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The IITs have a long history of systematically othering Dalit students

The toxic belief that ‘quota students’ are innately less able than ‘mainstream students’ is at the heart of this caste-based exclusion.

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All these universities seem to be following the same playbook on how to exclude Dalits. The academic performance of the students seems to be less important than their lower caste status. Ragging, institutional bullying and lack of support for Dalit students causes many of them to commit suicide, and discourages other Dalits from applying to these important centres of learning, leading them to be excluded from these fields. This sends a clear signal to young Dalit aspirants that these prestigious colleges have no place for them, regardless of what the reservation policy dictates. The toxic belief that ‘quota students’ are innately less able or talented than ‘mainstream students’ is at the heart of this exclusion.

The IIT-JEE exam, which aims to test a student’s aptitude for engineering, is not only tough but also vastly different from the central or state board exams that high school students clear in school. The problems challenge logic and theory in a way that makes it almost impossible for anyone who is unfamiliar with its ‘code’ to solve them. The coaching institutes, including the one that I attended, teach the patterns, codes and techniques to finish the examination paper in three hours. About 82 per cent of Indian students either take additional coaching for IIT-JEE and other science-based competitive exams at the numerous coaching institutes that dot every small and big town or directly go to Kota, Rajasthan, to study at one of the 150 ‘cram schools’, which pretty much guarantee you a spot on the list if you are admitted and follow their instructions. Even local coaching is expensive, costing about Rs 2,000-3,000 per month nearly sixteen years ago in 2001- 03 when I took these classes. The fees for the Kota schools can go up to Rs 1 lakh a month, which doesn’t include the cost of living—making it prohibitively expensive for students from marginalized backgrounds. It’s not that students can’t clear these exams without coaching; many SC/ST students in fact do, but since they come from marginalized backgrounds, they lack other support structures. That, along with their government school education, often leads many SC/ST/OBC students to drop out or be expelled for low grades. In 2015, 90 per cent of the students that IIT Roorkee dismissed on account of low grades were SC/ST/OBC. Added to this is the distress, discrimination and systemic failure that ‘quota students’ face at these prestigious institutions. Nearly 80 per cent of student suicides in IITs till 2011 were of Dalit students.

IIT students have a long history of opposing constitutional reservation and several members of YFE in 2006 were from its various colleges. Many used the IIT Roorkee dropouts incident to argue that ‘quota students’ are inherently talentless and don’t belong in the colleges, instead of examining the conditions that led to their dropping out. IITs across the country admit a disproportionately high number of upper-caste students in the general category, which Harvard-based anthropologist Ajantha Subramanian argues isn’t as casteless or ‘meritorious’ as it seems. Using IIT Madras as a case study, she examines how when the number of European engineers in India decreased at the beginning of the twentieth century, Tamil Brahmins were the single largest group in Madras Presidency to replace them. They also filled over 70 per cent seats in regional engineering institutes despite forming only 3 per cent of the population, and were disproportionately represented in most modern professions along with other upper castes. At IIT Madras, not only the students but also the faculty are overwhelmingly upper caste, with 464 professors drawn from the ‘general category’, 59 OBCs, 11 SCs, and 2 STs. She argues that association of ‘general category’ with merit is biased because the students from that category are assumed to be upper caste. During her interviews with several former IIT students, she discovered that many believed that while general category students got bad grades because they were ‘having fun’, reserved category students simply didn’t have the intellectual capability to do well. Unsurprisingly, the administration supports that idea, especially former director P. V. Indiresan who believed that ‘the talented’ upper castes deserved ‘rights of their own’ compared to the ‘socially deprived’ who demanded special privileges.

