Friday, May 26, 2023
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Arnab Goswami’s arrest exposes Right-wing hypocrisy on free speech and political vendetta

Those who called for and cheered the arrest of Rhea Chakraborty want everyone to condemn the arrest of Arnab Goswami.

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The arrest of Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami this morning drew immediate condemnation from ministers in the Narendra Modi government, BJP leaders and supporters at large. That was to be expected.

However, in our polarised times, we don’t expect liberals to stand up for the freedom of a very illiberal hate-monger. Yet, we see so many liberals condemning Goswami’s arrest as an assault on freedom of speech and expression, as well as obvious political vendetta. Many liberals have made the point that they don’t agree with Arnab’s witch-hunt journalism but he doesn’t deserve to be arrested.

When liberal journalists or activists are arrested for political vendetta, we don’t see Right-wingers being so magnanimous. Nobody says, ‘I disagree with Prashant Kanojia’s politics, but he shouldn’t be arrested.’ Nobody says, ‘My politics is different from Sudha Bharadwaj’s, but she doesn’t deserve to be in jail’.

In different parts of India, so many people are facing cases or spending time in jail just because they had the temerity to oppose the Citizenship (Amendment) Act or CAA, but we don’t see a Right-winger condemning this assault on freedom for a mere difference of political opinion.

How many of these people issued even a token condemnation of the repeated arrest and harassment of a good doctor named Kafeel Khan? Rather, they have cheered such arrests. Why is it ok for Umar Khalid to rot in jail while only the arrest of Arnab Goswami is singled out for condemnation, for reminders of the Emergency and lo and behold, “fascism”?

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Justice for Anvay Naik?

While a newspaper office in Kashmir is shut down, freedom of the press is violated only when Arnab Goswami is arrested for alleged abetment of suicide. Incidentally, Arnab Goswami led a ‘witch-hunt’ by TV channels against Rhea Chakraborty, demanding her arrest for abetment of Sushant Singh Rajput’s alleged suicide, with even insinuations of homicide, when there was no evidence.

Sushant Singh Rajput left behind no suicide note, Anvay Naik did. Anvay Naik blamed non-payment of dues by Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV and two others as the reason for taking his own life. His family has been demanding justice for him. If #JusticeForSSR was legit when Rajput didn’t even leave behind a suicide note, why not #JusticeForAnvayNaik?

Please note that Goswami has not been arrested for his comments against Sonia Gandhi or Aaditya Thackeray. He’s not being arrested for anything he said on his channel about the Palghar incident of the murder of sadhus, which he needlessly tried to communalise. He’s not been arrested for his ‘witch-hunt’ against Bollywood actors. If he was arrested for any of these, you could have said it’s an assault on free speech. He’s been arrested for alleged abetment of suicide.

When Left-liberals are put in jail as political prisoners, Right-wingers say the law will take its own course. Why not let the law ‘take its own course’ in Arnab Goswami’s case?

While Arnab’s arrest is obviously caused by politics, please also note that the suicide in question took place in 2018 when there was a BJP government in place and the Mumbai Police didn’t make much of it then. If Goswami’s arrest today in an abetment to suicide case is political vendetta, then his getting away with the same charges in 2018 can be called political protection.

In other words, Arnab Goswami is getting a taste of his own medicine. India has now officially descended into legal harassment and politically motivated cases from both sides of the political divide. That’s terrible, but who started the fire?

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Freedom, in other words

How many ministers in the Modi government condemned arrests of journalists in Uttar Pradesh for reporting about children being made to sweep the floor in government schools? When a journalist in Yogi Adityanath’s UP was booked and accused of criminal conspiracy for exposing how a government school was serving roti and salt for mid-day meals, where were our Right-wingers and their concern for press freedom? Why is the BJP not reminded of the Emergency when a journalist in BJP-ruled UP is killed for reporting on a land dispute?

Smriti Irani says Arnab Goswami’s arrest is “fascism” but we didn’t hear anything at all from her when a journalist in Tamil Nadu was arrested for his Covid-19 coverage. Where was Prakash Javadekar’s concern for press freedom when journalists in Kashmir were detained and allegedly assaulted by police during the Covid lockdown? When a journalist in Gujarat is arrested and charged with sedition merely for a speculative story that the state may see a change of chief minister, how many people demanded universal condemnation?

The Modi government is arguing in court that sedition charges against journalist Vinod Dua should not be dropped. His crime? Abetment of anyone’s suicide? A suicide note blaming him? No. Merely criticising the Modi government.

It is inexplicable why Arnab Goswami deserves greater freedom than Parashar Biswas, a journalist in Tripura who was beaten up after criticising Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s threat to the media on his handling of Covid-19 pandemic.

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On principle

It makes sense for liberals to condemn the arrest of Arnab Goswami because they have been consistently condemning legal action as a form of political vendetta, the suppression of free speech, and the chilling effects on freedom of press.

Liberals spoke up for the journalist who was only doing his job in trying to cover the Hathras gangrape and murder recently. You know who was silent or even justifying their arrests? The same people who were championing Arnab Goswami’s ‘witch-hunt’ of Rhea Chakraborty on fictitious charges.

When Right-wingers speak of Arnab Goswami’s freedom, they reek of hypocrisy, because for them freedom of speech is dependent on the person’s politics. Liberals, however, are condemning Arnab Goswami’s arrest because they are in principle opposed to putting political opponents in jail.

If the Right-wing may please agree with this principle and start demanding the release of political prisoners regardless of political ideology, we’d be a freer, better, saner country.

