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India’s anti-Muslim fake news factories are following the anti-Semitic playbook

Take any crime, add a false Muslim angle to show Muslims as perpetrators. This is exactly what Christians did to Jews in Europe for centuries.

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Bela Dih village in Gopalganj district of Bihar and the city of Lincoln in the UK are worlds apart. But something that happened in Gopalganj this month is reminiscent of an incident in Lincoln in 1255, about 765 years ago.

Hugh, a nine-year-old boy in Lincoln, disappeared on 31 July 1255. His body was fished out of nearly a month later. The well was owned by a Jew, who was falsely accused of having committed the ritual sacrifice of a Christian boy for religious purposes.

In Bela Dih village of Gopalganj district, a 15-year-old boy named Rohit drowned in a river on 28 March this year. The post-mortem and the FIR clearly said that the cause of death was drowning, and did not mention any injury marks. About 40 days later, a pro-BJP misinformation machine called OpIndia published an article alleging that the boy had been killed in a mosque as ritual sacrifice by Muslims.

This caused enough communal tension in Gopalganj that the head of Bihar Police, the DGP, personally had to go to Bela Dih village. OpIndia also published fictional accounts that the boy’s family had left the village because it “feared” the Muslim neighbours — the family members had left because they were unhappy with the local administration.

Fake news, misinformation and warmongering about the other community have always been around in India. The institution of the Hindu-Muslim riot is often activated with a canard, such as false claims of cow slaughter. In the anti-Sikh pogrom of 1984, for instance, false rumours were circulated that Sikhs had poisoned Delhi’s water tanks. You have to first make your people hate the other community before you attack its members and then use that hate to justify the attack.

But what we see with OpIndia’s Operation Gopalganj is something different. For one, you are no longer restricted to spreading lies just about your own area. Be it Lincoln in 1255 or Delhi in 1984, such rumours had to be created and spread locally. They could then go on to become regional or even national. But today, the internet enables you to sit in Champaran, Patna, Mumbai or New York and spread fake news about a village in Gopalganj, causing communal tension there.

The resulting communal tension does not have to be limited to Gopalganj alone. An OpIndia ‘editor’ sitting in Gurgaon could create fake news about Bihar, which could create communal tension in Uttar Pradesh.

Another thing different from fake news of the past is the power of the visual. By just putting a photo of the grieving family, you can also make people feel for them and have them stand solidly behind you when you attack the community that has been established as ‘responsible’.

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‘Corona jihad’

The Lincoln incident had a history and a future. It was preceded by years of rumour-mongering about Jews carrying out human sacrifice (of Christians, of course). So this incident became believable: the owner of the well was tortured into confessing. The case became famous, with ballads and nursery rhymes written on it. This is how anti-Semitism went mainstream.

This trick is known as the Jewish or anti-Semitic canard. And there have been many kinds of anti-Semitic canards for centuries. One such was seen during a pandemic. The plague in the 14th-century Europe, better known as the “Black Death”, killed millions of people. A canard was spread that the Black Death was caused by Jews who poisoned wells. This led to the massacre of many Jews.

That’s eerily similar to what we have just seen in India. Fake news that Muslims were spitting and dropping currency notes have been deliberately floated to spread the canard that they are responsible for Covid-19.

A study by the fact-checking website BoomLive on Covid-19-related fake news has found that they were mostly China-related until March, and there was a sudden surge of anti-Muslim fake news with a Covid-19 angle in April. This included some reports put out by mainstream news outlets.

This fake news surge led to incidents of Muslims facing economic boycott and demands to that effect, all of which were amplified by memes and cartoons. In Delhi, a Muslim was beaten up, accused of ‘Corona Jihad’. Instead of being allowed to go to a hospital, he was taken to a Hindu temple and asked to convert forcibly to Hinduism before he could be allowed to go to a hospital, The Guardian reported.

The canard was started with the circulation of an audio clip where Tablighi Jamaat chief Maulana Saad Kandhalvi instructed his followers to not follow social distancing and disobey Covid-19-related prohibitory orders. The Indian Express reported that a forensic examination by Delhi Police found that the audio clip was doctored. Delhi Police denies the claim, but The Indian Express has stood by its story.

