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Arnab faces multiple FIRs for anti-Sonia remarks after blaming Congress for midnight ‘attack’

TV journalist Arnab Goswami called Sonia Gandhi a ‘coward’ after his car was attacked. Police in Bihar, Delhi, Chhattisgarh have filed FIRs against him on Congress complaints.

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New Delhi: Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami and Congress locked horns Thursday after the former allegedly used “derogatory” words against interim party chief Sonia Gandhi during a discussion on his channel about the Palghar lynching incident.

The face-off began Thursday when Goswami lodged a police complaint in Mumbai after his car was allegedly attacked by two bike-borne men Wednesday around midnight when he was returning to his Worli residence with his wife. According to Goswami, the two attackers were Youth Congress workers.

After the incident, Goswami in a video called Sonia Gandhi the “biggest coward in this country” and said “if anything were to happen to him, it is Sonia Gandhi who will be responsible”.


Goswami filed the complaint at NM Joshi Marg police station in Mumbai, following which two accused were arrested and an FIR filed against them.

ThePrint reached Goswami for a comment on the matter, but is yet to receive a response.

Meanwhile, Congress wings in various states — Maharashtra, Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Punjab — filed police complaints against Goswami Wednesday and Thursday. Most of these complaints alleged that he used derogatory language against Gandhi and made “inflammatory statements” during discussions on the Palghar incident on his channel.

Goswami in one of his shows broadcast Tuesday on Republic Bharat — the Hindi wing of Republic TV — made a remark about Gandhi’s Italian origin during a discussion on the Palghar lynching incident and said she is “happy” that the saints have been killed in a state ruled by her party.

“Will Sonia Gandhi remain quiet? She is quiet today and she is happy that the saints have been killed where her government is ruling. She will send a report to Italy that she is getting saints killed in a place where her government is ruling and she will get praises for that,” he said on the show.

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Denouncing ‘attack’ on Goswami’s car

The alleged attack on Goswami was denounced by several politicians on Twitter.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar condemned the “attempt to attack Arnab Goswami”. 

“We condemn every attack on any journalist. This is against democracy and it is really ironical that those who preach tolerance have become so intolerant,” he said.


Former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah said Goswami’s complaint and absence of his security people should be investigated, and the guilty should be punished.

Congress leader Ahmed Patel also slammed the alleged attack and said “the law should take its own course”.


In a press release Thursday, the Press Council of India (PCI) took a suo motu cognisance of the matter and asked the Maharashtra government to submit a report in connection with the case.

The PCI statement, however, also said: “Violence is not the answer even against bad journalism”.

Complaints by Congress

Congress sources told ThePrint that a majority of the police complaints against Goswami have come from Chhattisgarh. They, however, didn’t specify the number of complaints filed against Goswami in the state.

An FIR was registered in Raipur against Goswami over separate complaints by Chhattisgarh Health Minister T.S. Singh Deo and state Congress president Mohan Markam.

According to the complaints, the anchor during a debate on his channel used words and statements that led to inciting people for riots. It further stated during the same debate, he used derogatory language against Gandhi and made baseless allegations of communal nature against her.

Another FIR was filed against Goswami in Raipur based on a complaint by district president of Congress Girish Dubey for allegedly spreading fake news related to the Covid-19 outbreak.

In Nagpur, Maharashtra, an FIR was filed late Wednesday night against Goswami by Maharashtra Power Minister Nitin Raut.

The FIR alleged giving provocation with intent to cause riot, promoting enmity between two groups on grounds of religion or race, deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs and defamation under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). 

In Bihar too, an FIR was filed by Congress leader Kokab Kadri for allegedly spreading hatred and making indecent remarks against Gandhi.

Delhi Congress president Anil Chaudhary also lodged a complaint with the police for registration of an FIR against Goswami. 

In Punjab also, an FIR was filed on a complaint by Harmohinder Singh Grover, chairman of Punjab Congress’ Freedom Fighter Cell. 

‘Outrage’ of Congress supporters

The Congress termed the multiple FIRs and police complaints against Goswami “spontaneous” and an “outrage” of party supporters.

AICC secretary in-charge, communications, Pranav Jha told ThePrint the Congress has faced continuous agenda-driven journalism in particular sections of media earlier too, but has always been tolerant. 

“What has happened in the recent episode involving Republic Bharat TV is unfortunate. The reaction that you see through lodging of complaints and FIRs are spontaneous and triggered by outrage of our workers and supporters,” he said.

“Freedom of expression and responsibility to not misuse it for baseless abuse and hate mongering is what is expected from any of us and we hope that in this matter the law will take its own course,” Jha added.

Congress general secretary Mukul Wasnik, meanwhile, said Goswami has “lost complete mental balance”.

“Strongly condemn Arnab Goswami’s attack on Smt Sonia Gandhi. He is full of venom, partisan, abusive and has lost complete mental balance. It’s time that journalists should come out and disown him,” he tweeted Wednesday.

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  1. The more appeasement the congress does, the less hindu votes it will get.
    Of course I am referring to Hindus (NOT) anti nationals 1% leftists.
    Its better congress stays away from power for 20 years, stop its appeasement policy and then come.
    I mean what can it do ? just appeasement. We are sick of this and want to teach congress the hard way and what hardest to keep them out of power for long periods.

  2. Arnab sahi kah raha hai!

    isme gusse ki kya baat hai.

    Ramayan mein Sharupnakha ka naak kaat diya gaya tha. Corrupt and filthy Sonia ki naak kat dalo.

    Congress is angry because Hindus are upset with it for its appeasement politics and no longer voting for them.

    Isme gusse ki kya baat hai. this is power of democracy.. U cant force any one to vote for congress.


  4. Congress become a terrorist organisation in India few reason that recently happened by Congress and was involved. Delhi riots killing the policeman, motivating Muslims to spread the virus at same time diverting the Media against Muslim spreading by killing Hindu priest put India dangerous situation

  5. Country wants to know why he became angry ,spreading canard against all muslims., his sympathisers tell all r pakstanis or leftists for any kind of criticism. It is very saddened to learn two sadhus were murders by local tribals. It was difficult to communalism the event , then Arnab changedhis course in abusing Sonia. Did she lauded the murder of innocent sadhus? Was he so vociferous while riot on 24 Feb took lives of 50 innocent people.? Country wants to know why be is holier than Pope, why he humilates guests regularly without allowing them to complete a single sentence barring Mr Sambit Patra and BJP persons. Country wants to know why Arnab and his followers of other channel project all Indians before Indian viewers and beyond communal like him when millions of people who are simply voters and voted even for BJP do not want Hindu Pakistan as some of his masters might train his mind.
    It is unfortunate that such a good journalist with great oratory skill degraded himself and stooped so low.
    I pray to God that his right sense and wisdom return soon.

