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Time for Modi to take political stand on China. Military talks won’t deter the bully

India’s approach of problem-solving through understandings between military commanders does nothing to keep China from a Ladakh-like repeat in any other area.

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In an earlier article on how China has crossed the Lakshman Rekha, I had noted that ‘diplomatic virtuosity is insufficient to resolve the issue unless it is accompanied by political sagacity and boldness’. Two weeks later, we saw talks through military and diplomatic channels between India and China, but there is not much sign of the role that political sagacity is playing. It is well possible and understandable that political moves beneath the surface are going on and the matter will be resolved through an agreement. The incident at Galwan, which has resulted in the tragic death of a Commanding Officer and 19 jawans on 15 June, is symptomatic of China’s continued violations of agreements and protocols.

The illusion is that despite China reneging on most of its agreements, we still believe that India can attempt to get them to restore status quo without giving them something in return. Or we can give them something and that need not be known publicly. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh gave a hint of that approach when he stated, “All issues will be revealed at the right time”.

Political astuteness was certainly displayed to defuse the Doklam crisis, because both sides could declare victory. In hindsight, we know that China has technically kept to the agreement, in that it has not changed the status quo at the face-off site. But it has militarily occupied most of the disputed Doklam Plateau and worse, India being a party to the dispute has kept its silence, acquiesced to China’s aggression and finds that its reset through the Wuhan and Mamallapuram spirit has brought in only temporary peace. But it seems that the bully has taken Indian pusillanimity for granted and is asking for more.

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China’s plan

This time around, the situation is very different and the stakes are higher on the strategic scale. There is no wriggle room for too-clever-by-half agreements that can be sold as victory to the domestic and international audiences. On the contrary, the approach to Ladakh has to be radically different and seen not so much as a threat but an opportunity.

The threat is that China would change the status quo in a manner that it gets to control more territory than it had before the current crisis. The signature style is that it takes two steps forward and agrees to takes one step backwards and, therefore, gains one step eventually. Galwan Valley, Hot Springs and Pangong Tso seem to be three main areas still in contention.

Army Chief M.M. Naravane has indicated that disengagement is taking place in a phased manner and in Galwan, “lot of disengagement” has taken place. However, disengagement is not equal to restoration of status quo, and the Chinese continue to hold newly created positions that prevent movement of Indian patrols. India has to ensure restoration of status quo in Galwan, Hot Springs and China does not get to keep its new hold in Pangong Tso. The approach of solving the problem through an understanding between military commanders does nothing to keep China from a repeat in any other area, a few months down the line. This is the issue that must be tackled diplomatically and politically, and is also the domain that provides India with an opportunity.

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Not the time to hush up

The Narendra Modi government must take a political stand and stop underplaying the issue. Such a stand must be founded in the trust that the Indian military is not a pushover and can match the Chinese in escalation, which must necessarily be backed by political will. India must remind itself that military capability and valor cannot be a substitute for defective policy. China is a bully and when viewed in the larger global context, India must base its risk calculations on relative power and not get taken in by its absolute power. China has enough trouble of its own, and India has the capacity to weaken its capability for its primary problems in Taiwan and South China Sea. The main point is that the playbook is a mind game.

The mind game is that China wants India to acknowledge that it is the boss. Seizure of unoccupied and claimed/disputed territory, which is normally patrolled but not occupied, is a tactic it has practised with India, Bhutan and in South China Sea area for several decades. India’s political moves must be aimed at putting a stop to this practice.

There are both military and political pathways that must be utilised. But before that, India must change its stance of ‘playing it down’ and convey that such strategic behaviour is unacceptable and would have grave repercussions for the relationship. Obviously, such messages must use the diplomatic instruments to drive home the point to China that the Indian leadership, being mindful of its domestic political dynamics, can be expected to settle on terms that portray neither victory nor defeat, but is more sensitive to annoying China in the larger gameplay of regional and global geopolitics. It is China that has so far proved itself adept at stabbing us in the back and weakening our edifice of strategic autonomy.

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Time for a new gameplay

It is natural and understandable for the political class to adopt a posture of ‘let us get this over with’ and move on to tackle India’s economic crisis. It is also highly probable that is the reason why China has chosen to attrite India’s strategic autonomy at a moment tempting for them, especially since it has more or less recovered from Covid-19 and most of the world is still grappling with it.