The idea that upper castes are inherently ‘talented’ while the reserved category SC/ST/OBC students are meritless is as hollow as it is casteist. In an anonymous study on the state of female Dalit students in a prestigious Indian university, PhD candidates and research fellows complained that they were discouraged from applying to the generous Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for SC/ST students. They were told that they didn’t ‘deserve free fellowships’. And the faculty impose their casteist ideas in the universities in many ways. The University of Hyderabad’s ‘Brahmin well’ which was dug in the 1980s for Professor V. Kannan is a ridiculous example of that. Kannan only allowed other upper-caste students and professors to access it and lower-caste students and faculty couldn’t come anywhere near it till he retired in 2014. Upper-caste professors not only discriminate against their lower-caste colleagues but also question their ‘merit’ and their right to their careers. Professor Vasant Tarade, a former principal of Mumbai’s Sydenham College, recalled that a Brahmin professor refused to use his chair after he retired.

Years of being accused of caste-based discrimination have had some impact and institutes have created some systems to support the reserved category students. The AIIMS website informs us that the campus has a SC/ST grievance cell, while Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has a personalized academic support system and the IITs have English language classes to help students from vernacular language backgrounds. Yet, as Professor Thorat notes, these institutes ‘lack the will to implement them in full’. Universities and colleges should be centres for learning new ideas and questioning the status quo. Instead, they become places of discrimination, exclusion and institutional harassment. Young minds are bred with hate, ready to assert their caste hierarchy over the next generation. Students are not taught why reservation is essential for those from the lower castes, who have been excluded from education, art, culture and even owning property, to reach a somewhat level playing field. Without reservation, Dalits will remain on the fringes, unable to access even the most basic opportunities.

This excerpt was taken with permission from the book ‘Coming Out as Dalit: A Memoir’ by Yashica Dutt. It was published by Aleph.

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  1. Do you know why most cases are from sc/st? why not obc since they were too discriminated in past? because obc has creamy layer but sc/st dont. they restrict their own community to grow up. I bet 90 % of these sc/st student do not deserve to take reservation becausee theyy are from rich family

  2. Unlike the author, the IITs teach you to construct arguments on fact and logic. I was was at IITK when the first batch of SCST students was admitted in 1974 based on a separate merit list. There was a total ban on ragging them, and the institute accommodated them by setting up a separate dining hall to cater to their unique dietary preferences (the rest of us were not indulged with parathas and achar). They were provided remedial classes in summer to help them catch up in language and other schools. Sadly, most of them never managed to get past the first year courses. Even students who came in through regular channels from privileged homes routinely struggled at IIT, so the theory of systematic discrimination is utter nonsense. And yes, some of them committed suicide, usually because they couldn’t handle the pressure. Sad but true.

    All of this predates the coaching class era, and the virtually zero probability of success for poorly prepared students, was as true then add it is now. Sociologists from JNU, Harvard, and other prestigious think tanks should actually try to come up with a solution for once, instead of quoting each other and perpetuating conspiracy theories.

  3. Thank you Bharat
    I agree with you fully. But you may be on the minority side. but those who argue that ‘the SC and st are less hard working or less meritorious ‘ should be ashamed to learn that their forefathers , Including my folks, were the ruthless oppressors of these hapless servant classes for millennia in this ‘sacred’ land
    Time now to look deep into one’s past history.

  4. According to me, the problem was instigated by the politician. The reservation was/is necessary for the deprived class of people but not in the way it was formulated.
    All the teachers must hve been given inbuilt orders to take special tutorial classes for the deprived class of people when they were given appointment letters. Their annual increments & promotion must hve been on the basis of the performance. Confidential report of the concerned teacher must hve been earmarked for red markings. Backward community students must hve been given free books, clothing, food & lodging, conveyance allowance, pocket expenses, monthly stipend but not the special passmark category.
    This type of consideration has developed a sense of superiority complex among general class of students & inferiority complex among reserved class of students.
    My point is- give them (SC, ST, OBC) all economic facilities duly guaranteed by the Constitution but for God’s sake don’t give them special preferences in passmark category nor give them special consideration for getting a job. They must hve been brought at par with the general category students by giving them all economic benefits but not making them stamped as beggar class of people to be looked after by the general community giving their share of benefits.
    Our procedure of helping them made them an undignified class of people with inferiority complex of very low moral strength to face the world. Upliftment must hve been of the entire human being as a high quality human soul.

