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If Uddhav Thackeray bows before Arnab Goswami’s dare, he will only weaken himself before BJP

Arnab Goswami is daring Uddhav Thackeray. Will the Maharashtra CM make the mistake of appeasement?

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It’s a game of wits between a rabble-rousing TV host and a genteel chief minister. This isn’t an ordinary game. Who wins this round will have deep, longstanding repercussions on the future of the Shiv Sena-led coalition government in Maharashtra.

Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami is daring the Uddhav Thackeray government: do you have the guts to take me on? This dare has to be seen in the context of the BJP’s goals in the state.

For all its alleged Chanakyaniti, the BJP was defeated in the post-election games in Maharashtra. Despite being the single largest party, and doing everything it could, including waking up the President of India at 5 am, it lost the plot to Shiv Sena, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and Congress. Uddhav Thackeray became chief minister.

Not having a BJP CM in any state is unacceptable to home minister Amit Shah. The humiliation of losing Maharashtra to a rag-tag post-poll coalition is worse. To be outfoxed by a nice Uddhav Thackeray, an ageing Sharad Pawar and a comatose Congress is not something Amit Shah is going to forget.

The BJP is itching to gain power back in Maharashtra. And before it can mount a coup, it has to do everything to can to weaken and delegitimise the Uddhav Thackeray government.

Arnab Goswami’s dare to Uddhav Thackeray has to be seen in this light.

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An attack dog

Founded in 2017, the Goswami-led Republic TV was incubated by Rajiv Chandrasekhar, a Bengaluru politician and entrepreneur who was at the time associated with the BJP-led NDA coalition. He has since resigned as Republic TV director, and has been rewarded with a Rajya Sabha seat and is now a member of the BJP.

Day in and day out, Republic TV, on its English and Hindi channels, acts as an attack dog of the BJP on the opposition, liberals, and just about anybody who is critical of the BJP or its majoritarian, anti-minority agenda. In other words, Republic TV is a weapon in the hands of the BJP.

To be fair, it is not the only channel to be thus deployed. There are way too many. But Republic TV is a leading light, especially given that vast amounts of money must have been poured in the distribution game to give its English Channel high TRP ratings. As various channels compete for high ratings and access to the Narendra Modi government, they keep going down the rabbit hole of peddling majoritarian hate to impress the masters in Lutyens’ Delhi.

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Arnab, the BJP weapon

Arnab, the BJP weapon, is being used now to singularly target Uddhav Thackeray, to destabilise and delegitimise his government. The praise that Uddhav Thackeray has been winning as a balanced, serious, governance-oriented chief minister is clearly not going down well with the BJP. Bringing down Uddhav Thackeray is an important BJP project, and Arnab seems to be part of that strategy.

In allying with the NCP and the Congress, Shiv Sena has given up on anti-Muslim politics, and is limiting itself to non-violent Marathi identity politics. Creating communal tensions in Maharashtra is thus key to making life difficult for Uddhav Thackeray. It is meant to force him into taking a ‘secular’ position that weakens his position before the Shiv Sena cadres. Furthermore, the resulting Hindu-Muslim polarisation will help the BJP gain ground.

It is this desperation to communalise the political discourse in Maharashtra that the lynching of two sadhus and their driver in Palghar by a tribal mob (‘of the same faith as the attacked’) was immediately given a Hindu-Muslim angle by the formidable BJP-allied troll armies. When the salivating communal vultures were silenced by a mature video put out by Uddhav Thackeray, Arnab Goswami went in another direction: Why is Sonia Gandhi silent? What if the victim had been Muslim? Whataboutery, the favourite weapon of the Muslim-bashing hate-mongers.

Just before this, we had seen Arnab Goswami communalise the gathering of migrant labourers at Bandra railway station. He had asked: Why did they gather before the Jama Masjid of Bandra?

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Uddhav Thackeray’s Catch-22 situation

If Uddhav Thackeray goes after Arnab Goswami, it may be a victory for Arnab Goswami and the anti-Muslim at large. They can’t play victim over the death of two Sadhus (because the killers weren’t Muslim), so they’ll play victim over Arnab Goswami. The biggest enemies of free speech will suddenly start talking about press freedom.

The personalised attack on Sonia Gandhi is also a way of creating tensions between allies Shiv Sena and Congress. The Congress may want Uddhav to turn the heat on Arnab, and Arnab will thus get to play martyr. Already, he’s won round one of this game with alleged Congress hooligans chasing his car and attacking it. And he has already blamed Sonia Gandhi personally for it.

If Uddhav chooses to look the other way and let Arnab carry on with his inflammatory speeches in the name of press freedom, it will make Uddhav look weak. It will again establish the supremacy of majoritarian hate politics that the chief minister has disowned.

In politics, perception is reality. And power has its own logic regardless of anything else. If you look weak, the balance of power tilts against you. If Uddhav Thackeray doesn’t act against Arnab Goswami, he will be bowing before his dare. Arnab Goswami, the BJP and majoritarian hate politics will have won.

There are enough and more grounds to take strong legal action against Arnab: the potential breach of peace his speeches could cause; causing enmity between communities; spreading rumours that could cause panic during an epidemic. These are all violations of laws in force. And taking legal action against Arnab Goswami on these grounds would be legally valid. The spirit of the law demands so.

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Appeasement hasn’t been working 

From driving M.F. Husain out with legal harassment to summoning The Wire editor Siddharth Varadarajan to a police station in Ayodhya during a lockdown, majoritarian forces regularly use legal harassment as means to silence their critics. By contrast, liberal leaders in power rarely ever use the law against communal hate mongers. Thanks to this inequality, majoritarian hate-mongering carries on with impunity.

Arnab Goswami, for instance, seems to be pretty sure Uddhav Thackeray won’t have the guts to take legal action against him. At the most, a few FIRs and running around police stations or courts, all of which he’ll turn into a spectacle to his own advantage. In the worst-case scenario, Lutyens’ Delhi will save him.

Liberal leaders and governments have been practising a policy of appeasement before the majoritarian Right. They are afraid that taking on the monster head-on could make it bigger. But look how the monster keeps growing ever bigger despite this policy of appeasement. Majoritarian forces thrive on appeasement from the other side because the public can see the appeasement is coming from weakness, not strength.

Uddhav Thackeray needs the courage to look the monster in the eye, or be devoured by it.

The author is contributing editor to ThePrint. Views are personal.

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    • So you too believe in those absurd conspiracy theories surrounding SSR death..You need to grow up..Use your consciousness..Look at the things without preconceived notions..

      • Why would a big State Government give minute attention to so called vague allegations. Uddhav has a big State to Govern, unless he feels guilty and wants to cover+up,
        He should have treated it as normal and gone about his duties as CM but his guilty conscience makes him act otherwise. Baby Penguin is now in the Dock.

  2. Bro,
    When will you start writing unbiased articles? Lol
    It’s clear that your loyalty is towards congress. Take a chill pill bro. Relax and accept this fact. Shame on you man!

  3. Useless and fully biased news. This writer and Print is a boot-licker if congress and left. Using such dog language by writer shows their anti-nationalist and anti-majoritarian mindset. But you days are numbered.

