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Modi-Shah’s Aksai Chin bravado activated China’s Ying Pai to cross LAC

China's military-bureaucratic grouping Ying Pai are always on the lookout for a chance to expand their national footprint. Modi-Shah provided them just that in August 2019.

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Hopeful headlines have now given way to a realisation that all is not ok at the heights in Ladakh, where India and China are eyeball to eyeball. Well, retinas are not really visible since some Chinese trucks have pulled away, but the ground forces of the People’s Liberation Army remain in areas they weren’t before April 2020. The Narendra Modi government in New Delhi can try hard to keep a lid on it, or sweep it under the carpet, but the sad truth is out now.

While ‘un-named’ military sources are prone to be discounted by those who don’t want to believe the incursion in Ladakh, a local BJP councillor confirms Chinese intrusions at unprecedented levels. Konchok Stanzin, representing Chushul in the Leh Autonomous Hill Development Council, is on record to authenticate Chinese intrusions.

Something has changed in 2020, and the tone and tenor of the official Chinese media has been in stark contrast to what happened during the last border crisis at Doklam in 2017. In September that year, Maj. Gen. Qiao Liang wrote a remarkably conciliatory opinion piece as the Doklam crisis tapered off. Nothing unusual for a military man to write a pacificatory article, but Maj Gen Liang had also co-authored a path-breaking monograph in the mid-1990s, setting off alarm bells in democratic militaries. His Unrestricted Warfare has become essential reading for an insight into the PLA. So for him to write, “China and India are both neighbors and competitors, but not all competitors must be treated in the toughest way”; and, “Many people would say that the road construction in China’s territory was none of India’s business. Is this belief right? It is reasonable to some extent because road construction in this area is not a matter of right and wrong… Only doing the right thing at the right time is correct” — is something worth noting.

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India’s permanent mystery

So, is Summer 2020 ‘the right thing at the right time’ moment for China? Indian observers, both military and diplomatic, have struggled to answer, ‘why now?’ It is a mystery that remains unanswered for two simple reasons.

Beijing has never been particularly transparent about its military postures and policies; and, more importantly, India has never demonstrated an insight into how China works. Despite centuries of interaction, India’s awareness and knowledge of China’s functioning is still woefully inadequate.

Unlike other surviving civilisational states, China has largely retained its ‘court’-inspired governance culture, and a firm belief in its centrality to human existence. As in all such courts, there are factions, and in China there is an increasingly influential military-bureaucratic grouping called Ying Pai, hawks or eagles.

“Many of these ying pai are generals and admiral and government hard liners… They are the Chinese officials and authors I know the best because since 1973 the US government has instructed me to work with them… To me, they represent the real voice of China,” wrote Michael Pillsbury in The Hundred-Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower (2015).

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Activating Ying Pai generals 

These, ‘real voice of China’, are on a mission to expand the national footprint. And any opportunity is grabbed, with planning, foresight, and an identifiable aim. India provided just such an opening when in August 2019, Union Home Minister Amit Shah vowed to shed blood for Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Aksai Chin, occupied by China. Soon after that, in August-September 2019, that something was amiss along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) became apparent when Indian patrolling began to be blocked by the PLA.

After that, all it took was for the coronavirus to expose the inadequacies of the Indian State, its bizarre decision-making, and the limits of its capabilities. Thus, India became the only country with resources to block its citizens out of its borders, the only country that compelled its poorest to walk home thousands of kilometres, as also the only one where trains lost their way.

Economic constraints also compelled the Modi government to contemplate pruning defence expenditure, thus convincing Ying Pai generals that conditions were ripe for exposing Home Minister Amit Shah’s bravado, who had given greater importance to political posturing over policy formulation, even as the Covid-19 pandemic spread.

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Silence of the duo

But when the two armies exchanged blows and pelted each other with stones at the LAC, there was deafening silence from Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah. The Prime Minister, who has visited China more than all his predecessors combined, the only one who has shared a swing with its Central Military Commission chairman, and the only to have hosted a Chinese President on the Bay of Bengal, found it worthwhile to share figures from the latest Asiatic Lion census, but not a word about the PLA in Indian territory.

His Home Minister, who was “ready to give” his life for Aksai Chin, has not reiterated any pledge for Pangong Tso, thus confirming to the Chinese that India’s ruling party’s national mission is the next election, solely. While Beijing is in the 70th year of its 100-year marathon to dominate the world, Ying Pai have clearly caught the thermals above eastern Ladakh.

The author is a Congress leader and Editor-in-Chief of Defence & Security Alert. Views are personal.

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  1. China (Communism) and Pakistan (Islam) covet all of India. But plan to take it slice by slice and with a thousand cuts.
    Mahomet (who was a camel driver) speaks of this in the story of the camel and the tent which became a central tenet of the desert bandit cult called islam. First the camel puts its head inside Mahomet’s tent, then little by little the camel works its way into the tent and Mahomet has to sleep outside.
    Nehru sacrificed Tibet to Mao hoping this would appease China. Mao then described Tibet as the palm of his hand reaching out for all of India and and the Indian territories of Ladakh, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal and Arunachal Pradesh as the five fingers of the palm.
    This is the basis of the Communist Party’s claim on all of India and like Mao, China follows the teachings of Sun Tsu. Islam however claims all of India on the basis of Quran and Hadith.
    So, India yielding even an inch of territory to the enemy is merely an incentive for the enemy to take more.

