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Against the 1000 questions TV news had after Sushant Singh’s death, we have just six

#JusticeForRajput is the popular hashtag on Republic TV and Times Now. But who will look into all the injustices they have committed in the name of 'Breaking News'?

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Questions, questions, questions and more questions.

What is the truth about Sushant’s death? (CNN News18);  Case covered up after murder? (Times Now); Sushant’s death ‘normal’? (Republic TV); Where did Rhea get her money? (CNN News18); What is the ‘sly girl’s’ source of income? (India TV); Who’s behind Rhea’s machinery? (Republic TV); Rhea and Sushant Singh Rajput went on Europe holiday — what changed after that? (India Today); Why is Mahesh Bhatt quiet? (Times Now)

NewsNation said there were thousands of questions related to Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty.

Now it’s our turn to ask the questions. Here are five:

— Who will question the questioners?

— Who will question TV news anchors and reporters about the non-stop tabloid TV coverage of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, which has now clocked almost three weeks?

— Who will question their motives behind the character assassination of so many individuals who may or may not have a role to play in what may or may not be Rajput’s death by suicide?

— Who will question their right to play the police, the prosecutor, judge, jury and `journalist’?

— Who will hold them accountable?

Oh, and yes, one more: ‘#JusticeForRajput’ is the popular hashtag on channels like Republic TV and Times Now. But who will bring the likes of them to justice for all the injustices they have committed in the name of ‘Breaking News’?

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The coverage is an injustice

From the most trivial pursuit of Rhea Chakraborty’s apparent fondness for clothes to the most serious charge of murder, there is nothing that news channels have not ‘exposed’. And they don’t care whether they will be proved right or wrong, eventually. They just want an ‘Explosive Exclusive’, in Times Now’s inimitable phrase.

From the TV cameras peering into the ambulance that carried Sushant’s body to the fake autopsies; from examining the green cloth found hanging in his bedroom that day to the photographs of his bruised neck in order to ‘prove’ that he wasn’t hanging; from doctors speculating on his possible depression to excerpts from his WhatsApp messages; from discussing the film producers and directors he worked with or those who supposedly ignored him to his cook, his friends, his former manager, his former girlfriend; from his films contracts, his financial status to his personal letter to his family; from video clips of him in his films to reconstructions of his life and his holiday in Europe last year where he allegedly had “hallucinations” — in the name of giving him ‘justice’, the news channels have stripped him of everything but his skin.

Rhea Chakraborty has been subjected to the same scrutiny, except that in her case it has been entirely negative and one-sided. News channels have only reported against her. There is not even a pretence of being objective here.

Everyone the channels have interviewed has been asked leading questions to implicate Rhea Chakraborty and her family. Her bank accounts have been scrutinised threadbare, her call data records have been examined – where Times Now found the initials ‘AU’ and then innocently said that Aditya Thackeray’s name had come up in the Supreme Court hearing.

We have read her WhatsApp messages, heard the questions she was asked by the Enforcement Directorate, the parties she attended, the “honey trap” she laid for Sushant Rajput, how she alienated his affections from his family, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. News channels have snapped up every morsel of information they could obtain from Sushant’s bereaved family and flung it at us, hoping we will gulp it down, hungrily.

Sushant Rajput’s manager Disha Salian, who also was declared to have died by suicide, has been dragged into the controversy – despite her parents’ pleas to the media to let her rest in peace. No such luck. News channels have been doing everything they can to establish a link between Sushant’s death and hers. No RIP for her nor for Sushant. 

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Can the lawless be controlled?

We need to ask the news channels, the anchors and the reporters this: how did they gain access to call records, bank statements, post-mortem photographs, contracts, etc? Isn’t this an invasion of privacy? Isn’t it against the law? Are news channels allowed to name and defame anyone they choose to with impunity?

Can they simply look someone in the face and declare them depressed or not depressed? Can they conduct fake autopsies and decide the cause of death

Who will ask them these questions on behalf of decency, if nothing else? More significantly, who will answer for all that is being perpetrated in the name of news?

The unfortunate answer is no one.

And so the film hero, the ‘outsider’ who became a superstar surpassing expectations, has been reduced to a victim of Rhea Chakraborty, her ‘machinery’ by news channels chasing viewership ratings at any cost. Who’s next?

Views are personal.

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  1. Well sorry, here you look like loosing trust and paid media. I am not a fan of Replublic Bharat but they are the ones bringing news in SSR case otherwise everyone else was satisfied with mumbai police interrogation.
    Anyways, Shekhar Gupta, I had recently started watching The Print but guess not anymore.

  2. This is was expected. These are the paid grassroot sleeveless Lutyens journalists who have been responsible for propping up this Bollywood gang. Depression, bipolar, suicide, rapist, nothing worked right? So you just killed him brutally and continue to justify it despite everyone knowing what and who the killers are. How much did you get for this?

  3. LOST: WHO WILL FIND OUT? : घोड़े के परिवार का एक जानवर, जो आम तौर पर घोड़े से छोटा होता है और उसके कान और लंबे कान होते हैं।

  4. Its difficult to make head or toe of this article… why will anyone question the journalists when they are pointing out the right questions??? This article seems to be a PR driven article by some Bollywood biggie, trying to attack channels…

  5. Are you guys born as human ? I mean seriously…this article and its author is nothing but pathetic (human?) being!!! Guys grow up. Henceforth, I will stay away from the Print. Mr. Sekhar Gupta comes with lots of facts on paper and speak about real facts. Can’t you guys see the evidence. Do you think the whole world is fool ?

    • It’s disappointing to see the comments here, but I completely agree with this post. This is worst case of media trial coming at the worst time when nation in going through the pandemic. Let’s say even if what Republic and other media saying is correct, does this really deserve 95% of the screen time on news media when the country is going through the worst time we’ve seen in our lifetime? How much coverage Republic TV or other news channels had on situation of the country on during Corona Pandemic in last 3 months compared to SSR death? Or are they doing it purposely just to keep attention of country away from pandemic? Seriously guys it’s time to get our priorities right. Do discuss about state of economy and healthcare facility in the country if you really thing that is more important than SSR death conspiracy (if it really exists).

      Definitely this case is going to carry on for months, let’s see how much coverage it gets after Bihar election.

  6. The goof up by Mumbai Police is all blatant. The reality of Bollywood and role of PR machinery as well hobnobbing of Starrs with powerful is well known. Bollywood has craft and talent but extremely poor ethical and moral standards. Media is one of the pillars of democracy and let it do its job.

  7. You too The Print?? Shamelessly trying to fool the people on media that its suicide? Paid media and chamchas of powerful crooks are desparately writing ‘smart’ theories to help cover up. These are not only devil’s advocates but devils, the vultures feasting on the dead.

  8. I now realize I was naive and took the article at its face value. Like most media, you are also willingly playing into the hands of a political party’s cynical design. It is clearly migrant labour issue Vs SSR.

  9. The answer to your questions of all the who’s – atleast you will not when you will look in the mirror and question ur conscience

  10. shame on you the print. asking question is also a crime in your eye

    now i want to ask

    whom do you want to protect sonia sena ? bollywood gang ?

    • Dipanker gomitra dutta. Where are you living? And what are you drinking. The print is the representative of true journalism- not gobar Arnab and gang

    • Rubbish article
      Arnab needs to be and is applauded for this brave and honest journalism.
      Unlike others he is not putting made up stories.
      All Power to Republic TV.

      • Applaud for one sided negative coverage on rhea. Like Arnab is judge and has decided to take it in his hands show her only in a negative way.

        He is spewing vomit on rhea for his own political agenda.

      • Brave and honest journalism!!!??? Arnab is a chamcha a nepo kid of Modi and Shah. LOL, nothing more comical than this. Thrust your head in the coverage of godi gobar media and believe in their bull propagandist theory.

  11. One-sided driven article. His soul wouldn’t have rest in peace, knowing his perpetrators were out in the open. This was suppose to be a comparatively straight forward case of a great actor and an even better human being. However, with the innumerable botch ups, manipulation of witnesses, improper conduct of the investigation, the case would have been hurried under the rug, labelled ‘suicide’ and shut, for not just his family but also the public reading his ever so inspiring story. It’s already been seen that the father vehemently filed an FIR with Bihar Police and how badly the officers, that risked their lives to travel at the time of a pandemic, were treated by the Mumbai Police. Hence, it’s clear that had things not been dug from the grave (metaphorically), this case would have been hurried amongst the many questionable suicides in Bollywood.
    Commendable job done by the journalists, considering they’ve put their own lives at stake, collecting the massive information that they have. Hats off to Republic TV and Times Now team, especially!!

  12. Have been following The Print since a long time but a couple of articles recently changed my view. I am in no support of these News Channels. The extent to which they can go was seen yesterday when the very experienced Rajdeep Sardesai reported of a fake demise news of our former President. And you guys are no different. News channels, Journalism and journalists in India have stooped to the lowest level.
    As for the case, it might to wrong to target Rhea Chakraborty here. But Ms Bajpai,the author of this article, have you given a thought if she was innocent or had no involvement of any kind,be it the alleged murder or looting his money, why the hell is she so scared and was missing for few days. If she sincerely had loved and and was honest,she would have had no reason to be afraid, that’s it!

  13. Have been following The Print since a long time but a couple of articles recently changed my view. I am in no support of these News Channels. The extent to which they can go was seen yesterday when the very experienced Rajdeep Sardesai reported of a fake demise news of our former President. And you guys are no different. BTW, what was the “ToxocBiharis” article about,heard a lot of that too!
    News channels, Journalism and journalists in India have stooped to the lowest level.
    As for the case, it might to wrong to target Rhea Chakraborty here. But Ms Bajpai,the author of this article, have you given a thought if she was innocent or had no involvement of any kind,be it the alleged murder or looting his money, why the hell is she so scared and was missing for few days. If she sincerely had loved and and was honest,she would have had no reason to be afraid, she would have been cooperative. Period.

  14. By now you must have understood that sensible can’t hope win over bloodthirsty mob. It is futile even to try. Our very own tucker knows it is extremely easy to manipulate the viewers with high decibel motivated fake stories.