It is becoming apparent that India’s approach is going back to its comfort zone of agreements that merely serves as a band-aid and leaves the door open for similar and further strategic misbehaviour. The time for taking a stand is long overdue. Whatever the risks, military, political or economic, it must leave no doubt in the Chinese mind that using its misperceived tactical military advantages on the northern borders will not impact India’s political posture on global and regional issues. China must mentally accept that India will never be in any camp but, depending on the context and issues at stake, it will sit in the same tent with nations having common interests. This should be India’s gameplay.

The author is the Director, Strategic Studies Programme, Takshashila Institution, Bangalore and Former Military Adviser, National Security Council Secretariat. He is the author of The Strategy Trap: India and Pakistan Under the Nuclear Shadow. Views are personal.

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  1. War is not a good idea for any country. Now we see it mostly in ISs, Putin has been involved inspite of that the Christian & Muslim countries’ war is continuing after 16 days. Azerbaijan has lost thinking ability. Country is used by Turkey . Pakistan has record break poverty but sending soldiers have not been stopped. The two countries have lost soldiers, tanks, fighter planes so if India & China decide to end in war then that would be disastrous. Power for peace is appropriate but power for war is inappropriate. Now India does have weapons, fighter jets, RAFAL, AGNI etc. but it looks good for show, presentation & not for war, destruction. If War begins then it doesn’t take enough time to loose war weapons so war must not be the solution. Mr Modi has to learn, understand the previous deals with China which was successful. In both side cabinet ministers were different so present ministers flow their earlier leaders, cabinet ministers. Now China is listening Pakistan, other Islamic States so China is confused. Now Mr Modi must play any trick like ISs which can able to change China’s mind. Now in India unemployment is huge, poverty is growing rapidly, population touches the sky so Mr Modi shouldn’t have to think about War.

  2. What can India do to resolve border issues with China?
    The root cause is the difference in perception of LAC by both countries. If both agree to a common LAC, it can be immediately converted to an international border and the issue is solved.
    Now it’s in the public domain that since 1950s China wanted to resolve the border issue with India, they came with a proposal too, but Nehru could not get a consensus because of domestic politics and so China attacked India in 1962 to teach India a lesson. India then started saying that China backstabbed and till now also many Indians, experts simply are of the opinion that China cannot be trusted, it is bully, not a good neighbor.
    But if you look from China’s point of view, I notice that China is consistent in its approach based on what it believes. Both China and India know that the border between India and China is undefined. Neither could come to a table to talk and decide. So it’s the ground level situation that should decide. In fact the concept of LAC was also brought out by China. Now, what’s LAC. Whatever area is under your actual control is your land. Now think wisely. The land is inhospitable, no grass is there. You have to have some structure, some control over an area to claim your own. One baseline is that during the 1962 war China didn’t cross after a certain line. India thinks that it’s the LAC. But China says it’s well inside India’s LAC. So to prove that India has full control of all areas inside LAC India has to prove its control. How? Build infrastructure near it, keep vigilant that no one enters it without permission. China did that, but India is lacking in that.
    So what can India do? Improve infrastructure and keep full control of the area inside the LAC.

    India has lots of advantages over China:
    1. The whole of the Himalayan range is under India’s control. That India controls the heights from Siachin in the west to Arunachal Pradesh in the east. The central part is controlled by Nepal, Sikkim, and Bhutan. China is only in the Tibetan plateau.
    2. The Indian population is much nearer to the area near LAC than the Chinese population from Tibet. Except for their army, no Chinese public will come and settle near LAC.

    India can take the above advantages:
    1. India should increase the tourism potential of all the area near LAC. Let the army manage that and the money earned can be used in infrastructure.
    3. India can build more civilian settlements near LAC who can act as tourist guides. Also, India can also employ the Tibetan refugees for that.
    All the above will ensure India to be more vigilant in Chinese activity. If China gets irked by more Indian civilians near the LAC, let it be. If China kills some Indians, it’ll be a bigger issue and China will finally feel the need to come to the table to resolve the border issue.

