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Climate change can cost us even more than we think

Polarised politics within and among countries may not necessarily yield rational outcomes with respect to climate change policies. 

Saving the planet doesn’t mean killing economic growth

Cheap renewable energy means that poor countries will be able to follow a different, cleaner path to industrialisation without sacrificing living standards.
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence may gobble up jobs, but it will also free men to do care work

Currently much care work is low paid, unpaid or invisible – and mostly done by women.

India’s racing stock rally may slip on oil price & stretched valuations

Record economic growth could power stocks further but some investors think the market has already run up a lot & faces risks

The Modi govt should be pleased with the IMF report on Indian economy

While the Fund is critical of the note ban and MSP on farm products, it is generally bullish about the prospects of 7.75% growth in the medium term.
Despite global economic tensions, India set to witness continuous economic growth | Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

Double-digit earnings growth yet again for Indian equities, suggest analysts

Actual earnings that reinforce forecasts will help justify hope among analysts about market prospects despite headwinds.
Latest news on the Indian Economy

After India’s latest GDP revisions, even economists are wondering how credible our data is

The central bank's Department of Economic and Policy Research has flagged considerable volatility in initial estimates of GDP and questioned the veracity of official data.  India’s multiple revisions of gross domestic product growth estimates are “confusing,” much less provide a true state of the economy, according to researchers at the Reserve Bank of India. The first readings of GDP tend to underestimate growth more often than not, officers at the central bank’s Department of Economic and Policy Research wrote in a paper. They flagged considerable volatility in the statistics ministry’s initial estimates of GDP, raising the question: how credible is data in Asia’s third-largest economy? Investors often question the veracity of official data in a country which has no timely employment report or retail sales numbers. Over the past few years, multiple changes have been made to how India uses and calculates statistics -- from economic growth and inflation to jobs and taxes. This...
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Is India’s successful growth story the reason behind it’s banking crisis?

Statistics point to a peculiar feature of India's high growth phase even as it remains the world's fastest growing economy
Slum against city

As India celebrates GDP growth, it must focus on growing economic inequalities

Our all-time low private investment rates indicate that the greater part of this income sits as idle savings, ensuing minimal productivity.
World Bank

World Bank sees India’s growth outpacing China’s in FY 18-19

Report on Global Economic Prospects report says India’s growth will reach 7.3% compared to China’s 6.4%; private investment is expected to revive.

On Camera

Africa has a new health care crisis — obesity

The recently published Global Wellness Index set alarm bells ringing when South Africa scored poorly for life expectancy, alcohol use, depression and diabetes.

PUBG players arrested: Overreaction by police or is addiction a public concern?

The Gujarat police arrested several PUBG lovers, many of them students, for playing the banned video game.


1 soldier killed as Pakistan violates ceasefire along LoC in J&K’s Rajouri

Pakistani troops have violated ceasefire over 110 times along the LoC since January.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

China humiliated India because of these 5 fatal follies of Modi Doctrine

India looks less equal to China than 5 years ago, US alliance is hobbled by trade, and Pakistan looks anything but chastened by Balakot. What’s gone wrong?