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Covid an excuse to push Indian Muslims out of informal sector jobs. Apartheid the next step

What Muslims are effectively facing now is a new form of concerted, deliberate economic marginalisation through blatant lies linking the community to the virus.

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Those who know Hilal Ahmad, associate professor at Centre for Study of Developing Societies, know him for his measured style and careful choice of words. But this tweet by him belies his reputation. “If the communal propaganda on corona virus continues like this we might see HINDU WATER and MUSLIM WATER shops at every railway station VERY SOON!” read his tweet.

This might come across as an exaggerated statement, but one also cannot deny that propaganda against Muslims on social media and television has become venomous. The results of these latest doses of prejudice around coronavirus are already showing.

In Haldwani, Muslim fruit sellers, unlike their Hindu counterparts, were forced to shut their shops by a group of people. A social media video appeared to show a Resident Welfare Association agreeing to ban Muslim vendors and workers from their gated society. In a village in Mangalore, posters came up stating that “no Muslim trader is allowed into the village till the coronavirus has completely gone away. Signed: All Hindus, Kolya”. Several Muslim truck drivers were beaten up by a mob in Arunachal Pradesh. Among the many rumours about Muslims floating around, one was not to accept any cash from Muslims.

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Chronology of discrimination

These are just some of the cases that have come to light in the past few days. The discrimination faced by the working class Muslims is hardly news, and they have little access to even social media to document them. If you look at ‘chronology’, the coronavirus bias against Muslims, comes after waves of cow vigilantism, CAA-NRC and Delhi riots.

What Muslims are effectively facing now is a new form of concerted, deliberate economic marginalisation. Having been largely shut out of the formal sector, many Muslims depend on the informal sector and self-employment for their livelihood.

In urban areas, the share of Muslims in self-employment is 50 per cent, compared to 33 per cent among Hindus, according to NSSO (2009-10). These are the vendors and workers being barred by gated colonies and truckers and fruit sellers harassed by mobs. Only 27 per cent of Muslims are in salaried/regular wage jobs, as compared to 43 per cent of Hindus and 45 per cent of Christians. Just 30 per cent of Muslim male workers have completed ‘secondary and above’ education in urban areas, compared with 58 per cent for both Christians and Sikhs, and 56 per cent for Hindus.

The gig economy is the last resort for Muslims who have been pushed to the margins owing to a history of systematic discrimination. The share of Muslim IPS officers is 4 per cent, IAS officers is 3 per cent, and IFS officers is less than 2 per cent, according to the Sacchar Committee report which was published in 2006.

The intake of new Muslim officers in the government via the UPSC every year still hovers around 4-5 per cent, much lower than their 14 per cent population share. So these numbers would not have changed significantly more than a decade after the report came out.

Even in other government jobs, Muslims lag far behind. In railways, the largest employer in India, Muslims only make up 4.5 per cent of total employees, of whom 98.7 per cent are positioned at lower levels, according to census 2011. In the top jobs of the corporate sector, Muslims account for only 3 per cent.

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Poor social mobility

What’s worse is that Muslims have the worst social mobility among all communities. While the upward mobility of Dalits and Adivasis have improved in recent decades, it has actually dropped for Muslims.

If this discrimination against working class Muslims, who are already suffering from the general depression, takes hold in society and becomes widespread, the consequences would be devastating. Hindus and Muslims often live in segregated clusters in urban areas, but they are intertwined by the web of economic transactions. If that goes away, we are looking at pockets of apartheid in our country.

That might sound alarmist but the psychological worlds of Muslims and Hindus have already become strikingly separate. The thoughts, ideas and feelings of an ordinary Hindu is worlds apart from that of an ordinary Muslim. To think that this psychological distance wouldn’t soon translate into social and economic distance would be naïve. Apartheid was built not so much on physical barriers as on ideology.

Many scholars understood the beliefs undergirding apartheid from the structural theory of racism, which stated that racist prejudice is both a product and cause of racist structures. Prejudice must be constantly produced to uphold and justify the racist structure of dominance.

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Political marginalisation

The fairly explicit goal of Hindutva has always been the political marginalisation of Muslims. But many leaders of the Hindu Right have repeatedly emphasised that in other social and economic spheres, they want the betterment of Muslims.

In 2014, Modi admitted to being a Hindu nationalist, didn’t give more than bare tokenistic seats to Muslims, but offered them economic prosperity. Speaking to the Ummat Business conclave, he spoke of how certain small businesses dominated by Muslims have benefited from his rule in Gujarat.

Modi said his vision was security, equity and prosperity for everyone. “With the help of research and ready raw material, kite business in Gujarat has prospered from a turnover of Rs 30-35 crore a decade ago to Rs 700 crore now,” he claimed, adding that it led to the overall prosperity of the Muslim community.

Even in his second term, Modi, probably consciously, started with well-publicised scholarships to Muslim students before embarking on the troika of triple talaq, Kashmir and CAA. The government would also no doubt wash its hands of acts of economic discrimination, like they do with lynchings, even if both are the logical consequences of their politics.

And it underscores the plain reality that you can’t claim to empower Muslims socio-economically while marginalising them politically because the two aspects have always been inseparable. The reason Asauddin Owaisi is appealing to so many educated Muslims is because of his singular emphasis on political power as a necessary tool for socio-economic empowerment.

It is not hard to envision widespread economic discrimination based on prejudice in our country. Afterall, we have had millennia of experience of it in the caste system.

But while the Hindu right is assiduously trying to integrate Dalits into the Hindu society, and with Dalits increasingly reciprocating with their votes, it is Muslims who are now sought to be separated; excised not just from shared nationhood but also from a shared society.

If we reach that place, we would finally have become two separate nations, living among mutual incomprehension and mistrust, and Jinnah would have been validated.

The author is a research associate at the Centre for Policy Research, Delhi. Views are personal.

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  1. Presently India is like South Africa during apartheid regime and Zimbabwe during Robert Mugabe’s rule. During apartheid regime a white guy kills a black guy no case, but a black guy slaps a white guy in retaliation he is in jail. During Mugabe’s rule he gave free hand to attack his opponents with impunity and many were classified as mob violence.

    In Delhi more than 50 Muslims are killed but no arrest in spite of many of the killers openly spoke on video. On the other hand for 2 Hindu death more than 1000 Muslims are arrested!

    RSS agenda of boycotting Muslims are not new. They started long back and many fringe hindu trst groups made list of all muslims establishment in their respective locality especially the business establishment having generic name. Recently these terrst sent fake messages stating that so and so shop owner is corona +ve so keep safe so that innocent Hindus will keep away from their shops.

    • The Strange Case Of Muslim Victim-Hood:

      — MUSLIMS CRY-VICTIMS in MUSLIM COUNTRIES —— Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Somalia,Egypt etc……

      — Because Muslims Are PERSECUTED by their FELLOW MUSLIMS in MUSLIM STATES, Poor Little Muslims MIGRATE To Europe,UK, US,…etc….

      — MUSLIMS start CRYING -VICTIMS in Europe, Uk, US as well…



      MUSLIMS CAN’T LIVE in the UK, US…


      To Conclude — Muslims Can’t Live In This CRUEL WORLD,….Hence Muslims Blow Themselves Up in order to go to HEAVEN, where 73 Virgins greet them.

  2. A single video (indian or foreigner) is enough to radicalize indian muslims(most of them & even educated)
    similar videos aired on social media during early COVID showing muslims cleaning their nose with money and spreading them on roads, stone pelting on corona warriors by this community, picking up vegetables from drain and selling them, and many more
    when a single video can radicalize muslims & cant the others have the same right & if they are not buying the food from muslims then its their choice
    even muslims wont buy such dirty vegetables picked up from drains

    • Don’t hide under Xian name. You are Sanghi or part of BJP IT Cell. We have seen many videos from urinating in utensils, spitting in pani puri, dipping vegetable in sewage water by Hindus cart vendors, but we never promoted such videos as filthy Hindu. This is difference between a Sanghi & Human being.

      Your job is to promote Modi, BJP, Hindutva for that you all stoop so low, sell your morale, create fake news, distort history, promote hatred. Many anti-Muslims personalities are paid and promoted by BJP IT Cell. Many of those writing comments against Muslims are there across all channels, some hiding their original identity like you bigot

      Hindu rapping / killing a fellow Hindu OR a non-Hindu is not matter of concern for you morons, you will only look at did Non- Hindu perpetrate this so that you all can encash and get mileage out of it.

      • u r not an NRI u r indentured slave in arabian land where you will never get citizenship…. you smell each other by pakistanis bangaldeshi n get erectile orgasm dreaming of Aurangzebs lalal land n now jinnahs pakistan ….. Shahrukh was caught brandishing a gun …. IB officer lynched by muslims .. DElhi police constable killed by muslims … who started the riots ? so dont provoke !! Muslims have been caught on vdo doing worst things … … the reason many of you NOT all are treated suspiciosly is due to your history ….. anti CAA is nothing but anti hindu agenda n it will not be tolerated…. muslims dont want hindus sikhs n christians from afgahn n pakistan here but want rohingyas n illegal muslims … we have seen suffered too much be it mumbai attacks or trains blasts or delhi varanasi hyderbad blasts …n pulwama .. dont take it too far your arab co religionist will NOT come to save you n they will readily kick you out ….n then u will need to come to ur kafir compatriots … dont take secularism n democracy for granted ….we know you dont like secularism n democracy cos its not part of religion or holy book.. but maintain peace n silence …n remain humane n civilised and responses will be good /

  3. I’am not an Indian or Asian but the level of hatred spewed by people with Hindu names on this forum is shocking. Muslim across the world should take note of this bellicose behaviour. This gives credence to the above report. What happened to Mahatma Gandhi’s great country?

    • hahahah a muslim teaching non muslims sense of humanity in india ? hm,,,, mahatma gandhis land is result of jihadi jinnahs land of poor n his direct action partition…muslims of the world especially turkey malaysia pakistan are being treated like wise as we ahve seen what humans under muslim names have done a grave damage since embassy bombings .. sept 22 mumbai 26 11 attacks n train blasts n what they r doing to fellow citzens in syria iraq n mulla run Iran …. dont take indians and their leniency for granted ….radical islamofascists will not be allowed to succeed in kashmir or in INDIA .. ad as non muslims we will be taking care of your bigoted n bellicose evangelising behaviour sooner or later …

    • They were against freedom fight and were with british,thatswhy they murdered Ghandhi
      That anti freedom fighters and now their followers want to finish the patriotics , and for that spoiling communal harmony and fueling terrorism.
      Their former leaders were against secularism and democracy , and following mussolini’s nascism,,,,if you go through the history , after free india formed, communal violances,genocides and who were effected and who planned?

  4. But didn’t the Holy Book talk of humanity being divided into mutually exclusive blocks of Momins and Kafirs ?
    As for the issue in hand did even one JUST one non muslim ever EVER spit on a policeman or roam about half naked in front of female heath workers in a hospital ?
    If no then this writer is the biggest enemy of Indian Muslim.

    • This author is cleverly playing the victim card. He doesnt talk about how TABLIGHIS spread this virus. These Tablighis have been sent to jail.

      We all know very well why he is upset about article 370, triple talaq and CAA. That is because he is an Islamist

  5. Pointless propaganda. Sunni muslims are a marginalised community in all countries wherever they are not the majority. Their failures to integrate are their own fault – sticking to guidelines of the ummat, stick to shariah whenever in doubt, teaching their kids racist notions of being superior because of being in the Arab lineage of true believers… the list goes on. Study the hadiths – all of sunni muslims’ problems with us non-believers are quite clearly spelled out there.

