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Bollywood has finally spoken, because Modi selfies aren’t really helping

Would Indians boycott their beloved Bollywood now, just like they boycotted Tanishq, Surf Excel and Snapdeal?

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Bollywood has finally decided to show spine. But only because the fire had reached its own house. After years of political apathy, capitulation and Modi selfies, silence was no longer an option. As Karan Johar, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn filed a defamation suit against Republic TV and Times Now, it was the greatest dare ever. Would Indians boycott their beloved Bollywood now, just like they boycotted Tanishq, Surf Excel and Snapdeal?

After months of vilification by a certain section of media, investigative agencies, governments and the public at large, the bigwigs of the industry took the two channels to court for running slander campaign against the industry after actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. The 34 top Bollywood producers who have come together include the otherwise absent Khans and surprisingly even Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn, who have made it fairly clear what their political ‘preferences’ are.

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Bollywood was safe, till it wasn’t

Bollywood actors’ apolitical and rather spineless character is fairly well-known. Most of them do not speak about political or social matters outside the purview of well-organised NGO-type events. Unless of course, it is an international movement that warrants an unavoidable Instagram post. One cannot let go of opportunities to garner international woke credits, na?

“We’re all here for love, girl,” to quote Priyanka Chopra’s (not) iconic line, is basically the principle that actors espouse. This can also be translated to: ‘I don’t want any trouble’. The actor was questioned by a Pakistani woman at an event for having supported India’s military action against Pakistan despite her being a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.

And this business of steering clear of any backlash from the political class and the general public, made several people in the industry believe that they were safe from most the untoward events, which they were for the longest time. In the past few years, no massive controversy has surrounded Bollywood as an industry. Perhaps, Modi’s selfie magic works after all.

However, I am fairly certain they did not know that the Modi ‘magic’ had an expiration date. The moment actor Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide, the entire Hindi film industry got embroiled in the eye of a rather unexpected but massive storm. Suddenly, Bollywood was the subject of every news channel’s prime time debate with discussions on prevalent nepotism and lack of opportunities. And as everyone knows, it soon devolved into mud-slinging and vitriolic hate.

All of this was combined with a drug probe into some of the industry’s biggest stars like Deepika Padukone and Shraddha Kapoor. Actor Rhea Chakraborty was arrested and spent a month in jail.

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Speaking out as self-preservation

But the industry was fairly quiet for all these months, except of course those who are already known to be vocal about relevant issues. There was also quite a bit of noise from a certain actor who took the trait of ‘making everything about herself’ to the next level. The least said about Kangana Ranaut the better.

Now, however, the cream of Bollywood has decided to take matters into their own hands. Their own rather selfish hands at that. When someone comes for your livelihood and your space, you are liable to speak up and this is exactly what this defamation suit proves.

Recently, India witnessed the tragic death of a 20-year-old Dalit woman who was allegedly gangraped and brutally assaulted. However, not many of those from the film industry, with their millions of followers or outreach, chose to speak up.

But when the noose gets too tight to breach the comfort, there is little to do but take action. They didn’t speak up when Rhea Chakraborty was getting brutally vilified, nor when Kangana Ranaut peddled hate against everyone. This privileged lot of Bollywood chose to speak up only when there was a threat to their movies and their businesses.

As political analyst Zainab Sikander tweeted, “They (Bollywood) only speak up when they’re in danger of going out of business since everyone wants to boycott them. Till now, they were silent spectators to all sorts of bullying to different sections of society.”


A report by The Indian Express even highlighted how nervous the industry has become with constant echoes of ‘who’s next’.

The timing of this legal action is also interesting. It was filed three days before cinemas reopened after being shut for seven months due to the Covid-induced lockdown. Now, that cinema halls are back in business and several big-budget films of these A-list actors are lined up (Akshay Kumar’s Laxmmi Bomb and Ranveer Singh’s 83 to name a few), no wonder a spine was found somewhere in all that apathy.