  15. No need to question the questioner. We have to question you regarding how much money did you take to write this article? Stupid, just stupid. . .This is a republic and independent India, here the common citizens have the right to question on any matter which they find to be injustice. Don’t spread this kind of harmful articles. No matter how much you try to supress but the truth shall prevail. .


    • It is not independent of paid nonsense. We have failed because an election in Bihar can change the path of an investigation. And bhakts and urinary infected brains can effectively question everything because gobar gas Arnab shouts like mad.

  16. Why not you answer, that rhea and the all othes related to the case gets clean sheet from so much long investigation of mubai police till now and also not supporting bihar ips officers in investigation.
    Fake investment

    • What a shameless article by Print which tries to point fingers at the Media but keeps mum on the real question..Why did Mumbai Police and Mah govt fail to conduct a fair investigation for 2 long months. This article gives more credibility to claims of Republic and Times Now that PR agencies hired by Rhea camp are offering money to media outlets to belittle the reveal of sham investigation our state agencies have done so far.

  17. As an educated university graduate, I want to express my feedbacks on this article. First for most, it is disgraceful that the article blames credited media such as Republic media and Times now as truly understanding how the system works in Mumbai such as the Maharashtra and the Mumbai police. Only from such a truthful media that they can get exposed for covering up a brutal murder of a innocent life, but not only that they try to ruined his reputation by saying he is committed suicide and now blaming the parents is absolutely disgraceful. I now wonder just how many cases like these is being unseen and unresolved. I believe someone has to do a truthful job and that is all credits to the mention media channels doing it. My thoughts are for this article writer to please get some common sense first and stop sounding so educated when the fact is that you are not. Look at the bigger picture, India is awakening and justice should be served equally.

  18. It seems you want the truth to be pushed under the rug. In the country where the nation needs to participate in candle marches together for the law and order hierarchy to move and take action on something. A country where the the rich and powerful find their way out after committing crimes. You object the media from raising valid strong questions?? You are objecting people to think. You are indirectly trying to suppress the truth. What are you upto Mr. Gupta??

  19. U have 6 questions, I have 3:
    1. Why is ur publications against Sushant Singh family and totally in support of Rhea? I cant forget that disgusting article about “Bihari Toxic family”
    2. Why do u advocate urself as ‘quality journalism’ when u cant even raise ur voice against the poor investigation and baseless statements given by Maharashtra govt against the victim family and in support of the accused.

    If u cant report that, I think u should better stop writing about this case at all. Dont potray urself as an unbiased media!! shameless

  20. Just unsubscribed. Not that it does matter to you but it will when you see considerable amount of less subscribers. Hope Karma gets back at you for murdering ethics in the name of Journalism. Clearly you are SOLD OUT and we are not fools to get swayed away by your effortless trial to influence our thoughts far from TRUTHS. Peace out

  21. This article is crap. The print is a shame, a scam, a scum. Cause articles like this are biased, paid and very disgusting. you want every one to pay and watch movies and also make gossip articles like dirty crap: who is fighting whom and who is doing whom? but you dont want us the people to ask justice or to know what exactly happened? WOW.

    who will ask how much they paid you for this dirt article?
    who will ask why the print doesn’t want justice for SSR?
    who will ask why the editor doesn’t have brain to think about the facts and the weigh the confessions got from accused and staff of SSR so far?
    who will ask the print why financial discrepancies in SSR account went unaccounted?
    who will ask why all or most of the staff SSR was changed by rhea?
    who will ask why cbi demand is getting snubbed?
    who will ask what the pain of SSR father and sisters is when they have lost a dear son and brother who was their pride to the dirty bollywood mafia?
    who will ask why the Maha govt is indulging in the bollywood business? were they co- conspirators?
    who will ask why your stupid, piece of SH*T article is so biased to give clean chit to the girl who character assassinates a man who is no longer alive and cannot defend himself?
    who will ask why rhea and her manager didnt reply to SSR father when he wanted to talk to him?
    who will ask why was SSR given nasty meds and made to sleep most time and call it depression?
    who will ask why the family wasn’t informed of his illness? infact Mitu is so close by 15 mins to his home. even she never knew.
    who will ask why there was forensic lapses in the case of SSR? why there was no hanging picture of him? and mny question regarding that day CCTV, tensile strength of hanging cloth, no table or chair to tie the cloth on fan? no finger prints anywhere in the room? not even SSR? wow? and many Qs
    who will ask all these?

    of course , we the people of India will ask and demand to know. SSR was epitome of a common man making it big in bollywoood by his sheer hard work and sincerity. If he cannot get justice then there is no hope for the common people like us. And that’s why we ask and we will ask and will keep on asking.

  22. Print is one of the worst leftist news agencies in the world. You people only know how to stop movements, protect the bad guys in our country. How much money did Rhea and company give you to write friendly articles (Friendly media sic)

  23. I agree with you that no one should be convicted or tried by media. However, in a democracy, the process is as important as the final outcome. Unfortunately, in this case, the process of investigation was thrown out of the window by Mumbai police at the very outset and they are responsible for the mess that the media is today. They haven’t registered an FIR until today, did not even make an effort to question simple things such as why wasn’t the locksmith allowed to open the door unless something untoward was known to Mr Pithani (why wasn’t an alarm raised if the door was closed for such a long time).
    Your article is biased too. On one hand, you highlight Disha’s parents asking for privacy and on the other hand, do not consider that Sushant’s family is asking for justice and their message in February was completely ignored. Keep it fair if that is what your intent is.

  24. a similar article was published this week on ndtv.. Its high time to ignore these low lifes..

    they can’t raise their voice against powerful few and are embedded in the society as a passive pr machinery to demean the voice of justice ..

    • I agree! I too want justice for SSR and feel the CBI must get involved. However, I don’t feel a media trial should be allowed. It seems like just masala for the masses… I don’t think SSR’s family would like the rope the room etc being discussed on prime-time. It’s reliving the pain for them. It takes courage to voice opinions against popular ones in today’s times. Kudos to The Print for that.
      Ps: I don’t believe any media channel (including TP) on this case. Will wait for the results of the CBI investigation.

  25. Good article. But I think, it will take at-least decades to educate Indians just to read & understand simple article!
    Look at the comments, what you say & what people think about it. And above all, about themselves. They think they know everything!
    God helps this country!

  26. Yes, this is great.
    Media being questioned in the media. THIS is democracy. Not only the media “questioning” and poking its nose in all and sundry with agenda based intentions.
    It is time, WE the people of India, question the conduct of the media.

    Indebted to The Print for carrying this piece.

    • Do you think Police who is so quick to declare anyone having committed suicide, will investigate anything in such matters? Thanks to Media who covers such cases and gets deep in them. Otherwise, this case would have been buried somewhere and no one would even ask for a police investigation leave alone CBI investigation.

      • Absolutely true….but only if done correctly will it serve that purpose…
        It is said “How it is done / said is more important than what is done / said”. The media can’t be the investigator, judge and executioner.
        The language, tone and approach to any subject by the media lacks integrity, genuineness, class, finis, language and sincerity, It seems to be largely agenda driven.

  27. Madam licking is good enough upto some extent but if you find all the relevant questions raised by media irrelevant then shame on you, every fan of SSR wants CBI Inquiry and you are questioning the fan base, may God give you enough common sense for understanding of the whole case and let me know about dislikes on SADAK 2 trailer you might be offended by that also. Believe me every fan on SSR has disliked that trailer.

    Enough for your bigotry statements will meet you on your next article.

  28. Really surprised after looking at the comments section of this “article”…. But not surprised by this article of yours… Now I see that India is changing…. At least “print” shouldn’t be crying like a baby who himself is a most corrupt and biased media house of all time of this nation… Enough of your blabbering shit…

  29. Shameless print media. How much you got from Rhea gang? You don’t have any ethics and guts to write the truth.

  30. This article seeks to frustrate people campaigning for SSR but I tell u…it won’t…infact it’s going to revolutionary…..Just see how Corona impacted and in the similar way…just see how this campaign will

  31. Are you one of those media who the TV channels were talking about that Rhea has spoken to. I see. No problem keep writing such pieces, you will get to know where do you stand, well I know where I have to.

  32. Lutyens journalist at work and PR machinary to drive down the public anger. What a rubbish article in the garb of being different. Right question is Who will ask Mumbai police for a shoddy investigation which is taking months to close? Who will ask why shiv sena is so interested in the case? Who will ask journalism like yours which instead of pursuing for truth wants to please your masters by writing such trash. Shameful article.

  33. Oh so you are one of those media which the TV channels were referring to? Even if you go on writing such articles, we know which side we have to be

  34. No wonder paid media is a phrase coined for you ‘The print’
    All your articles are brazenly sponsored by team Rhea so give it a rest.

  35. Oh, so you are one of those media which the TV channels were talking about?To showcase Rhea in a very Bechari avatar, Isn’t it? Stop writing such misguiding articles. We know with whom side we are.

  36. Will you eat your words when the truth comes out? We waited patiently for 2 whole months for some headway into this case..every one could smell the rat from day 1…and we were all being sold depression and mental health stories from all sections of media and tinseltown…I am glad someone is badgering the deemed invincibles and voicing the pain of Sushant’s family…do you want everyone to sit quiet and not seek justice? please get off your high horse!

    • Yes the truth will certainly comes out.THE PRINT can defame anyone if money is provided to them. As dont have ideology to write the truth.

  37. It’s simple madam, if police would have investigated like all other cases, then no media or new channels would have been screaming for justice of Sushant. If you think new channels are cooking stories and selling it, then the police should prove them wrong by doing what the nation is demanding. Writing an article might be easy for you.. Just think about SSR’s Family, his father, consider him too when you pen down your next. In case all these allegations turn out to be true.. Then we should expect one more great article about it by you right!! ?

    And… Thoughts here are personal here too..

  38. Because of such so called independent journalism there are many death mystery in india. From sunanda pushkar to SSR. And you know what Bollywood is a black hole.
    The print knows everything.
    India is an idea and poverty is a state of mind.
    – RAGA

  39. We have lot of garbage in our area and municipality does not clear it. Could you please raise 6 questions for them as well.

