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Why BJP will rule India uninterrupted for the next 30 years, till 2049

After Modi, it will be Shah. Rahul Gandhi will make sure Indian voters never trust the Congress again.

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In a job interview, the hiring manager decided to put the candidate at ease with small talk. He asked the candidate, what’s your favourite fruit? Considering it is the season of mangoes, surely you like mangoes?

Instead of giving a simple answer, the candidate replied, “I do Vipassana”. The manager was flummoxed. What’s Vipassana got to do with any fruit?

The candidate went on to explain, “The mind constructs the flavour of the fruit. You can like or dislike any fruit you want. You can choose to like mango, you can choose to hate it.”

That was bizarre, felt the manager. How could you choose to like or hate mangoes at will? The candidate explained further, “You can choose to like poor people, you can choose to hate them.”

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Where, how and why did poor people come into a question about his favourite fruit! The manager kept a straight face and let the candidate explain further.

“You construct everything in your mind,” the candidate said. “The mind decides everything. I might start off hating someone, but after a bit of interaction, I’ll see things through their eyes, and be like: Actually, I like him; he’s great’.”

By this time the candidate looked like he was lost in his own make-believe world where the mind runs amok without fear and the head is held a bit too high. Just then, the candidate returned to the question and said: “But to answer your question: I like mangoes, I like bananas, I never used to like carrots, but now I do. I never used to like asparagus, but I do now.”

Do you think the manager hired the candidate after this interaction? Surely not. If a candidate speaks so much nonsense in a job interview, how will anyone get any work done from him?

The conversation is real, except this was not a job interview. This was Rahul Gandhi speaking to India Today magazine a few weeks ago.

India rejects Rahul 

The 2019 Lok Sabha election result has been decisive. Voters have not just voted Modi back to power, they have resoundingly rejected Rahul Gandhi. Modi clearly benefited from making the election a presidential contest against Gandhi.

Many expected the Congress to at least double its seats, increase its vote-share a bit, if not cross 100. Correspondingly, the BJP was widely expected to shed at least a few seats. Such a result would have given us a sense of incremental progress in the Congress party’s fortunes. The Congress likes to think its eventual return to power is almost inevitable. Incremental progress would have bolstered the case.

Instead, the Congress has remained almost where it was in 2014. In fact, it has actually lost seats and vote-share in the Hindi heartland. Rahul Gandhi lost his own family seat of Amethi.

The Congress vote share increased from 19.3 per cent to just 19.5 per cent. Its seats increased from 44 to just 52. The writing on the wall is unambiguous — India has rejected Rahul Gandhi.

The dislike for Rahul Gandhi is so strong that people prefer Modi even if can’t create jobs. The revulsion is not so much for the Congress but for Gandhi. It comes from Rahul Gandhi often not making sense in his utterances, like talking about the mind, Vipassana and poor people when asked about fruits.

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When will Rahul Gandhi retire?

Whether or not Rahul Gandhi remains the president of the Congress party, he will continue to be its public face, its de facto prime ministerial candidate. His ageing mother or obedient sister won’t come in the way. There’s hardly any mass leader of consequence left to rebel.

So, how long will Rahul be around? There is no retirement age in Indian politics, but people tend to be around till 80. Manmohan Singh was 81 when he left the PM’s office. Vajpayee was 80 in 2004.

Rahul Gandhi is 48, will turn 49 this month and probably celebrate his birthday somewhere in Europe as he usually does. It is safe to assume that he will be leading his family business, the Congress party, with or without ceremonial titles for the next 30 years or so. With a warped thought process that makes him talk about Vipassana and poor people when asked about fruits and flavours, Rahul Gandhi will make sure the BJP keeps winning election after election.

If this seems unimaginable, think of Gujarat. The Congress has not won an election there since 1995, staying out of power for 24 years.

The Gujarat model has now been adopted by the country at large. Even when people are deeply unhappy with the BJP, as they were in Gujarat in 2017, they will still vote the BJP to power because the Congress just doesn’t look like an option.

Similarly, Rahul Gandhi will make sure the Congress never looks like an option in national politics. People will continue to fear handing over the nation’s keys to a man who can’t tell his mangoes from his Vipassana.

