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Trolled, abused, mocked, bullied — Rahul Gandhi offers a window into battling mental health

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death by suicide opened a fresh debate around mental health issues caused by systematic targeting and bullying. What does Rahul Gandhi bring to this debate?

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The untimely death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has ignited a fresh debate around mental health in India. The news about the 34-year-old actor’s death by suicide left the country in shock. Many have since dwelt upon Sushant’s depression, bullying and behind-the-back gossiping in Bollywood. People have blamed producer Karan Johar and his gang for insulting the actor over the years.

The inner workings of Bollywood groups that often comprise a select few — the star kids, the ‘close ones’ — might not be known to everyone. But their devastating impact on people considered ‘outsiders’ — from small towns, from the TV industry — routinely figures in media interviews, personal posts or through ‘leaks’ from friends. This culture of separation and continued mockery may be an outcome of personal insecurities, but it almost certainly doesn’t take into account its effect on people at the receiving end. In such a scenario, it might be helpful to look at those who are able to deal with the never-ending barrage of abuse, insult, bullying, mockery in a systematic manner.

In India’s social media swarmed by IT cells of political parties — whose members mostly comprise anonymous trolls — several public figures are made targets on a daily basis. From Rana Ayyub, Swara Bhasker, Mohammed Zubair to Arundhati Roy, Barkha Dutt, and countless others, a set of people are constantly at the receiving end of bullying and abuse. But if there is one public figure who is the target of not just anonymous trolls on social media but even anchors on TV channels, it is Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

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A permanent target

For close to a decade now, the Nehru-Gandhi scion has been at the centre of a concerted propaganda that targets and distorts everything he says or does. There is no better proof of this than his condolence tweet for Sushant Singh Rajput, which was photoshopped to change the word ‘actor’ to ‘cricketer’. And thousands bought into it. But this isn’t new.

Since that infamous Arnab Goswami show six years ago, Rahul Gandhi has had to face non-stop venomous comments and slander. Recently, the IT cell trended an abusive hashtag targeted at his mother, Congress president Sonia Gandhi. And it’s not just the Twitter or Facebook trolls or fake WhatsApp forwards where Rahul Gandhi is made a target; even leaders such as Home Minister Amit Shah repeatedly refer to him as ‘Pappu’.

BJP leaders’ communally divisive and stupid remarks rarely make it past some criticism on social media but even a fake tweet attributed to Rahul Gandhi reaches mainstream news and has to be later debunked. Rahul Gandhi has to be the butt of all jokes. But PM Modi can get away with his ‘cloud benefit’ theory, or the India-Canada ties producing ‘2ab’ similar to a mathematical formula. Piyush Goyal can attribute discovery of gravity to Albert Einstein. BJP leaders can quite comfortably eulogise the benefits of gaumutra (cow urine) and gobar (cow dung). MP Giriraj Singh can proudly declare that his constituency Begusarai in Bihar has begun conducting “40 coronavirus tests a day” — about four-and-a-half months after India reporting its first case, and in a district with a population of 30 lakh. Congress leader Shashi Tharoor too can share fake news. But Rahul Gandhi is the target of all mockery.

Under the established modus operandi used for Rahul Gandhi, his statements are exaggerated and distorted to suit the agenda. BJP’s Sambit Patra repeatedly shares or uses a ‘aloo-sona’ clip, which leaves out the part where Rahul Gandhi was using that reference to describe Modi’s remark. And so, something that was said by Modi is now widely credited to Rahul Gandhi. That’s how the ‘system’ works. It is for this reason, perhaps, that Amit Shah can confidently ask what Rahul Gandhi has done during the coronavirus crisis, because clearly it’s the Congress leader, and not Shah, the Union Home Minister, who assumes the charge of the country when a crisis hits.

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Battling mental health

It’s difficult to comprehend what keeps Rahul Gandhi going. When people such as Amit Malviya, the head of BJP’s IT cell, began to tweet messages on mental health and depression in the wake of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, a lot of people shared their stories of mental trauma and being pushed into suicidal state by Malviya and his team’s incessant targeting, which involved a barrage of abuses and threats while sharing their family members’ photographs or personal details.