    Every time there is an opportunity which the Chinese see, the Chinese come further into Indian territory. This is like moving forward towards the goal in Rugby or American football.’
    Apart from on going fluid opportunities due to lack of border infrastructure for the Indian Armed Forces, the Indian Army presented the Chinese with two significant opportunities, which they took advantage of.
    (1) During Kargil, the Indian soldiers were moved from their positions at Daulat Beg Oldie to reinforce the forces taking on Pakistan’s Norther Light infantry in Kargil Heights. Kargil was a classic example of Indian failure in intelligence, logistics, military command and control as well as political leadership. In effect, the Pakis had moved into the heights and entrenched themselves when the Indian Army moved down during winter. Just as the Chinese did when the Indian Army moved from Pangong Lake (Daulat Beg Oldie) to Kargil. And India had to retake what was originally its own at enormous cost of Indian blood and lives owing to poor preparation, lack of ammunition, lack of reliable and appropriate equipment and weaponry, lack of co-ordination and laughable, unrealistic “Charge of the Light Brigade” Brass Hat commands, totally divorced from the reality on the ground or the methods of 20th Century warfare..
    (2) Owing to the lack of proper high altitude winter equipment, the Indian Army again moved to lower slopes more recently vacating territory which the Chinese quickly occupied.
    In both cases, the buck stops at the table of the politicians and bureaucrats at Delhi who constrain the Army into having to cope with what they have and carrying out orders issued with scant understanding of warfare or operational command. This the Government does not want exposed.
    The Indian Army on returning to these heights in fairer weather resume patrolling in India’s side of the LAC only to find themselves challenged by the Chinese who are now in occupation leading to these tussles.
    There is also the pathetic faith of India’s “diplomats”, “bureaucrats” and “politicians” that foreign powers are more honest than themselves and will adhere to promises, agreements and treaties more faithfully than they themselves do. Hence, there is an excessive faith in diplomacy and that China will adhere to what was the agreed Line of Actual Control rather than in building, refining and applying Indian hard power.
    In this witches’ brew, the cover up by India’s ruling class of their blunders lulls them into a state of self hypnosis or delusion which prevents them from learning the lessons of History. Particularly Indian military History which these blundering incompetent and corrupt wielders of power have buried.
    For just one example, the Henderson Brooks Report on India’s 1962 debacle has been covered up from Nehru to Modi, precisely because the Government is incapable of undoing the Himalayan blunder and taking back the strategic territories lost to China that will be demanded by public pressure when the public learn the full facts of the matter.

  2. Amit Shaw fired salvos from his mouth and prodded at the giant China.Let alone bringing back Aksai Chin,we are fearing losing big chunk of galwan valleys

    • An apt comment Mr N. Kumar.

      The repeal or reform of Art 370 changing the status of Kashmir was surely long due. But it was done in a manner with the sole purpose of galvanising the forces of Hindutva, consolidating the urban, upper middle-class Hindu vote and humiliating Muslims by showing them their place in India. Predictably, outside actors like China, China’s all-weather friend Pakistan, the Islamic countries of the Middle-East where millions of Indians work, tiny Nepal and even the EU & US took note. Hence, when Amit Shah loudly boasted in Parliament on 5th Aug 2019 that India would reclaim Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Aksai Chin which the Chinese had captured in 1962, the Chinese were rattled. Frantic shuttle diplomacy by Foreign Minister Jaishankar to placate the Chinese do not seem to have paid off.

      This follows a very familiar pattern. To stir up domestic Hindutva forces, Shah, Modi, Mohan Bhagwat, Tejaswi Surya, Adityanath, Sadhvi Pragya Thakur and many other BJP ideologues resort to shrill jingoistic and Islamophobic rhetoric that reverberates outside the shores of the country. Thus you have former Union Minister Jayant Sinha – a Harvard educated chap – garlanding gaurakshaks convicted of murdering a Muslim trader; the PM himself following thuggish gaurakshaks on Twitter; an out of control BJP IT cell spewing venom and hate towards Muslims; Arnab Goswami and his clones screaming themselves hoarse about Hindu victimhood; a firebrand CM called Adityanath promising to rape the corpses of dead Muslim women and so on.

      Take for instance that perpetual premature ejaculator Tejaswi Surya whose frustrations with the non-functional termite dangling between his legs upsets his ability to think, talk and tweet straight. This Tejaswi joker or rather jerker perversely believes that his job description as BJP MP entails detailed analyses of the orgasms of Arab women ! How that obsession translates into vikas for India beats me – but then I am just a simpleton. But Tejaswi’s premature puking soon elicited attention from the UAE where many Indians work and whose remittances keep the tanking Gujarat Model economy from completely capsizing. Again Foreign Minister- cum James Bond – Jaishankar – had to be parachuted in to pacify his counterparts in the UAE.

      And then you had that incident where Muslims and Hindus were segregated in hospitals and everyone venting their Islamophobia on Muslims due to the antics of the Tablighi Jamaat. That exuberant display of Hindutva was so dangerous for India’s reputation that it actually forced the PM himself to come up with some statements – albeit very tepid ones – about the virus not being religion specific.

      About time the Gujarat rulers of India realised that Hindutva and banging on the drums of jingoism to feed the local crows will soon attract large vultures. And they have already gobbled up some chunks of India.

  3. I seriously have my doubts that India will do anything to China at this moment, feared within the fear of being kicked back and bashed with nail wired clubs. The Silence at the Center, clearly shows that nothing is going to happen and everything is normal and All is Well. Meaning Eastern Ladakh is part of China along with Akai Chin. The PLA is well position at eastern Ladakh with all necessary weapons and ready for a fight,. Whereas our poor soldiers have to walk by foot to fight them. After all these years if India has not understood China, no matter what we Indians show our anger on the media and streets. End of the day every product we use are made in China and comes from China. Don’t be surprised if the internet is cut of while reading my comments the China are already hacking us. And petrol prices spike up the Chinese are planning to block our daily needs. We can only replace Modi with another Joker who will do nothing and remain the same as another Nehru. After 1962 we have progressed alot and moved ahead in different dimensions. But where are we today to see China. To confront them and claim back what is ours and take back ours. They have planned and executed that Yours is Mine today. Agree or Bleed to Death. Jai Hind..

