Arnab Goswami (left) and Navika Kumar | Facebook
Arnab Goswami (left) and Navika Kumar | Facebook
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New Delhi: As many as 34 top Bollywood producers and four film industry associations Monday filed a lawsuit in the Delhi High Court, seeking to restrain television channels from making “irresponsible, derogatory and defamatory remarks” against the Hindi film industry.

The suit has been filed against Republic TV’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami and journalist Pradeep Bhandari of the channel, and Times Now’s Editor-in-Chief Rahul Shivshankar and its prominent anchor Navika Kumar as respondents.

The production companies include those run by Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar, Farhan Akhtar and Ajay Devgn.

They have been assailed for conducting media trials of Bollywood personalities and interfering with the right to privacy of persons associated with the film industry, in the wake of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death and the subsequent arrest of his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty.

“The livelihood of persons associated with Bollywood is being severely impacted by the smear campaign being run by the defendants. This is in addition to the ongoing pandemic which has resulted in extreme revenues and work opportunity loss,” reads the suit filed by the law firm DSK Legal.

“The privacy of the members of Bollywood is being invaded, and their reputations are being irreparably damaged by painting the entire Bollywood as criminals, seeped in drug culture, and making being part of Bollywood as synonymous with criminal acts in the public imagination.”

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News channels use objectionable expressions

The Bollywood producers have clarified that they are not seeking a blanket ban on coverage related to the investigation in the Rajput case. They have sought permanent injunction against the respondents “from carrying on reportage and publication of material that violates applicable laws”.

Objections have also been made over the nature of reporting, and publishing details of what the producers described as “parallel private investigations”.

The lawsuit claimed that the respondents were acting as “courts” to condemn people connected with Bollywood as guilty, based on what they claimed was “evidence” found by them. In doing so, the suit further said, the respondents were trying to make a mockery of the criminal justice system.

The producers have also marked their protest against the use of objectionable expressions and phrases in reports shown on the two news channels when they had claimed that a drug cartel operates in the film industry.

Some of the phrases to which the petitioners have taken exception to are “dirt”, “filth”, “scum” and “druggies”. Similarly, expressions such as “it is Bollywood where the dirt needs to be cleaned”, “all the perfumes of Arabia cannot take away the stench and the stink of this filth and scum of the underbelly of Bollywood”, “this is the dirtiest industry in the country”, and “cocaine and LSD drenched Bollywood” have been highlighted as objectionable.

According to the lawsuit, the news channels have been “openly flouting” the Programme Code framed under Section 5 of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995 contained in Rule 6 of the Cable Television Network Rules, 1994.

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  1. What is this crap called bollywood. A cauldron of false propositions, churned by the viliest of the imaginations of some pseudo secular psycopaths, packaged in a hollow chest wood box that holds ghost promises for the gullible common mans imaginations. My dear bollywood stars please note that your biryanis and chicken wings are sponsored by the the farmer and rickshaw puller who goes hingry one day to pay for sering your idiosyncracies on the screen. If you can depict all unreasonable emotions, pseudo secularism(sic), untrue emotions and nauseating climaxes, why shouldnt Arnab allowed to depict the what is wring with your industry which you proudly portray for reasons best known to you. The nation doest go poorer if a bunch of filmstars stop working but a nation definitely will go hungry if farmers stop producing.
    Hail Arnab and to hell with these tinsel town goons

  2. Nature’s message to mankind in 2020 is to get yourself raise above deep acts of greediness , sex , corruption and damaging environment. They did not hear this inspite of repeated warnings so now everything is getting cleaned up including Bollywood.

  3. If these producers and actors were serious about image of Bollywood , they would have acknowledged the problem and assured to clean the dirt instead of going to court.

  4. 68.8% of India’s population falls below poverty line and more than 50% are below 25years of age. Do hell with the bollywood and it’s drug addicts. Bollywood production houses, big stars and their close family and friends consume so much of India’s revenue and live a lavish lifestyle. If we can make them, we can break them as well, so they know their industry is optional and people escaping poverty is far far more important and mandatory.