Journalist Karnika Kohli, who detailed her experience of being trolled and abused by the IT cell with thousands of messages in 2014, had to ultimately deactivate her account soon after she posted the messages. Several others have detailed similar experiences. Congress leader Salman Nizami is one of them, saying he was “almost pushed to die”. People’s slide into depression and developing other mental health issues is common when bullying and trolling goes past a person’s capacity to respond or shut out the targeted attacks.

Rahul Gandhi’s public life doesn’t appear to be shaped by the propaganda against him. He hasn’t reacted to the insults and trolling. When he did acknowledge it, he did it to show how the attacks have only made him “much stronger”.

On numerous occasions, he has said that he doesn’t have hatred for anyone. He hugged PM Modi in Parliament, which left the latter befuddled. Unlike Modi’s 2007 interview with Karan Thapar, where he didn’t answer pointed questions and left midway, Rahul Gandhi completed his 2014 interview with Arnab Goswami despite the latter turning into a visible bully. In another college conference in 2015, Rahul Gandhi was ‘booed’ by the audience but he didn’t reject them and accepted it with humility.

Perhaps, it is his composure and refrain from attacking his opponents in a similarly venomous way that keeps him grounded, no matter the criticisms heaped on him. Because the slander against him is unending and could easily take away a person’s peace of mind. He is often mocked for taking breaks from politics but perhaps it’s good for him and his mental health.

It’s time for India to accept 56-inch chests won’t help us overcome our increasing mental health burden.

Views are personal.

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  1. Karma has its way of paying back. He is causing it himself by his constant targeting of Modi as an individual rather than the Government for everything.

  2. It is uncultured practice to troll and ridicule a political opponent. Detractors of Rahul Gandhi should know that there is some limit for every thing. Trolling and ridiculing is one of them. This practice beyond a certain level will become counterproductive. Persons like Smriti Irani, Arnav Goswamy and Sambit Patra must have already realised that. If someone wants to criticise he/she should follow a civilised method. They should criticise the action, not the person who did that action. Criticism should be creative and should be beneficial to the person criticised by taking a cue and correcting himself/herself.

  3. Ha ha. What a pity. Writer has gone down to a level where she is appreciating a fake Gandhi. Who has literally done nothing in his political career.
    Writer should take a tour of Gujarat first and understand why modi won elections two times in a row.
    We will be called fools of the millenium if we elect somebody as PM just because he is son of some fake Gandhi. Let him first achieve something in his life instead of making drama in loksabha or in public.

    • I will be voting for him not because he is a Gandhi. But because he is far more sensible and respectful than Modi…who has lived up to his name..Feku.

      • Fake Gandhi’s are the most hated despised incompetent corrupt and traitorous things in India and the world they will be hanged by the people soon.

      • Fake Gandhi’s are the most hated despised incompetent corrupt and traitorous things in India and the world they will be hanged by the people soon.

  4. I have always wondered what keep Rahul Gandhi going and I think he is made of stronger stuff than what people give him credit for. It’s easy to troll, especially when you get paid to abuse someone but it takes so much more to be gracious and dignified when faced with constant abuse. He is a Nehru Gandhi scion but then he can’t help that, he is born in this family a fact which none of us or he can change. But I think the reason that BJP constantly tried to defame him is that they fear him. If he was inconsequential they would have just ignored him but they don’t want the people of India to know what kind of leader he can be. Will he ever be the prime minister of India is anyone’s guess. Only time will tell but I feel that if he does become the PM of India, he will surprise many. It takes humility, honestly and a knowledge of your own limitations to be a good leader. But then these qualities are in short supply

    • Excellent comment Ms Sonal Kellogg !

      You make a solid point when you state that had the BJP not been afraid of him, they would have ignored him completely. The fact that they don’t shows that they have to keep up the steady stream of abuse – emanting ofcourse through their paid BJPT IT Cell staff.