The author is contributing editor to ThePrint. Views are personal.

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  1. See actions speek better than words.
    The Print, instead of negative journalism. You bloody focus on showing the truth.
    Arnab and Republic Bharat was the first to show truth about Sushant Singh murder, murder of saints at Mumbai and raised voice for everything for which other news channels and your shitty print stayed silent.

    Instead of throwing stones on someone for personal vendetta. Show IPL like India tv as they are also gutless like you to apologise for false accusations raised by dgp for Republic bharat.
    When proven wrong by Barc. They started showing IPL matches.

  2. The PRINT exposes LEFTWING HYPOCRISY on freedom of speech. There is no right or leftwing in India be a part of Indic wing and stop wagging your tail to the masters in China and Terrorist ideology.

  3. Sushant Singh Rajput did not leave a suicide note because he was killed by your mumbai gundas who are probably funding you to write articles like this.

  4. The difference is inspite of you and your print media spewing venom on Modi and BJP, you are free to express your biased agenda, while Arnab when spoke about his views he is targeted and put behind bars. When the same action of targeting is done on you by your main enemy BJP /Modi will you say the same. Pathetic antinational author.

  5. In his concluding speech on the last day of the Constituent Assembly sessions in 1949, Dr Ambedkar gave a PROPHETIC WARNING. Stating that in the past,disunity and disloyalty of traitors contributed to our loss of independence, he raised the query “”Will India lose her independence again ?””.He stated that he did not know

    He further said India independence would face a threat if political parties and groups place their own interest above those of the country

    • ‘He further said India independence would face a threat if political parties and groups place their own interest above those of the country’.

      He would certainly recognise Manuwadis ands BJP are just doing that. Thanks for pointing out. India is heading for break up. NE will be taken by China. Kashmir cannot be governed. The cow belt will retard the south and they will ask to separate. The cow belt will be mired in Hindu-Muslim civil war.

  6. This guy @Shivam Vij is anti national & working for Left Wing party for spreading fake news and Propaganda
    90% people of India doesn’t agree with your left wing idiology & view
    You must remember that your anti national Propaganda won’t work now so better change your behavior or get ready to see the repeat of 2014 & 2019 Everytime

    • What is the fake news ? That Amit Shah championing freedom of speech of a fascist Hindu journalist after blocking the freedom of speech of Kashmiris, is not credible ?

  7. The BJP Hindus need to understand that fighting with Shiv Sena will not be like fighting with minorities and liberals. Like the BJP, the Sena has their local musclemen and street fighters. Hindu on Hindu fight is possible, and will come when money and power are involved. It is not The Print and The Wire that arrested Arnob.

    • Hindus like you have plenty of unbiased choice – Republic, Aaaj Tak, Zee. Whats App university, what more do you want ?

      You want to close Wire and Print because they do not think like brainwashed Hindus.

      • Hindus are brainwashed? Hahaha
        It’s the left wing idiology who is brainwashed
        Hindus have woken up now
        We understand everything who is wrong and who right so your left wing anti national Propaganda won’t work
        Remember 2014 & 2019
        If you guys don’t change your anti national behavior then get ready to be kicked out in every election

        • Yes, many Hindus have been brainwashed into thinking Hindus are a world power due to Modi. The reality is India’s economy has gone down the drain, unemployment has rocketed, the govt. is inept on Covid and has given up, and India has lost land to China without a Hindu murmur.

          Yet, Hindus think the world is admiring India due to Modi. You are simply delusional. You can keep electing Modi, I have no problem. Germans only understood Hitler was a flop after their country was destroyed.

    • Why does The Print and The Wire bother you so much ?

      Is it that despite having all these Hindu fascist channels like Repubic, Zee, Aaj Tak etc. for giving you the unbiased news, you feel they are not as convincing as the liberal media like The Print and The Wire ?

  8. You hate midi. Because midi gets strength from it. The same is the case with Arnab.You scoundrels are no comparison with him. You are selling your conscience for the sake of China. You shamelessly ask donationbto cover up Chinese inducement

  9. The moral from this is as the BJP’s Hindu greed for 100% power and control grows, it will come into conflict with all the states – not only with non-BJP states, but even with Hindutva states. Hindus will fight between themselves for the cake. Maharashtra is an important state, it brings taxes, the BJP would like sole control. That is the takeaway.

    There will be many Hindus who will sully themselves to get the BJP’s favour, from the lowly kar sevak to Arnob. It is about money. Their price rates are different. The kar sevak can be bought for a few hundred rupees to do the BJP’s job, Arnob will do the same for crores, same with Thackeray. When the kar sevak is not needed, he can be burnt. When Thackeray and Arnob are needed, they can be disposed. This is the BJP’s Hindu culture, and many Hindus have absorbed this.

    India as a nation is gone, it has no great future. It will remain as Kissinger said, the largest non-important country, mired in caste, communalism, corruption.

  10. Why are bhakths blaming liberals for the arrest of their poster boy ?

    He was not arrested for his foul journalism. The liberals did not arrest him. He was arrested for not paying a financial bill and causing suicide. This is the dubious morality of this ultra-Hindu nationalist poser.

    His arrest is the fall out between two Hindu fascist allies. One represents Maratha-Hindu chauvinism. The other aims for an all-India Hindu chauvinism. Formerly, anti-Muslim sentiment was a common factor between them and fetched dividends. There may be diminishing returns in that. The BJP wants total control of Maharashtra, and all other states. The Hindu fascist allies parted ways. Liberals were not involved. Hindu greed got in the way.

