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How not to report: A lesson from Republic TV, Times Now, ABP covering Bandra migrants

Was the gathering of migrant workers at Bandra railway station the result of a masjid, a conspiracy or is the clue in absent luggage? Indian TV picked all.

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This is the story of how an incident should not be reported. Especially in these coronavirus times.

Early Tuesday evening, news channels were diverted from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement that the lockdown would continue till 3 May, by the sudden appearance of huge crowds of migrant workers at the Bandra railway station in Mumbai.

Soon enough, we saw disturbing footage of a gigantic crowd milling around, shots of police and other leaders entreating them to leave, succeeded by visuals of police lathi charges to disperse them. There were similar visuals from Surat, Gujarat where crowds had also gathered.

However, the narrative soon changed. Surat was forgotten as channels sniffed around Bandra station, for clues: from India TV and ABP to Aaj Tak, NewsNation, Times Now and Republic, they asked in one voice — who is responsible for this? How did crowds gather there?

These are reasonable questions and they were rightly directed at the Maharashtra government. ABP said that Uddhav Thackeray’s government was “sleeping”; Times Now said it was an intelligence failure, India TV wanted to know what the police was doing. Again and again, they asked questions of the state government.

Which is as it should be. Also, given that in the coronavirus crisis, social distancing is of paramount importance, they were right to raise fears of infection spreading rapidly through the intermingling of the crowds.

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Is that a masjid?

News channels did report that migrants, needy and hungry, said they wanted to return to their villages and thought trains were coming to take them home.

However, this explanation for their presence at Bandra station did not satisfy the channels, nor did they seem keen to pursue this line of investigation.

Instead, the NewsNation reporter in Mumbai questioned the proposition: with a keen eye for detail, he noticed that the people were not carrying any luggage so, ipso facto, they were not planning to go anywhere, were they?

Even as we considered the case of the missing luggage, another angle popped up on the channels: “Lockdown broken in Bandra…why have 3,000 people gathered at the masjid?” asked India TV.

“Why have crowds gathered only outside the masjid?” NewsNation demanded to know.

“Why is the crowd near the masjid?” inquired ABP.

In a very good ground report that mapped out all the developments as they unfolded, an ABP reporter asked a local political representative Vishal, about a reported announcement from the masjid – Vishal immediately denied this and asked the reporter to not communalise the issue.

That was impossible: ‘masjid’, somehow, found its way into every description of the Bandra migrant story across channels, although so far, there is no evidence that the masjid near Bandra station where the crowds gathered, played a role in the drama.

On Times Now, Rahul Shivshanker warned that this could be a “Tablighi moment” for Mumbai, referring to the now infamous Delhi Tablighi Jamaat congregation, which is reportedly the single largest source of the coronavirus infection throughout India.

That one incident has now entered daily our language as a commonplace description, a byword for coronavirus ‘super spreaders’. By association, ‘masjid’ has become an accessory to crime – at least for some news channels, to say nothing about social media.

Migrant workers outside Bandra railway station | ANI
File photo | Migrant workers outside Bandra railway station | ANI

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Is that a conspiracy?    

The story then took another turn: as soon as the crowds faded into the evening, the anchors went on a leather hunt: As India TV put it, “Villain kaun?” in the “MumbaiMigrantMystery” (Times Now).

“Conspiracy,” said India TV.

Conspiracy,” agreed NewsNation.

“This is a conspiracy, a plot… by design,” declared Times Now — Rahul Shivshankar added there were many theories doing the rounds including that this was “sabotage” by political parties “inimical” to the BJP  (Huh?).

At Republic TV, it was dismissed by Arnab Goswami as a “pseudo political protest”. Then Times Now and Republic discovered the tweet by one Vinay Dubey (who was arrested Wednesday) in which he reportedly exhorted people to leave the city. Aha, so he was “villain’’ responsible for the entire nasty episode.

You would have thought the matter ended there. However, it has since been muddied by allegations that a report by ABP Majha correspondent Rahul Kulkarni, Tuesday morning, that Railways would run trains for the migrants to go home, led to the migrants rushing to the Bandra station. The reporter has also been arrested by the Mumbai police but ABP, in a press release has said it reported accurate information, in the “public interest” and reported the subsequent cancellation of the trains by the Railways.

