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New Delhi: The Congress on Friday announced that it will fight the Lok Sabha polls in Delhi alone but maintained that it is still willing to have an alliance with the Aam Aadmi Party provided that the tie-up is restricted only to the national capital.

Congress’ in-charge for Delhi P C Chacko said Congress will go alone in Delhi since AAP has taken an “impractical stand”.

He, however, said,”We are still ready (for alliance) if AAP is willing to have an alliance in Delhi alone. We want to fight the BJP together.”

“We are compelled to go on our own as AAP is going back on its stand,” Chacko told reporters.

The AAP had on Wednesday rejected the offer of the grand old party for a tie-up in Delhi.

All the routes of alliance with the Congress have been closed, AAP’s Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh had said.

The Congress was eager for tie-up with the AAP in Delhi.

The AAP, in turn, wanted such an alliance to extend to Haryana and Punjab as well.

The talks between the two sides derailed after they failed to reach an agreement over seat-sharing in Delhi and Haryana.

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  1. In the movie ” Padosan”, Mehmood says during a famous song ‘Ek chatur naar’: “Yeh kya re, ghoda – chatur, ghoda- chatur. Ek pe rehna. Ya Ghoda bol , ya Chatur bol. . Congress and AAP are playing the exact same comedy in Delhi.

  2. I hope the Congress doesn’t prove to be the villain of 2019. Rahul Gandhi has been the most vocal critic of Narendra Modi, but that does not automatically make him the automatic alternative to Modi. He must must realize the difference. I 100% agreed with Akhilesh when he used to say that Congress should show a big heart. I hope it’s still not too late.

  3. Had this contest been between the Congress and the BJP, its members could have left on an ocean cruise, not waited till 23rd May.


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