    Apart from this, India needs to form a military partnership with other like-minded countries. Because in the long run, there will be a conflict between the Chinese socialist approach where one-party rule is everything, which has a closed economy, where anything and everything can be suppressed, and the countries where there is open economy, more liberty, respect of individual freedom.

    India has leadership crisis. A tanked economy (even before the corona) and the horrible mismanagement of the pandemic. And Modi is clueless and has proved to be an inept leader. And China did struck at the right time seeing all these factors.All his saber rattling chest thumping against a weak Pakistan is coming home to roost to expose his cowardice. This present crisis is not about border or territory. It has certainly political dimensions.His own hubris is catching up with him. Remeber amit sha thundering in parliament that India would reclaim Ladak which is under Chinese occupation

  4. Conflict with a more powerful enemy requires strategic alliances. A formal military treaty with America is highly desirable. Interdependence is more powerful than Independence.

  5. It is better to give up Ladakh quietly to avoid getting a beating. No one will know if Ladakh is given up for peace. Whereas a beating will be very public and destroy the credibility of Hindus. That is why Modi cannot take a stance, he has to keep quiet. With Pakistan, even a botched raid in Balakot and a captured pilot can be passed off as victory, as Hindus will believe. But if you get a beating from China, it cannot be passed off as a win even to Hindus.

  6. It’s is obvious that we aren’t in a war like situation and should do everything to resolve it diplomatically. But we should also take a parallel route of giving befitting reply to the loss of our 20 brave soldiers. I don’t understand what the Government is trying to hide under the carpet and not taking a clear stand on this serious issue. We cannot leave an inch of land which lawfully belongs to us and all ways should be explored to get things back prior to May 2020. Finally, we shouldn’t be eying at international community to resolve this matter as doing so shall be a dent on our dignity, it’s our problem and we should resolve it.

  7. India has to accept Chinese taking over Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. Modi cannot go for war – because it will lead to a beating in public for Hindus. His career has been built around posing as the first Hindu ruler in 1000 years.

  8. Very long article but he didn’t give any specific suggestion. He comes close when he says “China must mentally accept that India will never be in any camp but, depending on the context and issues at stake, it will sit in the same tent with nations having common interests.”

    Just say it clearly. India should form a military alliance with USA, Japan and Vietnam. Just like Indira Gandhi signed a 20-year treaty with USSR before she went into the 1971 war. Then all 4 countries and maybe even more should declare that they do not recognize Chinese occupation of Tibet and declare Tibet to be an occupied nation.

  9. This is all bunkum!

    If Chaiwala is serious – ban all PRC imports !

    Y hike import duty ? dindooohndoo

    That will add to Indian Input Costs and bankrupt several industries and then the banking !

    If PRC exports to India are USD 100 Billion and duty is hiked by 20% – then 20 billion USD of profits of Indian companies are gone.In addition,the supply chain of those users,will also be wiped out,on upstream (suppliers of materials and inputs to Indian entities, which import Chinese materials) and downstream (users of Indian products made, from Chinese inputs) as they will either not offer cost reductions or not absorb cost hikes !

    On a duty hike of 20% on Chinese exports to India of 100 Billion – at least 150-200 Billion USD of Indian entities will be destroyed.If 200 Billion USD of Indian sales are wiped out – it is safe to assume that the Debt to Sales ratio is say 0.25:1,and so USD 50 Billion of bank and other debt will be NPA.

    Y not also impose an Export tax on exports to PRC. Again a dead end – as PRC will import from elsewhere.

    Y not ban Chinese flag ships from Indian Ports – No problem – PRC will do the same from
    PRC and HK and some African Ports.

    India needs PRC.

    PRC could short Indian paper and securities,in the NASDAQ/NYSE or short the INR,in the NDF or just kick out the Indians,from HKSAR – now PRC.It Could also kick out the Indians from many nations in Africa – Idi style

    It is certain that PRC will use the Taliban and Pakistan based marine outfits – in the next phase

    India has no options ! The PRC will now enter the whole of the North East

    India cannot handle Nepal – they could not stop them from changing a map – how will they handle PRC.Indians still have not perfected the art of making galvanised steel – how will be take Galwan ?

    Just handover Ladakh,Sikkim and Arunachal to the PRC

    And then back to Cow piss Cola !

