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The Delhi pogrom 2020 is Amit Shah’s answer to an election defeat

The violence was clearly orchestrated to end peaceful protests against Amit Shah’s 'chronology'.

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Deputy Commissioner of Delhi Police Rajesh Deo has told the Delhi High Court it has not seen the video of Kapil Mishra threatening violence in northeast Delhi. This one headline alone tells you everything you need to know about the violence in Delhi. Kapil Mishra is a BJP leader, the Delhi Police is run directly by Home Minister Amit Shah, the right-hand man of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Kapil Mishra made his provocative speech in the presence of a senior Delhi Police officer, making it clear that he wanted his followers to take the law in their own hands.

The Delhi pogrom of 2020 is state-sponsored. Anyone who cannot see that is pretending to be blind. In numerous accounts, videos and photos, we see the Delhi Police purportedly aiding and abetting the violence, either by looking away or actually participating in it.

A Delhi Police constable has been killed, as has an Intelligence Bureau official. The 24 dead (so far) include people from both religions — but more Muslims. When mass violence is provoked against a community, the community strikes back in defence. That’s how it becomes a riot, spun as an ‘equal fight’ between two sides. Both are then blamed. But the truth is that it is primarily Muslims who have been targeted, Muslim shops burnt, a cemetery desecrated, a mosque taken over, pages of the Quran burnt, and so on.

What was the purpose of this violence? First, it was to prevent the scaling up of the anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act protests. The women sitting in Seelampur, a Muslim-dominated slum area, rightly felt it was no use sitting there. Shaheen Bagh got attention by virtue of being in south Delhi, even though it is in a Muslim-dominated area. But Seelampur? It was like speaking to themselves.

Responding to a Bharat Bandh call by Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad, the women decided to move their protest to a road underneath the Jaffrabad metro station Saturday night. This blocked a road. Unless you block a main road, how do you get the attention of the mainstream? This is not the first time a road has been blocked by a group of protesting people.

But BJP’s Kapil Mishra said the blocking of a road was somehow a matter serious enough for people to take law in their own hands. He demanded that the road be cleared in both Jaffrabad and nearby Chand Bagh.

New Delhi: Rioters set ablaze a shop during clashes between those against and those supporting the Citizenship (Amendment) Act in at Gokalpuri in north east Delhi, Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020 | PTI
Rioters set ablaze a shop during riots in north east Delhi, Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020 | PTI

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The Jaffrabad model of silencing dissent

What unfolded then was a clear diabolical plan. Make it look like a ‘clash’ between “pro-” and “anti-” CAA protesters. The clash goes violent. Muslims provoked and forced to respond in self-defence. It looks like a riot. Use the violence as an excuse to clear the anti-CAA protests — the peaceful and democratic anti-CAA protests.

When the Jaffrabad protest site was cleared, a top BJP-RSS leader declared victory. B.L. Santhosh is the BJP’s general secretary (organisation), a post reserved for the RSS representative. Here was his tweet just as news came in of the Jaffrabad site being cleared:

BL Santhosh's deleted tweet
BL Santhosh’s deleted tweet

Santhosh then deleted this tweet, to remove “game starts now” and replace it with “time to enforce law in its entire spirit” in a new tweet:

Similarly, the Chand Bagh protest site nearby was also cleared.

This is a model that could well be applied soon to other protest sites, Shaheen Bagh and others, in Delhi and elsewhere. We saw a trailer of this in some BJP-ruled states earlier: Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka, even in Jamia area in Delhi. In the Jamia Millia Islamia violence, the excuse of a burnt bus was used to beat up students even inside the university library. The idea is to use violence to create a consensus that the anti-CAA protesters are violent Islamists.

At the heart of this debate is also a claim to public space. Section 144 does not seem to apply to state-backed mobs. The police provides them security or stands by. But for anti-CAA protesters, all the laws come down heavily on them, preventing them from protesting.

Security personnel stand guard near a neighbourhood vandalised by rioters during clashes between those against and those supporting the Citizenship (Amendment) Act in north east Delhi, Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020. | PTI
Security personnel stand guard near a neighbourhood vandalised by rioters during violence in north east Delhi, Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020. | PTI

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Reply from Amit Shah

The BJP’s calculation about the CAA-NRC-NPR laws was that people will take them lying down, with the same sense of defeat and surrender with which they accepted the dilution of Article 370, verdict on Ram Mandir and so on.

Taken aback, the BJP thought the protests would fizzle out in weeks. When the protesters, who could not even be discredited as opposition-backed, found an ‘occupy’ model led by women, the BJP thought it might actually help it polarise people on Hindu-Muslim lines. So, for instance, a Delhi BJP MP, the foul-mouthed Parvesh Verma, said of Shaheen Bagh protesters last month that they might enter people’s homes and rape women.

