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New India has a solution to all its problems — Blame the Muslim

The ‘Muslim’ angle ensures that the otherwise silent Modi ministers turn into overnight activists, and the social media 'warriors' are never short of an issue to let their bigotry out.

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New India has a new solution — a Ram baan, if you may. If you have a problem or are caught in a difficult situation, you only need to find a Muslim to put the blame on. Not only can you effectively manage the situation, you can activate Hindu ‘warriors’ on social media, and drive the police and government into action.

Were you hurt over the news of a pregnant elephant in Kerala’s Palakkad district dying after accidentally eating a pineapple stuffed with explosives and wanted everyone to outrage? The fact that no one celebrated the elephant’s death, unlike those who had relished the death of more than a hundred Pakistanis killed in a plane crash in Karachi recently, must have been a bummer. 

Well, India was in for some luck. The media played its part by changing the elephant’s location from Palakkad to Malappuram — a Muslim-dominated district. All that was needed now was to cash in on the news, and spread the rumour about how it was a ‘Muslim’ job. It helped that BJP MP Maneka Gandhi — a known animal rights activist and a former minister — came forward to endorse it, and also add a whole new layer of communal angle to the story by inserting an endless stream of misinformation about the Muslim-dominated Malappuram into it. 

Soon, other BJP ministers such as Prakash Javadekar, party leaders, perpetual nationalist Akshay Kumar, and sportspersons such as Virat Kohli appeared on social media crying their heart out — after staying silent for over two months as hundreds of labourers and poor Indians died on the roads or in trains because the Narendra Modi government couldn’t do much for them after announcing a stringent lockdown to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

To make the ‘Muslim is responsible’ story more credible, pro-government journalists such as Deepak Chaurasiya announced that two Muslims have been arrested. Does it really matter that the police have arrested only one person and he isn’t a Muslim? 

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An effective strategy

The ‘Muslim’ angle ensures that not only do the otherwise silent ministers turn into overnight activists, promising that the Modi government “will not leave any stone unturned” to investigate an animal’s death, even the smarting majority gets a fresh issue to let the usual dose of bigotry out.

But while this outrage is communal, it’s also extremely selective. Lakhs of labourers walked thousands of kilometres on foot to reach homes during the lockdown but not a single officer or leader was held accountable for the misery they were put through. 

After the coronavirus pandemic broke in January and as countries around the world began to take measures, India failed to see the urgency and until late February, was busy welcoming US President Donald Trump. The following month, on 11 March, the BJP headquarters waited for the arrival of Congress import Jyotiraditya Scindia to officially join the party, showing zero apprehension about the pandemic. On 24 March, the Modi government finally announced the lockdown after organising a taali-thaali show where people came out of their homes, shedding all concerns about getting the coronavirus. 

And then came the Tablighi Jamaat, and reports that some of its members who had attended a congregation on 13-15 March, had been tested Covid-19 positive. Suddenly, the whole country realised the danger of coronavirus, learnt about social distancing overnight, and understood why people needed to wear masks or avoid religious gatherings, and how important it was to promptly report any violation (real or imagined) to the police.

Since then, the blame game against the Tablighi Jamaat hasn’t stopped, with chief ministers of at least four BJP-ruled states — Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttarakhand — holding the group responsible for the spread of the coronavirus. If that wasn’t enough, the Modi government also blacklisted about 2,600 Tablighis who won’t be able to enter India for the next 10 years.

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Get the police to act

India’s solution of ‘blaming the Muslim’ is also proving to be an effective tool in policing. In a case of suspicious death, if the police is unresponsive, then simply blame it on a Muslim and the administration will jump into action.

A boy drowned in Bihar’s Gopalganj in March but there was little clarity about the death from the police’s investigation. Then a website called OpIndia, which is known for spreading fake news, ran a story claiming that the boy was “sacrificed” in a mosque. Soon, the police force sprung into action. Within days, the DGP of Bihar had visited the village and confirmed that the boy had indeed drowned and there was no ‘Muslim’ angle to the death.