    • Gujjus are importerss/distributors of Chinese goods, they will not be on the front dying. They will be happy handing over Ladakh,Sikkim and Arunachal to the PRC to keep their business.


  11. China deliberately avoids a border settlement through shifting goal posts of demands as it wants to retain this ambiguity to achieve its expansionist ends as and when opportunities arise.

    China wants to take all of India Salami Slice, by Salami Slice. The only thing which can break this momentum is for India to become independently powerful, but India is loath to give up its vices of bad Colonial-Communist Legacy police and methods of Government which stand in the way of India becoming powerful.

    Communism, unlike the Quran and Hadith, did not freeze with what Marx and Engels wrote in “Das Kapital” but evolved beyond socio-economic philosophy in action to Fascist Imperiums under Stalin in Russia and Mao in China. While the Soviet Union is defunct because of the failure of “Communism”, China’s expansionist and hegemonistic ideology continues and remains very similar to Islam (Chinese Communism could be termed Islam without Allah, Mahomet and its companions hence the conflict with the Uyghurs that began with Mao), which is to adapt, deceive and take advantage of the weaknesses of other systems and ideologies of Government prevalent in non communist (or Islamic) countries to stamp their own supremacy and, thereafter, rule over them.

    Now please apply this to the activities of Islam since a thousand years and its actions in the present and China’s actions beginning with Mao’s conquest of Tibet and war on India in 1962, border conflict with Russia (1969) (which helped earn it US support via Pakistan. Remember Nixon’s “visit” and the beginning of Russian power and prosperity through US sponsorship?) and its subsequent war on Vietnam (1979. Possibly at US instigation just like Iraq’s war on Iran as a US proxy).

    Here is the problem in a nutshell:

    (This is largely of India’s own making as it refuses to acknowledge the truth and deal with in internal including economic and external policies)

    (1) China’s policy of expansionism established since Mao and reiterated in every plan of the Chinese Communist Party ever since and which lays claim to parts of India

    (2) China has tasted India’s blood in its taking of Tibet, Gilgit Baltistan and other parts of India

    (3) India being a soft and tempting State growing softer by the day when compared to China.

    (4) India’s addiction to its failed policies since 1947 which retain it as a soft (as backward and unproductive as those it worships and pampers) State in perpetuity.

    (5) China’s growing muscle will inevitably push India into the gravity of the US for its survival which will continue the atrophy of Indian muscle as India postpones having to bite the bullet on its addictions.

    (6) As India gets closer to the US and its satellites (such as Japan, Taiwan and Australia) in order to survive as a State despite being unwilling to do what it takes to become a hard power, China will become more aggressive.

    (7) This will be the continuum of an endless spiral of hostility commenced by Mao and stoked by India’s suicidal policies which have continued since 1947 and have acquired a momentum of their own.

    (8) The only way to break this momentum is for India to become a Hard Power capable of independently deterring China. This may take a century AFTER India gives up its suicidal policies. So, even if India does decide to give up its suicidal policies today it will not be able to save itself from China without falling into the gravity pull of the US.

    (9) India could join an Anti China coalition in the hope of coming out on the winning side in the confrontation. But this would damage India seriously and, in the long term, of whatever remains of China as a revenge seeking enemy hostile to India and biding its time.

    (10) China is already a World Leader and will grow in power and stature as the World, including India, dithers on how to deal with China while continuing in their habituated ways and avoid going for the only feasible solution to curb China which is WAR. The longer the delay, the more impossible curbing China will become. Just as Attlee’s appeasement of Germany gave birth to a Germany which held the entire World to ransom through World War Two.

    There is only one way to deal with the World and that is to be a winner. Being on the winning side is not an option for India given its size and potential

    India’s policies, however, since 1947 and championed with greater vigour in confirmation of India’s addiction, since 2014, have constructed India into a loser in perpetuity.

    So India is falling by its own hand as designed by the British made mythologies, ideologies and policies espoused by the post 1947 WOG* and PANGOLIN* rulers whom Modi, like every one of his predecessors seeks to imitate and outdo.

