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Sushant Singh Rajput and the burden of being a ‘Shravan Kumar’ in toxic Bihari families

TV interviews of Sushant Singh Rajput's father K.K. Singh and allegations made in FIR led Indians to call Rhea Chakraborty a witch.

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Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s case has now finally been handed over to the CBI – but not before everyone from his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty to Bollywood filmmakers Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, Salman Khan, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Ekta Kapoor and Mahesh Bhatt were blamed. But what has escaped popular attention is the toxic family structure of cow-belt India, especially Bihar, and how it treats its precious sons.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s father K.K. Singh’s allegations and his family’s posts should also be put under social and cultural examination. A ‘witch’ and a ‘gold digger’ are routine tags given to women by typical mothers-in-law; and blaming a son’s big-city girlfriend for all that is wrong is how families cope with sons’ autonomy. Not to undermine their grief, but the way the family has reacted says a lot about the burden of being a son in a Bihari family. He has to be no less than a Shravan Kumar all his life.

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The son is always a kid  mera laadla

A grown up man is always a kid/baby of these families. His independent choices are frowned down upon, especially if it concerns marriage. If he goes against the family’s traditional decision-making, either his friends’ circles or his girlfriend or wives get blamed. There is hardly any talk about mental health in these families. Even if it is there, it’s always patriarchal in nature. For example, a son/man cannot exhibit emotional weakness and stress. It is seen as some kind of enfeeblement or emasculation. He has to be the perfect version of the ‘adarsh balak’.

Families don’t accept any other version of the son other than the one they create for them. All those people who came out to speak about Sushant’s life hadn’t met him for several years. For them, it was like, ‘we knew him as a happy-go-lucky 10-year-old, how could he become depressed in his late 20s?’ In fact, the actor’s father even said that until he met Rhea Chakraborty, Sushant had no mental health problems. And that his career was flourishing until Rhea walked into his life, and that she even conspired to take away his savings.

Such families have only one view of their son — he is never depressed, never makes mistakes, never gets bullied, and never marries outside the family’s choice.

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‘Girlfriend/wife separates the family from the son’

The familiar trope in Bihar is one of a guile-less son who loses his way because of an enchantress.

Short Stories by Rabindra Nath Tagore’, a famous series on Netflix, perfectly explains this theory. Mahendra, a young man, gets married to a charming woman named Asha. He falls in love with her and forgets all his duties towards his widowed mother. Now the mother-in-law sees Asha as a villain who has corrupted Mahendra. Asha is seen as someone who took away her son.

There are many local songs in Bhojpuri that portray Bengali women as villains who trap Bihari men in their charm. They perform black magic on men. A Kajri song, usually sung during the month of Saavan, targets Bengali women as:

piya more gailen calcutta o rama,

bengalin bitiya kai dihali o jadua

tohara ko debo bengalin daal bhari sonwa o rama,

chhod di na hamro sajnawa o rama!

The man has gone to Kolkata where he has fallen in love with a Bengali woman. The family asks the woman to take gold instead and leave the man.

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Families that can’t stand ‘girlfriends’

This ‘home breaker’ angle is not limited only to Bihar. North Indian families have a special dislike for girlfriends. The family thinks that the girlfriend has corrupted the son’s mind even if he starts wearing a different coloured t-shirt.

Families don’t approve ‘girlfriends’ who don’t fit into their ‘perfect Bahu’ category. In Sushant Singh Rajput’s case, there was a middle-class Bihari family and a modern Bengali girlfriend. The family lawyer also remarked in a video released by Rhea that she has never worn salwar kameez in her whole life. What does it have to do with criminal charges against Rhea other than showcasing a dislike for her? This detail is present in the FIR too.

This whole episode reminds me of a friend from my college days. He often used to counsel his mother, who lived in a remote district in Bihar, because she felt that her  new daughter-in-law was trying to take her son (my friend’s brother) away from her. My friend could never convince his mother that it’s just that his brother’s priorities have changed in life after getting married.

Moreover, in our society, young boys grow up into men who believe they can have multiple affairs but they will eventually marry within the caste/class/religion/region. Their affairs will be cheered upon as their personal achievements but their decision of marrying a person of their choice will be looked down upon. Invariably, the man’s family will have an upper hand in the marriage.

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The familial ‘disconnect’?

Sushant Singh Rajput’s father K.K. Singh claimed in the FIR that Sushant’s interaction with the family was limited in the past year. A family cannot believe that a grown man doesn’t need a woman to tell him about his interaction with the world. A grown man can decide if he wants to distance himself from a toxic environment. Whether it is work, home or love life. In fact, these families even expect the daughter-in-law to carry the burden of being a bridge between them if the son goes truant.

It could have been the other way round as well. What if it was Sushant who didn’t want to talk to the family because of their discomfort with his girlfriend? What if he only wanted to stay with Rhea?

If one goes through his interviews, it’s only his mother that he refers to in the family. He rarely spoke about his family and of his father. On his social media accounts too, Sushant only mentioned his mother. He often said he doesn’t have friends. At the peak of his career, he was planning to go to Nasa and do other things.

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Depression is seen as defeat

Depression is perceived as a defeat in these families. And a man, especially from a middle-class family who has made a successful career in Bollywood without a Godfather, can never be accepted as defeated or depressed. Sushant’s sister posted a picture on Instagram and wrote that he was not suffering from depression. His brother-in-law Vishal Kirti wrote a blog, saying that though he lost touch with Sushant a year ago, he still can not believe that he was depressed.

The fact that the family doesn’t want to accept that their son could have been depressed even after his death, shows how little they know about this issue.

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Kaala Jaadu?

Sushant’s father has claimed that Sushant wanted to do organic farming in Coorg but Rhea stopped him. That Rhea warned him about his haunted house and forced him to move to another place. That she even took his phone away from him.

This is how the entire country got a right to call Rhea a witch. Bihar’s Janta Dal (United) leader Maheshwari Hazari even called Chakraborty a ‘vishkanya’ who was sent to entrap Sushant in her love.

Views are personal.

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  1. Stupid Article ! Everyone knows why its written in the first place! Who wanted her image to be made Good and ABLA naari type

  2. Whatever you have written miss Jyoti Yadav is absolutely correct. But I think you failed in your research that this is more or less scenario at majority of Households of this nation. So, I think you should take care of that too. Ofcourse having Bihar and Sushant’s name make your article more attractive at once but it seems like you started concluding things at the very first paragraph.

  3. Brave article. The toxic comments to defend Bihar culture will haunt you. The truth that wants to be hidden for centuries, will not have any buyers. Social reforms in India have been the slowest compared to any western or progressive country. Mysogny wins. Women in such cultures are vultures for other women! Men are validators of their khoopsoorti and cooking skills. A women anything more will be burned alive. Rapes in India have barely seen an national uproar. Feminism in India is a sham, limited to selling clothes that can make a woman look attractive to man – such paper deep freedom must be torn away. Why sharia law exists, and now Indian law will actupon the horrors designed by mother-in-law insecurities

  4. You have said that “family structure” in india is “toxic” . So tell us what is ideal family structure ?? If you can’t say things on facts .. than don’t write this illogical , Indian value system bashing .
    sorry this is your job to write this kind of propoganda , but I hope you should check your facts … If your moral grounds are so high th;en you should also question “Rhea’s family” structure and its toxicness

  5. bengoli always see bhojpuri bihari as traditional labour class be it manual or educated(ias ips or engineer also educated labour class).
    a culture can not defined by noukri class people but there age old scientist and capitalist .that is the mirror of real IQ.check fact check scientist series in wiki vs Bihar.anand Kumar a math teacher termed as mathmatician,😂,in what state they stay ! No Capitalist power .only caste politics of ‘ham Bara ‘attitude.

    there culture so different from bengoli.
    rhea chakraborty, a real poor mad, in what sense go to love from this blood lines!! Really old proverb ‘kal ‘attaracts .

    a Brahmin bengoli very much different from bhojpuri she cope up with for few months with relationship!
    Bengal and Bihar share border there is no blood relation in last thousands of years due to seems in high society she forget it.later realised.
    it is good for modern day bengoli all over worrld also to analysis fact check that mentality psychology of traditional villains if not bimaru or r **e state.kitne had tak wo gir sakte hai or real mentality comes out in crisis .

    • Yes bongs are the day urban naxal’s and mind it without any class.
      Your such long para on drug peddler rehea speaks a lot about you bongs, such spineless culture less nonsense.
      And yes bihari’s are famous as labourers, but u bongs are famous blood peaches and are famous for bitches.

  6. its amazing to see the family’s love on social media and all the publicity they are getting. Simple fact: Sushant was alone in days leading to his death. Not his sister or his father was with him. Rhea wasnt around to stop them, so whats their excuse.

  7. Perpetrating racism does not need courage, but standing against it does. I had written an open letter to the respective media, which couldn’t dare to print. So i share the letter here for readers.

    Dear Ms Jyoti Yadav and Mr Shekhar Gupta, Chief Editor, The Print

    I read your article in The Print on “toxic Bihari families” and how the estranged wife targets the Bengali woman during monsoon in a kajri. By allowing such opinionated and prejudiced views to be published, the bar of objectivity and fairness has hit the dust; it’s the lowest when you go to the extent of categorising your labels, which stem from a mindset, naturalised in denominating Biharis as culturally backward and unscrupulous. But then, I was reminded of the shabby standards which we all point the other of being in, while standing in mess ourselves.

    India, admittedly, has a misogyny problem, more apparently felt in North India for its violent variety, but your journey from the particular of Rajput’s case to the ‘generalised deduction’ of Bihari families as toxic, has made the laws of physics come real in fantasy-anthropology. But, attitude toward women, considerably varies in character in different regions within North, which needs exploration and commenting in the context of its socio-cultural past, and not preset perceptions. Why would you choose to write an article on Bihar, a state you never experienced first-hand, evident in your distaste and lack of knowledge of its people and culture throughout the article, and not on the toxic masculinity of Haryana (which you belong to), which is directly or indirectly responsible for the dismal sex-ratio of the State (still the lowest in the country), and the heart-wrenching anecdotes of female infanticides? Why would you choose not to write an article on the toxicity that Bollywood spreads in the name of entertainment of the “ab karunga tere saath gandee baat” sorts, having petrified the female actor as a voluptuous object for long? Why would you wilfully choose to ignore Bihar in its tragic flood destiny and write an article that instead defends Bollywood’s extravagant notoriety, to say the least. You have displayed not just insensitivity but lack of wisdom in denying to choose from a wide variety of issues which would be of a much greater social relevance than this, that you’ve produced in the name of liberality; so much for fashioning yourself as a journalist of social issues!

    In all the articles that I read, written by Bengali women themselves, to rebut the repugnant slander of ‘black magic’ hurled at them on various social media platforms, the point sent home was how such profiling of any people or gender can precipitate an existing bias and misrepresentation into stereotypes, besides demeaning and hurting the subject. In times of populism, stereotypes have damaging consequences of discrimination and premature value judgements. Your piece is ‘one of its kind’ for two reasons: – first, it presumes to critique an existing stereotype by setting an equally (or more) nocuous stereotype; and second, such cultural stereotyping is ridiculously strange because it is carved out at the expense of the ‘receiving subject’ rather than the perpetrator. Every ‘Bihari family’ should think ‘twice’ before lodging an FIR against a Bengali woman, because in doing so they would risk, however unwittingly, exposing their illiberal ‘Bihariness’, their patriarchal and parochial attitudes to the Bengali, ‘black-magic-doing’ woman, and be reprimanded in future such articles to come.

    Black magic has found expression in cultures of every region in the subcontinent. Some references in literature or unique explorations, of the occult might have conferred the special status in black magic to Bengal in ancient or medieval India, by seeping through the oral narratives in most States today. Indian intelligentsia remains indifferent to the history of pre-Independence immigration from Bihar to Calcutta and abroad, which left a deep impact and imprint on Bihari society and psyche. To use the words of Arvind Narayan Das, “If soil (referring to saltpetre here) itself was a precious commodity for colonialism, and the produce of the soil more so, the sons of the soil were not left out of the trade”. The folklore that you mention has this context, where the beautiful modern Bengali woman’s attractiveness is married to magic in the amateurish imagination of a forlorn wife set in a primitive world, who is ready to offer all her gold for her husband’s return from the far-off pardesh of Calcutta; the union of black magic and Platonian misogyny can also be read in the metaphor of ‘Bombay’ as the woman that entices, the archetypal maya or mayanagri to be precise. As the twentieth century ran its course of socio-economic changes, in the face of modernity, the notion of black magic managed to survive, now in distortion, may be because the fear and power of ‘Bengali baba’ could be encashed by both Bengalis and non-Bengalis, or the agency and confidence of many Bengali girls must be unsettling to other cultures, or who knows. Today, Bihar on the contrary must have shed many of its stereotypes about Bengal, given its proximity, and vast populations that lived and are living in each other’s territory.

    Since the early days of Permanent Settlement and Zamindari system, Bihar failed to diversify its economy. The idea of ‘Shravan Kumar’ is a means to create the necessary moral conditions to aspire a service-job, which remains almost the only route to socio-economic upliftment in the middle class; while in the lower class, it helps rest of the unemployed family members to survive on Shravan’s earnings, who besides having to dissever his family, is paid and treated low. Whose funny bone do you tickle, when you apply this analogy to SSR? The only similarity that Sushant and Shravan have are in the letters ‘s’ and ‘h’. I am sorry, you are unaware of the real Shravan Kumars of India and not just Bihar; Sushant Singh Rajput could not provide the devil of a Bihari mother-in-law (dead long ago) for Rhea Chakraborty and did not need to make ends meet, he was a well-off Bollywood actor, whose upper middle class family held values not fitting your Shravan-family-profiling (or have they mended their beliefs after his experiences in live-in relationships for ten years until death) and could’ve survived without his “Shravan-ness”, as it will now. But, Shravan developed an Oedipal complex now and what specifically needs mention, as far as the social trajectory of Bihar is concerned, are the million micro mutinies in families, which have lead to necessary social transformation pressure and surge in inter-caste marriages unlike anywhere else.

    The prejudice against Biharis has already done a great damage to their identity and culture, as they continue to endure name-calling unabated and the word ‘Bihari’ continues be an infra-dig. I hope you pay attention to my genuine offense on behalf of a community and don’t let it pass like a hypocrite person-of-influence does. Finally, you owe a deep apology for disrespecting a whole community. The revered Shekhar Gupta has both shocked and assured by publishing and applauding the article.

    Wishing you wellness and wisdom,

    • This will not be easy for people to read or even understand This premise. We are so focused on family ties and that there can be nothing wrong in motives of blood relative, that we lose perspective. Often, we are guilt ridden if we are angry with our families or relatives. We have ‘default setting’ – he is my father/she is my sister so they have my interest at heart. It’s amazing how much ‘love’ is being shown on social media by the family. Yet the basic fact is that there was no loved one with him in days leading to suicide. If my family member is suicidal/depressed or even if being ‘manipulated by someone else’, I don’t think I would be in another city/country.

    • Ha ha ha… that definitely is the case… only someone out of their mind can come up with this nonsense… please can Justine hang up the journalism boots, pen, paper and keyboard please

  8. i dont know which family you came from.but that is for sure you have no sympathy for deceased family but total support for proven drug addict or drug giver.your parents will be proud of you

  9. madam jyoti,
    i dont know which family you came from.but that is for sure you have no sympathy for deceased family but total support for proven drug addict or drug giver.your parents will be proud of you.

  10. Finally I chanced upon a sensible article on a sensitive issue. Cowbelt culture – wow that’s a new vocabulary for me. Actually I agree with your point. The stress of being a Shravan Kumar is so much that the pressure can make a dead body to grow up to 14 feet in the time span of a few hours. But then you are already aware of this trend because your article seems to be well researched on Bihari culture. Trust me it takes guts to put an article like this. You’re giving tough competition to Rajdeep Sardesai. Afterall how many have the courage to do things which only results in being insulted publicly. Don’t worry, you can still publish such things when you’re high on MJ. Just my opinion you see like yours I had to bear.

    • May be because ms Jyoti the Jatin is on withdrawal symptoms, as her bestie rehea the murderer s in jail, don’t worry you along with others like Rajdeep are going to be cleansed from the shit gutter of rehea culture in which you are drowning.
      Wish u speedy recovery from drugs.
      Next time sasta mat phukna

  11. Hi Jyoti,

    You have a lot of courage for writing this article. I support your opinion and wish for more power to you!

    • Author’s analysis is a total crap. The truth is staring at us and still we choose to support the wrong people. Karm and karma goes hand in hand so you will get what you give. Even though I am bengali women I will not support the wrong doer. Sushant is getting so much support because he was a genuinely nice person and an exceptional actor. And it is only after he is gone that I am getting to know him and feeling so helpless at his loss. What is causing me much grief is knowing the pain he must have endured. Life has been very unfair but let our prayers give him peace. Know that you are much adored and loved by many. Rest in peace !

    • Yes, of course, writing garbage needs a lot of courage. Absolutely shameful article. I don’t know what cow belt family you come from, but most north indian families are not rigid like you claim. Why don’t you quote some research paper on your subject and stop pulling shit theories out of your ass.

  12. I don’t agree with your viewpoint completely. Although, I am aware that such kind of families does exist but not Sushant’s family. Had his father been obsessed with him, he wouldn’t have let him drop out of his college. Regarding his relationship, SSR had a relationship with Ankita Lokhande for 7 years, if his family would have had objection, then he would not have een able to do so. If you really think that Rhea is innocent, then why is her lawyers not supporting CBI inquiry and why had she disappeared after FIR was filed against her. Lastly stp using the term “cow belt” for referring to the entire Northern region. It’s very irresponsible of you to use such racist terms.

    • Sir, you are too mild in your manners. But I will not stop short of calling this article the smelliest piece of human shit I have ever come across. These paid PR people don’t deserve any respect.

    • Dear friend he is now GF of godfather family of Maharastra from a biggest and well known family person.

      So she has no fear now and now you can see if she is really very Sad and fealing lonely without SSR then how could she use a ward your asss???

      A girl who lost his BF which she used to ward call his future husband her whole world, after few days of he passed away she is using this ugly words???

      Can you imagine that wat this girl really is???

  13. This article and the author is shitty and toxic. Just tell us who has paid you to publish such shit ? The family’s claims are not unfounded and everyone knows there are loopholes. All that all of his fans want is closure which is nowhere in sight and everyone can see this botched up investigation. Just please do us a favour and stop writing and spare us shitty journalism Jyoti Yadav , will you!

  14. I want to know from our expert readers whether Sushant’s death was by suicide due to nepotism or murder by rhea. if its murder by rhea pls leave bollywood alone, and if its suicide due to nepotism pls leave rhea alone. whats with the witchunt. any way the matter is subjudice why are we calling rhea names just for the heck of it

  15. The author contradicts herself. On one side she tells us not to engage in stereotyping Bengali women, and accept Clinical depression as a medical condition objectively, while on the other side, goes on to conclude that Sushant’s family was a so-called typical Bihari family and a typical middle class family. This is also an undue criticism of an social class or community, which she herself tries to be a critic of.

  16. Very harsh comments for the author. Typical of people that have watched 12 Angry Men. Anyway, nice analysis by author. We cant say it would be 100 percent true but who can ever say anything with surety in this world. Keep up the good work of thinking beyond obvious. Herd mentality needs some respite, and you did with your analysis. As for family grief and love, lucky are those that get the much needed help from families when they go through struggles like mental illnesses, job losses, heart losses or confusions in life. I pity those people, whose family only come to pronounce how happy they are when they see world going gaga over their child. Seriously sometime I want to say cheers to Rhea for handling a person going through confusing phase of life. But I wont cheer her since we really dont know what happened or has been happening in Sushant’s personal/emotional life not the glorious life his family & friends share with his followers all the time. Hope to see justice for the dead soul. Thanks & love to the author.

    • “Nice analysis by author”. Really. Have you read a book in your life. Stereotyping without looking into the intricacies of the situation is analysis. I am sure your have a higher IQ than that german scientist. What was he called? Yes, Einstein.

      This happens when stupid and toxic people get power of pen

  17. Such a piece of shit! Non sensical article ! Might have been true somewhere ,but definitely not here. How can you say something like that when Ankita, Sushant’s ex- girlfriend of 6years was in touch with his family even after their break-up. This is plain slandering. A defamation case should be lodged against Jyoti Yadav and the Print. As a society, a lot of us ( like the writer here) have lost our humanity and conscience. And if you could sense the direction and the strength of the wind, you wouldn’t have written this shit without any facts and with pure intention of maligning an already distraught family. Such a shame! I only read a paragraph and my blood boiled. Shame! Shame! Shame!

  18. The Print is gone to the dogs. Who will support such journalism. Its time for “The Prtint” to close your shop and stay at home. Journalism is not your cup of tea if you have hired “bikau” journalists like Jyoti Yadav.

  19. Its hard to believe that no arrest has been made yet. Cops should take that bitch for interrogation and use 3rd degree or any possible method to know the truth. If it won’t happen in next few weeks they all will fly out from India and it will be very hard to prosecute them. At least all the suspects should be in high surveillance and passports should forfeit by court.

  20. Please get your facts right before you pursue any kind of journalism! It can clearly be seen that you are biased in what you write about. Please do justice atleast to your own profession, let alone Sushant Singh Rajput. Your “print” is highly misleading for people who may have just started hearing for the first time about who SSR is and what happened to him. This piece of news is not the truth. Please refer to more creditable newspapers like The Times of India for factual information and some inspiration, if I may, to understand what truth actually looks like.

    • I had high regards for Shekhar Gupta. But this article has proved Print is no better than the Lutyens. Such biased journalism can come out of Print is shameful for its editor in chief. Jyoti Yadav seems to be a trash journalist.