See you in 2049

There will be challenges from regional leaders and local politics, but at the national level, the BJP will continue to override anti-incumbency with the persona of Narendra Modi, who is only 68. All that Modi has to do to win elections is ask people if they would prefer Rahul Gandhi over him as PM.

Modi will be 78 in 2029. By that time, he would have served three terms as the prime minister. He might then pass on the job of saving India from Rahul Gandhi to his successor, Amit Shah. Currently the home minister, Shah is only 54. Come 2029 and Shah will be a ‘ripe young’ 64, and could easily serve another three terms as prime minister until the summer of 2044. Rahul Gandhi will be 73 then and still eligible to be a PM. That should make it easy for Yogi Adityanath, who is two years younger than Gandhi.

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Don’t blame Vipassana

In these 30 years, there will be a lot of churning in Indian politics but, just like in Gujarat, the Congress party’s captive vote-share won’t let this churning add up to much. Just like anti-Congressism failed before Indira Gandhi, anti-BJPism will fail for want of a uniting national force against Modi-Shah.

In the BJP-Congress binary states like Gujarat, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, a third force has often tried to come up and replace the Congress. While the Congress is too weak to defeat the BJP, it is too strong to give way to another force. This is what Yogendra Yadav means when he calls the Congress an “obstacle”. The Congress is more interested in retaining the opposition space than occupying treasury benches.

The constituencies marked in orange are the ones which the BJP won against the Congress. These were 166 in 2014 and 175 in 2019. Image credit:

The Congress party’s slow decline will likely mirror what happened to the Liberal Party in UK, which was a major political force from 1850s till World War I but started declining thereafter. It didn’t, however, die immediately. It dissolved as late as 1988, its remnants merging with the Social Democrats to form what is today known as the Lib Dems.

It is only when Rahul Gandhi leaves the stage, and the Congress party concedes defeat and starts merging with the regional parties, that a new counter-politics to the BJP will emerge. Until then, India is likely to see uninterrupted, opposition-free, single-party rule by the BJP.

In the unlikely event that Rahul Gandhi decides to change his career and become a full-time spiritual guru, Modi-Shah will instantly start losing public support and elections. It won’t matter who the opposition figure is. It just has to be someone who has the ability to give a straight answer to a simple question like ‘What’s your favourite fruit?’

Views are personal.

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  1. I honestly believe that BJP and NDA will rule the country forever….not just for 20,30or 40 years but permanently….because there is no dearth of grassroots karyakarta in BJP and RSS from whom they can choose honest, corruption free leaders…BJP is not a family driven enterprise…It’s gets its leaders from grassroots…And one more thing that people will not forget is that..what happened when a loosely stacked coalition of 35 to 40 regional parties were ruling the centre during the time of United Front in 1996…Remember those times….We had 2 prime minister’s in the span of 2 years…Deve Gowda in the first year and Inder Kumar Gujral in the second year…Does this country deserve such instability at the centre….No we don’t…We have seen enough of them….BJP and NDA is the answer…We should never change a good party and remove it from power…

  2. What an observation, nothing is very clear in politics ever everything is ambiguous and fluid and talkin’about 2049 is indeed a far fetched thing.Indian political parties are like the little Mercury the element which when exposed to a surface keeps attaching detaching constantly on the move for an alliance to suit personal or other gains.

  3. This article is obviously the product of an insane mind. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything as foolish. Please don’t publish such articles.

  4. Congress lost because people like you kept them in a bubble. There is nothing wrong with the answer, it is a great answer.
    Real reason is Modi has demonstrated record of good governance and he has shown commitment to the poor and needy. Whether his schemes failed or succeeded, no one in Rahul’s dynasty told a poor woman defecating on the side of the road and standing every time a vehicle passes that she deserves a toilet; and when she is struggling to cook for the family in rain with wet coals or wet woods, and even those are getting increasingly difficult to procure that they deserve a gas cylinder, that they deserve a bank account, that they deserve electricity. Pulwama was game changer, till now CRPF soldiers were treated like dispensable cannon fodder, for the first time we have a leader who is willing to sacrifice his reputation and political career for their sake.
    Rahul has done nothing and proved nothing. I will advise him to start from a local level, focus on his constituency and do some extraordinary work. The days of identity politics are over.

