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In PAF lies & subterfuge, an F-16 tail number & a PAF pilot  —  both hidden to serve a myth

ISPR is leading Pakistan’s hybrid war of denial since the day PAF lost its most advanced platform to a gritty IAF counterattack. But the evidence is right in front of us to sift, writes former IAF Mirage pilot and air warfare writer Sameer Joshi.

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How the Pakistani state has managed to clamp down on eyewitness accounts, online videos of the crash and initial ISPR flip flops — to obscure the fact that a PAF F-16 jet was shot down by an Indian Air Force MiG-21 Bison on 27 February 2019. Interestingly, after over a month post the aerial clash the narrative is being twisted significantly — with a distinguished foreign media house jumping in the fray and claiming that no F-16 was shot down by the IAF that day. Nothing could give more succour to the dirty tricks department at ISPR, led by the infamous Major General Asif Ghafoor of the Pakistan Army, who has been at the forefront of Pakistan’s hybrid war campaign to deny any manner of worthwhile information scrutiny on the matter since the day the PAF lost one of its most advanced platform to a bold and gritty IAF counterattack. While the evidence is right in front of us to sift through its worth; the first indication of a massive coverup by the Pakistani state on this intriguing subject was provided by none other than Major General Ghafoor himself — who it seems, was overwhelmed by the ‘truth of it’ all in those initial few hours post the aerial clash.

Tragically for the Pakistani nation, there is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact and somewhere in between this blatant game of lies and deception — is a F-16 tail number and a dedicated PAF pilot — both of whom having served Pakistan to the best of their ability; now have had their records unceremoniously wiped out from the face of the earth to serve a wider subterfuge of upholding the morale and image of the Pāk Fizāʾiyah, the pantheon of past glory and Pakistan’s best shot at hitting back at India in these times of turmoil.

IAF’s shoots down a PAF F-16

Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, an Indian Air Force MiG-21 Bison pilot made history around 10 AM on 27 February 2019, when he targeted a formation of Pakistan Air Force F-16s who were engaging IAF Sukhoi Su-30MKI fighters with their AIM-120 AMRAAM beyond visual range missiles; closing in undetected and shooting down one of them with a Vympel R-73 heat seeking air to air missile over the Lam valley in Nowshera sub sector of south western Jammu and Kashmir. Abhinandan became the first MiG-21 pilot in the world to shoot down a F-16 jet.

A MiG-21 Bison of the Indian Air Force/ Photo — Angad Singh

Unfortunately Abhinandan’s MiG-21 was also hit by an AMRAAM missile fired by another F-16 as he was heading back towards India, having crossed the LOC in pursuit of the F-16 only tens of seconds earlier. He ejected from the stricken aircraft and parachuted to safety, landing 4 km away from the LOC near Horan Kotla village in POK. He was brutally attacked by civilians, before being dramatically handed over to the Pakistan Army.

His ordeal made him a focal point of the developing crisis, when in gross violation of the Geneva convention, the footage of his battered face was intentionally released on Pakistani television and social media by Pakistan Army affiliates minutes later.

What was clear was that the Pakistan Armed Forces had activated the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) to get the narrative under control.

ISPR — Goebblism personified

The Inter-Services Public Relations, is the media wing of the Pakistan Armed Forces which broadcasts and coordinates military news and information to the country’s civilian media and the civic society. Under this innocuous looking mandate hides the the real mandate of the ISPR — where the Pakistan Army uses the ISPR as the misinformation medium to escalate and de- escalate a rapidly building information threat to suit its tactical and strategic aim. ISPR is at the tip of Pakistan’s hybrid war effort, embedded well with the complexities of military manoeuvres, political power play and deft disinformation, with sempiternal loyalty only to the Pakistan Army — and the nation it serves be damned!

While the ISPR is known for its notoriety in manipulating the ‘everything of anything’, history has proved on umpteen occasions that even for the smoothest of them operators — there is many a proverbial slip between the cup and the lip.

The ISPR narrative and the Flip Flops

Two interesting events took place post Abhinandan’s ejection on 27 February.

First the Indian Air Force reported through the ANI’s Twitter handle that they had shot down a F-16 over Laam valley. It also acknowledged the loss of one of its MiG-21.

Secondly, Major General Asif Ghafoor — the Director-General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) and chief spokesperson of Pakistan Armed Forces tweeted on the ISPR handle that two Indian jets had been shot down by the PAF in POK, with one pilot arrested by the Pak army and two still in the area. Even as facts were being ascertained and the before IAF could give any info, Pakistani handles on social media started talking about the shooting down of two IAF jets and the arrest of the Indian pilots.

While addressing a press conference at noon, a good hour after his first significant tweet, Maj Gen Ghafoor said that — another pilot has been arrested. “Our ground forces arrested two pilots; one of them was injured and has been shifted to CMH (Combined Military Hospital) and, God-willing, he will be taken care of,” said the army official and reiterated that “The other one is with us.” Maj Gen Ghafoor also assured all that no F-16 of the PAF had been shot down, since the F-16s were ‘not’ used in combat in that sector at all. Interestingly, the Pak PM Imran Khan also confirmed that Pakistan had two Indian pilots in custody.

Post that press conference, the ISPR chief informed all that the pilot in their custody in the military hospital had died.

At 6:19 PM in the evening, the last tweet on the subject from Maj Gen Ghafoor clarified that the Pak Army had just ‘one’ IAF pilot in its custody. He was Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.

In the time between his first and last tweet, the social media, particularly on Twitter, spiked up with a virtual war between the Indian and Pakistani sympathisers posting a barrage of messages, videos and photos to bolster their claims. This was nudged by the ISPR’s dedicated campaign to showcase the travails of Abhinandan Varthaman as their POW, increasing in intensity as the day progressed — in a clear effort to shift the focus of attention away from the shooting down of the PAF F-16 and the fate of the other downed pilot.

But Why?

1# Because the loss of a top of the line F-16 aircraft would be counter productive to the morale and standing of the Pakistan Air Force, especially at the hands of an Indian MiG-21 Bison — considered by most experts to be a generation older than the F-16. It was already reeling under ignominy from the day before’s surgical strike by IAF Mirage 2000s on the Balakot JeM camp. Hence the PAF’s psyche would go to any length, including lying — to keep this information a closely guarded secret.

2# Because in an evil twist of fate — Pakistani civilians in the Sabzkot area of POK had assaulted an injured PAF pilot, who had ejected out of his F-16 — mistaking him for an Indian pilot. The pilot subsequently died at the CMH, probably due to the wounds received in this manhandling or post ejection. The ISPR lied at the end of the day that it had only one pilot to keep this tragedy under wrap.

3# Because Pakistan’s duplicity on the subject of covering up and not accepting its losses is well known. More than 1000 killed in actions (KIA) of the Pak Army were never officially acknowledged by Pakistan after the Kargil war with India in 1999. Since its partition from India, Pakistan continues to experience a security deficit vis-à-vis India, hence would go all out to hide losses suffered to maintain the so called martial dominance over the Indian military.

4# Because the PAF did not want to reveal to the world that an American made F-16 had been used as part of an offensive operation against India on 27 February, voilating end use agreement on many counts, including use of the AIM-120 C-5 AMRAAM air to air missile — which ostensibly had been given to Pakistan to be used against its war on terror. So Maj Gen Ghafoor resorted to lies, that no F-16s were used that day.

5# Because Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor’s trigger happy tweets and the presser in the first six hours post the aerial clash clearly points us towards the ‘truth’ in the information received by him — Who would believe that in today’s digital age with the Pak Army’s superbly networked communications, the head of ISPR would be battling the fog of war while collating reports about IAF POWs from various Pak formations in the Bhimber region of POK — one reported by a Mujahid Battalion near Horan Kotla and the second by a Northern Light Infantry (NLI) Battalion near Sabzkot.

The DG ISPR was lying all through the day — unfortunately himself becoming a victim of a half backed truth.

By the time the shenanigans at the ISPR realised their goof up and said they had only one IAF pilot in their custody, the cat was out of the bag — giving the first tangible lead to the Indian Air Force on the possible sequence of events post downing of the F-16 and the MiG-21.

Analysing the evidence available on the F-16 shooting

Lets take a look at the OSINT info and the evidence that the Indian Air Force has officially revealed on the shooting down of the PAF F-16.

That F-16s engaged with the IAF near Poonch — Naoshera sub sector on 27 February has been proven beyond doubt by the electronic signatures, as well as various video and visual sightings from both sides of the Line ofd Control.

Electromagnetic Evidence on the Air Situation

The IAF’s Phalcon AWACS, which while not on station and not controlling the IAF vs PAF air situation — had adequate radar pick up on the aerial engagement unfolding via its powerful airborne AESA radar. The Phalcon was able to map the large force engagement (LFE) from 10,000 to 40,000 feet, distinguishing and identifying the various PAF fighters taking part through their electromagnetic emissions (radars, navigational equipment and othet active sensors) — duly picked up, processed and analysed by the its powerful Electronic Intelligence (Elint) systems. It identified F-16, JF-17 and Mirage IIIs as part of the PAF package, spread out from north to south J&K on three main axes near the Line of Control in the POK.

The fused radar and Elint signatures accurately depicts the presence in time and space of the F-16’s APG-68 V9 radar signature over Lam valley, along with 4 different blips between 10–15,000 feet.

The data proves beyond doubt — that F-16s were operating against India that day — exposing the lies and contradictions of the DG ISPR, Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor — exposed further by the remains of the AMRAAM missile found in Naoshera sector by the Indian military. AMRAAM missiles can only be fired by F-16s in the PAF inventory.

The IAF’s PRO and his team displaying part of an AMRAAM missile fired by the PAF F-16s against IAF Su-30MKIs

The IAF’s Integrated Air Command & Control System (IACCS) had initially missed tracking the ingress of these 4 F-16s towards the LOC since they maintained below the radar horizon of the IAF’s ground based radars, picking them only once they approached north of Poonch; where they lay in wait to ambush IAF Su-30MKIs who were being ‘pushed’ towards them by another formation of 4 F-16s north west of Poonch at 40,000 feet. This formation had fired 4–5 AMRAAM missiles at IAF Su-30 MKIs as they approached south of Rajouri.