    • Shame on Shekhar Gupta the editor in chief to even allow this trash journalism from his platform. Print is no better than the Lutyens journalists

  21. This woman has been bought out by shiv sena and cronies. It’s an open secret that the media is a pawn for these merciless politicians. Someone should ask this writer how would she react if this was her brother? This is the same type of person who was an obstacle in the nirbhaya case and now this b&@$h is trying to bring in the woman angle. NO – this is a criminal case and needs a criminal investigation and btw since your entire argument is already prejudging that Rhea is innocent even when the BOMBAY police screwed up the fake investigation how come she is silent when Sanjay Raut and Sharad Pawar are mercilessly attacking his family? What is Sanjay Raut hiding? The shiv sena ordered tampering of evidence. Open and shut case. These hooligans have been aggressive and scared the public for too long. That time in history is over. The people of this country will revolt and we will topple these politicians now.

  22. Good article.. Ignore the negative comments.. I support. People think they know everything abt SSR. In India, pll always think allegations are considered as convictions. (Talwars!). Just don’t want to wait till ANY truth comes out. We hv full history abt it. Then ur counter attack is justified to protect the healthy journalism when jingoism is the mainstream journalism.
    Btw, why call it cow belt.? Find more suitable word!

    • Okay, You are saying about the history of journalism. About media trials. But how is this article different? She made allegations not only on Sushant’s father. But all the cow belt. Specially Bihar. How can this be justified?

      • I believe her anger is visible using derogatory word.
        What I think, is Ultimately, if it is right now Rhea, next may be anyone. Just accuse anyone & done!
        Point is nothing can be hidden in electronics age. Wait for the truth to come out. And suicide or mental disorder or errors happen in life, it’s fact. Can’t say ki why one did it as no reason seems to do so, kisi ne karvai hogi.
        If, SSR was intellectual person in our view, then why to defame him of being lallu pappu ki koi bhi aake use bewakuf bana jaye.
        Maintain dignity of dead & alive !

  23. I am a married Bihari, i have friends in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Bihar, and relatives in Delhi, Maharashtra, Bihar, Andhra, M.P., Jharkhand, i mean all over. And believe me, i have heard women being backbitten and experienced all that you have written. This whole belief is Indian, and perhaps in more than half of the Indian families, specially in north India. So let anyone say anything in the comments, I agree with what your above articles have to say.

  24. Oh look at the twitterati take over, claim to have all the details of the case and pounce on the writer. The article is clearly written under the opinion section and look at some of you call it garbage journalism. The author is sharing her opinion and you all call it garbage but are quick to share your opinions and expect people to accept your opinion? It’s worth understanding what rights one has when living in a free democratic society. In addition, if the article made you cringe it’s worth asking yourself how can you help be a part of the change within society as opposed to going after an individual who is merely lifting up a mirror to society. We have too many arm chair civil and social experts nowadays who hide behind a keyboard and jump to take down every individual’s work. It’s more reflective of your need for attention than anything else.
    Jyoti- this is a well constructed argument and one to ponder about. No one knows what the truth is and you raise some very arguments. Dnt let these trolls get to you. They accuse folks of bullying SSR and when someone doesn’t agree with their viewpoint they literally bully the individuals, hypocracy at its finest.
    P.S I’ll be accused of being a fake account or even the journalist posting to defend the article. For the record, I’m an independent thinking Indian citizen and for the sake of mental sanity would prefer to use an alias when sharing this post.

    • My uncle paid you to write this comment as far as I recall! You should ask for more money for writing in so much detail.

  25. What a sorry state of affair the writer is, she is trying to sound intelligent behind her falsified arguments . Every girl in India is not called what Rhea is called. It seems you are far departed from the truth and trying to compare Rhea with Ravindranath Tagore’s characters is quite hilarious in a way that makes my mouth sour of the toxic taste of your whimsical comparison. All that English is waste — if your thoughts are garbage. You seem to be the only dumb person to consider all the investigations and the evidences against Rhea as something limited to the “ladla” and “laadli”issues !! So when a women does a crime/ is party to it, you find the time to bring up issues of sexism and gender bias in the Indian society— and you have been sleeping all this while? I am tempted to say that you need a life. Please get some perspective , I hope your problems in approaches in a tragic tale as this, is just limited to Sushant and Rhea, or else I am assuming your mind is in hopeless state and needs a rebirth.

  26. If you guys cannot support the grieving family then do a favour on us and pleas keep your mouth shut. Misleading your readers by writing such derogatory articles doesn’t make you guys “good journalists” and hence yoh saved me from donating money to you guys for your so called this “Good journalism”.
    SG you are no different from Rajdeep or Barkha…..

  27. This is so baseless! How do explain them tolerating Ankita for 7 years then? She is on good terms with them post their breakup also. Please stop generalising and spewing garbage just because you have a pen in your hand. And why just Bihar, you can say that about several families in India but don’t say this to support the accused and make the grieving family look bad!

    • You seem to be taking the case to another tangent! This is a murder case. not lets defend Rhea and blame the family who lost the son!!! Oh you must be the ‘friendly media’ … Good luck with the false agenda.

  28. You seem to be miles away from whatever is happening… ED didn’t call Rhea because of his conservative Bihari family…They are not free looser like you… They are putting so much effort and their precious time because they can see what Rhea has been doing… Paying for expenses of your girlfriends’ s family is not wrong but your girlfriend should not be hiding the details when you are gone…..
    Shitty people… Shitty Journalism…. #CBIFORSUSHANT

  29. To think I had started to trust print as an unbiased news source ! I even paid for the so called “good Journalism” based on SG’s asking viewers . But I guess you guys are also being paid loads of money from the “bollywood biggies” and your viewers contribution means absolutely nothing . My mistake . Didnt know that you guys were sell outs too . Only I was a fool.

  30. Very sorry to hear Jyoti what happened to you! I can imagine what you or your women in ur family has gone thru due to such a social upbringing!
    Hope you do not mete out the same treatment to your daughter in law..
    But this is not applicable to Sushant as his family is educated and much outside such cave-age!

  31. The most biased, ill informed, stereotype promoting piece of filth I have come across in recent times. Feel pity for you. Assume this is what you must have experienced first hand with your family. I wonder who the hell allowed this to be printed.

    • Totally agree. print opinions and and articles relating to Indian way if life and Sushanth has been always derogatory .

    • Totally agree. print opinions and and articles relating to Indian way if life and Sushanth has been always derogatory .

  32. Jyoti Yadav, if you consider yourself as journalist, then leave journalism because people don’t want to listen or read your irrelevant, judge-mental, racist, inappropriate views on Sushant Singh and its family. This fight is for righteousness and justice. It doesn’t matter from which caste or state a person is. Stop pointing out to people of Bihar. Before raising a finger to anyone, I am asking you – what is your personal agenda over here?? By doing this, you are on the side of culprits/criminals and karma will come back to you too. Watch out your mouth before spewing the poisonous words because one day the same poison will harm you. Infact, police complaint should be filed against you for spreading false and derogatory information.

    • These people should leave journalism,someone will die in their family by some influencial people then they will realise.
      Shame on you guys calling anyone from a toxic bihari family.
      Who are you to called such things.
      I will pray that God should be punish you all.

    • The shrawan Kumar that you are talking about in this article has died ! He had DIED mysteriously ! The family open up after his death to know what went behind his death ! Your low cognitive capability to reduce this situation to a mother in law daughter in law tiff just goes is extremely narrow minded , judgemental and objectionable ! Hope your future daughter in law doesn’t fall prey to your judgemental attitude !

  33. Horrible article. No research, no facts, just mudslinging without evidence. Jyoti Yadav should go back to Journalism 101

    • Ms. Jyoti Yadav – you just made sweeping comments without any evidence whatsoever. So what I’d now like from you is some clarification on whether you received any reimbursement from Rhea or Shiv Sena/NCP/Congress for this “hit piece”. Your response please?

  34. Coming from a bihari middle class family who is married to a non-bihari city girl I can just say that “this article is utter bullshit”

  35. *Hahaaha……what a pathetic article big shame on your journalism Jyoti Yadav how much being paid to you by Rhea or shiv sena above mentioned each comment is a tight slap on your face…..*

  36. I pity on you and i don’t know how does even the cheif editor of this page approve such posts. Such a derogative piece it is and so obnoxious. Certaily this lady deals with real shitty people and that’s why her intelligence remained at bottom. May God bless with some enlightenment. She needs this badly. And one more thing, i used to follow this page for reliable updates but it has now turned into people’s PR team to serve their personal propaganda. I am unfollowing this page otherwise my mindset may stoop this low.

  37. SG, I am so disappointed with this article. I was so happy with ThePrint until i read this, i thought you were a centrist unlike Barkha, Rajdeep or Arnab. Wanted to donate to ThePrint as i thought finally somebody is giving us some good content which is neither left or right. But, people cannot hide their true colors for too long. You are in the. same clan as Barkha and Rajdeep. You were just pretending all these days. Just because Arnab is supporting SSR, doesn’t mean that all the left wing loons have to slander SSR and his family. Doesn’t make any sense at all. Anyway you saved me some money. Thanks

  38. I have not read such a FAALTU,idiotic,disgusting post ever. And one second! Wasn’t Ankita Lokhande a big-city actress girlfriend of their son too? Then why they treat her like a family member? Let’s accept for a while they are accusing Rhea Chakraborty wrongly. But what about the findings made by Bihar Police,ED or CBI? Did Sushant’s family call her “witch”,” Gold-digger”? Stop putting feminism everywhere. There is something called justice. Yes she isn’t proven guilty yet,but again she isn’t acquitted from the charges.If he was Shravan Kumar to his family wasn’t he an ATM card for Rhea? How can she afford such an expensive lawyer(10lacs/hearing) and that lifestyle with that 12lacs per annum income of her? If she has some other sources of income other than Sushant why isn’t she revealing it?

  39. If the Bihari guy is living with a Bengali girl ur article might work. If Bihari is dead and gone under confined circumstances, and will never come back, his family would question, cops would question, fans would question. It requires common sense to know this. Well tried though ,to fit ur patriarchal, Bihari, Bengali theories.

  40. This journalist she thinks she knows everything and she witnessed the truth behind Sushants death and knows every details about sushants family how they are and what they are. Even she knows rhea pretty well. This is not about bihari family it is being uneducated Indian who gives taboo to everything without knowing the life of others. I doubt her education and her environment. A educated person can never use the taboo like bihari family. I am not a Bihari but I can say toxic people exist everywhere in every communities. She just can’t give it a tag for every bihari families. This journal is getting bakwas day by day.

  41. Darling, you need to do more exhaustive research than this, better read Vishal Kirti’s reply in his blog, he has better writing skills than you have demonstrated. “A bihari friend of mine”, thats your research ? Your research is not only lame, its lazy and toxic. Maybe “The Print” should hire Vishal, he sounds more well read and balanceed in his writing than you do. Moreover, starting your article with words like “cow belt states”, this plainly suggests that you are biased to the core, hence your writing has no credibility. You should apologise to the family that you know nothing about but are taking the liberty to stereotype.

  42. Darling if you understand Bihar from one or two of your friends then you definitely need to expand your circle or better still, visit the state. You have no right to impose your stereotypical views on a family you know nothing about. Vishal Kirti has given an apt response to you in his blog. Better read that, it’s a tight slap on your disgraceful article.

  43. Most shittiest article to support the criminals of country. Baseless and pointless points. Extremely disappointed to read and see. Such a shame on journalism. You have been writing and supporting Rhea left right and center. Enough politics has been played. Think before you write such pieces. We are Indians and not divided by states, such shitty thinking.

  44. I am from bihar. I got married in a himachali family. My parents always supported me, rather my husbands parents are conservative and they never wanted to understand their son. My parents always supported my brother, even when his girlfriend left him and he was in depression. So, this journalist has written a bullshit about bihar n biharis. Conservative minded parents kahin bhi ho sakte hain, himachal punjab ho, chahe mumbai ho. Kahin bhi you duffer criminal supporter. Bloody Hypocrat

  45. Very well written article. These kinda articles are the reason why I don’t give a damn about sociopolitical scenario of India, specifically the attitude and mindset towards a specific state of the so-called elites from metropolitan cities of India.

    Anything and everything that people say about Bihar and Bihari is more true about their own locality and the state in which their state is in. Great article! It helped me with my apathy for India and so-called elites and their pathetic state even more.

  46. It’s funny how we have normalised this behaviour in the name of culture although most of us have been affected by this. Rightly pointed out by Ms. Jyoti. Great article.

  47. The world has realized that terr’ism is actually J’had. J’hadis will run helter-skelter, and the pseudo-J’hadis better run as well. Anyways, you don’t have much time left.

  48. This is excellent understanding of Indian society. I belong to a Punjabi family, and it is not very different from what you have explained.
    The burden of being Shravan Kumar is too much, especially when parents are stuck in previous world, and we want to taste success in modern world.
    Ignore negative comments. These are people who dont understand depression, and are not reading your article rationally.

  49. Did not expect such a monologue from The Print. While all the harsh comments on the suspect is not the good sign of a progressive society, the underlying and strong sentiment of the public, that also in quite some days after the incident /investigation is not to be looked out upon.

    The Shrawan Kumar theory is quite baseless but, does grab attention and makes momentary sense, but, the writer has gone way overboard. If the allegations were just for monetary misconduct, it was just okay, but, here is the matter of life and death.
    Please have team reviewers before publishing, your article is not a social media post, you are responsible!

    How would you explain his post dedicated to his sister and brother-in-law?
    You are supposed to lead us with a batter mind than ours, this made me feel like your mind is well formed than an average person.

    I will see how you report the ongoing of this case.

    If Rhea is proven guilty , I will look how/what you will write!

  50. Being a free speech advocate, I stand by your right of saying what you have said.

    I would also use my own free speech to state that this personal opinion of yours is rubbish.

    Carefully think before maligning an entire community, especially one which already suffers discrimination across the country, about which people already have negative pre conceived notions.

    As if enduring ‘ e bihari’ or ‘ bihari hai kya’ , on a daily basis was not enough, I now also have to defend my parents, my society and culture and my ” cow belt” at work.

    To point out the shortcomings in a society is one thing, but to be inconsiderate and condescending while doing so is not responsible journalism.

  51. This article is a disgrace. How much were you paid by to paint a rosy picture of this gold digger and biggest manipulator?? I have not read a more toxic article in my life! So you’re actually glorifying the dastardly act ? This article is pure paid media. Shameful absolutely.

  52. Bihari family of sushant is not only saying that he was not depressed. Ankita Lokhande, his old staff, his co-actors, directors also says that he cannot be depressed. Don’t blame or generalize any state culture. I also married bihari boy and our love was accepted with an open heart in his family… Your opinion is totally biased and useless. It is a case of a pure gentleman who was got killed and all his fans want to know what is the real cause. Shameful article cum journalism.

  53. Jyoti Yadav better apologizes for whatever you have said. You are a journalist and you have the right to write but only based on your research. One more thing Jyoti Yadav, try and imagine once if it would have been your son in place of SSR, so would you have written all this?

    Also, there is a news Rhea Chakraborty was looking for a paid publication who would try and improve her image in the country through there publication. I wonder was “The Print” contacted and was the task assigned to you?

  54. This poor girl is trying to earn a living by monetising someone’s death. Let her be.
    Jokes apart, this is the most cringeworthy article of 2020. It is so distasteful that it just makes me wanna barf on this ‘writer’s’ face. This ‘journalist’ clearly has supremely low standard of ethics, sub par emotional intelligence and wants to put a feministic spin on a superstar’s death. Research some? You can look at Sushant’s interviews where he unfailingly talks about his sisters and the bond they share. Stop crapping

  55. This is the most irresponsible and stupidest piece of shit i have ever read . She just goes on blaming , and spreading her narrow mindset .Coming from such a reputed news outlet , these article should atleast be pear reviewed before coming out , not expected from The Print. This article is just giving bad name to the The Print and the brilliant journalism of Shekhar Gupta . Making assumptions without any Hard Facts is not Journalism , Baselessly pointing fingers will not.

  56. You should have sold this as your personal story. You need to see some psychiatrists. Ohh, probably you should take your mom and dad first

  57. Kitne paise liye behen tune ye bakwasiyan pelne ke???? He could be your brother too.. tum jaise bikau logonki wajah se ye case itna ulja hua h… Rhea ki Rheality jis din bahar aayegi uss din baat karo tum… u brainless bikau journalist..b

  58. Really disappointed with The Print for supporting and sporting such a shameful piece of an article, done in such a poor taste that went on to get qualified to be on your website for the million of the viewers to watch. I’ve never seen such toxic journalism before that is targeting the grieving family members. Show some empathy, lady! Just because the article is tagged under ‘POV’; doesn’t mean that such acerbic, demeaning words should be used against the family members. And the title of the article and the contents…my god, Jyoti, doesn’t it scream racism loud and clear, with an attempt to make certain remarks universal to all the families belonging to Bihar? I pity your taste of journalism. Sorry, THE PRINT…as a person who really appreciates good content, you have lost my respect.

  59. Thank god ! thank you for existing and writing this. There finally comes FIRST AND SINGLE voice about the TOXICITY of a Bihari family and how nearly every family has someone suffering with mental issue and how most of them live with a fake makeup idea of a family. Survival in Bihar is tough – bad education, illiteracy, poverty and lack of job but the biggest survival challenge comes from FAMILY ! anyone who is least rational and lived there , knows that !

    Thank you for bringing this to national debate. We own you.

  60. Any way to report this article or this newspaper!! Such a shitty, biased attention garnering piece!! Isi ke lye funding ki bheeekh mangte ho hat article ke niche!! GTH this shitty media house, may you end soon

  61. Such a waste of space ..sheer nonsense and an attack on Bihari culture. Shame on your prejudiced mind. Get well soon

  62. This is a very skewed article and looks like personal opinion of a lady motivated by some agenda well , can well be funded as well. As Journalists, ethics should be maintained while reporting facts and speculations. This very kind of reporting is similar to Uncles gossiping after retirement on tea stalls but that is okay, it’s harmless but to put an article across young impressionable minds, I doubt why such articles should not be treated as offensive and terrioristic as it is creating impressions without facts. Deeply discouraged by Print in supporting such articles. I thought our literacy rate was well above 50% .. This article shows that even the good 50% is no good

  63. What do you have to say about Shiv Sena trying to cover up the fact that Sushant was prestnt in Aditya’s party, one day before Sushant’s murder and the CBI will summon Aditya and this will ultimately bring down the Shiv Sena government?

  64. ज्योति यादव , ग़ज़ब की गंध लेखक निकली हो | हमको तो लगता है तुमको बिहार और बिहारी संस्कृति के बारे में कुच्छो पता नहीं है फिर भी कुच्छो लिख दी | सैलरी जो मिल रहा उसको तर्कसंगत बनाने की कोशिश कर रही हो का ? सही का साथ दो और गलत से बच के रहो , नहीं तो कल भी कोई नहीं पूछ रहा था और आज वैसे ही गंध फैला दी हो तो आने वाले कल में भी कोई नहीं पूछने वाला |

  65. Are you choosing to ignore the Financial Misappropriation that is evident by ED probe and Rhea’s inability to justify her NETWORTH?

    Be more responsible in showcasing your “opinion”, Omission of important facts, while making your case is not appreciated.

    If you look into the following , you can see why the family and fans are anguished
    1. Rhea’s non co-operation with enquiry and her Reversal of stand for CBI Probe – why she afraid if she is honest?
    2. Ditching him and blocking his number while he was getting threats ? ( sim card changed multiple times during that week)
    3. Alienating family and friends , taking control of finances and medications – there are not signs of a new relationship , people grow into such intimacy after long time. May be they were quick to realised “Made for each other, let’s get married” but given how it ended, raises suspicions on her.
    4. If she is innocent, why she is not COMING CLEAN and declaring her version of the story. What is there to HIDE???

    The family is not being CYNICAL for the sake of it. These are LEGIT concerns of the family who lost their son. Even if there were 4 more brothers, the narrative and events would have been questioned in the same manner. So please read up the FACTS and Be RESPONSIBLE.

    Or you want to make a Click-bait title for more views. Highly disappointed!!!!

  66. I think the author of this article has given the right portrayal of the society of the backward state in india which he has rightly mentioned…Every word of him is correct…Due to this backward shravan kumar mentality the married girls are made choked in their in law homes with ghoonghat,dish washing at 12 am in night,washing clothes ,serving like servants and not complaining .In the same time her husband is working somewhere else outside the cow belt society and no one to listen to support her.No body will question her husband either he does right or wrong because as rightly said by the author he is stamped of being the perfect son by his parents who are themselves born and brought in that backward thinking environment by their ancestors.

  67. You keep reposting the sams article each day on google i have reported you.

    Just to gain traction you are doing that and with what audaicty.

    Everyone report them to google.

  68. How dare you and who are you… to write such a futile article about bihar and bihar… show some sense before you write something on huge platform… we want justice for SSR and yes many people thinkt that Rhea is the first conspirator and she z d real culprit.

  69. Dear Jyoti Yadav and whole Print team,

    I hope and pray from the bottom of my heart that you all marry a person like Rhea Chakraborty since you love supporting her so much. ❤️ I’m sure your life will be happy secluded from your family, your loved ones, your happiness, your jobs and your finances. You can rejoice happily in the medications Rhea gives you. Why are you asking us to support theprint? Go to Rhea so that she can pay you guys with all the money she has stolen from our dear Sushant.