  5. बॉलीवुड ने इस देश को क्या दिया , मात्र फिल्में देखें जो सेक्स, वॉयलेंस, ड्रग्स, अल्कोहल, धूम्रपान से भरी हुई हैं, समाज के सभी लड़कों और लड़कियों के माता-पिता आदि। यह सब उनके उपभोग को अपराध, बलात्कार, हत्या के लिए प्रेरित करता है। बॉलीवुड पर समाज को आकार देने की बड़ी जिम्मेदारी है। ओर बॉलीवुड केवल नसे का व्यापार करता है।

  6. Indian conscience has been completely destroyed by Bollywood. It is Bollywood which is spreading dirt throughout the Indian Young.
    (Of course there is exceptions in any aspect)
    Why should we respect an actor more than a farmer?
    Is an actor’s contribution much more than a farmer or a rickshaw puller?
    Why are we letting them snatch billions of money and live luxurious life while the entire country is dying in poverty,joblessness?
    Why should we give much attention to actors? For their show off nature?
    They don’t deserve being ideal of youngsters….s they have no contribution to Indian Society except entertainment.
    It is high time we gave importance to essentials rather than entertainments as it is optional.

  7. Not an Arnab fan but the people who have filed the case should come out in public and also talk about casting couch and drug abuse in bollywood. Only coz of Aranb the drug angle came out so badly in the public view. Mind it some of these people might be Padma awardees

  8. This is direct attack on freedom of speech . Seculars and so called liberals have the philosophy that everything should run as per their dictate and no-one has the right to open their misdeeds.

  9. Most of the media are real enemies of our country. They want to destroy the social fabric of the country. They want to take our country to stone age era. So Honourable SC should mend their madness and should take steps for their mental treatment.

    • Problem people like you is you need gossip to talk. You guys close eyes and pretend that everything is part of life. Drugs, violence, sex are not part of any society which can be acceptable. Problem with Bollywood people is they think they represent Indian values and traditions.
      If you have a problem with media then why do you read newspaper and why you here to comment.

  10. Let’s them go to court there are no special privileges for them in the constitution, freedom of speech and expression is same for all of citizens of India.They are not super human in courtroom which they have pretended in their flim.But the irony is free media is more important for the court in the run of democracy than those hypocrite.
    LetsL come decision let them know the reality.

  11. Truth is bitter, Nobody raised their voics against unethical nepotism and crimes such as drug dealings, drug parties, killings, molesting and child trafficking etc. etc. etc. in the system which lead to such a pathetic situation. So its very disheartening to see how they try to stop, submerge or suppress a major voice of oppressed people at this crucial point.

  12. a Bollywood star kah jateyha jab kargi, ho yaa Mumbai attacked , flood desh ka hour muskilebakht may kuch nehi bolted. mogar jab money (Bollywood) ki bath atru hey uthkhadi hojaegi. or koi Turkey jatahey to koi pak ka khiladiko IPL may chahtahey .Hadh to tab ho hau Jo democracy Thisery ankhe(Media) per ungli utharahey. same this industry

  13. Where were all these false heroes missing when the sad news of the untimely demise of an actor with talents and shear grits under suspicious condition broke out in Bollywood?These so called holy cows didn’t have gutts and magnanimity of expressing a simple condolences to the bereaved family of the deceased colleague. People of India should boycott the Bollywood movies made and/ acted in by all these hypocrates.

  14. Rahul and navika run a sick and ailing stale news channel TOI,,, Rahul when he speaks seems he has marbles up his throat,, and navika,, no taste is another product of Andwa GU,, Swami,, Toi is a repetitious news channel,,, no mettle,, anchors like barkha dutt and Faye need to give them some lessons in journalism

  15. As a viewer I will say to watch movies just for entertainment. Films are just products. Everyone needs to understand that these Producers are business man just like any other business man. So they will do whatever to save their business. What Arnab is doing an is not journalism, he should become a true journalist rather showing bakwas news. SSR died, CBI is doing their job, and they should cover this story but there are so many things happening in the country and he is debating on SSR just to make his news channel famous. He has got nothing for common man. He does not cover stories on crime, politics, government schemes, government policies, tax, jobs, career, technology, education.

  16. “all the perfumes of Arabia cannot take away the stench and the stink of this filth and scum of the underbelly of republic TV and Arnab ”

    This person called Arnab is an insult to media , a threat to democracy and an affront to the truthhdnd justice.

