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Brahmins on India’s elite campuses say studying science is natural to upper castes: Study

I researched Brahmin domination in science in India. Most Brahmins I talked to thought they were natural inheritors of the scientific practice.

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The domination of Brahmin and the upper caste scientists have given a Brahmanical identity to science in India. They have been perceived to be the natural inheritors of scientific practice, an assertion reaffirmed by scientists and researchers during my fieldwork in Bangalore, India.

Even after the introduction of various inclusive policies such as reservations for marginalised groups in educational institutions, there is a stark absence of such groups in India’s leading scientific research institutions. Available data show few scientists from the Dalit and other marginalised sections in most of the leading Indian scientific and technical educational institutions. This absence led me to undertake ethnographic fieldwork at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), one of Asia’s leading scientific research institutions.

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Eating and learning

Most of the scientists who work at IISc obtained their PhDs or postdoctoral training from leading American or British universities. Official data clearly show that the demography of IISc has changed little. It is still demographically and culturally dominated by Brahmin and upper caste scientists. Available data from other leading scientific and technical institutions such as IITs also show the absence of Dalits and OBC scientists.

The entry of non-Brahmin scientists has not changed this image. Many virtues of Brahmin culture have been normalised in the scientific institutional settings. The domination of vegetarianism in India cannot be merely seen as food preference and choice as reports show that there are cases of discrimination on what one eats and cases reported on the existence of separate wash basins and entrances for vegetarians and non-vegetarians for example, as mentioned previously, in IIT Madras.

The majority of the Brahmin scientists I spoke to at IISc were vegetarian. IISc has three major student dining halls (Mess), called A, B, and C: A mess is for pure-vegetarian food, B mess is for north Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and C mess is for south Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Even though Brahmins and other upper caste students and researchers ate at the B, and C mess, majority of the Dalits and non-Brahmins ate either at the B or at the C mess.

Some Brahmin scientists I spoke to informed me that they had tried non-vegetarian food when they were in Western universities. Food becomes a way of preserving their cultural and caste memory. Though these scientists continue to be vegetarians, they did not associate their food habits with their caste backgrounds. Instead, they justified vegetarian food habits as scientific.

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Caste linking science and passion

Due to their early entry into the Western education and their knowledge of English, it was the upper castes and Brahmins who benefitted, reshaped and negotiated these new forms of knowledge. They redefined the image of science as Brahmin and Bhadralok (educated upper caste Bengali) knowledge, which in turn was reaffirmed as the biography of science in India.

This norm is visible from Sudarshan (names used are anonymised for ethical reasons), a Tamil Brahmin scientist who works in the field of Aeronautics, when stating that the Brahmins are ‘passionate’ about learning, and others are interested only in ‘money making’.

Speaking with Sudarshan at his office, I realised how the perception of science being a Brahmin profession was entrenched. I asked him why there were no non-Brahmin scientists or only few non-Brahmin scientists in the institutes of higher scientific learning such as IISc. He responded,

These guys are not interested to ‘waste’ time like us. They think it is better to go for a technical or business education, so that they would get immediate benefit. Science and research will not have an immediate effect. It takes time to get benefits. The most important thing one ought to have while pursuing research is ‘patience’, which we don’t find among these groups. . . 

Sudarshan did not think that he was offending anyone, but shared a common belief among many scientists that Brahmins are meant to do science and research, and that they are ready to sacrifice for knowledge.

Sudarshan was not the only scientist who argued in this way. Many scientists with whom I interacted thought that learning and science was part of the Brahmin culture. Sudarshan’s views reaffirm the alleged naturalness of Brahmins’ intellectual superiority.

When scientists like Sudarshan narrate their family background, they wish to convey that despite their poverty, they could study and become scientists as their family ‘valued’ education, and for them it is ‘natural’ that their family valued education.

This tendency to focus on their deprivation while ignoring the privileges of their Brahmin origin is observable throughout the personal writings and interviews with the Brahmin scientists. This acceptance and negotiation made Brahmins the ‘inheritors’ of knowledge. It is this image which led Jagadesan, a Dalit scientist to tell me over coffee that IISc means Iyer Iyengar Science Campus (Iyers and Iyengars are Brahmins from the state of Tamil Nadu and settled in different parts of South India).

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Cultural capital and access

Being Brahmins who had educated family members, it was not just passion, but also their cultural capital that helped them in doing science.

As Satish Deshpande observed, ‘Having encashed its traditional caste-capital networks and converted it into modern forms of capital like property, higher educational credentials and strongholds in lucrative professions, this section believes itself to be “caste-less” today’. This disavowal and denial of caste in their everyday life by claiming a liberal identity was common among the scientists of IISc. They would describe themselves as liberal, but when it comes to questions of reservation, they would be very sceptical. They believed, as Sudarshan said, in order to do science, one needs to have ‘passion’, and ‘sacrificial mentality’. They believed that reservation may affect the quality of research, and reservation will produce scientists who are not passionate about science and research.

The public should be informed regularly regarding the number of Dalit, ST and the OBC scientists that they appoint, and various strategies that they employ to make the scientific and technical education more inclusive. If this debate around the underrepresentation of scientists does not happen, the elite institutes such as IISc and IITs will remain ivory towers and will not be accountable to the public.

This is an edited excerpt from “Brahmins as scientists and science as Brahmins’ calling” in Public Understanding of Science. It has been published here with permission from Sage Publications.

The author is an anthropologist of science, teaches at the Department of Sociology, Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi. Views are personal.

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  1. Is brahminism the soul of India
    As some people are making it look like.what is their contribution to India and the world at large.these highly enlightened souls have made no inventions of their own.they are good at innovations.

  2. Brace yourself everyone. The propagandist from Jesus and Mary college has a problem with Iyer and Iyengar college and cooked a story.

  3. why high populated brahmin community failed in development? Low populated brahmin state kerala and tamilnadu development is high why?
    Hard work and God’s blessings are matter and
    GOD IS HONOUR. He created everyone equal

  4. India is still at the bottom in many areas in world stage, which only shows the inadequacy of brahmins who supposedly leads India. Today, Brahmins are competing with the elites of over 150 nations, not with other castes. Don’t forget that.

  5. What is a brahmin anyways. It’s a group of mixed race mulattos that developed around temple cults. They are just trying to make a living as a group by sticking together just like other groups in India and across the world. They are not that extra smart either. As westerners told in a forum, these indian intellectuals are just rote learning idiots.

    • Omg mind your words mister. If a brahmin said these words about any other community will they leave us alone

    • Some idiots like u will find it easy to utter bullshit against anyone but when they come across the reality they name it a propaganda.cuz they can’t digest it and the reality is brahmin dominates everywhere (you choose ur area of interest and then google it about what percentage of brahmin are there)
      Rest in peace in advance. Lol

  6. This article is full of shit spread as Gospel, probably paid for by RSS and Brahmin Samaj in the USA. Brahminism is the biggest reason for the casteism causing the majority of Indian society supposedly relegated to “lower castes”, to be left behind through their indoctrination through religious garbage in Hinduism that only Brahmins are allowed to learn and keep knowledge. There many more excellent minds from so called lower castes and non-brahmins who have contributed to India and the world. This author is either a dumbass copying some article or fed some lies by some idiots. Brahminims is the reason for existence of castes, far worse than apartheid and slavery in South Africa and other western countries. This indoctrination by the religious means, that the country like India has lagged behind. Due to this slavish mentality created by brahmins, is the only reason the rest of the society has not yet exterminated brahminism. The author should really understand the society and background and then spew such garbage. Majority of these brahmins are nothing more than dregs and less than medicore crap that are happy to tell everyone that they are brahmins and upper caste so deserve special treatment. Organizations like RSS and Brahmin Samaj must be banned in the USA. Anyone of Indian origin who wants to enter US, must be examined for if they support RSS, which is a NeoNazi, and extremest organization. Under the laws of the United States they can be barred from the USA or prosecuted for their activities, supporting neonazi and hindu extremism.

  7. Only a communist, christian and muslim hardcore ideology can write such an article against Brahmins, its a common sense that scientific work cannot be helped by providing reservations. What I find strange is denial that if a brahmin struggle through proverty to reach where they want to then the author ignores the fact and still tries to impose that due to caste he became a scientist. Brahmins I know have never done anything wrong to anyone but it has become fashion among communist, christians and muslims to instigate other hindu castes against the brahmins so these hardline religion can dominate hindus by keeping them divided, I have never seen any brahmin live on media come an abuse any other caste or religion, in recent time communist christian and muslim journalist have made it a habit of enforcing abuses on brahmins by using other hindu caste. The author looks like to be on a mission from islamic, christian and communist nation to destroy whatever is left of science in India. Everywhere around the world all scientific work need scarifice and hardwork as only creative, wisdom, intelligence and knowledge can give success in this field. Reservation cannot bring intelligence, knowledge, creativity and wisdom but only education.

    Highly racist editor pick by The Print. It is strange Print calls itself liberal but any secular and liberal ideology is nothing but highest form of racism hidden under the veil of liberalism. Pure hatred of author against a particular community is visible, hope the author writes same about christain instutition like Harvard, Standford because IISC and these are in the same league.

  8. Really funny how people have come here defending Brahmins even though we all know they have oppressed the lower castes. But what we have to understand here is it’s not a fight against brahmins (people) rather it is an ideological fight, wherein this bramanical/manusmriti/manuwaad ideology must be eliminated. The article actually brings out what people still think in cities and it speaks about top indian institutes whom we look up to. Its shocking that scientists who have to be above all these things still have casteism entrenched in them.. I guess this is the mirror which people do not want to see and hence we can see so much trolling on this article. Kudos to The Print, keep it up and keep showing us the mirror

    • Long live casteism hate!!!!,so,u want reservations caste based,but if someone gets selected on merit,write a long lecture on ideology.Funny how such craps think

  9. if u prefer vegetarian then ur Brahmin, communal, casteist, Right wing and so on,, but if you are vegan ur cool, liberal, modern and so on. The amount of shit this article has is directly related to the stupidity of thoughts it was convey.

    • Absolutely correct.. A completely biased piece of article…. He has stereotyped every Brahmin by calling them elites. I have seen poor Brahmins study hard and having impeccable knowledge and going to iisc for research.. Writings like these are meant to spread hate and nothing else

  10. First of all, this author /researcher needs to understand why Brahmins excel in education consistently.
    Since the ancient times, under the varna system the Brahmins performed the duty of education, teaching and research. The word Brahmin is associated with the one who is in search of the Brahman or the eternal absolute truth and constantly edevaours to perfect himself towards the cause of purification of his atman so as to achieve his goals both material and spiritual through righteous action and the lords grace. He is ex[ected to be well educated in Vedic Philosophy and practice the same through the sampradaya that he belongs to by learning the process through an acharya. This process is continuous and he is expected to lead a life of virtue and engage in vedic teaching. Again the Brahmins not only educated the eligible through the vedic education system but also were consience keepers as far as the society was concerened. This is why the reason they also carried out pravachans to dissiminate the general public on the science of Dharma and rightieouness. The whole process was of self discipline and evolvement of the right faculty of thought which is followed till day in Tamil Brahmin families and also Brahmins in other parts of India. This is the reason that Brahmins do not beleive in any social disruptive argumentation, mud slinging or anti social activity . By nature we are sensitized from a very young age that we need to follow our Dharma as mentioned in the scriptures and that is what leads us to both personal evolvement, development and our ability to contribute to society through learning and education. In those times it was Vedic leraning, in these modern times, it is both Vedic learning as well as western based modern scientific knowledge. The Brahmins are resolute in their duty and dharma and have been so despite facing atrocities, mass genocides and coercion , humiliation and murder and rape of their community perpertuated by the following forces
    Mughals during their time
    Dalit propaganda activitsis backed by Dravidian politics in Tamil Nadu- Political leaders such as Periyar, Karunanidhi and his paid goons.
    Breaking India forces such as the Christian Missionaries who identify academicians, so called liberalists, pastors etc who align themselves with Dravidian politicians , Congress and other political parties to create a negative hate narrative on Brahmins . The sole purpose and objective is to destroy the brahmin community and the Hindu dharma institutions engaged in furthering of veda patshalas etc so that they can wipe out the nation from the practice of vedic sanathana dharma and its ways and methods of peaceful living. Once they have done this it is easy for them to convert at large this nation into a Christian state and plunge us all into slavery and domination of the western nations. The Vatican Pope will therefore have succeeded to enforce its ever lasting Dotorine of Christianty in India too.

    As mentioned earlier, the self discipine followed by the Brahmins since ages in terms of Food habits , education, prayer and philosophy according to their sampradyas is the reason for their capability to be successful in knowledge domains .

    If in the IITs and IISCs as the author mentions there are separate eating places for vegeterian and Non Veg food, that does not amount to discrimination. It is the choice that is available for people according to their preferences as much we would like to go to a Veg or a Non-Veg hotel. The author has shown less of her intelligence by mistaking this as a discriminatory activity. In fact Brahmins are aware of the nature and tastes and vasanas of others who prefer Non Veg and hence they choose to dine separately. There is nothing wrong about it. The statement made in this article is aimed at creating discrimination and hatred towards Brahmins. The Brahmins have the right to demand a separate eating place to demonstrate their sensitivities. There is nothing unconstitutional about it.

    Another aspect worth noting is that the total reservation for Dalits and backward communities in the country is approximately 80 to 90 % in all states. The Tamils Brahmins constitute much less than 1% of the entire population of India . The composition of Brahmins in the entire nation too is less than 2-3% and this has been the case all through ancient, medivial and modern times. Yet the narrative is that Brahmins are opressors of the lower castes or the Dalits. The economic status of Brahmin community even today is still in the category of lower middle class to middle class starta. In the early times, the Brahmins used to live on grants and bhiksha unlike in these times where they perform other economic activities driven by knowledge of modern science and technology. Therefore blaming Brahmins to be cause of social inequility, untouchability and discrimination is a well crafted national propaganda by the so called social reformers such as Ambedkar , EV Ramaswamy Periyar and the resultant Dravidian and Dalit parties who have brainwashed not only untouchables but also the upper class educated elite Hindus into accepting this.

