Wednesday, 17 October, 2018

Talk Point

A graphic showing BR Ambedkar

Periyar and Ambedkar were united in ideology

The only difference between Ambedkar and Periyar is that they were from different geographies, but they were united in ideology.
A graphic showing BR Ambedkar

Ignoring Ambedkar would mean ignoring a significant vote-bank

Dalits across the nation form a very vocal group in India, they represent a large demographic in the country.
A graphic showing Patel leader Hardik Patel

The demand for reservations is because the Gujarat ‘bullet train’ left people behind

Many will use this promise to channelise their pent-up grievances about the ‘bullet train’ of development that has left them stranded on the platform.
A graphic showing Patel leader Hardik Patel

BJP nursed upper caste resentment against reservation, it’s now haunting them

If Hardik Patel can help deliver even 75 seats for the Congress in Gujarat, he will become a big leader to reckon with.
A graphic showing Patel leader Hardik Patel

Support for Hardik Patel isn’t about reservations, it’s about discontent against BJP

The huge support to Hardik Patel indicates something other than gullibility. Perhaps, it signals the end of gullibility, for some sections. At least for now.
A graphic showing the Sri Lankan cricket team

The simplest way out is not to hold cricket matches in Delhi for a month

Without an immediate solution, one must ask whether Delhi is fit to host international games in such nauseous conditions?
A graphic showing the Sri Lankan cricket team

The fact that Sri Lankan cricketers couldn’t breathe in Delhi is shameful for us

In 1998, when we first formed the government in Delhi, the situation was equally bad, and we took immediate steps to curb it.
A graphic showing the Sri Lankan cricket team

Imagine the furore if teams from England or Australia had objected to Delhi smog

To see Delhi's pollution only through the prism of the ongoing Test match is missing the woods for the trees.
A graphic showing the 2012 protests in Delhi

Delhi Police is busy with its VIP duties, there is no police for ordinary people

While talking about women empowerment is important, unfortunately women’s security is no more than a buzzword.
A graphic showing the 2012 protests in Delhi

Most offenses against women occur in private spaces, the police are at a disadvantage

After Jyoti Singh's death, domestic sexual abuse, which used to be considered ‘ghar ki baat’, was brought into the public sphere.
Sabarimala temple

Sabarimala opens tomorrow: Bracing for street attacks on women or is SC order unworkable?

The Sabarimala shrine in Kerala is set to open its gates Wednesday to women of all age groups for the first time after the Supreme Court ruling last month. Seve...
Ajit Doval

The new Doval Durbar reduces India’s layered security system to a top-down Caliphate

Ajit Doval is now India’s all-powerful security boss. But this concentration of power disrupts our layered security system.