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The surveys can’t be true: Modi’s popularity has taken a beating with migrant crisis

The idea that nothing hurts Modi is bunkum. He gets too much credit for the opposition’s inability to seize opportunities.

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Some surveys have suggested that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity ratings have shot up, with people approving handling of the pandemic. It’s been a few weeks since these surveys came out last. People’s patience with the economic cost of the lockdown had not begun running out yet and the migrant crisis had not peaked.

In any case, you have to be really gullible to believe Indian surveys. The credibility ratings of our opinion polls are clearly worse than media and politicians put together. Most surveys can’t even get exit polls right.

It would be much more reliable to hear ground reports, or just talk to a diverse set of people around you. Both these things have been made difficult by the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown. Nevertheless, one would do well to believe a fine ground reporter like Jyoti Yadav when she says migrant labourers feel more hurt than angry with Modi.

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Déjà vu 

This sentiment is similar to what one saw, heard and felt about Modi for much of 2018. Around that time, Modi voters and supporters were on a back foot. The sentiment was that while voters didn’t have a choice, Modi had failed to deliver much. Modi and BJP supporters’ best argument was “Aur hai kaun?” — the TINA (there is no alternative) factor. That didn’t say much about Modi’s achievements.

In December 2018, the BJP lost its strongholds Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, and Uttar Pradesh was in trouble with the SP-BSP alliance. The strongest indication was Rajasthan, a state Congress tried best to lose with factional fighting but still won. These troubles had started with Gujarat in the winter of 2017, which the BJP has managed to retain by a whisker.

The feeling then, as now, was of having been let down by Modi. To be sure, such sentiments weren’t shared by everyone, but mostly swing voters, who also happened to be non-upper caste. The twin assaults of demonetisation and GST, resulting in huge job losses and farm distress, were showing.

Absolutely no one can say the Balakot airstrikes did not help Modi in the election two months later. In fact, it is plausible that the BJP may not have crossed the 272 majority mark on its own, had it not been for Balakot.

And Modi did a lot else to redress grievances. He put cash in the hands of farmers, because the Congress party’s promise of farm loan waiver had been key to its winning Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. There was upper caste disenchantment that Modi didn’t do anything for the party’s core base, only neglecting it with his pro-poor push. So Modi gave them some reservation benefits.

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The Teflon myth 

The point of recounting these events is to show that Modi’s ratings aren’t stagnant at 79.8 per cent voteshare — 79.8 per cent because that’s the Hindu population of India. And some liberal commentators and analysts talk about Hindus as if every single Hindu votes for Modi. They will also have you believe that Modi’s god-like infallibility is a permanent thing that undergoes no change. We are often told that Modi is Teflon-coated — nothing sticks on him. Right now on Twitter, you can see numerous liberal commentators bemoan that the same migrant labourers who’ve been left by the Modi government to walk thousands of kilometres home will eventually vote for no one but Modi.

All of that is pure bunkum. Liberals need to come out of their Modiphobia-filled echo chambers and see some objective realities. Even if you believe in surveys, you will see that Modi’s ratings keep rising and falling from time to time. It is not a fixed value. If Modi’s popularity was simply a function of Hindutva, or his ability to have Hindus in a spiritual trance, his ratings even in these doubtful surveys would remain fixed. Or at least they’d never fall (at some point they could exceed 100 per cent too!)

The change in Modi’s popularity ratings itself is proof that the public, even his own voters, do judge and assess his performance on an ongoing basis and are not simply transfixed by his oratory and sermonising.

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C for Contrast 

At the very least, such analyses of Modi’s relationship with voters should acknowledge that the BJP’s vote voters and swing voters might have different reasons to vote for Modi. These reasons may range from seeing him as the head of the first Hindutva state to simply going along with the hawa — voting for the likely winner.

Far from appreciating such nuance, liberal critics tend to paint all Hindus as Hindutva and Modi voters when in fact the combined NDA voteshare in 2019 was 45 per cent.

Another crucial point such analyses miss is that Modi’s ratings and votes depend heavily on what the opposition has to offer by contrast. This is true for every politician. The 2019 Lok Sabha election saw Modi win more votes because voters were afraid of the thought of Rahul Gandhi as prime minister (rightly or wrongly), than because the people felt Modi was above questioning, or that he had done a great job at the helm.

The public might vote for you even if they dislike you because they might think the opposition is worse. This is often the case in politics, because most voters are not as ideological as politics junkies think. That’s why you often hear the sentiment that all politicians are ‘useless’.

Take, for instance, the migrant labour issue. Labourers have been on the road virtually since the lockdown began in the second-last week of March. But it took Rahul Gandhi over 53 days to do one photo-op with them. What’s worse is that he was the first prominent national leader to do so. The first prominent national leader to be seen with migrant labourers took over 50 days to do so!