    Now, if the BJP shouts about freedom of the press, stopping fascism, who will believe ? Who do they think they can fool ? Liberals or their bhakths ?

    The BJP Hindus are like Nazi soldiers in the last days of the war demanding from liberals the protection of the Geneva Convention on POWs, after what they did !

    • Here comes labeling gang. If I talk in your language, then a “chamcha aaptard” using the word “bhakt” LOL. With what face you consider yourself a liberal?
      Opposing BJP, supporting INC AAP doesn’t make you a liberal. Go an learn what liberalism truly means.
      Many “bhakts” have more liberal ideology than far left people like you.
      The number of times you have used the word ‘hindu’ proves how liberal and secular you are.
      So thanks for exposing yourself because at present citizens can clearly see through “fascism” of Congress and AAP and their ugly politics and 24*7 willingness to create riots and damage public property.
      Your entire comment stinks of the most conservative mindset and people like you have ruined the meaning of liberalism in India.
      I’m not a fan of any political party or Arnab, but citizens are not stupid to see unending antics of MH government and INC all across India.
      It’s okay to criticise republic, but with what face you consider people like Ravish Kumar and Faye Dsouza a “liberal” when they can’t cover one news without mentioning caste and religion of the murder victims and accused. You are free to watch these “liberal” journos who have stooped low enough to bring caste and religion in rape cases too.
      These journos never bothered to mention castes in cases like Nirbhaya and we know who fills their pockets. Since you are so obsessed with one religion, that’s the only way I can ask you to practice your freedom to watch channels like NDTV.

  11. This third class character called Vij who is just a keyboard warrior working with a dalal channel has the gumption to talk about Arnab Goswami. Mr third grade useless man, Arnab has the guts to take on the establishment with facts. He has the guts to take on the drug mafia, the Pawars, the Thackerays and the Sonia Antonio Maino of the world who always protect the criminals, who support the ani national agenda. If you have the courage please read the stinging observations made by the SC today on the secretary Maharashtra assembly. Parambir singh the crooked Police chief of Mumbai under direction from Pawar is filing cases after cases on Republic with filmsy charges, even the aam admi will know that the cases will not stand in court. But it is to silence Arnab. But he is nationalist unlike a compromised coward like you. There are spontaneous protests across the nation today in support of Arnab. This is because people know that Arnab stands for the truth and the Maharashtra government is hounding Republic since it has surely to hide something. But be rest assured that if there are a few black sheeps like you and your ilk in Lutyens who are enjoying this with perverse glee there are crores of Indians who are standing with Arnab and his journalism. People like you have already been exposed and no one stands with your verbal and written diahhorea today. The nation stands with Arnab. Your rants have no value except for the losers.

    • The main post is imbalanced and not at all factual. One; It is no in context to compare Rhea Chakraborty and her family and Arnab. Arnab according to High Court notes did not have any personal relations with the man who committed suicide. Two; your country clearly has issues of people committing suicide to the extent the there is an abuse of the term abatement to suicide. I also note according to court notes 90% of money was paid. Three; Rhea Chakraborty was not arrested for abatement or abbetment to suicide in the SSR CASE. She was arrested in connection with drugs allegation. So to put this posts out without some moral principle of understand the facts or trying to present facts and being truthful insults humanity. There is a fine line between wanting justice when we all know something has happened to SSR from the people who were close to him. We don’t have the complete facts yet and they will come regardless of how hard liars and cheats try to use political resources and money to sway and detail truth. So let’s keep our understanding sharp and clear.

      The case against Arnab liked or not liked is vengeful and malicious at best. This represents how far behind India as a nation are. And it provokes questions of what purpose does India actually serve or contribute to humanity and life on Earth. If people cannot speak truth or uphold the desire to speak with integrity, to know the difference between error and right of speech and behaviour.

      India faces a crucial moment in its existence and in truth this episode may push India backward possibly into oblivion. I wish India the very best. I also hope cree media prevails for INDIA desperately needs it more than ever and Republic is necessary liked or not.

      • ‘This represents how far behind India as a nation are. And it provokes questions of what purpose does India actually serve or contribute to humanity and life on Earth.’

        I do agree what 1 billion Hindus are contributing to the world. It seems to me rape, communal riots, fake news, poverty and illiteracy.

        ‘India faces a crucial moment in its existence and in truth this episode may push India backward possibly into oblivion.’

        Indeed India faces oblivion – because we have too many Hindus like Arnob and you.

    • Let’s not prejudge this case. Let the courts decide. We public don’t really know the facts.

      While Arnab has the muscle and political backing of the BJP, and will be out of this in a few days on bail, there is no respite for the others elsewhere like the Kerala journalist in Hathras or other condemned journalists in UP or elsewhere. Facts are not known in these cases and they seem to be at the mercy of the powers-that-be.

  12. Arrest & humiliation of this third rate pukeworthy loudmouth arnab gooswami is the best news of 2020. I hope alibaug police teach him a lesson which will be enough to silence the next 10 generations of the toxic gooswami family .

  13. So this Journalist is also Shoot and Run kind of Journalist. Simple question to learned Journalist where are your friends left wingers and liberals which are so vocal when even an ant is killed or even injured in BJP ruled state. You your Skill for true journalism instead of promoting hatred.


    It has not exposed RIGHT WING leaders, rather it has been proved that RIGHT WING leaders are so tolerant. Considering the present situation, I strongly believe that MODI did a big mistake in 2002 by not arresting NDTV editor in chieft for inciting the Communal RIGHTS at GUJARAT through the NIRA RADIA Broker BARKHA.

