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Transparent barriers enforcing social distancing measures are seen on tables at a restaurant in Hong Kong | Bloomberg

Fresh virus wave worsens Hong Kong’s already disastrous outlook

Economists forecast an 8.7 per cent contraction in the second-quarter from year-ago levels, almost equaling the record 8.9 per cent decline posted in the first quarter.

As armies ‘retreat’ at LAC, India must turn to options it hasn’t used against China so far

To goad Modi govt to reveal each move against China and put it in public domain is not in keeping with India's security and strategic parameters.
A health worker checks the temperature of a woman, during distribution of food among the needy, amid the nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus, at Sec-33 in Noida. | PTI

India could afford to overlook economic inequality until now. Covid has changed that

For two decades, I had maintained that unlike the developed West, India should not be overly concerned about inequalities because our economy was in the growth phase.
Rupee (Representational image) | Dhiraj Singh | Bloomberg File photo

How banks can help India get its growth back on track

Cleaning up bank balance sheets might stem current slump, but until lenders see major set of new opportunities, Indian economy won’t return to rapid growth.
Despite global economic tensions, India set to witness continuous economic growth | Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

Why it will be a huge mistake to put a stop to economic growth

The degrowth movement, which is gaining momentum, does contain a few nuggets of insight, it’s based on a number of misconceptions.
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) logo is displayed on a gate at the central bank's headquarters in Mumbai

Funding for Lending: RBI could now turn to Bank of England for ideas to revive growth

RBI has so far taken a leaf each from the US Fed & ECB’s books to manage bond yields using unconventional tools, as inflation keeps it from cutting rates.

Inflation at 7.3% and growth at 5% — is Indian economy facing stagflation?

Former PM Manmohan Singh had warned in November 2019 that the Indian economy was entering a stage of stagflation, with high inflation and stagnant demand.

Modi govt shouldn’t cut income tax rates for middle class to boost growth: Raghuram Rajan

Former RBI governor says India has a powerful govt, with a charismatic PM, which should deliver the kind of economic growth the country owes its youth.
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Indian economy is sputtering but the stock market is just powering ahead

While GDP growth rate slowed for a sixth straight quarter BSE Sensex has surged 13% from a low on 19 Sept as it rose to all-time highs.
(Representational image) People inside the retail market in Nagpur | Photographer: Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

S&P reaffirms India’s sovereign rating, retains outlook at ‘stable’

S&P rating comes weeks after Moody's Investors Service lowered India's rating outlook from ‘stable’ to 'negative'.

On Camera

Indian Army personnel (representational image) | Photo: ANI

Indian Army’s NOC demand after Ekta Kapoor apology shows it’s ok only with pure praise

The Army seems to have joined a growing list of groups like the Karni Sena who want to control how they are depicted on screen.
Representational image of a deserted market during the 2019 shutdown in Srinagar, Kashmir | Photo: PTI

Internet shutdowns, pandemic have cost Kashmir Rs 40,000 cr, 5 lakh jobs, says industry head

Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Sheikh Ashiq Ahmad said the 2G internet currently available in the region is not enough for many businesses.


Representational image. A file photo of light Sprut-SDM1 tank in Moscow. | Photo: Commons

Russia offers India Sprut lightweight tanks amid stand-off with China

Russia's offer comes as China has deployed Type 15 light tanks while India has relied on the heavier battle tanks. Talks are on, but no immediate purchase is on the cards.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Modi govt’s NEP is out of touch with reality, Indian voters want English-medium education

State leaders with their ear to the ground, like Nitish, Mamata and Yogi, have shown that the push for native language education is not what voters want.