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Modi is sailing smooth now, but history won’t be kind to him

Modi may continue to win elections for a while, but what will he really be remembered for in the long run, besides his amazing ability to command votes?

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The present may be kind to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but history will be harsher on him. Modi has been getting away with all his imprudent decisions that include blunders, and will perhaps continue to do so in the years to come, with benign voters showering their awe on him, making his grandstanding overpower everything else. However, history will remember Modi as a prime minister who won a massive mandate, but failed to make any real contribution to nationbuilding.

As former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Monday criticised PM Modi for his Galwan statement, one was reminded of the famous remark he had made towards the end of his term in 2014 — “history will be kinder to me than the contemporary media, or for that matter, the Opposition parties in Parliament”.

For Modi, it will be the other way around — he may be smooth-sailing now, but history won’t be kind to him — if he continues this way and instead remember him for catering to a very narrow vision and for initiating steps that have caused more harm than good.

From an ill-advised demonetisation to bulldozing his way through decisions such as the dilution of Article 370, followed by a strict clampdown in Kashmir and introduction of contentious and polarising laws, Modi has left the political environment vitiated and caused India’s relations with its neighbours to deteriorate. The Prime Minister has set many milestones that are unlikely to seem flattering when history around him is written.

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Modi: The present

There is little doubt that Modi is among the most popular leaders, with a cult-like following that independent India has not seen before. I have travelled extensively to cover elections and other events, and found his popularity to be overwhelming. It cuts across gender, geographies and socio-economic backgrounds.

It is this massive goodwill and an uncanny ability to connect with the masses that has held, and will continue to hold, Modi in good stead. His blunders don’t matter. The opposition’s shrill attacks fade in front of his masterful histrionics and he ensures that his spin mastery overcomes the most challenging of situations.

Nothing has really hurt Modi politically so far: be it the ill-thought-out decision to demonetise high-value currency notes in one go in November 2016 or the hasty rollout of GST soon after — both of which adversely impacted voters across segments. And yet, when Modi is attacked, he only becomes stronger. No one can forget how former Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s chowkidar chor hai campaign in the run-up to the 2019 Lok Sabha election and his corruption allegations in the Rafale deal, both of which directly attacked Modi, boomeranged.

An unquestioning electorate that laps up almost anything that the PM says and a splintered, incoherent and often scared opposition have been Modi’s biggest strengths. The present, therefore, is kind to the Prime Minister. But what will he be remembered for in the future and what is the legacy he will leave behind?

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Where history won’t be kind to Modi

Among a number of adverse policy decisions, especially on the economic front, demonetisation, followed by a “flawed” and hastily rolled out GST will top the list, with their negative impact still lingering on the economy. While Modi sold them to the country as his big-ticket economic reforms, aimed at curbing black money and formalising the indirect tax regime, respectively, the reality is that they were twin blows to an economy that was running fine up until then.

That was his first term. In his second term, where he returned with an even-bigger mandate, the Modi government passed a number of legislations that have ended up straining the social fabric of India, and has left it polarised like never before.

Modi will be infamously remembered for presiding over a government of a party that played polarising politics across states. History won’t forget that when Amit Shah compared illegal migrants to “termites” and said that they will be thrown into the Bay of Bengal, it was Modi who was India’s Prime Minister.

History will not be kind to Modi for turning Assam’s National Register of Citizens (NRC) from an ethnic issue into a communal one, or for bringing in the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

The triple talaq law, questionable amendments to laws such as RTI and UAPA, and going all jingoistic about the ‘outsider’ — all show how the Modi government’s emphasis has only been on catering to its blinkered vision.

The Covid crisis is unprecedented and harsh, but the Modi government’s handling of the labour crisis, its thoughtlessness and how it tried to undermine the federal structure by towering over states will forever be questioned.

A poor bench strength in the government and the BJP, and his inability to groom a solid second-rung of leaders or retain true talent have also been Modi’s big weaknesses.

Modi’s poor handling of India’s foreign policy is another point that puts him on a sticky wicket. Be it the ongoing standoff with China at the LAC that has led to the death of 20 Indian soldiers, a combative Nepal unilaterally changing its map to include Indian territory or incessant attacks on the security forces in Kashmir, India is being challenged by the neighbours more frequently than ever before.

Modi’s statement on Galwan at the all-party meet created a furore, which further shows he thinks more as a politician pandering to voters than a leader thinking geo-strategically.

While the issue of Bangladeshi infiltrators has impacted ties with Bangladesh, the Sri Lankan dispensation under the Rajapaksa brothers also isn’t friendly to India, and is known for its proximity to China.

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Where history will be kind

One can’t say Modi hasn’t achieved anything at all. The welfare platform laid down in his first term — from providing rural housing to cooking gas connections, rural electricity, health insurance, the Aadhaar emphasis to weeding out implementation glitches in schemes, and the robust use of the Socio-Economic Caste Census to extend benefits to the poor have all been extremely popular, useful and sound policy steps.

Diplomatically, the growing India-US ties is a key foreign policy achievement of the Modi government. The cross-border surgical strikes in 2016 and the Balakot air strikes in 2019 have also helped add to Modi’s muscle.

However, the Modi government’s focus on welfare and governance seems to have all but disappeared in the second term. The past one year has been entirely around Modi catering to a narrow vision of fulfilling a majoritarian, nationalistic impulse, and closing historical issues that matter to his core constituency at the cost of more pressing issues.

Modi will probably continue to win elections for a while to come, but what will he really be remembered for in the long run, besides his amazing ability to command votes? That is a question that must haunt Modi, if he wants history to remember him as a nation-builder, and not just an election-winning, smooth-talking machine.

Views are personal.

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  1. For a 1000 years Hindus have been slaves in their own country.
    For the first time we have an lion who has taught us to fight and made to put our heads high.
    Yes history has been kind to Sonio
    but we don’t expect any kindness
    We want only dignity.
    A minority Shit Owasi threatening
    that he will finish us won’t be tolerated any more.
    Wait for the show when 100 crores Hindus will elect Yogiji as our Emperor

  2. Earlier newspapers were first printed then sold. Now they are first sold and then print. Your’s is of the first sold type.
    Has history been kind to Bhagatsingh? Has it been kind to Subhash Bose? Has History been kind to Sardar Patel or Ambedkar? History has only been kind to Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and if at all it would be to Rahul. Specially if the JNU historians write it. Alexander would always be victor even if he looses to Porous .

  3. Earlier newspapers were first printed then sold. Now they are first sold and then print. Your’s is of the first sold type.

    Has history been kind to Bhagatsingh? Has it been kind to Subhash Bose? Has History been kind to Sardar Patel or Ambedkar? History has only been kind to Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and if at all it would be to Rahul. Specially if the JNU historians write it. Alexander would always be victor even if he looses to Porous .

  4. As the author of this article says, “History might not be kind to Modi”, but the present isn’t kind to them, hence the rattling. Don’t be so obvious.

  5. Dear Ruhi
    In 2014 elections when Modi was cleared as BJP’s pick for PM, I became doubtful very doubtful , he had the tag of Gujarat riots on him where 2k muslims died. The only alternate , Congress had become a party of thugs and scams, not worth a bet either.. Over the years my thoughts have changed probably a full 180 degree. After 6 years today I feel he is the RIGHT leader that Indians were waiting for. I researched about the gujarat riots in full detail and the instigator incident : train burning that roasted alive hindu pilgrims inside the coach. That clearly cleared my doubtful mind. Now I proudly say Modi has given a bloody nose to our enemy twice and the icing on the cake was Wg Cdr Abhinandan returning back from Pak unharmed.
    History my dear mam will place Modi on a much higher platform that you and I have imagined. Economic issues will come and go as time passes but remember Modi is a Gujarati so his decisions will always have the economic balancing .

  6. (1)Modi is clear. He identified and tries. Fails due to bureaucracy and corruption still breathing albeit in its last throes.
    (2) As a voter I don’t want to share gov revenues for a migrant.
    (3) If that Migrant is persecuted I accept him If he is religiously persecuted then also ok.
    (4) I will think about who is opposing voter rightful entitlement limited gov resources.
    (5) MODI if found aligned History will be factual a d unkind to detractors.
    (6) History ignores biased treatment to facts and will be unkind to Historian in that case

    • A premier fails due to his own ill decisions. Why blaming bureaucrats? What you said is just a hollow statement. Provide statements which are factually correct and makes sense. The author has presented a beautifully elaborated description of the topic that the perspe intended to define. The modi government makes more poses than policies and every incident is an election issue for him. Scrapping 370 rekindled the fire in kashmir. Balakot air raid is army’s merit but the credit is being taken by Modi. Had it been a war, the pm would have gotten credit but the complete credit goes to military incase of surgical strikes. Similarly caa and nrc are going to bring catastrophe to millions of people especially Muslims.

  7. This refrain of “ 60 years of loot” is a baseless slogan repeated milliontimes like Goebel’s during Hitler’s rule. This is a one man band with support of one uncanny director who seems to be his hatchet man. Our Constitution is at peril and up is flouted on one single idea of a secular democracy and a cabinet form of governance. Instead we have one man handling all functions with a loyal and obedient PMO and ministers. While he has managed to mess our economy and foreign affairs, and now inability to face Covid pandemic, his main right hand man is controlling the massive treasury and voters, MLAs are bought and our electoral system is a silent spectator. Investigative agencies, police, and judiciary etc are under their strict control and the use of the provisions of law to arrest any dissent completes the picture.

    • Excellent, hard-hitting comment Mr SN Iyer ! What we are witnessing is the slow creep of fascism, albeit voted in by the people who believe that their Gujarati Messiah is the much awaited benevolent dictator who has modelled himself on Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew. We are lucky if he doesn’t turn out to be an Indian Putin. After all, in Baba Ramdev he has a readymade Rasputin !

  8. Congress’s Achievement: Looting for 60 years.
    BeeJayPee’s Biggest Achievement: Looting double that sum of money within a matter of six years.

    Congress = We have just one family that loots.
    BeeJayPee = We are one large family of looters.

    ***** O Gullible People of India, judge for yourself which kind of looter you would prefer, or perhaps you could do very well without a ‘Government’. Gone are those days when a POLITICIAN could be trusted. Perhaps in future it would be better to live without the presence of a Government !

  9. Modi has expanded what was the “core base” of BJP many times over. What every politically conscious Hindu wanted, albeit many secretly so, Modiji has delivered. Article 370 abrogation and CAA.