Tejashwi Yadav of Bihar was stuck in Delhi till 13 May. Lockdown excuse. Weren’t there any stranded Bihari labourers in Delhi for him to be seen with? Now, when the migrant labourers in Bihar vote for the NDA in the imminent Bihar assembly elections, we will say look how transfixed they are with Modi. He made them walk thousands of miles and they’re still voting for Modi. Must be Hindutva bigots. But if we go down to Bihar and have a chat with them, chances are that they’ll say they don’t have an alternative, they don’t see Tejaswi Yadav or Rahul Gandhi doing a better job. As simple as that.

The author is contributing editor to ThePrint. Views are personal.

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  1. India is finished. Currently India has civil war like situation however people can’t wake up. Congress and BJP. both used Hindu and Muslim as vote banks. The only solution for this problem is stop religion politics and make such practices illegal in India. starts from yourself first stop spitting hatred about any religion and if you find someone doing it run away from him or her.

  2. 1)Problem hai..Musalmano ki Ankhein band hai..kyon ki unhe gajwa hind lana hai..World mein kewal Oil hone ki wajah se kuch countries bach gayi ..warna Syria jaisi halat hoti in sab ki bhi…70 saal see Congress ne kuch nahin kiya woh manjoor hai bewkoofo ki tarah…
    2) then there are corrupt media and people who have earned crores during these 70yrs and now with Modi they are finding it difficult…(isn’t it Mr.Shekar)

    • Sharam krle current haalat dekhke. Besharm. People are dying because illiterates like you don’t want to see the reality. Even when their own family might be dying due to lack of oxygen, they won’t blame the govt. Modi ji toh mahaan hai.

  3. Such a irony on this sentence this is coming from a media person “The credibility ratings of our opinion polls are clearly worse than media and politicians put together”…lol

  4. Why India does not join democratic alliance D10 against China. China fooling Modi or Modi fears China. China fueling Pakistan and Nepal against India and what Modi do?. He does everything what China wants and that’s not to join the alliance against China. India will be left alone and China, Pakistan and Nepal would weaken India.

    • Man, these modi bhakts have to attack everyone who dares to speak a word which isn’t in the favor of modi.
      Grow up you morons, everybody have the right to have their own opinion.
      You are not changing anybody’s opinion. You’re just making a fool of yourself.

      • What wrong he has said. He is not like you chamchas. You need to grow up first.
        Tumhare gurde kyun chil rahe hain

  5. Shivam Vij is that aunty of the mohalla who is not to be taken seriously. After reading Shivam Vij’s shitty opinion pieces, I feel a sense of guilt . Beta Shivam maaf Kar de. Khuda ka to khauf kha.

  6. i agree that the pm has not handled the situation perfectly , but he has done atleast what should have been done.
    lockdown was the need of the hour .He could have arranged some measures for migrant labourers to send them back home,but we cant ignore the need
    of nationwide lockdown. Popularity cannot be predicted on these things. Some migrants have faced problem , they may not forgive pm,but the urban middle class and others are happy with him.

    we cannot predict 2024 now.But i would say the article is not completely true. DONT forget there are modi haters who hate him for everything.
    if pm had delayed the lockdown, then they would say why modi did not announce lockdown early?
    WE cant do anything for them.

    • Yes a PLANNED lockdown was necessary. And before the drama that was Namaste Trump. How soon people forget.

      • Planned lockdown ?.. do see cut the clutter why government hastily took the lockdown decision… yes it was unplanned as no one saw it coming and becoming so big … despite the lockdown we have 1 lac cases imagine what would have happened if we have spend weeks or even one month planning it … WHO called it a pandemic much later and you know how slow Indian babus are … as for migrants… there has to be huge infrastructure to be build before they can be allowed to go back … even one covid positive labourer can make whole village infected so government have to ramp up the hospitals in every village figure out how to run trains with so low employees there are many things to figure out and it takes time … we were not in there position we see from much far behind but there are many complexities to work out … delay is inevitable… criticism is justified… but that doesn’t make it the whole true

  7. The electoral effect of lockdown and mistreatment of labourers on Modi in 2024 will equal that of sterilization on Indira Gandhi in 1977.

  8. It looks like that under the leadership & direction of Mr Shekhar Gupta,Founder,The Print has taken a vow to write& spread anti-Modi hatrate through its Media Staff. Mr Shekhar Gupta, & Shivam Vij through their separate Articles advocated to spread lies/Fake news to defeat Modi in 2024. They not only advocated to spread lies/fake news, justified in doing such holy Acts. How Head of Editor Guild of India can advocate to spread lies/fake news against elected Govt under Democracy.? Who is Shivam to say Popularity of Modi has gone up or declined? Why he is so hating against democratically elected PM? What is his vested interest in condemning an People Elected PM?

  9. Are the print and quint connected? Also is this article written by a 15 year old intern. It screams low quality prejudice and a wanton helpnessness. There is a reason people support Modi, try to find the reason and tell everyone that it is based in thin air. Dont go out writing everywhere that it’s just not possible because me and my similar leaning peers think Modi is not doing shit. Change minds don’t write such weak hit pieces.