  40. Sham and biased article! Even if you are not part of Rheas PR team…for the sake of being different don’t try to fool Indian’s

  41. Lawlessness is just the law of the nation now. The govt is heavily dependent on this scenario.
    1. It alienates us from the real problems which is created due to the in-competencies.
    2.Rule of the day : Believe and spread rumors and silly discussions which is the favorite pastime among the truly jobless and worthless part of the crowd.
    3.Anybody crossing paths with the govt, need to be routinely visiting the CBI, ED, Judiciary……. whoever gets their salaries from the govt.

  42. Actually there’s a 7th question…why’s your media house continuously trying to depict Rhea as a victim. It is misogyny if a suspect in a criminal case gets called a ‘gold digger’, but it wasn’t misandry when an innocent person was called a ‘skirtchaser’?Kudos to your hypocrisy!

  43. Shailaja, Are you not getting paid enough that you Mahesh Bhatt and Rhea purchased you to spread some positive News about Rhea. If yes, then you are failed miserably.

  44. The writer of this article is trying to distract public attention from the crucial subject matter at hand. She’s trying to gain sympathy by claiming that several news channels are distorting facts and evidences in the name of breaking news. However, she fails to realise that we live in a country where voices are silenced. I refute all the claims provided in here, and am in complete consonance with the private investigations done by media houses as they do no harm in general. Supplementary facts and discoveries only throw light to case in general.

  45. What about justice Lohia death case Mr. Liberal ? Then too you, so called liberal media undertook a massive media trial that too after three years of the closure of the said case. Even after CBI inquiry and clean chit from court of law you so called shameless liberal media never expressed any regret to either tge general public or to the family members of justice Lohia to whom you liberals caused immense mental trauma….any take ?

  46. What a dumb article. But for the Media, the case like many others would have been closed long back as Suicide. The gaping holes in this case are so many. And you guys just stink. You love to take this stand as if you are the ultimate in journalism. You have your own leaning and it is apparent. Just remain silent.

  47. The print ,bcz of people like you india has so many crimes we are asking right questions and you dont want us to do that much money your got for this article also needs to be jailed for supporting criminals

  48. To remove the skin of ant, we are seeking the help of elephant. Like this, these T V channels are making all kind of investigation journalism to attract the viewers.
    In our country there are lot of systems and judiciary to take care of this case.

  49. That’s it, I successfully unsubscribed The Print. Best decision ever. Encouraging my friends to doing the same. Ta taa

  50. Hey Shailaja, do you know in 1998… A black buck under depression shot itself with a rifle. And in 2002, a self driving vehicle slammed into a pavement in sub-urban Bandra killing an innocent guy.

    Stay tuned, for Big Boss 14. You gonna like it 😉

  51. I had great respect for Shekhar Gupta until i saw The Print’s perspective on Sushant. You guys definitely got bought by vested interests who have only one option left – a desperate attempt to cover us their crimes. Unfollowin The Print.

  52. It will take another 40-50 years most of Indians to simply read, understand & interpret your article.
    Such paranoids are these ppl.
    The comments you receive for such an easy article shows there are indeed mental health problems in most of *common Indians* who thinks themselves culturally superior but fail to understand realize any person’s dignity, dead or alive, must be maintained untill proven guilty. And in case of wemem, it should be even priority. Shame on Indians..

    • I think there is nothing special about Indians. Masses can be manipulated by high decibel motivated stories everywhere. Examples in world history are legions.

      • Ur point is partially true for political ideology. If I see US elections or any conservative or liberal bill passes in any country, polarization happens in most of us. Then, it’s about ideology, less likely manipulation.

        But, where do u see if masses get involved into pathetic stigma for a young lady declared a witch by popular media?
        Where do you see people think depression does not exist at all & accusation means conviction by media & population. Same group who accused 15-18 cr, now does not or want to know ED findings.
        Ultimately education & influence of intellectuals matter too for a country in which India is faaar behind than developed country counterpart. I don’t see or think any avg Japanese or American would do what an avg Indian is doing & saying in if any similar case.
        What is pathetic about this particular case is complete disrespect for constitutional rights, privacy & habit of eating whatever is being fed to us by media goons & whatsapp uni.

  53. very good ” THE PRINT” when you and your gang of media raising questions on “RAFAEL” it was your right .No one said sorry even after supreme court judgement . When national security was at stake you were trying to sabotage the purchase of rafael, there were news some of were paid also ..

  54. you guys are always on the wrong side of history and thanks to some news channels we are getting the truth of his mysterious demise and we don’t care what agenja the nes channels has as long as it stands with truth . The other media portal will write over 1000 articles for human rights of kasab, nirbhaya convicts or priyanka reddy Murderers but when to show courage to this victime SSR father being one you blame the media coverage whatever the conclusion comes to this case you won’t miss a chance to defend Rhea Chakraborty and trust me her gender doesn’t not immune her to any of the crimes she encurrs and that’s a long list of crimes as well as structured loot .

  55. What a waste article dummies now know SSR was killed it was a murder and if someone is raising voice try and tame that person down

    Sorry this fire is not going to stop .
    It looks like some news media houses are sympathetic towards this bollywood houses so they print such articles which have no sanctity .

  56. Media is asking questions and doubts if middleclass citizen like me. Arnab is a hero.He is brave and he is a mass hero for common man. This is a worthless artcle to support corrupt system.

  57. Mumbai Police not even filed an FIR on Sushant case. Apathy from Mumbai Police led to the media trail. Media is asking questions and doubts if middleclass citizen like me. Arnab is a hero.He is brave and he is a mass hero for common man. This is a worthless artcle to support corrupt system.

  58. I am glad at least one media is having the guts to ask these questions at this time. I have seen medias completely being indifferent to Rhea and she is also been receiving threat calls of rape and murder. My question here is even if she is involved much in this conspiracy, does that allow people to use any language on her? And does it mean that she can be now be subject to all kinds of physical and mental abuse?. Absolutely Not.
    In this context, I am not trying to suppress the issue, I am too waiting for his Justice but shouldn’t we all wait at least till the disposition of the case and just stop being the judiciary ourselves and give judgements on our own.
    And the media too needs to do its job genuinely. Look around the country, there are many more such incidents happening on a daily basis but we scarcely know about them. Because you fail you bring it to our notice. What I say is that everyone deserves equal treatment, be it a big celeb or a road side dweller, we all are humans. But unfortunately that’s not the case in reality. Here, It is evident that the media never fails to telecast the news of Sushant’s case. Though important, it may soon become a cliche.
    The media and social media should give the same force to all such cases and to all humans they come across facing similar tragedy, then it would be very well appreciated.

  59. Plz anyone invescate about the innocent elephant who died by pataka or something.. she was pregnant.. who will give justice to that innocent animal.. because she was an animal..?.who will give her justice..human being has many ones too support.. but they don’t.. Any news channel did that coverage how the elephant died.. no one… This is all about popularity.

  60. I completely agree. Media and news channels are at their worst. I am surprised on the role played by the family, posting hashtags…… and worse is advertising on black magic….bad times. This should be stopped. When attention should have gone to innocent victims of COVID and government action related to COVIDreluef for poor people, Republic and other channels are hiding everything. It seriously indicates that current government is misusing the power of media to hide their failures.

  61. Reading this article was such a waste of time. Would have made sense, if, Instead of asking 6 questions, you had tried to answer 6 of those thousand questions.

  62. Everybody says that your paper and website is a paid phony on the take. Sometimes left., Sometimes congress your paper is more saleable than a product. Atleast don’t sell urself for money. Be a true journalist. Don’t sell ur sole.

  63. Why are you asking money when you already got money from Rhea and Mahesh Bhatt ? They are doing what Mumbai Police should have done You paid journos, B’wood mafia, Shiv Sena and NCP want to sell the suicide theory to cover up

  64. Great and sensible article.Just on the basis of a family’s viewpoint,a girl should not be subjected to media trial and her private life exposed.Media is just brainwashing the public for their marketing.

  65. So you would have preferred a cover up?

    It is now not only a question of media coverage, it is a question of the opinion of the majority of people who are part of this democracy who do not want this injustice to go unchallenged. It is the question on the mind of every middle class citizen in the country – Do we need to put up with such an obvious cover up with an added explanatory narrative of depression and suicide of a discerning young man who had a bright future ahead?

  66. Just like you have the right to write whatever you want, even they too have the same right. Everyone just wants a closure. If you really want to do good journalism, please leave all this for ratings and cover up other relevant issues of our country. First practice and then preach. You too are a part of the ‘Vulturism’.  

  67. Just like you have the right to write whatever you want, even they too have the same right. Everyone just wants a closure. If you really want to do good journalism, please leave all this for ratings and cover up other relevant issues of our country.
    First practice and then preach. Vultures.

  68. This case is similar to the Sheena Bora murder case.
    The media has the right to highlight what they think is the truth. Keep up the good work.

  69. You guys are really shameless. It is a shame you are sold on the hands of Rhea and Inc.
    If there is little bit shred of humality left in you, then ask for the #JusticeToShusjant. Not because he was an actor, because he was a human being who was murdered cold blooded and he does deserves JUSTICE.

  70. It seems paid article by bollywood mafia, either by Khan gang or neppo gang or politico – underworld nexus gang. Article have no sense of intellect only absurd questions.
    pity and shame on you.

  71. Who will question you as journalist
    Who will question the cover up

    Delete this non sense article.

    I have a fair idea who have paid you to write this.

  72. The Print – Paid media , initially stating bad about bihari families. Now bad about media who questions sushants death .Paid by Rhea chakraborty.itna tho samajh main aatha hai .Public is not stupid !!!.

  73. You guys should rot in hell, we all know where you guys get money from. Instead of doing any professional journalism or trying to dig in the case and help fight or justice or even once showing support for Sushant’s family – you’re coming at other media outlets who are trying to help here. They’re the reason this case is where it needs to be otherwise the people who are sponsoring you would have chilled at their place in the name of suicide. We have just one question for you – how does your founder, being a journalist, have a 100 cr mansion?! Go answer that first.

  74. “The Print” : Name just tells that you guys just print news for which you get Paid.. Instead of voicing for right thing, you are taking sides for wrong..