    For anyone who doesn’t know Muslim infiltration into West Bengal & Assam is a century old problem. Mamta Banerjee herself raised this issue several times in the national Parliament and CPM was in favour of CAA till 2011-12. Too bad they forgot all about that now.

    • Mr/Ms Nationalist: The revoking of Art. 370 and the CAA may have delighted the Hindutva crowd such as yourself. Your latent hatred of Muslims has finally been legitimised through the actions of the BJP. But you need to look at some of the consequences of these actions.

      1. The CAA cannot be implemented and MoShah know that very well. It was, like the much ballyhooed Rs 15 lacs recovered from overseas accounts to be credited in every Indian’s pocket story. CAA presumes that Bangladesh will be willing to take back people India designates as non-citizens. And Bangladesh has categorically refused to do that. And is now talking and allying itself with China to make matters worse for India.

      2. Revoking of Art 370 and Amit Shah’s speech in Parliament on 5th Aug 2019 to the effect that India would recover all territories held by Pakistan and China was indeed taken very seriously in China. Despite efforts by Foreign Minister Jaishankar to placate the Chinese and convince them that Shah’s message was to nationalists and jingoists like yourself, the Chinese paid no heed. They simply walked into Indian territory and have established permanent structures there.

      As things stand today, thanks to gross incompetence on just about every front and an incompetence compounded by authoritarianism and adherence to a fascist ideology called Hindutva, India is in deep trouble. The economy was in doldrums even before the COVID crisis, the unity of the country has been weakened, minorities get lynched, India has serious problems with all its neighbours, including Hindu Nepal, the healthcare systems have all but collapsed and China is gobbling up Indian territory.

      Meanwhile, Modi, the self-styled “pradhan sewak” has ordered not 1 but 2 state of the art Boeing 757 aircraft to the tune 0f Rs 9000 crores, is moving into a larger house, wishes to spend Rs 20,000 crores to get a new Central Vista in Delhi and so on – whilst migrant workers suffer and people die in hospital queues.

      They say that Emperor Nero fiddled whilst Rome burnt. But, India’s Nero does not fiddle alone – he has bhakths like you who fiddle with him whilst India and Indians suffer.

      • It is easy to make allegations umpteen in numbers even, but to substantiate the same is what matters. So is the case with making evaluations. Let adverse tastes be not the yardstick to make/suggest both the said variables. People of the country has become more intelligent since independence to decide who is who and what is what. It is human to err but not human to err calculatedly for self promotion.

        • Mr Babu Rajan Kunju Pillai: Thanks for the response.

          Perhaps you might wish to evaluate your claim:

          “.. People of the country has become more intelligent since independence to decide who is who and what is what ..”

          in the light of the re-elections to the Lok Sabha of swinder A. Raja of 2G fame and Godse worshipper cum terrorist accused Pragya Thakur. To name a few thugs and conmen who have benefited from said “intelligence” !

      • LOL. Another anonymous Stupid troll,. bombing replies of every modi supporter.
        It’s pathetic and at the same time funny to look at people like you who are getting increasingly frustrated day by day to rising popularity of Modi.

        • Mr Dhawan Gupta: Thanks for your “response”.

          Whilst you are entitled to rejoice at the “rising popularity” of Modi, it is about time you also have a look at the Modi made economic ruin that surrounds you, the Modi made health-care disaster that is enveloping India and the security threats to India from China. And the hostile actions from China can be directly traced back to the shrill Hindutva of Amit Shah about recapturing Aksai Chin from China.

          Sadly, in India, competence and electoral victory are not always correlated. A.Raja of 2G scam fame, one of the greatest swindlers of all time has been re-elected and is a DMK MP.

  10. You vultures just can’t tolerate the sight of a Non Gandhi/Nehru party as a government. You have been bootlickers for 60 years and no wonder why you have been able to function. Now, your favorites have been kicked out of power.
    This article is the direct result of that frustration.

    STFU theprint

    • Mr Abhishek: It is pathetic to see people frame the debate about Modi not about the man and his actual record but in terms of leaders long dead and parties long out of power. That stance of yourself and many others reflects the following distractions at work:

      1. The Modi record so far has been downright atrocious – nay tragic – on almost all fronts – economic, foreign policy, unity within the country, nation building, press freedoms, corruption etc. etc. such that the only way to shift the focus is by talking about people no longer in the limelight. Like Nehru who has been dead for nearly 6 decades. Flogging a dead horse as many would have said. And that is precisely what the BJP IT which controls your intellect cell wants you to do.

      2. At a more identity level, the Modi regime has pandered to, egged on and capitalised on the latent Hindu hatred for Muslims and to a lesser extent Christians. And yes, I will not beat about the bush and will accept that the practitioners of these 3 major religions do not exactly love each other. Muslims, Christians and Hindus do not like each other’s religions. That said, even for educated people like you, the propaganda that Hindus are in danger from Islam and Christianity is something that resonates and something you prioritise even over even your won material well-being. That too, distracts you from the Modi regime’s atrocious scorecard. Indeed, your ilk is even willing to go hungry as long as Muslims – “termites” in Amit Shah speak – get thrashed and put into place. Lynchings of Muslims probably bring great joy to people like you – after all, they are being avenged for their past acts of violence aren’t they Mr Abhishek ?

      As long as educated people like you continue to view and justify the shenanigans of the current regime by referring to an imagined past, no real debate or change is possible. Just ask the Chinese who badly want Modi to be in power such that more jingoism is whipped up in India and the Chinese can exploit that to pre-emptively grab Indian land. After all, didn’t Amit Shah’s provocative speech that India would recapture Chinese captured Aksai Chin not precipitate the current crisis ?

      I will leave you with a quote from anthropologist Margaret Mead (1901-78) that summarises the obfuscation and deceit that the Modi government has stood for:

      “What people say, what people do and what they say they do are entirely different things ! “

      What Modi says, what he does and what he says he does are entirely different things. But a bhakth like you will take Modi’s words at face value – and he knows how to capitalise on it.

      • Kili josiyar is just one frustrated dravida makan probably conveerted to christianity by now who is brainwashed by arya dravidian theory by convent schools and kalaingar for their own goals. Mass conversion and mass murder by abrahamics and mass loot by italian madam and family has left hindus w no other option than modi and chaddi brothers to survive. You show another way for us to survive hindus w go there

      • I’m just going to say this, Modi is not the worst PM India has seen, but he certainly isn’t the best. One of his strong points are that he gives power to the military when they need it the most. The best example being the recent row with China. And it is something that I truly admire in him too. He has also strengthened relations with a lot of important Countries. Especially the US

        But at the same time , it is true that a lot of his economic policies are not good. India’s economy was going good before his tenure but now it has fallen on hard times. And not only that it may not be visible to all in India but for those outside of the country, it is obvious that Modi is trying to make India into a Hindu nation. And it is saddening to see that bond between different communities breaking because of one man

    • Mentally blind can see everything very clear these days, though much doubtful. Whereas Idiots see far off things much clearer. Be happy in the change of times.

  11. Whether future will be kind or unkind to Modi only future will reveal but why is Ruhi ji so unkind to him now? And why people should continue voting for him in awe when he is only taking imprudent decisions? Does she think people are stark idiots and she and her ilk is authors, liberals, leftists are very intelligent and smart people. You write anything that comes to your mind and your hatred for Modi, a single point agenda, takes precedence overs facts and common sense. Trust me, more you and your likes raise anti modi noises, more counter productive it will get. And take it from me, four years down the line, he will again come back roaring.

    • Mr/Ms Chandra d: You forget a fundamental pre-requisite for democracy : an electorate that keeps itself abreast of the policy decisions of their elected representatives and their consequences for themselves and the country. And holds these representatives responsible for their decisions. Alas, this does not always happen.

      Not only in India, but also in mature democracies with robust safeguards for separation of powers and an educated electorate, one notes that populists and demagogues who play and prey upon peoples’ identities, racial or religious biases are able to subvert democracy and usurp it to suit their narrow ends. And the electorate often willingly chooses authoritarian men or fascist ideologies merely because they pander to their prejudices.

      Thus, you have Donald Trump who appeals to working class white grievances and convinces the working class electorate that he is their knight in shining armour. Viktor Orban does the same in Hungary whilst Rodrigo Duterte plays the same populist playbook in the Philippines. Likewise, Modi plays the endangered Hindu identity card to garner votes.

      Sometimes voters choose the demagogue even when they themselves are in danger of being harmed. In a BBC interview, a disabled white couple in a mining town in Pennsylvania who were dependent on Obamacare to cover their exorbitant medication costs which were upwards of USD 6000/month nonetheless voted for Trump who ran on a plank of removing Obamacare. They were enamoured by Trump’s “white man in danger” rhetoric even to the detriment of their own survival. Or Germans who were willing to send their children to fight for Hitler because they believed that Jews threatened the Aryan race.

      Likewise, you have the migrant labourer who is forced to trek thousands of kilometers to his village in Bihar but still says that he will vote for Modi. Or the farmer who has lost his incomes and was on the verge of starvation due to demonetisation but yet would vote for the man who would rescue Hinduism from Muslims. Clearly, religious or racial identities and a slick PR machine can be a potent combination – at least for some time. But whether that is democracy is a debatable point.

      You say that Modi would come back roaring in 4 years from now. But then, that is the wrong issue to be focussing on as the right issue should be:

      “Will India remain a united country or one riven by fratricidal religious and ethnic strife” ?

  12. No idea about whom the print is controlled. You have made many allegations against the current government. You have written many negative things which goes against the National intrest. When you says about modis decision on Article 370 35A , Domicile law on kashmir, Triple talakh, Balakot air strike , land mark Decisions on CAA and the sc verdict on ayodhya Ram mandir. The opposition cannot handle these achievement and success of this govt. Congress always forget their heroes. The journalism has been changed with the due course of time. We should always do those things which is good for the nation. These media houses are just playing propaganda.

