The Lal Chowk in Srinagar during curfew, 16 Aug. | PTI
Lal Chowk in Srinagar during curfew | PTI
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What is the way forward in Jammu and Kashmir? The question may look strange, funny or even cruel at this point in history. With the entire country, well almost, in the throes of celebration of what it believes is the ‘final solution’ to the Kashmir problem, do we need to think of any other way forward?

And in the part of the country numb to this celebration, disconnected from the rest of the world, caged within what it calls home, in the midst of a blind rage, how can we think of any future?

Yet, we must ask this question. We, the citizens of India, who have stood for the idea of Kashmiriyat. We, the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir, who have invested in the idea of India. If only to get our bearings in this long, dark tunnel that we all have entered, if only to find which hand to hold in this impossible journey towards light.

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Who stands to gain?

Let us begin by putting the spotlight on all the key stakeholders in this human tragedy: the people of Ladakh, Hindus and Muslims of Jammu region, Kashmiri Pandits, the residents of Kashmir living outside, and, of course, the Kashmiri Muslims. An honest answer must begin by noting that none of them stands to gain from the recently announced grand solution.

Ladakhis may be the only exception. Let us admit that Ladakh was, for all practical purposes, a separate region, an invisible and unwilling partner in this hyphenated arrangement between Jammu and Kashmir, and a collateral of this turbulence. Let us acknowledge that the Shia Muslims of Kargil have much more in common with the Buddhists of Leh than they have with the Sunni Muslims of Kashmir. For the people of Ladakh, this may be good riddance and a new journey forward, if they can be assured of a democratically elected and empowered assembly.

For the rest of the stakeholders, the new arrangement means a net loss. The Hindu and Muslim populations in the Jammu region stand to lose their protected land rights, their claim over government jobs and their special citizenship. In all probability, their lands, natural resources and livelihoods would be the first and, given the volatile situation in the Valley, perhaps the only casualty of the predatory capital invasion from the plains.

For Kashmiri Pandits, the gain would be no more than a psychological compensation for their forced exodus and the sufferings thereafter. Given the unimaginable risks of separate settlements, their just demand for a dignified return to their homeland is now more remote than before. For Kashmiris residing outside the state, the prolonged and visible conflict would mean greater vulnerability to targeted violence and exclusion.

For Kashmiri Muslims in the Valley, the abrogation of Article 370 and overnight downgrading of the state is a political and psychological catastrophe. It means not only a loss of land-protection and other special rights, but also a loss of (the little remaining) trust, a loss of voice and a loss of any hope. To them, the ‘final solution’ looks like a final betrayal. They are pushed back to the tragic days of the 1990s. The moderate opportunist leaders who could be a bridge to the Indian Union have been discredited, those citizens who took the idea of India seriously have been pushed to the wall, and the dying stand of the separatists has been given a fresh lease of life. It spells a new spiral of alienation, violence and repression.

Let us state this plainly: except Ladakhis, the new structure brings no hope to the key stakeholders. This is not a new road. This is a dead-end with a trail of blood and pile-up of corpses of militants, of ordinary Kashmiris, of security forces as far as one can see.

‘Azaadi’ is a mirage

Let us also admit that ‘Azaadi’, understood as a demand for an ‘independent nation’, is also not the way forward. It needs to be said that this demand professed by the separatists and often endorsed by ordinary Kashmiris is a mirage. Given the geostrategic reality of the 21st century, a new independent Muslim majority country in this part of the world is a non-starter.

Both Indian and Pakistani governments view Kashmir as no more than a property dispute. In the foreseeable future, no Indian government can even consider giving up its claims on the Valley. Pakistani establishment would stoke this demand, but would never agree to surrender its ownership of “Azad Kashmir”. Given how the Chinese treat their Muslim minority, they would not permit a new Muslim state in the backyard. And the US would definitely veto such a possibility.

Anyone who ignores this writing on the wall and still pushes for politics of national self-determination is not a well-wisher of the Kashmiris. No one can deny anyone the moral right to self-determination, but anyone who promises this to Kashmiris in a foreseeable future is leading them away from a possible, although difficult, goal of peace and stability in favour of decades of bloodshed with ‘Azaadi’ nowhere in sight.