Such attempts at hatemongering did not succeed, as the Delhi election got the BJP only eight of the 70 seats, and the rise in vote-share was marginal. The anti-CAA/NPR/NRC or ‘Chronology’ protests, not even good for polarisation, are now a nuisance to the Narendra Modi government, which does not like dissent. It doesn’t want people speaking up against the threat of being made stateless through ‘Chronology’ laws. It is likely now that the ‘Chronology’ protests everywhere could face similar violence.

The northeast Delhi pogrom of 2020 serves another purpose. It is Amit Shah’s way of reminding everyone that the Delhi election results mean nothing, and that Arvind Kejriwal is a nobody. Kapil Mishra is Amit Shah’s answer to the Delhi electorate. It’s his way of saying who’s boss. It’s a catharsis of the anger of the defeat of Delhi.

The author is contributing editor to ThePrint. Views are personal.

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  1. I had read somewhere that some authors have the head of the size of a pin but much less point. The author of this piece symbolizes such type of authors. What was nauseating about this article is that it is hate-driven and echoes the viciousness of people who are out to destroy the fabric of this country

    • Mr. Goswami, how many pegs of Gaumutra are you down today ?? Okay, better question …do you consume it on the rocks or mix it something super filthy like the communalism n hatred in your black heart.

    • Totally biased journalism ,and asking for donations. They didn’t mention the mastermind of delhi pogrom tahir husain(a muslim and formor AAP member ,currently ruling in delhi). Shame on you The print!

  2. You should retire from journalism. We don’t need your biased report. Stupidity at its peak, nay Everest.

  3. For all those who have criticized the journalist must know they are nobody to defame anybody’s job. They as indians have proved themselves why this nation is on the verge of a civil war. But kudos to Shyam Vij who’s analysis and words are nailing every bit of a government that will backfire its “own” or followers if required. Why can’t anybody tolerate criticism and dissent in this democracy?

    • You idiot you do a right thing and then expect to hear criticism then you are none other than a bigot animal in human form what is right is right this writer is paid or has lost all righteousness and consciousness he knows whats the truth himself but hes corrupted beyond repair and is speaking dirt if you want to know reality go ask a resident their and see the hindus killed stabbed 600 times intestines taken out and drilled in the head then come back and see what truth and criticsm really mean

    • I dare you to tolerate criticism when you know you are right, you are blinded corrupted and damaged beyond repair like the journalist ,bigots animals brainless just ask one real resudent and analyze the hindus killed stabbing 600 times tearing the intestines drilling in the head then come back and see what truth criticism means if you still remain in oblivion beleive me you have irreversibly crossed the lowest levels of being a human

      • Okeydoke, then.

        Don’t tolerate, but at least rise up to the level and follow the laws of scientific-reasoning to respond: Why can’t you and your like-minded “folks” manage to do the same when challenged?

        Or to make you understand by appropriating one of your hotshot favourite-tools never seeming to vain in the frequency of applications: You’re more righteous, than the rest, no? We’ve all heard the grandiose “fables”, “folklores” and “parables” about how the Sanaatanis are the “most-tolerant around the Brahmaanda” simply because of the teachings of Sanaatana Dharma — then why that never seems to be the case in practice°?

  4. Every Institution,Police, Administration is occupied, weakened.Those who claim it is world biggest democracy, is complete lie. When no institution will able to do justice, then people will have no choice to save himself and their family in self defence.

  5. gutter level of journalism …. but what do we expect from these psuedo secular anti india anti hindu pro muslim terrorists

    • People with cheap mentality will destroy our beautiful country, while they are sitting faraway judging Hindu muslims, thanks to the current government, andhbhakts have forgotten the basics of humanity norms, their minds are filled with poisonous cowdung and urine. Anyone questions the government becomes a traitor and the idiotic supporters start talking Hindu Muslim, spit out poison quoting fake information regarding a particular community, they never check on facts just blurt out their biased views. None talks about fairness or give out solutions, everyone talks about destruction. When a journalist presents a picture of a particular community they start crying foul, calling him biased, nonsense, pseudo liberal etc., when the same journalist presents an article about the people of their liking, they cheer and start praising him. This is sheer Hippocratic, it shows up their narrow mindedness and cheap mentality.
      All this talk of ours will remain on papers, but Providence will take it’s own course.

      • I beleive you are such a intelligent person but all the things you have said apply to you rather than the majority here you are andhbhakt fakely crying for things that never happened you boast you know the facts i dare you to prove them to me

  6. Speaking the truth is never easy….people who call uh a biased journalist are the once who praise the Godi media…May the blood shed stop and peace prevail..

  7. This article has exactly spot on the real motive and the politicking and the high level culprits behind the Delhi 2020 pogrom orchestrated by none other than Amit shah. Shah vented his fury out for revenging an ignominious defeat 62/8 in Delhi. How much the truth speak of this article has hit the sanghis on head is strikingly obvious from the scream and mayhem in the comment space by sanghis or its sympathizers. It is Amit shah who is the main culprit who behaves like a thug revelling in his lunacity and utter disregard for human concerns. It is damn sure that BJP will replicate this model in shaheen bagh and elsewhere against common citizens. But he does not comprehend the strategic blunder that this will only further consolidate opposotion and hence more protests to be seen in coming days. Better remember Hitler and his pathetic downfall. Dictatorship won’t last long. A avoawed criminal gang of Modi and Shah will invetably be caught under the law in near future.