    • Pulwama ? What about Pulwama ? It changed the game, sure. Modi made full use of it.

      But……that still does not change the fact that the Balakot strike was a labouriously articulated lie !

  5. I remember the days when police resorted to firing on BJP led mob to demolish disputed structure leading to death & injuries. There was widespread chaos in several parts of country. These type of bullshit writers forecasted the end of political career of then CM Mulayam Singh Yadav… What happened later on in U.P. , Samajwadi Party led Government came to power.

  6. So much of twisting and distortion. All sprung out from hate and fear. Typical fence sitter will always ridicule the person who has lost while fighting fairly. By this article one would think that this last election was on level playing field? With institutions and media unbiased? Non sense and senseless rant born out of hatred for one person. Please do not write again or people will stop reading for next 30 years. Hopefully you will retire by then.

  7. People cast their vote in the favour of BJP not because BJP have any special or Amit Shah is chanakya but the reason is there is lack of strong political environment in the country. The extensive dependency of the public of the country on the congress party never has got to built a positive political environment. Slowly congress went to weak and corrupted because he understood himself the fortune of the country. If Amit Shah has any special thing can he make BJP won without modi or any other party. Can he prepare the successor of modi? Modi is modi only till then there is no choise before the public. I will challenge the modi.

  8. The context is missing from the crucial interview argument (and the question is distorted – just click the link to verify).
    Context: even going with Mr. Vij’s construction, we need to be told for what job the guy is being interviewed – for a teacher of philosophy or ghost writer for a spiritualist, i would give the job to the interviewee. Ditto for opposer-in-chief to the merchant of hate.
    post-truth: the question was not an opener and was not as stated. the question was posed at the end and was in a context: “Since Narendra Modi told Akshay Kumar he liked mangoes, we have to ask which flavour or fruit do you like?” Rahul refuses to be dragged into mango v/s banana type of argument and replies as stated by Mr. Vij.
    I am still with Rahul in preferring Love over Hate. And you?

  9. Shivam Vij has gone berserk since the election results were declared.
    First he contended that BJP should have won all ghe seats. Now he says BJP will rule for next 30 years (why only 30?).
    Either way poor sarcasm.

  10. Absolutely stupid article, to put it very mildly. The author’s fixation with Rahul Gandhi is nauseating. Nothing more to write about the article, except that it should be dumped right away.

  11. The Print and India Today should clarify if the above exchange involving Rahul Gandhi really happened. If it did it’s a big thing because it means all the PR Congress and media have been doing over the last 1 year about how Rahul has matured and won people’s hearts is false.

    • Yes – entire argument rests on this truth as mentioned in your first sentence.

  12. अगर मोदी में हिम्मत है तो पेपर बैलट से जीत कर दिखाए. और #प्रिंट आप भी दलालों की श्रेणी में शरीक हो गए…….

  13. 30 years? I don’t think so, it will rule India for the rest of India’s existence. Even if the entire Indian subcontinent actively opposed BJP and everyone votes for other party BJP will only win. As long as it’s in power, the election commission is BJPs pocket no different than Indian army is “modi ka sena”. Every bhakt knows that BJP is more corrupt than congress–almost all the big scams happened during BJP time. On top of that Modi made promises to give 15 lakhs per account or clean India or made a gazillion other promises and failed to deliver yet they are blind to that. You cannot convince idiots that they are idiots more than you can tell a dead person that they are dead, which is why BJP is been smart to target low literacy states mainly. Places with high literacy are harder for them because the likeliness of playing with EVMs or VVPAT machines are less likely but it’s only a matter of time even that happens as there are idiots everywhere–even in places with high literacy. Eventually, the country will go to the dogs… which it already has considering the increasing fuel prices, unemployment, death of several markets such as cash-economy markets, real estate, transport sector, etc. but the thing is it will get much worse as long as they exist. BJP will continue investing in other countries such as thailand where they’re building a trilateral highway for them free of cost at indian tax payers expense, or let chinese phones sell in Indian markets, or US sell their bikes, or give business to the japs by getting bullet trains, or france by buying overpriced rockets so these countries will have high regard for India because of this and the bhakts will be happy that other countries respect us despite it being because BJP has provided loads of business to them at Indians expense. So yeah, they will be here forever, until India becomes ashes.