  6. Muslims don’t belong in India or for that matter anywhere. They should be airdropped in Pakistan.

  7. most comments are community centric that is one community bashes the muslims and the other defends and seeks pity cooperation understanding etc. no doubt the community has failed to reach its full potential due to their own beliefs and acts but at the same time their organisational and ghettoisation has picked up pace in the last six years beginning with anti cow slaughter which led to large scale loss of likelihood and nutrition same continues relentlessly under the current dispensation. we as a country and the majority community to sit up and take note the pressure cooker can only take so much pressure before it explodes and when it does it will scald without any regard to any specific community

  8. The communal and boycott mentality is actually of this community. If they can be provoked against hapless doctors who want to help them by forces outside India, is it any wonder they been rioting/organizing against a law that was meant to benefit persecuted communities outside of India? These same international forces behind it, no doubt.

    • Even Dr. Ambedkar had said this but many Hindus/Hindustanis are in denial!: It’s impossible for a Muslim to live and commune with non-Islamic societies without an obligation to convert them to Islam by force or by deception. Islamic jihad has many faces. Jihad is not just slaughtering people for Islam; it is also a systematic suppression of truth and propagation of lies. If not, how can the moderate Muslims boldly assert (despite hard evidence to the contrary) that Islam is a
      peaceful religion?

  9. Everyone will Die one day. and nationality is not going to benefit anyone in anyway after death. if coronavirus which is spread to morethan 17 million people and killed greaterthan 100 thousand in few months cant stop this discrimination between indians. and we should note virus doesn’t care if u r an indian, Chinese or u belong to a certain religion. i dont think anything can stop this haterate. we have our beliefs and it may r may not do good to us when we pass away. we should keep our beliefs aside and stop accusing eachother on the bases of relegion. we have caused enough harm to humanity and to our countries economy. and no religion teaches us to do that. the biggest uniqueness of india is various beliefs and languages and unfortunately it is a biggest weekness as well. togather we can win. getting apart can only cause loss, small r big. a human who saves once life its as though he has saved whole of humanity irrespective of any relegion. and the one who killed anyone its as though he as killed whole of humailty. so lets try to save eachother not blame eachother. we all r humans and we all may be right or wrong in many ways.

    • The problem is that the desert cults disguise their lust & greed for land, resources & power as religion!! They also just want to impose their world view on others!! The world has seen how these desert cults promote separatism & HATE against Chinese & Indians, against the Hindus & the HAN just because they follow a different belief system!!

      • You are a brainwashed RSS cult who is full of negativity.. just get treatment for your mental condition… Simply to begin with your treatment you stop buying petrol for your vehicle which comes from the same desert land and then you will realise how shamelessly you have been paying for the suff thrown at you in the name of fuel which is supplied from the same Arabs. Four fingers point at you when you point one at others.

        • Oil purchase is part of the business and the Arab world is thriving on that and rightly so. They get the payment for it. No obligation.

        • Ravan Raj -What Logic …You low IQ fool oil is a commodity for which payment is made, not given for free… Its just business.. That does not mean we will start using arab culture so the same way as we buy from the chinese – we dont start imitating china… DUFFER AND STUPID Not A Coward Like you who submitted to past Islamic Rule but you dont even know our history. And you are slaves of Islamic Hegemony

    • Well I heard for a Muslim, life begins after death that is why they tie those belts so easily & boom!! So I do wonder If Muslims & other human beings are on the same planet!! Do confirm!!

    • Taking a high moral ground does no good to the follower of a faith that divides the humanity into two mutually exclusive blocks — Momins and Kafirs.
      I wonder why no there aren’t any suicide bombers coming from among any other religious community except one.
      And yet this community claims to be following a Religion of Peace.
      AND claiming victimhood.

  10. The author has rightly summarised the the entire project of the rightist govt. and it clearly sbows that it is preparing ground in a concerted manner to push the country into a situation where the integrity of india will be in danger. who knows after a few more years people might be talking about Pakistan no.2

    • Print & the like seem to work for Pakistani & Chinese interests! “Only 27 per cent of Muslims are in salaried/regular wage jobs, as compared to 43 per cent of Hindus and 45 per cent of Christians”.. SO WHY IS THERE NO DISCRIMINATION AGAINST CHRISTIANS?? THEY EVEN DO BETTER THAN HINDUS!! AREN’T HINDUS DISCRIMINATED?? WHY CAN’T MUSLIMS BE LIKE CHRISTIANS OR BUDDHISTS?? IS KILLING, ARSON & ILLEGAL PROTESTS THE ONLY WAY FOR MUSLIM BREAD??!!

    • There won’t be a Pakistan.2.0!! Those who voted & created Pakistan1.0 and yet!! didn’t go there in 1947 shouldn’t lose an opportunity to rectify their mistake!! We won’t let that same EVIL ideology prevail again!!

  11. Everyone will Die one day… and nationality is not going to benefit anyone in anyway after death… if coronavirus which is spread to morethan 17 million people and killed morethan 100 thousand in few months cant stop this discrimination in indians…. and we should note virus doesn’t care if u r an indian, Chinese or u belong to a certain religion… i dont think anything can stop this haterate… we have our beliefs and it may r may not do good to us when we pass away… we should keep our beliefs aside and stop accusing eachother on bases of relegion… we have caused enough harm to humanity and to our countries economy… and no religion teaches us to do that… the biggest uniqueness of india is various beliefs and languages and unfortunately it is a biggest weekness as well… togather we can win… getting apart can only cause loss, small r big… a human who saves once life its as though he has saved whole of humanity irrespective of any relegion.. and the one who killed once life its as though he as killed whole of humailty… so lets try to save eachother not blame eachother… we all r humans and we all may be right or wrong in many ways…

  12. Why would they work at poor Govt. Jobs and contribute to the country when they can work at rich Gulf countries? Now that these countries are driving them out due to Covid, they are blaming Indians.

  13. Don’t be surprised by this backstabbing and onslaught by global left media at a time of crisis in our country. This community with the power of 50 countries and oil hegemony have already built powerful coalition overseas, especially in the globalist left while India slept and trusted in secularism. No wonder Hindus have no say in any country/global media. Hindus better start a global coalition, media presence that will put our narrative/interests forward so that we don’t get backstabbed in times of crisis.

    • Even totalitarian China has cultivated their people abroad so successfully that even White House find it difficult to challenge their narrative. You cannot win the battle at home if you haven’t won the battle of perception abroad. Learn from Indira Gandhi, Mr. Modi. I know you want to be like her.

      • Priya, you are spot on building the Indian narrative!! It’s important!!
        However, I am not sure if building a narrative is enough!! China has simply bought out the Christian/west & Islam!!

        India must go back to it’s splendid Sanatan Hindu civilization and relations with the rest of the world reworked based on mutual interest & mutual respect!! The Chinese have successfully used globalization while strengthening it’s civilization & overall security; India must do the same!!

    • Well said!! That is the the strategy Of Islam & Muslims with support from west/left/communists through out the world! They paint themselves as victims/oppressed although they are the biggest killers of Hindus & Non Muslims in Human history!! In fact, Islam has killed more human beings than even communism & Christianity!!

  14. People who are defending Tablighi Jamat and media that is hiding their ‘contribution’ and giving platform to their propaganda have blood on their hands. Also shame on Arfa Khatoon for calling the brave doctors, victims of these tablighi men liars! Where’s #MeToo #BelieveWomen now? Wait, Hindu women don’t deserve it.

  15. Adharmi Godi Media and Moorkh And Bhakts are a curse on the nation. They are expert in spreading hatred misinformation and fake information. They are more dangerous than the ajmal kasabs.

    • Ha!! Ha!! Try Islamic Pakisani & Saudi Arabia media!! That should surely satisfy people like you!! Btw, much of Indian media is leftist/communist & paid for by enemies aboard & traitors inside!!

    • Lol!! Try Pakistan & Bangladesh which have killed tens of millions of Hindus in their lust for their ideology!!

  16. Sharm ke baat hai cipla company ka Malik jo ke Muslim hai unhona na government ko kit free mein diya logo ka Bhailai ka liya Muslim desh ka liya Itna karrahe hai aur desh muslims ko he pareshan karraha hai

  17. The author displays bias and outlandish projection of the state policy without understanding the disease brings more mayhem to all individuals in society. The author completely religious hatred and radicalisation of Islam and hence acts as agent of recklessness and bigotry without understanding the root cause.

    It is imperative to understand thar runs a money laundering scheme from Netherlands, where various lobbyists deposit money for print for their nefarious schemes. Thus, it promotes such reckless bigoted extremist attitude which creates division in the society.

    In short, it’s okay to burn the print.

    • when you have no argument to prove the author or puisher wrong the easiest way is to come dowm to mudslinging.

      • You are a typical M & Hypocrite as such!!

        Where is Muslim & Islam or the god whatever it is, when China is eliminating Islam & putting millions of Muslims in Nazi style concentration camps & killing them as pigs, raping & sleeping with Muslim women so they give birth to Hans??!

        Pakistan & almost ALL Muslim nations wrote a letter to the UNO saying that China is doing the right thing!!

        So what is the Business of Islam & Muslims and for that matter the media like Print?? Please enlighten us, proud infidels!!

  18. Always easy to blame others for your miseries. Why not spend resources on educating them. Christians do not blame others but are more educated. Why community leaders are not coming forward. There is no dearth of jobs and there are very large number of educated secular Hindus who would offer jobs merit.

    Do not waste time on any other propaganda. If you are trying to prove Jinnah right, this is greatest disservice to your community

    • Jinnah was proven right and congress/Nehru/Gandhi were proven wrong!!
      Dr. Ambedkar was absolutely right too and he wanted a total exchange of population with Pakistan!! Over zealous fools at best, gave us this problem!!

      • Since you have quoted, requited and copy-pasted your dialogues again and again, I am enumerating a few dialogues, quotes.. You plz keep guessing who told this before putting across such blatant communal ideas..And believe me what tablighi guys did was wrong.. But you ca neither penalise the community nor can you blindly associate a virus to the religion..

        1.I would like to assure the Mahatma that it is not the mere failure of Hindus and Hinduism which has produced in me the feelings of disgust and contempt. I am disgusted with Hindus and Hinduism because I am convinced that they cherish wrong ideals and lead a wrong social life. My quarrel with Hindus and Hinduism is not over the imperfections of their social conduct. It is much more fundamental. It is over their ideals.”

        2.”I was born a Hindu because I had no control over this, but I shall not die a Hindu.”

        3. “By discarding my ancient religion which stood for inequality and oppression, today I am reborn.”

        4. Charged with this selfish idea of class domination, they take every move to exclude the lower classes of Hindus from wealth, education and power… This attitude of keeping education, wealth and power as a close preserve for themselves and refusing to share it, which the high caste Hindus have developed in their relation with the lower classes of Hindus, is sought to be extended by them to the Muslims. They want to exclude the Muslims from place and power, as they have done to the lower class Hindus. This trait of the high caste Hindus is the key to the understanding of their politics.”

        5.”Strange as it may appear, Mr Savarkar and Mr Jinnah instead of being opposed to each other on the one nation versus two nations issue are in complete agreement about it. Both agree, not only agree, but insist that there are two nations in India – one the Muslim nation and the other Hindu nation.”