  4. India is facing deadly time. It’s corona time. Mr Arnab must belong to rich family. These reporters don’t see or understand the plight of poor. Do he ever report on the economy which vanish firstly due to Demonetisation then GST. I don’t even hear even one single word. Sir do work of journalists not to include poor people.
    Why people of India do not vote on development. I need development. I don’t need debate on Hindu Muslim. I want school, hospitals. Government says Congress don’t do this. I said that is why it is out of power. Show your report card. This should be approach of people then only leaders and Media will care for us. Otherwise they will keep on Playing with our emotions. We are fighting with corona. Government puts all the responsibility on us. They say denote in fund. They say take care of your domestic help. They freeze our DA. They demand fund from business man. They inreturn Increase prices. Middle class bankrupt. Arnab is busy in TRP. Why I listen to him. Can anyone answer. We are fighting alone against corona. Government and Media is busy in spreading hatredness. And Media is projecting this Leadership is great. Whole responsibility on common man and they are great leaders. But remember karma will return back.

    • Your language and tone clearly establish who you are ! The Print ,Hindu etc are your only abode ! Vermins like you chose them to vent your gutter mentality !

  5. Print is a sponsored web magazine & Shekhar Gupta heading the team. For his partial attitude, Arnab has seriously alleged on Shekhar & resigned from Editor’s guild. The writing is his frustration & based on his own hypothetical assumptions.

  6. In the entire article this shivam has no word of condemnation for the attack on Arnab and his wife by youth Congress hooligans. Is this fair journalism or appeasing and pandering to minorities and their liking,? Udav thackery who had betrayed hindutva for the sake of chair is a gentleman for this shivam when thackery is clearly and unabashedly a power monger who will not hesitate to ditch ideology. What is wrong if BJP with more than 100 seats try to unseat strange government of congress and ncp and shiv sena who are glued together just for power and position?

      • Bravo?? Maybe you should write that in your condolence note to Sushant and Disha’s families. BRAVO aapki beti ka rape aur murder hua BRAVO aapka ladke ko maar diya

    • You and your GooSwami learnt this English in schools and colleges build by Congress, even dogs have some self respect but you people are like pi gs who will only have goo in mouth for all the people who are not fit with Bharat Jalao party

  7. This article is written by a low IQ Foolish. What Arnab has done there is nothing wrong in it. He demanded a statement from Congress president on Palghar Incident. He pronounced Sonia Maino real Italian name, name of his father and place of his birth. What is wrong in it.

  8. Has the article been written to
    appease Her Majesty. Seems the Print is the mouthpiece of the Congress. It fails to mention the attack on Arnab by Congress hoodlums.Why dont you declare yourself a Congrss dog and mention yoursef as Her Majestys pint service aka HMPS.Are you being funded by Congress?
    The Tiger in Udhav has been battered to submission by NCP/CONG combine. His fault. He has been guided to this situation by his sons ambition in ruling the state and the master has been reduced to taking orders from NCP/CONG combine.

  9. Written like a typical dog of congress.
    Shame on you folks. You claim Arnab to partisan, you folks are 100 times more guiltier than him

  10. This idiot shivam whoever is rabiixd … He forgot that if he would be in any other country, they would take him to good task.. We the Indians are tolerant hence listen to such crap from so called bl. udy liberal… They are the ones who bring bad name to my country n hamper developments…

  11. That must really hurt, the frustration oozing from this article, shows how deep the damage is done. I like that!!

  12. Shame on this article writer to support MF Husain who painted vulgar pictures of HINDU gods.

  13. This is 100% paid article. Shivsena is trying to do it’s PR correct through this effort. But there are many serious mistakes in this article. Sample one is saying that BJP has approached President of Indian at 5.00 am. Instead they had approached Governor of Maharashtra. We must not pay more attention to The Print as it’s readership is very poor. Neglect it.

  14. This is 100% paid article. Shivsena is trying to do it’s PR correct through this effort. But their are many serious mistakes in this article. Sample one is saying that BJP has approached President of Indian at 5.00 am. Instead they had approached Governor of Maharashtra. We must not pay more attention to The Print as it’s readership is very poor. Neglect it.

  15. This media shows ground reality. They have many independent journalists who don’t work for an agenda like the big media houses. Unfortunately many people who have commented here seem to like sponsored journalism like the way Republic TV does. Don’t know why suddenly there is so much communal hatred spread by Arnab and other media houses. Atleast I can say that I have not seen such stuffs in the US where media becomes communal and sponsored.

    • Are you kidding me? Have you listened to the journalists on Fox News? I live in the USA and I know how much biased reporting goes on here. Refrain from deifying Nielsen ratings driven news channels. Speak truth to power!

    • What more can be expected from a paranoid vermin like you ! Only dejected vermin’s seek abode in ‘ The Print’ of fake news & gossip’s !


  16. Congress used so many state governments to muzzle Arnab, the left media supported this attack on free press.
    This gives free rein to BJP to do even worse.

  17. I don’t understand the meaning of this article.
    This article is totally one sided.

    The language used is very stupid.

  18. Slavery of Print is well understood by Indians.Congress will loose everything and yes our government will be there in Maharashtra.Its just a matter of time.

  19. Writer is self obsessed and dalal bbot licker of congis and lefts.
    No relevance left of this gadha shekher gupt

  20. What was NDTV the Congress BLs doing? Perfecting the art of lying t
    to paint the selfless Indian as mass murderer for over a decade.
    And now your media is yet another hound attacking the PM and BJP.
    You Street dogs continue your barking. The radiant sun is least affected by it.

  21. You r totally biased against Hindu majoritarian…
    Whether minorities with their behavior r sucking the soul of my country…

  22. Shivam Vij, your writings are always biased against BJP. If Arnab is BJP’s propaganda dog what are you? A stooge of Italian Gang and I am asking you how much money you had taken for writing this article?

    • Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.
      Friedrich Nietzsche

  23. Arnab is ofcourse the barking dog and it is true if any bhakt opines or not. It is a power tussle in maharashtra and bjp wants to destabilize the govt as they did in madhya pradesh. Once the noise tightens around this dog it’s masters would leave him to die. It is a pathetic situation in the country and the greed of bjp is making things worse. The bhakts are gobar eaters and belong to gratar si can’t expect anything better from them. Days are not far away when these communal dogs are thrown away from every state.

  24. Pity on ThePrint n Reporter…such low level report…BJP lost.. election…kuan c dunya main rehte hain ye Chatukar reporter

  25. Pity on ThePrint n Reporter…such low level report…BJP lost.. election…kuan c dunya main rehte hain ye Chatukar

  26. Are you not barking dog of the so called secular political party? Don’t try to achieve your own agenda.

  27. ROFL You are writing again & again about Arnab….so HE has already WON. You will never ever gain as much name & fame as him

  28. Any way whose dog you are barking. Earlier nobody was there to question you. Now within seconds we can expose you. You think we readers are like cats assuming that no body is watching while drinking milk. You people are fully exposed so no body takes you seriously. Carry on

  29. Is this articlemail under sekhar gupthas print
    Is good journalism .It reflects where SG stands
    Calling other perspective as Barking dog is it
    part of journalism taught by Guru Arun Showry
    Iam deeply distressed with this article author
    and SG

  30. Those who live in glass houses do not throw stones on others! If Arnab is a barking dog of BJP, whose loyal dog is Shivam? If Arnab was not physically attacked, the situation would not have arisen to this unfortunate level. So whatever Arnab does now can not be faulted for using his rights and resources to protect his rights. Let us see how it unfolds now.

