Monday, June 5, 2023
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Here’s what China is doing in Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan. It doesn’t look good for India

New Delhi is worried that S. Asia, once very much under its spell, could be slipping from its grasp. The key lies in PM Modi’s charisma now.

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The Chinese are not just inside Indian territory, they seem to be closing in and around India as well. From Afghanistan in the north-west to Nepal in the north to Bangladesh in the east, the Chinese are no longer just expanding influence in South Asia, they are close to becoming its pre-eminent power.

Less than 24 hours ago, India received another jolt to her regional ambitions as Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi invited China’s special envoy to Afghanistan, Liu Jian, to Islamabad to help end the 19-year-war in that country. Qureshi is today meeting a Taliban delegation, led by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar – who the Pakistanis kept in a jail safe-house for more than eight years before releasing him back to the Taliban in 2018 – to set the stage for the meeting with Liu.

Back in the east, in Bangladesh, the Chinese have been wooing Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her powerful army long enough for her to consider an equidistance between Beijing and New Delhi.

A complex mix of airport contracts (the Chinese have just won the tender to build a second terminal in Sylhet, nearby India), defence agreements — which include an ultra-modern submarine base called BNS Sheikh Hasina in Cox’s Bazaar, a new naval base in Patkhauli and the delivery of a Chinese Corvette to strengthen its naval forces — and 97 per cent duty-free access for Bangladeshi goods, have made China not just Bangladesh’s largest trading partner, but also its largest investor.

In Nepal, meanwhile, a report said that China had occupied large tracts of land in seven districts bordering the country – in Dolakha, Gorkha, Darchula, Humla, Sindhupalchowk, Sankhuwasabha and Rasuwa – pushing the Nepali boundary further south. However, Nepal strongly denied these claims and the newspaper apologised for publishing it. Beijing is also pushing Kathmandu to sign a memorandum to seal a 2019 draft agreement allowing both countries to survey and map Mount Everest.

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Bangladesh sends a message

So even as China digs its heels in Ladakh, reinforcing physical infrastructure and airlifting troops to guard the Line of Actual Control (LAC), Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla to Bangladesh last week on a special aircraft with messages of peace and friendship.

Certainly, there’s something special about Bangladesh. There’s the 1971 blood tie, the fact that Bangladesh nestles into the Bay of Bengal and is the early transition into Southeast Asia. When India looks east, it first espies Bangladesh.

But when Foreign Secretary Shringla’s plane landed, no senior official of any consequence came to receive him, or see him off. In sharp contrast, when a team of 10 Chinese doctors arrived in Dhaka to help Bangladeshis combat the coronavirus in June, foreign minister A.K. Abdul Momen came to the airport to welcome them.

According to the Bangladeshi media, Hasina kept Shringla waiting for several hours before finally seeing him. No photos were released to the media of their meeting – the only ones that found its way to the newspapers was a photo of Shringla in Dhaka in March. Nor was there a proper briefing to the Bangladeshi media afterwards by Hasina’s office, except for a couple of predictable statements. Shringla came quietly and left quietly.

If this was a diplomatic reprimand by Hasina, the message was loud and clear. Fact is, Shringla is well-liked in Dhaka where he was High Commissioner from 2016-2019. He knows everyone across the political spectrum. It seems the implied rebuke was not personal.

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A break in ties

One key reason for the missing warmth is the Home minister Amit Shah’s charge in 2018 that illegal immigrants in Assam are like “deemak” or termites who take away the jobs of locals; Shah repeated the charge in West Bengal during the 2019 campaign, adding that if the BJP came to power, it would throw all infiltrators into the Bay of Bengal.

For a prime minister whose Awami League party has been joined at the hip with India since 1971, Shah’s remarks were not just a cold shower, they undermined her. They put at risk the affections of a whole political party in power in a subcontinent India likes to call her own.

Hasina had already been tempted by Chinese president Xi Jinping’s $24 billion generosity when he came visiting in 2016. When she visited China in mid-2019, premier Li Keqiang promised to better synergise China’s Belt and Road with Bangladesh’s development strategy. The Sylhet airport came in April this year. Less than a fortnight ago, China agreed to fund a massive project for the management of the Teesta river for nearly $1billion – a river that flows into Bangladesh from north Bengal.

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Time is now

Certainly, India hasn’t lost Bangladesh – at least, not yet – notwithstanding all the goodies the Chinese are offering. There are several connectivity projects underway, the most recent being the movement of cargo from Kolkata to Agartala, via Chittagong port.

Just like the fact that India hasn’t lost Afghanistan – at least, not yet – despite the fact that Pakistan is very much back in the game, brokering the future with its good friends, the Taliban, with a little help from Big Brother China.

Clearly, New Delhi is worried that the neighbourhood, once very much under its spell, could be slipping from its grasp. The key, of course, lies in PM Modi improving political ties with leaders in the neighbourhood and keeping the atavistic tendencies of his party, the BJP, in check. Will he be able to do it?