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Need to redefine ‘azaadi’

Is there another way? We believe there is an alternative, even if the road is narrower and the journey more difficult than ever before. Such a path would be premised on the rejection of the first two paths mentioned above: erasure of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status as recently done by the BJP government or the violent pursuit of a separate nation-state as preached by the separatists in the state.

We must also accept that the Line of Control is for all practical purpose the international border between India and Pakistan. Any solution to the Kashmir issue has to be thought through on this side of the border. The resolution to the part of Kashmir that lies with Pakistan will have to be thought through in Pakistan. In this context, ‘Azaadi’ would mean real exercise of democratic power by the people of Jammu and Kashmir through their elected representatives within the frame of the Indian constitution, with due recognition of the special status of the state that was promised at the time of accession. This would require demilitarisation of the region and withdrawal of central security forces from local policing.

This would be a long haul. The first preliminary step here would be an immediate release of all political leaders, both arrested as well as detained, withdrawal of virtual curfew, restoration of communication and resumption of full civil liberties enjoyed by the rest of the country.

This must be followed by restoration of the full statehood to Jammu and Kashmir (minus Ladakh). This state must not be an ordinary state of the Indian Union. It must get special protection that has already been granted to Nagaland and Mizoram under Article 371A and 371G. Provisions should also be made for regional autonomy of Jammu and Poonch-Rajouri regions (as recommended by Balraj Puri committee) on the lines of Article 371C for Manipur Hills. Kashmiri Pandits must have legal protection for their return to their homeland, with special powers to the Governor in this respect.

At this moment, such a proposal may appear no more than a fond hope. Clearly, the present regime would not wish to entertain anything like this. This third way would need an alternative kind of politics.

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Battle is not against India

It requires a language to communicate to common Kashmiris that their battle is not against India but against an ideology represented by the RSS-BJP. The sentiment of ‘Azaadi’ in Kashmir must result in a movement for ‘azaadi from the Sangh’, a battle that Kashmiris are not fighting alone. Similarly, a new language needs to be evolved to communicate to an ordinary Indian that if Kashmir is an “abhinna ang” (integral part) of India, then they must feel the pain and suffering of the people of Kashmir.

Such a journey can take inspiration from the path shown by Sheikh Abdullah and Jayaprakash Narayan and could adopt the slogan given by Atal Bihari Vajpayee: “Insaniyat, Jamhooriyat, Kashmiriyat”. This is the only path that can lay the foundation for a peaceful Kashmir and restoration of the idea of a democratic and a secular India.

Mujeeb ul Shafie is a Kashmiri and a national executive member of Swaraj India. Yogendra Yadav is the national president of Swaraj India. Views are personal.

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  1. Dear editor of ThePrint,
    I hope that you continue to write the truth on your columns irrespective of whether the largely ideologically blinded and hindutva-driven audience in India agrees with you or not. The comments here are very distasteful and inhuman. Those reading this comment and do not agree with me, just pause and think with a clear mind. There is a possibility that I am wrong, but the same goes for you. Reconsider your stance.

  2. Aborgation of Article 370 not meant that the fundamental rights of kashmiri people will be curtailed. There will be no encroachment to their property. The article is completely misleading the people. With this action the people of Kashmir will have far flunged benefits in terms of addl jobs, infrastructure, peace and harmony

  3. Nobody asked us when they split our AP state into two by Sonia Gandhi. What was good at that time was decided in the best interest, even though people of Andhra felt there heart broken and few of Telangana people rejoiced. Did it improve life of common man? Yes. No disturbances and bands.

  4. Print & The Leftists Promote Their Bastardized Version Of Secularism!!

    Secularism Is the political soft-porn version of celebrating Islamism/Christianity In India!! This Is Despite The Violence & Fraudulent Conversions In Both These Sects, Called Religions!!

    Demonizing Hindus & Hinduism Is Their Favorite Sport Which Is Being Paid Lavishly By Chinese/Pakis & American Fascist Evangelists!!!!