    • Mr. Shivam Vij, the problem with journos like you is you bat with both sides of a bat. Shiv sena aligning with NCP and Congress – masterstroke…BJP’s coup in MP – attack on democracy…NDTV blacked out for few minutes – attack on free speech…Physical attack on Arnab Goswami – Arnam is part of BJP’s game plan…So we know how journalists work these days…

  31. When Batka house happened it is on record that Sonia Gandhi had tears in her eyes
    So it is very normal to ask her reaction on lynching of Sadhus
    Congress is known for minority appeasement and has a track record to show for the same

    • Instead of giving judgement on Arnab’s judgement from supreme court, author of this article should try to find the answer of queries raised by Mr Arnab

    • Proof please before making baseless allegations.
      PS:don’t tell me you read it on a whatsapp forward.

  32. Fully stupidity shown here. Shekher gupta is a agent of congress and communist perfect example… he was main conspicuous of judges press conference.

    • And Arnab da Goswami first a loyal agent of BJP then secondly some journalist……??? He is doing a very good job for BJP…..

  33. Pot calling a kettle black! The author himself, going by his frequent rants – is an attack dog for discredited erstwhile establishment.

    • True. The author himself is a biased puppet and the best word to describe him is pi.p of congress and left. Showing his frustration and if he was attacked like this by BJP, then he will sing a different song. Shivam better go for some other work instead of your biased pi.p reporting

  34. Mr. Shivam, Would you kindly throw some light on NDTV’s roots, hidden agendas and backing please? We are waiting to hear from you.

  35. Udhav is only respected because he is son of Hindu Hriday Samrat Shri Bala Saheb Thackrey, who on national television took all the responsibility of 1992.
    Mothabhai is silent because of C – virus. Else, he would have shown this cheeziya his place.
    Don’t worry , wait for few more months. He will be begging in front of BJP to save his a.

    • Looks like in this political akada arnab will be killed and made a scape goat this guy arnab should now keep his mouth shut and run away some where he is already a scape goat don’t k ow when this poor blabber mouth will die

  36. A bigger dog in the crowd of many dogs. Replace Arnab with Sekhar Gupta and Republic with The Print and you have the same story. SG barking for Congress. Nothing new. Dog-Dog bhai-bahi.

  37. I pity those supporting spineless,toothless journalism done by Arnab where were they during Pulwama incident did this stooge Arnab had the guts to ask Mr.Modi how RDX was transported for the gruesome incident. It is very clear that all this incidents be it Jamat or Palghar have been scripted by BJP to give it a communal flavour and journos like Arnab are the easy pawns at the hands of so called nationalists.Uddhav Thakrey is gaining acceptance as CM which is becoming very hard for BJP to digest and hence using their pet ferocious canines who were not made to see the broad daylight are left to create this berserk.

    • Very true Arnab is a katputli in the hands of BJP
      I don’t think Uddhavji or Rahul Gandhi should replyl anything to Arnab let him keep on barking

    • I don’t think Uddhavji or Rahul Gandhi should replyl anything to Arnab let him keep on barking

  38. NaYaaru. This is not an unbiased reporting and comes thru left tinted secular glass. Readers need to be aware of the source before reading report and also analysis too.

  39. Mr Shivam Vij the writer of the article is blatantly lying. His own publication The Print, says that Christian tribals lynched the Hindu ascetics.

    Mr Vij, please stop lying for us readers to take any of your ranting with any seriousness.

    Hindu lives matter too….

  40. Even if he speaks for bjp nothing wrong.congress has lot of foreign missionery led channels to spread fake news & anti india messages to break country.i hope he is the right person at right time atleast to voice these perpetrators causing damages in peoples mind and ….

  41. What the hell you are talking about. Mr.Shivam Vij, you think you are a neutral journalist? No, your language is purely based on congress’s agenda. In your article you told that 3 men attacked by mob. Why not written 3 Hindu Sannyasi? If it was happened with other community of people, then I don’t know what kind of situation you (sic) people would have been created. You have no guts to written “Sannyasi” and you are fingering to other journalist. Mr.Vij look at yourself before you put the finger to others.

  42. No doubt Arnab is a BJP weapon, but the pseudo secular leftists have worked hard since independence to keep india poor.
    If not for Narasimha Rao, who every Congressman hates, we would still be in the 20th century.
    Today’s slogan is “I oppose the BJP, so I am an intellectual”

  43. Don’t need to add dog or donkey beside Aranab’s name as whole India knows what he is. Arnab should produce a singly evidence that Sonia has in the last 30-35 yrs informed Italy that she has killed so many Hindus or else Arnab should hang himself in shame. Before barking out on Sonia he should seen how she wears the Saree with full cover which even our native Indian women don’t/

    • Had there been two Moulavis in place of Hindu Ssdhus who have been lynched , would you have dared to say the ssme thing? If you can’t be honest to yourself, put your lips under rigid secracy to hide your real motive.

  44. Uddhav Thackeray is a great CM. The stray Bangali Dog is just barking because the BJP can’t tolerate the good work Mr Thackeray has been doing in comparison to the fool Fadhavis

  45. If anyone has proven himself to be a hate monger then it is our friend Shivam here. Open your eyes, no one, apart from your champagne socialist friends think like what you write: either you can continue to be loser and unabashedly be the opposite of Arnab (a dog for anyone anti-BJP) or smell the coffee and understand that you can shout as much as you wish but the people of the country are firmly with the PM – your choice.

  46. And your print colleagues thought you were the rising star….really..This is the best objective analysis you could put. I am yet to see the article on palghar from this paper of yours …When is it coming? You know the outcome….get ready.

  47. Whatever you have commitment so far is right Mr. Uddhavji. You’re very nice gentleman and if keeping quiet doesn’t mean you’re is sacred of this coward fellow who is not serious about how not only India but whole of World is suffering. Let the bastered Dog Howk . Uddhavji you go ahead with humanity carry on the welfare God bless you

  48. Shivam seems to be a writer for Congress. Speaking utter nonsense without facts. The old game if Majority vs minority. Republic does not pump money to get trp. More people watchs it. Just a crap writing. Why does not print have a good writers

  49. What should we say about such a third class article. Someone rightly said this article should have been classified as fiction. The person is not a journalist but a paid chamcha.

  50. 10 minutes spent on “ThePrint” and already read 2 articles on Arnab.

    Is it the end of serious journalism?

    There was a time, when journalists were accused of peddling non-News as News.

    Then they were accused of making big out of an event that is not news worthy.

    And now they have become News themselves.

    If you were a Newspaper with such shitty content, I wohld have never bought a copy!

  51. Article written by a charlatan, idiot of the highest category,. Get some nice contributing editors Print, he does not suit your level of journalism

  52. You are right unless he is brought before law and tried for his defamatory conduct or for communal approach creating enmity between communities, Arnab will continue to do disservice to this great nation as well as to his fraternity. What kind of journalism they are following, instead of reporting for last many years journalists are being allowed to be judgemental as well as advocate of particular belief. I don’t think this is journalism as permissible under law. But who is bother? None. This implicitly give them impunity to say what they can whether their statements are defamatory or communal in nature or for that matter beyond the scope of guidelines of journalism. Perhaps, time has come to intervene and make the authorities to take action against such media houses. Rule of law must prevail otherwise anarchy will rule. Chief Minister of Maharashtra must take action against Arnab or else he will continue to embolden himself at the cost of common people.
    Adv. Shakil Akhtar
    Supreme Court of India

  53. No wonder shekhar gupta is giving print to dogs..shekhar gupta has lost his credibility long time back . and by such articles he is just confirming his diminished status and no standing .

