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RSS-backed IAS institute has been quietly grooming ‘nationalist’ civil servants since 1986

In 2020 civil services exam, Samkalp Foundation has claimed a success rate of 61%. The institute with close ties to RSS claimed similar success in the last few years too.

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New Delhi: At a time when minority institutes like Jamia and Zakat Foundation are in the middle of a row over the rising number of Muslims cracking the Civil Services Examination, an RSS-backed coaching institute, Samkalp Foundation, has claimed a 61 per cent success rate in this year’s exam.

Of the 759 candidates picked by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to enter the civil services this year, as many as 466 had undertaken Samkalp’s Interview Guidance Program (IGP), the foundation claims.

For the 34-year-old institute, grooming as many successful candidates, in whatever way, is hardly an aberration.

According to its website, as many as 649 candidates had enrolled for the IGP, out of the 990 candidates chosen by the UPSC in 2018. In 2017, 2016 and 2015, the numbers were 689, 648 and 670 against the total recruitment of 1,099, 1,078 and 1,236, respectively.

The number of candidates who actually get trained at Samkalp from the preliminary examination stage all the way up to the interview is, however, said to be much lower, according to sources. The exact figures aren’t available on the website, but insiders claim it would be 10 per cent of those who finally qualify.

Over the years, Samkalp has emerged as one of the leading civil services coaching institutes across the country. But unlike other commercial coaching centres, it is non-profit, and is aggressively opposed to media coverage.

“Our approach is very different from other coaching centres… We like to work quietly, and not interact with the media at all. We don’t want publicity. We have not interacted with the media in the last 30 years,” said R.S. Gupta, former Delhi Police commissioner who is a senior office-bearer of the foundation.

“The information related to Samkalp is only meant for the Samkalp family — the students who come here, and their families,” he said, refusing to share any information about the foundation.

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The RSS-BJP connection

For the foundation, which has close links with the RSS, lack of publicity is not a concern, with senior BJP leaders addressing its events each year.

Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan and Nagaland Governor and former IPS officer R.N. Ravi are set to be the chief guests for an event scheduled to be held coming Sunday. The two leaders would interact with successful candidates at the programme.

Last year, Home Minister Amit Shah and senior RSS functionary Krishna Gopal had delivered a lecture on national security to retired and serving civil servants at an event organised by Samkalp. Gopal is one of the senior-most ‘mentors’ at the foundation.

The foundation’s photo gallery on its website is filled with photographs of its students with BJP ministers such as Smriti Irani, Prakash Javadekar and Ramesh Pokhriyal.

Yet, when asked what the nature of affiliation between the RSS and Samkalp is, Gupta simply said, “We are an independent organisation under the Societies Registration Act.”

An RSS worker, who did not wish to be identified, said, “You can call Samkalp an RSS-inspired body instead of an RSS-affiliated body.”

Talking about the idea behind the inception of the foundation, the worker said, “In the 1980s, it was felt that there was a need for guidance for the RSS swayamsevaks and volunteers who wish to crack the UPSC…”

RSS workers ThePrint spoke to also said the centre was started as a way to ensure the “bureaucracy is rid of its Leftist bent gradually”.

They said there was a feeling at the time that people from JNU and other such places dominate the bureaucracy, and while a political movement was under way to make the BJP a formidable political force, a need was also felt for an effort to “bring in nationalists in the bureaucracy”.

“It is now you see bureaucrats who are unabashedly nationalistic… This was not the case back in the day,” added the worker quoted above.

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The Samkalp journey

Started in 1986, Samkalp reportedly coached 26 aspirants in its first batch, 14 of whom qualified for the civil services.

By 1999-2000, more than 100 interviewees had reportedly approached Samkalp as its success rate went up to 90 per cent. Over the years, the foundation started centres in different cities like Agra, Ludhiana, Bhopal and Bhilai, apart from its first centres in Delhi.

“Since it is a not-for-profit organisation, there is emphasis on helping the marginalised, to whom coaching is given free of cost,” said Gupta.

While Gupta said there is no screening test for candidates who come to Samkalp, the RSS worker quoted above said a screening test is conducted to ensure the standards of the organisation are maintained, and at the same time, those with “extremist views” do not get enrolled.

While the coaching is absolutely neutral in nature — a politically coloured training could prove counterproductive during the UPSC exam — “a correct understanding” is given to candidates, the RSS worker said.