    Despite all the repression such as beating up Brahmins, cutting their poonals ( sacred thread), raping their women and children and mass murder committed by Dravidian parties , the Brahmins have consitently kept their focus and excelled in education as knowledge professionals which is why they are dominating the science and mathematics professions.

    Dalits cannot bring about their upliftment because they have got used to reservations and political propaganda which is not aimed at their economic development but at using them as vote banks for the growth and wealth creation of politicians who use Ambedkar as their solgan and symbol.
    It is sad that rather than realizing this truth, they continue to sucumb to articles written by acdemics who are paid by the missionaries to create hatred for Brahmins and Hindus in general.

    Worst the media and as such in this case “The print” also seems to find it correct to publish these articles which are implicitly driven by hatred for Brahmin community. Such articles spew posion resulting in disharmony , hatred and distract our young student population from education and development and rather make them available as political instruments for personal gains of politicians.

    The Author Renny Tomas is from a Chrsitian background and it is no doubt that there is an implicit attitude to spew hatred on the progressive and peaceful Tamil Brahmin community just because they dominate their position in Science and Technology due to their academic competitiveness.

    Indeed a shameful action to gain popularity.

    • Before going on the defensive, it would be good if people can introspect and accept the fact that they had privileges over centuries denied to others. Even when it comes to Krishna, the one who lived with and loved the illiterate Gopis and Gopikas, instead of acknowledging God is for everyone (Krishnudu andhari vadu), there is a beaufiful and famous song that says “unnai marai odhum gnaniyar mattube kaanbar” (only the scholars who recite vedas will be able to see you). When it comes to competitive exams, the kids coming from Educated family, good school, coaching classes perform better – but that doesnt prove anything as it is not about level playing field (and so not really merit). Worst is when in private corporations, the careers and promotions are dominated by one community (and there is no way of measuring competence or performance). I sincerely believe in Hindu philosophy and reincarnation. Just for a minute put yourself as born as the brilliant one in a downtrodden community and a poor family in your next birth and then try to look what you will see and feel

      • Nice joke women getting reservation on the money of upper caste , want reservation on caste basics, women mind cannot be reserved , and because of hindu I’m india lower caste are getting uplifting , otherwise we can see what’s happening with Hindus in neighbouring countries, Hindus changes them with time they accept new things , that’s beauty of hindu that could not be find in any other and maximum of social workers and NGO are run by upper caste those are funded by upper caste for the upliftment of underprivileged. Most of Hindus leave in pakistan are lower caste and those who are coming to india under CAA are helped by upper caste , but dumb ass hate reservation head will not get the truth until you will leave in a place where hindu were in minority.

  11. After this pandemic lockdown, I see lot of such articles Anti-Hindu or Anti-Brahmin flowing through vehemently in social media. My assumption is that these are by the fringe groups who think this will destabilize Right wing politics (Thinking they are pro Brahmin and Pro Hindu), and mainly in south India, they want to exploit the economic slowdown because of Covid-19 in their favor. Otherwise why this anti-Brahmin will crop up all of a sudden when this community is just concentrating in coming up the ladder in spite of no reservations for the past 70 years when the first reservation for underprivileged community in Education started in 1954. For what Brahmin community had done in the past all their present generation paying the penalty and future generation will continue to pay. I am sure everyone here would agree that out of all the riots which broke in the southern states of India it was definitely communities other than the Brahmins who involved and Brahmin community never had the muscle power nor the majority (2% or less out of the overall population) to focus on. So, it was clearly the other communities who are making sure that the underprivileged should stay in their same social status put the blame on Brahmins when it comes to the question of “Welfare of the underprivileged communities”. For any reservation that is given in the society, the government should have a clear vision of how long this should be given and what they expect out of it in the society in a long run say 50 to 100 years. In Spite of all these reservation in education and employment for 70 years the plight of the underprivileged communities have changed only a little thanks to the communities which want the plight to continue for vote bank and other benefits. This whole article which tells vegetarian food has a separate entrance should show more interest when you see the plight in education and employment for these communities have not changed much…… not because of Brahmins. Your inspiration to write this article also will be someone who is longing to have this separation continue and you got this scapegoat “Brahmins” to change the focus. Don’t you think continually depriving a community for what their ancestors did in the name of reservation is also not justice? This is not a real leftist thinking. After some decades this community will become a minority (They already are and migrated across the globe). In the same logic, women who are deprived in the society for long, how many of you are in favour of a bill where 40% reservation for women in Education and Employment for another 100 years till equality is redeemed. You know what, women who were deprived of everything in many communities in the past have come up in status quo without much of reservation for them.
    The 10% reservation for economically poor bill passed in 2019 is not followed in many states. Tamilnadu gives 69% of reservation based on caste. Who thinks it is scientifically the right approach?

    • Don’t just pour your filth by just twisting the history. The history is bloodshed and we won’t forget it. Brahmins are the oppressors they simply enjoyed being the top of the varna scale. All human are equal and there is no proud by virtue of birth. If given all the sources the so called OBC’s,SC, ST’s will excel far beyond the shit heads.

      • Madam, we are in 21st century the schools, colleges and universities are open everyone. There is no gurukul here. Teacher teaching for 50 students in a class. If one student is bright other student is not, do you want to use reservation to increase the IQ of lagging student. How does it work logically?

  12. Inculcation of scientific temperament and enterpreneural mindset in Indian masses is need of hour.
    Even most of Brahmins and Banias lac it.
    Basically Indians are good workers.

  13. इसलिए मुझे लगता है।क़ी दलितों के लिए एक अलग देश होना चाहिए। यहाँ भारत में ब्राह्मण केवल खुद को ही बुद्धिमान समझता है।ये नस्लभेद नहीं है तो क्या है।भारत का मीडिया आर्यभट्ट ,भास्कर को ब्राह्मण बता बता कर
    दूसरी जातियो को निचा दिखता है। जिसे दलितों के बच्चो पर बुरा असर पड़ता है। उनके अंदर anxiety बड़ जाती है। और फिर वे विज्ञान से हटकर राजनीती की तरफ चलें
    जाते है।वो विज्ञान के प्रति अपना self steem खो देते। अगर हमारा अलग देश होगा तो हमारा मीडिया होगा जो हमे गौरवान्वित करेगा। हमारे शिक्षक होंगे ।कोई धर्म नहीं होगा ,जाती नहीं होगी। हमारी एक क्रिकेट टीम होगी।जिसका मैच भारत से होगा ।फिर दोनों देशों के बीच कॉम्पटीशन आयेगा। तब दलित कम्पटीशन करेंगे। फिर जब दलित को सम्मान मिलने लगेगा । फिर इसका विलय भारत में होगा।

    • If so -called Dalits and Bahujan Samaj decided to have a separate country , by sheer numbers, most of the India will belong to them. The only place for the Brahmins, will be a small section of the Indian landmass, where countries like Pakistand or China will easily wipe out the Brahmins.

      This is what Dr. Ambedkar said, that he does not respect a country where he and his community is treated worse than a dog is. In fact a dog is treated better than a Dali or a non-Brahmin. No matter how brilliant, intelligent a Dalit or Bahujan Samaj person is they are looked down upon by the Brahmins. In fact the only way to exterminate Brahminism is to stop the birth of Brahmins by forcing all Brahmin women to marry Dalits and Bahujan samaj men and force them to change their brahmin names. This is what the Muslims did, Force the brahmins to change their identity and wipe out their biased history and myths spewing the garbage which they use to indoctrinate the society.

  14. I read the full paper on the Public Understanding of Science journal. It reads very much like an agenda-driven piece of work. Her own biases and prejudices are evident in every paragraph of this paper. Let us look at some examples from the paper:

    1. Renny Thomas attacks the Brahmin scientists for preferring to eat vegetarian food. Many of these scientists accepted they have tried non-vegetarian food, but have gone back to a vegetarian diet. They were open-minded enough to try and then decided that vegetarianism is better. What is wrong with that? She thinks this is part of brahminical “dominance”. Just as no meat-eater is forced to or asked to become a vegetarian in free India, why is the diet of this one group a problem? IISc messes are open to everyone. No one is prevented or in anyway made to feel uncomfortable if they eat in mess A or B or C.

    2. Next, she has an issue with the brahmin scientists knowing and enjoying classical music. She says, “They used their knowledge in classical music as a form of cultural capital to distinguish themselves from the non-Brahmins who did not possess the wherewithal to acquire classical music in their childhood.” The cultural events at IISc are open to everyone. One Dalit scientist apparently told her that he prefer film music. What is wrong with this? If you don’t know or don’t enjoy a particular type of music, then go with what you like. Why is knowledge/preference for a certain type of music discriminatory?

    Another quote: “For them (Brahmin scientists), equality was about a level playing field and opportunities, which anyone irrespective of their caste backgrounds and the resultant social stigma could enter and make their name in science. However, the apparent castelessness and claims of objectivity among scientists coexisted with a significant interest in genealogies and family origins and in their preferences for distinct food habits and taste in music.” The brahmin scientists behind proud of their family history, eating vegetarian food and preferring classical/carnatic music are considered major offenses by Renny Thomas.

    3. Then, she goes on to attack famous scientists who have made great contributions to India. About G. Padmanaban, an internationally renowned biochemist, she says he “talks about the reason why he wanted to pursue his research in biotechnology and agriculture. He stated that India being a poor country he wanted to contribute for the upliftment of poor people. Surprisingly, even when he talks about underdevelopment, poverty and malnutrition, he does not mention the Dalits who were the main victims of poverty and discrimination.” Note the irony here. The man said he wanted to go into research to uplift the poor people – the majority of whom are likely Dalits. But the professor gets attacked because he did not mention the word “Dalit”. Similarly, she attacks Raja Ramanna, the father of nuclear energy in India, saying that in his autobiography, “he talks about everything except the caste inequality”

    4. A brahmin scientist, who apparently came from a poor family, told her about how despite his family’s poverty they believed in getting a good education, which led him to eventually becoming a scientists. She castigates him for talking about his poverty and not about his “brahminical privilege”. In Tamil Nadu, if you are poor Brahmin, you are absolutely on your own. Not only do you not get any reservation, you also have to absolutely be at the top of the class to get into a good university. Instead of appreciating this, he is made out to be a villain.

    Thomas wanted to spend a year at IISc to say how horrible brahmins are. She couldn’t find anything horrible. Many of them supported reservation up to university level and said when it comes to high level research, choose based on merit. As result, all she has is their food habits, musical preferences and lack of mention of caste in the autobiographies of former scientists. Her affiliation (Jesus and Mary College) exposes her agenda.

  15. Im boycotting this site for low grade writing. This is a true antihindu brahminphobic post. Brahmins are not even 1% of the majority even in Hindu subcaste, yet they work hard to attain education (without any reservations and without any financial support from government) and do noble work of pedagogy around the world. We live in a society in 21st century of peace loving brahmin society oppression and not giving them equal opportunities compared to others ( as a brahmin I can’t even dream of getting a reserved seat for education and jobs.) Are you so jealous about their success around the world that you hate non violent, veg eating , minority brahmin? Research is not a selfish business they are doing, research is about making contribution to the society by solving social problems using research and also sharing their knowledge to young generation for societal benefits. Any brahmin professors do not descriminate based on caste- they give equal knowledge to all the students regardless of their caste or religion. Why don’t you target greedy corporate class people who make fat pockets and care only about money than society? Did your Jesus told you to hate other caste just because they are working harder in life and doing better than you?

    • Now the Brahmins have left no room for doubt, for they have
      propounded a most mischievous dogma, which the Brahmins have spread
      among the masses, is the dogma of the infallibility of the Vedas. If the
      Hindu intellect has ceased to grow and if the Hindu civilization and
      culture has become a stagnant and stinking pool, this dogma must
      be destroyed root and branch if India is to progress. The Vedas are a
      worthless set of books. There is no reason either to call them sacred or
      infallible. The Brahmins have invested it with sanctity and infallibility
      only because by a later interpolation of what is called the Purusha —
      Sukta, the Vedas have made them the lords of the Earth. Nobody has had the courage to ask why these worthless books which contain nothing
      but invocation to tribal Gods to destroy the Enemies, loot their property
      and give it to their followers (have been made sacred and infallible). But
      the time has come when the Hindu mind must be freed from the hold*
      which the silly ideas propagated by the Brahmins, have on them. Without
      this liberation India has no future. I have undertaken this task knowing
      full well what risk* it involves. I am not afraid of the consequences. I
      shall be happy if I succeed in stirring the masses

      B.R Ambedkar
      Introduction to Riddles in Hinduism

      • It is not exactly clear what you want to do and what problem are you pointing out at? If Purusha Sukta is waste, you are not forced to read it or follow it. How has this Sukta harmed you? If you want to rid Hindus of whatever, what is it you want to take away from them and still make them be Hindus? Hope you are not talking about conversions to Christianity, as Hindus are free to follow or not to follow Purusha Sukta, Vishnu Sahasranama, Lalita Sahasranama, Durga Chalisa, Hanuman Chalisa, Shiva Chalisa, etc etc etc and still remain Hindus. So, how are the Hindus binded and by what?

