Friday, 20 April, 2018

Talk Point

Talk Point: Is India’s march for science political, necessary or just...

On 14 April, scientists and research scholars from at least 20 cities in India will join over 600 cities across the globe to March for Science. The effort is to encourage scientific temper among the masses in an era of misinformation and dearth of funding in science research.

TalkPoint: Has IPL cricket become a target for political activism?

Graphic design by Siddhant Gupta
The IPL matches scheduled to be held in Chennai have now been moved to Pune after widespread protests over the Cauvery water distribution. Experts weigh in on the impact of the political activism on cricket.

TalkPoint: Has rape been politicised in Unnao and Kathua?

Graphic design by Siddhant Gupta
Experts weigh in on the brutal incidents of rape in Unnao and rape-murder in Kathua region, the political intervention in the cases, and the collective outrage across the country.

TalkPoint: Is Modi’s ‘Swachhagraha’ peddling symbolism or has ground reality changed?

Graphic design by Siddhant Gupta
Experts weigh in on Modi's 'Swachhagraha', the newly named Swachh Bharat campaign, as he heads to Champaran on the centenary of Mahatma Gandhi's satyagraha.

TalkPoint: Is Justice Chelameswar’s outspoken approach helping or harming the judiciary?

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At a recent event, Justice Chelameswar said that serving judges can talk to the media about issues relevant to the judiciary without violating guideline number 9 of the Judicial Code of Ethics. Experts weigh in on the likely impact on the Indian judiciary.

TalkPoint: Is the act of foregoing 23 days’ salary by NDA...

Graphic design by Siddhant Gupta
Experts weigh in on the announcement that members of Parliament from the NDA will not be drawing any salaries or allowances for the 23 days on which Parliament did not function.

TalkPoint: Will Salman Khan’s guilty verdict make Indians take wildlife protection...

Illustration by Siddhant Gupta
Experts weigh in on Salman Khan's conviction in the 1998 black buck case.

TalkPoint: Does Smriti Irani episode show Modi losing control over his...

Experts weigh in on PMO's intervention to reverse the guidelines released by Information and Broadcasting minister Smriti Irani.

TalkPoint: Should it be the govt’s business to determine what’s fake...

Smriti Irani
Experts weigh on the government's decision to penalise accredited journalists for publishing and broadcasting 'fake news'

TalkPoint: Is the SC/ST Act review petition by the govt political...

Experts weigh on the government's move to petition the Supreme Court's to review its move to 'dilute' the SC/ST Act by dismissing immediate arrests and ordering a seven day inquiry instead.
journalist protest

Indian journalists face a brutal equation: Fight together for press freedoms or perish

The media can disagree, fight and judge each other. But it can survive and thrive only by closing ranks when its first principles are under attack.

Dalit History Month