  6. Only congress can bark. If others bark they come all to attack him. First mugal fooled Indian, then British fooled Indian now Italian will fool this foolish Indian. This is India. Indian are actually fool that is why foreigners came and ruled for centuries.

  7. Arnab is a poor journalist and comes from those idiotic family of Indians who thi nk shouting loudly in english makes them intellectual. In fact these fake tin can roll english accents make themselves laughing stock outside of India. Equally bad are the goons and thugs of congress party who believe they can attack his car with his wife in it. Congress leadership should not send criminals called youth congress to do the dirty work for them. Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka need to stop this before the party is ruined completely under them. This is not Italy and mafia ways will not be accepted here.

  8. He is highlighting his name by making talks on Gandhis. All knows the quality of journalism he is acquiring. Critisising others for the benifit of himself and his channel is

    • Nope . It is just hypocrisy of congress and Sonia pariwaar not to speak on hindu killing . If same would have happened in gujraat thrn? I think if this is case then whole Gandhi patwaar by this time should be serving in jail.

  9. First the moguls then the Portuguese and british and now do you want the Italians to rule India 🇮🇳 never god bless India ,jai Hindustan. Jai modi ji.

    • the people of india will have to stand united against the break-india forces whom gandhis have sponsored over a decade and whom congressis embraced with open arms. one of the worst was when about 12 years back the congressis were following around and honoring benny hinn, one of the worst disgraced missionaries. all that to please sonia. have never seen gaddars like congressis.

  10. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Sonia Gandhi has used frequently to the Prime Minister of the country, derogatory language, like “merchant of death” among many others and her coterie used much worse. So, don’t complain and send out bunch of witless to register identical FIRs to express fake outrage. What goes around, comes around.

  11. Khali Daba got attack? Bhai, Nation wants to Know why you are attaked? Nation Wants to Know the Truth And Prove! Nation Wants To know. NATION WANTS TO KNOW. NATION WANTS THE TRUTH NATION WANTS PROVE.

  12. Freedom of expression can never be suppressed in such a cowardly way.Sir..
    you are the tallest figure in journalism as on date. Such pseudos having intolerance in their bone marrow are to be defeated.Keep fighting in your own way…Entire India is solidly behind you…

  13. What a Disgusting way to insult a women. If this how educated people are acting what country should expect from Illiterates .

    • Who is insulting whom? Are you an idiot sonia was the one who sent two people to attack him and his wife which was also at midnight wtf is wrong with your mindset to not know who is right and wrong. If you say that arnab words were bad then have you forgotten the ill words used by her and her son against modi.Did your fool brain forget that part? Its not about party.Its about the truth thats what humanity should believe in what sonia gandhi has done is just making our country separate she only wants power even though she is doing in the name of “Bapu”.If gandhiji were to come alive again i don’t think he will be happy on what this country has become in the road to gain powers. Instead of supporting someone who is backing up our country they are fighting against them. What’s the point of that? If this keeps happening our country would still be called”Developing country even after 10 years

  14. To all Dynasty worshippers. You all become so brain blind for worshipping a human being that you did not realize that you become a volunteer slave of the dynasty. This dynasty cannot be above the laws of the land. When the dynasty worshipers say anything to anyone in the country, you guys dance with joy because ma Sonia or beta Pappuraja had spat out the filth. If someone even makes any statement about dynasty, you all bent out of shape.
    Just to break your heart, the supreme court had thrown out the FIR because the congress appointed lawyer could not find anything objectionable stated in the statement of not sold news media.
    When the entire country is going through coronavirus crises, Your high dynasty queen is doing nothing to help but become an advisor and a critic. The entire country is working together and helping each other except the gang of congress goons who are very busy worshipping the dynasty. Shame on you.

  15. Some c type chargers will call Arnab, godi media wala, but the fact is he is in Mumbai talking against Maharashtra govt. I have never seen Some C type R&D news channel saying anything against Delhi govt. Sitting in Delhi. Who is Godi?🐍😂🤣😆🤣😂🐍

  16. There is no mention about the attackers.
    Whether they were congress youth wing workers or not?
    This article is incomplete by intentions…

  17. Majority Indians fully support Arnab because he is honest, forthright, gutsy, intelligent, and on the side of Dharma. Sonia and Congress are satanic people, enemies of India and are hand in gloves with Pakistan. They have zero moral ground to file FIR’s against Arnab. Indians are worried about Arnab’s safety because Congress is full of murderous crooks.

  18. Jo baate sahi hai usko koi chupa nahi sakta modi ji ko sare log milkar gali dete hai us samay koi Fir nahi hoti logo ko desh ke pradhan mantri se koi dar nahi

  19. Anna’s views are biased and far from right reasoning. He needs to develop an attitude to see facts in right perspective.

  20. Sonia Gandhi killing the aspiration of the Congress party. Her Hindu hate attitude is damaging future of congress. She is fully responsible for such humiliating defeat of the congress party for successive two terms. Congress party under Sonia Gandhi does not show any indication of improving. Moreover she made it to understand that no free speech is allowed under congress umbrella. Anybody raising any issue relating Sonia and her family will be punished. These all are damaging the party future. Now it is social media era and nothing can be hidden as it was used to be during Indira or Nehru time.

  21. Sonia of Italian Mufia parents has started choking free speech in India. Her hatred racial attitude is out now. The great Nehru dynasty congress party under this Mufia Sonia doing everything to murder the most reputed journalist of India. This is shame to the congress party and its leaders that hate free speech in India.

  22. Republic TV , times now, all these biases channels needs to banned starting from Arnabs channel and Arnab Goswami should be put behind bars for 7 yrs for hate speech, communalism, and degotary remarks

  23. If d opposing politicians can abuse our PM in cheapest language..
    den ..y ppl think some politicians r untouchable.. what is wrong !!? Is Der any politician fell from heaven..? Give respect n take respect shd b d principle…(if at all Arnav got support from ppl it is for his honesty n straight forwardnessn..) politicians shd keep it in mind dat nobody cares in which car u r going much property u HV much rich u r ..people love honesty n simplicity.. if u r d deserved person definitely u get respect y hangama on abuse …..after all it’s😊
    U want freedom of speech ..but can’t take it from others😁

  24. 1984 was also “spontaneous” and “outrage.” It’s this party’s culture. You cannot point fingers at The Family. Seems freedom to abuse is exclusive to the party.

