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Arnab Goswami’s attack continues. Rahul, Priyanka, where’s your ‘enough is enough’ moment?

Arnab’s attack on Sonia is valid only if it is political. But by referring to her as ‘Italy wali Sonia Gandhi’ he has committed defamation.

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There’s a man whose theatrics include maligning your mother instead of plainly “questioning” her. Arnab Goswami is trampling over the dignity of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, the mother of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, and he’s doing it for TRPs.

It’s time to let the instinctive drive take over and become protective as a son, a daughter, and as the children of a family ravaged by assassinations and unwarranted criticisms.

Where’s your “enough is enough” moment, Rahul and Priyanka? If you’re not apologetic about your mother Sonia Gandhi being Italian and Christian, then it’s time you set some things straight by legally holding Arnab Goswami accountable for demonising your mother using baseless and false assumptions.

People say that those who forgave their father’s assassins would barely go all out to fight against someone who is insulting their mother on national TV on a whim. A part of it does make sense. But the fact that the killers of Rajiv Gandhi were punished and found guilty of their crime ensured that justice was served. Sonia Gandhi today, is facing one of the most vicious character assassinations. And the perpetrator has not been found guilty, yet.

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‘Italy wali Sonia Gandhi’

Arnab Goswami’s attack on Sonia Gandhi is valid only if it is political. But the minute you start referring to her as “Italy wali Sonia Gandhi” (Sonia Gandhi from Italy), who is sending reports to Italy of getting Hindu sadhus (sages) killed in India, is when you commit defamation. And this is defamation of a diabolical kind. He is not only attacking Sonia Gandhi for her former nationality but also her religion – Christianity. In fact, it’s disastrous even diplomatically, since Arnab claims that Italy will be lauding Sonia Gandhi for getting Hindu sadhus killed.

Yes, the Congress party and its youthful dynamic leaders can heap insults on Arnab. Or as Arnab has claimed, they can smear and attack his car with ink. But do you think any of this will have any effect on a person who has made a mockery of journalism?

If Arnab called himself a spokesperson of a political party and said what he said, most of us would not be outraged. Politics isn’t ever polite. But to run a channel as an editor-in-chief and defame people publicly is now turning into a dangerous trend that can spell anarchy in the near future in our country. Media should not be allowed to run trials where they name and shame people on fake assumptions. It’s legally punishable to do so.

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Gandhis must go legal

So how do we end this? By taking legal recourse. One that is purposeful and not just to intimidate. In fact, fighting legally in a democratic India, whose citizen Sonia Gandhi became in 1983 will not only set an example for the others who have a propensity for spewing hate against the Gandhis, especially Sonia, but also reinstate the faith of any person who has taken up citizenship of India that they are as equal and have the same rights as any person born in India. And they don’t have to suck up to the government to be respected, since it’s the Constitution of India that has awarded them these rights. Not the government of the day.

This is the good fight that Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra need to fight. It will not only be personal, for their mother, but it will also be a message to the world and the people of India. It will convey loudly and clearly that anyone who chooses to become a citizen of India will be given dignity.

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Arnab’s jibe turns CAA on its head

What many people, especially those rooting for Arnab Goswami, are failing to see is that the entire premise of giving Indian citizenship to Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis, Jains and Buddhists from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh under the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has been discredited by Arnab Goswami today. Why? When people from these communities will become citizens of India, is Arnab going to shout his lungs out by calling such people Pakistanis, Afghanis and Bangladeshis, like he does for ‘Antonia Maino’ by calling her “Itlay wali” all the time?

Will he be accusing people of being spies and traitors? What’s the whole point of giving citizenship if all you want to do is mock them and tell them they still have allegiance to their former nationalities? Ironically, the CAA is born out of the same Citizenship Act 1955 under which Sonia Gandhi got her citizenship.

Sonia Gandhi is Antonia Maino and to talk disparagingly about her identity should be legally taken up in a court. Arnab Goswami is resorting to bullying for TRPs. And this old trick has worked for far too long. The only spanner in this toxic competitiveness is a legal case that will hold him accountable for his actions.

But a violent recourse, as alleged by Goswami, will make the Congress party stoop to a level that’s not only petty but one that undermines its own vision of seeing India as a country that believes in the Constitution and rule of law.

The author is a political observer and writer. Views are personal.

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  1. Shame on you a garbage media trying to instigate communal propaganda as a Congi mouthpiece trying to defame a true patriotic journalist who is doing yeoman service to the nation by exposing the dynastic plunderers, remnants of whom are still involved in playing dirty politics. Yes, enough is enough, correct yourself before you Print

  2. The murderous attack on Arnab Goswami and his wife is condemnable. Is the Congress President behind it??? I don’t know. Should this attack be investigated?? Yes; but the Mumbai Police is OPENLY covering up this case. Hence, a CBI investigation is required.

    Why should the  Congress President not be investigated?? In fact the Congress President was arrested, indicted and is OUT ON BAIL in the criminal fraud National Herald case!!! Even her name is fake!!! Can a National Opposition party become a Mafia party?? Is the Congress and it’s President above the law??