  54. 100 % will support Arnab Sir
    After death of Rohit Vemula , Rahul Gandhi Rushes his place , After death of Aklakh , RAGA rushes his place
    Now when 3 innocent killed why Raga and Mm soniya keeping silent,
    CM Udhav how can compare Jamiya nikita police action with Jaloyawala bagh to defame and devalue Great indian freedom fighters
    Your article is 100 % pro congress , shame on u people

  55. 100 % will support Arnab Sir
    After death of Rohit Vemula , Rahul Gandhi Rushes his place , After death of Aklakh , RAGA rushes his place
    Now when 3 innocent killed why Raga and Mm soniya keeping silent,
    CM Udhav how can compare Jamiya nikita police action with Jaloyawala bagh to defame and devalue Great indian freedom fighters
    Your article is 100 % pro congress , shame on u people

  56. Print…. Print….. Print…….. The way you write a piece of article is amazing, elaborating every way possible to expose someone. It is important to note your theme here. We the readers don’t understand the polarisation you media create. It may be for the benefit of both so called nationalist and so called liberals. I am pretty sure that both of groups so created give a damn about the country or its people. Both use these words of Liberal or nationalist for driving the economy of their own purpose.

  57. Please Stop It 🙏🙏
    You media guys destroying India.
    Making an website and just posting your own views is just disgusting

  58. Hey you congress’ s attack puppy is this a standard of an article, at certain point of time i thought this is your personal issue with bjp.just to earn some money people how easily can get sorted with the third quality writing

  59. What a funny article! This should be under the “Laughter is the best medicine” section! Is this what you Jokers call journalism? Who did you get to write this, Kunal Kamra? Go get a life.

  60. Shame on you how can you say as a media
    wing that arnab is BJP,s attack dog don’t show your biased and opportunistic journalism firstly give reply of what he said before leaving editor guild of india.

    • Well said sir…these are perpetrators and anti national medias supported by Cristian and Islam medias from outside countries.shame on them

  61. Here is what will happen…
    Study will be done about Aranab, Sambit Patra and Mr. Deodhar’s hate speech. File will be prepared and leaked to Centre. Compromise will happen at Governor’s residence. Udhav Thakrey will remain CM and small actions will be taken on Arnab only.
    It’s a self goal by Gobarswami and Foolish Patra.

  62. Print stop printing,,, arnab said no wrong… Atleast someone is daring?? Raajmata has ruled this country like nothing shit… Everyone knows….
    We Hindus are uniting now which is becoming problem for everyone..

    Including Liberal media like u….

  63. Ha ha, Now this lefty is firing from the shoulder of Uddhav.
    Uddhav has become a genteel person as he is serving cause of moribund congress and thoroughly defeated NCP.
    Shivam’s heart is overflowing for these three usurpers of public mandate.
    Tum ko mirchi lagi to main kya karoo.

  64. Great..A congress and left aligned media house is accusing a BJP aligned media house . All of you are 2 sides of the same coin

  65. This fellow is again prestitutes , like wise others who bark always against Hinduism through their deceptive articles, but their plan not going to work henceforth. Why don’t you cry same way for kashmiri pandits, when there were genocide against them, they were also lynched , bloody hypocrite…. Will you dare to write for them, against Muslims, selective journalism.. Bloody shit.

    • It is BJP who should be ashamed how long will they shed crocodile tears for Kashmiri pandits as a matter of fact it was their scripting.During the mayhem it was V.P.Singhs Govt. supported outside by BJP, Mufti was Home Minister, Jagmohan was Governor. See the irony BJP joined hands with Mehbooba daughter of Mufti to form Govt. height of fake nationalism.

      • Shivam viz & shekhar Gupta, mad dogs of the corrupt spineless Congress party who have looted India for decades and the bastardish evil leftists who are always against Hinduism. But be warned that you will never ever succeed in your nefarious designs. The nation is solidly behind BJP for it alone can make India strong. Keep it up Arnab you are a hero. Tumhara koi bal bi baaka nahi kar sakta. Let these mad dogs bark. This Shivam viz n Gupta,
        you third class morons, may you die a terrible death for your sins along with a third rate useless newspaper called Print.

  66. Ridiculous u r the attack dog of so called liberals.. you are being paid back in your own currency.. Arnab has guts.. you don’t have

  67. Well at least I now know to not read bullshit articles like this in the future.

    If Arnab is the attack dog here, then Udhhav Thackeray will soon be licking his heels.

  68. Big question should be identifying source of such videos, news. Noticeably this kind news and rumour surfaced whevever there is any incidents are happenings. Unfortunately it has been a fashion now-a-days to give every incidents a communal color. No government nor anyone should support any such incidents and culprits should be punished. On the other hand it is also important to find the AI source of such rumour.

  69. Should we take the author seriously? BJP is not the primary political party on Maharashtra? Shiv sena did not win seats because of alliance with BJP? Uddhav is going to beat BJP so Arnab is in picture? Arnab is the culprit playing victim card after Congress goons attack him?
    Once you call yourself a ” journalist ” you will write anything and people should agree with you. Wah, what are you smoking now a days.

  70. Congress should use their trolls to play a video of Arnab’s scripted interview with Modi on loop. TikTok style. That is the most of a response he deserves from anybody that is even remotely sane. Ignoring him should make him small and miserable.

  71. The Print , pls do journalism, it’s clear that you are supporting hooligans is youth Congress Mind it Arnab is a fighter and will stand stronger after this.

  72. Agree.. action must be taken.. but Uddhav must be careful in not making it into a religious issue, like the Bharat Jalao Party is trying to do.

    It’s a fine line.. but if he does manage up walk it, it will be a big blow for the BJP lapdogs who are trying to divert attention from the fact that Modi is turning out to be the original Pappu due to Corona Virus mismanagement!

  73. Sold media like print , scroll , ndtv is shame for india …it’s 21 st century ..u can’t get away with one sided journalism…ur rotten media house won’t last long … enjoy your last days u anti national communists

  74. So now Udhav has become darling of the print. Anyone who opposes BJP will do as all the people gathered with Print are those whose bread and butter snatched by bjp. Very derogatory article abusing one of their own fraternity speaks to what length they can go for moolah. And it shows their frustration in getting booted out systematically by the general public. Why so much hatred if Arnab has become darling of millions?

  75. I really do not how to tell you this. No one gives a rats ass of Arnab Goswami in normal times and more so in these covid 19 times. The pompous horses ass can keep on blabbering, benign neglect is the best with him.

  76. I am sure you will not publish this comment. but at least show it to shivam vij.
    this article is as motivated as arnab’s shows. arnab swings to one side and shivam vij swings to the other side. there is no difference between them because both lack objectivity. but at least arnab has a huge following now.
    shivam vij is young and if he wants to really make name for himself as mr.shekar gupta he needs to be neutral and not carried away by his emotions.
    he looks obviously anti modi and therefore he is losing his objectivity. this is a moment of reckoning for him. if he does not indulge in self introspection he will be thrown to the dust bin.

  77. Totally biased article…only 2 to 3 channels are depicting reality. Rest all are totally against the BJP not reporting facts.