If there is trouble in an inter-religious couple’s relationship, then just blame the Muslim man and their affair a product of so-called ‘love jihad’. The Hindu society will run from pillar to post to ‘help’ the woman get ‘justice’.

Do you want your local temple that has been lying unattended for years to be repaired? Just use your powers given to you by WhatsApp to spread the rumour that Muslims have been laying scorpions at the temple site and the collective Hindu society will rise together to ensure your life is safe and you are able to perform your prayers at the temple.

For a big country like ours, with the government leaving it upon the citizens to look after themselves — be ‘atmanirbhar’ — it really is a moment of reckoning and comfort that all its problems now has one easy solution: blame the Muslim.

Views are personal.

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  1. Basically majority of muslims are uneducated due to economic back ground and lack of family planning. They are always fighting mood because they feel in secure due to so called minority status. In the world most wars fought in Muslim countries, why?

    • Vasudev shares the sociopolitical ideology of Bharatiya Janata Party and Hindutva. He plays a vital role in Indian right-wing politics, using his suave and seemingly apolitical guru persona to spread an exclusionary brand of non-secular ethno-nationalism to an urban audience.
      He advocates a total ban on cow slaughter and deems the Muslim Rule in India as centuries of “oppressive occupation”, which were far worse than the British Raj. Vasudev has also spoken in favour of the 2019 Balakot airstrike, introduction of a comprehensive GST and Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 whilst deeming the Thoothukudi protests as lynching of corporate industries. In an interview before Times Now, Vasudev had blamed the left liberal sections of the society for facilitating militancy in Kashmir and lamented about how Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid (of JNU sedition row fame) were hogging the public limelight instead of being behind the bars. His understanding of realpolitik and history, as displayed in delivering these stances, has been widely criticised

      • Very well said Mr Leecha.

        Mr Jaggi Vasudev has no other choice but to defend whichever dispensation happens to be in power. He faces several court cases, one of them being the death of his wife under suspicious circumstances and the subsequent rapid cremation of the body. And many other violations of environmental laws. And the greatest weapon any Indian government has in its arsenal is the threat of re-opening of old cases.

        Besides that, YouTube maestro and golfing guru Vasudev is a suave peddler of right-wing Savarkarian ideology mixed with a few chunks of dubious philosophy, some disguised misogyny, pseudo-environmentalism, a warped interpretation of history and thinly disguised contempt for other religions. Superficially, a somewhat more convincing version that other charlatan Swami Nithyananda, currently doing sanyas in Ecuador.

        For instance, Vasudev and his Isha Foundation launched the “Rally for Rivers” initiative with much fanfare and publicity. The drive aimed to plant trees along each bank of the river, extending to a distance of 1 km on each bank. A key “inner engineering” ingredient in this nonsense was a “missed call” !! And India’s leading hydrologist Rajendra Singh says:

        “Rally for Rivers’, is not for rivers. It is for the land, for money, for power, for fame and for name .. I have rejuvenated nine rivers in my lifetime. I haven’t seen any of them rejuvenate with a missed call ..”


        Mr Jaggi Vasudev follows a very well-trodden path in Indian politics – becoming the religious face of political parties and politicians. Just as “Flying Swami” Dhirendra Brahmachari was an influence peddler in the court of PM Indira Gandhi, Jaggi Vasudev strives to become the same to PM Modi. Although the cognoscenti say that he faces tough competition from Sri Sri …

        With the addition of the guru to the neta – crony capitalist complex, the circle is indeed complete. Also for the BJP.

    • Vasudev has also been noted as a longstanding purveyor of pseudo-scientific information across a spectrum of topics, aligning to a politico-religious model.

    • Mr Prasad: Heard of World War 1 and World War 2 ? The Boer War ? The Crimean War? The Napoleonic Wars ? Were they fought in Muslim countries Mr Prasad? Or were you sound asleep in your history classes ?

      • Well, I guess you were sleeping in history class because you didn’t come across the massive execution of Armenians and Malabar Hindus by the religion of terror. These muslims are dangerous, I guess it is hard to accept facts.