    In Maharashtra, the Congress is in goverment and so is NOT ALLOWING an investigation into the Mafia type murderous assault on Arnab Goswami. Now the Maharashtra Government has approached the Supreme Court to close down Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV News Channel !!! The Republic is the largest viewership news channel in India!!!! This is the most blatant and subversive subjugation of democracy and press freedom, only done by brutal dictatators. This type of trampling of the press only occurs in African dictatorships. What does the  Congress President have to hide??

  3. The writer seems very much worrisome about sonia and wants her to file a case,ofcourse she is welcome to do so no body stopped her, but allowing congress men to attack Arnab and his wife at Arnab and advising Congress to file cases in the states ruled by the congress clearly indicates that Sonia is worried .None of the congress top leader has questioned Arnab or condemned till date .

  4. Indian must ask Arnab do he has dare to ask PM about the development. We Indians want development only. Congress is no more a party. Sonia is not PM. I challenge Arnab to ask report card of development from PM. I know he will not do so.
    I as a Indian do not want to know origin of Sonia Gandhi and Akshay Kumar. I am poor I need school, hospitals. I need equal rights for both rich and poor. I do not want aggressive reporting. I want sensible reporting. I need development, security for my children. These politician befool us so that we don’t question them about development. I request all the Indians to ask your leaders to answer the questions on development. Then Hindu Muslim will end. There is only two religion in india poor and rich. Recite one word development. When they say previous Govt do this then kindly answer Congress is out of power due to their misdeeds. Now show your report card. Then all evils will end. Mob lynching, riots will end. If we keep on busy in listening previous government fails on this front or that front. Then present Government will not work. Development is our motto. Religion is most personally issue. Don’t ask my religion. Give me development. Then this country will improve.

    • (1)Arnab is not the issue,
      (2)lynching of innocent 70 year old 35 yearold sadhus and the driver in a state governed by congress is THeREAL ISSUE.
      (3)Sonia Gandhi was only needed to condemn the attack on innocent sadhus and driver.
      (4)But she chose to remain silent while in previous cases of lynchings of minority people she made max noise.
      (5)Sonia Gandhi displayed her communal mind set by her selective silence on lynching in state governed by her party.

    • Very genuinely raised question. However, how can a son who is enjoying all the luxurious lifestyle provided by his father raise the objection of unjust means of resources accumulation of his father.

  5. You are an Arabi Zainab for us and so are rooting for Italian Sonia…both of you are invaders for us and pls don’t talk about Indian constitution but worry about saudia arabia becos soon they are going to lynch all non burkha women in India and abroad.

  6. What is defamatory about calling someone Italian? She IS an Italian.
    The family should be taken action against, for using the Gandhi surname for playing with nationalist sentiments. No one in their bloodline is a Gandhi.
    If The Print wants to survive, it should go focus on more pressing issues on the grassroot level.

  7. Thanks Sikander .. A good suggestion to implicate these two kids and keep engaged in legal pursuits so that social media, Country and Gov in general find a kind of relief from wasting their energies on Gandhi Vadra parivar

  8. That is exactly the question. Why doesn’t Mrs.Sonia Gandhi’s family take it up legally? And, haven’t they passed derogatory remarks on the prime minister of India? Freedom of expression is not the prerogative of one section and denied to the other section. During Delhi riots the social media platforms were full of select visuals where Muslim brethren were subject to attack and harassment. Here, in Tamil Nadu a whole lot of (pseudo) intellectuals decry Mr.Modi and Hinduism in the worst possible manner, day in and day out. When you report it to Facebook team pat comes the reply that it is not deragatory by their standards. Muslim brethren are safer here than anywhere else in the globe. when this being hte case, who is fanning communal frenzy by crying hoarse that this country is not safe for Muslims under the BJP rtegime? And, what about the focal point of Mr.Arnab Goswami’s argument. As the leader of the opposition party is it not the bounden duty of Mrs.Sonia Gandhi to condemn the lynching of 70 year old sadhu in the Palghar incident? Why is she keeping quiet? Why people like her do not choose to say anything about it? Why didn’t a significant section of hte media report it when they are all too eager to highlight such incidents where the victim happens to be of the minority community and are too quick to call it communal? As amedia person it is the bounden duty of Mr.Arnab Goswami to report the incident and raise several valid questions regarding the black out of the incident. And, to resort to violence attacking him is shameful indeed and to be condemned downright. but, we see Congress men celebrating it. Sickening.

    • Palghar lynching is not communal.
      The incident is not blackedout, several members are arrested. Make some research.
      If you consider Arnab serious then you will give info like above.

  9. Maligned the mother? She is not maligned but truth spoken, when congis or leftist media kept calling NAMO with names as hitler, nazi etc..was not it something diplomatically disastrous? When yogi adityanath an indian born who changed his name to something he represents, u people kept calling him by his old name, was he felt offended and did he attack anyone? If you are ashamed of your past which in this case is true, he just said sonia gandhi birth name, you took it as an offense, should have a check on your own inferiority complex than blaming anyone or attacking anyone..