Views are personal.

This article has been updated to reflect changes.

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  1. It is very well true that Modi ji has alienated India from socialistic economic system and countries who have leaning to leftist ideology . Modi ji has now completely aligned India to America and countries in American Group. He appears to be ready taking direct confrontation with China with the help of Israel,Japan and Australia. Modi ji`s Hindutv is limited only to election propaganda and capturing the seat of prime minister and it has no role at all in foreign policy .Amit Shah and his coitrie is number one fool who is spoiling the whole game of Modi. This contradiction in ministry is making India weak.

  2. The sum total is the BJP cannot manage good relations with any neighbours – even Hindu Nepal. When they cannot manage good relations between Indians, how will they know how to build relations with neighbours ?

    The BJP is run and followed by angry, delusional Hindus.

  3. These small countries – Pak, Bdesh, Nepal, Srilanka – have no identity of their own, except that the former two are famous for radical islam and terrorists. Basically, all these populations are originally hindus, now turned into followers of alien faith and values and hence struggling for own identity. There lies the problem and here comes the deveil – the atheist chinaman – peddling these unfortunate people towards new land of opportunity; yes, allegiance to CCP. China will usurp all these lands, except India, and this may come at enormous cost of their bleeding resources and population. Ke sera sera.

  4. Enough is enough, now Hindus will no more suppressed by Islamic terrorists or any other country. We will fight up to our last blood and if needed we have power to destroy this whole world for our own Survival. Our Dharmagranth- Ma Geeta preaching us that there is no harm to destroy or kill Adharma (bad people/ bad work) from this world. So whoever will come on way will die his own death. Now India is more stronger under the leadership of Honorable Modiji and Mr. Shaha. We all Indians are with our PM and our Military. If needed we are ready to on border to protect our country. This is not a Country of Neharu who allowed Chinese to encroached our land, this is land of Hindus who have enough capacity to teach lessons to anyone. So be careful onwards…. So say Jai Hindu Rashtra….

  5. Many saying Amit shah said this or bjp RSS doing this that.china is also tackling Muslim’s problem that too with high handedness.if Bangladesh is so pure, why is it member of oic, Muslim group.if infiltrators r not so bad, y trying to send rohingyas, keep them.diplomatic talks on economy &other things should b dealt. But on religious matters we don’t need to be so politically correct always. That’s how Muslim’s infiltrate all d societies. While Islamic countries r opaque to others to infiltrate.

  6. It is high time that Modi tells Amit Shah to shut his trap on foreign affairs and inter religious matters.
    He has vitiated the atmosphere here and abroad. It is still not irreversible but the silence of the PM is strange.
    Evidently Modi owes a lot to Shah from his governance in Gujarat so he gives him a free hand and cannot stop him from opening his mouth.
    Modi must immdiately take steps personally to get our friendly neighbours banck on board. Mere mouthing statements will not suffice with China being so actively courting our neighbours.

  7. 1)Bangladesh is not Pakistan. Give money and weapons Pakistan ll do anything against India. Bangladesh has its own interests. We should be happy if Bangladesh prospers. A progressive state will not involve in war or terror. You can see that with Pakistan. With low socioeconomic/ education status it has become breeding ground for terror.
    2) Let China splurge it’s wealth and loose money why should we care. If we are strong economically , technologically and militarily then they won’t dare look in the eye. India should concentrate on technology advancement with more private players coming in.
    3) No country will fight wars for China how much ever money they give. They might be able to set up few more military bases even those are not permanent.
    4) We better concentrate on our economy than worry about China. China has bigger head aches.

  8. Because of Modi & Shaw boulevardery soon India will become as Pakistan & Pakistan as India., This my personal opinion.

  9. With all its size, India is actually worse than many sub saharan countries in Africa in terms of all socioeconomic indicators
    We were never under the spell of this monstrosity.
    The ultimate failure of India is not far away,
    A blessing for her neighbours

  10. As long as India produces cheap goods, Bangladesh will buy. They do not like Hindus that is for sure. But they want to export their illegal people to India to make Muslim majority states in West Bengal. Can India afford to do that? NO.

    • As if Modi Sha, kapil Mishra etc like Muslims. Love should be mutual. One thing is very sure unless modi changes his atitude and regin in(if he can) the RSS and the likes India’s trajectory is downwards

      • India’s trajectory is downwards, but Hindus are delusional about Modi and themselves.

        They believe Modi has put them on the world stage and the whole world is in awe of Hindus.

        In Modi’s foreign tours, all he did was to attend some grand parties with large NRI Hindu crowds in some stadia. Hindus abroad and Hindus in India too saw that as an achievement and change in India’s profile.


    • So Nepal should review its relations with lndia. It should ask for the visa system to be introduced

  12. I think India should strengthen itself and use its resources to develope India economically and militarily. If money is only criteria than India cannot spend its money like China and should not do so as friends brought through money will never last long. Increase relationship with other developed countries instead of waiting its resouces on nebeighours. Nobody including China will dare to attack us if we are strong. Izrael is example.