    • There’s lots ofsubstance in what you’ve written. Language could have been humane but I guess it gets overidden by strong emotions. That’s OK.

    • Huh, I bow to you my friend. You are actually typing comments even when no payments are expected. You are a true Pappu Fan

      • Congress and entire oppn lost because of 3 fundamental mistakes and they will keep covering them because it can be politically costly ….1).un reasonable and blind anti Modi stance on even cases like JNU , National Anthem and Questioning surgical and airstrikes which BJP could easily turn into anti national and anti India…
        2) overplaying minority or secular card by giving too much ear to Left …India doesn’t hate it’s minority but when the aggressive secular brigade starts abusing the 5000+ year s culture India will reject. Left needs to downplay our culture to survive and they will use minority resentment as a straw to be relevant …they used to be class driven before but in India left played to caste and religious minority fears for survival ….it is evident that from 2009 India wanted left sidelined MMS is instrumental in bring about this thought through nuclear deal …Congress giving undue importance to Left made it look a rich man’s left .
        3) ostrich mentality of the oppn …they did not see the work RSS is doing to win masses to its side….RSS is no more hated or mis understood by India now ….when the best Congress and oppn can quote is the leaders of the freedom movement …while they were fooled by Nehruvians and left to cut off the whole civilizational strength of India which Gandhi used for freedom fight. Rahul and Left along with others are compelled by their earlier leaders stances to limit India to a history of 70 years whole RSS Could easily point out 5000 + years history including the mughal rule and British rule and also own who ever they wanted to their pantheon by simply owning India’s culture as a whole and bring in a narrative of their convenience……what Congress got wrong is to believe left and stop talking to India ….RSS conversed with India …left conversed among themselves ………they cannot correct these mistakes as they become irrelevant then …but Congress can …but they will never do ….BJP will win more and more

  14. You are talking nonsense. By cheating evm with ec any dog also win an election. Not the heart and mind of the people. Come with ballot paper and prove if you have guts. Otherwise another godse will be born and finish the devils and evil .

    • Haan,toh Chhattisgarh,MP, Rajasthan ke elections hue tab evm thik the,bas LS 2019 mein kharab hue hai?Waah Congress logic,Aur EVM 2004 se use ho Rahe Hain,toh kya 2004 aur 2009 ke bhi results galat the?Aapne vote Nahi Diya ,iska matlab ye Nahi ki baakiyon ne bhi Nahi diya

  15. Are you sure that the election results were infallible ? Democracy cannot be decided by election results. There are thousands of election related cases are pending before several court. So by one election do not judge the future of the country. It seems like the writer wants to appease some one for hidden agenda.

  16. How can such non-sense pass off as journalism these days? Have our standards fallen so low? The author has the acumen of a potato.

  17. No doubt the article is loop sided. But more interesting is to read comments rather than main article. Most are leaning to either side. If we look at it unbiased what could happen? Do the people of this country are so dumb like its politicians? Do there is dearth of good leaders in India? We forget one thing that absolute majority brings in absolutes faults. At the most till Modi is leading the fault lines will be hidden but what next? These fault lines gather the critical mass slowly and in absence of sensible leader it will explode. So though today the BJP under Modi is obvious choice, not necessary that it will remain so for decades together. One thing is true in the article Rahul has no hopes in politics now. He has never shouldered the responsibility willingly, obviously his actions would remain superficial and won’t help party to stand again, UNLESS SOMETHING NOTICEABLE HAPPENS.

    • Let’s never under estimate Modi + Shah combo. Carefully study their entire history of their 20 years of unhindered rise in Gujrat despite setbacks. To get to the truth – study their history from many different sources. Then you will realise that their’s is a frightful combo. And best part is that they quickly learn from their mistakes and keep correcting not only their own actions but actions of all their party men including those of related organisations & RSS.

  18. Poor Shivam, he is so angry, he has written a sarcastic piece. I feel the same way when Virat Kohli makes a zero in a crucial match- I feel like blasting him to space.. The pain of your team losing is too much to bear

    • Ha, ha…as a footnote to your lovely comment, would like to add that if India needs to grow, it is merit like Rohit Sharma that should get always given preference over entitled incompetence. We all know the biggest example of the latter.