  8. This is not the first election that amit shah lost. According to the writer shivam vij we should have seen wide spread riots in all the states bjp lost in the recent months. Why only Delhi? Coz Delhi was a laboratory for a dangerous experiment called shaheen bagh and what has happened is just a trailer of a sinister plan to break India. INDIA should wake up and stand united against this leftist idealogy which thrives on anarchy and chaos

  9. Print is one of the unbiased group of real journalists. Shekhar Gupta and his gang of 11 is real, new age journos. I read this article just cos it was on print else I completely ignore such articles.

    Though these are personal views of the writer, how could it go through the print editor?

    Pls avoid any piece that tries to give conclusions. Someone like Shekhar Gupta who has sufficient data and research to back his conclusion is different than someone like this writer fit ro write a bollywood script.

    Print, pls avoid to give platform like the print to such non serious and casual writers.

  10. Wow!!!!
    This is a wonderful theory, the best among conspiracy theories. Impressed!

    Amit Shah orchestrated this violence so as to avenge his defeat in the Delhi election. Can we know why he didn’t do a similar thing in MP or Rajasthan or Punjab or Jharkhand or Orissa???
    Is the writer still researching or he can’t find the data??

    Strange that people in media dish out opinion and not facts or news. This has been the bad luck of this nation and will prove to be very dear as days pass by.

    Strange that councillor and MLA of AAP chose to listen to Shah and not Kejriwal’s dictum.

    Looks like a bed time story being narrated to a sleepy toddler.

  11. This is not the first time I am seeing articles criticizing the government made to sound like they are worthless by a mob of cyber goons!

  12. I wish that the Sanaatani Privilege by many commenters( most of them Anonymous Cowards) here on could be anything more than tiresomely boring.

    Their conspiracy-theorising, as proposed by their opinion-leaders/-makers such as AAPian-turned-terrorist leader Mishra( no salutation!) aside: They’re so pitiful that they can’t even get that..

    …Nitpicking on Shaheen Bagh protests by always regurgitating “whatabout school and first-response services” as if they actually are Customer Care/Service representatives moonlighting in addition to their very pressing jobs — to your one-of-select-favourites tool of “Whatabout”, I respond: Well..
    What about the DAILY, REGULAR, INSTANCE of VIP and VVIPs( almost all of them politicos, “leaders” or otherwise) getting the public-roads blocked before and after their convoy steadily passes, huh?
    This sounds funny because it sounds a direct-parallel to picking on temple loudspeakers for unannounced, random instances of Bhajana/Jagaraata marathons whilst ignoring the daily, few-minutes of audio from mosque 5 TIMES across the whole of 24 hours!(
    Which of course, is antithetical to what they actually do in that debate. Hence the drawing of parallels.)

    • P.S. On the immediate-hindsight after posting this, I got reminded of the role by opinion-leading “genius” aka B L Santhosh( no salutation, for obvious reasons!) who managed to even got on the wide global-international spotlight..

      …by threatening in response to the open-opposition by the Senator of US state of Vermont and Presidential-hopeful Mr Bernie Sanders against the incumbent POTUS’ apathy( much welcomed by the herd oh-so-rarely chanting “iNdIA’s iNtErNaL maTtErS” to evade criticism, let alone intervention — every single time) towards the pogrom-in-question, by oh-so-ingeniously making a not-so-veiled threat by dog-whistling his army of keyboard-warriors, opinion-leaders/-makers and spin-doctors( collectively dubbed “IT Cell”*) to be ready for “intervening in US 2020 Presidential Election”( paraphrased).

      He( luckily, the latter) soon deleted the tweet, I see he has done the same in the related-case here — as well. Is this RSS mascot wearing that oh-so-rare persona of “Grandpa Grumps”? From what it’s looking like: At least he’s making a pattern.

      *A collective which is the greatest in number on US-based social media platforms, let’s be honest even in this as well — no?

  13. This is not the first election that amit shah lost. According to the writer shivam vij we should have seen wide spread riots in all the states bjp lost in the recent months. Why only Delhi??? Coz Delhi was the petridish for a dangerous experiment called shaheen bagh and what has happened is just a trailer of a sinister plan to break India. INDIA should wake up and stand united against this leftist idealogy which thrives on anarchy and chaos.

  14. Complete one sided report ……. Public is more update than you Mr. Editor …. This is wrong information you are spreading looks like

  15. The fountainhead of head and violence is reporting s like such. Author wanted to know why did it happen, it happened because people like you have been stroking fire all along.

    I am ashtornished as to how is this article allowed by Shekhar ji. This is utter , useless crap in the name of writing.