This signals an alarming twist to the story — the state government can be accused of muzzling the media and trying to brook criticism by intimidation.

The saga, then, continued into Wednesday afternoon with Republic TV acquiring a “Mumbai conspiracy video”, which allegedly showed people in the crowd saying they were summoned there to face the media – or to receive money.

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A wild guess?

The story has now reached a full circle: by Wednesday evening, it had the following characters: Vinay Dubey, one ABP reporter, a Bandra station, a masjid, missing luggage, a conspiracy video, and thousands of people. But we are still asking the same questions: who gathered these people together, how did they get there—and why?

Wait for new stories.

Meanwhile, we can wonder why channels did not speak to more of the migrants, investigate their versions, talk to the Railways….

A few weeks ago, the Supreme Court advised the media to report facts and verified government information. The Narendra Modi government has also tightened rules on publishing and spreading fake news.

But news channels are deaf and blind to such advice. As reports and discussions around the Bandra migrant “mess” (Republic TV) reveal, news channels spin yarns, concoct theories, create their own villains and tell their stories within stories—with complete abandon.

Views are personal.

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  1. Indian Media has lost its credibility. They are just a bunch of puppets now acting according to their masters in politics & corporate world.


  3. Channels named in channel.are working for PM and his party only. At least I do not pay much heed to elaborate news. They work as one leg of the ruling alliance. They are embolden as their TRP are higher. They will come to senses if TRP takes a dive. This seems impossible as we enjoy controversy more than the content authenticity.It seems we have to live with it till government has a hit in elections.

    • So S B Singh, you must be a Congress chamcha?Congress party after loosing two times in a row is defeated at every election wants to stir so called mass hysteria and the responsible media realises that and reports that but people like you entrenched in Congress loot?


  4. Dear Print, if views are personal of reporter or anybody let them write up all this on their social media account.

    Don’t fool us, we know what u want 2 portray.

    Regards, Common Man

    • Completely agree with you friend,
      Even there are pois*nous news factories which is headed by the wire, print, NDTV.
      If somebody is doing good jour*alism, they always try to cut them off and spread their hat*ed prop*ganda.

  5. It’s natural when the channels get funded they will present the version which their masters like. India is lucky to have developed a breed that survives on master’s excretion and are true followers

  6. Migrant workers!!! Or Migraine workers???
    There was a stark difference in appearance of the so called migrant workers shown in Bandra to those shown in pictures earlier and elsewhere….

    They shall assemble again for some other reason as long as their supporters and creators exist. Loved the migrant workers concept though!! 😀🙂

  7. The Print – Have comfort with NDTV and AajTak, so publish only specific articles against others. Simple they work in Lobby like “The Wire” ” Live Mint” “The Print”.
    Many Article published on the Print is misleading and one sided

    • You are perhaps Z ‘ Republic ‘ channels follower ‘ Z founder is BJP M..P. & Arnab Goswami fought election in Assam on B.J.P. ticket & lost ‘ we watch all channels because we are not Andhbhakt

      • Sir, you know only one word andhbhakt. This word is normally used for all persons, who speak in favour of Modi government for whatsoever reasons. Is not this hurts an individual for his democratic rights to express his independent views?

  8. ABP Mazaa is a channel with fake news
    Boycott Rahul Kulkarni and Rajiv Khandekar
    They spread all fake news,Have messed up in this crisis spreading all rumours
    Ban this channel or stop watching this fake channel

  9. Conspiracy theories and genuine untruths are spreading rapidly and destroying the country, thanks to “media naxals”

    • ;Mr Prakash: Does your description “media naxal” apply to the man who farts through his mouth Arnab Goswami?

  10. The Print is ISI sponsored and should be banned alongwith the Wire. Do you think people of this country ‘fool’? Sorry, time has changed, we know who is right and who is wrong.

    • Mr Subrata: Does rapist and arsonist Babu Bajrangi of Naroda Patiya fame finance you ? Or is it Praveen Togadia? Or perhaps Godse worshipper and gomutra drinker Pragya Thakur ?