  25. Truly a sad day for Indian journalism that this man whose open defaecation is done through his mouth has become the face of Indian journalism. Thanks to the BJP and its middle class Modi worshippers…

  26. Why on earth someone will attack arnab? India wants to know?

    He never did any sting operation against any powerful source so why someone will attack him now?

    But it a good tactics to get the TRP coz other news are gaining more popularity

  27. Great selection of words by The Print. They always come up with an exceptional view which is always against the truth and in favour of left wingers or people causing damage to national cause. I think The Print should clarify their instance on attacking a journalist. But I know Print’s hypocrisy will prevail.
    What do you think the term “allegedly attacked” stands for in this article. You choose very precise words and that amuses me but bothers me too. The way your journalism and your partners are working in the nation you guys shall be made responsible for flirting with the future of democracy.
    Standing ovation to the print pl.

  28. As Indian we should avoid Such type of Godi Media Journalism of Aranab Goswami,For the last 100 years we indian are more better then this Godi Media Who came Just Seven years before power, and Diverting Indian Sentiment from Development and Peace to Hate Speech and Hate Sentiment .

    We indian will Stop CronaVirus and Godi Media Virus also,

    Sare Jaha Se Accha Hindustan Hamara….

  29. Journalism is one of the 4 main pillars of Loktantra.It is good to reflect the face of society.It is better to speak on the burning issues.But it is excellent not to be provocative.It is better to control the emotions.And then the best to present it responsibly.Thanks and regards…

  30. I want to know how Arnab shouts to the opposites in debate.
    Shame for the participants on his debate

    • Well, Arnab Goswami does not indulge in debates. His programmes are slanging matches where he arrogates to himself the right to scream loudest. Indian journalism’s bright face indeed ..

    • Shame on you for justifying attack on goswami .
      He rightly questioned why killing of sadhus were not condemned and adequately covered .
      You are the filthy scum who think it is just to gag free dpeech of someone just because you don’t like them .
      You don’t belong to this nation . Go to north korea , fkin dog.

  31. Is there any meaning and any linkage related to the Lynchings and killings to the Congress party or it’s leaders? This mindless Arnab Goswami must be treated in a world famous Mental Hospital.

    • Unlikely to happen Mt Prasanna Kumar.

      Arnab Goswami is the BJP’s paid pitbull who attacks, abuses and screams at thos that oppose the BJP and its Führer. And the courts know that and treat him with kid gloves. Compare that with how Siddharth Varadarajan of The Wire got treated by the Adityanath government for having reported facts about Adityanath violating lockdown regulations.

      Sadly, a hot air belching, rabble-rousing thug straight out of the Goebbels playbook has become the face of Indian journalism.

  32. Arnab Goswami is a bikau media of the ruling politician. He is a fake news propaganda specialist.

  33. Language whatever used should be careful now a days you can’t say always fake in every matter. our Beloved PM will not spare Guilty person even he is very respectful or ordinary Citizen.our PM will not compromise if it comes to him.i respect him for his Right assessment.

  34. Arnab has exceeded his limit. He has made personal attack against Madam Sonia Gandhi and accused as”coward”. So, this is not freedom of speech or Press freedom. In the name of press freedom, he is blabbering in his TV. So, other Journalists should not come to his help.

    • Sonia called Modi Maut ka Saudagar. What Arnab called Sonia is very mild, and true. So, what is the problem?

  35. The DCP also appears to be a spineless creature.
    If young IPS officers grovel as sycophants to their political bosses, God alone can save our country.

  36. Congress is getting tit for Congress days are numbered. With Congress having no leader up to the mark and papu being rejected by every stage , BJP with leadership of Hon PM Narendra Modiji in 2024 lok sabha elections will get 400+ seat the absolute mejority.

  37. This paid barking dog of RSS, Arnab shoud be hanged till death or beheaded in public so that other such harmful animals for humanity should get proper lessons.

  38. In this country some peple of every sphere of life feel they r above the law of land.Right thinking people should loudly condemn them.Indian human values with Sanatani background,as Swami Vivekananda spoke must be upheld.For the time being freedom of speech n unscrupulous politicians n their leaders should be on hold so long they do not learn n understand what Democracy means.

  39. What happened to freedom of speech? Modi has been subjected to vile freedom of expression a lot of time.Is there any above law? Is untouchable what you mean.This is democracy.

  40. Arnab is right in raising the issue of lynching of three saints by gory fanatics only because they wore saffron robes. How the crowd concluded the saints were criminals ? How the police allowed the villagers to gather during the lockdown ? As it was not enough, the police itself handed the three over to the crowd to do justice.
    Murder of three saints is not sufficient for so called pseudo-secularists to condemn the mob lynching . Since they see no benefit in it.They do not want to anger some from whom they get their sustenance, both political and financial.
    Arnab’s words are blown out of proportion to divert the public attention from the mob lynching.They have now come out to muzzle the voice of voiceless. They are feeling affronted when they are asked the same questions which they champion.
    This time we must get the answer .We must not be cowed down by the might of these pseudo-secularists and uncover them.We can take a lesson from revered Anna Hazare, an unarmed old powerless man, who forced the then government of the country to stoop before it.
    We must do our utmost to get justice for the saints.And since Arnab is fighting for the hapless saints we must support him.

  41. There is the left-media who continue to hide truth & feed us their spin doctored narrative. Abusing & attacking Hindu & Hinduism is their favourite act. Rioters are scholars & tukde tukde is FOS/FOE
    Arnab was the much needed relief to all Indic religion followers who were breathless from attack after fake attack from Fake News peddlers, the 10JP brigade.

    Carry on Arnab, billions are with you as you expose those who were/are never questioned by Liberal Left Leaning Press Walas.

  42. Anyone filing an FIR May have to submit an affidavit from the person as authority for whom they are filing FIR. Legal sanctity of such FIR’s needs to be ascertained.

  43. First of all Arnab does not have Etiquette, he only shouts in the news and even in debates. He should learn from Mr pranoy Roy how to do the debate and read the news. He think he is the only righteous person in the media section.