      • Br ambedkar who had been taught by brahmin teacher that you will not mentioned , who supported him for eduction asshole propagandist, if there was so much of caste why constitution being accepted by everyone every hindu , even ambedakar said in last he didn’t studied any scripture so , his thought was wrong and he was propagandist too just to make certain followers of him for politics dumbass . Caste in hindus , did you caste is in every relegion and all others are more rigid , hindus will themselves with time but I think free reservation is getting over in your head .

  16. This is a true antihindu brahminphobic post. Brahmins are not even 1% of the majority even in Hindu subcaste, yet they work hard to attain education (without any reservations and without any financial support from government) and do noble work of pedagogy around the world. We live in a society in 21st century of peace loving brahmin society oppression and not giving them equal opportunities compared to others ( as a brahmin I can’t even dream of getting a reserved seat for education and jobs.) Are you so jealous about their success around the world that you hate non violent, veg eating , minority brahmin? Research is not a selfish business they are doing, research is about making contribution to the society by solving social problems using research and also sharing their knowledge to young generation for societal benefits. Any brahmin professors do not descriminate based on caste- they give equal knowledge to all the students regardless of their caste or religion. Why don’t you target greedy corporate class people who make fat pockets and care only about money than society? Did your Jesus told you to hate other caste just because they are working harder in life and doing better than you?

  17. Ever heard of Aryabhat, Bhaskar, Varahamihira, Ramanujan,C V Raman, Chandrashekhar, Rabindranath tagore, Abhijit binayak Banerjee?

    • Hey Dumbass, there are far more names which are not Brahmins and have contributed to the Science. Many of those were not even Brahmins, but Brahmins appropriated them after their contribution, or else how else will the Brahmins survive except by stealing and begging?

  18. Name any so-called Brahmin, who is even 1% of Tesla, J.K. Rowling, George R. R. Martin, J. R. R. Tolkien, Albert Einstein,Isaac Newton,TATA, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, Ved Vyasa, Valmiki, Ambedkar.

    • Who invented zero?
      And: Aryabhat a North Indian brahmin

      Ever heard of Ramanujan?
      The famous Tamil brahmin , fellow of royal society.
      How many dalits have won Nobel prize?

  19. What Brahmins have achieved?? People here talking ill of Mr. Gupta calling him bania, and talking pride in themselves calling Brahmins. Lol. Baniyas and dalits are the one who make possible for Brahmins to eat taxes like in old times , when mughal and British ruled. Your Sanskrit mantras were of no use. Just like know your research is of no use , all inventions are done by western people, beef eaters. All Indian researchers eating public taxes , and talking rubbish. It’s same ,when your pet dogs bite you. Even when mughal came it was dalit who payed taxes for brahmins, son of a bitch

    • Don’t you ever dare to talk about Sanskrit. India was heavily modernised even before the western people started to think A B C D. Kautilya’ Arthshasthra, Kalhana Rajanathrangini, Chnakya’s Rajaneethi, and lakhs of such scholars were there in ancient India. Sankrit is the most suitable computer language, proved many researches. Why don’t you take pride in your culture?

    • The research was bankrolled by India’s looted wealth. The so called beef eaters are due to Bharath forever for this loot.

  20. I fail to understand what is is the need of this article.Does it help scientific research? Worthless.

    • Exactly. The Print is doing business and owner of Print is Shekar Gupta. Gupta is from Banya community.

  21. It is very clear from the article that the author had the conclusion in mind and has put in some text just trying to corroborate that conclusion

  22. By the way,US of A also has an Iyer Iyengar Technology Centre for Science in Illinois.

  23. Such articles and so-called research by a self -styled intectual published pseudo-sickular leftist Shekhar Gupta clearly shows that even if brahmins today care two hoots about caste and such divisions, such indiscriminate individuals will do everything to keep the matter alive. Having served in a completely secular and casteless environment for more than three decades, wherein life and death was judged by raw courage and personal sacrifice, it is shocking to see the petty-mindedness of pseudos trying keep social rifts in the people of the country alive at any cost. Shame on the writer and bigger shame on Shekhar Gupta for making such a write-up public.

    • These sickular liberals have no other work than to criticise Brahmins and Hindus. If one is a scientist, so he is scientist only, Not a Hindu Scientist, not a Dalit scientist. It is because of such liberals that India is not progressing in science.

  24. I have no issues with the findings of the study. But as a researcher, my only concern is with the ethics of disclosing the identity of the institution…does the author/researcher have the permissions to disclose the name of the institution? Even if the author/researcher did get it prior to commencing his research, was the institution fully aware that he was planning to disseminate the findings of the study in a popular medium of this kind? I have my doubts, particularly because the researcher/author is talking about sensitive such as religion and caste. .. Also, would the researcher actually be able to look “Sudarshan” in the eye after having built his career on the data that he collected from him and then decided to represent him in such a manner? There is an ethical issue here and it would be nice to know how the researcher negotiated these issues..

  25. I am student at IISc and I have never felt anything like that.
    This article is just bullshit and based on a very few people’s opinion with believe in caste.
    I have friends from all background from all over the country. I am from very small place and I have faced discrimination because of my caste but I m in IISc for last 5 years and nobody has asked what is my caste. And I have never come across anyone who has thinking like what is described here.
    Please don’t spread negativity.

  26. Being a scientist has got nothing to do with caste. It’s all about the mindset. It’s a piece of crap that you have researched further dividing the society. Why don’t you go and research how many Brahmins are below the poverty line? Caste has got nothing to do with economic and intellectual strength of person. Please stop dividing the society like this.

  27. Indian media has nothing to do but only casteism, regionalism, language, nepotism, paid media is dangerous then terrorists . God save this nation from reservation in all places . Main reason of brain drain is reservation but no one cares to correct it. Reservation is being being enjoyed by elite SC, ST, OBC for generation by deriving the rights of their own brothers , shame on such opportunists , parasites, in all four pillars of democracy making it a feudal democracy .

  28. So long as Communists exists with their pseudo names like Benny, Pinny and all, society will never change. Most of the Brahmins or so called upper castes have already migrated out from places like Kerala and Tamil Nadu and thriving better. These missionaries and converts have only one slogan left, remove Brahmins from all institutions. So much of of reservations. Can Benny Thomas take his daughter to a hospital to be treated by a doctor who got the job and degree, just because he had quota to be filled and came their purely based on his caste? So much hate? If it is US, I would sued him for a sum, which he and his entire family cannot earn in next 4 lives. In India, nobody cares and there is no law punish these hate mongers. Shekar Gupta, you will achieve nothing by such hate journalism.

  29. The reason why India’s premier technology institute has NEVER done any research of significance is it is entirely BRAHMIN dominated. They don’t allow any others to even enter and suffocate them at every possible way.

    • Brahmins are very few in numbers. All others are so huge in numbers and very intelligent too. Why do they not set up institutions and spread their knowledge and prove their efficienty so that your point can be proven?

      • The reason why India’s premier technology institute has NEVER done any research of significance is Indians are not that smart including brahmins. They are just rote learners. What is brahmin anyways. It’s a mulatto mixed race group that developed around a temple cult. They are all pretty much the same.

  30. why do you post such horrible and terrible personal views? People like the author are sick, All these days they wanted reservation in Jobs and Promotion and successfully stopped brahmins from occupying higher posts and now want to stop Brahmins from studying also.,

  31. Dravidian ideology introduced and nurtured by the christian church has succeeded in ethnically cleansing a huge portion of the Brahmin population from Tamilnadu. Now they want them out of education and research field as the church cannot carry on its nefarious activities in IIT and IISc campuses as long as the brahmins are well entrenched over there. This nonsensical article points towards that direction. When the non hindu right to eat beef is taken as a major issue by the leftists, then why can’t the hindus have the right to eat vegetarian food in a seperate dining hall?

  32. Dear print!
    We could read the fine print behind your print.
    I must ask is there no law against such fake news media’s?
    There should be some mechanism to bring them to justice!
    These goons are not above the law.

    And Renny Thomas ! FYI Jesus was an Hindu Saint! 🤣🤣

  33. Calm down guys….. They are not defaming any community, religion or INDIA, as a journalists they are just presenting data.

    • He is not presenting data. He is a lecturer at Jesus and Mary College. A church funded institute,where you are required to be a Christian to hold any position. If you were from south India,you would be knowing,these Christians are a real threat. West is turning atheist so church needs new followers and print is helping them.

  34. To the Editor The print

    Thanks for publishing this article . After reading all these , a common man can understand that this is purely biased one and clearly to create a division to the society.

    As you say if all the top positions are held by Brahmins , it’s because of their hardwork , determination and dedication. They had no reservations , no govt funded stipend ,no reservations in jobs, still they attained which is appreciable. Right from independence the India Govt had introduced reservation system. No brahmins prevented backward caste to study or to attain top positions any where. Apart from this most of the govt organisations and universities have earmarked reservation for each positions to backward class . Dr Ambedkar as we all know was from a backward class who was a backbone in framing Indian Constitution mentioned that, the reservation for Blackward class should be given for only 50 years. Now we are on 75th anniversary of independence still this reservations not stopped but increased. If nothing is achieved inspite of all these how you can blame brahmins?

    By this article we all know that this is purely a drama script written for few politicians and religious leaders.

    Once again thanks and appreciate your effort of Divide and Rule.

  35. I am appalled by the standards of the article. Public Understanding of Science is a 3rd rate journal in Anthropolgy. Opinions of a few people as touted as a a study? Under the guise of ethnographic study, the author has pushed his biases, with no statistical relevance to what is mentioned here. The author Renny Thomas is hardly of a repute, his google scholar page shows his previous work in sub-par journals, hardly cited by others (which is an independent aspect of how his work is judged). His highest cited work (10 citations) consist of 6 self citations. Meaning, he has cited himself saying great job dude. Such kind of practices are frowned upon in the western academia. The least The Print can do when coming up with such articles is to ensure quality & have authors of a minimum repute!
    I am disappointed with the print. Yellow journalism still lives on in India!

  36. This article is promulgating idea of ISI Pakistan
    It is disheartening to know that Congress party , has become so desperate for power that it is promoting division of Indian society

  37. Why there is no research on poor Brahmins working as rickshaw pullers and scavengers.
    Anyway,compliments to wire for racking issues to divide further the already divided society.

  38. The brahmins claim and assume intellectual superiority for they didn’t allow others to study .They denied the acquirement of knowledge by lower communities. OBCs ,SCs and STs became marginalized because they were denied education and they had been treated untouchables.
    The article reveals sheer nonsense s and the author’s biased mind set

  39. This news portal needs to be seriously boycotted… Do they have any idea on what are they writing!!?? These people are anti India and now is the time to expose such bigots.

  40. “This norm is visible from Sudarshan (names used are anonymised for ethical reasons), a Tamil Brahmin scientist who works in the field of Aeronautics, when stating that the Brahmins are ‘passionate’ about learning, and others are interested only in ‘money making’.” This statement gives all reasons why Dalits and OBCs don’t choose science. Pure science is an area where there is no money or power. They would rather do graduation or engineering, join government service so that they can make money to last seven generations. By the way, has this narrow minded writer checked the field of Karnatak Music? Which language, and caste is predominent?

  41. बामण इस देश की मेरिट नहीं हैं बल्कि कलंक है ।
    इस देश में व्याप्त भूख,गरीबी, बेरोजगारी, किसानों की आत्महत्या, युवाओं में बढती आत्महत्या, देश के हर कौने में हुई आतंकवादी घटना,पाकिस्तान की इंटेलिजेंस ब्यूरो ISI को भारत की गुप्त सूचनाएँ देना आदि सभी प्रकार की समस्याओं के लिए बामण प्रत्यक्ष या अप्रत्यक्ष रूप से जिम्मेदार हैं ।
    इनके लिए भी तो Study करो।
    बामणों ने इस study के माध्यम से भारत देश की तमाम अन्य जातियों को बेवकूफ़ दिखाने की गंदी व घटिया हरकत की है।

    • srinivas ramanujan, c.v raman, bal gangadhar tilak, chandrashekhar azaad, ram prasad bismil , rani laxmi bai, mangal pandey, chanakya, kaun the.
      har cheez ke liye brahman zimmedaar nahi hai
      jab bhi invasion hua , sabse zyaada brahmin maare gaye.
      1990 me bhi kashmir me brahmins maare gaye

      • Where were the other castes in Kashmir?? It was Brahmins who first collided with paki against Dogras taking side of Pandit Nehruu to throw out all hindus except Kashmiri Pandits. Karma seen…..

  42. Dont demonize any section of society; that too on such flimsy grounds
    If equal opportunity is not provided to any section of society, you SHOULD write about it
    But this is just a waste of time
    You should only appreciate the fact that the institution caters to the food requirements of all students, making it conducive for research
    I would expect this from a Republic TV or TIMES NOW

  43. क्या मूर्खता है ,तुम्हारा लेख ब्राह्मण क्या खाता है,क्या पीता है इस पर केन्द्रित है ,यदि कोई मनुष्य जिस क्षेत्र में स्वयं को उन्नत करना चाहेगा वह उसी क्षेत्र में उनात हो जाएगा, लेकिन तुम्हारा ध्यान ब्राह्मणों की अनावश्यक आलोचना पर ही रहता है,
    जहाँ देखो वही ये पढ़ने और सुनने में आता है जातिवाद ना करो लेकिन आप ब्राह्मणों की जीवन के प्रति सकरात्मकता को तोड़ मरोड़ कर नकारात्मकता में प्रदर्शित करना चाहते हो, बहुत ही निंदनीय है तुम्हारा लेख

  44. Reminds of Hitler and his Nazi era, blame Jews for all your problems. Same way this new type of Nazism is prevalent now in India, blame Brahmins for all your problems.