  10. Million of Indians great and proud parents children have married to non indian national. And our so called biased society have expected it. And parents feel proud saying our son lives in xy country and for married to xy nationality women. Just because it’s Sonia Gandhi . Daughter in law of biggest political family We aren’t expecting this. She lost her husband here , she could have easily packed and bags billions of Money and never returned to india. Despite she chose to give her life to this nation and we still doubt she is a coward as mentioned by our most educated and talented journalists Arnab Goswami.

    • She should have done that. But didn’t. Because she thought she or her children could become PM one day (she came very close),the post she thinks rightfully belongs to their family.

      The loot this family has carried from this country so big that she wanted to protect the loot.

  11. Zainab – You guys have to ignore this sycophant. More you write about this moron, more he gets publicity. I can also see there’s increase in numbers of online Sonia sympathizers,which will only increase her popularity.
    But giving a religious angle certainly will further divide the people.

  12. I agree that congress party should fight Arnab Goswami in court, but to hire goons to attack him is terrorism of the highest degree. By this coward act of congress Arnab is getting more sympathy. Further I totally agree with Arnab when he says why is Sonia silent on the palghar lynching of sadhus issue. If it was from the minority community she would have been in the forefront to attack Modi government.

    • Only Arnab said he was attacked and they were sent by Congress Leaders.
      Do u believe in that nonsense though?

      Palghar lynching is not communal, why you people refuse to do a little research.?

  13. Arnab is no longer a journalist but a thug. His histrionics have gone on for to long and he should be fired, charged and sued by the Ghandi’s for his remarks that are clearly lies!

  14. You use the words fascist, Nazi and Hitler everyday. And you are melting down that someone is asking questions to your goddess? Sonia is an italian who has no idea about India. Shame on the likes of you who have licking her feet for decades. The uprising has just begun. The ecosystem that you built cannot protect you any longer.

  15. Violent recourse?Who says. It is spin. False flag. Staged by Goswamy. No opposition leader will authorise such stupid acy

  16. Take legal recourse? Which era are you living in, Shama? Don’t you realise the judiciary is one of the most compromised of our once-noble institutions? Even as you read this, Arnab has already received a 3-week protection from arrest, and there’s a bar on filing any more FIRs against him. Better still, the apex court has already laid out a protection plan for him by providing unsolicited advice to take anticipatory bail. Would you still suggest R and P file a defamation?

    • You had Ave no faith in judiciary because the it is not working as you like. You blam EVM when BJP wins .you do not say anything when BJP loss election. You call modi hitler . You call murder of pahlu Khan as communal and mob lynching but keep mum on Palghar.

        • What’s communal. Simply an incident involving two communities. How do you say that an incident between Hindus and
          Christians is not communal..It is between Dalits converted to Christians /communists against Hindus.
          Pl. Donot promote falsehood and litany.

  17. Tu ou keep on ranting. It makes no difference. And did Arnab accuse or call names to any members of your family ? Why are you being so hysterical ? Arnab has correctly asked her a simple question as to whether she condemns the murder of these 3 men which included two sadhus, or not ? Is it wrong to ask her or question her. She cries when terrorists are killed in Batla House encounter, she cries communalism when any other person is killed even in a non BJP state and puts the blame straight on the BJP then why is she silent when three people are killed with her state controlled police virtually handing over the sadhus to the lunch mob ? What if the lynched person were someone from your family and Arnab then questioned the silence of Sonia ? Would you react in the same way ? And if the congress can refer to Yogi Adityanath as Ajay Singh Bisht then why is that calling Sonia as Antonio Maino rankles you, bugs you ? Fact is Sonia is exposed before the nation like never before. More and more people today are coming to know of her true character. She is not commenting on this, neither are your favourite Raul Vinci and Bianca. Why ? Because there is something larger than what meets the eye. Possibly a religious conversion angle. And Arnab has cleverly drawn her into this debate knowing well that she has no answer. Her hypocricy has been completely exposed. The upcoming younger generation needs to know this that they have been long ruled by a vicious family who have spread their net of ecosystem in lal spheres of society, looted this country, supported conversions, made grossly irresponsible aar paar ki laadai kinds of speeches at Shaheenbaug, looted lands of poor farmers and are embroiled in huge corruption cases, encourages conversions and to top it all like the Sicilian mafia it physically attacks anyone who dares to speak against the family. Arnab was lucky to survive the attack on his life. He has lived to tell another tale. This is the true character of this family. You and the scores of journos who owe their livelihood to this corrupt family can try whatever possible. Remember this is not the seventies when Indira Gandhi trampled on the constitution and people meekly gave in. Now we have courageous independent mediamen who care two hoots for this family’s reputation and for whom the integrity to their profession and their nation comes first. Then there is also social media where lies of this family and it’s vast eco system is also being exposed. So you pour scorn on him everyday through your columns and as Arnab challenged Sonia saying bring it on….he will continue to expose this family with the support of millions of people who love their country more than anything else and are not willing to sell their souls.