  19. Absolutely nonsense story by Print .BJP voters can’t be labeled as haters, We voted for trust in Modi and we want him to complete many tasks ,that only he can do, but if he doesn’t do ,he will be shown his way out, but if he keeps completing he keeps ruling but I don’t have any trust on Amit Shah still now

  20. The win of bjp is mainly due to the pulwama attack… Nothing related to RG… Also the link to the interview of India Today if the author has got time to go through it has quite sensible answers than what he has projected here as mangoes and favorite fruit…. Its the PM who has never had any proper interview …… The core issues like farmer suicides… Failing economy (even with changes in GDP calculation and changing the GDP values 3 times it has failed to reach IPA levels)… Unemployment have always taken backseat and never been addressed……

  21. Shivam Vij come to senses after a long duration and losing all his credentials.India had never allowed dynasty rule fro long.Although time took its toll but like Mughal and British Congress also destined to be liquidated from India.When #CongressMuktBharat slogan was raised by MODI JI all laughed on him as they never thought that a party which has roots deep in earth lived 135 years of life will die so easily.But it is matter of pride for him that he has nothing to work for total liquidation of Congress India.Congress party itself made it easier for a Congress Mukt Bharat for supporting a IDIOT FOOL MORON MEGALOMANIAC KID as President of INC and also echoed all his absurdities all over country thinking that it is India of 1947 .In last 70 years of Congress govt People has been tortured by its one man show.Be that JLN ,IG RG SG and Rahul Gandhi but they were never comfortable with their antics.AS there was no Option for voters to change congress govt they voted Congress and also a deep rooted conspiracy by Congress Muslim Christians to keep divided Hindus on caste creed race and enjoy power for long.But IN the UPA govt period Sonia Gandhi’s Pro-Muslim,Pro-Christians and Anti-Hindu works made Hindu polarized United Consolidated and voted out a enemy of Hindus govt party from power.BJP secured majority of its own after 1984 when Rajeev Gandhi secured 400s eats by murder of IG on sympathy wave.Now in 2019 same thing happened and in the congress party the policy remain unchanged.Their use and throw policy back fired.They used Hindu gods for vote and throw them to dustbin once results are out.
    BJP is going to rule for 100 years as there is a party backup and workers backup.The President of Party is replaceable.The PM is replaceable.and In that sequence MODI till 2029,Amit Shah till 2044 and then Yogi will take over by a Hindu renaissance upsurge and backlash.Now time for all others to adjust themselves with Hindus and live happily peacefully else they will have to go out.INDIA WILL BE HINDU RASHTRA BY 1975 AMENDMENT TO CONSTITUTION IS NULLIFIED BY SC AS ILLEGAL AND ULTRAVIRES.

  22. What an inspiration Congressee chief is for such writer’s imagination to work overtime?
    If Rahul Gandhi keeps firing the imagination of Indians this way BJP need not spend in crores to campaign in future elections.

  23. BJP has adopted most of the congress party vision & policy primafacea tangibly deviating ( but not from heart ) from their own latent hardcore policy for gaining power so there is now no worries for congress mindset oriented people. At center congress rules or BJP rules it doesn’t matter congress mind set is enforced rendering service to the 125 corers people. The difference lies between both Government is of their modus operandi congress does it by gentleman’s love approach governance while BJP does it by hook or crook approach in accomplishing the task. Tulsidasji gospel BJP follows
    ” बिन भय होय न प्रीत ” but tall claims could be
    ” अति का भला न बोलना अति की भली न चुप …..” there are many stories in history caution us…
    Let us hope for the best under 2 nd inning of Modiji .

  24. Many has mistaken the views of the author. Similarly even RAGA also may not understand. It is only to highlight that it is better Mr.RAGA learns something and show maturity so that Congress can grab next opportunity to deny BJP continued run. Let us hope the author succeeds in his attempt

  25. Naturally, BJP will win all future elections as it has mastered the art of manipulating EVM and keeping the EC as its slave.

    • Ha. Ha. BJP failed to manipulate EVMs in TN, Kerala and Punjab! Please come out of this ‘blame EVM’ syndrome.