    The right thinking people of this country are clearly able to make out the difference and has clear understanding of the situation. SO, i would request you people to be mindful and awake. We know you people are spineless and you can even sell your mother if a good money is offered to you.

    So dont preach.. always remember the truth prevails. Where these liberals were when the KANJI SHANKARACHARYA was arrested in false case and the media campaign defamed him.. but he was exhonerated by SUPREME COURT.

    Enough is enough..

    • I don’t know about Shankacharya case but in the present day we readers can clearly count the number of sedition cases and attacks on journalists. UP is clear example at state level. Forget about Kashmir, you are all so tolerant that you evicted Amnesty International and you don’t care about what UNHCR tells you. And our nation is so desperate for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council!

      Right wingers – kindly don’t project a holier than thou attitude and project an aura of self righteousness. The truth will catch up with you one day. Because you are in power today you are in a position to distort the truth. While I don’t approve of the action the MVA took against Arnab, let the pot not call the kettle black.

  15. We have a galore of problems created by both the congress and BJP govts, and imagine we are all discussing a single man’s arrest for a suicide, iam sure he will be out in a few days and back at 9pm, so guys look around for better things to do in life, remember what u dow u reap

  16. This article is classic paid-pliant-media. The Print, it is out in the open that you are in bed with the drug gang, Congress and criminals.
    You attempt to draw a false equivalence between Arnab & Rhea? Are you out of your 2 brain cell minds you morons?

  17. No sir. No liberals have commented no liberals have condemned. Lets look at all those who have always been outspoken about freedom of speech such Ms Swara Bhaskar. She has condemned anything that has in anyway has even to a small degree affected the freedom of speech or expression. Why is she silent now? This is just one example. Many outspoken liberals have kept silent. You may like him because of aggressive tactics of journalism but if being honest is going to get you into jail then what kind of precedents are we going to look forward. And to all the people in the comment section calling each other names. Stop and think. Not everything is politics not should it be politics. This Maharashtra government has misused its power all because one person stood up against them. And that too someone who has such a big voice, whether you like or hate him. So think what would that government do to a normal comman man if we stood up.

    • Considering the hate and fake news Arnob has been propagating, many think he deserves a beating and he had it coming.

      The BJP laid the seeds of divisiveness, they profited from it, and Arnob played on that. It was fine for you, when defenceless Muslims and Christians were targeted by Arnob. But when you target Hindu stakeholders like SS, then there will be push back, and fights will break out between Hindus.

  18. what is the proof that SSr left with no Suicide note. That would have been destroyed by those who abet the crime?

  19. When Arnab runs a TV channel that only discusses “Wild theories”, “Imagination” and “Name calling”, that is freedom of speech ? Really ? Can someone tell me know proven fact that led to the SSR murder theory ? All we know is, Republic journalists also played “Detectives” , harassed random people coming into the apartment complex, chased cars and ambulances, shouted and interviewed people travelling in cars and gave up.

    • have yo lost your mind? don’t you see how facts were manipulated on all those cases which continues today as well?

  20. Stupis writer comparing separatists, terrorists, and naxalis with a journalist. To support the print for your writing I have donated 1 rupee coin. You deserve it as a writer.

  21. Great!!!
    Waiting for your next post condemning other terrorist arrests.
    Should be ashamed comparing this arrest related to a case closed where these Shivsena goons also were in power.
    Now they are acting like hooligans against anyone criticizing them.
    Good tool for the Central Govt to kick all terrorists inside jail.
    No body will listen to your faltu arguments then,
    Get ready.

  22. Arnab’s challan is nothing but a BJP T.V. and one of the BJP’s spokesperson is this BJP T.V.’s co-anchor( unofficially). Arnab is BJP’s unappointed- self declared spokesperson. In such situation BJP has to defend its member. Quiet right. What I feel is Rheaji to file defamation case against all challans that depicted her as a culprit and if permitted also against NCB for taking custody of her for no valid reasons. I believe all the people who have faith in the process will agree for this.

  23. Writers IQ is low.
    So which left media house has journalists being summoned everyday?
    Which left media house has all its journalists mentioned in an FIR?
    Which left wing media has been asked to surrender toilet paper costs?
    Which arm chair left media group has exposed Commonwealth scam like Arnab?
    Disha died and within days Sushant. Baby Penguine was with Disha till hours of her death. Asking this is witch-hunt? No its just LOW LIBERAL IQ.

  24. This is completely false narrative,. You cant neutralize both sides by comparing false equivalence. If one narrative promotes violence , terrorism , false news against your country/anti national and the other narrative is exposing all this by displaying the truth. . they are not the same. your agenda is clear on what narrative you are promoting. .

  25. Two issues: First one- Mumbai police showed the muscle over a citizen, this is dangerous attempt of police/state, these police should be booked/suspend. Court must quash this FIR, indicted responsible polices/give sufficient punishment. This punishment is necessary to ensure the rights of a citizen. Second issues- court can ask application from the suicide family. if court feels, the court then can give arrest of accused including Arnab.
    In a nutshell, the current FIR must be quashed to ensure that police are servant of the citizens of India.

    Arnab is different style journalist, he is not corrupt journalist like Print which hides the news of attack on majority people by minority in India. He speak for justice for all minority and majority.

  26. I believe that Mumbai police showed the muscle over a citizen, this is dangerous attempt of police/state, these police should be booked/suspend. Second issue the abetment case of suicide, if you consider it as abetment in law, then all government/govt officials/journalists will be indicted for the suicide of thousands of farmers death in India. The court must quash the FIR first and indicted the police. Ask the suicide family to appeal to the court for re-opening of the case. If then the court order Arnab arrest, this will be ok. But the present case must be squashed because it is result of muscle of state/police. this should be punished.