  5. Print is totally biased and stupid.
    if muslin majority Kashmir don’t want stay with India.then why should Hindu majority INDIA want Muslims despite of the fact that nation was divided millions loose lives for separate Muslim nation. And you so called liberal go deaf and dumb when on question why Hindus and other minorities wiped out from Pakistan and Bangladesh. Are they don’t have human right. Why your heart bump out only for Muslims because you are comunal and biased of highest degree.

    • Pakistanis & Bangladeshi’s Can Commit Genocide Of Hindus!! Temples Can Be Destroyed By Islamic Fascists.. Hindus Can Have Fraudulent Conversions By Christians!!

      This Is REAL Secularism According To Indian Leftists & So Called Liberals!!

  6. At least one thing is now clear. Whenever any liberal writes about Kashmiris, he/ she means Kashmiri Sunni Muslims, mostly male. Full stop. Nothing else qualifies as Kashmiri. For these liberals, Hindus, Buddhists, Shias, Ahmediyas, SC/ ST, women etc don’t matter. Only that they don’t have the guts to say this openly.

  7. Dear writers duo – For the past seventy years India waited very patiently for the Kashmiris to join the nation and mingle with all of us from Jammu to kanyakumari . Your people always took all the privileges provided by Congress government for more than 50 years and always sided with Pakistan and terrorist. Majority of Kashmiri people always say that they are different, non Indians etc. Like Pakistani politicians your politicians ruthlessly looted and made billions and transferred to overseas. Kashmiri people never raised any questions. Kashmiri people have continuously betrayed Congress government faith in you. Now a new team which was watching for many years took a decision to avoid the same betrayal you handed to successive Congress governments. Please note it is not BJP / RSS who are Kashmiri problem. It’s Kashmiri people’s own mis perception and the ignorance to understand ground reality

  8. Secularism Is The Great Pillar of the Nehruvian/Gandhi Ideology Nightmare For India!! It’s the political soft-porn version of
    celebrating Islamism and demonizing Hinduism (Decoratively Called Hindutva!!)!!

    The speech of Ladakh MP Namgyal in the Lok Sabha Reveals A Lot About Kashmir/Islam: “In the name of secularism, you have used #370Article to change demographics and corner Buddhists in Ladakh.’ A loud message to the Abdullahs & Muftis & Pseudo Secularists!!

  9. The writings of the second RSS chief Shri M S Golwalkar in his seminal books: ‘We or our Nationhood defined ‘ and ‘Bunch of thoughts’ are the blue print of the RSS ideology. If I may reproduce just one quote from them:
    “All those not belonging to the National i.e. Hindu race, religion, culture and language, naturally fall out of the pale of real ‘National’ life. We repeat in Hindustan , the land of the Hindus, lives and should live the Hindu Nation – satisfying all the five essential requirements of the scientific nation concept of the modern world. Consequently only those movements are truly ‘National’ as aim at rebuilding, revitalising, emancipating from its present stupor, the Hindu Nation. Those only are nationalist patriots, who, with the aspiration to glorify the Hindu race and Nation next to their heart, are prompted into activity and strive to achieve that goal. All others are either traitors and enemies to the National cause, or to take a charitable view, idiots.”

  10. The issue of Jammu and Kashmir and it’s “unfinished business ” as was said by them is only for POK and CoL( Chinese Occupied Ladakh) to be justly integrated with India. Stoking Kashmir issue any further will bring into question the entire partition theory . Where in Pakistan was created from India in 1947 and Signatories Including Jinnah accepted it.
    Entire Jammu Kashmir Ladakh Gilgit Baltistan remained within India.

    Pakistan was created as a Homeland for Muslims since they said they had no future in India and Secular India.

    The Shimla Accord 1972 PM Bhutto unequivocally accepted Entire Jammu Kashmir Ladakh ( including POK COL) as an integral part of India beyond dispute.
    Only POK COL needs to be integrated with India and fulfilling the aspirations of all Indians .

    To me Questioning the Integration of
    Ladakh Jammu Kashmir as any other State or Union Territory is questioning India’s Internal Matter.
    Any further will question the basis of Partition and Existence of entire Pakistan based on religious divide. Vandemataram

  11. Ok, So Kashmir had a special status which was taken back without their approval.
    Tell me one example where one would willingly drop a special status or priviledge.
    Was upper class hindus consulted when reservation was given to SC, ST and other groups? Didn’t those upper class hindus enjoy a special status in society (that too by practice and not by law). But Constitution took back their special status by making a law. If that was a right action, why isn’t this abrogation right too? Why at all one needs a special status in a country?

