Saturday, 18 November, 2017

Talk Point

Talk Point: Modi’s image is intact, even if he has left...

While interacting with the students of IIT Gandhinagar recently, I observed that most of them still believed in Modi, and Gujarat was a safe place for women, unlike most of the states.

Talk Point: First-time voters have grown up enjoying fruits of Modi’s...

The youth of Gujarat who are reaching the voting age of 18 for the first time in this election were 15-16 years old when the state voted overwhelmingly to make Modi the Prime Minister. Naturally, at that time, the Modi craze was very high.

TalkPoint: Privatisation of education is the foremost issue for Gujarat youth

PM Narendra Modi handing out degrees at a graduation ceremony
A majority of first-time voters in Gujarat are students. And in the current election campaign, there are two major issues that student face.

Talk Point: 21 per cent first-time voters in Gujarat are ‘extremely...

Rahul Gandhi with a crowd
Communal tension is not an issue even for 1% of the first-time voters of Gujarat in 2017 as unemployment and inflation remain top worries.

Talk Point: The engagement of young voters in Gujarat elections is...

PM Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah during the BJP Central Election Committee (CEC) meeting
The young voters not only seem to be enormously interested in these elections, they are also likely to vote for the Congress in much bigger numbers than they had ever in the past.

Talk Point: Should concerns of a particular community come in the...

The debate around the historical accuracy of fictional cinema like Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming film Padmavati raises critical questions, once again, about barring art for hurting ‘public sentiment’.

Talk Point: Should sex tapes of politicians influence election outcomes in...

Hardik Patel addressing an audience.
The emergence of Patidar leader Hardik Patel's private videos in the middle of a heated election campaign raises questions about just how much such scandals affect election outcomes.

Talk Point: Hardik Patel should take heart, porn as political weapon...

PAAS(Patidar Anamat Aandolan Samiti) Convener Hardik Patel interacts with members of the Patidar community
There is plenty of recent evidence that suggests personal porn as a political tactic doesn’t work in India, writes Shekhar Gupta.

Talk Point: ‘Objectionable sex CD’ is politics by other means

Hardik Patel addressing the media
Indian voters make a crucial distinction between sexual harassment and intimate sexual relations between consenting individuals, writes Prof Ashwani Kumar.

Talk Point: Be it Hardik or Modi, why should someone make...

Hardik Patel addressing a rally
Gujarat is looking for a Vikas CD a not a CD of someone’s personal life, writes Dalit leader Jignesh Mevani
Supreme Court

There are some things even the Supreme Court shouldn’t be allowed to change

SC itself has held that certain features of THE Constitution can’t be amended by Parliament; it should be the same when it comes to its own functioning.
An illustration of Modi wearing a hat

Rating the raters

Gujarat Elections 2017

Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi at 100: Why She Still Rules India

Indira believed in statist, povertarian economics and crush-the-opposition-to-dust “Total Politics”. If both ideas thrive under Modi now, she still rules our minds.
Shoe shop

Talk Point: The regulatory philosophy of NAPA replaces the invisible hand of the market

Anti-profiteering measures enshrined in the GST law round the circle by already providing an institutional mechanism to ensure that the full benefits of reduced tax rates flow through to the consumer.