  13. Not sure what the problem is if India’s neighbors go with China or any other country. After all they are free nations and can choose as they wish. The Indian government’s primary responsibility is to it’s own citizens well being. India doesn’t need internationalist PMs who are out to sort out the world while their own backyard burns. Focus on healthcare, education, economy of Indian citizens. Neighbors will take care of themselves. Even if all neighbors become Chinese puppets, India will not be affected if it prioritises it’s own citizens.

  14. Modi has no charisma but Shroud religion card of Ram Mandir Janumbhumi, was projected and promoted by Ambani Media blast for the last 7, 8 years. Which snatched away the top BJP leader Advani from the top slot. Yatra of Advani against the Babri Mosque made him more popular among RSS, Hindutava. Don’t understand why Indians have a misconception of being superpower/Regional, while there is one Billion poverty-stricken almost barefoot Indians have been seen recently by the world over. Poverty spreading more rampant in the last 6 years of the Modi government due to massive unemployment, stagnant economy, more spending on defense of $60 Billion while having massive poverty. No foreign policy works for a good while neighbors treated accordingly. China did not consider India as its enemy until containment policy around China and the Doklam episode have occurred while having a $60 Billion trade with India, India turning more Communal day by day, we may see a civil war due to communal rise and Demonizing of Indian Muslims of 40 color. There have been about 65 thousand Communal Riots that have been occurred since 1947 according to the Home Ministry of India.

  15. What do they expect when they build dam on international river, drying the land during summer and flooding the neighbouring country during rainy season? Not batting an eye when Myanmar pushed in 1.2 million refugees into an already burdened economy? Mass murdering at the border? Building up trade gap by billions? Do they really think neighbour will hang on a loose-truce built in 1971, and that also to push forward their political agenda and benefitting heftily from that too?

  16. China’s influence is increasing in all of India’s neighbours, with the sole exception of Bhutan, while India’s influence is declining. How long will tiny Bhutan keep believing that India can guarantee its security when India cannot ensure its own security against the Chinese aggression? India was never placed so badly in its neighbourhood.

  17. .

    “Clearly, New Delhi is worried that the neighbourhood, once very much under its spell, could be slipping from its grasp. The key, of course, lies in PM Modi improving political ties with leaders in the neighbourhood and keeping the atavistic tendencies of his party, the BJP, in check. Will he be able to do it?”
    To answer the above, India needs to do a serious introspection as to what has led to the current deep distrust of the country by its neighbors.
    Mr.Modi came to power with a slogan of neighbor first, which has in reality turned out to be neighbor last.

  18. Starting with Pandit Nehru, most PMs thought they were experts in managing external affairs. Modi has seen some success following the same style of personal diplomacy in the middle east and with western nations. But, his personal embassies to Pakistan, China and neighbouring countries has borne negative results. It is high time that he leaves the diplomacy and management of external affairs in the professional hands of Dr.Jayashankar and his diplomats.

    • He has only one diplomacy : sing to Hindus resident abroad. That is the purpose of his tours. Get funding from Hindus settled abroad who feel delusional about him.

  19. Excellent analysis, matching the reputation of the author.
    However I feel the reasons for current situation in Bangladesh should have included the statement by our home minister in Parliament, at the time of introducing CAB, ‘that even today atrocities on Hindus continue in Bangladesh’

  20. India needs to develop itself with advanced tech and be a strong ally with US and Europe especially, Germany. US and India need Germany more than ever to counter China.

  21. Bangladeshi people r totally frustrated seeing anti Muslim propaganda done by BJP.When Sk Hasina in 2009 started her new mission to enhance India-BD relation in to a new height by (1) closing all anti-India terrorists camp from BD soil,thus removing security concern related to BD eastern boarder(2)implementing long desired connectivity projects towards eastern region via BD etc,BD was assured all her long long standing problems would be solved.BD thought India would march forward with new mission n vision to develop entire subcontinent (atleast encompassing BD),which would usher new hope n inclusive environment but with frustration it saw Indian action based on Hindutva which created hate n division.Today very few people of BD r infavour of India which In 2009 was atleast 80%.
    India under BJP spoiled environment of long standing n permanent friendship scope initiated by Hasina.

    • What is Bangladesh’s reaction on the plight of Uighurs?
      The subcontinent is made up of sovereign countries which pursue the interests of their own country. I have never noticed any spell of lndia.

  22. Indian government is still influenced by British colonialism. They tend to compare us vs them in each and every thing..
    Regarding Nepal, Indian ambassador went to meet prime Minister wearing sandals ( chappal) and during talk he put his one leg above another . And was dictating what and what not to do during writing new constitution.
    Even a puny ambassador showed arrogance and lacked mannerisms. Because according to india mindset , nepal is landlocked and have to ask help from India for trades and all..
    There is no friendship between nepal , its all blackmailing and bullying.