    • I don’t know why there is no option for me to write a response to this article. May be it is because I write against the print. Or may be it is like this for everyone. So I m writing it as a reply.

      The author is a Congress leader so it is obvious that it is the totally fault of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah that China is ”compelled” to invade Indian territory. In this article, it has been proved that ‘naive’ China has been ‘instigated’ to further its well articulated moves against vision less and mindless Indian leadership and there is no fault of China. China has always been right and is right in its moves.

      It is a different matter that china has many motives behind its moves. China has multiple objectives – – – –

      1. China is under threat and its social fabric has been torn by pandemic and falling exports. Beginning with Hong Kong, it is a fear of repeat of Tiananmen square. By showing to its people that China is under threat from many countries so Chinese people must unite against them otherwise China is a whole will collapse. China wants to create a nationalistic hysteria among its people
      2. China wants to show that its internal problems like rampant unemployment are miniscule against National threat created by other countries
      3. China wants to divert attention of the world countries from its sins regarding coronavirus towards geo political struggles
      4. By showing threat to other countries china wants to show that China is still a strong country
      5. Since thousands of companies are planning to flee China and China thinks that india is its closest competitor, so with the help of Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan and Bangladesh, china wants to prove that India is a weak state. An unstable country where investment is not going to be fruitful
      6. By threatening India, Australia Japan, South Korea and many other small countries, it is striving to stop formation of an international alliance against itself
      7. As China does in all democratic countries, it is using Indian opposition and media and intellectuals to propagate in favour of China and against Indian leadership
      8. By showing its muscle power and by proving that it is going to be a superpower of the world, china is hell bent to hold back the fleeing international companies
      9. Shi Jinping wants to tighten his loosening grip over Communist Party of China
      10. It is obvious for China that there is no benefit of its efforts towards improving Chinese image. As China has become a villain in the eyes of democratic countries. So China has started Flexing its muscles. It is wrangling to get Out of the clutches of its image of a rogue and none-for-good state amid corona pandemic, and it is desperate to get out of this mess
      11. Amid a crisis, china doesn’t want that ”virus of democracy” that irritated it in Hong Kong does not spread to rest of China

      • You are only blabbering. This Article is about irresponsible speech by Amit Shah. Please restrict your comments only about that. The whole world knows about China. What did Amit Shah really do that made Indian forces to counteract the trespassing and occupation by Chinese. Why are you holding negotiation with Chinese when you thundered you are going to recapture Akshai Chin right in Parliament. The reality is it is mere rhetoric to get votes from foolish Hindus ( I am also a Hindu). Because of irresponsible speech by Amit Shah, we have lost 20 Indian Soldiers for nothing. If your real intention is to capture Akshai Chin, you will not tell that in Parliament making Chinese ready for counter attack. That is what China did now.

  4. ThePrint, it seems your days are over. At least for once say something positive for India. Really disappointed.

    • Mr Ken: Go watch a Bollywood movie which has a happy ending will you ?

      Reality follows a different path and a lot of us want to know what that reality is. Turns out, that your 56 inch chested Gujarati hero has not been all that heroic after all and that the villain Xi Jinping has not only delivered a humiliating thrashing but also gobbled up chunks of Indian territory. I know that this turn of events runs counter to what your Bollywoodised brain expects. But life is not a Bollywood film.

      So I suggest you scoot back to your cinema theatre.

      • Kili joshliyar
        Why do you suggest to see a Bollywood movie with happy ending when you yourself prepare a Hollywood script of next in the series of Final Destination for India
        Don’t be so pessimist

        • Mr Sanjeev Sehrawat: Thanks for the response Sir !

          I am just being a realist … Unfortunately, the writing on the wall isn’t exactly all that optimistic for India is it Sir ? Xi Jinping is on top, Modi is nowhere in the picture and every Tom, Dick and Hariharan in India is blaming Nehru, a man who died more than 50 years ago for the problems of today. As long as the average bhakth can be convinced that his problems today were caused by Nehru and not by Modi’s inept leadership, Modi will be happy and the Chinese will be thrilled. In fact, they would be laughing at Indians!

          When citizens do not hold their elected leaders responsible for the mess they create and instead worship them like Messiahs, well, that makes me the pessimistic I am now.

    • Dear Ken, Being negative does not mean ThePrint is not positive. Ready between the lines and see the truth. The Truth cannot be erased with positiveness. But understand the negative aspect of the current situation India can plan for Worst and Hope for the Best, Jai Hind..

      • An apt comment Mr Elstan !

        The problem with the Modi cult is that its members have been conditioned to reading and hearing only good news about the Messiah and emanating from the Messiah. And with a large number of pliant TV, newspaper and web based platforms gleefully regurgitating the spin emanating from the Messiah and the BJ, readers like Mr Ken are not used to reading facts, leave alone digesting them. So much so that when facts are presented, they push it away as it does not fit in with the overall narrative of “achche din” that they think they are enjoying.

        Much like in Hitler’s Third Reich, where citizens would rather believe what the Nazi propaganda machine told them and disregard the naked facts around them, India under the Modi regime has a citizenry that refuses to read the writing on the wall – intoxicated as it is in the jingoistic blabber coming from the BJP. And when things don’t go according to plan, well, they do what the BJP has conditioned them to do: blame it on Nehru, the Congress, the bureaucracy and everyone else except Modi and his minions.