  2. According to what I have heard is that Muslims and a man named Wilson were arrested. A journalist in TOI blamed Hindus by depicting a picture of their god named ‘Ganesha’. You people are the hypocrites.

  3. Blaming one particular community will create a new devil. My point is whenever you’re annoying entire community, same time giving birth a new problem.
    Once again, don’t blame entire race, religion, sex, community, geography and it’s people.

    Saperate the trouble and trouble maker, start identify behaviour, person, support system, attack on these.
    Want to solve, never drag the community at all!
    Want to do politics, go ahead kill the country & it’s people.

    • Correct perspective! Look at crime as a crime and don’t give it a political and religious spin! The Print is dedicated denigrate Modiji’s govt! Do much credibility for it’s news & views; Nothing works! Ppl understand the games media plays!

      • Mr Sreedhar: Is there much to celebrate about Modi’s government?

        The economy was destroyed by sheer incompetence long before the COBID crisis, ther unity of the country has weakened, India’s Muslim partners in the Middle East and the Gulf are up in arms at the blatant Islamophobia displayed of BJP leaders, the Chinese took umbrage at Amit Shah’s reckless statement that India would recapture Aksai Chin and have now started to nibble at Indian territory, there is extensive capital flight, FDI has plummetted and so have remittances from Indians abroad. And then, you have millions of migrants facing slow death by starvation.

        Of course, there are many vanity projects afoot Mr Sreedhar. An unwanted Patel statue that generated employment for the Chinese, a bullet train to nowehere, an unwanted Central Vista construction project in delhi, including a brand new house for the Gujarathi graduate of Delhi University and last but not least: 2 state of the art Boeing 757 planes to ferry the jet-setting chaiwala !

        Mind-boggling that even educated people like you fail to recognise that you are being taken for a ride – at bullet train speed to economic and political ruin.

  4. Like everything becomes redundant with time, this agency has also become. Time to revolve and transform now for them.

    • It all started with finding a reason to blame Hindus first.. Now when the opposite is happening they cant tolerate it

      • Pranay: But as things stand today in Hindutva embracing Modistan, Muslims are blamed for everything aren’t they Mr Pranay? Aided and abetted by your ilk …

  5. when a rape case happens , first you ppl check the religion ,if the victim is muslim ,you will add masalas and say an innocent “muslim” girl was r**** by some hindu(mentioning the caste if of high caste to suit your agenda),and then celebs hold placards (“not in my name”,”ashamed of hindu”etc.)
    when reverse happens a hindu girl is raped by muslim … it gets difficult to find it in the media and even if it is their just for formality the headlines are:
    investigation underway for an alleged “assault” on a woman by a “person”…

    • This media is living by begging the funds from jihadi groups, moreover the media never disclose the reality if something bad happens to hindus or any other non muslim, non christian minorities in the country. They make bigotry and hateread comments on these groups and always take jihadis side. then preaches hindus about secularism. Enough of silence from hindus on all these stupid media and kammees and rhe jihadis.

  6. Think! they are claiming to kick 20 crore Muslims out? The whole world will be shaken if they kick only 10,000 out. The government is making everyone fool, whoever is getting trapped into their hondutva agenda are fools. They will make you fight, hate against Muslims and while you are fighting they will fill their bank accounts and enjoy VVIP life style then they will wrap up their show and everything will be back to normal like before it will remain normal for few years until people forgets.

  7. Whenever Jihadis do something the treacherous media Jihadis like print,wire,scroll,quint,alt news are always there to white wash their crimes. Why am I not surprised the jihadis are not our only enemy the but the commytard journalist and filthy liberals are worse than these jihadis

  8. YES. I do blame muslims for all the problems of india. If muslims are not there, all problems will be solved. so I want to wipe them out of india. Any problems????

