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Kangana Ranaut can’t become Manikarnika. She lost the support of millions of Jhalkari Bais

Kangana must only rewatch Manikarnika to know where she went wrong. Especially the five-minute role of one of the Jhansi commanders, Jhalkari Bai.

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If you think all of Kangana Ranaut’s recent tirades are a good launch pad for a successful political career, think again. The Bollywood actor may have played the role of Rani of Jhansi in Manikarnika with a sharp nationalist ferocity, but she forgot one key lesson from the movie – you have to have a Jhalkari Bai by your side if you want to win any battle. But upper caste Kangana Ranaut committed what is widely regarded as a cardinal sin in Indian politics. She spoke against the constitutionally guaranteed policy of reservation for SCs, STs and OBCs. Even RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had to take back his statement on the need for a review of reservation policy.

Had Kangana grasped the essence of her movie Manikarnika, she would have acted differently in her real life.

At this crucial juncture, when a part of her office has been demolished by the Uddhav Thackeray government, and Mumbai police is set to probe her alleged drug links, she needs not only widespread political support but also the support of a large Bahujan majority on the ground. It may appear as if the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is fully backing her now – giving her Y-plus security cover, deploying Sambit Patra to her defence, and have Devendra Fadnavis target the Shiv Sena government over the demolition issue – but her anti-reservation utterances will be the biggest roadblock for a political career.

Kangana might be happy seeing the hashtags in her support trending on social media, but at the end of the day, her office stands broken. The only seemingly significant support she got were from Union minister and Republican Party of India (RPI) leader Ramdas Athawale and Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) MP Chirag Paswan.

Kangana must only rewatch Manikarnika to know where she went wrong. Especially the five-minute role of one of the commanders of the army of Jhansi, Jhalkari Bai, played by Ankita Lokhande. Incidentally, Kangana has named her Bandra Pali Hill office ‘Manikarnika’.

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Who was Jhalkari Bai

Manikarnika, popularly known as the Rani of Jhansi, did not fight her last battle inside Jhansi fort. To save her adopted son Damodar Rao, who was also the heir to the throne of Jhansi, she had to abandon the fort. In the battle of Jhansi, one of the most celebrated of the colonial period, the Jhansi army was led by Jhalkari Bai Kori, her husband Puran Kori, and Gaus Khan.

The Uttar Pradesh government describes Jhalkari Bai and Gaus Khan on its website as the leaders of the battle of Jhansi. The Atal Bihari Vajpayee government had issued a postage stamp to celebrate the valour of Jhalkari Bai. The citation goes on to narrate her loyalty, courage and fighting prowess. NCERT’s Hindi textbook for Class 6 has an entire chapter depicting the bravery of Jhalkari Bai. In 2017, President Ram Nath Kovind, who belongs to the same Dalit Kori caste, unveiled her statue in Bhopal.

It tells us that Manikarnika or the Rani of Jhansi built the largest possible coalition of social and religious sections and her commanders were employed from every section of the society. That must have been a revolutionary act on the part of the Rani of Jhansi since, according to the diktats of the Hindu shastras, Dalits were not supposed to carry arms.

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Kangana, Manikarnika by name

Just compare the act of Manikarnika with Kangana’s rant against the constitutional provisions of reservation, and you can easily understand why she is not getting any support from a large section of the society or, for that matter, any prominent BJP leader — except the party’s IT cell.

Her outburst against reservation was uncalled for. Reacting to a tweet on a book by Pulitzer-winning author Isabel Wilkerson, which draws parallels between India’s caste-based discrimination and racism in the US, Kangana wrote a series of tweets rejecting caste and making unsubstantiated claims about the quota system, stirring huge controversy.

It is difficult to know what agitated her. It could have been the title of the book — Caste: The Origins of our Discontents — or the common upper caste angst against the quota system or just an opportunity to create another controversy and stay in media glare. The end result is that Kangana alienated herself from the SC/ST/OBCs, who constitute the majority of Indian population.

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BJP’s political distancing

Soon after her reservation rant, Kangana started firing salvos against the Shiv Sena and the Uddhav Thackeray-led Maharashtra government. It was bad timing. Just before the beginning of the battle, she had lost the support of ‘Jhalkari Bai’. And then, in her typical, exaggerated style, she compared herself with Kashmiri Pandits, drawing parallels between the partial demolition of her illegal structure in Mumbai with the exodus of Pandits from the Valley, saying she “now understands” their pain. She has been called out by people on social media, including by Kashmiri Pandits.

The BJP might find her tirades against the Thackeray government, and especially against the Shiv Sena, suitable to its scheme, but it knows full well that the reservation issue can subvert all its political calculations. This makes the party wary of going the whole hog in supporting Kangana. The BJP IT cell will support her — the anonymity and vitriol makes it easier for the party to distance itself from the group’s actions — and peripheral members like Sambit Patra will utter soothing statements now and then in her defence. Even offers to join BJP, such as one from the party’s Himachal Pradesh chief to her mother Asha Ranaut, will likely go to family members or those close to her.

But no big leader of any consequence will support Kangana Ranaut, because she has created an anti-reservationist image for herself and will now be forced to do balancing acts like invoking B.R. Ambedkar here and there.

The BJP certainly won’t throw its full might behind her with the Bihar assembly election just a few weeks away. The party won’t easily forget how a stray statement from RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on reservation had cost it the assembly election in 2015 — at least until it returned to govern the state in coalition with turncoat Nitish Kumar and the Janata Dal (United) two years later.

For Kangana, the question of reservation will keep haunting her at every step of her political journey — if she chooses one. Because this Manikarnika, without the support of India’s millions of Jhalkari Bais, is just an ordinary actress.