    *Notes from my archives on WOG and PANGOLIN:

    *WOG is a pejorative acronym rhyming with “dog” for “Western Oriented Gentleman” that was used by the British at their clubs to snigger at the likes of Nehru, Narendra Dutta, Ram Mohun Roy and Ambedkar who had no culture or breeding of their own. In the extreme, they turned into Coconuts (Brown on the outside and white on the inside) like the Harrow fag and Cambridge failed, Ashoka worshiping, Bandit Jabberlal Neckscrew himself!

    The Indian Republic is essentially a creature of the West, founded and run by WOGs educated in Harrow, Oxford, Columbia, Cambridge, Presidency College, Elphinstone College and so on and who had turned into “coconuts” (brown on the outside and white on the inside) by the British (Indian Political Service)

    Somewhere along the way, during the 70 years of looting, plundering, pillage and rape, WOGs of the Nehru, Gandhi and Ambedkar sort became “Convented Secularists”. Later, clad in Kurta and Jhola and armed with years spent politicking in India Coffee House or canteens of “institutions” such as JNU, they transmogrified into non erudite “Intellectuals” i.e. Fabians in the image of Bandit Jabberlal Neckscrew, aka Marxists under the cover of “Secular Sahitya”


    This was a systematic, vicious and brilliant plan that the British (Indian Political Service) devised in the Viceregal period following the supercession of the East India Company by the Crown (1858). Delayed by the opposition of Lord Roberts and Curzon, The unrest under Chelmsford added to the reprisal unleashed by Lord Reading.

    After the 1857 mutiny, having had every Brahmin man, woman and child that they could lay hands in the erstwhile Bengal Presidency, Central Provinces, and United Provinces massacred by way of reprisal by their Madrassi, Pathan and Sikh soldiers, the British put together their plan to subjugate India and began the implementation from 1921; Confiscation of Savarna Commonwealth (Temples, treasure etc) in 1923 and expulsion of the Brahmanas from the courts and de recognizing their judicial authority. Distribution of agricultural lands on which guru kulas and temples were dependent to the ryots, Commencement of Daalit Movement (Phule, Ambedkar etc) in the West. Commencement of Draavid movement (EVR Naiker etc) in the South. Subversion of the Sikhs through Kartar and Karag (Sialkot) to commence the Akali movement in the North. Self emasculating pacifism and worship of alien religions and ideologies such as communism (Alan Octavian Hume, Indian National Congress, Gandhi, Nehru) etc etc. This and the pampering of the Deen e Kitabi (Christians and Moslems) as well as Daalits was enshrined in the Indian Constitution condemning India to a perpetual low intensity civil war. They solidified this by confiscating the commonwealth, including temples, educational institutions, gymnasiums, lands, water bodies, religious freedoms and dispossessing their hereditary law and education giving priesthood so that they would become rootless.

    The PANGOLIN*s extended the same policies to residual India including the unfortunate, formerly well governed, Princely States (Vijayanagar Viceregalities or Palegars and Maratha Governorates) such as Mysore, Travancore, Puri, Kohlapur, etc.

    The Government of India Act (1935) which was modified by Sir Maurice Gwyer for Nehru and Ambedkar to plagiarize into the Indian Constitution, and into which they embroidered ideas that they borrowed from George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, such as “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” and “Four legs good, two legs bad”

    A nation locked in the iron maiden of the British Judiciary, Bureaucracy, Police, garnished with self serving politicians, and raised on the gibbet of the Reservations-Extortion Constitution and laws to fall to 135 out of 172 countries (and below Sub-Saharan Africa) in the Global Human and Social Development Index (UNDP – 2016) and 143 rd out of 172 countries in internal Peace and Stability (UNDP – 2016) , home to 30% of the World’s poor (World Bank 2016) and with the highest number of Bomb Blast in the World 2016) pushing Iraq to a lowly second place with just half as many; in just 67 years. India ranks 107 out of 124 countries in corruption free law enforcement and personal security. And in 2018 achieved the distinction of ranking 81 on the list of corrupt countries, ranked from Least Corrupt downwards, and 182 in terms of Freedom of Speech !