  27. Stupid write up. Arnab has different style but not hypocrite like the Print which hides the news of Palghar accident, and other many related issues. He has the guts to question for justice for everybody. He is exceptional among the compromised media in India.

  28. Pro -Sonia , pro-jihadi media persons/ journos should not indulge into boots of joy. There are many non-Sonia supported State governments. in different states of India. What will happen if those governments start imitating the example set by overlords of Mumbai ? Every one should fear such scenario .Even if the Courts releases or not releases Arnab based on evidence , but enough damage has been done to image of the Government of Mumbai. because of the way he was arrested. It seems continuation of a series steps of witch-hunt and misuse of the state s power against the persons who speak or write against the Government.

  29. Left-wing’s “fascism” (who even brought these woke terms to India?) and hypocrisy had already been exposed when they forced Bloomsbury India to withdraw a book on the Delhi riots.
    How many leftists actually read the book? ZERO
    Imagine not even reading the book and harassing people over it.
    Right gets bashed whenever it does something wrong, but who’s gonna speak about how hypocritic and violently the left s behaving these days?

    Maybe the 2021 census will wake some clowns up when they see the alarming rate at which demographics are changing. Took Europe some time to wake up, but they got here eventually.

  30. At the end of the days, a zombie commie like this Shivam Vij, just cannot see logic. Anyway, when we compare Arnab’s case with supposed incidents Shivam cited, as rule we have to separate the naxal terrorists from all others. Those terrorists were caught with their pants down! Police at the time of arresting them made videos! Those naxal terror supporters and aggregators KNOW that they are caught in the web of anti India activities. Hence, terrorists, naxali terrorists, their sympathisers are not human beings. They cannot be clubbed along with the rest. Now, that out of the way, obviously Arnab & others did extremely tasteless and poor reporting in Sushant Sing case. Rhea Chakraborty most probably is a lot of things, but for sure is not a killer! But then, we all remember Indrani case, dont we? Therefore investigation should happen. The witch hunt was wrong. Let us come to Arnab. He is obviously a thorn in the side of Congress and its allies. They will obviously try and hunt him down. BUT what most people including shekhar gupta are objecting is the MANNER of his arrest! Now, whether Shivam doesnt want to understand this point due to his indoctrination, or whether he is just incapable, we dont know. Then there are other cases like hounding of Kangana, which are equally troublesome, but anyway its a part of the game. In conclusion, I would like to point to Shivam the case of Jholachaap Ravish from NDTV. He has been spewing unsubstantiated venom against the PM, HM and the government for last 18 years. Did Amit Shah stuff him into a police bus, pulled his hair, sent encounter specialists to his home in the middle of the night? Do you see the difference Shivam? For your mental health, I hope you do!

    • Politics is so polarised nowadays, its better to remain out of these matters, I’ve tried both being a rightist and leftist, both times my mind was erupted by the other side.s hypocrisy

      • You are drawing a false equivalence between rightist and leftists. The rightists have paramilitary organisations and can mobilise mobs.

    • Labelling someone as a terrorist depends on one’s political agendas. For a Bhakt, a Kerala journalist covering Hathras would be a terrorist. Given our country’s poor human rights record and police being a pawn of the political powers-that-be, not surprising that police can frame “anti nationals” easily. Given our tardy justice system, innocent people without political backing can waste their lives in jail while those politically connected can walk away free.

      Toxic entertainment from Arnab on TV could also be a form of intellectual terrorism. To a Bhakt that kind of entertainment would appear patriotic. To others it would appear as hate speech. So one is blinded by one’s point of view and beliefs.

    • Ravish is a Magsaysay award winner. The Award is considered the Nobel Prize of Asia and is awarded to exemplary Asian individuals or organizations.

      Ravish has been a critic of the government and spoke the truth to those in power.

      Arnab instead trains his guns on the people who are not in power. He too was a government critic earlier but business opportunities seem to have made him go down the path of using hate politics to make his business profitable.

  31. All Bhakts are burning that their favourite media anchor was arrested. This has nothing to do with the fact that he was a mediaperson.
    It appears to be a commercial cheating case which led to suicide. Unfortunately Arnab got trapped in this.

    Abetment of suicide charges are not easy to prove so let the law take it’s own course. I hope courts release him on bail soon then he will resume his right wing entertainment for eager Bhakts on Republic.

    Meanwhile request all Bhakts to spare a thought for the Naik family.

    • Same Raigad police that found no issue in 2018 is now suddenly interested in the suicide case again? Wow

      Also, the left even forced Bloomsbury India to drop a book. How many leftists had even read a single page of that book before asking it to be dropped?

      And the irony is that left will keep throwing around the word “fascism” while harassing LITERALLY ANYONE that doesn’t agree with them.

      • Bloomsbury is a London company, when they understood the book was to whitewash Hindu mob violence instigated by BJP, they pulled out as it would sink their brand reputation. You can run your Hindutva fake news on Republic, but don’t expect foreign companies to agree to do the same for you.

      • Police is always under control of the political party in power.
        Same Raigad police may have closed the case based on the political pressure by then government. We just don’t know.

        Let the facts come out in the courts.

  32. “When Right-wingers speak of Arnab Goswami’s freedom, they reek of hypocrisy, because for them freedom of speech is dependent on the person’s politics. Liberals, however, are condemning Arnab Goswami’s arrest because they are in principle opposed to putting political opponents in jail.