  5. Prof Thorat Committee Report on Caste Discrimination in AIIMS, New Delhi (2007)
    Towards our efforts in exposing rampant caste-discrimination that is prevalent against Dalit and Adivasi students, in country’s premier institutions, w

    The committee was set up by Government of India, in September 2006, to enquire into allegations of differential treatment of SC and ST students in the above campus.

  6. Had you spent time studying hard in school, you’d be in an IIT instead of a failed journo that you are now. Leave IITs from your caste rubbish. Very funny with below average IQ mediocre people peddle lies about the conduct of the smarter ones.
    Why don’t you write how journalism in India is in the hands of a few upper castes too? No gooda. 🙂

  7. Haha, The public is dumb in India . If you start talking sense to them they lose their shit. Bcuz har koi guru h idhrr.

  8. Absolutely rubbish from Yashica Dutt. I am from an IIT and never see any discrimination from professors or anyone. When you’re mentioning how SC/ST people cannot afford expensive coaching, are you sure that most general people can do that too? I never had the privilege of taking a coaching, I cleared the entrance just by my hard work. One thing I find is that general people are more hardworking than their usual SC/ST classmates (doesn’t apply to all of them). If an institute dismisses students because of poor grades and they turn out to be “Dalits”, there is no sympathy for them because they share all the same facilities with the general castes, if they don’t work hard enough, how are they going to manage grades?

    This article should be publicly criticized on the social network.

  9. Author is absolutely right in her observations. She may be wrong in some facts but its true that higher institutions constantly restrain and even discourage sc St and obc people. Most of Upper caste students always find one way or another to disrespect sc St and obc students just like in comment section since they cannot find any strong argument to counter her so they start talking about abolishion reservations and merit which i highly doubt that they are better than one. They are like apne muh miya mithu. In order to satisfy their stupid caste identity and false sense of merit tand superiority over others they constantly keep praising themselves. Not every sc St and obc student fails in higher students. Look at the other universities where sc St and obc people performance cannot be considered bad at all. Infact they many times scores better than general category students. What upper caste students fails to understand is that if these sc St and obc students are really so untalented then why some gets admission even without taking coaching. On the other hand coaching institutions are crowded with upper caste students. If they are really so talented and intelligent then why do they need it at the first place. general category students also fail. How will they explain this? By using their logic they must be very untalented and meritless. Poor performance of sc St and obc can be due to higher level of English and many other reasons could contribute in this like caste discrimination within these institutions, financial problems etc. Many of the sc St and obc students who get admission in these institutions have government schools hindi medium or some other regional language background. We all know the pathetic conditions of government schools when it comes to education especially English. By the way they are crowded with svarnas teachers so argument that its because of reservation is not going to survive in this case. Upper caste people don’t want to understand the problems and struggle of sc St and obc people because upper caste people, s struggle is struggle but sc St and obc people, s struggle doesn’t matter. Reservation is actually good for the country. Although it is not meant to abolish the caste hierarchy in the society but to provide representation to these people so that they could study and raise their voice regarding their problems which they face in everyday life. You abolish caste, caste based reservations will die automatically. This is very thing but tiny brain upper caste morons cannot understand this simple thing may be their claim being meritorious is as hollow as their claim to 10% reservations. lol. Article was written from the dalit perspective instead of stupid svarnas perspective which is biased and stupid and anti national.

  10. The feeling has developed because of creamy layer not used correctly.
    No creamy layer hurting more to people who really require a quota .
    And general people thinks well-off people using the quota instead of deserving one .
    If people see most famous city’s doctor son uses quota, they will not like it .

  11. I am a physician and a researcher. You can google me. I am very well aware of scientific research methods. I am neither from the Suvarna castes nor from the downtrodden Dalit castes and I do not have reservations. Until independence, most of my caste were illiterate farmers and there are many such castes throughout the country who have studied in government schools, competed without reservations, had their struggles and succeeded. During my MBBS, I have also had classmates from well to do families of Punjab who studied in Punjab medium schools since they grew up during the Punjab terrorism upheaval. They did not know English but they spent their time with a medical textbook, an Oxford English dictionary and a Stedman Medical dictionary to understand the subject without any additional coaching.
    So, I can only say one thing about this article.. It is unscientific and is a form of reverse discrimination.