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Takes centuries to prepare a genocide

Fake news creators first Google some images or videos of Muslims beating up other Muslims in Pakistan or Bangladesh. Then, they are spread on WhatsApp groups and social media with text added to falsely claim that a Muslim had beaten up a Hindu.

The flow of such fake news is consistent and persistent. It serves the purpose of slowly and steadily spreading hate against Muslims, making the Hindu majority see them as violent, scary, unreasonable, and driven by hate.

Seen as individual pieces of fake news, they appear to be just random hate speech. But if you see the scale and regularity of this form of fake news, it is hard to miss the clear long-term strategy here. In 2018, the fact-checking website AltNews put out a long list of examples of fake news where Muslims are accused of crimes they never committed, in order to produce a narrative that Hindus are under siege — “Hindu khatre mein hai”.

Every rape, every murder, every accident is falsely blamed on Muslims, the claim amplified through untraceable WhatsApp images and videos. It’s as if someone reads the crime stories in the newspapers just to add the Muslim angle as a narrative improvisation every day.

In the short run, this helps in shifting attention away from the Narendra Modi government’s failures. So, Covid-19 is spreading, the fake news factories suggest, not because of the Modi government’s delay in testing and arranging personal protective equipment (PPE), but because Muslims are actively spreading it. This also helps in standard Hindu-Muslim polarisation, preventing a BJP voter who may be unhappy with the economic situation or has other grievances from voting for another party.

But there’s a long-term strategy in the anti-Muslim canard. And you can see that strategy if you study the long history of the anti-Semitic canard. The two incidents cited above — OpIndia’s Operation Gopalganj and the ‘Corona Jihad’ canard — sound so similar to the anti-Semitic canard that you might as well wonder if someone is reading a playbook.

The Holocaust — the 20th century genocide of European Jews — came after centuries of propaganda against Jews. And the anti-Semitic canard was central to this propaganda. It was also central to Nazi propaganda to turn the Christian masses into silent, willing supporters of the Holocaust.

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Don’t wait for it to come 

Genocide is a big word not to be used lightly. Yet, the similarities between the Jewish canard in Europe and the Muslim canard in today’s India should make us look at the long arc of history. If we don’t stop these fake news factories today, we might be writing a terrible, terrible history of our time.

If you think that’s an exaggeration, think of Shambhulal Regar. In 2017, he brutally hacked and burnt alive a Muslim labourer to death in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district. A BBC Hindi report found that people in the area were subject to an endless stream of hate videos over WhatsApp, videos showing gory images of calves being slaughtered. According to The Quint’s analysis of hate crime in India, at least 113 people have been killed by Hindu mobs since 2015, when Mohammad Akhlaq in Uttar Pradesh’s Dadri was dragged out of his home and lynched by more than 500 people.

We don’t need to wait for the time when these incidents become a mass phenomenon. If we repeat the mistakes of Europe, one day we will only have guilt and remorse over what we did.

The author is contributing editor to ThePrint. Views are personal.

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  1. Didn’t understand the reason of putting a Guardian story for Delhi. The Guardian is left leaning first of all which we can of course ignore, but The Guardian is not based in India. Referring to your example of an editor in Gurugram causing ruckus in Gopalganj is, it can be the same. Kindly quote local sources for local news. Thank you for your thoughts.

    • Mr Dishant Grover: I think we now have the makings of the new philosophy of “Groverism”, the main tenets of which appear to be:

      1. You cannot cite left leaning newspapers. Implicit in this is the notion that only right-leaning newspapers should be cited.
      2. Only newspapers or sources based in India can be cited, outside sources are perhaps polluted.

      I guess Groverism has been inspired by Modi’s “atmanirbharism” and is perhaps an application of “atmanirbharism” to the domain of communications.

      With baited breath, I await the evolution and widespread adoption of Groversim !!

  2. Trolls will surely flock to try and discredit the article, or they may not really get the significance. But for those who are aware of history and do not have a death-wish for their country, it is a timely reminder.