    Tell me one thing: what is the Media role in any country? To open up and expose issues ? Other newspaper like Republic, Timesnow are doing that meanwhile you guys are busy pitting people on the name of religion, false news and paid news…

    Shame on You Guys!
    Kab tak dabaoge logo ko aap log?? Pls awake

  75. “The Print” : Name just tells that you guys just print news for which you get Paid.. Instead of voicing for right thing, you are taking sides for wrong..

    Tell me one thing: what is the Media role in any country? To open up and expose issues ? Other newspaper like Republic, Timesnow are doing that meanwhile you guys are busy pitting people on the name of religion, false news and paid news…

    Shame on You Guys!
    Kab tak dabaoge logo ko aap log?? Pls awake

  76. Well, I also believe that some new channels like Republic TV & Timesnow are being too unfair on already labelling a person criminal and just doing all the propaganda to garner high TRPs and being loyal to a certain political wing but c’mon…. the way the Mumbai police & govt are working & saying that the actor was not a big deal to be given so much importance is totally shitty and the beautiful Mumbai city doesnt deserve these 3rd-world corrupted jokers in govt. I am sure nothing is gonna come out of this investigation and at the end these investigation is gonna conclude as a suicide & depression only and all those genuine questions and doubts around the death are gonna be thrown out of the window because this is India afterall. Hypocrites, materialistics, rich people are the only powerful people here & even God has packed their baggings from this mahan country because of these people. & those people who based on this incident typecasts all bengali women in a certain way are so pathetic that they are laughable. Oh & also its funny when THE PRINT articles says that their articles do not convey personal opinion but then their all articles in this matter show that they favour the Mumbai govt so screw you….THE PRINT and your third class writers whoever they are.

  77. mumbai police adamanent.they dont have any accountability.whatever they do they will get salary, pention, perks etc..
    They are cost to tax payers.
    What is their cost to Nation per year.what is their contribution to get their big salary?

    why the polical partys before election are with people and after winning election they goes toalong with beuracrats?
    In my experiance of murder of my relaitve in Borivili, the mumbai police not controlled by any poltical party or government.they are controlled by some goondas.
    goondas produces whatever certificate for every death.Goondas not allows to do postmortem for common citizen.

  78. Either you have been paid to right this (then it is okay to earn with whatever way you can- your right to employment) or you have lost all the empathy and humanity that you are supporting a person who is the prime cause of sudden demise either directly or indirectly. People only want fair probe , in which republic TV has helped a lot ( may be they might be having some agenda but still they are doing good job) compare to bending in front of influential Bollywood lobby who is hell bent on declaring this as suicide. Even if it is suicide, then any friend will not leave his/her depress friend like the way she did and She is saying she is his girl friend. NO sympathy for such a useless Friend.

  79. Bottom line. The reader today distrusts the media. All of you in our eyes lack integrity or objectivity. Sad but true.

  80. Paid article written all over it…
    Print should understand that times have changed and people are very smart these days.
    The writer has tried well to please masters but no-ones buying it.
    Actually Print/Wire/Quint/NDTV they all have a same DNA….

  81. Nobody knows the name but how mumbai police has covered the death and slowly step by step erasing the evidence from the very beginning at the house to till now. It might be possible if any polical leader who have any cases might not get this much media coverage. Its due to the space who made in ones heart. ” The print” dont have right to show against the public opinion.

  82. Sushant was murdered by peoples who lives with him. Nobody knows the name but how mumbai police has covered the death and slowly step by step erasing the evidence from the very beginning at the house to till now. It might be possible if any polical leader who have any cases might not get this much media coverage. Its due to the space who made in ones heart. ” The print” dont have right to show against the public opinion.

  83. Let Print learn how to report news first. Let Print be accountable for all false campaign against BJP and modi.. Yes other News channels will question when whole Maha govt and mumbai police trying to cover up.

  84. Can you stop this nonsense and Rhea can pay the legal. Fees of the lawyer… Surpringly?? How??? Oh..She is the top bollywood actress is it?? Stop and be responsible. We want # justice for SSR#

  85. I accept media went overboard but one thing is for sure if it wasn’t for them this case would have been done and dusted a long back by now.
    Also approach of Mumbai police has made this into what this is their whole investigation was governed by social media. It was obvious they were not even looking for any answers.

  86. It is the fundamental right of all Indians to know the truth by whatever media chanels are available so they are working hard for it. If they don’t, social media will work. Today it’s Bollywood mafia’s time. Media is coming next!

  87. One more question were the TV channels anchors present when Sushant Singh committed suicide? If yes, why they didn’t drop him. Poor SS’s soul has not been allowed to rest in peace.

  88. It is the fundamental right of all Indians to know the truth by whatever media chanels are available so they are working. If they don’t, social media will work. Today it’s Bollywood mafia’s time. Media is coming next!

  89. I read your other article which tells about son and the relationships with daughter in law in “Bihar”. Before asking these stupid questions to the respected channels, I want to ask you a question.. who are you to generalize and decide how the son’s and daughter in law’s of hindu families are treated exclusively in “Bihar” . What do you want to prove?
    While this Team Rhea is targetting the Sushant’s family and media as a friendly media are back of them and making such sick articles…we audiences are very smart and can differentiate between paid articles and actual facts!!

  90. Having listened to a. few latest videos of Seker Gupta on topics of national interest I felt he has shed his feathers of Lutyens
    Shocked to find has not.
    One has to have courage and conviction to discuss SSR case in media like Arunab

  91. Who are you? the poop(print)…how much money the Thackreys or the chakrabortys have paid you? They are saying, what actually is happening, unlike you, whose eyes have been groused out by those dirty politics. BTW baby nice try of getting attention of your stupid stuffs! The family wants justice. The family has suffered. If you can’t help them, then shut the fuck ass of yours! And before knowing anything, don’t dare to write such poopy articles, of course all of your articles are source of jokes, but still, at least have some self respect! You know what, writing rip has nothing to do with the case! The person who had gone, had gone, won’t come back for your rip, so be sensible enough what you write, well no body gives a damn to your nonsense! bye bye poopy

  92. All the points I wanted to raise were already covered by the above comments. I LOVE THIS!
    #MurderNotaSuicide #justiceforsushant

  93. You are not work for truth. One lady took money from a new commer struggler which already said by ED. Then why Reha Chakraborty not arrested till now. For you and you like coward schemful people who destroy our country future in every sector.

    • Great article my foot. this is imbecile moron, may be jealous of the work other news channels are doing. First of foremost police are bootlickers to people in power. Second they don’t follow any standard operating procedure. they use the powers vested in them to abuse misuse law and serve their political bosses. I don’t trust a police , not politicians they are scum of the nation.

    • Let print learn how to report news first. Let Print be accountable for all false campaign against BJP and modi.. Yes News channels will question when whole govt and mumbai police trying to cover up.

    • When all comments say the same thing in different words and sentences it means only one thing ie. These are the work of a few comment bots run by the famous digital response team of a certain party.
      Israel used to do this for years in the comment section of major media in the west until they were caught out few years back by dedicated research ers.
      Our gau gobar team is also on the same path. Who cares what happened to a rich actor who appeared in a few inconsequential movies .Millions of Indians suffered at the hands of an incompetent and uncaring Govt. Hundreds possibly thousands died. Nobody cared. These media worthies were spending their time diverting the attention on the supposed misfortune of the poor star who was able to accumulate just 20-40 crores and was somehow deprived of earning thousands of crores because of entrenched system in bollywood.
      Now US economy contracted 9.5% EU 12% UK 19% India ? No one knows because we are busy with SSR or some other stupid stuff. Is there a banking system default coming in India? In COVID time we chose to further decimate our economy by banning trade with china. Will there be s run on banks? Will India turn out like Argentina with 1000% inflation ? Will we be paying Rs 500 for a cup of tea on a roadside stall next year?
      Oh all this boring stuff. Let talk about SSR even if 90% of India has not heard of him.

  94. Great article. I’m surprised that no action is being taken against people defaming Rhea. They would have been sued in the US by now. The social mob has gone to extremes, and that just shows how callous and abusive some Indians
    have become hiding behind their online bubble.

    • People defaming Rhea? Are you so blind and ignorant to what’s happening?
      Rhea’s lawyer charges more than 10 lakh per day and with Rhea’s annual income of 19 lakh, is she taking a loan every day?
      The lawyer has always handled cases for seasoned criminals.. Sanjay Dutt for supplying AK-47 to Mumbai blast terrorists, Salman Khan’s car death, other criminal offenses. Crores of rupees missing, leaving Sushant just after Disha’s suicide. Then SSR also suicides. You must be horribly ignorant to think Rhea is being defamed.

    • Just because you are a bengali ,so that gives you the license to defend another bengali.Wow great.I wonder how lame you can be..
      Moron like you is the reason the truth has not been revealed.Just keep your idiotic thoughts to yourself.

    • How can she sue when she knows she’s guilty? If she wasn’t guilty she would have allowed CBI or anyone to investigate not block them. I know arnab goes over the top and everything is TRP but he has also questioned some valuable points that everyone is hiding away from.

    • THE PRINT has got some problem with all the questions being asked….they have clearly got money to deframe someone .THE PRINT might have sold their ideology for money. 10000 more question will be asked…..and the way your authors have written the articles on SSR is quite unacceptable.
      And i am not paid to write this and sold my ideology like the so called THE PRINT.

    • Oh god… I bow down upon You!! Please help me too… Solve the problem of my “reckless diarrhea”… Please the Lord… Please!!!

    • We are a failed nation because we find cheap thrills in exploiting the death of a sad and depressed person. We are a failed nation because people watch idiots like Arnab and question the best police force in the country and do not let them do their job and because idiots like you exist.

  95. For understanding SSR sentiment first you need to be educated and understand the meaning of Democracy.

    Honestly it’s waste of time to educate you.
    As your bread and butter depends on spreading fake agenda.
    May god give you little common sense and hope you write for truth someday. It’s just a Hope…

    India is Changing..