  78. Why the print is soo much interested in other newspaper editor.? Its like u urself is questioning the freedom of speech. If she calls narendra modi a chai wala, a maut ka saudagar then it is fine.. but if someone pin points her..tu y so much of issue? Kichaad dusro pe fekoge tu khud ke haath bhi gande honge.. aur koi tum par nai fekega .. ye soch kar chup chutiye baith te hai…

  79. If Shekhar Guptan can support Pakistan and ISIS, then Arnab can definitely support patriots.

  80. Uddhav should stand firm against the forces trying to destabilize the the Uddhav government ,don’t hesitate to take action against people who create hatred and communalising the situation whoever of how powerful he maybe arrest him out behind bars people’s with you

  81. i can understand purpose of this article.
    boss is alway right😀😀😀

    Below is from wiki
    “Shekhar Gupta has received assorted awards: the 1985 Inlaks award for young journalist of the year,[8] G. K. Reddy Award for Journalism,[9] and the Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Memorial Award for Nation.[10] He was awarded Padma Bhushan by the then UPA Government in 2009 for his contribution to journalism.[11]

    Under his leadership, The Indian Express won the Vienna-based International Press Institute’s Award for Outstanding Journalism in the Public Interest thrice: The first time for its coverage of the Gujarat riots of 2002, the second time for uncovering the Bihar flood relief scam in 2009 and the third time for its sustained investigation into the Malegaon and Modasa blasts of 2008 and the alleged role of extremists and organisations.[12]”

  82. The writer of this article is a barking Bulldog on behalf of Wadra and Sonia..Rahul ki toh ginti hai hi Nahi aur Priyanka toh…Choodon Jane do.

    Mr Congress barking Dog…Ayenge toh Modi hi aur Amit Shah hi .

  83. People of India well known about media and there tilented report’s and ulterior motives of Arnab Goswami he is no matches with Hon,ble Udhav Thakre.

  84. Journalist who is independent of politics shouldn’t write such articles which clearly shows the intention. Give the facts and let people to conclude. Don’t force your opinion on your readers.

  85. It’s really shocking that you people are news reporter blaming other news reporter as agent of bjp.what kind of people you are.

  86. I feel it may be right too….but one thing is for sure even NDTV CNN have worked hand in hand with congress. So if this true also..then too justified…if u r in rome do what romans do…same way if u r in politics do what others do…because without power even this cannot be changed so fast.

  87. You should write some fictional conspiracy teleseries for star plus. Arman is known what he is what about you admitting about yourself, which we all know

  88. It seems the author of the article is biased and doesn’t accept the fact that that Shivsena is broken due to dagabaj leader Uddhav and his trusted Sanjay. Most sena workers have started quit the party and joining BJP. As of today the CM is trapped between the so called secular congress leader and the Hindutva .He seems to be a moving dead body .The article is prococative of hatred within the society. The author has nor the necessary experience not the natural capacity to stay on firmed ground. Only abusive language is a charactor of the article. No point of any argument can sustain in debate and on lawful cross-examination it would turn to be an absurd .

  89. Man are u high while writing this? I mean seriously. What has Uddhav got to do with this. You are asking him to arrest Arnab for what. Is he a criminal? Does filing FIR on someone makes him criminal. Get some sense. Do u seriously think Debating on TV makes him criminal? If Arnab is BJP mouthpiece, what the hell r u?

  90. As we can see in the comments – sanghi terrorists are already rattled.

    This means its a good idea Shivam has expressed.

    Go for it Udhav.

  91. Fake news reporters, share their frustrations in the form of opinion.

    Spineless shekhar gupta.
    Foot licking stooge

  92. What is more important for India? Everything is a two way traffic….. respect, love, affection, tolerance…..Let us not be hypocritical…and see a positive in matters….can this incident, if handled properly kill forever some misconceptions?
    With so many “experts’ I hope this is taken to a beneficial conclusion. I hope we all realize this a democracy…
    Also….inflammatory need not always be loud…….soft language (say the sunrays through a magnifying glass) can also stoke fires!!!!

  93. The Print could easily be described as the official mouthpiece of the Vadra Congress Party, the single most corrupt, self-serving and gluttonous entity that has been gnawing away at the innards of our country since independence. This Shivam Vij stooge has proved himself to be one of the faithful canines of this Vadra Congress Party, and both he and the rag he writes for, The Print, should be consigned to the nearest dustbin.

  94. Irony is that the attack dog of Congress, The Print is talking about other media houses. Funny. Get some life

  95. So calling the PM and home minister names is ok. And calling Sonia Gandhi by her real name is punishable offense. Shame! This article is expected from print.

  96. Why is the The Print afraid of criticism when it itself is calling Arnab a dog. This is very intolerant of those who think of themselves as highly liberal and tolerant. Firstly this vile character called Shivam Vij doesn’t answer as to why Arnab should not question Sonia Gandhi. Then from nowhere he brings Uddhav into the picture saying that Uddhav should not bow before the BJP. What does he mean by that ? Does he mean Uddhav should go easy on the youth congress rowdies who attacked Arnab and his wife and tried to harm them ? Is that what this brain dead man Vij mean ? Or are congressmen beyond law ? They can beat up anyone who dares to ask questions of their leaders ? Is this what Vij trying to convey ? This Lutyens mafia which congress has consistently exposed is very dangerous for the aam admi of this country. It immediately springs to the defence of those who are wrong doers, who flout the laws of this land and anyone who is opposed to the BJP. Mr Shivam Vij is living in the fool’s paradise if he thinks he can get away buy remaining a mute spectator and playing the role of advocates for the youth congress rowdies. Tomorrow it may be his turn to be at the receiving end, may be Shekhar Gupta’s or anybody else’s. Then he should not complain. For as you sow, so shall you reap. Immature, impulsive characterless piece as expected from congressi thugs

  97. Under the new UAPA rule, any person who is preventing the functioning and aggrivating instablity for Government of Maharashtra which is part of India is a Terrorist.

  98. Are we losing the message and shooting the messenger?

    What is more important for India. Everything is a two way traffic….. respect, love, affection, tolerance…..Let us not be hypocritical…and see a positive in matters….can this incident, if handled properly kill for ever some misconceptions?

    With so many “experts’ I hope this is taken to a beneficial conclusion

  99. Nice cooked up story!! Go read it out to your italian bar dancer. She might want to send out some more dogs on the street to bark at Arnab’ s car.

  100. U r doing a fabulous job Arnab … If this conspiracy was created by Sonia Gandhi then it’s really ridiculous nd short mentality. I would like to thnk Sonia Gandhi and his family to show the real face behind the pervert one which has been shown for a long time. People are well educated nd have good sense of humour to understand their goods and bads. They Elected Modi g nd feeling proud that he is a global leader and have most popularity among whole world. He failed china’s conspiracy nd diplomacy. No doubt China first started to play in 5G spectrum. As soon as it failed he spreaded covid 19. He wanna ruin the economy of every country nd wanna b the global single ruler. Arnab is a very well educated guy and have very good knowledge of such conspiracies. Sonia g i would like to ask that do u have any relation with China ? Answer for all the scams as well happened in ur ruling time. Not only Arnab Goswami, 135 cr. People wanna knkw the answer.

  101. Let’s not forget who the masters of The Print and The Wire are and at whose behest these figments of imagination are being penned.

  102. The nice Uddhav Thackeray allowed the Wadhavan family of 22 to travel more than 150 kms to Mahabaleshwar for partying at their farmhouse during strict lockdown. Then a minister in his cabinet who is from NCP has been involved in a ugly incident where a man was picked up from his Thane home, brought to the ministers house and beaten almost till he dies. Then there was a crowd of5 K people at Thane, gathered right under a sleeping and nice Uddhav and his police during lockdown. Then 3 people including 2 Sadhus were lynched in Palghar when again the nice Uddhav was sleping at the wheels while his police handed over the 3 men to the mob so that the mon could bludgeon them to death with lathis. I wish the same treatment by the nice Uddhav could be given to this congress agent who is trying his best to protect his maalkin and trying to divert the issue to the nice Uddhav. Third class rowdys masquerading as journos. No wonder they are employed by a news portal whose boss is the head of Editors guild of India, another spineless and self serving organization, mainly catering to the whims of its political masters. The nation is with Arnab and bothe congress and Sena will have to pay a heavy political price. Wild Dogs like Vij may keep on barking.

