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Becoming more like WhatsApp isn’t the solution to Facebook’s privacy concerns

Mark Zuckerberg aims to make private messages private and ephemeral – meaning Facebook can’t read our messages, and the data doesn’t stick around for long.
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Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok to have separate link detailing expenditure on poll ads

The social media giants are part of 6 firms, along with WhatsApp, Google & Sharechat, that agreed to make political ad spending public.

Facebook’s policy shift is less about privacy and more about profits

Users are already moving from open-sharing on Facebook to closed groups on WhatsApp. Mark Zuckerberg is merely preparing to shift resources to follow them.
The Facebook Inc. application logo on display | Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram outage persists globally after more than 10 hours

Users of the Mark Zukerberg-headed social media giant and its family of platforms have been facing issues with logging in, posting and sending images or were being shown error messages.
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Coy and in ‘ghoonghats’, these women are taking over Youtube, TikTok with their rural lives

YouTube channels like Indian Girl Babita's Village and Sidhi Marwadi are helping rural women chart their own paths within the limits of local conventions.
Screenshot of the game Modi Run | Google Play Store

Modi dominates social media, here are four gaming apps starring him

Modi’s likeness and cartoons appear in a host of apps, ranging from gaming apps, selfie apps to those for WhatsApp.
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Facebook wants to encrypt communications on its platforms, but there’s a catch

Zuckerberg's talk about more private communications through Facebook and its other apps is simply putting a shiny gloss on what is otherwise a power play to consolidate user data by merging its multiple services.
Indian Veterinary Research Institute campus in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh | Facebook

UP institute penalises 3 Kashmiri girls for alleged remarks on WhatsApp against Army

The girls allegedly made some adverse and objectionable comments on a WhatsApp group after Pulwama attack on 14 February, an official said.

Here’s what WhatsApp can do to prevent targeted attacks on public figures

WhatsApp should give users more control over deciding who can message them.

Facebook risks shutdown in India as Modi govt wants more uncensored access to WhatsApp

In its battle against fake news, India is pressing Facebook's WhatsApp for more official oversight, which could include access to protected, or encrypted, messages.

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‘A rich Muslim’s expense on Umrah marriage can teach 3 lakh poor Muslim kids for 18 yrs’

Muslim scholars say 84% of Indian Muslims earn less than Rs 50 a day, and want the community to cut spending on lavish weddings, multiple pilgrimages.

Should Indians support Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series in YouTube subscriber race against PewDiePie?

Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series and vlogger Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie are fighting to attain the number one spot in terms of subscribers on YouTube.


Indian Army | representational image | Waseem Andrabi/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Army personnel killed in firing by Pakistani troops in J&K’s Poonch district

The border skirmishes witnessed a spurt after India's air strike on JeM terror camp in Balakot in response to Pulwama attack that killed 40 CRPF personnel.
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Why Rahul Gandhi’s Congress is in danger of morphing into a clueless NGO

Congress has questions but no answers, ‘leaders’ but no winners. Weeks before polls, it’s behaving like a virtuous, anti-establishment NGO just doing its thing.