    • This is a ludicrous story. I am not saying there are no hate crimes but I don’t think 150+ is a big number in india ( even 1 death is bad but let’s look at context). Can this silly author say how many hindus were killed by muslims in india? I am assuming there must be a few , does it mean that all muslims are hindu killers. Without looking at data carefully and holistically anything and everything can be magnified and mis-represented. For a good comparison, can the author put in specific numbers of cow lynchings, killings of Hindus or other minorities by muslims and so on..while keeping indias size in view….in a country of 1.3 billion, can the author talk about scale…is 150 a big number ( again re-emphazising that even 1 is bad but so are murders, rapes, accidents and many others ), are we dramatizing it way beyond its actual impact just to project the current govt in poor light?

      • blah blah blah, whataboutry, every trick in nagpur to generate lies. when lies don’t stick, generate white-noise.

        • bluu bluu b lu … when someone confronts u with fact … u call him sanghi from nagpur …. n what r u bhangi lungi or hira mandi lawhore ? violent ideologies will beget violent responses … those cults who dont believe in secularism n democraacy cos their holy books dont allow it …. are barking about indian democracy n secularism

          • Mr Aamir: And what makes you think that India is a secular democracy when the fascist ideology called Hindutva is what the Modi government espouses?

            Democracy is built upon institutions and ideas such as separation of powers between the legislature, executive and the judiciary, a free press, respect for the Constitution and respect for all religions – to name a few facets of democracy. Today, when the executive i.e. the Modi government has gagged the press for all practical purposes, controls the judiciary and the civil services, merely having elections alone is not what one would call democracy. Such sham elections that substitute one ayothollah for another as in Iran or one military puppet for another as in Pakistan or one dictatorial party boss for another as in China, or one kleptocrat like Papa Doc for another called Baby Doc as in Haiti are not signs of democracy.

            If you expect the violent, totalitarian ideology called Hindutva which was and is modelled on Adolf Hitler’s Nazism and Benito Mussolini’s fascism to be described by the adjective “democratic” then you need to read a book or two about history. And I am sure you can find the time to read these things – after all you seem to be somewhat more educated than the run of the mill Hindu Yuva Vahini member and hopefully, only a part-time gaurakshak.

      • Mr/Ms Suntest: I admire the fact that at the very least, you shed a crocodile tear or two before hastening on to defend the Modi government. Thus, you create the smokescreen of compassion “even 1 death is bad” before arriving at the real reason for your post viz. defence of the racist, violent Hindutva of the current government and its policy of state sanctioned violence against Muslims. Indeed, you pooh-pooh the article by dismissing it as “dramatizing .. just to project the current govt in poor light”.

        For sure, killings, rapes, religiously motivated violence, caste driven violence and lynchings occur all the time in India. But what sets the Modi government apart are:

        1: The significant increase in violence towards Muslims under its watch. Indeed, 97% of the attacks took place after 2014 and BJP states accounted for more than 50% of these attacks: ref:

        2: The overt and covert encouragement of such violence from senior BJP politicians, often through their hate speeches, tweets and the violent organisations they spearhead. Union Minister Jayant Sinha garlanded convicted, yes convicted gaurakshaks out on bail, ref: Yogi Adityanath’s incendiary speeches exhorting people to take up violence against Muslims goes unpunished,

        3: The lack of protection to Muslim citizens of India by the state apparatus hereunder the police and the Courts. While one can go back as far as the Godhra riots of 2002 when Gujarat police told frightened Muslims seeking police protection “we do not have orders to protect you” and threw them to the baying hyenas of the Bajrang Dal, I will restrict myself to a more recent event. On March 23, lawyer Deepak Bundele in Betul, MP who sports a beard was thrashed by police, allegedly for violating curfew orders. Mr Bundele, a diabetic was en route to a hospital when the event occurred. The police violence was directed at him because his beard led them to believe that he was a Muslim. Indeed, the police state:
        “We do not have any enmity against you. Whenever there is a Hindu-Muslim riot, police always supports the Hindus; even Muslims know this. But whatever happened with you was because of ignorance .. You had a long beard ..”