  103. Author of this s+++t is a regular b j p abuser. His credibility is zero. It is surprising that how mr Gupta is allowing this so called writer to pollute the pages of the Print.gopalakrmkbbv

  104. Arnab speaks on issues affecting the nation and this congress lapdog gets so irritated that he spins his own story on what Uddhav should do and what not. The most laughable part is that Shiv Sena has become secular. Whenever the congress President is question thse insects hiding in their holes come out and start their usual communal secular rants to protect their bread giver. This is dalali of the worst kind. Uddhav became nice, secular and what not as soon as he joined the congress and NCP ? I wonder what this idiot is smoking ? And by the the question raised by Arnab are very legitimate. Why shouldn’t Sonia be questioned ? The scam queen who presided over 10 years of loot and plunder of India’s wealth can’t be questioned ? And if Shivam Vij is calling Arnab a dog it only shows that this third class man called Shivam Vij is a doormat of the congress who would rather enjoy the poop of his political masters than call spade a spade.

  105. The article clearly indicates the partiality politics of the brainless author? This man must be a Congress xxx licker! SHAMLESS writer! CM OF MAHARASHTRA IS AN INEXPERIENCED MAN? And ha as no knowledge about politics,This CM BACKSTABED -BJP ? The author must know that this CM proudly says that he is a follower of HINDUTVA ! GOOD SENSE PREVAIL ON THE HEAD OF THE WRITER!

  106. When a minority is affected Cong,Communist,Luretyn’s jump without verifying.Cong&Luretyn’s protected Delhi rioters.From appeasement, Cong is propping rioters now.

  107. Congress is no more the old Congress. Now it is Italian Mafia gang. Similarly Siva Sena is no more our old Siva Sena by our beloved Baba Saheb. It is now Banar Sena. The Print is by Sekhar Gupta who is the head of so called Editor,s Guild. Again Editor’s Guild is no more the same old Editor’s Guild, it is now a group of Lutiyan’s journos loyal to Sonia Sena.

  108. CM of Maharashtra is very clever and has ability to tackle the problem of corona virus but BJP will never allow him to be successful. Now Actually shivaji maharaj rule came in Maharashtra .like shivaji maharaj Udhav ji also respect all religions and he have best administrative skills than BJP CM so they are jealous so they send their barking dogs

  109. Dude! Get a life. Not sticking to facts and mis representing the rest of them seems to be the theme of this article. Extremely lopsided and poorly presented to say the least.

  110. Doesn’t Shekhar Gupta beleive in Congress idelogy and Shivam Vij has just written a senseless article to follow his boss. Completely biased article

  111. U choose sides and write some misleading articles which some read…..
    r u too not a dog taking sides and showing faith to ur master

  112. Print ..boot lickers of congress.u ppl can’t digest truth and create new stories day by day.nobody cares ur opinion…

  113. The print… Mouthpiece of so called liberals and Left. Your articles don’t appeal much to public. You print anything of Kamra, Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid, Kavita Krishnan, Anurag Kashyap which go against Modi and BJP.

  114. Though I dont support the biased journalism of the Republic but the above piece is also laced with biases and prejudicies.
    Firstly, it writes as if supports the present dispensation in Maharashtra which is against the mandate of the people and on the same page talks about of the Majoritarian forces and their evils. This is clearly a selective view wherein the crimes of one are discounted and the crimes of the other highlighted

    Secondly the article also supports Uddhav thackeray knowing that his party follows a brand of more violent majoritatian politics than the dispensation which it is talking about and just because it is in power stopping someone else whom who have bias against, has now become a savior. This i feel is a more dangerous form of journalism and can only be termed as disturbing bias and opportunism.

  115. You are adding fuel to a non existence fire for your own TRP ratings. Media seems to have taken over India, and even The Print is not averse to the fat pickings.

  116. Anti nationals are obviously paid well by someone…. how else do so many crooked minds get into journalism to write motivated drivel as this???

  117. Shivam Vij, R U being PAID by Congress? U must be aware that Congress too have NDTV under their wings?Arnab has been very critical of Congress and goons of Congress attacked Arnab?We have U under our scanner so becareful what U say.

  118. A very insightful article indeed. Well explained and cleared all the doubts of the recent developments going on. Thanks.

  119. Absolutely bang on analysis By Mr Shivam Vij. Form the word go, Arnab Goswami acts like a henchman. No secret at all. No traits of responsible journalist at all.
    Now, nation is facing worse kind of health and economic emergency, to dethrone Uddhav Thackeray Arnab Goswami, is at his level worse. Who would have thought, India’s journalism specially few of journalists like Arnab Goswami will be given free hand by the ruling BJP to do a GOONDA JOURNALISM uninterrupted.
    In the midst of this Goondaism Judiciary is in silent mode, investing agencies acts like a robot. A Very Sad state of affair. Who knows, Arnab and his Masters will be successful in toppling Udhhav Thackeray’s government, but at the same time, nation will become more vicious place to live. Muslims, Migrants, Dalits, Aadivasis , Women will be the usual scapegoats.

  120. Mr. Vij, how do you know that the sadhus were lynched by the people of the same faith as the attacked ? Be bold enough to use the word lynched instead of attacked. Have you not seen how the sadhu was running helter-skelter for help and the police just ignored , like people ignore beggars on the roadside ? People like you cannot be hindu if you are so casual in your description of the incident. And by the way every dog knows who his master is. Hope in your herat of heart you know.

  121. This is really interesting.

    1. The Print has got to such a low level that they are calling journalist “A Dog”. Did you forget that he is a fellow journalist?
    2. The Print is accusing Arnab to serve BJP interests. Have you introspected yourself? Aren’t you guys always opponent of BJP and thus serving non-BJP party’s interests?
    3. No need for anyone else to try to weaken Shivsena or for that matter Mr. Uddhav Thackeray. He is already weakened by Congress and NCP. LOL!!!!

  122. If arnab is weapon of bjp . Whose weapon are you ?? So all journalists are weapon of someone are other.

  123. Do “ the print” agree that in every decades the Russians/Americans &British agency works to influence different community by paying high penny to so called media & journal (ex. Print) for propaganda, so that they can create their own choice of people mindsets and government ( ex. Britain Analytica). They hire their cream brains and sell them weapons to fight with neighbour. One party gives free of cost weapons to their neighbour in name of Aid, Other country being compelled to buy weapons and a profit share goes to compensate that Aid.
    We were then “Gulam”, we are still too, but format changes as time change.

    And who cares…..
    All of we says we are democratic republic, we have freedom of speech, But we will not bear with elected government. Because mine opinion is important and not most of countries’opinions.

  124. Shiv Sena chief and genteel is an oxymoron in terms of expression. The Shiv Sainiks are a bunch of goons. Now if this mornings news is correct, then it appears there has been some technology transfer, with the congress having learnt the art of sending goons to hound jurnos. On the flip side Uddav Thackre has learnt the delicate Congi art of fudging the truth with secularism.

  125. These junk writers think that the readers can’t decipher their intent. They think that what they write is gospels truth n we are dodos .
    Bygone are those days. The average citizen of this country knows what’s good for the Nation Hindustan.

  126. What would you call The Great Editor of marathi Daily, ” Samana”, Mr.Snjay Rout,
    Who has the Capacity To Make Any Comment on Our Prime Minister ( It may not be his
    Prime Minister !)
    “Watch Dog !” ? Or “Dog Watch!”?