  11. You better run to Pakistan … there’s no place for you in Bharat dirtbag. Don’t know why this rag Print keeps popping up even after I had unsubscribed from it

    • Mr Pradeep Kumar Singh: Nobody forced you to read The Print. Why don’t you confine yourself to Republic TV and inhale the copious amounts of hot air expelled by that paid pimp Arnab Goswami ?

  12. I have seen some of the assembled people holding big sticks with them too. Republic Channel discussed that also. Why should migrants hold such sticks if they wanted to go to their homes and not their luggage is a mystery. Also, north east bound trains are not originating from Bandra.

    • And your hypothesis for the lathi wielding migrants Mr Bhuvanendran VP ? A plot by anti-nationals ? People incited by the JNU gang? Pro-Pakistani elements ?

  13. Hello, i feel so out of words can THE PRINT complain..i mean look in your own house.

    Have you ever taken a day off and read “The Print”.

    I will give you a little heads up, read these Idiots:

    – Shailja (yeah read yourself)

    Then when you are full of left leaning, verbose shit then read
    – Bismee Taksin

    Then when you think, oh god..can someone be more vicious and lopsided…then comes the king of Shit
    – Shivam Vij

    When you are done with it, for even more left leaning, INC bound , political thinking, you may read Jyoti Yadav.

    Occassionally, read Mr Yadav as well, he was once mentor in chief of M/s Rahul and INC.

    Now, you are done.

    • AverageReader: Your vacuous post convinces me that adjectives such as:

      Verbose Shit
      King of Shit

      and so forth apply in equal measure to you too Sir !

  14. Whoever the author of this article is, he knows to rubbish for money. Looking at how it is is written, definitely funded by CPI

  15. This is no time to sling mud at each other, Instead of going on each other’s neck, The real enemy is invisible. This is just a ego clash between Media, readers and the people being used.
    Or it’s going to be upside down like happened in U.S.

  16. This portal is clearly funded by ISI and jehadi organisations. Are you serious about the risks to 1.3 billion people.
    I know You don’t care. As long as you get your breadcrumbs

    • Mr H.Babu: Any proof to substantiate your braying:

      “This portal is clearly funded by ISI and jehadi organisations”


      Or are you merely frustrated at your impotence at not being able to muster a solid counter-argument to the excellent Print article ?

  17. So, what are you, a Ravish Kumar groupie? At the least the channels you are criticizing are making an honest living and are not chopping the hand that feeds you.

  18. Honorable Supreme court has said it cannot muzzle the media, so this is what unmuzzled media does. Conspiracy theories over more theories fanned by fake social media posts.
    These media outlets do not realize but they are directly helping the forces that want to destabilize peace in India. They have become tools in the hand of subversives, while courts look on.

  19. The wire, the print and the quint.. all are fake news factory and i receive their articles automatically even after selecting that i dont want to see thes news print…

  20. Rememberthe following: 1. People living in the glass house should not throw stones at others. 2. If you point a finger at others remaining four will point at you.
    The above phrases exactly suit the likes of print ,NDTV,India Today, News 24 etc.
    Therefore please clean your dirt before trying to clean others. The unholy coalition in Maharashtra is an utter failure. Uddhav Thackeray is interested in clinging to CM post dancing to the tune of Sharad Pawar and Sonia. Corona crisis is mismanaged leaving people to suffer in all front.God save Marathas……

  21. This article keeps harping on how something should not be reported, by whichever channels that were mentioned…So what prevents this one to report it the way it should? There is absolutely nothing about that at all. Poor professionalism to say the least.

  22. This article keeps harping on how something should not be reported, by whichever channels that were mentioned…So what prevents this one to report it the way it should? There is absolutely nothing about that at all. Poor professionalism to say the least.

  23. Maharashtra CM has failed and put the whole nation under risk..obviously he must resign if he has any conscience.

    • And what about surat incident on the same day.. If u are saying that mumbai govt has failed and cm should resign then i think gujrat cm should also resign from their post.. Bcoz they did the same that happened in mumbai at the same day…

  24. What is it – a news, an article? Moreover, what is its purpose? What is the message? Is it to malign the image of few channels … that too by Shekhar Gupta who himself is …???