  70. This article proves that how lowly creatures have become journalists. Had SSR family been so typical, at the first hand they would not have allowed their son to go to live-in relationships. And above all they would not have allowed his engineer son who cracked national entrance and was Physics Olympiad national topper to join film industry. The perception of Bihar is so much wrong with this author..she has no clue what Biharis are doing…in fact in her own profession the finest journalists are actually coming from Bihar including Ravish Kumar and Ashutosh. And above all….what is wrong is being Shravan Kumar? They are the idols which every indian should follow…u r not grown to forget your parents. You may be that much thankless but thankfully Biharis r not! Or r u trying to tell us that ignoring parents and family is the new cool definition and social norm and only such people should be respected? This corrupt author expects that SSR family should stop asking for justice …just coz a lady is suspected to be criminal…or some big shot neta in power in maharastra has fed them to write this all crap. One after another articles these guys are publishing with utter crap and useless content. Inf act his article becomes liable of practising open racism and bias against a community with useless allegations and the author and editor must be tried and sent to jail for this. Leave aside giving certificate to Rhea, the conduct of this lady even before public suggests that she is a very well developed criminal mind who goes into underground when police tried to contact her and to take her statement, she asked ED to not appear in case, she has lodged a request in SC to transfer her case from Bihar to Mumbai so that she could Mumbai police could as usual help her…despite of being absconding she was in regular touch with a Mumbai police cop clandestinely….and left the man to die while blocking his phone and looting his money. I seek case on Print Editor and the author who wrote this bullshit.

    • Some people like this “journalist” try to hid there toxic thinking behind some poorly crafted academic arguments.

  71. looks like the author has got a binary view of things. There could be some truth but the incident seems to be a hypothesis of author’s ultra feminist mindset. Her past articles also point in same direction. This looks like a desperate attempt to look different from popular view . She should be taking rational view of the world around her and not overgeneralize her past experiences. The print is a respected platform started by a veteran and respected journalist. I am always for independent but unbiased journalism.

    May god bless you.

  72. Very badly written! Disgusting choice of words. You are sick. May God help you in speedy recovery. You really need help.

  73. This third class paid journalist, it seems is going through severe depression, she urgently needs to see a psychiatrist ..
    what if she suffers from bipolar disorder?
    She is seriously sick… would advice her to get some Quitipins from Pithani!!

    I am a YADAV,
    I am ashamed of JYOTI YADAV
    Aaaak thoooo

  74. Everytime I think media can’t stoop lower than this, I get surprised by these ‘idiots elites’ who have so much wrong in their theorems and tactics.
    We are getting your propaganda The Print!
    This is a desperate attempt of whitewashing Rhea’s image by maligning the image of all Bihari families.
    People are wrong when they blame entire Bengali population for Jaadu totka.
    People are wrong when they call the every Bihari Family Toxic. And YOU ARE WRONG HERE!
    And don’t come saying you aren’t blaming every Bihari Family because no matter what you say , this article says a lot. And it also says how small your field of observation is. And even smaller is your stereotype about Biharis. Blaming Sushant’s family as Toxic, you are disgracing journalism and justice.
    Shame on you!
    Shame on You The Print!

  75. ArnaB Goswami Rocked.. watch Republic or Times now…..

    Hope Ms. Yadav and Shekhar Gupta Soul Rest in Peace….and then there beloved families may get chance to read any such article.They will enjoy.

  76. Such a pathetic peace of writing. Kindly fire such journalists or else you’ll end up losing faithful readers like me. I just unfollowed print everywhere, request other people to do the same.

  77. Jyoti yadav…You must have been “PAID” to write this “GOBAR”. It appears you hardly understand the family structure and value-system of Gangetic plains. You better start campaigning agency where you can claim to sell any shit. It’s highly an inaccurate, stupid and xenocentric piece of writing.

  78. What nonsense. Even if she wants to take Rhea’s side, the content is utterly nonsensical. She could have made better arguments for Rhea.

  79. How stupid can this person be who has written this article? I don’t know the truth about SSR death so I won’t comment on who is at fault. I am sure the family has enough evidence to file a complaint after nearly a month from his death. They could have blamed Rhea on day one itself going by what is written in this article. Being cultured and civilized they did not want to accuse without evidence. If the girlfriend was the issue then they should have hated Ankita too. This article is just trash, please don’t call it journalism. Writing such trash undermines the pain that the family is going through.

  80. I accept some of your arguments that most of the Indian families are patriarchal and people really don’t accept the issue of mental health. I am also completely against SM trials. But if Reah is truely a woman in his life, he would not probably take this extreme step. She was in a live-in relationship for year going by the media reports and when he is suffering from depression she should not walk out of his home. She should have held his hand strongly. That is not the case here. Your should have introspected that too in your article. The family felt that there is a financial irregularities and that’s why they filed an FIR. In modern times, no family wants to interfere their child’s life even if they see something amiss. But when suicide like thing happens, the family definitely deserve a lot of answers.

    • I disagree with the gross generalization, although I’m painfully aware of Bengali women typecast as seductress in pop-culture of Bihar. However, I agree with the key message- Sushant Singh Rajput was a smart , self-made man who is fully aware of his decisions. If he distanced himself from his family, it was by his own choice. Painting him as a “bechara” who doesn’t have a mind of his own and is controlled by an younger woman is demeaning him. It’s not like he had never been with a girl before or that he was naive. On one hand conspiracy theorists are saying SSR was so smart n talented how could he have mental health issues (right Van Gogh, John Nash, Ludwig Boltzman were all dumb?). On the other hand they are also saying that Rhea took control of his life, she took away his phone(!), bank account, cut him off his family… That just doesn’t make any sense at all.
      Again, if Rhea has siphoned crores worth money that she is being accused of, CBI will find that out, and she will face legal consequences. One can’t do that by sitting in a couch and watching crime thrillers all day and saying that the whole world is conspiring to protect your highness RC.

  81. First of all the writer is herself an idiot who has double standards… Ppl calling Rhea a witch because she is a Bengali is wrong, but so is you calling the entire Bihar wrong. Patriarchy exists not just in india but on many parts of the world…not just in middle class but majorly in high class societies…
    Also don’t forget the fact that a middle class bihari boy left his education and went on to be an actor… Would it be possible if the family was narrow minded…
    Also it doesnt matter what the family thinks of the girlfriend… What matters is the truth.. What happened when she came into his life… What was the reason for his mental illness, why couldn’t she try her best to avoid what happened…
    After all, we have seen thousands of people best depression with the support of lived ones who constantly stock by their side… Where was the girlfriend at that time….
    If blaming her his wrong… Then so is blaming his family who had raised an independent man… This article is just a biased stupid ranting by a lame writer with preconceived thoughts…
    It’s no less than the cheap news channels using the situation for their benefits

    • So true!! What an idiotic article. No explanation as to why Rhea had to change all his staff, his changing sim cards, financial irregularities after she entered his life.
      And ofcourse by personal experience I know that we tend to post and talk more about tje parent we have lost. However, Sushant did mention time and agaim that he has learned through his father that you can learn a lot of things. He always said that the person he felt closest to was his sister Priyanka.
      This is just an ill-informed piece of shit article trying to defame the family and their fight for justice, in the name of societal traditions.

    • Absolutely right.
      The writer of this article appears to be safeguarding Rhea Chakraborty for the reasons best known to him only.
      Now a days, no family expects his son to be a Shravan Kumar as alleged.
      The parents just want the kids to live a happy life. Love marriage is widely accepted in our society., though live-in relationship is not considered good but parents tolarate it if they find the things going on well.
      In instant case, Rhea Chakraborty is a real villain.
      She used Sushant for extorting money only and the evidence show that she joined hands with the killers also.

  82. Paid stooges- it should be criminal to write such nonsense articles. Defaming a family and a place for some pennies. True example of disgusting journalism.

  83. Hi Jyoti, and the fact that you can conveniently tag the family as “cow belt” dwellers is ok? Yes, any sane person can distance themselves from toxicity ONLY if they are not been drugged 18hours a day, and everything you have said about men having multiple affairs and settling for the ideal bahu, holds equally true for women as well so lets not make this a gender issue questioning the social fabric of the hinterland. If anything the social fabric is slightly better than the misplaced, glamourised, detached, and lost social fabric of the tinsel town / urban India. I am not denying the issues that exist and age old biases that need to change but to say that it is unique to what you refer as ‘cow belt’ is not only misinformed but has NOTHING to do with Sushant’s case. His family is questioning the sequence of events based on facts and the tell tale signs. It is not right to call the girl names or tag an entire community but when there is public outrage, being politically correct takes a back seat. I find your article insensitive, blinded by your own biases and completely ignoring glaring facts. Expected better from someone working at The Print, a platform I have grown to admire and respect immensely for your impartial views. Disappointed.

  84. Nobody knows the cause of SSRs deaths and whether anyone is to be blamed for it at all. Only the police, the investigation agencies and the judiciary can make that decision. And just like Rhea Chakraborty could very well be a victim of the media court, the author of this article has also mindlessly blamed the family for his death. How different is this article from other media, except that the writer chose to vouch for the other side??

    More so she uses this case to shame the whole of Bihar and North India. The worst a journalist can do!

    I have personally no opinion or knowledge in matter of SSR death case. But I do know that this kind of journalism is a product of prejudiced and a hypocritical so- called modern India which chooses to promote the content that pleases a certain section of the society than say the truth!

  85. The disclaimer that you have put at the end, Viws are personal, is the only thing right about this article. Your views are derogatory and rudimentary. And this kind of journalism and so called ‘journalists ‘should never be supported.
    You bring toxicity in life of millions. You bring a sense of vengeance in them by writing such shit piece.
    Get a life and go start with the basics again..Go learn ABCD like a3 year old because this article shows your brain is still in developmental phase, MAAM

  86. Shame on you for writing such nonsense article and I will pray to God for your early recovery.May God give you insight to look upon your work and take corrective steps.

  87. What a disgusting and venomous article!!!!!! Left such a bad taste. In the name of journalism how can u be so irresponsible. Absolutely no facts related to the case just the mere imagination of the writer. Journalism is about looking into evidence, facts and then reporting it not sharing what u just believe without any evidence.

    And moreover ‘print’ asks for support of their journalism. If u need support for writing such absurd and venomous article attacking an entire State of our country u need to be ashamed of urself.

  88. Hello Print,

    I always thought your journalism was different. Used to follow your reporting but this one article has changed it all. I don’t think I am coming back to read any articles from now on. What a disgraceful article and how did it even pass through your editors !!! Ms. Yadav seems to have a very good understanding of North Indians and Biharis….she can keep writing some more articles like this and make ThePrint history…atleast it has successfully driven me and my friends away from your site and YouTube channel

  89. Mr. Shekhar Gupta,
    I’m appalled to see this article especially after you did the dirty picture episode on print. Certainly count me out as your donation friend. In cut the clutter you say your audience is very smart and here you dish out such a propaganda opinion. Feels a bit betrayed since I only followed you as my go to man.
    You proved that you’re just a stooge. Please let your masters know, the more you push this beautiful narrative of the author, Indian public has seen the B.S. and is calling out. You know the power of Indian public. If you want your loyal base to stay with you, I’ll look forward to a cut the clutter edition of Mumbai police botched up investigations and cbi affair. Let’s see if you can come out.
    Definitely lot of clutter is there in my mind to be your loyal viewer.

    • I agree. I was big fan and thought some new channel is coming and doing real journalism. but an article like this makes me rethink of all the donations I made to print. Mr.Gupta, we need an apology from print for printing such a shameful article.

  90. Mr. Shekhar Gupta,
    I have consistently donated your channel with my modest income just because I believed in your seemingly unbiased analysis of cut the clutter , national interest and one thing you always said that your audience is very smart. Why did you let this article publish? Do you not care for my money at all. The author of this article clearly thinks audience is foolish. You have proved you are nothing but a stooge. Please tell your masters, the more they try to rebuild public perception the worse it will get for them.
    Please understand the country has changed, people have changed. We may have lot of problems but we the people will make politicians, media and judiciary work for justice. You lost my respect today.

  91. How shameful of you to write an article like this. Seems like you’ve chosen your career/money over honesty. What’s the difference between you and Rhea? Might as well join hands with her to get paid millions.

  92. Jyoti Yadav a.k.a THE JOURNALIST OF THEPRINT.IN,

    If you are true to your profession then read the 780 comments you have for your stupid ass sexist blame that you put on the bereaving family. Sushant had girlfrends before and guess what they are supporting him and his family except for 1 GIRL , Who is the major reason why he is not here today – RHEA.
    Your SHRAVAN KUMAR Comparison proves your Convenient siding with the accused.
    Sushant’s family has 4 daughters . This is not about SHRAVAN KUMAR . This is about Asskissing Women who is part of the Clan and will do anything ( I literally mean ANYTHING) to get what they want in Bollywood, High lifestyle, Name and Fame. Its a WAR against the Woman who Screwed SSR’s life .
    Please go teach your journalism to someone else because Here you sound like an Idiotbox that sings songs those are irrelevant to the matter in question and still call themselves Journos… Get some lessons from ARNAB atleast 1 or 2 to get real.
    Unfortunate and Unfortunate you. Maybe someday when you lose , you ‘ ll realize what you did to the ones who lost SSR.
    I am a Woman but for a conduct you and your Fake Feminists have put out here to blame the family, I have problems. !!!!!

  93. Disgusting article. Pathetic journalism. Pls improve your research field, topic and content. Blocking ‘ThePrint’ forever now for promoting such content.

  94. Cowbelt? Let me stoop to your level and tell you that Yadav are the ones known to rear cows and buffaloes. One was Laloo Yadav who broke bihar’s economy and now another Yadav comes with her toxic Buffalo dung.

  95. Rhea has bought this newspaper with Sushant’s money and now is using his own money against his family. Lets all start a movement to ban this newspaper for spreading lies about Sushant’s family. Imagine what his 74 year old father must be going through. The family got along with Ankita Lokhande even though she was a big city girlfriend. Please boycott this newspaper if you support Sushant.

  96. Utter nonsense this article is.. are you even following the other side of the story before writing such shitty much you were paid for this nonsense.. truth will come out.. I so wish you had been true to your profession… I just wish god to give you sanity

  97. Toxic journalism….Jyoti Yadav you should not call yourself a journalist ! This is such a distasteful false misleading baseless article..”his middle class Bihari family could not stand his modern Bengali girlfriend” …wow! In the name of feminism you cannot malign an entire community, you are sick

  98. Shame on the journalist who wrote this article. I wonder where the journalist got her degree from. Its shocking that her deplorable article was allowed to print,

  99. This has to be the most embarrassingly shoddy piece of so called journalism I’ve read in a while. There are no facts, only conjecture of the most self indulgent kind. A miffed child on a rant about God knows What.
    What a waste of time.

  100. This is the kind of journalism today. You’re blaming a community as a whole which is pathetic, I have friends who come from Bihar and have witnessed how their families treat their girlfriends. Moreover, if an FIR is lodged against someone and the CBI has taken over the case I’m sure their must have been evidences, don’t you think ? Allegations are made and we too trust the judicial system so let’s wait and watch; and people like you instead of making it a community think should do some real journalism, There’s more issues in the country like employees losing their jobs or people having nothing to eat so why don’t you write over it and if that doesn’t seem interesting then go for writing how cute Taimur looks now ! Just an opinion !!

  101. Very disappointed with Print. I didn’t expect such a low grade article at Print. Unbiased journalism much? Far from it! You can do much better than this, Print.

  102. Yes, we do love to read good, intelligent and objective journalism, but this piece of shit is exactly the opposite. It is the most toxic shit I have ever read in my life. I really wonder seeing how low people can stoop for attention. And look at the irony, after exhibiting her toxic mentality this so called Jyoti Yadav is begging for money so that she and more like her spread their toxicity around. I hate to see a fellow woman stooping to such lows. Shame on her and people like her. Disgusting

  103. Yes, we do love to read good, intelligent and objective journalism, but this piece of shit is exactly the opposite. It is the most toxic shit I have ever read in my life. I really wonder seeing how low people can stoop for attention. And look at the irony, after exhibiting her toxic mentality this so called Jyoti Yadav is begging for money so that she and more like her spread their toxicity around. I hate to see a fellow woman stooping to such lows. Shame on her and people like her. Disgusting

  104. How much were you paid for writing this article? I think you should get your facts straight rather than dragging these beliefs that undeniably exist within societies but certainly not in this case. First and foremost, the allegations put are Rhea Chakraborthy are not baseless but consists of pure evidences.
    1. The Rs.15 crores transferred from Sushant Singh Rajput account to Rhea. There are statements to prove it.
    2. The medications given to Sushant by Rhea. There are prime witnesses to prove.
    3. The deliberate removal of workers and loyal servants of Sushant by Rhea. Prime witnesses to prove.
    There are so many evidences to prove how manipulative she is. Get your facts straight. The article is in no way ethical. There is no truth in it but only mere opinions. A sheer disappointment! Shameful!

  105. I am shook to the brim. How can someone objectify an entire state? Was the writer high or something while writing this piece of shit. While reading this article there is one thing that I can be pretty sure about and it’s that she does not have good terms with her family and hence the toxicity in her article. Girl get your shit together and stop writing shit about a state. The toxicity is in the mindset of the people and a state in particular. Also for a second consider yourself at sushant’s place, do you think your parents would not have wanted justice? It’s a parent love for his child and not his son. Please do not speak hate

    • I am wondering hie did this piece of crap slipped out under the editorial scrutiny of Shekhar Gupta! Utterly nonsense, parochial and biased idea. Not expected from The Print!

  106. Did not expect such a racist article from theprint. Has definitely changed my views about this media outlet. Nothing that you will do hence forth will change this.

  107. The way this article is written is atrocious. The writer is highly biased and has spilled only hatred towards the community. It seems like a personal rant rather than journalism.
    I don’t know how overall bihari families are, and there may even be some amount of “mera ladla” behavior in their community, BUT, I believe Bihari people are the most hardworking and humble beings.
    This is about Sushants family, who is much more qualified than this journalist and surely have high thinking capacity. This is not about generalised population. So saying such things in reference to Sushant is unacceptable

  108. Everyone knows the print and the wire always publish leftist propaganda so how much you guys got from Rhea,Bhatt budhsu,Chalman Khan?

  109. “middle-class Bihari family and a modern Bengali girlfriend” …what a conservative thinking and hatred exists inside this writer..I want this Jyoti Yadav named fake writer that there is a difference between educated well mannered people and conservative jahil educated people.U must be a rebellion that’s why u don’t understand the pain of Sushant Singh’s old father who gave all of his life for a good upbringing and quality education of all his 5 children. Regarding Sushant mentioning only about his mother on social media is bcz boys usually are closer to their mothers,also I have seen shows of SSR in which he has praised his father also. U must correct ur knowledge regarding the facts and then try to publish something,though ridiculous

  110. It seems, the Print has already got its share of money from Rheas. And the Print has deloyed a C-grade, prejudiced self assumed journo to write a shitty article, rediculing the whole state and simultaneously showing the depth of her stupidity… Shushant had been in relationship for a long time with Ms. Ankita and his family was ok with it. And, the way you have used the word middle class for taunting shows as if you yourself have born in a Billionaire’s family. Go get some respectfull money, the money of Sins will drag u further into the sins… And you are not aware about the money which I am talking, go and ask to Guptaji..

  111. Can the writer and the publication be sued for stereotypical and hateful writing targeting one state since the points she raised are common not in some families in India and some points even anywhere in the world!! Secondly, which Indian state does not have widespread worship of cows? And which rural region of India, does not indulge in raising cows for nurturing and nourishment. If practically all of them do, then what the muck is “cowbelt”? A special accessory that women including this writer like to wear with a dress? And which set of parents in India raise a son expecting that he would do nothing for them when they are old? This writer’s family and friends? Lady had some good points that she could have analyzed in a balanced way without stereotyping Biharis( oh so what else is new…eyeroll) and without any empathy, targetting a grieving family . Instead she chose to put her lack of journalistic acumen, and the bought off nature of the publication on display. Jyoti Yadav, the writer who shot her journalistic career in the leg by spitting prejudice!

  112. Hey whoever is writing this article….. I’m a bihari and for your kind information nothing happen like you have mentioned in you senseless article. You seems like some asshole seeking for attention writing bullshit about the death ones. Every child in any of the states in India either son or daughter they are the most loved ones of their parent. If this was (as in your article) have told to me by any person on my face i would have give him a tight slap.
    What the hell is this biharis love depends upon person to person or families to familes not on the basis of state. I’m damn sure in your own house your parents are treating you like dog thats why you are portrayed someone like that. If he was so called shravan kumar of his family why is father left him to live his life own his own terms. Never interfered . Do watch news before judging people or someone families. Get a life man don’t be a blind asshole.

  113. Congratulations !!!! U have written the shittiest piece of journalism…….hope you get the same feeling first hand…..what goes around comes around… Wait n watch.

    Also seek mental asylum…before it’s too late.

  114. Congratulations! You are being noticed for unsuccessfully spinning a yarn, connecting an unrelated pertinent social issue of misogyny (which has no regional monopoly btw) to a possible money laundering and murder case. As a so called journalist and one that views herself as a soldier of the version of feminism she represents (going by your track record), inserting your agenda into the ongoing Sushant Singh Rajput case is highly opportunistic and misplaced. Not only is your attempt to derail the public opinion in this case despicable but this article poses a theart to all the hard work done for the feminist cause by others as well. The game has to be played fair and square no matter what. Everyday we work hard to educate and make the feminist ideology mainstream, and here you come giving it a negative shade. You defeat the very cause you pose to fight for Miss Jyoti. I really hope you go back to school and do a thorough study on the subject matters you write so poorly on, feminism, history and politics.  Advice you to delve deep within your conscience.

    Having read your previous equally venomous articles, they all come across as personal rants. Journalism is not a memoir.

    I give it to you for treating PRINT as a personal blogspot and getting paid for it. 

    Know that whatever shade anyone tries to give this case, it is an investigation on two counts alone:
    1. Murder and
    2.Money laundering.

    Anything else is opportunistic. There is a time and place for everything.