  26. The writer is pro bjp or pro Modi and anti Congress and anti Rahul – – whatever it may be – he is under estimating the sense of democracy and super masing dictator ship. Indian voters and mainly the upcoming generation is clever and will elect only the parties on their performance. Eventhough the performance of modi 1 not performed as it promised in 2014 but the voters elected as no equal strength opposition leader was not seen in the political vicinity and other factors like plenty money, supports of EC, CBI etc., it happened and in future also it will happen in Gujarat, WB, state elections – – but record it it will be the WILL of God & the decision of voters – – Hence the prediction of writer may go wrong by so many factors – and unity within bjp is doubtful if RSS and bajra ngdal’s agenda is not fulfilled like Ayodya, article 370 and uniform civil code etc, as modi is particular about sabka vishwas and he has to deliver his performance with global countries and build up the economy in the coming years – –
    And if modi abide the pressure of RSS and dance according to their tune, then all moral ethics of India will be buried and civil war, protests will start and it will go in the hands of foreign super powers – Already India us over burden with foreign debts and each citizen of India having a debt of 57000 rupees in his head ( it is increased drastically in last 2 years) _- so very sensible formula will be followed. Congress on other hand we cannot underestimate them as most of them and will be in bjp now.

  27. What will happen in 2049? All people will get educated about the corruption and lies… Or world will end

  28. Humourous article. Atleast now, we should stop glorifying personalities, especially Congress men, whether it is Modi or Rahul. If Rahul is not fit, someone should take plunge and set the things straight. In fact, Jagdeesh Tytler tried and failed, but it is not new in Congress.

  29. This is absurd…Modi’s success is because of his connect with people and welfare measures , that includes a corruption free government. saying Modi won because of Rahul’s inability is unacceptable. Modi won because of his love for the country.

  30. सब कुछ लुटा के होश में आये तो क्या हुआ ?

    विगत से वर्तमान। आपको अवसरवादी प्रत्रकारिता के लिये क्या उपनाम दिया जायेगा।

    लेखक के विचार , काल्पनिक कहानी का हिस्सा है, भविष्य वक्ता दूरदर्शिता के मापदंडों को लेकर अपनी बात रखते हैं,समय उनकी विश्वसनीयता बताता है।

    जन-मानस अब पिछलग्गू नहीं रहा,70साल की उठा पटक ने उसे समझाया है कि वो राजनैतिक दलों का बंधुआ वोट बैंक नहीं वल्कि अपने आप में एक ताकत है , जिससे वह और देश को एक नयी दिशा मिलेगी। मीडिया को चाटुकारिता से बाहर निकल देश हित में अपनी ताकत इस्तेमाल करनी चाहिए वरना जो हाल इन राजनैतिक मदारियों के मजमे का होता है आपका भी वही होगा।

  31. Well done Analysis, Brother. It is a round about , thorough, a true local and geo-political sensed article. What u say is true absolutely on mantle passing, Modi to Shah to Yogi, but Yogi might become obsolete in 2040 world political and living environment. Rahul might be toppled by Sachin Pilot after 2024 elections defeat. Anyways , a great article. Thanks.

  32. Looks like the losers from the world teaching Indian people democracy. Worst article I have read.

  33. It is utter senseless story.During Nehru,Indira nobody thinks beyond them.
    Modi is not replaceable leader.
    Every thing will be changed.changes only constant.Media hype only create modi but for various reasons better known to every commener.
    So please wait .
    No body thinks Nazis will fall till they enter Russia.
    The man with only hawaz /talking emotional
    will last long.

  34. It appears that Mr. Shivam has taken a role of PR of BJP and would come with more atrocious thing in days to come. Some time balanced thinking gets eroded when blinkered thought takes over. One should not disseminate very bised view.

  35. Frivolous and worthless article .Wasted my time. Wonder how such articles are appearing in Print . Looks like there are no editorial guidelines. Even as sarcasm it does not make the grade .

  36. Looks like knives are out in secu camp. it is not Rahul Gandhi who is at fault by Nehru secularism. Now secus are behaving like Sultan of Delhi Sultanate and want to kill messenger for bringing bad news.

  37. Vij has hit the nail on the head and without causing any pain to the nail either. Wonder when Modi and company will ever realize that they are in power simply because the opposition is too weak.