      Sad that Indian democracy has been reduced to this.

  5. Well done, Jyoti, for writing such a wonderful and thought provoking piece. If he would have commired suicide, all these peolple now trolling you would have completely changed their tune. The way they have defended the act of mockery on Rahul Gandi shows their level and true sensibility! Only when they will undergo theact of mockery will they understand the pain of others. Heads off to you for your guts in writing this wonderful peice!

  6. Sycophantism at best , if u are using a unfortunate incident to defend your politics and ur demigod there is nothing cheaper than this.

  7. Simple Rahul Gandhi and chamchas has no shame and still his views and histrionics are seen has a epitome of service for nation

    • What should he be ashamed about? He is speaking quite sensibly. Rather its modi who should be ashamed of serial disasters on the country

  8. Victimology. Leftist liberal pseuds love playing this card. Dear journo: epidemiology is hot topic right now, not victimology.

    This journalist needs to check the barbs Rahul Gandhi’s twitter handle writers (and I think this includes Jyoti Yadav and other journos at other Print) have been hurling at Modi non stop these 6 years.

    Reason: must be infuriating for Gandhi clan and their hangers on in the media (again, the Print included), that Modi reduced them to 44 seats. And did that again to 54 seats. All the power, pelf and scams gone!

  9. Has the media not trolled and abused Shri Narendra Modi since 2002? Ever thought about that? Of course not, since you and your mentors have been doing the trolling, including Barka Dutt.

  10. “Rahul Gandhi completed his 2014 interview with Arnab Goswami despite the latter turning into a visible bully.” Anyone who has seen that interview would conclude that, Arnab did not give Shri Gandhi the 3rd degree and that Shri Gandhi was just mumbling something incoherent. That interview showed that we are essentially dealing with the dim-wit who is there where is because of his name and his mothers blind. The way the author casually mentions her view of the interview clearly shows her biased hand.
    Yes Shri Gandhi gets trolled and yes there is perhaps a factory or several which does this in a highly efficient and effective manner. But this is the current reality and anyone in public life must accept this. In the age before Social Media, many were outraged by biased and inaccurate reporting like this journalist, but then the publishing houses controlled and “edited” the “the letters to the editor”. Now that control has gone and any journalist, media house or public personality is held publically accountable or derided for what they write. Accept this reality!

    Why Shri Gandhi has not got depressed or even contemplated suicide is because the numerous holidays he takes to get back in the grove or in his specific case, stupidity!

  11. Indira Gandhis grandchildren should just step down and away from Congress altogether. Just sell what you can, return your debts as you can, and just go. Let the next cadre of Congress decide if Sonia Gandhi stays in some capacity. It is time to let others lead the party, coalition, and critically needed opposition. Wonderful though he was, Pandit Nehru did not fight the Brits alone, he did not create the constitution alone, he did not march alone. He definitely wanted to be India’s face to the West alone, but that is long gone now. Let others in this party begin to make their presence felt. And, yes, even let the Congress die if there are really no others. Someone else, somewhere else, will rise to fill the vaccum. Indians, even the idiotic, now need proper, centrist, educated leadership that is an alternative choice to regressed, macho, communal, anti-education, anti-Western ‘desh’ bhakts.

  12. Lmao. Seriously?!
    Sushant Singh didn’t have a godfather in the industry.
    Rahul Gandhi had his career handed over to him in a platter.
    He has the safety of the billions his family owns in assets and investments he could go back to even if he fails in politics.
    And above all Rahul Gandhi is not at all good at what he’s supposed to do. Sushant was talented. He had to work hard to get where he is.

  13. False equivalence 101. Another one in the Khan Market cacophony.
    You are no better than Bollywood cheapskates trying get mileage out of a tragic death. Shameful. Unfortunately, Print still remains my go to source for quality journalism but this is yet another pathetic attempt at propping up a guy that no one in their reasonable minds can see as a leader of any sort.