  115. A word of caution before starting this piece of truth, should have been, beware of the volley of abuses and extreme name calling by the BJP supporters. As this case has taken a political turn, and truly being BJP vs Non- BJP, the common fact seen ALWAYS is that the BJP fans are extremely intolerant to anything said against their party.
    Whenever there is a big scandal or an untimely death in Pakistan, of somebody relatively important, there are always a flood of theories, stories, revelations, dialogues, photos, outbursts – all claiming to be the ” off the record” , REAL causes of the scandal. Media then goes all out to weave out intricate, blow by blow evidences to prove each theory’s truth.
    What happens in Bihar is also this. The kind of theories which have come out is so much well woven out, that no doubt they create all the required suspense and of course the required entertainment – obviously not to the people accused. Why this happens = definitely the place’s backwardness, timidness and also illiteracy. And if all these qualities of the place are questioned, then it is definitely use of half baked knowledge.
    Now with the wave in India, when such people’s emotions are being give utmost importance and credibility, such incidents, episodes are gaining the TRP’s. So all we can do is sit back, relax and go with the flow.

  116. You hv got no rights to call Bihar family toxic one. Moreover how can u think tht we r going to pay nd promote ur shit… Idiotic post defending a criminal… In hindi we hv a saying called” chullu bhar paani me doob marna” suits u dear 🤜🤜🤜

  117. Absurd, trash, reckless, filth and shit is this piece of writing. It will take 4-5 migraine tablets to finish reading this crap, Jyoti as a suggestion don’t do this shallow analysis and paralyze the field of journalism, better leave the field and sit home. Trust me it will save so much of bad energy from spreading.

  118. There are many things, in Sushant’s case, have gone wrong. The handling of this case by the Police of two states, the media trial and making Rhea a villain by media. All these things should not happen. Making Rhea a stereotypical villain is so so wrong.
    Writer has written how Bengali women are stereotyped in a song. But what the writer of this article is doing is no different from what is happening with Rhea. Calling a certain region cow belt and families of the region toxic. I am amazed by the hypocrisy of the writer.
    Most of us don’t know Sushant, Rhea or Sushant’s family. Wihtout investigation, if calling for Rhea’s head is utmost stupidity. Then what would you call the action of the writer who call Sushant’s relationship with his family toxic. Rhea was not the first girl in Sushant’s life. He had a long relationship with Ankita Lokhande. She is also a big city modern actress. We have seen many of her interviews. The way she talks about Sushant’s family is there to be seen. The wirter should also watch those interviews. Ankita might have lost touch with Sushant but was still is in touch with Sushant’s family. She calls Sushant’s father Papa and his sister didi. I don’t know how a family has so much love for one girl and same family became toxic to another. Writer and the Print should be careful what they are publishing.

    • Bang on! Truly appreciate the counter you have given. One point from my side-if sushant’s family was so toxic and Rhea a solace then why did Sushant had to end his life like this.

    • True.” Toxic family of cow belt india-” Wow! That shows heights that Indian journalism has reached. You are what you write. Don’t smoke if you are fighting against smoking. Don’t tag if you are against tagging ! This is in very poor taste and shows you don’t consider yourself as somebody who has anything to do with ” this cow belt india-“

    • As far I know, lokhande faced same issue in the beginning but by time they developed rapport which was not the case in Rhea-shushant. But the way his father reacted n filed case..this story sounds very close to the reality, he seems to be working on political pursuance..n yes actor is right, peope are not willing to believe that depression can engulf anybody, no matter how tough they are or how happy they were in past

    • Completely agree with your reply. Print is often paid for their opinions. This is a complete biased opinion which they must scrap ASAP

  119. Wah… ThePrint tagline says “Quality journalism is expensive and needs readers to pay for it. ” Why would reader pay you seems you have found another source of income.

    • Exactly my words. Looks like Rhea and her Godfather have gone in PR overdrive. This is a paid article. I knew Shkhar’s standards were going down but never thought he will fall so low.

  120. A Big Big Shame on you Moron ,the whole India is fighting for his Justice and standing with his family and you are criticizing his family just because they have humble background and are not high profile (those whose boot you lick) But One thing I tell you,that his family has super qualified people you are not even half of their qualification , being Bihari is not a shame. They are the most hardworking and down to earth people ,not bootlickers like you. Rhea and her family was surviving on Sushants money and they only traumatized sushants mind ,They all will face their karma very soon.Stop your Toxic Print you Toxic Moron.

    • Looks like Ms. JYOTHI YADAV, doesn’t understand the allegations on Rhea.C. This is not not states, or modern mindsets, this is plain daylight robbery! Do you not watch the news Jyothi, don’t you care what happened to a woman Disha Salian. Shame on your third class journalism

  121. A Big Big Shame on you Moron ,the whole India is fighting for his Justice and standing with his family and you are criticizing his family just because they have humble background and are not high profile (those whose boot you lick) But One thing I tell you,that his family has super qualified people you are not even half of their qualification , being Bihari is not a shame. They are the most hardworking and down to earth people ,not bootlickers like you. Rhea and her family was surviving on Sushants money and they only traumatized sushants mind ,They all will face their karma very soon.Stop your Toxic Print you Toxic Moron.

  122. Objective journalism!! Very few have the guts to go against the current. I commend you for putting your point forward while I know it’s so hard in the rigid culture who would never see the possibility of being family at fault.

    The minute family came forward with abetment to suicide FIR pinning it on Rhea, I knew this was family politics. And when it comes to any politics there is always two sides of the story.
    Family putting all the allegations after 47days, without a single solid evidence. It’s a possibility Rhea is not clean, but family’s intentions aren’t cleaned either.
    But then again there could be lot of suspicious behaviour from family in the last 50 days but it’s easier to blame the girlfriend.
    History says families can be definitely toxic!

    • Ah yes the family who have come forward with evidence including bank records is not legit. Let’s pack it up … some random asshole on the Internet has cracked the case.

    • What a blind view. Do you think Maha police allowed them to carry body back , Do you think father did not notice the marks and other issues before cremation. Do you think Disha’s family believes suicide theory. Maha police has acted like king’s police and family has been forced to sign all the documents under threat. Anyway how much did Print get paid for this article? May be for a days”s survival.

  123. First thing, The article shouldn’t have labelled “Bihar” or “North India”. Patriarchy is Pan-India. I’m from the south, and I see this “witch labelling” the bahu/girl friend. happening here as well. So south is no different. I would definitely protest this aspect of the article.

    Having said that, I have something to rant about the comments section. Having skimmed through some of the comments in the comment section, I’m ashamed as to how intolerant and illogical we as a society have become… Why do we always want to hear what we want to hear? All the facts established in the case are from the media houses… And these houses have established so many theories regarding the case. Why not wait for the courts to decide what is correct and what is not?
    Also, who would take responsibility for all the framing done against the people ( Rhea Chakraborty specifically ) if all of the media allegations against her are falsified in the court??
    Oh now so we don’t believe in judiciary also? So why not transform the media houses into courts. Any ways our judiciary is over burdened…

    • Bhargav, according to the courts, Salman Khan never drove over anyone, so yeah blame people for a lack of faith.

    • Not sure if my last comment came through but the judiciary system is pretty messed up too. I don’t know if you are old enough to remember the Jessica Lal case. Salman Khan was acquitted by the courts despite the most blatant act of witness supression in the history of the country. Hell the Print has written about its failures. However, the media trial is a million times worse. However, you have failed to see one thing, the author shares stereotypes in a racist fashion and then draws a conclusion from it without supplementing any actual evidence against the family’s claims.

    • Very well said! First YouTube and now mainstream media has blown this entire case out of proportion. The movement had started to demand unbiased CBI investigation and some politicians and media has turned this into a massive blame game.
      Everyone is openly defaming government, Bollywood without any solid evidence, media is coming up with humbug theories.
      Someone is culprit and it’s democracy but also we have moral responsibility to act in certain way. People aren’t using logic and forgetting there is always twice sides to the coin.
      I think all this parties who are openly blamed should file strong defamation case against media and others if they are not proven guilty.
      Some media channels doing sting operations and intimidating people on debates, that’s not your job, let CBI do it now that case is gone to them.
      Who are this politicians and people to defame and abuse others while the CBI investigation hasn’t even started, no evidences and no court conviction. Media or people even tough democracy can’t declare someone guilty based on their opinions, making a joke of jurisdiction.

  124. thePrint has recently become one place for me where I regularly come to read genuine and verified facts about different events. This piece of article definitely doesn’t meet the standards. Looks like thePrint is on the path of joining the league of other corrupt and paid media houses.

  125. The article is in such bad taste that it makes me sick. Has the family also indicted Ankita Lokhande and Kriti Sanon?

    The media house needs to grow up as the article doesn’t demonstrate their maturity and the journalist needs medical help.

  126. Dear unversed Jyoti,

    How much money were you paid to write this article? 🙂 irony is that at the end of the article print asks for money because they are unbiased and authentic publishers – what a joke! 15 cr was siphoned off from his bank account, Rhea does not even bother to question the suicide angle even though there are glaring loopholes most importantly how does a 6ft3inch guy commit suicide by hanging from a fan in a Mumbai flat which had a bed in the room! It’s a reflex to fight for life

    Yours truly,
    An educated Indian who is sick of being fed a diet of paid media

    • These people are hypocrites, they have no shame in doing so. Don’t be anonymous to speak the truth…

  127. मिस्स यादव,
    आप की शोच कफी गलत है और ये आर्टिकल आपके पब्लिश कैसे हुए। आप जबभी पेन का इस्तमालकारे तो दिमाग़भीइस्तेमाल करने कीकोशिश कीजिए; एक आईपीएस की family आपको modernनहींलगती लेकिनकिसी fraud की family या tax चोर आपको modern लगते हैं । बिहार के बारे मे भी आपकीधारणा कुछ सही नहीं है किसी लोकगीत को point करके आप सिध क्या करना चाहती है शायद अपने छत्तीसगढ़ के लोकगीतनहीं सुने ।

  128. Such a prejudiced venomous insensitive article that attempts to brush the evils of the case under the convenient narratives of misogyny and regionalism! Pathetic and despicable!!!!

  129. Paid disgusting article.. The print has reinforced the perception of being a shithole with politically pervasive journalists.

    The author should have atleast paid heed to countless abnormalities in the investigative process, money trails, counter testimonies and brazen attempts to cover up a murder.

    Whenever things become uncomfortable for your political masters, playout the religious, regionalism, chauvinist angles. There is a special place in hell to rot for people of your creed..

  130. Jyoti yadav it would have been better to mention the other side around. Shameful! What the hell I just read.

  131. What is wrong with journalism now adays…. This article is full of hypocrisy and biased. Felt like reading a feminist article.

    We have enough shit written in the name of journalism, please stop dissection of Sushants’s issue. Wait for the verdict to come out. Until then, be it sushant’s family or rhea they are just victims of a grievous situation – Respect people and their sensitivities and be calm for truth to come out before you pen your baseless and stupod theories.

  132. What kind of toxic journalism is this sir. Giving space to such toxic article raises many eyebrows. What kind of personal agenda are you playing against a Star who recently lost his life. You never raised your voice when Mumbai police and maharashtra sarkar conveniently brushed it under the carpet as sucide within 5 min and now when ppl are fighting for justice for SSR you are brazenly pushing such sick articles. Disgusting. If you can’t stand with people in their fight at least don’t demean it. Can’t you hear people’s scream for justice.

  133. Dear Madam
    U can’t comment entire bihari family attitude pointing fingers at one seems u need to be more aware of Indian family system ..not expected such a journalism from are fourth pillar of democracy somewhat responsible!! 😑

  134. Ankita was his girlfriend too. SSR’s family did not have any problems with her. Are you failing to see how she highjacked him, drugged him and isolated him not only from his family and loved ones but also all his friends and support – who would have saved him if they were still around? They could get SSR’s “chungal”. It is one thing not getting along with the in laws or in laws having issue with GF – it is another to highjack, steal, rob someone off of their wealth, respect and then leave them (stating they had depression and bipolar) and rejecting him when he needed her the most…

  135. The one who is writing is an arrogant person. May be supporting that wicked actress. Just shut up your mouth and do not misuse the freedom to express given to people by our government. Just to gain publicity people can do anything and the writer is one of them. They dont fear of ethics and God. They dont think about the diseased person and his family and write any backwass they want , to gain publicity. Do you even understand what are you writing? Writers like you should be ashamed of yourselves. Shushant will get justice and that crapkiller will be punished. God will give justice. Just wait and watch.

  136. What a reporter? Are you from the gawar clan because looks like your family has so many issues. How dare you say cow belt. Where the heck are you from.. and tell me a bloody single state where boys are not treated aa superior be it north be it south , east or west. I am married to a bengali and his mother also still treats him like a ma ka ladla . The freaking system of society that women or girlfriends are looked upon are very where.. do you think people of any state be it big or small care about depression. Thet care more about the wife than thier son? Or which state doesnt take dowry be in cash form or land form or jewellery form. How have you became reporter. Have u studied or just opened ur shitty brain on internet. Cow belt? Huh.. try to roam and learn about the cultures first. Nhi to bihariyo ko keh k lena b bhut ache se ata h

  137. Utter Rubbish! This journalist is a complete sell out!!!
    Kudos to Vishal Kirti for the superb response!!!

  138. Jyoti, What a shameless person you are. You shouldn’t call yourself a journalist. Writing such baseless and meaningless statements on a public platform. You are just as heartless and cruel as Rhea Chakrabarti. Your statements about Sushant, his family, and Bihari families in general shows your level of intelligence and how corrupt you are. If you are currently having a BF, he wouldn’t stick around with u for any long. If you are married, your husband should take this as a warning for himself… as you are equally manipulative and for money you will stoop to any level.


    RIP.. THE PRINT!!!

  139. Jyoti Yadav, – I am a woman and let me tell you feminist like you are disgrace to the society. I read the title of this article and i will not stoop to your level to read this article. The title is so toxic and racist and i wonder who taught you this thought process, social structure, upbringing, your peers, pseudo your feminism for attention seekers like you or you wanted to grab attention from readers to cover up your independance.

  140. I am a NRI Bihari living in usa for 35 years. My parents gave me everything.but never asked anything from me. My brother and sisters never, never asked for anything, they just wanted to see me more often. Even when salaries were low in India, they did not want me to send any money. There could be some families who depend upon their son for financial support but they can be from any state. Singling out Bihari families with such allegations is totally irresponsible. The writer and the publication should be boycotted totally by Indians.

  141. What is Bihari family here ? Rajputs don’t believe in regionalism. And for her info there a many Yadavs in bihar

  142. Oh Bhai , ms. Yadav, you are a rare species, your gene should be taken to kill Corona. It will shame it self away. Means I am more than awestruck on your toxic writing, I literally went on looking for the publisher and first thing I did to hide the print from here onwards. I thought if print can publish this where to go whom to trust.
    Pathetic for print, I wonder girl, you might be coming from similar family I suppose because you have detailed out your story here probably as you knew everything about his family. Probably find some compassion. And stop making fun of a deceased with your tantrums of making everything Bihari Bengali and all that, it’s beyond that,
    it’s simply ridiculous print
    Stop providing platform to such people

  143. Oh Bhai , ms. Yadav, you are a rare species, your gene should be taken to kill Corona. It will shame it self away. Means I am more than awestruck on your toxic writing, I literally went on looking for the publisher and first thing I did to hide the print from here onwards. I thought if print can publish this where to go whom to trust.
    Pathetic for print, I wonder girl, you might be coming from similar family I suppose because you have detailed out your story here probably as you knew everything about his family. Probably find some compassion. And stop making fun of a deceased with your tantrums of making everything Bihari Bengali and all that, it’s beyond that,
    it’s simply ridiculous print
    Stop providing platform to such people

  144. Print time and again proves itself to falling into the lowest Path of it abilities to talk I’ll about India hindu and Indian culture. Cow belt omg!!and this article actually gets published.. such a laughable state in which the article goes by is the most idiotic I have read in some time.. this is full of fake feminist movement.. which has no value these days.. so please grow now atleast.. no follow up on the case on so called media house and writing bull crap. U must be totally ashamed of urself. This article doesnt mention about any household of bihar or northern India it only shows about u and ur family as an individual. And to note I am south Indian. I know lot of bihar is too.. so please check ur language of approach!!

  145. I am at relief first of all, looking at the comments. I think author has gone through this herself, or may be is a gold digger herself. Many people are asking you, how much money did you get? I am shocked when you said cow-belt region? Serously? Do you still think Bihar is a place of cows, just like NRIs think India is a place of serpants and elephants? Your knoledge is outdated. Your intention in this case is corrupt!

    I reject this article for SSR’s case. Truth is out.

  146. Is this really what you call journalism? Jyoti? This looks more to me like a 10th grade Essay Writing on ” How to be a attention seeker” Grow Up!

  147. Are not you a misandrist and prejudiced about very lenient bihari families who admires educated brides and feels proud that their daughter in law is educated. It’s a social status for them. Your article is a propaganda for blackguard girls who self generates the norms of society according to their lethal mindset and violent passion.

  148. I am a Bengali myself but Can the so-called ‘journalist’ in question here’s STOP BEING A PSUEDO FEMINIST??!!

    And also do some real journalism instead of favouring the primary accused in the name of feminism and at the cost of deliberately tarnishing the image of a well-educated and sensible family??!

  149. The article hits the nail on the head. I am an “ideal boy” from a bihari family and married a Delhi girl. When I had a manic episode in my life because of bipolar and substance abuse, my mother blamed my wife for it. Even now she often thinks that the ruin of me and my brother’s personal life is because of our wives. She even asked the psychiatrist if me and my brother’s mental state could be because of our marrying punjabi girls. Both the psychiatrist and my wife were dumbfounded on hearing this :). Me and my brother are bi polar and couple of other personality disorders and I understand what depression can do to one. The way the mass and Sushant’s family are after Rhea, it’s sad.

  150. Well this was a “Toxic” article. Don’t try to generalize your personal biases.

    “News media is in crisis” precisely because of biased journalists like you.

    Keep publishing articles like this, you’ll lose even your existing subscribers.

  151. Disgusting article.This is an attempt to stop Sushant’s family from fighting for justice as Disha’s parents have done so that the murderers go scot free.This article is really in a badtaste.

  152. You have exercised your freedom of speech and expression and now its my turn.I don’ t know you are married or single.May be sometime in your life you had a bihari boy friend who ditched you because of family pressure.Or may be at some point of your life you wanted to be like Rhea Chakraborty ,find a rich and famous guy like Sushant rob him of all his wealth and leave him to die.But its up to you to admire someone like Rhea Chakraborty and write rubbish about an educated family like the Sushant Singh Rajput’s.Keep your thoughts to yourself and I am wondering how The Print allowed such a third class article to feature in their page.

  153. Such a distorted article.

    How can such people get a job to write such a filthy article.

    Parents of such people must be ashamed to bring forth such a nasty child as Jyoti Yadav

  154. Most shittiest article to support the criminals of country, The pen is now being used to extort money and write bullsit from criminals. Dawood fund karta hai tumhe?? App dukaan and karlo apni yahi sab likhna chahte ho……… What do you mean by Cow Belt of India?? By that way you belong to criminal belt of India jo sirf paisa khaate hai and boot licking karte hai.


  156. Please don’t undermine the family’s grief! If she siphoned off money, she should be punished.

  157. I regret my decision to support this type of toxic journalism by contributing to the Pledge. I will never contribute again. I am sorry to say this article is not only bad in taste but is racist also. What do you mean by Cow Belt? Rather than concentrating on the lapses of 45 day investigation, we are trying to blame the family who is fighting for justice. A 70+ year old father doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.
    The Journalist is not only misinformed but bad mannered as well.
    Shekharji, this sort of journalism doesn’t suit you and will only damage The Print’s image.

    Going forward I will only watch Illanomics & Cut the Clutter. Rest all doesn’t deserve any viewership.

  158. In what context have you written this article..? This is a murder case or abetment of Suicide case. Are u alleging that the father killed his own son by family pressures. This is not a dowery case that you have presented this alif laila article that goes on and on. Waste of good reading time.

    • Extremely shameful journalism by The Print. Shekhar Gupta your media house is losing respect. Looks like The Print is also fallen into trap of paid journalism. Even if you do feel Sushant committed suicide still there is nothing wrong in supporting a CBI inquiry when his family thinks differently. This shows what faith The Print has in Supreme court of India and is making judgments on their own. Every citizen of India deserves justice and since there are many discrepancies in the Mumbai Police investigation, CBI investigation is justified. ED is also investigating these are not stupid journalist who make up stories but work on facts. These agencies, the Supreme court does not act like paid journalist like you. SHEKHAR GUPTA as the head-honcho its on you. SHAME.

