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Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami | YouTube screengrab
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New Delhi: Days after Republic TV Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami was questioned by the Mumbai Police, the Maharashtra government has filed an application in the Supreme Court, demanding that orders be issued to “insulate” the investigating agency “from any pressure, threat or coercion” from Goswami, so that it can carry out a fair probe.

The application accuses Goswami of “publicly trying to malign the police and the manner of their investigation”, and of making “false and baseless allegations” against Mumbai’s police commissioner.

Goswami, the application states, has “clearly abused the journalistic freedom available to him under Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution”, and has “indulged in a vicious propaganda against the police”.

Goswami had moved the Supreme Court after over 100 FIRs were filed against him across the country, accusing him of making “inflammatory statements” and defaming Congress interim chief Sonia Gandhi.

On 24 April, the apex court granted him protection from arrest for three weeks, staying all FIRs against him, except for one in Nagpur. This FIR was ordered to be transferred to Mumbai, and is now being investigated by the Mumbai Police, along with the FIR filed by Goswami alleging that he was attacked in the city by two goons on a motorcycle on 23 April.

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‘Licence to defame’

The application filed by the Maharashtra government now claims that Goswami is using the Supreme Court’s interim protection “as some kind of a licence to indulge in unwarranted sensationalism” and “to ridicule, denigrate and defame the police department and its officers and to dictate the course of investigations in the way and manner of his choice and also to cause subtle threats and intimidate the investigating agency”.

The government has, therefore, asserted that Goswami has “used, abused and misused” his position as a journalist and editor, and hence, the probe agency should be insulated from him.

It has also sought directions restraining him from “abusing” the interim protection granted to him by the court.

The application takes objection to several tweets posted by the Twitter account of Republic’s Hindi channel, Republic Bharat.

One of these was posted on 26 April, announcing that Goswami would subject himself to an investigation, and urged the police to show a sense of immediacy in investigating the FIR he filed as well.

The government’s application pointed out three tweets made by the handle while Goswami was being interrogated as well. These tweets said he had been questioned for over 11 hours, and claimed that the police were covering up the matter concerning the alleged attack on him.

These tweets, the application said, created an impression of the police being biased against Goswami. It also said the tweets portrayed that the police were covering up Goswami’s FIR against his attack, and were “unnecessarily” questioning him for several hours.

“The correct fact is that the police are also investigating the petitioner’s FIR and have not covered up the matter regarding the petitioner’s FIR,” the Maharashtra government asserted.

The application further claimed that Goswami carried his entourage of reporters and cameramen inside the police station, “where he virtually commanded the police officials to do certain things and act in a certain way as propounded by him”.

“Ever since the occurrence and registration of the case, the petitioner has made a media spectacle of the entire incident at every stage,” it added.

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‘Terrorising’ investigating officers

The application also took note of a debate titled ‘Poochhta Hai Bharat’ on the Republic Bharat channel.

It alleged that Goswami made several “personal false statements” against Mumbai’s commissioner of police during this debate.

It said Goswami referred to the ‘IndiaBulls scam’ on his show, claiming that several police officers, including the commissioner, were involved in it, and that he was going to investigate and blow the lid off it.

The allegations, it said, were aimed at “browbeating, terrorising and intimidating the investigating officer(s)”.

“This appears to be aimed solely at browbeating the investigating officers by creating a fear psychosis that they would also face dire consequences and would be publicly ridiculed, if they proceed for investigations in the two FIRs, one lodged by the petitioner and one against him, against his dictates,” it added.

The application demanded: “It is also necessary that this Hon’ble Court may issue appropriate directions so that a balance is maintained between the rights of the petitioner as a citizens as well as a ‘senior journalist’ vis-a-vis the prerogative of the investigating agency to conduct investigations into the crime as an arm of the law, without any fear, threat or pressure.”

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  1. If Arnab Goswami was not around know one would be brought to justice in India.
    Arnab you doing a grand job, keep it up proud to say you Indian.. shame other news channels are not covering the truth on stories.