Dilip Mandal is the former managing editor of India Today Hindi Magazine, and has authored books on media and sociology. Views are personal.

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  1. Now the left and left leaning publications are worried sick about Kangana. Where is the left leader Mr. Yechury? He does not even get a press like Kangana. Even The Print is ignoring him. May be he does not sell in modern India with or without caste system.

  2. Dear Dilip Sir,

    As Kangana is exposed as castiest, since then your Twitter ID is deleted by Castiest Twitter and It seems we also don’t have any representation on Twitter too. There a lot of fake IDs are created by the BJP IT cell. How you are going to be back at Twitter?which is your real ID?Are u active on Twitter?Are u active on which social media platforms? How we can see and listen you everyday & where?

    • Yo Bhimte, why don’t you Dalits create a social media ecosystem exclusively for Dalits? Since you people never stop complaining maybe you should build one yourself. And please don’t drag us OBCs with you, we are done with your kind in UP itself.

  3. The Print media has sold to Bollywood mafia that’s why talking nonsense about kangana….Kangana doesn’t need a support of hight society class or any Bollywood mafia or any double standard people because she has our support, support of common people, Kangana always speaks about the truth, she never got anyone’s support in Bollywood but still she has a guts to stand her own and to talk about the bitter reality of Bollywood which she have been through and ofcourse many have been through the same as Kangana but no one dare to speak about it But Kangana did and it’s indeed become a history that at least one girl from small town to Bollywood have stand against the bitter reality of the Bollywood so that in future every talented artist in Bollywood will get equal rights and equal treatment.

  4. For clarity, Kangana do not seem to have said (by your own article) not to include any backward group. The point is about meritocracy. Point to be noted is Jhalakari Bais became what she was based on her merit, not just because she belonged to a particular caste – glowing example of meritocracy at its purest. And that’s what exactly Kanagana is advocating here. I see this article as an attempt to confuse readers by mixing facts, comparing apple with lemon, and putting their own spin on a straightforward comment. Also, am I the only one to notice a hint of sadistic satisfaction in mentioning how Kangana’s office remains broken even though she is popular in social media??!!

  5. The most important point here is that Kangna is praising Balasaheb who is responsible for the death of 1000 people in mumbai riots …that says it all …it’s not about right or wrong it’s all about might …Kangna has learner it the hard way and she is ready to sell her soul for it …

  6. Have some shame “The Print” creating fake news and opinions about a women who went through so much just because she spoke out. Think about the Karma your organization is gaining. Riding on the back of Kangana and ridiculing her and making unnecessary negative opinions about her

    • Print is biased against Modi govt and any comment criticising Modi opponent are supported by this so called journalists. Most People always stand with right and this time Kangana is right. Sena is not doing impartial job.

  7. Ask for OTP verification of commenters and see them disappear.

    Ppl fighting against reservation, atleast learn to write..

  8. What level of cheapness is this? The constitution and then the reservation policy went above and beyond to ensure 50 percent reservation in a country where most of the jatis (not all) were at some point ruling and/or successful. We have no way of cutting down on reservations now. Generations have benefitted from this policy and it applies on various levels- exams cut offs, tution and hostel fees, jobs and even promotions.
    It totally does lead to mediocrity. And this is your level of discourse? Is this even an educated stand?

  9. Shitty article. Its your own opinion that country is not with Kangana. Caste based reservation needs to go. It will some day. People need to start running without crutches now.

  10. Print your doing a great job. Haters gonna hate because they don’t know real situation of our country. Print you are better than the fake and Hippocratic news channels. Keep it up.

  11. Stupid article. Reservation creates ENTITLED PARASITISM and MEDIOCRACY. Stop being SELFISH PARASITES who wants to hog the jobs and keep the country backward, at best what you could ask for is FREE EDUCATION AND SCHOLARSHIPS and nothign more. Reservation enhances CASTEISM AND DIVISIVENESS< those who support n demand and avail reservatipn are CASTISTS DIVISIVE and eneies of integration of India, Even Ambedkar did not want this CANCER of reservation more than 10 years. STOP BEING PARASITES and stop writing RUBBISH.

    • Reservation is not the cancer for India.
      It is the caste system that was practiced for 2000 years which kept majority of the people as backward and divided Hindu society as unequals before God.

      Do you have any data or evidence to prove that India is mediocre because of reservations? It is only a narrative.
      Whereas historical records show clearly India for 2000 years , had so many poor and backward people – the upper castes were in control then and they were the only ones who were literate, right? . Contrast with Europe which progressed so fast after 16th century due to Renaissance and scientific/industrial revolutions and they did not have a caste system. And they created a classless society .

  12. Your article is in poor taste and distorts facts. Nowhere has she said that she supports Caste Oppression. She says that Caste system has failed. It is a reality. Otherwise Ramdas Athavale wouldn’t have met her. She has rightly criticised reservation politics leading to Brain drain in technical professions. This needs to be dealt as socially relevant issue to value merit too than just reservation led politics.

  13. Aur Chalo propoaganda …apni hi fazihat karoge..Print walo u would be failed to get support after writing such negative stuff . End result is thst you guys only get exposed about your biased openions and spreading negativity.

  14. Which is this “”Print”” news agency who runs this bullshit news agency.. this print news is always anti-social, anti-national, condemnable……stop this Print news agency for being antinational

  15. Just look at your comment section….your analysis is total bullshit, you haven’t noticed, but now she’s all set to “establish” Bollywood’s biggest production house

  16. Print – If you have read the comments here, you know who stands wrong here. Literally smiled about you claiming yourself “honest media” Lolz. Get into some other thing you are not good at it guys.

