Friday, 12 August, 2022

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Indian Antarctic Bill — all about legislation aimed at protecting pristine Antarctica

Indian Antarctic Bill, 2022, passed in the Lok Sabha on 22 July, aims to extend India’s jurisdiction to the country's research stations at the South Pole.

Rocketry to Rocket Boys — India has finally entered era of science films and series

How many of us know the name of the current head of ISRO? What do we know about India’s recent space triumphs? OTT and films are trying to fill that gap.

There may be a way to stop or delay aging. But science is divided

Campus Voice is an initiative by ThePrint where young Indians get an opportunity to express their opinions on a prevalent issue.

The story behind capturing first photo of Sagittarius A—Milky Way’s supermassive blackhole

While it might seem a little scary, it is reassuringly far. It appears to us to have about the same size in the sky as a donut would have on the Moon.

Polly’s got a third leg! Parrots are tripods, use beak as extra ‘limb’ to climb, new study finds

New York researchers documented lovebirds using their beaks to propel their bodies while climbing. Peer-reviewed findings published Wednesday in the 'Proceedings of the Royal Society B'.

STEAM can be the answer to diversifying India’s science-centric education system

Campus Voice is an initiative by ThePrint where young Indians get an opportunity to express their opinions on a prevalent issue.

Volcanic eruption on tiny Tonga shook the world: What we know about the causes and impact so far

Tonga eruption triggered a Pacific-wide tsunami, a shockwave that travelled across the globe, and record lightning strikes. But, how all this happened is still not fully known.

If Pakistan doesn’t value work of non-Muslims like Har Gobind Khorana, science will remain dead

Ideology and science are like oil and water — they refuse to mix.

Feeling ‘blah’ after Christmas season? You are not alone, there’s science to it

The holiday season is usually joyous, but many feel “blah” soon after the celebrations. What is it that makes people feel this way?

No one thought I could make it: Ramanujan Prize winner Neena Gupta who solved Zariski problem

Gupta received the Ramanujan Award, announced on 10 December, in particular for her solution to the Zariski Cancellation Problem — a fundamental one in algebraic geometry.

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Thousands of maskless Muslim pilgrims kick start largest Hajj of COVID era in Saudi Arabia

How Ashraaf Ulema use confusion about Prophet’s last speech to push casteism in Islam

Ashraafs’ deliberate disregard of Prophet Muhammad’s last speech seems designed to hide Islam’s anti-caste aspect and to ensure Pasmandas never challenge their supremacy.
File photo of Sterlite copper unit at Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu | By special arrangement

Shut since 2018 violence, TN Sterlite plant’s closure cost economy Rs 14,749 cr, says study

Copper plant in Thoothukudi was closed after protests turned violent & police firing left 13 people dead. Job losses one of major impacts, says study by NGO CUTS International.


Yuan Wang 5 vessel | ANI

Chinese research vessel Yuan Wang 5 has ‘slowed down’ but still en route Sri Lankan port

Yuan Wang 5 is currently 599 nautical miles away from Hambantota, having been at sea for 35 hours since departing the Chinese port of Taicang, according to latest data.

In Kashmir 3 years on, 3 positive changes, 3 things that should’ve happened & 3 that got worse

Kashmir as a crisis has fallen off our headlines and from the top of our collective minds. Which is precisely the most important change for the better.