        4: The state-sanctioned impunity accorded to perpetrators as opposed to the persistent persecution and harassment of the victim’ family.

        Fact is Mr/Ms Suntest – it is the role of the state when violence occurs that is crucial. For instance, after the Mohammad Akhlaq lynching in 2015, PM Modi remained silent for a long time before he deflected the blame from himself with a limp statement: “The Dadri incident and the protest against the Pakistani singer are sad and undesirable. But what is the role of the central government in these incidents? Ref:

        When the Modi led government does NOTHING to stop these brutal attacks on Muslims – Indian citizens in my terminology, termites according to others – it tacitly encourages them. And rewards the killers by not only failing to prosecute them but also, in some instances, garlanding them.

  3. @ Shivam,
    I think ‘anti-semitism’ was more about race/culture than religion. Equally deplorable, but I thought that factor should be mentioned too.
    Judeo-Christian philosophy tracks very closely to each other.

    • Nope f3nan !

      Anti-Semitism is heavily grounded in religion. In both Christianity and Islam, anti-Semitism has been rationalised, if not entirely justified by references to the Gospels & the Qur’an. I do not wish to get embroiled in a debate about the theological justifications for that in these columns though.

      The term anti-Semitism literally means discrimination against the Semites and Semites can be both Arabs or Jews. However, since 1879, this has come to mean discrimination against Jews, ref: But in Western Europe and in North America, both Jews and Arabs do face discrimination whilst both Arabs & Jews tend to be hostile to each other.

      It might also be worth mentioning that millions of Arabs also happen to be Jews, particularly in the Maghreb (North African) regions. Thus we have the Maghrabi (Mizrahi) Jews from the Middle East, most of whom speak Arabic, Ashkenazi or European Jews speaking languages like Russian, Polish, Yiddish etc., Sefardic Jews who were from Spain & Portugal, dark-skinned Ethiopian Jews and even Asian Jews. For instance, Kerala has a vibrant Jewish community centred around Cochin.

      While there is a lot of talk of anti-Semitism, one must also take note of the fact that within the Jewish communities in Israel, race, ethnic origins and in particular skin colour are dimensions along which there are rampant and even violent manifestations of discrimination. Dark-skinned Ethiopian Jews in particular have borne the brunt of the discrimination in Israel, ref: Likewise, Arab Jews too have been treated as second-class citizens of Israel.

  4. “Shoe I am ” you STUPIDO. Rohingya want to settle in INDIA not ISLAMIC COUNTRIES. More majorities are being killed in pakistan / Afghanistan/syria/Yemen and elsewhere. And you ofcourse have to paint HINDUS as a villains. What else a CONGRASS journalist is supposed to do. You have to remain loyal to a family.

    • You’re a jerk! Rohingyas are just escaping persecution, any country would do for them. You’re being delusional when you say that they are dying to settle in India. India has taken 40 thousand refugees; compared to 13 lakh by Bangladesh, 4 lakh by Pakistan and 2 lakhs by Saudi Arabia. So get your facts right before puking out your paranoia.

    • Mr Shailesh: Tibetan Buddhists fleeing Chinese oppression settled in India and not Buddhist countries Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand or Japan. Should your argument be used on them as well or is your hatred reserved only for Muslims Mr Shailesh?

  5. Imran khan aur China ke nazi india wale propaganda ko aap hi to aage le jaenge. Now I realize why China controls a large part of its media. You are dangreous for our country even in such difficult times (standoff with China). If all people become as miserable as you. Life would become impossible. I know that there is particular section of readers which you keep apeasing like our opposition.

    • Our central government also controls a large part of media. What’s the difference then?

      • Well said Mr Swapnil Gautam !

        In reality, the BJP exerts even more than the control over the press that what then PM Ms Indira Gandhi exercised during her hated Emergency. Unless you sing praises to the Modi government, you run the risk of being accused of sedition and anti-national activities, not only by the BJP government but also by blinkere, blind bhakths like Mr Chintu Yadav here. Men like Chintu Yadav are instrumental in turning India into a Hindu Pakistan by curbing press freedoms by emulating the mullahs and the military of Pakistan. .