        Meanwhile, the Chinese are slowly gobbling up Indian territory and MoSha have gone very silent…

  5. Your print is telling india only country exposed in corona virus. But what about china with its president for life who imprison doctors for telling truth. And no one knows exactly how many dead in china, inspite of all these keep criticizing trump and modi.

    • Mr George : Who the f..k cares whether China is democratic, imprisons its doctors and so forth ? Shouldn’t India be keeping its own house in order and looking after the welfare of its own citizens ?

      As things stand today, the unnecessary and exaggerated display of bravado and jingoistic sabre-rattling by MoSha with an eye on the domestic audience has resulted in the death of Indian soldiers and the loss of Indian territory. And the PM should accept responsibility for this débâcle.
      And citizens like you should hold the PM of India accountable for it and not bother about irrelevant stuff like China’s treatment of its citizens.

  6. Amit shah bhai Ji should sent his Home ministry ITBP to capture Beijing, instead of believing Indian Army.

    • By the way, where is Mohan Bhagwat ji conducting training camps for his lathi wielding soldiers to send them to Ladakh terrains to reclaim OGA (occupied Golwan area) from China. Hope he would improve the damaging capacity of the lathis by providing nails to them taking a cue from the Chinese weapons.

      • Well, Mr Murtada, Mohan Bhagwat and his lathi lads use the bamboo extensions to the termites dangling between their legs only in shakhas, never in real combat with a powerful enemy. From time to time, lathis get deployed by some of these pan chewing, groin scratching stormtroopers of the RSS a.k.a. gaurakshaks to beat up poor, defenceless Muslims transporting cattle. They were last seen in action in Godhra in 2002, in Delhi during the CAA riots, during the Kathua rape case where they defended the perpetrators of the rape of the 8 year old Muslim tribal girl in a temple. Yes, that rape of a defenceless tribal child in a temple was an event that makes me as a Hindu to hang my head in shame. And cringe.

        It is unlikely that the lathi lads will be there where real bravery is needed. As they say:

        “When the going gets tough, the tough get going “ !!!

  7. Modi and Amit the most incapable of all political head of states. Our army can take back aksai chin from Chinese. Is Modi planning to have a cutting chai next month for gifting us Covid. This PM can only make our country suffer, kill each other with RSS ideology. Bloody nonsense PM

    • Mr Rahul Sharma: You have been watching far too many Bollywood movies Sir ! Reality on the Chinese-Indian borders does not always have a happy ending like a Bollywood movie. So should the fact that the Indian defence forces have been routed and that India has lost territory be swept under the carpet Mr Sharma ?

  8. what else to expect from a congress pappu mouthpiece but asusual a real pessimistic write up. To the author of print: Simple sitting at one place and pinpointing only the mistakes even a stray dog can do, but try to be a real journalist atleast once in a year. Dont try to push your assumptions and guesses on to people.

    • Pray do tell how to do real journalism. It’s an opinion which tells you that the author is a member of Congress. This is called transparency.

  9. Undoubtedly, this BJP govt has been caught napping in their external and internal policies whilst dealing issues of national interest.
    Modi govt’s main mission is next election. But the government must understand that there are too many issues for which Modi govt has to answer to come out clean.
    The govt’s handling of Internal politics and policies we are not much interested becoz no political party is less but cannot give loose rope to govt for failures impacting national interests and it’s security.

  10. In my opinion, political or organizational affiliation of the author should be at the top of the article rather than at the end. It gives the reader a sense of where author is coming from. I hope The Print takes it in to consideration. Thanks.

  11. This Print has over-done its bit ,coming from the Congress stable….yet there is some truth to what he writes here.Yes,probably the Nation has to tighten ots belt further but it is also yrue tht we r not a timid band anyway.N judging China n it Ying Pi,it is a known fact tht they will always keep trying to bring us to our knees n which is same with all the other countries in the South-east tht the chinese wish to dominate.But it is also TRUE tht this is no longer the same old Sino-Indian War time INDIA…..we know HOW TO HIT BACK just as well (tht old useless shenanigans hv been done with n the nation is in good SINCERE hands at least)!!May be we will go down fighting the Ying Pai,but the PLA will incur as much losses,just as well n tht will change the picture of China’s economy for the worse.N then,thete r many countries in pist-covid 19 world tht r baying for its blood… I doubt this wud escalate any further than what is actually a border skirmish between 2 army braves,in which the jawans of the 2 great armies fist-fight,while the Generals sit in air-conditioned rooms n discuss a way out!!

  12. Your reasons don’t add up. This article started with a different explanation and later it moved to corona and economic challenges and then later called out Modi’s unsuccessful relationship with Chinese and Amit Shah’s remarks. I don’t see your headlines matching to the contents.

  13. Better wisdom prevail than bravado .. It’s time we focus on our economy and emerging out of this pandemic.. No more war with neighbours doesn’t mean we r weak .. We are chanakyas should know how to dethrone an empire far greater than us with wisdom . Policy revision on trade with China pak and Nepal would be key and indigenous make in India concept of weapons for a longer run.. Dont underestimate my country India for its democratic approach.. Jai Hind

  14. The print is totally biased against the present Indian govt since it is working for the payment made by the psuedo seculars in India

  15. Here you go… Just when the dimensions of Chinese military aggressiveness has started unfolding in India, Taiwan and South East Asia, we have a Congress’s “expert” ready to fault finding in their political opponent in hopes of getting another chance to bootlick China’s ambassador.
    If this article was anonymously published by the Print, there would have been a good chance the Pakistanis and the Chinese must have called the news publisher as one of its own.