  14. Duniya bhar ka paisa hai, aadmi bina kissi political credentials aur breakthroughs ke, bina groundlevel ke work experience ke country ki sabse badi party ka president hai jabki ussi party ke 10-20 neta iss se zyaada deserving hain. Aaah….the pain 🙁

    • Bhai sirf paise hone se hi depression aur mental issues ko hara sakate to sushant zinda hota aaj. and you proving this article right by keep trolling him. Get some life dude, atleast he is something thats why you troll him, baki tumhe aur mujhe kaun troll karega.

  15. The responses written by the readers makes me want to laugh. I wonder who is the “pappu” here – one who has bravely endured all warranted and unwarranted criticism of his entire country but still stayed the course or those who are all-powerful but yet continue to play the victim and indulge in petty name-calling of their political opponents. One can only admire the bravery of RG – Sushant allegedly had trouble living with the lack of support from his colleagues even after being moderately successful and having projects on hand whereas RG has had no support from anyone in the country – leftists or rightists and still is able to function in the real world and keep his sanity. As a human being, RG is a far superior product to the incumbent in the top office. Perhaps that is his strength and his weakness both. Today it is his weakness that is being exploited but there may well come a day when this same weakness will become his strength.

    • Well said..I keep wondering…why is he fighting still..
      If he becomes PM, India can recover from it self inflicted wounds of the past 6 years and go back to being a democracy.

      Whileb I accept that any day he is more educated, thoughtful, decent than the current PM, Political skills unfortunately looks underdeveloped.

  16. More tears have been shed in this article for Rahul Gandhi, than write about mental health. The political agenda of the writer shows.

  17. Pappu is the right word to match what or how he reacts.He has no educational qualification nor practical experience working anywhere.Keeps running ti Italian grand-ma.Dynasty and no opposition within Congress party keeps him where he is.Congress has looted our Treasury of so much money that he will never have to work.

  18. May be the writer has soft spot for RaGa. Well in physics, every action has a equal and opposite reaction. Their family has been blamed for looting this country for decades. There are many such theories. Congress has nothing about but to save a family business. People are way over to their dirty politics. Now people has been educated by so called IT cell, of course they will be at receiving code.

    What a waste article! I have just read couple of paragraph and understood the crux. My reply is to the writer of this article. You can do a better job rather than wasting your time on glorifying a psycho family. And last but not least- Get a life! You poor sole.

  19. Also Bhakts apne Baap (Modi) aur Maa (Shah) se puchoo what he will do with China problem, Where 20 of our soldiers have died. You guys are just pathetic and human waste.
    I can guarantee that Tumhara baap kuch be nahi karega. Tum logon jaisa hi hai, sirf bolta hai kaam ke time tai tai phis.

    • Please inform Pappu about how is grandfather gave up parts of Ladakh and Kashmir to China and Pakistan
      When he gets his reply… he will be like 🤡

  20. While it is unfortunate that ‘sensitive’ individuals are unable to deal with life’s vicissitudes but to create a contrast between somebody who might be one among billions ,to inherit the right to be PM in waiting & doing almost zilch requires some gall.To compare Rahul’s efforts to the one off mistakes that others in BJP make is also extra ordinary. What is unfortunate here is that sometimes an inheritance is so thoroughly undeserved but of course the scion is merely unfortunate to have been so lucky.

  21. Amazing how many have flocked here to troll, abuse, mock and bully – both the author and Rahul Gandhi. Indeed, it seems to me that there are paid trolls whose job depends on Rahul. The day he gives up and retires from active politics, that will be the day when a lot of IT-cell guys would be ‘made redundant’.