  12. Holy shit, a completely biased and fully useless article. Author’s are great because they just don’t t stop by knowing one side of a scenario rather they dig deep on the another side. I am from IIT and I don’t see any discrimination here, lack of support my foot. All are treated equally all are taught equally and most important all ger equal opportunities some use them some don’t. Just don’t blame a part of society to gain sympathy or popularity.

    Thank you

  13. Lol…..I request author to get some better research as he/she said coaching are “cram schools” that’s the stupid statement .As coaching have quality + quantity study materials with the best possible faculties. Wherein most of the schools there are teachers who just explain bookish language. Ya coachings have fees very high but in my opinion if you want to go through the subject and you believe in more concept learning then do join a coaching.
    NOW IITs have seats reserved for SC,ST,OBC that’s ok why their cut off is very less .I think the cut off must be same as generals off .It doesn’t matter they are less in population . Atleast they also need to qualify the same cut off .
    Thank You

  14. Author says that every year 80% of students suiciding in IITs are “dalits”. Do you have any idea how many General caste students suicide every year because they dont get into IITs or NITs even after dropping for a year??
    I think the no. is much bigger than the no. Of students suiciding in IITs because they are not able to cope up with toppers.
    This article is rubbish..
    They take a seat in IITs by the help of reservation and when they were not able to handle so much stress they suicide. This makes no sense.

  15. If the number of upper caste students are disproportionately high in IITs, why can’t the lower caste students compete with them? The possibilities are, either they are inherently dumb or they don’t work hard to achieve their goals. It is absurd to complain about the caste system when the students are not hard working.
    Now, you may say that they can’t afford tution fees. Then, I have to ask you that, where are the children of those people who had got reservation when they were studying? Doesn’t those people can afford tution?
    I have many Dalit classmates who simply don’t focus on their academics. How the system can be blamed if they take zero effort?

  16. Very poor research done by the author. Totally biased towards Dalits. What do you mean by marginalization? There are many general caste students who live in extreme poverty, are extremely talented without basic amenities. They don’t get the benefits of reservation. I am working in one of the IITs. I know, if anybody scores well in exam, he/she will get his/her due credit. Markings are never based on cast. No professor asks your caste and then give marks
    Cracking an exam, able to complete a course is dependent on ones ability. There are many students who unfortunately are unable to complete a course, but no one makes such a fuss. Suicides are always unfortunate. But there might be some other causes completely unrelated to academics. Who knows.?

  17. To all the people who say that the author has explored only one side of the the article again..the author does mention how the so called upper class rich students score high marks in the IIT exam..and how it is unfair to expect students from the marginalized sections who did not receive any coaching to score at that level. You just miss the point that it’s not the inherent intelligence that’s causing this disparity in marks rather the expensive coaching. And how are marks a proper indicator of inherent intelligence.. it’s just one kind of intelligence, nothing more.

  18. Article lacks ground reality . Is still based on the view point which would be of a 1990’s guy . Above all first shouldn’t we think aren’t the IIT’s wise enough to think in a way you thought . Your this article would have already been discussed . And remember a student watching government money is to be expelled and it’s happening irrespective of what caste they belong to . This is just highlighting stuff . Being an Iitian I probably have the right to Express my opinion that providing entries directly into institutions through reservations without developing basic skills before that is the root cause of the mistake . And hence if required ask government to provide quality secondary high school education . This area is always overseen . How ever reservation which does nothing to student except stressing his life is seen as saviour which as I have seen is not .

  19. For GC, acknowledge the fact that lower castes have been deprived of education, land, money since ages. What’s the difference between the upper castes and British? British had the same attitude towards Indians as Upper castes have towards lower ones.
    We support the statement given by Shashi tharoor that british owe us reparations in the form a penny per year for next 200 years. Then how much the castists owe to the lower castes for next 2000 years?