  16. India is a democracy, open, liberal and transparent where people decide who runs the country and how. There is free flow and availability of information due to independent media and free will and choice of people. China has nothing of this. It is an authoritarian regime or dictatorship with tight control over information. Democracy would survive, no matter what. Authoritarian dictators crumble suddenly even while appearing strong. Only truth can defeat a lie, not a bigger lie. Have faith and patience. As a country, we need to respond thoughtfully and not react with our knees. No country discloses in media what or how it plans to respond. And politics and vote banks are also necessary since these matter here. The Chinese Premier does not have to worry about winning next elections.

  17. The current boundary and other problems with China are left over of Congress legacy. If Amit Shah has reiterated the unanimous 1994 resolution of Indian Parliament in 2019, he has done nothing wrong and in fact showed that Congress did nothing in last 2 decades to implement the resolution. It is under Modi Shah that we have much superior infrastructure along the border and a confident Army to face the Chinese. The fierce skirmishes on the border only show the resolute aim of the soldiers on the LAC to protect our sovereignty against all odds. It is time to use this crisis to teach Chinese Ying Pai class a lesson by hurting them economically by reducing imports from them and completely cooling off trade with them.

    By the way, will Congress, if it comes back to power again, promise to take back all our territories gobbled by China since 1949? Let Manvendra Singh answer this simple question.

  18. Why we always think apprehensive about China are we that negative and deeply callous in our ability to with stand . We are the four most powerful army in the world and our strength is our population and growing economy. Now China is envying and the growing stature and developments and infrastructure inside and at the border . We cannot always blame the govt who takes cognisance of the situation. Our biggest problem is that we are not United and always try to think others fault and behave self centred . What if we die fighting the war and do you people wants live tamed by some unscrupulous country like China and Pakistan.

  19. Why we always think apprehensive about China are we that negative and deeply callous in our ability to with stand . We are the four most powerful army in the world and our strength is our population and growing economy. Now China is envying and the growing ststure and developments and infrasteure inside and at the border . We cannot always blame the govt who takes cognisance of the situation. Our biggest problem is that we are not United and always try to think others fault and behave self centred . What if we die fighting the war and do you people wants live tamed by some unscrupulous country like China and Pakistan.

  20. An Immature Analysis Of The Situation.The Article Reeks Of Glee Without An Iota Of Concern For The Country And For The Jawans Martyred.All Praise Of Chinese Who Killed Our Jawans In The Most Primitive Manner.The Usual Modi Shah BJP Bashing.Not Surprising Coming From A Congressee.

  21. Modi and BJP started all this mess with Kashmir. Now nobody trusts India or its leaders as it has revealed its expansionist and undemocratic rule.

  22. Whether the writer is pro-congress or not …. whether the united opposition has supported modi in times of crisis or not ( in any case speaking unequivocally n as one nation one language has never been in our genes ) …. the true character of a leader is fully exposed when the going gets tough against all odds. Becoz thats the time to show your leadership qualities …. time to show ur decision making abilities. Not the time to hide urself in ur comfort zone from accepting simple facts to harsh realities. And the simple fact is he has time to raise concern for suicide of a loser like some TV actor in Bombay but no time for those millions of migrant workers who fought like winners to have really come out of the situation that life has thrown upon them. Not a single word of praise … atleast I hv nt heard it. And everyone shud accept the fact that our PM wants to b heard … he really means it. And now on this Ladakh issue ….. he maintains a stoic silence. Last 6 yrs have shown us when he does it …. when its time to go into hiding. He loves to go into hiding frm time time when someone else totally disconnected with the issue speaks on his behalf … wht gen Navarane is doing now. We r just sick n tired of such scenarios. We as a nation cant help becoz we certainly cant afford to have a clown frm congress as a PM. Thats the least an Indian shud do. But what we can do is we can atleast make modi more accountable n respinsible to us. But the q remains how ?? I sometimes wonder wht wud hv been his reaction to Pakustan had he been the PM in place of our late PM Lal Bahadur Shastri ?? Finally time for us speak has there been any significant change in our lives in India during the last 6 yrs except for hawa-hawaii ?? And any major shift from the past ??

  23. Manvendra, you sound as wise and mature as your Ex. President. Your DNA appears to be changed, vis a vis your father’s, who was a clear headed gentleman.

  24. @The Print. Though you try to come across as an unbiased media house, you do realise that your veiled jibes and taunts aimed at a particular faction of the polity doesn’t go unnoticed? The respect of journalism lies in presenting cold hard facts, criticisms and compliments where needed, but not in trying to sway the opinion of the common citizen. Yes, you may be pressured to mold your pieces a particular way, due you your exchequers, but if anything, it dents your credibility.

    be good. take care.

  25. In the words of the author, when a local councillor in Ladakh, Konchok Stanzin, representing Chushul in the Leh Autonomous Hill Development Council, confirms Chinese intrusions, what is the Modi-Shah duo expected to do.: Let them continue to intrude or confront them. The Congress Party and all the elements opposed to the BJP government will obviously find this as an opportune occasion to jump at them to sway the public opinion against the government. However, in hours of crisis resulting from external aggression, the country is usually united behind its leaders.

  26. History repeats itself. Just like 1962, overconfident India has again tried to bite more than it can chew. It is time for India to understand that in diplomacy, especially in border negotiation, it is always give and take. You can’t declare your border line unilaterally unless you have far superior military power compare to your neighbors. In case of China, India is like an egg try to hit the rock. China has shown that it is willing to settle the border amicably, even give India a bigger portion, but India want it all, and will end up with nothing. China spared India in 1962, I doubt China will be that generous this time.

  27. BJP now will know that China is not Congress party which can be defeated by propaganda and Xi is not a Pappu with whom you can fool around. This seems to be the consequences of talking too much to garner votes for the party.