  10. Wow the it cell is active and in full swing but the fact is the central government has screwd up big time accept it it cell walas you should understand the plight of the migrants and the common man who are suffering today and will be suffering in the coming months don’t be in your useless imagination time to be human

  11. The author simply wants to show the world that he can make a few sentences. This moron says “Uttar Pradesh was in trouble with the SP-BSP alliance”! Wonder where he was when SP-BSP were thrashed and Yogi Adityanath became the CM!

  12. Shri Vij has been quarantined for too long in his house to have any touch with reality. And I am pretty sure that he writes his articles sitting on his toilet seat and therefore not surprised at the output which comes out!!!

  13. Rightly brought the issues related to migrant labourers. The BJP government at the centre is responsible for creating such a worse situations for helpless poor people.

  14. Will the majority of the Hindus get justice. Though they are more than 70% in population in India (Backward Hindus), there representation in Parliament and Ministerial berth is equal to none. Will BJP or any other party give representation according to their population. And will they be employed as priests in temples?

    • The worst period was when sonia gandhi despite not being PM was running as PM do you know she had a different committee of her own where the issue of NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT were taken … I thought that was the work of PM do you remember the day when prince gandhi in live parliament tore the bill that his PM introduced… that period mu frnd was when 2g , bofors scams took place that was the dark period of indian democracy and dont forget the time when parliament overruled the SC ORDER (indra gamdhi) … yes people forget easily … criticism is justified… that does not make it true

  15. The IT wing of BJP keep spreading message praising Modiji even for failures. Starting frim currency demonetisation execution failures are too many. Most of their initiatives lead to difficulties for people. If opposition parties IIT together, BJP will lose next election. The current FM will tarnish the image of the party, no learning from Arun jetley for NS. People are suffering and started cursing the incapability of few ministers in the BJP party. In the process of toppling Congress state government they missed to look at international Muslim conference at the heart of Delhi. Hopeless situation.

  16. To speak truely open heartedly, once initial 2014 I was dam mad after Modi ji for his lecturers wherever he speaks about VIKAS & SAB KE SATH SAB KE VIKAS , I along with my friends voted for Modi ji of course I am anti Congress corrupt rule. But I am being an epf pensioner was fed up with anti working class activity by the Unethical EPFO harrased us by not implementing full higber pension. Though Hon’ble SC gave verdict not implemented. Latter I came to know Modi ji being against
    Pension and treats it as bounty instead of social security to the poor epf pensioners who are drawing very less pension despite contributing for the same. EPF NAC leaders and law makers though debated and explained Modi ji deliberately not implemented its order dt.23.3.17 issued with the approval of Govt.and raised SLP and reviee petition in SC which is not listed its funal verdict till now. It is Modi ji pressure .That is why I kept far from polling booth in 2019. So this time also I am not going to vote though it is a constitutional right I am forced to not to vote to any party.

  17. Shivam Vij is not India and India is not Shivam Vij. Let’s see in 2024, LS ELECTION. OK?

    • So did I. Because much of what the writer churns out, is along predicted lines. He sings only one tune. He isn’t an objective journalist – he has a pathological dislike for NaMo.

  18. Article Paid by Congress who cannot stomach popularity of Modi and BJP.U Vij are supporting The Print where Shekar Gupta has confessed to be Congress paid and supported.

  19. We all know that workers migrated from home state to another in search of work and wages. There are no restrictions or rules for their movement by the Central Government.
    But State Governments have a say and responsibility. During Congress times politicians used to say employment only for locals and that was their “say”. (Sivam’s tribe was dead for this fact) .
    With economic expansion labour moved across the country. States welcomed them because they were working for building the states and contractor paid the politicians (to shut up)
    Should not States have record of those who came into, and those who left the State.?
    Are States not responsible to support these migrants welfare?
    Having failed thus, they also failed them, from humanitarian angle showing no concern for people of our country come to build their state. Some of the Politicians and bureaucrats turned out to be irresponsible rascals. It is these people who back such equally irresponsible scribes to write such narrative and hide behind it.
    People are aware of it and so, are many migrant workers who this author had met and fed. I have also seen the “drama” some ministers play!
    Shaker Gupta should be ashamed for publishing such un-researched venom- for few pennies more!

  20. Is this the time to play nasty politics. Why the news channel are always trying to give wrong survey in wrong time. Do you Know the image of India in the world because of you all news persons. Pen is not for criticism, it is also for the courage making source for the people. It can show the right way to do. It is a crisis time no one can be best as the expectation. If America is not able to handle it then.. so please don’t try to fight in the mind of the people. Give them the source to handle the situation.

  21. What kind of mentality the author possess in this moment of crisis is checking the popularity of Mr. Modi, you could do well to write about the photographs of the migrants are sold by many journalist to international media at exbortiant price, nobody is fool, everybody knows who’s who, so don’t give the wrong picture

    • Even if someone sells a photo for a billion, that does not have anything to do with the responsibility of the Central government to migrants.

  22. Pl do indulge is such pretense , even in 2024 it will be Modi again. You are ardent supporter of surveys if it is against Modi and that is known. Go on ranting.

  23. Your article can be summed up in one line
    Desperate attempt to hide jealousy, Modi hatred, and frustration under garb of analytics.

