrange to receive whatsaap messages of photos and videos of the marauders and police inaction and brutalities?aap and kejriwal  have all the power to recieve and record and forward and then demand to know what those who have the powers did or did not and why! they could go to delhi high court, to supreme court and to the court of people with unassailable evidence. aap and kejriwal dropped down a great opportunity, a rare opportunity to expose the state in inida as represented by the union of india government and delhi police. such golden opportunities are rare, horrondous and can not be expected or sought for often.let us hope the delhi government wakes up at least now and sets up a fictional system for receiving information, evidence, alerts and photos and videos of the action and inaction of the delhi police, the union government and the grea LG of delhi. delhi people and people of india deserve this much grace form aap and kejriwal.

    • Communal commu-neech anti Hindu, pro izlamic Yogendra Yadav is wise ??? What a joke !!!
      HOHOHO, are you a commu-neech sick-u-liar too ?????

  73. No , BJP in general has not spread hate . Yes few leaders give irresponsible and flammatary statements . But they are from both sides . The author conveniently ignores fiery speeches full of hatred by waris Pathan and Owasii brothers . Hindus are a very patient lot but their patience is not infinite .

    the Shaheen Baag and the like keep on challenging System and the Society ! their leaders had been shaming the system and the hindus for not being able to do anything . Just how can writers and reporters ignore all this !

    The fact is that hindus are now very much fed up of pseudo secular leaders and intellectuals .
    Yes Kapil Mishra has done wrong thig but not to the extent waris pathan and Owaissi has done. Just compare mishra’s” 3 days “statement to Pathan’s “15 minute” statement .

    • strange madam you blame this poor man yadav! it is your great government that has police! let it prosecute and take action against anyone and prevent violence and save people of india from lawlessness.
      but you may have more wisdom and knowledge than poor man yadav. pranams to your wisdom. jai shri ram! bharath maathaa ki jai1 modi zindabad! smit shaw double zindaabad! delhi police hundred times zindaabad! innocent poor victims of violence, those who were killed, half dead, whose homes and shops were burtnt- murdabad to all of them,if still left or living!
      may god bless you!

    • You are comparing sides of the same coin… Moreover who is Waris ? what is his backing ? he has a support of just 1 MP from his party… whereas People like Mishra, Thakur and Verma are the system. They have support of CMs , 303 MPs, HM and above all PM…
      I know you will not like it but Owaisi and Modi are also sides of same coin… And BJP does not represent Hindus… Hindus are inclusive… your Hindutva was silent all these years and now it is flexing muscle because of your bosses… Not Hindus… Dont malign our religion…

      • Sir, you sound like a Jai chand And you don’t speak for Hindus so keep your personal opinion regarding who is Hindu and who’s not to your self . Because of cowards like you Hindutva is maligned you are no one to denounce Hindutva Got it.

    • I think the article is about Delhi riots so no point bringing up something that isn’t even related! “Comparing something that is wrong to something which is worse doesn’t make the first thing less wrong” So don’t compare between mishra and owaisi ! Both are wrong!

    • Nathan’s statement is no recent one. And for what are the Hindus losing their patience? What are they tolerating? Who is pseudo secular?just using empty words have led to this radicalized environment. The peaceful protestors of muslims community had nothing to gain from it, if anything their voice is weakened now. The k ly party kn benefit is the radicalized hindutva cadres which may or may not be supported by the govt. This is no ljyic that if Hindus run out of patient they will start riots.



    • You know if one Waris Pathan can cause such a reaction then rhe countless Kapil Mishra,Parvesh Verma,Yogi Adityanath,Anurag Thakur s and even Amit Shahs should take the lions share of the blame fir first fanning these feelings and then making it abundantly clear that even destroying public property and killing officers of the law will lead to only a slap on the wrist.

  74. Humbug! The riots were clearly a conspiracy by the likes of the lefty liberals and urban naxals to occupy the headlines during the Trump visit. You can try hard to point the blame elsewhere, but the simple truth is that it was the likes of you (may be not you, but people of your ilk with deep pockets from foreign sources) who planned and executed the riots.