“For example, Naxalism or Communism is never glorified, importance of removal of Article 370 is taught, importance of the Uniform Civil Code is taught,” the worker said. “This body of knowledge is then used during and beyond the exam.”

While there is a “sharp polarisation” in bureaucracy today, an RSS-backed organisation like Samkalp cannot change the “inclusive nature” of bureaucracy in India, said T.R. Raghunandan, a former IAS officer.

“Given how powerful bureaucracy is, everyone will want their share in power… But as long as the UPSC’s credibility is intact, there is no need to set off alarm bells,” he said.

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  1. Down the line ten years the top bureaucracy shall be chaired by Officers groomed by the Hindu Nationalists. The entire system shall be polarised giving way to avoidable franchisee system.
    Our country is the largest democracy of the world. Every Society of the Globe looks at us how Unity in Diversity holds sanctified in India 🇮🇳.
    Good for an Institution to offer courses to students for cracking UPSC exams. But the brainwashing of aspirants is prejudicial and detrimental to the interests of the Nation in the long run.

  2. Thank you .I am 75 going on 76 but never heard of an institution as you mentioned
    I must gind out a f contribute my might.I have seen at close quarters and unlike kangress and communist they are never money hungry.The kangres as O have seen from 1940s is a solutely corrupt and not bothered a out plight of por people.

  3. The only difference between this article and Sudarshan channel’s show is the tone and language. The content, topic, concern raised are same. The sad part is the folks at ThePrint campaigned against that and themselves carried did the same thing.

    • RSS is a nationalist organization,unlike other which want to be part of bureaucracy for their own profit. RSS doesn’t cares about personal profit,it only cares about nation. That’s why people like it.

      • Rss nationalism means manusmruti as constituion and then goes all the rights of dalits … dont u know what NATIONALISN fir rss is? ….

      • Rss nationalism means man usm ruti as constituion and then goes all the rights of dalits … dont u know what NATIONALISN fir rss is? ….

  4. Can you go and preach the same way nationalism to China or Russia or Saudi Arabia? In China you will be in the list of lost and not found, in Russia you will be given a tea bag to die and in Saudi Arabia some unknown organ will be harvested or truncated. In India Sab Kuch Chalta Hai. You can be anti-national and yet it can be fashioned as liberalism. It is populated with middle class and poor suckers who are born to serve the elitist leftist mindset and their political ideology. Left can do all sort of riots in India that they cannot imagine doing in China and Russia the founders of leftist ideology. But Left Leaders Children go abroad to capitalistic countries and live happily ever after follow the law and order in other countries, work in top organizations and enjoy all of the growth. The population that serve them in India will be made to remain subservient to them for generation after generation. Wake Up Indians and ask for your rights under the new liberal elite masters.

    • Mr Subramani: You cite the examples of autocratic, undemocratic and Islamo-fascist states like Russia, China and Saudi Arabia that deny citizens basic freedoms and then lament the fact that India is not like them ! You must be one helluva masochist Mr Subramani !!!!

      In a pre-Modi era, it is precisely this freedom of speech that differentiated India from Pakistan, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia and other undemocratic countries. But the tragedy of India is that educated people like you have been brainwashed by a semi-educated pracharak to throw away that hard-won democratic freedom and make India a Hindu Pakistan. And the pracharak has also convinced you that anybody who is critical of the state of affairs in the pracharak’s kingdom is to be labelled as an anti-national.

      The right to demonstrate and protest is a democratic right. And true democracies do not fear protesters but autocracies, dictatorships and Islamic theocracies like Saudi Arabia, Iran etc. do. A protest is often a signal to the government that comes between elections. Protests take place when the government eschews dialogues with citizens and only goes to citizens for getting votes. Hence calling protests as riots and protesters as anti-nationals is a deeply fascist thing to do Mr Subramani.

      And as regards leftists going abroad to capitalist countries, well, the record is not very different for your saffron friend in the BJP Mr Subramani. The children of Prakash Javadekar, Ravishankar Prasad, Rajnath Singh, Jitendra Singh as well as Ministers such as Nirmala Sitharaman, Jayanth Sinha and many others have studied abroad.

      The BJP is no different from the Congress Mr Subramani. As ex -Bjp Minister Arun Shourie once said:

      BJP = Congress + Cow !