  44. Ever since the COVID.19 became global the Jndian media has also become activised and focussed.. While.the Opposition.Parties have.a right to raise issues where,, the ruling Government has gone wrong.. Instead, an.impartial observer is.compelled to say that important cases, where.the.issues were discussed threadbare,.and the Bills passed and Presidential.assent is obtained, wich, then, becomes an.Act. Every citizen is ecpected to strictly.abide by.the law. What we are.finding, however,.is that not even on good laws, the Opposition UPA has not.patted the.Government. This clearly does not behove a responsible Opposition. Similarly,.the Media.has the right to point out an erroneous.comnent on.any.of its member. The defence.may be aggressive (not physically.though), but.if the charges are grave and misleadng, but cannot be classified as wrong…The Congress, in.particular, has never been a gracious Opponent and has been doing everything possible by them and its allies, to.bring down, from day one, the BJP-led NDA.Government. Luckily.for the country, all.such.attempts by the Opposition, never succeeded. The.present.COVID-19’is a global.crisis, and includes India. The Government is doing.all.that it effectively deal.with.this pandemic. If the Congress and ts Allies do not united fight, together, they are free to…But, they should not forget.that.the.people are solidly behind its Prime.Minister.

  45. I feel the story has changed now…. It’s no longer the failure of the Maharashtra government to prevent the horrific attacks on the Sadhus in Palghar…..

    Congress and its affiliates would have been better off keeping quiet than doing something stupid that they have done. Arnab, right or wrong has nothing to lose!! Even if he is forced to close down his channel, he would still survive. That’s not the case for Congress or its dependents.

    They could have simply condemned the killing, even if they didn’t mean it, or just ignored his so called provocation to react. God knows who is advising Congress to commit one blunder after the other

  46. I am shock to see intelligent guy like Arnab so radicalized and turned Bigot, or he is running some grand propaganda which we will know sometime later?

  47. FIR should be registered by Congress party members and supporters in every & all police station in India against Arnab Goswami because they can’t face in debate any where.

  48. Arnab is just the head of godi media.. He leads fake journalism aggressively. You can see his report at the time of delhi election 2019 he was the saddest person when his party lost. He is a black spot on journalism

    • Arnab exposes those Lords of Indian Politics who have purchased many a PEN. His style may be rash, but his questions are pointed.
      He is doing a great job if CON-Party-Gress want to muzzle him with FIRs. What an Irony that Pappu accuses Modiji on press freedom.
      “Godi media” is just another misleading “Intolerant” invention.

  49. India is a very beautiful country where everyone lives in peace and harmony, l request every one to love each other how we love our parents, children brothers and sisters, please respect the sentiments of all religions , this was the teachings of all the prophets.

  50. These were the people who were talking of intolerance!
    What did Arnab do? He just asked Sonia to speak on Monk’s lunching, he did not abuse her or anything.
    All sorts of abuses were thrown against Mr. Modi by her so called adorable son,’Pappu’and others like Digi, Derick, Mamta and many more to name. Which was actually abuses tnot to an individual but PM of the Country and it’s office. Wasn’t that an offence?
    Gandhi family behaves as if they are untouchable and questionable. So who is intolerant.
    Sonia is try to behave like a dictator, if she is trying to impose emergency when she is not in power just imagine, what will this family do if they come to power in center. One again they will impose emergency in the Country, like Indra did and put the entire media and opposition behind bars, then the freedom of speech will have have no meaning to them.

  51. Absolutely no comments till our educated section of society thinks from heart,speak from heart,listen from heart discuss by heart so on n so forth.When stupid intellect takes over heart which is a store house of innocence,wonder,universal love….all these intellectual jokers will be a mere laughing stock in front of childlike Wonder ….shame on all of you n you can’t stand firm n can’t face your own hearts….let alone society n NATION….inshaallah.if possible face your heart….🛐🤲🤲🛐

  52. Why find fault Goswami. Every party if not in power talks something bad about the ruling party. Is congress is a party of saints. Except few all the politicians are thieves. So let us the law to take its own course

  53. Arnab has been lost his mental’s balance, he has crossed all the limits, he must understand that this time is not for defaming any one or creating anarchy in the country but this is the time for fighting against COVID-19. He must ask government what it is doing to stop the chain of COVID-19 and what it can. But he is such a non-sense who trying to create anarchy!! SHAME ON YOU, ARnab!!!!!! Shame shame, you fool!!

    • Arnab doesnt need to shame those who have no respect and are shameless country sellers & scamsters. Congress & its scam ridden leadership must be exposed more, more & more. Their reign of terror during emergency must be exposed is detail. The shooting of sadhus in 1966 needs revisit. These are but a drop in the ocean.
      Liberals , ohh how many awards for you to shed tears for pure & simple truth.

  54. Isko mat maaro. Lekin sab milke, Iski maaro logo. Should take his case and prosecute to the fullest extent of law. This guy is a disgrace to Indian Journalism and media.

  55. I strongly condemn the attack to Chief Editor of Arnab Goswami attacked the car who is her wife also in the car. Govt, of India declared Ordinance to protect doctors, nurses and para medical staff. This is not only time journalists and photographers attacked but also they were killed by the public in the banner of political parties. In Tamil Nadu veteran weekly founder S. Balasubramanian was sentenced to jail during MGR regime. Nakkeeran Editor R R Gopal also sentenced to jail by Jayalalitha regime. Many reporters, freelance journalists and photographers also still attacked, some times they were killed. We proudly said that we are fourth estate/pillar democracy. In my own opinion there is only three legged man in Congress. Central govt., should consider the Arnab Goswami as a international press matter and declared Ordinance to protect all section of press. Not classified as accredated and non accredited, totally press&media.In TN Periyar @ E V Ramasamy nailed instructed his party man to hold a knife with every one his follower. Sikh any where in the world permit sword with them. Even Shivsena workers also hold a weapon. Therefore central govt., to declared Ordinance to press in India and save/repair fourth estate/pillar was damaged very long years in any part of India, including rationalist authors. Yours sincerely, s s shampath, former Secretary, Salem Reporters Guild, Salem and BJP Salem West Sthan President and Active member 9139

  56. We are people who treat and respect women as Goddess. Whether she a great lady or poor villager,we Indians always address them respectfully. Especially when they are old enough to be your mother’s age. Poltics or political news reporting does not give any body any rights to demean a women especially when she is 72years old. I am not judging anyone. It just feels bad that a defenseless women is dragged into unnecessary controversy, any respectfull son would feel bad even if she is not his own mother.

    • In Indian folklore Surpnakha and Tarka were killed, and first their noses were cut off. Bad people must be destroyed. Sonia Gandhi is by no means defenceless, She and her minions are the aggressor and violators of civilioze4d conduct

  57. If anyone open anybody’s Mask then the freedom of expression disappeared, attacks appear.
    After linching, killing of the saints the so-called secularists become silent, who will explain for it?