        6.“If Hindu Raj does become a fact, it will, no doubt, be the greatest calamity for this country. No matter what the Hindus say. Hinduism is a menace to liberty, equality and fraternity. On that account it is incompatible with democracy. Hindu Raj must be prevented at any cost.”

        Nothing much has changed in the Exo sphere, brother.. And with blind bigots on both side of the sphere, its not gonn improve.. But nothing is greater than my motherland, India 🇮🇳.. So no one can defeat the India Ness from my country.. You ‘all can keep trying.. Be it fundamentalists from M or H.. Jai hind..

  19. Fascism is root of Islam, we momin and they kafir. Islam claim supermacy, exclusiveness,Muslim brotherhood. So reap what you sow. You can’t conceal dirty face in the world of internet.

  20. Lots of fake videos by bjp IT cell and hate news by godi media is responsible for all the decrimination happening in the societies.. there are many false videos being shared that are nowhere related to Tablighi jamat. Coming to backwardness of Muslims in various sectors we are trying to pick ourselves to get involved in social and civil services which is what the haters are trying to stop by spreading false propagandas against us.

  21. The article writer should have read Indian history of past thousand years. Who was ruling India for centuries? What happened during khilaphat movement and earlier? There are other minorities in India but they never played victimhood. They progressed on their own. They also follow their faith but they never placed their faith above country. The Prime Minister and many Chief Minister are requesting with folded hands but your men are not listening instead spitting, spreading filth, offering prayer in groups endangering their lives with others. The one prominent lyric writer requesting your dharmguru to issue fatawa for not offering prayers in group when there is already lockdown announced and issued guidelines for general public. Is these guidelines not applicable to you? Why need fatawa? This itself indicates you have no regard for Indian laws. There are so many examples which can be cited to show your disregard for other faiths. So don’t blame others and play victimhood. First you mainstream yourself with other communities, follow population control measures, educate yourself, keep your faith in home, don’t get used from vote seekers, recognise what is good for you.

    • Well said!! This is the same story & strategy Of Muslims & communist/leftist media worldwide!! In India, the communist/leftist only see Muslims though!! They don’t see the Hindus being killed in Kashmir or millions of Sikhs/Hindu killed in Islamic waste lands of Pakistan/Bangladesh.. They won’t see Buddhists oppressed by Muslims in Kashmir for 70 years!! They won’t see the oppression of Islam against poor Dalits in Kashmir or the Hindu women raped after calls from Mosques!!
      They won’t question Muslims, Islam or the mosques ever!! If you pray for some god, stick with it but NO!! they want to impart their evil political ideology!! Well then form a political party & stop calling it religion!!

      This obsession with Muslims & Islam is disgusting & must stop!!

  22. Who is marginalising ?
    Muslim themselves. In a secular country they are always put religion over the national interest. Even if given a excuse that their mistake are shown as their evil schemes by media can’t they accept their mistakes and gel with everyone . They support their philosophy, Maulana and people who were on wrong side because they are muslim . Ask one muslim about CAA they simply don’t know they just join the herd because somebody told them something. If a video surfaces on social media that a muslim fruit seller is smearing sliva on fruits in time of corona will you find courage buy fruits at first place. The author of article successfully concealed that let leave the condemnation.
    These type of article further alienate muslim.

  23. The article is a bullshit because
    1) playing victim card
    2) blaming hindus for their acts
    3) blaming government for ignorance rather self introspection
    4) Stop writing bullshit and come forward in building nation and follow simple rules and regulations of land.
    Last but not the least say no to conversion.

  24. Muslim vendors give privilege to muslim customers
    Muslim customers buy products with hindus only when there is no muslim seller.
    This is the reality I have seen since decades.

    • Ye! and Hindus must pay back to Islam & Muslims what they have been doing to Minorities in their own nations & to Hindus in India during Islamic rule!!

      Muslims should have the same rights as Hindus In Pakistan!! That should be the benchmark!! This will help put some good sense into their Islamic practices!!

    • Halal foods should be boycotted too because it’s a hatred to regard other food as a garbage and call yours a halal.

      Isn’t it discrimination, racism & fascism?? It’s just the Muslims who name food as
      halal. When human being was created, God didn’t hand over every group their food as to what they should eat or not…

      Islam/Muslims have even used food as a tool of control to their community who want to free themselves!!

  25. Ahmed Faraz,

    Please let me relate a real story of a family of 5 sisters, Muslims, one mother, and a neer-do-well father living in the Nizamuddin area of Delhi. I have been trying to gets some help from the Left-Liberal-Lutyens gang for a long time, and all I haev received is a slap on the face.

    The mother is a dignified lady faced with an abusive husband who feels it is his right to do as he pleases, to work or to not work, and father children by forece. In this, he is quite like many men from the northern half of the country, and these attitudes have been powerfully supported by relatives, and the mohalla. Nothing Hindu or Muslim about such shaitani, except in this instance the family also happens to be Muslim.

    The 5 girls are growing up, and the oldest sister tried hard to set up some home businesses, which is how I came in contact with her appeals for help and advice. There is not too much I can say in public without harming the interests of this family. The second oldest sister is studying something, which I also cannot reveal, believing it will allow her to get a job and give some relief to the mother and her sisters. I, myself, understand this utter despair, lived in Calcutta in the 60s, so I can related to the family, regardless of the Muslim, Hindu issues. I live far away and am dying, and not in any position to help, except through some advice that does not find favor, since it is not in line with the hopes and expectations dreamed up by the sisters.

    To help pay for the education of the 2nd sister, the oldest allows herself to be used in the types of employment we need not explicitly mention. The mother isa beautiful woman, and how she was married off to an idiot is a terrible tragedy. The daughters are likewise very attractive and fair game for any number of ugly characters around them.

    Here is the tragedy. Given the reality of outr economy, Hindu or Muslim, the sister #2 has very little hope of finding gainful employment even with her SO-CALLED DEGREE, gained at such costs. Where possible, I have tried to help others in West Bengal with what little i had, to learn that they had purchased their degrees, fradulently are passing themsleves as graduates of some university or the other. “Universities” in MP sell a BA or B. Ed. for Rs. 36K and up whereas Kalyani U, WB starts at 90K++.

    Ahmed Saheb, I can tell you about Caste and Sachar Commission that is so injurious. There are people in Erode, TN, who will switch from being Christian to Hindu and vice versa, depending on the situation. The NADAR community of Palm Tappers [like the Tadvi Muslims recently in the news in Mumbai] are a group with whom I/we have worked for long re: palm tree imrpovement, as also in WB. So, I get intimate glimpses into lives that I haev known since childhood in the early 60s. Anyway, please let me assure you that the abuses and the corruption using “caste” status is so rife that there is a huge resentment building up against this. A country-wide movement, that the Lutyens gang has no understanding of, sinc eno tone ICRIER economist has set foot in the countryside, ever, least of all ANY of our Chief Economic Advisers, Min Finance.

    Getting back to this family in Nizamuddin. The oldest sister is already destroyed in too many ways, and for nothing, since #2 will also be forced to go the same way. My worst fears are that #3 and #4 are growing into their early teens and nothing can prevent the savage sexual exploitation. This is REALITY, Ahmed Saheb, and regardless of Hindu or Muslim, this is what is the fate of such women in our society. Ask your conscience if what I am saying rings true or false? I am not a social scientist or a big person. But I have a lot of real experience on the ground.

    I challenge Shazia Ilmi or anyone at all from the Lutyens Gang to do something real and useful. Some years ago, I knew a Muslim lady who was a trained botanist, from a Delhi area university. I would have wanted her to go on for higher education in advanced plant ANATOMY, a discipline she enjoyed, and one that we desperately need. Would even one of your left-liberal shaitans heed my pleas? NO, Sir. As i see it, we live in a society so deeply intoxicated by pathological levels of selfishness that without some major calamity we will not be woken up.

    May I make a plea? I have no voice but perhaps you do. leaders like Shri Premji and Reshmi Nadar, do not choose to listen to humble voices like mine, who seek no money, no rewards of any sort. They love only those who fatten themselves at the pig troughs of their generosity.

    You could suggest to such leaders of society, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Naseeruddin Shah, and celebrities who can do something real. They mock and bad-mouth Hindus, Hindu ideas and symbols, not realizing that ONLY HINDUS will work for the betterment of this society in ways they cannot even imagine. Do you think “PK” and films such as “FIRAAQ” by Nandita Das did not deeply wound, or that Naseeruddin Shah does not deeply wound? If Muslims are so sensitive about their prophet, and religion, why not accept that others, be they Christians Buddhists or Hindus, etc.a re similarly devoted to their own sacred symbols?

    Media like THE PRINT, THE HINDU, THE WIRE etc. while pretending to ‘help” Muslims, are merely playing EGO GAMES, POWER and MONEY games for themselves. The power of Speech distinguishes humans from all creation. The malafide use of VAK by these groups create more powerful antagonisms, more powerful ill-will for Muslims, than all other malefic forces pu ttogether. You cannot enter into minds and force out thoughts via mockery and malice, Ahmed Saheb. Please write to Dr. Rajat Ray, and question him about this theories of racial and cultural degradation. Shekhar Gupta is a wily operator, and has his own interests at heart, no one else’s. These media people do untold damage.

    As I related to you, the tragedy of this small family is not about being Hindu or Muslim. They are Muslim, in a friendless world. There are many siuch Hindu families as well. But you will not find any of the big talkers going out of their way to offer an ounce of help or comfort to those who are in real need. Not the feminists, not anyone. This is the reality of our Satanic talking class. Namaskar

  26. Correct, its time for Indian muslims to move either pakistan or bangladesh. Der bhali par kabhi nahi. Oh ya there are 54 other muslims countries to choose from as well

    • Absolutely right @jon track!! And If nothing else works for them and their EVIL ideology, Indian ocean is large enough to accommodate them all!!

  27. Informal workers of every community has lost jobs in crores. No one has specially targeted you. Why are these lies being given space here?
    US has jailed a Priest for flouting lockdown and endangering public health and India can’t take them to hospitals for quarantine? Heights of victim card!

  28. I could care less about communal politics, but at this moment interacting with someone of that community is much more risky than any other community. The virus spread in Italy because they were too politically correct and hugged Chinese just to prove they were not racist and look where that got them. Fortunately Indians have much more survival instincts, especially because they have always relied on their communities when Govt. fell short.

  29. I didn’t even start to read the article. I saw the title and author’s name, and knew it’s just another biased article. It’s same with other communities, they can only see their pain and not what they inflict on others. Let’s call it lack of common sense.

    • Ye! and Hindus must pay back to Islam & Muslims what they have been doing to Minorities in their own nations & to Hindus in India during Islamic rule!!

      Muslims should have the same rights as Hindus In Pakistan!! That should be the benchmark!! This will help put some good sense into their evil Islamic practices!!

  30. Muslims are unable to think beyond victim mentality, they accuse those who accepted and protected them even after partition of the country in the name of religion. The country which placed Sai Baba, a Muslim on the same pedestal as a God because of his good deeds, is being accused of communal-ism. Please do something good for the society like the Parsis and Sikhs and the common man will love you. You have deep inferiority complex and a sick mind to externalise your weakness and blame others. Please get well.