    • लेकिन जब शाकाहारी ,साम्यवाद या अंग्रेज़ो की बात आती है। तो तुम्हारे लिए हिटलर सही हो जाता है। और जब बात मुस्लिमो की आती है । तो यहूदी सही हो जाते है।जर्मन में जर्मनी लोगो को सम्मान नहीं दिया जाता था ।इसलिए हिटलर ने ऐसा किया।भारत में दलितों के साथ आज यही हो रहा है

  45. Science advanced more in India during the reign of Buddhist kings/period and than in reign of Hindu kings/period. So it is important to have seculaism and scientfic temper as established by first PM of India Pandit Nehru . For last six years RSS/BJP Modi’s Hindutva govt is diverting money from real science to cow science.

    • So now Brahmins working hard and in a spirit of sacrifice is a problem? Are these not qualities we respect around the world? Do we even want cricket players in IPL who don’t work hard and in a sport of Tyaga or Sacrifice? Nothing that is worth anything in life is attained without sacrifice. So the author believes that hard work and sacrifice demonstrated by Brahmins should be vilified and monitored? This is Nazi mentality of blaming and projecting ones on faults on others? The author is a militant Christian fundamentalist trained to hate Brahmins – as they safeguard India’s culture. And… the whole world is turning vegetarian because of health, science and climate change! What is the authors problem if Brahmins choose to be veneration and will not impose this on others ?

    • Who told you all these nonsense that during Buddhists era Science and literature flourished more? Alberuni in his account has given a full chapter dedicating to the Acheivements of Hindu Science and literature on the other hand there is a smallmention of Buddhist contribution. Ayurveda, Astronomy, mathematics , Aryabhatta, Barahamihira, Rishi Kanad have you ever heard their name?

    • BJP Govt has seen very few terms in power. It was congress all through. Why there was nil scientific temperament at that time?

  46. Were you high or wat?
    First of all, IISc has 4 mess and so stop creating a mess. How can you say this Brahmin thing? How did you get this data? 🤣🤣 Come to IISc, every student in IISc is working hard and here you are defaming every student. Please stop posting shitty things.

  47. Another divisive article by the print team. I saw that the top office bearers of Editors Guild of India are: SHEKHAR GUPTA, a bania, is president. A K BHATTACHARYA, a brahmin, is secretary, and Sheela Bhatt, a brahmin, is treasurer. Why? Could they not find a dalit or OBC for the top office bearers?

  48. I completely agree with this concept. But, othe cates had been marginalised and deprived from higher education. And , more in than 90 % of uppercastss people are holding the major position and majority of them will be in the selection pannel as well. So, chances are there that lower cast people may not get chance easily.

  49. What a joke by The Print it should be blocked it only target a community. Those working in IISC are very hard working even Dr. APJ abdul kalam was also a great sceintist he was not from a brahmin community.Please dont spread rumours in between innocent people of India. In india education is open for everyone.

  50. What a shit!! Who said brahmins are upper caste. A worst theory which has been flowing in India since old ages. Let’s pick up a knife or machine gun, then it is known who is upper caste. Survival of the fittest is the best theory. They had got up with some survival instincts such as studying while others had some other instincts. That’s it and they cannot be treated as upper caste now-a-days. A man with money and power are now be treated as upper caste not a scientist. Education is waste of time and money for the most!! Because no education system teaches good habits, manners, humanity, accountability. Without being a human with good habits then what’s gonna do with sciences. No schools and colleges teaches good things, they r responsible only for maths and science. College teaches the most students to form a gang, group according to caste, religion, language, recommendations for jobs, or any schemes which deserves for some other persons. Can possibly do anything to lead ur life without caring about others and society etc… Then why do we need rules and regulations. Instead allow others to do whatever they can so that world would become a graveyard.

  51. The print, everyone can see your hidden agenda. Stop doing these nonsense and don’t ever try to twist the truth. Stop defaming Hindus.

    • Do you think that there is no castism in other religions. Ask a Muslim or Christian friend they would enlighten you. There are stark differenciation between Ashrafs, Azlafs and Azral. Similar trends you will find in Christianity also in India and surrounding nations.

  52. Your imagination is blimited, is my reply.

    Did you research and found majority of brahmins are vegetarians.
    I stopped reading your article immediately as I understood, you are having some personal problem with .

  53. Your imagination is blimited, is my reply.

    Did you research and found majority of brahmins are vegetarians.
    I stopped reading your article immediately as I understood, you are having some personal problem with our country.

  54. Dirty media is my reply. Did you research and found majority of brahmins are vegetarians.
    I stopped reading your article immediately as I understood, you are having some personal problem with our country.

  55. In a department of an engineering, I heard, no non-Brahmin could enter for decades except one particular sect of Tamil Brahmins. Thus caste was employed to work for Brahmins. Now that’s not entirely gone. There are many caste-ways that act counter to bar entry of non Brahmins to positions. This is what need to be researched. Wait two decades and see non brahmin talents.

  56. this, is the real problem in India, they have prevented the lower cast people from studying, now they say its natural

    • So already some are getting brainwashed. Read this author’s name. He teaches at Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi,where you need to be a Christian to hold and lecturer position. West is increasingly turning atheist so church is finding new newer pastures. And so called OBC and sc are their targets. Author has just given a spin suiting his agenda.

  57. On going through the observations by author it is noticed that mention of Brahmins as special along with other Upper Casts shows that readers should automatically be diverted to particular angle of thinking.

  58. How can we lodge complaints against such irresponsible article writers n publishers. Plz those who know about it plz file a complaint against this report meant to unnecessary increase tension between communities

  59. Why tha print always publishes articles which are meant only to spread hatred among castes and communists . No sane views are given credence.If so called upper castes are dominating academics by dint of their hard work and talent , why should anyone be jealous ? May be after satisfying their long standing desire for power and money, which they got a taste of only a few decades ago ,the other castes would also think of devoting life for reseaech. Reserving seats on caste basis only will not be wise.The penchat for research cannot be inculcated by harbouring Debby ans resorting to reservation.

  60. Nobody stopped you from making your own secret societies and make NMIT Nair Menon Institute of science, RGIT Reddy Goudas Institute of science, MPIT Mudaliar Pillai Institute of science, KIIS Kuruba Idigas institute of Science, NEIT Nadar Ezhavas Institute of science. Why blame Iyers and Iyengars ?

  61. By way of corollary we the muslims in kashmir have the same ” Barahamin” or priestly class called Peers. They have the same mind set and always used to discourage others in pursuing the higher echelons of education. But they were effectively wiped out as a dominant class as muslims have no caste system. Regarding their being a majority in scientific fields it was mainly due to their administrative connections. These people were like the pandits in Kashmir always associated with rulers. Now what I have observed in kashmir that these priestly classes always switch their loyalties to be in power. It is a stark reality that these priestly classes are at the fore front of exploiting religion and instigating other people to to do jihad. Main purpose of these people is that they should yield pen themselves for their own development and others should hold guns for their self destruction. They the hindu and muslim.preists are exact replicas of each other.

    • There is a truth in Your observation.

      These brahmins are responsible for suppression of Hindhu communities from time immomorial.

      Everyone who gets the exposure
      they can be genious.

      For power and money these BRAHMINS will stoop toany level.

      Basically they are born with a hate mongering gene.

      • Please provide evidence that there is such a thing as hate mongering gene and brahimins have it? Otherwise you would have only proved your own intollerence and hatered being projected on them

  62. The way you quote regarding the efficiency of being a scientist of Brahmins, Dalits come from a society where it us hard to meet both ends ,

    It is only due to reservation that their first generation is still in a position to be self dependent, where as allother liabilities are still outstanding
    It is hard for them to wait for a long time for result
    Today if there is nothing to eat, whi will wait for tommorow?
    There is no back for them who will support them in the case of any need.
    There us no dearth of knowledge, calibre or anything else but of finance only
    If Brahmin was having such calibre, why there is no invention which Brahmin did?
    Why all the inventions had been done by the people of the world

  63. Mrs Reny Thomas.. what a shame on you..!!!! now, shall i say that, you being a christian, you are trying to divide hindus in the name of caste?. To print media : seriously?

  64. How this brahmin tribe from India could claim they are good in science, I wonder. By their presence in India for the last 3000 years, what is their contribution? nothing! Pl highlight one discovery or invention that influenced Indian society by them. They made the country ultra poor by the caste filth. Nothing else!

    • Nicholas. Your racist and hateful rant speaks for itself. Many Indians from Sri CV Raman (Brahmin) and Nobel Winner in Physics inventor of Rama effect to ApJ Abdul Kalam Muslim have contributed to science. The very Humber system you use is called Hindu Numbering system. Stop being so blind with hatred. It causes cancer and health issues.

  65. As these people sitting in these places and not allow other caste people to join them, even if they try they LL be treated as second class people though they do good. What science they have done so far..? Do you have anything like machines, electronic goods, or anything in your home or around you that our Indian so called Brahmin scientists have developed before others. They discovered this caste as they are incompetent to compete with other people. without with this caste virtues, They are unfit to do any research. They only fit to stay in temples and collect money saying that Pooja, this Pooja etc without any efforts and to preach superstition among people. They are totally unfit and incompetent without their caste identity. Everywhere they go first try to say that they are brahmins and superior than everyone else.

    • All science and its by products are based on numbers.Also, Ayurveda and Siddha medicine is sceince of the lviing body. EVery thing else, including western inventions are based on Hindu numeral systems. What other things need to be proved to you?

  66. Why do the Left parties have so many Brahmin leaders? Right from Namboodripad to Jyoti Basu to Karat and Yechury. Especially since they believe in equality of opportunity.

    Also, last I checked, hardly any Dalits make it big in the media which is ruled by the Sardesais , the Ghosh family, the Dutt’s and the Razdans – all Brahmins.

    So would be nice to take a look at yourselves before pointing a finger at others.

  67. Disgraceful article… Personal vie s and biases expressed as scientific research. These people have vested interests at should be stopped from spreading hate.

  68. Who has stoped SC / OBC from pursuing science in 2020? Well placed non brahmins should show some kindness towards them since enough reservation has been bestowed on them by now. I dont intend to classify amoung we Indians. Writer has lost his power of observation and no more artical to write so this pig is dominating brahmins. Grow up.

  69. Jealous indian christian whining over achievements of brahmins on science and technology, and wondering why they could just do poojas and sit in temples instead .. Thats the nutshell of this writeup..

  70. Dr. B R Ambedkar was not a brahmin, but his thirst of knowledge made him a great thinker and social reformer. I feel the social entertainment and personal interest shapes the goal of a person irrespective of cast.

  71. If it’s your personal view why are you publishing it, to earn money right.I think you are still uneducated, learning instinct comes in a child when their parents are educated not when they are brahmin, how come a child learn if he sees his or her family struggling. Yes
    reservation should be banned but all SC/ST must be given a chance atleast one member from each family

    • Remove untouchability which is used for discrimination, injustice, hatred and everything Hindu does including denial of education against the underdogs.
      End caste can you? Brahmans will be the first to stoutly oppose demolition of caste which is their goldmine. Reservation brings in its train stigma. But Brahman relishes his caste whereas a dalit is ashamed.

      • Where is untouchability? Not practiced by Brahmins at least now. It is practiced by powerful non-brahmins may be. How does anyone end caste. By just one declaration? Fine. Let it be done that way if it can be done. You are already getting reservvations which has already uplifted you and will uplift others also in future. What else do you want? If a small minority is not ending casteist practices, ignore them. How will their behaviour even affect you when you are so huge in numbers?

  72. A comedian and pseudo academician. Such people and the Print as a channel only forment social trouble and conflict in India.

  73. The Print has got an agenda of ” Breaking India” . Almost all articles suggest that Print is working on it very Honestly. But here is your bad luck; India has got other medium too to get educated with the things. So come on and show some true journalism instead such type of cheap articles.

  74. Now there agenda is to Target the successful scientific advancements be it in space medicine by introducing more reservations. By doing so they are intentionally hindering and subverting India’s development at a favorable speed. They are still trying to divide the Hindu society in every aspect of life by there narrow view of the society.

    • There is no valuable returns such the idiotical bramins iit campus.A food transfers only power for surviveness and not genius.phathetic bramins are invaders. Their birth charachter is venum .

      • IITs are India’s pride institutions where quality is the order, why all strive to study there. Dont degrade such an institutions like other nationalist by degrading yourself

      • you are free to hate anyone. But, how does it help you or anything else you are spewing venom against? If IIT campus is hopeless, why do you need to look at it at all? If brahmins are venom, just ignore them. Treat them and IIT as non existent entities. You are still getting all facilities from other sources. Then why do you invite hate inside you towards someone who does not affect your life at all?

  75. This article needs to be reported to the authorities , this is it , height to casteist media propoganda for getting views

  76. That’s it , I will be reporting this godorsaken piece of sh*t article to the authorities and theprint media itself for crap articles like “social media and the caste” , looking down upon scientists on their caste is hate speech imo .

  77. If anybody is wondering how/why this rubbish even gets published, its because of Casteist politics. Congress survives through caste division, and their pet media companies propagate it.

  78. I’m a non brahmin. But even I can see that missionary agenda of this writer has become very apparent here.

    You say that brahmins are excelling because they have had previleges in the past, like they didn’t get to face any discrimination. Tell me one thing, even Christians in India aren’t facing any discrimination. So why aren’t they dominant in these areas.

    What’s wrong with someone having a preference for separate mess because they’re vegetarian. Even Jains would prefer a pure vegetarian mess. How does it prove that there’s a caste based discrimination going on? And why do you have a problem if there are no SCs and OBCs in a vegetarian mess. Which non vegetarian would join a vegetarian mess unless money is the issue?

    It’s become a fashion for Libtards like you to attack Brahmins.

  79. Really!!! Creating fear of false gods among others and feeding on their resources by sitting in temples…all they have to do is this….when you dnt spend your time fighting for livinghood like other communities it is very much likely opportunity to do something else…when all you have to do is preach and eat on other people’s hard earned money….

