Tuesday, 18 December, 2018

Topic: European Union

Pak protests against Asia Bibi

Pak far-right parties have not got over Asia Bibi verdict yet as another march is in the offing

Here's what's happening across the border: Asia Bibi’s lawyer left Pakistan on UN, EU directives; Pak’s female comedian says it is always difficult for women.
Two Iranian women walk past an anti-American wall mural outside the former U.S. embassy

The Donald Trump administration can’t challenge Iran without its allies

Meddling with Swift messaging network would widen the rift between the US and the European Union and muddle the broader goal of changing Iran’s behaviour.
Shireen Mazari, human rights minister of Pakistan

Pak minister alleges Muslim rights violations in EU but ignores her own country’s record

Here's what's happening across the border: Nawaz Sharif, Maryam freed, court suspends sentence; Imran Khan fails on austerity promise yet again
Former British foreign secretary Boris Johnson | Wikimedia Commons

Boris Johnson says women in burqas look like letter boxes, and China bans Winnie the Pooh

President Trump advised to stop tweeting about son's 2016 meeting with Russians, and EU to rally against US sanctions on Iran.

In growing trade war, EU & Canada deploy ketchup to targets US tariffs

The ubiquitous condiment is anything but American in its origins or in those nationalities that love it the most.

Here’s what the world is doing to tackle fake news. India can learn

A guide for existing attempts to legislate against what can broadly be referred to as online misinformation.
Steel Industry

US-China trade war may flood India with steel imports, firms brace for impact

Amidst the US-China trade war, India seems to be an attractive destination for steel makers, as it's the world’s fastest-growing major economy. 
Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, during a news conference

Iran wants ‘US on its knees’, and China’s ‘sharp eyes’ hit villages

Valuables worth $273 million seized from former Malaysian PM, and an end to the civil war in the world's newest country.
cybersecurity in India

India needs a robust policy on data protection, not empty promises

An Indian armed with a cellphone leaves an enormous digital print. Concerns regarding data privacy and mining of personal information are legitimate.
Sushma Swaraj

India plans to ignore Trump’s Iran sanctions but will comply with UN sanctions

Indian refiners had slashed purchases of Iranian crude to about half their previous levels when the UN, EU and US imposed a broad array of economic sanctions against Tehran.
Foreign investment has transformed China

A little humility from the Communist Party will serve China well

By taking all the credit for the country’s stunning economic rise, the Communist Party is threatening its continued prosperity.
madhya pradesh

MP push for 70% industry jobs to locals: Valid regionalism or is Congress the new Shiv Sena?

Kamal Nath, on his first day as Madhya Pradesh chief minister, announced incentives for industries that hire 70 per cent local workers. When questioned about th...