  31. 1. Always playing victim card for 75 yrs!
    2. Always bring religion into everything under sun!
    3. Put religion above country & national interest!
    4. Support terrorism, anti-India activities!
    5. Enjoyed political veto by appeasement politics of INC for better part of the history!
    6. Openly boycotted/worked against BJP while lecturing BJP to represent and work for them!
    7. No better country for Muslims than India – How many would like to migrate to Iraq, Iran, Saudi, UAE, Pak other than for economic opportunity?
    8. Where is exodus of Muslims to other countries as is the case of minorities in neighboring states due to religious discrimination?
    9. India is a land of equal opportunity. Let the best person compete and win. Why expect special treatment on religious lines?
    10. Tell one law, govt scheme or job that bars Muslim. They have got used to appeasement and pampering. Unable to stand on their own & compete.
    11. Those who have focused on bettering their life, stayed out of this victim hood, fanaticism, religious extremism are welcomed in the world because they carry an Indian Passport. Ask an highly educated Pakistani queuing up in front of foreign embassy!

    We had enough of these victim hood, religious extremists suckers. No more apeasement. Hindus are just warming up and long way to go.

    • I agree with you. I am really wondering where this strategy of always playing the victim card is taking the country to. Instead of cribbing and whining it is time to show some maturity. I should mention that 99.5 percent of the benefits from the National and State minority commissions is hijacked by this community. What more do they want. They fail to recognize the minority among the minority.

      • Ahmed yetby halal insistence your community has meant death to hindu butchers in india. Your religion has boycott of outsiders intrinsically woven into it…point to ponder

        • Yasser Arafat had once famously said: They have bombs, we have wombs. Nobody took him seriously then. Now it is for all to see how right he was!!

          Haven’t Indians/Hindus witnessed Islam since 500+ years??!! Haven’t they seen the dangers of an evil ideology??!! So WHY are so many Hindus/Indians still sleeping!! WAKE UP!!

      • Yeah Peter. People trash talk Christians too but even the most illiterate and fundamentalist Christians did not gather for prayer on palm Sunday. I don’t know surely someone will show one scattered incident as proof but it would be an exception that proves the rule.

      • Muslims say they only depend on Allah so I am sure Allah will give them everything! Let’s divert the Muslim funding to the poor Dalits, buddhists, Jains, Parsis..!!

        Since Allah looks after Muslims, government & Indians don’t have to worry!! I am even surprised at the Muslim author penning this article since Allah is giving everything; WHY CRIB??!!

    • Well said Piyush. The tableegi has exposed the ROT within their community. Interestingly, he talks about fake videos but not about many of tik tok influencers asking ppl to not wear mask,disregard social distancing, the very numerous doctor/law enforcement stoning and chasing incendents, even the tj leader saying himself that covid is a plot, and simply the hundreds of mosques caught offering namaaz when even Mecca is closed!! The defiance of muslims shows how the leftists have pushed them to distrust the majority. Maybe columnists should try to influence his manipulated community members instead of pouring vitriol on us.

    • Well said Piyush. The tableegi has exposed the ROT within their community. Interestingly, he talks about fake videos but not about many of tik tok influencers asking ppl to not wear mask,disregard social distancing, the very numerous doctor/law enforcement stoning and chasing incidents, even the tj leader saying himself that covid is a plot by Modi govt, and simply the hundreds of mosques caught offering namaaz when even Mecca is closed!! Even the most illiterate and fundamentalist Indian Christian did not celebrate palm Sunday by gathering for service. The defiance of muslims shows how the leftists have pushed them to distrust the majority. Maybe this columnist should try to influence his manipulated community members instead of pouring vitriol on us.

  32. Why Spit.Respect Doctors , Nurses First.
    When intent is bad to infect others , then its deplorable. If some one is defending these. I am surprised at this.
    They need to respect Medical Faternity For community to be respected.
    Appeasement all the decades has spoilt them.
    It will involve lot off goodwill by the comunity heads, intellects to gain faith from true Indians.

    • Coming to the spit.. who spit whom? That’s the false propaganda as many other propagandas spread by bjp IT cell as that is their job to spread hatred.

      • No there is video and evidence of this. there are also *some* fake videos but as usual the leftists are using the few fake videos to exonerate all the ppl actually spitting and stoning

  33. broo, it’s the personal problem of ur community that u guys have very low levels of education & employment as compared to other religions,, it’s because of ur refusal to change in these modern times,,i know many muslim couples in our town,in which even if they r very poor they give birth to 4-5 children (unlike other religions) ,, therefore the family can’t effectively rear all of them & is also unable to provide quality education & instead send their children to madrasas,,this again leads to unemployment & poverty,,this cycle repeats until religious reforms occur as in hindu community which happened 100 years ago ,, it’s upto ur community to change urselves, please don’t cram these statistics again & again,,the helpless government also can’t do much if u guys refuse to change and integrate in the society & above all u must come out of ur minority stigma/pampering !!!!

  34. This is an extreme and premature view. BUT, please tell me, WHY has no one of the standing of Owaisi in the Muslim community condemned it outright,, and, even the few who did, were very feeble about it. Why has Owaisi not pleaded with his people to follow the Social distancing norms?Where is the highly justified outrage at what happened, rather than speculate on the fallout? And, please don’t compare other events. This was clearly DELIBERATE, and their own words prove it. Why is the Maulana in ‘hiding’ self quarantine, if he advocated assembly as God Himself would protect them? Why has Owaisi not pleaded with his people to follow the Social distancing norms? Why the silence on this alone?

    • Further to Rajan’s comments, certainly there will abuses by both sides. Just like the Chinese world wide and our own oriental looking North Easterners , get abused here and there. But please do not fear monger that this will be a predominant trend. The overwhelming part of our society will go on treating each other the way we have throughout history. Just look back at India’s legacy on how people of different faiths have not only flourished, but gave birth to numerous new faiths . Also please take a minute to add perspective by comparing how other countries treat its minorities.

      • Well read what Dr. Ambedkar said on Islam!! And you will know WHY we are here today!!

        One way tolerance & secularism which is indeed SICK, has enough lasted!!

  35. I understand the author’s concerns regarding misuse of old non connected photos and videos to relate to Covid-19 issues and TJ, the reaction of majority comments, Markaz Nizamuddin incident was a unfortunate incident but not a conspiracy.

    This is being used to devide the country on religious. Basis.

    • Thank you. Let me tell you, rational hindus and even rightist hindus do not believe this is a deliberate attempt. However it looks like large section has been manipulated by left into distrust of majority and this defiant civil disobedience attitude. I hope people like you will try to influence your community and I also hope the actual bigotry towards muslims will lessen.

      • It only shows how this community can be ‘mobilized’ against Indians by provocations from outside the country and the writer of this article is one of the chamchas.




  36. The economic and social boycott of Muslims is not new and has been practised in parts from hundreds of years. Has any boycott of any community succeeded anywhere. No.
    A few lakhs will always think that if they boycott Muslims, the community will surrender and perish. Wishful and foolish thinking is all I can say. There will always be more Hindus who belive in Hinduism than Hindutva. Till then, India is as safe as a moated Fort.

    • bro,first tell ur youth to behave in a responsible manner,,there r many tiktok videos of ur youth,,where they propagate againt safety precautions for covid (where they even purposely hug each other in videos),,u elders r silent when some of ur community guys do any wrongdoings,,but when another community criticizes for their behaviour,,u will cry foul that we r minorities & Islamophobia is rising ,and other such bullshit,,i too know that all muslims r not bad,infact i have many muslim friends who r very kind-hearted ,, it’s only becaz of some miscreants that u have to take all the blame,,but u guys even don’t give a shit or teach ur youth/others when they do mistakes , that’s the problem !!!!!

      • Peaceful and Moderate Muslims/Islam is a MYTH!! In a country where Muslims become majority, they start bringing death and destruction to the host nation and start ethnic cleansing!!

        Is not this the same what Muhammad did to the early Meccans? When he was weak, he uttered some verses which praised the pagan gods (the satanic verses) to make the Meccans happy. But when he became
        powerful his darker side began to emerge and the Qur’anic verses started losing their beauty. Once he conquered Mecca, he showed his true color to everyone – either convert or die by the sword!!

        Though the concerned governments spend in billions to protect their citizens from Islamic jihadist, the policy-makers & citizens fail to see that moderate Muslims are radicals too doing Jihad in civil society!! They are making the same mistake what the early Meccans did.

        They realize the impact of radical Islam but fail to pay attention to moderate Islam. Little do they understand that this so-called moderate Islam is much more dangerous than the radical Islam because it grows and silently kills the host!!

    • Why muslims need help when Allah will help them always and Muslims please say inshallah like the pakistanis and all your problems will be solved. Inshallaha.

    • We know what has Islam has done To Hindus & others In India & the world!! There is always a reaction much more powerful than the action!! It’s better to be human because EVIL & looting will ultimately have to be paid back!!

  37. i do not know about muslims – definitely this author needs to be pushed out of his job for suggesting this kind of baloney

  38. Firstly what do you think of halal economy. Earlier it was only the food now it is being applied even to flats

    You can find muslim societies /colonies in every city town. Who asked them to live only in herds. Is it tribal syndrome.
    Who has barred them from education formal or professional.
    Who has told them to increase their population without giving priority to better civic amenities.
    Who have asked them to prioritize religion over good life.
    Who have asked them to keep spitting over food items, involving in illegal activities.
    Even in Muslims why bohra, ahmediyas & shias are in better positions.
    They never gave importance to formal jobs, New professions, small family.
    All the huge funds provided by middle eastern countries are utilized in radicalization, conversion and non fruitful activities like jamat does.
    It’s been decades that they live in ghettos or no go zone in urban areas to carry out there hideous acts.
    Lastly who have been taught that do not mingle with unbelievers, kill them, convert them for darul haram,

    • Honestly, I thought that right-minded Muslims will make amend after CAA agitation but unfortunately, they have been or they have chosen to keep silent over Tablighi Jammat issue, violence in many places and misbehaviour with health staff has done no good to the Muslim community and we are seeing results in our social fabric now. They are to be blamed for their plight and its time for them to carry out introspection.

  39. This is nothing but playing the victim card and giving covering fire to the jihadis. What’s new, except that we are finally seeing through this game.

    • @R J – Spot on!! This EVIL game of Muslims and dance of death of this horrendous inhuman ideology must end in Hindustan & the sub continent!!

  40. Victim alert.

    Muslims are defying lockdown under pretense of prayers and spreading corona.

    Spitting on doctors, medical staff, notes to vegetables all Indians have seen their action and mentality.

    The contempt and defiance shown by regular Muslims towards India, Indians and indianess, in this hour of crisis has fully exposed the communal, radical and jihadi underbelly of regular muslims.

    On TV, media they play victim, blame everyone & everything and on the ground burn the whole country down.

    Enough of this treachery, conceit and doublespeak.

    In economic and socio bahiskar, Indians have found the right tool.

  41. I’m disappointed with Shekhar Gupta. I see a pattern here. While he himself is very objective and fair, he lets people like this author and many others (like Shivam Vij) do the dirty, hate-mongering, divisive work. If The Print gives platform for hate spreading articles like this, Shekhar Gupta will not only lose respect and readership but also will be doing a gross disservice to the nation, and to the noble profession that fed and clothed him.
    Gupta can’t dismiss this article as someone’s personal views. It is obnoxious, one-sided, full of unsubstantiated claims.

    • To continue, in another recent article, Taslima Nasreen called all believers in God “Idiots”. No respectable publication would have published such an offensive article.
      If Nasreen doesn’t apologise, Shekhar Gupta should.