  96. Your articles are biased too and you are not doing charity to anyone!! Stop selling your self-righteousness in such a bad taste! No intellectual, sensible and sensitive cirizen would give it a damn! It’s only because of this aggressive coverage on SSR’ s death mystery which has supported the common man’s doubt on his being labelled as bipolar and a depressed man…a murder is stated as suicide and if there was no one taking up the matter then how would have the things reached ED and Hon’ble SC? Media is driven on agendas and you are no different! As we read Ms. Rhea asked for paid articles in favour of her, it is very clear how these kind of articles are streaming. Leave us…we are mature enough to decide that to which extent we have to believe the media !

  97. who will answer for your nonsense article.
    Who will question shiv sena – the gunda party.
    Who will question the police cover up.
    Who will question the character assassination done for a family whose son was murdered.

  98. Shailaja Bajpai.. how much they paid you to write this article… Every indian is very much interested in knowing the truth behind SSR murder… And Republic or Times now are doing the right thing. Unlike u bloody… Sold out.

    • To remove the skin of small ant, we are using the help of elephant in our country. Like this kind, our T V channels are using their precious time and wasting their energy. There are lot of systems and rules in judiciary to investigate this case. Finally this T V channels are making sensational news for public and fooling everyone.

      In our country lot of burning issues to be discussed and investigated for the interest of millions of people but our T V channels are interested in sensational news only for which hundreds of comments are seen here.

  99. The writer of this article solely questioned the methods used by popular media which were akin to invasion of privacy. Why is the need to hound him with all grave comments ?
    This country is possibly beyond repair.
    If you have some iota of respect for the deceased, you would understand that he will benefit from a fair and expedited trial.
    Not a one sided hounding of Rhea Chakraborty even if she is absolutely guilty.
    Sorry to whoever wrote this for the kind of crass comments here. You are absolutely right about what you wrote

  100. The writer of this article should die in SHAME. The language is good but don’t try to fool us. Public is well aware of the culprits and such foolish articles can’t sway their opinion so don’t even fret on it buddy. Yeah.. Rot in hell (plzz) for selling out your morals for some bucks!

  101. Not sure what your agenda is… To discredit other media or just to create negative publicity for yourself? Whatever drove you to write this idiotic and insane piece of crap article will make people stop subscribing and actually even appearing on our Google/Bing News Feed…. So whatever it is, you are not only stupid because this will hopefully make you lose your job… I am taking stupid media like yours out of my daily feeds… Bye bye The Print and your garbage

  102. How much have you all been paid ? Keep writing but we are his fans we wont stop… atleast his channel is talking about facts… others are just non existing….

  103. Where were you when media was talking shit that how sushant was depressed? Just because he is dead that doesn’t mean we and his family don’t get hurt by those news.

  104. If Mumbai Police and Maha Govt. do not work properly, then who will question them? They are acting suspiciously. Everyone was assured that it was suicide , but the behaviour of police is very unexpected.
    The author certainly has some ideological conflicts with these channels.

  105. Who cares for you man…when the whole world is wanting to know the truth… we are with the Republic and Times now and all those who are exposing people and pimps like you.

  106. Why don’t you add the Print’s name to that list who have tried to tarnish Sushant’s families name just because they raised questions on Rhea and her involvement. Your biased one sided shameless article which referred to Bihari families as toxic branding them collectively as cow-belt India. You’ve stooped to a new level of hypocrisy by judging someone else when your standard of fairness are deplorable.

  107. Print is being paid by Bollywood Mafia and Rhea to write such articles. It’s really pathetic to see that you guys can write anything for money ( North indian families can’t handle girl friends etc) and then question other journalists. I dare you to post this as you have conveniently switched off the comments.

  108. This article is atrocious . You too are equally prejudiced against investigative journalism. You too have your political masters. You are also not to be taken seriously. In this country where police is politically backed my only hope is on Supreme Court and investigative journalism( however populist or loud mouthed). Your mealy-mouthed and oh so propah stance is hugely suspect and partisan. So shut your ruddy mouth and let the public decide what to believe and what not to. You are an agenda based presstitute.

  109. Just wait you heartless idiots for a couple of weeks ….Let CBI takes over the case……..When the truth will see the broad daylight……….you will change your opinions.. Take my words… and don’t sell your conscience for a couple of bucks.. you people are disgrace to journalism itself…… Dont call your journalists…..if you want easy money just find a customer in red light areas ……

  110. Who are you to decide that other news channel are wrong. All departments are doing their job. I think you forgot that ‘if there’s smoke there’s fire”. So please keep your mouth shut.
    Something was not good or something is hiding. One cannot easily say that he died because of suicide. I think you also know as a well recognized journalist that a person who is suffering from depression , his / her friends will help him, contact his family members but these things not happen in this case.
    i am sorry to say that peoples like you are main culprit to support devils.
    Now i have some question for you.
    1. Why only rhea & her family members are under investigation.
    2. Why in each company that is created with Sushant’s money there are two compulsory directors’ namely rhea & her brother.
    3. Why his depression state was hiding from his family members.
    4. If a person is in depression, no friend or family members will leave at that time , then why his so called rhea leave him at his crucial time even if she know that he is in depression. “THAT’s NOT GOOD”
    5. Why his money are spent on rhea & her brother trip and in other activities

    So dear true journalist as you are saying that news channel are giving so much of footage to this news. I want to say that because of this hype only this case woke up again & because of this hype only SSR will get justice.

  111. Whoever has written this article. I just wish sushant singh incident to happen to your son and daughter. Just like Jiah khan’s mother pain and Sushant’s father pain. You should also go through it. Bloody u r sold out. M saving that characterless Rhea. I mean literally who cannot afford 4000 turion fees and living at the mercy of Sushant. U bullshitting here. If Indrajit Chakraborty doesn’t have this much to afford for their son and look at her daughter- someone’s father messaging her she is using all his money on touring his brothers expenses and u here questioning the right. Just want your children to suffer and succumbed to death so u feel the pain. Bullshit u.

  112. The common man understands the language of Times Now, Republic etc. At the same time they are aware of the core agenda that is pushed by The Print, The Wire, Scroll, Hindu etc. So just chill.

  113. You paid media…How many lakhs you have taken ….Rhea, Aditya, Uddhav, etc….First learn the basics of journalism

  114. I thought of supporting your quality journalism hype but then I came across an article by your Jyoti Yadav on toxic bihar families. If that is what you call quality journalism, then it’s very shameful.

  115. Absolute reduclious “The Print”.
    Please maintain journalism and at least if you can’t stand by the truth stop writing nonsense.
    Your so called journalist Jyoti Yadav has written such a rubbish article.Is this your standard???
    Have some shame.

  116. Hypocrisy at its best. These anchors are accusing few but you accused one entire state of suffering from family toxicity just to prove your point. There is no difference between you and them.

  117. As a liberal, this kind of whataboutism is shocking from the print. Journalistic professionalism is rare even in the print that often does hits on Modi fans sarcastically. But I am not seeing the honest liberal media covering ssr so much, which is inconsistent with the values of thorough journalism.

  118. Print is the Worst news channel and biggest Anti National , why don’t you go to Pakistan or China when you want to Always And Always do Anti India Post and Anti Government Post
    Mr Shekar Gupta please please take a Walk Leave My Nation Go To Heal Maderjat benjat harami Suver Kutta

  119. One question to your 6 questions.
    1. So you have answer to all the valid questions that are being raised?
    If not, then let competent authority work in it and get it answered. No need of your incompetent and unrelated questions.

  120. Seriously stop deleting those comments..i have the screenshot and it will take me no time to share those with other media handles via social media 😂😂😂

  121. Also where was print when senseless me too comments were made on SSR which had no proof …shame on print …i mean this is the most biased journalism i have seen…no doubt cos print is the most trash media and probably the sold one

  122. Actually, I understand there’s two sides to a coin. And you represent the lot that stands against baseless accusations against rhea Chakraborty. You may know her personally or you may dislike republic tv and it goes against the grain of your thought so you write baseless articles about SSRs family. And the funniest part is you believe you are better than all these relentless unjust anchors who just want to rake in TRPs but YOU ARE JUST THE SAME. I would genuinely like to tell you, your TOXIC Bihari family article was an attack against his 74 year old ailing father but ofcourse in the name of toxic feminism let’s bring justice to rhea Chakraborty. The fact is neither the anchors nor writers like you will bring justice to either one of them. So please remember you are just as hypocritical as the NEWS ANCHORS. You are just as toxic as the members of the toxic Bihari families because now you’ve started a crusade against a family you KNOW NOTHING OF to FIGHT FOR A WOMAN YOU KNOW NOTHING OF in order to bring justice to a man you know nothing of. BE KIND I AGREE WITH THAT BUT APPLY THAT TO YOURSELF. Stop this tirade against and for someone. LET THE SUPREME COURT DECIDE. Thanks! From someone you’d probably tag as TOXIC for having opposed your relentless and absolutely abominable articles.

  123. Agreed media has made this issue exclusive and breaking agreed u can question them but here are my questions on your so called kind of journalism…1) a talented actor was found dead at his home in a suspicious manner in which no FIR was made and the matter was declared sucide after 15 mins..0 investigation done by police into the matter so if taimur can get media coverage y cant our hero get 2) If it was a sucide committed by an actress there would be tons of ppl questioning his boy friend in the name of ” FEMINISM” …but not for a male this is the gender equality we thriving for? 3) upon filing an fir by kk singh bank statements revealed that riya misused and used Sushant money for her gains so by the right to information act dont we deserve such information?..4) where was your journalism when shivsena made abrupt comments on kk singh stating he had a second marriage and he was not popular before his ” murder ” yes murder?..5) no one even saw him hanging and u called it sucide? 6) explain those strange marks on the neck ? 7) y bihar police officers were treated like some garbage and didn’t co-operate with them ? Y vinay tiwari was quarantined? How can disha murder file was deleted automatically by mumbai or so called scotland police ? 8) y no fir was registered in 2 months after the murder ? So to sum up my comment i want to ask what kind of shitty journalism is this ..also do answer my last question ..for how much rupees were u bought by shivsena and maha aghadi govt 😉 if u have the guts do reply or u can carry on licking shivsena’s ass ..also just imagine the pain of sushant’s family might be going through

  124. You are pathetic and insensitive to Sushant’s case. Journalists like you, Mumbai police, Maharashtra Gov, Rhea the witch and bollywood, excluding Kangana the true lioness, should die a slow painful death. News channels, especially Republic TV are exposing the truth and we salute them. People like you make me glad that I wasn’t born in India. Post this if you dare.