  13. Speaking of neighbors behavior and the behavior of India to their nuisances, Modi will respond than react.

  14. You will die , but Mr Modi will live even after His Death because of His uplifting the country weight to the Himalayan peak. He is in the heat ,mind, soul & breathe of the country. God sends him here to save this soil………………..donot worrry . post this

  15. History is written by victors always. So its always relative in context. Example– Indo pak history is viewed, written by two different viewpoint on either side. For allvthe shit written and given by left, left liberals to the nation in lady few decades, Modi will he liked if not loved by the majority and cursed, crinjed by the leftoversof other side. As future history writing will be vastly different from what was potrayed in the past and mostly it will be written by the majority in power and majority in society, the so called ” history ” Will always be amenable to people in power.
    What matters is present and now and not some hypothetical fame in future.
    Example– PVNR and ABVP would have taken definitely second term as PM, s and dobehat they thought was right (if offered by the circumstances) rather than saying i want history to he kinder to me so i will cater to those who will never vote for me. Atvthe best of compromise leaders will try to keep them less unhappy as they know that some will always oppose, crib, cry foul when out of power.

    Modi is practical on the ground, in the present working politician who will implement thd agenda which he believes and for which his rock solid support base stands by him. Don’t have illusions and act ” Sour grapes ” as every other politician too will do the same

  16. Modi with little education & understanding and having no acumen of diplomacy, is gradually proving himself a curse to the nation.

  17. Your journalism is always biased and prejudiced against Modi and the Indian Govt. Everyone is aware that you are on the list of paid media. Some fools comment sitting happily in the USA and don’t have the guts to come down to India and work for the nation.

    • Have you smashed your Chinese made smartphone Mr Venkataraman? Encouraged your sons to go don the green camouflage uniform of the Army rather than covet the Green card?

  18. Stupid post again. What Modi has done, nobody has done it in India. It is time for people to emulate it. Comments by Christians and muslims heteinabove are predictable. They are based on religion biases and not on actual assessment. The fact is they look to Rome and Pakistan for national issues.

    • What assessments you are classifying others with your narrow minded brain. We don’t said anything about religion,caste,gender. You are discriminating others on the basis of religion and then you are criticizing other. This is called hypocrisy

  19. Congress’s Achievement: Looting for 60 years.
    BeeJayPee’s Biggest Achievement: Looting double that sum of money within a matter of six years.

    Congress = We have just one family that loots.
    BeeJayPee = We are one large family of looters.
    *** O Gullible People of India, judge for yourself which kind of looter you would prefer, or perhaps you could do very well without a ‘Government’. Gone are those days when a POLITICIAN could be trusted. Perhaps in future it would be better to live without the presence of a Government !

  20. The author has a biased congress mindset, and had criticised all the excellent steps taken by Mr. Modi in the national interest and well being of the people. The only blemish I see is the demonetization, for which his advisors also have to take the blame in equal measure. We Indians feel very secure in the hands of PM Modi. The author, it is apparent, is a Modi hater and has lost his balance of judgement, while viewing the steps initiated by our Great PM. History will definitely judge him in the right perspective, but not in the way, the writer of the article intends to project.

    • Mr V.Ramakrishnan: In your blind devotion for the Great Gujarati Messiah, you seem to rely more on the fiction created by your Messiah rather than on the facts created by him on the ground.

      And even when you grudgingly admit that the Great Gujarati Messiah may have messed up you will not hold the man responsible for his mistake but you bend over backwards to give him a get out of jail card! Thus, the harebrained move called demonetisation which Modi took against the advice of trained economists like Dr Rajan and upon the advice of quacks like Baba Ramdev and Anil Bokil of NGO Arthakranthi is something you still do not wish to blame Modi for. Never mind the fact that the nicely humming economy bequeathed to him by Dr MMS was ruined, the informal sector was shattered, shops shuttered, people died in bank queues, patients were turned away from hospitals, farmers lost their incomes and many poor people their savings. And in the end, no “black money” nor counterfeit notes were recovered and terrorism continues unabated. With China joining the party to bash India.

      Despite the Messiah being 100% responsible for this débâcle – nay crime – , you allocate the blame, not to the man who single-handedly caused it but to “his advisors also have to take the blame in equal measure”. Well Mr Ramakrishnan, given the authoritarian style of Modi, qualified advisers and economists have not had a role in the decision making process, but quacks have had. And the man you deify is unable to differentiate between a quack and an expert.

      You go on to pontificate: “We Indians feel very secure in the hands of PM Modi”. Did you ask your Muslim and Christian friends – assuming that you have some – whether they feel safe ? Or are they not Indians but “termites to be thrown into the Bay of Bengal” to use the language of the lieutenant of the Messiah ? And Sikhs Mr Ramakrishnan? Do you really think that they now feel safe in India where Hindutva rules ? Never mind the token concessions extended by Golwalkar & Savarkar to Sikhs and Buddhists.

      In any case Mr Ramakrishan, the Chinese have exposed the many chinks – pun intended – in the Messiah’s expensive suits. They are not only shooting, but also calling the shots and apparently have not been frightened by his 56 inch chest and his chest-thumping. Meanwhile, the Messiah has ordered not one but two expensive, highly customised Boeing 757 aircraft so that he can fly about in style. After all, if Trump can have an Air Force One, why can’t Modi have two Air India Ones? The price tag of Rs 9000 when people are dying from COVID and the economy has nosedived crores doesn’t matter does it ? More so when the likes of Mr V.Ramakrishnan will gladly pay for having the PM pampered ..

      Your pathetic – nay tragic – post reminds me of 2 quotes from Niccolo Machiavelli, the Italian political philosopher:

      1.The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him
      2:One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived

      Romba thanks in advance for your reply Saar !

      • In my response to Mr V.Ramakrishnan above, there is a small typo.

        In the 4th paragraph from the bottom, please read the sentence as:

        “The price tag of Rs 9000 crores when people are dying from COVID and the economy has nosedived doesn’t matter does it ”

        My apologies for the error.

      • This sincere and point by point reply of yours, Kili Jolsiyar, to a comment that is nothing more than indulgence in the cult of Modi’s personality, is extremely laudable. I fully concur with your views here and strongly wish that sooner this dispensation and cultic trend are made to vanish from the political scene, better it would be for the Indians, India, and the world at large. I find it very difficult to comprehend that how can anyone be picked up for praise who is ever ready to tweet on matters not related to governance but remain silent on the deaths of migrant workers who had set out to their native places during the abruptly announced lockdown on foot in the absence of adequate transport arrangements, but met with their death due to train running over them.

        • Thank you Mr Murtada.

          Alas, when the electorate is unwilling to hold its elected politicians responsible for the actions, there is little hope for change. Crook and embezzler A. Raja (DMK) of 2G fame was re-elected MP from Nilgiris in 2019; Sadhvi Pragya Thakur (BJP) of Malegaon blast fame and an avowed Godse worshipper was elected from Bhopal; Dean Kuriakose (INC) with no less than 204 criminal cases against him was elected from Idukki; Godhra pogroms facilitator and demonetiser Modi himself has been promoted to the highest post in the country. Not once but twice.

          As George Orwell said:

          “A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices”

  21. Absolutely FAKE article. Just to create sensation, the same has been posted. Till date, there’s No PM our country has got who can be comparable to NaMo. MMS is ONE of the … PM which we feel ashamed to admit that he was our PM, that to for 10 years!!??
    Even CONGRESS and / UPA Government’s were also not capable of what this Government has been doing and for future also. They’re all short-sighted, Corrupt and having no vision and long-term plans. NaMo will be remembered for a Long time and rest of the PM and Governments will be forgotten for ever.

  22. PM Modi’s contribution in world peace and order has been enormous…. certainly PM Modi deserves a Noble prize…..that wouldn’t be far away!

  23. The Print would get respect only if it does honest assessment rather than resort to Modi bashing for so many years. The Print has had zero impact on the public minds quite evident from the General Election. The Print assumes public as fools who cannot analyse for themselves. The comments of most is not in tune with The Print.

  24. Dear Madam Journalist who traveled extensively

    What a load of crap. Do you sincerely believe what you have written?. If you think that Modi is damaging India, then what would you say about what the Congress has done over the past so many years. We are the electorate, the common man ….. please don’ think of us dumb and unintelligent that we will get influenced with all that non-sense that you peddle. Pick a leader from the current crop of Politicians who have it in them to lead the nation. I am not a fan of politicians and neither of any party, the only reason we voted for Modi was that we believed him and, in his work and thought that he could provide a very stable and moving government. We couldn’t find someone better than him to lead the country.

    • Mr/Ms PK: Your “logic” seems to be:

      “Congress has damaged India for many years in the past. Hence, if Modi does the same, he must not be blamed, the citizens of India be damned”

      Essentially, your lathi wielding, shakha educated ilk believes that sins of past politicians justify and give carte blanche to present day politicians to commit their own sins. And a wily, cunning politician like Modi knows that with a great PR machine, a paid press and Islamophobic bhakths like yourself, he can get away with murder. Literally.

      Meanwhile, the economy of the country was in doldrums long before the COVID crisis started, thanks in large measure to sheer incompetence and the disdain of experts like Dr Raghuram Rajan, Arvind Subramanian, Urjit Patel, Amartya Sen, ane even the initially Modi supporting economist Jagdish Bhagwathi. Then you have several Modi-made disasters like demonetisation, GST, a laughable Make In India scheme, retroactive taxation of firms, muddled policies towards privatisation of state assets like Air India etc. etc.

      On the social front, the already fragile unity of the country has been rendered even more fragile thanks to Muslim and Christian bashing – something the restive Sikh population in India now takes note of with some trepidation. Hindutva inspired Muslim & Christian bashing and jingoism have adverse foreign policy consequences, something Amit Shah, Modi, Adityanath and that premature ejaculator par excellence Tejaswi Surya don’t grasp. Today not only Islamic Bangladesh but Hindu Nepal, Buddhist Sri Lanka and of course China are at loggerheads with India.

      As regards your claim that there are no other leaders in India, it is a tad like the arguments one heard in cricketing circles: “Nobody can replace Gavaskar”; “Nobody can replace Tendulkar” and so on. Both Gavaskar and Tendulkar have been replaced and Indian cricket is doing very well, thank you very much. Hence, if PM Modi were to become incapacitated in some way, India is not going to stop and drop dead. On the other hand, it might stand up again and hold its head high again – without the millstone of Hindutva earning it disrespect.

  25. Modi is what we need and believe to lead us . since we are in democracy Please write whatever you want to say . But History will surely respect Modi and rather I am afraid 60 years of Congress bullshit will be forgotten for ever. I sincerely feel you Should write on that lost glorious congress times so that history preserve those times at least for all the lies spread by them or otherwise that also would be lost the way we had recorded our Indian History.