    • Get to the real Problem.Government promised ached din with sabka saath sabka vikaas. Where are the 15 Lakhs promised?Where are the 2 crore jobs every year.?all promises are now accepted as Jumla ?It is the failure of the government which promised Make in India but went and bought France Manufactured Rafaele jets.Now, when there is fulfillment of promises, someone has to be blamed.Muslims are the soft target.Any one who opposes is anti national.Anyone who asks questions is raided by CBI,ED and arrested.Shift the focus from development to communal talk and people will forget about development.

    • Hindu Militant: Utterly shocking to read your vile comment.

      Indeed, you remind me of Adolf Hitler who blamed Jews for all problems in Germany, real and imagined. And Hitler did do his best to wipe them out of Germany just as you want to wipe Muslims off the face of India. Concentration camps were built and massive crematoria were constructed to facilitate the industrialised genocide of Jews, gypsies and other who were not Aryan enough. Upwards of 6 million people were exterminated.

      I guess I should not be surprised that Nazism inspired Hindutva supporters like you talk the way you do. After all, the RSS, the greatest of the Hindutva organisations was modelled on the ideas of Hitler. And taking a leaf out of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany, India’s PM Narendra Modi has already constructed concentration camps in many places in Assam to dump Muslims. And just as Jews in Nazi Germany were required to display a star to identify themselves as Jews, there are now similar efforts afoot with the NCR to detect Muslims that Amit Shah calls as “termites”. One wonders what plans are in store for the “termites” when they are captured. I shudder to think of that a-after all, we are dealing with people who have been responsible for the 2002 Godhra pogroms …

      Clearly,in the India of 2020 , there seems to be a market for your disinfection services Hindu Militant. Or shall we say Hindu Taliban?

      PS: You also have a female fan called Jasmine below who subscribes to your Nazi ideas.

      • Good to hear some semblance among the vile and senseless cacophony and fake bravado. All the best, sir. Spread the common sense.

      • THANKYOU for compliments. But I am not modelling myself on Hitler. Rather the great son of India, Mohammed Ali Jinnah. If he could wipe out 28% of population from Pakistan, why cant I wipe out 14% from India? Read Jinnah’s theory of mutual hostages. “Two strong states, none of which will dare misbehave with their minorities. One state misbehaves with its minorities, the other state will retaliate against its minorities” Sir stafford cripps asked” You mean to say they are hostages?”
        “Exactly ! fear is the most potent weapon” replied Jinnah.

    • India is not only for hindutvawadis, india for all Indians and hindutvawadis are not originally Indian, they migrated from pakistan, Bangladeah, Afganistan etc. No hindu religious books tell about what the hindutvawadi saying or doing, all these are their mental problems.

    • No problem, why are you waiting? start your militia – you have to complete a genocide without getting apprehended or killed in the process. History is not on your side but give it your best shot and try not getting shot. Though reality is you won’t do much.

  9. Well said new India, fix the blame on the Muslims and all the problems are solved. Muslims are systematically being cornered everywhere, turning a democracy in to a apartheid.

  10. So true of the current situation in India! Very well written.
    The saddest part of it is that the mindset of every India is brainwashed and corrupted so much that they start believing that root cause of their ill is Muslims and Islam.

  11. Why are muslims in india after they got separate country in 1947? 200 million of them,2/3 population of USA squatting here after killing million Hindus in areas they were majority. They should be made to leave or conditions should be created to make them leave. The partition must be finished

    • Maybe because some Muslims do not agree or do not want a partition, for example, you can’t let 40,000 terrorists speak for 1.8 Billion people now can you? And I also like how you missed the death of 1000s of muslims as well.

    • What are you waiting for – start the process, based on the comments here many will join you? Do you also plan to remove the brave Muslims in the Indian military forces too?

  12. Blame the Muslims to solve problems is nothing but rubbish. But for sure Modi haters are the bottleneck in the progress of India.

  13. Muslims are not just to blame for the problem of India but the entire world must blame with co-china.

  14. Why such articles on CBSE website ? Secularism is Minority Appeasement . Minority Mollycoddling .. It is the onus of only Majority .Minority suffer from permenent Persecution complex even though they have Fundamental Rights and Shariah law. The leaders of Minority community should uplift the community instead of blaming others. In some states Minority are in Majority and viceversa

  15. Each govt uses diversionary tactics to shift public attention away from its failures to more emotive issues. The present govt is facing heat on economy, lockdown and migrant crisis. It is the ideal time to foment communal hatred .

