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No, Kangana Ranaut isn’t going the Smriti Irani way. She’s going the bully way

Kangana Ranaut talks of the glories of Bharat. But Bharat wasn’t built on bullying and shaming others.

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Consider this an open letter to Kangana Ranaut.

What happened to you? You went from being a brilliant actor to Twitter trolling. A woman with so much gumption, who exposed the rot of nepotism in Bollywood, and a feisty feminist became a blistering WhatsApp University spokesperson who is loud and prone to chest-thumping. You claim the world is at your feet. And you can summon the media in a snap (“a chutki,” you say). But do you understand that there’s a thin line between self-confidence and arrogance? You appear obnoxious, and think you can never do or say anything wrong. That has been the fall of many of India’s icons.

We stood up for you, and then you let us down.

Of course, you’ll say you don’t care what anyone thinks about you, but let’s get it straight, you care. You are constantly justifying yourself and seeking validation – like all of us. So, Karan Johar appears endlessly in your interviews. So does recaps of your recent spat with Diljit Dosanjh on your Twitter feed. Then you brand Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhasker as ‘B-grade actors’. You call Ayushmann Khurrana ‘mediocre’. Ironically, all of these actors came from non-filmy families and made a name for themselves, on their own. Of course, you also call them suck-ups or ‘chaploos’ to ‘expose’ how they became successful.

But here’s the thing we don’t understand Kangana, how did this happen? How did Bollywood’s David become India’s Goliath?

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Look in the mirror

Kangana Ranaut, you have turned into the very people you hate. Full of themselves and self-glorifying. When you say, “Main inki waat laga dungi”, do you not realise it is exactly what the ‘nepotism gang’ and the powers that be say? Petty revenge exacted on people because they didn’t comply with your way of thinking. 

The funny part is, when you try and change an establishment, you be the change you want to see. But you’ve exactly become the monster you were fighting. Overbearing. Loud. Abject. Irreverent of anyone’s sentiments. And sure, you have thousands of people hailing you, but as history is witness, many wrong people have been hailed. The liberals hailed you once too for your sheer guts, for speaking truth to power. Today, you speak against them and pass snide remarks. The hypocrisy is for everyone to see. 

When you disagreed with Pritish Nandy about ‘love jihad’, you called his writing ‘perverted’. Then you branded those supporting protesting farmers as ‘Tukde tukde gang’ and tossed around words like ‘Khalistani’. You called women ‘depressed and suicidal snowflake feminists’. This, from a woman who was shouting for justice for Sushant Singh Rajput who was mentally pushed to the edge.

And let me also introduce you to the reality of how un-Bharatiya you are. The ‘Akhand Bharat’ that you espouse is built on ancient ideas of ‘sanskaar’ and ‘karma’. Read your own religious texts – you’ll see that it talks of dignity, righteousness, respect and decorum. It was not founded on bullying and shaming others. You are miles away from being a true Bharatiya. A talk with Sadhguru, the Ducati-riding capitalist guru, doesn’t make you enlightened. Of course, that 2018 conversation also normalised mob lynching by calling it ‘real India’. But that’s beside the point. One doesn’t have to be wise to be well-mannered. And one doesn’t have to be arrogant to be a rebel.

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I vote me

Everyone is asking the same question about you, Kangana. What next?

Playing Jayalalithaa in an upcoming movie must have made you surely think of your next possible inning – a politician. Because right now, you are boxing in the empty Bollywood arena. Raring to go, to pick the next fight.

Of course, Kangana, your political trajectory can go the Smriti Irani way, as many people are expecting. An immensely popular actor finding her way to the highest berths of the cabinet. But the comparison to Irani doesn’t stick. Smriti Irani is perhaps the most eloquent person that exists in the Bhartiya Janata Party today, after Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Sushma Swaraj, with a strong hold over what she speaks.