  17. As usual Print plays the role of the Imperialism by talking up all divisive ideas. Cummunism is a failed defunct ideology, and like them you are constantly playing and singing nciting others to play tu victim card. In most of Urban India and even Rural areas ,caste is not a major topic at all. For Congress and CPIM it is.
    Today it is not a big issue in India. It is actually reverse prejudice actually, against anybody not from so called lower castes. Instead of helping to annihilate caste, you and your acolytes are perpetuating caste divisions by constantly demonising it. Lower caste have got overseas are education , working in US also are being incited to play the victim card and entitlement politics. You do not see the fact the positive in the fact they got to US and got appointed.
    India is seeing through the ruse you are playing. Forever inciting divisions, and hate instead of brotherhood and love is you.

  18. Dear writer of the article,
    Would you go to a doctor who got a seat due to reservation or would you prefer the one who is a doctor by merit?
    You must speak the truth, even if nobody speaks it. But guess, the writer of this pointless, piece of trash article does not understand this. Reservation is a menace for India. It will continue to be, as long as it is based on caste system, as long as there is no economic scale that decides who get it and who don’t, as long as it is not merit.

  19. Its really in bad taste and highly motivated article . Nothing good is expected with such shady media like the print .
    I think it’s not the caste but thought process which is shudra and a brahmin or a kshatriya or so called uppar caste may have a shudra mentality . All men are created equals and are equals but some like you have very dirty mindset . Reservation may be good for certain reason but to say it can not be debated or discussed is against the very principles of democracy and free speech . The very idea that it can not be discussed or debated is against the constitution which is used to get the whole system is tweaked and twisted to appease the beneficiaries of reservation .

    You are full of venom mr mandal , I don’t care what your caste is as I don’t really believe in any caste system but I care what your thoughts are and how crooked your mind is .
    I am certain even baba saheb would have supported and protected the right of people like kangana to share their views without being vilified in a very wrong manner .

    By writing Such article you are misusing the power entrusted in you .

    Let me tell you ..Kangana is an idea whose time has come ..Wait and watch .

  20. Written by Dilip Mandal – Looks like he wants to get the Print bankrupt by these partisan articles.
    Withdrawing my support and payments from the channel – Good bye

  21. Just came to highlight that I stopped my subscriptions to your channel with these biased news articles.
    She has become Manikarnika because of her actions and not just because of her movie – Exactly like Prakash Raj and your news channel have come losers because of your actions

  22. You people are idiots. Go get your facts checked at the ground level first. The only reason why we still have reservations in India is because of the vote bank politics. Politicians don’t care a damn about backward castes. In fact they want the whole country to stay divided so they can play the vote bank politics. I myself who studied at the prestigious tier 1 engineer institute in India saw the reservation issue at first hand. Most students who enrolled for studies under reservation had good enough economic background. Belonged to a well off family. They just used to take a seat at college to earn a degree and keep their options open. While many deserving students from general category used to get left out. They used to feel cheated by the system. But you guys will talk like those stupid half ass intellectuals. Propagandist…

    • Reservation category students being economically well Off. – This is standard narrative among students. Is it based on actual data ?

      How is it possible for general category students to get left out and feel cheated? Is this a narrative or based on actual data.? The cutoff for prestigious IIT JEE Advanced exam is same for both Gen category and OBC. So it is also for the prestigious KVPY exam. For SC ST the cutoffs are lower but mnay general category students are not even able to reach SC ST cutoff! So it is those non meritorious general category students who get affected by reservations?

      Also in case enough OBC category students are not available, seats can be filled up with general category. Check up the institution web sites.
      Moreover obc quota in central institutes is 27% while their population representation is 55% or more. Forward castes do not form more than 10% of population and even lesser in many states. Also BJP has introduced EWS quota. So general category students are getting more than their fair share of admissions to highest engineering institutions in our country.

      Given the tough cutoffs for centrally funded prestigious engg colleges , data clearly shows it is not possible for weak students to get in.Further the 4 year course itself has to be passed through so not easy to get out either. So saying merit is compromised is only a narrative it needs to be backed up with actual data.

  23. Author is so passive aggressive that I could feel the hatred through the page. I am assuming you’re one of the many Marathi butthurts. If you’re writing this blog and want unbiased people to read it, your piece gotta be unbiased at first. It’s one shitty article. I can’t imagine the pain in your ass while writing this disgusting note. You should be ashamed.

  24. BEVDE WRITER…..Which high-on-substance mind crashed and smacked writer wrote this article…… What KANGANA SAID was probably the best thing- trying to take stand against reservation policies which no other politician nor celebrity had any punk in their holes to do so…..
    Probably these FROM whatever this is throw some garbage over your editor’s face and the writer should eat some of it …. Go relax idiots…..


  25. Who gives a shit to your article the print. The print is a chatukhor media and now public has learnt to identify the chatukhor. I am SC myself and in full support of kanagana. Don’t try to break the fans. It is an age old strategy to break Hindus into general and reserved classes.