  127. Arnab is right at his place…. it was a conspiracy against him to silent his voice… Carry on Arnab …. The diplomacy of this family must b shown to whole world.

  128. How the liberal change their pen and mindset , just assume it’s any reporter on ndtv or any journalist who is against bjp whole India might have become intolerant, Constitution might have murdered, n so on, instead of sadhus it someone line akhlaq whole world including India will be accused for bad governance, I m not pro bjp or justifying anyones act, I am just asking reader how the print and other media house change their agenda as per convenience, so if some one is not bothered if it’s anti bjp media house, then why such people cry if some pro bjp media does pro bjp act, I think journalist must be neutral if not then he should not open his bloody mouth one sided.

  129. If Attacked it is not acceptable.
    Attackers are of two types – physical and verbal
    The fellows – physical and Arnab – verbal.
    These fellows do it some times but very dangerous
    Arnab does always and daily, so Ignore this news.
    Arnab the greated disgrace to the press community.

  130. So reflecting on oneself…calling power hungry Udhav T’Nice’ it’s satirical. The writer seems to have opined exactly the same feelings of himself on congress in this article. The sentiment of country at large is not at all visible, this seems a totally propaganda of Congress to get their weapons and attacks out all at once.

  131. So reflecting on oneself…calling power hungry Udhav Thackarey ‘Nice’ it’s satirical. The journalist seems to have opined exactly the same feelings of himself on congress in this article. The sentiment of country at large is not at all visible, this seems a totally propaganda of Congress to get their weapons and attack dogs out all at once.

  132. Isn’t THIS article itself guilty of trying to do exactly what it is accusing Goswami of? He is egging on Udhav to take action (of ANY kind, but punitive) against Goswami. Congress will be happy to applaud from the wings and NCP will simply act like a Sphinx. Why should Udhav burn HIS own fingers to satisfy the jealous rage of some journalists?

  133. Majoritarian appeasement politics cannot be overcome by politics as usual. This is because of the reasons put forward quite eloquently by Shivam Vij – because of the way the argument gets framed – either one has to turn majoritarian himself (think of Kejriwal) or keep defending all the while. (think Rahul Gandhi who has been right on everything about Covid so far but had to bear attacks on the over use of the word “strategic”) In both instances, majoritarian politics wins – Arnab Goswami seems to have picked the winning side.
    This kind of politics loses only after a catastrophic event (think WW2) or a major economic downturn needing massive government action thereby generating need for talented people not merely rabble rousers (think great depression of 1929-33)
    I hope this has some lessons for liberal media as well – like Arnab you too will be forced to pick sides. Sitting on the fence will no longer be an option. Indians do not understand or care much for objectivity in any case. This is confrontational politics and it demands that you win – not try to balance. The present majority will not appreciate your objectivity and look at you as someone who does not whole heartedly support them (look at the comment board) and when the opposite camp comes into power, they will look on you as providing a platform for their opponents agenda by trying to play “neutral umpire”. (Look at what the British did to the Muslim small and large kingdoms post 1857)
    I can sympathise with Prannoy Roy/Shekhar Gupta/ Siddharth Vardarajan/ N Ram. Your training in a more enlightened time has been rendered ineffective in present polarising times. Like western liberal news outlets, you will also have to move to your corner. Standing in the middle will leave you nowhere. Perhaps it is time for you to also exit the stage and leave it to editors with more risk taking appetite to continue. I see no difference between Sonia Gandhi’s dilemma and yours.

  134. Congressi pet paid views ,returning obligations of congress through their words…very funny……
    The wire
    The print (only run anti hindu anti bjp news)

  135. The print is a glaring example of paid media. The italian madam is totally exposed due to her bigotry.

  136. Lol…if Arnab questions Sonia Gandhi – Uddhav should take action???
    Seems like Shivam has lost it too…

    Simple truth is that today even questioning the selective outrage of pseudo secular clowns like Sonia is considered “communal” by the mentally damaged and emotional scarred reality of liberal defeat and disgrace!

    Maharashtra’s CM or his competence are measured by the speed at which the Coronavirus is being controlled in Maharashtra – not how many FIRs are filed against Arnab or what he says on his shows! The public cares about results – not insults.

  137. Arnab Goswami should be just IGNORED .Once you IGNORE him he will come back to his old legacy about India wants to Know.Any way his channel no one watches so he has to stoop such low to get TRP.
    UT should just keep quiet and by not responding show him his place.
    For BJP it is much frustrating since current chief minister has shown much maturity than the earlier one and their desperation can be seen with their behaviours

    • So unfortunate that this stupid fellow is least bothered about attack on Arnab and that its confirned that Sonia got it done!! How low can you stoop for money to write this filthy article!

  138. Stop such one sided article and telling only one side of the coin

    In the past also whenever lynching happened even may be because of seat sharing in the train, so called liberals made it look Hindus lynching Muslims.
    Now when same kind of mob lynching takes place, no liberal is condemning it and putting up protests.
    This is the worst kind of secularism.where are swara Bhaskar, kashyap,nasir rudin Shah,Congress,leftist ,bindra karats, barkha Dutta, etc.

  139. Bhai, you might as well join the genteel CM as his masuesse. Surely, you will have his ears too! For context, he doesn’t read this piece of rag.

  140. @Print, I wonder who is funding you to write against India, could be from Saudi countries. Days are few when fake media \ anti-India groups will be banned and out of job. Then you guys will only be left with one Job “Join ISIS” you assholes.

  141. Hey you……Forget about which side Arnab takes..
    He is a journalist and a journalist has been attacked in public. As a colleague journalist courtesy demands your disapproval condemning the barbaric act to show solidarity and support amongst journalists fraternity.
    Instead you have chosen the opposite. Shame on you..

  142. Wow. Using words like “Dog” for a felloe journalist just because he doesn’t tow sonia brigade lines? What about NDTV? Its owner is CPI affiliated what about N RAM of The hindu? Isn’t he was a CPI student leader? What about The liar wire? Isn’t vardarajan maoist sympathizer? Shame on Shekhar Gupta using Shivam Vij to attack Arnab. You may not like his views but you can’t say him dog. Dare to sat Ravish kumar dog of congress. Shekar Gupta dog of sonia. Never dared to question congress.

  143. Modi is winning. He has a gift none of his eight predecessors, from Manmohan Singh to Rajiv Gandhi, had: Being able to speak directly and convincingly to a large enough section of Indians who will take his word for gospel, and his order like a papal bull.
    Modi knows who he needs to speak to, who he should toss, who he can address in kind. People accuse him of infantilising his voters, but it’s a winning strategy. SHEKHAR

    • Yes, Modi is indulging in his monologue, “Man ki Baat”, telling people what he thinks, without caring o know what they think. But then why should he waste even one second of his time to find out what nondescript, faceless nonentities like you have to say? MODI MOST CERTAINLY KNOWS WHO TO SPEAK TO, AND IT IS NOT IDIOTS LIKE YOU.

  144. ”Majoritarian forces thrive on appeasement ” Too late to realise. Opposition has been doing minority appeasement for the last seventy years and even today. Modi has taken the bull by the horns by doing the opposite, majority appeasement. Why do you cry now?

  145. Really funny fellow calling himself jouranlist. Because you did a very shitty job as a journalist with your biased views, you have come to these conclusions.
    Do you think the people will believe you when you say that previous governments did not indulge in communal hatred & riots?
    Do you really believe, that just because your media was implicit in its cooperation with previous governments for not publicising instances of legal harassment of dutiful citizens and legal protection for violators of the law, that people will believe you?
    Sekhar Gupta himself mentions many such instances. There are many glaring examples of such violations by Congress governments. Bhopal Gas tragedy, Mumbai riots instigated by Shiv Sena but not punished why?