    • Yogendra yardav is the most illogical person. How can the nation of India provide special status and privileges to a state how is that fair the bottom line is that Yigendra is the tool of the west sometimes with Print sometimes with Quint the magazine owned by Blumberg

  12. India has been too soft on this over last 70 years imo, not a bad thing in itself.
    However if Valley of Kashmir starts BS and violence etc , i hope India settles 50 million of NON MUSLIM landless people for all over the country and swamp the ‘Kashmir valley’. (as being muslim majority is their claim for separation that claim must be wiped out)
    Message being behave and enjoy all equal and nothing special rights as rest of the country and welcome investments along with outsiders and prosper or else. They can take it advice or warning their choice.
    Ladakh and Jammu already like it. Valley will eventually like it .
    Good going India full steam ahead.
    As for some in feckless congress and their friends against 370 removal , their time for playing 70 year old game of minority appeasement and blatant self enrichment in the process is over. Some in congress and their acylites are enraged at their own growing irrelevance and ideological impotency today, let these politicians wallow in their well deserved misery, country has kicked them aside. Majoritarianism is the future of democracy’s worldwide, smart will appease that majority, some old congress fools will go screaming or silently into history. Such says history and congress will not demonstrate any exception. Be smart.

  13. When Kashmiriyat start. Does the Muslim author know Kashmiri language or only Arabic scripted Urdu. Is Urdu an inseparable part of Kashmiriyat.

  14. Everyone knows when any muslim kasmiri talks about kasmiriat it talks about islamiat. They were dreaming to complete the agenda of islamization of otherwise hindu kasmir.indian govt must very brutly weed out this worm Jehad from the pious land of Rishi Kashyap. otherwise this Islam with its tactical arms like Isis & ISI rule this land of humanity & beauty.

    • The print is super success in publishing divisive articles and at the end they say these are personal views …if personal views why to publish in public domain which will impact society ………stop publishing derogative and distrubed articles …are guys why you always worried rights of Muslims dominated Kashmir ……why don’t you worried about Hindus and buddhist and Sikhs dominated Jammu and Ladakh ….for the sake of kashmiri Muslims and kashmiri region who region have suffered a lot …stayed in fear for a long period ….but media never published about the rights of people in Jammu and Ladakh who stayed and lived as a slaves under the kashmiri separatist loyal leaders …….called as Mufti …omar..Gilani….etc …..please worry about them also….atleast from now after a long time these two Jammu and Ladakh people are living happy and expecting for the future development … stop publishing biased …anti national views atleast now ….though kashmiri may feel trouble for some time by this move but by this move Jammu and Ladakh are feeling freedom after long time …so please leave them happily

      • The Leftists & Their Media Is Being Paid By Chinese/Paki Agents Along With Fascist American Evangelists!! They Say & Do As Their Masters Ask Them To Say Or Do!! Period!!

  15. If only you fools had spoken for Kashmiri Pandits the past 30 odd years Jammu and Kashmir would never have had gone through removal of Article 370 and Article 35A. Kashmiri Pandits were wronged big time. Their livelihood was taken away. Their women and children were raped and murdered. Militancy was at its peak in the 90s. The 90s mass exodus wasn’t the first by any means. How can we forget the assistance provided by Kashmiri Muslims to Pashtun tribals who invaded Kashmir and slaughtered Hindus after the Partition resulting in mass exodus and creation of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir).

    How can Hindus forget the 5 other mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits that took place in the past 800 years.?Yet we kept quiet. We kept our patience. But you expect us to continue to sit quiet when our soldiers are being killed and blown up? No ways! We have given enough blood and sacrifices. Kashmiri Muslims have given nothing back in return. Today they are feeling exactly what the rest of India felt since 1947. Let them feel for a while. That is when they will understand what they had and what they lost. Hindus have always been accommodating towards all Religious denominations. Whether the Religious/Political ideologies have taken birth in India or imported from other countries. And this has been the case for centuries. Our magnanimity has been taken for a ride. Our precious blood spilt because their Wahabbi ideology is incompatible with ours. There is no justification for any of this.