  26. You must have certainly lost a plenty of unaccounted and ill gotten money because of demonetization. GST would have curtailed tax evasion by businesses owned directly or indirectly by you, your family, friends or relatives, to some extent at least. The pain is visible in your malafide content penned with a vested motive. You don’t have to worry about Modi’s future, as by then the masses would have become enlightened enough to keep the likes of you at bay and not allow anyone to misuse the diversity of this country to their personal advantage.

  27. You must have certainly lost a plenty of unaccounted and ill gotten money because of demonetization. GST would have curtailed tax evasion by businesses owned directly or indirectly by you, your family, friends or relatives, to some extent at least. The pain is visible in your malafide content penned with a vested motive. You don’t have to worry about Modi’s future, as by then the masses would have become enlightened enough to keep the likes of you at bay and not allow anyone to misuse the diversity of this country to their personal advantage.

  28. Well I feel all these issues taken over by PM…370, triple talaq, GST , mandir ,CAA were long overdued and were hv to be implemented sooner or later. Now the final one is population bill which has to be introduced to stop this menace…no matter what the opposition or pseudo journalism says tough decisions hv to be taken to save this country.

    • Sabarwhal, the discussion here is about China killing Indian soldiers and taking land. Chowkidar to ‘surrender Modi’ took only one beating. What is the relevance of triple talaq and mandir ?

  29. Kitne paise mile congress se…vultures…totally biased article spreading propoganda for the looters of india

    • Aur apko kitne mile? minimum wages mil gya na? agar nahi to please join the trolls-union and demand your fundamental rights. (unless you are UP based of course where all labour laws have been suspended for 3 years).

  30. Really, you always say bad thing about india and Government.
    Look inside first.
    Because of you people we are fighting with inside and outside both.

  31. Its true that Independent India has not seen a mass leader like Modi after Nehru and to some extent Mrs Gandhi . The connect he has developed with the common man is so deep that the people see him as a savior which has been further cemented due to his corruption free government. Had there been an iota of suspicion in public mind he would not have been reelected, though some may think that Balakot made it possible. The faith on him for the general public is very clear from the type of mandate he gets in the center and in the states. The people want a man of their choice from local populace different from what Modi or BJP suggest for the states and when it comes to PM he is the only choice. The well exemplified immaturity of Rahul Gandhi in governance could be the main adversity for the Congress party in not being able to project a mass leader in spite of being the ‘Chirag’ of Gandhi family. Modi, is a class above others and slowly and firmly he is establishing his and party’s long standing agenda which will be in favor of the nation in the long run.But its not the history but the historians of the country may not be kind to him and that was their way of portraying things and surely ‘historians will repeat again’.

    • Modi is a class above others ? I sometimes wonder about your Hindutva intellect. He just got a beating from Xi, the man whose feet he used to touch. India lost soldiers and land due to Modi. RG called him correctly ‘surrender Modi’. Perhaps one more beating from Xi is necessary for you to understand.

  32. Most of the comments here are from Modi supporters? I wonder why they read the Print at all since they are convinced that it is out and out anti-Modi and lacks credibility.
    Modi is leading a charmed existence. He is innocent until proven guilty; if proven guilty he has enough fall guys beginning with Nehru to pin the blame on. As for Congress, they are guilty even if proven innocent. The current Chinese intrusion is a direct outcome of the secretive MOU between INC and CCP!!

    • People read in search of unbiased and truthful accounts. When they get such material they shower genuine appreciation. Modi has just completed one year of his second term. This report is biased and premature. We keep reading and commenting with the hope of better reports

  33. Modi has clearly demonstrated to the world how India was raided and raped by ignorant and greedy invaders, over the last millenniums, by outside cultures that had not a clue about the intricate wisdom inherent among the Indian people.

    He’s doing absolutely perfect what needs to set things right. When it’s done then India will once more be at it’s ordained position on the planet, to give all races the meaning of why we are all here. And from where we have come. And to where we belong.

    After his next election, most likely a landslide, he will retire after two years into his well-deserved mandate and appoint a young and dynamic new Prime Minister who will lead India, and the world, to the peak of peace and prosperity.

  34. Modi is a great karmyogi. He is already a legend. He is most transparent leader India has ever produced we are proud of modiji.

    • The Muslim community, it was felt, was smarting over the fact that in two successive general elections, the BJP and Narendra Modi had coasted to outright victory without any Muslim support. PIONEER

  35. Partition left India in a devastating state yet people still remember Gandhi and Nehru fondly,Nehru as PM did many blunders yet people still talk high of him….The author has gone to the future already because the present has not satiated the journalistic bias and dislike which has led such journalists to lose their objectivity

    • ohh man I pity you a lot for your follies of unwavering desire and allegiance to Bhuke Mar Jao Party

  36. ****Congress’s Achievement: Looting for 60 years.
    ****BeeJayPee’s Biggest Achievement: Looting double that sum of money within a matter of six years.

    ****Congress = We have just one family that loots.
    ****BJP = We are one large family of looters.
    ***O Gullible People of India, judge for yourself which kind of looter you would prefer, or perhaps you could do very well without a ‘Government’. Gone are those days when a POLITICIAN could be trusted. Perhaps in future it would be better to live without the presence of a Government !

    • Are you mad ? What or how has bjp looted the country . Stupid ignorant comment . Why do you not talk about the real looters of India ; the bcmc jihadi pakies from Middle East looting Bharat for 800 years . Then the conniving British who looted India to the tune of 46 trillion dollars in 150 years of abuse and misrule . Then having sucked it dry, the bcmc British divided the country to give to the jihadi pakies west and east papistan and helped the pakies secure illegally part of Kashmir . Then to add salt to an open wound , the barstards gave the Hindus a Muslim nehru . No he was not a Hindu . Just because he called himself a ‘ pandit ‘does not make him a Hindu ! The deliberate policies he made have sent India reeling even after seventy years . That rand ‘ daughter ‘ of hers , if she was genuinely his daughter connived to fool the Hindus further by not using her real surname ; Khan .Yes she was Muslim . Imagine fooling the Hindus who gave her and her beef eating fake ‘ pandit ‘ father so much love and care . And see how they were ‘ rewarded ‘.
      If the rightly elected Sardar Patel had come into power as he had won the congress votes ; India would have been Akhand Bharat and a super power years ago . But guess what? With Modiji at the helm ; this krsna avtar will balance the wrongs and Sanatan dharma wool prevail again . Jai Hind . Jai Modijj

  37. Your reporting is trying to fish more support for Modi when it doesnt exist. Dont make people fools close their eyes to truth of choosing a new leader. Be aware of the reality in South India, he doesnt have support and hasn’t built any except Karnataka, which will soon fizzle out.

  38. As a Jammuite, I can only and only admire the gutsy Modi 2.0. History will always remember him for being a man who stood amidst all the ill-founded criticism. Why he transformed India-
    1. Has guts to give my region its dignity back by repealing discriminatory Article 370.
    2. He involved communities to make India a better place to live. It was a community driven approach that drove initiative like Swachh Bharat, people giving up on LPG subsidies, etc.
    3. He brought in Digital Revolution. Steps like JAM, Digital India got India going.
    4.Diplomatically –
    (a) Has taken. more realist stance towards rogue neighbours like Pakistan. Believe me, China won’t get any different treatment strategically.
    (b)Has moved away from shit of NAM to Multi Alignments. We have drawn both the Arab Works and actions like Israel closer than ever.
    (c)Many neighbours are being made aware of Debt Diplomacy of China. To name a few- Maldives, Sri Lanka.
    4. He thinks for a common Indian.

    Aur tum log ek Jack Daniels pe bikne wale log ho.So Stfu.Even you want to criticise, so it objectively. It is not that difficult to criticise objectively, but tum log gadhe ho.

  39. Ma’am I really don’t know who you are and have read much of what you have written, but this article makes me feel that you are one those pseudo intellectuals who have been used to setting the tone and direction for discourse and many decisions in India with the precious govts. With that hold people of your ilk had being stripped and Mr Modi Seemingly magically getting elected and after many, according to you, wrong decision yet continues to gain popularity. Then you start calling it Jumlebazi such phrases concocted to give your hurt egos some solace.
    But you must remember that the common man though may not be as ‘intelligent’ as you is studying and assessing Modi and in his assessment Mr Modi gets top marks. About history being kind or not I just want to juggle your memory a bit, Gen Eisenhower, Churchill, even Gen Patton, Gen Mac Arthur history was and is kind to them because the y are winners and the Indian see Mr Modi in this company, please don’t worry history will be kind to Mr Modi and BJP will at least three more elections, also Mr Modi who I know is not one to hang on to power like many others, will most likely disappear from public life after the age of 75 an age he has set for retirement. He will identify suitable person and he will quit.
    People like you will critize this also I am sure

  40. Vultures have patience. Battle for redeeming India has only started. This has caused flutter among the enemies who were content nibbling at a prostrate India. Will soon emerge as a strong United India and claim our rightful place in the world. Jai Hind. Vande Matram

  41. Partition left India in a devastating state yet people still remember Gandhi and Nehru fondly,Nehru as PM did many blunders yet people still talk high of him….The author has gone to the future already because the present has not satiated the journalistic bias and dislike which has led such journalists to lose their objectivity

  42. Vultures have patience. Battle for redeeming India has only started.This has caused flutter among the enemies who were content nibbling at a prostrate India.Will soon emerge as a strong United India and claim our rightful place in the world.Jai Hind. Vande Matam

  43. Absolute bullshit. When one finds one cannot defeat a competitor on account of his superior merit, one starts indulging in such self-comforting Cassandra-like prognostications! Blinded by personal hatred of Modi you have eyes that see not and ears that hear not. Naturally, you cannot see that not only the present but future too will be kinder to him than the past -2002 to 2014 when people like you tried to hound him out of existence. For he has come as a messianic figure to rectify the mess created by the Gandhi-Nehru Congress. His “imprint” is indelible. Shekhar Gupta’s print will wither away but Modi as Saviour of Mother India will be remembered for ever. So shall it be and so shall it be written.