    PANGOLIN defined: An enemy of India who believes in inequality under law, exceptions to the rule of law and persecution of some for the benefit of others. At present, the sole purpose of the Indian Republic, Constitutional or otherwise, is to pamper and provide for certain constitutionally preferred sections of society who the British found useful to hold and exploit India at the cost of those who the British hated and persecuted. The Pangolin is a creature that is unique to India and feeds on ants that are known in nature to be industrious and hard working if not quite as fruitful as bees who flee to better climes. (PANGOLIN is an acronym for the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Other (alien) Religions-Communist Consensus that usurped the British Mantle and has worn it with elan to loot, plunder, and rape India since 1921 and re write History and laws to their exclusive benefit since 1947)

    • Bharata is the land of the Brahmanas who like a hot climate. PANGOLINS are arctic animals and should not live in hot places.Science predicts that climate change will make Bharata hot like the Sahara in just 50 years. One billion PANGOLIN and WOG will die or migrate. Only Brahmanas will remain to enjoy the heat.

    • So Brahmin, you want war declared against China ? Will you sign up to go the front ?

      ‘Just as Attlee’s appeasement of Germany gave birth to a Germany which held the entire World to ransom through World War Two.’

      Attlee came after the war. The person who appeased Hitler was Nevlile Chamberlain. You are a pretentious, ignorant Brahmin.

      India is ruled by a Hindu Hitler who was plotting to put minorities in concentration camps. The same can be said by neighbours about the world appeasing the Hindu Hitler, Modi. The neighbours and many Indians may see that China has decided to put the Hindu Hitler down before he becomes a world problem.

  12. They kept saying everything is normal at the border and played into Chinese hands. They forced the General to confirm that all was ok . Then how did this escalation happen. There are so many veterans in the political and strategic sphere who could have advised on how to handle. This govt gets acrried away by pliant media and social media warriors. Time for the govt to mature

  13. Modi govt is a total disgrace…………… Indian military reaction to that of Pakistan military. When Feb 26th last year IAF intruded in Pakistan, PAF responded within 30 hours…IAF lost one Mig & Mi17 helicopter on Feb 27th. IAF is 3 times bigger than PAF , but still Pakistan had guts to respond…………where as China military has been kicking butt of Indian soldier for last 2 months and now have killed 20 Indian soldiers…………Yet MODI dare not open his big mouth !!!!

  14. Lt. Gen Prakash Menon, how do you think we can adopt this strategy when we don’t have a National Security Doctrine, no military modernization, ad hoc military budgets, an abysmal military industrial base, no military reforms, a military focused on Counter Insurgency, Pakistan and Kashmir, poor economic growth and no reform in administration.

    China plans 30 years ahead, Indian politicians think of next election. Sad but true.

  15. After the debacle of 15 June 2020, an order has been given by the political class to the armed forces to resort to whatever means at their disposal to maintain status quo as it existed before April 2020. In my view this action ought to have been taken in the first week of May 2020 when the Chinese belligerence was first apparent. The armed forces ought to have viewed the Chinese aggression seriously and taken appropriate counter measures in all sensitive spots. I think we lost the opportunity due to political mishandling of the likely situation. Now, these instructions are rather late to take any meaningful actions to evict the Chinese from our territories. Nevertheless, the Indian soldiers have it in them to turn the tide around provided they are given real and full authority to tackle the prevailing situation and will come out victorious.

  16. The present PM of India is more then happy to relinquish Indian territory to buy a temporary truce with China till it comes back to grab more territory. The present Indian government is no less pusillanimous then those of the past. Already Defence minister has given a free pass to China by claiming that LAC is not clearly defined. Leave alone getting back Aksai Chin this government will lose even what India possesses.

  17. China and Pakistan are not problems of the recent times. India has been dealing and trying to resolve the problems since independence.
    If there was to be a solution or a quick fix, someone over the last 70 years would have found one.
    Just as we need to keep some responsible realities in mind while dealing with Pakistan, the Chinese will have to do that dealing with us. Since 1998 things have changed and till such times a solution is found under the changed scenario the skirmishes of this type will continue.
    When people start giving advise or ask questions to suggest as if the solution is just round the corner and the Government is sleeping or stupid not to see it, the media needs to be more mature before giving platform,