  28. Whenever I start questioning Modi govt on its incompetence articles like this change my mind that we are better off currently and there is no better alternative .the authors argument is we shudnt make claim for aksai chin. This thinking shown by defence expert of a an opposition party defeats logic.

  29. Basically this is how to write a lot about “NOTHING”. It seems to be a report about China’s sudden unease about LAC. But the author is mixing it with how people had to walk kilometers in India. Just wondering what could be the relation about what people decided to do during a national lockdown with what a foreign enemy country could be doing.
    Waste of time reading this

  30. All that butt-sniffing darbaris of the Congress first family can think of is licking someone’s feet and rolling belly-up in front of them to show they are superior. This Manvendra Singh is no different from the other Darbaris in the Italian Madam’s circus, then what else can we expect?

  31. The best response to the Chinese is for our Narendra Modiji government to order about a dozen precision surgical strikes in a single day to destroy several Chinese army buildups in the border areas. Only such suprise surgical strikes at multiple points can deter the Chinese to resort to their misadventures in future. China must be made to understand that Bharat 2020 is not same as India 1962.

    • LOL, are you ready for the counterattack from China? China has far more missiles and military assets than India.

      • Mr Gajahmada: General Krishnaswamy must surely have taken your insights into account when he designed his strategic and tactical responses to the Chinese moves. These are described in detail and depth in his brilliant post above. As I said in one of my comments – we have the very re-incarnation of Napoléon Bonaparte in our beloved General Krishnaswamy !

        Armchair generals like General Krishnaswamy have generally been known to solve intractable problems when they recline in their comfortable armchairs in their air-conditioned, middle-class drawing rooms and relax in front of a TV with a glass of Tasmac toddy in one hand and the other hand flipping channels on the TV remote control – whilst said hand is not caressing their itchy groins !

        India is in safe hands Sir. We have a pair of Gujaratis in Delhi and a bunch of armchair generals in other parts of India and a lot of gaurakshaks to scare the Chinese away !!

    • General Krishnaswamy: While I admire your military acumen, strategic sagacity and tactical farsightedness – albeit thoroughly developed in the comfort of your armchair and presumably under the influence of TASMAC toddy – there are still some doubts a layman like me is left wondering. I hope you will take some time off your busy schedule planning the annihilation of India’s many foes to answer the questions of a simpleton like me.

      1: Have you forgotten who the enemy is General saab? The much ballyhooed “surgical strikes” were deployed against Pakistan, a relatively weak nation run by an assortment of bearded mullahs, playboy cricketers and pathetic military men used to getting their arses kicked. But isn’t India fighting China now Sir? A somewhat different cup of masala chai perhaps? And who kicked whos arse in 1962?

      2: Yes, India of 2020 is not the same as India of 1962. But General Krishnaswamy avargale, by the same token, is China of 2020 the same as China of 1962? Even the TASMAC tippler would tell you that China is streets ahead of India economically and militarily. Furthermore, they did not demonetise their currency and wreck their economies did they ?

      3: Finally, by way of curiosity, mind informing us which brand of Chinese smartphones are used by you? OnePlus? Vivo? Xiaomi? Oppo? Will you smash said Chinese smartphones to show your solidarity ? And replace it by …

      General Krishnaswamy – I am extremely fortunate that I get the opportunity to interact with brilliant military geniuses like you – indeed an Indian re-incarnation of Napoleon Bonaparte! But please General Krishnaswamy – lead us not into a Waterloo !! India has elected Gujaratis to take care of that !!!

  32. It’s just great to see how Congress activists are allowed to write articles in ThePrint! I’m a media personal and I condemn the use of media platforms by politicians. Such a shame, I though you guys are “neutral” but you are just another politically inspired platform.

  33. This individual wrote a scurrilous article earlier on the Indian army General which was crass by every standard. However this time he has touched upon a raw nerve . Both PM Modi and Amit shah are adept at milking every opportunity to stir up nationalism and making it their party’s plank. The author is right when when he says talks of bravado by the duo have not gone unnoticed and China has responded back militarily thereby exposing BJP leaderships ability to taken on a more powerful and determined adversary. They should have anticipated Chinese response.

  34. As General Panag has pointed out pulling away from the ground does not mean anything in Ladakh as in that terrain it is the hills that are important and whoever controls the hills controls the ground.He has given the example of Kargil where a few persons controlling the heights caused immense damage to the Indian army. General Panag was GOC Northern command and knows what he is talking about. To my knowledge there has been no claim yet of Chinese troops vacating the hills which according to General Panag they have certainly occupied. Withdrawal from the ground is just an eyewash