  2. It is shocked baseless allegations by Govt which tried to stop damages to it and police I remind Supreme Court Scams judgements honble judge advise fight against corruptions and it is his fundamental right in democracy when he is questioning he can be booked and deprive press media fourth estate freedom and abuse police and court not tenable and Goswami Questioning on behalf of Indian Public I Invite hyd bad adda as anti social elements and PC after Republic news arrested culprits so Let Gowsami speak and police cannot be influenced police can be influenced by govt and political leaders.Lets save democracy

  3. अर्णव गोस्वामी यांनी मुंबईत राहून महाराष्ट्र शासन चे नियम न मानता एक तर्फी बातम्या देणे योग नाही अर्णव गोस्वामी स्वतः ला कायदा हातात घेऊन फक्त काँग्रेस आणि राष्ट्रवादी शिवसेना नेते आरोप करत आहे म्हणजे त्याला महाराष्ट्र शासन वर विस्वास नाही तर त्याने आपले कार्यालय दिल्ली ला घेऊन जाऊन तेथून कायदेशीर कार्यवाही व्हावी असे केंद्र सरकारला सादर करावे केंद्र सरकार राष्ट्रपती राजवट लाऊन न्याय देईल त्यांना खरे तर. महाराष्ट्र शासन ने असल्या उपद्व्याप करणाऱ्या पत्रकारांना राज्याबाहेर तडीपार करून यांचे कार्यालय बंद करावे अन्यथा लोक महाराष्ट्र चा अपमान केला म्हणून यांना राज्य बाहेर काढतील लाज वाटावी असल्या पत्रकारांनी राज्यात राहून रज्याविरुध षडयंत्र करणाऱ्यांनी
    करमणूक म्हणून रिपब्लिक भारत चॅनेल बघितले जाते याचा अर्थ अर्णव गोस्वामी यांनी टीआरपी वाढवण्यासाठी केलेली कोशिश समजू नये मराठी माणसे रण्डी वर ही नोटा फेकतात याचे भान अर्णव गोस्वामी यांनी ठेवावे.मराठी माणूस रांडी चे ही सरणक्षण करतो अर्णव ने माफी मागून राज्य सोडावी हीच सर्व सामन्याची अपेक्षा

  4. Henious crimes of murder of sadhus and as per the visuals police instead of protecting, assisted in the killings. What a shame?
    Again when a renowned Editor of Republic is attacked by Congress goons the Government is quiet? Where are we living? The Congres party over the years has spread so much of venom in all sections of society that normal life is paralysed. This rot of people the Sonia’s the Rahul’s of evil intent should not be given any protection from the national exchequer and should be immediately downgraded of the status they enjoy as of now. It’s a total shameless behaviour on these two and the Maharashtra Government also. Totally unacceptable by any standards.

  5. A sham off an article that’s putting Arnab Goswami to media trial & judgement too!!
    Had it been a trial of exactly the opposite, THE PRINT would have been licking Sonya’s boots & whatnot. All of Hinduphobic Left media, all of them.


  7. Difficult to understand how on TV journalist could browbeat the powetful police establishment unless there is some/full truth in what he has claimed in course of debate !!!

    If there is no truth let the police establishment wait for Arnab to burn his face. I dont think it is wise to gag a journalist in this manner. Are we going back to Emergency days !!!!

  8. Oh ! HM of Maharashtea, is most efficient an inclination ,and bias towards Mrs Sonia Gandhi, why decorating a journalist like international wanted criminal, how HM of Mah Govt,can be openly do this and misuse their power while h r given by people of in India, why dont bother to say brutual killings of two innocent sadhus at palghar in fro t of and concerned of so called in maligned police of maharashtra sent to death ,which is ridiculous, un pardanable, jobs of police speaks very loudly, in the hindu community ,and many others too, who is sonia Gandhi , does India Ows this super lady ,what is her own contribution ,and dedication besides Bshu of some Gandhi Parivar , and if it so why congress not bothered, or objected mum of mrs Sonia Gandhi,on lynthing of Hindu Sadhus at palghar in Maharashtra, Arnab gowami editor’s of Rebulic News, is delibrately ,and with malafied intesion, HM of Maharashtra govt, to pls ,and apease mrs Sonia Gandhi, decorating script ,narration against Mr Giswami ,which is unfortunate,

  9. Maha govt moves SC is absolutely correct. As a learned citizens we afraid the SC will hold weighing scale given in the judicial manual is followed. Numbers of cases waiting for reading in SC finally got down no merits mentioning.
    Top court seeks it’s decision shouldn’t be placed for analysis by the citizens.
    If the courts restrict the right of citizens by a phares derived from the executive the ruling can be very well determined now itself.
    Oh country men you are forced to live in a society with no protection written in the constitution.
    Mr may in a couple of days the constitution may be rewritten as executives now did for Law in the lands to suit their politic.
    Who knows what’s tomorrow
    Better hope that the soverinity of judicial system will play crucial roll with unbiased.
    Save India from destruction of perception.