  58. Most of TV media anchors are not doing journalism In real sense.They are behaving like an authority {Boss} & shout at the participants, ask questions as if they are responsible for the issue.
    They should take the views & put it logically. Who has given them power to decide who is culprit. These people have become fighters not journalist. Taking countary image to negative. Min. of information is also permitting them to go beyond limits. Very bad. We should improve .

  59. Just ask for silence of on chosen matter is so heinous crime that every Congress government is behind a journalist?
    Very ridiculous and shameful behaviour of the party ruled our country for more than 60 years, it reminds 1975 black days again, when speaking truth was crime.
    Means this old grand party will fall more deep to be stand again. Shame shame

  60. INC is not a political party but a private business company. No Congress leaders have guts to say truly & correctly against their CEO. Tukde tukde gangs is the sole product of this company.

  61. Arnab is actually not jurnalist he is puppet of some people he should learn jurnalism from Mr ravish Kumar jai hind 🇮🇳

  62. Using such words’ derogatory ‘ and inflammatory humours to a particular party is indicates that the journalist is sold and this is a bigger crime.
    Also he haven’t any proof against the congress party which define that congress party attacked their car. Being a jounalists, he had to keep his word with the facts.

  63. Arnab is hero, Sonia is filthy mulla appeaser bitch.we hate Congress. May God wipe it out from map of mighty India & get rid of such enemy of nation.Aenab Zindabaad

  64. So called seculars and lutyens of the country are sleeping? They conveniently sleep at these of incidents. And when such people are questioned, their disciples can attack any one. Freedom of speech only allowed for these pseudo-secular and all others are expected to be pet dogs to wag-tail at their voices.

  65. India is experiencing 2nd wave of freedom since 2014 and those who kept this country enslaved are restless now. Their time’is over now. They have to face an Arnab in every nook and corner now.

  66. Sonia in a Italian by birth. It is true. She can not hold the top post in India. As a party worker she is a member of the party only. 2 sanits who are killed in attack. That is crime against Hinduism. India is Democratic country. No matter if any Journalist called Sonia Gandhi is a Italian person. It is true and genuine language. Journalism is journalism. True is true.

  67. Freedom of speech does not mean truth should be suppressed. It is not one community and one party can have freedom of speech. They should be opened debate of any topic. If anybody religious sentiments are hurt does tat mean one should tolerate another persons ignorance. If we have to evolve we have to debate. There should not be fascism even at religious level, political level.

  68. Arnab ji , you are great ! Doesn’t matter what the fake liberals say. Have lost mental balance with out money and power. All Hindustani except those believe in Pakistan jindabad, Bharat tere tukde honge, Asam will be separated from India are with you.

  69. Where is the need of dragging Sonia Gandhi’s name in the Palghar incident. This government has given him utter liberty to malign anyone who is against them. He always spew venom of hatred whenever he opens his mouth. He acts like a super spokesman of the government. You take any incident be it Jamia, JNU, Shaheen Bagh, Delhi riots, Tablighi jamaat and any other look at his presentation. He not only anchors the debate but also behaves like a judge by awarding the punishment to the alleged accused irrespective of their guilt is proved or not. The prime duty of media in a democracy is to represent the people. He is a blot on India’s journalism.

  70. Not concerned about who Arnab is but it is necessary to weaken the islamist-leftist-liberals, played at the foreign moguls with huge dollar dope. It is really difficult to resist easy money. But while we look at these so called ILLs who blatantly pampering anti-national sentiments but many of us is not understanding it, it becomes dangerous. Their sectoral approach for different sections of people and using every other incident for vote catching shows their real selfish character. They think themselves as manager of the country and spend public money the way they like. It must be blocked.

  71. The reaction to the death of 2 swamis is something that should have been handled faster and better by the Shiv Sena and Congress. It is their delay and silence that is deafening. And, yes, Arnab did take this issue loudly and clearly. What was probably a mob related accident has now escalated to a dog fight. The Congress continues to flounder. Sense and sensibility seems to have deserted this once proud Political party. And yes, the presence of a widow, her son and daughter are today the biggest deterrent to the party’s revival. All Congress supporters should pray that they leave voluntarily and let true patriots take centre stage.

  72. Long live ARNAB for taking head-on myth of so called psydosecularism contractors in this country. The whole nation with you. Keep it up

  73. The nation must know that ” who in Italy is interested in getting reports of hindu priests getting killed”, Arnab must reveal his intelligence investigative reports about who Mrs Sonia Gandhi is reporting to. As far as the world knows Italy and other countries are focused in eradication of corona virus, nation must know which other virus is operating .

  74. No matter whoever the journalist is, it’s shameful to see that so called secularists blind eye towards the innocent saints killed Infront of Maha police ruled by Congress coalition….
    If the same thing happened to any person of other community there journalism reporting would have been different. The only very few journalist likeA rnab asking that tough questions to Congress coalition and so called secularists….Hats off to Arnab…..
    We are with you…..
    Many other journalist are sold out to vested interest and speaks for their boses and paymasters staying abroad.

  75. From where did his wife got out during Lockdown. She should be booked for same. He is a funded journalist. Feku

  76. Congress has lost the public sympathies for misgovernance. They have utterly failed in all fields. They are shattered.
    They talk of intolerence which is clearly reflected by heneious & barbaric attracts on media & journalists with high morality.
    Media should join their hands against this vulnerable attack & defeat michief mongers & teach lessons to power hungry regimes who beleive in dynastic raj in democratic scenario.

  77. He is not a Journalist. He is BJP spokesperson.

    I take him as Comedian and his channel in Entertainment segment and nothing else.

  78. How Congress leader Rahul used freedom of speech when he called the PM of India Chore and his samchas called him as chawla etc

  79. Arnab goswami represents a backlash for what congress establishment has done to this country in last 70 years.The ruinous socialist policies, blind eye to national security issues,minority appeasment and host of other ruinous acts to reduce the country to the level of pakistan when china reached the level of US.

  80. When will andhhakts like you will wake up.there is a difference between an individual saying something and a journalist who is misusing his channel for propaganda.

  81. Arnab is one of the few journalists in India who have exposed the Anti-national elements who were hiding under the garb of secularism & constitution. He also exposed the hypocrisy of these so called secular & liberals.

  82. He has sold his profession and conscience! He can do anything! He is a shame to Humanity and journalism.

  83. He wants Publicity.The way he shouts talks arrongantly ,and talks I’ll is not to become journalist unless he has full support to accuse without proof.He talks whatever comes to his mouth.It is high time he should have been dragged to the ld court.