  6. Why is there no legal action against such fake news peddlers? If police head of a state had to come down to a village to handle a situation like this, the fake news peddler should have been arrested and sent to lock up. Was that done?

  7. The likes of Mr. Vij have been spreading canards about the Hindu majority for years now. It was initiated first by the Christian missionaries who arrived in India with European merchants. Ever since, spreading canards about Hindus and vilifying them, especially the upper-caste ones, have been a favourite activity of the liberal/secular cabal. Unfortunately, Hindus themselves comprise the bulk of this cabal engaged in demonising Hinduism and its devout followers.

    • Please inform yourself about history and try to use your intelligence before commenting … or may be you ARE a paid troll, in which case at least ask for minimum wage.

    • Ms Swagata Singh: Hinduism, unlike other Abrahamic religions has always been open for criticism and questioning – at least until the BJP came to power. That is what kept the religion strong and resilient despite the onslaught of the Moghuls and the British and their Christian missionaries. Both these religions have little to show despite many attempts to convert Hindus to Islam and Christianity.

      Hinduism is remarkably adaptive and has changed with the times. Sati has been abolished, widow remarriage is not looked askance upon, child marriage is one the wane and so on. The social reformers and thinkers who brought about these changes would have been characterised by Hindu fundamentalists a.k.a. Hindutvaists like you as people “demonising”, “vilifying” Hinduism.

      Additionally, your pathetic post goes on to indicate that you really don’t mind this “vilification” of Hinduism as long as it is not directed at upper-caste Hindus such as yourself ! Thus, you have no problems of Dalit Hindus are vilified !! Bravo Ms Swagata Singh !!

  8. Look in the mirror. You will see a Frankenstein.
    Do all the crimes. Ascribe it and blame it on the enemies.
    Most devious trick from your (left-liberals) standard playbook.

  9. Another one sided biased article by this hate monger with red glasses. These people seem to live in echo chambers of their own and quote each other’s lies to give themselves weight. Indian express’s news has been reported to be false and will doubtless not stand up to scrutiny. Hope the so called journalist is ready to apologise after this.

  10. Mr Shivam Vij, is this article is fake factory story to malign India in Western Media & Gulf countries? You story will be good food for western Media,Gulf & Pakistan media. So continue your fake factory story till your boss Mr Shekar Gupta orders you. You must be ashamed yourself to malign India with one side of story. What about fake news of The Print.,The Wire, etc? What about Fake news sent from ISI handlers?

  11. You are right. But problem is masses don’t read such articles. Unless masses are bombarded with such articles, nothing changes on ground. What you guys need to do is how to communicate with the masses? Only then this will stop. Otherwise history repeats itself.

  12. It is really sad that our semi literate led by politicians resort to splitting our society. We have them among the RSS/BJP, Congress, Mulayams, Mayawatis, Mamtas, the communists and the Owaisi group.
    As a retired army officer who has taken part in two wars with multi religious troops I find this shocking. I had Sikhs, Marathas and Muslims in our Regiment. All of them including the Muslims fought very well against Pakistan. We retired persons of the Armed Forces find it revolting to find the Nation we fought for being rendered apart for narrow electoral considerations. Shame on these ‘desh drohis’. Jai Hind!!!

    • Col. Vivek Bopiah: I salute you for an excellent post !

      I am the son of an ex-serviceman who has served in the Indian Air Force for a significant chunk of his life. My father worked alongside people of all faiths – the cohesion of the Armed Forces depended on your being an Indian first and a Tamil, Punjabi, Hindu, Parsi, Sikh, Muslim or Christian next. Now imagine the plight of my father when he receives a call from his Muslim and even Christian military comrades that they feel unsafe in India – despite having been willing to lay down their lives for the country. My aged parents have told their Muslim friends that should they feel threatened or should BJP stoked riots against Muslims be imminent, they were to immediately proceed to our house for shelter.