  44. It is too early to write about history. If anything, history will be kind to Modi. Not because he was successful, but he tried. Problem with such writers is they don’t understand the elements of organic Indian leadership, and instead base their comments on Western ideals.
    We in India focus more on efforts, and less on results. And on that front, Modi has done more than most other leaders in contemporary India. He has challenged status quo across multiple dimensions (370, GST, etc.), and while the implementation could have been better, by and large, they have changed the paradigm. And that’s why history is harsh on MMS – because he didn’t make good faith efforts to grow India, inspite of his constraints.
    I suggest you read up on Indian history (going back to Ramayana) to understand what organic Indian leadership is all about. Then reflect on how we should evaluate and support our leaders, versus blindly applying artificial frameworks. Then reflect on how Modi responds in times of crises. It’ll be a great revelation.
    You are a smart journalist, Ruhi. Expand your thinking to what works for our country, not what works elsewhere.

  45. Trouble is that history is written by the winner. Modi is winning and his disciples are writing a fake narrative. We can hope that in the long-run justice will prevail but it does not always do so – one needs to make that happen. So yes, if Modi does not succeed in destroying the fabric of India, he will indeed be judged badly but if he succeeds in creating a Republic Bharat, he will be portrayed a hero. We can still hope that one day people will rebel against the fascist state of RB, and reinstate India as we know it and yes, then historical balance may be restored.

  46. I think economy is screwed mostly because of actions of this govt. He is barely right of centre and most of the decisions on economics won’t justify his right. He has still done a few good things to be painted grey and not black.
    Political orientation and biases of journalists should be in their personal time.

  47. Nobody knows the future. I have a balanced opinion and I think economy is screwed mostly because of actions of this govt. He is barely right of centre and most of the decisions on economics won’t justify his right. He has still done a few good things to be painted grey and not black.
    Political orientation and biases of journalists should be in their personal time.

  48. History will remember PM Modi as a Leader who acted decisively keeping national interest above all other considerations. That of course will not be the view of a lot of “Experts, Historians and Scholars” who only view him with subjective contempt, rather than the things he has done to change the country and clean it up after nearly 60 years of misrule and political capitulation to the interests of one family and one family alone.

    History will remember Modi as the man who wrote his own destiny and one who changed the trajectory of India towards greatness and self reliance. No matter what is written and spoken about Modi and no matter what is done to negate or smear what he is doing for the country. The people of India know are wise enough to know that Narendra Modi is a man of principle and honor and as someone who could not be shaken or bought out to compromise on India’s interests domestically and internationally. He will be remembered as one of, if not – India’s greatest Prime Minister.

  49. He came on a plank of black money , corruption,. Development . All these left behind. Proving to be the Worst government in the history of India.

  50. I think journalist is hit hard as Indian army teach lessons to China….He is actually loyal to that country….

    • Mr Partha: The scorecard as it stands today:

      – 20 Indian soldiers martyred
      – between 40 to 60 sq. km of Indian territory captured by China

      Suggest you respond when you get sober.

  51. Since I have lived and worked in USA for 10 years, honestly speaking India is still nowhere:
    1: Modi should remove all his cabinet ministers first and should form a team of Entrepreneurs or Highly educated ministers (Science tech Eng or Math) graduates….Few with Foreign Return would be a great idea like Raghuram Rajan
    2: Modi should keep Military and State owned bank with him.
    3: Then he should form an association of Architects Association of India and develop “Massive level Infrastructure” for the nation…..(keeping every minute detail in mind and strong enacment of law)….CCTV, best concrete or asphalt used…. proper leveling of roads…..4-5- lane freeways with last one for cyclist or for ambulance
    4: Rest Areas for truck drivers!
    5″ Set up 10X Gasoline Stations
    6: Set up “Regulators” for every sector
    7: Ban or revoke each and every universities license if their teachers arent good, teaching skills not upto the mark…..focus on skills, skills, skills
    8: Make a law for reasonably good salary, make people or employees work very hard reward them with handsome salary
    9: This country doesnt value educated people or hardworking people…..Amitabh bachchan makes crores whereas an mba makes 4-5 lakhs and uneducated makes $2/ day – “MODI SHOULD CHANGE HIS MINDSET” – PLEASE GIVE DIGNITY EVEN TO THAT INDIAN WHO IS A RAG PICKER, SEWAGE CLEANER…..HE IS AN INDIAN TOO AND DOING HARD JOBS WHICH NOONE WOULD DO!
    10: To IMPLEMENT 1 TO 9 – YOU NEED LOTS OF INVESTMENT IN TECHNOLOGY (ROPE IN INDIAS TOP 7 IT FIRMS) For projects in every sector within india and within every state

  52. The article, as some opinions are, comes from a prism of prejudice. Instead of unequivocally acknowledging the goods that have been done. It is a qualified recognition. It is a half pat on the back perhaps. At worse, is a criticism that is masked under the guise of recognition of the good done. Yes there is always things that are implemented half ass and mishandled in every government. The most important factor, there have been no reported corruption scandals. Is that not worth mentioning. While Rafale was mentioned, it was not clarified that there was no prima facie pay outs and corruption found.

    Opinions have to be honest. I do not believe the opinion here was….

  53. I agree with the author’s view point and how history will be harsh to the present PM. He had been chosen by the people of India over Congress with a strong reason that he would bring prosperity all around. Even he promised that good days are near during his first press release. But what he did so far is to take over every institution and make them to dance on his tunes. Media has a major role in a democracy to expose the loopholes of the ruling government, but sadly, for the first time in history, indian media has been tagged as biased. I strongly feel, Narendra Modi, if he doesn’t stop his wicked ways just to win elections rather than serving the nation, will be remembered as a “mistake” in the history of our country.

  54. This jurno is showing his true culture, tiwari hai na, but for Modi, missionaries/ Mullahas would have swallowed hindus in this last 6 years, useless fellow why are u ashamed of yourself calling hindu, fm 1947 all secular traitors hindus in their home land, Secularism is nowhere in the Christian/ Islamic world, even muslim personal law is bought by bitch lady PM, so butchered for her sins, same for Rajiv the womaniser, by Dravadian parties sponosered LTTE…better for this jurno to go and join Manrega for a living instead of the present job…

  55. Why is Ruhi going crazy over Modi as yet? He has not yet finished and has at least one more term to go! And who will write his history? Will Ruhi be around to read it? Only Shekhar seems to understand her arguments in this article!.

  56. His some achievement I know-
    •liberalizing indian companies.
    • bringing reforms in armed forces
    • reviving the old respect of Indian culture worldwide.
    • liberalizing the defence and space industry.
    • opening agriculture market.

    • Mr Devansh Verma: You have forgotten the following achievements:

      – Brought back illegal money stashed away in Foreign backs such that each Indian got about Rs 15 lacs in his account. This was a Modi promise before elections that was “honoured”
      – Recovered all black money, ended terrorism and ended counterfeiting through demonetisation
      – Implemented GST that made transactions easy – in theory
      – Ordered a strike on Balakot that ended in the bombing of some bushes, scaring the Pakistanis to death. Never mind the loss of an Indian aircraft and friendly fire that resulted in the death of 16 Indian troops in an Indian helicopter
      – Stopped all religious violence in India, including lynching of innocent Muslims
      – Promised, through Home Minister Amit Shah that Aksai Chin and PoK would be recovered; let us not talk about 60 square km of Indian territory lost and 20 soldiers dead
      – Promoted the use of gomutra, panchgavya and other medical paradigms such as cowpathy

      Let me stop here Sir. Please tell me what you think of my list of Modi’s achievements Mr Devansh Verma.

  57. MAAMFor the first time in my life I can see a Government at centre without any Scams. Yes Modis harsh decisions seem to be a blunder in the long term but all his steps will blossom good results in the future. Hope you Agree.

  58. Arrival of Modi on the horizon, his rule will be a recorded watershed moment in Indian history +ves far outweighing a few plausible good intentioned -ves providing world class transparent decisive leadership at a crucial time which is quite enough and perhaps more ☺

  59. The article is biased. What ever Modi is doing, is in the long term.interest of the nation. Even the demonetisation was to curb the black money. It might not have succeeded to the level énvisaged but intentions were clear. The proof of the pudding is in eating. Why would he win second term with bigger majority if his actions were not in the interest of the nation.

    • Because people often dream instead of thinking critically! The Hindutva brigade knows how to win elections but they do not know how to govern. Modi is a terrible leader. China will smack him down!

    • Hundred Modi cannot eliminate corruption because average Indians are very very corrupt. No matter how many rules government introduces, crafty Indians will always find a way to avoid taxes. Indians are basically dishonest people.

  60. ***Congress’s Achievement: Looting for 60 years.
    ***BeeJayPee’s Biggest Achievement: Looting double that sum of money within a matter of six years.

    ***Congress = We have just one family that loots.
    ***BJP = We are one large family of looters.
    ***O Gullible People of India, judge for yourself which kind of looter you would prefer, or perhaps you could do very well without a ‘Government’. Gone are those days when a POLITICIAN could be trusted. Perhaps in future it would be better to live without the presence of a Government !

  61. Who is this Ruhi Tewari? Always writing something bullshit anti-Modi rhetoric and nothing else. Only she knows how history will be written and all others are fools.

  62. Well balanced write up. I am aligned with the views here. Modi is a panderer and truly history (despite being written by the victors) will not be kind to him. The NaMo to SuMo (Surrender Modi) transition will be remembered as the key moment when people realized what a weakling he is

  63. Sailing smoothly himself, while Indian ship sinks. He must be in another ship funded by Ambani.

  64. The Journalist here has proven his trying capabilities to pollute the living environment in India through his non potential subjects scripted baselessly.

    He will never be successful..he presumably is working as an agent to destabilize the country.

    Mr Modi the Prime Minister is on the job , unlike these members ascribe, he is Son of the Soil working for Mother India with long run vision, he is Dusting the old cobwebs to set things right for future generations to hold their head high with pride with India to be a Super Power Country unlike the predecessors over the Decades , who were succumbed to the money bag Politics overlooking the cause of Citizens….Dear Journalist never be in Dream Paradise to please your masters for remuneration sake….Sorry not to hurt you…but it’s your story line..

  65. मोदी के संबंध में आपके विचार क्या पूर्वाग्रह से लेपित नहीं है। आपकी भाषा और विचारों से पूर्वाग्रह की गंध आती है, इस गंध को त्यागकर अपने विचार आलेखित करें, जिसको निष्पक्ष लेखन कहा गया है,तब मोदी को कसौटी पर कसने का काम करिए।

  66. History is written by the victors. If Modi keeps winning, history, too, will be written by the BJP. Congress wrote the Indian history for the last seventy years.

