Wednesday, 15 August, 2018

Talk Point

Rajput community members burn the effigy oif Padmavati's film director

The Padmavati fracas is also about power and privilege

Free speech is important - but we should first ask whose free speech do we always rush to protect?

Indian liberals have also been guilty of protecting Muslim community sentiments

The individual right of an Indian citizen to express their views on Padmavati should take priority over community reactions.

Padmavati highlights a need to democratise the freedom of expression

The problem arises when interpretations are established as “ultimate truth”—closing all possibilities of further excavation of a story like Padmavati.

The loony fringe has an unbridled licence to assault creativity

Since the NDA/BJP government came to power, an atmosphere of extra legal censorship has become the prevailing norm where the majoritarian mainstream has been given an unbridled license to assault creativity.
Indira Gandhi and Narendra Modi

Talk Point: Is Narendra Modi the new Indira Gandhi?

On her 100th birthday anniversary, we ask experts: Is Modi the new Indira?
Narendra Modi and Indira Gandhi

Talk Point: In taking risks, Modi has surpassed all other PMs, including Indira Gandhi

In taking risks, Modi has surpassed all other PMs, including Indira Gandhi, writes Sangit Ragi, professor at Delhi University.
Indira Gandhi and Narendra Modi

Talk Point: Indira wrote the ‘rules’ according to which India’s Game of Thrones is played

In many ways, Narendra Modi is Indira Gandhi’s true political heir; he is supreme in the party and the government like her.
Indira Gandhi and Narendra Modi

Talk Point: Policies apart, even Indira Gandhi and Narendra Modi’s leadership styles are different

Indira Gandhi firmly maintained the Non-Aligned Movement, now we seem to be leaning far more towards America.
Portraits of Indira Gandhi and Narendra Modi

Talk Point: Indira was a successful diplomat, Modi just a passionate world traveller

Indira Gandhi was pro-poor, while Narendra Modi bends in front of big corporate houses.
Indira Gandhi

Talk Point: Any attempt to equate Modi and Indira is a one-dimensional facile exercise

The fundamental difference between the two leaders has to do with their varied backgrounds and ideologies.

Finally, Bollywood has courage to look at Muslims as regular Indians & not terrorists

Anubhav Sinha's Mulk breaks Bollywood’s Sunny Deol-ised mould of the Muslim as a terrorist. It makes you feel an ordinary Muslim family’s fears, dilemmas and anger.