  125. I am regular follower of the print but their stance on this is somewhat indirectly asking Why people have started asking question about death of an Indian citizen. If views are personal(as written at the bottom of this article) then why to publish at all.

  126. Print, Wire, Quint walo ka koi “imaan-dharm” nahi hai. They write inflammatory articles only to get more clicks on their website which increases their revenue.🐍🐍

  127. Let CBI do the job and we will come to know who are paid news channels and who are dedicated news channels…. You don’t need to worry so much…. Just have the patience buddy

  128. Just shut up…not even in a single line you had sympathy for sushant or his family…And u have audacity to teach us what correct journalism is..Are u even a human..You have been paid enough to write all this..We,public of India can get what your propaganda is.You want us to believe what u believe..are we obliged to think what u think..We want justice..For Gods sake stay out of this if you cant show support..

  129. Same applies to you! What about the article on ‘Bihari’ culture? That is one of the most horriblr articles I have ever come across!

    • Exactly When they published one of the most
      Demeaning article about a grieving family
      Why does their “sensibility of media” goes for toss then

    • When they published one of the most
      Demeaning article about a grieving family
      Why does their “sensibility of media” goes for toss then
      They had categorised particular state and their families
      was that sensitive media report

  130. No one has stopped anyone from questioning the questioner…. no one has made a judgement… that can only be done be the court of law. What the media can do is present their opinion… based on facts and evidences that they have gathered… through investigative journalism… it is up to the law to decide whether those evidences are valid…. or not. Let’s face it if the media and the nation did not create an uproar over the nirbhaya case it would have been treated like any other rape case … just as SSR’s case is being passed off as suicide without a proper investigation.

  131. Where the hell were you and your media when Sushant was killed & the whole of Maharashtra Govt., State Police Machinery, The bollywood chose to remain silent?
    Where were you then? And what is your motive to deviate from the justice now?
    That’s my only question to you.
    It is not about why they picked it up. The Honble SC itself said, Justice must happen.

  132. what is this? Assuming you have some IQ, you want questions should not be asked and quietly let the case settle down?
    Disgusting – theprint, stop this nonsense.

  133. well , it has been more than 45 days, any common man can say this is a mystery death and not suicide, wll common sense isn’t that common!! We the people wanna know the truth, we want justice, so when the investigators where lagging, nd the media exposed it to the public, how dare you blame the media?? It isn’t there job to investigate, yes true, but when those who are responsible to bring out the truth, themselves are not doing it, poor media, what can it do other than expose this truth?, you blame the media, for standing with truth?? Shame on you!! Nd this so called” print”, is this what is known as good journalism?? What good have you done, other than screaming fake news, circulating ‘Shravan Kumar’ stories, let me ask you the same question you asked? Were you a part of ssr’s family to write such rubbish?? Come on ,show some mercy ya, some humanity, is it too much to ask for?? Nd you know what ,it isn’t the media which is one-sided it is the truth. No matter how many times you circulate fake stories it’ll not turn true!! #justiceforssr

  134. Atleast they have have the courage to speak up against the conspira y of #MahaGovt.
    It is understood that you guys believe in चाटु पत्रकारिता ut you should atleast repe t the ones who are trying to get #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput .
    Have you sold your soul as well?!
    Yesterday it was #Jia today it is #Disha & #SushantSi ghRajput tomorrow there could be anyone , you or your son/daughter/wife/brother/sister etc.
    This. Ase is the most important in the Indian History because it’s not only about #SSR it’s about billion indian dreams who see themselves in #SSR.
    Have some dignity towards humanity and stop doing your चाटु पत्रकारिता to please your #BollywoodMafia bosses.

  135. Excellent article on the dangerous circus being played out in the name of journalism in Indian Media. Shocked to see journalists, who are just supposed to report facts, turn judge and accuse people in a matter which is sub-judice. Free speech comes with responsibility!

  136. We don’t support your journalism. Though agreed that the coverage of the case has been deplorable but had it not been for the media presence which in turn is perhaps being driven by the need to cater to what a huge section of the audience wants to see and talk about, this case would have just been forgotten after the customary ‘RIP’ s. Yes i admit a lot of people die everyday and a lot of people fail to have justice. But how hard is it to understand that this guy, SSR he represents every common man’s dreams of working hard and reaching the skies. For him to have met such a fate, it has been heartbreaking and confusing for all of us. And please don’t just waive this off as how his death should have been made an example of how important it’s to talk about mental health. Sure it’s very important, but isnt it important to uncover the entire truth. Because what example does his death give to anyone who’s struggling with mental maladies..that this guy who seemingly had everything and even went to a bevy of psychiatrists failed to recover from his disease ..and perhaps it’s even normalising suicide ..that perhaps there’s no cure to depression and the only way out is to choose the way of suicide. Isnt it really curious as to how a smart man like him who even though may have been diagnosed with some mental condition, choose the way of suicide despite having sought the medical care amd definitely must have been well read on the subject where everyone talks about how there’s a way to manage these diseases. Now again anyone might say that even this comment seems to get into the conjectures and theories floating around. But point is the media attention is required because what plagues our society is perhaps a lot of evil doers think the public memory is very short and after a few days of uproar everyone will forget about it and hence they can get away with it. SSR needs justice and i ask this because every common man needs justice. He represents all of us..all our aspirations. And to people like rajdeep Sardesai and majeed memon(oops) and Sharad Pawar and that shiv sena Raut. If you can’t help, don”t add to the family’s woes.

  137. Non Sense. As if The Print does all right. All of you want to make atory out of shushants
    death. Let police, CBI and court decide what happen, You, Tv Anchors do not judge anyone guilty. If Rhea does the mistake she has to face law why are you have to decide who are right or wrong .. Strangely in your article you have not questioned irregularities and people you just decide its a sucide with out even police completed their investigation.. sorry all the media just want to sell story of sushant .. none of u want to think abt his family

  138. I frequently used to donate money to the print but after seeing your anti SSR stance, I will not pay even 1 rupee going forward to the print.

    Arey sharm karo, Arnab is fighting for the justice of SSR and u guys are abnormal.

  139. This article is bullshit. Such pseudo intellectual people should appreciate that when a the police machinery is compromised, questions need to be asked. Defamation proccedings are availabe to people in case they are being slandered.

  140. Nobody knows the truth neither do you nor do other journalist but bringing out all the points is necessary. Whenever any investigation is done you think of all the possibilities. If police would have done the investigation properly we would had some results by now.
    Also, I am sure bollywood mafia would have paid you to write such articles. So stop taking the side where there is no clarity.
    There is truth which is not out and we want to know how our favourite actor died.

  141. What you’re saying is wrong on so many levels. The irony is you guys are doing the same thing, but on an opposite end. You have no clue what the uproar is all about and Oh we’re glad we have Republic and Times Now supporting us. Oh and about feeling bad for someone who in first place asked for CBI and then refused it. I can only imagine. You can post articles like BJP using SSR to destabilise Maha Govt and that’s absolutely fine? Here you aren’t defaming anybody? Here it’s about right or wrong and we can clearly see you being empathetic for the wrong reasons. You taking names of Times and Republic isn’t defaming there ethics of journalism is it? Hypocrisy at its peak.

  142. In ED enquiry your name has come up for publishing against SSR and in favor of Rhea qwho contacted “friends in media” to make her good image and weaken the channels who are digging evidences against her…….now will u shut up and apologise to the public , The Print? Is any shame left in you morons?

  143. I don’t c anything wrong with the tv channels asking the question. There are so many lapses in the investigation done by Mumbai police. What have they achieved so far ? R they sleeping? Why no track on the phone calls or the money spent of Sushant account?

  144. One question
    Why are you critising the news channel.who brought out the truth or else the case would have been dismissed as suicide by the so called ‘very able’ mumbai police.
    The correct question to be asked is why was investigation not done properly and also how Rhea Chakarobarty afford such an expensive lawyer. Yes we need answers for that.
    One advice : Stop writing such articles. I was avid follower of your news but the way you are writing such articles..shows that you are definitely getting paid to do all of this..

  145. What is wrong with The Print? The recent articles have been nothing but baseless and derogatory towards Sushant’s family. And you want to question them?.Please have some shame. A father has lost his only son. I wonder who’s PR agent is writing this article to whitewash a certain person’s image. And as far as media trials are concerned, there’s a reason why everyone is against a particular person. Evidence and facts. And as for invasion of privacy. Go get some facts about Susan Walker, who has leaked all the details of Sushant’s therapy to a popular journalist in an interview. But no you won’t cover that. You want to endorse a particular celebrity and “question the questioners”. And stop fighting for “Justice for Rhea”. It’s Sushant Singh Rajput who has lost his life .Please get some good authors ,The Print. I have seen a downhill trend in your journalism and it’s mind-achingly foolish to read such articles

  146. Very smart move but not smart enough , to whosover has written this article:all this speculations are made because mumbai police did not do the basics right , straightaway declaring suicide, not registering an FIR etc etc.

    There is also a stream of educated force behind this so please do not manipulate things. If you really want things to be ethical, direct your questions towards ruling party and the police in Maharashtra.

  147. If such media trials would not have been there, the case might have been shut long way back.
    And this article isn’t nothing but a shit right from the start till end.

  148. Your page has been writing nothing but rubbish in the name of Journalism. I am an educated citizen of the country and I can’t be manipulated only on the basis of what the news channels are reporting. If millions of people are blaming Rhea Chakroborty then probably there is a reason behind it. And if you can’t see that reason and want to ruthlessly keep posting rubbish about Sushant and his family, then you are the one who needs to be questioned, not the News channels.