    If the Right-wing may please agree with this principle and start demanding the release of political prisoners regardless of political ideology, we’d be a freer, better, saner country.”

    The best words I have ever read in The Print.
    – From a pseudo-liberal sickular.

  33. Anti-nationals, drug peddlers and the corrupt get police protection and honest journalists get threats and jail.


  35. Rnub is a STUPIDO with a agenda of his own.

    “Shoe I am ” THE STUPIDO is UPSET at competition . The family wants him to be more STUPIDO than the PRINCE. “THE STUPIDO’s “life is worst than the FAMILY dog’s life and he knows it.

    Feel sorry for the ORIGINAL
    ” THE STUPIDO “.

  36. Haha…no one found this article worth responding to….I too have wasted my time commenting and clicking on this article

  37. Print promoting this article to justify brutal arrest of Goswami as righwing reporting .This
    will happen to other executive editors in near.No body will come to rescue to support your cause.Is this journalism what
    INDIAN EXPRESS given to you

  38. Spunky article but….

    It should have been focussed on journalists and essential workers who were sent to prison. Please do write about all of them .

    Career politicians should not be scared of going to prison .It goes with their career choice .I read about many young politicians across the political spectrum and I don’t know if they have ever worked before they entered politics .Do they do any work beyond politics ? If they are not getting any sympathy then they need to contemplate.
    .Sympathy and empathy cannot be forced upon us readers .We are selective .

    Maybe Arnabs arrest is the tipping point …

    Rhea..hmmnnn ….who?? Seriously guys stop obsessing about her

    We know how concerned you are about women in general.

    Journalists in traditional media did not cover the Metoo movement for months .Remember ?? I remember female editors were pouring their heart out and the men were completely silent .
    Why so vocal for Rhea ?????

  39. Finally a wondeful write up by Mr. Vij. Now we expect Modi to stop hypocrisy and simply arrest, jail, remove permanently, w\any critic of the government. Thank you Sivam Vij, thank you Mr. Thackeray, thank you Shri Parambir Singh for showig how it should be done.. Now we eagerly wait for a hypocrisy free India.
    Arnab’s arrest was praised by Ram Puniyani, Yogendra Yadav, Mani Aiyer. So that does tell us that this is the way to go.

  40. garbage – this left and right-wing – identity politics, Is the author left-wing? can he define it? what is right-wing in India?
    Is this definition on the basis of economic or social or racial or religious or tribal?
    And liberals? how can communists types be liberals? – isn’t it an oxymoron.
    And Indian liberals? who are they? do we have any?
    Just copy-paste Omega3 deficiency syndrome.

  41. If anything it exposes left wing hypocrisy. Is journalism not under threat in India? No TV channel covering this news, why so silent now?

  42. The Hypocrisy goes both ways. It is only my freedom of speech not yours. This is true of the left liberals as well. So Mr. Vij, what say you? Kapish?

  43. Wow!!, How can Arnab’s arrest point to right wing curtailment of free of speech,
    Rememeber the way you behave today will be quoted again when you question something else. So be prepared If you remain silent you will pay aheavy price like when you remained silent when hindus were driven out of kashmir.

  44. Wow!!, How can Arnab’s arrest point to right wing curtailment of free of speech,
    Rememeber the way you behave today will be quoted again when you question something else. So be prepared

  45. Simply put. Some muzzling to silence a loud mouth….
    Basic issue : All media to note Freedom, including freedom of expression /. Speech is not open ended. Abetted by the media and labeled liberals, do we tend to misuse our freedom?

    There is no need to write realms on it…just a deja vu!

  46. actually it exposes your hypocrisy. the print ask donation for journalism. If you people don’t raise the voice because it is the arrest of Arnab goswami. You guys are blind because its Arnab Goswami. Once i thought of donating to print but actually it proves me wrong and again set my expectation right. Baki to sab janta malik hai. More good journalist should come to put some good stuff rather than broken record of anti Modi. Get over it and grow up.

  47. Boss you deserve some thing behind your back…. of course u will have fun
    You people are so pathetic at least improve your writing skills… it appears you were so excited on Aranb’s arrest instead of writing you have pooped here

  48. By trying to justify the arrest of a fellow journalist, this author (known for his bias against the ruling party) only shows the hypocracy of the left liberal cabal. By not taking the higher moral ground and condemning the arrest, you only leave the door open for a P Roy or an S Gupta to be arrested later. Modi and Shah will be having a laugh at this!

  49. Who started it?
    The Left liberals started it. They were the ones who enjoyed the perks and privileges associated with power for an overwhelming part of independent India’s history. Their hostility, contempt and disdain for the right wing coupled woth the injustices meted out has resulted in tue situation today.
    Its payback time. They will get a taste of their own medicine.
    The BJP has indulged in wrong practices but the precedents for these were set by the Congress.

    • Payback time for left liberals ?

      But it is Shiv Sena, a right wing fascist bedfellow of the BJP, that arrested Arnob. Liberals have nothing to do with it.

      It is rivalry between two sets of fascist Hindus. This is how Hindus are degenerating.

  50. This is the kind of Hindutva we like.. the fight for Dharma.. not the BJP-RSS kind of Hindutva, which it’s nothing but arse-licking sycophancy, wherein they help each other to name, game and riches, while pretending to be be doing it for the nation! Hell, Rohit Sharma, even plays for Modi’s Ambani, while not playing for the people’s Indian team claiming injury!!