  26. When I m n Mumbai shiv Sena candidates creates problems for outsider means (which r not look like that black assholes, ) I know sum bastards r born for #danga , they think they r king ND great matrabhumi protector from others , mother fucker cum Delhi Teri saale ki ,, dog ke pan mein water pilonga ,

  27. Kansans is a just stupid loser and yeah again I say a ” LOSER ” with a capital L . She is her own downfall, thinking she is ” Miss know all ” when in fact she is just a loose cannon whom the BJP is taking good advantage of 😂 Let her shoot off her mouth and bite more than she can chew and the BJP will drop her like a hot potato. She is not and can never be compared to Rani Laxmibai for a simple reason RANI LAXMIBAI WAS SELFLESS….. kangana is selfish, self centred and an opportunist and a VITRIOLIC DUMBASS. period

  28. Simply Idiot” The Print “… She is not going political that’s why she is straight and fair. Whether she gets support or not she says the fact n logical changes that should take place in the Indian society. Why you got so much mirchi when she against quota… She is facing alone all problems. If u can’t support her even on right issues raised by her than donot pull her too…
    This shows her strength that for a correct aspect their is no need for anyone to support you not even jhalkari bai kind of character you mentioned. Ok

  29. Kangana Ranaut is a good and self obsessed personality. It will b wrong to assume that she established herself in industry without any favours and that she is sati Savitri. The political leaning and tone of her utterances was worthy of response and is no surprise. She should not expect that she will not get back things in her own language and should not mind it also. Her political ambitions are clear but public will definitely reject her unless she starts from municipality election. An immature personality who doesn’t care about anybody. All in all an eccentric personality

    • She is entitled to her free speech. However despite her success and fame, she will be paid back by the powerful people she accuses of , unless the courts protect her.

      People are aware of the hate speech from her sister against a minority community. So you know well what side she is on. She is still young and immature, possibly getting involved in grassroot politics will make her understand that India does not run on Twitter.

  30. “Kangana might be happy seeing the hashtags in her support trending on social media, but at the end of the day, her office stands broken.”

    The above comment on your article clearly shows your epicaricacy, Shame on you..

  31. Dude. In the year 2020, if you are saying that talking against the demolition of reservation policy in India is wrong then you are a problem. It’s high time to give students equal treatment/opportunities out of the hard work they’re putting on. It is okay if you don’t like kangana but supporting the wrong statement and making an article out of it is not acceptable. Kindly write articles with an idea of making India a better country to live. Well, that would be done when the bright minds would be given an opportunity to be a part of our great institutions.

  32. Like Print, The Wire, Quint, Scroll,.. embarrass themselves everyday with such bullshit articles that any sane person would want a total boycott of this publication. I mean high time the present govt looks into these publications that are funded fully or partially by foreign media houses and here they are again with a begging bowl !! I wouldn’t even bother spitting in your bowl. Shameless publication hasn’t even talked about Shiv Sainik gundas has razed her office down with the help of BMC. Go to any Slum and you’ll see 5 floors of illegal shanty which started with 1 floor and now they have made it into a 5 story ghetto scycraper and BMC never bothered taking then down. Print start talking about real issues, I know to stay relevant and to please your masters you write this bullshit buy we are not buying it. Now take your begging bowl somewhere else

  33. “Kangana might be happy seeing the hashtags in her support trending on social media, but at the end of the day, her office stands broken.”

    The above comment on your article clearly shows your schadenfreude, Shame on you..

  34. Do you think people can’t see through your vested interest propaganda script writing. This is garbage, not journalism. SHAME

  35. Kangana is an actress. Says things just to grab attention. She is just doing her job nicely. She is very ambitious and perhaps has her eyes set on many things. The importance given to her is highly disproportionate to her contribution in any field.

  36. Article after article on print with clear Kangana bias.
    Media has made a joke about the case, yes. But to take on Kangana personally is equally horrible. Infact Rhea may come out in a week and get back to her usual hopefully (with mental scarring ofcourse). Kangana has suffered real financial loss with her home being bought down by same people who has aadarsh and probably hundreds of thousands of illegal occupations in the city including high rises, slums and what not. Notices etc have been given in decades and decades with nothing being done.

    I dint think I would say this, but your bias is almost shocking. Sad day to equate print with usual media with their own agendas

  37. Such a worst newspaper and such a bogus news.waste of time n energy reading it.shame on you for your shitty news.

  38. Why is Kangana even relevant for/ in India? She is a mere entertainer, we pay to watch her dance and sing. That’s her status. Why is the media, and the entire nation so besotted with her?

    • She comes on channels that are not tax payer funded. Any channel can show whatever they want within the law. You take ur intelligence to whichever intelligent source of news that suits ur ego.
      For me i freedom of speech, citizen rights, right to property, right to speech is ground zero. High flying super intelligent people dont impress me.

    • It shows where our nation is heading. It is also good opportunity for media to divert people from Covid and economy.
      Young people are not questioning government about jobs and their future.They are busy living off their parents money and watching videos and films and other entertainment on their phones. They are misled by media.

  39. Reservations were supposed to bridge gap between untouchables and royal Brahmins, you guys. Reservations are important if you think you didn’t get the chance because of reservations you are wrong. Most toppers nowadays are from lower castes, reservation just made our society inclusive of backwards and Poors

  40. I come to The Print and straightaway to comment section on any article. It gives me more fun to laugh it off. I rarely see positive comments. Writing on the Print wall.

  41. We are so hypocritical.. and every one knows what harm caste based reservations are doing to this nation. But no one wants to talk about it not even BJP because of the fear of losing its support from those communities.. Its a shame that even in this digital era we have to live with that. She had the guts to talk about truth. For god sake dont write articles like this. R!

    • Even in this era if we could not come out of caste prejudices and discriminations, what is wrong in continuing with Reservations. We should strive for removal of caste system from our society, caste Reservations automatically becomes redundant.

  42. We are so hypocritical.. and every one knows what harm caste based reservations are doing to this nation. But no one wants to talk about it not even BJP because of the fear of losing its support from those communities.. Its a shame that even in this digital era we have to live with that. She had the guts to talk about truth. For god sake dont write articles like this. R!