  18. It is important for India to make it clear that it is a nation that abides by international law and respects the UN charter will and will not tolerate violation of international law including use of force by others. However as Mehbooba Mufti has pointed out our top leaders feel proud of violating international borders by using phrases such as “Ghar main Ghus Kar maryngey” and our media and top leadership glorifies Israel style of action that does not respect international borders as at Balakot then how can we expect sympathy from others when other countries violate our borders. Unfortunately US which is a great power has played a leading role in lowering the stature of the UN and this may ultimately lead the world to descend into anarchy and chaos

  19. The time has come. We have tolerated for too long. We should have held our own when the absolute bullies took over Tibet. That gave them the license for 1962 and after. Time we stared them in the eye and gave them a bloody nose to begin with. There are many fronts open from trade, our spoil sport neighbours, South China Sea, Taiwan to ratcheting up the ante against dictatorship one party, lack of freedom of its people, occupation of Tibet, joining hands with the West and so much more. China is everything that a nation should not be exemplified by the export of Corona and post which taking advantage with the world’s occupation in trying to overcome this scare. Time India and the world encircled China and put her squarely in her place.

  20. “Power comes out of the barrel of a gun, said Mao. Nothing has changed after that and the Chinese script is the same.
    “Breathe hard on India and it’ll collapse s house of cards, ” believes China. Nothing we done so far would convince them otherwise.

  21. I have been an Ardent supporter of Modi ever since he was nominated as PM candidate in 2013. Modi 1.0 was alright. But, in Modi 2.0, too many things have gone wrong. What happened to the spirit of surgical strikes. Why is India cowering under the glare of Dragon which is an imaginary animal, whereas, elephant is real. The cowardly response of Government of India, lack of assertiveness highly insulting to the Indian voters who put him in power expecting him to strongly respond to aggression against India. All the talking has been left to poor Gen MM Naravane. Modi and his ministers are shirking from their responsibilities. Indian lives are valuable. It does not matter if 43 people have died on Chinese side. Chinese must punished for killing 20 Indians, and pushed back to the original place prior to 1st May 2020. If this government cannot respond boldly to aggression against India, it is no better than Manmohan Singh government. Just get out of power!

    • The answer to all the questions is that today India has a nominal GDP of $3 trillion and China has a GDP of $13 trillion though in 1985 the nominal GDP of both countries was nearly equal i.e $237 million and $312 million. The PPP GDP was exactly equal $640.565 and $640.568 respectively!

    • My friend, the problem with your suggestion of punishing the Chinese for this unfortunate incident is that it will ‘escalate’ the issue. The cold hard fact is if that happens it plays out very badly for India. PM Modi, Amit Shah, the government and the armed forces are aware of this. They have the data. You don’t. The masses as you should know by now are stupid. They watch Arnab Goswami and believe his lies and false claims about India being at equal footing with the Chinese. Him and his kind (which are many!) are there as a mascot for the government. They are meant to keep the morale of the nation high. Which is fine. But the truth doesn’t give a damn about feelings and misguided delusions of grandeur of the average Indian. It is in every ones interest for a sense of normalcy to return so that no more lives are needlessly lost. I’m from Pakistan by the way and have never gloated or enjoyed reading about the loss of life on the Indian side as at the end of the day he is some one’s father, son and brother. Hope common sense prevails and actual, meaningful peace is attained in our life times.

    • It would be suboptimal to treat different threats equally , the strategies for different enemies must be different . History has taught us that diplomacy with pakistan has failed and only failed all the time , so the option left to solve things left is militarily . The same history has told us that diplomacy with china for the last 53 years has yielded fantastic results ( up until now ) , therefore we must off course try a strategy which has worked for us for half-a-century first and only then proceed for other strategies . We should try every means of Bureaucracy and military diplomacy to get the chinese out of our territory , if they now continue with their antics , then we will hit them hard . Military has already been given emergency powers to protect our territory .
      War is not won by brute force , but by meticulous strategy , and deciding which is the right time to strike is the most important .
      p.s : Given Jaishankar has said that the galwan valley fight was pre planned by the chinese , India will now be definitely preparing when to strike , if the chinese don’t get back .

    • Absolutely agree with you. Time for Modi government to act. Time for talking is over. I supported Modi and he has to show that he means business otherwise let the spine less Manmohan/Rahul combine come back. No difference to common man who sits on the iron throne.

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