Having spotted the lower formation of F-16s and seeing that the Su-30MKIs were effectively being checked by the higher formation of F-16s — the IACCS vectored two MiG-21 Bisons to prevent these 4 F-16s from breaking through towards Srinagar — Awantipore. Abhinandan was the lead in this 2 aircraft MiG-21 pair. The approach of the 2 MiG-21s was missed by the F-16s who were busy scanning for the Su-30MKIs, but a Saab 2000 ERIEYE Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) operating in depth near Islamabad, spotted the MiG-21s over Naoshera, warning the F-16s. The IAF’s gound controller saw the defensive maneuvering of the F-16s, warning the MiGs in turn. While his No 2, who was lagging behind, turned ‘cold’ or away from the F-16s which were going ‘hot’ or facing the MiGs — –Abhinandan chose to ignore this threat and continued towards the F-16s.

Both the IACCS & The Phalcon AWACS registered the radar signature of one MiG-21 piloted by Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman cross the Line of Control and engage a F-16 with a R-73 missile. His call on R/T of a missile launch was monitored by the AWACS. Abhinandan was 8–10 km away from the F-16, which was turning towards him — aiming for a frontal aspect launch with high closing speed between the missile and the incoming F-16. The R-73 is a heat seeking air to air missile with a sensitive, dual band cryogenic cooled seeker with a substantial off-boresight capability. The seeker can see targets up to 40° off the missile’s centreline. Minimum engagement range is about 300 meters, with maximum aerodynamic range of nearly 30 km at altitude.

Abhinandan fired his R-73 well within the range and tracking capabilities of the R-73 missile, with a high closing speed of more than 3500 kmph between the missile and the F-16, which was at 15,000 feet. At those ranges, the missile would have closed into the target in less than 20 seconds, its proximity fuse activating the 7.4 kg warhead to explode and engulf the F-16 in frontal quarters with flame and high velocity shrapnel — in all probability grievously injuring the pilot. The ‘splashed’ F-16 fell towards the earth post that, with the pilot ejecting out of the stricken aircraft as reported by eyewitnesses.

The F-16 ‘kill’ was noticed by the Phalcon’s radar — with the said blip vanishing from the radar scope in the radar picture processed — 8 seconds after the previous one, which had shown the blip in place.

This is the first hard evidence on the F-16 kill based on a concrete electronic signature recordings.

The same is corroborated by a Thales GS-100 Low Level Targeting Radar (LLTR) deployed in that area and integrated into the IACCS, The GS-100 is an AESA radar with low-altitude search capability that can track targets up to 180 km range with high accuracy. The post event milking out of radar data from the GS-100 clearly has shown the MiG-21 closing into the F-16s, which were higher between 15–25,00 feet.

The overlapping time and place of the missile launch and the subsequent ‘splash’ with the blip vanishing is registered very accurately, matching with the Phalcon data. This is the second hard evidence on the F-16 kill.

The same LLTR had clearly registered a PAF F-16 maneuvering towards Abhinandan’s MiG-21, as he turned northwards post his missile launch. Guided by the Saab ERIEYE, it was a classic Type III converting into a Type IV interception by the F-16 — which fired and an AMRAAM to shoot down the IAF MiG-21. The LLTR noticed the MiG-21 blip vanishing after nearly a minute post the F-16 kill, matching with the account from Abhinandan’s debrief post his repatriation back to India.

Visual Sighting and Plotting by Indian Army

The air battle was visible in great details, on both sides of the Line of control, thanks to the contrails formed at the altitudes where the jets were operating on most occasions.

The ensuing air combat as viewed from the Pakistani side of line of control

As the F-16 fell to the ground after being hit by the MiG-21, its downward trajectory with parachutes in proximity, was recorded by at least 2 different geographically apart Indian Army posts, which accurately estimated that the wreckage would have fallen 7–8 km in POK close to Sabzkot in Bhimber.

About 40–50 seconds later, the same army posts noticed and tracked Abhinandan’s MiG-21 going down and his ejection in general area Tandar 6–7 km in POK, which through OSINT is close to the village of Horan Kotla where the wreckage was seen vividly on social media.

The sightings and the time of the aircraft (and parachutes), match up with the electronic signatures from both the AWACS and the LLTR.

This is irrefutable proof of the F-16 being shot down by the MiG-21.

Post this, radio transmission picked up by the Indian military around 1145H shows Pakistan soldiers from Northern Light Infantry talking about two ‘parinda‘ (aircraft) and two ‘parinde wale‘ (pilots), having bagged one in their custody.

While the first parachute was seen in General Area Sabzkot, the second parachute was spotted in General Area Tandar. The distance between the two locations of the F-16 and MiG-21 wreckage is about 6–7 kms.

In a damning intercept at 1242H, a soldier of 7 Northern Light Infantry battalion, Tandar area, blatantly talks about soldiers from 658 Mujahid battalion having picked up a second pilot — which was Abhinandan as seen with the Mujahid soldiers in the various social media grabs. The NLI soldiers already had one pilot in custody at the time. At 1520 hours, another intercept says that while one pilot is in custody, another has been sent to the military hospital.

This clearly shows that a second pilot was also in the Pak Army custody as also being mentioned in the parralel narrative by the ISPR chief.

So if one was Abhinandan with the Mujahids, who was the second pilot with the NLI battalion — who can be none other than the F-16 pilot!

Besides the initial video of locals who said two pilots were caught, the sighting by the Indian army and videos showing two parachutes coming down — all indicate that a Pakistan jet was shot down.

A case of two wreckages and three parachutes: OSINT data analysis

After sifting through a large volume of social media videos, images and posts — some very interesting OSINT data emerges. With over 10 different videos of the aerial engagement and the subsequent aircraft crashing into the ground accessed, there are at least two videos which show two different aircraft falling towards the ground. These can be distinguished by their rapidly falling trajectories towards the ground and the vapour trails created in the skies.

Clearly two different aircraft have crashed in the Bhimber region, POK on the 27th of February.

There were at least 2 different aircraft spotted crashing to the ground in POK on 27 February

A detailed analysis of Abhinandan’s crash site by geospatial experts and eyewitness accounts places it near the village of Horan Kotla in Tandar area. Working backwards from the location of the MiG-21 wreckage, one can plot the approximate area where the F-16 wreckage might have fallen.

After the tirade of videos on the MiG-21 wreckage surfacing on the social media, there was an initial rush to brand the Mig-21’s R-25 engine, as seen in the wreckage — as the F-16’s General Electric Engine. However, it petered down when experts stepped in to debunk these theories.

A part of the R-25 engine at the MiG-21 crash site. Note the Mujahid battalion troops at the location

What is however noteworthy — is the hurry that the Pak Army showed in its attempt to transport and shift pieces of the MiG-21 wreckage from the crash site. This initiative took place around 1500H that and a Twitter video on same reveals a very vital clue.

While loading up the mangled parts at one of the location, Nothern Light Infantry (NLI) soldiers apprear with — what has been identified as a smooth finish panel. The IAF has confirmed that this panel is ‘not’ part of the MiG-21.

The IAF has confirmed that this is NOT a part of a MiG 21

Referring back to the radio intercepts and the photos on social media, the presence of the NLI troops in loading this panel, as compared to the Mujahid troops at the MiG-21 crash site, confirms that, first it was a different location from the Abhinandan’s crash site; and second, the chances of this smooth finish panel being a part of the F-16 are very high.

Another photo was accessed the very same day through social media in the Bhimber region of POK, with the picture clearly showing what appears to be a part of a panel of a F-16 jet.

The grey/ light gray camouflage panel can only be a part of a PAF F-16 aircraft

The grey/ light gray camouflage panel can only be a part of a PAF F-16 aircraft
These two photographs, which somehow escaped the Pak Army’s information clampdown on the F-16 wreckage site — provide ample proof that the PAF F-16 had disintegrated after the R-73 hit and its wreckage was strewn and scattered around the area in the same manner as that of the MiG-21.

Now lets examine the various versions of the videos floating around on the social media of eyewitnesses around the crash sites. Some of these witnesses interviewed — claim to have seen at least three different parachutes. This matches to the sightings by the Indian troops, who saw different parachutes from both the crashes, at different locations in the area. The following key aspects emerge from the comments of the various eyewitness. Lets analyse them for their worth-

1# There were more than one parachute in the sky — Cleary seen in the various video grabs, this adequately indicates that more than one pilot ejected.

2# Pak civilians had apprehended Abhinandan, who tried to escape, but was caught and handed over to the Pak Army — This is documented well with a flurry of ISPR and Pak media videos and images on the social media.

3# Ostensibly, one of the witness claimed that they had apprehended an IAF sikh pilot of the IAF — In all probability, the witness has confused Abhinandan, who was wearing a skull cap under his helmet, which resembles a sikh patka at times. His burly moustache with the patka would have given the impression of him being a Sikh to the eyewitnesses on ground.

4# Many witnesses claim to have seen a parachute with colours of the Indian flag — A very significant detail, which emerged in many videos on the social media. On closer analysis, a startling fact emerges — the colour of the C-9 parachute on the PAF F-16’s ACES ejection seat has four colours — white, orange, jungle green and sandy brown — eaily anyone taking a look at the same will assume it to be an Indian parachute due its uncanny resemblence to the Indian flag.

In all probability, just like they tried to lynch Abhinandan when he landed — the POK civilians have clearly mistaken the F-16 parachute to be an Indian and lynched the possibly injured PAF pilot. Due to extreme injuries, the PAF pillot would have been taken to the Pak Army CMH as briefed by the Maj Gen Ghafoor to all, where he would have passed away die to the wounds sustained. Eyewitness accounts from POK civilians also confirm that the second pilot was taken to a Pak army hospital.

A quick run of an image and size interpolation software comparing the reference C-9 image from above and the image taken from a Pakistani video grab of a parachute landing in the area throws up some interesting results — confirming the view that a F-16 parachute did land near the same time that Abhinandan ejected .

Image interpolation of the reference C-9 image with the screengrab image of a parachute landing suspected to be post the F-16 shoot down

Image interpolation of the reference C-9 image with the screengrab image of a parachute landing suspected to be post the F-16 shoot down

So why didn’t the Pakistanis recognise their own pilot before lynching him?