    • Your entire argument is correct. Being a person from upper caste hindu brahmin, I accept ur logic. But I cannot agree that a backward class pupil needs special consideration for marking his answer sheets. It shld hve been equal for general & reserved category students. Instead of giving them special category of marking procedures, they shld hve been given all benefits to compete with the general category students with dignity.

  20. It seems exaggerated. A learned scholar/ teacher will never discriminate on the basis of cast, religion etc. But that may happen on the basis of knowledge and involvement. We should not colour it blue.petty allegations.

  21. ThePrint you do understand that you are probably going to get sued for spreading misinformation and not fact checking the source with respect to today’s context. Moreover IITs are doing nothing wrong – they give every student equal opportunity. It’s upto the student if they want to play computer games or actually study when they are in IIT.

  22. I just want to add some one important point. The cut-offs for admission to these top-notch colleges vary by a huge margin for the general and reserved category students especially for the SC/ST category. This leads to the belief that they are not at an the same level intellectually.

    Hope this gives some perspective.

  23. Crap!!! Thats what I could think of after reading whats written. Intellect has nothing to do with castes and creeds so why reservation based on caste. Reservation is an evil that has been engrained in our socio political circle and has caused as much harm to SC’s and ST’s as to Generals. Generals lose oppotunities to less abled SC/ST who has got that berth even after scoring low. SC/ST on the other hand has gotten accustomed to the reservation and take comfort in the ease that reservation has provided them with in turn burying their ability to compete hard. The author has put her views but can she answer the below question:
    “Does a dalit candidate competes as hard as a General candidate?”.

  24. Wow. -_- No reservation system should be provided to all. Every one should be served equally. History is history. Its time to change and move towards stability.

  25. This is a really biased article just showing one side. Why do you think they believed the SC/St students are less intelligent? Because they came to IIT without studying as much as “general caste” students. Compare the cutoffs for Sc/St and general and you will see where this stereotype comes from.

    Also I really laughed when the author called coaching institutions “cram schools”. Yes coaching insgituons are bad but they are in no way cram schools. In face there is much more cramming involved in regular schools. Calling coaching institutions cram schools is like, “naach n jaaane aangan tedha”.

    This was just a really bused article created to gain fake sympathy for SC/ST

  26. This article seems to be like an assignment made by a student just in the rush hour before the submission deadline with only one side of story potraied in half facts because of either lack of experience journalism shown by the author or having some personal grudge towards upper caste.
    Mostly facts mentioned in this particular article are appearing to be one’s own views not likely to had characteristics of a sole truth and don’t know about even author seems interested in writting something relevant or just trying to sell some other smokin hot stories baked right in his/her head so someone might ought to read the book which forcibly advertised with this pretty cool blog, just kidding guys .

  27. Now the position has been improved very much.daliths are less intelgent genitically .this is wrong daliths are far better than others in education other than IITs. the day will come when scs will over come ocs. Most of the upper caste professor s have The disease of discrimination .they don’t think of history of daliths.merit is The product of environmental conditions.

  28. When you get inside a college this prestigious with an Excellent faculty you sure can excel but ask the general candidate who missed the seat for 1 or 2 marks ….if the quota won’t have been there none of the dalit student would have got a seat in first place …do you think all the general candidate who missed the seat were undeserving and the dalit candidate more deserving if so your knowledge is questionable…..

  29. Its better not to give a seat to a bum who is not able to score descent marks. Now idiots like you make an article to spark the people belonging to minority (which most of them are technically not). Then they come up and start making chaos all around. This is causing serious harm to our nation. Thats why india is regarded as country of bank po’s and call centres. We focus on quantity but not quality. Its hard to gulp the truth but this is the reality. Ask a general category student how hard it has become for them to get something good nowadays. Bums

  30. a looser has written article …. students blessed with health and brain … cannot evolve and this is shame to say … we don’t fight for Braille indicators …. ramps for the one who needs support …

  31. Guess they qualify with a lower cutoff … and there are poor in other castes also ….

    you should have fought for good schooling … all sc sts should join hand to uplift weaker community .. but practice says they look for their comfort zone ….

    hope i went to school… so reservation was proposed just for 10 years for empowerment not for making them paralysed ….