    China in other hand, doesn’t meddle in internal mess , just keeps equidistance between everyone and only cares about business and mutual connectivity.

  23. If these neighbors want to send a message to India than it is fine.

    Dragon has become a loan shark and Pakistan Srilanka are prime example of that.

    Nepal will be history in couple of years as dragon will capture once oil prachanda hand over the keys to it.

    In realpolitik there are no friends or enemies but permanent interest. If these neighbors think these loans are investment then let it be.

    India under these circumstances should not bail them out. If India national security is at risk then it has right to defend itself even if that means intervening or regime change in these neighboring countries.

  24. I agree with SID. India is a big country with a diverse and big population and has a lot of issues. India should focus on its own development first and become self sufficient in many areas. There is no point becoming jarry about what china does,, It is pursuing its self interests. We have to ensure that we can defend our self and also have the capacity to take any body who come for a fight. next, ensure our country men have a good standard of life and cherish our diverse and rich cultures and landscapes. We have to focus on our development first. The neighbours ..aaaaa let them take care of their lives.

  25. India and Indian media should rather focus on the fact.
    Fact is Mr. Modi, Amit Shah and so called RSS ideology shall lead India nowhere. Both of them are self absorbed and don’t care about the rest.
    Once Gandhi’s ideology lead India was respected and cherished.

    Fact is Indian ministers are respectless and demeaning to all Bangladeshi.
    Fact is India is not giving any rightful share of anything. Killing every second day in the border but is enjoying the favors of bangladesh.

  26. Modi’s divisive domestic politics are destroying long standing relationships in our neighbourhood! As we’ve seen in Maharashtra, he comes across as untrustworthy to alliances, even (allegedly) going back on promises. IF this is the attitude to diplomacy too, we’re bound to be isolated even more by a greedy China in the future.

    Let’s just say that his domestic policies are the biggest assets for both Pakistan and China!!

  27. The article is correct, except for the following : The key lies in PM Modi’s charisma now.

    First of all, Modi’s charisma is only with Hindus in India and Hindu NRIs. All non-Hindus despise him and can see he is stupid and incompetent – ask any Muslim, Sikh or Christian.

    To say the solution lies in Modi’s charisma sounds like a typical remedy a dumb Hindu bhakth might suggest. Is Jyoti one of them ?

  28. India has failed to keep friendly attitude with its neighbor, specially India never tolerate Bangladesh people demand, India blindly has been supporting autocratic regime of Bangladesh, one party Awami league and taking all advantages from them, Bangladesh people afraid of India, Indian BSF frequently killing innocent Bangladesh in LOC, India always interfering Bangladesh internal political and economic matters, India and Bangladesh has huge commercial gap, India have taken all benefits from Bangladesh but never provide any kinds benefits to the people of Bangladesh like water and land sharing, access Bangladesh TV channels, etc. India did not share assets with Bangladesh which has left by British empire in 1947

  29. When the most important thing for a party in power is to win elections only then..yeh toh hona hi tha

  30. I wonder –

    – if the current administration is so moronic that they aren’t aware that this is going on in their backyard

    – if they’re aware, and not doing anything about it – then they’re as good as dead. If they’re doing something about it, do they really owe us a debrief ?

    – is the media allowing their perception of Modi/Shah’s “authoritarian” image to slant their opinion about such matters. Do you folks really think these guys are so delusional ?

    Can we give them the benefit of the doubt and not turn into armchair foreign policy experts ?

  31. What did the left and congress do in the last 60 years that made this situation better or worse? Indian foreign policy mess for the last 50+ years and jokes like non-alignment will require some 100 years to clean up. The ambivalence in policy and positions of our foreign policy and the resulting mess is studied everywhere in all the capitals of the world. How come a great nation with such huge population and territory cannot stand up and say “what it wants from the neighbors and the world”? Why India is sounding so confused from the time it gained indepedence. Who would walk away from the UN seat that was offered and give it to China? It looks like it is Modi who is ruling this country for the last 50+ years with everyone being marginalized. You guys are sounding like losers without any constructive ideas but ready with finger pointing to BJP all the times as if they were the ruling the country for the last 50+ years. And those who actually created this monster are now becoming wise cracks with “I told you do ” pontification. You cannot resist that temptation of “I told you so” hits at the people who voted BJP. Wise cracks and below the belt opportunistic attacks don’t get you anywhere author. We got you.

  32. Sooner or later India will lose Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bengaladesh, Sri Lanka and Iran. Indian foreign policy has many flaws. Indian government has already spent a huge taxpayers money in these countries, in return what is benefit. India should try to use intelligent policy to keep Pakistan away from China and it is not difficult!
    Smart policies always work well. The more you puch Pakistan, it will bring more close to China. Please revisit foreign policy, it does not cost money but much better result can be achieved.

  33. Modi and Amit shah are dangerously damaging the secular image of India
    Hatred especially against muslims is common and was shown when people from jamaat were illegally held responsible for spreading Corona virus. Revoking of 370, demographic changes in Kashmir and the citizenship bill are some of the infamous decisions.