    To what level you can stoop Arnab ? You worship lies and hatred srndbyiu are ready to do anything for TRP. Remember TRP doesn’t stand for ” third rate propaganda ” …it stands for ” truth, reason and public accountability “

    • So watch sardesai and his crap. First read and understand what is journalism. Sitting in comforts of your house does not solve real issues. The drug cartel of Bollywood would not have been exposed had it not been for republic.

  17. Infamous notoriety of film industries did exist since long where renowned secret mafia groups played hidden roles to make it run like red light areas in a dignified way. The illicit nexus of mafias providing dirty funds to film industry is an open secret. Heros & Heroines hardly bother to please the hidden Bosses of film industry with intent to make a permanent room against gratification. All these vices are very active since long and players find zero values to challenge the infamous activities in the film industries. #MeToo is a common disease of film industry.

    Electronic Medias Channels enjoy a privileged position because they deliver better audio visual display that quickly lets people get engrossed than print medias. Moreover, investigative angles are natural phenomena for any media to unearth the truth behind any facts happening in film industries for public notice. Is there anything wrong ? Present films do really worthy enough to enhance the cinematic experience and values excepting vulgarity that attracts flow of fund other than creative film making. There were many good films, excellent Film Directors, Excellent Script Writers, Excellent Composers and lot many standalone supports system but everything is now misdirected under pressure of vices induced by mafia groups actively engaged to defame film industries. Why does Media leg pull the film industries unless the business needs a directional change to right path for the interest of industry and its viewers?

  18. Infamous notoriety of film industries did exist since long where renowned secret mafia groups played hidden roles to make it run like red light areas in a dignified way. The illicit nexus of mafias providing dirty funds to film industry is an open secret. Heros & Heroines hardly bother to please the hidden Bosses of film industry with intent to make a permanent room against gratification. All these vices are very active since long and players find zero values to challenge the infamous activities in the film industries. #MeToo is a common disease of film industry.

    Electronic Medias Channels enjoy a privileged position because they deliver better audio visual display that quickly lets people get engrossed than print medias. Moreover, investigative angles are natural phenomena for any media to unearth the truth behind any facts happening in film industries for public notice. Is there anything wrong ? Present films do really worthy enough to enhance the cinematic experience and values excepting vulgarity that attracts flow of fund other than creative film making. There were many good films, excellent Film Directors, Excellent Script Writers, Excellent Composers and lot many standalone supports system but everything is now misdirected under pressure of vices induced by mafia groups actively engaged to defame film industries. Why does Media leg pull the film industries unless the business needs a directional change to right path for the interest of industry and its viewers?

  19. All channels including N,D tv,aaj tak,India tv are also congi& communist paid channels.Even hindi film industry also behave wrongly in drugs,Dubai underworld connections,showing nudity,vulgarisiom&violence without real stories like past.All are hellish people including paid channels

    • Dear sir, I have realised that you are an extremely stupid Sanghi by the comment you have posted. I was about to retaliate but I forgot that some people believe in certain ideas blindly. Forgive me for even thinking about debating with you online.

      P.S What the hell is a “Congo”?

  20. Ajay Devgan’s production house is also there. Why don’t you put his production house name?

  21. “Today whatever Bollywood is only because of our Public Money & true media support. Now this two supporters have started showing their real fake faces, they are running towards court to hide their falsehood.”

  22. In earlier times, governments were all-powerful and it was the 4th estate’s responsibility to keep the government ton its toes.
    As capitalism gained ground, private entities started becoming powerful. Government was no longer the sole powerful entity. Some large corporates became as powerful as the government. Some industries became powerful too. Ditto with some political parties, whether they were in power or not. To sum it up, in addition to the government, several private entities became powerful. Unfortunately, with great power came great irresponsibility, corruption and you know what all.

    The 4th estate continued to be a part of the inner circle of such entities. They failed to discharge the duty of the 4th estate – to keep powerful entities on their toes by asking difficult questions. People were disillusioned.

    Some in the 4th estate were troubled by this. Their conscience did not allow this. Also, they sensed a good business opportunity in this – to question all powerful entities and not necessarily the government. Welcome Arnab and Navika. Unfortunately, their presentation was not good. They did not wear suits, they were rude, used Hindi in English presentations. Most importantly, they did not listen to these powerful entities who wanted them to not report some news. These powerful entities then started filing cases.
    Some people could only see the rudeness in the reporting, and not the power game happening behind the curtains. They still believe the government is the only powerful entity and the 4th estate must only ask uncomfortable questions to the government.