  25. I eagerly read the article hoping to get some factual information from The Print guys, but it is as it used to be. Just rubbish analysis. It missed one very valid point. All migrants know very well that UP and Bihar bound trains don’t go from Bandra, then who brought them.
    Secondly, I guess those who gathered were local goons mixed with few migrants just to create law and order situation. A through enquiry will be better to get the answers.

  26. As you Say ” News channels are deaf and blind ” for fake news , The same applies to you also.
    You are on 1st rank for Spreading Fake news
    Your competitors are The Wire your brother Rajdeep Sardesai, and your family member NDTV
    Special thanks to award winner Mr Ravish kumar

  27. Huh a channel known by no one is teaching other well known channels how to report. Claps claps claps… Bache baap ko sikha rahe hai

  28. Ohhhh the print we know your level of reporting …. Stop defending criminals…. They just questioned, they didn’t blamed anyone. The facts and FIR done on people is clearly told by media… The video showing a person provoking people to gather is also shown.. but you guys must not have told that news .. you hide news, to appease a particular group of people. Make news on what is right …

    • How interesting!
      Bhakt, ask yourself one question? Why are the migrants still without any help, hope? It is 24 days since lockdown. Are they 3rd class poor citizens that centre does not bother to plan for them on the 25th of March and then still has no answer on 14th of April? The same govt spent excessive money got students from Wuhan, and gulf workers from Iran but not poor migrants. Wah wah.
      Who put complete lockdown, that person is also in charge of migrants:not state govt of Maharashtra. The central govt stopped railways and other inter state transport without even a semblance of sympathy for 7 million Indian Voice less migrants. Did they ask their opinion?

  29. Today, media manipulates the facts n connects everything wrong with the Muslims anyhow on any cost…..this is a trick for fast trp growth n making money by boot licking of rulers….
    There is only one solution boycott the lier journalists…..

  30. Yes they were terrible so are you (print,NDTV, quint,wire, ht, newslaundry, etc) while covering “single source” and Chinese virus issues.

    The Hindu has been a elegant mouthpiece of China/communist unity.
    Don’t just hold the mirror, look into it

    All you guys are using chaos to buy a land in Lutynes circle.

    Undecided voters

  31. To all those who are being critical,
    I can only request everyone to look at every possible angle since, sitting at home we don’t know what is “actually” happening on the ground.
    No news agency can be trusted 100% be it ThePrint or ABP News.

  32. Well….Why didn’t you mention NDTV?.why? More surprisingly you didn’t mention Zee TV… They also reported the same issue…why didn’t you mention about reporters of NDTV or Zee at all?? May be you guys are too scared to fight leftist or rightist media.. You guys made a news out of news channels but never tried to investigate the matter by yourself. Why??????

  33. The media especially print one bought by vested interests no more giving the correct informations and instead making a twisted versions only to target central government and Modi, and Amit shah. They are only working for disgusted , unpopular voted out political outfits who have no other agenda without power having more than required free time to have a foul play. It is unfortunate that these elements don’t have any sensible and at least nationality interests and apositive rationale.

  34. You are mentally sick and more dangerous than cronona virus. At least corona kills people but you are making people roten from inside. People lile you spread communalism hatred. In these time where people are together irrespective of any community. People are helping each n everyone. But article like this devide people’s into community. For god sake go and eash ur face with Acid. If Bandra gathering is a conspiracy then what u will call Surat gathering. Dont u dare to give communalism angel to this govt. lack of understanding people and biggest failure.

    Please do something better in life rather spreading hatred massages.

  35. And here comes The Print who knows A to Z of JOURNALISM and are the AUTHORITY FOR TO DO AND NOT TO DO LIST. In fact, The Print is the GOD OF JOURNALISM absolutely NON ALIGNED.

  36. Dear all
    Have u considered the fact that hunger and no money forced these ppl to gather and request they be sent home.

    Of all the conspiracies and possible scenarios laid down by our vigilant media i guess they missed destitute Indian migrant worker in mumbai wanting to reach home.


