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Alphabet Inc. Google And Gmail Illustrations Ahead Of Earnings Figures

After WhatsApp hacking & Covid lockdown, 155% more Indians searched for encrypted email

A survey between May 2019 and April 2020 by encrypted email service ProtonMail found that more people were looking for alternatives to Gmail due to privacy issues with Google.

Against the 1000 questions TV news had after Sushant Singh’s death, we have just six

#JusticeForRajput is the popular hashtag on Republic TV and Times Now. But who will look into all the injustices they have committed in the name of 'Breaking News'?
Representational image of social media apps | Alexander Bahena | Pixabay

No WhatsApp, no Facebook — HC sets digital detox as bail condition for student in assault case

Madhya Pradesh High Court ordered the accused to submit monthly reports on his digital detoxification and also asked him to plant five trees.
Kanpur's wanted criminal Vikas Dubey | ThePrint

Brahmin pride and pain flood Facebook after Vikas Dubey’s encounter killing

For many social media users, gangster Vikas Dubey was first and foremost a Brahmin — a ‘tiger’ whose killing is just another ‘atrocity’ on the community under 'Thakur' CM Yogi Adityanath.
WhatsApp application is displayed in the App Store. Photographer: Andrew Harrer | Bloomberg

Ladakh Police summon people from Srinagar who received anti-Modi audio clip on WhatsApp

Clip featured Ladakh councillor & Srinagar Congressman berating PM Modi & the Army. Congress asks why those receiving WhatsApp forwards are being called in.
WhatsApp application is displayed in the App Store. Photographer: Andrew Harrer | Bloomberg

Stigma of fake news is locking WhatsApp out of India’s lucrative digital payments market

While Facebook Inc. deserves scrutiny for being a platform for hate speech and fake news, cashless transfers is one area where it can be a force for good.
A woman checks the Facebook Inc. site on her smartphone | Chris Ratcliffe | Bloomberg

Twitter, Facebook profited a lot from India’s hate agenda. Time to pull the plug with a law

French parliament now has a law mandating social media and tech firms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google remove hateful content within 24 hours of being flagged.
WhatsaApp | Andrew Harrer | Bloomberg

CCI ‘looking into’ antitrust complaint against WhatsApp payments service, says report 

Report of a new complaint against WhatsApp payments service comes on the back of concerns about the app with regard to India’s data-localisation norms. 
A Delhi school student studies online via WhatsApp | Manisha Mondal | ThePrint

Zoom, Google Meet out of reach, it’s WhatsApp or no classes for poor students in Delhi

Students who attend govt & low-budget private schools struggle with online classes, while teachers say can't use data-heavy video apps for lack of resources from schools.
WhatsApp application is displayed in the App Store. Photographer: Andrew Harrer | Bloomberg

The American Karen is the Indian Suresh, the WhatsApp Uncle who thinks he knows best

Social media and memes have never been about nuance. Given the pandemic and the lockdown the world is struggling with, they have become something to cling to.

On Camera

File photo of PM Narendra Modi and former PM Manmohan Singh | PTI

Modi govt was handed weak data institutions by Congress, but it ruined them further

The BJP’s 2014 manifesto promised ‘real-time data’. Now, the Modi government has no data on migrant workers’ deaths during Covid pandemic.
A man holds a Rs 2000 banknote | Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

Are people holding on to cash after lockdown? New RBI data seems to suggest so

Data shows a sharp increase in cash holding after the lockdown was imposed in March. The demand for Rs 2,000 notes has surged, say bankers.


Indian Navy warships | Representational image | Twitter | @indiannavy

China, India signal each other on might in Indian Ocean Region, amid tensions on land

A PLA Navy task force is understood to have entered Indian Ocean Region as China seeks to project its dominance. India is keeping a close watch on waters around the country.
Illustration by Soham Sen | ThePrint

Why India’s triple crisis needs Modi to de-escalate & disengage from divisive politics at home

Covid, China and economy are intense, intertwined crises that need political space and confidence. Responsibility to create them doesn’t lie with opposition.