  23. These Bollywood production houses are terrified so they have filed a case against the great journalist Arnab goswami…. Truth will prevail and jokers of Bollywood will be defeated… Satyamev Jayate…

  24. These Bollywood production houses are terrified so they have filed a case against the great journalist Arnab goswami…. Truth will prevail and jokers of Bollywood will be defeated…

  25. Salman Khan, Amir Khan, Sahrukh Khan, Karan Johar… bathroom slippers are worth more than your entire lot……these are maggots surviving off an industry whose sole business is entertainment and nothing more. They must do well to remember that

  26. Where does arnab lost his ‘mahim’ it is the Maharashtra High Court releiving rhea from the custody, all those month’s republics tactics to implicate rhea under judicial act/session 302 has gone in vain, and as days passed rhea’s t-shirt sayings acclaimed popularity among many, besides other news channels covering hathras rape victim got breaking news in all other channels,in the meantime Republic TV got the blunttings, poor arnab.. Kudos to him.

  27. Look who’s (Bollywood Biggies) talking! LOL! NOW that the mask has been uncovered, they are seeking another veil..too late. The public won’t buy this new drama

  28. People asking to ban a channel are same ones hurting someone else faith and emotions under the banner freedom of speech and expression. Reap what you sow.

  29. As far as i see, this is just another fight between good and evil. What is good for whom, and what is bad for whom, depends on which side you are on. Let’s agree that the Bollywood fraternity is rich and corrupt and all the other objectionable phrases that are attached with it. What about our Indian Media? Are they doing their jobs, the way it’s supposed to be done? I think our Indian media lack credibility. They only focus and cover what they want to, ignoring other important news that should be broadcasted. These are the gov. friendly medias. They get their share of the pie too.

  30. This is not a tiff between journalists vs Bollywood. This is a fight between journalist(selected) and Bollywood companies with supportive hand of some affected state governments. Majority of channels do not say anything against the state government including no criticism for song like ‘chicken’s in bajrangi bhaijan where Hanuman ji is worshiped.

  31. Where is Freedom of speech? Right to Expression? That too from movie makers who day-in and day-out show about other people’s life. Just adding disclaimer not enough. The fake good name built over years is coming crumbling down Huh?

  32. I have read most of the comments and do feel that the biggest issue remains to be solved,I am not an Indian resident but have very actively followed SS case and as an outsider I am not being bias the truth has to come out a human life is taken away and all those involved are super rich people,their interest is their status so they will try to defend it,they have no other option available hence the action,pick these guys individually ask you self was Sharukh Khan not involved,was Salman not in picture,let alone slanders portrayed,you call democracy you are going against the democracy,yes we all have rights of our opinion but my request would be balance the argument and read inbetween the line.

  33. The reel life Heroes must realise that they are actually real life Zeroes, who have amassed publicity and money through crooked ways. They must first answer why have they have always portrayed
    roles of under world kingpins, drug peddlers, psychopath killers, criminals etc to justify their deeds and glorify them. Why have they portrayed Police , Lawyers, Politician, Teachers , business man and every profession as fools, incompitant and villains. Why didn’t they not think twice before such acts.
    It was easy for them to give a disclaimer that what is shown has nothing to do with facts, and show all distorted version of History, Social and Cultural ethics.
    Now when their profession is painted villioneous they are feeling bad… life is a boomerang, what goes around…comes around. Today when the muck is getting seperated, they can accept
    the facts and stay on the good side of bollywood., But will not… For they were always on the bad side.

  34. Hindi film industry is an illusion which people are blindly following . Atleast there are few who have guts to stand against wrong Now two known people have lost their lives to which a fair trial was demanded and many aspects came infront because of these channels . If few production houses are together filing defamation against these news channels that means they were affected not because of employement they generate but because of there true colors were shown to people who treat them as gods.

