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If India keeps diluting its liberal character, the West will be a less eager partner

Many Western powers aided India’s ascent, presuming that it would not misuse its power against its own citizens. Yet a recent wave of illiberal policies has eroded this confidence.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe’s legacy in Japan goes far beyond Abenomics

Abe's biggest accomplishment wasn't the resuscitation of Japan’s economy but beginning the transformation of a nation many observers thought would never allow itself to change.

How ‘cancel culture’ has turned liberals against each other and is rocking newsrooms

In episode 523 of #CutTheClutter, Shekhar Gupta delves into the controversy surrounding the Harper's Magazine letter, NYT editor Bari Weiss' resignation & growing trend of cancel culture.
A gathering of hindutva supporters | @BJP4India | Twitter

Hindu society’s real enemy is a pseudo-Hindu — not those branded ‘sickulars’ or ‘libtards’

Pseudo seculars have greatly damaged India’s liberal character. But they have been made irrelevant. And politicians don’t care about secular ideologies.
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Legal autocrats are on the rise. They use constitution and democracy to destroy both

Across the world in countries like Venezuela, Poland, Hungary, Russia, legal autocrats have deployed the rhetoric of democracy and methods of law. People don't see the danger until it is too late.
Mahatma Gandhi

How liberals lost Gandhi as they lost their own intellectual moorings

Some liberals lost Gandhi because he was a democrat, who refused to surrender the individual to the mob in the name of majority rule.
Author Pratap Bhanu | Photo: Nandita Singh | ThePrint

5 reasons why ‘liberalism is dead’ according to Pratap Bhanu Mehta

Delivering a lecture, PB Mehta outlines reasons why a sense of deep intellectual and political exhaustion about liberalism seems to be setting in.
File photo of Vladimir Putin | Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg

Putin’s wrong on liberalism, but so are liberals themselves

The two liberalisms - one offering genuine human freedom, the other entrapping humans in ruthless market mechanisms - are fundamentally in conflict.
Rahul Gandhi

Populism isn’t the end of liberalism. It’s now push-backism & Rahul Gandhi just faced it

Russian president Putin is wrong to say that populism signals the end of liberalism. Instead, it confirms all that is best in liberalism.

Under Modi, a resurgent middle India is coming to smash the Left-liberals’ ivory bunkers

To be liberal, you had to be Left. ‘Outsiders’ were rejected. Modi has embraced them and now enjoys power that no Indian PM has since Indira in 1971.

On Camera

The victim's pyre burns amid heavy police presence in her village, Boolgarhi | Manisha Mondal | ThePrintIndia

Dear upper caste Indians, Hathras is not another Nirbhaya. It is a Khairlanji

From Kilvenmani massacre in 1968 to the Chunduru massacre in 1991 to the Khairlanji atrocity in 2006, Dalits have been vainly hoping to access legal justice in India.
An employee counts Indian rupee banknotes at a Walmart Inc. Best Price Modern Wholesale store in Hyderabad, India, on 16 March 2019 (Representational Image) | Photo: Dhiraj Singh | Bloomberg

In ‘Diwali bonus’, govt waives interest-on-interest even for those who didn’t opt for moratorium

After its affidavit to SC, govt orders issues waiver norms including cashback by 5 November. All standard accounts up to 29 February eligible for benefits.


INS Vikramaditya | @DefenceDecode | Twitter

Navy demonstrates combat readiness with video of missile destroying ship in Arabian Sea

The missile was fired by frontline corvette INS Prabal as part of a mega naval drill involving aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya, attack helicopters, and aircraft.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint Team

Trump or Biden? Doesn’t matter to India-US ties as they’re in a full, strategic embrace

Pompeo & Esper’s visit to India for the 2+2 talks is proof that old hypocrisies are history, and supreme national interest has again driven a strategic choice.