    • Seriously?? Do you think that those scientists from iisc had made people fool and ate their money?? Or do you think all Brahmins do that?? That’s a very bad way of stereotyping someone. Agreed that they are privileged and haven’t struggled like the Bahujans, but still those becoming scientists from premier institutes like IISc must have worked hard, unlike sitting in temples and eating money..

    • Well said! All these so called learned status aquired by Brahm ins is nothing but the result of generations of exploitation heaped by them on poor bahujans of this country.

  80. What a rubbish.. unfollowing print and blocking it henceforth. Never expected journalists to be so narrow minded and limited in their thoughts. While targetting Brahmins or upper caste, you failed to mention the actual reason for their number in premier institutes, it’s not caste. It’s the hard work and dedication they give into it. Reservation is only worsening things and deteriorating the quality of services. One who is getting 98% through hard work and one who gets 50% go to the same college still youn feel there is a discrimination then i think you are right but it’s with the people of upper caste because their hard work goes in futile when someone taking education casually sits with them

  81. Who can study hard like bramins. Those can become scientists. Not from reservations. Dr. Abdhul kalam also a scientist but he is not a bramin he brought up in a bramin family.

  82. Policy of reservation is a loss to the poor meritorious students, especially brahmins.

      • Brahmins are universal lovers, it can be heard by his close mates, have no caste, creed, or nation particular, inclined to go anywhere and mingle with other culture, that is why prefers go to every nook and corner for opportunity. They blush in arthodoxic culture that looks different for others to understand. Nothing more than that. A brahmin never seek pride of his position like others, by caste, but at talent, now this is the time to betray all differences, and form unite of indian nation

  83. Shame on print… Shame on Renny Thomas… You are infinitely disgusting rotten lot… You and your thoughts are nothing but frogs in the well… You think and write according to your paid and learnt instincts, which have long forgotten to see Indian society beyond your master’s eyes… All your phrased write-ups are nothing more than dog’s barking in the elephants path… We know what our culture and inheritance are capable… You bloody buggers need not teach us your shit ideologies… Go get screws tightened up… Get last you idiots

    • Shame on your brahminical bias which instead of repenting about 1000years of exploitation of bahujans, still continues to exploit them

  84. If Brahmins are so dominant and suppress other castes, government should create universities exclusively for non brahmins. And isolate these universities from brahmins! That’s the only solution to end brahmin’s dominance. These universities should be heavily funded by government and private well wishers.

    • Already you have done that with reservation. You don’t have to create one. With 69 percent reservation and the remaining 31 percent open for everyone, you don’t have to even take a survey or research to know that brahmins canot be in majority in 99.99 percent of the institutions in India.

      While I am sure that still people who are marginalised still remain the same, there is very little work that is in place to lift them. majority of the reservation is used by elite among the reserved class.

      With govt institutes out of scope and minority institutions favouring their own identity, the last few options left for brahmins is these elite institutions where reservation is less and cources like CA, ICWA etc where passing needs more hardwork and patience apart from knowledge without requiring to spend like engineering or medical.

      This column is completely biased and I am reading similar posts where one more so called journalist talks about similar issue.

      Please look at sheer number of patshalas where brahmin students study for 7 to 12 years in vedas. Only those students join whose parents can not afford to provide children food even once a day.

      If we want to bring in change, yes reservation should exist still all the families get education and empowerment. To achieve this we also should ensure that those who have availed reservation should be removed from the scope of reservation.

      Let us leave few institutions of importance from reservations so that focus is only on merit so that it benefits nation.

  85. After looking at all of these comments, I can only see the kind of closed mentality we have rooted in ourselves. Never wanting to accept the truth and always trying to live and glorify the past. Grow up. It’s not the 2nd century BCE, it’s 2020 AD.
    The lower caste people aren’t as financially secure as the Brahmins who had accumulated centuries of wealth by discrimination against 80-90% of the population of India, while the lower castes are left to fend for themselves as they have to battle so many more needs and priorities before they can even think of spending their time researching, which, let’s face it, doesn’t bring in a lot of money in a country like India. Sure, they are trying, but when they try to get out, they have faced discrimination at some point or the other on the basis of caste by none other than the so-called upper castes who only live in the past. Stopping talent like this from reaching the top is precisely the reason why we are a joke in the scientific community and everywhere else in any other field.
    I want to be polite here, but won’t be, so SHUT UP. Stop your deep-rooted caste bias to hamper your decision making, which will, in turn help India as a country to succeed

    • Dear Concerned Citizen, really you think Brahmins have ACCUMULATED wealth for Centuries. It is all Hogwash that our British Rulers perpetrated. Even today I know personally many Brahmin families who live in misery just because of discrimination. My question is this, Can I hold YOU accountable for your Father’s mistakes. If not then how can you put all the load of previous so called missendovers on the present day Brahmins. Isn’t that itself flawed.

    • What Rubbish !!!! Anything said without extensive research just proves your stupidity …well in India we have right to expression doesn’t mean you are allowed to speak any shit without knowing the facts !!!!

    • Well said! All these so called learned status aquired by Brahm ins is nothing but the result of generations of exploitation heaped by them on poor bahujans of this country.

      • It is ridiculous, there is no scope to exploit bahujans, they are not within reach, some may did so, blame is on brahmins. Other upper castes in south are utilized the services of dalits keeping with them and never forgotten, extended hand to uplift them from hounger and needs to their satisfaction as no govt did. Dalits are the dominant group in south than brahmins. At sacred rituals even their own offsprings and siblings are untouchables. Understand the ritual binding nature of brahmin without negative thinking. Leaving many other important issues of common good, commenting each other on caste basics is of sheer waste of time and value, every community is needed to the society, no bias on caste base is required by all

    • absolute lies. Brahmins did not accumulate wealth since the ancient days. That is the main problem with Brahmins. They were too stupid not to have foreseen these days. All non brahmins procured weatlh, a few brahmins only procured wealth, even a few of the SCs and STs and other religious minorities have procured wealth but majority of the Brahmins, SCs and STs did not procure wealth. You are barking at the wrong tree.

  86. Targeted community is rattled going by the number of comments. Education was exclusive preserve of Brahmins for 3000 years. Now it is open for all. Competition and reservations. Double whammy. Let us get back to Vedic ages.

    • Other castes were denied the opportunity to study Vedas. They got an education in Mathematics that was required for day to day life. All the castes had opportunities to study sanskrit. Read Dharampal’s ‘My beautiful tree.’

  87. Shame on print. As working on their agenda to create a gap between different classes of hindustan. Shame on you.

    • He is no doubt jealous about the intelligence & progress of the community. He must have been identified with the Lutyens.

  88. Ambedkar Nehru and Gandhi have s@@@d us. Merit has totally gone to dogs. All these guys are break India forces

    • The upper castes – especially Brahmins – always played it safe and protected their own property and privileges by avoiding doing anything that would bring them into conflict with the rulers. So they went into the Science (which did not require them to put forth their political views in public. The British were happy since the custodians of India’s knowledge went into a field that would make it much easier to rule without any conflict with the elite. The upper castes were happy because they dominated society since the British in India were very few and had tto rely heavily in the Brahmins. Who benefited by this is left to you to decide. The Brits and, to a great extent the upper castes benefitted. Did India benefit? Nobody can say. Did the lower castes benefit? No.

      • Really? Many of the leaders in the freedom movement were from the upper castes. Never allow facts to come in your way.

    • The upper castes – especially Brahmins – always played it safe and protected their own property and privileges by avoiding doing anything that would bring them into conflict with the rulers. So they went into the Science (which did not require them to put forth their political views in public. The British were happy since the custodians of India’s knowledge went into a field that would make it much easier to rule without any conflict with the elite. The upper castes were happy because they dominated society since the British in India were very few and had tto rely heavily in the Brahmins. Who benefited by this is left to you to decide. The Brits and, to a great extent the uppear castes benefitted. Did India benefit? Nobody can say. Did the lower castes benefit? No.

    • Majority of Brahmins have risen up by oppressing the lower sects, and it would take ages to bridge that gap. People from lower castes have to opt for a quick buck because for them it’s about survival, unlike Brahmins who, in most cases, opt to pursue their passions. Getting to chase your passion is a luxury that the weaker section cannot afford.

  89. As a country as a whole the scientific temper in very low compared to developed countries and the reason behind it narrow minded attitude if so called scientific brahmins. Not only scientific institutions but all other important institutions are usurped bt groupism of brahmins. Though this community is liberal but to continue domininence of their caste they took Orthodox views on many things. By opposing reservation they try to divide psyche of Hindus which instead of blaming brahmins the blame sc,st,once for their miseries. Naturally every minority community tries to divide and rule. Unfortunately hundreds of years of subjugation is the result of distrust of communities among each other. But Brahmins are beneficiaries in any situation.

  90. Ye article me kisi ek class ko appreciate Kiya h.
    Aaj bhi aisi ghatiya mentality Desh me h.
    Talent veg.non veg. food par depend nahi hai.
    Aisa hota to fundamental research me kitne higher class hai.
    Dalit Ko education, property storage ka adhikaar hi nahi tha. Ye caste system hi Aisa hai .sab apna apna delete hai.
    Eklayva ka thumb kyo toda tha.
    India me crab mentality hai.
    Ek PED Ko Pani, fertilizer denge aur dusre Ko nahi donge to konsa ped achha fal dega?
    India me education adhikaar sabko nahi tha or teacher bhi parcility karte the.
    Jab tak ye race rahega tab tak scientists nahi banenge.

  91. From “tik rok is caste based” to “Scientists are bramhenical”, this 2 rupee journalists have left no stone unturned to disturb the hindu community of india. I wonder how the hell such type of propaganda journalism is allowed on mainstream indian media. If anybody knows please tell me how to report an artical so that the government may come to know and punish these type of fake journalists who claim to be “intellectual” but have less knowledge than a 2 year old kid.
    Really you are an ugly scare on the face of journalism.

  92. Enough scientists are needed if not more from SC etc. One among them or few among them will inspire others in their community to become scientists. Now, rather than isolating a particular community, it is time, we look into ways how to create qualified people first.
    #1.Education for all should be the norm but even newspaper accessibility is available to about 11 crore Indians only.
    #2.Poverty has come down so that will result in enough education.
    #3. Take up the BEST of each caste and benefit from them.

    India was the richest nation 300 years ago.

    How was it possible?
    Women empowerment: Ranibai Bhonsle ( daughter in law of Shivaji)defeated Aurangzeb.

    Brahmins Vs Non Brahmins tactics created by the BRITISH (Divide and RULE).

    Brahmin,shatriya,vaishya,and shudra( working class) are universal.

  93. Lower caste never get chance to get such opportunities. They always face discrimination at every plate form moreover the economic conditions of the lower class is not sound even though they try to fight for their survival and definitely one day reach to the same level. They need support from the society and government so that they get equal human rights. This article is totally waste of time nothing more. It depicts the mentality of the author how he thought about the lower class.

      • When you seek the answer to the question that why sc/st people are considered as the one with no talent and why always brahmins or upper castes are considered as people with talent.. You’ll opt not to comment that again.

    • Condemn brahmins till your last breath may it help you flourish

      Take out history books and check how many brahmins have done valuable services to society

      I leave one example
      Ramkrishan Parmhansa
      Chandershekhar Azad

      Now you will say they were privileged so the sacrificed the luxuries of life

      I don’t have any hesitation in accepting that a section in society was not given emple opportunity to perform. Once given sooner or later they will Excell too.

      But don’t blame brahmins for every problem of society

  94. If sc st obc community is not taking up research inspite of reservation do you think it’s because of brahmins ?
    Pathetic piece of writing in a pathetic little media outlet….Should the brahmins forget their customs , cultural identity and eating habits to uplift a community ? And uplift them to what ? Uplift them to be privileged enough to cry foul whenever they feel like it?….Just pathetic piece of writing …Don’t know how the editor let it print

    • Your name suggests you are a chamar(not in derogatory manner) from Uttar Pradesh. And I totally commend your wisdom. I myself am a Brahmin,and seeing people like you makes me happy. This man teaches in Jesus and Mary College,where one has to be Christian for securing a lecturer post. West has been turning atheist so church is trying to find newer pastures and their target demographic in india are sc and st. Don’t fall for their agenda.

  95. Ask governments to reserve or establish separate institutions for SC/ST/OBC and leave so called forward castes to face and suffer their own destiny. Majority of the forward castes think this way that there is too much obsession towards reservation and prejudices in the minds of governments and many intellectuals who could not see the pain of so called forward castes being marginalized in every walk of life curtsey discriminatory and biased action of the government concerned. Ask governments to limit the rights of forward castes people under Constitution which otherwise already exists implicitly, and if feasible suggest them to issue advisory for the forward castes that their right to reside, profess and trade is restricted in this country.
    Enough is enough!
    Make survey about discrimination towards forward castes by the state in the name of allegedly ensuring justice to down trodden and then preach. Vote bank politics will ruin this country one day.

  96. Ask governments to reserve or establish separate institutions for SC/ST/OBC and leave so called forward castes to face and suffer their own destiny. Majority of the forward castes think this way that there is too much obsession towards reservation and prejudices in the minds of governments and many intellectuals who could not see the pain of so called forward castes being marginalized in every walk of life curtsey discriminatory and biased action of the government concerned. Ask governments to limit the rights of forward castes people under Constitution which otherwise already exists implicitly, and if feasible suggest them to issue advisory for the forward castes that their right to reside, profess and trade is restricted in this country.
    Enough is enough!
    Make survey about discrimination towards forward castes by the state in the name of allegedly ensuring justice to down trodden and then preach. Vote bank politics will ruin this country one day.