  159. Wahh wahh…kitne mein biki ho Jyoti yadav ji. Contact me if you want to earn some money and your so so lost respect.

  160. Listen you PSEUDO FEMINIST/BIKAU JOURNALIST you are forgetting that the family you are calling as ORTHODOX AND SEEING GIRLFRND CULTURE AS HOMEWRECKER….This family was the one that has seen Sushant and Ankita live-in relationship and till day they are in touch with Ankita….Had they been like your accused mindset he would have not even come this far and make it this big….ALL SYMPATHIES FOR RHEA CHAKRABORTY ONLY….BRAVO BRAVO…madam here a family has lost their boy’s life…this isnt a case of a breakup or divorce…A LIFE HAS GONE AND U COMPARING IT WITH THIS….Looks like it’s your story of life whose frustration you have taken out here…And madam north indian families specially Bihar families are more modern than your THIRD CLASS JOURNALISM….The fact that you and your types women cant digest that HOW A WOMAN IS DRAGGED INTO IT….Lemme tell you madam this family has seen Ankita Lokhande in his life and they have also seen Rhea Chakraborty in his life….and lemme tell you A FAMILY’S NOSE IS WELL ENUF TO KNOW WHAT KINNDA WOMAN IS ENTERING THEIR LIFE….World is full of GOLD DIGGERS more and GODDESS LAXMI less…

  161. Every one have there own views…. N I hav mine I dont knw d star in person nor his family…. nor d facts about d peopl being blamed…. A star is a star for us through media only n nt personally….yes its very sad that we lost a brightest star…. but y every time a girl or the person close is blamed by every…. rather contrary d person closest would b suffering most by d pain… which no one can evr explain…. I don’t know wat exactly happened…. but ya I feel Rhea to b blamed by all angle is absolutely wrong… y we all fall so much in love with a person when we loose him or her….n dont care for them who are alive….. y do we need to hide mental health issues and jst blame some or the other to escape reality…. I totally agree that what has happened is totally painful…. coz d loss cn never be filled by any… but yes d reality has yet to come…. n confirmed…. I liked d article coz looking only one side is always wrong….. rather if one is really affected den he or c needs to interpret it through all ways…. Thanks for a new look into d issue rather dan the stereotype view…

  162. it seems you are sick..racially biases.. you are hopeless and senseless writer…shame on you …what a disgusting article and mentality…third class article with cheap colonised mentality…you are fake modern…and a poor writer…you should be ashamed of yourself . just by writing you don’t become mind is primitive…shame on you…pls go and see some psychotherapist…

  163. Every one have there own views…. N I hav mine I dont knw d star in person nor his family…. nor d facts about d peopl being blamed…. A star is a star for us through media only n nt personally….yes its very sad that we lost a brightest star…. but y every time a girl or the person close is blamed by every…. rather contrary d person closest would b suffering most by d pain… which no one can evr explain…. I don’t know wat exactly happened…. but ya I feel Rhea to b blamed by all angle is absolutely wrong… y we all fall so much in love with a person when we loose him or her….n dont care for them who are alive….. y do we need to hide mental health issues and jst blame some or the other to escape reality…. I totally agree that what has happened is totally painful…. coz d loss cn never be filled by any… but yes d reality has yet to come…. n confirmed…. I liked d article coz looking only one side is always wrong….. rather if one is really affected den he or c needs to interpret it through all ways…. Thanks for a new look into d issue rather dan the stereotype view…

  164. This article signals the death journalism in India. Nothing more to say. Also, I can’t believe that an eminent journalist like Shekhar Gupta could approve it.
    Shekhar Gupta, are you still alive? If yes, you must resign immediately for being the head of this dirty minded Print Family.

  165. We are giving undue importance to this shit, crap so called ₹2 “journalist” named Jyoti Yadav….Such journalist are just concerned with “hits” on their articles, for that they can write any unreasonable/unethical interpretation of events. She is like Rakhi Sawant of entertainment industry and DigVijay Singh of Indian politics, only concerned with Publicity whether its bad or good, they are least bothered about it…

  166. Dear author, Do not write an article based on your own presumptions. How many Bihari families have you spoken to and what makes you generalise your views about all Bihari families? You need to go back to a really good school and begin to learn from basics, the world has changed and so should your patriarchal opinions need an overhaul.
    P.S. I had never heard of before and this is my last article ever to read from them. Good luck, you need it!!!

  167. This is so true. Especially in case of families who have no idea about what their child is going through. Who have never shared that kind of relationship with them that their could even be any kind of dialog. Perpetually putting them on pedestals instead of treating them as human beings with an autonomy to make mistakes & live life on their own terms

  168. do you even know who Sushant Singh Rajput was …… He was the same person jo Bihar ke ek chote se gaaon se uthke aaya tha…..aur mumbai jaise ek mayanagri mein apne liye naam aur jagah banayi…..wahi mumbai jahan pe kisi ko bihari bolna gaali samjha jata hai…..Sushant wahi ladka hai……jisne har stereotype ko break karke….tv se films ka unexpected aur super successful transition kiya…….just in case you don’t know……Sushant Bihar ke ek chote se gaon purnia se tha…..I wonder if you have ever heard of this name before…..aur haan ……ye kis stereotype ki baat kr rhi hain aap……..agar khud ka dimaaag cheeti jitna hai……toh puri duniya ko apni tarah na saamjhein……I am a bihari too……and har durga pooja mein hum log utne hi badh chadh ke participate kartein hain jitna ki koi bangali….bihari and bengali…..we are so close to each others culture……and ye kis stereotype ki baat kr rhi hain aap……meri mummy to padi bali hin apni bangali doston ke saath hai…..humari family celebrate krti hai bengali culture ko……..aur jahan tak stereotype ki baat……jo baatein aapnein bihariyon ke baare mein aur bihari families ke baare mein likhi kya woh stereotype nhi hai…….to insliye bolene se pehle soch liya kijiye…….kyunki jo bhi aapne likha hai woh bhi societal stereotypes aur apki ghatiya aur waahiyat assumptions pe hi based hai…….toh apne ghatiya vichaar……aur bohot hi ghatiya reporting ko apne paas hi rakhein……..
    Aur ek baar is pita ke baare mein bhi soch lena jiska “shravan kumar” ,34 saal ki umar mein hi use chodd ke chala gya…….
    Free time to bohot hai hi aapke paas ek baar koi video nikal ke dekh lena ki Sushant ke jaane ki khabar sunke uske pita ka kya haal tha……..shayad jo andar ki mari hua atma hai……woh jaag jaaye……aur jis din aisa hoga……uss din aapko bohot dard hoga……itna dard ki jiski aap kalpana bhi nhi kr skte……
    Aur haan apni ghatiya wahiyaat aur behuda soch ko apne paas hi rakhein aur apni bakawaas reporting se naa to public ko bhatakaye na unka time paas karein….
    Aur sushant ke liye justice to California bhi maang rha hai…….and they probably don’t understand the nomenclature of bihari and bengali……
    Par phir bhi woh justice maang rhe hai……pta hai kyun…….kyonki Sushant bihari ya shravan kumar hone se phle …….ek insaan tha…….toh agar aap bhi bihari aur bangali se upar uthke ek insaan ke liye justice maange to hum subka bhala ho……

  169. Beautifully written by some brainless journalist. The Print should hire someone having complete information.

  170. It is toxic and what about girl take out all money from Boy friends account and buy flats for her own family…. that too for crores. Why there is no joint name or Sushant ? What do you call this attitude… girl is transferring all money … that is not Shravan Kumar at her own place. But Atleast Sushant is Shravan from his own money. Aapko apke ghar walo par kuch karna toh paisa kama kar karo dusre ke paise se nahi

    • U are an uneducated fool, live in relationship is equal to marriage, husband and wife can decide what ever they want to.

  171. Disgusting, Paid media. You have stoopd so low. Enquiry should be done against thePrint as well for spreading hate. False Reporting and many others.

  172. I don’t know how money the writer and The Print has taken to publish this shit but one thing is sure such websites are shame for the society and such so called liberal journalists are like a bitch who doesn’t know who the father of their puppies.
    These people don’t know the value of a family and the bond between the family members, what matters to such pimps is money and they can go to any low for money.

  173. I really felt like laughing. The shittiest shit anyone can write. How much were you paid to write this shit. May be parents are not yet so open to girlfriends or bahu but this thing that u have written clearly states it’s a paid article.

  174. Ohh ye isilye likha hoga kyuki so called feminism dikhana hoga or socha hoga ki ladkiya ye sab padhne ke baad tumhare jhanse me aa jayegi
    Aur sun jahil ladki tera baap tere liye toxic hoga teri maa ke liye toxic hoga Bihar ki sanskriti tu nhi samjhegi or wo bhi kisi ko jabardasti nhii thopa jata plus SSR case me aisa kuch nhii tha lekin teri so called feminist image ya fir website ki or popularity chahti hai tu
    Biki hui hai tu chand paiso ke liye kuch bhi likhegi nikl

  175. Such a trash article and such garbage opinions. Shame on print for allowing this.
    You yourself come from a village, and have been criticised for your haryanvi accent. I get it that you are so bitter that you are taking it out on others. Who do you call modern, the girlfriend who controlled his life, cut him off from all his friends and took away all the money. I am sure your supporting her because you must be extracting all money from your dear husband Rishabh. Are you looting him as well and making him pay for all the fooder of your buffalos back home or for your siblings shopping and your parent’s investments. Ankita was also Sushant’s girlfriend and she lived with him for good 6 years yet never heard the family called her a witch. the family had been complaining about rhea since months. The friends are complaining that they lost contact with him. He changes his numbers. Crores of money is lost. You think ED is a fool that they allowed the case, only you are intelligent. Madam just to gain quick popularity you are writing trash. Highly highly disappointed.

  176. Seems like you have some personal problem with Sushant Singh family or Biharis as a whole, I have seen & heard a lot of Sushant interviews, he talks of mother , his father too when it comes to education.he has referred to his sister Priyanka as close him

  177. To The Print:
    First of All, Kitta Khaya?
    Secondly, Topic Diversion? Tumse na ho paega!
    And Lastly, Tumhari soch or pair ki moch are quite similar. Sirf pareshan hi karegi logon ko!

  178. A toxic article, journalist has no knowledge of the culture of Bihar. This piece is written only to get more views.

  179. I am feeling sorry for Google to put such waste article on my news list. Couldn’t find suitable words for your article, you could have use a trash can to dump it rather you use The print. Well no difference… Good luck.

  180. Disgusting!!!……..They print anything rubbish till it sells, and is sensational enough to engage the corrupt minds…Just a quick glance through the author’s posts reflects her sick, biased, myopic and popularist mentality!!!

    • To The Print:
      First of All, Kitta Khaya?
      Secondly, Topic Diversion? Tumse na ho paega!
      And Lastly, Tumhari soch or pair ki moch are quite similar. Sirf pareshan hi karegi logon ko!

    • Disgusting ….Disgusting……Disgusting…….O Man, can this author even claim to be a journalist…..looks like his/her pedigree has been to write some cheap, thrill, low-rated sensational bus-stand books. Cant see any rationale here.


  181. How much money you received to write this Article. I completely believe your whole family and your life would be rich with this article amazing girl.

    Seriously you don’t even feel ashame of writing these things. Unbelivable the whole world is fighting for his justice and you are here to bring partition between society that too bringing family in between. Ashame on you I hope you could have thought once before writing this. Did you write any Article on Sushant mysterious death. Questions and suspicions? Wo likhte toh phr thodi respect hoti for you. Atleast use your knowledge at the current place that would be better. This were my own views towards this article only not personally on you because we don’t know you we knew you through this Article.

    • What a disgrace in the name of Journalism. Your parents, your family and anyone that has ever had the displeasure to know you even remotely must be disgraced, disappointed and ashamed! Shame! Your bank balance must have gotten fatter for writing this article. Drown your stinky face and stinkier persona in that shit hole and disappear from the world of journalism coz you disgrace it!

  182. I thought that Smt Barkha Dutt’s free publicity to Ms Susan Walker was the lowest point that journalism could take on SSR’s death. But this article establishes a new lower standard. Is this what Shri Shekhar Gupta wants The Print to be known for – Everyday lower standard in journalism?

  183. Writer has narrow knowledge about Indian family structure as she herself belongs to UP/Bihar. Situation of expectations from alone son is same in all states of India. Moreover, if someone doesn’t have any role in the said incident then surely he/she should help in investigation rather than eloping for own safety and security.

  184. Stop your toxic journalism.
    Get your facts right and then dare to write.
    No one cares what you think. Just because you are a journalist doesn’t mean we’ll believe you blindly. We also come from this society and are well aware about our surroundings. Stop hallucinating and face the Rheality!
    And also stop writing paid articles!

  185. You are conveniently forgetting about Ankita and how she was SSR’s rock and support for such a long time. She was also his “girlfriend” and an “outsider”. Why did SSR’s family not have problems with Ankita?

    Think before you superimpose your ridiculous thinking on other situations!

  186. Wat kind of dirt have u posted?DO NOT USE DIRTY JOURNALISM.

  187. Atleast remove this article now….Paid media, Paid Journalism and now Paid Authors…lol..In punjabi I wanna say…Lakh lahnatan, Dubb ke marjo😠

  188. Generalisation, is the basis of this article, FIRs are not made on perceptions, it based on experience. Which fool wrote this article

  189. Dear Shri Gupta, if you genuinely care for the mental wellness of your “talented young writers”, kindly schedule an appointment of Smt Jyoti Yadav immediately by with Ms Susan Walker. She desparately requires help.

  190. Dear Print,
    This article is such a bad taste. Please get your facts right before printing such inhumane crap. You can do better. Your Journalism can do better.
    Also to set the record straight: The family had enough eproof against Rhea to file an FIR. And NO, SSR was not the Sravan Kumar of Bihar. He was a self made individual unlike your journalists who can write crap just for earning their bread and butter. SUCH A SHAME.

  191. never expected this silly article from print. If it had been from some silly channel it would have been okay. But print, which comes with some serious analysis how can on write such thing.
    how can you stereotype such thing when there are ample proof alongwith whatsapp chat that sushant was being cut away. you can not stereotype a family.
    you are stereotyping the whole state and creating the image which we Bihari’s are trying to break even though we have been practicing it long long ago as it is the case for whole country. we have evolved better , please come to the city , observe it and then write.
    pathetic , one new which i was following , will be abandoned now

  192. Please leave writing that will do good to you and yes us 2 like anything.. have nt seen an article as shit as this one !! What is wrong in being shravan kumar ..well surely can see how u will behave with ur elders ..stop discriminating on the basis of states and region .. trust me even a sabji wala of bihar is crore times better than you .get a life dude ..horrible writing

  193. Bullshit….how can you write this.. who is giving platform to ppl like you… It’s so sad ppl like you exist in out country…

  194. Miss yadav yh article likhne see pehle aap Puri reasearch krlete to better rhta…yh concern protective attitude bihari families m bushi nhi har jagah h ol over the world….chahe ladka ho ya ladki parents dono k lie concerned rhte h n esa sochna unka is common….even your parents will not allow you to be with the one whom they found suspicious n not right one… kisi ne boldia apko n aapne yh sab nonsense likhdia….family har kisi ki concerned rhti h apne bacche k lie …n parents can observed things n people better than us….Ankita lokhande ko b to accept kia family ne….or Jo family apne bacche se itna pyar krti h vo yhi chahegi ki bccha dur na ho kisi b vajahse n parents ka take care krna responsibility h hum bccho ki isme shravan Kumar banned jesi koi baat hi nhi h…. sushant k father ka yh sb bolna banta h he has lost his son….or Jo log Ankita lokhande k against bol rhe h they should know ki aaj k time m ek acchi life Kon nhi chahta sb chahte h but at least she’s is not like Rhea chakraborty who had the luxuries costing sushant’s life…..if you can’t support his father and family at least don’t make rubbish statements about them…n such articles won’t affect anyone because it’s total bullshit what you written….I Kno whoever will read it will only say -” pagal h Kya ” …..

  195. Yes definitely news media is in crisis because of the so called “journalists” like you and the news media like “the print”.
    Shameless and godi journalism has killed the real and honest journalism.These people understand the language of money and only money.
    Inka koi imaan dharm nahi hota.
    And u really think people will give such poisonous journalism pages donations…for what…so that u can spread more paid journalism??

  196. Lol seriously? U people have no other subject to write on? 🙄 What journalism is this? And which era is it?

  197. Jyoti u r not only stupid person, u r also emotionless person who is quick at judging a father’s grief who has lost his son. This article seems like u r sharing something out of ur own personal vendetta against Biharis.
    The Print is one of the worst media house and journalists like you should stop posting articles .
    Please take a break from journalism until u get some senses.

  198. Dear journalist,
    Just have a look on his life then post your rubbish stories. Even I am Bengali and have not faced such things so just don’t call out such things on public platform. When he was with Ankita all you could see in his eyes was true love as compared to Rhea. Not only his family other people linked with Sushant has claimed regarding “that bug puja” so just go through things and then post your idiocy on public platforms.

  199. Does the writer even know how Bihar family guys are? The urban Bihari families are know well educated and broad minded; they do accept their son with gf provided the girl creates a good bonding among the family instead of separating them. @Jyoti Jadav, I don’t know from which part of the country you are but stop putting across such idiot judgement about Bihar family. One’s thought is always about a family and not restricted to a family from Bihar.

    P.S Try making a Bihari boyfriend to better understand how they and their family are. Good Luck

  200. Appalling and totally unemphatic piece of journalism, questions The author(never heard of this feminist before) and the publisher. If you guys are planted stooges of Rhea camp. How on earth can you remain blinded by the screaming facts! Its because of vultures like you, that a sensitive and talented boy is no longer with us! Or is this piece just a bait to increase traffic to you otherwise obscure website! You guys are pathetic, selfish, unethical, I am in loss of adjectives!! May divine justice be served and each one of you are pained and subjected to tremendous suffering!! May Karma haunt you back!

  201. What bullshit, his parents weren’t against their laadla’s girlfriend, they were against someone who used him, cheated him out of his money, drugged him and eventually helped killed him. They were never against his happiness, or any of their other children’s happiness, that’s why all of their 4 daughters thrived and lived independently and were well educated. Their parents welcomed and loved Ankita. This is truly the worst media content I have read in my life. DISGUSTING!!!!

    • Like seriously 🙄, then what would you like to say about the strong n loving relationship between sushant’s family and shushant’s ex girlfriend Ankita lokhande now. Can u answer me this? I have one free advice for u, plz do some meditation n clear your all negative energies n change ur mindset😏

  202. Pathetic mindset of yourself is exposed in this article. Bihari or Madrasi or Kashmiri or Bengali or Maratha; it’s a parents complaint which needs to be investigated thoroughly. How can you be so insensitive to a parent who has lost a child? Do you think Indians are fools and can’t see your tactics of diverting the focus to regional divisions. Such Journalists like you are a stigma to the entire fraternity

  203. Madam writer, hats off to you for all your negativity in the article. Honestly this seems like a personal diary to me and doesn’t resonate with anybody. You seem to be highly biased and unnecessarily critical by generalising all the Bihari boys and Bengali girls. Absolute mental bankruptcy or (I don’t know) you must have used your parental connections to become a journalist. Looking at your understanding of the context in “Kajri” proves that you do not understand what love is and have not applied brains but simply Google Translate. I request you to kindly read some good literature in the context before “assuming” the context and demean all the Biharis/Bengalis.

    Someone might sue you, but keeping your strenuous relationship with your family and in-laws, shouldn’t.

    You are definitely not well Ms. Jyoti. I wish for your speedy recovery.

  204. Parasitical journalism.
    To the journalist Jyoti Yadav – this is filthy journalism. Hope you will get some better things to in your life.

  205. You forgot to mention that Rhea was also trying to become sharavan kumar for her family by siphoning off money from SSR account.

  206. I am surprised that you didn’t mentioned anything about the financial gains which Rhea got through Sushant as found by ED & other investigations .What about Rhea buying 65lacs flat with 14lac per annum income. I am sure she was trying to become sharavan kumar for her family .

  207. I think such perceptions of women are not just limited to Bihari families. It is countrywide issue. Progressive, independent women are looked down upon and blamed.

  208. You’re spewing venom in the name of journalism, this is real toxicity right here. And you want people to support your journalism.

    Please stop baseless stereotyping and generalizing, and people might actually take you guys seriously as journalist

  209. Family is a complex relationship which everyone tries to maintain, only after you get some kind of salvation (like extreme affection towards work, a partner, working for some critical mission etc) no one can completely abandon the family. But it can’t be labelled as TOXIC although all of the articulations of the author are true. The effect of 30~40 years of nucleus family culture is now showing it’s true effects. Children of this generation are now choosing the same and prefers isolation from family in the name of privacy. Here the girl partner is vocal and come to forefront and the boy acts to be innocent although he expresses his silent support to it.
    Sushant appears to have taken his own decisions himself. Just think why his father was not residing with him, he was alone and it is the duty of both father and son to take care of each other (more is duty of the adult son) .
    Let’s see how the investigation goes, earlier the investigation was haunting in business segment now it has turned table and has started roaming around typical social complaints.

  210. Seedi si baat “How much did they pay you and your organization to twist the scenario and make this go viral ??”

  211. You must have done little research about his life style since 16 he lived his own life did own things against family wishes how many families allow their sons/ doughters to leave prestigious courses in final year and persue an uncertain path.He had been in live in earlier openly for so many years but back then family had not raised such issues.please donot try to divert and cover the really by your own stinky narrative.What is harm is anyone family fries to be in touch see the result what outer world does to you if you blow away your own protective shield of nears and dears.Why she left after taking him away from everyone in a vulnerable situation.dont wrote such senseless articles.

  212. This article looks more like a personal experience for Jyoti Yadav. She must read the reply by shushant’s brother in law kirti . U journalist just write anything for trp

  213. Author is racist and has the audacity to stereotype a community.
    I think author is expert at writing trash.

  214. Hope you have learnt bullshit the kind of word selection I just curious to know what if your brother die in same circumstances and then your title something else and last but not least your liberalism impose somewhere else rather than only in hindu religion …

  215. Seems strong Bollywood lobby backed Gulf money. And this article is part of this. The Print always written article against Indian govt, system and culture even against defence straightegy. Really 4th piller of democracy is missusing power of Abhivyakti ki Azadi.

    Aur kitna neeche giroge app log.

  216. I had to scroll down for 30mins of abuses for you to reach to the comment section… hahaha… speaks alot about the kind of journalism you guys are doing. I find No Sense at all in this whole article you have written. Maybe you come from a family where only your brothers are given all the love. Its sad to see such journalists like you!

  217. Shekhar ji- I always felt Ur a responsible journalist and even though I did never supported the left view was always a fan of Ur #cuttheclutter . Media is the 4th pillar of democracy and even though I thought u have different view from establish ment but u had a view . This article is a shame on Ur team . A boy even if listen to his parents is nothing wrong to do . This ms Yadav son after some ages if her son does not listen to her how will c feel . And who is c to write about our family values .. northern India still hold values . And yes this article I believe for the 1st time u have published under some pressure . If u need financial support to run print – do let us know . We will support in all possible ways but by writing such articles you are becoming a part of the dirty media gang .. Shekhar ji- my appeal to u this article should be removed .apologies to the public I leave on the author senses .