  38. Yes. This is what even die hard cong grassroot workers are also telling. A strong opposition is a must for democracy to work in people’s interests. That way i concur yogendra yadav’s observation that cong is an obstacle. The article of course is hyperbolic in its pessimism about indian voters’ intelligence and i wish its predictions do not come true. But rahul gandhi’s is capable of miracles in shooting his own foot and party. So the predictions may miraculously prove true also.

  39. A completely biased opinion from a bhakt most probably, no matter what will be going on with indian politics in 2049, no matter weather bjp will won the election in 2049 or lost it, no matter rahul gandhi will be the prime minister or not ….
    The thing is the articles, blogs, print media, news channels have completely lost their crediblity and trust among secular indians, news channels and their respective anchors just seems to be not more than a standup comedian !!
    I bet if there will be honest reporting of news and genuine questions will be asking by media then bjp will got no chance to win even the 2019 lok sabha election if conducted one more time !!

  40. The writer has wasted his time in writing such an article and offcourse the precious time of the readers.

  41. Such a biased article , the writer seems to be a bigot ( there’s nothing wrong in answering a question with spiritual mindset, maybe it’s difficult for the writer with his peanut sized brain to understand).

  42. Great flattering attempt to win space in modis darbar; alas there is no such darbar. Continue where you were.

  43. क्या बात है थे प्रिंट वाले भैया, इतना काहे खिसियाए हो। ई जो राहुल गांधी है ना, अब का कहे इसके नाम के पीछे गांधी लगा के बदबूदार किए हुए हो, अच्छा ई राहुल है ना मोदी को प्रधानमंत्री बनाए रखने की गारंटी है। देखो कैसे खुस्बू आने लगी राहुल के नाम से, बेकार में गांधी को बदनाम किए हो। ए ऐ ऐ राहुल नाम तो सुना होगा। बकवास ख़तम, अब काम की बात , ज़रा अपने पुराने आर्टिकल्स उठा के देखो राहुल के डिंपल पे कितने फिदा थे आपके लेफ्ट लिबरल पत्रकार। बात खतम ईद मुबारक

  44. The author’s analysis is shallow and ridiculous. A 7th grade student can make out what’s missing in the article, logic. The conclusion and premise are as ridiculous as what he is trying to prove.

  45. Be sure the aura of Modi wont last because he wont be able to perform and how long can he use the army and religion ,criticize Congress for doi g nothing and bluff people..hes gone ..Rahul has it in his blood…people who called him pappu once have changed thier minds now..he did make Modi amit and yogi run this elections…be sure next elections they will have no excuse to make for doing nothing..

  46. An interesting piece; ventures to gaze into the future; kind of scenario building. There are lessons for all political parties.

  47. It is not the end of Rahul Gandhi or Congress but the Genesis of the end of the unbiased journalism. Why is the media swinging Right? You should be asking unpleasant questions about the recently concluded election, corruption and misgovernace in the present dispensation. Why deify the mortals?

  48. In my view two terms from 2024 and from 2029 for BJP/NDA are certain. But after election 2029 Then The prime Minister Yogi Adityanaath may face political threats from a deadly combination consisting of Jihad supporting Political outfits like Congress, BSP. TMC —- what maybe their name by then, ,Leftists and some southern parties. But also keep in mind that India of now has moved on to a development trajectory for next fifteen years thanks to wisdom displayed by the voters of India in 2019. . Many developments in technology will make election -2034 a wonderful contest . A futurist visionary may be able to predict type of tools that will be employed then. No need to , and possibility of predicting election outcome today.

    • BJP is going to rule for 100 years as there is a party backup and workers backup.The President of Party is replaceable.The PM is replaceable.and In that sequence MODI till 2029,Amit Shah till 2044 and then Yogi will take over by a Hindu renaissance upsurge and backlash.Now time for all others to adjust themselves with Hindus and live happily peacefully else they will have to go out.INDIA WILL BE HINDU RASHTRA BY 1975 AMENDMENT TO CONSTITUTION IS NULLIFIED BY SC AS ILLEGAL AND ULTRAVIRES.

  49. It is wrong to say that Modi had made the election a presidential contest against Gandhi. The truth is that the entire opposition made these elections a Presidential contest by entirely focusing its ire on Modi with “Modi Hatao” campaign.