    Rhea was arrested without proof.. Arnab was arrested with proof.. he’s getting just desserts.. hope they check his head.. he deserves to be in an asylum

    • ‘This is the kind of Hindutva we like.. the fight for Dharma.. not the BJP-RSS kind of Hindutva,’

      This is BJP-SS Hindutva. They were fascist bed fellows, they fell out because power and money are involved. They will use the bully boy tactics they have used all along against minorities and liberals – but now against each other.

      But it is funny to hear BJP fellows talking about freedom of speech and encroaching fascism ! It reminds me of Nazis reminding their captors to remember Geneva conventions on POWs.

  51. थोड़ी पक्षपात रहित पत्रकारिता भी कर लीजिए। वरना जिन लोगों को आप हिपोक्रेसी से ग्रसित बता रहे हैं आप भी वैसे हो जाएंगे। देश का दुर्भाग्य है कि मीडिया वाले भी अपने अपने खेमे और आइडियोलॉजी से इस क़दर बंधे हैं कि को गलत काम की निन्दा करेंगे लेकिन तभी जब गलत करने वाला दूसरी आइडियोलॉजी का होगा। आपको दो गलत घटनाओं की तुलना के बजाय दोनों की निन्दा करनी चाहिए।

  52. How can we support this rant against a political party. This is the same vendetta politics arnab is being punished for. Why cant we just stick to facts and say that it was correct to arrest him and people should rething their support to arnab. How xan we pay and support this useless uninformed rants

  53. “Bull Shit”.. Doing paid reporting for Sonia sena.. Umar Khalid deserves death penalty. Reporters mentioned by you are facing charges because they did same like you guys do. Create story for payment from Congress. Being part of tukre tukre gang for money is characteristics of the print. It’s no secret. Morons one day you will too get taste of medicine that you are supplying for Aditya thakrey & Papu.

  54. You seems to have given a clean chit to Rhea… then why wouldn’t u extend that to even Indrayani or Suresh Kalmadi. Have you all journalist been truthful. It’s nice to sit on high chairs and pass comments. Media houses are on sale. Didn’t u all give a clean chit to Indrayani before the trial. How many convictions have u secured by your investigative journalism….. journalists are for sale…….at this rate India has no crime and corruption because u say so…. the Print prints what is told to them and not what they find

  55. I feel ashamed of these compare journalists, one day you will compare yourself with pigs and feel proud of it. Keep going

  56. It is actually shoing hypocrisy of liberals and so called liberal parties. Did we hear anything from Congress or NCP on this, or even Kejriwal? The other journalists you named were arrested for exactly what they did, e.g. writing anti national articles. While Arnab is arrested on some false charges, just because he was crticising the Shivsena.

  57. Shameless people if you cannot stand with people in your industry its time this industry dies its natural death

  58. This is surprising that ‘The print’ is supporting this political harassment. Don’t worry, someday you may end up in the same boat, and will get a taste of this medicine. Maharastra govt is setting up the precedence for people like you.
    Good luck to you and The print media.

  59. Don’t worry , someday it would be your turn and we would also turn a blind eye like this and write an article. I always believed BJP is really mild when it comes to dealing with its opposition. See the sheer amount of vindictive journalism that was carried out against Modi for so many years and he has not yet done anything to the likes of rajdeep and ilk. And here, so called puppet CM is rattled by a TV journalist within 3 months.

  60. Mr Shekhar Gupta was right. Media has hit the self destruct button. Sides have been taken and it is just amply clear by this opinion piece too. All of them are playing a dangerous game of hiding behind unrestricted free speech and then running to the courts. The joke is on the common people who is enjoying the show now but will realise this in times to come when its too late to return back to an era of sane arguments.

  61. I was really thinking of supporting Theprint financially but with this drivel of an article, you have clearly shown bias. Arnab may run a comedy commando channel but the same force will come for your editor one day if you don’t stand for objective truth now.. It’s really is a shame as I always considered you a bit more balanced then the usual lot.

  62. Dogturd agrees it is political. Fine then don’t cry if all “right wing” govts lock up you and your ilk.

  63. The Q is what constitutes freedom. Does it include the following?

    1. Spitting in public places. Especially Paan spittle
    2. Parking in the middle of the road
    3. Opiniate`d media
    4. Say whatever, no matter
    5. Accumulation of ill gotten wealth
    6. And the like….
    Freedom is not open ended. It has to be defined in real terms else is prone to misuse. This is a universal issue

  64. Please stop publishing bias news and opinions !!! Your journalism is no better than the people you call out, shame and condemn !!!

  65. There is no more middle ground in any democracy- you are either with us or against us. The right wing lit the fire – it will consume everything. I have always maintained that the Gandhis (and by extension the Congress party) is the last of the middle ground in Indian politics. The DNA of the party forged in the freedom struggle and continuing personal involvement of the Gandhis make it so. Once the Gandhis go or the Congress falls, the replacement is going to be “a take no prisoners” kind of party – a mirror of Modi-Shah BJP. Arnab and his like are in favour now but come the end of the Modi era – and end it will – peril will find them too as it finds Sudha Bharadwaj, Supriya Sharma, Vinod Dua, Prashant Kanojia and countless others today.

    For once Shivam Vij’s writing is crisp and to the point.

    • Vinod Dua predicted correctly during Modi’s first term : ‘they (BJP) have tasted the blood of Muslims, it will not be long before they want the blood of the Hindus’.

      That is the situation today. Odd that it is their own fascist bedfellow, the SS, that pushed back. Liberals can be locked away, but the Shiv Sena has musclemen equal to the BJP’s.