  35. The Bollywood of to day is not the Bollywood of half a century ago when some remarkable films were made. It is impossible to single out a single actor/actress today who can be a role model to the country’s youth. The industry is simply interested in making only money, though, some exceptions could be there, where the themes of films highlighted important social messages. Instead of inspiring the Indian youth, the focus has been to present films far removed from the realities of life. The outcome is a self created scenario, where the media took on important issues and focused on them to stir the conscience of the nation against inhuman acts, where money and power seemed, at any cost, triggered by insatiable greed seemed to rule the day. It is also important to observe that with the exception of just one or two actors,, the entire Bollywood took to “shocking silence” on a tragedy that shook the conscience of the nation. It speaks volumes to what low depths this segment can sink. It is also important to note that but for the valiant efforts of some media men and women this tragic tragedy would have been buried long ago. Don’t you think?

  36. People are entitled to their privacy. You can’t just judge people on some stupid TV show and condemn them. I wonder why the courts are allowing their position to be usurped by Republic TV. Arnab should be tried tarred quartered and hanged for what he is doing to others reputation

  37. High time someone shut up Republic TV which is a fiasco. Anyone who thinks otherwise should be interred and thrown in mental asylum. This guy is guilty of spoiling people’s names and reputations which is inexcusable and unforgivable. But we have to wait and see what the courts have to say..

  38. How all Political parties made a group against Natendra Modi same way all others are making group against Arnab, he is a real brave News anchor , against all odes he has unfolded many cases. Oh dear fellow indians you Must support Arnab don’t live him alone in the middle of the river.

  39. They never spoken about the justice for their fellow mate, who died because of an contradictory conspiracy, but they proved they just want to make money..

  40. Moving Court !!!!
    Great. The have emptied the pockets of the poor and have made billions for themselves.
    1. What good have they put that money to ? In times of pandemic. Have they generously donated to the Government or assisted the Government.
    Movies… cinema….. a platform through which we tell the whole world what our country is made of… Our Culture.

    Right from the top
    Our Prime Minister… each and every Citizen of India.

    One Hero and his Heroine change the world, life style of India. True they convinced us on screen, let’s see if they can do it, in real life.

  41. When they were unscrupulously minting crores and crores of money out of public, where were these superstars. These bigwigs don’t want anyone to pry on their personal life. They think they can do anything and get away. Not that today’s journalist are doodh ka dula hua.

  42. Arnab seems to have never critised Film Making, Film music, Film scripts, Film Directors, Producers, Actors or para activities. What he critised is purely Murders of innocents, Drug Peddlers, Anti nationsls, Persons hobnobbing with Pak ISI. Film making is noble but if Black Sheep in the guise of Film making indulges in Murders, Drug Peddling, Antinational acts, he or she must face Gallows or Jail as per law who so ever he or she may be.

  43. Bollywood is a cesspool of anti national, anti Hindu scumbags supported by ISI and muslim extremists. It is funded by drugs, prostitution, illegal betting mafia and the underworld.

  44. India should have media censorship its mandatory now . All trash is shown on media which is unhealthy

  45. “Print” you seem to be supporting Bollywood and there are various Big news channels who are doing so, then how few of these journalists can help tarnish the image of such Bollywood biggies.
    Or are you all scared that common people are listening to these few journalists..? If people are listening to Arnab, it means he has got some genuine followers and he cannot be a part of TRP rigging scam.

  46. Those who find filth journalists correct are actual illiterate audiences of such paid and power backed journalists. Their channels produce fake and scripted news to create hate in Society, their news is dramatically produced to influence innocent citizens who do not understand the evil behind such news drama. Press Association must act against such culprit journalism.

  47. What about Akshay Kumar and Sunny Deol, two stalwarts of PM and BJP. Will they speak anything or they believe Bollywood is gutter.

  48. News channel walo ne kuch galat nahi bataya hai bollywood ke baare me,aaina dikhaya hai bollywood ko jo ek waqt par sabse achhi industry thi at the time of golden era,kitni meaningful filmey banti thi pehle sab pariwar wale ek saath baith kar dekhte the,par aaj kal aisi films banti hai kya? Actually cinema kya hai? What is cinema?.These present bollywood wale should ask to themselves,unhe samajhna chahiye ke hum duniya ko kya dikha rahe hai,aajkal koi ek movie aisi nahi hoti jisme kissing scene na ho toh kaun achhai kahega inke baare me,ha yeh aaj ke bollywood wale Haqeeqat me gandh faila rahe hai.