  67. Why to think of history? Living in the present does author have any better solutions to issues raised? Border disputes with China led to conceding terrirtoy several time? Is that what is expected? With Pakistan the undecisiveness had killed so many jawans? Is that acceptable without giving even a bloody nose? Others had more than 10 yrs to shape up GST…. But could not manage. So when author says immature implementation…. Are there any better suggestions?? Or just stay in status quo is expected?? Pls live in present and give constructive suggestions instead….

  68. Its totally one sided. Entire world tries to save their own country and when in 70 years for first time india is doing, writer like this with narrow and self interested people with false agenda, will always accuse blatantly with full of lies. News prints like this should never allow articles without any international exposure and decision taken all over the world by various countries. Instead you should put up article to spot out where infra should be developed, how business can be eased in india. How to get platform ready for invitong business.

  69. It is because of the excrement put out by people like Shivam Vij and this woman that I don’t feel like supporting The Print or its Cut the Clutter. These people not only undermine the publication but also Shekhar Gupta’s personal credibility.

  70. These media are not just anti Modi BJP, they are anti Bharat. They criticise the present government as if the opposition would have solved all the problems. The fact is that they were the root cause of today s problems. The present government is having a tough time correcting the previous wrongdoings and working against heavy opposition let alone the opposition but also a caucus of left leaning media and pervert intellectuals

  71. Balakot strike was just a sham, missing all target and giving all sorts of stupid excuses and w.r.t Surgical strikes, nothing happened again just as the surgical strikes in Myanmar that never happened…So overall this PM and the stupid citizens will accept anything to bolster the country’s image even if it’s imagination or a lie.

  72. Public memory is fickle. People seem to have forgotten the pogroms under then CM Modi’s watch in Gujarat in 2002 when innocent Muslims were burned, Muslim women were raped and the stomachs of pregnant Muslim women slit ? That was a state orchestrated pogrom planned and executed by the RSS, Bajrang Dal, VHP, BJP etc. with the full knowledge and tacit acquiesence of CM Modi. Indeed, the police would nonchalantly tell frightened Muslims who sought protection from the bloodthirsty RSS, BJP and Bajrang Dal mobs:

    “We have no orders to save you”

    Those orders came from then CM Modi. That too is the legacy of the man.

    Of course, given the fact that killing Muslims gets you the votes and admiration of Hindus – including the votes of educated Hindus such as the Dr JN Naidus, S Bahls, Ishants, Chetans etc. of India – one must not be surprised that the average Hindu holds PM Modi in high esteem. The average Hindu has endorsed the vile, facsist and racist ideology called Hindutva. Indeed, recognising this fact, even the Congress flirts with Hindutva lite.

    History and contemporary events show that Fascists and demagogues like Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Viktor Orban of Hungary, Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, Donald Trump, Narendra Modi etc. were /are popular in their countries. Indeed, even as Berlin lay in ruins, Adolf Hitler could convince Germans that it was all the handiwork of Jews. And parents were willing to send their 12 year old kids to fight in the Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth) and face the bullets of the Allies. And as an aside, Hitler’s Mein Kampf is a bestseller in India and in many a middle-class Indian drawing room, I have heard people extol his virtues and wished that a man like Hitler took over the reins of power in India. I guess, the RSS, which was modelled on the fascist and Nazi ideologies of the Germnay and Italy of the 1930 has gifted India with its own Führer.

    As the German philosopher Georg Hegel said:

    “We learn from history that we do not learn from history”

  73. Don’t worry man, even God will be kind to him and he will be remain indian pride PM for another 20 years till Mr yogi get ready. Your favourite traitors will never return to power, sad for you. Good luck to you Mr shekhar gupta.

  74. Don’t worry man, even God will be kind to him and he will be remain indian pride PM for another 20 years till Mr yogi get ready. Your favourite traitors will never return to power, sad for you.

  75. How will history judge Rahul Gandhi? Will history be polite and refer to him as intellectually shallow, privileged and ineffective?
    Or will history be truthful and describe him for what he is? An irresponsible, ignorant, uneducated, idiot Duffer, a turncoat who finished his sorry political career after being exposed in the year 2020 as a traitor?

  76. As long às Mody is able to divide the opposition Parties, he will continue to win elections.

  77. Excellent article, fully agree.
    BJP’s main contribution is in showing the viability of two-party system solidly. However, Prime Minister Modi will have much to answer in the end. His main weakness is in reliance on mediocrity coupled with inability to go into details himself. He could have done wonders with Arun Shouries and Subramaniam Swamys, precisely because his self-accepted habit of not going into details.

    It is ironical that Congress wished for a BJP-free country and BJP want a Congress-free (mukt) India. Both are day-dreaming.

    Perhaps it is time for third force of economic right but culturally more near centre, like Conservatives with a broad church philosophy.
    Kejriwal has shown viability of new parties but he is not decisively on economic right, so could not make a mark nationally.

    Shekhar, any other commentator – do you think a third force from ground up possible, or am I day-dreaming?

    Please email

  78. The analysis presented seems to be a concise presentation of the present political scene. However, if we check the numbers, Modi’s vote catching capacity is not so much as portrayed. In fact, Bjp has got 300 plus seats but the vote share is the lowest for any majority Government so far. Just a shade better than the 32% it received in 2014. Two out of every three Indian, rejecting him. The BJP’s votes are only in undeveloped cow belt with a large illiteracy level. Aptly called BIMARU region. Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh plus Gujarat.

  79. If historians write history instead of propogandists, he will be remembered for
    Transition from India to bharat at the least.

    The kind of confidence he has instilled in people of bharta after being told by the leftist and Islamist propogandists that “history of India is myth and bharat has seen glory either under Mughals or Britishers”will never be forgotten.

  80. The print sees Modi govt with jaundiced eyes–not banning triple TALAQ to appese mullahs is the worst thing congress did to muslim women.Now many muslim women voted for Modi for getting triple Talaq abolished.Also Muslim women are demanding uniform civil code,banning polygamy in this civilised world. People are now more intelligent and don’t go by the advice of paid media.In the next election BJP will win with a bigger majority,with more muslims(except mullahs)voting for BJP.I will highlight two points about Modi govt achievements 1.International recognition of India–am a proud Indian 2.Check mating TERRORISM in India.

  81. Do the trolls realise they’re proving the author of this OPINION PIECE right?! Asking for a friend….

    • Calling people trolls just because you don’t agree with the them is the biggest tragedy of current political situation.
      These same people were voting others before now they have changed their mind so now they are trolls how stupid.

  82. What I fail to understand that all this author claims has not been backed by any data and in the end it says, ‘ the views are personal’. So if it’s just a view then ofcourse a view which lacks any accountability. I fail to understand that is journalism about projecting and spreading our views or is it about presenting the true facts?

    • It’s not a journalistic article like a news report. It’s an opinion piece, which means these are the author’s personal thoughts on the subject. Hence, views are personal.

  83. The author obviously appears to be a faithful mouthpiece of Congress (and not the entire opposition) and just pushing its now irrelevant narrow agenda of trying to corner Modi but failing with each move having boomeranged and discarded by general public. It is surprising that the author is just trying to sell a junked prespective of that party when it has failed in all respect and has become irrelevant to the Indian masses. Inspite of a massive mandate to Modi and his majorly progressive policies, Congress and its stooges are trying their level best for a comeback through such paid media….but its got egg on their faces !! So much for such modern and paid journalism !

  84. I understand the frustrations of Smt Tiwari and fellow travellers of her ideology. Unfortunately for her, the voters are longer ready to be brain washed by luddite elites. Tough luck lady.

  85. This author is clearly biased against modi, same as this website “The Print”, no matter what, your propaganda won’t work and modi will keep on winning and making india stronger, keep calling everyone ‘bhakts” who praise india, let’s see 10 years down the line, india will be an even stronger nation and modi as one of the greatest leader

  86. The Print and it’s editor is Muslim Hindu, extremely Poisoned and blood sucker,well educated from CPM and Congress.

  87. Lol… Narendra Modi is a legend and will be remembered as the best Prime minister of India .You guys keep trying and crying we don’t care …Modi is a nationalist unlike Congress party So history definitely is going to be kind to him and Rahul and Sonia will be remembered as the traitors of the country ..!!

  88. The greatest benefactor of the human race is one who makes two blades of grass grow where one grew before … In a poor country – the images of migrants walking long distances home cannot allow us to deny this grim reality – the first metric of achievement should be economic development. That starts with job creation. Better education and healthcare, which unlocks the demographic dividend. Social harmony and cohesion in a diverse nation. Better relations with the neighbourhood, building on respect India has earned over generations for making a success of its democracy despite many constraints. For a Raja to be remembered as great, Praja khush honi chahiye.

  89. Well articulated article and broadly covered Modi six years governance, only thing I would like to add is that he also brought up IBC reform which is well thought and needed, yes if he would have put his entire focus on accelerating on economy we would definitely been in better position today and he had mandate to taking those decision but personally failed to understand that why he allowed to drifted his policies and most of his tenure been headline by controversial and dividing issue.

  90. I can agree with you to some extent but when you try to portray removal of articles 370 and abolishing tripple talak as a failure. and you even assumed that history will judge Modi poorly for that. That is when I seriously doubt your authenticity. I don’t think your views are balanced you seem like someone with an agenda

  91. Well, if history writing would be left to the woke, Urban Naxals and their sympathisers in media then obviously Modi would be judged harshly and the likes of Manmohan Singh and even Lalu Prasad Yadav would be glorified.

    If you actually believe that Article 370, Triple Talaq, CAA, NRC, Ayodhya do not have the support of the Indian masses then I suggest you take a sabbatical and do a “discovery of India” for yourself.

    Modi wins coz he understands the pulse of the masses.

  92. Modi’s adulation is amongst Hindus , and that is based only on one achievement : beating up Indian Muslims in 2002. That was the reason for his rise, and that continues to be the cause for his support.

    Destruction of the economy, governance, foreign policy blunders, and a thrashing from China, do not matter for most Hindus. For them, Modi gave them satisfaction for putting Muslims in their place. Hindus also imagine they have become a superpower, and the whole world is sitting up in awe of India, due to Modi. Garv say kaho hum Hindu hain.

    The whole world sees Modi as a vain, ignorant Hindu, with an inferiority complex about being Hindu. Xi recognised that early, and he buttered and manipulated him. There are 4 years to go, so there are more disasters on the way.