  84. Arnab is brave enough to face coward congressi …..Most honest and nationalists support him …..Muslims and gaddar congress are anti varnan no wonder they are anti nationals too

  85. This idiot is a disgrace to journalism as he sold his ideology and got his organization funded by their political wing to destroying the country

  86. It is a typical case of hyper journalism gambling for otherwise not required popularity with high stakes.
    It is anybody’s guess that, it is a paid media and the debate is only who pays when for what.
    Nevertheless such attempts keep the interested and affected occupied for at least a day and in certain cases for few more days.

  87. ThePrint always takes delight in bringing up anti-establishment issues. This is how journalism ought to be. Keep it up!

  88. Imaging a political party of national scale who has ruled and raped india for 50 years is now afraid of a small news channel who are not even 1 percentage of their scale and size

    Instead of coming out in the open and start participating in public discourses and taking active part in resolving issues of national concern , the political party send 2 youth congress members to injure/kill an honest and hardworking journalist and thus stifle the life of media which is the 4th part of Indian democracy.

    This huge political party whose chairman is richer than the queen of England and whose party workers are all crorepatis across the country, by looting the hard earned money of the poor Indians ,has decided to file 200 fIR’s across the country against Arnab.

    Imagine when this political party was in power what not they must have done to stop the democratic voices who had the courage to challenge their corruption and nepotism.

    They not only send their own persons on constitutional positions, they used their position and power to loot the country and all the wealth and booty was shared by them honestly eventually leaving the common man and the honest taxpayers to lurch and poverty

    Don’t you all think it’s high time to dump this political party forever from the Indian political scenario and take the path of honesty and growth .

  89. I know Arnab from NDTV. He is a particular kind of Scu m. Bharat can take care of it’s transgressors and the holy land will rise up consume all the sc um including Arnab…

  90. So called liberals and leftists are maintaining silence. They aren’t interested now since it’s against Hindus. Had any Muslim or Christian being lynched, they would have come to street and do all kinds of protests. People are getting aware of this slowly.

  91. Arnab goswami patrakaar ke naam per ek kalank hai aur aur usko agar jara si bhi sharm ho to is desh hai is desh ke a dharm se mafi mange desh Ka dharm na Hindu hai na Muslim hai Congress hai na BJP desh ham logon se banta hai desh is desh ki Janata se banta hai naki arnab goswami Jaise a patrakaaron per propaganda se banta hai

  92. All FIR filed by various units of Congress will exposed them more, when matter is further investigated
    All the arguments of FRI, goes against Congress party and its leaders in the past, against which no FIR were lodged.
    Good that, they them self will get more exposed
    Most of the people are with Arnab
    Such Firs will make Arnab a national hero.
    Might even get ticket to contest against the ..

  93. Why dear Arnab is not asking the home ministry of India for lynching… He can also ask Shiv Sena for this unfortunate incident. The reply could be the same as it happened in few other cases of mob lynching. How this is different from previous cases.

  94. Look at the narration, its very simple to know the intentions, If any slight wrong happen to few evry one shuld mourn if they do any wrong no one shuld speek. Vice Versa for many thats it, thats the intentions of many media posts inthis country may be.

  95. Arnab speaks the naked truth in unambiguous terms. That’s why it is unpalatable to the traitor s of this country. They are therefore resorting to violence as is their wont.

  96. Arnab Goswami is only journalist who is dare to speak truth. His debate always based on rastrabad. Complaining of Congress is totally baseless.

  97. The print should also be banned for their biased journalism always promoting hate against Hindus ..this fight is going to go long and the print , wire and all other anti Hindus news houses are going down

  98. Everything he said perfectly alright and justified too! Show us the obituary or a statement by the Italian mafia about the killing of twovsadhus. Where as when minority community persons killed the gangs erupt in unison to condemn and had taken the level up to the PM! So When it hurts u all it is blood and when the same hurts Modi and etal it is ketchup! Shut up please!

  99. I don’t watch R Nob for any length of time. I can’t avoid watching his antics when I’m flipping channels, but the noise and rancour upset the kids and wife, who take me on the way R Nob takes on his guests ( and that’s really unpleasant… actually I feel like the ones from Pakistan). Nobji should remember that people are entitled to some dignity and journalistic licence doesn’t mean he can make wild unsubstantiated charges. Personally I detest the desi-spawned variety of instant journalism and I don’t care about Nobji and his ilk… but they should not complain in case of a backlash from people who they work up to a frenzy of hate.

  100. Soni will never raise any comments as her team is involve for dharm privartana program in that area. However, what BJP has done while they were ruled for 5 years in Mharastra. It is great mistake of BJP who has not taken appropriate steps against such organisation invilve in Dharam privartana program also SHIVSENA is equally responsible for this palghar episode. They are the rulling party but not taken sound action against culprits. COUNTRY NOT HAVING ANY HOPE FROM ITSLIAN / GANDHI FAMILY. THEY ARE BURDEN FOR INDIA.

  101. When Rahul Gandhi, Soniya Gandhi and other congress leaders as well as members call the Prime Minister as Chokidar Chor Hai, there are no issues. Now when Arnab shows some truth about Soniya Gandhi’s name and talk about her silence on an incident, the gang has major problems. Clear double standards of these so called secular nationalist people. Imagine, if there were couple of minority persons were mob lynched.

  102. India is heading towards a different phase of hatred and abuses…..the matter is turned away from injustice seeking mode of lynching…the souls departed …..the abuses and mud slinging has taken the centre stage . .not even we are bothered of coronavirus….gripping on deaths ..pandemic….is spreading..stop’s time to recall our mouth served tongue of hatred..let’s be United…we are burying dharma and heading towards adharma…..let’s not be blacking India….by enacting to keep this yuga India oriented apocalypse of kaliyuga.if this message is not appropriated to convey peace..introspect…..and forgive each and every one for the war on individuals and the source of war raged situations……peace be our motto.

  103. Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka and Congress has become night mares for BJP , Rajiv Chandrasekhar and this lunatic journalist Goose Swamy.

  104. Hi. I m wondering. To see India of today full of so many shameless Jaychands. It is not a problem to follow any political ideology in Democratic India. But the problem is when a Party President of main opposition party and their sycophants keep eerie silence on the lynching of harmless sadhus in a brutal manner. Above all it is done in a state ruled by their party. And all efforts are made by them to hide this incident as far as possible and then help execute a murderous assault on a senior journalist and his journalist wife in the middle of the night. The mistake of this journalist was to question this silence. The question is how come this Indian citizen of foreign origin become so powerful that she has developed an army of sycophants who are willing to degrade the cultural idols of our ancient country just because Shae wants that.
    We Indians truly need to ponder on this and support the media and journalist who are ready to take such people head on. I think that time has come for us to get our feet on ground and defend our sacred motherland from these people who have some other agenda.
    Arnab Goswami. Majority of India is with you. Together we will win . Surely
    Jai Hind !