  37. Ok people print would like you to believe that extremely conservative Muslims aren’t gathering at mosques for prayers in India.
    They were not found at jammat headquarters or hiding at a mosque in Nepal .
    Also doctors weren’t thrown bricks at by some of these guys in their mohallas in up, mp & some other places.

  38. Since this article is ” Views are personal” it did not deserve any comment. If you do not like news of Republic India TV etc blick those channel. I do not like the naratives of NDTV group so I have blocked them. Now main issue, since on more than 100 times during corona crises, country have witnessed that problem is from one source, therefore in all cases the same source will be put on trial first. Dudh ka jala chhachh bhi phunk kar pita hai.

  39. Do you have any angle or like ur guru Mr. Pappu has only issue with everything but no solution. The luggage angle is very much true and even police has acknowledge that and are searching that angel. And yes its failure of home ministry of state that 3k people at one spot and police were slepping. But you will not say that coz home ministry belong to NCP. It has been utter failure. Agreed Mr. Modi was late in imposing Lockdown but same could have been done by states. But NO not even one state implemented Lockdown. So please stop blaming Mr. Modi for everything and each state should be liable for handling. Media is quick to praise Rajasthan and Kerela for handling Coronavirus but what about UP. Its largest state population wise and area wise maybe too but Mr. Yogi is handling superbly we can see number of cases wise but no each media wants to denounce effort of BJP state and praise effort of non BJP state even though it may be a failure like Delhi. So smell the coffee media people you no longer influence the perspective of people in the age of social media. People can verify facts easily. So it’s time you get your houses in order and start providing accurate information.
    Jai Bharat

  40. You are particularly of ndtv group just like islamic terrorist organisation changing name to save from beating. Your in track record is very bad. I feel every nationalistic Indian should expose your anti-india anti modi in stand. You are the same NDTV sister channel even you r brother dua of wire spreading venom against Modiji. You earlier supported tukde tukde gang of kanhaiya you tried to create war field in JNU. Now it is shameful that print is bringing such bad reporting. You all buggars namely pranoy Roy Ravish and Gupta bald editor of Walk and Talk show of NDTV. Gupta ji still it’s not late. Be true I your motherland India. I can understand you don’t have job. From jobless to next?.

  41. Print, it is time now for you to Sprint. People have seen through your reporting. People nowadays are smart and when will you get smart. Your financiers are not going to fund you for long if you continue to maintain this level of reporting.

  42. All these news channels have been paid by Feku & Tadipar 60 crores each to communalise max incident during lockdown so the real problem faced by middle class & poor people could be hidden . All these money had been paid through donation received by PM cares fund & after the locdown all donation will be distributed to Chadidharaks so they strenghten thier organisation

  43. Of course Print! We all should learn from you on ‘how to report’. After all you are NOT a mouthpiece of some vested interest groups. Right? Grow up Print! It seems you still feel common Indians are idiots and don’t have any means to fact check! I pity you, but at the same time am appalled by your unwavering loyalty to the ’cause’ and boot licking skills.

  44. Why print not reporting this incident. It is clear that print got their share from paid media.
    Shame of ur posts. U are an Indian media or pakistanil media.

  45. Unorganized daily wage earners from other states – the very fact that they came at the same time to the same point in Bandra speaks volumes. It’s the local MLA only who can organise this. They have come to pick up cash which was assured and No intention to travel – hence no luggage. It’s irony that Hotel Rangashankara where Shivasena MLA s were holed up before stitching a government, is a stones throw from this spot.

  46. have anyone visited bandra station….i stay in bandra.. The masjid is attached to railway station on one side and police station on the other side. Plz dont spread such rumours it was purely migrant issue and it has nothing to do with masjid.

  47. Instead of finding out why the migrants want to go home, Godi media was busy giving it a communal twist.

  48. Instead of finding out why the migrants want to go home, Godi media was busy giving it a communal twist. My humble request to Godi media, stop this ! Public anger is brewing up ! Take care guys. When the cup gets full, u know what happens !

  49. The Print is Laughable. Always searching to spread mischief by being unintentionally laughable.

  50. Are you the only investigating journalist in India. Just as you mention that Republic Times are not telling the truth what is Your Gaurantee ???