  22. The comments that followed this article which is aptly tagged POV shows the current failure state our nation is going through right now. People bringing out Boston history, pointing that he is right guy in the wrong profession. There is currently no place for dissent in our country. Whatever that could be remotely related to praising the Congress or Rahul Gandhi brings out the worst possible backlash. But unfortunately, these backlashes are seldom political but criticize the critic/actors at a personal level. This systematic villainization of whatever is left of opposition is a dangerous venom to kill democracy and free will in our country.
    I read the article because I think one of Chetan Bhagat’s episodes on Star News addressed this concern. Rahul Gandhi has seen so many devastating events in his life that a normal human being would have easily given up by now. Grandmother killed by someone he used to play as a child, father bombed to pieces, constant comparison with father, grandmother, constant alienation of his mother – and so many other things which we do not even consider. People are so interested in the treasure which he has inherited that we never stop to care what pains the same surname has brought to his life. His every action has been overly scrutinized. If we do not commend his ability to stand back up against these adversaries, we are not doing justice and we should not shed crocodile tears on the misfortunes of depression.

    • Mr Gangeyyo Bhattacharjee: Loved reading your comment.

      Heartening to know that although there are at least a few voices of reason and compassion in the dangerously jingoistic India of today where the bulk of the country seems to be steeped in the Modi cult. And anyone who opposes the Great Gujarathi Leader is vilified and shredded on social media by the paid and unpaid hyenas of said Leader.

      Clearly, civility in discourse and the art of disagreeing without getting to be diasagreeable is not something that Indians increasingly seem to be incapable of.

      Thanks once again for a compassionate comment that proves that there is still some hope.

  23. This article is bad taste and The Print should not have published it. Period.
    By the way, what is said about Rahul can also be said about as he was also targeted and hounded by the sickular media for last 13 years. the only difference is that people of India have voted him to become the PM.

  24. Sushant was a sensitive and educated soul, prone for hurt after bullying and insults.
    Our 51 year old, adolescent has not enough IQ to feel frustration and despondency.
    A toughened interior and exterior of Lootens Delhi, require no thought of self destruction..

  25. Why is Rahul Gandhi so mentally strong? Many answers.
    1) He is in politics as long as his mother thinks the time to leave the country has not yet arrived.

    2) He is a split personality or some other psyco case

    3) He is a good person who is just in the wrong profession

    4) He silently hates all Modi voters (a Congress insider said so) and hates everybody else too

    5)He has no shame about anything. About not doing anything fruitful in life till his age is 50. Singing the anti-national tune etc.

    6)His memory is much shorter than we are made to think by media and the Congress IT cell. Might be only 1 day long memory.

    • This sounds more like your father Modi, Except point (3) cannot be applied to your father because his only profession is manipulation. Point (2) describes your Dad Modi perfectly.

    • Could you tell us the objective assessment instruments you used to arrive at such findings? We would appreciate the details of your scientific study. If not, it is just your biased and hateful views

  26. Will the author kindly let us know in another article why this buffoon we call Pappu, was detained at Boston airport when Vajpayee was the prime minister?

    • There is nothing to write about it, because the whole so called Boston saga is a figment of imagination manufactured at the BJP IT cell factory.

      • Very true Mr Deb !

        Here is the link to the article debunking that canard spread by the BJP IT Cell and its emissaries like Mr Gary.

    • Why did Bajpayi save Rahul gandhi?All opponants use to finish opponant.this is a false and baseless story

  27. The writer should just think where an ordinary person with Rahul Gandhi’s mental faculty would have been left in the political,,social field in the country.He is a national leader but goes missing from the country at his whim.Why did he not accept MMS offer to thee any ministry of his liking and now he does not want to be even president of INC?Can this writer say what are Rahul Gandhi’s attributes to become a national leader.His shouting at the prime minister calling him utho,utho and ill manneredly embrcing him and then winking mightily pleased is OK? His calling Modi a Chor ok?

  28. Yes, very correctly opinied, Rahul Gandhi indeed deserves praise for his this quality.

  29. Wow… What a journalism and what an article with all examples.

    BJP and BAKTH know only one thing Which is called “Character Assassination”. They don’t have guts to fight, they don’t have guts to answer the questions, they don’t have guts discuss on real issues.

    It does not matter which party serves the country as long as they accept their mistakes and having only one agenda to take the country in correct path.