In all of this, it is important to remember their silences. Bollywood may have found a voice now, but it is a selfish one, and only for itself.

Views are personal.

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  1. Good Article: Un-intentional Lesson: Do not take photo just for keeping real motto under cover.
    1. Some are bad; some are good. You can catch good or bad in a frame of photo.
    2. Film heroes can act as war heroes , scientists , fighters doctors , showing their beautiful muscular bodies , for three hours , but when it come to real fight at ground zero , most of them are Zeros .
    a. Cinematic intelligent, cinematic heroism, “heroinism: Let them do motivation thru films and live as law abiding citizen. That’s all.
    b. We want real life soldiers to fight with enemies and talented scientists to invent Vaccine for Corona and Doctors and Nurses to treat patients.
    c. We want software engineers to protect our cyber, engineers not only assemble the imported items in India, but to make them A to Z in India.
    d. We want those who can help India to stand on her own legs (pairon pe apne khade hoke dikhayega Phir yeh zamaana humaara hai” )
    3. Now press freedom is at its nauseating peak .Anyone on can anything? Ignore Karo.

  2. There was also quite a bit of noise from a certain actor who took the trait of ‘making everything about herself’ to the next level……HA..HA..HA..HA..HA..HA..HA..HA..HA..HA..HA..HA..HA..HA..HA..HA

  3. The author is a rice bag and she is so afraid of Kangana Ranaut I’m loving it. Miss author you asked about boycotting them well the thing is youth is already boycotting them. We use telegram and other means to watch whatever good they make we don’t pay them so it’s already a kind of boycott. Can’t wait till Mirzapur gets on telegram. I’m not going to buy any subscription of Netflix or Amazon but I’m going to watch all their hard work for free. That’s a bigger slap than boycott

    • Obviously the #BrahminScumbags have got a burnt bum….apply a kilo of burnol please… least then let us see if #Modi’s Economy recovers.

      • You need to stop with the casteism. Racists and Casteists like you don’t deserve a place in this world. Peace out.

    • So true an idiotic article ..a fake narratives peddler…people will decide fate of bollywood..moron enough not to get the drifts

    • So true an idiotic article .a fake narratives peddler people will decide fate of bollywood moron enough not to get the drifts of common public. Seems isolated island of verbal diarrhoea

  4. Yes, true Indian’s will boycott the bollywood movies of few people who are behind the SSR case, drugs and against Republic. They can’t stop voice. If they are coulprits, they must be sent behind the bars. They can’t play the drama. I used to be big fan of few people who are in the list. I will boycott till they behave. It’s so irony that – bollywood suddenly woke up now. Where were they till now? This shows their lust behind money and fame.

  5. Hahaha the print is trying hard to please their islamic audience…go ahead no one in India except some anti nationalist communist give a shit about your media house.

  6. Why? They are the best entertaining source for the general public.
    Rather the partial tv media should be boycotted.

  7. Agree with Ranjit Jyoti. Tsunami has already hit ..and d repurcussion are being felt. Rightly so. What can we Expect from you .. you want to gag all the ppl, media, party who talk truth wh was hitherto were covered/ wrapped in a NGO’s twisted and distorted and Peddler of fake news. Keep doing.
    This TSUNAMI will take likes of you too. You gave the encouragement to boys of Balrampur, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh n media like you cannot speak of lynching of Rahul. Keep it up.

  8. Bollywooa like other industries is a livelihood generating enterprise and has so far been above politics,communalism ,casteism etc and minding its own business. Now how many of our industrialists like Ambanis, Adanis,Tatas , speak about the rape of that poor soul but the Godi press donot question them because the so-called journalists will lose their bread and butter

  9. SSR has not committed suicide the investigation is still going on. Don’t use suicide word in your article.

  10. Bollywood knows only money. Moreover why to look upon Bollywood for any issue of political or social relevance. What are the credentials of Bollywood persons like Khans, Kapoors, Bhatts or Bhansali to speak on matters of national issues. They are good only on making crude films by distorting history and insulting our ages old culture like Padmawat and PK or like Sanju which glorifies drug addiction.