    Agreed surveys (essentially statistics) arent always right, but still its a survey and can be correct.

    Your writeup is backed by no survey, no data nothing… Just your own thoughts. How reliable is that?

    Take a break Shivam Vij!

    • I think no one read history and you are forgetting the British politically divided the Hindus n Muslims to rule over us but sadly even after they left we r still there….what can be the solution?
      People hardly know anything about Hindu way of life (kindly start from Indus valley civilization , Aryans n the coining of term Hinduism because Hindu is not just a mere religion , it’s way beyond and always believed spirituality can be attained by various ways n all beliefs n religions created by human can be followed to reach the One who is formless, present all over the universe…even modern physics trying to prove it)
      Islam creation n its growth has its own history and that should be interpreted correctly which reformist Muslims( mainly women) are trying to do curbing the extremism and in midst of these Sufism, which also is a path of spirituality has lost importance, I hardly hear it being discussed while talking about Islam
      So everyone read your history and also about politics which has always been diplomatic and shrewd
      Our judgement are clouded , clear it and be a good human being and help people
      Don’t feel hatred towards our country, be critical and think in positive manner, every individual can do some part to help the country, no do not have to lean on politicians only, do what u can to help

  24. Same old bovine excrement from you! Everybody is gullible, only you are intelligent. Anyway, glad to see your heart burn so much in the anti-Modi fire. Please do us a favor–don’t call yourself a journalist.

    • But he is not, a journalist! Whoever and whatever about Shivam Vij gave you that idea?

  25. Again a Modi phobic column all cm of opposition parties image has taken a beating , because this guys r no where to be seen , in near future the print media will also disappear to oblivion due to it dubious activities against the country.

  26. Modi popularity is all-time high and reason is very simple. People are so much worried about the question ” What would have happened if Rahul Gandhi would have been PM”

  27. The print , prints anti Modi articles only. Articles are too long & so no one reads fully and take it seriously

  28. The tenure of modi can be judges with the following. G S T. Issues DENOMINATION OF NOTES. Issues NRC. CAA. NPR issues . Kashmir issues. Tallaq issues. Migrant issues. Communal issues. Uniform civil code issues. Etc etc etc. Still four years is their God. Saves to all of us peace and hormany is the need of the hour for the progress of our citizen and nation

    • What is wrong with CAA? Percent of Hindus in Bangladesh went from 22% to 8%, from 1951 to 2011. Daily there are atrocities, like Sikh temple attack. You want them to die? It seems helping hindus in partition countries and kicking out illegal immigrants is terrible for Indian Muslims. Showing their true hateful colors.

  29. The tenure of modi can be judges with the following. G S T. Issues DENOMINATION OF NOTES. Issues NRC. CAA. NPR issues . Kashmir issues. Tallaq issues. Migrant issues. Communal issues. Uniform civil code issues. Etc etc etc. Still four years is their God. Saves to all of us peace and hormany is the need of the hour for the progress of our citizen and nation

  30. “You have to be really gullible to believe these surveys”.

    Right, you should believe this one reporter colleague of mine who spoke with a few workers and was ranting about how Ravindra Jadeja is casteist for mentioning his caste.

  31. Yes. forget about Modi & his government. Even opposition & Media did not have a clue or concerned and anticipated the Migrant Labourers problems especially pertaining to their determination about returning to their villages/home town bonding, who were ready to walk across thousand of km. The Media has missed including the print ground reality & message.

    It appears some Arvind Kejriwal has sensed this a bit at the last movement that the problem was brooming up but not able to take proper decision indirectly he spread a rumour that the DTC busses are operating to carry home these migrant labourers to the respective border states they belong to. Later on, some pacified them with his Dawa & Daru comment.
    So why blame only the Modi & his Government. Yes, the fact is his ministers & Breauroctats did not draw his attention and they failed the Modi when the PM was concentrating and working on the much serious issue to tackle the Virus mayhem.
    All of these were clearly understood by most of the Migrant Labour Community. Once he is aware of this bonding issues and migrant labourers insistence to travel, he and his team does a marvellous damage control act, which satisfied most of the Migrant labourers.

    We know politicians, not in the habit of admitting their mistake. What about Media, including the Print. Which is bringing us Global News but failed to sense this problem. Let the Media apologize.
    Nagesh Rao

  32. It seems Mr Vij,is allergic to Namo,no problem,he is not alone. We are happy to read such type of rubbish,at least it will help us ( bhakta) to evaluate themselves.
    Waiting for another article from him

  33. Partial brain dead Intellectual zombies Like shivam can’t imagine anything positive in this world except the shit coming out of Khangress goons and Antonio Maino’s pimps. You can’t keep your vested interests opaque by keeping a Hindu name, Shivam.

  34. The author is contributing editor to ThePrint. Views are personal.

    It’s just your personal view, as always been your views on Modi and BJP.

    The success or failure is not only dependant on Modi but it’s the people of India. When we have several challenges in the country, tackling all situations during such pandemic is impossible. People like you, who are in the influential position are hell bent to look at the negatives of life as always.