    More said is less…. better fight for quality education for all from starting rather than fighting for reservations

  32. You guys should ban your newspaper . You guys always publish rubbish articles and you don’t have any other real news if a student get admission in iit by only scoring 100 marks in iit and the other had to score 245 marks to get into that same branch . IIT is institute of integellince not caste discrimination . If a student get admission only by scoring 75 marks then how would he understands the study of iit

  33. The US would not have become what it is today if it had reserved half of the seats for the African American community. The Affirmative action practised in the US is on a case by case basis, just the way it should be. Also, if it is wrong to believe that all the SC/ST are incapable of performing well, it is also wrong to believe that all the SC/ST candidates have been discriminated against. There are a lot of cases where such candidates come from very rich backgrounds and exploit their social ‘backwardness’ to their benefit. I mean come on, the way upper castes behaved with lower caste is nowhere bad as in comparison to the treatment of the African American community in the 18th and 19th century. With an acceptance rate of less than 1%, please do not expect me to feel bad for getting admission into an IIT as a general candidate with a rank below 1000. At least I know that I had the intellect and am here because of my honest hard work, even though my father passed away when I was 4 and admist such financial difficulties. No maam, you have no right to make me feel bad about my ‘privileged’ status. Lastly, I would recommend you to look at the condition of South Africa, it is on its way to become a failed nation state. This is what happens when you give power to incompetent people in the name of social upliftment. If that is what you want India to become, by all means go ahead, increase reservation to 100%, and flourish in your ignorance. Final point : An average white American cannot afford an Ivy League Education, does not mean that Harvard discriminates against the middle class. Maybe you can pressure the IIT’s to tolerate the bullshit of academically poor people, but keep in mind that no company to coddle such people. Such people are lucky to get placed at all.

  34. This is funny. As a child, I and my friends never even knew about castes until we heard about reservation. It was when the thought was subconscious formed in our minds, that these people are ‘different’ from us, not necessarily in a bad way, but they have a separate status, which any type of registration form would then remind us.
    Then, as I grew up, I started noticing the disparities and discrimination.
    Casteism is a reality in many parts of our country today, I concede, but what truly makes others look down on these entitled brats is their playing the victim. We know a person whose family had a respectable income and position raging about inequalities he faced after he got admission in college at one third the percentage required by general category kids who were fucking giving it their all.
    Even at jobs, they expect others to shoulder their workload because ‘they come from a discriminated community’. If you people keep on playing the victim card, then others WILL look down upon you. It is your job, do it yourself. Ask for help, not be some entitled rudeass.
    There is even a law that can have a person behind the bars if you simply point your finger at them and say they called you a dalit. What more do you people want? Should we lay carpets wherever you stomp or should we prostate ourselves before you for forgiveness about something our grandparents did to your grandparents concerning an issue we ourselves don’t believe in? Casteism is a reality in many parts of the country, but some people make it an issue where it previously wasn’t. If you gave your heart and soul for something and the system rejects merit, you will feel wronged. When these kids still complain in college, you will feel annoyed. And funnily enough, the benefits of reservation are largely monopolized by the so-called creamy layer. The actual victims, I have personally witnessed one such situation, don’t get them.
    I will say that not all are like this. I have friends who come from reserved communities and are normal people, but the vast majority insists on asserting that they are separate. So they are. I don’t care about caste, but if a person from a family with respectable income and family gets special treatment while a person from poor financial background and uneducated parents is left clamouring just because he is from a general caste, well, we can’t help but feel disgust.

    Reservation is a barrier in integration of all castes. Because anytime we forget about castes, we will be reminded by various sources like application forms and entitled leeches.

  35. Ye article kalpnik aur lekhak ki kalpnik rachna. Iska vastavik jeevan se koi sambandh nahi hai.. Kisi vastavik jeevan se agar koi nata mile to vah ek sanyog samjha gaye

  36. Kuchh bhi likh rhe ho.
    Mai bhi IITB ka student hu, yaha ane ke baad nobody cares what caste you belong to. Anyone deserving is given opportunities to grow and nurture themselves. You have written that most of the dropouts are lower castes but you completely excluded how many of them got good marks and did excellent things with their life.
    Pure rubbish chhap rhe hai ye log.