  43. When you are being honest you are bound to make enemies. Instead of writing articles like these just to win over mafias who pay you, you can live as an honest life like kangana. Truth eventually prevails only thing is its takes time and have to keep fighting until then

  44. The aim of .Shekhar . Gupta jee in life is to mint money .No moral ,no principles and ethical . practice in. Life . Only availing opportunity for .his. Own benefits

  45. The aim of .Shekhar . Gupta jee in life is to mint money .No moral ,no principles and ethical . practice in. Life . Only availing opportunity for .his. Own benefits

    • The best model to earn money in today’s political environment is the path followed by Arnab and gang. Why SG will choose this path if money making is his only motive..?

      • Just because Print gives a platform for various writers to write means does not mean SG backs their views. He is open minded, liberal by allowing free speech.
        In fact you can sometimes see opposing views on Print. Not one sided like Republic TV.

        No wonder the Print is ahead of right wing platforms like OpIndia.

  46. The aim of .Shekhar . Gupta jee in life is to mint money .No moral ,no principles and ethical . practice in. Life . Only availing opportunity for .his. Own benefits

  47. Quality Journalism? What The Print want to prove? Why no comment on SS act to demolish her office?
    Why The Print want to stand behind those Bollywood Actors who are tight-lipped with all the past week incidents and your journalism is not saying anything about it?
    We know, The Print will not answer it. But you all guys including SS will get the first answer from The People in BMC Elections. One more during State Elections.
    Be Remember… This is Democracy…. It will show everyone’s place.

  48. This writer is obsessed with caste and hatred of the BJP. He uses every opportunity to contrive a connection between whatever the BJP supports and its supposed “anti reservation” mindset. Kangana Ranaut is merely a convenient prop to continue his anti BJP tirade. And he is upset that pro BJP dalit politicians like Ramdas Athavale defend Kangana. He finds it hard to digest the fact that the BJP has won over the majority of dalits across India with its development projects primarily benefiting them.

  49. Whose chamcha r u who is writing this article. People have wisdom along with eyes & ears. They know whom to support or not. Ur article won’t attract as we all know how hypocrite this paid media from pseudo liberals side is. #Kanganaspeakstruthwhetherulijeitornot

  50. The Print is loosing its charm with such biased articles. Before writing , step-out and get the public feedback.

    Let’s wait and watch, what support Kangna has in next 2-4 weeks and will clarify the hollow article

  51. Wow..!! Another magnificent disaster by the print..! You write such horrendous articles and then say we value good, independent journalism. Plz spread your anti – BJP, anti-Hindu agenda somewhere else. You never fail to evoke feelings of disgust

  52. Why support reservations, and deny hard working middle class their rights to a decent college. Makes no sense keeping reservation

  53. Dilip Mandal is an ordinary journalist. With such people in journalism, it is no surprise that media is going through an existential crisis.

  54. What a dumb ass article.. she’s got the support of 100’s of millions of us who know EXACTLY what she is doing and we also know EXACTLY what u r trying to do.. and please someone show me one article from the print which is pro Govt or pro anything good. I see an article from “the print” and I just know it’s going to be full of shit. Why do I read? To read the comments sections and the bashing which you all get everytime. It’s fun!!!

  55. Reservation is tantamount to penal compensation; such a notion can be justified for the Scheduled Castes who were repressed and denied equal opportunity.
    The extension of this provision to the Scheduled Tribes has suspect morality, given that they chose their jungle life of their own free will and being left behind the times was an exercise of choice for them.
    Backward reservation is a case of sheer blackmail by a voting block. Most backward communities have more landed assets than the upper castes, in both aggregate and per-capita terms; they are most certainlynot economically backward compared with other communities. Compensating cultural backwardness born of intellectual cowardice with economic benefits through reservation makes no sense.
    Above all the so-called Social Justice agenda defeats justice itself, given its violation of the concept of limitation. This contradiction was meant to be a temporary provision, if it is not repealed soon, it will destroy every institution it touches, including the nation itself.
    Kangana can be faulted on many grounds, but not this one. Bigoted classes need to be shaken out of their self-pity and self-love based on an absolute fictional understanding of their own histories.
    Maratha history glosses over the fact that the principal reason for Manikarnika Laxmi Bay’s defeat and death at the hands of the British was the delay in dispatching Tatya Tope and his forces to aid her. Against his better judgement Tatya was constrained to delay the march to humour his boss Peshva’s demand for nazraanaa before he agreed to hear the Laxmi Bay’s request for help. The audience where help was to be asked and granted was delayed until the demanded nazraanaa of entertained was finally conceded by the then desperate Sundar and Mundar: the three days it took them to agree to give up one set of perceived honour ensured that Tatya was too late to be of any help; as a consequence everybody lost and paid a dear price or the other. History, humanity and morality decreed a change and we live in that continuum. Those who wish to define themselves by the standards of that historic culture and aver to Maratha pride with arrogance need to honestly revisit their own history and judge for themselves what mentality they would bequeath their children.
    As an agent of change, Kangana deserves great appreciation for the courage she has demonstrated.
    Eventually, truth always wins out.

    • Don’t you want stable societies in our country? India is very diverse because of British territorial legacy. Look at Ladakh, forests of Central India and North east. How to integrate tribals into the mainstream? For those living in jungles you want them to be uncivilized for ever ? If you don’t include them by giving opportunities they will develop secessionist tendencies.

      It is a narrative that all OBC are well landed. Some large OBC castes are of course vote banks and economically / politically dominant. Economically well off in those castes are “creamy layer” they do not benefit from reservation as they are pushed into general category. But there are many marginalized OBC castes therefore subcategorisation in reservation will help them benefit. However even for marginalized OBC the distinction is there between “creamy” and “non creamy” layer.

