Saturday, 22 January, 2022
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China’s new rules allow kids to play video games just 3 hours a week. It won’t help

China has a history of making dramatic moves aimed at cutting down children’s gaming time — from cyber curfews at night to military-style anti-gaming camps.

Xi Jinping’s CCP is daring to go where even Taliban wouldn’t — separate kids from smartphones

CCP has issued a decree allowing kids no more than 3 hours of online gaming per week. The time freed will be used to revise Xi Jinping Thought, now part of school curriculum.

Olympic panel embraces video-games before Tokyo 2020, at least no Covid safety issues there

The Olympic Virtual Series lets the organizers promote the summer games without risking athletes' health, and builds on several key objectives of their recently adopted Olympic Agenda.

This new video game by the UN teaches children about the ozone crisis

The ozone layer defends the planet from harmful solar radiation and damage to it could have major consequences for life on earth.

Pigs can play video games, scientists discover

Pigs show remarkable intelligence in a number of complex cognitive tasks. They can respond differently to different sounds, and are masters at spatial learning tasks.

Even Indian retail investors are playing with GameStop, US videogame stock that’s gone wild

GameStop was among the 5 most-traded names over the past week on Stockal, a platform for Indian retail investors to trade US equities. The stock has jumped more than 1,700% this year.

Gaming could be good for well-being, over regulation restricts human rights — Oxford study

Oxford research team finds that video games could have positive impact on one's mental health, and more data is needed to draft effective and accurate policy.

You can still socialise with friends during Covid, just plot to kill them online

From celebrity gamers live streaming it, to US politicians using it to encourage voting, Among Us is the new videogame taking the Covid-era by storm.

Dodge the virus, snap up sanitisers — here’s Covid game ‘Coroboi’ by a 13-year-old Manipuri

Ningthoujam Baldeep Singh developed ‘Coroboi’ when his school shut down on account of the Covid pandemic and he was left with a lot of free time.

Gaming skills come handy during Covid, grocery runs are like playing Bomber Man or Super Mario

Not everyone maintains six-feet of distance, so you must duck, dodge, dive, jump and snake your way out of pandemic-unfriendly proximity from other shoppers.

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File photo of students protesting against the reservation in Bandra | Representational image | ANI Photo

Indian drawing room talk on ‘merit’ stands demolished by Supreme Court NEET ruling

Supreme Court's explanation on the constitutional validity of OBC quota in NEET rejects commonly held views of dominant castes who are blind to India's social realities.
A visual representation of the digital Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin alongside US dollars | Photo: Dan Kitwood | Getty Images via Bloomberg

Joe Biden administration set to put itself at centre of US cryptocurrency policy

An executive order is being drafted which will soon set in place a govt strategy empowering US federal agencies to assess risks and opportunities posed by the digital assets.


The MacMahon Line, with Arunachal Pradesh marked in red | Source: US Department of Defence

Behind teen’s ‘abduction’ on LAC in Arunachal, a legacy of colonial maps, empires and wars

It's not clear which side of LAC Miram Taron was on when he was ‘kidnapped’. Different perceptions of the border in India & China and competing maps make this tricky ground.

Modi vs non-BJP CMs: When most popular isn’t all-powerful & why Centre-state ties will worsen

Modi’s inability to win many states, and the huge popularity his rivals enjoy there, is pushing Indian politics in a more robustly federal direction.