  11. Why unnecessarily waste time. We can live without cinema and Bollywood and nowadays if one look at cinemas from SOUTH India they are dubbed and better off in all respects.
    I have BOYCOTTED Bollywood.
    We can’t spoil our young generation for ‘ nautankid’ of Bollywood.
    They are basically all selfish and MP s of Rajya Sabha from Bollywood wasting our tax payers money.
    There should a surgical strike and also a committee be formed to watch out all and everything of these Bollywood businessand Male practices and to stop spoiling young generation on drugs, sex, education, history and to stop creating bad worst images of Police, Politicians and teachers. And to stop defaming maligning and getting bad repute agait Hindu religion, custom, rituals and beliefs.
    Finally the Bollywood should be sealed for 1 year atleast until and unless a special committee is formed.

  12. If this media house if independent, why has it written the words ‘views are personal’ below this article?
    It is important for our media which claims to be independent to take a stand. And yes you will get bullied by the powers that be. But to sustain that may be easier for a publisher than a person.
    So please take a stand. Treat every news by merit and not political outlook. And some day we may have independent media which surely the public will not let fail by providing grants.

  13. Dont conclude it as suicide .Bollywood killed him .Murderers are hiding within Bollywood soon theyll be exposed ..Bollywood is spineless so as you Shekhar Gupta

  14. The bollywood is a community of artists. I think they should refrain themselves into getting into politics or religious matter. This boycotts are the product of their own doing. They should focus on their art. If they want to outrage then they can make a movie about the facts. They are unable understand the working of the World outside the films. Their is no hero in the outside world.

  15. What a liar, biased and Jihadi mentality author! & of course the Congress/Chinese funded communist @The Print!!

    1. Author says: “The 34 top Bollywood producers who have come together include the otherwise absent Khans and surprisingly even Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn, who have made it fairly clear what their political ‘preferences’ are.”

    As if we don’t know where the political preferences and loyalties of the absent Khans lie!!

    1. Author says: “We’re all here for love, girl,” to quote Priyanka Chopra’s.. The actor was questioned by a Pakistani woman at an event for having supported India’s military action against Pakistan despite her being a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.”

    Oh ye?? So does this stupid anti national rice bag convert author support Pakistani Islamic terrorism with no military action from India??!!

    Does United Nations Goodwill Ambassador also mean supporting Islamic terrorism & VIOLENCE????!!

  16. The last sentence of the 8th paragraph says, “The least said about Kangana Ranaut the better.” Then the second sentence of the 11th paragraph ends by saying, “Kangana Ranaut peddled hate against everyone.”

  17. Print shamelessly asks for subscription and to support their journalism by writing this kind of rubbish things….. Great…. Do you guys really think we gonna pay for this nonsense??

  18. Arnab Goswami is considered a literate person. . Few monks were brutally lynched .This is sad. But he started vilifying Sonia Gandhi with his ugliest metaphor. His frenzy , tantrums selective choice of his masters voice degraded him. We ,who were fond of his anchoring before Republic was born are dismayed. He did not allow any view opposing his masters . Why he invited others people if they are not allowed to talk. It is difficult to understand why he shouts most of the time of anchoring. Some are saying he is courageous. Why he goes every issue on Supreme court. Does he think Maharastra High court will not give him justice.~Following him, that lad of Times of India spreads canard. In a Tagore small poem, it is written বাবু যত বলে, পারিষদ দলে ,বলে তার শতগুন।

  19. The Print is funded by Congress. So don’t expect an unbiased and fair article from them. Thanks to government who decided to open the theatre because it will show the bollywood their actual worth. Many so called stars will have sleepless nights soon. No one is going to watch their movies. Social media trends are very small sample size. Go to field survey and you will got to know the mood of public about bollywood. Huge losses will be seen in near future resulting complete destruction of Bollywood. They were somehow relaxed till now because this was not the case with OTT paltforms. A large number of people boycotting bollywood are general citizens and not followers of BJP.