      In any case the reservation issue is only an issue for govt college admissions. For the prestigious colleges the cutoff for General and OBC are the same. Only for SC ST it is a little lesser. They have made sure cutoff is high so there is no compromise on intake quality. Besides there are so many private colleges today where there is absolutely no reservations. Govt jobs are shrinking, and there is no reservation in private jobs. More and more and more jobs are in private sector and informal sector. So with data it can be proved that ending reservations is simply a bogey constructed by upper castes. The nation is not going to sink because of it. What should instead be focused on is intermarriage between castes over subsequent generations. Only then will caste disappear.

  56. Kangana has stated time and again she is an artist and not a politician. She is adored by people only because she is speaking her mind without thinking about the consequences. Is it hard to understand now politicians taking leverage of current hot topic or famous personalities? These intellectuals should understand that each and every person doesn’t do things in India according to political parties ideologies. Looking at all actions of a non-politician only through party politics is mental bankruptcy.

    Kangana at most is Kanye West of India. Great artist is always throwing his ideas around some of which may work and some not. The day all artists in our country will be empowered to speak their mind society will truly start changing. These intellectuals and journalists only pipeline the narratives and dissect them, but they won’t ever make a positive change in society.

  57. When media like the print, Scroll and the wire start saying something, it means you are doing right. Kangana has support beyond your calculation. Let people decide.

  58. Since the article comes on the print… she deserves what support she is getting. Its one more reason why we Indians think this online media is hypocrite anf anti-Indian.
    Go ThePrint go.. go scamgress way.. go vanished slowly but surely.

  59. Jaa k kaam kr … Hume tere se puchne ki jarurt ni h ki kanagana kya h… Paise lae k kangana k against post likh lae lee kitna v… Hume koi fark ni padta.. We will always support kangana.

  60. Kangana has excelled in her own field recieved national awards and padmashree. The fact that the entire country is with her is proves the country is acquainted with malpractices in Maharashtra government. Come do some ground reporting Mr dilip.. speak to common people be it mumbai or any other place. Be it Marathi or non marathi people. Pls do this before penning any wrong article.

  61. The print is totally a biased media. Don’t propagate ur violent leftist & prejudiced ideology. U r expert in twisting the facts, somebody’s words etc to suit ur agenda. Try to be honest. Don’t u feel guilty when u mislead others for ur self interest. I wonder How u face ur children, family members speaking against ur dishonesty & lie.

    • Their children, family, parents and all other known ones, have same ideology and ethics. So they don’t feel embarrassed while facing their children and loves ones. Ab laden ke bete se kya ummeed karoge ? Laden hi banega na(most probably)

  62. How much money u have got to print this ridiculous article? And how much someone’s precious time is wasted in changing the mind sets of Indians? I m asking this cause its clear that your efforts have failed. The concept of reservation is just not acceptable. There is a new India waiting to be born. Educated people are there, they will not be gonna influenced by your false concepts. Just change your topics, a free advise to you, catch the viens of young generation, according to that choose your topics wisely to play the blame game. Otherwise u’ll swipe away like Congress & infact its much needed.

    • @Apurva
      Exactly, the guy spews out casteism left and right , has nothing new to say ever. He fits the saying “if the only tool is you have a hammer, you will start treating all your problems like a nail. Constantly connecting everything to caste, wake up Mr Mandal you cannot keep writing the same things over and over again.

  63. I never read any shameful and worse written article in my life. What a flop blog writer and shame for theprint.
    I think its high time change your all writers.

    • The Print has no credibility. Only ignorantD believe in what this writes and propagates. Their agenda is quite to all others.

  64. Attention seking girl, one young man passed away unfortunately. She exposed a possible movie mafia, nepoyism which is there in every industry and drug cartel which she also was part of, she literally forcing another young man to have it. Along with that cbi exposed rheas role in laundering ssr money and drugs But it was fine until this.
    now the narrative has changed into a carefully scripted shift into politics. 1st tell Argos that bollywood is anti hindu, khan dominated pk etc . let me ask what are khiladi boy, hrithik and Ajay devgan doing if it was so snti hindu. then call mjmbai pok, then compare here plight with kashmiri pandits, then a movie on Ayodhya. If she was so concerned on patriotism what was she doing on a film like” once upon a time…” , “shoot out…” which glorified mafia life.

  65. What’s wrong with Kanganas comments on reservation? She has rightly pointed out that caste system isn’t valid anymore except in the regressive form of reservation in our constitution. A sane and logical argument shouldn’t be taken as a casteist superiority-asserting remark. Any reserved candidate worth his salt would be ashamed to claim merit on the basis of reservation…just as any general candidate would be frustrated to lose merit because of it. The Print has lost its credibility by giving space to this biased and illogical article by a so-called journalist who is yet to rise above his narrow vision of caste discrimination and stop seeing everything as an assault on the “rights” of the so-called lower castes. Such a shame!

  66. This is what tou think… but every girl has taken inspiration from her… We wanna be like her… brave.. strong… firm decision maker…nd many more qualities…

  67. If print is biased then what is the authorised channel of BJP.
    NONE of the issue or coverage is not against BJP/ Govt.
    Is it possible that govt can’t do a single misatke..

