Sunday, 22 May, 2022

Topic: BJP-JD(U)

‘Ashoka was like Aurangzeb’ says top playwright, creates new rift between JD(U) & BJP in Bihar

JD(U) alleges author Daya Prakash Sinha has links to BJP, demands he be stripped of Padma Shri. BJP goes into ‘damage control mode’, Bihar chief files FIR against Sinha.

From cop to katha vachak: Former Bihar DGP turns to religion post retirement

Ex-DGP Gupteshwar Pandey, made headlines last year for lodging an FIR in Patna in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. He later quit service to join the JD(U). He now delivers sermons.

BJP’s social engineering on display as Nitish takes oath as Bihar CM with new NDA colleagues

15 ministers, including the chief minister, were sworn in Monday. They include 6 from JD(U), 7 from BJP and one each from HAM and VIP.

Bihar gave Pyrrhic victory award to Nitish Kumar and best loser award to Tejashwi Yadav

Even after winning the Bihar assembly election, if JD(U) president and incumbent CM Nitish Kumar feels insecure and forlorn, he has only himself to blame.

Surrender is suicide: Nitish Kumar is paying the price for joining hands with Modi

Nitish Kumar decided to align himself with Delhi Durbar to buy insurance. That’s when his downfall began.

How can Chirag return to NDA post polls after his anti-Nitish remarks, says JD(U) chief

In interview with ThePrint, JD(U) working president Ashok Choudhary also pooh-poohs Tejashwi Yadav’s promise of 10 lakh jobs, asking how he will get Rs 50,000 crore for it. 

Opinion polls put Modi-Nitish at ease till news headlines suck the joy out of NDA campaign

The contrast between surly incumbent Nitish Kumar and calm pretender Tejashwi Yadav has been neatly juxtaposed on TV, which has gone the extra mile in its coverage of Bihar election.

Two different, parallel elections in Bihar

The Bihar election mood can be very different in BJP and JDU constituencies with one commonality: people want Nitish to go.

BJP-JDU will surely win Bihar election, but something did change in past 3 months

Considering the strengths and limitations of BJP, JDU, RJD and Congress, here’s the likely outcome of the Bihar assembly election.

3 reasons why BJP disowning Chirag Paswan may not cut ice with Nitish Kumar

BJP is not ruling out Chirag Paswan’s return to NDA after Bihar election result. When was BJP so forgiving towards a leader hell-bent on damaging its electoral prospects?

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Inflation made luxury cars even more expensive but sales remain in fast lane. See Mercedes

For years, the luxury car market in India was biased towards the entry-level. But today, cars below Rs 40 lakh account for the smallest fraction of sales.

World’s $300 trillion in debt. Here’s what it means for services like health, education

To meet debt payments, at least 100 countries will have to reduce spending on essential services, the IMF estimates.


File photo of a defence personnel armed with a SiG 716 rifle near the Line of Control | Photo: Snehesh Alex Philip | ThePrint

India to ink ‘repeat order’ deal for 73,000 SiG 716 rifles from the US

In February 2019, 72,400 SiG 716 rifles of 7.62 x 51mm calibre were contracted from SIG Sauer Inc, USA, under government's 'Buy (Global) category', through fast track procedure.

Mandir or Masjid? New surveys not needed, just acceptance of truth & move towards reconciliation

That temples were destroyed and mosques built is undisputed history. The past can’t be changed, but we can’t deny the wrongs of the past either before we consider reconciliation.