  49. Arnab n his channel is truly right l, bcoz truth is very bitter n worst. This Bollywood should be taught real lesson.. they have their own rules. When Someone is showing this Bollywood their truth reality n their true colors they want to hide their direly things.. thereby why this cheap crap Bollywood is blaming arnab.. what a shame on this Bollywood

  50. In your country there are many problems like roads service, pollution ,education,population electricity, health jobs and courts pending cases why Arnab Goswami not focus on these points only target the Salman Khan, Rhea Chakraborty and Sushant Singh Rajput is this generalism. Shame on news channels they avoiding the many problems and show only three four persons.

    • I understand the Muslim brotherhood but it would be better if muslims gain literacy over brotherhood and understand major concepts instead. I know some muslims really affecting the human race in a positive way and you here are supporting some criminals just for the sake of community. For people like you, the whole muslim community is blamed. SHAME ON YOU.

  51. These so called Bollywood now united against those who are exposing truths and dark secrets of the film industry. I never saw Bollywood united when terrorists attacked our nation not even during 26/11, they keep mum when Palghar sadhus are lynched, they feel happy when Hindu gods are mocked by their fellow stars, they keep quiet when Disha and Sushant was murdered they were silent, they never be vocal for social causes. They only bothered about their money and fame…. now when Bollywood’s dirty secrets are coming out and they are feared losing money. Then they are united against the truths and rights…. shame…. big shame.!!! Let’s boycott these hypocrites.

  52. If the suit succeeds the next to follow the will be the political parties, and then all we well be getting on the media is RAGHUPATI RAGHAV RAJARAM

  53. Bollywood too have decency ???? No vulgar language. Oh please learn from the art of destruction. Their money source from UK or Canada and some SA countries to be investigated.

  54. Bhai agar tum apne hisab se kisi ko kuch bhi kahoge to wo tumhari tareef thode na karenge.
    Aur tumne hi bollywood ko sar apar chadhaya pehle to Taimur par hi bulletin chal rahi thi. Kon kiski girlfriend kon kiska pati kiski kisse ladai bass yahi dikhate the tum news ke naam pe.

    • Giriraj is a disgrace to humanity, free press and free n fair speech. You toilet scumbug of demosocialism maxisist living in deepsxit.
      Arnab keep the flag high of Democratic values and free n fair society. This print media is a deep sxit social problem. Fight for us Arnab you are the hero of downtrodden hindu mass. Keep our voice alive.

  55. My 2 bits for the Salman khans and karan Johars is that they can changes the channel or switch off TV if they don’t like. Let other watch it.

    This is what whole fraternity was preaching the population when they served nudity, hate against a religion and many other agenda which common public didn’t like

  56. Look at the one’s who have filed a case against established news anchors. Truth is always bitter. India enjoys press freedom. So be it.

  57. Salman, SRK, KJO….Not exactly the paragons of virtue we would like to see. When you want to defend Bollywood, there are none with clean hands. Its a case of ” Innocents with Dirty hands”.

  58. The film industry makes films which paint a bad picture of cops ,doctors , lawyer, politicians , why should they object when it’s their turn to be bashed black and blue. Are they not guilty ? is there no truth in whatever is being broadcast . If what they say is freedom of speech ,what about the innocent people who are backbone of their profession.

  59. Just like SRK had picked up negative roles to make an extremely successful career, Arnab and his likes in journalism are playing the devil’s advocate to nail the root cause leading to the death of a brilliant mind who succumbed to the nepotistic aggression as is explicit now. When the film industry has nobethics in flashing woman’s parts as objects of lust meant for adventurous pleasure pursuits and language full of four lettered filth and gaali gaboch, they has not realised or objected to the same in public interest. Because that would not let them buy the islands in dubai and hills in canada. This unity is again just to form a syndicate to vindicate arnab and continue with the dirty masala spills on the silver screen to full houses. A villian portrayed in any of their movies will never be born, nor are these screen heroes ready to portray the actual villains which might include systems and situations that however true they might be, but cannot run the adrenaline in the viewers nerves. A hero of public interest, arnab may not have a personal interest, a political bias is still fine when the screen protagonitd are too busy and biased away from the true public interest. Not one statement from any of these celebrities on the reason of the death of SSR even today. Their destinations and preferred homes and passports are from Dubai, Canada, Turkey and possinly more. Their innocent victoms are the masses in india who dance and drool to the dirt and filth thrown by the directors whims and producers delight. What a hypocrisy. Shame on the pseudo citizen of this country and the untrue portrayers of heroism.