For this we need to go back in air — at the exact moment when Abhinandan fired his R-73 against the PAF F-16. As per Abhinandan’s debrief after his return, the R-73 missile was fired when the PAF aircraft was turning towards the IAF MiG-21, about to roll out towards him in its frontal quarter. This means when the R-73 missile, based on the massive closing speed of over 3500 kmph, would have reached the calculated range for its proximity fuse to explode the warhead — the PAF jet would be still travelling be towards the explosion.

Let’s try to understand how the R-73 warhead would have exploded — The R-73 has a continuous rod warhead weighing 7.4 kg — which is activated by a proximity fuse when it senses an aircraft in close quarters. When detonated, the high explosive imparts momentum to the rods, thrusting them outward in an expanding circle. The pressure wave from the explosive acts evenly on the rods over their length. The rods are sufficiently soft to allow the expansion without breaking the rods or the welded joints, and the detonation velocity is limited to close to 1000 m/s, allowing the rods to bend at these locations instead. At some intermediate point the ring will have a zig-zag (alternating direction) appearance within a cylindrical envelope — Upon ultimate expansion the ring is circular and contained within a plane.

This rapidly expanding ring, when hitting the aircraft, is more effective than an equivalent fragmentation warhead — for the science inclined, the ring’s effectiveness decreasing as 1/R, rather than 1/R2 for fragments.

Portions of the aircraft intercepted by the expanding ring of the continuous rod warhead — will receive a continuous cut through the skin, light structure, underlying cables, hydraulic lines, and other plumbing if present — This may cause a structural failure, or, if not, can be sufficient for defeating the redundancy of aircraft systems. The effect is only pronounced as long as the ring is unbroken, so multiple layers of rods are employed in practical weapons to increase the effective radius.

Expansion of a continuous rod warhead explained

Now when the R-73’s warhead would have exploded and expanded ‘outwards’ ‘towards’ the front at over 1000 m/s, the closing speed of over 3500 kmph would have ensured that the F-16 itself would be coming towards the explosion at 972 m/s.

So if we assume that the proximity fuse would have initiated the explosion in frontal quarters at around 300m — there would hardly be any time between the effect of the explosion taking shape, expanding the flame and shrapnel effect at high velocity outwards; and the closing in F-16 to absorb the explosion effectively. What that means is that most of the frontal section of the F-16 would have flown in through the expanding shockwave, with damage mostly limited due to shrapnel, rather than the explosive effect.

Effect of the R-73 warhead on the incoming F-16

Hence it is clear that the pilot would have survived the heat and flame effects of the explosion, but would have in all probability been effected by the shrapnel effect of the explosion — grievously injuring his upper body — with the flying helmet preventing fatal injuries, but not able to prevent rampant injuries to the face, neck and chest level.

In contrast, the AMRAAM hit on Abhinandan’s MiG-21 was from right 7 ‘o’ clock position, mostly damaging the rear portion of the MiG-21, as is visible during the post crash analysis of the wreckage.

An example of the effect of a missile hitting from rear quarters, like in the case of the MiG-21
Abhinandan’s aircraft displays signs of a classic missile hit in the rear quarters

So when the PAF F-16 pilot would have ejected, he would in all probability have been injured in the upper torso and facial region. He may or may not have been concious due to his injuries. After his landing in Sabzkot — the POK civilians would not have found the classic traces of PAF flight overalls and livery/ patches, which would have in all probability been ripped off due the high velocity shrapnel — crucially may not have displayed any name indicating he was a Pakistani. They would not have recognised him as a PAF pilot and assesing from the Indian coloured parachute — would have have mobbed him like Abhinandan, before being handed over to the NLI Regiment soldiers, injured and battered.

Though circumstantial, this relevant evidence proves that a Pakistani pilot was apprehended and injured by a mob after landing and would later have been taken to a Military hospital, where he may have died due his injuries as claimed by the ISPR.

Who was the PAF pilot shot down by the IAF?

Interestingly, post the aerial melee over South Western J&K on 27 February, the Pakistani Foreign Minister on 6 March spoke in the parliament about — two PAF pilots who had shot down IAF aircraft. These pilots were Squadron Leader Hassan Siddiqui and Wing Commander Nauman Ali Khan.

His statement needs to be analysed objectively for the message it conveys — The FM said when interacting with the other members, “One clarification — Bilawal paid tribute to Hassan Siddiqui as he’s absolutely a national hero, But I would like to clarify that two Indian planes were shot down. The other one was shot down by Wg Cdr Nauman Ali Khan,” he added, asking that the second pilot also be given due credit.”

Why did Bilal Bhutto and other parliamentarians praise the younger Sqn Ldr Hassan Siddiqui? Why was his heroism more significant that Nauman Ali Khan?

Why in the first week of March 2019, did the PAF chiefurgently visit all PAF bases, particularly those housing the F-16 squadrons?

While Wing Commander Nauman Ali Khan was seen being congratulated by the PAF chief, Air Marshal Mujhaid Anwar Khan in a recent PAF propoganda video — why has there been no photo or video released of Sqn Ldr Hassan Siddiqui post the aerial engagement? Why is a fake video being circulated by ISPR affiliates on social media as that of Sqn Ldr Hassan Siddiqui after his return post shooting an IAF aircraft — the person being shown is not Hassan Siddiqui.

PAF chief personally congartulating Wg Cdr Nauman Ali Khan for shooting down an IAF MiG-21

It is my suspicion that Squadron Leader Hassan Siddiqui may be the pilot who was shot down by Wing Commander Abhinandan on 27 February. The fact that his heroism is widely recognised by the Pak parliament and ISPR is covering his presence with fake information, strengthens my theory.

Even if I am wrong, the fact of the matter is that a nameless PAF F-16 fighter pilot has sacrificed his life for Pakistan.

Tragically for the Pakistani nation, with the Pak Army adept at hushing up the deaths of hundreds of its soldiers without as much as batting an eyelid — there is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact — and somewhere in between this blatant game of lies and deception by the ISPR — is a F-16 tail number and a dedicated PAF pilot — both of whom having served Pakistan to the best of their ability; now have had their records unceremoniously wiped out from the face of the earth to serve a wider subterfuge of upholding the morale and image of the Pāk Fizāʾiyah, the pantheon of past glory and Pakistan’s best shot at hitting back at India in these times of turmoil.

The show goes on….

Since the initial flip flops on the day of the F-16 shoot down, the ISPR and the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) have invested a good amount of effort on creating alternative evidence around the MiG-21 wreckage, as well as reaching out to its foreign affiliates and sleepers — to influence foreign publications in questioning the IAF claim of a F-16 shot down at an international level — much in line with its effort to embarrass the IAF’s Balakot strike by the recruiting geospatial domain specialists across the word in its deception.

While any independent viewpoint on the subject is a worth a discussion — The IAF will need to watch out for articles based on false claims and twisted data, such as the recent Foreign Policy media piece by Lara Seligman. Ms Seligman claimed in her post that two US government sources has confirmed to her that ‘no’ F-16s had been lost by the PAF. This was based on a head count of all Pakistani F-16s by the USG as part of the end user compiances post 27 February.

The FP piece created a furore in the Indian media circles due the damning information it contained. While the IAF countered this by showing crystal clear proof in the form of the electronic signatures and call intercepts in its possession on the subject — Indian agencies were clearly seeing the hand of ISPR in this unwarranted spin to the Mig-21 vs F-16 saga.

This was proven to be a lie — as the US Government categorically denied any such F-16 count having taken place at all.

And, lesser the said of Ms Seligman’s downward spiralling credibility post this, the better!

However Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor went ballistic on the subject, claiming that the ISPR and PAF’s denials had been vindicated. It was clear that the narrative besides influencing certain quarters of global information cells, was clearly aimed at placating a domestic audience — which had discreetly started to question the reality on the aerial engagement.

And things are not going well for the ISPR at all — with the DG ISPR having been forced to accept that the PAF had used F-16s in the aerial engagement on 27 February — another of his lies busted in earnest!

Bellowing his last hurrah on the subject — Maj Gen Ghafoor unrolled another tweet insinuating that — no missile was fired by the MiG-21 — with all being recovered at the site of the wreckage.

A closer inspection of the photograph has revealed that the extreme right R-73 missile has been fired — it being the remains of the R-73 used to shoot down the PAF F-16.

Bravo! Another lie exposed!!!

A very thoughtful tweet on the above does full justice to the ISPR’s protracted effort to keep up the disinformation campaign against India –

Lies will take the ISPR only as far; as mentioned earlier — the occassional slip between the cup and the lip, can cost a lot!

There is more than ample evidence that Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman piloting a MiG-21 jet — has shot down a PAF F-16.

The onus is on Pakistan to prove that they have not lost any aircraft.

As the well known Aviation historian Jagan Pillariseti states — ‘Pak Once Disproved Indian Kill Claims By Flaunting All Its Mirages, Why Not Now With F-16s?’

Let’s wait for the next move by ISPR on the subject……!!!

The author is an former fighter pilot with extensive experience on the Mirage 2000 and MiG 21 aircraft of the IAF. He has seen combat in the 1999 Indo Pak Kargil conflict. He writes on military subjects and his article on the Air War in Syria, won the best military aviation submission at the 2017 Paris Airshow.

This article was originally published on Medium. Read the original article here

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  1. A rather longish explanation for a single incident.

    Fact is India lost a plane shot down over Pakistan and an IAF helicopter was lost to friendly fire on the same day within Indian Occupied Kashmir. Rest is heresy.

    But credit to the author who tried to build case to support his version of events. Full marks for effort, zero for accuracy.

  2. There was one pilot that was captured and he flew the Mig21 Bison (Abhinandan) and was handed over several days later to India.
    The second pilot that was taken to CMH, died hours later the same day. So now, if PAF had shot down a Sukhoi 30MKI, there would have been not ‘one’ but ‘two’ pilots in their custody as Sukhoi’s have tandem cockpits.

    There was only one pilot that was taken to CMH and so therefore the pilot belongs to a fighter plane that was flown by a single pilot. The two fighter jets that was in the dog fight that day was a Mig21 and an F16 evidently as claimed by both sides.
    It is now fair to accept that it was therefore not a Sukhoi 30MKI that was shot down.