  68. The section of media house like THE PRINT should be banned forever . You guys like to support most stupid people in the india. You support nepotism n create unnecessary chaos if someone says truth. You should be ashamed yourself saying against kangana like this. You guys must have never been appeared in entrance examinations like JEE , NEET etc, where so many students from general category loose their seats because of reservations . Despite of regular unbeatable hard work they don’t get seats for years. So it’s a good issue to be raised in india because every student works so hard to get in then why ST n SC students get seats even on half of the percentile sometimes. This is totally hypocrisy n a big discrimination among the student section. So kangana is doing right if she is raising issues like reservations . These unnecessary reservations to certain section of society in every sector many aspirants depressed n they are loosing their lives then.

  69. If print is biased then what is the authorised channel of BJP.

    NONE of the issue or coverage is not against BJP/ Govt.
    Is it possible that govt can’t do a single misatke..

  70. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar was his reservation policy

    10 years onlly

    If someone speaks.after.70.years..its a Cardinal Sin ?

    Where is your respect to that Great Personality ?
    Where is it

  71. What we can do with your openion, just keep it with u, we don’t care, u r just nothing, only writing useless article about somebody,
    What did u achieved ? Nothing,
    Firstly do something to Ur country, then come & talk about anyone,
    We are not entertaining any articles, which wrote by anonymous,
    Grow up

  72. Another PR machinary from bollywood mafia is here with well documented untrue story to mislead the public and intend to malign actress’s image and reputation.

  73. Going by ur logic of un checked extrapolation and ungrounded imagination everyone who speaks against CAA should be shot dead since they are potential maoists and terrorists

  74. Another PR machinary from bollywood mafia is here with well documented untrue story to mislead the public and intend to malign actress’s image and reputation

  75. Kangna run-out is using herself to utmost in time of pandemic only to showcase the outspoken gadfly characterisation that she believes earning faith of the nation rather, it’s only couple of people and the IT cell of certain party using her at best. Yes,if she wants a political role , Bihar is the pitch but, that will ruin her professional career. The Maharashtra govt itself hanging perilously sans kangna!

  76. You are such people who are paid to create controversy.

    A typical naxal approach.

    Are you getting paid by China for doing this. As chinese funds are widely circulated in the country for social unstability.

  77. I don’t even care her acting was good and the movie is one year old now so it dosen’t really matters.
    So chill guys movie was released in 2019 it really doesn’t matters now you guys want TRP put good news guys.
    And plus we all know u have been sold out to shiv sena so pls don’t think that we public are stupid 🤣.
    You guys are targeting kangna now okay.
    She went against shiv sena now u guys are putting this news why didn’t u out this when the movie came out.
    Hum pagal nahi hai itna politics hum bhi jante hai

  78. See, who is writting and giving lecture.
    The Print 😀 :D.
    Com’mon guys grow up and come out of your hatered towards right wing.

    How can you call yourself a “print media” whose only agenda is to say anything but wrong about right winger or anyone directly or indirectly supporting ideaology of nationalism.

  79. Bjp distanced itself from her hysterical jibes in public but also gave her y+security without any direct or confirmed threat to her security. They are upholding her as a victim after bmc demolished some part of her office buildings which was illegal, while pretending to be unaware of the fact that they demolished while of Kapil Sharma building last time when he spoke against the bjp led govt. I have been a centrist for long, using the same lingo that most use, “if not modi, who?”. But either bjp is now out of his control or he is lying on our face. A dirty game has begun, exrremely dirty and mallafide one.

  80. Wow!! Now this shitty and ridiculous article by the most biased platform The Print suggests that If you have no one by your side, throw away the positivity that lies inside you, and bury the truth deep under the ground. Lemme remind you dumbheads that we Kangana Ranaut doesn’t need any support nor has she voiced about one.. She is completed within herself and has millions of Indians by her side.. This good for nothing ‘BULLYWOOD’ and corrupt journals like yours can NOT deter this Iron Lady from standing by the truth.. More power to Kangana and Ankita Lokhande !! Jai Hind!! Satyamev Jayate!!

  81. I am happy reading the comments on this article. By standing with truth and justice, despite facing such losses Kangana has only gained million followers. The article is rubbish.

  82. Esi ghatia article likhne k liye kitne paisa mele hai. Every time I feel journalism can not be worse than this, print surprise the people.

  83. Like all of us having a job, Shri Mandal must have been tasked to crank out a certain number of outcomes over a period of time. But before he rants against Smt Kangana Ranaut, he should consider that she has received several awards, including the Padma Shri, three National Film Awards, four Filmfare Awards, three International Indian Film Academy Awards, and one award each from the Screen, Zee Cine and Producers Guild award ceremony. Shri Mandal might want to compare his own achievements against hers.

  84. In most exams OBC candidate score more than EWS candidates, even SC candidates in some states exam scored more than EWS candidates but still they are called meritless while nobody utter a single word on merit of EWS. This hypocrisy can’t be justified by any way

  85. There is no point in defending reservation if deserving ones are not getting..If there is proportional respresentation in OBCs and creamy layer concept in SCs and STs then, then it can still be supported..

  86. She is still loved by all. What she has none of her peers do. Ba***. She has her house in shambles yet continues her fight for SSR and continues to expose illegal practices. Lol. Cut this negative PR. You are so wrong at every level. She has Amit Shah’s support what BJP distancing are you talking about. Just wait and watch. Five years down the line she will rule Maharashtra. This is just a bad phase. It’ll pass.

  87. Hey nobody cares wat this blog says..u failed since the past 2 months in delivering non prejudiced and propaganda free news, just came here for a laugh that this entire blog gonna ruin in some days with almost nil supporters

  88. It’s crystal clear that The Print is completely against Kangana and always support Rhea and Bollywood Mafias . She spoke the truth about reservation but seems like you guys have a problem with the truth , always supports the wrong thing . I haven’t read a single article of yours that anyone can appreciate. And seriously ,you guys think that you spend in **quality journalism**. You guys seems like corrupt.