      Indeed, the daughter of our maid from the 70s, a Muslim woman has also reached out to my parents to get re-assurances that she could stay with us should elements of the RSS / Bajrang Dal etc. come after her family.

      And this is the fear that these communities live under in Madras in relatively quiet and peaceful South India. Imagine the plight of Muslims in Adityanathisthan or Gujarat.

      The unity of India is fragile and is always a work in progress. Hindutva will tear India apart. But try telling that to Modi bhakths.

      Thanks once again for a perspicacious post Col. Bopiah.

      • Lol.. You seem to be present everywhere.. How free are you. Kili Jolsiyar.. In this country every religion has gone through its fare share of hate and killings.. So stop glorifying one.. India is one of the many nations in world where everyone is free to do what they want until and unless you don’t disturb the whole city or country with your propagandas.. If Right wing is wrong then so is left wing.. They have always used people specially minority for their vote banks.. Without doing anything concrete for them.. And no particular hindu or Muslim will kill anyone until and unless they have a very valid reason or have gone insane.. So stop trying to make anyone look bad here.. In Delhi our Muslim brothers protested for CAA ( whereas CAA is not impacting Indian Muslims and if it is take it to court) but still they are given every freedom.. They are allowed to peacefully protest..

        And FYI.. This is coming from a retired army officer daughters.. So don’t you dare to tell me which party I prefer.. I will prefer India anyday.. Got that.. Now go away with your ill propogenda.. Spreading hate here..

        • Ms Rina Kumari: Thanks for the response.

          You pontificate:

          “no particular hindu or Muslim will kill anyone until and unless they have a very valid reason or have gone insane”

          Well, people do not have to go insane to start the killings and pogroms, they merely need to be instigated and the animal in many will come out. But then comes a very relevant question is: What is the role of the state in all of this ? Which side does the state apparatus, in particular the police take? Any guesses Ms Rina Kumari?

          Let me apply your “valid reason theory” to some examples:

          – 1984 Sikh pogroms: What “valid reason” was there for Hindu mobs to go on the rampage and go about raping, killing, looting and burning innocent Sikhs ? You do agree that they were Hindu mobs right ? And do you know how many have been prosecuted? Or perhaps don’t care ?

          -2002 Godhra pogroms: What “valid reason” was there for Hindu mobs, led by none other than the RSS, Bajrang Dal and even prominent BJP members to kill utterly innocent Muslims in Ahmadabad? And perhaps as a woman you might also want to explain whether there was a “valid reason” for the many rapes conducted on Muslim women by so-called Hindu men? Didn’t the police not say to innocent Muslims fleeing the mobs

          “We do not have orders to protect you”?

          And in case you wish to hear your friend Babu Bajrangi of the Bajrang Dal describe how he went about burning alive, looting and raping innocent Muslims, please listen the video at ref:

          -2015 Dadri Lynching: As the daughter of a military man, what “valid reason” do you have explain the lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq, a man whose son serves in the Indain Air Force ?

          What I find truly dangerous for India is that when people in the Armed Forces fraternity like yourself take on board and endorse the polarising views of divisive politicians like Modi and many other Hindutva thugs from the BJP. The Khalistan struggles, the 1984 attack on the Golden Temple and the subsequent pogroms on Sikhs tested the commitment of many serving Sikhs in the Armed Forces. The current attacks on Muslims, instigated and orchestrated by the BJP and outsourced to its “enforcement brigades” (brigands?) such as the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, RSS, Adityanath’s Hindu Yuva Vahini, Bajrang Dal will again test the cohesiveness of the Armed Forces.

          With regard to the CAA whose praises you sing, well, that again tests the cohesiveness of the Armed Forces. I am sure you must have heard of the decorated and retired Army Officer Mohammad Sanaullah. Mr Sanaullah defended the country and saw action in Jammu 6 Kashmir and yet, was detained in Assam as an “illegal foreigner”.

          Despicable that children of Armed Forces parents like yourself would parrot the fascist politicians of the BJP and contribute to sowing discord and disunity in the country.