  18. Koi nahi, jiske upar 100 se jyada corruption ka case hai… uska kya izzat aur kya defamation. Her mother carries her Italian name. It should be probed how she could have dual citizenship which is not allowed in India.
    Multiple times mother and son have hidden their forgery terming to be slip of pen.
    Sonia Gandhi is a President of a political party and a Christian. Hindus Saints have been killed by Christian Missionary/ tribals converted into Christianity and she is silent.
    She weeps for Batla house but not for Hindu saints. Arnab raised the right question. All Hindus are with Arnab. Make no mistake, it is not 84 and we are not a minority in the country.
    All cases against Gandhi family should be placed on fast track and immediate action should be taken against looters of our country.

  19. Is it not true that Sonia Gandhi is from Italy?

    I think, that was the truth. That’s why even Sharad Power and other big Congress leaders refused to accept her as Congress chief and left Congress.

  20. Is the Print now working as defense counsel for the Gandhis? Where is the much talked about “journalistic ethics” when you so passionately invest in the hatred for one tv anchor and his channel??

    Those who preach – shouldnt preach from glass houses.

  21. ZAINAB u r a khangress chamcha.why is sonia gandhi afraid of her real name.Modi doesn’t shy away from revealing his chaiwallah image.

  22. No comment, by any reader, on a day old article is a profound comment in itself on the irrelevance of the family mentioned in the article and the political understanding of its author who finds the leaders of Congress “youthful and dynamic”.

  23. Hi, conceal your hidden agenda with linking Sonia calling to Prosecuted minorities of neighborhood but it’s laughable..

  24. Don’t know about them. We have reached that point. Please, for the love of the god, please stop contributing to ThePRINT. We would be very grateful.

  25. Why do you even listen to him. Ignore him and just be indifferent, the more publicity he gets by way of articles like this he will continue to bark.

  26. We fervently pray that the Gandhi siblings take the advice of this moron, and sue Arnab. The humiliation that they will have to suffer is worth the wait. Sonia’s name is Milano, and she is a Italian Indian, just like Afro-Americans, Indo-Canadians, Indo-British, understood bird brain? So where is the libel?

  27. This isn’t the standard of journalism that India expects in times like these. This article is more divisive than the television news and quite honestly it makes one wonder if Congress/any other political party is paying for these articles.

    Where is the tolerance of speech and expression now, that the free press talks about?

    As far as character assassination is concerned, where is the free press when the PM of the country is called a terrorist? Why isn’t the media outraged about this too? Or is it because the PM is a Hindu, part of a majority led government that takes pride in Hinduism and quite rightly so? I would like to see the reaction if an Owaisi is called a terrorist.

    How have we become a country of bigots and double standards?

  28. Dear Print,

    Please have some guts & dare to call Sonia by her former name ‘Antonia Maino’ & then print your news.
    Let’s See, how tollerant this Congress party really is.?

  29. Typical Muslim and Congress lover article.Youth wing members of Congress party attacked Arnab which you think was deserved?We live in Democracy unlike Pakistan or Bangladesh where your masters are. Not a single article from Shekar Gupta or The Print condemning attack on Arnab? Typical Congress lovers.Suddenly Rahul and Priyanka become son and daughter and can say wherever they want?Rahul said young people will hit Modiji with lathe’s and that seems is OK?Get your act on the right track because Modiji will be back third time.We will take of journalists like you who are engaged in not reporting whats on the ground reality.

  30. Sir whatever you wrote above, I completely agree with the facts you mentioned against Arnab Goswami, I personally think the defamation which is diabolical in nature should be seen as a violation on the note of free speech and expressing your opinion when you’re editor-in-chief of such media organisation, but one point I want to address is this same nature of intolerant views were expressed against against the top BJP personnel when in power or not, sometimes they were too disgraceful and we witness them today when members from congress and numerous opposition party exhibit their remarks against the prime minister publicly which are full of contempt, sir I understand criticism against the body in power always guides and put a check on power but then it should be balanced for all.
    Thank you, if you’ve read this.

  31. Dimwit writer again showed her ignorance (as expected) by comparing Italy with Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan with respect to CAA. No, calling Sonia Gandhi Italian doesn’t undermine the persecuted people coming from those three Muslim majority countries. Stop spreading falsehood.l!!.

  32. So, while accusing him of behaving like a spokesperson for BJP. you write an article as if you’re the spokesperson for INC. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Nobody from the party itself could’ve pulled these claims. 😂

  33. Who is the author of this article ? Zainab Sikandar? The lady doesn’t have any credibility getting slammed on twitter almost everytime she comments. Why? Because she runs alongside an agenda, agenda particularly includes hating hindus, encouraging muslims to attack hindus by any means and she does so very successfully because she gets the materials provided by sources be it prints itself or by her political masters.
    Coming back to arnab goswami, lets be honest with one thing his way of journalism can be rated way up than all of you put together. People loves him for who he is, his way of telling the truth is what India needed right now. India dosen’t need u guys.
    And to talk about antonia maino, let me know what wrong does arnab hv stated? There is nothing as far as I can see. She was born in Italy and spent a big part of her adulthood in there. So whats wrong in it it somebody says “ITALY WALI SONIA” ? Yes she is & she should be proud of it.
    What if arnab questioned her about her mum over the Palghar lynching case? Have u forgot that how she cries after Batla House Encounter when photos were showed to her? It is in public domain. Can u deny? Why she chose to remain silent then on Palghar incident? Because she have that agenda of her party’s old trick to appease a particular set of community. She can cry for days, why? Because dreaded terrorists were eliminated inside Batla house but cannot speak anything against the lynching of Hindu Saints. That itself states about the mindset of congress and their allies and also the media houses who keeps praising them directly or indirectly, becomes advisors of Rahul Gandhi without an invitation.