  50. It is a useless article…Written just for the sake of penning something.
    What utter nonsense is the author dishing.
    Wish The Print respects the time and sensibility of the readers…

  51. Very very biased article to defame rahul and congress.I have read the interview in India Today . Rahul has replied so intelligently. Fact is distorted in this article.such type of abusive material is not good for the Print also.It is like a blot on journalism

  52. Shivam Vij, you had written an article titled ‘Akhilesh Yadav is a winner even before the 2019 elections have begun’. We know what happened to your casteist analysis and predictions. You got it all wrong. But you could be excused because electoral arithmetic is hard to pin down.

    But when it comes to Rahul Gandhi, you don’t come a across as convincing in your critique. His Vipassana interview to India Today was done long back but how come you never critiqued RG’s personality problems before. Now you are dissing Rahul Gandhi as an unteachable mediocrity. But it doesn’t need an electoral debacle to honestly assess RG as deficient in political acumen. I would request you to write a little more constructively. Maybe you can follow RGs advice and try and construct or fabricate within your mind a ‘liking’ for Modi, for a change… 🙂

  53. This article has been written for the sake of writing. It is like a corporate executive producing a report that has no value but keeps him/her busy.

  54. A totally biased article. It’s completely fine that writer may have personal liking for any person or party but when you write on public platforms it should be unbiased. As your articles are being read by large audience of different agegroups. As an intellectual you have a responsibility to report the truth rather predicting future on which no one can have control ever.

  55. Modi had been often called God or God’s gift to India. So just want to say Vijji that Modi will be PM of India for ever. Leave alone Congress or Rahul, there won’t be any opposition or leaders after all how can we oppose God Modi. The author must understand it is like BJP without Modi it would be zero, no one will support Amit Shah, the same with Congress, it would be zero without Gandhis. Yes Congress has to bring back break away including YSRC TDP TMC, NCP under Congres including regional parties. India is democracy, it is not going to be one party rule for too long. Congress and Gandhi’s were exploited by vested interest leaders, some are hanging, others have joined BJP or some other party because Congress is not in power. Congress need to kick out dead wood and then it can change

  56. The article is written in frustration. It assumes that Modi/ Amit Shah won’t trip up nor people will not vote them out due to sheer anti incumbency. After all, in 2004, Vajpayee lost to a disorganised opposition. 15 years later we still have fully understood why. Hence these kind of long term forecasting is fraught with danger.

  57. That shivam is a special thinker of the grand order of merit on par with shekhar is evident in each somersault he takes. Both can chase each other on the branches of Print tree and sing their anthem Paytm karo.

  58. Media houses like The Print that unabashedly glorified Rahul Gandhi prior to the election have started seeing the truth at least now. Great. Contrary to popular practices of these times, truthful analysis would have been of much greater use to Rahul than feeding his ego. The common man of India hope that he will continue his good works for the betterment of BJP.

  59. It is funny that MR.Shivam Vij is predicting voters mind upto 30 years, as to which party will rule india, when the reality is that the opinion polls and exit polls are failure of the particular election. It is also strange that the media it seems wants to fill-up its pages some how so that they give such worthless articles a space. Its tragedy that the fourth pillar is trying to shake its own foundation. Most unfortunate.

  60. In the guise of personal comments, author has aptly described perfect sequence of events likely to happen next 30 years. Say goodbye to Congress.

  61. What kind of analysis is this? Do you have to write even when you have nothing to say? Superficial at the very least

  62. Amazingly narrated.
    But I want country to be progressing and for that need it to be MODIfied for at least 30 years under BJP rule.

    So we will not let pappu resign. He is our start pracharak.

  63. On a more substantive note, this is the sort of thinking that breeds both complacency and hubris. Nine months after May 2014, AAP swept Delhi. Nine months later, it was Nitish Babu’s turn in Bihar. More than plotting electoral outcomes or the promise – or lack thereof – of the principal challenger – it would be fruitful to map five years of each term in more real terms – economic growth, job creation, manufacturing, foreign trade, agriculture, services, education, healthcare, public transport, quality of urbanisation, social peace, law and order, women’s safety, foreign policy and national security. These are the metrics by which a great nation’s progress is recorded in history. 2019 may not have seen much discussion on any of these issues, but that idyll cannot last till 2049, even if Arnab Goswami is anchoring Republic TV all this while.

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