  20. If the Author Rachel John’s views are personal then why make it public and add a disclaimer saying it is personal. And more over we know what Prints affiliations and views are.

  21. Bollywood never had any spine! They just come together like pigs. This is the nepotism at its peak. When they can’t take on media alone they come together. Drugs, abuses, casting couches, favourism are an integral of Bollywood which no one can deny. Why they took so long to file a case if they were innocent.

  22. Who authored this article? Who is Rachel John and how can she speak for the whole of Bollywood? Is she an insider? Does the Bollywood consist of only these 30 odd people who have ‘come together’ ? Sorry. Wont buy this motivated piece of nonsense. A wrong is a wrong, no matter who does it.

  23. The problem really is that people even choose to watch Bollywood movies. If people spend their time and money on more worthwhile things and ignore Bollywood, India would be a far better place.

  24. Very Simple to ditch bollywood, don’t rush to watch movies on first day or week. Practice patience and watch it on dth or ott after 3 months.

  25. But what do you expect from them ? They are soft targets for everybody from IT people to Police to Trolls to even journalists like this !

  26. Nothing is going to hit anything, public’s memory is very weak, they will choose entertainment over real issues otherwise biggboss 14 wouldn’t be a hit, it should have been boycotted

    • Ye!! Indians, especially Hindus are damn are good at digging their graves!! It’s going on since 1300 years of uninterrupted slavery of Islamist’s, congress/communists ~ Soviet’s/China & Christian west!!

    • Why? They are the best entertaining source for the general public.
      Rather the partial tv media should be boycotted.

    • Only hatred or do you have something in mind too? R u going to give employment to every one who will lost theirs ? Wait until bushfire reach to your home.

    • Only hatred or do you have something in mind too? R u going to give employment to every one who will lost theirs ? Wait until bushfire reach to your home.

  27. Druggies are everywhere not only in Bollywood. Why there is no ranting and raving about them? This is just a hype by the TV channel for trps and Kangana Ranaut to join BJP. Nothing else. It’s good Bollywood got some spine and decided to take action. No one has a right to defame anyone else and action should be taken against those who do so.

    • Oh really?? Go to any of the 57 Islamic dictatorships or communist China because there no one dares to speak!! That will suit you fine!!

    • What a hidden agenda this article is portraying… innocent Rhea ! SSRs suicide, blaming Kangana… totally worthless article.

    • This was one more successful diversion, everything going wrong , before you blame BJP they kept the TV channels busy over fake issues. When will we get a decent government.

    • Druggies are everywhere in your city so dont normalise it to my city as well,I choose my govt carefull,dumbass.

  28. If the ruling party cannot garner votes in Mumbai then definitely it can build the intent and the power to shift Mumbai to UP or Gujarat and then win it from there.
    This is a very strong possibility which nobody can deny. Recently a lot of resources to be allocated to Mumbai zone have been allocated to other areas in other states. This won’t come in media as even the local parties here won’t speak about it fearing that people at large will loose faith in their power and capabilities. It’s messy politics at its best. God bless us all…

  29. Sushant died, Rhea herself requested for cbi enquiry, things started unfolding, big names interrogated in drug trading, arrests still happening, few get bail, media to gain trp runs daily shows on sushant/Rhea/kangana etc. But the AH writer of this article has no mention on how did modi come in to the picture.
    Journalism k naam pr tatti mt kro.

    • Oh God! Exactly, this was what I was thinking while going through the post. What has BJP or Modi got to do with it. Modi k naam pe roti sekk raha hai writer just like Kangana and News channels on SSR case. After all he/she is the fish of the same pond.