      • M RAMESH – Taslima Nasreen is absolutely right!! Any obstinate belief in anything which you don’t really know or haven’t seen is at best stupid!!

        This is especially true if you kill or do EVIL in the name of god which Islam & Muslims do all the time!! What is that god which asked Muslims to kill tens of millions of Hindus in Pakistan/Bangladesh as also in Kashmir, west Bengal or Kerala??!!

        That doesn’t mean that spiritual awakening or mediation is a myth!!

  42. For the record, I have been anti Modi and anti hindutva for a long time, and have fought with a lot of friends and lost a few in the process.
    The article makes sense and the numbers are right. However, the author conveniently forgets to answer why muslims still lag in various sectors of the economy and national life.
    What has stopped muslims from educating themselves and integrating themselves in Indian society?. Sure there are lot of hurdles in our society, but the same is true for lot of people, and i have seen a lot of people who are non-brahmins, from villages from lower cases come up and establish themselves. It is so much so that, it is difficult to get people for agriculture labour, as the traditional people who used to do this, have moved on to better lives!. So why not muslims? Has the state stopped providing them education and other amenities that is available to other disadvantaged class?. Are muslims, blatantly failed in schools and colleges, or ignored or marginalized in public and private sector jobs?. Request the author to pull up this data and analyze and he would know the reasons. But let me tell you , what we can plainly see happening, which you so conveniently ignore.

    The muslim society in general, and the clergy in particular, inspired by various sects like the jamaat, and others sponsored from the middle east are only interested in increasing there political power and increasing there political reach among Muslims in particular and imposing there idealogy on the rest of the world.. This is done through scaring muslims into a contest of who is the most devout muslim and that everybody else is there go get them and make them into a unholy person. And for the rest of the world, this is done in a veil of secularism, oil money andusing the greed of western powers.
    There is no effort and intent put by the muslim society in general into education, personal development, socio-cultural pursuits or any other aspect of life. This comes from blindly believing and being fed that what the religion prescribes is all that is needed and required to meet god or go to heaven. I am putting this pretty crudely, but basically that is what it is. Even educated muslims, i have come across, do not put any effort towards analyzing there thoughts, actions and the reasons of various aspects of there religion. Any analysis or questioning by others is a taboo will be called blasphemy and will warrant a fatwa of the nastier kind!.
    So, as bad as hindutva is, you have to realize it is an outcome and a reactive movement originating to counter a monotheistic, rigid and self-aggrandizing part of our society. You have to address the later to tackle the former.
    Food for thought, Only after Mr Modi came to power, i have seen muslims holding placards of secularism and coming out en mass, have they done this any other time for any other cause which is remotely secular or liberal. Have muslims accepted a change to there inherent customs and beliefs like other religions have done?
    Please think, blaming congress and other parties for there lack of coherent opposition will not help. If you really want a country that lives up to our constitution, all people have to change. It is a pity that all the so called liberal and secular media like print and scroll take time and make it there calling to print injustice done to minorities, which no doubt should be done. But, your reporting is blind to the causes, especially the intolerance( to thought, speech and criticism , plain medieval ghetto thinking and inequality existing in the minority community. This is doing them and the nation more harm than good.

    • @nas – I wasn’t pro BJP or Modi ji. I lived in Europe for a long time and I used to argue with my Hindu friends that perhaps social deprivation was the cause of Muslim stubbornness & radicalization!

      This was till I resettled in India & saw the Hypocrisy & evil of the Muslim ideology and their blatant, almost zombie like support of their cult!!

      Then I realized I was a Hindu from the Mahabharata and NOT from India of the Black British!! I analyzed Islam & Muslims, their greed & lust for power & resources disguised as religion, the same patterns of Muslim violence & victim-hood in every part of the world…

      I concluded, the only thing wrong in India/Hindus was the tolerance for this intolerant & hateful bunch of liars, killers of Hindus & the Hindu kush!!

    • This article is not any different from what other articles published by Muslim groups trying to prove the muslims are victimised. It’s actually other way around. Their writers likeAsim Ali and others bring fear to their comunity to come on the road against Indian peaceful people. Asim and Owasi type selfish leaders are always want muslims to agitate instead live like peaceful people. Existing muslims, alltypes, to get up and demand impossible demands like another country in India. All kind of shameless demands like separate ghettos for Muslim vendors. Most are skilled for three wheelers and selling fruit and vegetables and praying half a day. Owasi type want gazeted jobs for them. BIG TROUBLE BREWERS. Then come mullas teaching them to defy law &&&*

  43. 1. If it is said that interests of the Muslim community in our country must be protected, question is whose responsibility is it? I say that let everyone be clear about a basic truth, which is that secularism will succeed in our country only by protecting interests of all communities and not by appeasing the minority vote banks. 2. If what author of this article says is true, it is obvious that our political leadership cannot protect interest of the vast number of poor Muslims because this section of our society has been used by greedy politicians in vote-bank politics. 3. No big research is required to support what I have said. Just a cursory glance at the economic conditions of the huge number of poor Muslims in States like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, etc., is good enough to prove my statement. 4. I think that our political leaders, irrespective of their political affiliation, have to ensure that all the poor whether Hindus, Muslims, or of other religion, get equal opportunities to increase income and thus make economic/social progress. That will make our society more equitable. 5. My incidental observation is that the Muslim leadership in India has vested interest in ensuring that all poor Muslims, particularly women are not exposed to modern education and democratic practices. While on one hand, the poor in Muslim community have remained poor and uneducated, on the other hand Muslim leaders belonging to Congress and regional parties like BSP, SP, JD(S), NCP, etc., have amassed wealth. This is a very unhappy scenario which must be challenged by the Muslim community.

  44. You are writing all the statistics of low employment in government jobs like it is government’s job to give muslims jobs on their plate. If muslims can clear UPSC or railway board exams who can stop them from getting into IAS, IFS etc. The low level of education in Muslim community is creating problems for the community and country at large. We have seen enough videos of how peaceful muslims were during delhi riots and for that matter all riots. Every time there are riots it is the muslims who are the victims like they were peacefully doing dharna without lifting a finger and were attacked for no reason.

    I work with many muslims and also give employment to many muslims. Like in any community, not all are bad. But people like you should stop making muslims self pity themselves and stop writing stupid articles. The level of freedom muslims enjoy in India is unlike any other country. So stop this self pitying bullshit. Urge your community to increase their education levels. Uniform civil code should be implemented. Dont care for laws of each individual religion. Modi government needs to implement it ASAP along with some very strict population control measures for the entire country.

    Dont know how morons like you get to write article in the Print.

  45. Irresponsible article. Don’t blame Hindu community or BJP for where Muslims are today. Why didn’t Muslims attain high level of prosperity before 2014? Don’t you realize that you have been consistently cheated by your own leaders and those in power all these days? It’s mischievous to suggest that Kashmir and CAA are against Muslims. And to suggest that Muslims have been kept out of formal sector jobs is outrageous.
    On the flipside, why don’t you introspect and see if what you have been doing wouldn’t provoke a reaction? Just Google up ‘massacres in India’ and see the Wickipedia post. Modi didn’t write it. How much we have suffered at Muslims hands?
    Yet, we should not profile a community. Majority of today’s Indian Muslims are noble people. I’m all for inclusive development. My pt is, if there are sporadic instances of wrong doings against Muslims, (a) don’t generalize it (b) understand that Hindus are a wounded civilization.

  46. I can say this apatheid has already started happening. Can be confirmed via various media reports of assaults and discrimination in recent times.

    For anyone asking that this article is creating division. No this is just pointing to the reality( maybe ahead of time bcz not many people can relate to this or maybe the majority has already been brainwashed). Media as well as social media has already done a wonderful job in popularising these notions that muslims are spreading coronavirus by showing fake videos of street vendor licking fruits, or train incident etc. ( Actually it is an attempt to paint them barbaric and someone who doesn’t care for his life and is ready to kill as many as even if they have to sacrifice themselves, not my point, they think like this.)

    I live in a village in Bihar and I can say that this has started happening. People here watch those news channels and their mind is so much subverted that they even want to punish them by shooting them or giving them poison through injection.( I am not making this up, In conversation with many people this was the argument).

    Ye ek din main nhi hua h. Ye jo salo se jo media mein chala aa rha h usika long term result h. If u want to hold anyone responsible, hold those media houses and journalist responsible. Politician can’t do anything if they don’t have journalist support (not at this mass level).

    Also most of the comment only proves authors point.

    Pardon my english

    • @Satyam Sharma:
      Blaming media for everything is an Global pastime.
      We all get what we deserve- when we put up with uninformed anchors /reporters Broadcasting low quality information we get more of it.
      On the subject of the TJs spreading Corona, it is unforgivable.
      In recent times I have seen several social media postings by Indian Mullahs and preachers threats to media, reporters and news people.
      They are doing this if their own free will.
      If they feel the media is biased, why worsen it by baiting them.
      I feel sorry for India’s Muslims – poor, unwilling to get an education, trapped in practices from a millennium ago; practices that even Muslim majority countries like Saudi Arabia have abandoned.

    • @Satyam Sharma: Once again a Hindu proved that many Hindus like him have been made SICK-ular, identy-less, pride less with ZERO perspective of history & Islamic REALITY!! Unless you are a Muslim, cheating using Taqiya as always, you can’t be more WRONG!!

      In case, apartheid has already started happening then I must say it isn’t strong enough!! After all, Islam has apartheid built in their evil ideology and they treat non Muslims especially Hindus as animals to be killed!! This is Islamic history against Hindus which proves it again & again but Hindus aren’t hurt or are they??!

      If Gandhi failed to win over hearts of Islamist’s tho he laid down his life for them, Indians & Hindus won’t succeed either!! Hindu pampering of Muslims is taken as sign of #Dhimmitude, not greatness. They spit at Hindus with the same old Islamic expectation!!

      Islamic rulers used to say: “If silver is demanded from Hindus, they must with the greatest humility offer gold. If a Muslim desires to spit into a Hindu’s mouth, the Hindu should open it wide for the purpose”.

      This actually used to happen in many places, including Kashmir under Islamic rule!! Ha!! Ha!! But be SICK-ular Hindus/Indians!! Wait! for being raped & killed by this evil ideology!!

    • Absolutely!! This is discriminating in Islam & Muslims which they won’t talk nor will Print!!

      Halal must be banned or at least labelled & described of what it really is with Allah & all!! Halal food also finances terrorists activities!!

  47. Muslims are targetted because other religions have moved on, to more more modern method, leaving the past behind, and eventually religion will be a forgotten practise, but I doubt Islamists will ever come out of this age old practise, I can isee Islamists becoming more religious which is bad for society.

  48. Hindus are boycotting Muslims, yes, because there are many videos showing Muslims spitting onto food products before selling them. So why would Hindus buy from Muslims?

    Hindus are not accepting cash from Muslims, yes, because Muslims are purposefully spitting and spreading nose mucus on currency notes – there are many videos showing that. So why should any community get currency notes from Muslims?

    If Muslim are getting marginalised, they are the only reason for it, not Hindus or anybody else.

    Look at the al-taqqiyya practised by the author – he never once mentions these videos.

    If Muslims suffer all over the world, there is one and only one reason – Muslims. Not Hindus, not Jews, not Christians, not Sikhs.

    The world has woken up. It is not 1970s anymore.

    • You are a major part of the problem by spreading lies! You need to wake up to reality!