  51. If you are incapable o.f basic understanding that the central government would obviously have not done that; and to ensure that prove gather in large numbete r situation of risking and demand Rs 15,000 and also deliberately create a situation of disobedience to social distancing rules, and create chaos, it has to be th e Opposition which wants the Government at the Centre to fail.. Your article is one which sides the wrong doers. Shame in you

  52. Hahaha…..the non stupid and educated indians know what track record your own tv has….and bias due to which several fake news were peddled from the print….so before lecturing others….I think u guys should clean your own shit first…jai hind

  53. lolzz…with this you are trying to defend a peaceful community…and say it was all due to PM speech

  54. Almost all Movies need to have villains as like Some news channels needs to have Masjid, muslim. Let’s try to create peace and harmony. We all are having same Color blood. Dear friends, meet the labour’s who are leaving on foot to their native and ask them about their food you will realise on ground situation. Spreading hate is crime and top boss is watching from the sky .

  55. Then you may tell the truth please..just pointing fingers doesn’t hold..You r also becoming party to the whole game..

  56. How come Corona infected people entered India in the first place when modi government was doing screening from Mid january, because the Modi gov was busy in madhya pradesh buying MLA’s so the lock down have to be delayed until the fall of kamal nath government. until 13th march government said their is no health emergency and we know the rest.

  57. Same thing happened in Gujarat twice, no reporting by godi medi, no conspiracy. since BJP lost in maharashtra Blame the aghadi.

  58. I mean u can literally see Masjids gate in the photo…I know the station is close to masjid but Moulvi was alleged calling out the crowd…LOL…

  59. Who is taking care of print… You one day will disappear because of anti Hindustan and pro muslim you lacking of national interest shame on print… I recommend not read this prejudiced perverted news media

  60. It is clear that this is a diabolical, desperate attempt by the Siddiquis(local MLA) /Congress/Jehadi supporters/NCP to derail Modi’s successful handling of the Coronavirus pandemic that has earned him a lot of laurels from all around the globe .. though it will fail again, as miserably as ever!!
    Times Now & Republic have smelt it right !!
    It’s a pity that the opposition parties, urban naxals, communists and jehadi fundamentalists … with a great deal of help from journalists/media like yours … can go to any length to defame Modi, even if it puts countless human lives at risk !!
    However be assured of one thing … if one is sensitive enough … one can discern from the way things are rolling out in India and across the globe, that stage is being set for Modi to become a world renowned global leader for years to come and India, a great Hindu Rashtra … the greatest superpower on earth!!

    • Mr Acharya: By the same token, aren’t you going to great lengths to defend PM Modi regardless of his many follies ? A pogrom under his belt, untold hardships inflicted on the poor and workers in the informal sector through demonetisation, authoritarianism, refusal to talk to the press, resfusal to combat lynchings of Muslims, weakening the federal structure of the nation and now this botched response to the coronavirus?

      Of course, if your believe that Arnab Goswami who does the bidding of his paymasters in the Sangh Parivar indulges in journalism, well, I laud you for your perspicacity !

  61. So the moral of this story is not to keep faith in our Fifth Estate because at any time anyone can make false claims and the new property will just write an apology or just dismiss the matter.. Great we are all screwed.Can’t trust the state can’t trust the center now the news can’t be trusted…

  62. So is print suggesting their approach to reporting is the right way to go and the most neutral…??
    These guys in print… Are they touched in the head or is this another covid positive symptom?

    Any which way.. The readers are not as dumb as Print thinks.

    Wake up guys otherwise you would not be able to moo up a good opposition in this country even for the next election

  63. We al know Print is a media , functioning only to disgrace Modi ji and BJP……
    By this article, this Print is desperately trying to remove the word Masjid from all TV channels report, which is not possible even by this learned writer…..
    Idea is to save the Muslim community, who had ” somehow” assembled, around 3000-4000 of them in the name of migrate workers, but break the ” lock down ” and spread Corona.

  64. Instead of investigating they play the guessing game with all their biases. Whoever did this, it was a failure by the state government and its police.