  10. Funny govt … clearly if a journalist is interrogated for 12 hours and than there CFO is interrogated for 6 hours ….in this lockdown emergency situation for a defamation case …it is clear that what is the priority and majboori of the govt …it seems vindictive

  11. He should not only be punished but also banned and taught a lesson to make him aware he is not above the law,, he has been taking undue advantage of his channel due to sponsorship from some Godfather as well as his belief that he is the best and a world class journalist but only to learn anf know he has no ethics and has fallen from grace,,, shameless as he is,, wonder if he will ever change

  12. Arnab is an Arse licker of the Ruling BJP. His only aim is to cover up their shit and expose the opposition. His paycheque is stable and he gets it from his bosses in power.

  13. Actually it seems opposite of what maharastra govt alledges against Arnab.
    If interrogated for 11 hours then he doesn’t right to say it ? If his attackers are out on bail , doesnt he had a right to say it? Everybody knows on which political party’s direction Mumbai police is acting as it’s the part of ruling govt.
    What happened to freedom of expression and free press ? All the heavy machinery of state look like is after just one person for the alleged crime of a statement against the political master.
    If mumbai police worked in so dedicated manner for real dreaded criminals like murderer and gangsters then mumbai wound not be known for flourishing of the underworld .

  14. What a shameful argument by a nominated govt against the public mandate in favour of persons who are now part of govt have twisted the constitution in their favour by hook or crook to establish the supremacy

  15. Arnab is only eyeing on the issues of opposition ruled states fearing or supporting
    central rulers. He is ‘shouting’, shutting even the guests on the forums but should be impartial. Anyway, if the issues raised by him is against the self imposed regulations, he should be treated equally before the law.

  16. Our Arnab is strong. We Indians who knows how patriotic he is will never let anyone touch him. We pray to God to protect him from evils. He is the best journalist who has guts to speak truth, nothing but truth..

  17. What is Arnab Goswamy afterall? A mere journalist who is bound by journalistic ethics. Why is ethics advocated for individuals in noble professions, such as that of a lawyer, a doctor, a journalist, a chartered accountant and many more like them? The simple answer is because these individuals besides being professionals, they are also scholarly people who proved time and again that they are worthy of upholding the traditions of an educated and a civilized society, that their urge for knowledge and wisdom has not gone in vain or been squandered away or proved to be futile, that during the course of their acquiring knowledge, they also realized fully well, what it takes and what it means to be humans and what are the implications of being superior created beings possessed with virtues of compassion, honesty and integrity. It would be farcical to expect of ethical behavior from those who have found succour and glory in theft, dacoity, loot, plunder, arson and murder. Arnab knows fully well, what it means to be a gentleman, guided by ethics in professional and personal life and he should rise up to the occasion and prove the worth of his education, his grooming, his rich Assamese culture and traditions and what it means to be an inheritor of a noble legacy called Indianness. All else is simply ancillary, collateral and secondary. If Arnab comes out clean on this one count then all these court cases, advices and expectations of him become a fallacy, unnecessary and unwarranted. A time has to come when he relents, for Ravana of Lanka relented, Sahastra Arjun of Mahismati relented, Kansa of Mathura relented and there many more who are relenting or only too eager to do so. India awaits!
    (Md. Israil)

  18. Maharashtra police has been successfully for many many decades efficiently working in its functions.This SHOUTING person Goswami on the TV show every day with biasedly works.SO I and many people don’t take his psychoponts argument seriously but throw it in the dustbin.

  19. उस “वायरस” को उसी प्रकार के “वैक्सीन” की जरूरत थी..!!


    • Arnab Goswami is great.True patriotic.I pray for his safety and spectacular victory against enemies of the country.

  20. Though l support Arnab, l feel he is taking things a bit too far, calling a political party by another name again and again in his show is not necessary. It seems like a personal agenda. I support and admire him for all other things.

  21. Congress and Maha Agadi not respecting freedom of media. What is happening to Freedom of Expression

  22. Why some police act like cowards. Investigation of cases is the duty of police and Goswamy is nobody to investigate any case and open the lid. He is good for cooking up stories and let him do it. If he tries to intimidate the police or threaten them of dire consequences if them go against him, police should have the guts to slap him then and there and book him for intimidating the investigation agency. He is nothing except a media pimp and he should only be treated like other citizens of India.