    Well, Pakistan can now say that it was indeed a Sukhoi that was shotdown but the plane and one pilot landed on the Indian side and the second pilot on POK. So if that was the case, assuming that the pilot that died in CMH was the same Indian who flew the Sukhoi and was one among the two pilots that flew the Sukhoi that day and unfortunately landed on the side of POK as claimed by Pakistan, why was the body not returned to India? That should have been the procedure and things would have been much clearer to world.

    As for now, we have accounted for the pilot of the Mig but we have not accounted for the pilot that died in CMH.

    Please acknowledge and provide the pilot a decent burial with full honour. You should know it’s a shame because that pilot died defending a country. Please own up and take responsibility of the dead at least when they have fought on your side.

  3. If one has to believe this TRUTH revealed by this author, including the electromagnetic signature evidences, the one must believe the claim made by Pakistan as well, that, PAF shot SU30 as well which fell well inside India. And India is hiding this. In that case, scores are 3-1 (mig, suk30 and a helo). Professionalism of IAF is clear that it shot its own bird during all this. If you kick the ball inside your own goal, point goes to the opposite team. Thus making it 3-1 and in this SU30 is far more superior to the F16s. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
    Final truth is, Tea is fantastic

  4. Im still ROFLing. I think this author has really been watching and producing too many Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

    BTW the author claims that out of the 4 missiles (which ISPR displayed in a tweet), the one on the far right is already fired to destroy the F-16. Seriously, you must be up for an Oscar. So the missile was fired, but somehow the seeker-head remains intact… stupid idiot.

    Why is ISPR scaring you so much?

  5. The writer has proved the obvious shoot down of an f`16 by using ultra modern , sophisticated and expansive technologies of phantasy and assumptions.
    thanks to the modern day dreaming approach introduced by Indians we know even the meticulous details about the incident like:
    – the rear part of doomed jet was hit by missile warhead shock wave
    – that thee unfortunate pilot was injured in the upper torso and facial region at the time of ejection

    Using the same methodology soon they will easily prove that Pearl Harbor Raids were conducted by IAF and the event will be celebrated in whole of India with PRIDE. Didn’t know the cow urine had intoxicating effect as well.

  6. India’s dad United States already said that none of the F16 are missing and all the missile of MIG 21 are held by Pakistan maybe Pakistan shove all those missile up India’s a*s than Indians might believe Pakistan didn’t lost any fighter jet. Indian terrorist want the world to believe the same shameless and lying Indian government who disowned their pilot and said none of the Indian airforce pilot are missing and only admitted after his pictures went viral being under Pakistan army’s custody and Indian terrorist should just admit the fact that Pakistan airforce shot down two Indian jet(MIG 21 and SU 30) and this absurd claim of shooting down F16 is to safe the face of Indian military who’ve been humiliated and defeated by Pakistan

  7. Indian terrorist state’s dad already said that none of the F16 are missing and all the missile of MIG 21 are held by Pakistan maybe Pakistan shove all those missile up India’s a*s than Indians might believe Pakistan didn’t lost any fighter jet. Indian terrorist want the world to believe the same shameless and lying Indian government who disowned their pilot and said none of the Indian airforce pilot are missing and only admitted after his pictures went viral being under Pakistan army’s custody and Indian terrorist should just admit the fact that Pakistan airforce shot down two Indian jet(MIG 21 and SU 30) and this absurd claim of shooting down F16 is to safe the face of Indian military who’ve been humiliated and defeated by Pakistan

  8. I’m a former F-16 aerodynamicist/design engineer for General Dynamics Fort Worth Division. I worked on the F-16 project going back to the YF-16 prototype through the AFT-16 technology demonstrator..

    No aviation professional would be surprised if a PAF fighter-bomber was lost during the recent incursion. Losses are expected during offensive actions over hostile territory, especially since PAF F-16s lack the support aircraft the US and Israel would field. The R-73 is a dangerous missile capable of bringing down any aircraft.

    What is surprising, and has rocked IAF to the core, is how poorly its weaponry performed overall. PAF used its superior AMRAAMs to take control of the battle in its critical early seconds. That allowed ground attack group to complete its mission unmolested. The Sukhoi’s R-77s appear to have been of little use. India has recognized this in a surprisingly public manner, and is taking urgent measures to close this missile gap.

    That said, the article lacks any primary references needed to authenticate its many claims. At one point it asserts that IAF provided “crystal clear evidence”, but the author fails to point us to that evidence. This leaves the reader is left with no path to verify the claimse. As such, it is just more hearsay, though written with a level of apparent detail that may lend it more authority than its actual content deserves.

    One more thing… Orange is a common parachute color. The JF-17’s Martin-Baker parachute has orange panels. Plus, with no way to check the date the photo was taken, it provides no support for the author’s thesis.

    • Yes there is “crystal clear evidence” of Radar signature , Unless You want Something else You should mention it .Video Available on Yotube – Pak Army first declared Capture of “Two Pilots” & one admitted in hospital … in hurry because They did not realise Second one is from their Own F-16 .. due to communication jamming & Panic of time .

      Mig-21 chased F-16 in enemy territory and Shot it down in Pak territory in that chase Mig-21 got hit by Another F-16 , Of-course so most Physical evidence will exists in Pak … not accessible to India .

      Pakistan has history of denying Damages ,Its same state which hid Osama Laden for decade , rejected dead bodies of its own soldiers in Kargil war with India. Pakistani text book teaches that It has Won all Wars with India 🙂 . Infarct Richard Clarke Who had lot of experience with Pakistanis & Army …said “Pakistanis are Pathological Liars” , Army has to maintain Image in Pakistan . Its military controlled state .

      Contrary – Attacker Side always have advantage of surprise , But PAF failed miserably lost Advance F-16 to Mig-21 . could not Achieve Any object . While Day before India Planes Striked Deep Inside Pakistan without getting detected by PAF . Truth if India had done similar Operation Like Pak as in 24 Fighter Planes …. It would have been apocalyptic day for PAF.

      Missiles – India does not have any gap …. It was 24 PAF Planes against 8 Indian fighters . PAF fired multiple AMRAAMs out of Range which could not hit Su-30 … while Indian Pilot hv training of shooting missiles only if its in “effective” range . Firing missiles out of range is useless . But India realised it needs ultra long range missiles such situations .

  9. Rip sidiqui, the unsung martyr of paf, will always remain hidden bcoz of pak propaganda, and wonder anyone in his family will ever joined the armed forces and for the Foreign Policy journal however you tried to hide the facts i am quite sure your country chance in mmrca2 is over and better asked trump admin. to try to sell f21 to pak instead

  10. great effort its a very good bedtime story i am convinced that sometimes even the smarter ones can be nothing but a monkey that avoids facts and try to come up with lame explanation and you should dig into the matter of the second IAF plane shot down.

  11. Witing essays won’t prove anything. If we leave Pakistani and Indian national media aside and see what rest of the world is saying; it is loud and clear that best we can say is that IAF has not given irrefutable evidence of downing F16 and similarly other circumstantial evidence also deny Indian claims.

  12. It is sheer disapointment to listen such a senior IAF officer with such a weak, unaunthetic and childish evidences with no concreet proofs. His only cry is that PAF used F16s. U ppl need to understand fol:-
    1 F16 is our aircraft and no one can stop us from using it.
    2 AMRAAM is our missile which is for aireal tgts. U need u accept it that terrorists dont have airforce.
    3 Our every bullet, every aircraft and every missile is for u and only u. We will use anything ay our disposal to humble u and teach u a befitting lesson.
    4 Dont bring tsunami in a cup. Ur lies wont help u. Accept it that PAF is as professional as any other main line airforce. Its not more than a joke that mig 21 can hit a high tech aircraft like F16. Our pilots are well trained and much professional and any professional pilot knows this thing. U may clearify it from IAF officers.
    5 Ask ur airforce why they used mig 21 against more sophisticated Pakistani aircrafts… isnt it a basic logical question?
    6 Do u think in a present era of information where every individual is carrying android phone, we can hide 300 dead bodies? If yes… give us a credit for having such a competent institutions and agencies… how can u even think like this that so far no video of mass killings leaked.
    7 As per ur govt, they have isolated Pakistan internationally. But european satellites are showing no damage to buildings in Balakot. We have shown u the places where the bombs landed. U think we dug it in the foothills?
    8 US saying we have counted F16s and no aircraft has been lost but u are not ready to accept their statements. Hats off to ur understanding of basic things. Btw who got isolated internationally?
    9 Proofs looks like wng comd Abhi talking like a parrot cursing his country’s media.
    10 Proof looks like debris of aircraft with pak army officer standing next to it with boots on indian flaged tail of aircraft.
    11 Proof looks like showing those destroyed pine trees and the broken ground in balakot where ur bombs landed with no house near it. Not like a senior IAF officer and talk like kids.
    12 Very soon u will come to know about “the other pilot” also. Let us get over with some back door diplimacy. Just wait and see.

  13. IAF got ambushed. Simple as that. Despite India’s posse of Sukhoi’s, Mirages in the background and Mig’s ahead, PAF formation’s radio jamming led abhi going astray into Pak side (abhi’s wingman chickened out?)

    MI-17 is a bigger mystery. Was it taken down for deflection from the kill of Su30 MKI?

    IAF has not managed to convince anybody with their Awac drawings- issued 38 days later after getting trumped in broad daylight and that too after the magazine claimed the count of F16’s tallying up. Was IAF content in keeping quiet all these days if they really (really) got a kill shot of an F-16?

    PAF locking onto 6 targets in India side, taking down 2 jets and 3 pilots, India claiming they lost 6 IAF personnel in a MI-6 chopper as fratricide (really India?), India missing Balakot targets, Western command reading the situation terribly wrong and getting trumped in broad day light and last but not the least, all of PAFs claim’s adding up that too with evidence provided shows IAF estimated the PAF strategy of ambush + stun and conquer.

    And all of this for one megalomaniacs victory. What a tragedy of India and Indians.