    • 100%. This also means that they don’t like the face they see on the mirror. Which leads to the frustration and anger culminating in abuse for the journalist.

  16. This is the best abd the frankest article on the Delhi pogrom organized by Shah. It was Shah who was the home minister in Gujarat when the 2002 riots took place, and again when he became the home minister of the country, he has burnt the capital. Shah and Modi duo is lethal for this country. They will really burn this nation.

    Thanks for speaking the truth. India needs journalists like you. Please don’t be disappointed with the IT cell and their negative comments.

  17. You are a Hindu heater & journ like you only instigated these riots against Hindus. Shame on you & your group. You are are antisocial element.

  18. Bloody hell ! I have seen ,read a lot of lousy journalists ,who keep dishing out one crappy article after another ,but this guys takes the cake ! 🍰
    I just shudder to think if this guy had a gun in his hand instead of a pen, he would have by now wiped off the total BJP top brass by now .
    Shameful, spiteful, unprofessional piece of Shit.
    This joker looks like is floating in his’ Oceans of Fantasy’, his imagination running wild with all kinds of perverted thought process ,highly condemnable . Saala kuch bhi !
    This journo seems so fond of crap that I think he should join some sewage cleaning contractor/firm so that he remains in close proximity to shit and remains happy with it.
    Thereby sparing the poor news consumers of this pathetic experience.

    • Instead of saying some bad words you could have counter him
      Better for us to understand your point

      One thing is crystal clear
      There are leaders in bjp
      And they just vomit words to please some voters

    • SHAME ON MoDee moDeL of Communal disharmony roasters
      All chaddeess are similar
      Have same Venom spewing ideology like their forefathers who formed RSS
      Better that it’s eXposed..

      Losers r Common man…but…it’s now no more… InternalIndia….,it’s secular Fabric moDee sHaH DuO have shattered

  19. This guy is talking all crap and seems to be of the same ilk as Pappu, Mamta, Kejriwal, Owaisi, left-liberals etc., and the radical Islamic fundamentalists !!
    These meaningless anti- CAA protests and the planned rioting done on the eve of POTUS’s visit only further emphasizes the need for Modi & Shah to ensure that CAA, NRC, NPR, UCC, etc are implemented at the earliest without wasting any time so that the concept of Ghazwa-e-hind doesn’t take root here !!

  20. The print editor is Biased. The article reaks of conclusion first and then selected facts presented and other facts which don’t fit are Ommited. Shame on such articles.

  21. Mr Shyam Vij you are a disgrace in the name of unbiased, factual reporting of events. You have the gall to suggest, quote “Responding to a Bharat Bandh call by Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad, the women decided to move their protest to a road underneath the Jaffrabad metro station Saturday night. This blocked a road. Unless you block a main road, how do you get the attention of the mainstream?” unquote.
    This is exactly what the tukde-tukde gang of JNU indulge in. Anything for maximum eyeballs and enough shock effect that the pseudo liberal presstitutes like you are paid to report. You are no better than a gutter media reporting one side of the story, the real bigot, apologist and intolerant.

    • Yes every truth said is horrible for monsters. Didn’t BJP said defeat of Delhi was coz of hate speech but what worse it can be then such atrocite on protesters whereas such protest as per court is allowed. It’s sheer shamelessness of centre

  22. I completely agree with this analysis! More so, i see a ‘replica’ of guj riots in delhi where evrythng ws sponsored n lead by the state! I hope btr sense prevails for people all over the country!

  23. The police is always going to be the sacrificial goat. When they act, the intellectuals find their action disproportionate, and when they step back, they are blamed for inaction. Damned if they do and damned if they don’t ! All of this is nothing but a distraction created from the hostage like crisis the capital and educational spaces are under since the last couple of months, under the garb of ‘peaceful protest’. It all had to get to a breaking point, with each side egging on the other. On this no one’s gonna take any responsibility, especially those who have been supporting the hostage like crisis and the ‘peaceful protestors’. The idiots in the ruling party fell for this trap hook, line and sinker, and the hostage saga continues till the Hon’ble Supreme Court comes back on 23rd Mar’20 ‘from vacation’ leaving it all on the police force to ‘manage the situation’ on the ground.

    • Yeah, you Mr “simple-minded Indian”.

      That’s exactly what was planned to transpired!
      My, my… It’s as if you somehow had insider-access to the whole “sinister trap”.

      And about the “masses”: The self-centred plebs were frustrated AF with the protests the dominant-Minority could less be apathetic towards.
      Even though the very same plebs are “heartwarmingly magnanimous” towards the “underprivileged classes” classified VIPs to VVIPs always get to have a “very humiliating experience” of closing roads for their convoys to pass through in “such a traffic”.
      Both are equally true, innit? BTW, how much of ‘South Park®’ have you finished? 😏

  24. Absolute nonsense…Both the writer and The Print are propagating the agenda of anri-Indian forces and should be sued for propagating communal hatred..this is called toilet paper journalism!

