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Bangalore Club

When a Fabindia kurta-pyjama was too unsophisticated for Bangalore Club

Bangalore Club, I must admit, felt rude even to me, a shameless reporter trained to gate-crash where not expected. But friends tell me I am in good company.

The ‘Bahujan unity’ model is the only way to counter the BJP-RSS at national level

If you follow Phule and Ambedkar’s vision, it is clear that top-down approach of Indian leftists and liberals, who consider caste to be merely a part of culture and not a fundamental base, won’t work.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Xi Jinping, President of China in Wuhan

Modi-Xi bhai bhai does not mean Hindi-Chini bhai bhai

In a world increasingly enamoured of strongman leaders, the length of a bear hug between Modi and Xi seems to count for more than the number of agreements signed.

The Kathua rape case has brought up disturbing memories of Jammu’s history

In all the din about the Kathua rape outcry, a warning masquerading as a historical reminder has gone largely unnoticed.
Venkaiah Naidu

Oops! Vice-President relied on a dissenting SC judgment to reject the impeachment motion

Have you ever seen a film producer or crew promote a film by declaring that they had copied a past film that bombed miserably at the box-office? You didn’t; because nobody would publicly say anything like that.

A Supreme Court bench delivered 38 judgments in a month exposing a problem in the judiciary

The Supreme Court itself has said that judgments can't be reserved for over three months. However, it continues to flout its own rule.
modi and oli

Communism in Nepal is of a home grown variety, rooted in Hindu moorings

While Nepal has assured Prime Minister Narendra Modi that its soil will not be used in any manner to challenge New Delhi, losing control over Nepal’s economic reconstruction would be a strategic setback for India.
A Bharti Airtel Ltd. store in New Delhi

In battle against Jio, Sunil Mittal’s tower deal tells Ambani he’s no walkover

Billionaire Sunil Bharti Mittal, who controls India’s largest mobile company, has just signaled a $14.6 billion fight to the finish. 
Siddaramaiah | @siddaramaiah

Rice, laptops, cattle, gas, even dentures: How Siddaramaiah is selling his achievements

Karnataka’s election is not just about Lingayat issue. There is a hoarding and Twitter war going on in the state ahead of elections.
Supreme Court

The Supreme Court’s reputation has been spiralling downward even before CJI Dipak Misra

The judiciary has, for some years now, relied less on creating its legitimacy on careful legal reasoning than it has on trying to appeal to a variety of public sentiments and political currents.
Imran Khan takes oath as Pakistan's Prime Minister today | PTI/Twitter

Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan is set to end the grip of VIP culture on politics

Khan’s announcements to give up official residence and convoy of cars is already having a transformative impact on his followers in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf ...
Imran Khan, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Nawaz Shariff

Outing a personal secret as a lesson for Imran: Featuring Vajpayee, Nawaz & a bit of me

Nawaz Sharif made a dramatic bid for peace with Vajpayee but was tripped by Pakistan’s army. It won’t be different for Imran.