  35. Hatred against Pakistan to win elections totally clouded Modi govt vision & hence this Ladakh disaster !!!

  36. Mr. Manvendra Singh! I’m sure you are on the payrolls of the Chinese. What else could motivate you to write this stupid article? Or is this an unabashed act of openly accepting the mindset behind the fallacious Nehruvian policies, the exorbitant cost of which “We the people…” are still paying today. To my mind, this article is a foolish attempt by you to ridicule the much needed proactive decisions taken by the NaMo/Shah Govt., which, at the very least, is earnestly trying to undo some of the monumental blunders wilfully committed by the INC on account of it’s follys, fallacies, half-hearted attempts and decades-long silence, inter alia, on the LOC/LAC issue. Had your party acted patriotically, and in this very sensible and gutsy manner well in time during all those decades that INC ruled (actually misruled!) India, then this vexed LAC issue would have died down a long long time ago and we would have had a proper international border, at least on the Ladakh/Aksai Chin side of our great nation.
    Just in case you didn’t know, may I educate you, that while God made the seas and land contiguously, it is a border that maketh a nation. And if borders are not fixed permanently, then we don’t have a “fully defined” nation. So what’s wrong if NaMo/Shah are earnestly trying to do just that!!
    This nonsensical article, written for and on behalf of the Chinese, makes it abundantly clear to me that INC has been reduced to a bunch of jobless opponents, who senselessly oppose the NaMo/Shah Govt. in anything and everything they do, or attempt to do, only for the sake of opposing. However, should you and your ilk ever desire to resurrect of the INC to its erstwhile glory (of those inglorious days) and build up its political relevance (even by a fraction from where you’ll are at present), then begin by “opposing” the Gandhis, who are also running your party with a vice-like grip, just like the CCP has been running China. Small wonder then, as to why you’ve written this piece.
    Be forewarned, Mr. Singh, if this lackadaisical attitude towards your party persists any longer, then some day PETA may have to step in to protect the INC. However, if you still don’t get it, then allow your neighbour to encroach on a small portion of your personal landed property (a la Nehru) and then observe your own mindset and reactions to such an “incursion”. Let me then know whether or not you ever, even for a moment, thought about the so-called “consequences”, or decided to leave this issue for your future generations to resolve. Based on your answer, let’s both then assess whether, or not, our bravehearts NaMo/Shah are/have been doing the right things for our country. Come to think of it, the NaMo/Shah combine are actually cleaning up the mess that the INC has excreted over all those decades of misrule. As such, the INC should be ever so grateful to the RSS/BJP, and support them completely, for seriously and unfearingly taking up this historically unresolved matter and, perforce, drive it towards a mutually acceptable resolution; something which you’ll should have done decades ago, instead of brushing it all under the carpet and leaving humongous piles of mess for the future generations to clean up. Think about it, Mr. Singh. At the very least, if good sense prevails, it will emancipate you from the subservient mindset (a.k.a. chamchagiri) that you Congressis have been so, so, so well conditioned with to behave, as if there is no other conceivable alternative. Think again seriously, Mr. Singh. It will be time well-invested. Jai Hind!

    • Mr Atul Kamath: Interesting to note that rather than listen to facts – however unpalatable they maybe – you prefer to drown in the spin emanating from the propaganda ministry of the BJP. Worse still, in your jingoistic fervour, rather than absorb a message, you prefer to shoot the messenger simply because the message contradicts what your Gujarati Messiah has been drumming into your skull.

      Before I get around to drafting another longer message to you, could you please clarify whether your great patriotism and Modibhakthi has led you to do one or more of the following:

      1. Smashed the Chinese made smartphone that you are dependent on
      2. Thrown the Chinese made PC you have presumably used to write this article
      3. Made a plan to catalogue every Chinese made product in your home and amde a plan to replace them by Indian goods in the spirit of “atmanirbharism” advocated by your Gujarati Prophet.

      Sayonara until then.

  37. So now another example of politically irrelevant leaders try to be relevant by saying ” CHINA IS A PEACEFUL COUNTRY. IT’S BECAUSE OF MODIJI N SHAHJI. This will certainly benefit you in front of your political masters

  38. An excellent and well articulated article.Amit Shah in order to grab political eye balls had boasted of reclaiming Aksai Chin on Parliament floor when Article 370 was being debated.He not just haughtily claimed to take back Aksai Chin but also mocked Nehru that he lost it.This bluster seems to have made Chinese uneasy

  39. The author finishes with a final paragraph titled “Silence of the duo”.
    Are you dumb or stupid or both? Do you expect the top leadership to discuss matters of state security and strategy on TV – and reveal its hand?
    Rest assured that this Govt will handle this without compromise – this is a long game and will not be won in 2 days. Some blows are best landed when your opponent doesn’t expect it.

    • Silence of the duo is about getting the pounding or being caught napping by the opponent. Is it wise to think we occupied/gained at the LAC.

  40. Dear authour, is it clear to you what you want to convey to readers ? If the change in internal status of an Indian state is reason d tair for recent incursions by dragon, then what was in Congress wisdom reason for 1962 s war ? Some people like this author are adept at distorting every fact, every trend of history, and feel unashamed at propagating point of view of India s enemies. Hate against Modi has made their mental faculties ignore even own nation s perspective Do you thing people will vote for your party if this remains your understanding of the threats to Indian nation s sovereignty and territorial integrity ?

    • As per even RSS, forward policy of Nehru peeved the chinese. Forward policy was pursued only after there was a road build by chinese came to light. What was the alternative Nehru had. None. It came down to who had better military strength.

      JK status change has been seen by chinese with lot of suspicion. So they are upping the ante. What alternative we have now. None. Fight with all the might that we can gather.

  41. BJP a motley crowd of so called upper caste Hindus are good at bashing up Dalits and Muslims. The other pillars are also dominated by upper castes. China is a different ball game. The Modi Amit Shah combo can only subdue communities who are already down
    Their bravado and play of Hindi words will not impress China as evident now

    • Ah , the almighty holders of the Victim Card ! Are now trying to bolster their numbers so that they can make more Islamic ethno states from india just like Pakistan and then kashmir . Why am I not surprised .
      Ah yes , the bravado of telling that Aksai Chin which is an INDIAN TERRITORY must be returned from CHINESE OCCUPATION . What a pathetic nutjob

    • Beechare victims…what about the ethnic cleansing which followers of 72 hoors are doing with Dalits of Mewat?? I think that this ‘the print, ndtv, the quint, kanhaiya, …’ won’t show because they are funded to break Hinduism….but don’t worry education has provided them with enough knowledge to tackle this anti- Hindu forces…and ab naa toh BJP Kabhi hategi…aur hmesa yogi aur Modi hi aayega because they know how to rule and deal with victims( Muslim terrorists)..