  25. Mr Vij is an apology in the face of journalism !! Not 1 sentence is unbiased !! ModiShah hate mentality has turned him sick !!

  26. Shivam Vij should spend sometime in China to know what is the meaning of pogrom and what is the meaning of Law. When the lives of Hindus lost, the perpetrators are only Hindus. As if other people are Gandhian doing satyagraha despite provocation.
    When a Muslim politician or any one like Chandra Sekhar Ravan can provoke anyone but Hindus should remain calm despite suffering injury. If Muslims are provoked it is the mistake of Hindus and they should suffer. And Delhi police conspired to kill their own DCP and HC. What a logic guy!
    I don’t know whose heart is filled with hatred, whether it is yours or your so called enemies.
    If RSS or BJP are so much omnipotent, why they are having trouble in implementing the law that is passed by Parliament. Why they have not framed the operational rules?
    I think people like you must write articles like this so that Hindus must realize ultimately they have none to report their sufferings and support the party that is the protector of Hindus.

    • Do see some videos on how mob in front of dumb police is pelting stones? Mob wasn’t wearing skull cap but helmets and chanting holy names surprising atleast spare the name of God otherwise it only shows religion is teaching the hatred… intentionally didn’t wrote the name of God

  27. Shivam and his ilk are frothing in their mouths at the chance to pile on Modi government. Urban naxals like him created the riots in an orchestrated plot to coincide with the Trump visit and are now savouring the fruits of their labour. I hope the investigation will reveal the masterminds behind the conspiracy.

    • The article by Shivam is totally biased. I suspect that he has a sinister plan to instigate the Muslims further for more violence and hatred. It is because of such journalists that the country has come to such a pass. One starts wondering if it is a misfortune for being born as a HINDU in this country, where you are blamed for the atrocities committed by Muslims. He should be prosecuted for spreading hatred in the society in this surcharged atmosphere. The country will be better off without such callous writers.

      • Indeed..

        …Your PD-fuelled ethnocentrism certainly couldn’t be more of a bulls-eye..

        …That for JUST A single-verdict “against Sanaatanis”, cisfemales under-50( not necessarily even menstruating at the time of pilgrimage): Can’t freely enter after MORE THAN quarter-past a year since the case has been over with.
        And certainly.. The court didn’t even need to generally decide on issueS such as “Triple Talaq”: The entourage led by a certain “white-knight”( 2002 badge-donning cadre) themselves became the judge, jury and even the plaintiff — to not just come-up with, but even enforce the law.

  28. The print is a communist mentality media.
    You idiot are spewing your venom on my popular govt.&best ever PM.
    YOU NONSENSE,Writing truth is your religion but you have been writing false .
    So you are falsehood.

  29. This article by ThePrint is lowest level to which journalism in India can stoop so low . Instead of giving the name of journalist as a writer of this article, it would have been better that it was reported as the out-pouring by any jihadist orgnisation or a press release by Congress party . Headline itself is very deceptive. BJP and Shah s party has lost many assembly elections starting with elections in November 2018 and earlier –in MP, Rajasthan, Punjab, lost chance to form Government in Maharashtra due to political maneuvering , most recently in Jharkhand. But there has not been any rioting in these states. Why The Print has come out such a misleading headline. Journalism and political propaganda are two different professions. Both are lucrative. Do not mix those two professions. A political propagandist may even change sides conveniently. See roaming of Prashant Kishor to different parties . He is well within his right to promote his business. But press and journalism are talked as a pillar of democracy. But alas, some people are not able to transcend their political instincts of hate against certain persons and parties and keep on vomiting verbal diatribe . Can you explain why the riots coincide the day a foreign dignitary was in India ? Mass killing of Hindu and Sikh , who are in minority in J&K , happened on same days in 2000 in when American President Bill Clinton was in India.Delhi,India. Does it not show some foreign handlers were working to repeat the same ? Why So-called informed journalist forget even recent history. ? IF THE AUTHOR HAS PENCHANT FOR INDULGING IN POLITICS OF HATRED , WHY NOT JOIN CONGRESS PARTY , MUSLIM LEAGUE, ETC . EVEN SP, TMC MAY BE GOOD STARTING OPTIONS. IF this remain standards of Journalism , no one will weep if freedom of press is lost again as It happened in 1975. YOUR HATE MODI-SHAH PROGRMME MAY LAND INDIAN PRESS A PIECE OF JOKE IN THE MIND OF RIGHT THINKING PEOPLE.

  30. WTF. If Amit Shah & Kapil Mishra culprits ,then why are stones/acid/petrol bomb being thrown on police from rooftops in muslim dominated localities ? Is that gunman Mohammad Shahrukh seen firing & pointing gun at cop , a BJP agent ?

  31. For those who are wondering why would BJP instigate a riot when it would be most embarrassing to them during Trump visit, they are right. They may not have started it directly.