  14. It is quite established by credible media and talk show reports that other pilot held by Pakistani authorities is an Israeli pilot who was flying SU 30 aircraft of IAF and was shot down by Wing Comdr. Nauman of PAF. Due to obvious reasons Pakistani and Indian authorities are not making any claims about it. Instead of accepting downing of its other fighter aircraft Indian government and IAF have fabricated a story of lies claiming downing of F 16 of PAF. Lies will always be lies. Indian media and Indian government have already become a laughing stock world over for their lies.

  15. Bangladesh is not Bangladesh it is East Pakistan even today. Earth is flat and hence tread carefully as you approach the edges lest you fall – that’s a typical Paki for you born and reared in denial, given drops of denial instead of Polio Drops.

    • Correct..!!
      These pakis are habitual, perpetual liars..!!!
      The whole world knows.
      USA has also dissociated with them as discarded garbage..even Iran, Afghan want no ties with them.
      Failed state as they have nothing todo except crying…INDIA…INDIA… INDIA…
      They r not worthy to even merit a reaction to their anti India rants…..

  16. Why not you Mr.Bird Brain Journalist of India ask permission from your Government to send you along with your Country American Ambassador, with of course a Primary School Slate & a chock in your shivering hands to count down the PAF F-16 Jets at one of our Air Force Base? May this be enough to satisfy your Stupid Media Sherlock Holme’s game of Investigations?

  17. So the author admits that one of the Pakistani F-16 formations engaged Indian Sukhoi Su-30MKI jets (first paragraph after the intro). This vindicates Pakistani claim of having shot down two Indian jets, other being a Su-30. 🙂
    This also explains more than one parachutes in the air at the end of the dogfight. In fact, one of the videos, available on social media, shows three parachutes and we know Su-30 is piloted by two personnel.
    Also, the author claims that missile impact left the pilot injured “only” on the upper torso and facial region and not on the lower body. How could this possibly happen that shrapnel target only one part of the body and not others. And if he remained in the aircraft until after the impact, how did he manage to eject from an aircraft with a damaged canopy/cockpit afterwards — ejection system must have been damaged by now.
    And yes, as has already been mentioned, the ninth photograph in this article was released by ANI on 27 Feb with the caption, “J&K: Pictures of craters formed from Pakistani bombs dropped near Indian Army post in Rajouri sector. Pic courtesy: Army sources)”. How come those Pakistani bombs metamorphosed into aircraft parts and managed to travel across the LOC?




  19. Bin Laden was not in Pakistan … Pakistan won 1971 war … U guys can stay happy with your lies …. No one believes you … Every country condemned Pakistan after Pulwama attack and every one appreciated India for its action … And Foreign Policy news is being provided fake as US state department has clarified that no count has been made yet .

    • How can u fight a wsr 1000s of miles away with locals brainwashed by India . What happened to u 1965, 1948 , Kargil and most recently at Kashmir . The whole world knows the truth but u guys day dreaming .

  20. Hahahahahhhhhh. Samer Joshi
    LMAO…..Indians are heros only in BW movies… Otherwise they have to take support of such Envelope Journalists

    • Pakistan is always busy lying for everything. Let it be the wars they fought with India, let it be their own crumbling economy or a country full of shitty mujahid terrorists. Secondly you people talking about USA reports of no casualties of F-16 fighter by a Mig 21. Wake up idiots…it’s a USA built fighter jet and news of it getting killed by almost an Era old Mig 21 will kill it’s market and morale of their F-16 pilots as well because now they regret of giving their jets to idiotic Pakistani pilots who didn’t knew how to fly F-16 and got it killed.
      And everyone knows the game of good and bad publicity.

    • Your question was asked by many when the US report was released. But, please check your facts again. Pakistan also bought some second hand F-16s from Jordan when the arms embargo was imposed by USA soon after 9/11.
      Thus, Pakistan can be in possession of an F-16 not sold by USA directly. Secondly, AIM 120 AMRAAM can only be launched on F-16 fighters that Pakistan possesses. Pakistan does not have F-18. No other country has F-22 or F-35 since USA has never sold them to other countries since they are stealth & fifth generation fighters.
      I am somewhat of a military buff. Yes, it is a surprise that a MIG-21 shot down an F-16. They are 20 years apart in their development. Even the missiles have different ranges and capabilities.
      Once the Indian pilot had the element of surprise, it was easy to close into a comfortable range for his own missile. This mistake here was that if the PAF pilot had continued his retreat, he would have easily outsped the MIG 21 and out of its missile range.
      But, the PAF pilot might have been confident since he had the more advanced fighter as well as a longer range missile with active radar tracking (thus making AMRAAM a fire & forget missile). Hence, when he turned to face the MIG-21, he made a mistake because he invariably started reducing the distance between them. Thus, both missiles found their target and both planes went down as a result.
      If you remove the element of surprise achieved by the IAF pilot and the decision by the PAF pilot to face him, it would have been impossible for the MIG-21 to down an F-16 at a long range since RF 73 has a range of 30 km while AMRAAM has a BVR (Beyond Visual Range) of 190 km.

  21. U ppl r full of shitt like ur country y u trying so hard to make ppl believe that u r not a lier every time it coming up with something n next moment Ur down n even worst from b4 really ppl like u r the responsible for spreading hatred u ppl r such a loser every time u have been caught from the neck then u cry to Ur Papa USA come n help us u such a disgrace to the nation n to the humanity what u do is bark on couple of buks shame on u at least do have a courage to accept the truth n to tell the truth but y would u if ur not sincere to Ur motherland n to ur ppl then y u care for others Indian media is kinda joke what I hear n see is all barking…

  22. It is very good sign for regional peace and stability that the you Indians remain in a state of denial and celebration and continue efforts to proof something which never happened. If IAF had even 1% proof of an F16 kill, they would not have fired their AOC on the very next morning. Imagine the circumstances (03 aircraft and 08 lives lost)where the top person incharge of the battle zone had to remove his ranks immediately…do you really think that the poor chap deserve this treatment on such a heroic of getting a F16 kill? Beside this, your PM admitting”desh ka bara nuqsaan” is a big testament to the events of 27/2. Please dig in more and continue to fool around…you deserve a pat on back and bigget pay check for your efforts…Bravo

    • Till today, pak is not acknowledging surgical strike, not acknowledging Balcot terrorist camp demolition. In past too, didn’t acknowledged shelter to Osama. So not surprised, if pak is denying martyerhood to its own pilot.

  23. Abhy nandan is only eye witness of dogfighting, he is with you it’s mean Pakistan has given you the chance to come up with his interview, claiming destruction of F-16. Can you ask your Govt to witness the area across IOK ,where Pakistan claims to have surgical strike. One, Sku,1 MIG 21 and one helicopter destruction is enough damage to be buried.

  24. Pakis are always spoke lies particularly on battlefield. In 1971, before 90,000 POWs were taken by Indian tps, they chest thumbing just 24 hours before that they are in advantage. Also what happened in Kargil? They refused to take the all dead bodies of their soldiers but selectively taken some. So it is not new that Pak is totally destroyed nation. My advise to the common people of pak that put pressure on your govt to shun the terrorism doctrine and join the hands with us to eradicate poverty. We both got indep on same day and see how we progressed economically.

  25. Full masalha story for upcoming bollywood movie…lol….you can get a job in bollywood. We challenge you…dobara aao…or apney Baazu aazmao… Baato se bachey paida nhi hotey…

  26. For sure it takes more than month to fabricate such a story coz all you have shown are images from Pakistan.
    Come up with something more convincing. Ask nandoo to hold a press briefing.

  27. Now I know it takes more than a month to Fabricate such writeup…. while truth is instantly visible.
    All that you have to publish and Show is the images from Pakistan. Come up with something more credible.

  28. Saari duniya main khilli ud gai tum logon ki.. Bus ab yeh hi Kar saktay ho.. Koi nai khush ho jao khud hi hamary khilaaf article likh k😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Zara US ka article b parh Lena Bari tareefain hain us main tum sachon ki

  29. Typical bollywood style twisty mirch masala story with lame excuses in order to cover the humiliation faced by IAF. You should rather accept your defeat. IAF lost 2 jets and 1 helicopter with several IAF jawan died on 27 Feb. Plus PAF also targetted on ground. Its a complete failure of Indian arm forces. Pakistan warned a day before and proved it on next day in a day light. If you have a doubt that Sqd Leader Hassan Siddique died that you better watch his video on his return and listen to his leaked phone call on youtube. Please improve the competency of your pilots before sending them on any Modi-venture.

  30. I am surprised by the response received from various contributions received from Pakistan. If Pakistan has suffered no loss, why this vehemence and anger? These fellows are so disturbed by articles written in an Indian online magazine that they venture to cross international barriers and start protesting in an uncivil, abusive and pestilent language. What is the motive? Who in India is bothered about how you respond? . India knows how to handle Pakistan. We have beaten you thrice in the past. This T-20 mini version of air battle has again rattled Pakistanis as their nuclear bluff is called. The Pakistani generals, in spite of their bravado, , will no go near to the nuclear button. This is the reason Pakistanis are angry and write trash in Indian magazines.

  31. Who was that unlucky guy who was hospitalised in CMH, whether he in Indian or Pakistan. Where he is now? If PAF has all F-16 intact. The US could match their serial number with the inventory and clarify that whether the plane was given by Jordanian force or US and if it has been shot down? Why ISPR had to change their statement within hours after their claim of shooting down two Indian pilot?

  32. Deep inside all the Pakistanis know that their F-16 was shot down by our MIG-21 Bison, just trying to defend themselves with a set of lies.

  33. Reading this I remembered a famous quote:
    “Never debate with an idiot, he will bring you down to his level of mind and then he will defeat you.”
    Stop ranting Indians please, the face your army concealed and your Govt. shows is now in front of the world.
    USA confirmed no F16 was used to shot down Indian mig21. Grow up please, live in reality, accept your flaws.
    SBH Jafri

  34. What Pakistan stated was confirmed by pentagon as well as all international media whether it was fake claim of bombing balakot or shoot down of F16. Pakistan even showed all the firearms of Abhinandon’s Mig21 which could not get fired. Last and most important NO CONFIRMATION FROM ABHINANDON TOO and is out of picture. Is Abhinandon on leave or HOUSE ARREST?