    So, please congress ka chamchagiri chod do.. and talk like a normal citizen of India. You will know whether or not Modi is still popular.

  35. I read the article and I’m not sure what the author is more sad about, the fact that modi has mishandled the migrant crisis/economy or the fact that even after this his popularity is untarnished. It sounds more like a jealous rant than a serious commentry. He’s the Pm and he’s not going anywhere anytime soon, make peace with it re.

  36. Poor laborer crisis is a tragedy, but making it about Modi is stupid.
    When you hit him, people hit you back.
    Instead please advise Rahul that for his next photo op with poor people, use chappals.

  37. Modi tumhari her chal ab public samajh chuki hai Teri aukat tea banane ki hai desh chalane ki nahi

  38. Why can’t we see the comments as default? Why are we forced to comment something in order to see the section?

  39. Bunkum is what you have written from the comfort of your armchair.
    That’s what’s bunkum.

  40. Sir I honestly hate india, I think Print is doing a good job. Please break India into pieces it is a shithole. I want the Print writers to do that. Publish negative article soon India will fall. failed state

  41. Shivam Vij comes up with examples which are only limited to states. For that matter BJP/Modi had lost many elections even before the three states – MP, Chattisgarh and Rajasthan. And by the way 45 per cent is no less a number. And why have qualms about Hindu vote bank which Hindutva brigade have been able to create over the years.

  42. For how much time u will stay anti national the print. Atleast now stop taking money from scamgress and speak some truth for the first time…..

  43. For how much time u will stay anti national the print. Atleast now stop taking money from scamgress and speak some truth for the first time…

  44. For how much time u will stay anti national the print. Atleast now stop taking money from scamgress and speak some truth for the first time…

  45. Media like print are always against modi.whatever he does there will be something to say against it

  46. The Print wants to push it’s agenda, and to achieve the same is rewinding to justify and believe that they can dent Modi’ s current image.
    Live in your paradise ,you are most welcome.

  47. Modi hate is so much, ppl just fabricate articles trying to take advantage of this difficult situation. But these lame theaterics won’t help ya buddy.
    One thing is for sure.. Modiji ignoring the print owner really filled the venomous liquid in him against our PM. But sadly he it’s not the right thing for our country.

  48. The One suggestion i want to give you. next time if
    you didn’t give name of source than i will report because you are just making fool of peoples whatever you are saying you don’t have any proof .

  49. This is the problem with agenda driven columnists. When the results of a survey or even the general elections are against your prayers, you start calling them untrustworthy. Sour grapes, eh.

  50. Dear Mr.Editor, so what are you trying to say by bashing modi? You have lots of alternative leaders in congress to fill up Modi gap? Before Bashing modi provide alternatives.
    Touch your heart and say. Is there any other person who can be called a leader to lead india other than modi??

  51. I request this channel to check your popularity rating first and start giving some logically correct and news that makes sense

  52. I request The print to check your popularity rating first and start giving some logically correct and news that makes sense

  53. shivam vij is one of the most toxic, viliest and shittiest person ever, I never read articles of that nutcase, just came here to tell him his real worth and place, in my pubes. BUGGER OFF, you piece of shit. #purgethecommunist (Always remember a Good communist a dead communist)

  54. for fools who feel his popularity has shot up are only fooling themselves and trying to mislead the nation, out of any or every migrants voice is only heard by few if not all, a curse under their breath, Never ever to trust a bunch of liars will not only have humiliated them but have betrayed them and their faith in Namo and his whole bunch of blatant liars

  55. The Print is known for Modi baiting and ruling party bashing. So this opinion piece is yet another feather in your undeserving cap.

  56. Modi should thank cheap media houses like Wire and Print too.. LoL

    Oh btw why didn’t you mention the crores that was distributed to the labourers? You know why migrants are so eager to go back? Cuz government has provided them with homes, of cou

  57. Continue to live in denial, The Print! Modi will win in 2024, and you’ll continue writing baseless articles like these

  58. The airports in the US are emppty, and yet you see lines like, “Air Travel Surges by 123%!”, as if the air travel industry is booming! The column in New York Times says, “Technically, that’s an accurate number. Over the seven days ended Sunday, an average of 212,580 people went through U.S. airport security checkpoints, up from 95,161 in the week ended April 17.” So may be in India also truth is a victim of coronavirus.

  59. Wah! You find enough to praise Rahul, even as you say that it was just a “Photo- op”. Of what use are such leaders? And. if the surveys about Modi being popular are wrong, wait for the next elections and help Rahul throw him out and himself sit in the PM’s chair. Why day dream and indulge in wishful thinking NOW when there is nothing you can do about Modi being PM, at least until 2024?

  60. You are right. Even the most ardent of bhaksts have begun to question the current regime. So much so that 2024 seems to be a lossing struggle for the BJP. But, we can not discount the fact that labourers were hit equally hard after the demonetization and yet they voted for the same party during UP polls. Also, my worry is that public memory is short and next elections are still four years away. Which, in indian politics is a very long timeline to be used as a barometer to gauge the national mood. The ruling dispensation in next couple of years will try to pull off something , just before elections to swerve the public mood like they did in 2019, and with social faultiness deepening in past couple of months, the ruling party will leave no stone unturn to encash on it.