  65. On the limited point of reference to Masjid, the writer seems to have missed the point that some thousands amongst the Muslims have not helped paint their community in good colours. Delhi has attributed 68% of the present COVID 19 infections to Tabghlis. Elsewhere in the country too, the Muslims have shown propensity to gather in mosques for collective prayers. Why blame others for self-inflicted injury of this community?

  66. The one truth in this spectacle was the collection of a large number of people who desperately wanted to return to their villages. Many of them may well have been Muslims. The mosque is close by, and so is the suburban railway station. To spin such a bizarre tale – after we have seen what chaos the first announcement of a lockdown caused amongst migrants – is simply Supari journalism. I don’t know what the business model of these channels is, would not watch them if paid to do so, often pray that this dark phase of our journalism soon draws to a close.

  67. Now a days I, personally do not see these so called news channels because of the false, fabricated and communal outlook of them.Each and every news channels are up in arms to project the communal history and they are concertedly doing this.Corona has made us united in home, but these channels are dividing us which is more more harmful than Corona!! Beware , people of India!!!

  68. Apart from how such incidents are reported, the real issue is how such incident can happen? It beats logic that someone could believe that after a clear message from PM just a while ago, Railways would start trains almost at the stroke of 12 in the afternoon without any prior notice and rush to a station from where no train anyway originates (being a sub urban station) and without any luggage and possibly any ticket or money in pocket! Police have failed in its surveillance and intelligence gathering and did not call out ABP Mazha, the moment fake news was being spread. It is a different matter who could have organized this tamasha but prevention is better than post facto inquiry after some serious loss of life and damage to property etc. Police should worry about such hot spots when health ministry is engaged about corona hot spots!!

  69. Well written and a correct review of the situation, a large section of our media has become biased and rabid, but who will bell these cats roaming wild?
    As far as the issue of food for the stranded or the poor there have been numerous comments by the establishment regarding the availability of “Shiv Thali” at a highly subsidised rate of Rupees 5 per meal, nevertheless I have been unable to trace a single such location where such meals are being served in Mumbai. Except announcements that they have stepped up to serving 80,000! yes 80,000 meals a day, there is no reportage nor signs of any such activity.
    Could you kindly check the veracity of these facts? Many like me face possible lack of food and money in the coming months if the situation does not improve, this would really help.

  70. What did the reporters mean that migrants had gathered without luggage?were they expecting….designer suitcases or what…. could they not see everyone had a backpack with their essentials & perhaps 2/3 pairs of clothes…!

  71. So what is this article about? Looks like it smells of another Jihadi conspiracy is being hidden desperately? Or that Vinay Dubey belonged to NCP and the local MIM MLA was ready with food supply in a container truck…how about pre-planned? The print just tell us who is funding you to write against other news channels that care two hoots for your propaganda?

    • This fellow is bhakt, then mr. Bhakt, NCP is Jihadi group antinational ?
      Delete this before anyone from the ruling party of maharashtra NCP would notice your tiny te te and you will be behind bar without clanging utensils, fill your subconscious state of mind with beautiful thoughts after cleaning and cow’s dung and urine it’s filled in
      Anyway be happy with your andhbhakti and find one handsome in your several gods to better bow, rather than claiming to be desh bahkt

    • Dear Sridhar,Do you mean to imply that all news channel should be hand in glove with each other by supporting each other’s claim. This pillar of democracy would be more stronger if one news channel strives to cross check the story propagated by another.

    • Dear your comment seems to be irresponsible falls accusation and defamatory which would force you to be prosecuted under sections of Indian penal codes IPC sections hence you are save before your tiny te te is unnoticed otherwise you will be behind bar without clanging utensils

    • It is plain and clear that the migrant workers were beginning to suffocate because of the lockdown. It is quite natural isnt it? Without movement, without income and stuck in an alien environment far from their homes one can imagine how desperate they must be to see their families and be with them in these frightening times. So it does make sense why they have lost control of themselves and demanding to be sent home. But what is most serious is the attitude of people like you and those like you. Why has it become a fashionable trend in India today to give a communal angle to everything. This has become the norm ever since this dictatorial government came into power. This is taking the country nowwhere but certainly to disaster. Words like ‘jihad’ ‘masjid’ etc are readily used to distract from the government’s inefficiency to bring order to a chaotic undisciplined society that is turning insane with bigotry and hate day by day fuelled by news channels that openly propogate hateful propaganda against Muslims creating thereby a community of imbeciles who have lost all commonsense and human morality. God help this nation.