      Meanwhile rather than pontificating:

      “Wake up Indians”

      It is about time that educated South Indians like you decide whether you should let itchy-groined gaurakshaks from UP & Gujarat control your thinking.

  5. Cheap article. Nationalism is not a sin. We need RSS like organizations to teach nationalism so that new IAS officers can work for the nation not for themselves.
    Please don’t compare with minority teach centers which are creating improving livelihoods.

  6. When you say you are quality oriented – please walk the talk. There are scores of other media organisation that can dish out opinionated articles masquerading as news.

    You have the right to publish. In this article prejudice of the author is clearly visible. I blame the shoddy work of the editor who let this published and not the author.

    Also if you want to dish out opinion in the name of journalism, please at least have the courtesy to tag it as opinion , rather than masquerading as education related news article.


  7. From which country you operate and which country you think you are from MR.PRINT ….. What is wrong grooming IAS officers being Nationalist …… every person across the globe should be nationalist

  8. Comment one : what is wrong with Nationalism ! ?
    Comment two : zakath foundation is anti-national
    By assisting minority students in their preperation.

    Nationalist : Our Nationalism is the true nationalism rest all are anti-national

    true upsc jihad ! Lol

  9. Mr. Print. What does nationalist element mean? An IAS officier is supposed to be a nationalist. He is working for the nation. So stop the nonsense.

  10. Wow after all you come for defend the jihadis every knows that zft has backing of Isis and zakir naik then you created this….

  11. Ask the struggle of the aspirant who cleared this exam without any coaching ……this affiliation that affiliation is an insult to the dedication and hardwork of the aspirant…

  12. Zakat foundation takes donations from Zakir Naik and other terrorist affiliates. Sankalp does not take donations from Islamist outfits which support terrorism.

  13. Keep the good work going if possible put it on full steam , the nation is going through very bad and testing time due to foreign invasion attempts ,anti national activities to destabilise etc your institution should strive hard to train the UPSC candidates to come out with flying colours

  14. Are you guys kidding? I thought so highly of you, but after reading this article I don’t think you’re doing justice to journalism either.
    The title you put “466 candidates from RSS backed institution”, but only when somebody reads the content will come to know they took PERSONALITY TEST.
    What about other famous institutions then, who claim to have a successful candidates of 350-500 every year? They must have other affiliations too, right?
    And it’s smart, how subtly you compared this with the Muslim institutes.
    I’ll think twice now, before using the ThePrint’s source as a credible one. Kudos to you guys.
    Thank you for opening our eyes.

    • Who told you they are only providing a Personality Test. Just don’t be unthankful towards some sincere efforts to make our country a formidable republic.
      A little knowledge is sometimes dangerous but don’t comment like a fool.

  15. Leftist ideology is seen clearly in this report… Please be a neutral media…Indian Express and Rajyasabha Tv are far better…

  16. If RSS is training means the civil servants will become more Patriotic, unlike Leftist & jihadists , who wants to destroy India, RSS inspired people will be patriotic and loves India and will be a great asset to society.

  17. What is wrong with being nationalistic and standing strong for India? Every country is nationalistic. China is nationalistic, so is Putin Russia now. US is nationalistic. Why Indians have to be shamed by publications like The Print for being nationalistic. In India you have to apologize for singing national anthem or praising your mother land or being a RSS worker (RSS is in India correct?), or simply nation loving and wearing a proud identity as an Indian. You think that is old fashioned and out of vogue. English speaking elites in India have never understood the heartland of India and her people. These so called communist left leaning educated liberal elites have ignored and segregated the native born vernacular, non-english, non-elitist, some what moderately educated people and poor folks and their opinions far too long. Right wing folks are exactly working on this population and listening to them and placing importance on them. While Left educated elitists like Yechury and the JNU tukde gang are living in their own self-created elitist bubble, while their sons and daughters settle abroad in the west living well of capitalism. What is good for goose should good for the gander too? No, because leftists liberal are born elites and they are born to rule and suppress the poor and keep them in place. It serves them politically well.

  18. Yes BUREAUCRATS should be NATIONALIST. They should not be COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST, ISLAMIST. A bureaucrat who takes coaching from zakat foundation and its affiliate terrorist organization IRF and Madina foundation will never in Interest of BHARAT.