  23. Since when Police is getting intimidated ? First they have bring out the persons behind the attack on Mr. Goswami.. Other 100 FIR are for support of political persons by party functionaries..

  24. Maharashtra govt is standing on quick sand. Every move they are making is sinking their own image. Arnab is getting more and more opportunity to make the trio look pygmy in front of him. Thakare must wakeup and save his party from total destruction in his effort to save congress.

  25. Hopefully the Supreme Court takes up the matter with the same urgency as it took up Mr Goswami’s plea, and repel the impression that it is overly protecting him.

  26. Maharashtra government is playing and dancing as per the dictums of useless Congress and NCP , shiva Sena lost its creditability

  27. He knows that “freedom ends where others nose starts”, inspite of which he is acting like this. Should be taught a lesson so that he realises the fact “no one is aboce law”.

  28. Thakkery dynasty is more concerned about the reputation of Sonia dynasty than the welfare of Corona affected Maharashtra people. Disgusting

  29. S filing a case against republic tv and Arnab Goswami is very much required. It seems he is misusing relief given to him by SC majority public opinion about republic tv it’s purpose is to disharmony & distrust prevails in the society . It’s daily affair is to communalise any happenings so he should be banned .

  30. Obviously, Mumbai police is coerced by not Arnab Goswami but the authority in power in Maharashtra. Asking questions about delay in investigation by Arnab is in no way terrorising or putting undue pressure over Mumbai police. In a similar
    incident in Bulandsahar in UP, how come UP police caught hold of culprit in just 3 days whereas Mumbai police so efficient otherwise, failed to catch culprits even after 14 days. Obviously, Cong& NCP are using their old tactics of 60 years,not allowing police to do its duty and trying to dodge the case by misusing SC. It is sad commentary on NCP,Cong and SS trying to cover up the issue, thereby scorning at the death of innocent sadhus. It is shame to Mumbai police as well

  31. One must start, – we will back Bombay Police – Champaign and show GO-Swami’s place!

  32. R Nob is an overpaid rabble rouser, not a journalist. As an old hand, I have seen the likes of Arun Shourie who were extremely trenchant in their writing, but this guy’s stuff is closer to a gladiatorial sport. He does it for spectators baying for blood. I’d say feed him to the lions.

  33. We are proud of Maharashtra Government that one who dared to tackle with the anti social activities, all are afraid of…….

  34. Arnab Goswami is having blessings from the top of the leadership which is making him untouchable from any section of Law and gives him authority to insult any individual and even administration. The action taken by Airlines in the matter of discussion between Kamra and Arnab clearly indicated that the concerned Minister overstepped in the matter without any complaint filed by any person.

  35. Arnab needs not only judicial enquiries, also third rate enquiry. As he has armed with ‘media’, ‘journalist’,’ press freedom ‘ tags, he will dilly dallying from enquiry. He will make the police enquiry as a mockery. He is backed by the powerful political party. So, Court may have to consider all these issues.

  36. Something wrong with current ruling party in Maharashtra. Never thought about Bala Saheb Thakrey’s team against his basic. Really coward instead of expedite action over Palghar lynching their focus is to follow Congress.

  37. Common sense is sufficient to know how police is hand in glove with bribery and corruption. FIR is filed for a common man only if he takes care of the PSI.
    Since Arnab has questioned the Supremo, chelas of her are filing complaints. How did the police accept so many FIRs.
    How did MH govt read Police give passes for 23 people aka as Wadhawan family to holiday during lockdown when we cant go for groceries. Simple case of money exchange..

  38. Something wrong with current ruling party in Maharashtra. Never thought about Bala Saheb Thakrey’s team against his basic. Really coward instead of expedite action over Palghar lynching their focus is to follow Congress.

  39. I am a police officer, I don’t fear of a so called journalist if I had done nothing wrong. CP Mumbai should not get terrorised by a journalist.
    Mumbai Police is biased towards him as one can easily assess and he has every right to call it on his show.

  40. This mad man, if not stop, will bring more communal and community hatred in India instead of feeding the people with news.