  61. This third class character called Shivam Vij will strangulate Modi if giv3n an opportunity. Such is the venom for Modi in his articles which are churned out every two days. On the odd day when he doesnt abuse his colleague picks up the baton and unleashes lies and false propoganda. And such piece of trash is called journalism ? What non sense . No wonder Markandeya Katju a few days ago hit out at Shivam Vij for his superficial criticism of Modi which often lacked intellectual depth. Now Katju is no fan of Modi. And for him to blast Shivam Vij, Vij must be doing something extremely mediocre and pedestrian. In fact Shivam Vij and many others at The Print often contradict what Shekhar Gupta said of Modi after he routed the congress yet again in 2019 elections. Gupta was addressing some gathering with Ms Vandita Mishra, another ex Indian Express reporter sitting by his side. Gupta said that the media lived in denial on Modi’s achievements. When stories about gas cylinders for the poor, electricity for all , toilets for all etc were coming out the media refused to see the truth. It tried to find evidence to the contarary but did not find. After the election when reality hit the media very hard as congress once agin lost mediamen like Gupta, known Modi hater, admitted that they were wrong. So Shivam Vij should better do his homework. He is trying to blame Modi for migrants woes forgetting that migrants are responsibility of the state also not just the centre. Trying to spread poison against Modi by mindless criticism will not work. I am will not be surprised if in 2024 these very migrants being him back to power. And if Vij and hia cohorts think that a man seriously short of ideas and intellect will win by that one well choreographed photo opp with migrants he is living in fools paradise for people haven’t forgotten what happened to Kalavati.

  62. Your anti-modi frustrations are like you are crying more than the migrants and your agenda as ever will fail once again as in 2024 also modiji will win once again.nobody can stop this as you can keeping banging your head on the wall.

  63. Sure there are many short comings the way migrant laborer crisis is being handled. It is primarily the State Governments are responsible for this mess. None of them want to take responsibility. Mr. Modi is sincerely trying to handle this matter but he can not do it without State Government’s help. Two States Kerala and UP are handling this crisis relatively better and results are for everyone to see

  64. Poor Shivam Vij, one can feel his frustration, desperation bechara has been abusing, maligning doing anything and every thing to wish since 2002 alongwithwith his friends like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, entire NDTV gang to somehow discredit, character assassinate Mr. Narendra Modi to see he loses election and his popularity but The electorate and the people would have none of Shivam Vij’ s and his gangs nonsense and Mr. Modi getsreelected with a bigger mandate, when the experts at institutions like WHO, John Hopkins university, institute of communicable disease in Europe , Washington University are appreciating Mr. Modis Timely decisions in fighting Covid – 19 these guys who harbour pathological hatred for the PM can’t stomach that.


  66. I don’t know why Print is so much concerned about the popularity of Modiji. The fact is inspite of so many drawbacks, he is extremely popular because he is perceived to be honest unlike many other politicians whom Print espouses. He may not come from a sophisticated background like many of the dynastic politicians, but he is still liked by the common man…well Print will never understand all these!

  67. No,
    His his image has not taken a hit.
    His incompetence had come to light but his core voter do not vote for his work, they vote for is greater than life image and there overtly expressed hatred towards minorities.

  68. Wait for elections and you will know. On a side note even if one strongly dislikes somebody, it is foolish to be so blindsided by this dislike that one even fails to see the total picture. It makes one lose both sense and credibility.

  69. Bhai Shivam kal ki tere ek aur write bhai Ali ne likha tha usko ye dikkat thi ki modi ki popularity kam nahi ho rahi kafi pareshan tha vo iss baat se aur aaj tum alag. The print, the wire etc.. kuch jayada nahi ho raha tum logo ka aaj kal

  70. Well… Whether we want to accept it or not this seems to be true to some extent.

    I can’t speak for someone else but for me “aur hai kaun?” was the primary reason for voting for BJP in 2019. Not because I love Modi ji or the BJP’S hindutva ideology but simply because I refuse to accept some one like Rahul Gandhi as our PM.

    To be fair Congress has far more qualified and capable politicians than Bjp but the problem is they have simply failed to harness thier abilities thnks to Congress’s dynasty politics.

    And when it comes to bjp they’re really good at connecting with the mass population wich is also where congress gets completely outclassed.

  71. Don’t be a worse guy than politician . what is your point actually?
    we are fed up with typical India journalism , A cow tide on a stump .
    Please stop this , readers are much intelligent than you think .
    what you wrote 2 days before is contradicted by today’s theory.
    If you are not courageous enough hold a view , stop this job
    a journalist should not be apologetic of a article written few days before ..
    will be considered as writer on demand …

  72. 99.9999% Indians don’t believe any surveys. Reading such articles is waste of time. It may be business for some.