  37. Keep in mind baba bheem rao ambedkar, he was the elite coz of education , use that as the weapon and work as hard as possible.

  38. Please do understand difference between economically weaker section people who cannot afford and coaching …dalit is not a synonym of economically weaker section or poor …being a news writer stop spreading hoax and take some social responsibility and do some homework on what u r writing ..🙏

  39. Well, maybe reservation is the main problem and the main cause of the discrimination.
    And it seems that the writer has a grudge against the Bramhins , like it’s their fault that they’re capable.

  40. It shows caste based reservation has failed as it could not reach to people woth lower financial back ground of reserved category. Whereas financially able reserved category took the advantages for almost 3 generations. So time to change the system so that financially backward people get reservation. Due to PAN and aadhar it is easy to track and reach them as well.

  41. Let Dalits compete with the uppercast without reservation, it would help them more . They would surely develop themselves , but if support is given to them these dalit students will somewhere develope a habit and would find difficulty to progress without support.

  42. I want to drop a comment about the part where you said it’s a common belief that when general students drop out it’s seen as a result of having fun and when backward caste students drop out it’s seen as lack of talent…I am a student and in my opinion, this belief exists because an SC/ST student doesn’t need as much marks and rank as compared to General category…so eventually those SC/ST students who couldn’t have entered IITs if they were general, now can get admission. Which means SC/ST students doesn’t have to put as much effort as a general student. That’s why its a common belief that they aren’t as smart as their general counterparts.

  43. I come from IIT. And I think their poor performance in college is mostly because they got it easy in the JEE competition and subsequently they couldn’t keep up. Otherwise, I have seen my category friends performing very well despite their background. And anyway, both general and category students can come from difficult background. And personally, I have never seen any discrimination, neither at my college nor in any other IIT that I know of.

  44. It’s not that the upper castes are considered inherently more talented.
    Anyone who has been admitted through the usual procedure will be generally considered superior to someone else who came in at 1/3rd of the cutoff.
    I study at an NIT, many of my friends do too, and never have I heard anyone talking about the caste of a student or professor, let alone discriminate on its basis.

  45. If you really are a science student and wish to understand the beauty of the field, you must know that the exam has no code that can be used to crack it. All you need is a deep conceptual understanding of something called the subject of physics, a tool named mathematics and the applicational aspects of it. The discrimination you talk about against a dalit is pseudo. After 70 years of independence, you need to have an influential outcome, states that you do not deserve to be a part of these institutions. Again get sane, you try and promote reservation, those who use it as an opportunity are going to exploit the system for personal gains. And the institutions will have the brand diluted.

    Why do you have to classify yourself as a dalit? And then speak about discrimination?. You yourself differentiate between yourself and others. All you are is an Indian equal to anyone else. If you can , come beatthe mainstream crowd and get a place for yourself. Why beg?

  46. Many more years, even before the birth of krishna or ram….there has always been this discrimination…..and within 70 years the upper castes people are fed up with merit discrimination. And what about sufferings dalits went through from 5 b.c.

    • Well then why don’t you go and attack England because Indians suffered from their rule for several hundred years. And with same logic you should let women totally rule over you instead of supporting equality

  47. why are you comparing economic backwardness with social backwardness?
    reservation is based on social backwardness only,isn’t it?can u explain why dalits from well to do families also score less than general category(not upper caste) ?
    i have an explanation-they know on their mind that even if they score less their place is reserved in instituitions and jobs……so why work hard when the govt is working hard for them

  48. The only solution for this is to set up exclusive IITs and IIMs for these down trodden students. Then nation will know who are talented. In rlys one study concluded that sc/st and BC employees excelling than others in bringing rlys to development.

  49. What is said about Professor Kannan is unfair. He had the well dug only for his own use. He spent the money. It was inside his place. No body else neede to use the well. The campus had water in pipes.