  42. Nothing other than finding fault against any institution or Government other than ones controlled by Congress at the cost of truth, fairness, national interest and/or human considerations can be expected from a Congress man.

  43. Does anybody at that level will risk war just because someone has made some public statement for political internal consumption, even if the gentleman is Modi or Shah. International politics at this time is too complex. The writer has expressed his opinion out of his political or personal compulsions.

  44. China is very good at teaching lessons to brash politicians who shoot their mouth off. The promise in Parliament that every inch of Aksai Chin will be brought back must surely have riled the CHinese enough to make them act and expose our follies and weaknesses.
    India is paying the price of vote bank politics being played on a vast scale by the thoughtless BJP.

    • Fake Gandhi’s are the most hated despised incompetent corrupt and traitorous things in India and will be hanged by the people soonest.

    • Wtf vote bank politics so don’t you consider aksai chin as a part of India you coward scoundrel so if someone capture part of your home i guess you won’t stand up

      • Mr Hitesh Joshi: Well, the Chinese have captured Aksai Chin and that surely is lamentable. But, if going to war with China to recapture Aksai Chin results in greater territorial losses, would you advise doing that ? Would you want to provoke the much larger and more powerful bully and get thrashed even more? Jingoists like you want to pick that fight, never mind the fact that you might end up with greater losses than before.

        But more importantly, in his ir-responsible speech to Parliament on 5th Aug 2019 where Amit Shah screamed that he would recover Aksai Chin, he had in reality no actual intention of doing so. That message was meant for the jingoistic idiots in India – and I know at least one here – to increase the popularity of the MoShah team. Immediately, after that speech, an alarmed Foreign Minister Jaishankar had to travel to China to placate the Chinese that India, after all, was not going to recapture the lost “part of its home” as you say. Essentially re-affirming and conceding that the part of the home that was lost was gone for ever and that attempts to recover it would lead to the destruction of the entire home. The Chinese were not placated and today, we have lost even more Indian territory, thanks to foolish chest-thumping for the many fools in the domestic audience.

        And finally MrHitesh Joshi: Have you smashed your Chinese smartphone yet ?

    • Too Bad Shah said that INDIAN LAND has to be returned from CHINESE OCCUPATION . Surely this will seem brash though if you don’t consider Aksai Chin to be a part of INDIA , just like Cucked Nehru .

      • Mr Rahul: That India considers Aksai Chin to be part of the country is only of academic interest. It is under de facto and de jure Chinese control and cannot be recovered. Indeed, as Amit Shah’s foolish address in the Parliament has shown, screaming that you will recapture it only provokes the Chinese and you lose even more Indian territory. And lose lives.

        Amit Shah never wanted India to recapture Aksai Chin. He only wanted the many jingoistic fools in the country to believe that the MoShah team would do it. But the Chinese were clearly provoked by his domestic banging of war drums and decided to capture more Indian territory to teach India a lesson.

        MoShah have read the grim writing on the wall and have predictably gone very silent. The 56 inch chest seems to have collapsed and a war with China is a different cup of chai than fighting with Ishrat Jehan and other weak Indians. Meanwhile, the jingoistic fools that MoShah have provoked do not seem to realise that their adventurism has resulted in more risks for India. But then, in their minds, everything from demonetisation to migrant labour deaths to the present débâcle against China is Nehru’s fault. Modi and Shah are after all infallible !

  45. The Print wheels out it’s stable of nay sayers.
    The usual negative drum beat – the Chinese are powerful and know what they are doing. India is weak and doesn’t know what it’s doing.
    Have you nay-sayers ever supported the current Govt in times of crisis ….. or when it is important to present a united front? You guys are just a bunch of political opportunists.
    People… think…. do you want a clown like Rahul Gandhi dealing with Xi Jinping on border disagreements? Or do you want a strong team capable of punching back as good as it gets … at a time of its choosing?

    • time of its choosing – this is the most important aspect. open your mouth when you are ready to take on the might of the opponent. until tactical readiness is achieved, keep the mouth the shut. this is where the nationalist brigade went with the heart and lost its mind.

  46. The problem in Ladakh is not that China is sitting on India’s land.

    The problem is that Modi’s nationalistic veneer has slipped and no one in the media is pointing this out. The great military adventures against Pakistan are a forgotten memory and now realpolitik is what dominates the discourse in military engagement while the nationalistic press remains subdued. And no one seems to quite know how to deal with China besides the “Engaging them in talks…” part.

    • You are spot on. Paid and owned media will put up whatever they are asked to do thereby influencing gullible citizen. I am glad you are an exception.

    • Excellent, very relevant and insightful comment on the terrible state of affairs in the country Mr Ram.

      In fact, even the great military adventure against Pakistan in Balakot last year was in reality a complete fiasco. An Indian aircraft was shot down and its pilot taken hostage. To make matters worse, India shot down its own helicopter killing 16 soldiers. India then bombed a few shrubs that injured nobody and did not inflict any damage to anything. But that was enough for the many jingoists to scream with unabashed joy and the press to sing praises to brave man Modi. Behind the scenes, the US had to intervene to get pilot Abhinandan released and the news about the friendly fire that downed the helicopter was suppressed. But that was enough to hide the 5 years of economic and political disaster in the country and Modi to get re-elected. And in any case, dead PM Nehru could be scapegoated for anything that went wrong.

      So expect 5 more years of virtual achievements of the Great Gujarat Model that many brainwashed, blinkered middle class bhakths will lap up willingly. The Prophet can never be wrong in the eyes of his bhakths.

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