  30. This particular stand is no true. Bollywood doesn’t have spine bcoz honestly no one supports them when they stand up for a cause. Reason being our politicians fight very ugly and have the power to drag you in gutter even if you are a selfless fighter like Anna Hazare. And media would support them to do this just for some short term gains. People at large in our country are uneducated if even literate as far as political matters are concerned and can easily be manipulated by media and politics. A common Bollywood star can hardly fight this politics and media Nexus. Any person with a good intent cannot lead on any matter in our country. He will be finished to the core. In such a scenario it’s best for Bollywood to remain in a safety zone and interfere in social matters only with caution.

    • anna hazare came to a wedding in my town. to bless the newly wed. He Took 80,000/- for it. lol. I also thought of him being a patriot,but that day my perceptions were shattered. Where is lokpal. atleast Mr Manmohan singh listened to him and gave a real lokpal bill within weeks. But now where is anna? I have learned that in our country protests happen just to make money or make someone famous. that’s it.

  31. I am boycotting Bollywood. I am boycotting Salman for the past 15 years fir he got into many legal controversies. Now time to boycott the whole, they should realise they are no any super ciizen

    • These leftists have already concluded it’s a suicide!! This Congress Pakistani/China tukde gang have the same pattern and they are always seen with the same gang!! They won’t change, people have to vigilant against them!!

  32. Biased articles like these are the reason that The Print is not getting the subscriptions that it deserves.

    The writer is pissed because the Bollywood didn’t speak on Hathras. Why specifically hathras? Why doesn’t she expect them to speak on the balrampur case (rapists were a muslims)? Why not on the Bhopal (rapists of the minor were muslims)? Why not on Chhattisgarh? Why not Rajasthan? (Congress in power in both). Why not scold them for ignoring the mass lynching of Rahul Rajput (Delhi) and Lakshmipathy (Karnataka) by muslims?

    You expect them to become human rights activist / animal lovers only when it suits your agenda. That’s why journalists like you, Shabaz Ansar, Fatima Khan, Bismee etc receive such bad reviews and comments.

    • What is your point? You think the events at Hatras, the rape, the murder, the strong-arm tactics of a maniacal and despotic State government should not be a topic that should be discussed because you have other things to talk about that suit your communal bent of mind? Shame on you for even thinking that this is a reasonable perspective!

  33. BULLYwood is ISI Dgang Jihadist funded and speaks islamist appesement and mainstreams supremacist cult of pedophile terrorist founder while derogates the inclusive peaceful indic culture. Racheal is just another AGENT of supremacist predatory BIGOTED ADHARMIC MELACCHA ABRAHMIC cult trying to sabotage HINDU DHARMA. She always churns out biased rubish to corrupt minds of Indic people.

  34. Can You blame Bollywood when the mentality in our Country is to put an immediate “Communal Twist” and then Lynchmob on social media for every word that is said by any famous personality???
    And then of Course Politically motivated or should I say Paid Channels like Republic & Times Now, join the bandwagon and add fuel to fire. Fake Controversy Theories are made up, Lies are openly spoken with No fear of repercussion. The people who speak up are viciously trolled, bullied, abused and attacked incessantly. Even Rape Threats. Loud mouths like Arnab Goswami freely scream out their names abusing them. The likes of Kangana who piggy back rides on the bigwigs of the Central Government and with their support and backing hits out at the Industry with false allegations.
    They are called “Desh Drohis”, “Anti Nationals” “Terrorists” “Rapists” “Murderers” .
    You the reporter who has written this article, I wonder what You would do if You were personally attacked the same way?

    • Yes!! Those who won’t boycott Bollywood & tukde gang are against themselves, this nation & it’s native civilization!!

