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New Delhi: Warning that neither Pakistan nor India could be in control if their confrontation escalates, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday invited Indian PM Narendra Modi to hold talks on terrorism in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack.

“Miscalculations happen in war. With the weapons we have and you have, can we afford a miscalculation? If this escalates, where will it go from here? It will not be in my control or Narendra Modi’s control,” Khan said in a television address.

“I am inviting you. We are ready. The Pulwama tragedy has hurt you and we are willing to hold talks on terrorism. But I want to say that better sense should prevail. We should hold talks and find a solution to the problem,” Khan said, speaking in Urdu.

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The address came hours after fighting between the air forces of the two countries in Jammu and Kashmir. India has said that it shot down a Pakistani fighter jet but also lost one of its own jets and the pilot was missing in action.

Pakistan has claimed that it shot down two Indian jets in the fighting and has two pilots in its custody.

Khan said Pakistan sent its air force only after ascertaining the damage on the Pakistani side in Indian air strikes on a Jaish-e-Mohammed terror training camp in Pakistan Tuesday.

He said Pakistan also ensured that there were no casualties or collateral damage in India in the strike Wednesday.

“This was just to let India know that we can also do this,” he said. Two Indian MiGs crossed into Pakistan and we shot them down. The pilots are with us, he said.

“The question is where do we go from here? It is very important we use our intelligence,” the Pakistani PM said.

He said there had been miscalculations in many wars and cited the two world wars. He also said the US would not have imagined that it would be stuck in its war on terror for 17 years.

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  • 2.8K
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  1. Prof PK Sharma, Freelance Journalist, Barnala (Punjab)

    There is a sense in Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s television address !
    He has certainly raised valid questions !

    He has very strongly advocated in favour of averting escalation of confrontation
    between the two neighbouring nations !

    For our polity, many soul-searching questions crop up in wake of mounting tensions ?
    Can we change our neighbours ? Can Jammu and Kashmir move away from its present
    topography ? Why India responded to opening of Kartarpur corridor offer by Pakistan
    Prime Minister Imran Khan and Pak Army Chief General Bajwa ? Why flip- flop policy
    on relations with Pakistan and playing of “hide and seek” politics in Jammu and Kashmir?
    Have we explored where and how India’s polity faltered and failed following February, 14
    Pulwama Suicide Bomb Attack ? Why not till date ?

    Will not War direct or indirect be harmful for both the nations ?

    It remains to be seen how Prime Minister Narendra Modi responds to Imran Khan’s
    current offer/invitation of dialogue for peace in the continent ?

    But it will infact not suit NaMo because he is very crazily eyeing second term in the hot
    seat in light of ensuing Lok Sabha Polls if these are held in time nothing else ! Pakistan
    Prime Minister Imran has rightly pointed out towards the compulsion of tempting
    elections due in India in a couple on months from now !

    Prof PK Sharma, Freelance Journalist
    Pom Anm Nest,Barnala (Punjab)

  2. 10 full years have gone after their brutal attack on Bombay where we lost nearly 170 innocent people and some Police, Commandos.
    We should have finished them within one year as we are quite capable of doing it.
    This is the first of many blunders and shows us very week.
    Its good that we have reacted right and adequate now.
    Unless Pak escalates it to the next level we should not go all out on them like grounding all their Airplanes and strips.
    Our aim should be to reurn 10 times and quickly cripple them in case of a direct war.
    India has thrown away many opportunities to tie down Pak at the end of every War…… j
    returning the hard brought gains without negotiating and settling pain points.
    Returning huge Captured territories to 93000 pow..In Bangla liberty War…and it goes on
    The blunders our Politicos did have cosistently put our Army and Country to disadvantage
    The loss of our Late Pm Sri. Lalbahadur… One ofthe finest as an aftermath need to be remembered now.
    Hope better political will and Raja tantra wi ll prevail now to solve many of the pain points… Yes ones for all…. As our unfriendly neighbour is at its WEAKEST IN EVERY RESPECT at this point of time.
    I really pity them… If they would have joined hands with us for all the magnanimity we showed to them in Partition they also would have prospered and become a stable proressive Democracy by this time.
    Time is never late… Will they? !

  3. The caveat that Pakistan’s civilian Prime Minister is severely circumscribed by the views of the military leadership is well acknowledged. Even so, PM Imran Khan is a man of peace. There were some hopeful signs that General Bajwa too favoured better relations with India. See how swiftly things are heating up between the two countries. The imminence of the general election means the incumbent can not afford to look “ weak “. A few miscalculations and conflict might become inevitable. The US President is in Hanoi, chasing his own dream of a Peace Nobel, unclear how much bandwidth – or tweets – he is devoting to the subcontinent. 2. Invite PM Imran Khan to India, let him offer a chaddar at the Dargah in Ajmer, pray for peace. If there has been no war between the two countries since 1971 – barring Musharraf’s Kargil misadventure – that is not an accident. Serious, thoughtful, pragmatic leaders have overcome difficult odds to keep it that way.

  4. If Imran Khan wants peace talks… He should first handover Masood Azhar to India hand cuffed along with all terrorists involved in Indian plane hijack and Mumbai attack master minds

    • Prof PK Sharma , Freelance Journalist,Barnala(Punjab)

      Gentleman, we and the polity must look within and introspect ! Our memory is short !

      The question is, it is the same Masood Azhar who had been in India’s custody ! Why was
      he let off compromising with the security and defence of the nation ? Had our polity and
      then late Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee led government at the centre had been firm, resolute and
      smart, India may not have been facing this music and the demand you are raising today might
      have lost its meaning and worth today ?

      What is the guarantee, even now that our hollow and selfish political leaders will not compromise
      with the nation’s security and defence even if what you call for is met ? We could not deal with
      proclaimed grave and big economic offenders like Nirav Modi, Chokusi and Vijay Mallaya etc. as
      per the law of the land in our nation ! Why the BJP only shared power in J&K with Ms. Mehbooba
      Mufti for years together failing to create congenial and peaceful atmosphere in the Kashmir valley ?

      We could have saved these February 26 aerial strikes for some other day without sacrificing the lives
      of 44 CRPF brave sons had there been no intelligence/ systematic failure on February 14 the day of
      Pulwama Suicide Bomb Attack ?

      Things are very easily said than done !

      Prof PK Sharma,Freelance Journalist
      Pom Anm Nest,Barnala (Punjab )

  5. I think India should first cause heavy damage to terrorists camps and Pakistan Air force. Afterwards we should from the position of strength.


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