    Terrorism has destroyed Article 35A and Article 370. It was not Hindus. It was not BJP or RSS. It was not India. If Kashmiri Muslims had not taken up the path of militancy and terror why would any Indian want these articles abrogated? Don’t we provide protection and special privileges to tribal areas and other north eastern states? They never supported terror (even though there were naxals in those areas). The civilians there always supported India and helped the Indian Army in locating these naxals and eliminating them. In return, India kept its promise of safeguarding their interests and their Articles. Kashmiri Muslim populace, on the other hand, did not keep their end of the bargain. They actively connived with terrorists becoming human shields by resorting to stone pelting and causing major problems to anti-terror operations. Stuff they learnt from their Palestinian brothers. Unfortunately for them, India lost its patience. For 70 years they supported militancy which made India bleed. Today Karma has come back to haunt them. Let them feel the pain for a while. Sometimes a bitter medicine is needed for treating the patient.

    The abrogation of Article 370 will cause them to reassess their priorities. There will be knee-jerk reactions for a while and that is to be expected. The ball is now in their court. If they do not reform and join the mainstream they will be swept away. Both literally and figuratively. India is today an extremely powerful Nation. It is not just a Nuclear triad but also has various responsibilities that far extend the whims and fancies of one small geographic region. It is on the quest to become the next Superpower. Kashmir has only two paths: The path towards Progress or path towards ever spiraling violence and chaos eventually leading to extinction. This is the harsh reality. Hindus have always been forgiving. It is in our blood. We are ready to forgive all the atrocities they committed on us if they change and reform for the better. It will take a long long time to mend the broken bonds because they have hurt the entire Hindu community and the Nation at large. It is they who have to take the first step forward now and prove that they are as loyal to India as anyone else and are equal to all Indians. Neither superior nor inferior to anyone else. They have to climb down from this racial superiority complex that they all possess. They have to recognize that Kashmir was always a Hindu region. The name itself is derived from Sage Kashyapa. Many of the Kashmiri Muslims still carry surnames that point to their Kashmiri Hindu ancestry: Dhar, Bhat, Wani etc. All of these were once Kashmiri Pandits who converted due to various reasons which I will not get into. They have to shed their differences with the Hindus and rest of India and join the mainstream. It is their responsibility as they have broken the trust of Indians. Else India would never have voted for abrogation of Article 370.

    • Well Said Shripad Krishna!! This Is Exactly How I Feel!! And This Is How Much Of India Feels!! No PLACE For Traitors, Islamic Or Christian Religious Hubris!! India Should Be Promoted As A Secular Hindu State!! We Don’t Have 50+ Nations To Go To!! We Just Have Hindustan!!

  16. Muslims must know that the war isn’t against them, but against their sex cult and nymphomaniac prophet, who married his own daughter-in-law.

  17. Re:Comment Section;
    So we are all set with all sorts of history, true or false or made-up, in our hands and no one wants to talk about what it would be like in Kashmir in the nearest future practically. I’m going to start with how some of us are either deliberately looking away from “Both Indian and Pakistani governments view Kashmir as no more than a property dispute.” or being offended by it. It’s one thing to provide safety to the public and another to brush their hands from even listening to what the people have to say. It’s such a big deal that the “government” is being blamed in the situation and no one can answer why the government can’t be answerable if we’re the biggest democratic here. Why is it so hard to see a straight logic that the people of Kashmir were not asked for their opinion, they are under curfew from the night of August 4th, there has been no ease in the situation and we are asking them to “Get along with it.” We are asking them to answer why they fear mingling. What is interesting is to see that the people who celebrated the same couldn’t even talk to the concerned residents of Jammu and Kashmir without being a snob. And then you don’t want to accept the fact that the land is probably all the government cares about. One fails to acknowledge what Kashmir is being and has been put through, what the people there have been seeing for a very, very long time now and when a decision about them was taken, they had been snatched of opinion and made powerless, yet again. Doesn’t seem very inviting, does it? Now if you want to ask why Kashmiri identity is different from any other or why they do not want to mingle, it’s because the otherwise doesn’t and never has looked good for them. This is no way is how a government for the people should make a decision or it is liable to not be considered as a decision at all.
    Way more than it is a political ad religious issue, it is a blunderous lack of communication with the people of Kashmir. Ironically, that’s what the government decides to snap first. The communication system. This isn’t a victory and never will be unless done democratically from the Indian side. The government needs to lift off the “imprisonment” like situation from the people of Kashmir, firstly.