  34. I was wondering what would have been the author’s view if Modi was not the PM. Chinese aggression not on individual leader, but their propensity to expand. They are doing with their money power.

  35. A country is respected by its military might and economic strength. Economically we are weak. Militarily we are not strong. I mean vis a vis China. That is the problem. What we cannot do due to economic and military weaknesses, we should try to compensate them through diplomacy. Unfortunately the days of alliances of the type that existed during the Cold War period is over. No country will come to others help, unless there is a convergence of interests. Where is the convergence of interest in case of India is the question that needs to be answered. Mrs Gandhi struck a deal with the then USSR in the crucial years of 1971 that checkmated the US and China when we dismembered Pakistan and created Bangladesh. Today Russia is friendly with India but is aligning with China. The US will not come to our help because there is no compelling need for them to intercede on our behalf. China therefore adopts minatory tactics to browbeat us. Gen Rawat talks of military option. Our Prime Minister is circumspect – with very strong reason. The last thing that this country wants is war. We cannot afford it. Our Economy will not bear it. The cost will be too much. What is the solution? The present no-war-no-peace situation should continue even as we keep our gunpowder dry. Let us not provoke China – nor Pakistan. Let us consolidate the gains arising out of annulment of Article 370. Let us play our cards with lot of diplomatic dexterity in multilateral forum, even as we shore up our economy and enhance our military capabilities. Nuclear option .is a double edged weapon. Can we accept the damage arising out of counter attacks? Let us talk peace -and prepare for war, if war is needed, at a later date, when we are ready. akp

  36. Every country have their own self interest. Why should India compromise on their own? The world revolves around money, none of these countries are supporting China because they have new found love for Chinese music. It is just about money. Every neighbors across the world have some or the other issue. Is China not having issues with all its neighbor.? Is China not mistreating Muslims? . The key here for India is to look for common grounds with neighbors and build better relations, but not at the cost of India’s self interest.

  37. This lady is half knowledge. All relationships are based on power and money. Look at Trump is bashing china all day but all along china keep quiet. If we have money they will obey . It’s all depend on money. Btw our diplomats are useless. They still following 1900 style what modi can do. Congress destroyed this country.

  38. When international issues are used to win domestic elections, what do you expect? Aksai Chin has been with the Chinese since 1962. If you want it back, strive silently to retrieve it. Instead, our Chanakya makes an impassioned speech in the Parliament. Where is the planning or the resources to make it happen? China does everything quietly and has proved that India does not have the stomach, militarily or economically, to have a full blown war to get back it’s territories, let alone Aksai Chin. Then again, this so called Chanakya has not spared any effort to alienate Bangladesh. I recall, that after chasing Naga insurgents deep into the Burmese territory, remarks disparaging the Burmese government were made which no sovereign government would have taken kindly. Our PM’s interference in Nepal’s internal affairs is only too well known.

  39. You rightly pointed out the remarks made by BJP leaders especially Amit Shah clearly shows that they consider Bangladesh as nobody. They should have been careful about their remarks and political moves. Bangladesh under Hasina will never think of forgetting the contributions of India during our liberation war and subsequently solving our long-standing border disputes.. On its part, Bangladesh, under Hasina has been behaving as a friend of India, particularly in stopping the terrorist training camps of North East insurgents of India, providing transit facilities to India. We expect BJP leaders should check their tongues and stop behaving like Big brother. We want a relationship with mutual respect and friendship.

  40. To all Modi bhakts, let’s look at the outcomes and thereafter comment, it’s the outcome that matters ! each of our neighbourhood policy are in tatters (except perhaps Bhutan , as of now) , thus it’s just more than photo op diplomacy or hugging! The proof of the pudding lies in its eating ! Just being a blind supporter doesn’t help. Yes be a blind supporter of the country and then evaluate the state of affairs, that will bring up what’s the actual situation!

  41. Bangladesh wants the right to send its poor labourers to India and make west Bengal a Muslim majority state. Should India allow that? Bangladeshi people are very anti Indian and it would not make any difference whatever India does.

  42. Tribhuvan Darbari – India and China need to redesign and reshape a new conflict management framework. The aggression from the Chinese side is extremely distressing. Not only India but the world is a victim of China’s demented behavior and therefore, China needs to introspect and start working towards making the world a better place. For the past decade, China has adopted forward policies matched by new connectivity links to the frontier, especially after the COVID19 pandemic when China was found to be the culprit of this most inhuman act. High-level talks between both the nations’ special representatives were intended to lay out a framework within which each side would bring forward their claims for serious bargaining to commence but due to China’s hubristic behaviour and exploits, it could not come to a conclusion. China needs to be more sensible and behave responsibly. #TribhuvanDarbari #Tribhuvan #Darbari #DarbariTribhuvan #Darbari_Tribhuvan #IndiaChinaFaceoff #TribhuvanDarbariBlog #TribhuvanDarbariThoughts

  43. Would love to see you do an interview on this on youtube.. thats so much more engaging.. maybe you should have something like DK, your politics man where viewers can ask questions..
    the situation is worrying in our neighborhood!