          Your misplaced sense of nationalism reminds me of a quote from the American journalist Sydney J Harris :

          “The difference between patriotism and nationalism is that the patriot is proud of his country for what it does, and the nationalist is proud of his country no matter what it does; the first attitude creates a feeling of responsibility, but the second a feeling of blind arrogance that leads to war.”
          I find it deeply disturbing that the daughter of a military man would act so ir-responsibly.

          Shame on you Ms Rina Kumari !

  13. While such incidents manufactured are really bad and wrong let us not forget that the atmosphere which built it up
    If only the minorities in the name of secularism dont demand rights more than the majority the situation would not have come to this level
    And our parties for votes do any thing to please the so called minority group.

    • Mr N.Neelakantan: When you pontificated :

      “If only the minorities in the name of secularism dont demand rights more than the majority the situation would not have come to this level”

      one is reminded of another fascist and Hitler admirer called Bal Thackeray who had somewhat similar things to say about “kaala madrasis” such as yourself.

      In the 60s, 70s, and 80s, Bal Thackeray believed that if the “lungiwaalahs” and “kaala madrasis” behaved and accepted that they had to be subservient to the “marathi manoos”, then they would have nothing to fear from the Shiv Sena.

      So tell me Mr Neelakantan – was the great Thackeray right in thrashing and roughing up “kaala madrasis” like you ? After all, you seem to have endorsed his ideology at least when it comes to how you intend to treat Muslims …

  14. ” It serves the purpose of slowly and steadily spreading hate against Muslims, making the Hindu majority see them as violent, scary, unreasonable, and driven by hate”…you tell good jokes, Shivam Vij

  15. 1947 Noakhali massacre , 1971 chuknagar massacre, 1947 punjab massacre (all hindu massacres, done in recent times and these are some that I remember on top of my head) during partition were results of thousand years of propaganda too, right.

    • Sangh played a big role in triggering and propagating those riots. Don’t forget the 3 lakh Kashmiris slaughtered by SwayamSevaks in 1947. Kashmiri Pandit exodus of 1990 has been the largest anti-Hindu genocide in recent history but the confirmed deaths were 219 only. Compare that with lakhs of Muslims killed by Sanghis since 1925.

    • ‘off’ the top of your head, dear boy, not ‘on’ the top of your head! unless you were doing sirsasan while writing this, which of course would explain a lot of things.
      nice to see that we have to go back as far as 1947 to dig examples to support your thesis. examples need updating – perhaps the thesis needs updating too?

    • Mr Rohan Aggarwal: You seem to have forgotten 2 massacres, nay pogroms:

      1. The 1984 pogroms targeting SIkhs
      2. The 2002 pogroms targeting Muslims

      Care to inform us which community stood behind those massacres Mr Rohan Aggarwal?

  16. It seems that left commentators have some fetish with anything related to hitler as you people try to link everything to hitler and his orgs so that name-calling and witch-hunting can be done later.

  17. So 1947 Hindu Genocide during partition and 1990 Kashmiri Hindu genocide was result of hundreds of years prapoganda !!! Please clarify Mr Khan

    • Why minorities places of worship not u der govt control?
      Answer this and rest will fall in place

      • Mr N.Neelakantan: So the lynchings of Mohammad Akhalq, Junaid Khan, Pehlu Khan. Alimuddin Ansari and many others would not have taken place if minorty places of worship had come under government control ?

        I suggest you answer after the effects of your trips to the TASMAC liquor stores have worn off.

    • it actually was. hundreds of years of teaching hate – to both hindus and muslims.
      but note that even by your own logic, we need to go back to 1990 to find an example of ‘hindu genocide’. genocide of muslims and dalits is happening here and now.

    • Mr/Ms Reddy: In 1947, didn’t Hindus & Sikhs kill Muslims as much as Muslims killed Hindus and Sikhs? Do you have any evidence to prove that Muslims were more violent than Hindus and Sikhs or vice versa? In that orgy of bloodletting, it is hard to pinpoint who threw the first stone or who was the most violent – they all were bloodthirsty animals. Many Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs from that generation have blood on their hands. In addition to horrendous rapes, forced conversions and other displays of barbarism and bestiality perpetrated by all communities.