  146. Such an article full of visible hatred. No one should be attacked and no one should support it for sure. Using words like dog, too shallow!
    Why is the print always after everyone who doesn’t support congress, its a democracy, people can have different opinions. What about NDTV?
    Please be tolerant!
    Shame on people who suppress voices!

  147. Such an article full of visible hatred. No one should be attacked and no one should support it for sure. Using words like dog, too shallow!
    Why is the print always after everyone who doesn’t support congress, its a democracy, people can have different opinions. What about NDTV?
    Please be tolerant!
    Shame on people who suppress voices!

  148. I see fear and pain both in your article at same time.While I feel good that earlier you guys used to be let off the Hook in presenting anything.Now a days each information is been hammered with Truth Flurry.While I am not amazed on reading through your editorial it just amazes me that terms like ATTACK DOG does this befit Journalistic Credibility or in fact that makes me feel whether the people writing this article are Journalists or not.When will you Guys feel blessed in being given a space in a Country which Tolerates all your nuisance in name of Journalism and still gives you space to Learn and Serve the Country.I felt laughing with all my Colleagues while I read through your article.It was like a Child Squabble and something extremely abysmal and Churlish.When will you understand that things like this just hits your credibility more as “YEH PUBLIC HAI YEH SAB JAANTI HAI”.Arnab has high TRP Ratings because when he shouts at system and crooks a common citizen finds himself sitting in the Chair.There is a world called “Collective Consciousness” in case if you know he represents that.So If I may ask you to write some good content that implores Mind to think than these” Ali Baba Chalis Chor Stories”.Hope next time when I read I see sense in your writes.

  149. Honestly Shekar Gupta… there needs to be better standards …. you can’t publish articles that call people like “attach dogs” etc… this is just shoddy language skills. Get better authors please…. Language is very important if you want to get the point across and stay within the topic.


  151. BJP bhakts should understand that this is not Congress … They are dealing with Shivsena … Andh bhakts will be hit hard … This is not UP .. this is Maharashtra ! Goswami is just a barking dog , Shivsainiks will take care of him , no need for Uddhav ji to look into this and get his hands dirty !

  152. Leave the Hindu Muslim angle alone. Just answer the question why weren’t the policemen involved in the lynching imprisoned. The I.P.C clearly states the punishment for lapse of duty by public servants?
    The MVA government is busy running PR campaigns through Bollywood fools but cannot take action against the NCP Leader due to whom the crowds gathered at Bandra a fact that your “unbiased ” journalist has missed.

  153. Uddhav Government is subsisting on borrowed times. The CORONA has come as BLESSING IN DISGUISE for Uddhav. Otherwise his Government would have gone long back.

  154. The criteria you are applying for Arnab ,if applied to all journalists-print,wire,scroll,NDTV ,will not have any one to report.
    These organizations are funded/helped for carrying out divisive agenda to harm our nation.

  155. If Arnab is biased ….so are you Shivam vij. Both of are showing extreme views. For you everything is a BJP conspiracy, you accuse the opposite to him. Finally where is the balance expected from a journalist.

  156. This attack exposes the Congress as a Mafia company.

    A Mafia company owned by a woman who was a bar girl, her 50 year old incompetent idiotic son, a daughter whose main qualification is a nose like her grandmother’s and a son-in-law who is a known thug.

  157. Such a shameful article by The Print on such a renowned editor. Shame on you Shekhar Gupta. You can never come up.

  158. Why is Sonia silent on Palghar lynching? Does she support lynching of a particular community members? This is the crux.

  159. This fellow has been a 🐕 all his life. Can only bark along with other 🐕. What else can one expect from him. Just ignore this 🐕.

    • yes. and you feel the writer of this article is unbiased? what does he mean by calling Uddhav Thacekeray being genteel and nice? jo doosro ke ghar me patthar maarte hai pehle apna ghar dekh le. who funds this print media? Theprint, NDTV, the wire i can name get crores of rupees to keep crticizing BJP. No points for guessing who funds them

    • From “news anchor” to “the news”. This is what Arnab Goswami want to become. He is not journalist but spokesman of BJP and Modi in particular. I have not watch his channel except once or twice. He is so biased and illogical. Recently he want to link Anil Ambani in Yes Bank collapse. But he did not follow up for obvious reason. He might have been paid or told not to cross limit by powerful people.

  160. These views are piece of imagination and should be covered under “fiction”. As common citizens we can make out what journalism and fiction.

    Like Shekhar Gupta says since even journalist even exercise is voting right hence neutrality is not some thing he expects from journalists, what he expects is objectivity and here we get to read something is purely partisan and biased, hardly objective.

    • Truthful, not neutral … I think Christiane Amanpour had Shivam Vij in mind when she defined the role of a journalist.

    • Thank you ! when I was reading about the “Genteel” Chief Minister Thackeray I nearly had an epileptic attack. A little disappointed to read this on The Print, I really respect Shekhar Gupta but I think he really needs to make sure a more neutral view point can be portrayed in his OpEds.

    • Having nothing substantial to say, you are nitpicking on the author. It is an insignificant harmless error.

    • Someone who does not bt rajeev Chandrasekhar. Sochiye inna bada article kis maansikta ke sath likha hoga. Shekhar gupta is doggy of sonia

    • No need to write against this hate monger. He is earning his bread and butter by this sycophancy only. He is a barking dog. This time he must be taught a lesson through legal system of the country. Hope SC won’t act biased and will help perpetrators of peddling lies and hate crimes to the book. Another hatemonger was caught behind when someone posted his old tweet stating he is going to eat nihari to Pak. Hint : kauwa

  161. “Shoe I am ” is feeling important and relevant . His party SUPPORTERS have done something he always wanted . IT’S upto the CM of MAHARASHTRA to take action as BALASAHEB would have taken.

    • Dude, Bana sahab would not have with Congress, no matter what. So this is not the ship dena of Bale sahab. They have destroyed his name.

    • excellent’. The Print has always been against BJP. Its Scroll, Print etc you can make out. Common guys be neutral otherwise no body will read your article. If you are calling Arnab a biased reporter. Then what are you?

    • Totally agree….the what’s most disgusting us nobody is still talking about the butchered sadhus..Arnab did that!! And these chamchas are busy licking the feet of Sonia ji!!! Shameless journalism, we dont need it!! Shivam seems to be trained by the likes of Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt!!

      • Home Minister Of India must imposed President rule if Maharashtra Govt fails to action and action against the Murders of Sadhus and masterminds behind the tragic incident! No one must allowed to breach the Law & Orders!

  162. Haha…funny article..btw theprint its editor and italian bar tender sonia are the monsters and we are getting rid of you…slowly but surely

    • @Shivam vij : you must be a Italian dog and a screen play writer not a journalist. It’s not surprised me a little bit, for you, the Home minister Amit shah is culprit and the great 3 foxes combo is victim. Everybody know the cunning ncp and cong plot in migrants mismanagement, palhar lynching and arnab attack. Let’s wait and see what’s that nice genteel utthav, who lost his right to bear bal Thackeray’s name behind his name, is going to do..

      • Home Minister Of India must imposed President rule if Maharashtra Govt fails to action and action against the Murders of Sadhus and masterminds behind the tragic incident! No one must allowed to breach the Law & Orders!

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