  41. We support Arnab Goswami he is good and straight forward and truth saying guy As a indian i Support him and i Respect him

  42. The attempt of Maharashtra government to expose the unfair practices of Arnab Goswamy is highly appreciable.

  43. Punishment should be strict, if found guilty. So that godi media will be in line.

  44. Sarkaar mein Congress ke gurgo, jinke ghar kanch ke hote hein wo dusro ke gharon par pathar nahin phenkte.

  45. Why police have to feel pressure ..
    They failed to give protection to normal public..if anybody fails in their duty and then exposed they will get pressure ..
    They tried to support negative showed their weakness hence they are feeling pressure..
    It not because of Any news channel and reporter…
    Pl correct your mistakes

  46. This guy is all nonsense and noise. All his debates revolves around just two topic. Islamophobia and Pakistan. He would gets two shady retired loosers from Pakistan and bash them. Makes viewers feel as if we won another war against Pakistan and Muslims. Arnob is the first issue to irradicate before fixing terrorism, Muslim population and fake sadhus.

  47. The old old saying: The police should keep doing their work under the thief’s beard. Before any journalist goes to court, it is more urgent to try to catch him.

  48. बड़ी पुरानी कहावत चोर की दाढ़ी में तिनका पुलिस को अपना काम करते रहना चाहिए किसी पत्रकार के कोर्ट में जाने से पहले जल्दी आती है उसे पकड़ने की कोशिश ज्यादा जरूरी है।

  49. Arnab goswami is BJP=RSS Sponsored highly paid and guided by MODI himself for false propaganda and hatred against Muslims and curbing opposition leaders one by one through Republic TV….
    Hate factory it’s not journalism…Shame

  50. I so much wish that someone really puts this mad dog out of his misery. He is a pain to the ear and is uncouth in everyway. Instead of ink someone should really throw something at him that really hurts him and shuts him up for good….a bullet, a knife or a some acid maybe.

  51. The Mumbai police is acting as though interrogating Arnab and following the Congress diktat is more important!!

    He may have crossed his lines and may have behaved excessively !!! Is that a serious offence or killing three people under their watch is more grave?? The police did buckle under pressure and failed in the Bandra assembly!! What’s so wrong in being questioned???

    The police seem to be acting as cry babies… Why are the Congress workers so upset at their boss being called by her name when they have abused other people by all sorts of expletive????

  52. What is an issue that Arnab ask some question to Sonia?Being congress party president she lie to whole country and poor labour that centre is taking money from who want reach their home,while center is paying 85%,she should be punished playing dirtiest politics at this time.Just shameless person.

  53. No hope. Nothing will happen against Mr.Arnab. What can the public expect from the SC? Not hard to guess. The petition may be posted for hearing 6 months later.

  54. Someone should teach him a lesson. He has become too big for his boots. Haven’t seen an obnoxious and uncouth journalist like him.

  55. This kind of journalism is shameful, the SC must take strict action against him and punish him by heavy penalty with atleast 3 months imprisonment. The others will get lesson not to play with false and unrealistic news

  56. Udhav Thakrey is increasingly proving to be a silent & solid performer…
    Way to go Mr. Thakrey


  58. Arnab Goswami, please don’t shout like a mad dog on your news channel and learn to respect all communities.

  59. A class one “Badmash Genius “!! Earning crores of money to defend BJP and insult the whole India .He should be black listed from journalism for ever !!As a resident of Assam I feel ashamed of !!!

  60. Mumbai police should not bow down to a fascist thug, at the same time should not allow him to be project himself as a victim.

    Watch couple of rohit shetty movies ..

  61. Assam wala Arnab, please lower your voice on your news channel. And don’t shout like a madman.

  62. Who is terrorizing whom? Gov,Police,Arnab,congress party. But why is mah gov. quite over sadhu killings in palghr,where as CM talked to UP CM and expressed concerned.What was Yogi’s reply? So much muddier the situation,only to save the dynasty? Love for power makes a tiger too dance!!!

  63. If the Supreme Court had ordered not to arrest Goswami for three weeks, presumably to enable some investigation to take place regarding the charges made in those FIRs to see if his arrest was warranted, then the SC should also have ordered Goswami to not create FRESH COMPLICATIONS during these three weeks. Maintain a sort of status quo, otherwise his behavior during these three weeks MIGHT NECESSITATE URGENT ARREST. After all, three weeks is a very long period, and an alleged suspect, in this case Goswami, cannot be allowed to cock a snook at the investigators for 24×21=584 hours! That is precisely what seems to be happening. The SC must refrain Goswami at least now.

  64. Maharashtra police couldn’t enforce the lockdown, couldn’t arrest the attackers on Arnab and now they are moving to SC against Arnab. It’s so funny to see the dramas unfolding in India everyday.

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