    • Absolutely correct !! They can sell filth to the Nation shamelessly , hoard wealth for next 7 generations, in various countries which most of the time ,are not even true friends of India yet the Nation should not open mouth but advised to change the Channel…Why should we spend our valuable 24 hours seeing about their children and wealth ????? hypocrisy about privacy of their life !!!!!!

    • True

      I don’t see what’s so special about Bollywood ? Its just some bunch of dumb guys filming a movie over a lame and aimless story. Most of the scenes and stories are sometimes imitated from Bollywood. And then comes the audience who gets excited about these over exaggerated, dark humoured, typical and fictional movies released just for the sake of “keeping Bollywood alive” cuz lmao they are ded now.

      All these dirty hand failures use money as to cover up their negatives. They wont even hesitate to set a price tag for court cases.

      Shame on those supporting this filth. I am starting to feel weak about my nationality now. Youth is spoilt by tiktok, pobg and social media rip. The state is messed by toxic corrupt politicians. :/

      Imma go other country

  60. High time some strict action is taken to see those idiots making a mockery of everything without any proof and maligning people. They will do ANYTHING for TRPs. Disgusting journalism. It’s become more of a screaming, shouting and defaming game and they should be put bathing bars for this NOISE POLLUTION.

  61. Arnab GOUSWAMI is the filth, scum and the real villain. He act as the advocate, judge and executioner. He is the leader of shouting brigade. Why people even watch republic TV! Rhea should definitely go for defamation case against him and Navika kumar, the whore too

  62. They have every right to charge Republic tv. It’s not just film industry but even many intellectuals as well. What arnab Goswami does is not journalism but stupidity, and blunders.
    He has lost mannerisms of journalism. The tv telecast should of arnab should be banned

    • Politicians r there with him bro… No one can do any thing….
      I hv seen a video in which Arnab used to ask the question to the serving government… Bhai viswas nhi hua ki Arnab bhi aisa tha .. aur phir usi govrmnt ka talwa chatne laga …
      Yarr isko pakka dhamkaya gya h…


  64. Media is a curse to society? It’s politicians and bureaucrats who manned the electronic media!: blackmailing intimidating coverage, invading privacy, behaving like intruders licensed goons? Most of channels are politically paid artists and have paid artists in studio? Every thing if farce, viewers/ TRP and their life?

    • Arnab has faced these situations many times but nothing happened,I think it is his mannerism to speak news like this, although journalists should not sit silent-this is not what journalism means.
      Everybody knows everything and no one is still a child to be innocent and wait for the court to answer but this is true job for a journalist.
      Can anyone in India dare to do like this . No one can.
      So, that is why arnab is famous all over world.
      It’s a journalist’s job but we should believe someone with proof . Arnab maybe right or may not be right . But at least it is his he done. Everybody want their job done right . heroes act we watch heroes earn on us we spend on them.
      This is not what we should worry we should worry about the truth which is hidden let’s see who will win.
      U know Andhra Pradesh at present no journalist can make false statements on our government if they do they will arrested because it brought a GO that journalist should not make any statements on government. What type of rule is this , menas journalist should not do his job in my state .this is our honrable CM and s doing. Beacuse he knows what happens if he didn’t put this GO

  65. I think these channels should be banned permanently. They crossed every lines. They think they are the judges. These loafers should know where theirs boundaries.

  66. What Arnab is doing is obsolutely right. people need to know the stars they are idolizing whether he is worth of it..
    Bollywood is biased to particular community I can give you a fine example……
    Sharman Joshi fine comic actor…people went to see movie Rang De Basanti for Sharman Joshi…now this actor is nt seen in movie
    Sunny Deol son…..why his son was not offered even a single movie by these BOLLYWOOD BIG BASTARDS….why because he is Hindu like this there are many example i can give…

    • I feel you and Arnab should be locked together in a mental home. That’s his right place and since you think he’s correct you belong with him.