  73. ” shoe i am ” you stupido. You are too afraid to get out of your home. You should have seen BJP and RSS volunteers as well large no of Hindus ( middle class / or you may term them as BJP voters ) have been distributing food and water and essentials . And no Congrass workers , and i would count you are one was seen anywhere . So yes surveys might just be right, or are you too afraid to leave your house to find out. Anyway enjoy pasta and pizza.

  74. Why so much of jealous on popularity of Modi. Please understand he has worked hard to achieve it. Nobody has gifted it on plate to him.The argument that no opposition worth the name hence Modi is preferred is shallow. Even the combined opposition mahakatbhandhan etc.failed to instill confidence. The Corona crisis has been handled amicably against all odds in a highly populous country like India as compared to rich nations.Yes there are sporadic issues like migrants but that requires full cooperation from states also for complete success .India is bestowed with such a visionary leader Modi as PM during
    this critical period is nothing but god given gift.
    Jai Bharath.

  75. Hello everyone at ‘THE PRINT’,
    See what you think is your thinking none of our thinking ;-).
    And you please stop telling people of India what they need to do and what not. We all know your organisation maybe receiving handsome pay from the ……. but please you don’t need to educate us atleast. Narendra Modiji is our Prime Minister at present, so atlaest learn to give him some respect. If you were to be in U.A.E. or china or etc. countries you would have been landed behind bars for spreading hatred against the Prime Minister of the country. If you only need money to pen the thoughts of the payer, than collect a cheque from me asap. My mail id is tell me when are you coming to collect the cheque.

    Rituraj Sinha
    (Advocate at RANE ASSOCIATES)





    You wanted to communicate that paid subscription is needed, i as an average reader would say, not with this chap.

  77. The popularity of a leader is not constant or always on upwards trajectory. As every leader is constantly under the watchful eye of its supporters ,( number of which keeps on varying in case of leaders at top) , and its permanent detractors. To some of Modi-haters in media, Corona pandemic has sent a golden opportunity to proclaim that Modi ji has lost his popular appeal as his decision to suddenly declare lock Down has shown him to be incompetent leader, who did not gave every strata of the population to plan for itself at its pace. While it is abundantly clear that decision to clamp lock-down suddenly has not been resisted the majority of the people.
    The Modi haters have making too much noise on the plight of migrant labour s movement across various parts of India. Why it is thought and projected it is only -Modi created problem ? Modi has to solve it. Modi has to bear the cost of movement. He has to arrange for the safe return of many among millions of workers who want to be with their families to spend lock down time. There are state Governments, (state C.M s), Employers of the migrant labours( manufacturers, traders) who benefit from employing the migrant labours. Then there are NGO s , who claim to be in charity, Political parties, who aspire to garner their votes, in every state . But , for now ,They can sit idle and watch TVs , and have no responsibility towards them, while Modi haters create a negative narrative.
    But Modi hater Journalist has to keep in mind this thing.. Elections are 4 years away. India will be in election mode at least after three and half years from NOW. Election will be fought at narrative created by Modi ji, his team, His party BJP , not at all at, Modi s detractor s narrative. This is happening with Modi G since 2002 .
    It is totally pre-mature to write off Modi s fortunes in next elections on the basis of some unfortunate people walking down on the highways hastily due to some personal problem or India s ETERNAL PROBLE OF POVERTY.( We have been voting OUT poverty since 1970s when Mata Indira Ji exhorted –GARIBI HATAO–) .
    The article by Shivam Vij is welcome to the extent it shows his immaturity to gauge ,and understand the mood of the voters of India since mid-eighties of the last century. Last time it was in 1984 , thirty six years earlier , the party and its leader he want to see in PMO , got MAJORITY , AND Not, never there-after. Let him remain in his hopeful delusion.

  78. As long as one writes about Modi, it can be presumed that he is wanted.
    Negative reports may be a signal to improve.
    India would never suffer because of Modi. But a Modi wave is also not healthy sign.

  79. I would love to see Capt Amrinder Singh as the opposition PM Candidate. But I know it’s wistful thinking. Congys clowns lick only Gandhi boot.

  80. What Shivam Vij wishes to say after a thousand words is “Modi will win regardless of how he governs this country simply because Rahul Gandhi exists.” Well done, Shivam.
    Migrants walking home on foot, businessmen suffering losses, salaried losing income, youth turning jobless, pensioners getting destitute, many Indians being pushed into poverty is all Rahul Gandhi’s fault – Modi is blameless. Rahul Gandhi has been holding India back in the last 6 years. If Rahul Gandhi commits suicide tomorrow, there will be nothing left between India and superpower status. Bravo Shivam. Your analysis is spot on. They will be announcing Bharat Ratna for you very soon. Wait for the post-man.

    • If you want to prove the author wrong, lets have an alternative independent of Gandhi family members in opposition and test it. If you care so much, join politics and become a leader who we can vote for. From conversations with people who have dealt with Congress politics, I can tell you, for the party, Gandhi family is everything. No other real leader can rise up in the party structure to their level, they will allow for no other diversity in opinion. If you get along with them, you can get power.

      The current crisis is not Rahul Gandhi’s fault and modi is not blameless. Please read the article. It is this type of unreasonable thinking that is ruining India and polarizing people.