  149. What is wrong with The Print? The recent articles have been nothing but baseless and derogatory towards Sushant’s family. And you want to question them?.Please have some shame. A father has lost his only son. I wonder who’s PR agent is writing this article to whitewash a certain person’s image. And as far as media trials are concerned, there’s a reason why everyone is against a particular person. Evidence and facts. And as for invasion of privacy. Go get some facts about Susan Walker, who has leaked all the details of Sushant’s therapy to a popular journalist in an interview. But no you won’t cover that. You want to endorse a particular celebrity and “question the questioners”. And stop fighting for “Justice for Rhea”. It’s Sushant Singh Rajput who has lost his life .Please get some good authors ,The Print. I have seen a downhill trend in your journalism and it’s mind-achingly foolish to read such articles

  150. Anyone reading this comment….. This is Paid Journalism guys, the author has no idea that her views would be simply put into garbage without even reading the article. Call it a personal vendetta or TRP campaign, Arnab & Ujjwal Trivedi are washing the dirty linen in the public, with solid proof out there. This is the only way to pressurize our lame institutional organizations.

    In Jiah’s case, there wasn’t any coverage by Media. And look how it ended up, her old mother is still fighting to get her justice. Atleast in Sushant’s case, we know the loopholes and inconsistent versions of truths shared by suspects. If Republic Media hadn’t raised the voice, we would had to remember Sushant as a depressed man who died for no reason at all.

  151. Some television news channels have become bolder and now they air fake news to the viewers with impunity. Freedom of expression is fully exploited by these few channels and there is competition among them to garner TRP .It is a worrisome sign because lies are fed deliberately to the vulnerable viewers and the consequences are dangerous at times. It is imperative that the Editor guild of India should try to discipline such erring channels and it’s high time the judiciary clearly defines the red line between freedom of expression and spreading of lies or fake news which can lead to social unrest or character assassination of others. The court also need to address the defamation cases with all sincerity as they linger on for years together.Swift justice on such cases will discourage such the news anchors from spreading fake news.If we don’t put a check on this, fake news will destroy our society.

  152. If they have done character assassination without proof then the victims should take legal course and file defamation suit against each TV channel responsible for it. They must be made to pay such amount that they will have to think 10 times next time.

  153. In the name of ethical news Shekhar Gupta , founder of The Print disclosed on his youtube channel the beautiful secrets of award ceremonies , name dropping prominent celebrities like the Akthars and the Roshans, bitched about how KJo and co boycotted the awards bcoz their film My name is Khan didnt win best film award, how ZNMD crew boycotted the awards for similar reason, how Hrithik didnt want to accept best actor award for Krish just bcoz his father didnt win best director award.Shekhar Gupta even went on to elaborate how he had to take painstaking efforts to call each party and coax them with his words, how he had to work so hard to make the awards a success without disappointing anybody and how his friendship with Javed Akthar came to his rescue as finally at the last minute Farhan Akthar decides to attend the awards.So, now talking about “Rules violated in the name of breaking news”, i just want to say to The Print that they are really good adherents of the latest religion in the 21st century “Hypocrism”, where u swear to be a hypocrite and follow double standards according to what suits u and ur agenda the best.Well done The Print , u might just get the award for the best hypocrite ever in history.

  154. Let the truth come out atleast. The national rage has been created due to the media . The police hasn’t done anything except destroying evidences.It’s quite clear that The Print doesn’t want the truth to come out in any case

  155. Let the truth come out atleast. The national rage has been created due to the media . The police hasn’t done anything except destroying evidences.It’s quite clear that The Print doesn’t want the truth to come out

  156. Republic bharat and times now are showing tge facts which you guys dont have any audocity to do you are so curious to know where RB, TImes now got an information but looking the facts which they are showing about rhea nad her family you are ignoring that, family is supporting them but no you guys want to prove them wrong just because you have no relevant informatiom to post ,i suggest you guys if you are not supporting atleast dont post nonsense atticles just to get noticed. Which you are now ….

  157. Looks like shailaja bajpai has soft corners for all the criminals involved?
    I don’t find Republic TV covering his death as unlawful. It is because of these channels atleast people know it is a murder. Nobody is stupid , even Sridevi is murdered too just like tharoor’s wife.

    What exactly you are annoyed about? Rhea been targeted? She should be because of all the money she has enjoyed sucking out of him. I am not trying to prove sushant as innocent boy. The only thing is his dead body doesn’t look like as if he killed himself. Its a murder and he has strings connected to Dishas case.

    If there are no connections then why not answer people? There are so many valid not answered.

    i understand you are a paid media like masand and chopra and can’t tolerate Arnab and others but you know we choose to ignore your concern because you don’t want truth to come out. You are annoyed because these channels are gaining all the footage. That’s your problem.

    Lady, you have an option – Switch off your TV or change the channel, simple isn’t it ?

  158. Hello, are you the paid advertisement? Paid by the sources who exactly want to spread this 🙂 and oh.. the comments are closed .. we know why 🙂

  159. Then, Who will question Mumbai police and Mumbai Government? Who didn’t even registered FIR, Announced it a sucide without any probe and was making it very difficult for others to investigate?

  160. One question why police declare suicide without any FIR or investigation? Why no FIR registered even after 2 months? No post mortem report in both cases and scene doesn’t have any forensic photographs! Cctv cameras are off around in both cases.

  161. Do you not find the way the Mumbai police handling the matter, both Disha and Sushant murder cases, to be ambiguous?
    No comments on that?

  162. I heard someone is paying media outlets to write articles in favour of Reha and clear her image. Anyways Mumbai police initially said it was a suicide, even a normal person can say that things are not adding up. Although i don’t expect fair journalism from you guys, I’ve seen the interview of Shekhar Gupta after 2019 election. Your credibility is doubtful. Thank you

  163. The real issue is, Why it is so difficult to get justice for Sushant? Instead of finding fault with News Channels, appreciate them for the efforts they have made to uncover the mysterious death. As a citizen of India, I want justice for Sushant.

  164. Shamelessness is so much glaring in your article. People will make the choice of avoiding Print articles. Either you are lily-livered or perhaps you have sold yourself, the latter of which is a mark of the shamelessness you portray.

  165. I have only one question, did you see pics of dead body of Sushant’s and do you think it as murder or suiside?????

  166. So what is that you ppl want to say about sushants death there should not be furthering in the investigation of this care

  167. When mumbai police is trying to bury the case and favouring culprits. Then what option left with common men.

  168. Every time there is a heinous/ well planned systematic / brutal crime where govt/ police doesn’t fathom the public emotions, helplessness and cry for justice … media has to step in. People who question the questioners are afraid of the answers – at least thats what science and evidence teaches. If Mumbai police would have interrogated Rhea the way ED has brought our or some Medici legal experts have pointed out evidences .. media could have focused on other issues

  169. If those who are supposed to do the investigation had done their job, the media wouldn’t have to do somebody else’s job. Right?

  170. I have also couple of questions regarding your article :
    1) When did investigative journalism became a wrong thing to do in India
    2) With reference to the logic of invasion of privacy ,shouldn’t then all sting operations be banned in India from here on
    3) Why your article didnt mention the gross violation done by mental therapist who published SSR reports online .Arent you also promoting baised journalism

  171. And who will question the print’s motive behind questioning those who are seeing ssr case a clear murder case? Same on you “the print”. You are clone of “the wire” and other medias who have no left for their profession.

  172. All problems would have been solved had Mumbai police investigated the case properly.They have messed up the case. This is not first time they have done it,they had messed the case of Mumbai Blast.what is the out come .All culprits are out of their reach,all the adminsters are freely roming on the street.After all they being benifitted monitarily every year when they celebrate their annual day.Politicians and film faternaty are normally are guest of honour.That is why general public is of the opening that police is trying to shield some bigwig of these fatetnity.Why so much delay in lodging a proper case?

  173. You Preech others, but your own The Print is always against the justice or against what is right, check any of your articles they all stand against the people.

    If u want to correct others, First Correct Yourself.

  174. Arnab Goswami is amplifying what each of us in the country are upset about and want to know. He is just carrying our voices forward. Not very fond of watching any of the channels you’ve mentioned but where Sushant is concerned I am definitely watching Republic. This guy was a known actor but Delhiites raised their voice for Nirbhaya faced water cannons and got beaten up, also for other cases. How can we be silent spectators to crime being committed in Bollywood. People of Mumbai May be scared of their govt and police but Delhiites are star champions in raising their voice whn they r facing 2 govts in Delhi and the police. I salute them. So when you criticise republic you are criticising us. That man has the guts to take on the govt and police of Mumbai hats off !

  175. And don’t tag it as your journalism vs my journalism, u r bad I m good. It is matter of life few dreams and a family asking for justice and also about questioning a government which is creating hurdles in getting justice. Can ur fair journalism explain why Maha government has so much interest in obstructing CBI probe. If they are so good then we challenge them to pave the way for CBI enquiry

  176. Against all your questions, all of us have just one question for you, why are such a piece of sh@t and a disgrace to true journalism! Sitting on the high horse pointing fingers but not looking at your own reflection of biased, incompetent and sold-out news coverage. Shame on you print

  177. Cant support a baised news agency like ThePrint who have blindly supported opposition or became mouthpiece of Opposition. Atleast Republic & Times Now dont insult country, govt & above all our hardworking PM. They dont support Jihadi ideas & actions. They are frank & honest coverage. You have never condemned NCP or Shiv Sena insult to sad family. You only raised voice when govt tried to take action against NDTV. But you were quiet when Sadhus were lynched or Arnab was attacked in Maha Govt. Kindly be neutral & have courage to show true & unbaised news for funding appeal.

  178. People will question them or your agenda too, for now people can clearly see that The print is a fake news agency sold off with the accused to create a fake narrative, it’s doesn’t take a republic tv to link 2 mysterious murders in a sequence days after each other, how police concludes without investigation, how the disha case is closed without any investigation, how much the Maha govt is getting involved?
    Poor attempt by fake news agency called the print

  179. You have no right to question other media network when Arfa Khanum sherwani on twitter post against ram mandir verdict and try to save tablighi jamat who is involved in money laundering. Your stance is clear and that is anti-India stance. How about you stop painting a picture of “Dara hua Muslamaan” and islamophobia and first and then lecture any other media. Your Arfa Khanum twisted the tweet of MP Surya who just wrote what Tarek fatah told in an interview and you have the audacity to point finger on other media.. slow claps for your level of journalism.

  180. What about the incessant hatred and fake news about the prime minister from liberal journalists like Sardesai. I’m another interview he finds wickedness in PMs eyes. Really? That’s not even fake it’s outright mean!