      • I think you belong to the bollywood industry Mr.Wazi. So, can you tell me why Bollywood actors are seen with terrorists? Also, do mention how much the Bollywood is paying you. Not all claims are a miscommunication and no one is a saint neither you. If anyone is to dig your profile deep enough, I guarantee you’ll also be under legal radar unless you possess enough power or deep pockets. I don’t claim anyone to be innocent but better have a deep knowledge about the facts before you poke your long disgusting nose into comments. Anyways, no harsh feelings and no offense.

      • I feel sorry for u that u r those kind of people who is pseudointelectual.. so gain some knowledge and yeah whatever the case will be .Arnab have each and everything to prove himself..he is not so called journalist who gain popularity by getting money nd by the way I am a die hard fan of Arnab . I am watching his debate since when he is in times now.. somewhere frm 10 years back frm now before he open republic tv..nd fans like me are many in this country..I am not the only one. Nd yeah he is a proud son of ASSAM bdw.. nd we r very proud of him always. Thank you

      • Your time is out. Who is salman Karan? These are mere maggots surviving off an industry which is for entertainment. These are just nachniyaas and one should not forget that their aukad is restricted to entertainment. Bollywood maggots thinks themselves to be way too important whereas in reality they are just clowns for entertainment.
        And personally, if you want to voice your opinion then you can do so, but you cannot make a comment of another person’s opinion. According to me it is a pathetic looser like you who needs mental care.
        The value of a salman khan, amir khan or a karn johar is less than my bathroom slippers for me. They can die this very moment and people would care less about them Amir Khan, Salman Khan Sahrukh Khan jokers…..reel life maggots

      • U r a disgrace to the society.. U scumbag.. U support those drug addicts. U did those drug chats huh? Salman Srk over……..

    • Your mind is biased, even here you want to bring hindu muslim instead of putting a permanent lock on filthy shouters on news channels. When we switch on news channels we want to see real problems of our country not one film star’s personal stories for months together.

    • Oh.. I dont know about Arnab sir… but he sure has guts and brains to argue and make an intelligent conversation… salman and the gangs of druggypur… aka Bollywood… you are finished in the public eye… only some of the muslim fundamentalists in this nation will support your vested interests… BOYCOTT BOLLYWOOD… SUSHANT MURDERERS are now speaking up… INDIA has two words for u… GET LOST

    • If everyone think like this, There will be only solution left …. every community make their own continent make their own film industry, their own pseudo glorified leaders , their own history, …… end be happy in their own world. And nobody will be allowed to surpass anyothers land , water, and sky……… so where this type of narrative will lead, will it be mature modern world or will it be diseased, twisted , immature, unhealthy minds world which directs towards immense backwardness to prehistoric animal era !
      Today problems are with religions, tomorrow castes within, than every city people dislikes other city people……… is there any limit to become short hearted
      Some people can’t even tolerate their own siblings in same house……. are they ideals or healthy

  67. Blessings in disguise. Good these people came together. Even layman not interested in Bollywood now will be aware of these so called names of the Samaritans. God Bless

  68. Well done industry stalwarts. These obnoxious news anchors and channels should be taught a lesson in decent and truthful reporting and not to run after TRP. Gats off to you all production houses.

  69. Bollywood has to prove that their livelihoods are affected by the media comments. I cannot see how they can do it.

  70. As the Bollywood’s pant has been pulled down therefore their frustration should come in some form. So much unity against TV channels , never seen so unity against terror or anti India activity. Bharat ki khali mai khate ho aur ussi mai ched karete ho.

  71. The Hindi film industry has brought a lot of happiness and a little magic into our lives. At a time when its commercial well being has been especially hard hit by the pandemic, the last thing it needs is a smear campaign, based on little more than a few WhatsApp chats. Wonderful that the stars are coming together, fighting to reclaim their national space.

  72. Truth hurts, doesn’t it? Proper course is to cleanse the Bollywood of this vice. But none of these Bollywood leaders possess that sagacity.

    • What the bollywood is delivering, watch all web series and movies full of sex, voilence, drugs, alcohol, smoking by all segments of society boys girls parents etc. All this promotes their consumption leading to crime, rapes, murder. Bollywood has a greater responsibility to shape the society. Today they’re shaping altogether differently and the youth is disturbed. There is no moral values left in what is being presented by the bollywood for the society. Perhaps this is what people like and they sell for their own best ratings.

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