  97. The brahmins in India are genetically later generations of Aryans (Euresian /european) intruders. They can go for research without compromising their livelihood, because they have bagged enough land & other properties of native indians, by practising stupid untouchability in general society and brahmin to brahmin favourism in educational
    Instiyutions !

    • Hallo, brahmin never helps brahmin than others, a co-brahmin is useful only for brahmanartha during pitrukarya,know this first

  98. Such garbage to put in print, even mere thought of such biased ideas should have put you to embarrassment, but if that didn’t happen, then this is the kind of write up you are capable of. Not even worth commenting.

  99. so disgusting and sick to read such crap. ….I am 55 years and I quit a high paying job as a director of a large MNC to work on giving back to the society……I grew in my career based on my contributions, merit or whatever and not on any religious dimensions …..I quit based on my religion which prompted me to think inside that life was not just an endless consumption game….I am into million other things which I do not feel like stating here….

    absurd contributors like Reny do not belong to this planet…they are so insecure of themselves…wish they work on themselves before attempting to even feel they have an intellect to dissect society

  100. Incentives? WIFM??
    If the author wanted to shed in more lights, he should have aslo highlighted how sub parly our researchers undergoing Ph.D are paid and one has to be really free financial responsibilities at the age of 23 or above to give 5+ years of their life with minimal stripends to pursue Ph.D . The same students if they did an MBA will most probably draw a six figure salary every month.
    If only we valued scientific research more than financial research and showed that value by giving back to the researchers, we would have had more diverse populations equally motivated to pursue research. Many end up giving their dreams of being a scientist primarily because the ROI in India is unyielding!

  101. The print must apologise for this article. Organizations like yours are the real cause of breaking the society on the basis of religion and cast. Now the country seems in a peace mode, after the tension at various places, you are not able to digest it. You want displeasure among people at any cost. Sham on you. And don’t say that it is writer’s thought. You have equal say in this.

  102. Despite reservation ,the resistance to include lower caste is prevelent everywhere.
    Very few lower caste exists in higher institutions, despite it India lags behind the world in science and technology. What is more irony is that, people often blame reservation for these backwardness,while most of elite institutions from financial to scientific are occupied by 90% of uppercaste.

    Without inclusiveness of all sections from marginalised to women’s ,no state can develop.

    People those questions reservation, should understand that reservation is for upliftment and betterment of marginalised society.

    The same people doesn’t questions the reservation given to women.

    Same people who were talking about merit ,are taking “EWS” reservation with both hands.

    Rather disavowal everything, inclusiveness and acceptance will bring prosperity to the nation. Merit doesn’t matter if larger section of society are left out .

    • I am asking a single question
      If a so called dalit and bhramin
      With same financial condition
      With dalit getting low score than bhramin
      But dalit is getting seat in iit Or any where else so now it’s not discrimination against bhramin??

  103. It is not the cast that matters. Vegetarians will develop intellectual capacity and non vegetarians develop physical capacity.

    • Bullshit. Then explain mister acharya, why we lag behind Westerners in the field of science who are 100% non vegetarians

      • We didn’t used to. We were leaders in mathematics and astronomy. Yoga and Ayurveda were invented here. So were many philosophies.West is forward in science due to renaissance,we also need one.

  104. The Christians like the auther are jeslous of Brahmins. They want to broaden their base of politics by cheap conversion of Dalits and other by evoking anger amost them against brahmins. Cheap article! IISc and IITs take very tough enterance test. They go their by merit. Mostly Christians lost their SC ST reservation due to conversion and crying foul againt brahmins.
    It took 200 years to brahmins to reach this height in english intellectualism so will it take for others too!!

  105. Total nonsense and irresponsible material. I’m a regular reader of Print but never seen such a shit before. It’s not in line with your reputation as true independent journalism. Very disappointed today..

  106. Yeah… That is why all the technical advancements from light bulb to steam engines , modern mathematics to computers , from banking system to democracy, medicine everything was discovered and invented by the upper castes of India. The only achievement I see was denying education to 90 percent India which could have vastly contributed to scientific discoveries. They have just crippled this country for centuries.

  107. Although I’m not a Brahmin, I find this post very relatable. I’m a medical student in South Bombay and honestly our institute is dominated by professor and doctors who are Brahmins. I also have many Brahmins friends and clearly they have a very focused and determined perspective about their education. I do get a very positive vibes from them. And indiscriminately speaking they do have some driving passion in them that keeps them going and no one can deny that they are actually a dominant class in all fields.

  108. The author is suffering from Brahmniphobia, for sure.
    I would like to clarify that when Nalanda like universities which were world famous for imparting scientific studies to the world students, were in Bharat before 2000 years may be more, where were these so called Brahmins? What was the status of these peoples?

  109. It is unfortunate that in a castless society that we aspire to have, even scientists are looked upon from their casts rather than their scientific achievements. In Bharatiya tradition, the author should know, the work has more importance than who has accomplished it.

  110. The author’s mindset is to be reformed, his message is to bring harmony not hatred among communities. Brahmins are bound by tradition and culture, self conscious, Godfearing, they are always be on the job of knowing the whereabouts God, rest is not concerned. They are attracted by ancient kings and made them responsible in all fields. In that process they are bound to acquire knowledge to advise kings.They never tried to gain wealth, power, but they want to be known by service. They love universally as god created us,but for tradition even they keep away their family. So understand Intelligence is to work and not to create panic

  111. The article errs on one important fact – that all Brahmins are born vegetarians. The author is clearly biased by the south Indian concept of Brahminism. As a Telugu Brahmin myself, but born and brought up in Odisha and familiar with the culinary habits of east India, I can say that vegetarianism is not a given for Brahmins of Odisha, West Bengal, Assam. Brahmins in these regions are natural meat and fish eaters. So are the Brahmins on the western coast, specially Maharashtra. So to say and limit the article’s argument on the basis of food preference is wrong.
    Having said that I admit that Brahminism had created select pockets of access to education. It is a deep rooted social malaise and will take a long time to change. It is wrong to determine access to education on the basis of caste. But reservation in its current form cannot be the solution. This will then defeat the purpose of anti-Brahminism – the wrong that our forefathers did by limiting access to Brahmins alone, will be repeated if we now make things difficult for Brahmin students to access knowledge via reservation.

  112. A very cheap tactics from foreign funded NGO’s and media outlets to detrack Indian Research and scientific achievements done by ISRO and other Indian Institutes. Foreign Agencies can go to any extent to derail INDIAN research. They killed our scientists like Homi Bhamba Sir and many more in mysterious conditions. But these Media Outlets didn’t published any story on that topic. They continuously used their old strategy “DIVIDE & RULE”. They used reservation as a weapon to detrack Research Programs by inducting scientists from Non Merit. If they had care for Dalits why didn’t they provide admission for them in US and British University based on Reservation. In Western world’s they always hired candidates on merit. But they expect us to hire candidates on Reservation, so we didn’t compete them. In modern time’s Countries used all “Hookes & Crookes” for rival countries to create monopoly of their own. And this story used to seem like one of those. The writer seems to be inspired by famous GORA Minded Mentality, How a third Class Nation outclassed their Western countries in Scientific experiments. Our scientists did so much hardwork to deliver brilliant achievements for INDIA in space and other scientific fields. But these people try to create rift between them by Their Famous Ninja technique ” DIVIDE & RULE”. Maybe they delete my comment. But anyone who reads my comment. Please Be aware of their policy and repost my thoughts in comments section. They always publish one sided stories to please their Western masters and didn’t publish our viewpoint. These kinds of people are infected by Western ideology virus which is as deadly as Corona virus. They used all their “Hook’s & Crook’s” to defame our Ancient Civilization and Our Country INDIA. Maybe they ask I am Brahmin so that’s why I defend this but that’s not true. Anyone who love his country wants best for his country. I also want people on merit based in Atleast in Science field so we should compete with Western countries. Nobody wants a doctor who passed his MBBS with 35% to operate their child but everyone tried their best for a doctor who passed away with Merit. I rest my case.

  113. अगर ये इतने talented है तो देश विश्व मंच पर इतना कयो पीछे है।science के field मे।विश्व का इकलौता देश है भारत जहाँ नीच लोग पैदा होते है,नीच जाति मै पैदा होते है।ये इनकी ही खोज है।बाहमण भगाओ देश बचाओ।

  114. A very cheap tactics from foreign funded NGO’s and media outlets to detrack Indian Research and scientific achievements done by ISRO and other Indian Institutes. Foreign Agencies can go to any extent to derail INDIAN research. They killed our scientists like Homi Bhamba Sir and many more in mysterious conditions. But these Media Outlets didn’t published any story on that topic. They continuously used their old strategy “DIVIDE & RULE”. They used reservation as a weapon to detrack Research Programs by inducting scientists from Non Merit. If they had care for Dalits why didn’t they provide admission for them in US and British University based on Reservation. In Western world’s they always hired candidates on merit. But they expect us to hire candidates on Reservation, so we didn’t compete them. In modern time’s Countries used all “Hookes & Crookes” for rival countries to create monopoly of their own. And this story used to seem like one of those. The writer seems to be inspired by famous GORA Minded Mentality, How a third Class Nation outclassed their Western countries in Scientific experiments. Our scientists did so much hardwork to deliver brilliant achievements for INDIA in space and other scientific fields. But these people try to create rift between them by Their Famous Ninja technique ” DIVIDE & RULE”. Maybe they delete my comment. But anyone who reads my comment. Please Be aware of their policy and repost my thoughts in comments section. They always publish one sided stories to please their Western masters and didn’t publish our viewpoint. These kinds of people are infected by Western ideology virus which is as deadly as Corona virus. They used all their “Hook’s & Crook’s” to defame our Ancient Civilization and Our Country INDIA. Maybe they ask I am Brahmin so that’s why I defend this but that’s not true. Anyone who love his country wants best for his country. I also want people on merit based in Atleast in Science field so we should compete with Western countries. Nobody wants a doctor who passed his MBBS with 35% to operate their child but everyone tried their best for a doctor who passed away with Merit. I rest my case.

  115. This is heights of stupidity from The Print that any thing like this crap can be printed . Clearly shows how leftist are trying to break India peace by raising on or other unnecessary things .They have created gaps and issues between male &Female, rich and poor,Caste issues,Religion issues,City village issues regional issues language issues all these problems has been created by them .Like the post they have dominance over English media they only write which creates uneasiness among people of India .Why can’t she tell about Christianity & how people got converted by hook n crook rather than hitting directly one community

    • I can understand if anyone talked about people from marginal society . Automatically he/ she becomes leftist. This is not your fault

    • Renny Thomas should discover her/ his lineage also, from which caste he or she got converted to Christianity and what was the amount paid by missionaries for conversion

  116. Rather than revealing the fact that India’s scientific community is dominated by Bhramins and upper cast, the study is a reflection of lack of scientific temper in general and stupidity of this community, when they say that it is their cast which made them to choose this profession.

  117. I am an IITian from a deprived class, and I have had food in every mess of my college, with people from every caste and religion, vegetarian and non vegetarian. They are all the same.
    Now I speak to you directly, just concentrate on developing the country. Stop this religion politics. Britishers have done this before, and in 200 years of struggle with this unnatural idea of divide and conquer we as a country know now what a group of few people can do to a whole country.
    You are a shameful example of people trying to ruin their own people.
    This is not Gujarat of 2002, this is India of 2020, we were supposed to be a super power by now, and you’re trying to take us back to centuries back from our progress.
    If you don’t work on the economic condition of our country, if you don’t serve this nation, we will relieve you from your duties in a very good fashion. So get back to work and stop this biased journalism, everybody is alreafy watching on NDTV, all your ass licking channels are only being used for comedy material.

    • The difference between my dear friend and this author is that you are from an IIT and he is from humanities. You would ravel in the fact that Aryabhatta and bhaskaracharya were great mathematician but this author would deride the fact that they both were Brahmin and praising them would bring back the brahminical hegemony of yesteryears.

  118. By not publishing the statistics of your research, we might tag you as propaganda as rest of Print is. Please dont call your work research if you dont follow scientific principles. You seem to have collected only sample of data which validates your pre-assumptions. Statistics doesn’t work this way.

    Seems like hate and biased article against particular group, which is minority and persecuted since ancient time in India. Their pride and survival is author’s problem and thus, she never indulge into statistics that there is systematic bias.

    • Very well sadistic these people of such a minority group and the merit.anybody can achieve anything through hardwork perseverance and some amount of sacrifice. Nobody wants to work hard like Ambedkar ji but pointing towards meritorious people has become a bad habit of these .

  119. Valmiki& Veda Vyas we’re never t Brahmins. If the Brahmins followed them and benefited why do the so called dprived classes follow them and benefited as well. What’s preventing them. Acquiring knowledge needs dedication ,hours of study and hard work. That in spite of reservations ,scholarships etc offered these people are stagnating as far as social uplifting is concerned even after 70 years of Independence. Why blame the Brahmins.? Smells of plain jealousy.

    • Insensible, illogical analysis of facts
      Yes Brahmins are more that doesn’t mean anything,they are there because of there own efforts…

      Writters selective outrage for particular community shows the level of intellect.

      Ps- this kind of news reporting is bad for my country

  120. What can we expect from this kind of author’s?
    The same thing is happening in recent years in order to divide indian’s in the name of caste by these kind of Cristian author’s and Cristian missionaries.
    Their main motto is conversation.

  121. Caste is just a confounding factor. There may be an association due to various other reasons, like socioeconomic status, mind set of people due to suppression on the basis of caste, etc.
    In India the field of research is lagging behind considerably due various reasons, caste domination and restriction of access in few fields is still going on. I don’t think only people of upper caste are potential in scientific research. But I can say this for sure that the caste in one of the biggest hurdle hindering the growth of this country in many fields including research and development.
    Talent is a gift. A country should never associate a particular talent to a specific group of people. It is the responsibility of a nation to identify and encourage a talent in every corner of this country irrespective of caste, creed, and religion.