  105. Just imagine what would have been the reaction of the Congress, the pseudo secularists, the self certified liberals if this attack had happened in a BJP state to Pranay Roy, Shekhar Gupta, Siddharth Vadharajan, N Ram or any such journalists.

  106. Journalist sabhi ….
    Paise ke liye to yeah apani maa bibi bahan beti ko bhi bech dete hai …
    Sab bikau hai….
    Kewal aapame kharidne ki takat honi chahiye….
    Arnab sala hindu muslim jaati ko ladeata hai …
    Arnab se puchho wo bhi ek musalman ki beej ka aulad hai jaa ker apani maa se puchhe

  107. Meaningful criticism through media is part of freedom of speech and physical attack on health warriors and courageous anchors is bordering on blatant terrorism from slaves of white skin racism by so called bigots

  108. Way youth congress is being used is not correct. It does show mafia style of working of Congress. It again shows the hypocrisy of this family owned party.

  109. This presstitute Arnab should be kept in the zoo with animals, how does a mere journalist become net worth 400 crs and his supporters get banana 😂😂😂…. wake up bhakts Indian economy was on the ventilator even before the pandemic …. modi cannot give u anything not even the hindu rashtra that u dream of

  110. Dear citizens, why are we harping on.these paid goons like arnab to defame or pass degratory remarks on the wife of former prime minister of India. No matter what ever bad or good she may be. She is an indian citizen. Regarding corruption. Nobody is saint in todays polatics Nor Arnab is a judge of International court of justice.Let us first learn to follow our culture of respecting our leaders former or present. This same shameless AG its even disgusting to call his full name as Arnab Go Samy . Please remember all our Ram Bhakth leaders have failed to condemn the remarks on an indian woman who is the wife of EX prime minster. They are enjoying the commotion and this disgrace by a cheapster jounalist. But please bear in mind . This defamatory dog will not stop with this. Tommarow if our current PM or Home ministers loose electiions and pushed back to opposition. Remember landslide victory or losses is not new to India even when votes tampering happens. This same AG will be calling our current leaders as Chai Wala and a Murderer. Even at that time patriotic citizens will be the ones to condemn him. Lets not encourage him to get away from such cheap tactics to make his living or grabbing undue publicity.

  111. FIRs & counter FIRs are okay. The conduct or misconduct of the police at the time of attack needs a through investigation.It appears to be a well orchestrated one. If the midnight attackers actually belong to Congress, then the grand old party should do something to clear the air.

  112. Law should take action against the persons who attacked the vehicle of Arnab when he was driving the vehicle with his wife sitting by his side.
    Law should also take stern action against the journalists who use derogatory language for any responsible person in the society. Such rough journalist are black spot in our field of journalism.
    Action taken by filing FIRs against Arnab Goswami by Congress members or well wishers of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is a right action because any such journalist will think twice to use derogatory language against any person.

  113. Nothing left to comment. Rotting has already set in. Last bastion is taken over by politicians. Now just chant ram naam.

  114. I compare Goswami and subramanya swampy.
    Both bring illegal doings of Congress. But swamy sends legal notices and files cases. While this gentleman exposes to public in TV.
    Co gress, can’t digest Goswami than subramanya samy.

  115. You have given so much importance for this filing complain. Where were you during poor shadus killed by Mob.Why didn’t you come out and support him. Is it free press

  116. Bad journalism needs to be stopped for ever as displayed by Republic Chief who keeps on shouting on top of voice to force upon viewers to listen to content comprising of bad & derogatory terms .

  117. What is it in the Nehru-Gandhi family that compels them to anoint only immediate family members as alter egos or heirs apparent? Obviously, their secrets regarding their political and financial misdeeds are such that there is no substitute for immediate family when it comes to trust and protection. The keys to the treasury must always be held by them, the keys to secret cupboards containing their corruption files must never be lost, be it the Bofors case, foreign bank accounts, smuggling of antiquities, to name a few. Hence, the need for an inner circle of family confidants, a second circle of trusted coteries, and an outer circle of sycophants and hangers on, who are given blandishments and retainers to keep the inner circle protected and take the blame, or do a cover up job whenever the need arises. When not in power, these coteries and sycophants must engineer and activate cover up networks, to hush up or obfuscate any exposures. Dynasty converts all the resources and tools of democracy towards achieving these ends, and perpetuate its continuance, while fooling the nation through homilies on transparency and zero tolerance to corruption. Ram jethmalani

  118. Arnab Goswami is always saying shit, who the hell give him position of editor Chief…
    He is nothing but a anti Muslim editor.

  119. Mr Arnab I am common man. Fight for me. No one is caring for me. I am alone fighting without PPE.

  120. Arnab has said the truth.

    Why does that upset the Congress so much that Sonia sent her thugs to beat up Arnab?

    It’s ok for Sonia to call PM Modi ‘Maut ka Saudagar’ – remember that infamous speech in 2013 – but when Arnab mentions Sonia “Ji’s” Italian origin – that is “inflamatory” and Arnab deserves a beating by thugs.

    Of course Sonia “Ji” is mother of India. We brown people should be grateful that she is here to guide us.

    • Who the hell died and went to make her the mother of india btw? And you have no right to claim that and also if you think it was alrght calling modi that than i have many words to say to that foreigner who thinks that she is the only one who can control india.Did gandhi say”Only my descendants have the right to lead this country”Go back to class 3 and learn about democracy first brainless mofos its because of mindsets like you that our country is still”Developing”What happened to our country when congress was in power compare that to what it has become now.As far as i know this foreigner and that showoff rahul only wants power to control this country like their doll garden.If congress was in power now we all would have died by corona by now

  121. Arnab Goswami’s partisan, aggressive, malicious, untruthful, violently provocative and abusive journalism reached it’s peak today! Sinking so low, he has degraded journalism and become shockingly loathsome indeed! Shame!4

  122. Arnab should not have been terrorized in the first place. He was driving with his family and his car window was hit. He vented on Mrs. Gandhi which was incorrect, this must be some local Congress ruffians who were impacted by dwindling congress support.

  123. I stand by Arnab and all the ones who are trying to malign him stand exposed of being in hand and glove with the attackers and their masters….down with such journalism which doesnt stand by its own people..