  66. And the problem with left liberal journalists is they compare onions with oranges. Both might give you a tear but are not comparable. Umar khalid was part of conspiracy for fueling riots which actually led to lose of life and property. Arnab on the other hand is deliberately targetted because he aired opinions against Thackeray family, just like you give your opinions here.

    In doing such stupid comparison you dilute the severity of issues Umar Khalid is accussed of. Other example you have cited are also all accused in rioting in bhima-koregaon. Indian left is an abomination or has become so. It will incite others mostly lower caste and muslims and when fight breaks out they will point fingers to Modi and say – “look right wingers are doing so” all the while pulling strings from behind. For them a muslim chopping heads somewhere is equivalent to a hindu slapping someone here. For them religion/caste of any victim matters only if they are either dailits or muslims. This is what is called hypocrisy.

    But the sad thing for you is, in the age of social media people can see through your bullshit. They dont respond to ur agendas which makes you really uncomfortable because up until a few years back you could get away with it. This makes left journalist even more furious and their subtle biases comes out in open, just like yours. They brand anyone who don’t agree to their agendas as right wingers and then write opinions why is there a surge of right wing in world, here is a hint- you are responsible for it.

  67. Mr Shivam Vij, Did you condemn Arnab’s arrest to claim right wing hypocrisy? You can claim hypocrisy on BJP or right wing only if you had condemned Arnabs arrest. By not condemning Arnabs arrest you are just showing how hypocrat you are.

  68. Very well written article which exposes the double standards of the ruling dispensation. Now conduct a fast court trial.

  69. The arrest the hypocrisy of left liberal who beat their chest in despair now glee on arrest of Arnab. Liberal word has no meaning in India what matters most whether you r pro BJP (Modi) or against BJP (Modi).

  70. Personal opinion from a person, cannot be your “Top stories”, least expected from “The Print”. I am happy that, i haven’t subscribed to your monthly subscription option and regret for contributing one time. Your previous organization Indian express, has written an article on the complete story of this case, which i find it more useful and informative.

  71. I am sure BJP will leave no stone unturned to protect him if this was a political arrest.

    But I think BJP is actually helpless because a common woman’s plight is being sought to be investigated and addressed by the Mumbai police. Will BJP pity this woman and her family or instead pity their favourite anchor? Currently going by the minister’s tweets they are projecting that the anchor is more important to them than this hapless woman.

    Arnab may be let off if it is difficult to prove that he abetted the suicide but let the law take it’s own course. Powerfully connected people should be aware that no justice system in a true democracy can ditch an ordinary citizen when the time comes to dispense justice. I hope a fair trial is conducted for Arnab as well as the litigant.

  72. you are pathetic shameless and morally bankrupt. I request you with folded hands today, you and your drawing room partners , please please spare this country and let it go free from the cluthes of few selected “thekedars” in all spheres of life (intellectual, political, financial, press, education, judiciary, etc etc)

  73. On the contrary, this article exposes the hypocrisy of the ‘liberal’ as well as the self proclaimed ‘free’ media who have not only failed to stand up for freedom of press but are also trying to find silly justifications for their hypocrisy.

  74. The arrest will widely be seen as a political act. If Shri Arnab Goswami is guilty of abetment to suicide, it would be possible to question him extensively – as so many other Republic TV employees have been recently, in the TRP matter – and then directly file the charge sheet in court. Allow it to be seen as an entirely professional investigation, with a judicial determination of innocence or guilt.

  75. Trying to ullu banaoing!
    Why was the Naik case closed in 2019 due to ‘lack of evidence’?
    Why is it opened now when Udhhav is under the hammer due to poor governance and is being exposed by Arnab?
    I don’t watch Republic – but this behaviour by a government is classical vendetta.


  77. The problem with left liberals is that they think they are smart, erudite and morally right.

    And the world keeps moving on with what it has to do…. Trump keeps winning(almost), BJP keeps sweeping states etc etc.

    This only shows that left liberals have made no emotional connect with the masses although they think they are working for the good of the masses. Funny isn’t it…Is it a trust factor issue with these guys???

  78. This shows left hypocrisy… When this happens to a person whose idealogy you don’t agree with then no problem. Not one liberal protested or codemned this.

  79. This article is classic paid-pliant-media. The Print, it is out in the open that you are in bed with the drug gang, Congress and criminals.
    You attempt to draw a false equivalence between Arnab & Rhea? Are you out of your 2 brain cell minds you morons?

  80. Arnab Goswami ji is neither a journalist nor an upholder of the truth. I have listened to the family whose family has committed suicide and they seem to have a genuine complaint. Let the law take its own course.

    • Don’t be dumb and stupid if you have sense. Firstly, Bombay police showed muscle to a citizen, they forget that they are servant of citizens. they crossed the limits by manhandling and showing muscle to police. This FIR must be squashed and these police must be booked/suspended. Second issue of the justice for suicide family. The court can ask the suicide family to appeal in the court. If then court feel the court can legally order arrest of accused including Arnab. This is law. But arresting Arnab in this way, police has forget that they are merely servant of citizen. By punishing them, the court should remind them that they are servant of citizen.

      • See the video. Police were requesting him sometimes with folded ands and politely.

        Arnab and his wife was very bossy towards the police and refused to co-operate. Police cannot keep waiting there endlessly.

        Before the magistrate he showed his bossy nature and the magistrate warned him to maintain decorum. Arnab became silent only after the magistrate said she would ask him to leave the courtroom if he continued with his bossy interruptions.

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