But as you know, in politics, you don’t need special expertise – lateral entry in any department will do. Perhaps that’s your dream. Of being a minister of different departments like Smriti Irani has been. You have time and again shown that you can give an opinion on anything, at a moment’s notice. But having a lot to say isn’t the same as talking sense. Ranaut talks a lot. Irani makes sense.

Kangana, you’ve painted the perfect picture of yourself as the unassuming heroine of this very public saga. You say you have taken on many a Goliaths – Bollywood mafia, Thackerays, media, liberals, pro-reservation lobby. But no David walks out of the airport with Y-plus security. 

The author is a political observer and writer. Views are personal.

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  1. But no David walks out of the airport with Y-plus security.; says it all. Leave her alone and she will run behind even a kid or find an innocent scapegoat. Feel sad really sad for her

  2. But no David walks out of the airport with Y-plus security. says it all. She’s one of the fearful people. Using the people of power. Leave her alone and she is no where

  3. More Power to Kangana to help expose the Islamo-leftist fascist Tukde gang!!
    Since when freedom of speech becomes a crime since Tukde gang/congressi like Swara Bhaskar spew venom on Hindus/BJP & the nation all the time??

    When will these so called liberals talk of Halal, the Islamic diet being shoved down the throats of Christians, Hindus..; French, Indian & everyone else; without any information/tagging??
    WHICH Muslim/nation will accept pork in his food??

  4. There’s a need to discuss population control and the need for a scientific and modern outlook rather than religious fundamentalist education.

    THE same is possible under strict population control measures and the government should initiate such laws without delay.

    • It was Illegally made in the first place. And they broke only her balcony and interiors. But she has immense amount of wealth to resurrect that.

      Imagine that happening to a middle class family/person. Where will they go? What will they do? They don’t have immense following like KR and their voices will be unheard. Also not to mention they won’t get a Y plus security from the government.

  5. Most of the articles written by author by wearing burkha, her thoughts and thinking started shrinking, since the passage of CAA, NRC and recent judgment on ram temple. We can find that she is prejudice on all platforms in her writing towards a major religion.

    And wrt 2 kangna, yes she is outspoken on any matter, which she does not like and mostly in favour of right-wing. Y she should be 🔦 bearer of liberal,which shoot you.

  6. It is a high time that she is called out … legally, she cannot be name-calling and tagging people with derogatory names. Her words are rubbing on her followers too. Her followers troll others and use the same abusive language.
    The fact she thinks media is available at her ” CHUTKI ” showcases that she has zero respect for the media personals. My appeal that someone needs to stop her from spewing hate and zero-knowledge messages !!!

  7. I don’t pay much attention to Ms Kangana Renaut earlier but I found the manner by which the Shiv Sena Govt targeted her personally as an abuse of power. Those rejoicing in her suffering at the hands of the Sena should know, the lack of restraint on Executive Authority may very well impact them tomorrow.

    I don’t need to agree with any of her views to back her in this slug fest with the biggest bullies in Maharashtra – that is the Shiv Sen. Ruling over a municipal body like a fiefdom, with the largest Municipal budget in the India but services riddled with the consequences of their/‘Senaiks’ corruption.

    Power to Kangana.

  8. Now everyone has started bullying Kangna. She is a different material and bound to succeed. And yes, she will never go Smriti way, she will go Kangna way.

  9. There are many on the social media expressing similar views in language much worse than Kangana’s. At the end of the day why and who are the people taking cognizance of what she says ? She is just an actor good mediocre or whatever else but why this attention on her views.
    This is how the leader are created or get created. So either she is smart to get that attention or we are stupid to give that attention.

    • Contrary to the leftist/congressi Tukde gang, Kangana, generally speaks the truth and what is right!!
      We need a billion+ people with Kangana’s thought system replacing the rotten & hypocrite Indian British & the communist/Jihadi system!!

    • Actually it is Begum Zainab Sikandar, who seeking attention by writing about Smt Kangana Ranaut. She has already garnered a few comments here, including mine. That means in a country of 134 crore people, at least half a dozen, like us, are giving her rant so much importance!

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