  122. Please treat human beings as human beings. Stop writing articles in social media on the basis of caste..Merrit always prevails.Do you think this article does anything good to people?

    • Yes madam you are so right….. expensive schools , best coaching , good house, good food, peaceful and best living homes definitely it is merit. Many other merits and demerits I will not even talk about here.

  123. I can’t believe such an asinine piece of rubbish can find its way into print! What does this character want? Uplift Dalits and people who he thinks are downtrodden? Or does he want to bar Bhramins from pursuing science? Does he want to do this by not serving vegetarian food in IITs,IISc an Other premier institutions?. Does he imagine that if you throw out Bhramins from educational institutions it will transform others into accomplished scientists? Can’t believe such a moron teaches in a college affiliated to Delhi University!

  124. Your rage has tainted, what could have been a very good article.
    Firstly, I am studying at one of the IITs and there are more Baniya professors in my department than of other castes. But let’s assume by using the term “Brahmin” you are in fact referring to all Hindus who don’t belong to the reserved category.
    But you have to realize that this happened because caste is inherently interlinked to a person’s economic status.
    Most Brahmins are atleast middle class (many are upper middle class). After bachelor’s, this means that they can dedicate time to doing a PhD as they don’t have to worry about earning money for their family. Hence, more of them end up reaching the upper echelons of academia.
    Now, many Dalit students are first generation university students. They would have different priorities as they would want to use their education to get a good job as they probably would have a lot of responsibilities from their family’s side. This stands true even when a Brahmin student is from a poor family-they are more interested in getting a job.

    And lastly, your assumption about eating habits is misguided. There are plenty of Brahmin clans that happily eat non vegetarian food ( from Uttarakhand, Bengal, Himachal, even some in Kerela) and plenty of reserved castes that don’t ( some Sainis, Jaats). This has nothing to do with caste and more to do with what was traditionally available to eat. Castes involved in agriculture never needed to eat non vegetarian food whereas Brahmins living in regions where climate was harsh, for example, ate animal meat as well.

  125. Such a rubbish article….hope the author and the print gets paid for this by some groups who wanna permanently destroy Hinduism by litting a fight among the various castes of Hinduism…caste system in todays world is really a rubbish one to argue and debate with and u people are none but the british caste enacting the divide and rule policy…please dont spread hatred among people……Be a neutral journal or else get ur shit out of this field

  126. The author should convince his political friends to pass a law banning the brahmins from going to schools for the next 50 years. What an article without any basic idea. The brahmins from different states like west bengal, maharashtra are non vegeterians.

  127. Reservation can never defeat Merits, either those meritorious students are Brahmins or belong to other castes. Merit will remain merit, you duffer liberal

  128. Don’t try hard. Haven’t you heard the saying, ” is in their DNA” . It’s real baby. Varnashram is nothing but that saying. A brahmin cannot become a kshatriya overnight. Kashtriya are martial race and at any time, they have clear edge over others in the warfare skills . A brahmin cannot become a Vysya in business skills. Facings ups and downs in business, taking risks in new mega business projects. These traits are inborn to Vysyas. Shudras are wrongly projected as being played victim card in today’s politics. Shudras are not inferior just because they appear last in the ladder. They have an important role in society. All varnas are same importance to society. A king who is a kshatriya, takes care of all his subjects without partiality. The king infact ensures that the low rung people in his society, is happy and taken care.

    Even Japanese society has class system. Over there, their Vysyas(business community) consider themselves superior to their Brahmins (intellect community).

    Please do not portray varnashram wrongly.

    • This is just defending varnashram again… .. Because of thousands of years of their dominance upper caste systems have been able to establish ans invade everywhere by supresssing the growth of other caste people… True in every field of society… Not only science….. Becuase they descriminated and kept other castes away from learning…they went ahead and now rooted everywhere… And suppression is being continued…. Nothing in DNA …. It is only you are taking DNA for your convenient….
      Fist of all researching which caste is dominant in incorrect… You will find people who dominated and made learning confined to the caste…it makes No sense at all…. Brahmins’ attitude of learning has become culture only because of many centuries…. It can be seen in any castes…. So called role of kshatriya, shudra….etc.
      Moreover, the kind of encouragement given during childhood and motivation is because of parents who are already educated…… School, st and obc caste people are almost first and second can imagine how they have struggled to come up in life… Not DNA……… GIVEN A CHANCE ANY DNA CAN BECOME TUNED TO ENVIRONMENT…with which DNA interacts…. Your phenotype is the result of DNA and environment interactions….

    • This author seems to be endowed with the quality of ignorance.
      Indian science does not preach caste system ,never
      Instead it describes the Varna or the innate human nature.
      That’s why the greatest Brahman amongst humans, if we can say so, was Veda Vyasa Rishi who was not born as a Brahman.
      God bless.

  129. TN ex CM, who is no more, was certain Lord Ram was not a qualified Engineer to build a bridge from his state to Sri Lanka.! The perpetual argument of low IQ/blind devote and atheist continue every day. It is a pity these arguments/beliefs screw up education for the kids..

  130. In comment box most of people denied there are no such kind of discrimination, But, they all are aware and part of it. Very nicely describe and revels the truth of aur educated society.
    I salute you ” author”

  131. This article an excellent example of social engineering. Writer is not only smart enough and twisting facts but successfully evoking rage among people.
    Just remember folks, ask this question to youself before any reaction why as a civilization we indian have been able to survive for such a long time ?

    It’s our values and cultural ethos

    I am not a Brahmin therefore nothing against or in favour of them however just think where this study has been done and imagin how those people reached their.
    Fact is simple if one want to achieve something one must overcome adversities, in this world many of us have inherited telent or economical support and are preveleged while some of us have just nothing, now that doesn’t mean someone should complain and cry about that, ” Survival of the fittest” is natural law and is above all religions, cast, gender or creed.
    All philosophies of world can’t change it !
    If you are worthy you must get it, if you are not then simply don’t beat around bushes and blam culture or society.


  132. Temple priest is also regarded as a messebger of God and he monopolizes religion. Ac I recall, TN DN=


    mk, with absolute Brahmin hatred now made it legal and necessary goe Tamil Priest, praying in Tamil, not sanscrir. There went yet another exclusivity. College professors can be given honors degree that qualifies them as for teaching hiring, Last I heard 41% 9f e=Engineers in TN are unemployed. UP rob ably ranks the same front Hindi fanaticism. Vinasha Kale vipareeta Buddhi,

  133. What if there weren’t any class, creed, caste and religion ever prevalent in the world? I don’t think so Brahmins dominate major posts.. it’s a person’s ability and capability and in the case of science his/her analytical cognition is what matters the most! How can you write an article on the basis of someone’s dietary pattern and caste? This is illogical!! I guess the person writing the article hates brahminism! We are living in the 21st century with a more awakened brain… Religious disparity must be void topic to discuss anymore.. everyone is equally developing be it the so called “dalit” or “lower-caste”.. at the end of the day we are the same HUMAN RACE struggling for food, shelter and security… Useless article!

  134. The author is clearly suffering from brahiminophobia. If actors and western celebrities endorse vegan diet, it is to prevent cruelty to animals. If a Brahmin does it, it Is to preserve caste memory. What a f***ed logic is this?
    Most Brahmins are against reservation not because they want to preserve “scientific mentality” as the author puts it,but coz reservation has affected every brahmin in a negative way.
    The author mentions the brahmin scientist described his struggle to become a scientist despite his privileged brahmin background. I want to know what are the privilages the author is talking about. Did the author try and find out what is the policy of job in IISc? Is it that only iyers and Iyengar are given jobs?

  135. The interviewee doesn’t see, how they regimented the society for thousand of years, with exclusive excess to education to Brahmins only. For the damage that they have inflicted on the society, currently in 2020, for a family, either it’s the first, second or at best,third generation, that’s going for a higher education or reasearch after education was made accessible to almost everyone after independence. I pity on that fellows thinking. He needs to grow up and get out of that mentality, even though he has some bullshit reference.

    • It’s an assumption not a fact.

      India had gurukul system where in kids from different community would go to learn. This system was supported by temple and community.

      Varna’s were translated into caste system by a British lord with limited understanding.

      Just like the name of our religion was coined in 1826 for administrative purposes.

      Similarly country’s name from sindhu river.

      So we learn not the facts but some mythical history through a western prism and blame everything on thousand of years which might not be true.

  136. Brahmins are people who follow the the right kind of food (saatvic) that enhances their intelligence. A right brahmin will follow routine rituals such as Japa and chanting mantras… which help in enhancing his perception they excel in scientific disciplines..

  137. One side of me says that attaching a caste to a profession or a line of work is racist.

    Then the other side looks at meaning and possibility. If one can say Marwaris are good businessmen or that Jews are good at finance without doubting oneself, perhaps there is some sense in this article.

  138. No innovation in india for the past 200 years, we are good in doing work for westworld and just following their innovation and creativity idead. IITs are utter waste for India and Indian.

  139. If you need reservation, a privilege and a set aside, then you are not good enough! Simple. Do argument.

  140. Author Renny Thomas works for Jesus and Mary college. Hence it is proved that he is just another missionary worker trying to lure and convert people by making them disgrace their own religion

  141. How many researchers could get Noble prizes and how many discoveries and inventions could get worldwide recognition is. Mute question , otherwise it is sitting pretty on research and filling stomach for him and family

  142. Mostly to take education was remained monopoly of Brahmin Community. They were taking education among themselves and not to others. Mostly majority population of indian remained illiterate and egnorants. They were away from knowing the Value of education. Britishers during second half of Nineteenth Century started Western Type of education in India , this new starting in educational facilities taken by first Brahmins . Non Brahmin Indian were far away from knowing these facilities. Still to day the Non Brahmin except Buddhist in maharashtra and in India, are engaged in pooja path of God . They are still egnorants about education.very few non Brahmin people are taking education, they after money and power. Ambedkarite peoples are so ahead in education . But due caste base they are not getting entry in IIT, IISc , NIIT etc institutions dueto fear of loosing monopoly of Brahminism.

  143. Linking scientific pursuits to caste is deplorable. Things have changed in India over the last few decades. May be in the few more decades this anamoly also will be corrected.

  144. Lol… Another bs by both people who believe in such bs and the Print is also dumb for giving importance to such bs

  145. How can you identify caste of the person? By his / her surname? What if that person himself / herself does not believe in stupid, unscientific things like religion and caste? What if the person is atheist or agnostic?

    Why should some thing useless like a person’s caste be given importance? Caste system has led to only evils like discrimination. The only way to end caste-based discrimination is to end the root cause: the caste system. Instead, we are reinforcing the caste system by having caste-based reservations.
    Reservations, free education, relaxed criteria are needed, but they should be based on the candidate’s financial condition, not caste. We should just get rid of the caste system.

    And a person’s eating habits or preference may have nothing to do with caste or religion. Many people choose to be vegetarian or vegan because they oppose cruelty to animals. They may not even believe in unscientific things like caste or religion.

    Finally, IISc at present has 4 messes (A, B, C, D). Not 3.

  146. We use all statistical tool to analyse business and economy because it is supposed to grow. We don’t analyse our society because it is considered best and eternal.

    • Dear Benny .. why don’t you research on inclusion of blacks in elitist universities in US which is steeped in progressive Christian doctrines Will not as your aim is to break India ..pls d something 5o improve yourself rather than doing such nonsense sponsored by your robed masters ..

  147. There are certain flows in this research, First, the researche is myopic second, the researcher have very small no of smaple size Third, there are lot of generalisation and exaggeration Fourth, the resercher don’t take the naunce of different scientists into consideration… there may be case one think in a particular way but the another one think in totally different way Fifth, The researcher SELECTIVELY PICKED His sample response, in a sense his is having absurd Hypothesis and LAST ONE is the culture of every institution is very different from another one and is constantly moving means lot of other things also set the culture of a particular institution, But looking at a culture from totally Brahminical point of view is absurdity, there cab be the plausibility of hygienic or unhygienic ( like: contagious disease CORONA VIRUS)

    • Wait for his next article:
      “Dalits, the dregs of Indian society say doing manual scavenging is natural to lower castes: Study”

  148. I am a doctor by profession and rarely comment on such propoganda articles, but this one is really too much to ignore. Anyone who has ever been to these so called western Institutes will testify that an actual scientific gathering has no place for such pre formed notions. You are defined by your work, irrespective of your caste, creed or religion and that holds true for every sector in India. If someone like our late President Abdul Kalam can rise to such heights in the field of science, I wonder what merit your claim has. It is nothing but the personal hatred of the author for Brahmins, maybe using them a bait to make this article popular. In 35 years of my life( 12 years as a doctor) I never once felt that my religion or food was in any way related to my work or patientcare. I hope whichever God ( hope you ain’t a devil worshiper) you follow, may enlighten you to rise above this dirty and bigoted mindset of yours.

  149. Belt wanted to rule India and they were ruling now ..brahmins not allow other castes to central Modi is for name shak ..all others are brahmins in central government..they were only 2% but they wanted to rule India…

    • Yes the PM of the Country is a Brahmin, the President of the country is a Brahmin.
      I don’t comment about caste when it comes to someone’s capability but PM Modi belongs to OBC and Prez Kovind belongs to SC Category — both non-Brahmins !!

  150. Author is a convert and who wants to highlight caste fault line. But today children are routinely marrying outside caste so this attempt will fail.

  151. An article void of facts and loaded with bias. Whether someone is a vegetarian or otherwise is a personal preference, how does that impact marginalized communities. Kindly do not spread hate among distinct individuals.