  35. I really read article to learn and know if ispr lied to us but in the end i realized the writer knows shit about whole insidend and is just throwing around theories hoping one would. Stick…..damn guyz u r miserable….there is a greatness in accepting when you have lost …we lost in 1971 in kargil but this time you did ….the army of those times is gone…and you should too stop seeing us through that old monocular of yours…and i would like to tell tye writer to see a psychologist coz he/she is in a oblivious state of mind…

  36. This is the worlds best analysis i have read on the issue.
    Layer by layer and point by point, the way proofs are explained is excellent. The shooting of F-16 by Mig 21 is beyond doubt.
    If anyone still doubt it then either they are direct descendant of Ostrich or Pig 😉

  37. Least one can say that Indians are born liers. They are hell bent to prove they shot down F-26 with the flying coffen even after USA counted all F-16’s are intact with Pakistan.
    World is laughing at this idiocracy. One plane killed in Azad Kashmir with pilot saved and other killed alingwith captain went down in Indian occupied Kashmir video clip of both is available showing both killed plane and pilot. Pakistan has shown the intact missiles of Abhinandan’s plane this shows that India used prayers to down F-16 in thier immaginations.
    I ask my Pakistani Brothers and sisters not to respond to these idiots as they are not better than Mad Pigs of Hell. They are already made fun of them in whole world and even with sane Indian elements that are many. Modi the terrorist is leading India to the End of state. New Pakistan, Khslistan and Many other countries are about to be created. Kashmir will also be United soon.

    • IAF pilot fired a single missile which got its target and was hit in return by the AMRAAM from the PAF fighter. So, the rest of the missiles on the MIG-21 will remain intact. Do you even know how many external hardpoints do fighter aircraft have to carry missiles? An F-18 SUPER HORNET has 11 hardpoints.
      Even most older fighter aircraft have a minimum of 4 external hardpoints (2 on each wing) with some having another under the fuselage (or underbelly).
      Stealth fighters do not have external hardpoints and carry all their weaponry in an internal bay. Weapons are exposed only before launch.
      So, there is no mystery that some intact missiles were found at the MIG-21 crash site.

  38. So what did Abhi none done shoot f16 with a slingshot? Because all his missiles have been found intact with the wreckage of his plane 😆

  39. Simply, length of ur article says how much panic you are in, in fact the entire Indian media. You people initially said that it will s Wing Cdr. Shehzaad ud din who was killed in action but later on it was blasted as the picture of the pilot u people used himself came forward. Secondly, all four missiles abhinandan had are shown intact, means he didn’t fire a single missile. Thirdly, PAF pilots don’t use white helmets as shown in ur never-ending article. But I’m sure IAF (idiot air force) uses white helmets, ur comments about this ???? Also people of Azad Kashmir are not stupid enough to just kill anyone landing from sky, they would assure themselves befor doing any such thing. Abhinandan asked the people whether he was in India?? People were sharp enough to deceive that idiot guy by acknowledging that, in joy he shouted jay hind and then people pounced upon him. Ur idiot pilot himself revealed his identity. U talked about abhinandan’s face that he suffered Geneva convention violation, I don’t are u really an ignorant and dumb person paid to high for such bullshit or u r just occupied in goblet of jealousy and hatred. Common people don’t know about Geneva convention kind of things, they recognized abhinandan to be an Indian pilot on their soil, and hit him, but Pak amry not only rescued him from that dire situation but also treated him well and eventually let him go back. This is 21st century, u can not prove the downing of F16 by showing just a blurred image which can be edited of course.
    I would also like to clarify that Americans don’t need to lie for PAF or F16. In fact, it could have been an opportunity for them to get back from the sale terms by saying that PAF didn’t have enough capability to operate F16 and eventually putting all spare supplies to a halt. But they themselves verify it because if F16 is not shot, then they won’t let anyone use it for their personal interests, secondly F16 played a very best role in current skirmish by shooting down a Su30 by a distance of 45 to 55 Kms. Isarel airforce also got their F16 shot down last year to a Syrian obsolete missile defence, did it affect the sales of F16????? So why this time USA would not accept the downing?? Also now a days USA is ur ally, not particularly ours, and believe me they could have beat the shit out of u people for this false claim but u people are big fat money babes, so they would like to keep good with u too😂😂😂

  40. It is better you Indian accept the loss of 2nd Su30 instead of proving it as F16 of Pakistan and never finding the way to it

    • Have you even seen the pictures of a F-16 & a Sukhoi-30? Why don’t you compare their images and see how much difference is there?
      There is no way they can be confused with one another. Neither PAF nor IAF have an F-18 which is more similar on external appearance to a Sukhoi 30.

  41. Gahaha idiots indian writer making his nation fool. whare is proofs like Abhi nandan and planes burning in pakistan of indian we are senting your planes in PAF Mesuim you can also come and see.

  42. My Dear Pakistani Friends
    Hope this acrimony between India and Pakistan comes to an end some day. But whats most disrurbing is eradication of any proof of existence of Sqn Ldr Hassan Siddqui F16 pilot. The soldier is a soldier and deserve a soldiers respect irrespective of nationality. How can his identity be decimated forever by its own country.? Very shameful. If a country cant own its martyr it can never fight a war leave aside the winning part. Its the time Pak govt realises its mistake and declare Sqn Ldr Hassan Siddqui a national Hero too.

    • Squadron Leader Hassan Siddiqui is alive and well. Please be careful who and what you believe to be true.

  43. Samir, I give you another dog fight to analyse…
    MM Alam shot down 5 endian jets in less then 1 minute……I know you will go to any extent to lie deny this also……..

    The 2nd pilot, well I believe you and that pilot master’s already know who he is and where is he from….

    You……. what do you think was going on….a sick endian movie… and PAF designed a chute just as identical to your country flag…you are a disgrace to your IAF and endia……

  44. None of Pakistan’s F-16 fighter jets missing after US count: Report
    Economic Times – 2 days ago

  45. One of the more stupid article I ever read. Full of empty, unproven theories that lives only in the fantasy of the writer. The reality is one and only one: PAF shoot down an indian Mig 21, and the stupid indians itself shoot down it’s own Mil 17. The IAF is only a “paper tiger”, an air force full of combat aircrafts old as shit or with a disponibility rate under 50%, so impotent and unable that they prefer go for cry to US for to blame the PAF about the F-16’s use than that defend itself. Think to the cows, you guys, and let the war to the men. It’s better.

  46. 1:

    The ‘smooth finish panel’ is literally the same piece that you showed a photo of which you admitted was confirmed by experts to be part of the mig-21, as can be seen in one of the videos (

    Why did you only choose to show that specific frame and not the whole video/other frames that confirm that it was indeed the same piece from the mig-21 pictured earlier (*k5Lmnq-X4d2TQ635rG9w1Q.jpeg).


    The second ‘parachute’ in the video you linked ( is burning and falling much faster than the actual parachute, and is clearly the falling aircraft. This was even corroborated by the other source video you used (

    A bit of a joke to use the same source video to mean two separate things in your ‘analysis’. Really sheds light on how weak your arguments are.


    Why did you not link the original article from Hindustan Times where they claim to have contacted an anonymous source at the Department of Defense?

    The Pentagon/DoD has not given an official/public statement at all. The fact that you claimed this is an outright lie.

    I would rather trust a US journalist that has strong links and a history of reporting from the pentagon than an Indian journalist who may well be biased.

    To top it all off this Indian journalist from the Hindustan Times couldn’t even get the anonymous official from the DoD to deny that a count took place, only that the particular unnamed official, that they claim to have spoken to, wasn’t aware of it.


    The image which you claim to somehow be part of a crashed F-16 (*CSREk2VvXF81KDpwzQYVUw.jpeg) is the image of bombs dropped in IOK as widely reported by Indian media itself (


    The R-73 missile that you claim was used to shoot down the F-16 can be seen still attached to the body of the downed mig 21 ( and (


    You did not provide a link/source of the video/image you claim to have of the F-16 parachute for “ image taken from a Pakistani video grab of a parachute landing”. A source would be appreciated to verify where you got that frame from

  47. Dear Sameer Joshi, very well done. Guys this how you shoot down F16 sitting at your home. It’s like Rajni kant 70 years old still acts as hero with 17 years old heroin, and Indian see his movies with eyes wide open. Similarly Indians will believe this story. Dear Sameer Joshi, can you tell why you sacked your air force chief, answer this and your story is dead. Good day dear Joshi

  48. Please dont make fool to indians with ur stupid analysis which are based on would, could, and other predictive words. Truth always prevails even the third party countries confirmed nothing happen to F-16 close ur drama.

  49. Paf knew. Their pilot was missing. So why was imran confused about count of pilots.
    They had to suppress that info initially because of the chance he was alive in Indian territory.

  50. Pakistan also bought some second hand junk f 16 from Jordan in 2014. So some paid house may have conveniently counted one of those fighters. The last few weeks were spent by PAF doing all this jugaar. As for outdated MiG shooting down a f16. Don’t forget our very small outdated GNAT filter had shot down paki sabre jets before and older battle tanks had destroyed Pakistani Patton tanks before. Pakistan is a failed state, beggars waiting to become a Chinese colony in the coming decades. Imran Khan was a good cricketer but see how Pakistan is planning a hit wicket . Can’t you fools see that. Work hard and save your country by economic progress, China is a bigger threat to you than India. And if it comes to that Baluchistan is waiting to be another Bangladesh. In few years Bangladesh will become a bigger economy than Pakistan and if Baluchistan separates it will be a wealthier nation than Pakistan in no time.

  51. Pakistan Never speak truth about their activities. Whole world know s what Pakistan said about Binladen. One of the worst country of liers as rulers on earth. Better they should compare themselves in development with other countries.

  52. Ok let’s suppose that the story told by indians is true then I have few questions from indians. Hope they would argue sensibly.
    1st. Why the Western air command chief is given force retirement after PAF’s action??
    2nd. Why mr abhinandan’s wingman who shot down mi17 in a friendly fire is being court marshalled??