  30. Jyoti Yadav jo aab Rahul Gandhi ki aarti utaro. Woh bohot mahan shakhs hai. This column and Rahul worshipping has crossed all limits. The writer is entitled to do so since this is the part of the DNA of thr left leaning journos. Their umbical chord is tied to the Gandhi family and so every person connected with the family, mostly infamous has to be defended at any cost. The author conveniently forgets how her boss and like minded journos in the media have targetted Modi since 2002. Congressmen in particular have used the most vile abuses and if I name them here The Print will not publish this comment. So if people who ridicule Rahul are called trolls then who are you who abuse Modi day in and day out. It is to Modi’s credit that he simply refuses to bit the bait. Any other person in Modi’s place would have made Sushant Rajput of himself when the entire media machinery, the intellectuals like PB Mehta, Suhas Palshikar, amd many others constantly criticise Modi for whatever he does. So how has Modi managed to get elected as PM for 2 consecutive occasions inspite of the targetting ? It is because Modi’s focus is on the job he has been given by the people of this country and not respond to hit jobs by mediamen and alike. This article is naked worship of a person whose family is known for being the most corrupt and communal and which has been rejected by the people of this country.

    • “This column and Rahul worshipping has crossed all limits.” — This can be more appropriately said of almost 95% of so called “news” worshiping Modi. He cheats even in rehearsed interviews by carrying a copy of pre-written questions and answers, and yet shamelessly allows stuff such as ‘pariksha per charcha’ to be attributed to himself. He is a phony.

  31. in democracy you cannot impose your son on the people. people’s wish is paramount. he himself said recently – madness is repeating the same action again and again and expecting different result every time.

    • Mr Kasiviswanathan Krishnan: You pontificate:

      “.. in democracy you cannot impose your son on the people. people’s wish is paramount ..”

      Fully agree with you Sir.

      But doesn’t that apply to Stalin & Kanimozhi? Or to the many other dynasts in almost every political party, especially the BJP ? The Mulayalm Yadav clan, the Lalu Prasad Yadav clan, the Patnaiks of Orissa, the Reddys of Andhra Pradesh and so on spring to mind. Indeed, a systematic analysis of dynasties in Indian politics shows that the BJP & the Congress are equally dynstic, see ref:

      And coming to the democracy part of your claim. If the electorate does not mind voting in dynasts who are you say they shouldn’t? After all, if voters feel that dynasts should be rejected, they could have done so at the ballot box. Clearly, voters seem to like dynasties – regardless of what you and I might think about it.

  32. According to RG promoting journalists—– RG is Sachine Tendulakr of Indian politics. RG is Miss universe of beauty of Indian politics. RG is Einsteen of Science of contemporary politics of India. In his previous life He was Chanakya who trained Chandergupta Maurya. His name and ancestry is enough to saddle him on the seat of the PM of India which is upsurged by a person who was just a Chaiwala in his childhood. Team of RG promoting journalists will not rest till this injustice to him is rectified .


  34. Shame on the duo for doing what they are which is turning Bhakts and the trolled into mentally disturbed people. If Sushant’s death does not act as a wake up bell then our nation will possibly soon turn into an asylum. Great work the Johar’s, the BJP and it’s Margdarshaks who have chosen to remain silent through all that it’s party is indulging in.

  35. What an article. Intersectionality at its best. Use the unfortunate self-inflicted-death of an actor for political analysis. Anyway. Mental health issues are a challenge globally, not just in our country. We used to deal with it with certain “Ayurvedic treatments”, that Gandhi Juniour’s father had banned in the mid 80s while trying to get into the good books of Mr. Reagan. It would seem that Juniour Gandhi seems to favour the same treatment, perhaps, to deal with the alleged assualts on his mental health. Well, good for him! Since then, the US has locked up 1% of its population for said treatments, figured out they have gone overboard, and legalised. While we, in India, continue to be deprived of the fruits of our ancient wisdom thanks to the pussilimanity of juniour Gandhi’s dad.