  181. My only question is that why doing investigative journalism is being portrayed in negative light over here .By the same logic all the sting operations done in the past & in the future including Tehelka are also cases on invasion of privacy so we should strictly ban sting operations but I didn’t see any such recommendations from Print media ,so why such hypocrisy.

  182. Well I suppose there are enough evidence that he was murdered, and btw who will grab the media channels who are slaves of maha govt, and all out there to kill this news so that the real culprits are never known, we dont trust your journalism

    And before blaming Indiand for finding perfect villain in Rhea we blame you for finding an innocent soul in her

  183. Exactly ,we need justice ,but this way dragging all characters into play is not good.
    If those character are proven guilty ,then fine else they need to carry all this shame for long time .then who will easer that

  184. Pranab Mukherjee’s son just called out Sardesai for peddling fake news of the former President’s death. Why blame Arnab alone? The so called liberal media has been doing this for long.

  185. What a stupid article! Someone else is trying hard to bring truth on table and you guys were not able to do so you are doing nothing but defaming them. What type of losers you guys are! The man has lost his life to murder and that lady whom you are trying to protect has given it shape of suicide. Did she gave you money to write good things about her or bad things about Republic from the money she stole from Sushant?

    Do delete this comment. It won’t be good for your image to post.

  186. I wonder why don’t you have any sympathy towards Sushant’s family who have been asking for a clean interrogation of their son’s unfortunate demise. There is nothing wrong in asking for an unbiased enquiry which they are being denied. You have nothing to say against the Mumbai Police and the government who are trying to malign his family’s image. You have nothing to say against a simple fact that if there really is nothing wrongfully done to him and he really committed suicide, the government and the police should not have a problem in handing over this case to the CBI. The family will also get closure if they get to know the facts. They lost a family member and not you, not we. You don’t seem to have to any questions for those so called renowned news anchors, politicians, Bollywood personalities who are saying that he was not such a big star and doesn’t need to so much attention. What kind of stand are you taking. We all are hypocrites and you are very much a part of all this shit happening around. Stop preaching.

  187. calling out for thuth os not injustice, questioning anarchists is not assassination of character.
    stop spreading your agenda to protect anti nationals and political mafia.

  188. I wonder why don’t you have any sympathy towards Sushant’s family who have been asking for a clean interrogation of their son’s unfortunate demise. There is nothing wrong in asking for an unbiased enquiry which they are being denied. You have nothing to say against the Mumbai Police and the government who are trying to malign his family’s image. You have nothing to say against a simple fact that if there really is nothing wrongfully done to him and he really committed suicide, the government and the police should not have a problem in handing over this case to the CBI. The family will also get closure if they get to know the facts. They lost a family member and not you, not we. You don’t seem to have to any questions for those so called renowned news anchors, politicians, Bollywood personalities who are saying that he was not such a big star and doesn’t need to so much attention. What kind of stand are you taking. We all are hypocrites and you are very much a part of all this shit happening around. Stop preaching.

  189. what is haoppening in Media should Have Happend long ago when Jiah Khan was Murdered . Now Bolly wood is feeling Pinch. what they are subjected to the socalled Traolling etc is a Miniscule whrn compared to the death of sushant and the suffering of Family . Keep quiet and wait for The CBI enquiry
    drones of supporters feeling so Bad about Bollywood daily writing , posting, on TV shows shame on them

  190. Print you are a useless paid online portal and obviously since you were complicit in the bad articles printed on Sushant why would you stand for justice. Republic has each and very public support possible. Enjoy your money and leave the public spared by your opini

  191. Extremely relevant.
    I sincerely hope that this “journalism” ends. But, to be fair, they are there because viewers want it. So a deep repair of the society is called for!

  192. SC should turn down petitions to probe less than 100 Crores …so that ED, CVC, CBI effort is not diverted from BIG TICKET Probes…. 171 bank fraud cases involving funds of over Rs 20,000 crore are pending to be probed by the CBI last year. High-profile bank fraud cases being probed by the CBI and ED is of
    (1) Coalgate Scam – Rs. 1.86 lakh crore
    (2) Liquor baron Vijay Mallya- Rs 9,000 crore
    (3) 2G Spectrum scam – Rs. 1,76,000 crore
    (4) Commonwealth Games scam – Rs. 70,000 crore
    (5) Diamond Traders – Mehul Chooski, Neerav Modi – PNB Bank Scam -13,400 Crore

  193. The Print is being paid for writing these crap articles, lol so evident ….. shameless and Rhea PR in full action. Clearly proves that Rhea did in fact call a Bollywood director requesting for journalists to write positive articles in favour of her

  194. Were it not for the repeated and persistent efforts by some of these media groups , to seek the truth or atleast compel them to disclose the facts , the ‘personal views’ of the criminals would have been showcased as the cause of SSR’s death. And that would have been fine with all those who have a problem with the current situation.

  195. Stop posting you so called bull shit “questions”. If you can’t support the #CBI&JusticeForSushantSinghRajput campaign, at least don’t make a fool of public. We are smart enough to understand the difference between good journalism & sensationalism.

  196. I have two questions for you now:
    Who is questioning the motive behind political leaders shaming SSR’s family?
    Who is doing a better job at investigating and raising questions?

  197. What a boring and baseless article.
    Why are all the articles on The Print baised?
    Now that you are a questioner, shouldn’t you be questioned by people going by your own logic?
    It is time that epapers should also be held accountable.

  198. The Print has Been Bought Out By Someone Big From Bollywod. The Print Should Be Banned. You are Just Hypocrites ,Just Speaking What rhea Is Speaking. Earlier I Used To Read you Articles With Fondness But Now The Print Has Lost It’s Credibility. THE PRINT is Playing with our EMOTIONS.
    This Is The Worst Article I have read in the recent times… The Print has become the Advocate For Rhea Chakrobarty and Maharashtra government.
    You are Either Scared Or Paid By The Maharashtra Government.
    You People Won’t ask that Why The Fingerprint Expert was not send to the crime scene.
    You Won’t ask why his Post-Mortem done before the Covid-test Report.
    You Won’t Ask Why The Post-Mortem was Done at Night.
    You Won’t Ask That Why Sushant’s Leg Was bent(It Doesn’t Happen In Suicide)
    You Won’t Ask That Why His Eyes and tongue Were Not Popping Out as it Happens in a Normal Suicide( You Would Still call The Murder A Suicide because “THE PRINT HAS BEEN PAID “)
    You Won’t Ask That Why Sid Pithaani Didn’t Wait For Sushant’s Sister to come Before Removing the Body From Fan(But It Never Was On fan)..
    You Won’t Ask Why Pithaani Didn’t Clicked A Photo Of Sushant Hanging..
    You Won’t Ask That Pithaani Claimed That he Called The KeyMaker and Then The KeyMaker Came, But The Watchman Says That Pithaani Brought The Keymaker In a car.
    You won’t Ask That Why All The Other’s Than The accused are Saying That Sushant Can’t commit Suicide…
    You Won’t Ask That The Mark On His Neck Was Not Made By Green Cloth,( It is Probably a murder), But The mark Wasn’t Mentioned In Post-Mortem..


  199. So the person who paid you to publish this news is the real culprit. Get him infront of public, Sushanth’s murder will get justice. Some people are trying to bring justice & publisher like you misguide all others. Stop making fools. Tell me one thing why all the accused or so called culprits are opposing the CBI investigation, what is wrong with that? Why is Mumbai police or government not supporting Bihar police investigation who actually have logged the FIR.

  200. The author has said that the news anchor are doing this media trial..but she didn’t bother to ask as why the situation for such circumstances arrived…if it’s not your truth it doesn’t mean the truth is not there…

  201. It it was not for efforts from those media houses then this mystery death would have never been investigated. . Shame on you. . I don’t see any article published by you for asking a fair enquiry in this case but you have time to criticize people who are asking for it. . Shame on journalists like you. . #JusticeforShushant

  202. The article says views are personal and Shailaja has written also as though she is personally hurt. You article’s tone matches that of the ‘explosive-exclusive’ reporters. If you complain about journalism then at least have better standards in your own reporting!!

  203. ‘The Print’ hope you get well soon! start working for sheer journalism. Mind you no one cares you if you aren’t standing by the emotions of people, neither do I.

  204. It’s dirty out there, isn’t it?

    But how easy it is to just pass someone’s death under the carpet, without even trying to find out what happened. One media camp is raising all these questions, and there’s another like you questioning those questions! Why?

    Yes, there are a 1000 conspiracy theories around SSR’s death. So many that one can’t even keep track. But that’s because if the theory presented by the so called ‘investigating’ authorities could be trusted, seen and feel like fair.

    Even if your competitors are asking these questions, why is it making sense to people? And why can’t people believe what the suicide theory camp is saying?

    I wasn’t even a huge fan or a follower of Sushant. But it has hit me on a personal level, because it’s unfair, it doesn’t make sense. I am educated, I’m an ardent supporter of women’s rights, people’s personal space, et cetera et cetera. But I’m also a believer in justice.

    So I throw these questions back at you, go investigate why you’re asking these questions.

  205. True..but up to some extent
    But wat abt Mumbai police??
    What abt Maharashtra government??
    U can not carry a serious probe the way they are doing??
    So will question them??
    The bitter truth is it’s only because of these media houses CBI gone investigate
    Yes they shouldn’t target anybody unless we reach the consequence

  206. I am happy that someone is being unbiased and calling out the sensationization of the death of the poor man. After all the news of a depressed actor dying Of suicide is not as glamorous as him being caught in an extraordinary conspiracy and murdered.

    • Awww…did it make you feel better reading this article… After that pls get back to reality . SUSHANT was killed…pls gulp the truth and stop being apologist of these pseudo sickulars.

  207. If tomorrow CBI does prove it was not a suicide, would you have the guts to take down this biased article? Stop judging Indians as a bunch of misogynists and improve your brand of journalism

    • What if the CBI proves it was a suicide. Then would these news Morons apologise in front of the nation to all those whose dignity and respect they have murdered.

  208. Madam you didn’t get it. We have become a majoritarian state and everyone’s right to question anyone else follows from following the majority whims. Rule by lynching mob is the new normal.

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