      We should recognize that this is a very very difficult situation. Most of us are cognisant of that. We are also aware that Modi has blundered in many ways. Even those who recognize it won’t vote for the Gandhis. And thats the point. How can any one vote for a party to govern india when it can’t govern itself? Congress lost Scindia to BJP and lost MP in process. To a citizen, it doesnt matter why, it matters that this happened. Despite losing 2 elections, they cannot move forward. So do you expect them to take India forward?

      Neither is Modi, but with him many feel indian system has been so entrenched with policies that have held us back that it needs time. GST implementation was a bungle up, but GST itself economists agree about. If citizens in India gave a damn about the country, they would speak out against the Gandhi family actively and loudly, not because they are bad, but because they have made themselves boulder in the path of any growth in Congress. If we allow congress to once again fall into Rahul/Priyanka leadership (which is what it looks like), Modi has won.

  81. I read only the headline. Mr Modi was not liked by people in 2014, 2019 and will not be liked in 2024 also. But he will win with still bigger number.
    Your liking him or not makes no difference. You should be honest some times.

  82. Kyu Jali?
    I mean criticism is good and should be done. but, criticizing the prime minister somewhere down the line has brought you guys to criticize even the good deeds that the government has done. shame.

  83. कितने डेस्परेट हो मोदी को गिरता देखने के लिए ????
    पर सपना पूरा नहीं होगा लंगूरों !!!!!
    फिर भी लगे रहो मुन्नाभाई।।।।

  84. So now ………its PM Modi’s fault that the opposition are weak & PappuG is an idiot. ……..where will this moron of an author end?

  85. The Portal is a Modi hater . I don’t why it didn’t say that popularity of Gandh’s has gone up many fold

  86. Modi ji put the agenda of NRC on religious basis thus try to satisfy Hindu voters but at the same time Modiji wants POK Baluchistan etc to merge with India that too encourage anti Muslim wave this is to convert hatred into vote people should realize the fact how religion makes man slave to the agenda that is not in favour of Narion

    • You are a illiterate madrasa taught ignorant Muslim, who is not even aware that the whole of Jammu and Kashmir is Indian territory. For such a dumbass to understand NRC, and basic geography will be a miracle. Since miracles do not visit such blood thirsty terrorists, you will remain a blood thirsty terrorist dumbass.

  87. Yes, that is what everyone believed time and again only to be proved wrong. There is a simple reason for this. The critics keep jumping from one issue to another. Which shows either two of the two are correct – The issues raised were untrue or affected miniscule people OR the issues were sorted as and when brought to notice. The bitter after taste reflects in opinion pieces and “analysis by experts” – a pattern found rampant post 2014.

  88. Tireless dark crusader is our Vij. He is living on a bed of nails for the past 6 years, and the agony seems endless. When in pain the Brain works to created illusions, escaping into which can lessen it. Poor chap will again find himself in the wrong, like always.

  89. There is no election any where where near or far where Mr Modi is a candidate. Therefore such speculations ,conjectures and wishful thinking by Mr Vij really project his own state of mind and intellect.
    Shekhar Gupta, the founder and chief editor, comes through largely as a reasonable person in his video appearances ( small personal biases are present in every human being; thus ignored). However the staff that he has assembled to run ‘THE PRINT’ is highly communal and shallow.
    Sometimes I wonder whether I read MR Gupta correctly or I am the one who is being fooled !

    • SG has shifted to the center for commercial reasons. But his senior staff were colleagues of old, who are dyed in the wool Dilli Darbari Lutyens products. Expect nothing better from them,

  90. Very well thought through article. One gets the idea that most of our leaders including the Pm and opposition are callous men of straw.

  91. Media se bahut madat mil rahi hai. Sitting in my home, I rely on Ms Navika Kumar to tell me what the national mood is. Noodles and chicken, not roti with namak.

  92. Joining Islam with phobia can be the major cause of Covid-19. The word Islamophobia invented by the fascists, ignorants and enemies of Peace, because Islam means Peace, better had they used the word Peaceophobia to expose themselves. In fact the people in the world joined Peace with phobia with hatred, so One Almighty God hit the world with Covid-19 with no letup. This calamity is also for both the Muslims and non-Muslims to mend their ways. Firstly, the Non-Muslims still continue worshiping idols, demigods, humans and trinity which is now proved to be wrong in this age of information and against the religious scriptures of all major religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, as all scriptures say to worship only One God. Secondly, the Muslims have the the Holy Quran revealed to the last prophet of Islam, but the Muslims do not fulfill their duties and do not invite and remind the non-Muslims to worship One God and to follow the last prophet Muhammad ( Peace be upon him ) as mentioned in the religious scriptures of all religions. To avoid this Covid-19, the Almighty God wants the Muslims to fully perform their duties and invite the non-Muslims to the truth to follow suit by inviting them to come to a word common between both, that we worship none but God, and associate none as partner with Him. So it is time for everyone to mend their ways to get out of this mess rather than beating around the bush with no solution.

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