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Burden of being a son in toxic Bihari families — What Sushant Singh Rajput’s death tells us

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Sushant Singh Rajput and the burden of being a ‘Shravan Kumar’ in toxic Bihari families

Sushant Singh Rajput’s father K.K. Singh’s allegations and his family’s posts should be put under social and cultural examination. Not to undermine their grief, but the way the family has reacted says a lot about the burden of being a son in a Bihari family, writes Jyoti Yadav.

Indians find the perfect villain in Rhea Chakraborty. It says more about India than her

Since the FIR against Rhea Chakraborty, it is as if the entire country has collectively turned into a giant investigating agency-cum-court, writes Samira Sood.

50% IAS, IFS recruits are children of govt servants. But this is a story of their merit

Of the civil servants who have taken the foundation course at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration since 2014, at least 50 per cent come from families with a government service background, data shows, reports Sanya Dhingra.

BA, BCom, BSc students can do internship with graduation as UGC wants them to be job-ready

Students pursuing regular degree courses such as BA, BCom, BSc, among others, will now be able to undertake internships as part of their course, just like their counterparts in professional courses like engineering and management, reports Kritika Sharma.

When will the coronavirus pandemic come to an ‘end’? February 2021

Scientists are wise not to offer predictions on when the coronavirus pandemic will end, for there are too many factors at play, writes Nitin Pai.

Mumbai is hotbed of sugar dating, Delhi close second — website says unemployment is reason

With a surge in unemployment rates brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, many young Indians are turning to sugar dating — an arrangement wherein a person receives money, gifts or other financial benefits in exchange for a relationship, reports Unnati Sharma.

It’s our economy, not her genes, that’ll influence Kamala Harris’ view of India

Joe Biden picking Kamala Harris as his running mate has caused understandable excitement in India. But the presumption that a naturalised foreign citizen will be inclined towards India, and have all her old beliefs of religion, caste, ethnicity and nationalism endorsed on her new passport, is very much a small-nationality complex, writes Shekhar Gupta in this week’s ‘National Interest’.

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  1. bengoli always see bhojpuri bihari as traditional labour class be it manual or educated(ias ips or engineer also educated labour class).
    a culture can not defined by noukri class people but there age old scientist and capitalist .that is the mirror of real IQ.check fact check scientist series in wiki vs Bihar.anand Kumar a math teacher termed as mathmatician,😂,in what state they stay ! No Capitalist power .only caste politics of ‘ham Bara ‘attitude.

    there culture so different from bengoli.
    rhea chakraborty, a real poor mad, in what sense go to love from this blood lines!! Really old proverb ‘kal ‘attaracts .

    a Brahmin bengoli very much different from bhojpuri she cope up with for few months with relationship!
    Bengal and Bihar share border there is no blood relation in last thousands of years due to seems in high society she forget it.later realised.
    it is good for modern day bengoli all over worrld also to analysis fact check that mentality psychology of traditional villains if not bimaru or r **e state.kitne had tak wo gir sakte hai or real mentality comes out in crisis .

  2. Shame on you. You are absolutely disgusting to post such a terrible article and becoming involved in this homicide. You are also a bigger dumbass to assume the general public will read this article and side with you.

  3. SHAME ON YOU FOR PRINTING SUCH A TOXIC ARTICLE TRYING TO DEFAME A COMMUNITY YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT. Seems like unaware, misinformed and unemployable self proclaimed “journalists” have found their bread and butter with the print.

  4. The writer and others associated with this publication seem to be from toxic families. Shame on them and their upbringing!

  5. Fact is fact .. I saw many uttar pradesh n Biharis families involved in this.. it by their birth blood. Onli few are who r care free

  6. Sushant ke paison ki loot ab takle tak bhi pahunch gayi …

    likhe ja raha hai, likhe ja raha hai,
    kitna mil raha hai rey?


  8. Jyoti Yadav is out of her senses. How can “The Print” have such low IQ level correspondents. Disgusting Jyoti Yadav. You do not have any humanity left. Sell yr principles to your traders.