  19. Please dont spread rumour… I attended various classes at Samkalp…. It never encouraged any ideology or followed it just helps with better environment

    • These COMMUNISTS are bedfellows of ISLAMISTS so when UPSC JIHAD came up they got rattled. One day these COMMUNISTS AND ISLAMISTS will kill each other. NATIONALISTS and DEMOCRACY will win.

    • So would it take in aspirants who were Muslims, Christians, Dalits or Sikhs ? Or is it reserved for upper caste Hindus?

      • The best test would be to apply for it and see whether you get selected or not. Then if you are not selected, you must analyze whether there was any bias in that decision or was it your incompetence. If it was the former, then you know that they may not take everyone. But if it is the latter, then you only have yourself to blame. Why ask such questions here? Nobody knows what is their selection criteria.

      • Muslims & Christians would most definitely be admitted provided they did not support the religious supremacy of their faith over the ‘national faith’ of India ie Hinduism. As for Sikhs & Dalits, the Sangh doctrine generally does NOT differentiate them from Hindus.

        • Mr Vashish: Thanks for the response.

          I was unaware of the fact that democratic India has such a thing as a “national faith”. But then, I forget that people like you so thoroughly admire the Islamic Republic of Pakistan that you wish to turn India into a Hindu version of Pakistan. I also forget that you, like your fellow tribesmen in the RSS are acolytes of that Nazi admirer called Golwalkar, the chief ideologue of the RSS.

          But let me get back to your assertions about the RSS Institute and my doubts about your claims.

          How do you practically verify that Christians and Muslims do not support the “supremacy” of their respective faiths vis à vis Hinduism, presumably the national faith in your view?

          You say that the Sangh doctrine does not differentiate Sikhs and Dalits from Hindus. But Sikhs would disagree vehemently with that claim Mr Vashish. Indeed, Sikhs fought for a separate country called Khalistan for nearly 3 decades and that conflict still simmers here and there. So shouldn’t Sikhs be the ones subject to the loyalty test Mr Vashish ?

          And while we are at it, any explanations as to why the RSS never flew the national flag until recently and instead opted to pay obeisance to the national flag and instead prefers the “bhagwa dhwaj” ? Indeed, in most rallies, the RSS uses its “bhagwa dhwaj” rather than the tricolour. Is that a way of showing the supremacy of the RSS flag over the national flag Mr Vashish ?

          Care to clarify Mr Vashish?

  20. Stop digging at irrelevant things and take a neutral stand. Leftist tendencies might get “the Print” funding but it will soon lose it reputation

  21. You guys are total idiots… After qualifying mains examination,most of the coaching institutes allow candidates for free mock interview tests later if they get a good rank they show them as their students.

  22. One idiot talked about UPSC JIHAD and this idiot is talking about UPSC-RSS….. These Press **tutes won’t even leave the prestigious UPSC…. Such a cheap trick to create Sensationalism….. Shame on you guys

  23. Great we need more such institutes, although right of centre/nationalist students can crack exam without the crutches of external coaching.

  24. The intentions of both the organisations, Samkalp and Zakat, are entirely different and even though the author has not brought it out in the article, the citizens of this nation are well aware of the nefarious intentions.

  25. The intentions of Samkalp and that of Zakat are entirely different… Which has not been brought out by the author… The truth, of course the citizens of this country are well aware…

    • The author writes what her masters want her to write. May be SANYA DHINGRA is next burkhadhaari(black penguin)

  26. Balance to the force… JNU is clearly the other side of the spectrum, we need the Right as well, Power to them. Let them succeed… Print should be happy… They always want Balance no?

  27. Hi ! I’ve been print reader for quite a long time really appreciate your work. But unfortunately this article seems to be purpotedly written with an intention of eye for an eye. Just because some other news media company raising question upon a particular institution and community doesn’t mean to reciprocate the same. They are not into responsible journalism but seems so not you.