  16. Jyoti Yadav is spot on. It is very difficult to diagnose the cause of problems and deal with it properly. The BJP governments in power everywhere have come up with the magical solution of blaming it on Muslims and then the adoring public gets distracted and does not ask the genuine questions that they are meant to ask.In medieval times in Europe, outbreaks of plague used to get blamed on Jews and they used to get killed in their hundreds and one is reminded of this when you see the blame game around Tabligis.It appears that we are still stuck in the Middle Ages.

  17. It’s the reason why their is so much of discrimination and violence in our society.
    Now it’s high time when WE THE PEOPLES OF INDIA should understand the scam happening to create disturbance in between our society.
    Such a Pendemic situation has occurred worldwide and we peoples are still busy with Hindu Muslim because our #MEDIA is busy spreading hatred Everytime.

    I believe that some people’s in every community are wrong but because of those some why all should be blamed.

    Hindu Muslim Sikh Isae, hum sab hain bhai bhai.

    We are literate and well established in our life so doing such insane activity in within our society is not good.

    Let’s all of us be together and become a powerful strength for our Nation’s future betterment.

    Let’s all together promote our Nation to be a Developed Nation; Yes our Nation have the capability to do so.

    United we can achieve our goal.

    Love you India

    • Why do you want to keep bangladeshi refuge and rohingya who are they for you are they your brother and sister if india is a scular country then why dont you follow uniform civil code why don’t you support population control bill and they india is secualar sadcasm

  18. Yes Muslims in India are the problem and central government should start sending them overseas where ever they choose to go.

    • Mr Sunil Chohan: What would your reaction be if someone had said:

      “Europe, USA, Australia, Canad, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait and the Middle East where Indians go with their begging bowls should now unceremoniously eject these Hindu talibans and send them back to Modistan”.

      I can tell you one effect for sure: India will lose about USD 70 billions in annual remittances. And these remittances shore up an economy that the BJP under Modi has devastated by its foolish policies.

  19. ”Millions of Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Jews and Buddhists are also poor, illiterate and oppressed. Do they engage in terrorism, riots and bomb blasts, population explosion and jihad like Muslims do? ” Taslima Nasreen

    • Can you please let me know about LTTE group, ULFA group, Odisha Maowadi and so.

      Probably none of them are so called Muslim groups

      There is not called Love Jihad, it is some people’s thinking.

      If a Hindu Girls Marries a Muslim Boy then it’s love jihad but if a Muslim Girl marries a Hindu Boy then it’s normal (Wow what a huge discrimination)

      • Every religious group has their share of orthodox people but in Islam it is disproportionately high.

      • Not unreasonably, these words and actions have given Islam and Muslims a terrible reputation around the world. Even liberal, tolerant Westerners have begun to view Islam as a problem, and its teachings full of violent concepts. A complete rejection of gay relationships, for example, runs counter to the prevailing acceptance of LGBT lifestyles that now are very much a part of Western society. The concept of forced marriage and honour killings leave many furious and confused. How, they ask, can any faith direct its followers to commit such violent deeds? DAWN

      • They do it for money but you do for force conversion to spread to make india and world islamic country just take the ratio of rape and terrorism by muslims and ltte and all those stuff

  20. So Muslims should be allowed to do their terror acts all over the country, and Hindus should give them a big hug.

    • Terrorist are Terrorists please don’t give it a name of Religion.

      None religion teaches terror.