    • No armed #Jihadi is knocking at any door!
      Nor are any death threats allowed to terrorize anyone!
      No one has been asked to vacate #Kashmir and leave behind their women!
      No one in power is abandoning citizens and abdicating responsibility!
      It is not like how #Hindus suffered In #1990!!

  18. 1. Can someone please explain what is this “Kashmiri” identity and how it is different , in a special way , from Kannad or Tamil or Telugu identity. If Karnataka can remain a Kannad state and TN can remain a Tamil state despite being a normal state of India , what is so special for Kashmir..

    2. The fear mongers are talking about land grab and in the same sentence talking about volatile situations ? How both can happen and that too on a large scale?

    3. A closed culture which is fearful of loosing its identity because people from other parts are coming, is destined to be extinct. I firmly believe no Indian culture is fearful of open society where everyone can mingle.

    4. Authors are speaking same words as spoken by Selected PM of Pak in POK parliament. May be because, When it comes to BJP , there is no harm in aligning with enemy.

  19. It’s a good article that is more than 20 years late. Ask yourself, how often did Yogendra Yadav (and your party) take on the communalism of the separatists and their violent ways? Did you ever condemn Burhan Wali who killed for the sake of religion? If you were too young when Congress appeased the fundamentalists in the Shah Bano case, what was your stand on Triple Talaq? All that many of us wanted was honest secularism but never got it from our left wing elites. This article suggests that a common ground is possible for Indians of widely disparate views.

    • Well Said Gopal Vaidya!! Time To Take Out The SICK Out Of Indian Secularism!! Secularism Is A sadistic attack against Hindu civilization, culture, and traditions, a 21st Century textual assault modeled in spirit after the bigoted medieval Arab barbarians & Christian Bigots who invaded Bharatavarsha!!

      A de-racinated Hindu elite, in cahoots with minorities from the monotheistic faiths, such as Christianity and Islam, maintained its dominion over India’s Hindu majority. This Must END!!

      Ingratitude apart, the other great hallmark of the Lutyens elite is their incurable Hindu-hatred, a direct consequence of their colonized psyches. Over the last seventy-plus years, it is not Akbar or Jahangir or a similar medieval Muslim ruler but the Lutyens Hindu elite who are the cherished patrons fostering the depravity called Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb, a euphemism for celebrating all perversity available in the court of a medieval Sultan or Nawab.

  20. It is strange that who ever from the left – liberal secular syndicate writes any thing on the present issue in Jammu and Kashmir they exclusively view the entire issue in the light of Kashmir valley and it’s Muslim population. For them demographic changes that took place in Laddakh since 1947 by which the region became Muslim majority which used to a Buddhist majority region, is normal and secular.. Any mention of this change by any one is for them communal. Similarly ethnic cleansing , mass murder and exohod of four Lacs is normal and a secular act. Step motherly treatment of Jammu region is ok. for them. Why can’t they write the problems of whole of erstwhile Jammu & Kashmir state before and after this new development.

  21. Now let us know what Kashmiriyat is:
    1) Feeling racially superior, looking down on the rest of the people from the sub-continent.
    2) Driving away minorities.
    3) Looking down on Muslims from Jammu region, Shia Muslims and other tribal and nomadic Muslims of the valley.
    4) Looking down on all other religions.
    5) Discriminating women on the basis of sex (Article 35 is definitely Patriarchial).
    6) Indiscriminate stone pelting with a permanent sense of entitlement.
    Good-by 370 & 35 and maybe we will get rid of all the above features of “Kashmiriyat”

  22. The writer is saying the same thing, which the Kashmiri separatists have been saying for over three decades: Their fight is against the Hindus. The writer’s idea of Kashmiriyat applies only to Kashmiri Muslims. Now, the word Hindu has been substituted with BJP-RSS ideology. So far, non-Muslims lived like Dhimmis in Kashmir. That hegemony enjoyed by the Kashmiri Muslims, in particular a few influential families ends now with putting Article 370 to sleep. Please note, it has not been abrogated or omitted. It is still in the Constitution of India.