  218. It’s sad that Shekar Gupta promotes such trashy journalist. I have read so many articles in print but this is the worst and for this piece of trash if you are requesting money for good journalism then even the people who genuinely what’s to pay won’t pay.

  219. Its understandable that author of this article heavily criticised because she wrote it like personal diary and poor selection of words but there are things worth noting.

    1. We public always believe in media trial and first completely made culprit to B gang and then suddenly Reha as SSR’s father said and being victim which means always right.

    2. In the starting days SSRs uncle saying D company threatining them then SSRs father has given clean chit to B gang in FIR just few days later.

    3. SSRs father was not happy with him leaving Engg but ok after he made sucess in B town but he was not with him as he has no interest in this field so there was no father available to son to back him if he needs due to ups and downs. Naturally with limited availablity of family member he could fall victim. Even if he get married still no guarantee that girl will not be gold digger. So only gold digger is responsible and family, ex girlfriend, relatives and friends are not, is not fair. Despite a good writer he did not write a suicide note delebritely and remembers his mother on twiter before dying.

    4. In indian scociety we do lebel “Damads” as demi gods so he is always correct and the if the brother in law is younger, he always have to be acting like servent. But morden damads 3 out of 4 you find abuse it and treat wife brother as real servent who is always supposed to be folded hand in front of him so that his sisters marriage remain good. Sisters no matter how much love there brothers generally becomes “ablas” in such situation to protect there marriage or children’s future. Debating this is also not acceptable to ones parents as it’s a well established social norm. Some Male child are weak. They can not tolerate it and they are also not allowed to say it. This is toxixity and is in entire india and not just UP or Bihar. One can say it’s more practiced in northern states.

    5. Families in india generally do not respectfully except daughter in law, a girl who is publicly known ex of someone. Further live in relation is like having kept or “Rakhel” who can be kept but she does not have any right on money of keeper althogh law says otherwise. Such girls also comes in life of new one knowing that they might not get that respect so have secondary targets like money and promoting her family which again no family of boy can tolerate.

    6. If this was going on for so long than if sisters can not look into it, why didnt father interfair. And if he is so out of world that knowing a girl ruining his son’s life and money as sisters said that it was known in family, why didnt they gave a written complaint as mumbai police was asking in Feb. Obviously What’s App msg is not official complain. Isn’t it look like after son’s demise, daughter’s safety from D company become more priority for father and its intolarable by in laws that such a huge amount of there brother in law went to an outsider.

    My views are nothing but a possible perspective that enquiry commisson also has to look for ensuring every angle is looked upon rather than getting driven emotionally.

  220. How do you call yourself a journalist?
    Get your facts right and then dare to make an opinion. Stop spreading such negativity in the society with your personal views. No one cares about what you think.

  221. Hi I am married to a narrow minded family. I feel that that i am being scrutinzed for what i say or probably do whenever they are around. BUT Rhea Chakroborty has lot of suspicious activity going on. First who takes over bank accounts especially after dating someone for just a year. She was in the relationship for money. AND Sushant was living alone so she took full advantage of that. She changed his full staff. And did the family have problems with previous girlfriends of Sushant- Ankita Lokhande had good relationship with the family. Sushant and her had a live in relationship. His family had no issues with that. Also have you seen his family. All are well educated – some of the sisters had love marriages. One sister is doing something in cricket- Do you think his family is narrow minded. I dont think so. Before you generalize – please do your research. THere is something phishy going on with Rhea- the main reason i believe so is Sushant Depression started only after he met Rhea. was it a coincidence- maybe but maybe not . As we hear- she was using his credit cards.

  222. What a pathetic and biased article. Without focussing on any evidence the entire article is based on Rabindranath Tagore stories written almost 70-80 years back and folk songs. If u call this journalism then shame on u. The entire article is just based on one side of story and that too without any evidence. Why dont u try and look on his financial statements,Rhea’s career trajectory and difference between her income and expense and then write an article based on facts not stories and folk songs. Also go around and look at cases where crimes are committed for money . Havent seen a more absurd article ever..PATHETIC!!!!!!

  223. Guess you are from the wrong Bihari family where it’s toxic like how you are explaining. Please don’t assume and speak for others. This is some next level garbage journalism.

  224. The article signifies that young journalists should not be given an unbridled access to writing specially on social issues. Their sole aim is to rise quickly in career. And there is no faster way than controversial writing. They must be guided and Print should own that onus. It may givenyou eyeballs for short time. But people will realise it’s still a juvenile publication and will treat it like that. Any 35 year old person irrespective to gender can see how immature this writing is. Whole purpose career promulgation at the cost of publisher.

  225. This article is utterly demeaning and written by a prejudiced person who needs to study Journalism again. Shame on The Print as well for allowing such piece of crap!!!

  226. A new low in journalism…one should be cognizant of the fact that this piece of trash remains there for a long time just like those non-sensical blind items…
    I only hope journalists refrain from achieving new lows by having an opinion on every single matter present on this face of earth.

  227. Biased article by an illiterate bigot. What is a toxic Bihari family? The Print is the Toxic one here, spreading hatred and prejudice. Why don’t you hire some real writers and not paid trolls?

  228. This article is utterly demeaning, written by a prejudiced person who needs to study journalism again. And shame on The Print for permitting such a piece of crap!!!

  229. Paid Print, just see the comment box u wre ripped apart by Indians, which includes toxic Bihari’s.

    Such a Shame on the face of Journalism

  230. The above article is story of the whole nation. If your consern is Bihar ask your employees who are from bihar they can explain you face to face.

  231. This Jyoti yadav is the biggest castiest in this news organization…she wears a liberal intellectual mask to hide her Brahmin rajput hatred she adhere…deep down inside the yadav hatred of Brahmin rajput(upper caste) comes out in open in her articles..a bigot castiest poisoned mind women like her is blot on this news organization which I religious follow for international relations and gobal politics..and no m not a misogynist and just spitting the fact!!!…….

  232. Cow- belt? The writer is simply prejudiced juvenist pshyco… Out to suuport all the influentials involved in this case.. Cow land is much better than the crow land ( writer’s masters homes) . The lady is simply not worth readable.. trying to create a narrative against the father of victim. What is wrong in expecting your son to be like shravan kumar.. Does this lady expect sons be like Uddhav Thackeray, Suraj pancholi, Arbaaz Khan etc… The rapists who first raped and killed Salian and then killed Sushant. God bless you with sons like them lady… For Mr. K K Singh, Sushant was good..

  233. Whoever wrote this article was surely high on something. Calling out names to Rhea is very bad but involving Sushant’s family into it is shit. If he was Shravan kumar, his parents might have done something so great that he tried to be like Shravan kumar. Everyone knows how much he loved his family so you don’t have to pass out your judgment on him and his family.
    Rhea might not have done anything to shushant to take such a major step only if he did so but what type of girl goes around extracting money from her boyfriend for herself and her family. Let’s neglect it, she was his friend, his lover and if she really cared about him, she wouldn’t have left Sush dying there. And The print, by publishing such articles under “views are personal” is so sick, pathetic and puke worthy. I wish there was some thing to unread it

  234. Never thought THE PRINT will print such piece of shit. Being writer myself, I never gave single sided opinion. They never said gold digger its people who said so.. also giving such strong statement on a community… is this journalism?? The writer seem to be watching too much films and lack knowledge/research!!

  235. I couldn’t even read the entire article, it was so pathetic. How can you even generalise the all the bihari families. Same way I won’t generalise all the journalists on the basis of the article you wrote right? This is probably the worst article i have ever seen or read. Print, kindly keep a check on such opinions or else you’ll end up losing readers like me who have read your articles for years. Absolutely disgusting article and a total waste of time.

  236. So you had to portray Bihar & North India as backward in their mindset. For sure you know that jealousy, greed exists amongst the blood relations not just between siblings but also between father and son in families of the region perhaps you also belong to. But how are you so sure that there’s love flowing in Bengali families or in any other that in your opinion are not toxic? How can you make such a sweeping statement? Is a seemingly ignorant and hollow girl like Rhea Chakraborty your idea of a ‘Modern’ person? There are many areas which needs thorough investigation in this case …. indeed a very tragic one and depressing one for the whole of nation. There’s quite a good chance that truth may come out but when the investigators do not want it, how will it? Your counter attack attempts will not work. This seems to be a motivated information for public.

  237. Toxic and insensitive article.

    Example of pseudo intellectual thinking wherein NOT too smart people make incoherent noise just to “ sound “ smart.

    While everyone has a right to have an opinion and to voice it, it is highly insensitive to just colour any event in the news and twist narratives based on ones own personal biases and prejudices rather than seeing things in the right light after due diligence to all aspects and proper unbiased fact based data driven analysis.

    The Hindi Muhavra for what this article has done is , “ Behti Ganga mein haath dhona “.

    There are just so many flaws in this article that I do not have the time or patience to enlist each and every one of them.

    While there may be some substance to what the article is talking about when talking “ in general “, to make a highly insensitive mockery of this case “ in particular” is unjustified.

    The Print should really work toward getting better writers on board who can write proper well researched “ NEWS ARTICLES / OPINION POSTS “ or just rebrand themselves as an internet blog of pseudo counter culture.

  238. Are u seriously writting these things about him 🙄🤷‍♂️print ko mai pehle follow bhi karta tha. Isme bihar kaha se aa gya of ye itna bura hota toh uski ex kyu beech me aari shame on jyoti yadav who wrote this. And, a class 10th student can clearly say it’s murder. 🙄🤷‍♂️police and politician both are one 😟😬😬😬and u print media just Bullshit🐂💩🐂💩 first u make a bihar angle and then his murder angle and portrayed it in a bad manner. Shame on u jyoti yadav .

  239. What stupid crap…stop this pseudo sociological analysis…it’s as toxic as the mental health analysis being trotted out in media by absolutely irresponsible idiotic journalists. Even though you obviously got paid big bucks to publish this stupid filmi commentary ,the least you could have done was to educate yourself on social analysis.

  240. What stupid crap…stop this pseudo sociological analysis…it’s as toxic as the mental health analysis being trotted out in media by absolutely irresponsible idiotic journalists. Even though you obviously got paid big bucks to publish this stupid filmi commentary ,the least you could have done was to educate yourself on social analysis.

  241. A guy from one of the best engineering college and successful figure in Bollywood has been a backward and a flop actress modern. Wow, just wow. Good to know this.

  242. Such a bad & biased article!
    Shekhar Gupta has lost control over the quality of content that is getting posted by this rookie journalist who it seems is swayed away by her own personal experience with her family members.

    Please don’t publish such distasteful news articles in future.

    I have been paying Rs 1000/month to this news channel taking Shekhar Gupta on face value but if this all insensitive & meaningless articles are going to get posted by the Print, then I will have to unsubscribe it.

  243. Toxic family may be u belong to one that is why u r so toxic!! God should bless u with people like Rhea in ur life to understand the pain! wow what a fake feminist writer u r so much concern with Rhea ur son and brother should get wife like Rhea!!

  244. btw one more question how much money Rhea paid u from SSR’s money to write this trash, disgusting and toxic article!! BTW Rhea and u both r WI..H!

  245. what a bullshit article by THE PRINT? do you people think, you are modern? by reading this stereotype artice, the respect for journalism really goes down. by the way your elite journalism really waste. hypocratic.

  246. We all can see which family is the really toxic one here..No amount of rose petalling Rhea and her family is going to turn the tide..SSR was the youngest of his family, all his sisters married and well to do..He was neither supporting his father not his sisters..His bank account shows who and which family he was really supporting..
    If theprint is only interested in putting some random person’s perspective on its page then stop calling it journalism instead write a blog..

  247. Wow … just think about what happened to sushant singh happens as it is to ur baby boy ,ur brother or any male member.. then ur feminism will go “tel lene ”
    Yes he was a ladla he was the youngest in his family why to connect it with the so called discrimination b/w boys and girls …. according to ur illogical and rubbish brain the family is crying coz they lost their putr no lady coz they lost a dearly loved member and a child of their family .. the one who supports wrong are to be hit badly by karma wait for urs to return..

  248. The writer of this article Seems to be from Bihar herself. May be she is right, but can she generalise it. I think not. She has not researched the case of SSR thoroughly, the circumstances surrounding it or simply appears to have her own (biased ) views. No god fearing person will blame others for the death of a close relative. Not just the family of SSR but his old staff,who were replaced or had worked with him, are saying the same thing that SSR was not depressed before Rhea entered his life. The evidence is all there for the entire nation to see, how hard the MAHA police is trying to cover up the case. Anyway, the truth shall come out in few days as the cbi takes charge of the case now. And you now what, no one told SHRAVAN Kumar to go through all the hardships for his parents, he did it out of reverence, respect and love for his parents. Many sons and daughter want to do everything to keep their parents happy. In today’s world no parent will expect their child to make sacrifices in their life like SHRAVAN Kumar. They simply want him to live a happy life. This article it seems was written without any adequate forethought and errs toward irresponsible journalism, in my opinion.

  249. This stupid journalist don’t know that for every family there child is not less than ‘shravan kumar’.

    @ jyoti jadav go and ask your mother and father , for them you also more than ‘sravan kumar’.

    A family lost his son and if they will not blame anyone then how matter will come into light, how they will get justice.

    U defending Reah chakraborty by saying her high class girl, u don’t know if she is innocent then why she is not standing with that middle class family.

    Any person living in live-in relationship means they are going to be life partner, not mean that u leave your partner for struggle and after his demise u ran away from family.

  250. This article is nothing more than something that shows sick mentality of who so ever has written this. Most Indian families don’t support their children in marriage it has nothing to so with biharis. Every family wants their kids to be close to them. They wanted their son to be safe and that is being shravan kumar. Get your facts right, the girl exploited the man financially. He was bearing the expenses of her entire family. He should be doing that for his gf and not his family.
    Everyone has supported the families claim of the girl destroying him mentally.
    This is so sick. Shameless, don’t call yourself a journalist.

  251. Proud to be BIHARI. At least we are not like Rhea who used SUSHANTSINGHRAJPUT for money and his family involved.
    How much money u got for this ThePrintIndia shame on you.ShameOnMumbaiPolice. why not ankita did it in his 7 years of relationship. You support Bollywood gang.

  252. Well done 👍🏻
    Truth has to be told in a democracy.
    People took this as their lockdown Sherlock project and went on to blame ‘ n’ number of people before zeroing on Rhea .
    They never cared about him while he was alive and now when he is dead they have absolutely zero respect for him . From defaming his choice of live in partner to stating that he was a victim of black magic .
    Emotional fools have done it all expect accept the fact that he had depression and suicided .
    There is no hope for Indians until they normalise mental health and their family structure and interference.
    Women face it on a daily basis on various levels , then have Stockholm syndrome and then incite the suppressed frustration on other women .
    You hit the nail at the right spot
    Bulls eye 👁 article
    Hats off to you mr. yadaV
    Truth must be told

  253. Disappointed .Thats all.
    Just recently saw a few videos and articles of a shekhar gupta and thought to myself why i haven’t heard of this before.Saw a few more and was honestly impressed.But articles like this is unwelcome.I understand bringing forward a new POV was the intention but there are better ways than this.Moreover you’re generalizing an ideology you think belongs to people of Bihar.True hate on Rhea are getting a but too much but let me remind you it was not always like this.This is not blind hatred without facts.And whats this narrative of Bengal vs Bihar??
    There are financial accounts to prove the accusations.A not yet successful actress doesn’t go around employing one of the most costliest criminal lawyers of the country.And the presence of her brother as directors in all those companies incorporated with sushant’s money.What you’ve said is a probable situation but definitely not in this case especially taking into consideration what all has been revealed in the investigation.
    Hope editors would look a bit more before publishing articles such as this.

  254. Congratulations Print on your stereotyping Bihari middle class families and passing judgement that SSR’s family was toxic. Of course not a single evidence provided. The left liberal ecosystem has decided to now support the ‘underprivileged Rhea’

  255. Such a shallow and horribly written article! This are the exact kind of ‘articles’ that Sushant used to be deeply affected by. Sadly, these haven’t stopped even after he’s no more. This had got nothing to do with Biharis or Bengalis. The complaint is against an individual and not against any community. Please get your facts correct before jumping to conclusions and coming up with shitty pieces like these. And talking about his mother more as compared to other family doesn’t mean that he didn’t like them. For God’s sake, understand the sentiment. He used to miss his mom because she passed away when he was too young and he used to miss her terribly. I mean seriously? This is what you conclude out of this? And NO they were not against him having any girlfriends. He has dated a girl for 7 years before and he dated afterwards too. They were against this particular individual. The family is not mad to put out a 6-page FIR without any proofs..they obviously have proofs. Nobody files an FIR just for the heck of it! Please get your facts right before coming up with this shit unless ofcourse it is a ‘paid’ article to cover up someone’s image.

    • FIRs don’t require proof – it’s just a complaint, the investigation follows.
      You complained about the author jumping into the conclusion. You did exactly that in your comment. Hypocrisy much?
      Show proof that this one is a paid article.
      How did you know about Sushant’s mental condition? Were you so close that he disclosed that to you?
      Complaints are not facts.
      “I mean seriously” – That’s bad English. You should have paid more attention in your English class.

    • First of all the article is written by a Bihari woman. So instead of dismissing on the basis of the headline , maybe consider that the woman is not just barking , like we do to any woman in our coutry who talks about our cultural issues that are exemplified by misogyny?
      Secondly, okay, let us consider the possibility that Rhea could have been responsible and the family filed an FIR because of her suspicions.
      How does it make a public narrative about women doing ‘Kaala Jaadu’ on their boyfriends , ‘stealing them away’ from the families or ‘being witches’ justified ? DO YOU KNOW FOR A FACT THAT RHEA DID IT OR THE MILLIONS OF INDIANS BARKING ON THIS AND BLAMING HER ? ALL THIS JUSTIFIED THE RAPE THREATS THAT THE SUPER INTELLIGENT INDIANS TRASHING THIS ARTICLE ARE GIVING TO HER WITHOUT ANYTHING BEING PROVED IN COURT ? Now if it would have been a case of a man because of whom a woman died, take the example of Suraj Pancholi and Jiah Khan, where was teh Indian populace then ? mar gaye tab ? No such tags for Suraj Pancholi ? Tab kehte court mei prove hone do fir use gaaliyaan dena. Jiah’s moms loss isn ot a loss enough?
      AND YES,the family can file FIR. However using tags like ‘ She is stealing him away from the family’ shows their ingrained misogyny and makes one wonder if teh grounds of tehir dislike are questionable. You can’t say that no family will EVER file an FIR for no reason. It may be a big enough reason t for them to hate her, doesn;t mean it is a rational enough reason to declare her a culprit.

      Grow up miss. And article pehle poora padh lo. And remember Sushant was a GROWN UP GUY. If he distanced himself from his family, he was old enough to know whathe was doing instead of being entrapped by a woman. Maybe you also feel similarly towards the wives and girlfriend sof your brother s and husbands, hence the comment.

  256. Can’t believe the writer is defending the girl friend who used him for his money. This is not about how bihari families are or are not!! They know how their son who they lost was treated by her. They had no problems with Ankita nd Kriti. You can see her sisters’ pictures with both Kriti ND Ankita.
    This article is total BS. Hire good people
    PS: how much money got to write this article?

  257. Excellent article and you have nailed it totally. Keep up the good journalism, and yes I am supporting it.

  258. Worst journalists wort journalism. U can’t even call this journalism I think this is rather an article to vent some personal grudge of anger caused by two or three people whom they are calling”BIHARIS”.
    Ma’am/Sir please learn to respect you country first. Journalism doesn’t mean showing hatred so please don’t spit nonsense you are only spreading hatred and it can cause you alot of bad fortune or bad luck.

  259. Families in Bihar exactly think in the same way. I married a Bihari boy, and I am a Bengali. They have a particular distaste for Bengali girls, which I had felt from the beginning. They think that Bengali girls are manipulative. So this article is relatable to my experience.

    • I agree with you, and I have a friend you I know of had similar experiences. But the example of SSR is not the appropriate time and place to raise any issue , be it depression or stereotype!! Here the focus should be solving the mystery and giving a proper closure to all who feel for him and his family. If suicide, abatement to suicide or murder. The hamster wheel is manufactured and journalism like this doesn’t help!

      • Focus should be on solving mystery,then all angles be considered.Public has already declared Reah guilty without conclusive evidence ,based on media reporting.

  260. Families in Bihar exactly think in the same way. I married a Bihari boy, and I am a Bengali. They have a particular distaste for Bengali girls, which I had felt from the beginning. They think that Bengali girls are manipulative. So this article is relatable to my experience.

    • The last line in your post is entirely correct. You are posting it here instead of solving the problem with your family.

  261. this is a horribly biased article!! Jyoti Yadav, I wish your family goes through the same as his family is going through and I wish you’ll have the courage to still believe in the bs you wrote

  262. If calling a region and some states “cow-belt” comes under the definition of being modern and liberal, I don’t know what bigotry and biased views are! How would you feel if someone called you “Milkmaid” judging from your surname?
    Stop passing judgements on the basis of few facts. Little knowledge is dangerous.
    Media trials are wrong, whether done by paid media houses on television, or so called ‘free’ media such as yourselves. So stop tarnishing the name of any person, family or region. Focus on real journalism

  263. Feeling very sorry for ur toxic mindset ma’am.What do u mean by bihari families ??Don’t your family expect u to be a good daughter! Don’t other familes expect this! And wow u know Sushant Sir’s so closely! u know how he was only close to his mother by watching his interviews!like srsly now we are judging people’s personal life through certain interviews! and yes SSR family will not get their son back by saying bad words against anyone! nd for ur kind info Sushant Sir’s Sister Shweta Singh Kirti had already requested every1 not to use bad words against anyone! So please it’s a earnest request stop spreading negativity!