  53. Modi kye paltu kuto pls do journalism not ass licking
    You should be eye openers not liers

    Being a common man i dont want to know who killed whom is it MIG or F16. Matter is where the country is heading have decreased corruption no.
    Have we asked the Govt what they have done in last 70 years
    Look at the other countries they have reached heights of sucess and are progressing.
    I think our journalism have failed and become puppet

  54. Stop acting you Pakistani buffoons. Accept what you witnessed. That’s all you have to do. All the evidences are not cooked up stories. You buffalos are illiterates that why you don’t understand what is written. These evidences are enough to prove that you have used F-16’s in the dog fight. If you want see more evidence just cross the LOC IAF will show you.

  55. @Ganesh KS… Bhai aap chill krein, you Are simply MODI-fied.. Trolled.. Hahaha.. Indian Airforce lost 06 Aircrafts in February 2019 alone, 02 MiGs, 01 SU-30, 01 Heli, 01 Jaguar.. So much for our gutsy Airforce.. Lolx..

  56. 3 points for sure is
    1. Pakis buy whatever they have by selling Sharif’s buffaloes and hard bargain and finally end up giving count to other countries.
    2. Country full of illeterate fools who beat their own pilot to death.
    3. Doesn’t matter how good a aircraft you give them they still ride it like a Bullock cart.

    The day after Indian pilot Abinandan was captured an idiot had given an interview of how they tricked him telling he was in India and he ended up raising patriotic slogans and how these idiots apprehended him. Even at the time of interview the idiot didn’t recognise that he was the one who tricked for giving away the truth by raising patriotic slogans.

    All said and done hope you guys get some loan from IMF. How many days can you run a country selling buffaloes?

  57. I pick a lot of holes in your fantasy story but when my really caught my eye, firstly u my to great lengths to describe how PAF pilot was killed but then said that Hasan Siddique might be the pilot shot down by Abhinandan. So then how come he is alive? And his video from return of mission was uploaded same day not by ISPR but by another user. It is not released later, it was few hours after the engagement.

    BTW, u show R73 seeker as a fact about Mig21 kill but remain mum on blown up piece of AMRAAM missile Ur cheif was carrying in press conference? Care to explain what does that mean. AMRAAM’S don’t blow up on falling on ground. They blow up when they hit their target.

    • With due respect, on your second injunction, your own military claimed they didn’t hit any military bases of India as (apparently) they weren’t the target. So what target do you speak of?

    • @Taimur, Please use your grey cells, if you have them … and the biggest hole in PAK story is the story of the missing 2nd pilot, whom the media, the Govt, all have missed and could not identify from inside their own country … what a joke dear sharp guys

    • These Indians have a habit of coming to these forums without doing proper home work.

      The embarrassment in your tv talk shows of presenting a Mig engine as that of an F16, was witnessed by the whole world !!

    • All missiles (R73, R77, AIM-9 or AMRAAM) have a time delay fuse in addition to proximity fuse. Once they are fired, there is a specific amount of time within which the missile has to find its target and detonate the warhead with the proximity fuse. If the missile loses track of the target, it flies till its rocket motor runs out and then the time delay fuse kicks and explodes the warhead. The ISPR image shows three missiles with intact warhead section and that indicates that none of those missiles were fired. The fourth missile (R73) has no warhead and that indicates that it was fired because:
      1. The warhead is the heaviest and densest part of a missile. In the event of a crash, the force of the crash causes the missile to detach itself from the wing pylons and the crash will either bury the missile a few inches into the earth or throw it a few feet away from the wreckage. In either case, the warhead will survive intact. Even if the missing R73 warhead had burned/ exploded during the crash, it would have caused visible destruction at the wreckage site and scattered the fuselage sections further apart. But, the fuselage appears largely intact.
      2. When a missile is fired, it approaches the target at hypersonic speeds just before detonation. When the warhead explodes, it detaches the seeker section that is ahead of the warhead. The seeker part continues to fly at hypersonic speed and will almost always escape the warhead detonation without any major damage. So, recovery of seeker is not evidence enough to claim that R73 was not fired.

    • What caught my eye is that your Gafoor goofs up a lot or lets put it this way he is a habitual goofer… 😂😂😂

    • Anyone who knows the basic mechanism & physics of air to air missile can understand how AMRAAM pieces are found on the ground. You can refer to any defence journal or even Wikipedia for that matter. Both R73 Vympel & the AIM 120 AMRAAM are explosive missiles with proximity fuses i.e they are not hit to kill missiles. That means they do not actually hit the target. That happens in very old missiles.
      Proximity fuse missiles detonate at a predestined distance before reaching the target which is set by the pilot before launch. Once launched and the proximity distance to target is attached, the missile detonates itself near to the target. It is the explosive forces and the missile shrapnel travelling at that speed that tear through the aircraft and damage it.
      Usually when the missile exploding behind the target, it disables the engines and if fuel tank is ruptured, then there will be a huge explosion. In a frontal attack, all the shrapnel will tear through the cockpit severely injuring the pilot.
      Thus, the missiles that has blown in mid air will have its pieces falling to the ground. Much of the recovered material is usually the shell casing and the propeller & fin components, not the forward portion of the missile which bears the brunt of the explosion.
      By the way, if the PAF pilot mentioned is still alive, why has he not made any more appearances. If he was allowed so soon after the event (before even debriefing), then he would already be a celebrity in Pakistan and would have made more appearances.

  58. How much has been given to writer by the Indian govt to lie and fool their citizens. What the Indian establishment is doing is to make the whole country satisfying in illusions and keep the ground reality at bay

    • @Ali, you need not expect the same coins everywhere like your country, your Govt is known to the entire world for their quality (or lack of it) for hiding truth, misguiding propaganda and denying recognition of their own 1000’s of died in combat soldiers in Kargil & denying their last rites.
      Please use your grey cells, if you have them to save your country from these propaganda of lies and deceiving … and the biggest hole in PAK story is the story of the missing 2nd pilot, whom the media, the Govt, all have missed and could not identify from inside their own country … what a joke dear sharp guys

    • You country kept the reality from you about Kargil war and your army involvement for 11 years only to admit it in 2010..

  59. To all pokis , try to earn some bread and butter for you and your country , talking F 16 and Mig 21 is worthless with beggar’ s bowl in your hand.

    • We are in a very good state as far as basic necessities are concerned unlike poor population of your country who still don’t have toilets in 20th century. Your writer is assuming many things but first I like to mention here that international media not only reporting that PAF didn’t lose any aircraft but also that no camps were distroyed on 26th February. So your poor writer forgot to shed some light on that aspect as well.

      Ask your silly PM not to wish for war because it will bring distruction on a very large scale. I know your media and government are putting so many efforts these days for face saving of what happend on 26th and 27th of February. Believe in peace and be a good neighbor

  60. US and Pakistan have strong motives to deny that F16 was shot down by an ageing Soviet MiG 21. For US such admission would damage the brand value of F16 fighter. Pakistan would like its benefactor US to believe that it never deployed their F16 to combat Indian Air Force. The narrative that IAFs MiG21 has shot down their F16 would expose their lie.
    The domestic stakeholders in India also like to believe Pakistan version, because accepting the Indian version would mean conceding a lot of political advantage to Modi during the election campaign.

  61. Dear Mr. Samir Joshi,

    Went through your, never ending article and wonder if the average Indian can even understand or digest your in depth analysis !!

    Just one query and we all would like you to answer it. Forget the colorful parachutes, PAF and its pilots discard their White Helmets years and years ago with the standard Gray Helmets on F-16,JF-17, Mirages, F7PG and K8.

    Any eye witness account claiming to see a Gray Helmet desecding that day because if it were All Whites, then its your Su-30 and Mirage or Mig pilots !!!

    We await your reply.


    • @sajid, Forget your raised issue for a moment, but the biggest hole in PAK story is the story of the missing 2nd pilot, whom the media, the Govt, all have missed and could not identify from inside their own country … what a joke dear sharp guys. Once you can clarify this issue, we can come back to the issue of helmets, if you wish !!!

      • @ Zinat Assuming the other pilot is of Israeli origin, why their isnt any denial from Israeli Air Force and why your Govt is tight lipped on the issue ??

        As for the Gray / White helmets, its a genuine point and you know it well. PAF stopped using Whites 15-20 years ago. Google IAF web sites, and your pilots can be seen carrying or wearing and now descending in it. WHITES

    • If so then why does not your Gafoor disclose the identity of the second pilot that was in your custody???

  62. The Pentagon has denied that any such counting of F16 was undertaken by it as claimed by the Pak Army. This shows the depth to which the Pak Army can fall. Lies and deceit is all that has been fed to the pakistanis by their disgraceful Army. Indian Army and its soldiers are way ahead of their paki counterparts in terms of training they receive and the valour and bravery they display in the battlefield. Paki Army is capable of only committing genocides – against Bangladeshis before their liberation and now against the Occupied Balochistan

  63. I am a common man and don’t know much about the technicalities , but as per my understanding, as America has given F-16 to Pakistan for some specific reasons, they would have all rights to do the audit and check whether all their plains are safe..

  64. Nice joke by IAF. Is MIG capable of shooting down F-16? But F-16 was not used. No Physical evidences are there of shooting down if Any PAF jet. Keep making fool to Indian Nation

    • @Khawar, what a sharp guy you are … hahaha … all the ARAAM missile parts (fireable only from F16 only in Pakistan), which were put on display were bluffs … hahaha, all the eletrocic signatures of 12 nos of fleets of F16, JKLF17 & Mirage III recorded by Indian recording system were wrong … hahaha, seems only you know what the truth is …. haha, please look out for a oker’s job, if you have a circus company in Pakistan … hahaha

  65. You cannot always Fool innocent, Poor Indians with your Lies, Bogus fictional stories, This article should be given an award for Best Idiotic Comedy.. We Indians will never believe your Lies, We lost the Skirmish, and we must accept Defeat.. Pathetic planning by our Indian Airforce. Atleast for heavens sake, START Telling Truth now..

    • You are another idiot paki trying to pose as an Indian ….this is the problem with you and your army….lies and deceit …

    • The way you can’t fool with your name ‘Juliet Foxtrot Seventeen’ .
      Any number of hoors assured in pak for pretending to be Christian??

    • Dear pakistani fox, surely pakistan are infamous in the entire world for their lies, bluffs and deceits, example: mass killing of millions of muslim and non muslim men and gang raping 1000”’s of Hindu women by their indisciplined rogue Army, invading Kargil without declaring war, becoming the hub of terrorism in Asia … so, no-one believes you dear, sorry.