  124. I don’t know why you people add Gandhi for Indira family. In what way they are related with Gandhi; could you please specify.

  125. Arnab is a dark spot on journalism… He is just a mouthpiece of begoted ideological organization funded by their political wing… This cheapster never looked like a journalist to me

    • You are correct. You also need to comment on other existing medias motive. In India there are 1500 + on channel to spread anti modi hatred news in and outside of India. Example Junaid case mob lynching, it was a mis leading news against RSS and BJP. Kathuva murder case, every body how the print and visual media took the case down to street. Why this mut killings not taken like this. This is the media with anti modi hatred. Hope you under stand.

    • Any patriotic person will definitely be like Arnab. He has raised our voice. V don’t have a platform to speak out against the atrocious brutal lynching. Any human beings blood will boil seeing the way the sadhu was hit continuously. Arnab being a journalist is using his profession righteously n fallen corrupted. Arnab u will win this time too

    • Think before you write and always be on right side. Otherwise people like you will destroy this country

    • He is the correct match for the left wing propagandists who are a blot on the whole society. They have occupied the media houses so far and peddled lies suitable for their anti-majority propaganda. Arnab has stooped down to their level and has taken them head on.

    • हिंदुओं की हत्या पर आवाज उठाना कोई गुनाह है क्या अब कोई नेता अब कोई एक्टर कोई बुद्धिजीवी क्यों नहीं अवार्ड वापस करता क्यों कोई नेता आवाज नहीं उठाता संत होना गुनाह है भगवा पहनना गुना है क्या टोपी पहने तो इस देश में रहेंगे और जो सवाल पूछता है आवाज उठाता है उसकी आवाज दबाने की कोशिश की जाती है देश तुम्हारे साथ है अर्नब गोस्वामी सच्चा देशभक्त सच्चा धर्म रक्षक है

    • Don’t you think Congress Chief must condemn the lynching of saints. Don’t you think Congress is secular, they raised their voices against aflak lynching, Saheen Bagh, JNU etc, what’s your opinion as a supporter of Congress. We are Indian and we need to condemn any lynching in India. Law should take action against goons. If you are watching raveesh Kumar on NDTV, what is your opinion. We all are Indian and should be Indian

    • I can only laugh on your comment. Everyone knows who the real black spots are. It may be that rabies kumar, Rajdeep or may be some other so called liberal journalists. Arnab is atleast honest.

    • If what you say abouhe applies to NDTV which is a mouth piece of Congress so waht is your point?Shut up!

    • I think you may forgot to mention few more name in your list. What about the Rabish Kumar, Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt etc…

    • Arnab Goswami has accused Smt. Sonia Gandhi on baseless allegations while discussion on Palghar incident. He be booked for defaming a decent lady . He is responsible for creating disharmony in the Nation.

    • The phrases salvage is a valid point but Mr “Salve” is a unwritten story with the editor or ruling dispensation argue with a mask on journalism and freedom of expression. More over the moot point is he attempted to call a party leader without any precipitable evident on hand whole debating on irreverent subject. State govt is seize of the matter it’s doing it’s job where is the need for the editor to track people of his own muscle goons and linking. Whether above the law or land. All his so far debate are clearly exposed his nexes with a particular group and not a fair journalist. He can portray others because he’s holding 5 TV cos. What a shame. If Mr Salve comes for this case then it will be proved a conspiracy is enacted to fool around the people.

  126. Bharat tere tukde honge.
    Separate Assam from India.
    Kashmir is not part of India .
    All these statements are FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
    Come to Sonia, FREEDOM OF SPEECH has disappeared.
    Modi has been abused in much worse language but that is Kosher.
    You can not touch the “UNTOUCHABLES”.

    • well said pankaj ji. congress calls this bunch of complaints “spontaneous”. it reeks of a fatwa from congress “high command” to its captive followers. or shall we call it gandhis’ bull ? (like papal bull?)

  127. Does not matter who Arnab is. As long as he is against the Sonia and her ecosystem, I am with him. This is a war, can’t rest until the pseudos and the lefties are defeated and destroyed.

    • Very well said sir. We are not against our muslim brothers and sisters as we have stayed together for many decades,But against those political parties ; Congress,SP,BSP,NCP,TMC,etc who had been surviving because of their vote bank politics. Unfortunately some of Maulanas & Muftis are on the pay rolls of these parties. They are doing great disservice to their communities by frightening them in the name of RSS & other Hindu groups. Allah also lebel such Maulvis as kafirs as per Quran,The Holy book. Also some elite groups are also providing these Maulanas as helping hand. I am an Ex-serviceman IAF & have belief only in one ideology & that is India ( Our Country) first. That’s what has been taught to us in armed forces. Jai Hind.

    • When Congress speak that is democratic words and anyone else say they not past mere single case of linching arise rahulcongress immediately opinion against Modi and when any channel ask same question they not ? See position of thakre.for sake of gov his warrior mouth slow.

    • Hats of Arnab, you are a true patriot. When frontline warriors are attacked & abused where the hell are those so called secular forces. No o

  128. It’s plain now that Arnab wants to become the News. This is the level telivision journalism has fallen to. But not a bad tactic to stand out and also curry favour both with the government and its supporters.

    • Just wait few weeks a young cadre of BJP will take of youth wing of congress in Maharashtra.

    • Either way. Prostitutes are better than thia Brahmin psedojornalist. Prostitutes sell their bodies to survive. This guy sells his soul and dignity ( if he has any) to have luxury. It that simple. And hwho support him are nothing more than his pimps.

    • When the prince in exile was shouting ‘chowkidar chor hai’ it was his freedom of expression. When this lady abused the PM she was secular. When Kejriwal alleged different politician and later had to beg pardon it deed not annoy the tukde tukde gang. When the prince went to JNU to support the abusers of India it was his right. But madam is so sacred that no one can ask her origin or past. When Manishankar declared that PM was only capable of selling tea, his early profession it was fine with the congis but if anyone asks about madam’s earlier profession there will be fire in these assholes. Urban naxal at its peak. This is the beginning of end. Arnab did not do anything wrong. We are with him.

    • Don’t struggle. It’s simple Freedom of speach, unless you think questioning Sonia is Prostitution of journalism or other.

    • Both are available in the form of The Hindu,The Print,Indian express,India today,burkha dutt,Rajdeep Sardesai,shekhar Gupta plu 100 odd one.

    • Once he was popular because of his malicious voice against his opponent. But nowadays we all know the truth and his mouth quality, full of useless noise.

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