    (Zainab) u just get it straight that India isn’t changing but has changed and you’re feeling the heat. The most ignored community has stood up now and will fight for their right and the best part is that u already knew u’re outnumbered.

    Coming back to arnab. Catch him if you can. Majority backs him, he is loved all across the country and few FIR’s will never going to stop him from what he does. He is by far best in the business.


    • Arnab is no different than your idiotic filthy mindset. You only see muslim name and make a conclusion. You are Patel and certainly a coward gujju.

  34. Dimwit writer again showed her ignorance (as expected) by comparing Italy with Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan with respect to CAA. No, calling Sonia Gandhi Italian doesn’t undermine the persecuted people coming from those three Muslim majority countries. Stop spreading falsehood.l!!

  35. Ohhh, this is a website run by Congress cronies, so couldn’t expect an unbiased opinion. Wasn’t she born in Italy? Is she ashamed of her Italian descent? Calling her by her original name, why is she ashamed?

  36. Poor Zainab!
    Antonia Maino can deal with this and doesn’t need your crocodile tears.
    Politics ain’t bean bag, and Ms. Maino can very well deal with this or any other press reports of a critical nature.
    Can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  37. No concern of a journalist’s life in danger? Does Arnab has no freedom of speech to express himself like JNU/ Jamia graduates?

  38. Aptly said
    CAA on its head
    What many people, especially those rooting for Arnab Goswami, are failing to see is that the entire premise of giving Indian citizenship to Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis, Jains and Buddhists from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh under the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has been discredited by Arnab Goswami today. Why? When people from these communities will become citizens of India, is Arnab going to shout his lungs out by calling such people Pakistanis, Afghanis and Bangladeshis, like he does for ‘Antonia Maino’ by calling her “Itlay wali” all the time?

  39. Sonia Gandhi is Antonia Maino as writer says but has Sonia said so. There lies the duplicity. Writer is pushed physical smear attack on Arnab under carpet there lies duplicity of the writer….but then it would be attack on minorities and freedom of press if anything similar happens to her.

  40. Poorly written…appears more of an opinion served in a congress party meeting behind closed doors. Embarrassing to read on a public forum.

  41. We never pelt stone after tuesday pooja.. Christain never pelt stone after Sunday prayer. but why muslim only pelt stone after every friday prayer.? Why Muslim women are not allowed in friday prayer?

  42. This was 711 BC when king dahir was killed and now hindu is history in Pakistan and Afganistan, her daughters and many hindus women were taken as sex slaves as per mohameds Quran.

    Soon after millions of hindu killed by Islamic terrorist state in coming years thorughout 700AD to 1700AD and not even a single muslim acknowledge that .. For the acknowledge , The ram temple was below Babri and was resolved when BJP came and KK Mohamed told the truth.. Congress never showed interest to resolved. Qutubh minar is built using 27 jain temple. any one can visit and ask. Yet hindus are being labelled as Intolerant and communal.

    There was no BJP and no RSS when temple where destroyed and hindu and sikh massacred

    An order was accordingly given to the Brahman and was brought before Sultan. The true faith was declared to the Brahman and the right course pointed out. but he refused to accept it. A pile was risen on which the Kaffir with his hands and legs tied was thrown into and the wooden tablet on the top. The pile was lit at two places his head and his feet. The fire first reached him in the feet and drew from him a cry, and then fire completely enveloped him. Behold Sultan for his strict adherence to law and rectitude.

    — Tarikh-i Firoz Shahi

    Some Hindus had erected a new idol-temple in the village of Kohana, and the idolaters used to assemble there and perform their idolatrous rites. These people were seized and brought before me. I ordered that the perverse conduct of this wickedness be publicly proclaimed and they should be put to death before the gate of the palace. I also ordered that the infidel books, the idols, and the vessels used in their worship should all be publicly burnt. The others were restrained by threats and punishments, as a warning to all men, that no zimmi could follow such wicked practices in a Musulman country.

    — Firuz Shah Tughluq, Futuhat-i Firoz Shah

    Timur’s) soldiers grew more eager for plunder and destruction. On that Friday night, there were about 15,000 men in the city who were engaged from early eve till morning in plundering and burning the houses. In many places the impure infidel gabrs (of Delhi) made resistance. (…) Every soldier obtained more than twenty persons as slaves, and some brought as many as fifty or a hundred men, women and children as slaves of the city. The other plunder and spoils were immense, gems and jewels of all sorts, rubies, diamonds, stuffs and fabrics, vases and vessels of gold and silver. (…) On the 19th of the month Old Delhi was thought of, for many Hindus had fled thither. Amir Shah Malik and Ali Sultan Tawachi, with 500 trusty men, proceeded against them, and falling upon them with the sword despatched them to hell.