    Unfortunately when you unleash unemployed and uneducated 16 to 25 year old boys fed on staple diet of hate this is what happens.

    The motor mouth Kapil Mishra spilled the beans and it was enough for these purposeless youth to act against each other. It doesn’t matter who threw the first stone.
    Once you ride a tiger you are no longer in control.
    With looming economic recession expect this youth to get more restless and agitated.. God help India.

  32. Totally… Rubbish article. Should be thrown in Dust bin. Without any facts. Who recruited this uneducated buffoon writing such a baseless article. However, I agree with M Ramesh who has rightly stated that the article has gone a long way to expose biased nature of The Print.

  33. You love fiction.
    You really love pulp fiction
    You get great happinness in spreading fear
    You are a disgust as journalist
    You are best left alone
    Karma (not kamra) will take care…

  34. సిగ్గు లేని ఎదవ.. కడుపుకి అన్నం తింటున్నవా లేక అశుద్ధం తింటున్నవా

  35. You are saying that 24 are dead and also stating that most are the Muslims (did you counted) for your information 90% are hindus. Stop this kind of biased journalism.

  36. When will you people start respecting the nation people like you are so much busy in defaming bjp that you can’t even see the dangered situation which has erupted.
    It’s not about hindu or Muslim I believe we are Indians and morons like you who are running such a stupid websites and news channel whose only aim to bring bjp down without caring about the citizens.
    Just stop this stupid propaganda and start respecting your nation and people.

  37. A leftist jihadi sympathizer’s pathetic attempt to normalize violence and gundagardi by Muslims.
    1) “When mass violence is provoked against a community, the community strikes back in defence.” When Modi said “every action has an equal and opposite reaction” that was communal but now this writer is normalizing violence by Muslims with same logic and is instigating muslim jehadis.
    2) How come blocking roads for months for ambulances, schoolbuses and daily commuters OK way to protest? This was way of jihadis to start violence by hindering daily activities of common people.

  38. This article is blasphemous and blaming individuals without proof. I hope some of the named people take the author to courts for defamation

    • You’re invoking the wrong word!

      The word you’re looking for is: ‘Lèse Majesté’
      ( Which means the Majesty i.e. a leader of a dominion is akin to a Holy Figure and hence, is “infallible” enough to be “impure” and thusly: There can be absolutely no negativity hurled at him — whatsoever.)

      Gotcha’, Mr “Pakistan”? 😏

  39. Amit shah is criminal and will always be a criminal. He has killed 25 people just to satisfy his ego. He should resign. And those pathetic right wing supporters should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Deo( need I spell-out why am I not adding salutation only to your name), is that you again? 😏

      “mentally retarded”: Ahh.. Well!

      At least you’re honest about oh-so-refreshing aah! Little things, eh? 😊

  40. One cannot judge if the analysis is correct. However, the timing of the riots could not possibly have been worse. It showed India in the worst possible light to the US President’s entourage. Has drawn outrage and condemnation in the global media, even from foreign lawmakers. One is very happy to see NSA take charge of the situation, use his power and authority to put out the fires.

    • M not that intelligent but educate me on this thing, do NSA have more power than HM?
      If yes then why Delhi police is under HM. & If No then why we needed NSA in the first place?
      It’s all a script and all the characters are doing fantastic.

    • You’re conveying your “least-biased”( realistic way to say ‘neutral’/‘unbiased’) take as if the incumbent US President and his said entourage are renowned for their empathy towards minorities in their own backyard or even acknowledging the existence of problems significantly or specifically affecting them?

      Let alone the fact of their care about underprivileged, not just the very strikingly-similar case of stroking and amplifying antipathy towards “illegal aliens”( language consciously uncensored) but even the homeless people( most of them obviously belonging to the the Majority race) which are even de facto* citizens of the very country?!!

      As for the “global press”, to their cultists: It’s very same like the reactions to ThePrint® here. Buzzwords like “Urban-Naxal”, “Lutyen’s Delhiites”, “Khan-Market Gang”, “Tukde-Tukde Gang” and so on. The only thing even worth considering is how little the difference is between such DS, depending upon the dominant geopolitical-history of relevant geography for such neologisms keep getting coined.

      *Such a presumption because it’s hardly likely that they’ll have essential records like the well-known Social Security, leading to the very same predicament of having no documented-confirmation of citizenship as those adversely-affected by CAA+NPR.

  41. Yeah right! There is one little problem with Shivam’s propaganda – it is a product of his deranged imagination. He forgets the inconvenient fact that a thousand rioters gathered on the cue when Trump landed in India; he looks the other way when a rioter points a gun to the face of a policeman at point blank range; he forgets that these rioters fire into the crowds. And now he cooks up a story to vent his hatred towards Amit Shah. Any wonder the lefty liberal media has no credibility?

  42. Lets hope that Shaheen bagh and other silly nuisances will be put out at the earliest. Shaw should either clear these irritants or consider wearing bangles.