  264. Ms Jyoti! What a DISTASTEFUL way of presenting the facts, just PATHETIC! I cant believe that you generalized your viewpoint about the norms of society to someone’s sudden/tragic demise. Please get your facts right and do your research before you write your opinion. Please find out if Rhea is so innocent why is there an FIR against her & her family on several charges by ED? Black magic, this statement was levelled by Sushant’s close circle and not her family. There is nothing wrong in desiring a son, the family raised them all equallly and they all hold respectable position at work & society.
    Your article and views will never make me see THE PRINT in the same light. I cant believe you were made someone’s loss look so selfish!

  265. This is the shitest article I have ever come across ..or was dere a competition for non sense writing if dere was dude You are a winner !! Horrrrrrrrrrrrrible article .. you should stop writing that will do good us and most importantly you .. 🤢 🤮

  266. Absolutely useless and shitty article. The writer does not have to do something meaningful in his/her own life.

  267. A keyboard, a mouse and internet connection is all you need to spread filth these days ..sigh! Just wasted 10 minutes of my life reading this deal. I wish the author goes through similar trying and heart-breaking time that Sushant’s family is going through… she totally called for it…

  268. Wow. Just wow. Madam this article seems like you have some personal issues with Biharis. What are All Biharis according to you ? Authoritarian, misogynistic, suppressive? I’m sure you are basing your claims on the few Biharis you’ve known or the things you’ve heard or maybe you yourself are a Bihari who hails form a family that behaves in the manner of your suggestion. This article reeks of hatred towards Biharis. Calling Rhea names isn’t right but neither is portraying Biharis the way you are. It’s ironic because you are doing exactly what your article is allegedly trying to fight.This isn’t journalism. This is crap!
    Try to see Bihar form a different glass not from the one your entitled ass has been taught to see.
    -from a proud Biharan

    • Great comment Shreyasi even though I am not a Bihari, this lady has got even the kajri translation wrong and calling a whole region cowbelt is not modern or educated, it is called having a bias and someone aptly suggested how would she feel if we called her milk maid girl as her last name suggests it

    • It is useless article!This shows the mentality of the people who r writers,how can we openly write bluntly ignoring the big loss of a family.

    • The sheer number of hate comments here are symptomatic of the larger problem. The North Indian heartland has failed to realise that their mould of casteist, nativist and ethnically biased narratives derogatory to both women as a gender and to any ‘other’ vide religious or ethnic lines is not compatible with a humanist ethos which is closer to modern neo-liberal consumerism. So instead of evolving themselves, they have decided to destroy the very foundations of the modern World to take us back to the Manuwadi dark ages.

    • That is the way people act now if they see an opinion different from their’s-“boycott!” Sushant’s tragic suicide opened up certain issues that need to be discussed in a serious manner such as nepotism and unhealthy work culture in Bollywood that particularly affects young people(both men and women) without godfathers (again shows that Bollywood is deeply patriarchal despite its claims of liberalism). Sushant’s family’s allegations need to be verified in the court of law, but tarnishing the image of a young woman repeatedly through misogynistic comments in the media is not the way to handle any crisis. If Rhea is guilty, she will be punished, and I do not think she is powerful enough to evade justice as claimed by various conspiracy theorists. But if she is not, who is going to pay for this insane social media trial?
      PS: It is not about Bengalis and Biharis. Being a proud Bengali woman, I can say that misogyny is a global practice especially in the context of marriages and manifests in different manner in each culture.
      But a nice and timely article addressing a very urgent crisis in our society.

  269. I am not a fan of Rhea C. To be honest, she is not a good actress. And perhaps she was insensitive with SSR. But I think the family and the media are wrong in portraying her as the villain. You need closure? Don’t taint the image of another person. Another suicide won’t bring your son back. Additionally, what’s with the SSR craze? No one genuinely cared for him or his films while he was alive. Why the charade now! The world has nothing better to do except targeting people and bringing them down. Nice article! I wish more people write such pieces to awaken the sleeping/dormant value of reason!

    • Well you dont decide whether people cared or not for him, and if they didn’t tat doesn’t means we cant care now .
      And by the way dont act like the stupid people calling all bengalis do kaala jaadu. And backward and progressive is not based on whether you have a girlfriend or not. It’s better decided by the filthy thought of putting articles like this and people like you putting comments like this.

      It’s a individual’s choice how a family should be , you cant put your definition of modernization on a group of people.

    • Let the CBI decide, you are not the one decide. If she is so clean, she should be ok for a CBI investigation. And SSR’s movies had enough attention, you must be living under rocks! wake up.

    • So agree.
      When did SSR get so popular? or slowed down Covid ridden india just enjoys this as good daily entertaining fodder.
      I dont think most realise this is an ongoing inquiry.
      and all within court are asked to not consider what is spoken about it.
      and all that is needed to set the girl free, is reasonable doubt.
      Poor gal.
      Subscribing to THE PRINT for their refreshing perspective/

    • Idiot, this was a sponsored piece. I know the lady. Note the POV and Opinion highlighted on the top. If you get influenced by this article you should get yourself checked by a psychiatrist.

    • Alas people won’t understand 💁
      They are still gonna believe those media channels
      Who few days back were advertising ramdev’s coronil as the ‘ramban ilaaj ‘ for covid 19

    • You are absolutely right. Here the right wing media houses are up to mischief and playing their own circus by declaring someone guilty even before it is proved. They seem to be manipulating a lot of facts. Ignoring the fact that she might be a difficult girlfriend to handle but may not have done what these people are portraying her as. End of the day we have no idea of what has happened but just judging based on some random news shown by paid media. People have forgotten that the same Arnab Goswami lead a fake campaign against Sarbjeet Singh and labelled him a molester and spoilt his life

  270. So ma’am do you think Sushant parents filled case on Reah without any proof and police requested to move the case to CBI without any proof and entire family and India is fighting for Justice without proof
    Looks like you are Reahs family member who wanted to support her
    Please do your research and homework thoroughly

  271. What are u talking about you even know, bihari families and all they don’t except girlfriend and all, remember one think before rhea Sushant had a gf called Ankita who is still touch with his family, they not only except her as their bahu even they love and respect her. when Ankita is with him he is with family but when rhea enters in his life she made him alone separate him from his family. I don’t say all Bengali or city girls are bad, it’s all about values of a person which come from family , and Rhea is continuously get support from his family even if she is wrong, it’s just simply humans without good values are more dangerous than an devil. And first think and then write any article. Please stop negativity.

    • This article was written under the supervision of one and only motto called money.
      These guys don’t care about what SSR was or wasn’t. They need money and fame. And very good point you highlighted about girlfriend. Without girlfriend only he took previous one to his home town and spent time With family.

  272. May be the writer of this article is not aware of strong Bihari traditions and how determined and strong Biharis are who can survive any criticism and fight back any odds. May be The Print only operates from Tier 1 cities and dont know how even Tier 2 and Tier 3 has progressed over last 2 decades. Bright Minds and inventions doesn’t come from Metros always

  273. Shravan Kumar is synonymous to reverence, love and dedication, all of which are aspects of one’s will. Shravan Kumar didn’t HAVE to, he WILLED to. This is just one example of your pitiable levels of ignorance strewed through out the article. The apparent effort at creating a miasma of a cultural context without no real analysis or understanding is pathetic at best.

  274. Shravan Kumar is synonymous to reverence, love and dedication, all of which are aspects of one’s will. Shravan Kumar didn’t HAVE to, he WILLED to. This is just one example of your pitiable levels of ignorance strewed through out the article. The apparent effort at creating a miasma of a cultural context without no real analysis or understanding is pathetic at best. If your psuedo sense of elitism and feminism has taught you to look down upon harmless cultures and ridicule them in the likes of words such as ‘cow belt’, the joke is on you. My friends from US (not Indians) and Romania(again not Indians) have had break ups with their partners or disputes with parents regarding their choice of partners or partners having an issue with the parents; this is to say how this strain in relation is prevalent everywhere. Where as my Odia colleague’s Bihari parents in law are extremely supportive to her.

    There is ED questioning the actress and her family and the CBI filing FIR against them. There are charges of fraud, money laundering and an attempt to wrongly medicate a person to control them which are being looked into. This is a classic case of Gold digging. I don’t understand why you are personally affected by the tag but i guess, it could be because you might have wrongly (just being polite for i don’t Know really) been charged with something similar. It also clearly gives an impression that you have a strenuous relationship with your parents or in-laws or both but to use your personal context to generalise a deeply sensitive issue is against journalistic fairness.

    Sushant’s family only states of facts that have occurred to their knowledge. That he was taken to a resort for a long time with unnamed and strange ‘puja’ being conducted at his house. It could very well be an occult practice (which is criminal) the family is only pressing on the fact that this event has occurred, they are not commenting on the outcomes of it or that the practice gives any outcome in general.

    Sushant’s family is an example of a modern day family where the guys and girls are well educated and have the right to choose their careers and partners. Girls and guys and everybody they love will be shown love in the expressions of ‘ladla/ladli’. As with every family or with friends, there will always be approval or disapproval involved, there will be discussion and convincing involved. If you are alien to this, please note that this is how a normal family looks like and functions.

    Some things you say could have relevance in a completely different context but this is not it. While I am deeply sorry for whatever personal injustice you were subjected to to have written a poorly researched and conceived article in such judgement, the fact that you are an intellect-less opportunist working for a pseudo journalism platform is unforgivable in this scenario.

    • You are absolutely correct. This is a pr stunt. Money stolen has to be spent to justify the wrongdoings. ED and CBI does not interfere in every murder or money laundering. This journalist is being paid to write this on their behalf.

  275. Just for your information,
    1. the same family allowed him to choose his acting passion over engineering career
    2.Moreover he was in a live-in relationship for 6 years. Now the same lady has come in support of the family although she was not in talking terms with Sushant for last 4 years.
    3. Although Suhant and Ankita had ended the relationship, family was still in touch with Ankita…which only shows they would have tried all possibilities to patch up between these 2

    Based on above 3 points its clear that Sushant took his own decisions. Family could never influence him.

  276. Ms Jyoti Ydav should first get over her Yadav cattle class backward bihari mentality and stop being jealous of uppercaste Rajputs and Brahmins. Such a cheap article.

    • This entire article stunk of cow dung. Utter rubbish. Nothing substantial was said, other than projections of the authors own insecurities.

  277. The most disgusting piece on the name of journalism I have EVER read. Dont think i will ever come back to ‘The Print’ after this.
    Check out the choice of words “…a middle-class Bihari family and a modern Bengali girlfriend.”
    Miss Yadav, just by wearing western attire, one does not become “modern”. Living on your boyfriend’s money is NOT modern (the bank details are now public). And then suddenly looking like a damsel in distress while recording video pleas is NOT modern. Blackmailing a boyfriend and threatening to make his medical reports public is NOT Modern. Doing a complete volte face by first asking for a CBI probe, and then calling the move to CBI “illegal and against federalism” is NOT modern. Any truly modern, self-respecting, hard working, career-oriented, honest woman who is reading this article will squirm in disgust at your juvenile interpretation of “Modern”. Evidently, you are not quite modern yourself to see that behind their simple “middle class” attire, the late actor’s sisters may just be way more modern in thought and actions than your limited mind will give them credit for.
    Miss Yadav, my best guess is that you are an eager intern trying to impress your seniors through hyperbole. In any case, go redeem yourself by quitting this profession and choosing something else that has room for such uninformed regressiveness.
    P.S. I have no connection with Bihar or with the family that is being targeted, but i am highly offended by this puerile bullshit that is being passed off as journalism.
    Bye Bye ‘The Print’. One more name off the list of newspapers we can trust.

    • Luckily no such case happened in the writers family,if they have gone through this stage could have realized the pain of a 75 year old father ,God know what kind of journalist you are, BTW whoever bollywood person weeee question are not bothering about the independent inquiry to the case ,who gave you money to write such kind of article shame on you

  278. What an insensitive, horrible person you are .I dont even remember your name. First thing you do not know how to write and forget everything in between people like you are the reason our country’s moral fabric 8s thread bear. Shame on you and your fake ilk .any trash sells as journalism and anything is printed as long as it shows my country in a bad light. Btw I just read the first paragraph and felt sick on my stomach. Shame on you The print for supporting trash and trashy ideas

  279. I have only two things to say this chic who concluded whole north india with her little brain,.

    1) You should watch less movies
    2) I am glad Yadav’s let you study n you got a platform to puke your perception somewhere otherwise they keep thier daughters jam packed inside thier houses do that they don’t fall for boyfriends but damn , they still manage to have one.

  280. OMG!! Madam do you have any brother/son?? If so keep them in place of Sushant and think, if something happens same with them then how wld you feel!?
    How your parents wld feel?!
    And you have done lot of research on Bihari ppl it seems, so God bless you with a type of girl like Reah the demon…and then afterwards you can write a book ..

    • And you Madam are an exemplified, live version of what the article talks about. People’s sons die and their daughters die and it is fair for them to feel aggrieved. But I wonder how many times it so happens that when a woman dies her family gets the right, backed by public validation , to call the man in her life a ”demon’, a ‘sorcerer’ and a gold digger and therefore responsible for her death. Bihar mei toh domestic violence aur rape bhi bohot hota haina. Tab jaake jis ladke na kara hota hai usko aise publicly aap attack karte ho ? Nahi. Jiah Khan’s mother also lost her daughter. While her mother speaks in public trying to get justice for her, seen tags like ‘ Player’, ‘Murdererer, and the likes for Suraj Pancholi by her mother an dthe Indian population at large ?
      Rhea may be responsible, let the courts prove. Or she may not be. It i sthe whole misogynistic narrative that is being discussed here that is used especially for women. App bhi apne beto ki girlfriends ko aise shak se dekhti hongi , which is quite evident from ur focus on ‘sons and brothers ‘ and words like ‘demon’.

      Rehne do , aapko nahi samajha ayega. Appke bas ke baahar ka hai. Aap jake apne gaon mei Jaadu tone ki baatein kariye, yaha Print ke page pe comment karne ki jagah. Leave this space free from your toxic misogyny.

  281. Hi Lady,
    Nice platform and subject you chose to vent out your frustration and sub standard writing. Please retire from this profession.

  282. Pathetic 2rs article!! Even though it’s paid can’t be more the 2 rs!!
    A toxic family according to her is the one who lets their children live their dream! All family members of SSR are at top positions including her sisters and in-laws!! They are family to Ankita, his ex. and they are nice people that’s why Rhea took advantage of them!
    What does she have to say about Rhea’s family who have taught their children only to be fraudsters! They came to SSR at his house to live with him and use his money for personal expenses! Good, that bank statements are out! Even beggars would have more self respect than them!

    According to this 2rs article, ED and CBI are foolish to look into the case. I wish she could borrow some brains from a BIHARI !!!

    • Spot on Annie. Please do not disrepect beggars, those guys dont sell their conscience. Rhea and family are a notch above parasites.

    • This is biggest paid media of india.
      they can even justify terrorism and prove kashmir belongs to Pakistan.
      i have seen many article from the print and all are just part of paid propeganda.

  283. TOXIC is this article, Ms. Yadav. It’s spreading hate and racism, it should be brought down!

    Unnecessary, unkind, uncalled for, and senseless! Is this all you could make out from everything that’s unfolded since Sushant passed away? His family’s fight to get a closure is sounding like a Shravan Kumar story to you? And what’s wrong in being a Shravan Kumar? Since when has loving your family become wrong?

    You shouldn’t be allowed to write as a journalist, you are too noxious for this world!

  284. KK Singh should sue the Print for all it’s worth now. Only a defamation case will make sure uneducated authros aren’t given a platform. Besides, it will reveal how the nepotism nexus and bollywood mafia has used the Print to forward its agenda. The author deserves to be taken to court for misuse of a media platform to promote segregation and disharmony.

  285. हमारे गांवों में एक कहावत है – ” नया भजनिया , टिक मै झायल” . इसका मतलब समझने की कोशिश करना।
    ख़ैर, ऐसे कुछ भी सनसनीखेज लिख देने से अच्छे लेखक नहीं बन सकते। सम्यक दृष्टि होनी जरूरी है। और सुनो, तुम्हें लग रहा होगा कि तुम महान विचारक हो , क्या लिख दिया तुमने। तो भ्रम में मत रहना। इससे घटिया लेख हो ही नहीं सकता है।
    अगर इतना ही विचारने की क्षमता है तो करो डिबेट इस विषय पर मुझसे।

  286. some ppl like you ThePrint are real ass no matter how good be the input the out will always be shit . what else to expect from hypocrite media just fulling own shady needs 🙏🏻

  287. Which world are you living in? You look totally confused and lost. Trying to weave an insightful narrative, this comes as shallow and utterly childish piece. Highly judgmental.

  288. Disgusting article. The so called progressives cry hoarse about Rhea and company’s innocence while media has found her guilty. This will be known once the trial is complete. Why write such articles? Publicity? Showing you are progressive and modern?..Just shows absolutely poor taste.

  289. Shame on this Newsportal. They are bought and publishing wrong things …. demeaning SSR in many ways. Shame on such inhumans

  290. horribly crafted bullshit……didi tum se na hopayega ye…….aur bahut profession hai india me akal nhi to luck hi kaam kar jaye shayad…

  291. The Print, you may get sued for allowing such article to publish. You are trying to dig your own gold.
    Don’t post this kind of personal opinion as tagging to a custom, culture or state. This is fatal ! Complete baised and bullshit !

  292. Bihar has the highest fertility rate and they breed like insects..they are burden of India.most are misgonist and some kill their newborn girl child.

    • I think the one who is writing is an insect who has been bred in similar conditions! Bihar has the highest fertility rate in his head , is he a joke?? Check wiki, Bihar is the last in that list and Kerala being the top!! And what the hell “misgonist” means, I guess he wants to say “Misogynist”. I wish you if you could borrow some brains from a Bihari, you wouldn’t so dumb!

  293. Article in extremely poor taste. I am extremely aghast especially when written before any truth is known. No

  294. If you are Certifying Family Sushant As stereotyped
    Then why did they allowed a Good Student who was studying Engineering from one of most prestigious colleges in India to struggle in Mumbai
    And even after his success in TV industry
    They allowed him to follow his dream of being successful on Big Screen ?!


  295. Although I think you are right about most points, i seriously think this is also your personal problem against something you experienced or you wrote this for someone you know. At the same time, i felt it was highly a personal problem for you regarding Bihari families. Honestly, as a sociologist I can tell you the fact that Bihar in doing much better in these respects than other states. Bihari parents as I have studied have actually been one of the best parents around the country in terms of loving and sacrificing their lives for their children and we can argue about it if you want. Also at the same time, i also think this article points at a personal problem you have generally with men. Although I agree with most of your points that actually makes sense, i don’t think it only applies to bihari families are are applicable for all men. Also, this is seriously not a time to point these things out on a murder case which has not yet resolved with his family in such a state. You don’t know what really happened and what his family is going through. I guess you got more views than you expected and good for you that this article worked, but still this is straight up spreading hate rightnow.

  296. Ms Yadav, let me remind you something. A person writes according to his/her own perception. The article clearly shows your sickening mentality of stereotyping the people of Bihar and your opinion in general about men. Apart from Bihar you have also hurt the sentiments of Bengali people by associating Rhea with their community. Ask bengal if they are ready to be associated with her misdeeds. The conditioning of your brain has already been reflected by the type of content you watch and examples you put forth.

    Turning the narrative by singling out the family of the victim is a very “CHEAP PR TACTICS”. The times are changing and it’s better that you also change your Stinking old “FEMINAZI” thought process for your own good. Choose better role models to follow like- Kalpana Chawla, Mary Kom, Kiran Bedi and not people like Sonam Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

    Madam if you want to do anything at all just then ask for a free and fair investigation. Let the media play it’s role of being a watchdog on the investigating team and helping them out in tthe little ways they can. Don’t try to turn the narrative as what ever has happened is a crime against society and not some fight between Maharashtra Government and Bihar Government. Try to analyse the whole situation and then right the peice accordingly.

    Kudos to you that you by medium of ‘PRINT’ have shown so much courage to take all this backlash and hatred. Must have got a hefty amount from your bosses! Reveal your sources!! may be people will give you more money through crowd funding for blurting out big names. May God give you peace and ability to think!

    PS: If you are having so much sympathy with Rhea and family then be their Mahesh Bhatt and take them to be your Sushant….. Counsel them. Tell them not to Do so much DRAMA and the white Salwar Kameez idea in that 20 second video will not make her ‘Sati Savitri’. Rhea ne ismein bhi overacting kardi thi!!! 😂😂

    I wanted to keep my comment very respectful for you Ms. Yadav.. but as they say temptation overcomes caution:

    You are a Shameless id**t! (please read my whole comment)

  297. Ms Yadav, let me remind you something. A person writes according to his/her own perception. The article clearly shows your sickening mentality of stereotyping the people of Bihar and your opinion in general about men. Apart from Bihar you have also hurt the sentiments of Bengali people by associating Rhea with their community. Ask bengal if they are ready to be associated with her misdeeds. The conditioning of your brain has already been reflected by the type of content you watch and examples you put forth.

    Turning the narrative by singling out the family of the victim is a very “CHEAP PR TACTICS”. The times are changing and it’s better that you also change your Stinking old “FEMINAZI” thought process for your own good. Choose better role models to follow like- Kalpana Chawla, Mary Kom, Kiran Bedi and not people like Sonam Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

    Madam if you want to do anything at all just then ask for a free and fair investigation. Let the media play it’s role of being a watchdog on the investigating team and helping them out in tthe little ways they can. Don’t try to turn the narrative as what ever has happened is a crime against society and not some fight between Maharashtra Government and Bihar Government. Try to analyse the whole situation and then right the peice accordingly.

    Kudos to you that you by medium of ‘PRINT’ have shown so much courage to take all this backlash and hatred. Must have got a hefty amount from your bosses! Reveal your sources!! may be people will give you more money through crowd funding for blurting out big names. May God give you peace and ability to think!