  35. Such a non sensial article u mean to say all the garbage of bollywood should bit have come to light because they took selfie with modi ………and regarding tanisq and all it was unfortunate but such people exist everywhere why did u not put such article when nusrat jahan was threatened by mullas for dressing like durga maa and many other occassions when she ceebrated hindu festivals …….but why will you print has a long history of biased reporting for left agenda and against modi govt in particular

  36. Such a non sensial article u mean to say all the garbage of bollywood should bit have come to light because they took selfie with modi ………and regarding tanisq and all it was unfortunate but such people exist everywhere why did u not put such article when nusrat jahan was threatened by mullas for dressing like durga maa and many other occassions when she ceebrated hindu festivals …….but why will you print has a long history of biased reporting for left agenda and against modi govt in particular

  37. If u r supporting bollywood in ur print media no public will support, because Bollywood lost the respect before they have now no use of put case on Rpublic , already too late

  38. One of the worst industries of India. An industry which teaches men to disrespect women, objectifies women , teaches the worst immoral things to the youth and also a drug haven. It needs to be reinvented to project India and indians in better light and to use it as a vehicle to educate the masses towards making the country great.

  39. Highly biased articke like many articles from Print. Many media houses in Insia like Print have no idea about ground reality.

  40. Sooner or later – the chickens come home to roost. And yes, according to the Government’s National Crime Records Beurau, more than 10,000 farmers commited suicide in that 1 year when Sushant Singh tragically died.
    Deafening silence about it.

  41. Writing nonsense is the trait of a few so called journalists. Bollywood will piggy back on someone’s success and show themselves as great. Everyone is not clean and that there are underworld ruling Bollywood is not new. So how are these people more clean than a CONgress or Lalu. Issues have to addressed and not herd responses. Kangana has raised relevant issues, the way may be over stretched but doesn’t make the issue irrelevant. Many in the entertainment industry have been spineless and this defamation doesn’t show spine. It shows someone from the underworld is ready to pour money so that he can get his black to white money generation, for terrorist activities, doesn’t die.

  42. This is like asking the politicians to review bollywood movies. Just that when Kejriwal tried, he was trolled. Told to do his job rather than review movies. Gist of it is the actors are entertainers and are about doing their own jobs. If they choose to speak up on the issues or not is their preference. You vilifying them for not speaking out about issues (mind you its not their domain and bluntly put, they don’t have to) is similar to how the likes of the Republics and the Times nows are bullying from the other end of the spectrum. And when some actors did speak out about issues, their movies were boycotted. Which sane person would self sabotage their career? This was a disappointing and immature read(rant)

  43. Yes we Indians will still boycott bollywood..Because it’s totally garbage without any doubt…Print for whom are you batting ?? For movie mafias of bollywood or the nepotistic infidels?

  44. Anything happens in Bollywood….from drugs to SSR death, such “SECULAR AUTHORS” try to link Modiji with all the events. Bollywood filing a case against Republic is the tussle between Bollywood and media. Dragging Modiji into it is trying to somehow make a Mountain out of molehill. Higly unfortunate that media gives such authors an outlet to vent their “SECULARISM “.

  45. When BJP can unite bitter rivals SP & BSP, Congress & RJD, PDP & NC why not filthy filmdom also. After all it’s the question of survival now. But interesting to see whether Indian public will spare the Bollywood, after seeing so much !!

  46. U dump editor… Y dont u see bollywood as some business… If they screw.. They reap… Yes real threat of war, economic slowdown, drugs exists… Go and lock horns there… I am sure.. There are reports when an actress sneeze.. Wish corona wipes media like you..

    • This is the leftist/Jihadi media which dominates the world because big capitalists like Soros/China communists fund it!!

  47. Yes, I am done with the anti-national of Bollywood and their movies. I hope more of my fellow citizens will banish the Bollywood movies from their lives until the cesspool is drained.