      Indeed, can any single community claim that they have the moral high ground? Nope Mr/Ms Reddy ! Partition brought out the worst in man, regardless of his religious identity and I re-iterate – regardless of his religious identity. For many of the killers and looters of those days, religion was a mere tribal badge of identity; religion was not a font of compassion or a moral compass on how to lead their lives and treat other human beings.

      And then Mr/Ms Reddy, since you are so bloody sure that Hindus are infinitely better than Muslims, would you care to clarify which community was responsible for the pogroms against Sikhs in 1984 ? Burning alive of innocent Sikh, looting of Sikh properties, rapes and cold blooded murders were perpetrated by Hindus at that time. Who did that Mr/Ms Reddy ? Hindus or Muslims ?

      And yes, there have been murders of Hindu Pandits in Kashmir. And yes, and there has been ethnic cleansing of Pandits in Kashmir. Horrendous and unpardonable, no ifs or buts there. And it is indeed a shame on the leaders of the Muslim community, Muslim commentators, Muslim intellectuals, the wider Islamic world, the ulema i.e. Muslim clergy, the bloody ayothollahs and grand muftis and little muftis, the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation and other bearded worthies have failed to criticise this naked ethnic cleansing in Kashmir. Shame on them !

      But do Muslim atrocities in Kashmir justify the Hindutva inspired cold-blooded lynchings of innocent Muslims like Mohammad Akhlaq, Pehlu Khan, Junaid Khan, Alimuddin Ansari and many other Muslims Mr/Ms Reddy? I say no. But sadly, your Hindutva ilk seems to think yes.

  18. It’s so simple stupid. Quarantine all LIBRANDUS for life in the gutters. Then Hindu-Muslims would live in peace.

  19. Shivam Vij, you are same as Shekar Gupta who are being paid by the Congress to spread likes.The Tablighi’s did not spread Corona virus and Delhi police have evidence of that Muslims of India want to spread lies hatred and they are working with communist and leftist to spread lies and we won’t take this.We are a Democracy unlike any other and our elected MP’s will protect our rights under constitution and vMuslims are free to move out of India.Journalist like you will taught lessons since you yourself report Fake News because you don’t like us to live in Harmony.

    • Mr Sunil Chohan: Evidently, when you read something that does not corroborate what your intellectual mentors such as Arnab Goswami, Tejaswi Surya, Sadhu Pragya Thakur, Babu Bajrangi, Praveen Togadia and assorted shakha members with itchy groins tell you, well, you then resort to the only functioning tool you possess : an uncanny ability to rant, rave and regurgitate the putrid rubbish that these rogues dump in your skull.

      Nobody in The Print claimed that the Tablighi Jamaat fellows did not create a COVID cluster due to their congregation in Delhi. But unlike your mentor Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV, neither the author Mr Shivam Vij nor The Print stoked Islamophobia due to the Tablighi incident.

      But this also begs the question: Why did the brilliant Hindutva men of the BJP allow them to come to India when they were already known to have been infected in the prior Malaysian event ? And then, were the Tablighis the only event where social distancing norms were violated? Several Christian priests in Kerala also acted in blind faith, disregarding science. For instance, Kerala Bishop Zachariah Mar Nicholovos of the Orthodox Church said:

      “If you feel Holy Qurbana can transmit something other than healing, maybe you should re-examine your faith” !!!. See ref:

      Alas, the Lord did not hear the good Bishop’s prayers and this man of God contracted COVID!

      Likewise, in Telengana, at the Vemulawada shrine, pilgrims threw caution to the winds and flocked to the temple for their darshans.

      Clearly, when it comes to religion, reason is seldom in the driver’s seat. And sadly, that applies to all religions – not just Islam.

      With regard to the threats that you make :

      “Journalist like you will taught lessons”

      Well, again not much of a surprise that you threaten journalists you disagree with, given your Hindutva pedigree.

      Just a tip: The Viagra you have been prescribed does not treat intellectual impotence Sunil Chohan !!!

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