    — Sharafuddin Yazdi, Zafarnama

    We proceeded with the utmost speed, and, at once, made prisoners of 40,000 occasion-seeking and sedition-exciting Coorgis, who alarmed at the approach of our victorious army, had slunk into woods, and concealed themselves in lofty mountains, inaccessible even to birds. Then carrying them away from their native country (the native place of sedition) we raised them to the honour of Islam, and incorporated them into our Ahmedy corps.
    — Tipu Sultan

    he following is a translation of an inscription on the stone found at Seringapatam, which was situated in a conspicuous place in the fort:[85]

    Oh Almighty God! dispose the whole body of infidels! Scatter their tribe, cause their feet to stagger! Overthrow their councils, change their state, destroy their very root! Cause death to be near them, cut off from them the means of sustenance! Shorten their days! Be their bodies the constant object of their cares (i.e., infest them with diseases), deprive their eyes of sight, make black their faces (i.e., bring shame).

    he Muslim League responded by planning and carrying out a hartal (“general strike”) on 16 August 1946 (called Direct Action Day). Upon the request of Suhrawardy, Muslim League Chief Minister of Bengal, the Governor of Bengal Frederick Burrows declared a public holiday that day. The Congress and the Hindu Mahasabha in Bengal protested to this; they did not want to be seen as supporting the hartal. They urged the Hindus to instead keep their shops open and to continue their business as usual on that hartal day.On the afternoon of Direct Action Day Suhrawardy and another speaker Nazimuddin addressed a Muslim rally.[104] As soon as many of the listeners left the meeting they were reported to have started violently attacking the Hindus and looting their shops. Later Suhrawardy reportedly tried to get British officials to bring the army in but nothing happened until steps towards an army intervention began in the afternoon of 17 August.The Hindus, supported by Sikhs, in the city of Calcutta retaliated.[108] All these events are known as the Great Calcutta killings of 1946.

    Christain killed so many hindus tribal in Goa and many part of the eastern India . Tribal were an Hindu who worship nature in different forms. but Today they have forgotten history and cursing Hindus. Let me tell you it was a NAZI Christian and Islamic army of ottoman which killed millions. It was USA christain which killed millions using ATOM BOMB. Hindus never had a history of attacking any human in history as aggressor and has always been defensive.

    But when a hindu ask a question why killing a hindu has been so easy in India.. every one terms him /her communal.. But let me tell you Zainab.. We dont Ram truck on pedestrian , we dont stab like france, We dont bombed Aviana Grande london concert. We dont form a rape /sexual grooming gang in Europe. We didnt bomb twin tower and we dont destroyed and religious places anywhere in the world .

    Muslims are fighting India in Kashmir , Muslims are fighting with Christain in Europe, Nigeria and Ghana, They are fighting with Buddhist in Srilanka, Thailand and Malaysia . They are fighting with communist in China Ugyrs, In Checniya Muslim sepratist fighting russia, in philipines -Marawi and New Zeland Mouri – Christains.. !! wants to establish islamic states and install sharia in belgium , france , germany , uk and Greece . ! we live in 200+ country but never destroyed the native culture and coexisted.! who are you to term as intolerant. Look at yourself so hate filled !


    What about Antonio Maino Gandhi calling our Prime Minister “Maut Ka Saudagar”.?
    When Rahul Pappu Gandhi calls our Prime Minister as Coward and Chor..?
    Kejriwal calling our Prime Minister as Psychopath.?

    Desh Sabb yaad rakhega.. Ee naya hindustan hai, sirf sunega nai, ghumake dega bhi..

    Hypocrisy ab nahi chalegi..

  44. Country is dying. Economic crisis. I suppose Arnab belongs to affluent family and does not bother about economic crisis. All the hatredness he spread is okay. But one thing common poor Indian like me us deeply hurt by the episode, since no one cares for us as country is fighting against corona. We corona warriors are fighting without equipment. Kindly provide them equipments. Mr reporter We are dying. Our employment has gone. But reporter like Arnab are hiding Govt inefficiency by creating tamasha. My heart beats out. This is not a time to fight. This is time to ask questions from PM what they are doing to enhance GDP which is already down by demonetisation and GST. But my India need reporter who talk about development. I don’t want Hindu Muslim. I don’t count congress sin. They are out of power. I give vote to present Government. Please show report card of development of present Government Mr Arnab. Sonia is out of power due to their short coming. I want development now. Mr reporter show me development report of present Government. Congress is no more a party. It is finished due to their misdeeds. Please fight against corona it will pull back us to 1947. Listen the voice of poor like me. I need only development. No Hindu Muslim. No Sonia No congress. Just show me your progess report. Number of hospitals, school, roads, farmers, poor employment. Middle class etc. So please development.

    • Very good. There is no progress during last 6 years. Before 6 year no Hindu muslim in history.

  45. Very sensible reporting.
    Writer seems to be very mature person. I like your approach. I am very active in listening to the news channels. But now a days some news channels seems to be sold one. I am really sad. We live in democracy and when this democracy turns into dictator ship no one knows. Just one thing I as a Indian want development. Please only tell us what development work done by the Government. What is GDP of India. I do not want Hindu, muslim debate. I need development I need hospitals, I need journalist who can ask PM the questions on development. I do not want paid media. For God sake kindly give us independent media who can questions Government on development issues.