  44. Modi doesn’t care about foreign policies as far as he is getting votes. CAA has divided Indians but it’s uniting Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan through China as a meditator. Modi is just playing RSS agenda despite knowing that RSS was formed taking inspiration from Hitler’s Nazi.

  45. Please don’t conclude so early.. This is a new flux that has just started. New alignments will happen all over the world, Its a game and don’t rush to underestimate or overestimate our strengths and weaknesses. India is getting ready for bigger games- Come out of Pakistan centered mindset. Thanks to the Chinese for everything that it is doing, it does help in getting the priorities right for India. Very interesting times have just started for India.

  46. I can see that author is trying to put her own Agneda here. Bangladesh’s actions are based on their own economic interest. No because of some remark made during a rally by some politician. If a villain has to be found in India it will be Mamta Di, who is not allowing the sharing of Teesta water.

  47. Economy Economy Economy, those are the 3 words we need to remember. We need to make our neighborhood partners in our economy. We ought to be generating enough jobs for us and more. The short sightedness of Indian leadership starts with the Congress Party from the pre-independence era. The contagion afflicted Nehru, and the worst was Indira. What the Congress party has done is tied our hands behind our back. Now it is up to the current regimes to get us out of that quagmire. The only way to do it, reforms reforms reforms. Reform the economy, make it easy for business. Keep the Chinese vested to the extent that it gives us an upper hand. This is not a zero sum game as the west thinks. We need to get on with the reforms and get our economy firing on all cylinders.

    Forget maligning neighbors and immigrant labor. That really does not help. Open up the borders between Bangladesh and Nepal, let talent come from all sides and contribute. Take a leaf from the US of the past. They are successful for a reason. They allow anyone with an idea to scucceed.

  48. We don’t need Nepal, Afghanistan or Bangladesh. We must not bow to these countries or give even a shred of what’s not due under the threat or fear of Chinese domination. A nuclear solution is better than camaraderie with dog eaters or pests.

  49. But why BD, Nepal and Afghanistan. What not has been said by BJP Supporters about Bangladesh despite them being nice to us. We took their diplomacy to b their weakness. Same with Nepal, we blocked their supplies during the earthquake because they went the Democratic way. And Afghanistan, what’s with them – the hatred BJP and it’s voters have for Muslims then why the need for Afghanistan and Taliban Deal to go through.
    The Indian Foreign Policy has been a disaster. It has been driven by fake slogans and rhetoric. India really needs to get to stop looking at its neighbour from a religious lens. The whole Assam Campaign was based on hate towards Bangaldeshi Muslims. And we think they didn’t see that? How dumb are we?

  50. What if India were to invite China to join SAARC as a full fledged member, allow the regional grouping to become economically productive for all members. The fear is that China would dominate, with its trade, investment flows, execution capabilities for infrastructure projects surpassing India’s. Well, that is already happening. Beijing does not require an NOC from Delhi to engage with our neighbours, barring possibly Bhutan. 2. As for the geopolitics, except to the Lord Curzons sitting in South Block, it is evident that the tectonic plates on which the subcontinent rests are moving remorselessly to the north east. Great pity that Dr Jaishankar, a gifted diplomat, first as FS, now as EAM, is unable to prevent so many follies and missteps. After reading this column ( the first comment was posted after reading the heading and blurb, an old vice ), it seems to me that FS Shringla ought not to have been sent to Bangladesh. We have been diminished.

  51. For an easy move fwd , to keep India at the top in South Asia. Only , internally focused policies of the government, are not enough . But to keep you alive in world erina , a country like India ;, must reduce it’s enemosity around it .
    Even improvement in relations , with Pakistan is very important . Never close the window for fresh air.

  52. I feel our home minister Amit shah should be treated for Foot in the mouth disease apart from Corona & should be quarantined forever because India is facing problems with its neighbors due to his foolhardy statements first terming illegal bangladeshi immigrants as termites & then provoking China by threatening to forcibly occupy Aksai chin though correct he could have been more diplomatic with his words but he was playing to the gallery for political gains which maybe the BJP might very well gain but in the long run has created animosities with good friends Bangladesh & neutral China thereby nullifying all the hardwork put by PM Modi.

  53. Modi.Shah should worry about only India.and take what is due from these countries. All countries only have interests. If its in their interest to take Chinese money and weapons, nothing will stop them. And we should work on our strengths until we find it in our interests to give them money. Fact is money. The best thing to do is get US intrests in India. Then all these two bit countries, since their kids study there or want to migrate there,will kowtow

    • Bhakths are trying to put on a brave face.

      ‘And we should work on our strengths’.

      What are our strengths ? Modi’s blind worshipers like you ?

      ‘The best thing to do is get US intrests in India.’ You are admitting India is not a superpower as claimed by your type of Hindu. No one becomes a superpower by touching someone’s feet.