  23. Did all this chest beating and crying when Pandits were being killed, raped and thrown out their homeland? Net Net get this in your head >> you are now a normal citizen of Bharat, learn to live by its rules ASAP, you will get plenty of opportunities to study and work but if you decide to screw around with Bharat then you will have hell to pay. The quicker you understand this the better for you

    • Yogendra yadav, I had respect you till not read that article. Even I voted you in 2014 Gurgoan seat from delhi after 40 km jorney. But after that article i undersyand you also a partner of those people who want india loose kashmir. You are happy with kashmir intigration with india. Same ajenda like pakistan and other western country. Shame for me i voted after 2 hous journey.

  24. Dangerous article, misleading as well as a bunch of lies. The issue is quite simple. This is continuation of a 1000 years religious war imposed by violent, barbaric mideaval islam on benign gentle Hindu India, make no mistake about it. Islam wants to capture India, make it an Islamic nation. And people of India correctly understand that this is the truth.

  25. Great to see that this article from YY stable is brutally honest and absolutely correct in its assessment IN PARTS. For example: “Given the geostrategic reality of the 21st century, a new independent Muslim majority country in this part of the world is a non-starter….Both Indian and Pakistani governments view Kashmir as no more than a property dispute. In the foreseeable future, no Indian government can even consider giving up its claims on the Valley. Pakistani establishment would stoke this demand, but would never agree to surrender its ownership of “Azad Kashmir”. Given how the Chinese treat their Muslim minority, they would not permit a new Muslim state in the backyard. And the US would definitely veto such a possibility.”

    Let’s take this further. In fact internationalisation may be a good way to resolve this. But will Pakistan and China withdraw all their political and military paraphernalia from their parts of Kashmir? Will Pakistan have the patience for the verdict (which may take years) and will it desist from supporting covert aggression in the valley? Will valley muslims have the patience and desist from any violent protests? And if Indian troops leave the valley, will UN ensure that a Taliban kind of group doesn’t hijack the political and social space?

    Rest of the arguments can be debated.

  26. It is as the abrogation of article 370 is only buy land in 370. Well, that is why they have thrown out setting up an industry by Tatas in Singur. The agitation on poor farmers land and Mamata occupied the seat. Tatas gone to Gujarat. What happened? Poor farmers of Singur, Mamata did not care for any one who could have easily got employed in Tata plant. Job opportunities went to Gujaratis instead of Bengalis. Every time, people think, buying land is a major thing and to be protected. What need to be protected is is living standards, career opportunity and ability to earn and grow. Rest will fall in line. Separatists and local politicians ruined the state. Nehru with his immaturity went to UNSC to prove his ego against Patel. 70+ years, people don’t learn from history.

  27. I would love to be proved dead wrong. However, I think the recent constitutional changes, far from improving the well being of the Kashmiri people, eliminating the scourge of terrorism, of corrupt political dynasties, fostering investment, economic growth and job creation for local residents, may take us deeper into a maze. Preserve Kashmir’s status as the most dangerous flashpoint in the world. Keep us “ mired in regional conflicts “, unable to achieve the power and status the West would love to see a India achieve.

    • Kashmiris must get educated, get jobs, build their society, raise a family, be a law abiding citizen and then leave the world peacefully when the time comes. Forget Pakistan, rss,bjp, terrorism and live in peace.

    • Your Pretend To Have More Information On WHY 370 Was Abrogated?? Congratulations!!

      Where Were Leftists/Congress & People Like You When Kashmiri Jihadis Did Hindu Genocide?? Was That Peaceful & Pro Development??

      Where Is Leftist Media & Liberals When Hindus Are Suffering Genocide In Bangladesh & Pakistan??!!


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