  72. It’s a known fact that channels like Times Now and Republic don’t broadcast news. They just broadcast tamasha. There is nothing journalistic about it.

    But who watches these channels. And what must be the IQ of these people who watch these channels?

    • Sir
      I watch all these channels and dor change of taste I watch NDTV. Rest assured my IQ if not better won’t be below yours

    • I watch these channels, and am confident my IQ and qualifications are no less than yours, or of those who do not watch these channels. You may appreciate, and be starstruck by, IQ of opposers of these channels.

      The opposers! Recall, Mr Chidambaram asked around 18 March- why is govt shy of declaring lockdown? Later, they say, they support lockdown. Since then, several u- turns on it. Is it worth spending time over such people at this critical hour?

    • Your comment is 100% true sir. These so called journalists have already dented the image of India in abroad and no one is gonna believe us in near future.

  73. Since it is a huge intelligence failure of the SS, NCP and Congress government The Print is making lame attempts to divert the core issue. How did the people gather in thousands with the notice of the police or even the local politicians in that area ? Is it not a fact that Vinay Dube is a NCP member who has been sen in the past with Sharad Pawar. How and why did Dube gave the call for these migrants to gather near Bandra station when the outbound trains leave from Kurla Terminus or Bandra Terminus but not the place where these people gathered. If the migrants wanted to go home how did they gather at particular spot from where no outbound train ever starts ? And what were the CM and Home minister of Maharashtra doing when this crowd was swelling ? We’re they sleeping ? In the last few days Uddhav government has cut a sorry figure and has not yet answered as to why Jitendra Avhad, the NCP minister in his cabinet not be sacked for assaulting a man in his bunglow, or how the Home Minister of Maharashtra allow the criminals called Wadhavans to Espace to Mahabaleshwar when there was a lockdown ? Uddhav Thackeray withers seems to be sleeping at the wheels or this is the dirty work of Sharad Pawars ministers in order to deny any credit to Uddhav Thackeray for handling corona issue. The internal differences are very clear. And less said about the Congress better it is. It always excels in such events where a chaos or ruckus has to be created. Congress through the dirty tricks department allowed the situation to boil. So much politics being played out here due to internal power struggle in the Mahaaghadi but Shailaja Bajpai tries to divert attention from this ? For so long these well entrenched media guys have been used to congress’s lavish hospitality. They will never speak about auch collossol failures or heinous crimes like the ebating up of a man in the ministers presence in his bunglow. Will any BJP minister get away if he commits such crime ? The entire media will burn down the SM and MM platforms and go to town with endless discussions. Shekhar Gupta is also completely silent on the Avhad and Wadhavans issue, failing to criticise or take the ministers or CM to task, indicating his tacit approval for these serious governance issues. And then The Print blames Republic TC, India TV and all those who speak against this. Shame shame biased, dirty mediamen.

    • Shame on you who along with their masters, the BJP and the media are playing politics, reporting selectively. Why not questioning the Gujarat’s BJP govt for the migrant crowd gathered at Surat. Happily looking the other way.
      What about Railways booking tickets for the rest of April, and then not announcing/informing about cancellation bcoz of extension of lockdown. Whose fault? Isn’t of Railways under Central govt of BJP. Why did the ABP Reporter Kurkarni spread the false news of Special Trains arranged for migrants to return.
      Shame on you all for playing Dirty politics.

  74. Ok. You report the fact then. But your history is too tainted. You are no exception to fake news reporting , the print. Remember.

  75. This kind of article would carry lot more heft if a separate piece is written on NDTV, India Today Rajdeep Group, Aaj Tak, News 24 Rajeev Shukla, The Print Shekhar Gupta (Run, Army Chief marching towards Delhi). Ms Comrade Bajpayee, can we expect that anytime soon?

    • Shekhar Gupta, how much you try to hid your leanings towards some parties and hate against against some parties,public is not fool. You can fool yourself all the time but not the people even once, because they are open minded, watchful and more rational.

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