      What are the US interests in India ? It is India as a captive market. Facebook wants to invest with Ambani, as BJP has an IT cell that uses Facebook to spread hate messages, and there is a large market among Hindus for that. The US wants to sell arms.

      But no one wants to come and do manufacturing in India. They prefer Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.

    • India needs to look for the right time and get in China’s surroundings. Whether it is Taiwan or Philippines or Vietnam. Increase these countries capabilities to deal with china. It’s time to take the game to China rather than playing their game. As well as make the india navy the most formidable force in Indian Ocean. If Indian needs to realign defense budget do it. May be add $100bill/year to defense budget for foreseeable future till india feels strong and confident of handling multiple enemies. Remember indias enemies like China and Pakistan understand only one thing that is military strength.

    • India needs to look for the right time and get in China’s surroundings. Whether it is Taiwan or Philippines or Vietnam. Increase these countries capabilities to deal with china. It’s time to take the game to China rather than playing their game. As well as make the india navy the most formidable force in Indian Ocean. If Indian needs to realign defense budget do it. May be add $100bill/year to defense budget for foreseeable future till india feels strong and confident of handling multiple enemies. Remember India’s enemies like China and Pakistan understand only one thing that is military strength.

    • What do they expect when they build dam on international river, drying the land during summer and flooding the neighbouring country during rainy season? Not batting an eye when Myanmar pushed in 1.2 million refugees into an already burdened economy? Mass murdering at the border? Building up trade gap by billions? Do they really think neighbour will hang on a loose-truce built in 1971, and that also to push forward their political agenda and benefitting heftily from that too?

  54. Bangladeshi still feels India to be there close not sure if we consider India as friend or brother anymore. The reasons are as follows:
    Unequal treatment (friends don’t compare on might)
    Unfair water treaty
    Uncontrollable border killing
    Trade disparity while only pushing Indian agenda
    Keeping quite on Myanmar issues

    India and Bangladesh could and should have done more jointly. Our independence is more like letting Pakistan off the hook in the eastern side. There is time and india should revisit in reference to Bangladesh. We are the last and only friend standing by the border. By the way India shares the longest land boundary with Bangladesh. We have too much to share and interchange. Don’t promote hatred based on religion. Man made religion. Religion is for people not the other way round.
    India and Bangladesh should remain friends but on equal term as our father of the nation always said.

    • The way you are writing as if Chinese are going to treat Bangladesh very well. You see how Pakistanis are treated by Chinese.

    • We got you an country and now you are murmuring about this materialistic things .

      On lives of our army, with international backlash. we freed your women and families and you are blabbing about trade ? Rohingya ? Seriously ?

    • Regarding water treaty, Bangladesh is silent on chinese dams over bramhaputra.
      Regarding borders, bangladesh did’nt do enough from their side to control illegal migration. You will find illegal bangladeshi’s in any major indian cities today
      Bangladesh is reluctant on permitting road construction from India to connect north east, but invite the chinese projects and publicize them way too much
      Regarding religion, large scale persecution of hindus, radicalization in bangladesh is a menace to them and for us as well

  55. Foreign policy is seldom guided by personalities and individual preferences. A cold appraisal of national interest, projected far into the future. A tough question for the columnist : If she was PM of Bangladesh, which country would she choose for a durable partnership ?

  56. Its good analysis but India couldn’t do more here or at least can’t do more unless it set priority right, China is succeed doing all this bcoz they become economy power house in the region. India for long been sluggish in economy reform process and development , until India won’t put priority right and focus on accelerating economic activities and inclusive we couldn’t go much beyond and can’t simply compete with a ruthless country who believe doing at any cost.

    • ‘India won’t put priority right and focus on accelerating economic activities’.

      The BJP has de-accelerated the economy. The priority for Hindus is to beat up Muslims in India.

  57. The ongoing blast of china-friendly articles is mesmerizing to say the least. It’s fast becoming difficult to ignore Print’s intention here. These “editorials” are not based on news, but they are “opinions” stupidly wrapped as news pieces. Disgusting, idiotic, and possibly a self goal for the publisher.

    • it is not China friendly. It is reality. You get almost the same views from many other publications both from within and outside the country. No point in getting angry at those who express it. Whether it is Pakistan, Bnagladesh Srilanka or Bhutan now blame it on the ruling dispensation for this sudden turn of events

    • ‘India won’t put priority right and focus on accelerating economic activities’.

      The BJP has de-accelerated the economy. The priority for Hindus is to beat up Muslims in India.

    • The Print has many Modi friendly articles written by RSS fellows, to cater to Hindus who worship Modi.

      An occasional article like this will create burning to Hindus like you, but a reality check is useful.