  48. Someday the media will also find the strength to straighten your spine that is on the verge of collapse as you slowly but surely rot from inside…

  49. I’m surprised print has so much to say about the actors speaking up, but not so much about the unreal explosion of hate and bigotry being continuously spewed daily in most news channels.
    It’s the same tactic of blaming the opposition when the government messes up.
    We should also see through that.
    Bollywood is not supposed to raise issues of hathrus gang rape, they are just artists making films.
    Journalists, on the other hand, their whole job description is to do just that.
    It would be a dark day for India when we rely on Bollywood to raise social issues, News channels for entertainment, opposition to make policies and government for asking questions

  50. Whatta load of bull when tve so called Dalit angle and gangrape angle has fallen flat. And why does it always has to involve Modi? Bcoz he stopped worms like you from running the country for your own benefit?

  51. Either you are just woken up from deep sleep or behaving like an ostrich.

    They have withdrawn the case and infighting is already on. Update yourself and refrain from posting propaganda news.

    Anyways, expected from Coupta agenda factory!

  52. Andwa Goo Swami should be shamed and flogged naked in public fir spreading hatred,, false news and trying to divide people on the basis of religion,, republic channel should be banned and he should be sent to prison

  53. The fact that Kangana Ranaut is outspoken and fearless seems to be indigestible yo many including Ms. Rachel John. They castigate her for her views on issues quite conveniently forgetting that they excoriate Bollywood for “not speaking up”.
    This is contradictory and simply means one thing – they want Bollywood to speak up but according to their own terms and conditions.
    Am sure Ms. John finds an idol in Mr. Anurag Kashyap. Simply because his views quite obviously align with her own. He has been rabidly anti-Modi and so is Ms. John as evidenced by her articles.
    However, Ms. Ranaut’s views are usually at the opposite end of the political spectrum, i.e., right-leaning. Hence, Ms. John conveniently slams her for “making everything about herself”.
    The short and clear message is that Bollywood must speak up – but against BJP/NDA. As long as they do that, they will be hailed by journalists like Ms. John.
    God forbid should should they speak up for the BJP/NDA. Journalists like Ms. John will not spare them in that case.

  54. Why would you expect ‘Bollywood’ to not be ‘selfish’. It’s just another profession made up of people. The entire article is based on a presumption that ‘Bollywood’ MUST speak up on EVERY issue. Why would they? Why does our country have a lot of expectations from them?
    P.S. Thanks for giving some publicity (footage) to a very well (un)known “political analyst” through her tweet.

  55. What you are drawing is a nexus between BJP – Republic – Bollywood. What you are forgetting is Republic TV supports everything that BJP does but the same is not true the other way round. BJP is not the sponsor of Republic TV. Hence to implicate BJP being anti-bollywood for actions of Republic TV is a wrong calculation

  56. All bull & crap. Recently one dalit girl was not raped and killed, but several were raped and killed. Balrampur, Ajmer included. And a pujari was burnt alive in Rajasthan and before that two saints were killed in the presence of cops in Maha.

    • Absolutely!! That is the leftist stupid media for you!! They make fairy tales and sell it as journalism & news!!

  57. Dho daala! They are acting like the mighty fox that jumps the hoops – these guys are born losers because they never speak up “their actions speak a 1000 words” – Don’t call them a lion because this defamation suit is foxy not some spine they have shown – Akshay kumar himself said that Bollywood has a drug problem – I don’t believe that they have done the right thing!

  58. The only chance that “Bollywood” has is to kneel down & humbly apologise to the public.
    India is sick of druggies, criminals, pseudo-seculars and wolf masquerading in sheep’s clothing.

  59. Sushant Singh didn’t commit suicide. It was a murdered. He paid for the nepotism and favouritism in Bollywood. Kangana Ranawat spoke the truth. TheBMC even razed her house for that. The faster these drug mafia and money launders are thrown behind bars better it will be..

  60. This article is nothing more than a shoddy paid advertisement by the self-righteous “Bollywood” bigwigs who think they walk on water and are above the law.
    “Maal hai kya?” “Hash not weed”.
    Normalising anti-national sentiments and acts of terrorism against the country.
    Where does the list of mis-deeds end?
    “Beloved Bollywood”? – get real folk, you have no idea of the tsunami that’s about to hit you entitled lot.

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