  28. theprint is doing nonsense journalism… sometimes you seems like anti India and anti hindu… learn from Times of India and Aaj tak sbout the journalism…

  29. “People from JNU” according to some ignorantia if to be inferred the other way round, strongly need to brush up on the fact that “many people from JNU” are generally intelligentsia from being reasonably sensible humans barring a few which are outliers everywhere, brushing up their skills and awareness about issues- national, international, constitutional, social, economical, environmental, political, historical, legal and other aspects, unlike many others who seemingly adorn “thrones” by playing dirty politics,splashing dirt on “people”, put others through undue harassment_grab others hard earned properties, instigate that women be used dirtily, a totality of skills and sensibility lacking even in MNCs like google or HSBC boasting off about their foreign practices, forget about big things like being able to absorb “right talent”, which is only ” right politicians put ups”.

  30. Childish article just to counter some right wing news……read some polity…u can even try appearing for upsc with an extreme right wing approach…. you will never get through mains.

    • FAT GREEN BAKRA mubashira will know that Suresh Chavhanke has brought our hidden agenda. There is one hour brainwashing session of zakaat foundation to its muslims candidates to looks for only the well being of muslims. Such jihadi candidates will be stopped. RSS does not brainwash like you good for nothing fellows do. The fraud of muslim OBC and designs to eat in SC/ST reservations has been exposed. Islamic atank will be defeated and so will be communists.

  31. Jamia, Zakat foundation etc. preparing Muslims to win in competitive exams is fine. Unlike Hindus, they are not asking for reservation. They do not have a hate ideology. Any Muslim IAS officer will be dedicated to his job, and nothing more.

    Whereas the RSS’s grooming invariably inculcates hatred of Muslims and Christians and a ‘Hindu first’ philosophy. It teaches people to discriminate.

    India is sinking due to appeasing RSS fascism.

    • NAH NAH NAH. Zakaat foundation is related to Madina trust which was responsible for attack on Indian consulate in UK and both has ties with terrorist zakir naik. Each zakaat foundation candidate is give one hour brainwashing by terrorist organization zakaat to work for muslims and muslims only. RSS does not preach such beghairat ideology. No Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, SHIA, Sikh believes that a SUNNI berainwashed IAS person from zakaat will work for them. SHAH FAISAL was prime example of such ideology. You can say whatever you want, there is a video proof of what is the hidden agenda. Communist and islamic fascism will be defeated as people are waking up. Muslims are doing fraud in OBC and SC/ST reservations. Free HAGIA SOFIA.

  32. Our Indian Indian will be made Israel Jews
    by coming years Hindus – Jews / Muslims – Palastine .
    Because whoever been at the Gandhi’s/ Nehru
    Will be DEAD

  33. Does these ‘Minority’ Academic institutions impliment SC/ST,OBC reservations? Any clarification by the writer. Any Indian can get into civil services, but we should check thier agenda. Closing eyes does eradicate problem,let us look at threat perceptions.

  34. It funny report. And people says it quality journalism. LOL
    I studied in sankalpa ias institute there is no single selection. Dumb reporter should have considered the claim of any other coaching, it claims higher selection.
    2nd point that it takes fee like other coaching. Its not a not for profit inst like zakat foundation.
    Really after reading such stuff there is a indeed hate emerges for the journalism.
    Kuch to field par kam kr lo bhai…sb kuch hwa main. 🙂

  35. Who is not a nationalist ?? Limiting the horizons is narrowing the concept and contaminating the national fabric. Let us live upto our national spirit of unity and oneness.India has long time tested humanism.

  36. RSS has set the direction of India to develop now and in future. Civil servants must be nationalist and must work for India and not for their own interest as Congress has done in the past. RSS represents the wishes of all Indians except those Indians who has their loyalty to anti-Hindu forces such Pakistan and China. Librandus may weep and cry as they have nothing to offer but destruction of Indianness..

  37. What a relief that there is some group willing to tell future officers that naxalism is not good, that caste is not intrinsic to India but a european idea, that India was not created by Nehruji.

  38. A institute having Close ties to RSS is not a muslim institute with agenda..
    If that’s the case, You must have worker in close ties with Anti RSS mindset people to write this article. That makes this article biased.

    Stop finding unfair and insufficient example on other side to make a argument..

    Author should realise what happened to Bangladeshi Hindu Women when extremist muslims found them. It’s provethat Extremism in that religion is violent.

      • Possibly he means not being “one-dimensional”, read it as not being bigoted towards the Left. What he probably means it “Be Balanced”. Not everyone has the same linguistic skills as you or I do. Sometimes you have to give them the latitude and understand what they most probably mean, rather than trying to demean.

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