  58. When he went on abroad trips to reach global leaders . All morons in political leadership, non-political leadership, were off the opinion that he is always travelling to foreign countries – when other countries went to the drawing board mend their ways – you guys in the form of “open media or opinion” try vilify that PM doesn’t do anything or reach out or travel . Why’d you guys always complain ? Can Indian minds and media change and become more self – reliant and have leadership skills to find solutions and post solution instead of pinpointing and become opinionated.? What did you do and whom did you reach to the grassroots is the question now to make way good for this country

    • What did he get with all the travelling and bearhugs?Apart from good photo opportunities, give us one tangible foreign policy achievement of this government.Countries which were forever friendly to India like Nepal and Bangladesh have turned against us.The country whose leader he bear hugged the most attacked and killed twenty of our soldiers and our supreme leader is scared to even take the name of the aggressor country.
      The other countries know where their bread is buttered and have got the measure of this PM and they understand that all that he wants is PR and photo opportunities even if India loses out in the bargain.He should have remembered the adage:there are no permanent friends or foes, only permanent interests.

    • Building relations is not done by just Modi travelling abroad. He traveled abroad to meet Hindu NRIS and to give the delusions to Hindus in India that India became a superpower due to him. Modi offered yoga and Hindus felt proud. China did something more substantial, hence they will have more influence.

      That is why Modi’s pseudo diplomacy was criticised.

  59. This BJP government, with its special partnership of Modi-Shah, is creating a nightmare for India both locally and abroad. Please wake up Indian voters. There has to be a better way.

    • I think Indian voters know what they want and they especially despise foreigners with an agenda who have no idea about Indian history or the issues that people face, telling them what to do.

    • It is not like China or Bangladesh would have behaved any differently if Congress was in power in India. China wasn’t treating India any friendlier when BJP wasn’t there and neither were Bangladesh border force not killing Indian soldiers unprovoked. China has deep pockets and even rich countries like Germany are cosying up, not to talk about poor nations who are always in need. if China was democratic its people would asked where the country’s funds are being spent but an undemocrative government will do what they feel like not what their country needs.

    • Good advice Sandy. The Modi-Shah duo is like a Hindu version of Hitler-Goebels. The problem is a large section of Hindu voters have become like the Germans who got seduced y Hitler – they need to wake up.

    • They are bad for you people who want to destroy India, but they are good for us because they are building India and waking up Hindus who were suppressing from long back.

  60. Well, it’s precisely Modi and Shah who are the problem here. With his highness always in Superman mode, the diplomatic corps in MEA have been given the short shrift. The gentleman does whatever he feels like doing, hugging Nawaz Sharief one day and taking Xi Ping out for a riverside stroll the next day, to be followed by blockade of Nepal. Diplomacy is a fine art and a lot of hard work in strategic and tactical analysis, but in the last 6 years our experts in the MEA have even left just handling tweets of Indians who have lost their passports.

    Together with extremely short sighted and narrow vision of Shah which is always limited to domestic politics, the two gentlemen have messed up Indian foreign policy big time. It’s high time they gave foreign policy experts their due. Infact when it comes to that, better still if they can give experts in all domains their due and let them do their job – RBI, Statistical Organization, ICMR and so on. India will be much better off.

    • ‘RBI, Statistical Organization, ICMR and so on. India will be much better off.’

      Everything is decided by the RSS. Modi and Shah were schooled by the RSS.

      India should have kept the ban on the RSS. The country is collapsing in all ways.

  61. I believe he has shown too much charisma and too less strategic thinking and execution on ground. This man already had Hindu votes (will have more with Ram Mandir) but still chose to stir the CAA pot to the detriment of not only internal stability but severely hurting external affairs w.r.t Bangladesh. I believe the time for charisma and showmanship is over and actual steps have to be taken.

    • Well Ram Mandir doesn’t matter even in bit in West Bengal.

      Before 2011, when Muslim population of West Bengal hadn’t touched 25%, every party in West Bengal, except Congress (because they got all the Muslim votes), and that INCLUDES TMC, CPM, BJP were in favour of CAA & NRC. With Muslim population of West Bengal crossing 25% in 2011, they all backtracked, except BJP.

      Just like a Bangladeshi commenter wrote, the main concerns of Bangladeshi people with India is in order of priority:

      1) the Teesta Water Treaty, which no state government in West Bengal will allow to be signed (except a BJP government, probably, because by focusing on religion they can reduce the backlash they’ll face by “giving away” West Bengal’s water.)

      2) Not reducing the burden on Bangladesh by taking in Rohingya refugees (which earlier Congress governments used to enthusiastically do) – I’m sure even Congress won’t try to do that in the present political scenario of India

      3) The fake news widespread in Bangladesh which says that Indian BSF shoots and kills many Bangladeshis who stray near the border (much of which is unmarked) for farm or fishing work.

      4) India’s positive trade balance with Bangladesh. To fix this we need to forget about Atmanirbhar Bharat and preach Atmanirbhar Bangladesh.

      CAA-NRC doesn’t come into the picture even a bit. Bangladesh even said that they would take back all illegal immigrants into India if India can provide proof. You and the author needs to understand that the world doesn’t revolve around what Amit Shah says.

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