  43. Cute, think about writing conspiracy theories as profession? On the other hand, how about facts.
    Fact 1 : realising that SC is taking its sweet time, muslims decided to up the ante to humiliate government in front of Trump, hence jaffarbad nonsense
    Fact 2: realising that the muslims would think they can get away with this, locals decided that they cant stand public spaces being taken over by a venomous minority known for terrorism and voilence across world
    Fact 3: now the said minority crying victimhood. Too late

    • The Projection is skyrocketing on this one, Mr “Sid”!

      Talk about only sparing one’s intellect to weave a narrative in as shortest of words as one possibly can.

      Do you write for OpIndia®, “genius”? Because if so: Why, oh, why? Why you ought to hide behind the oh-so-uncommon moniker of ‘Anonymous Coward #_____’.
      Or have you just done a [crash-]course in how to write like an OpIndia® columnist?( Most likely under the patronage?)

  44. I am deeply saddened after reading this article…I am convinced enough that this piece is written to just instigate violence again so that again central govt can be maligned…this is a well crafted evidence of intellectual terrorism…
    PM & HM minister & almost entire state machinery was busy in hosting trump & whole world’s media was there a person with common sence can understand that hard working PM & central govt have nothing to do with such riots…
    But writer of this article deliberately, falsely & totally biased just didn’t digest the image of our nation on world stage just on imaginary thought based on falsehood implicating the nation’s HM &. the party at the centre…..this clearly shows that this hopeless guys can go to any extant to prove their narrative even if delhi can be ragged to the ground. This low thinking people can give a communal violence to the colour of pogrom….so cheap can they think to just malign the image of a popular PM & of our great nation.

  45. Shivam Vij is a blot on journalism! I have immense respect for Shekhar Gupta but I don’t understand why wouldn’t he uphold his journalism standards on Vij’s propaganda.

  46. Gujarat model of peaceful resolution of conflict by tadipaar….it seems there is no Sanjeev Bhatt in the Delhi Police Force all Vanzaras….I hope to see Amit Shah as Prime Minister of India….eak yesa Ram Rajya… Jaha na koi court ki jaroorat na koi police ki

  47. Dear Shivam,
    Please stop this. You are one of the worst conspiracy theorist and fear monger, putting to shame even the likes of Warris Pathan and Parvesh Verma. You are just their dignified version.. What happened? You were so sensible at one point of time. Now you are just talking/ writing crap.

  48. I’m not what you would call, a Sanghi. But I support any method to curb anti-CAA protests. The government gave the protesters enough time. I feel it should have acted much earlier. Pity we don’t have one-party rule like China. The author has expressed his views. The way he looks at things. It all depends on which side of the fence you are on. You can call it a “progrom” or whatever you like. It’s a war out there and as you know , everything is fair in a war.

      • Abe what do you know about RSS?
        Abe idiot tell me just one line positive&negative EACH about RSS.
        Abe nonsense During 1999 super cyclone in Odisha,RSS was the 1st ever organisation to do relief works aklvthrough out the state as i have seen in my own eyes.
        Abe i can count 1000s of such works of RSS through out the world.
        What do you know,you explain.
        Do not say looter-corrupt-dynast congis&surname changed-duplicate gandhis language.

    • With this kind of mindset you are exactly what one would call a Sanghi. People are beginning to see through the smokescreen you hate-mongers created. You can dream all you want about one-party rule. That won’t happen in India. We will remain a democratic, pluralistic, secular and harmonious society despite your best efforts to disrupt peace. You and your kind will lose in the end. People are fed up of your antics. Reform while there is still time.

      • Absolutely. We will not allow India to be broken up by unscrupulous politicians and a selfish hypocritical middle class.

    • Are you Deo, Mr “Rajesh”?


      Are you sure that those responsible for accrediting “moral legitimacy” are the very same people blessed with Sanaatani Privilege and hence, couldn’t care less about those unjustly affected by CAA+NPR combo?

  49. Disgusting Apology and Propaganda to defend the unconscionable riots and violence unleashed by emboldened Islamists by anti-government sympathiser! Those who could not win a democratic election in 2019 now want to use the excuse of “”protests”” and “”dissent”” to undo the democratic verdict and institute a coup against the Narendra Modi Govt. The timing of the incident is self-evident as to who the sponsors of the violence are. The excuse of using Kapil Mishra is comical considering how many policemen have been wounded , including a senior ACP and IPS officers. The fiction of Amit Shah orchestrating it is beyond perverse!

    this reprobate Shivam Vij and his ilk who sympathized, stoked and encouraged the Islamists to riot and protest and hold people hostage are now spinning a new fantasy tale. Apparently in their twisted minds they are still the victims – people are not fooled!

    • Wait..

      So you do concur that Conservatives can be dangerously violent?(

      Assuming you’re as enlightened enough as to grasp the semantics. Particularly the politically-influenced ones.)