  93. In my view, the author has left out many cardinal sins of Modi government, of which complete subjugation of every democratic institution including ECI, RBI, NSSO, CAG, CBI and even the Supreme Court tops the list. Next comes the subversion of democratic process itself, as evidenced by the toppling of the elected governments of Karnataka and MP and grabbing power in states like Goa and Manipur by blatant use of money power and political power. Hounding of opposition politicians by blatant partisan use of law enforcement agencies, unlawful detention using sedition and ant-terrorism laws of dissenters and rights activists is nothing but daylight murder of democracy. Looting the public by shameless price hike of petroleum prices while the crude prices have hit rock bottom is a prime example of the innate cruelty of this dispensation, exhibited during a global pandemic situation. The list doesn’t end here, but thought that at least the most damaging deeds of this government should not have been omitted in an article like this.

  94. Print is a yellow rag and the writers come out of the sewers to get paid for writing anti Modi rubbish before disappearing into the sewers
    This Ruhi is one such scum bag talking about The greatest PM the country ever had

  95. In recent photographs, Modi ji is increasingly looking unwell beneath his cream-powder make up. Galwan will have a metamorphosing effect on him. Either he will become more humane with lesser control over situations than he has today, or he will become more ruthless and even more controlling than he is today. How History will judge him will start getting written NOW ONWARDS.

  96. Poohi is congrass journalist. She will never talk about reducing population through tough measures . She believes that all her qualifications must ensure her the role of a middle men which is possible only under her congrass party rule. She should stop cribing and start working to help her party come to power. P.S. BIHAR is going for elections.

    • reducing population through tough measures – gujarat, delhi riots, 40 crpf jawans, galwan valley loss of life.
      they aren’t measures they are cardinal sins

      • Well said, PR!
        Pulwama (40 CRPF jawans) was definitely a BJP sponsored/ignored murder. Davinder Singh, who was the police chief of Pulwama at that time, got promoted after the incident. He was planning something big and similar when he erroneously got arrested while ferrying two terrorists to Delhi just before 26 January. “Aap game mut kharab Karo, Sir”, were his words to the IPS officer who got him arrested.
        Even though Davinder Singh was arrested on very serious charges, HE HAS BEEN GRANTED BAIL JUST TWO DAYS AGO.
        Someone will have to do a lot of explaining to God (if not to 40 families).

  97. Only leftist writers think this way not true Indians , History will remember Modi& Shaw as real hero’s.

  98. The author has myopic views on many current problems, Intoducing CAA or 370A article related problems are all fabricated by various political parties just to gain political mileage. The indecisive stands on such important issues by CONgress for all these years was nothing but appeasement for minorities at the cost of National interest.
    The big economic reforms are awaited and hopefully it will be carried out shortly.

  99. Well he is here for atleast 6 more years upto 2025-26. That’s a long long time. And a lot will happen for sure.

  100. The real pain with this author is removal of article 370, 35 and above all caa. The same is the issue with all anti Bharat forces like congress, left , jihadis and tukde tukde gang. Nothing to surprise. But look the reactions he received. And let them in this illusion that history will be harsh on Mr Modi. Modi is the pride of every patriotic person in India. And a villian for desh drohies.

  101. Your deep seated hatred for Modiji is quite clear. It is surprising that you could not find any single good in Modiji. King of blundering fools Jawaharlal Nehru has millions of his statues all over India and a statue in Madam Thussad museum to boot. And people like you are singing paens to him. Indira Gandhi too did a lot of damage and where were you hiding ? Rajiv Gandhi got hundreds of our sainiks ki lord in LTTE war which was not our war. All of them have millions of statues all over India. Millions of buildings and institutions are named after them. Beware. History will not be kind to people like you. You will ranked with Jaichand Rathod, Mir Jaffer and Mir Kasim.

  102. Same old rhetoric, Demo , GST , article 370 CÀA .. I think we common people have better sense than poor and biased author.. Article not worth reading .. Sign off

  103. It is a concise analysis. A few conclusions seem far-fetched. While no one contests Modi’s vote-catching ability, figures tell the proper story. The Bjp vote share at about 35% is the lowest for any majority government, just better than its own 2014 tally of 32%. This actually means that two thirds of the population have rejected them. Vaste swathes of region, the entire south of Vindhyas has almost entirely kept away from them just as the North East and North West. The Bjp is essentially a cow belt party consisting of four Bimaru States plus Gujarat. Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. All, undeveloped with maximum illiteracy. It is easy to play on the emotions of this region. The already existing anti Muslim feelings here can be easily incited by the Bjp to win elections on religion, not performance. Hence Ram Mandir is an important issue over here. Less to hail Prabhu Ram and more to rile Rahim. Polarise voters and win. Hence a Yogi with Modi to encash vulnerabilities of history.

    • ” Bjp is essentially a cow belt party consisting of four Bimaru States plus Gujarat. Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. All, undeveloped with maximum illiteracy”

      Excellent observation Mr Rajkamal Srivastava !

      The vagaries of the first-past-the-post electoral system that India has inherited from the British results in flawed outcomes whereby one need not win the popular vote to get elected to power. Indeed, even when more than 60% of the population rejects a party, the party can nonetheless be voted to power !

      But getting back to the performance of the 6 years of Modi, an objective analysis will show that his 6 years have been a series of economic and social disasters for India. Indeed, an objective comparison of the worst period of the Manmohan Singh period with the best period of the Modi period on 15 economic indicators shows that MMS has outperfomed Modi on 11 of the 15 indicators, see ref:

      India is a geographical and administrative construct created by the British out of some 600 odd kingdoms. And some of the regions that make up modern India do not wish to remain together as has been the case in Punjab during the Khalistan struggles, Kashmir, North East etc. etc. Nation-building is therefore a never ending task for any government in Delhi. And on that count, Modi’s Hindutva influenced idea of India as a country primarily for Hindus weakens the already fragile bonds that hold the country.

      Modi has been a disaster on almost all fronts :

      – he has wrecked the relatively well functioning economy he was bequeathed;
      – He has weakened the bonds that hold India together and been a source of polarisation
      – He has been a flop on the foreign affairs front and cuts a pathetic figure in many world fora – barring the staged managed tamashas such as “Howdy Modi” and other stunts.

      But as you wisely point out, the cult does not vote on the basis of competence but solely on charisma. The charisma that has been deftly cultivated by PR firms.

  104. And the dumbass who has prepared this article will never ever be remembered because you my country fellow are nothing but getting more and more dumb day by day by being into partial Thoughts. Focus on the positive the world needs it 👍

  105. The author suffers from colossal self contradiction against her curtain raiser backdrop like :-

    1. The welfare platform laid down by Modi — from providing rural housing to cooking gas connections, rural electricity, health insurance, the Aadhaar emphasis to weeding out implementation glitches in schemes, and the robust use of the Socio-Economic Caste Census to extend benefits to the poor have all been extremely popular, useful and sound policy steps.
    :- 2. growing India-US ties as a key foreign policy achievement of the Modi government. The cross-border surgical strikes in 2016 and the Balakot air strikes in 2019 have also helped add to Modi’s muscle.
    :- 3. Abrogation of Article 370 instead of age old continuance of the Jammu & Kashmir stalemate and scuffles kept enlivened since independence; Supreme Court (SC) holding the Muslim practice of Triple Talaq unconstitutional violating the fundamental right of Muslim women as it irrevocably ends marriage and is against the basic tenets of Quran; Long awaited (since 1950) judgement of SC on Ram Mandir issue
    are some of the major strides of vision held by Modi which go to nothing but bold steps towards Nation Building only if someone could fathom with proper perspective.
    History cannot manage to obfuscate these visionary contributions to nation–building as capturing massive mandate alone. Any anti incumbency so arisen due to splintered, incoherent corrupt and often scared opposition can never blame and make Modi responsible.
    Against the 60 vs 6 years track record, one really and for that matter History also cannot accuse Modi ever of a leader devoid of Nation building by any stretch of imagination.

  106. Whenever any journalist pens a critical piece on Modi, his supporter’s counter to such criticism is unfailingly blaming Congress/Nehru/Sonia/Rahul. Other country’s leaders are also criticised by their press or foreign press but they never resort to blaming their own predecessors. Putin gets lot of bad press but have you ever heard him criticise Stalin/Krushchev/Brezhnev/Gorbachev? When Mahinda Rajapakse was criticised did he resort to blaming Bandaranayike? By blaming everything on the past, Modi is paving the way for repudiation of all that was good in the past. This is dangerous. The only people who have repudiated their past completely are Muslims – look at what Pakistan is doing to their past. Complete negation of all past leads to inability to society to come to terms with one’s own shortcomings, retards ability to learn from mistakes and enables future generations to brush all mistakes under the carpet and such societies are doomed to keep repeating past follies as a result.

    Modi supporters can continue to support him but the reason for supporting him has to be something positive. Continuing to support him just to deny Rahul Gandhi a chance to become PM is negative and leads to Modi taking the electorate for granted and working on his own agenda rather than working to genuinely improve the life of ordinary Indians.


  108. History is not what beneficiary of departed dynasty s bought up journalists write day in day out. History is made and noted when people see changes that differentiate one type of regime from another type of regime. Keep in your mind, if there is space for holding truth– Modi s regime is not pro- -minority. Modi regime is not one that trembles from threats of terrorists from Jihadi countries. Modi regime is not that spends public fund for picnics on Aircraft carriers. Modi regime is not that every street, every government funded scheme is named after the name of one India occupying family. Many of the journalists keep on lament the introduction of GST by Modi Government. Have you and they talked to any professional Accountant in India– what they think of this game changing Legislation ? Modi Government has brought and maintained a sea change in the way funds for social welfare reach out to intended beneficiaries.

    It is Modi government that is fighting presently on three fronts—1 With Covid-19 ,,, (2) with Chinese attempt to capture some more areas across the undefined LAC, as it was doing so during the regimes of Nehruvian Dynasty ,, (3) Meeting and valiantly facing the propaganda by a friendly party of Communist Party of China, whose one senior leader signed a friendship agreement in 2008 in Beijing and of coarse the propaganda by the journalists having loyalty towards regime ousted by the voters of India in 2014.
    The majority of the people of India are with Modi and same will be reflected in next Parliamentary Elections. Congress party s attempt to win the electoral war with the help of mercenaries journalists is doomed for failure for all times to come.