  46. No shame at all arnab! What the point of complaining now? U r the one who put venom n stir up the issue? Freedom of speech is k but u don’t keep the rule what is to be asked n what is nt to be asked frm other people. U deserve to get the attack from any1.

  47. Dear Arnab some say you are aggressive with words . So you are threatened will driving with your wife. Same people who justify illegal CAA PROTEST so that HINDU woman who are raped and forcefully converted in Pakistan are not allowed protection in INDIA. The same people will come hammer and tongs at you. But continue your battle as we all know what happens to HINDUS when they’re in minority . We all know what happens to HINDUS in pakistan .

  48. While Zainab isn’t sparing any quarter to Arnab (and I agree with her too), the tonality of the article is partisan.

    I would have otherwise thought that the articles has been written by a Congress fanboy

    Indeed we are witnessing decline in standards of journalism including in this article

  49. Where were you when modi (who is PM )was being disrespected through words .PM ko kuch bhi boldo chalega but Sonia ko kuch mat bolo

  50. As expected The Print Come up with his venomnous and totally biased story. Good luck Print with your hypocritic and one sided story but there is one problem with your luck people now know the real character and intention of The Print.

  51. Though most of the people in todays’s India has lost faith on most of the Judges and Justices but not on the judiciary per say . As suggested by the writer legal course would be the most effective way to tackle this venomous attack by this So called Journalist named:Arnab Goswami..

  52. Ha ha;
    I believe you are great champion of press freedom?
    Ek hi chot main, bilbilane lagi??
    No, you are provoking Gandhis to fight your battle.
    Your hatred of BJP and Arnab is leaving you sleepless.

  53. You are right unless he is brought before law and tried for his defamatory conduct or for communal approach creating enmity between communities, Arnav will continue to do disservice to this great nation as well as to his fraternity. What kind of journalism they are following, instead of reporting for last many years journalists are being allowed to be judgemental as well as advocate of particular belief. I don’t think this is journalism as permissible under law. But who is bother? None. This implicitly give them impunity to say what they can whether their statements are defamatory or communal in nature or for that matter beyond the scope of guidelines of journalism. Perhaps, time has come to intervene and make the authorities to take action against such media houses. Rule of law must prevail otherwise anarchy will rule. Hope, somebody is listening.
    Adv. Shakil Akhtar
    Supreme Court of India

  54. I agree to the arguments suggested through The Print and I have been following Shekhar Ji for a long time now, through his Cut the Clutter Webisodes, and I truly learn so many things through it. But I still feel, that if Congress starts filing defamation cases against the journalist then, Modi might also do the same for most of the decorated journalists today. It is quite elaborate that Arnab is doing is a mockery of journalism and anyone, who tries to listen to his late night show for atleast 5 mins will understand this. But don’t you that the point he is speaking is valid. If instead of these Sadhus, some other minority person was lynched, there would have been a complete ruckus and incidents of mockery of our constitution. I don’t understand why as journalists, we only have to highlight wrong doings on minorities, and why do we loose focus on the majority population. This is what is giving fulcrum to Modi’s movement, because its just so easy to identify that you guys are ignoring the Hindus(not saying that because I am a Hindu) but I can see how the news is covered up and how its exaggerated in different scenarios.

  55. The Print is a bad media.
    Congress party is Anti Hindu…Reason: Sonia Gandhi is a Christian, Rahul Gandhi is a mixture of Muslim, Hindu and Christian.

  56. What is it in the Nehru-Gandhi family that compels them to anoint only immediate family members as alter egos or heirs apparent? Obviously, their secrets regarding their political and financial misdeeds are such that there is no substitute for immediate family when it comes to trust and protection. The keys to the treasury must always be held by them, the keys to secret cupboards containing their corruption files must never be lost, be it the Bofors case, foreign bank accounts, smuggling of antiquities, to name a few. Hence, the need for an inner circle of family confidants, a second circle of trusted coteries, and an outer circle of sycophants and hangers on, who are given blandishments and retainers to keep the inner circle protected and take the blame, or do a cover up job whenever the need arises. When not in power, these coteries and sycophants must engineer and activate cover up networks, to hush up or obfuscate any exposures. Dynasty converts all the resources and tools of democracy towards achieving these ends, and perpetuate its continuance, while fooling the nation through homilies on transparency and zero tolerance to corruption. Ram Jethmalani

  57. Hahahaha. This is hilarious. Arnab is leading a media trial. Okay. So was NDTV leading a media trial on Narendra Modi after the Gujarat riots?? Don’t be such an open and shameless ass-licker of the congress Ms Zainab!

