Sunday, 22 July, 2018

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In control, but out of touch? Why India’s military & government need to talk more

Panelists at a session of the South Asia Conclave 2018 discuss a book that questions the lack of communication between the two sides and its toll. ...

Doesn’t Priyanka Chopra know that only Muslims can be terrorists?

The outrage over the latest Quantico episode, which explores ‘Indian terror’, forgets the fact that in the show, Chopra is American protecting US interests

Plugged-In: Storm kills 39 & Nawaz statement creates furore

Front Page A massive storm hit Delhi and other northern regions Sunday, resulting in the death of 39 people: A powerful dust storm backed by rain and...
Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan Ajay Bisaria

Indian and Pakistani diplomats meet, raise concerns on security and J&K

Both sides agreed to explore possibilities of cooperation and of improving bilateral relations.
Indian army

Data exposes what India & Pakistan don’t reveal about the constant ‘ceasefire violations̵...

On the ground, there is no commonly-agreed rule among the Indian and Pakistani armies and the BSF and Pakistan Rangers for counting ceasefire violations.
A mother carries her child to a doctor during a curfew in Kashmir| Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

‘I’ve left everything to Allah’: Along LoC, villagers just want cross-border firing to end

Shelling from both sides has been going on since 21 February, and residents now in relief camps have had enough.

An Indian Admiral & Pakistani Air Commodore debate the finer points of the 1971 war

A column written by Admiral Arun Prakash for ThePrint sparked a debate with Pakistani Air Commodore M. Kaiser Tufail. Here's the exchange between the two.
Army jawan keeps vigil in Poonch

Now that the Indo-Pak ceasefire agreement is off, a summer of discontent awaits

With two-front tensions likely, pressure will be on the army’s most abundant resource, its soldiers.
Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif

India-Pakistan relations are as volatile as they are unpredictable

If I evaluate the India-Pakistan situation, at this stage, it looks difficult that we’ll see much progress between now and 2019.
Talkpoint slide

Indian and Pakistani electoral dynamics are now feeding off each other

India-Pakistan hasn’t had a negotiation in good faith. Pakistan’s objectives in Kashmir and the wider Indian context remain unaltered.