  50. It is surprising that those indulged in violence are openly claiming that the Muslims have entered India from under barbered wire through trench in same way lije shown in Bajrangi Bhajan. It was Amit Shah who called Ghyspaytias.

  51. This is nonsense
    When American President is in Delhi would Government encourage violence on streets
    This is Rubbissh

  52. What a shitty one sided point of view… thing such brilliant journalists fail to understand is that more one sided their berating of bjp is the more it feeds into the insecurity of majority community and the net result is that the bjp gets a filip…..

    • Well..

      Masses are dumbfudges*[ everywhere] so..

      Ethnocentrism will be a peril to every single society which is not structured to be a hermit( read mountain tribe) so..

      *Edit Note: Posted the original-revision of this draft on Thurs, 27[th of] February, 2020. My only comment in this commenting-board/-forum back then to not get the approval — to the best of my recollection. The only-discernible factor: Paradoxically, Mr Gupta’s ThePrint® “mods” are suddenly having an issue with “F-bombs”, which is quite odd given their previously liberal approach in allowing/”tolerating” it — now they’ve fallen back to censuring like the legacy press, it appears. It tells something when an outlet reliant on World Wide Web can perfectly encourage “S-words”( as adjective, for the sake of precision) by darning other cultural-sensibilities but draws the line at anything stronger. Huh.. Reminds me of Murican news-media when the incumbent POTUS uttered “shithole”( also as an adjective) during an official-business and as the news-cycle in this day-&-age goes: It quickly progressed into a debate about the extent of liberty in news-media vis-à-vis other forms of media( not legally-encouraged for countries like India, I know). Or perhaps: They were offended o/b/o the masses that I referred to them with an “F-bomb”. My, my.. How “non-elitist” of them.
      Ahh… Given that they’ve non-existent “commenting-policy”/”community-standards”, I guess they’re neither like UK’s The Guardian® nor very Indian The Wire®( the latter not just doesn’t stop at censuring socially-determined “expletives” but even doesn’t tolerate the likes of logical-fallacies which have progressed into lifeline for ‘pop-Interweb’, leading to very “Sarkaari”-like approval rate for comments and causing sparse few comments to pass the muster, a rarest of the rarity): “Whatever floats the boat” then, eh? 😏

  53. Congratulations there are still journalists in this country that speak truth to power.
    Salute you!

  54. What a stupid piece. This author seems like a world class moron. Pogrom it seems.

    When you go to ask for your payment in the congi HQ ask them the real meaning of pogrom. They will explain it to you with examples.

    • “Examples” like what???

      1993??? 2002???

      And please, please peddle how the Philosophy of how Judiciary must always be right except for the decisions affecting parties similar to the “Sabarimala”.

  55. Every point rightly said. When the delhi High Court talked about action not taken against the four BJP leaders for inciting violence, it ought to have also condemned the arrest of Dr. Khafeel khan, under charges of sedition, and order his release.

  56. so biased opinion . Clearly people like you hate bjp so much that anything you will find , you will without any check, accuse the government and bjp.Firing was started by shahrukh, who was by people like you, projected as a pro caa person, but when it was found out that he was an anti caa protester, you all gone silent. What a neutrality, you deserve a appreciation of our self declared intellectual , secular lobby. When muslim is the oppressor and hindu is oppressed, they either go silent or try to justify it, but when the situation is reverse, without even full information, they come in all lock stock barrel to curse the hindus of this country. It is not a protest against caa, proposed nrc or npr, rather it is a frustration that is coming out on the streets by anti caa protesters because of the bold decisions taken by this government which it promised in its manifesto and it got 303 seats in parliament , and fulfilled it like abolition of article 370, abolition of triple talaq, swift paper work and efforts to convince the judiciary to resolve ram mandir issue swiftly and then the citizenship amendment act . It was also done so as to draw the attention of world media and world on the day of donald trump arrival in india and also, because the government did not pay any attention to their unjustified demand, that is roll back of caa. It is a very bold and good stand taken by the government in the national interest of this great country.

    • This is not the first election that amit shah lost. According to the writer shivam vij we should have seen wide spread riots in all the states bjp lost in the recent months. Why only Delhi? Coz Delhi was the petridish for a dangerous experiment called shaheen bagh and what has happened is just a trailer of a sinister plan to break India. INDIA should wake up and stand united against this leftist idealogy which thrives on anarchy and chaos

  57. There is goes again, another pile of bovine excrement. One-eyed, one-sided, opinionated, arrogant “analysis”. This writer is going to be the unraveling of The Print.

    • Careful, Mr Ramesh!

      Whilst you may think you’re just perpetuating the far-too-common preference of besmirching far-more-useful buffaloes “because Mahishaasura“?..

      …But beware.. Beware that you’re inadvertently committing blasphemy against “GauMata” because regardless of howsomuch “unique” she might be to you and the like-minded herd, at the end of the day: She’s also a bovine — after all!

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