  36. You hit the nail.

    The great Sanatan culture they talk about but how the troll army destroys a person mentally to a point of no return. Mr. Malviya might regret one day what mental torture he gives for his carnal desires.
    The trolls are sadists actually that’s what in India in general bullying in childhood is ignored.
    How mentally it hurts? One will know ONLY when one is hurt himself.
    What Karma is this if at all they believe in Karma?
    I pray for PEACE in the world, mental and physical.

  37. The Print exists only to support Rahul Gandhi at all costs.
    Rahul Gandhi is the victim here folk!!!

    He is a victim – this is now his main qualification.

    His other qualification is that he is a Nehru Gandhi scion.

    That’s why he is entitled to become PM of India.

    • What keeps him going ? He has to protect the family silver which the family has collected from this nation since laat 60 plus years. And anyway there is nothing else he can do. Also where else can he find an avenue where he, his sister and his mother stay in three seperate bunglows 10K sq meters plus.. in Delhi’s swanky locality. So this is a lucrative profession to be in. And as Rahul said about the Maharashtra situation that congress with 12 ministers in Maharashtra cabinet is not responsible for the plight of the state. They are in supporting role with 12 ministers ? Classic case of wanting power but no responsibility. Has no idea of India, its problems , its opportunities. If abusing Modi daily was the ticket to power he would have been elected as PM in 2014 itself but fortunately people of this great country dont get swayed by what is written in media. They do their own analysis and then decide. By interviewing like minded people who speak the same language as him Rahul has further exposed his own limitations. And yet the media wanta him to be the PM ? Never. It will and should never happen.

      • His defense against the trolling or bullying are
        1) his mediocre mind makes him incapable to analyse even people tease him.

        2) he must have been on weeds of special qualities.

        3) he has got his own chamchas within his party, leftist media including theprint. Academia & so called intellectual which were nurtured during reign of his father’s, dadi’s time

  38. Trolled, abused, mocked, bullied?
    The guy is a Class 1 idiot.

    Why don’t you report on his irresponsible statements which frequently have anti-national undertones?

    Do you really want an imbecile as the Prime Minister of India? Really? Do you think he is capable of facing Xi Jinping?

    • Atleast he would be unlike modi , who is a grade one coward. Who didn’t take press conference , kindly look at modi face at karan thapar interview… Lmao he is worthless the modi

    • Mr Jivanta Kanhere: Well who is getting thrashed, humiliated and humbled by Xi Jinping ? Is it Rahul Gandhi?

      What members of the Modi cult forget is that the 56 inch chested man and his pugilistic Home Minister who whip up extreme nationalism and Islamophobia to get elected have actually gotten the nation into a lot of danger.

      Amit Shah’s speech in Parliament on 5th Aug 2019 about ending the special status of Kashmir and promising the baying, blinkered, BJP bhakths that Pak Occupied Kashmir and Aksai Chin would be recovered was noticed by the Chinese. The frantic trips by Foreign Minister Jaishankar to Beijing did not appear to placate the Chinese and you now have the Chinese gobbling up Indian territory. And the 56 inch chested man and his belligerent Home Minister do not let out a squeak.

      Of course, bhakths like you who belong to the Modi cult have been so brainwashed that even when the Chinese come and knock down your house due to the adventurism and of these 2 Gujaratis, you will continue to blame Rahul Gandhi & Jawaharlal Nehru. Therein lies the tragedy of India – an electorate that does not hold politicians accountable but blindly worships them and swallows their empty propaganda lock, stock and barrel.

      So who are the real imbeciles here Mr Jivanta Kanhere ?

  39. At least BJP IT Cell is swadeshi..They didn’t outsource that to our neighbor..RG’s supporters are unfortunately not Indian citizens

  40. Really!!Is this an article.
    What rubbish is this.
    In this era of social media every celebrity is on receiving end not only rahul gandhi.
    The names you mention arnab goswami,pm modi,amit shah is also on receiving.
    Stop glorifying rahul gandhi in fictitious ways.

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