    • But, anyone attacking muslims is definitely one. And, they share the same Islamophobia as the sangha. So much of a coincidence, is it?

  75. Will Pro CAA protest happen peacefully in Jamia, Seelampur or any muslim dominated area. CAA is no threat to any Muslim in India anywhere. Bihar BJP voted against NPR. The question is Ummah or India and Ummah is winning hands down in Delhi. Appeasement by Delhi has failed and political commentators like you are to blame. This unnecessary bloodshed is because of liberals who never questioned AAP on CAA and brushed it aside… people of Delhi thought that political defeat of BJP in elections will be sufficient appeasement but it failed. Cause Ummah does not believe in Democracy and live and let live.

    • Your moron ,it dangerous for every poor people reside in not dangerous only for rich people whether what religious do you belong to.It will hurt only people wjo will not have enough money to give bribe to burecrats to declare him indian citizen even though people do have document

      • How is CAA a threat to muslim …moron answer this. CAA fast track citizenship it does not take anyone Where is NPR draft?? This is all for Ummah and only Ummah. Like you calling me name, people of your ilk have overreacted and have habit of not asking questions and having mob mentality.

      • You are a moron Romil idi0t, caa is no threat to anybody indian, all agitation against it is sick jelousy and communalism.

  76. The basic reason is 15cr trying flex their muscles on 100cr as Waris nathan said .Shaheen bag is the root cause and it should be dismantled within no time else this is going to repeat

  77. If you are blaming the ‘atmosphere’ for the riots, you must look at it in its temporal totality, not at a slice of time.

    • LOL. Where does one start? We are living in 13th century in our heads while the resr of the world has moved on to modernity! Jaago mohan pyaare

  78. the print seems to be an anti-bjp .and they are luteyans and congress supporters.this article does not reflect any is sheer rubbish.

      • He is not justifying the riots. He is saying that the article is partial and doesnt do a good job in analyzing. Any intelligent reader can understand that while it starts on a neutral note, it concludes to blame the BJP for the current situation. A simple example is while it talks about inflammatory comments from certain BJP leaders, it fails to even mention once about the hate speech given by waris pathan as early as last week. This shows that either the writer has not done his homework right or there is an anti BJP tone to the article. The day we stop following all these political parties blindly and question their intent instead, maybe things in the country will improve.

      • Avneesh, so you are trying to justify the bullshit, communal, anti hindu jeolous agitation named anti CAA agitation, you are a mentally unfit and sick secular, hate or completely confused Hindu man, donot you realize ?????.

    • Dear Kishore sahab, it seems that you are anti BJP and anti-Hindu commu-neech/sick-u-liar, as you cannot see the relentless hate venom, spread by sick people and communal section of minorities against a 100% humanatarian law to protect religious persecuted victims (any non-izlamic religion) of Bangladesh and Pakistan in the hands of muzlims there, which is the ONE AND ONLY reason behind Delhi riots.

        • so much concerned with the muslims in burma and Srilanka and so worried about them who cannot peacefully live with others in those countries that you don’t not mind creating disturbance much akin to lawlessness, hooliganism by creating agitation in your own country.
          if you are so magnanimous, why do not you raise your voice against atrocities on minorities in Pak and bangla.

    • This Is the truth, every comment pro government comment here just proves the author ‘s theory of how Indian Hindus have a developed a deep hatred towards muslims. You could be educated, rich ,smart but the bias is there. Hindus in India today have stopped to reason, turned a blind eye to basic humanitarian concerns and no longer have a conscience. Modi’s government and his dangerous gang of jokers have managed to split the country admirably. Muslims have always lived like second class citizens in India, just with a little more dignity in the past. They are economically backward( every government made sure of that) and with less opportunity. So why this hatred towards them, not sure. Ofcourse my opinion will not matter, but why is India spiraling towards this hate and bias which will stop its growth and development, I dont understand. I don’t see the Muslim snatching jobs, education, or in anyway at par with hindus. This blind hatred baffles me. What happened to the 80’s and 90’s India I grew up in? I hope the majority can see the government for what it is- inept and useless at putting india economically back on the map and taking care of basic core needs of citizens .

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