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A file photo of Akshay Kumar | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Akshay Kumar deletes old tweets on petrol price hike, but public memory isn’t that short

Modi government does not take kindly to criticism. Those who do it are labelled anti-national, anti-sanksari.
Two children and their father in Chennai (representational image) | Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

‘Tu jaanta nehin mera baap kaun hain’ and India’s anxiety about the father

Voter card and Aadhaar print only the father's name. Mother’s name is not mentioned. On the passport, father’s name is clubbed with ‘legal guardian’, and is placed above mother’s.
An anti-rape sign at a protest

Registry of sex offenders carries immense risks. It also puts the survivor in mortal danger

Privacy is a basic human right, and even criminals have those. To undermine this capacity because vicious, punitive justice sells on primetime TV debates is to tear through the foundation that this country.
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What it will take to finally defeat Tuberculosis

A shortage of global funding for medical research — which is only a third of what’s required — explains why decades have passed with no new TB treatments or vaccines.

Tuberculosis kills 4000 people everyday : Understanding the world’s problem with the deadly disease

From 2000 to 2015, TB claimed 33 million lives and cost the world economy an estimated $616 billion. By 2030, a further $1 trillion and 28 million lives may be lost. 
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There’s no accurate data on Other Backward Classes. 2021 census should start counting

During the past month, a state-wide rally and a conference have been organised in Maharashtra to mobilise OBCs over the issue of caste census.
File photo of Rajiv Gandhi | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

How Rajiv Gandhi, ‘such a nice man’, won and ruined India’s biggest mandate

When Rajiv Gandhi started he could do no wrong. Halfway through his five years, he could do no right. His tenure had many chastening lessons in how mega mandates can make you smug and self-destruct.
Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Building in New Delhi | Yasbant Negi/The India Today Group/Getty Images

Civil service recruitment needs real reforms, not ad hoc approach

By turning the foundation course into an obstacle course, we will really convert the ‘Happy Valley’ into a ‘Paradise Lost’.

If Walmart can stretch the ordinary rupee, it can boost capitalism in India more powerfully than most

Walmart's relentless striving for “everyday low prices” make it a great envoy for capitalism in a price sensitive market like India. Is Walmart Inc.’s $16 billion acquisition of loss-making Indian e-commerce company Flipkart Group a...
Foundation Course

With civil-services revamp, enduring friendships at ‘Happy Valley’ will turn into competition

If the proposal comes through, scores awarded by the training academy will now be on par with those given by the UPSC, a constitutional body.
pregnant woman

Bar council rule implies women can’t juggle pregnancy & legal profession

When the court said maternity leave cannot granted to a “professional course”, it deepened the notion that in a woman’s life professionalism and family cannot go hand in hand.
Illustration by Siddhant Gupta

How should the Indian army ethos handle Major Gogoi’s case?

Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat has said that 'exemplary punishment' will be given to Major Leetul Gogoi, if he is found guilty of violation of Army rules. Experts weigh in.
Illustration by Peali Dezine

The barely told stories of Indian and Pakistani spies making peace while waging war

Some untold or barely told stories of Indian and Pakistani spymasters making peace on the sidelines of war.