  109. History has been made , it cannot unfortunately or fortunately be re written with a pen ,Narendra Modi the only non Congress PM to win a thumping majority twice . With whom will history compare Modi with , Rahul Gandhi , Indira Gandhi’s socialism or Nehru’s 1962 War . If Modi is compared with AB Vajpayee , perhaps , we don’t know where the next four or nine years are going .

  110. OMG,
    I am yet to come across a very narrow version of opinion on Modi than this piece here. How can you even attribute the word vision to Ex PM Dr Manmohan Singh, and not for PM Narendra Modi? After all, he Dr was unable to reign in the corruption scandal that was happening in his own party. True that many policies were crafted, however effective implementation was never on of Dr’s achievements. How can you even not see that effective implementation as NOT-An-Achievement? Many companies, organizations with good ideas go bust because they cannot manage the organization effectively.
    Modi has surely won that. See the Congress today under R Gandhi. An utter failure.
    As for history, Manmohan singh will be seen in more positive light for he wasn’t the one who was effectively in control and had to take blame for the ills the Gandhi family has committed. As for Modi, the best is yet to come.

  111. Yes if shekhar Gupta turns historian, the history written by him will be unkind to Modi. But Shekhar Gupta should also remember future generations will dub him as a traitor. Traitors will be called”ShekharGupta”as jaichand is called today.

  112. History of Modi is not gng to be judged by pseudo secular, intellectual,five star living luteyns media alone but also by the average citizens of this great country. Did print ask rahul,sonia as to y the signed in secret MOU with CPC which even the then Prime Minister manmohan singh didn’t know. So don’t preach. Even today my daughter a journalist think of Shekar Gupta as her invisible Guru in journalism.

  113. People like this author arent ashamed that they are so exposed to their naked vicious claims which are so blurr and founded only in their ugly dreams…who pays them for this vicious articles ? ISI ? Are they are agents for ISI or keep of some islamist jihadi ?

  114. very biased article Congress ruled six decades appeasing minority against the principle of equality before article 30 of constitution advantage to muslims against Hindus for vote Bank .Modi correction for eqity and justice making Audhman Bharat largest ever health scheme covering 50 crores people below poverty line with no religious bias.
    Author has no mind and views are against effort of Nation Biding by Modi Government. Pathetic criticizing abolishing of article 370.

  115. सारी दुनिया जानती है, मोदी अपने देश, धर्म के प्रति कितने गंभीर रूप से एकनिष्ठ हैं. भारत और
    हिंदू धर्म यह हिन्दुओं से ज्यादा दुसरे देश, धर्म वालो की चिंतन का विषय बन गया है. जो धर्म,देश किसी दुसरेपर किसिभी तरह का इर्षा, जलन, स्पर्धा , कोई भी हाथियार का उपयोग किये बिना सदियोंसे अपणी धूनमे शांतीसे चल रहा हैं. ऐसे देश धर्म का संरक्षण मोदीजी करते हैं ,तो क्या पाप करते हैं?
    बडे बडे पॅकेट लेनेवाले मीडिया जो एक तो बिक चुके हैं या फिर जीन का मिशन ही भारत,हिंदू विरोधी हैं उन के सिवा सामान्य भारतीय को मोदीजी का विरोध सपनेमे भी नहीं हैं.
    मोदीजी की कुंडली लिखने वलो, अगर बुद्धी हैं तो
    पुरे देश की body language…देहबोली मोदीजी के प्रति सोचती हैं इस बात पर अभ्यास करो.

  116. History will remember modi.His impact on Indian society will be their.Whatever steps he has taken will have good effects after a decade .A new way looking india will be develop

  117. So well articulated , easy to glorify small acts of positive movements which blind followers of modi get thrilled about.

    When comes to take tactical and strong decision he falls back on votes rather than benefit to economy or country .

    Now hiding behind to cover his face to save from embarrassment of China. Any surgical strikes you are thinking – we know the answer … clown of modern india

  118. Our history is written by fake Historians like Romila and that dumb white trash Audrey Truschke or whatever her name was I don’t care. We all know how murderers and invaders have been glorified in our history books as some sort of saviours. Remember one thing the Ram Temple will be here for thousands of years and every devotee who is going to set his or her door in that temple will remember his name. So left libtard sickular historians can g2h people take memes more seriously than words from the likes of Arundhati Shasanakal Roy who thinks Rafael is an aircraft carrier or some fake imported white trash like Audrey

  119. Modi continues to be the most popular political leader in contemporary India simply because other political parties are crowded with morons masquerading as leaders. Can there be a better explanation?

  120. leftists, Naxalites, Muslims, Christians, and anti-nationals will keep crying,but Hindus and Nationalistic Indians will always remember Modi and shaw for their service towards Hindus, Leftists journalists like you will be thrown in to the garbage in History.

    • So you are proud Hindus lost Indian land and Modi purred like a pussy ? You suffer from an incurable inferiority complex.

  121. Extremely shallow article which reflects personal bias rather than factual data. Harping on just two points of gst and demonetization.

  122. Looks like a paid article by a Modi hater…Modi will be remembered the PM who finally made Kashmir an integral part of India…he will be remembred that for ensuring Indians finally have their dignitiy retored in Ayodhrya and he will be rememebred for ensuring justice for the suffering religious minoroty refugees from neighboring Islamic hellholes.

  123. Do you think history is only written by Shekhar,, Ruhi, Shivam, Jyothi, Rana Ayyub, Arundhati Roy, NDTV, Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt, Siddharth Varadarajan, Ramachandra Guha.. ? These will be sidelined in history and Modi will become a Legend.

    • Completely impossible. Modi will always go down in history as a persona non grata. Are the people writing about him, his ideological moorings and his partisanship fools? Do they not have the vision to see what has happened and what can happen under this dictatorial leadership? You have mentioned several prominent names who have got the weight of decades of reportage behind them. Even if their analysis has faltered on a couple of occasions, the very fact that they have emerged as the true torchbearers of Indian Democracy without giving in to any threats makes it imperative to listen to them and gain an understanding of what we stand to lose because of the shenanigans of the present dispensation.

    • History is also written by Navika kumar, Rahul shivshankar, Rahul kanwal, Anand Narasimhan, Arnab Gosamy …

    • “.. Modi will become a Legend. ..”

      With a pogrom under his belt and the lives of thousands of innocent Muslims killed and women raped during his watch, yes, he sure will become a legend. But then, so were Adolf, Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Idi Amin …

    • That’s not how history works in the modern era. The Nazis also felt the same thing as you when they said the glory of Hitler & the Third Reich will be sung for a 1000 years…Well…

    • At any case Modi is not working to make a history. U r admit ing that he is sailing smooth. This itself is history. He is serving nation in best possible manner. People already know he is cleaned heart, having no self interest. Neither he cares nor his supporters care for history. U start writing for remote controlled PM. Suitable job for u.

    • Only one thing that fate helped him is that the opposition today is led by an outright idiot and joker called Rahul Gandhi who knows nothing about anything.If that joker continues as main opposition leader dont be surprised if Modi Modi wins more than 400 Lok Sabha seats in 2024.

    • No, the history would also be written by paid writers, licking boots of their paymasters, but people would reject their writings, as they are doing right now, and accept as TRUE the history written by the writers you have mentioned in your stupid comment.

    • True…. These fake journalists have looted India with the help of khangress. Khangressis and their allies are nothing but traitors of this country. Hindus, Sikhs have always suffered in this country due to khangress’ partition politics. Now these traitors won’t be back ever in future to power.

  124. All depends on the kind of historians. With abolishing Article 370 and CAA he will be remembered as a leader who prevented India s collapse at the hands of tukde tukde gang

    • True, India was collapsing for 70+ years under tukde tukde gang. Now it completed the transition. It is not due to Modi, rather it is because of 70+ years of tukde tukde gang

    • Pandit, engage your Brahmin brain and observe that events have shown that it is China that is planning tukde tukde for India and Modi is hand in glove with Xi. Modi got some investment in Gujarat, but agreed to cede land in return.

  125. if at all he will at least be remembered to make India as “Republic of India” instead of “Republic of Lyutens”.

    • We are fighting for the status quo at ladakh. Rolling back CPEC in gilgit-baltistan looks like a formidable challenge militarily. Republic includes these regions. Now walking the talk will decide his name in history. Otherwise other than bluster, he is no better or even weaker than his predecessor. Remember MMS managed diplomatically similar stand-offs. Not losing a soldier and not losing an inch is derided as “khaleje me dum nahi”. Today we are hailing NM for taking on the bull. Actually 45 days of diplomacy didn’t yeild result and that’s when forcible eviction was tried and resulted in bloodshed. Even after this, we are trying negotiations.

  126. The key issue is SoniaG, RahulG & Congress have compromised national security in 2007/2008 with their secretive MoU with CCP of China.
    Congress is China’s virus in India.

    • Mr Hemant Kapoor: How did you find out about this ” 2007/2008 with their secretive MoU”? Were you present when the MoU was being signed? Had any informants there ? Or did you pick up this nonsense from your itchy groined, lathi wielding friends at the shaka?

  127. The extreme views of the author doesn’t come as a surprise ..we have to see who is heading the Print – Shekhar Gupta whose anti MODI bias shows up in his articles..that seems to be the unstated policy of the Print.. The Author says Modi has been a foreign policy disaster ..the citizens know that Modi’s foreign policy is way better than maun Mohan singh who eternal shame will be Sharm al sheikh and his deafening silence on chinese Incursions in Ladakh during UPA2..

    • There’s a difference between a reporting article and an opinion piece. This is an opinion piece….”Views are personal”.

  128. The author forgot one very important thing. In his package, the govt liberalised India’s agriculture for which we’ll see huge returns in the long run. FM also declared an end tp govt monopolies. That will lead to better policy making and creation of new regulators in different sectors. This is no way smaller than 1991 moment indee Narsimha Rao. While some points in the article are true, the author is not being fair. PM will also be remembered as someone whp used DBT tp such an extent and may be even have a basic income scheme with almost no leakages.

  129. Remember
    Congress = Corruption = Congress = Traitors =Congress = Arrogance = Congress = Duffer Gandhi = Congress = Dim Wit Gandhi = Congress = Inheritance = Congress = Half Wit Gandhi = Congress = Living on Tax Payers Expense = Congress = China voice = Congress = Pakistani
    Congress = China Virus

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