    PS: If you are having so much sympathy with Rhea and family then be their Mahesh Bhatt and take them to be your Sushant….. Counsel them. Tell them not to Do so much DRAMA and the white Salwar Kameez idea in that 20 second video will not make her ‘Sati Savitri’. Rhea ne ismein bhi overacting kardi thi!!! 😂😂

    I wanted to keep my comment very respectful for you Ms. Yadav.. but as they say temptation overcomes caution:

    • LOL.Again MEN are the victims. Was waiting for someone to bring this up. Your comment shows that you have not read or understood the article, it is okay, not everyone has good reading comprehension skills.
      Let us say there is a fair chance that Rhea may have a questionable role and needs to be investigated. WHO IS SAYING THAT THE INVESTIGATION SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. But how does it validate for thousands of Indians to call her a ‘witch’, give her ‘rape threats’, , blame her for ‘stealing him away from the family ‘? Your commet shows that it is absolutely fine for people to use such narratives for women . Probably they do so in your family. So you are comfortable with it. i have a friend from Germany who is staying here since a while and that person said such narratives never happen in their country, people do not even think like that , that women ‘must be gold diggers’,’ must be stealing the family away’, etc.
      What do you mean Jyoti should give proof? She is not alleging anyone of a crime, just bringing up our cultutral misogyny , which I feel is generally spreaad over the whole country, and not commenting about Bihar specifically. Maybe you give proof that all these allegations that Rhea does ‘ Kaala Jaadu’ or is a witch or laundered his money are true.
      Hai proof tumhare paas ?
      And this narrative about women stealing away men. Makes me laugh. I really wish women had that much power in the world. Ki ek padha likha IIT /DTU ka banda apni autonomy bhool ke uska slave ban jaata hai. And any decision he makes that his family doesnt like is not because his thought process may have changed, but because he is under her spell. If that were true, pata hai aurato ka itna bura haal nahi. hota?

      Shame on you. Jiah Khan also died and her mother blames Suraj Pancholi for it. tab kyun nahi bhaunke indians? Why is his reputation not shredded by tags like ‘player’, ‘murderer’, ‘user ‘ in the public domain?
      Because we are filled with misogynists liek you who may not actively promote misogyny but encourage it by refusing to recognise it. ANd we live in a country Jaha Aurat Hi Aurat Ka Kaatti Hai, as exemplified by you.
      Before you twist my words, nobody is saying defend Rhea if she actually did something. But this ‘witch’ and ‘stealing the son from the family’ and ‘ rape threats’ has to go. No need to hate women disproportionately more for thesame crimes men also commit. Basically anyone commits.
      Par aapko kya samajh ayega. Umeed rakh raha hu ki aa jaye. Aur aage se aap misogyny na promote kare.

      • My hobby of reading any topic under the sun brought me here, read the article and doesn’t find it aligning with “Unity in Diversity”. However while going through the comment section I felt a bit relieved that now people r understanding why stereotyping is toxic. Bengali culture needs no introduction, but nowadays Bengali women are being stereotyped as witch, they are expert in catching big fish and blah blah blah. Though we don’t pay a heed, but it somewhere hurts the sentiment. Applicable to all.

  298. VERY TRUE. Although the write up seems a bit biased and politically incorrect, but truth is always bitter. Even Ankita Lokhande in republic tv says something like, “He was extremely passionate, cant have depression”. I mean girl, PR stunts all you giving is very much visible, but how can you say passionate people cant have depression. Mental health is still seen as an impossibility. among these people, not just men but women too. It was very visible that he wasnt in good connection with his family. Isnt it an onus on the family too that he was depressed? They are trying to reduce guilt by giving entire onus on rhea chk.

  299. After reading your articles, I have realized that you should be a full-time homemaker . Journalism is not your cup of tea or for that matter, any profession. You tried and tried and have failed consistently. It is time you turned over a new leaf and use your talent by being a homemaker.

  300. VERY TRUE. Although the write up seems a bit biased and politically incorrect, but truth is always bitter. Even Ankita Lokhande in republic tv says something like, “He was extremely passionate, cant have depression”. I mean girl, PR stunts all you giving is very much visible, but how can you say passionate people cant have depression. Mental health is still seen as an impossibility. among these people, not just men but women too. It was very visible that he wasnt in good connection with his family. Isnt it an onus on the family too that he was depressed? They are trying to reduce guilt by giving entire onus on rhea chk.

    • Deplorable you – to use Ankita Lokhandes screen name, and malign Sushant. Not until 2019 did Sushant exhibit any depressive symptoms – what changed that he started looking dull, disconnected from family, was cordoned off from well wishers and friends. All his long time help+ trainers, speak of his energy and verve. Isnt that a smoking gun – what caused this change? You evangelists of mental heath – dont suggest a prescription without unearthing the cause.

      Rhea and her family values need to be brought to light than casting aspersions on Sushants roots. All his family members are decorated officers and Sushant was a meteor – Rhea was none, all she could use was her evil craft to tame him and ride off his success . Insolent and disparaging article.

  301. What a dirt-minded person is Jyoti Yadav? And how did even publish in this paper?

    When Rhea is found guilty, Jyoti and Barkha should the first ones to be called out and condemned for their defamatory views about a deceased person.

    You are terrible, terrible, terrible, Jyoti!

  302. Is this the kind of journalism, The Print wants us to support? Shame on you!!
    Journalism should be ethically practiced, should be based on facts, not assumptions. It’s not about a Bihari middle class boy or the family’s mentality. It’s your toxic approach towards the topic pushing ahead your own agenda. This is ridiculous. You have all the rights to put forward your thoughts… Bt y are u maligning this platform. Such hurtful and relevant comments for families in Bihar.



  303. Miss yadav mujhe lgta h Sushant to nhi pr aap jrur depressed. Ab aap apni family life mein khush nhi to dusri community ki family ke baare mein kuch bhi likh rhi ho. Yadav community ki family mein kya chlta hein sbko pta h. Phle aapni community ki familon ko saambhalon. Aapne ghr ki bhauon ke saath kitne bura brtaw krte h ye log maar peet agera wgera. Tumko kisine hkk nhi diya ki tum dusri community ke baaren mein likho.
    Ya Rhea Chkrobarty ne tumko Paise diye h aesa whaiyad article likne ke 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Ek dum sahi. Dilip Mandal and Jyoti Yadav are the 2 most toxic Yadav journalists in India

  304. It is because of articles like these, journalists being lynched and killed doesn’t concern the citizens anymore.

  305. Never thought that journalism will stoop so low, there should be some dignity to criticize someone.

  306. Absolute paid article.
    Request print not to give such articles without facts to malign a grieving family.

  307. If not any already available, new law should be passed to punish foul mouth like you. One of the worst articles.

  308. I strongly condemn this article! Horrible piece of writing which shows the mentality of the journalist. The lady Jyoti yaadav writing is toxic itself taking liberties. Big city” girlfriend? Burden? Toxic? Bihari family? We clearly get the intention of this presumed, cloudy article!! Total waste!! People can imagine anything to sell their product and this article is best example! Pls stop making racist remarks against BIHARIS. Kal tak bengali community k against bolne pe call out kar rahe the aur aaj khud hi #bihari families ki upbringing pe sawaal utha rahe hai. If a journalist breaks their ethic and uses their platform to criticise against any caste or religion then duly cancel their Journalistic license they are a curse to such an effective media that the whole nation looks up to. Mr Shekhar Gupta should apologise immediately.

  309. Pathetic piece of article that reflects the stereotype mental state of the so called writer. It’s evident that the person who wrote this article was desperately trying to connect the dots . Keep trying and we are sure one day you will get better in what you want to write.

  310. What is the purpose of this article? Don’t really get it. Is it just trying to be a little different that other news channels? Absolutely rubbish and horrible writing.

  311. What we need to find out is – Has this man been functioning on his own or was he forced into certain actions through blackmail or through drugs (whether prescription drugs or “Kaala Jaadu”). There are many families in India suffering with similar situations and the perpetrators of similar crimes (- whether male, female or colluded families or cliques) need to get a message that they can’t get away with it.

  312. I have to say, you are one sick journalist. And I’m not surprised I’m reading this on The Print, since it happens to specialise in writing total BS and hiring wackjobs. Cow belt of India?! Seriously?!?! By calling Biharis backward, does it make you look modern yourself? And what height of pseudo feminism. Even if you classify Rhea as a modern woman, you have no freaking right to call Sushant’s family anything less than that. Their son was an intelligent, modest and talented being and what is Rhea? A flop actress. It is your mentality which is stereotypical. Your piece reeks of preconceived notions and narrow judgement. You and The Print are the BIGGEST DISGRACE TO JOURNALISM. Pls do this country a favour and put some brains into the cringe you write.

  313. One of the biggest side effect of social
    media that anyone can publish anything .. saying that these thoughts are your personal does not free you up from the responsibilities that you have towards readers and society. Research before publishing your articles and more importantly stereotyping due to your conscious or unconscious biases. Please … if you cannot help at least do not do the damage …

    • We are far from being a perfect society or perfect families certain problems mentioned in the above article do exist in our society. We understand this was just an opinion or you went a litte too far to have a different perspective in this media trail . But not only it was disrespectful but also distasteful of you to generalize families an entire state!

  314. Disgusting article. I do not have much to say about the author, since these are her personal views. But It is very shameful on The Print and the editor for publishing this. Not only is this article absurb and very bad taste considering the case that she has related this to. At least they should have considered the state of mind of the parents, the friends and relatives or at least the common people who have established a connection with the slain actor because of the sufferings he has gone through and the grave injustice that is happening to him. Or is this a paid propoganda to paint a new picture in the minds of it’s readers ? Shame Shame Shame.

  315. The author plays devil advocate, bother reality is this is published so that they can get some chillar advertisers money they click bait,
    Shame on this For publishing and me to read this kind of article.

  316. This is one of the crappiest articles i’ve read in a long time, is this what you write about a grieving family?????

  317. Hello, Understood the PR work CLEARLY here also u being an opportunist, using his demise for ur so-called journalism clickbait. Not even starting to write all the evidences and all senseless cold stuffs u said. Throughly UNRESEARCHED and STEREOTYPIC article immersed in contemporary feminism notions. CONSIDER A HUGE UNSUBSCRIPTION IN FEW DAYS. I DID MY PART.

  318. I hope to meet you in person… And get a chance to educate I could bring out a little bit of garbage from your mindful of crap.. EDUCATE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU SPEAK..

  319. Even though am not from Bihar nor do I endorse any political party, but the piece of article is such a crap and looks so much paid stuff. Miss Jyoti it is good to protect your employer by criticizing govt in power, but callin a family in grief sterotype is just way too much. Now that all the evidence are out, which showcase the loot that was carried out by Rhea and family, you still continue to demean and target a innocent family?? Never thought that your jornalism will fall to this level…

    Never have I ever read more crap than this article. I’m from Bihar, belonging to a lower middle class family. I’ve never faced any opposition on these matters. Not even brothers or say sons in our family have been suffocated by your so called’burden’ imposed to them.. same is the case in families of my friends.. Everyone lives with their wife or husband.. wherever they want to..
    You should read more about Bihar… Stupid girl..
    We go far off places…our parents know we might find someone..and it’s okay to them.. They panic only when they know we are forced to do something or behave somewhat different due to our partners..
    Then they ask us if there is anything they can do for us..

  321. Don’t let your personal vendatta towards bihar or north indian families get in the way of your so called journalism.
    Your personal experiences are confined to you only. Don’t write as if you know everything about a place just because a friend of yours who happened to live there was facing some problems in his family.
    It’s the shittiest article I have read in a long long time.
    भगवान आपको सद्बुद्धि दें।।

  322. This is bullshit. I am a bihari. I am a married working woman. The points that you have put here is biased. You can not blame a state like this. In Bihar every girl and a boychild gets opportunity according to their financial conditions. We workd hard and are very much persistent. what would you even know about Biharis. I guess u have never met one . The writter is from Haryana where woman are treated so badly. This article is bullshit. Chamchas of Reah Chakraborty.

  323. I think this website is designed to spread toxic narratives about any topic…I mean look at the comment section majority of readers don’t agree with the preposterous claims the author is trying to put. I mean if the reporter of the print don’t have the capability to report in an effective and unbiased manner then in my opinion those reporters really need to study facts and stop writing articles based on delusions.

  324. Such a complete non sensical and atrocious article. It looks like a paid article by the vested interests. You are completely undermining the pain of a 74 year old man. How hypocritical you can be? It’s not about black magic.
    The family just because it hails from Bihar does it make them less modern and progressive. This is such a horrendous mindset of the author. The article is written in such a vicious and spiteful manner.
    The author should not write again in this journal at all for being complete insensitive to this murder of a young dynamic boy.
    Absolute rubbish and crass to blame parents and where they hail from.

  325. Absolute bs article. This article itself and your generalizations are just a fuel to the fire. Shame on you for writing such “toxic” crap.

  326. This article is as shit as your thinking about the northern states especially bihar.first of all they aren’t middle class family, they are simple people.they didn’t expect sushant to be any shravan kumar or anything and this is proved as they didn’t take anything from him they were leading the same simple life even if their son was earning in crores .They could have taken money from him and enjoy a lavish lifestyle like rhea parents but no they didn’t wish for it.secondly, I guess you haven’t seen the bond his sisters nd ankita are sharing.they are standing together in this situation.sushant was with ankita for 7 years and they were happy about was seen by their post in past then why the fuck they’ll have problem with rhea.
    Just get your facts right dude before writing something so bad about a family and pointing out a whole state.
    Most pathetic article that I have seen..saying so bad about a 74 year old father trying to get justice for his son.

  327. To… The Nastiest media “The Print”

    How dare you call bihari families as “Toxic Bihari families”. Your abuse of the whole state is really disgusting!! It has further exposed your hypocrite agenda of journalism in India. Your dirty journalism is well known and i just don’t want to waste any more time for dirty chokes like you. Indian public is well aware and smart enough to crush your nasty agenda of journalism in India.

  328. Yes and problem of so called high class family of cities is that in the name of freedom, equality and feminism they misuse their power. In those families girls like Rhea can do whatever she wants and even can take the life of someone just blaming falsely .. and so called educated society like you and your corrupted useless media system support them.
    Listen clearly if something is wrong that’s wrong. Your money, or class can’t hide true colors. If Bihari family think their son is laadla atleast the produced a laadla like Sushant Singh Rajput.. and your laadlas and laadlis are Rhea Chakraborty, showik Chakraborty, Jyoti Yadav, Abhishek Trimukhe, Karan Johar, Mahesh Bhatt, Rahul Bhatt… Etc. etc. All of you should stop your nonsensical words. Our society patriarchal and we know to take responsibility. If you don’t like, get lost and go life in matriarchal society. Your society allows high class modern children like Showik , salman, arbazz — arrogant bustards …. Not our patriarchy ..

  329. Very good article. Every day a new person is being blamed without a single proof. Who gave the media the rights to publish Rhea’s phone call details? Ask Sushant’s psychiatrist the details. Or do these people know more than her? Please don’t jump into conclusions and harass anyone before CBI completes their job.

  330. You are totally out of mind. You Are generalising and using age old folk literature to bring out stupid points. If the family was so old school how did they not have an issue with Ankita. In fact they lived together in the same house which I don’t think matches with your portrayal of their family. How is it that they are still in touch with Ankita. Really in a year a man decides that his 30 year old relationship with his family is “toxic” and hence wants to cut ties. And in weeks realizes that Rhea and her family were god sent messiahs. So he wants to dump his own family and show “gratitude” for this wonderful family that came into his life. Really. You should be ashamed of yourself to be spreading these kind of rumours and thoughts.

  331. Who ever is the writer, plz go get a life. I am a proud bihari. And nt one percent of the shit u hv vomitted is true. Shushant’s entire family is way too educated to behave like u r claiming. And what makes u typecast ‘Bihar’ the description you have written can be easily found in anyhouse hold within India. I guess you belong to one too. And girls like rhea do exist in our society, no runing away from this fact.

  332. Keeping Film Indus & SSR our, I feel this is a very poorly written article. I am surprised that on a quality Media House, how this article was allowed. No State or Region can be generalise in a bad light like it’s done here. Hope writer had done enough homework before expressing her views which I don’t agree.

  333. There is bound to be criticism of some of the language used in this piece. Is there justification in use of this language? We know where this is coming from. Jyoti is a woman and only a woman can understand. Or is it that a man does understand more than the woman but does not want to admit it. So it has to be said in a language which is “understood”. You can replace “Bihar” with any other state. It is all the same.

    To all those who fault Jyoti I will say she has said it and The Print has put it out. Take it as it is. I don’t see an iota of untruth in all what Jyoti has said. It is time Indians faced up to it, accepted it and take corrective actions. Subjugation of women is not a part of the Indian culture. It is purely a male invention. Have courage to accept it and rectify the fault.

    Any action is best defined by intent. Jyoti’s intent here is clear and honest.

  334. And to think of it , I was about to buy subscriptions of Print after The Hindu but not anymore. Your angst is okay. But this personal narrative has relation to Sushant case. You DONT know. You DONT KNOW. Stop being sensational. And prejudice against whole region? No brains?

  335. Hi Print. Please stop printing 😂
    IQ of your post is way less than sushant rajput IQ when he was a kid.
    Wish we write about you the same when you die.

  336. This is a very nicely written Point of View.

    Where there is Media by Trial happening against one person. The concerns of Patriarchy, Misogny and other aspect that destroys a person is not spoken and neither discussed in the political jingosim. For media and politics Death of a Person is reduced to TRP and a political agenda for upcoming elections in Bihar.

    We are a inhumane society that craves for blood and its sad to see people becoming zombies.

    • My issue is how a State can be generalise as toxic? No State or region is bad. Some region has more bad people than others, that’s pretty much it.

  337. By the way dear writer, Rhea was not his only girlfriend. Ankita is still in good terms with his family. Stop making it a Bihari-Bengali thing. Write sensibly.

  338. A highly irresponsible and unwarranted “Opinion”. The case is under enquiry, so making such allegations drops ThePrint to the same level as other media channels.

  339. WTF! Really WTF!!!!! Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that you write anything. Ladki prime suspect hai CBI ne FIR kiya, ED ne summon kiya usko fir bhi nhi manna. Ladki hai matlab galat nhi karegi? Jo bhi kare sab justified hai. Aur kisi ek state ke baare me itna galt likhne ka right kisne diya hai aap logo ko? Hadd article likha hai tum logo ne. SHAME!!

  340. U re being hella devilish /manipulative.Don’t project the negatives of society this way that u call ‘those ‘toxic who re his greatest sympathetic ones. Outcast delusions lest u should stop writing such.This is how u make journalism +your soul for sale.Actually you must not be soulful or conscious.

  341. You have completely portrayed a vey different picture of Bihar, I have dozens of friends from that state and i know their family so close. Its rubbish. Also about Mental Health, all family is seeking for justice and before portraying somebody as depressed all the facts should be clear. It is so easy to portray a dead man as depressed and suicide, its rubbish. This is very unbiased article. Being a journo you should be unbiased with your opinions. Anyways the family is highly educated, well thanks to you and your article I am DONE WITH PRINTS!! HORRIBLE

  342. U re being hella devilish /manipulative.Don’t project the negatives of society this way that u call ‘those ‘toxic who re his greatest sympathetic ones. Outcast delusions lest u should stop writing such.This is how u make journalism +your soul for sale.Actually you must not be soulful or conscious.

  343. I think THE PRINT is full of dumb journalist.begging for financial help in return they can write who pay them.

    • This kind of Article is not expected in The Print. Perhaps the author is trying to play Victim card on the behalf of Rhea, being feminist is Very good but don’t try to paint a family losing his Son as a typical Bihari Family who can’t let his son choose his way of life. An article full of personal prejudices.

  344. Your first para of this article lowered my IQ. Stopped reading saved what I could. Please dont generalize about a state and its population. That’s not journalism.

  345. This is the worst article I have ever read. I have dozens of my friends from different parts of Biha an everybody family is cool with their girlfriends. Even Sushan family was oay with his all ex girfriends. IN FIR they have not mentioned it once about any Black Magic , it only have issues like Blackmailing another stuff. Stop portraying BIharis orthodox, they are not. If we reciprocate the issue be it Rhea who dies and Shusaht who blackmailed and also change Sushant’s state the issue wold have been totally different.Stp being biased, get your facts clear then write an article. Absolute rubbish, portraying a particular state in such negative way.

  346. Stupid bogus article. What r u trying to say? how much that girl Rhea paid to u? kuch bhi likhna zarui hai kya? I am also a bengali girl & i dont have any objection that people are calling Rhea a gold digger cz she deserves this type of comments.. Boyfriend k paise se furti kia then usiko lath make vaag gayi.. Chi shame.. Wo rhea hai hi kamini… and stop spreading communal things.. Aise articles aur kuch nai insaano me vedvaw barhate hai. Are yaar SSR k family ko pata tha k beta Mumbai gaya hai to shadi v usi field k kisise karega , na ki koi common girl ko. To they wee mentally prepared for this.. tum jaise log humesha Bihari bhai , beheno ko chota dikhate ho.. tum logo ke lie aaj na jane kitne jan haar gaye hai.. Stop writing this kin of bogus article. Pura India ek common man ke lie Lar raha hai . He is THE SUSHANT SINGH RAJPOOT . Ye tum logo se hajam nai ho raha hai .. Agaye bangali aur bihari o larai karane.. Agaye Bihari o ko nicha dikhane..
    Horrible article.. Chi…

  347. The lady has written a brave article and it’s truth for most rural or semi urban Indians and not only Biharis. But I am not sure if she should connect it to Rhea Chakraborty’s role here. Nothing is known yet and you are just speculating like the same guys who are trolling her as a criminal even before anything is proved