    • Well said. Despite India being the only Hindu Home for Hindu, didn’t we say we don’t want India to be Hindu, but ‘secular’? In return, all we got was harrassment, killing, abuse of Hindu Gods, kicking Hindus out of Kashmir. When we react a little, Muslims and the stupid left liberals demonize us. Even now we are not happy if Muslims are attacked or kept out. But at least educated Muslims should understand our hurt, and not write articles like this.

      • Please read Dr. Ambedkar’s writings on Islam & don’t be lured By the lies & hypocrisy of these authors!! Please don’t get influenced by this community or it’s communist supporters like Print!! This has gone on for too long but Dr. Ambedkar knew their reality & so did Nehru/Gandhi!!

  49. Let’s see.There are no easy solution.Any divisive agenda will prove disasterous for the country given the so called minority are certainly not a small minority when it comes to nos. spread right across the country.

    • That is WHY Dr. Ambedkar wanted total exchange of population with Pakistan!! The so called visionary leaders in the name of Gandhi/Nehru refused!!

      Anyways, better to call out the bluff of this community then to be enslaved, killed & destroyed as in the past!! Either there is reform in this community so they can rectify their mistakes or.. we’ll check out the Chinese good rapport with the Ughurs!!

    • What about all the people that went outside to set off fire crackers and light torches for Modi. They spread more than any religious event!

      • Try harder. None of the idiots who were lighting fire crackers spread the virus to the extent the Tablighi Jammat followers did. Not only in India but in Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia as well.

      • Problem for people like you, Stephan, is what famous Andy Roone of sixty minutes said about people whose children have gone bad; they say” he was with bad company”.



  50. Very disturbed by the very extreme comments on this post,which I thaugt was an anguished appeal to all of us specially us Hindus.The Tabligh event was very bad and symptomatic of obscurantism in political Islam. But India is a pluralistic diverse country and we cannot wish away that reality. Leaders from the Muslim community must allay fears and as the PM has said we must all respond with sympathy and compassion. Healing is imperative now both physically and emotionally

  51. This is article is exactly what one should be expecting from a fundamentalist muslim writer.

    • If you say Muslim, no need to add fundamentalist!!

      Who can deny the fact that the clerics and the militant community leaders are elected by these moderate Muslims?

      Though the terrorism expert Daniel Pipes estimates that 10 to 15 percent of world’s Muslims support jihadist agenda; there are indications from various parts of the Islamic world that the actual number is much higher. During a terrorism finance trial in New York in February 2005, Bernard Haykel, an associate professor of Islamic studies at New York University estimated that 90 percent of the Arab Muslims support Hamas – the Islamic terrorist organization that blows up civilizations in buses and restaurants to further its goals of a Palestinian Sharia state.

      Dr. Imran Waheed, the London spokesman for the international “peaceful” jihadist group Hizb ut-Tahris, confirmed in May 2005 that 99 percent of the Muslims worldwide want a caliphate to rule the world. These statistics confirm that those Muslims who support terrorism are not a tiny minority but a vast majority.

  52. Social divide is a reality. The muslims are more to blame for this divide than Hindus. Muslims are seeking advice from Mullahs who has created a parochial outlook in muslims. The minorities in Pakistan are also suffering largely because of Mullahs. Muslims have to learn how to respect other religions. They have to be progressive in their approach and ve to follow progressive leadership. Only a leadership that believes in unity of India, respect all human beings irrespective of their caste or creed, and have progressive religious views like that of Javed Ahmed Ghamdi.
    Enlightenment is only cure of problems of Muslim communities. They can live and survive in ignorance where they are in majority and not where they are in minority.
    Educated , moderate, modern muslims who believe in equality of mankind, have respect for all faiths, to come forward and lead the muslim community in india.

  53. Well this Tablighi Jamat chapter open new direction for Muslim and other Vulnerable Minority section to work on education ,and built self help mechanism.

    muslim community Marginalized through continuous political and Social supremist effort ,no doubt on this but ,One Harsh reality is this also , The Educated and privileged class also turn down there face to educate and Empowering this community.

    There I want to give you a reference from past , Raja Ram Mohan Roy ,The Modern man of India, his role to reform and his continuous effort leads to establish equality in Society and educated Hindu community. Even inhuman rituals like Sati banned from society because of his unrest struggle. Many other took inspiration from his teaching to contribute to empower Dalits in Indian society.

    Muslim had a some Karismatic personality such as Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Moulana Abul Kalam Azad, APJ Abul Kalam Azad, but that legacy couldn’t pass through Next generation in such manners to uplift community.

    Now it great chance to learn from past event and historical ignorance. Time to stand on own foot to value themselves.

    • The last para equally holds good for Hindus too. Please understand two truths. (1) If we have hurt you x, we have been hurt by you 100x. (2) If you’re marginalized, not economically, socially empowered, don’t blame Hindus or BJP. Blame it on your Mullahs and Imams and on all those political parties that cheated you in the name of helping your. Jago bhai, jago! Aankhaen khol. Haqikat samjho!

    • Very well said. The educated and social leaders among the Muslim community need to lead the community to education, progress instead of the religious hardliners who drag them down and coach them that all non believers so called kaafirs need to be taught a lesson and if they do so, they will be abundantly rewarded. This is not how you can live as a part of community with members of other faith… you have to respect the plural culture and not hate and still expect fairness… one cant afford to be antisocial in democracy.

      • And please do not get played by the vested politicians as vote bank… they have no interest in betterment but their ONLY VESTED INTEREST is to instill fear and exploit for political gain…

      • @Sundeep: If Gandhi failed to win over hearts of Islamist’s tho he laid down his life for them, Indians & Hindus won’t succeed either!! Hindu pampering of Muslims is taken as sign of #Dhimmitude, not greatness. They spit at Hindus with the same old Islamic expectation!!

        Islamic rulers used to say: “If silver is demanded from Hindus, they must with the greatest humility offer gold. If a Muslim desires to spit into a Hindu’s mouth, the Hindu should open it wide for the purpose”. This actually used to happen in many places, including Kashmir under Islamic rule!!

        Ha!! Ha!! But be SICK-ular Hindus/Indians & wait for being raped & killed by this evil ideology!!

    • Well said. We need a new leader who commamds respect and takes society ahead. We need a leader like Abdul kalam.

  54. The views expressed in this article lack substance and you are using your might in social media amplification to further the political agenda of the people who fund your portal. Rather than spread positivity at a time of crisis, your portal seems to be taking joy in the politicisation of your views. The pseudo liberalism is evident.

  55. Very provocative write up when the entire country is under stress due to corona virus pandemic. When an Engineer Senior Architect in Infosys talks about spreading coronavirus which employer wants to take such risks. If it is a one in lakh case why moderate muslims didn’t condemn it?
    The role Tablighi Jamat is before the country in spreading coronavirus by spitting, urinating, stone pelting n threatening health warriers. When entire country is observing social distancing by shutting religious places a section of muslim community refused to observe and persisted in attending mosques and creating chaos. Moreover certain videos were circulated wherein someone indulging in spitting on the currency notes and putting salive on vegetables nand fruits. In that case how one can expect the majority community to go and hug. Certainly it has to exercise care and caution. This misery is self inflicted by muslim community. If moderates and leaders have condemned this then they had something to argue. Rather, they became meek spectators. Added to this videos were released where moulvis were threatening both faithfuls as well as nonbelievers.

    Instead of discussingthese issues the author found it easy to place blame on Hindus. If an individual, a society, a religious group or a nation wants to come up first it has to commit itself and try to sort out short comings in its ethos and working.

    If the author wants to increase participation in jobs, IAS and IPS first he has to find out what they have been taught in Madrasas.

  56. I am a Christian and when I read this, I was surprised by the article.Extremely provocative. I am however more ashamed of all the people who have commented with so much hate. I wonder why there is so much hate inside you’ll. Is that what our religion teaches us or does the word Secular in our constitution mean.You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. You’ll give every justification to the author of such an article .India is for Indians and all have every right over this land.

    • Commented with hate? Show me which comments have said Muslims should be marginalized, beaten, killed etc?
      The comments are only saying ‘dont blame Hindus, introspect’. This, to you, is Hate? And lecture us on secularism?
      First you Christians stop insulting Christ by bribing people to convert. It’s like saying ‘God’s word is not good enough, we need to tempt people with money’.

    • Lot of comments I see was not based on hate. It’s honestly .All of them want is one India with tight integration and with one message leave the religion at hime. Actually dalits more marginalized than Muslims.. Christian conversation is most danger to the country. Converting people using money and false promises like buying votes.

      • Ha!! Ha!! You better see the practices of Islam or Christianity worldwide & read Indian History!! PUT The SICK Of “secularism” in India to the dustbin of history where it belongs!! Even this word is foreign to Hindus who are inherently secular!!

        Even this word “secularism” was introduced in the dead of the night by congress/Indira Gandhi during EMERGENCY violating all constitutional principles & insulting the fathers of the Indian constitution!!

        Muslims paint themselves as victims/oppressed although they are the biggest killers of Hindus & Non Muslims!! See Kashmir or west Bengal or Pakistan & Bangladesh killing of Hindus/Sikhs to see how democratic & human is Islam & Muslims!! The fact is that Islam has killed more human beings than even communism & Christianity!!

        Christian civilization has impoverished the planet through colonization & destroyed the planet through climate change and yet not even compensated just as the CCP Communists haven’t for the Chinese Virus or Islam for terrorism!!

        Don’t teach Sanatani Hindus lessons on secularism & humanity!!

    • Ha!! Ha!! Christians discriminate human beings on believers & non believers like all the desert cults and thus put the seeds of HATE!!

      The pope & the Church was for decades protecting the pastors who had raped little children through out the world!! Was that Xhristian love for Children or humanity??!! Hypocrite!!

      You sell your Christianity like vulgar prostitutes by bribing, cheating & converting poor Hindus!! And you talk of hate?? SHAME ON YOU & YOUR CULT!!

      Christian west has killed millions of Muslims!! Where is Nazi America, NYT or WAP??!! Islam has killed hundreds of millions of Christians & Hindus too!! Where is Aljazeera & the leftist media in India & abroad??

      Christian civilization has impoverished the planet through colonization & destroyed the planet through climate change and yet not even compensated just as the CCP Communists haven’t for the Chinese Virus or Islam for terrorism!!

      The desert cults along with the communists/China are a danger to Hindus, it’s civilization & the nation!!

  57. One question to author who is painting victimhood, why muslims do not follow rules, follow maulvis and fatwa, have faith in ulema than with other modern things normal indians follow? Why they send their children to madrasa, have 3 wives, many children and follow diktats in name of religion?

  58. Sorry Mr. Ali, but I do not agree.

    Triple Talaq was a bane for muslim women. CAA has nothing to do with Indian Muslim’s, Article 370 was a cancer in the body of the nation. NRC? It is required to create a databse of Indian Citizens.

    So, how do they apply to the picture you are trying to paint?

    Now, let’s look at the statistics you quote. Why are the numbers so bad for Muslims? Weren’t they the rulers of India for close to a 1000 years before the British came along? The country does not discriminate against children for education. So why are the numbers so bad for Muslims?

    Is it because of Politics or Economics? Baring the Abdhulah’s, Owaisi’s and a few others, most Muslim’s are poor. So, how come Modi’s approach of giving them economic opportunities wrong? Those approaches are making the average Muslim richer and hence better able to participate in the economuc activity of the nation.