  66. Which aircraft was shooted who ejected the whole world observed that and in theories you can prove any thing however One thing is clear PAF outclass IAF.

    • The world knows it….dont worry….time will expose your army, just as it did after Kargil, and after the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War.. left your shameless army red faced. Till then you live in fools paradise

  67. Very detailed , a great script to create a new #bollywoodmovie as like surgical strike….

    keep living in fools world and very good to have some mental satisfaction as it has been almost now a month #IndianMedia, indiandigitalmedia , IAF screaming hard to prove it on paper …..

    On this effort I say you had shot our “two” planes… Be high… May b your IAF and Blogging teams along #nation get satisfied

    With quotation for your media & IAF & Blogging teams

    Let the Fools remain Fool …. 🙂

    We will assure that I have next time better counts … 😉

    In fact IAF shot “three” wawoo clapping third one was just clinched the smoke of the missile launched by capt shot down 😉

    Be happy …..

    • Dear Einstein @Waqas, be happy with the variation of happenenings in Pak govt version, if you want, however, cannot evade your responsibility to properly explain the story of the missing 2nd pilot, whom the media, the Govt, all have missed and could not identify from inside their own country … what a joke

  68. Good effort
    But America telling a lie? And the website who posted that PAF F-16 are in complete numbers and none of them are missed how you rectify it…
    And also your analysis is not impartial you are Indian and you always support you country. You never post any thing against your country different other websites also took analysis of this incident and they said no PAF F-16 was shot down they were foreginers and they did impartial analysis not in the interest of the country like you.

    • Dear @Anonymous, sweet dear, do not know your name, afraid to print it ??? Why dear ??? Why so much afraid ??? After Balakot air strike ??? You may be sad to know that Pentagon, America has already refused to be a part of such counting story sweetheart … Happy now ???? Your F16 is shot down as IAF had told you already, Be prepared to that version of TRUTH, to which, Pak is not at all accustomed even after 1972 B’Desh and 1995 Kargil, very sad.

  69. You people always talks about fictions, making your innocent people fool and have zero knowledge of air combat and weapon you shitless writter do know what proximty fuze is? Do know what a warhead with 7 to 8 kg of missil is? And that to hitting front side of an aircraft it will make the aircraft to broke in to pices and pilot will be un able even to eject, first learn about the air combat and weaponry than write this kind of nonsens to your foolish people, every thing is not bollywood or tollywood. Accept your defeat with open heart the histroy will remember 27 feb.

  70. @Irfan. It will really help if you argue correctly and quote lines which is being misquoted.
    1) “Secondly PM Imran Khan never ever gave the figure of how many pilots are under custody.” Imran mentioned “pilots”, listen to his speech again.
    2) ” Starting with the fact that ISPR never ever said that anyone in their custody has died. “. Which line in this article mentions that ISPR claimed one pilot has died? There is no such line in this article. Perhaps I am missing.
    3) “many Indian Army posts and ammunition depots were also targeted” . Even Pakistan never claimed it officially. Also can you define many?
    4) US has clarified no such check of F-16 were done.
    5) About the point of locals Ajmal Kasab’s presence were even denied by locals later on. So less is said about locals or never.

    The principal argument this article gives is ISPR’s change of narrative from 2 pilot to 1 pilot in their custody. 1 pilot being in hospital. We don’t know what happened to that pilot don’t we. That is challenging Pakistan’s narrative which is not going to go away. In a democracy media should ask and I am hoping you would ask that question.

    Also timing looks suspicious when Pakistani media started questioning about “other pilot” this new theory emerged which points that Pakistan has something to hide.
    The other evidence this author quotes is not verifiable by people outside government. And in all likelihood both sides will claim win.

  71. I think there is some typo here “Why in the first week of May 2019, did the PAF chiefurgently visit all PAF bases, particularly those housing the F-16 squadrons?” Please rectify.

    • Very correct Mr Manoj but now you will see these Pakis will again explain your point with Huge set of lies or with some thearetical Dialogues 😂😂😂

  72. All the F 16s Pakistan uses are accounted for, counted by Pentagon, and andddd PAKISTAN HAS NOT BOUGHT SINGLE F 16 IN THE PREVIOUS MONTH A HALF,

    • Did you read the write up thoroughly or are as dum as your leaders. The Pentagon has categorically denied they having undertaken any count of F16s…

  73. Good efforts to cover up lol 😂 i hope indian are too fool they ll accept this due to influence of bollywood in their minds lol 😂 everyone knows the reality

    • Pakos are influenced by their third rate lollywood movies of lahore…..foolish pakis lap up the lies and bluffs served to them by their incompetent army…

  74. You guys trying to proof yourself right like a local village fight between to men.

    This is digital world. You shootdown a PAF F16 where is its burning stuff?

    As Pakistan showed you huge videos etc.
    Be realistic into the digital global world.

    • Look up youtube and you will find your own people shot video showing two parachutes coming down that day…

    • How foolish you pakis can be. The debris of F16 lies in PoK hidden by your pak army. Why will they display it. Pak armies claims are influenced by the third rate lollywood movies of lahore

    • Hopeless comment from hopeless people of hopeless nation. You guys can fall for Gajwa e Hind type shit fantasy, but will not accept truth. You DG ISPR seems to be ex LoLlywood actor. Failed actor.

  75. All you have ifs, wills, woulds and could, tell us about your other plane and pilots, thanks.

  76. 100% Accurate analysis with 100% concrete evidences no further explanation is required after this Artical no one should even take notice of these ediot Pakis which will start barking like DOGS that this is wrong or these are Huge lies.

    • I fully agree with you aMr.Sandeep Ahuluwalia.
      Historically also:-
      1. Pakistani public came to know of their defeat and 93 Thousand POW Army from BBC. Till last actual status was not given to Pakistani public by Pakistani establishment.
      2. In Kargil war they not acknowledged that the involvement of their Northern Light Infantry,and in line with this position refused to accept the bodies of their own soldiers.
      3. They never accepted that Kasab was there citizen.
      Many more such example are there

      Pakistan remains in perpetual mode of denial and reasons are obvious.

  77. Script of a Bollywood movie…wao…the man according to u who hit f16 never come on since we released as peace gesture…if he could hit …he would take mike….other he was looked less indian media like ans bjp person looked bkz abi was well nursed by her moom

  78. A lucid translation in hindi language would be very appreciated. It will help the hindi belt junta understand the reality in a real manner with no jingoism.

  79. One more thing left is that India initially said that Wing Commander Shahaz ud Din was killed in that F-16 who is the son of AVM Waseem ud Din while according to the Asian Times report, AVM Waseem ud Din was reported to have said that he never had a son in PAF. Both his sons are in US and has never flied a plane at all. PAF even requested him to record a video but he refused by saying that he doesn’t want his family to be talked about. And yeah the Balakot locals on record said that no one was killed. A man, who was hit in the head had minor injury. Apart from that, no one was hurt. Even US officials counted the jets and found none missing. Thirdly, Asian Times also reported that PAF wants neutral guys to count the jets themselves to rubbish the IAF false claims.

  80. Are you that dumb? Starting with the fact that ISPR never ever said that anyone in their custody has died. Secondly PM Imran Khan never ever gave the figure of how many pilots are under custody. How can you be so ignorant? You better should listen to his speech again. Thirdly there is no proof given by IAF about shooting down any F-16. Abhinandan jet crashed while his radio signals were jammed by PAF blinder. Fourthly IAF said that the radar signatures by AWACS show that F-16 was used but point to ponder is that there was no AWACS of IAF in the air because the only one in the air was to change the shift and had been grounded as per IAF in their earlier reports. Fifth one is that all four BVR missiles including two R-73 and two R-77 with their seeker heads were found from the wreckage of MiG-21B and they are on display in various reports which means that Abhinandan never fired a missile at all while the minimum distance between an F-16, which were used as a backup when JF-17 successfully hit the target, and Indian jets was 50+ kms. Sixth thing is that many Indian Army posts and ammunition depots were also targeted but IAF in their media talk said that no “significant” damage has been done to us. My other point is that as India initially said that their mirages came inside Pakistani territory somewhere around 80 kms but later the narrative was changed to 5 nautical miles and that Spice-2000 were fired which itself is a Range Extension Kit like the one produced by Pakistan. Why was the narrative changed. Why is not a single figure of the casualties given by India? While your ministers were using figures from 300-450. Everything India claimed has backfired with not a single proof on anything. PAF had the guts to hit India within 24 hours of when they said that we will surprise you and that too in day light. Initially, the engine of MiG-21B was shown to be the engine of F-16. Even a naswar wrapper was shown as proof on Zee News. At last, I have the screenshots of Zee News that two of your jets crashed in Indian occupied Kashmir. They said it was MiG-21 and that both the pilots died. MiG-21 carries one pilot. Similarly, initially Indian media said that Su-30 shot down an F-16 but later they changed narrative. IAF said that Su-30 pilots did a great job by dodging the AIM-120C. Lots and lots of lies by Indian side couldn’t be covered up. A lot more to come because we have more proof on shooting down your Su-30.

    • Pakistan is always busy lying for everything. Let it be the wars they fought with India, let it be their own crumbling economy or a country full of shitty mujahid terrorists. Secondly you people talking about USA reports of no casualties of F-16 fighter by a Mig 21. Wake up idiots…it’s a USA built fighter jet and news of it getting killed by almost an Era old Mig 21 will kill it’s market and morale of their F-16 pilots as well because now they regret of giving their jets to idiotic Pakistani pilots who didn’t knew how to fly F-16 and got it killed.
      And everyone knows the game of good and bad publicity. You know lies don’t have tail.

      • All four missiles of MIG 21 are with Pakistan that’s also a lie right? Only Indian government speak the truth who disowned their pilot at first and said none of IAF pilot are missing and accepted him as an Indian pilot when his video of being captured went viral

      • All four missiles of MIG 21 are with Pakistan that’s also a lie right? Indian government who disowned their pilot at first and said none of IAF pilot are missing and accepted him as an Indian pilot when his video of being captured went viral

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