  58. Welcome to media Mujaheed. When PM was called Facist , Jalald , Maut ka saudargar .. all was ok! One one gives a hoot.. But see how a islamic state mujaheed e islam got hurt and started an article overnight..! in favour of Italian Sonia Antonio Manio Mata. Does anyone knows Congress ideology of today is of islamic state and Hitler. Sonia Father was a elite member of Italy mussolini army who were in alliance with Nazi. Not to mention it was islamic army who supported Nazi in their world dominance and killing Jews

  59. Ms Zainab, we all understand your hatred against Arnab Goswami.

    But you must realise that for 80% of Indians, Arnab is a heroic figure, who was attacked by a gang of goons yesterday.

    It was a very shameful act, presumably by the Congress party.

    The attackers must be brought to justice, at the earliest..

    Jai Hind🙏
    Jai Modiji🙏

  60. It is all very good madam to act as legal counsel for the Gandhi parivaar, but is it the job of a independent journalist to advise a political family on legal matters? I also request you to read the hate-inciting, abusive vomits of the casteist thug called Dilip Mandal who manages to find a “Dalit-upper caste”angle in every incident that takes place in India. My own view is that Dilip Mandal needs psychiatric help to get over his Nazi-like anti-brahmin phobia. It is a great shame that Mr Shekhar Gupta is allowing his mag (which does seem decent mostly) to be used for peddling caste hatred.

  61. Sonia and Rahul and Priyanka may think they owe it to the Congress to stay in politics. They owe it to the country to go. Ramachandra Guha

  62. Rajiv’s comment about me was, “I do not respond to every dog that barks.” My reply was, “Dogs bark when they see a thief.” RAM JETHMALANI in Sunday Guardian

    Sonia did not protest then neither did her children.

  63. ” character assassinations” can only be done i someone has any character. Sonia has none. She and her family has looted the country and helped others to do so as well.

  64. From the article it seems quite clear what is your stand on the attack. If you support this act then no doubt in near future such things will happen with your journalists too. Journalists needs to be together at such time. There’s a time to speak against each other’s views and there’s a time to fight together.

  65. Its really fun to see how Arnab manages to get under the skin pseudo-seculars like Ms. Sikander.

  66. TRPs?! Maybe. But the real reason Goswami is ranting against Sonia is because Modi-Shah fear her. Just as they fear Rahul Gandhi.

    The moment they speak up, lapdogs like Goswami start barking! It’s because Modi- Shah know they can’t be bought. Even a Maharaja has a price. Any MP-MLA can be made to dance to a Gujarati dandiya with an ED summons, a few crores or a plum position. But the Gandhi family is different. They have their faults, but greed is not one of them. Perhaps that’s what unfortunately keeps their ambitions and energy levels low.

    Yes, the Gandhi family should fight back. At least for the sake of those who do not have the resources to do so. But they should also take the barks as a compliment. The dogs are in a rage, because their masters are feeling the same.

  67. The hypocrisy and the low quality content of this page is shocking. The blatant propaganda that they are running is against everything they seem to stand for. By publishing articles such as this, which barely acknowledges the victim (you might or might not agree with him or what he does or how he reacted) and completely demonising him, further alienates the people who support him or people who are in the middle and lowers the credibility of what you have to say.

  68. There is no journalist who stooped so low as Arnab Goswami. He would simply charge like a bull and impose his views on any one even when other’s opinion are true and correct. He is the super spreader of communal disharmony in the country by calling people names. All this he did to please his political bosses .

  69. I saw your name, and I realized that you are a Muslim. Arnab Goswami’s free speech is important, and you must realize the blatant hypocrisy that none of the Congress leaders condemned the lynching of the Hindu sandhu. This smacks of blatant Hinduphobia from the anti-national Congress Party, which is only good at Muslim parasite appeasement.

    Understand that Sonia Maimo can be insulted freely because India is a free country. After all, Muslim cockroaches insult Sri Narendra Modiji, don’t they?

  70. the author is provoking people instead of reporting facts.he appears to be equally guilty. it clear that not only politics but journalists are also are intolerant of opinions .it is a pity that editor of print allows such articles.

  71. Why enough is enougb when you can send goons to attack? Aren’t they experts at these thugery and goondaism?

  72. Gandhi’s should not go legal but they should be ashamed of palghar incident and leave to Italy.#Pseudo -secular’s

  73. “The Gandhis”.

    Corrupt, no educational qualifications, enjoyed unearned inheritance for too long.

    A duffer Prince, dynamic & strategic is all he knows.

    Please fade away with some dignity. India is tired of you.

  74. Some people are beneath contempt. It would dignify them to respond. Which is not to say that AG has not broken several laws. He seems genuinely perturbed. One hopes Republic TV is bleeding serious money.

  75. Mam, nobody asked your views. In a way you are entitled to your views so does Arnab….only difference is both are on opposite side. Isn’t it?

  76. Why are you so biased. Once I was also partisan like you but then I realised that we all shall become tolerant of each other’s views. I don’t support him (arnab) but in a democracy he has got the right to speak like you media people. Don’t stop people from speaking because you hate the same thing when done by the side you are biased against.

  77. You(author) and Congress feeling so weak. Haha this is coming from your post. Don’t worry take chill pill. Congress is in bad shape nowadays and don’t take it on yourself otherwise you will be sad and depressed because of them. And remember they are also corrupt as they are politicians who have looted India sometimes back with their multiple scams.

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