    It is fashionable to point fingers at Modi and his politics, use statistics incorrectly, and rage in a pitch high enough to drown out all other voices. That is exactly what you are doing with this article.

    Now, come to those morons, Hindus or otherwise, who are “banning” Muslim’s in the wake of the COVID19 and the Nizamuddin fiasco. Arrest them. Charge them. That sort of behaviour is unacceptable!!!

    At the same time, give a loud shout out to the morons who are responsible for Nizamuddin to come out of hiding and help contain the threat that they now pose to our nation.

    • Ha!! Ha!! @Gautam Satpathy, you are highly ignorant!!

      It’s impossible for a Muslim to live and commune with non-Islamic societies without an obligation to convert them to Islam by force or by deception. Islamic jihad has many faces. Jihad is not just slaughtering people for Islam; it is also a systematic suppression of truth and propagation of lies. If not, how can the moderate Muslims boldly assert (despite hard evidence to the contrary) that Islam is a peaceful religion?

  59. The religion is in dire need of help and direction to escape the clutches of a few Mullahs who misinterpret their religious sayings. These Mullahs and the general poverty are used to scare them into existential crisis. The happenings over the last 25 years in the geopolitical arena only hardened their stand and others’s as well against Muslims. Abrahamic religions need a wider view instead either killing or converting non believers. Unless Muslims themselves discard their interpretations of their texts or be able to intellectually debate within and outside of their religion there is no remedy.

    • @Vijay subramanian – Unfortunately for Muslims, they are ruled by fear of Allah & fatwas so they are destined to be poor & extremist!! The rich or the educated Muslims are not really coming forward to help, but propagating like this author just has, the Evil agenda of Islamic domination, disguised as victim hood & oppression of Muslims!!

      Meanwhile, Islam has contributed nothing to Humanity besides death & violence in the past 1400 years!! They even killed their own prophet’s family while Hindu kings tried to save them!!

      Islam will remain the death cult it always has in the short to medium run!! Others must protect themselves & their civilizations against these zombies!!

  60. People in other communities hate you, not because of your golden inheritance as you think or that you have a true religion that might be a potential threat to other communities. No this is not the case it is because of the potential threat they have because of your ignorance. Because of the ignorance which your religious clerics and rulers intentionally planted and flourishing in your communities since centuries.
    The situation with you is very complicated. You are not able to recognize any connection between your ignorance and all the afflictions befalling on you. Diseases, Poverty, Killing, fighting with each other are the traits of your societies. Societies where there is no liberty no freedom, where no new ideas come, no inventions, where every item of technology that you use comes from the west and other communities. Majority of your people are in poverty. Eat dirty food, die like the flies, and attack each other. Since you fail to make the connection between ignorance and your miserable situation you are now entered in a vicious cycle of poverty and more ignorance, multiplying every moment.

  61. Every Action has a ReAction
    Hindus don’t compel Muslims to shout NO GOD WORTHY OF WORSHIP BUT/ONLY ALLA
    Accommodating others is a Trait MUSLIMS Dont have and that leads to the LOW LEVEL HATRED Shown by MUSLIMS Towards HINDUS

    • Of course the author & his community along with congress/communists have been not just lowering the guard of Hindus but also actively degraded the splendid Hindu civilization & make many of them SICK-ular & Identity-less today!!

      India must be declared a Hindu nation as other Islamic & Christians nations have done!! Period!! Else, these desert cults tamashas & more! will be lethal!!

    • WHY should Hindus accommodate?? What is there to accommodate??
      Weren’t Hindu epic lands taken away by Muslims who voted for Pakistan & Islam but still stayed in India??!! Didn’t they chose thus to be Hindus too & NOT just Muslims?? or else, WHY did they kick Islam & Pakistan in the bum & now claim to be Islamic??!!

      These desert cults have to learn ABC of Hindustan & humanity or go to China & get treated for mental disorders!!

  62. If the whole Muslim population is placed under a restive “judgement” of mistrust, it is not the fault of the “other” but our own “private bomber” who believes that they are going to “paradise” if they blow up a cathedral or an opera house full of people. Nation dated 29/11/15

      • No they were not. They did wrong, but we’re not terrorists because they killed no one. One not-in-use mosque for 40,000 temples, but most Hindus still say it is wrong. Even Muslims are not callin those who destroyed the mosque as ‘terrorists’. Funny you should think so.

      • “Destroyed A Mosque”
        Dont say i am going back in History where India had More Temples than Humans and Most Destroyed by a Ideology the TABLIQUES Propogate to this Day
        And as for you a second rate converted Christian. You are Nothing and no need for you to debate this topic any further

        • Absolutely!!

          The author & his community along with congress/communists have been not just lowering the guard of Hindus but also actively degrading the splendid Hindu civilization & make many of them SICK-ular & Identity-less today!!

          India must be declared a Hindu nation as other Islamic & Christians nations have done!! Period!! Else, these desert cults tamashas & more! will be lethal for Hindustan & Hindu civilization!!

  63. Editor, please do not publish this kind of rubbish article in future. This will simply downgrade your credibility.

  64. The Muslim community, it was felt, was smarting over the fact that in two successive general elections, the BJP and Narendra Modi had coasted to outright victory without any Muslim support. PIONEER

  65. Taslima HYPERLINK “” HYPERLINK “http://zeenema-nasreen.html”
    Nasreen has questioned the double standards of writers protesting against ‘growing intolerance’ in India.
    When asked about her views on secularism in India, Taslima Nasreen said most secular people are anti-Hindu.
    “Most secular people are pro-Muslims and anti-Hindu. They protest against the acts of Hindu fundamentalists and defend the heinous acts of Muslim fundamentalists. Politicians appease Muslims for votes. This annoys many Hindus. In Canning, a Hindu village in West Bengal, was burnt down by Muslim fanatics in 2013. If Muslims were brutally persecuted in India, they would have left India for neighbouring Muslim countries like Hindu minorities have been leaving Bangladesh and Pakistan since Partition.,” she further added.

    • She is absolutely right!! And.. Taslima-nasreen is educated Muslim, well traveled & most importantly has wisdom unlike this author/his community & the Print running on Chinese/Paki money!!

  66. The 4,800-word Maclean’s article argued that Muslims are prone to violence and pose a demographic, cultural and security threat to the West, including Canada.
    “Of course, not all Muslims are terrorists — though enough are hot for jihad to provide an impressive support network of mosques from Vienna to Stockholm to Toronto to Seattle.
    “Of course, not all Muslims support terrorists — though enough of them share their basic objectives (the wish to live under Islamic law in Europe and North America) to function wittingly or otherwise as the ‘good cop’ end of an Islamic good cop/bad cop routine.”

    • In a country when Muslims are a minority they demand more and more privileges and rights for minorities from the host country. When their number grows by birth or immigration, they want to impose the Sharia rule. When they become majority, they start bringing death and destruction to the host nation and start ethnic cleansing. This is the worst type of disloyalty and EVIL hypocrisy!!

      Is not this the same what Muhammad did to the early Meccans? When he was weak, he uttered some verses which praised the pagan gods (the satanic verses) to make the Meccans happy. But when he became powerful his darker side began to emerge and the Qur’anic verses started losing their beauty. Once he conquered Mecca, he showed his true color to everyone – either convert or die by the sword!!

      Though the concerned governments spend in billions to protect their citizens from Islamic jihadist, the policy-makers often fail to see that moderate Muslims are radicals too doing Jihad in civil society!!

      They are making the same mistake what the early Meccans did. They realize the impact of radical Islam but fail to pay attention to moderate Islam. Little do they
      understand that this so-called moderate Islam is much more dangerous than the radical Islam because it grows and silently kills the host!!

      It’s impossible for a Muslim to live and commune with non-Islamic societies without an obligation to convert them to Islam by force or by deception. Islamic jihad has many faces. Jihad is not just slaughtering people for Islam; it is also a systematic suppression of truth and propagation of lies. If not, how can the moderate Muslims boldly assert (despite hard evidence to the contrary) that Islam is a peaceful religion?

  67. First the author must answer why muslims lynched doctors & nurses in indore,Ghaziabad,did indecent act with nurses in hospitals,spitting on police?muslims must introspect rather than blaming others for their mistakes.

  68. This article is spot on. Solely due to Hindus and PM Modi, Muslims in India are backward and discriminated upon for the last 70+ years. Even in the neighboring countries, the rise of Muslims is stymied solely by the 1-2% of Hindus who life luxuriously there. In the Middle East, despite the oil wealth, Muslims are unable to advance solely due to the RSS-US conspiracy. If only these groups would disappear, Shias and Sunnis can go back to their peaceful pursuits of bombing each other.

  69. As long as Muslims prefer to send their children to madrassahs and not schools, their share of salaried govt jobs as well as private sector jobs will remain low. The fact that Christians and Sikhs enjoy an even better status than Hindus when it comes to salaried jobs indicates unequivocally that religious discrimination is minimum (though not absolutely non-existent) in our society. If Muslims do not take en masse to modern education and cling on to medieval era educational systems the state cannot help them.
    Am really surprised that Mr. Ali did not accuse the Hindu Right of having invented/discovered the coronavirus and letting it loose on Indians in order to “marginalize” Indian Muslims.

  70. Reputation of one’s community is in their own hands, when a lockdown got announced there were no special requests that had gone out to any particular community it is these communities who understood the situation and complied in letter and spirit. While I agree that Tablighi incident should not be blamed on the entire community but there are multiple videos where mosques have defied the appeal, doctors being attacked by the community and attacks on police officers at multiple incidents.

    This has not been the case with any other community, reaction by one community is for self protection when Tablighi’s who are supposed to be quarantined for their own good are not behaving properly their leader refuses to take responsibility.

    Have not seen any Muslim/ secular critcising their leader or these acts of violence.

    Please note that this is a contagious virus and people would take measures to insulate themselves, its about life Sir.

    • Whom are you trying to teach??!! This is a virus which is inculcated since birth and makes you a Zombie good as dead for Jihad!!

  71. Instead of having large no of children and living in poverty for generation the muslims has to concentrate on quality of life which can be achieved through small families. There will be discrimination irrespective of religion. That’s the nature of human race. The only possible way to marginalige discrimination is by lifting one self from poverty. Fyi my grandfather came from lower middle class family. Struggled to pay tution fee still he got it done and got himself a job. His employment is the reason why two other generations next to him could afford decent life.

  72. Hopefully , all these events will remove religion from the planet earth and ensure supremacy of humanity over religious divide God created no religion. Religions were formed by humans 1000s of years ago, which are not valid today. There is no connection between God and Religion. Let us bring in uniform civil code, remove all religious records and become ordinary human beings.

    • You could not have said it better. Religions made by men have become the main reason for hatred and strife throughout the world. Your correct uniform codes eliminating anything to do with religion is the only way we can become real human beings that treat each other with love and respect!

  73. Leave Islam is you care for uplifting yourself. Else do not complain. Muslims must be removed from India

    • “Muslims must be removed from India”

      Wow ! And how exactly do you plan to do that ? Put them in concentration camps like the Nazis, the source of inspiration for the RSS ? Find some some of a final solution ?

      • @Kili Jolsiyar:
        Muslims will eventually convert out of Islam when even the lowest of them realize what a bad deal Islam is.
        Voila! Problem solved without firing a shot.
        You should learn to think out of the box………..

        • Well said!! Muslims must leave Islam which ultimately turns them into good for nothing or good for death zombies!! They better leave Islam & lead human lives!! They will hence at last, help themselves, Hindustan & humanity!!