    • What truth she spoke. Only nonsense and taunting the Maharashtra Chief Minister who has nothing to do with this whole issue. She broke laws, made illegal constructuons without Municipal approvals and got it demolished. In the past several such structures have been demolished by BMC. The whole thing started by calling Mumbai POK and insecurity about Mumbai Police which is a insult to us mumbaikers. She comes from another state, earns her bread and butter in our state and then spits on us mumbaikers. Why should we keep quiet. Same what Arnab has done. He insults our elected representatives taunts and challenges them and you expect us to keep quiet. Can you go to Assam and bad mouth the Chief Minister and come back alive.

      • Yes.Also in UP kafeel khan was arrested for talking against CM and HC Ordered to release him and nobody talks about it. And kangana ranaut says Mumbai is pok and address CM of maharashtra in singular and she gets y+ security

  89. It’s crystal clear that The Print is completely against Kangana and always support Rhea and Bollywood Mafias . She spoke the truth about reservation but seems like you guys have a problem with the truth , always supports the wrong thing . I haven’t read a single article of yours that anyone can appreciate.

  90. It’s crystal clear that The Print is completely against Kangana and always support Rhea and Bollywood Mafias . She spoke the truth about reservation but seems like you guys have a problem with the truth , always supports the wrong thing . I haven’t read a single article of yours that anyone can appreciate.

  91. Reservation ka concept hi galat hai. Ye agar financial base par hota to theek thaa. Quality se samjhauta theek nahi. Main nahi kahtaa ki vo talented nahi hote, lekin unko mahaul ki jaroorat hai. Na ki reservation ke baishaakhi ki.

  92. An article appearing in Peint is not supposed to say good things abaout anyone who is standing up against the injustices of those political poweres which are against the BJP. So it suits Dilip Mandal to vilify Kangana and somehow link her to the BJP. Fact is Kangana spoke about the drug cartel and nepotism in Bollywood. Drugs are menace to the society, an evil which has to be crushed. Till date I have not seen any patrakaar worth his salt speaking on the issues raised by Kangana and how the Maharashtra government is trying hard to protect the drug peddlers. At least that is clearly the impression they are giving out to the common man. A senior sena MP calls her haramkhor. For what ? But who cares and why Thr Print of all should care as long as those opposing the BJP are doing it ? So have no qualms about it. Then the Maharashtra govt demolishes Kangana’s home with the alacrity never seene before. I bet there will be ministers and bureaucrats the rich and famous who would have built unauthorised constructions but media will not speak about it. 2. Republic TV reporters and their Ola taxi driver are under detention since last 4 days for doing their duty ? The editors guild of India head maintains a complete silent as if nothing has happened. 2 days back a ex navy man has been thrashed by Shiv Sena goons for sharing cartoon of Uddhav Thackeray and this violence has been justified by his henchman Sanjay Raut yesterday. But why should this journo care ? Those who are with congress have to be protected at any cost. 2 Sadhus are lynched at Palghar along with their driver. No significant headway has been made in the investigations. All this can be given a pass because at no cost can a BJP can be given space. And this is the quality of journalism on basis of which Shekhar Gupta is appealing for funds from readers ? How pathetic and pitiable. And why should any sane voice support this media terrorism.

    • Kangana talking about drug cartel?? But you should know that her Ex boyfriend Adhyaan Suman has told in 2016 that she takes drugs and also forced him take drugs.

  93. That’s a shit comparison. To draw lines between the two scenarios based only on caste system. India should not be enslaved by the concept of reservation. Youth like Kangana and Ankita are rising against it. Recognise them beyond their profession and caste.

    • Upper castes never talk about ills of the caste system or even apologize for it. Why else do they always marry within their caste ? Because they don’t want to pollute the genes of their progeny. But always raise voice about removing reservations.

  94. Hahaha…. We know what u are upto the print…. Change ur name to the propagandists. She is not manikarnika but she has surely got tht fierce, n qualities like manikarnika. She’s Kangana with rani laxmi bai like qualities n Thts how we like her… And she will always remain kangana.

    • Hahah The print as usual with one of their weak insecure reports trying to pull down someone who is fighting the way up..
      Am sure if it was some Khan or Kapoor they would have supported more fake media or a paid publisict ??

    • Did Rani Laxmi Bai abuse Cocaine and her beat her partner? Why are you saying she has Laxmi Bai like qualities? Rani Laxmi Bai was fierce but also morally upright and did not do any illegal activities like drug abuse etc..
      If Kangana has not done this, why did she not deny the charges and file defamation case against Adhyayan Suman when such claims were made against her?

      Why did she illegally extend her office? If everything was legal, why did she not reply to BMC notice of 2018? Even now, not once she’s directly replying to the charges of illegality. Why?

      This conduct of hers reminds you of Rani Laxmi Bai? Which biography of hers have you read or watched?
      On one hand Rani Laxmi Bai sacrificed her life and royalty for India and Kangana is crying for what potentially is her illegal construction? And making this look like the first war of independence?

      You seriously need to access authentic sources for the great Rani Laxmi Bai.
      Please avoid abusing such great Indian warriors who sacrificed their lives for India.

  95. Kangana R is not the issue. What she has done in a short span of time is, however, incredible. She has made Shiv Sena (SS) highly unpopular amongst the non- Marathi population of Mumbai. Come 2022, this will tested in the BMC elections. Non-Marathi voters could be the key factor. Would SS retain its hold on Mumbai, where non-Marathi population is constantly rising? I have my doubts.

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