  9. Bullshit! I am a bihari and I am the only girl and only kid that my parents have raised with pride and I have many similar examples around me as well. It is very saddening that this is used as a weapon to unnecessarily generalize “Bihari culture” and how Print is proudly publishing this article as “Article of the week”

  10. OFCOURSE!!!!! What else can be expected of a typical Toxic Journalist PorTal ” THEPRINTI.N”
    First you convert a healthy individual to a “DEPRESSED” patient.. Then you character assassinate HIM in Public!!!
    Then he gets Killed – Murdered leaving behind a bereaving Family who has lost their only SON and trying to Fight the GIRL who kept them away from him DELIBERATELY ( Proofs shared in Media by his poor helpless father)

    Have some shame you guys, Unless there are Robots writing these blogs. It certainly cannot be written by a HUMAN!!!!!
    Let the poor helpless father who lost his son fight peacefully for justice.. You have Killed his son !! Please dont Kill him!!!!

    I am a Woman and I still find your crappy website and its so called Women centric Posts utter nonsense and hippocratic.

  11. This is the third article the print writing about supporting Rhea and hating bihari families.looks like eating a lot of money from Rhea!!!

  12. All these issues are extraneous so far as the petition pending in the Supreme Court. The media as well as a large section of social media are demanding CBI investigation. In my view, the following factors will be considered by Apex Court : (1) Protecting the federal rights of the state of Maharashtra (2) Elimination of political interference in the investigation and (3) Ensuring that quality of investigation is upto the mark. Considering all three factors, the SC may consider a court monitored investigation by SIT of CBI aided by Mumbai police. Mumbai police need to render local support to the investigating team as well to ensure that Maharashtra’s federal rights are not forcibly taken away against their wishes- this will set a bad precedent and has to be avoided at any cost. Bihar police obviously had no locus standi, except for registering and FIR, which is now transferred to CBI. Their role is over. Notwithstanding the above, the entire case seems to be an overblown hype and an hoax. All indications are nothing tangible will eventually come out of it.

  13. It seems many women are tending towards supporting Rhea Chakraborty because of the way the ceratin TV media channels already made a villain out of her. So many media guys (especially ladies) have taken it as a feminist movement and written articles about it. Writing against this mindset is okay, but using this as a front, the truth about Susant’s death should not be suppressed. My comments are about these fminist thinkings:
    1. One article uses the term “toxic Bihari families”: This term does stereotype families of a certain region. This is as bad as what the author complains about. Also it has become fashinable to blame “family” or “men” assuming it’s a male-centric society. That’s a wrong assumption. Consider how the societies were before legitimate governments were formed after 2nd world war. Might was mostly right, there used to be war, fighting every 30-40 years. In such situations it’s mostly the men who had to take care of security. So it was perceived to be male-centric. But is it always the male member of an influential family who pulls the strings? If you look closely, there is a good chance that the ladies of the family play a pivotal role in decision making. Take the Susant Singh case. Who is pulling the strings? It’s the sisters of Susant. So when the author complains against “toxic Bihari families” she actually complains against “another woman”. So it’s a woman versus woman fight really. So my dear women, please remeber society is always made by equal contribution from men and women. And women are 50% responsible for any ills of society including feminist issues. Also a note: A problem which seems a problem now, could be a need in the older times. It’s just that WE are failing tounderstand the change.
    2. “Indians find perfect villain in Rhea”: It is human nature to understand the cause of a shocking event and Susant’s death is one such. Had there been a satisfactory enquiry without any controversies, then nobody would’ve given it much importance. But the following points do raise doubts:
    a. The mark on the neck of Susant looked that of a belt, but it is told he used a cloth to commit suicide. Also the mark is found only on front part of the neck and not on back side.
    b. There would be swelling of upper portion of neck, tongue would come out and or eyes would pop out. But the photo showed his face to be fully normal.
    c. In one year Susant’s finances went haywire.
    d. All the old staff were replaced by new staff in the last few months.
    e. Very few guys, even closed family members were not aware about Susant’s depression.
    Rhea was the closest to Susant until his death and in the last three points above she was the person responsible for it. If she was taking such a good care of Susant, then she should have informed at least one family member about Susant’s depression. It is said she instead quarelled with him on 8th May. I cannot think a well-wisher caring person would do ever that. All these make Rhea a strong suspect. And that angle was not properly investigated by Mumbai police.

    • yes is paid by the same people who are covering it up. What a shame, people these days have become so selfish they have lost the humanity and don’t care about injust happening to other people

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