  74. Sir,
    Modiji is busy showing humanity to US and Brazil.
    No humanity to ‘Other People,Katua in their definition ‘
    Muslims are systematically marginalized. Very bad.
    In long run hatred will always lead to hatred.
    I pray good sense finally prevails amongst all right wing Hindus and Muslims (Like WAHABIS in terrorism and TABLIGIS in recent episode who disreputed entire community )

  75. Yeah, everything is against Muslims and Muslims are so innocent and not responsible for any Of the current problems and situations. Maybe the author should do some introspection as well instead of singularly blaming Hindus for Muslim’s plights. He didn’t even say anything about the role Jamaat played in spreading the virus in the country and spitting incidents.

  76. First and foremost, this is India not Arabi. Those who carry names can never be Indians. Get this point in your mind. Why not follow Indian religion to live in India, why an Arabic religion? If you will follow Arabic religion you will always be looked at from suspicion

    • Well, Sikhs like you faced that problem in the 80s didn’t you ? Sikhs were mercilessly butchered by Hindu mobs in the wake of PM Gandhi’s assassination with their outward appearance making them easy to target. So don’t you think that your prescription for Muslims will boomerang on you finally ?

    • @SHAILESH – I think any writing should be allowed!1 The problem arises when you just forward one thinking & bar others!! I would like Print & Media to publish the extreme & middle views from the other side so that balance is established!!

      Putting things under the carpet (even if it’s lies & propaganda of this Muslim author) is NOT the solution!! We have to give Muslims more liberty than their Islam gives to their own societies and their women imprisoned in black cages!!

  77. If this is true, who contributed to this phenomenon? Are Muslim community leaders not responsible for the illiteracy and economic backwardness of Muslims? Why insist education through Madarsas, where the sole objective is to teach religious ritualism.? How would then Muslim children learn science, mathematics and computers? This separatist mindset is the major factor resulting in economic backwardness of the Muslim community. Why it is necessary mix education with religion? Dr Ambedkar enjoined Dalits to pursue education, because it is the only means of securing economic welfare and social liberation. Why Muslims could produce only Jinnah and not Ambedkar? Muslims need introspection. Covid-19 pandemic is a tough time for all. Minds are stressed and there is natural tendency of self-preservation. To add to this the Tablighi Jamat incidence has provided a trigger to widen the communal rift. It is highly improper to divide the coronavirus infected into religious breakup. But my guess is that the Muslim share in this unfortunate victimhood would be quite high. So also the death rate, as Muslims are instinctively hiding their infection and are compelled to disclose it at a late stage. This is most unfortunate and reflects very poor standard of community leadership amongst Muslims.

    • I like your last sentence :
      “This is most unfortunate and reflects very poor standard of community leadership amongst Muslims.”
      It is true! In all fairness, we must accept that this line is ALSO TRUE FOR HINDU LEADERSHIP that Modi-Shah are providing since 2014. The first thing they did was to employ a paid army of venom-spewing trolls who are highly aggressive on all social media platforms.
      BJP existed even in Vajpeyi-Advani time, but it never wore hatred for the Muslims on their sleeves. “Vinaash-kaale vipreet budhhi”. Modi-Shah will do well to remember this centuries-old Sanskrit adage. It has become immortal, BECAUSE IT HAS ALWAYS PROVED RIGHT.

    • Only 3% of Muslim children get their education in a madrasah. Get your facts right before farting around.

      • According to 2011 Census data, Muslims have the highest number of illiterates at nearly 43 per cent. Among the Muslims, just 2.76 per cent are educated till graduation level or above, only 0.44 per cent have technical/non-technical diploma, 4.44 per cent are educated till higher secondary level and 6.33 per cent till matric level. The highest number of literates in the Muslim community are at the primary level (16.08 per cent), followed by 14.32 per cent at below primary level and 9.73 per cent at middle school Now if the percentage quoted by you is factual, a large number of Muslims in India don’t get even primary level education either in Madarsas or in schools. This is the stark reality. Who is responsible? Please make self introspection and don’t pass the blame to others. This won’t do anything concrete.
        According to the article “Role of Madarsa Education in Empowerment of Muslims in India Sana Asma and Tasneem Shazli, Research Scholar and Research Scholar Department of Geography, Aligarh Muslim University, published in IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS) Volume 20, Issue 2, Ver. V (Feb. 2015): “A large population of Muslims in India are receiving education either from Madarsas or from Urdu medium schools. The Madarsas will need to be revitalized to meet the challenge of the modern world. Strong emphasis will need to be laid on quality of education and expanding the base of science, information and technology, because this is the need of our present era of competition. The contribution of these Madarsas has been so important that one cannot strategize the educational development of Muslim community by neglecting or overlooking their services to the community. These Madarsas form a parallel education system which completely blocks the roads of economic growth and prosperity of the Muslims who resort to it and consequently Muslims are most backward religious community in India. So there is an urgent need to modernize or improve Madarsa education systems in India to educate the Muslims at that level which help them to compete to the children belong to modern education system.. They add “We should learn from, the words of the Prophet (Mohammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam): ‘‘Seek knowledge even, if it is to be found in a place as distant as, China. “

        • I admire your erudition, Pramod. But remember this: upliftment of the stupid, who are stubborn because of the ego of a low-IQed, is the real task and test of leadership. It will be foolish to believe that such tough nuts exist only among the Muslims and all other communities are brilliant and dynamic. If that were true then at least 80% of Indians should have been prosperous and well educated. To condemn such people cunningly, especially picking the Muslims out of them, and say that they should be thrown into the sea or concentration camps is not the civilized world’s way. Let no present leaders of India, charismatic or brutal or both, think that they will succeed in fulfilling such a macabre dream.

          • @SANJIV BHATLA – Can you give us the name of just one nation on the entire planet where Muslim minorities are not creating violence or other law & order issues??

            Is France, a secular nation which defined secularism stupid to have brought in anti Islamic laws??

            Is Denmark, the happiest & richest nation on the planet dumb to bring Anti Islamic laws & take out mosques??

            Is China’s President Xi illiterate & stupid to say that Islam is a mental illness??!!

            Smell the Islamic coffee & Ideology before you & your family are raped too as our daughters & mothers were in Kashmir!!

    • Where as I agree with the opinion that there was not a single reformist muslim leader comparable to rajaram mohan roy, Mahathma Gandhi, Nehru, Ambedkar, it is not ok to paint muslims as anti-nationals for TJ. There were thousands of congregations at the same time as TJ and even parliament was in session. It was plain unfortunate that TJ became a super spreader like the christian congregation in SKorea(patient.31). The news channel anchors and some motor-mouths from some parties played out key role in stigmatising the TJ participants and were made to look like they were involved in anti-national activity. The atmosphere is so charged up and biased that even if a muslim breaks a traffic rule, he would be called out as anti-national. Basically before TJ came to light, there were some reports that people returning from abroad were taking paracetamol to dodge the thermal screening at airports and some even escaped quarantine/isolation facility. They were chided and criticized for that but were not called anti-nationals.

      • Very well said, Prashanth. India at this juncture needs fair thinking like yours to defeat the conspiracy of recklessly giving visas to large number of foreigners at a time like this, and then nudging the Hindutva loud mouths to target Muslims at large. I am ashamed to call Rajat Sharma a senior journalist. We must remember that even the INDIAN MUSLIMS HAVE BEEN INFECTED BY THE FOREIGNER MUSLIMS.

        • @SANJIV BHATLA – “the conspiracy of recklessly giving visas to large number of foreigners..”

          Lol! and If no visa was given it was a conspiracy too to kill Islam in India??!!

          Damn if I do & damn if I don’t??!!

          Good!! You are doing what active & passive Jihadis do!! Double speak & conspiracy theories!!

      • @Prashanth Ram G – Well at least you can read what Dr. Ambedkar wrote on Islam & be warned!!

        Else, din’t you not learn a thing of democratic Islam & peaceful Muslims, in Kashmir, west Bengal, Kerala.. Pakistan/Bangladesh where tens of millions of Hindus have been killed??!!

        Did you not learn a thing when in Islamic rule, 30 crore + Hindus were killed by Islam & Jihadis??

        For those who claim to be descendants of those Muslims & keep Arabic names ever even apologized for the mass genocide of Hindus?? WHY NOT?? What are they hiding or are proud of??!!

        One wonders from which identity-less earth some people, especially some Hindus are made of!!

  78. Do not know how responsible it is to allow ” Covid an excuse to push Indian Muslims out of informal sector jobs. Apartheid the next step” such headlines .
    Whoever has allowed such venomous headline the is either stupid or bent on creating communal divide.
    There will always be enough idiots to write stupid theories but the the few who have the authority to give space are expected to be more responsible.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I also think this results from an innate desire to “balance out” the extreme right bias from certain media houses, which is, frankly, a pathetic approach.

    • @VIJAY GALANDE – Well Print & the media is SICK-ular!! Don’t you know??
      When 10 Hindus/Dalits die of lynching by Muslims, it’s NOT news for them!!
      When 1 Muslim dies, it’s front page news!!

      Print & the like present the SICK of Indian secularism!! As such, A Hindus Rashtra might be the best anti doe to all this tamasha!!

      Print & the like or Muslims like this author hasn’t raised the issue of Hindu killings in India, Pakistan/Bangladesh in the millions!! They are NOT credible and frankly sponsors of Islamic terrorism!!

  79. Wow! What an insight. Straight to the garbage bin! I wonder what kind of “research” these brainwashed people do. Research on sowing division? Now even migrant labor is being divided on religious lines? Shame on the author

  80. when india was doling out favors and patronizing this muslim community, no one saw the positive side of the hindus. we have had enough of these thankless community. they have proved to be traitors. their loyalty is to their religion. india will progress and will do well without the muslims. i stopped buying from muslims shops and not employing them even for daily labor

    • India as a nation will never progress without Muslims. Come what may , your wish will never be fulfilled. If this kind of virulent and poisonous thinking continues To percolate amongst uncouth fanatics like you then be prepared for complete destruction of the society which is bound to happen very soon. Personally feeling this is the beginning of the end of the entire humanity mankind. Islam will never be destroyed , no matter how hard you non believers keep trying.

      • @SUHAIL POONAWALA – You & people like you are either ignorant or fools!! Pakistan was voted for and created by Muslims, NOT Hindus!! So WHY didn’t the lovers of Islam move to Pakistan for their love for Allah which they wanted & created??!!

        What has been Islamic history in India?? How many millions of Hindus were killed?? Where was democracy or minority rights in Kashmir??!! WHY are Muslims creating hate, arson & riots & continue their dance of death in EVERY democratic nation on earth??

        Indian Muslims have to become Hindustani or move to lands where they can practice their evil cult!!

        Hindus & Hindustan have given enough!! Now let the Muslims learn some Hindustani & patriotism!!

    • I understand your problem buying from shops require money & many people like you are jobless & bankrupt but grocery kits you are receiving as help from people are also 99% muslims

  81. Well in that case there is always Pakistan you can move too. The whole country has been created specifically for that purpose.

    • Absolutely right @A-Woke!! I wonder WHY they kicked Islam in the bum by not moving to Pakistan in 1947 which they wanted & created??!! They can rectify their mistake NOW!! GOI should even talk to Pakistan/Bangladesh to right the wrongs they did in 1947 by not taking their brothers to their Islamic lands created out of epic Hindu lands!!

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