  152. I don’t understand why vegetarianism is being looked down upon as some kind of sin these days..especially these converts who neither understand the native practices and their significance..and try to preach foreign practices which is neither good nor makes sense..dressing up and eating and praying like whites will never make you one of them.. you will still be looked down upon by them..

  153. Despite such well crafted analysis, Brahmins in general remain just another human on this planet. The Japanese, Germans, protestant Christians and the great Jewish community still hold sway over modern civilisation. Vedas were not written by any caste group but was kept secret from others only to lose grip over early start of great Indian civilisation. The average IQ of a typical brahmin is exactly equal to that of any other non brahminical community. The great temple architecture and art and music were predominantly contributed by non brahmins that included people even from other faiths. Brahmins have successfully cornered most privileges through clever manipulation post independence. There is hardly any Nobel laureates from this community except couple of them.

  154. Brahmins are least innovative and creative.. Threaded people are most irrational amd least scientific in temper..
    The tecnology produced only screw driver technology, a laughimg stock in international arena..
    They are the curse of India..

    • What do you really mean by threaded people , in ancient times anyone who graduated from a gurukul and attained mastery over any particular skill which is useful for public and society are supposed to wear a garland while working on their trade , since it obstruct their work they used to wear it across so that it don’t swings and disturb them,. In due course these flower garland was just replaced by thread in the middle as flower petal used to falloff in the middle and end of the day disturbing the person , know the history completely before commenting and generalising threaded people , I belong to a OBC community and its a age-old tradition to wear thread just like Brahmins , there are many BC communities around who wear thread across just like Brahmins , some Kshatriyas, visyas & shudra communities too wear thread. Just don’t comment for the sake of it


  156. “The entry of non-Brahmin scientists has not changed this image. Many virtues of Brahmin culture have been normalised in the scientific institutional settings. The domination of vegetarianism in India cannot be merely seen as food preference and choice as reports show that there are cases of discrimination on what one eats and cases reported on the existence of separate wash basins and entrances for vegetarians and non-vegetarians for example, as mentioned previously, in IIT Madras.”
    This is nonsense, if you believe you are intelligent and wish to spread propaganda, they are various ways to do it. But writing something which is verifiable and never exists is going to throw the cover off your head. I was a student of IIT Madras for 4 years and I have never seen a separate door and wash-basin for veg and non-veg. Please don’t discredit a great institute for what it never does.

  157. Sick People, Sick journalism. What a shame..Pick up a Narrative. select data to support the narrative and spread hate. Wonder how Shekhar Gupta allows such articles on print. Renny Thomas has a christian surname I can collect data and prove that Christians are most radicals on earth but I know that is not the case. I can collect that data to prove my point. Doob maro!

  158. No numbers shared. Even when shared, you wont be able to tally back. Lastly any hindu can nowadys wear scread thread and traditionally too 3 out 4 caste varnas could wear. Lastly I personally know people with Nair surnames belonging to all four castes but from different parts of India. How could author determine who was who ?

  159. Another cabal and drivel to create wedge between communities.

    True definition of Brahmin is one who has acquired wealth of knowledge and not by birth as has been misguidedly accepted as norm.

    What can we expect from people who for a bag of rice changed their faith and constantly attack and denigrate their heritage.

    • Says a dodo who thinks brahmins came from forehead… Sorry mate!!.. We have become athiest for this mindless hatred in name of religion… The religions that worship penis of some prostitute narcotic shiva, celebrates sons of unkown father of yahuva , famous non violent peacefuls religions that brought only harm and shame on humanity…..

  160. Mrs Thomas,

    What is your final conclusion? If a Brahmin earns his credentials throigh his body work how is he depriving any one. Reservations have been in india for long and have been available for communities to use. Have you ever written about poverty faced by brahmins and upper castes. Take your anti brahmin lens away and try to see why other are not able to succeed and what help can be provided.

    Brahmins have never objected to reservations in india and in the current caste mix that liberals also follow brahmins are too tiny group.

  161. This is what the so called social scientists do for a living – stir up specious nonsense and get their friends in the Marxist media to publish it. They are parasites – they can’t do an iota of creative or constructive work with their lives (that’s why they are in Marxist social studies departments), and they don’t let the rest of the country to progress. People like this deserve to be treated like the parasites that they are.

  162. IISc means Iyers and Iyengars Service Centre, as it used to called for fun. Not science centre

  163. There are two questions. First one is that can someone be denied his due if he is intelligent enough to do well in courses from IIT or IIM. The answer is NO, now can the system deny someone from Dalits or ST their due in terms of degree, placements or promotion. The answer is NO. So if the answer is plain NO what we are discussing here. I have seen so many students from SC, ST or OBC who do very well in technical courses and they are doing well in competitive exams as well. If you ask me, the system promotes SC, ST and OBC to do well, the only requirement is that they are guided properly in the society and focus on what they really want in life. How many MEENA’S are there in IAS and other civil services? I am now seeing these ST getting married into higher castes with social approval from both sides. The reason is very simple, your intelligence and focus decide your place in society. Now anybody is welcome to have his own belief system but competition will decide who reaches were in life. The article looks to be written with a biased frame of mind to create unnecessasry prejudices in the mind of SC and ST . My message to them , work hard , stay focused on your goal and sky is th e limit

  164. Lol. Why same logic didn’t apply for other countries? How many Americans, Japanese are Brahmin ?? Or they belong to superior category ? Every year Those Non-Indians get nobel on different subjects, which caste they belong to ?? What’s the caste of late Stephen Hawking or Enistein ??
    M N Saha, J C Bose, SN Bose, GC Ghosh, PC Mahalanobish are famous name in India.
    No one blelongs to Brahmin Caste.

  165. I am a post graduate in mathematics 1964.
    I am aged 78.
    I record how talented non brahmins were eliminatedoing from entry level. All my professors were brahmins.
    They will fondly put their hands on your shoulder and look for the sacred thread.
    This will identify the brahmins and others.

    I know one of our final exam. Papers was corrected by my teacher, who was antagonistic towards me all along.
    With only 14 students of my college, a particular question was answered by me.
    One of my brahmin classmates who was close to the teacher met with him. The professor told him that none of the students attempted that particular problem, whI’ll I was lone student who attempted it.
    My friend narrated this to me and wondered how professor can say like.
    Looking back it was a message for me…” I do not allow you to grow “.

    Later 1965.
    I was in the first set of persons interviewEd by IBM.
    I cleared the exam on top. In the interview itself Vaishyas who interviewed me told that my chances may remote. This he told after knowing I was a non_brahmin.
    But I was called for final interview. I was the only on called.
    The new person asked irrelevant questions. Then he asked me to prove the minimax theorem. I didn’t understand. I was not selected. The Secretary who disbursed my travel allowaneeds told me that I was selected, how it changed.
    The new interviewer was a brahmin.

    Later around the same time, I was interviewed by one Forsyth for computer post in chennai Muruga praba group. I was told in the interview that I have to go to Birmingham for a training. There was onever other brahmin candidate.
    Later Forsyth wrote a letter of consolation.

    Similar experiencesearches during my research scholarship period.

    Brahmins will kill the growth of non brahmins.

    • Sorry to hear of your experience. Right now we are in 2020 not 1964/65. Times and people change. Btw was your career permanently damaged by Brahmins?

      • Times have changed?? Haha… you follow news bruhh..
        ….brahmins are a pest on earth..

          • 95% of IIT faculties are Brahmins. Funny guys these Brahmins dominate all scientific elite institutions but never did any good for people. Your phone made in China , Laptop , Lightings , electronics , everything made in china. Only Made in India is food that’s not because of Brahmins , it’s because of sutras😁😁😁. What is the need of funding these useless fellows in the name of research which is nothing meant for the goodness of people. If these idiots are capable of doing great research, let them get funding from industries. Why wasting tax payers money. Simply these useless fellows are producing papers and slaves for another country nothing more than
            that. Better shutdown IIT or quit funding. Simply waste.

  166. I agree with him. There is lot of talent in the Hindu community. The best example is the Hon Prime Minister of India, coming from a backward caste and rising to the top of the nation. I also congratulate RSS for avoiding the traps of ‘Brahminism’ as this author has claimed & for recognising the talent of Hon PM from a young age. I think IIT’s should read what this author is saying & implement policies & systems like RSS which led to emergence of great leaders like modi, kalyan singh & shivraj singh chauhan. I wish there were more authors like this guy who would indirectly highlight the phenomenon that Modi is. Excellent.

  167. Why do you see a person as Bhramin or Dalit? If they are capable to get admission in foreign and reputed institutes this shown their intellectual mental.
    Now, are we going to ask for Dalit reservation in these foreign universities?

    You need to research why Dalit students passing from IITs/NITs are not able to become a top scientist or why they after passing from IIM cant become CEOs.

  168. As usual Rice bag converts with agenda blabbering on a irrelevant topic. Nowhere the scientist talked about the caste/community, one this xian talks about. First adopt Indian name & culture then bark

  169. This is a rubbish article written by a hindu hater. Nothing less, and I am not a brahmin. Print should not fall for this kind of hate mongers. Brahmins do have comparative advantage in studying ,analyzing & teaching due to their cultural background (tied to caste of course)of studying and chanting scriptures. The other castes have advantage of practical application of sciences in day to day life like carpenters, textile, leather, metallurgy -foundries (brass. bronze etc) Kshatriya do well in leadership roles in businesses. Instead of utilizing the relative strengths of the castes for Nation building, we went with the British model of denouncing entire caste system and in that process lost their specialized skills instead of addressing the economic and social inequality of caste system alone. The author is just talking the language of ‘conversion christianity’
    You should remember, the so called casteless churches, who the author belongs to also have cleaners, sweepers etc, to whom no normal christian will make a marriage proposal for their children. Isn’t that a discrimination?

    • What do u mean by upper caste upper caste?
      U have bene stating tha for a while.
      U do realise that these forwards castes have oppressed these backwards castes for so long that u guys are responsible for their downliftment. Most of the people in slums are backward caste men. India will only change when idiots realise that it’s forward caste and not upward caste.
      Nothing In India is set by forward caste for backward caste as some kind of obligatory function. It’s made by responsible leaders who were elected by these backward caste people. They are given the rights they deserve.
      Narendra modi is an OBC.
      So called Forward caste men didn’t do anything for Backward castes. Most of the guys still whine about reservation.
      It’s leaders who did something and those leaders were decided by backward castes.
      Infact, they decide who leads this country and they are the most powerful

  170. Non sense article. Attempt to play divisive tactics in Hindu society with the sole aim of converting the people as much as possible. Stop this Brahmin bashing. We all know the game people like you play.

  171. Indian society or Hindus have never been against merit in ancient time. They respected Ratnakar when he acquired and disseminated knowledge as Valmilki and wrote epic “Ramayana “. Ved Vyas the celebrated author of Mahabharata and eighteen Puraana s was son of a great mother named Satyavati, who was belonging to Malaha caste/ profession. Only during the dark ages of India s history when barbarian Islamic hordes captured political power in Indian sub-continent , the cast ism took its ugly turn and society was divided vertically and horizontally in small groups, small caste groups,small regions and each sub group keep on fighting the invaders with whatever little strength it possessed. The centuries of misrule by the rulers who were followers of the religion and culture that has not originated in India , fortified sectarian caste and regional divisions within the Hindus society . It led to a stratification which solidified due to mass poverty, absence of educational opportunities as Muslim rulers mostly spent moneys on battles, Harrams {हरम } , Monuments in memory of their Begums and Bandies {Femal servants} . But Some section of Hindus society were able to keep up their level of education and personal health levels in spite of hostile external environment. But not all were so much lucky. Theses differentials aggravated with passing of every generation . That have resulted in difference in educational achievements, I.Q. level, standards of living , standards and inclination of thinking etc in different sections of the Hindu society. The framers of the Indian Constitution have come up with Affirmative action in the shape of “Reservations ” to address this problem. But the problem which developed and evolved over centuries may take some more decades to be solved. As the many persons belonging to deprived classes and caste are taking full advantages of the Reservations , situation will improve in next few decades. Blaming present days high caste people will not help in any way. It is agreed , not all persons belonging to high castes are superstores of Reservation , but it is also certain , NO POLITICAL PARTY CAN ABOLISH THESE IN NEAR FUTURE .

    • Yeah inventing breast tax, sati, honour killings, dalit castration was done by mughals and britishers…
      …also diameter of moon bigger than that of sun, brahmin came from forehead of imaginary dude brahma, sorry creationist..
      ….simply hinduism is not declining…..
      ……atheisim has risen by 23% … hindu community…

    • Shame on every supporter of Hindu politics in this country and right wingers around the globe … it is you who complain young white people working towards globalisation but called racist when you go to their country to work, leaving behind your country sick and poor ….. but the fact is that they are white as you all are brahmins….. dominant commuties always maintain considerable strength to turn tables and demand peace when they loose….. your whole race is a shame……
      And stop counting good dalits on fingertips to justify your stupid culture their are countless who never even saw the light of life and sight of bread….. half literates we all know how much india contribute to research in proportion….. agarbatti jalakar avishkar nahi hote

  172. The article shows why Indians are always at the bottom when it comes to innovation. With such arrogant attitude towards fellow human beings, these minds are a polluted lot. The western education did them no good apart from helping them getting a coveted job. the same people would not survive even for a year in any western university.

  173. the deprived classes have lot of responsibilities and liabilities to be cleared and hence getting money becomes more important. it’s nothing to do with genes.
    the next generation will do better.
    Brahmin are good in following set procedure and very bad in research and innovation.
    Remember Valmiki and Vedvyas had to write something for Brahmins to follow
    the next generation will rightly be the new dawn for India in scientific research

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