  50. So, you think that if someone is from a so called low caste, he shouldn’t be expelled however low his grades be? Writing articles just for money isn’t nice.

  51. So you think that printing an article from 2016 even when new steps has been taken by ruling government will stimulate some logical response. Kudos to you idiots.

  52. Exactly, reservation is not enough. These students must be consistently supported by giving extra marks in exams. And even if then they don’t make it, they still should not be expelled with the excuse of bad performance. And ofcourse, you do not see and reserved category students at Kota or any general categories student giving exam without coaching.

    Bullshit article.

  53. You get admission at the TopUniversity with marks that are just qualifying for the exam and also saying you’re equally abled to a person scoring twice as much marks, that’s retarded.

  54. Useless article with pointless argues. May be this person is sufferering from inferiority complex. where is this discrimination??? Getting seat in prestigious IITs with the help of reservation…,nobody don’t care. Have seen competition levels in general category. Years and money will waste. which one is to blame other students or You…? Here you don’t need to give competition for other students., You should pass for your sake only.

  55. This article has produced factual incorrect data to support argument. Like it say Kota coaching was costing Rs 1 lacs in a month in 2001-02. This figure is incorrect. Even today, any Kota coaching including leaving expenses may cost Rs 50000 to 60000 a month. IIT Roorkee expelled 10-12 student a few years back due to consistent poor performance. IIT Roorkee total yearly intake is 800 and approx 23% SC/ST students comes to 184. If you consider 12 expelled student, it comes to nearly 8%. Where as in article expelled student claimed as 80%. There may ne some isolated incident of harassment of dalit student, but Indian society including higher education institutions are inclusive and tolerant.

  56. The ideas presented by the author are gross exaggerations particularly about IITs. I am a graduate of IIT Roorkee and the conditions are not all that horrific as described. The author seems driven less by facts and more by caste based stories that surface. I personally have many friends who are beneficiaries of reservation and I am sure they would disagree too. The author is also making some completely false claims. First being going to cram schools will guarantee you a seat at IITs, just check the top coaching institutes in Kota and ask about their percentage selection, you’ll figure out. Another thing which is a utterly false is INR 1 lac per month of coaching fee. To the best of my knowledge, a two year coaching in kota would cost around 4-6 lac including residential, food and other expenses currently.

  57. What IITs think is actually correct in their sense, backward people are marginalized because they are educationally backward, instead they should make world class institutions which makes their basics clear and help them develop.

  58. What the hell??
    So you want 90 percent reservation???
    Already 60 percent seats are reserved which means only 40 percent is available for everyone to compete.
    So 90 percent students are general and they compete for only 40 percent seats and even that 40 percent can be taken by sc St and OBC people.
    And what do you mean if you go to a coaching institution you will get a seat guaranteed?????
    That’s like saying if you can be the president if you study.
    It doesn’t matter which intuition you go you still have to work your ass up.
    And reservation is bullshit why don’t you attack England??? The Queen is still alive. That’s like punishing Germans becuz Hitler killed people.
    Reservation is the only thing which stands in the way if this country’s development.
    The pwd cutoff was minus -45 marks what else does this imply?? You can atleast score 0 without coaching don’t tell me you can’t..
    Now if a someone becomes a teacher without qualifications becuz if quota what will the students learn?? At least don’t put reservations on something that decides children’s future .
    Why don’t you talk about the suicides in Kota
    Becuz of this mentality students who have real talent are suffering.
    You literally are saying minus –45 and 80 marks are one and same

  59. Yes this is the only solution reservation for SC/ST and OBC and ‘GANTA’ to general …. History show they were exploited but now today the scenario has changed…just go and do your home work haven’t you seen SC/ST IAS,Rich or Poor general..I think you should support the no reservation and Financial support to all needy …one side we want to called ourselves developed and other side we are asking for reservation by showing that still we are backward…That is should be the point … financial or educational support should be given not the reservation this is not the solution..

    • Well despite the provisions of reservations upper caste people are eating their share of jobs. Don’t believe me. Just look at the teaching posts occupied by svarnas in the higher institutions. So your arguments of ganta is stupid.

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