      • BARELY a day goes by without some news item or comment about Muslim immigrants in the British media. Unfortunately, almost all of this coverage is unfavourable. Indeed, ‘migrants’ has become a code word for ‘Muslims’, so people can use it with impunity without being accused of racism.
        Fifty-two per cent of all Britons agree with the proposition that “Muslims create problems in the UK”.
        Since the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and the risks it poses to security, the attitude towards Muslims has changed. After the 7/7 attacks on London transport and many other failed terrorist plots, Muslims are being increasingly viewed as a fifth column. And while other ethnic and religious minorities have made a serious attempt to blend into the mainstream, many Muslims have chosen to distance themselves from the host community

  21. It is always Hindu girls fall in love with Muslim men. But Muslim girls never fall in love with Hindu men. Funny.

  22. Wislon Hassan, Abdul and riyasudin are responsible fro kiling that innocent elephant. What is thier religion jyoti yadav ji? All of you were sharing how ‘worshippers of ganesha’ killed that elephant, are these three worshippers of Ganesha ji?

    If Jihadis will act as anti-social elements they will be called out and you have to live with that you jihadan

  23. Its a typical liberati, uninformed take on the views by Maneka Gandhi. They jump to the defense of the so called, minorities. Have anybody, like the Parsis or the Jews , ever cried foul over anything. Why is it the Muslims, ie. approx 14 crore Muslims, feel beseiged? Have they so much lost confidence in themselves. I think it is time for the Muslims & their self styled supporters, bring and end to this self flagellation. In fact their self styled supporters do more harm than good to the muslims. Lets be very clear, Muslims are part of this country. They are not going anywhere. Whats happening in India is politics. Before 2014, minorities felt that they were unassailable, today they feel left out of the power structure. Hence this hue & cry. Tomorrow who knows, they may come back…Nothing is permament in politics as in life.

  24. so biased editorial, written with a prejudice in the mind, these people and journalists are the worst enemies of islam as they are the people who support the muslims in everything but don’t have the guts to criticise them if anything wrong is done by them, they are so anti- bjp and modiphobic that they see every problem with his supporters only and not on the other side. But keep it up, journalists like you please continue your one – sided propaganda, it helps the bjp only as every body is able to see your blatant and open propaganda . These people only know one thing, anyone who criticises anything about islam, or any muslim, they immediately label him islamophobic , and nothing else, but when it comes to other religions, they talk about the freedom of speech and expression.

  25. Same applies to others who blame rss hindu but u are actually one sided …..not news you have propaganda

  26. “Divide and rule” was the policy of cunning British people. Even after british left 70 years, this cunning policy is well adopted by current ruling Government.

  27. Title should be “Pissful sickulars have a solution to all their problems — Blame Modi”
    We know you, the Print…we understand you also have mouths to feed, somebody has to pay to write all this trash. Garbage in Garbage out.

  28. Pseudo intellectuals like Jyoti Yadav try to malign the nation’s image at every possible front by promoting their hidden agenda thereby creating the artificial rift among the two communities and provide our arch rival at western border with a readymade tool to us against us anytime. ThePrint should try to avoid promoting such opinions which create hatred among sections of society.

    • Pseudo nationalist and right wing goons like Mr. Kapil are responsible for this hatred between Hindus and Muslims of this country.

  29. Please we are getting enough of this venom on News Channels! Every such dialogue and debate will prove to be adding more fuel to fire.

  30. When will our politicians learn how to run a State? They need to understand a chapter of 10th standard in NCERT Social Science about Power Sharing with the case studies of Sri Lanka & Belgium.

    • Hey Idiot!! Was’nt the “Partition of India in 1947 ” a power sharing agreement in which millions of people were killed ?? Or do you want more partition?

      • just because you understand the meanings of the words ‘power’ and ‘sharing’ doesn’t mean you understand what “power sharing” is. Thankfully my students do, and maybe the next generation will have lesser number of troglodytes like you in the society.

  31. like this article very much, Govt should some work instead of blaming others. such a worst Govt running in India right now.

    • My thoughts
      1. I don’t care if some polital leaders tweet some nonsense before the investigation. Never expected print to write an article on this topic.
      2. I do see hurry in finishing the article jumping between multiple topics on what happened in bihar, pakistan and kerala. What exactly triggered jyoti yadav to write this article? Please do get it reviewed next time by Shekhar Gupta

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